Former Sportswriter debunks the Myths About Lin

In social media age, information (false or not) travels/spread million times faster than how it was in the old days. The good thing about it is we get broader/deeper/quicker access to the information of the sport/teams/players we like/hate. However, the problem arises when the information is too easy to spread, with almost no moderation. False narratives/facts start to flood our twitter timeline, fan sites, or even larger sport websites. Here is an excellent fan post by Nathan Gottlieb on his blog ranting about the false narratives about Jeremy Lin across the NBA community. Nathan Gottlieb is a former sportswriter for 19 years covering NBA. Please go read it and I will quote a few from his piece here as follow:

“If I wrote that back in the day when I covered the Knicks, my editor would have at least asked me how I had come to my conclusions about Lin. But today, fan sites have no editors. All these wannabe writers just want is to see their name in print. And to go all Stephen Smith and Barkley with a rant that draws attention to THEM, not the players they pontificate about.”

When I was writing for my New Jersey newspaper, I often covered Princeton’s basketball games, home and on the road. The coach, Pete Carril invented the Princeton Offense. He was a genius as a coach. I saw first hand what the Princeton Offense does. It requires ball movement (no Hardens allowed!), and a really smart point guard. It was pure beauty to watch.


The second quote of “a really smart point guard” must have reminded us one of the very smart PG we know.
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As Paul Villarreal (another must follow for Lin fans) of Conservative New Media said:

“Don’t allow Doubters to control the microphone. If you do, then Doubter-speak will rule the day while we argue against it.”
We as Lin fans need to spread our own narratives, to control the microphone.