Finding Your Inner Naruto in Jeremy Lin

JLin Naruto Ninja Way

Jeremy Lin wore Naruto headband and posted “This is my Ninja Way” to thank his Asia fans in Instagram in July 2014. He demonstrated what appears to be the Shadow Replication Jutsu in the Naruto anime.

Throughout the years, Jeremy Lin has curiously used a lot of references of his favorite manga series Naruto. From his own Youtube videos in 2013 to the recently trending Space Jam 3 spoof video starring Naruto and himself, we can see Jeremy’s deep fascination with the anime series.

He further confirmed on a Reddit Q&A that Naruto is indeed his favorite Anime in October 2015. That certainly bodes well to draw millions of Anime fans to become his fans.

But the question remains. Is there a special reason why Jeremy likes Naruto so much?

In 2016, Jeremy Lin collaborated with his close friend/famous Youtuber, Ryan Higa, to produce a hilarious spoof Space Jam 3 Anime video. Jeremy starred as himself and Ryan played the Naruto character. There were funny dialogue where Naruto can speak as Jeremy’s alter ego retelling his own experience.

[1:15] “You don’t look like a basketball player. You look like … one of us”

In August 2015, Jeremy proudly congratulated his little brother, Joe Lin, upon signing with Taiwanese league in 2015 by using ‘kekkeigenkai’ term. It means abilities passed down genetically within specific clans in the Naruto realm.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 12.22.09 PM

In the summer of 2013, he made an inspiring off-season training Youtube video featuring the eye-pleasing replication jutsu, which is Naruto’s favorite technique

Why does Jeremy Lin like Naruto so much?

There are so many aspects of Jeremy’s own personal journey that matches up to how Naruto fought to become the head of his village and the ninja world. There is a lot of parallels in their stories on how so many people try to put both of them down as failures but they never let others define them or deter them from fighting for their eventual destiny. This story line probably resonates deeply with Jeremy’s own journey in the NBA.

What is Naruto?

Naruto is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. It tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, an adolescent ninja who constantly searches for recognition and dreams to become the Hokage, the ninja in his village who is acknowledged as the leader and the strongest of all.

Naruto vs Neji Battle

From wiki summary
Naruto’s first major public battle as a youngster was during the ninja exams. His fight with Neji in the first match of the finals was a very dramatic one. During the fight, Neji lectured Naruto much as he had done with Hinata during the preliminaries, telling Naruto that failures remained failures and that this could not change. But Naruto refused to accept it and repeatedly told Neji that he is known as a guy who doesn’t know how to give up despite the multiple beatdown. Naruto eventually won the battle through a combination of the demon fox’s power sealed within him and sheer belief in victory. In the process, he changed Neji’s outlook on life, and inspired him to create his own fate, thus forming another important bond. Naruto was able to make Neji understand that destiny could be changed, and they became good friends from that point on.

[10:38] Neji: “You thought you could be Hokage. It’s absurd! NEVER! These eyes of mine show me many things. One thing it shows me is people’s limitations are set. Fixed and unchangeable. Only a fool wastes his time trying to become something he can never be!”

Naruto: “Here we go again! Who are you to judge who a person can or cannot be?”

Never Accept the Destiny or Bias Limited by the Society

Neji’s lecture to Naruto on accepting destiny is a very common human theme. Often we all experience degrees of inner battle with authorities trying to pigeonhole us into define roles of what they believe we should be. Someone posted recently that a college coach openly said that they would never recruit any white PGs. It’s no wonder Lin was not given a scholarship by any colleges despite winning first-team All-State and Northern California Division II Player of the Year.

One of Malcolm Gladwell’s early books (“Outliers“) talks about how coaches unwittingly created a bias of age discrimination for kids because a child entering the school system can have an age advantage by being born early in the year. A same grade student born early in the year has an advantage over a child born late in the year attending the same grade. As they take that first step into the system, their coaches contribute to that advantage by self fulfilling prophecy as well as reinforcement of the child’s self belief.

When a coach says that he would only recruit black PGs, his mindset represents a systemic mindset that creates a prophetic result by excluding anyone else from changing that limit. It is no wonder Keith Smart didn’t play Lin and openly said that Lin was a promotional side show for the Golden State Warriors. Jerry West also said that he believes that the NBA has become predominately an African American league because everyone believe that athleticism was more valuable on national TV. The funny thing is no one made a fuss about that comment. If he had said that NFL quarterbacks are mostly white because the league drafts for intelligence, there would have been an uproar and West would have been fired. A bias is a bias no matter how you slice it.

NBA Preconception Shattered by Jeremy Lin

Kobe said after the Knicks game when Lin scored 38 points that someone screwed up to not see Lin’s talents. Someone did, the whole league and scouting system did screw up by projecting their own bias on players. When you look at a player like Bismarck Biyombo, and realize that Steve Clifford didn’t give him a chance and Cho allowed him to just walk, you really wonder about their ability as coach and GM. They projected a belief of what Bismarck’s abilities were and never gave him a chance to prove otherwise. As coach and as a mentor to youngsters, I try very hard to check my preconceptions of what each child is capable of and put as much effort to every child in the program. All too often, students will fulfill the prophecy of your low expectations. It takes special kids to rise above that handicap.

Atlanta Hawks v New York Knicks

Like Naruto fighting against Neji, Lin has been told by so many people that he should just give up and accept his fate as someone who should never pursue basketball as a career. He has been told by scouts, coaches recruiters, GMs that he doesn’t belong. It is too easy to just go with the flow and accept limits set out by others. There are far too many with their jobs on the line to rock the boat and say otherwise. That’s why there are so many experts that regurgitate the same facts and stats. That’s why there are even Lin fans who agree with them.

We should all strive to learn from Lin and not let our own self-doubts and self-imposed limits be projected onto others.

Never Let Our Self-Doubt Define Our Limits

As fans, as Christians and as good people, we should all strive to learn from Lin and not let our own self-doubts and self-imposed limits be projected onto others. Choosing to be positive is not an easy thing, it’s down right the hardest thing for us to do when all around us is fear and violence. All you need to do is look at the US Constitution and the high ideals written in it and realize that it’s almost an impossible dream to strive for. It is why it is so great as well because it forces us to believe it is possible. It is easy to look at the negatives and allow past stats and “preset limits” of a player to project and forecast a doom-and-gloom scenario. It is easy to blame the problems of our society on others, on foreigners.

Lin is not about limits, he’s about hope and faith in his fellow man. Lin believes that “a rising tide raises all ships”. Much unlike some who would rather throw people over board in order for themselves to be successful. It’s very easy to agree with the experts who take existing stats and make false assumptions based upon the set limits of past coaches. It is like a race car with a speed-limiter on it. How can you judge a talent if you don’t let it loose? Lin did that with all the bench players and rookies during Linsanity when all the stars went down with injuries. Lin unleashed them and took their limiters off.

Lin is not about limits, he’s about hope and faith in his fellow man.

Find People Who Can Unlock Your Self-Belief

The greatest players believe they are simply the best. They believe in the work they have done to be the best. The difference between making the clutch shot often teeters on that confidence. A great coach has the ability to add confidence to their players. Under McHale’s coaching in Houston Rockets in 2012-14, Lin’s confidence was slowly whittled away by McHale’s constant reminders of what he believed were Lin’s limits, that Linsanity was a fluke meteoric phenomenon. McHale insisted Lin should accept his role as a support player. McHale projected his own self-doubts onto Lin when Lin had a 38 point game in a Spurs game because Harden was injured. Lin messed up the last second shot to beat the Spurs because McHale gave Lin a look of doubt instead of confidence. Mike D’Antoni (MDA) on the other hand did not hesitate when Lin had a chance to win against the Raptors. MDA added confidence to Lin’s mindset and simply told Lin to take the shot. The rest is pure magic. The greatest coaches are the ones that can unlock a player’s self belief and add to their confidence. We will finally see Lin’s limiters off and with the full confidence of his coach to help him succeed.

The greatest coaches are the ones that can unlock a player’s self belief and add to their confidence.

I can’t wait for the season to begin.


#TBT Jeremy Lin with Kenny Atkinson in Linsanity Era. Photo by @manu77728 in March 2012. Atkinson was named Nets head coach in 2016.

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Editor: @psalm234

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  3. I didn’t want to say this because I know a lot of people love anime (including myself), but Naruto is a very occultic anime / manga. I’ve read and watched Naruto Shippuden from start to finish, so I’m not just talking out my butt. The anime and manga has a lot of positive themes and lessons (I’ve actually teared up at the end of the Pain arc), but it also mixes in a ton of satanic ideology and symbolism that many won’t even notice unless you know what to look for.

  4. NBA radio noticed some NBA players absent when playing USA. Host question was why would any NBA player be the one guy playing for their country to be embarrassed by team USA.

    Made me wonder. If Lin got dual citizenship and played for team China, how much would they lose by.

  5. They would still lose by 30+ because no Olympic team can match up against an NBA all-star team. Lin alone would not help China or any team beat USA.

    The Olympics are going to be extremely dangerous in Rio. They can’t even pay police to protect people. There are riots in Rio and other parts of Brazil. Structures are collapsing and the waters are polluted with sewage. Then there’s the whole Zika virus outbreak problem going on over there. The IOC should have canceled the Olympics this year and moved it to another country.

  6. Like? I’d search if I cared enough, but you’ll probably sum up a few and sort out my curiosity

  7. Interesting that you chose the ending of Pain. That is a perfect example of the difference between the philosophical divide between west and east. Japanese anime often has a lot of subtle examples of the yin yang aspects of good and evil. The symbol of having a little bit of black in the red and red in the black is an expression of the cultural difference that illustrates the belief that everyone has both good and evil in them. In the case of the Pains, their evil was an expression of the environment that created their desire for resolution of the ninja world. Good or bad is really about perspectives and how their environment pushed them to become who they are.

    We cannot apply our logic or POV on a system of belief that doesn’t believe in good or evil per se, but in the relative difference of how their actions reflect on the outcomes of their society. Pain was seeking to end the cycle of violence by sheer power of his might. From our perspective of pure good and pure evil, Pain would be considered an evil demonic character. Yet in the end he sacrificed himself to entrust his dreams to Naruto.

    We in the west tend to demonize people for their actions. We also make Saints out of people who are not without fault. The bible tells us that we are all sinners for a reason. Our duty as Christians is to become and evolve each day to become a better person. God doesn’t ask us to be perfect, He only asked us to try to be perfect. That is the hardest task for all Christians to battle our own black dot of evil and to diminish it as much as possible.

  8. Many forms of the Sharingan has 666 inbedded into the eye. The Leaf Village symbol is really the All Seeing Eye of Lucifer (I mean, what leaf do you know looks like that?) wrapped around Naruto’s third eye. White and black Zetsu represents the usual black and white dualism found in freemasonry (checker board floors). Nine Tails fox demon trapped inside of Naruto and he transforms into a demon multiple times throughout the series. Ninjustu is really just Japanese version of witchcraft and black magick. Chakra is real (just not how they portray it in anime and manga) and if you unlock all of your chakra points in your body in real life, opening your third eye, the Kundalini serpent spirit will take over your body (do not do this). This might be a spoiler, but Kaguya is basically Eve from Genesis. I could keep going but it would take a long time to get in depths about the other villains, symbolism, and themes of the plot.

  9. there goes the satanic symbol freak again.

  10. Lord of the Rings – Satanic
    Harry Potter – Satanic
    Tarzan – Satanic
    Disney’s Frozen – Satanically motivated sin
    Dungeons & Dragons Game – Satanic

    That’s what fundamentalists of all stripes (Islamic, Christian) have espoused. You can find the devil in any artistic work if you are so inclined.

    Must be lots of fun at parties

  11. I thought you blocked me. Why would you care what I have to say if you think I’m a freak? Nice name calling by the way.

  12. That’s interesting that you mentioned it.

    I don’t watch enough Naruto to know about these symbolism. (there are way too many series)
    But from what I watched, definitely the positive message of perseverance, friendship, sacrifice are very dominant.
    I wonder if the occult symbolism is there to provide context but not necessarily to worship them?

  13. I tried my best to edit your excellent post, find links/vids and ensure the points come across.
    Hopefully you like it ?
    Let me know if there are some you’d like to add/modify

  14. Yahoo Vertical reviews Brooklyn Nets offseason move
    A look at the key offseason moves and changes for every team in the league. Next up are the Brooklyn Nets.

  15. Good recap that JLin was the successful Nets Plan #1

    Bold and aggressive
    Give Nets general manager Sean Marks credit for not holding back in free agency.

    The Nets had two plans in place when free agency began July 1.
    – The first was to find stability at point guard with Jeremy Lin. The sides were able to strike a deal on the first day of free agency.
    – The second was to jump into the deep end with restricted free agents.

    Brooklyn was trying to do something no team has accomplished in recent memory: pry away restricted free agents with offer sheets.

    Although the Nets’ plan fell short when Miami and Portland matched the lucrative offer sheets for Tyler Johnson and Allen Crabbe, respectively, Brooklyn sent a message early in free agency on the type of players that would fit its mold in the future.

  16. The movies and “artistic works” you’ve named are satanic and have multiple occultic influence and symbolism within, especially Harry Potter and Dungeons and Dragons (I’ve played multiple D&D video games in the past). Hollywood is run by satanists and so is the music industry. That doesn’t necessarily mean that there aren’t good movies, TV shows, music, cartoons, and “artistic work” which is free from the occult influence and symbolism.

    What does this have anything to do with being fun at parties? Just because I can see the truth in the entertainment industry and in this world means I’m a negative person and a debbie downer at parties? Nice logic, bro.

  17. Well popular movies, TV shows, and cartoons / anime usually need to have a story of heroism and good triumphing over evil. Otherwise, the masses won’t enjoy it and would reject the story because most people want happy endings and something positive to take away from the entertainment they consume (unless you’re just a nihilistic, negative, evil individual).

    The creators of these movies and shows sprinkle their dark ideology and symbolism throughout so we eventually get used to it all and become desensitized to evil themes and imagery. Most people these days still cannot recognize or are willing to admit these blatantly obvious occult symbolism when it’s laid openly in front of us everyday. Those who control the entertainment industry have done a great job at indoctrinating us all to their filth and made it seem like everything they’ve been programming us with is normal.

  18. Many of the die-hard acolytes of the Abrahamic faiths tend to be a student of Satan, demonology and the occult; and for-that-matter conspiracies in general such as the control of Hollywood by a group of non-believers.

    To me it’s fascinating how deep is their knowledge of all things Satanic and sharing knowledge is interesting at parties, most could agree.

    Most interesting is that when Christians/Muslims become experts then it’s possible and even convenient to Demonize everything, to obsess with finding Satan/Demons behind all sorts of things happening in our country and the world. All works of literature or arts especially.

    As I said, anyone who has the basic Demon 101 can find Satan’s hand in just about anything if they wish and state it as absolute “truth” – and of course since this is religion and faith there can be no counter “evidence”.

  19. =11

  20. If you want to get Biblical, I’ll be more than happy to educate you…

    16 Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves. 17 But beware of men: for they will deliver you up to the councils, and they will scourge you in their synagogues; 18 And ye shall be brought before governors and kings for my sake, for a testimony against them and the Gentiles. 19 But when they deliver you up, take no thought how or what ye shall speak: for it shall be given you in that same hour what ye shall speak. 20 For it is not ye that speak, but the Spirit of your Father which speaketh in you.

    6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

    21 Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. 22 Abstain from all appearance of evil.

    4 In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.

    31 Now is the judgment of this world: now shall the prince of this world be cast out.

    2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

    As a Christian, we are commanded to call out evil when we see it. We are called to be as wise as serpents, but harmless as doves. We need to study both good and evil so we know how to discern one from the other. When I see something evil, I will call it out, even if it’s not the popular opinion and if most people resent me from saying the things I say.

  21. uhh… thanks?

  22. I like the Vertical’s reporting much better than the hacks at ESPN and CBS. It’s not only because they’re positive on their reporting of Lin and the Nets either. They have actual smart analysts and reporters who do research on the topics they talk and write about.

  23. Just trying to educate a non-believer such as yourself because you’re criticizing me and others like me who try and tell the truth about the entertainment industry. You don’t know where I’m coming from, so I figured I’d tell you. You’re welcome.

  24. Thank you for listing them.

    I think Christians, people of different faith and non-Christians can benefit by knowing if there are any hidden messages (i.e. language, incompetent father/male figure, etc. ) that entertainment industries are trying to sell. We do need to be careful of the desensitization through barrage of entertainment, especially for younger audience.

    Nowadays it’s always hard to get 100% clean so it’s very important to teach kids how to discern these ‘hidden’ Easter eggs.

  25. Actually, I could give you scores of links that would enable you to educate yourself, but I’d rather not be so presumptuous.

    You’ve proven my point just fine all by yourself.

  26. Yeah there’s no avoiding any of this stuff unless we live like hermits or live in the wilderness without the Internet and without a TV.

    I just found this in-depth analysis of Naruto’s esoteric occult symbolism and ideology. I never read it before, but agree with a lot of what this blogger had to say about this. This guy explains it better than I could have…

  27. Yup, it has lots of subliminal messages. Very demonic and satanic. Every anime has this, including Pokemon. Pokemon Go is a huge push from the illuminati. Children should not be playing this.

    People who deny this are pretty ignorant in my opinion (which is what the elites want). I would never let my children watch anime, disney, etc.. If you go on youtube, you can see all the symbolism and it all starts to make sense….


    Olympics is satanic
    NBA is satanic and rigged, obviously
    Superbowl is satanic

    Concerts are all means of rituals..

  29. Pokémon GO is really bad. It’s good that the game is getting gamers out and about instead of staying inside all day, but it’s a dangerous game. People are getting physically hurt, robbed, and their minds are completely consumed by this game. An NFL player even said the mind control is too much for him, so he had to uninstall it. I’m glad people are finally speaking out about this:

  30. Terrific nonopinionated factual stats based overview of the entire offseason.

  31. Summer is so slow! can’t believe we’re talking about Jlins fascination with naruto. Though I will admit, naruto is also one of my favorites. Its too bad the author was a horrible story teller for the 2nd part of the series with so many cop outs, bad explanations and illogical plot twists. Kishimoto is a JOKE of a manga artist, he should have hired someone with brains to write the story.

  32. I’d have to disagree the LOTR is satanic. In fact it’s very much geared towards the Gospel…j.r.r tolkien was a devout Christian, and was really good friends with C.S. Lewis. Tolkien and Lewis decided to create two different worlds. Lewis – a realm for children and the beginning, Tolkien – a realm for adults and more mature topics related to Christianity. It’s very interesting actually.

  33. The 2004 United States men’s Olympic basketball team represented the United States at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece. The team was coached by Basketball Hall of Famer Larry Brown. The team was noted for being one of the most disappointing Olympic teams, losing three games against their opponents (the most ever lost by a USA Olympic basketball team) as well as the biggest loss in a game in their history. This would be the second time that Team USA would win the bronze medal, the other was in the 1988 Summer Olympics.

  34. The question is why would you follow Lin who has publicly said that Naruto is his favorite anime.

    It’s easy to fear and easy to look for evil in the heart of men.

    I still remember when linsanity broke in 2012, there were religious zealots that said what Lin was doing as a Christian was wrong. To play sports for money and fame. To spread the seeds of earthly pursuits.

    As I’ve stated, All men are sinners. The question is do you throw them away or do you reach out to them? Lin is one that has the heart of gold to reach out to all how transgress against him. What worries me is that ” good” Christians hide themselves away with fear of life and never avail themselves to others.

    When Christians rail against others, they antagonist and make them put up walls. Lin is one who builds bridges and is UNAFRAID of evil. It’s only the weak of faith that must hide within the safe walls of dogma. Men love to pretend to bring salvation to others, but they don’t. It’s the strong of faith that spread their love that does Gods work. They become the vessels of the Holy Ghost. It’s by the power of the Holy Ghost that true salvation is delivered.

  35. very true. The origin of LOTR was certainly Christian with the main theme of triumph of good over evil in the end (i.e. the Return of the King)

    Nowadays, many times it’s very tricky to categorize one as 100% good or 100% bad because Satan always likes to twist something good to something bad. At the end of the day, the fruits would show if it’s mostly good or mostly bad.

    I just saw the news of a couple leaving 2-yr old at home to go play Pokemon Go. But there are also wonderful news of how it helps autistic children and terminally-ill children to socialize. Also how strangers of different race bond over the game. These are certainly good influence among the racial tension and violence issues in the US and the world.

    It really comes down to the person’s ability to discern and the wisdom to not turn something good to bad.
    That being said, the appeal of modern video games without any safeguard can be very addictive especially for children.

  36. This is why I respect most Hornets fans

    Excited to get this. Jeremy Lin may no longer play for the @Hornets but still a fan & appreciate what he did for us.

  37. wow, Russell Westbrook is about to get 3-yr/$85M contract extension ($28.3M/yr) ?

    Sources on @TheVertical: Westbrook, OKC in serious talks on contract renegotiation to keep All-Star thru 2019.

  38. Not sure if posted yet. Jarret Jack says his tweet was not directed at Lin.
    Seems genuine.

  39. I am big Lin fan but trust me, I don’t do or talk a lot of what he does or likes in his personal life.

    Love Japanese foods, Sake, culture, people etc… but can’t stand their animations.

  40. Why wouldn’t I follow Lin? I’m not a fan of Lin’s because he’s an anime and video game fan (like myself). I never condemned Lin or anybody else for watching anime, in particular, Naruto. That would be hypocritical of me because I’ve clearly stated that I watched and read Naruto Shippuden anime and manga.

    You must’ve missed this comment I posted 5 hours ago:

    I’ve watched plenty of anime and Naruto Shippuden (without fillers) is actually one of my favorites, even with all of these blatant occultism in the series.

    I’m not a religious zealot. In fact, I left my church in NJ many years ago because of religious zealots. But I still follow Jesus in my own way.

    I never criticized Lin for playing sports and getting famous and rich off of it. I’ve never railed against Lin nor have I antagonized him. Not sure why you’re getting so defensive over something that I never did.

    I’m merely pointing out the fact that Naruto has many occult themes, imagery, and symbolism intertwined with the good, positive themes and lessons it tries to teach. It’s not a purely good cartoon / anime / manga that you make it out to be. Again, I’m not condemning anyone for watching Naruto. I just want people to understand what they’re watching or reading so people don’t get programmed and brainwashed by the dark side of the series.

  41. OKC has to do something about their best players leaving the team. Personally, I would try to trade Westbrook if I were Sam Presti. He’s a great pure scorer, but like many purely great scorers (Harden), he’s not a great point guard nor is he a team player. I believe Westbrook is one of the main reasons why Durant left OKC.

  42. End of the day, you have to look at movies in a perspective of a parent… what do you want to teach your children?

    Harry potter – Parents dead. Left you with cruel uncle, aunty and cousin.
    Tarzan – Parents dead. Left you alone in the jungle
    Frozen – Parents dead. Before they died they held you prisoner of your own fears.
    Cinderella – Parents dead. Left you with a cruel step mother.
    Tangled – Kept and held prisoner for 18 years

    For me, this teaches children not to rely on their parents.

    This is not what I teach my children so better to stay away from these movies…

  43. Nets’ D-League team info:

    The Nets are taking the D-League seriously. They paid a $6 million fee to return to the NBA’s minor league last year and are prepping the Nassau Coliseum for the Long Island Nets debut as their permanent home court in 2017. In the meantime, it’s getting hectic. There will be the D-League National Tryouts at Basketball City in Lower Manhattan on August 14. Players from around the country will workout in front of all 22 D-League teams. Ten days later, there will be the expansion draft for L.I. Nets and the new Hornets and Bulls entries. Sometime in September, there will be a local tryout for the Nets.

  44. Lewis admittedly wrote Christian allegory, of which Tolkien said: “I cordially dislike allegory in all its manifestations”. You have to read the LOTR prequels (Silmarillion, etc) to understand the broader Christian context of Tolkien’s stories. Both believed that myth revealed truth about God. A good chunk of my remaining dead-tree library consists of books by these two authors.

  45. I had an idea that after Lin does well with the Nets this season , they would target Westbrook next season as his back court partner

  46. Lol. IMO most internet games are very additive and not a good way to be over enthusiastic about it. Anyways most are a conduit to collect personal information and a way to monitor and invariably to control human movement for security or whatsoever reasons. The powers that be are becoming more innovative and pokemon go is one such exploit in this respect. Haha cheers.

  47. IMO Westbrook may not be that ideal as a backcourt partner to Lin. Klay or any average to good non-ball dominant shooting guards are probably more ideal for a dynamic backcourt partnership with Lin. Haha cheers

  48. Another uninformed article on the Brook-Lin trademark situation. These clickbait websites are so annoying. *sigh*

  49. Lol. You think James Harden was tough to play with, what would people here think of Westbrook? Lol…

  50. Yao Ming’s team, the Shanghai Sharks, will be in Houston to play the Rockets on Oct. 2. It will be part of the Rocket’s preseason schedule. [via Calvin Watkins, ESPN]

    There doesn’t seem to be any info yet on other games the Sharks might play on their North American trip.

  51. I’m banking on Atkinson not throwing Lin under the bus if they get a alpha guard like Westbrook. Lin can prolong his career of good play if the team gets another “superstar”

  52. Jimmermania is coming to H-Town ! 😀

  53. Great post. It depicts very well and aptly the current state of the human mind. Anyways most humans, as a mojority of sentient beings are somewhat of spiritual beings centric as in the believe of afterlife and so forth particularly those of the Abrahamic faith. So Satan is always presence in their lives and that somewhat create the Fear and therefore the believe of faith. Sorry for the rants. Haha cheers

  54. LOL. You are very cute there. “First class bible education”. Haha cheers.

  55. IMO. For a teamball game of 5 on 5 basketball game no so called superstars are required. “Superstars” are so over rated in the current NBA. Haha cheers

  56. Rox still use Yao Ming to make money…. smh!

  57. LOL. Yesterday morning I was hitting 66666… on the 1st nine(front nine) in my 1st golf game after a 2months break from golf. Satanic scores!!! Haha cheers

  58. Boxfish is educational software.

  59. After saw his comment on KD left OKC… not really surprised bc if Damian Lillard can carry Blazers then RW sure wants to be the guy to carry OKC move forward even w/o KD.

  60. Another start up for Lin… haha!

  61. IMO Lebron ought to join OKC and try to win a championship there. Haha cheers.

  62. Very sad indeed the situation of eastern culture and philosophy being mixed with so called western religions of the Abrahamic faiths. IMO if all ‘religious icons’ are to be respected and considered as philosophers and teachers in their own rights rather than be worshiped as religious figures, these world will be a better place for all sentient beings and other creatures alike. Haha cheers

  63. Unless Nets pull off a miracle and get to at least the 2nd round of playoffs, I doubt any superstar would go to Brooklyn. They have a long ways to go before the Nets are seen as a top-tier destination for top-tier free agents. They were lucky that Lin wanted to go there this year and it was all because of his connection with Kenny.

  64. Lin bros sure love their ice cream.

  65. I hope the Sharks beat Rockets and Jimmer light them up. Even if it’s just an exhibition game, it would be fun to watch Houston lose to a Chinese team.

  66. Both teams will benefit from the exposure. Although I find it odd that a non-NBA team is allowed to play against an NBA team, even if it’s preseason. Not sure I’ve seen this before.

  67. Interesting. He gets to test free agency in 2 years

  68. So lakers and knicks fans hopes of landing westbrook got away for another year

  69. that’s a crazy idea.

  70. can we stop talking about this kind of topic here?

  71. What does it mean? Showing off new shoes or prototypes? That doesn’t look like Crazylight Boost 2016.

  72. I think it means it’s 11:09 PM and he’s still practicing.

  73. No hover hand:
    Penny Lee ‏@penny10654 49m49 minutes ago
    v.ickycc(IG)#tbt when I bumped into this guy @JLin7 ☺️✌️?#nba #lakers #brooklyn #linsanity #abc #taiwanese #taiwan

  74. Below there is a picture of him having dinner with shooting coach David Nurse. Perhaps he was practicing shooting with him.

  75. Oh ok. Hopefully he doesn’t over-practice this summer.

  76. Ah, David Nurse who I think is the Nets coach that repaired Jason Kidd’s jump shot!

  77. Happens all the time.

    NBA teams routinely get beaten in preseason exhibition by foreign teams.

  78. Doesn’t seem genuine to me.

  79. I like “Fist of the North Star”.

    The constant daily physical violence from race based bullies, my childhood was just like that.

  80. Larry Brown is like my least favorite coach.

    His disciple Gregg Popovich was on that failed team too.

  81. thats bcoz, they keep their diet intact majority of the time….so whenever the cheat days comes….need to load those cravings 🙂

  82. LOLOLOL Some fans want him to practice 24/7:-) So this is nothing:-)

  83. Yep. That’s good to have cheat days. I need to exercise that as well:-)

  84. Me too… Gary Daniels’ low budget live action adaptation was HUGE disappointment… Crying Freeman, Rurouni Kenshin or Samurai X, Lone Wolf and Cub, Lupin, Orange Road, ahh, good ole days. Kenshin live adaptation are awesome tho. Where’s the Akira movie ?

  85. If you look at the picture of lo flanked by his adoring fans, you could see it as satanic brainwashing of the innocent. The truth is we are all sinners, so if you look specificly for evil, you’ll find it. Jesus didn’t push away Mary Magdalene, he encompassed the sinner with love.

    FEAR IS THE GREATEST TOOL OF EVIL AND LOVE IS THE GREATEST GIFT OF GOD. Lin does the great work by love and spreading it from the big stage he’s given. The people that wants to look for evil will find it even in the pope or Lin. What’s important is that we should look for the good in others and not the evil within them.

  86. European and Israeli teams play against NBA teams in preseason. Interesting, the CBA Champs, Beijing Ducks come to the US to train for the last 3 years against club teams in San Francisco. Last year, they got beaten twice by the Olympic Club team (not team USA) consist of ex-Div 2 & 3 players. Though, Starbury didn’t participate.

  87. @BrooklynNets Gotta get my good side. ? from @JLin7’s official #Nets photoshoot:

  88. Westbrook is strong, but I see Lin going head to head with him on court recently and even doing better.

  89. Great to see @NBAIndia loves to promote JLin

    [email protected] at his best, helping the @hornets erase a 23-point deficit and beat the @spurs #BestOfTheSeason

  90. Dude I’m indian too!!

  91. Blake Griffin – Standup Comedy (Live at Just For Laughs Montreal)

  92. awesome ? ?

  93. Just watched Jlin vs heat in the playoffs. It annoyed me how little he got to play his game even when it was working. Its was a struggle all three games. Playing long stretches and sitting long stretches. Thank goodness for the nets

  94. Blake is quite natural as a comedian but as a warning, it’s very R-rated material.
    Maybe it’s not appropriate for younger audience here.

    Perhaps it’s better to replace it with this slam-dunk poetry version showing his creativity

  95. Kemba knows…

    Caught up with Kemba Walker at his camp this morning. Column posting later today. He’ll particularly miss playing with @JLin7

  96. Kemba’s honest.
    He enjoys playing with Lin since he has plenty of space to drive or shoot.
    But I expect he understands JLin wants to start

  97. Of course. Kemba’s a good guy and he knows that his numbers soared this season and Hornets had success with Lin on the team. He saw first-hand how Lin was able to help take the load off of him, provide great leadership with starters and with 2nd unit, and provide a huge scoring punch that they depended on time and time again. Kemba knows next year will be rough without Lin there to help him and the Hornets replicate what they did last year.

  98. That’s why MJ said if it was up to him, he would’ve picked Blake as the star of Space Jam 2.

  99. Yes, indeed it was annoying watching those games. Game 1 and 2 like Lin was put to stay in corner from time to time.

    Even game 3 and 4, Lin was not fully released. Game 5 bad game. And we all know the story of game 6 and 7.

  100. BBallBreakdown analyzes why Melo is better in FIBA competition than the Knicks.
    He become a spot-up shooter and not ISO so much in FIBA due to #1 threat in LBJ and Durant. And 3pt-line is shorter

    I don’t agree 100% with the analysis that Melo will not ISO so much with DRose, Noah, Jennings presence in the Knicks next season. IMO Melo would still want to be #1 and that will include ineffective ISOs.

    Knicks vs Nets will be very interesting matchup next season

  101. The Bonnell / Kemba article:

    Walker had a breakthrough season in 2015-16, voted runner-up for the NBA’s Most Improved Player award. He averaged career bests in scoring (20.9 points per game) and 3-point percentage (37.1 percent).

    Much of that improvement was his doing, but it was also about the presence of Nic Batum and Jeremy Lin to take some play-making burden off Walker’s hands.

    Batum will be back, signing a five-year $120 million contract. Walker was part of the sales pitch, flying to Dallas for the July 1 meeting that finalized Batum’s return.

    But in a free-agent summer of hard choices, the Hornets said goodbye to Lin, Walker’s backup, plus center Al Jefferson and shooting guard Courtney Lee.

    “It sucks,” Walker said of free-agent losses.

    “But that’s the business: You’re always going to play with some new guys every year. You think about Big Al, who I wish we could have kept. He helped change this franchise around big time from the day he got here.”

    Walker has very mixed emotions about Lin signing with the Brooklyn Nets.

    “I hate to see him go, but at the same time I’m definitely happy for him,” Walker said. “He deserves to be a starter in this league. He’s such a great player and he proved that last season. There were games where I was off and he carried the team.”

  102. I like the humility shown by Kemba. That’s why he and Lin get along very well

    “There were games where I was off and he carried the team.”

    Somehow I can’t imagine Harden ever utters these words 🙂

  103. None of the superstars Lin has played with would ever utter those words. Melo, Harden, Kobe are all too egotistical and self centered to admit that Lin has the ability to carry their teams when they’re not present on the court or having an off night.

    This is why Lin has consistently praised Kemba and kept saying he was a humble guy in multiple interviews throughout the year. Kemba has been the face of the Hornets franchise for many years, but he has never been given recognition on the media for being a great player.

    Maybe it’s because sports media never propped Kemba up on a pedestal like the other superstars, that he was able to remain humble and keep working hard. Or maybe that’s just Kemba’s character. Either way, Kemba was a good teammate even if he often chucks up way too many shots and can’t guard his man (not for a lack of effort like Harden and Melo).

  104. At least we can see Jimmer Fredette play more then a few min against an NBA Team.

  105. Kemba knows why Lin left and why the the entire Hornets organization showed zero effort to convince him to stay.

    Kemba himself was the reason why.


    Interesting article on Westbrook. I’ve always disliked him and his ballhogging ways and inept decision making as a point guard, but I’m starting to respect him more. He’d rather stay in OKC and remain loyal rather than turn tail and ditch OKC for greener pastures… at least for another 2 years.

  107. lol … all that hard work 🙂

  108. Fung Bros released a good song about the struggle of 2nd generation not mastering the mother tongue.
    Some Harvard reference was used

  109. Is Jlin for Trump or Clinton?

  110. The Dwyane and Gabrielle one is funny too. 🙂 this guy made some funny basketball related videos.

  111. Parents should insist on speak the mother language at home. Always good to know more than one language.

  112. True. Also the small issue about who is the better team player …

  113. Agree, Cho/Clifford/MJ had made up their mind about JLIN when the entire team saw what he could do in the pre-season going 7-1 on all-star play from JLIN.

    They knew he should be a starter but were committed to an inferior Kemba (in basic PG floor generalship abilities). So if JLIN would not be satisfied as a bench-scrub then they knew he was gone.

    Kemba abdicated leadership of the team to JLIN in those times where Kemba became overwhelmed by the moment, usually when he was pressed into ineffectiveness by a strong defender. There is no safety-valve that Kemba or Batum can turn to this season – as always back to losing against playoff caliber teams.

  114. Humbleness is all relative, comparing Kemba to others – a modicum of truth.

    Is humble Kemba all what it’s cracked up to be? “You know, I basically made all the mistakes down the stretch to keep these guys in the game.” against Jazz where a late iso-hero performance pushed an easily winnable game into double-overtime.

    But not two days later, Kemba forgot those words and did the exact same thing, giving life to a beaten team with anything but humble basketball.

  115. Jlin says KW is humble.

  116. JLIN also says he is “definitely interested in coming back” and even taking a discount to stay with Charlotte Hornets.

  117. Jlin never said he will take a discount to stay in CHA. Jlin mentioned KW is humble many times. I do not like or dislike KW. But I will take Jlin’s words. ARe you trying to hint that Jlin is insincere with his KW praise?

  118. Take some more JLIN’s words:

    “”I definitely want to play with these guys and this coach,”
    “I would love to”
    “But I’m definitely interested in coming back.”

  119. why would it be odd? Yao is a rockets legend, he has alot of respect and even some limited influence. Getting his team to play against the rockets would probably be nothing for him. The rockets also get insight into talented upcoming chinese players before other teams in the league and even first dibs. Its good for everyone involved.

  120. How about neither? Look into Gary Johnson. Libertarian.

  121. The NBA Players Association has just released its awards …

  122. Rosario Matthews ‏@ito325 13m13 minutes ago
    Had the pleasure of meeting this guy. @JLin7

  123. Is that KHuang and his family? :p

  124. Kemba also said a truth “He deserves to be a starter in this league. He’s such a great player and he proved that last season…”

  125. shireen ‏@Shireenyb 8m8 minutes ago
    Filming the next Lyft commercial in San Francisco with Jeremy Lin @JLin7 @lyft #sftech #nba #mobileapp

  126. Hip-Hop Lyft @hiphoplyft
    @jeremylin951 @lucasbros Keith keeping it #hiphop with @hiphoplyft #travel @lyft #NBA #SanFrancisco ?

  127. They could have gone to 2nd round had their (Kemba, Batum, Clifford) egos of game 1,2,6 and 7 not taken over.

  128. That ice cream picture with David Nurse got me doing a bit of research on him. I believe Nurse worked with Lin back in his Lakers days. I don’t know for how long or how much they’ve worked together, but they are obviously still friends. Here are some interesting links and facts…

    Nurse praising Lin on Instagram:

    True testament tonight of when all the hard work, all the extra dedication and commitment pays off. #OnlyTheBeginning

    Article on Nurse working with Asian teams:

    I see great work ethic in Asia, but almost to a fault where they will be in the gym too long and it kind of takes away from the effectiveness of the workout. For example, they would be in the gym for three hours and in those three hours they feel the need to put up 1,000 shots. But if you don’t shoot any of those shots at game-speed or in-game situations it doesn’t do you any good. I grew up with Kyle Korver, and he is one of the best shooters there is, and he says he never puts a time limit on his workouts. He just goes in the gym, does everything at game-speed, and once his shot feels good and he’s comfortable with everything then he’s done for the day.

    Nets hiring Nurse in January (links to other good articles on Nurse):

    Nets firing Nurse 4 months later:

    Specifically, in the 25 games between the time Nurse was hired and the decision to shut down Brook Lopez and Thaddeus Young, the Nets shot 40.7 percent from deep, tops in the league during that span, and 48.5 percent overall, also tops in the league.

    Nurse working with some of the young Nets players last year (I think CMC and RHJ are in the video):

    Sucks that Nurse got let go by Marks and the Nets. I guess they wanted Durant’s shooting coach over him. Nurse turned a terrible Nets shooting team into the best in the NBA for 25 games… all within 4 months. That’s pretty darn incredible if you ask me. Hopefully Lin is still working with Nurse. Lin actually had his best 3-point shooting percentage (36.9%) with the Lakers. Was it a coincidence that was the year he started working with Nurse?

  129. Cheap words after the fact Lin is the definite “leader” of his own team! Why didn’t Kemba say those words when Lin was actually on the team if he truly believed Lin was a starter? As the designated “fake star” player surely he could tell the coach to start Lin? Why didn’t he? That’s cause he was still threatened! It was obvious if Lin was a regular he would totally overshadow himself! Kemba is the reason why Cliff started scrubs and pushed Lin to the corner like Mchale! Kemba is not a star player and is mediocre chucking 30 shots just for 30 points while playing 40+ minutes every game to prop up his stats is obvious!

  130. Lin gives a lot of PR answers doesn’t mean they’re true. Sorry but someone “humble” won’t chuck up 30 shots just to get his 30 points and go iso all day.

  131. Lin would have stayed if they gave him a starter position, which was his priority.

  132. I bet he know very well Lin wants and deserves to start. He would have also learnt what Lin brings to the team and game Win, and his high character.

  133. Black man and his sister were in a road rage attack where the black man Cleamon Anderson beat and killed a 68 year old Chinese-American man, Chun Man “Vincent” Tse in Queens. The sister who was also in the car and who is an NYPD employee lied to the police and tried to cover up what the brother did.

    ‘Senseless act of violence’: 68-year-old man dies after apparent road rage attack in New York
    We are awaiting what charges, if any the prosecutor will level against these siblings. “Black on Asian” crime rarely gets any media attention or prosecutorial scrutiny unlike, “Anything on Black” crime in this country. We are hoping for justice for Mr. Tse and his family.

    Mr. Tse was also a devout Christian if that helps light a fire under some.

  134. ‘It’s abnormal’: Brook Lopez’s thoughts on latest Nets’ rebuild

    Mostly positive outlook & high praise on Kenny Atkinson

    “It’s abnormal,” he said. “It’s a good feeling. I know they’ve been harping on the culture and all but it’s a completely unique feel this time, like we’re moving in that right direction. It’s something people actually want to be a part of.”

    “Sometimes, obviously it’s an incentive to tank if you have the opportunity to get those high draft picks,” he said. “We don’t have that. We have guys who just want to win.”
    Wait until the lads in marketing get that one: “The Nets: We Don’t Tank.”

  135. Racist attacks resulting from road rage has happened in NYC before. This famous case of bikers attacking two Asian couples and their baby back in 2013:

  136. That’s really horrible attack!

    And he was about to go serve at a senior center.
    Justice needs to be served quickly

  137. Brook finally speaks.

  138. “We have guys who just want to win.” I think Lin & …

  139. Lesson to everyone, if you involved in an auto accident

    Call police, get witness, take pictures, exchange insurance info….do not argue whose fault at the scene because they can change story later anyway.

  140. These animals deserve death penalties
    not life sentences living off of tax payers money
    These people dont realize how violent they are and thats why so many of them are in prision
    its not racism it’s their violent nature always blaming others and starting ridiculous movements
    I understand his sister covered for him cuz its her blood
    but theres no excuse for his actions
    they need to be put away and I support all police officers for doing their job to protect innocent people from these animals by all means necessasry

  141. yes, also get the Dash Cam nowadays…
    post-accident makes us forget to do a lot of things & can prove fault

  142. but best to not get yourself in such danger
    no need to lose life even if this animal gets heavy punishments with enough evidence
    this man is not coming back
    lock your car and dont get into any altercation with these animals

  143. That would help a lot.

  144. Awesome to see @JLin7 great work ethic studying @SteveNash cold-blooded moves #motivated

  145. I got into a minor accident on Henry Hudson Parkway (main highway off of George Washington Bridge in NYC) once. A lady swiped into my car and knocked off my side mirror. We pulled over in the middle of traffic and she started blaming me for her hitting my car. I didn’t argue with her at all and just called the cops and asked to trade driver’s licenses / insurance info. Cop got there, didn’t really care about the accident or who was at fault, took down the info, and asked us if we wanted to report the accident. We both said no because it would have increased our insurance or at least put a mark on our records.

    I’m glad that accident wasn’t a major accident because most NYPD don’t care about these things. Maybe cops in smaller cities or rural areas care more and will actually do a proper analysis of the accident, but big city cops couldn’t care less.

    Oh, and road rage in NYC is real. I never had road rage before I had to drive to NYC 3 times every week. I eventually developed road rage after a while because of the insane amount of traffic, bad drivers (who also have road rage), and rude people everywhere (both drivers and pedestrians). After I stopped commuting to NYC, my road rage subsided. Never drive in NYC if you don’t have to. There are too many crazy people living there.

  146. Looks like Lin is going to be utilizing the mid range jumper a lot more often this year. His advisers and coaches must be telling him he has to change his game a bit because he’s the full-time starter now. He can’t always drive to the basket and run circles around the court like he did when coming off the bench. That would kill his body and his stamina.

    No better true point guard (in recent memory) to study than Nash. Dude was a master of pick and rolls and passing. Tony Parker in his prime was great too. Lin and Parker has a very similar playstyle.

  147. Like psalm234 recommended, install your dash cam and show to your insurance company to work with. It’s hard to beat your story which matched with video evidence.

    Road rage is so pointless. Why fight over for your insurance company? Let them investigate and deal with your problem.

  148. Nash had a super work-ethic to practice these off-balance jumpers, one-handed, wrong-footed jumpshot relentlessly so he can be so cold-blooded during game time.

    What was amazing in his 2 MVP years were how deadly he was with his shooting.
    His footwork was amazing to get open space to get his shot despite not being as quick as Jeremy.

    JLin will go far studying Nash’s footwork and arsenal of shots!

  149. This happened when dash cams weren’t popular and readily available. Heck, most people still don’t use dash cams these days.

    You obviously don’t know what road rage is. It’s not about fighting over insurance and or who’s wrong or right when an accident occurs.

  150. Prepare yourself lin fans, we’re going to be on a high speed. The excitement will be skyrocket.

    I already feel it.

  151. This is THE player he should be studying. Nash was a master at controlling yhe game

  152. I used to live in ny city, most road rage are from not sharing the road, people cut in front of you.etc…I was just pointing out a good man got killed because of words exchanged after an accident.

    Aide hired to solicit Asian vote posted anti-Asian rants online
    New York Post
    And apparently, he’s a big fan of Jeremy Lin, the Asian-American NBA star who captivated the city with the Knicks in 2012. “Jeremy Lin is an animal, …

  154. Will the regular season schedule be released this or next month?

  155. The schedule is estimated to be released between Aug 2 and Aug 17, possibly Aug 11

  156. This guy got issues

  157. My body is ready

  158. lesgo!!!!! cant wait!

  159. as long as we dont exercise it every single day! hahaha

  160. Looks like Lin will be in Seattle again this year for Dota 2 The International 6 tourney.

    Lin at TI5 last year:

  161. one question… i wonder how can other team afford 3 or more players with max contract and Nets can’t?there is only one player in the name of Lopez who reach the 20Mil salary and the rest are below that ,while the other team has 3 players being paid with 20 mil+++ salary and still can afford it?

  162. Wow, you’ve really crossed a line here, and yes, your comment is out-right racist…You’d be banned on any other forum after writing something like that.

    Jeremy Lin would be ashamed of you and your statement…I just hope this is not the opinion of the majority of Asians or whites on this message board.

  163. “the NBA has a soft cap. A hard cap cannot be exceeded for any reason. A soft cap like the NBA’s contains exceptions which allow teams to sign players or make trades that exceed the cap under certain conditions. In practice, very few NBA teams are ever under the cap during a season.”

    well thats part of the answer.

    another would: part of that “soft cap” general categorization is that for the most part (and here you need to go into more detail in online answers avaialable various places start with ) teams can spend over the cap as long as they pay to do so aka “luxury tax” thru a variety of mechanisms.

    and the third part of the answer would be: no high priced free agent wants to come to the nets because they’re widely regarded (or have been recently and will continue to be until performance on the court proves otehrwise) one of if not the least sucessful and most undesireable franchises to come to.

    (even lin said he wouldn’t have considered coming here without atkinson).

  164. Thank you.

  165. “6 Best JLin games 2015-2016 season” — a nice collection of photos and highlights … while we wait eagerly for the new season to start

  166. nope
    cold blooded muderers come in all races

  167. He’s not really a Lin fan. He’s a Rockets / Harden fan here to cause trouble, talk crap to real Lin fans, and make outrageous posts like the one above. If you’ve been paying attention to his posts, you’d realize this by now.

  168. And please Jeremy…95% free throws. Stop giving me heart attacks!

  169. Nice but number one should be vs Spurs erasing 23 pt deficit.

    The win over the Cavs was not just the only win of the season but it’s the only win for Michael Jordan’s team against LBJ leading in any team.

  170. curry was the best free throw shooter in the league last year at less than 91%. a couple times in the past 5 years someone like nash reddick jamal crawford or korver have made it up to and just over 92% but no one has been anywhere close to 95%.

  171. Not basketball or Lin related, but my favorite baseball team, the Yankees, will lose the great 1st baseman Mark Teixeira next year to retirement. He helped the Yankees win a championship, but has been inured way too much. He’ll be retiring at age 36…

    Also, Yankees are going into rebuild mode. They traded 2 of the best relief pitchers / closers in the league, along with one of the starting pitchers for a bunch of quality minor leaguers / prospects. It’s not a full rebuild like the Nets, but this is the first time in a very long time, the Yankees are rebuilding. All of the legendary Yankees have retired (except A-Rod, but he’s not really playing much anymore). It’s so weird as a long-time Yankees fan to see this happening.

  172. I agree. I would’ve placed the Celtics game at #5 or #6.

    Roster 2016
    1. Brook Lopez $21,165,675
    2. Jeremy Lin $11,483,254
    3. Trevor Booker $9,250,000
    4. Luis Scola $5,000,000
    5. Greivis Vasquez $4,347,826
    6. Bojan Bogdanovic $3,573,020
    7. Justin Hamilton $3,000,0000
    8. Randy Foye $2,500,000
    9. Caris Levert $1,562,280
    10. Rondae Hollis-Jefferson $1,395,600
    11. Chris McCullough $1,191,480
    12. Sean Kilpatrick $980,431
    13. Isaiah Whitehead $1,074,145
    14. Anthony Bennett $1,015,696
    15. Joe Harris $980,431

    Partial contracts 2016
    16. Yogi Ferrell $543,471
    17. Beau Beech $543,471
    18. Egidijus Mockevicius $543,471

    Dead money 2016
    Deron Williams $5,474,787
    Andrea Bargnani $323,599
    Jarrett Jack $500,000

    Salary table 2016
    Guaranteed salaries $68,764,838
    Dead money $6,298,386
    Non-guaranteed $1,385,413
    Tax variance $1,310,880
    Free-agent cap holds $0
    Incomplete roster charge $0
    Salaries: cap $76,448,637
    Salaries: tax $77,759,517
    Salary cap $94,143,000
    Luxury tax $113,287,000
    Cap space $17,694,363
    Tax room $35,527,483

    The Nets end the summer kind of where they started back in early July.

    With $54 million in cap space when free agency began the Nets still retain flexibility with 15 guaranteed contracts.

    Out of the 13 offseason additions, Lin, Booker, Scola, Vasquez, Hamilton, Whitehead and Foye were signed using room.

    LeVert was signed to a rookie scale contract, and Bennett and Harris to the minimum exception.

    With a new NBA Development League team, Brooklyn signed Ferrell ($100,000), Mockevicius ($100,000) and Beau Beech ($45,000) to partial guaranteed contracts with an eye toward developing each player.

  174. Brooklyn currently has 15 guaranteed contracts.

    With an abundance of guards, the Nets have the luxury of bringing LeVert along slowly. He missed most of the 2015-16 season at Michigan because of a foot injury.

  175. Just watched a full games of spurs vs hornets. Its clear even in Lin’s best game in a hornets uniform the group never fully meshed together. It was like 3 different teams playing at the same time. Switching which team would lead at different times. If they ever did mesh it would of been great. Although this could just be a fact of 2 or more ball handlers. The idea of having multiple ball handler who need the ball is not a good one. It just doesn’t work. Lin and Lamb never quite worked. Lin and Kemba never quite worked. Even his best game i found myself frustrated to full parts of it. With Lamb taking ill advised shots. Al and Lin didn’t quite work. Hornets was talented but the parts just didn’t fit offensively.

  176. It’s like 3 different teams playing was the answer to your comment, never quite worked.

    What you saw was Lin, the only one played with multiple positions, roles, minutes, rotations and lineups.

  177. like why

  178. Lamb NEEDED to take those ill advised shots.

    This is the NBA where scorers often take and MAKE bad shots.

    It’s better to have Lamb shoot because it forced opponents to guard him. That relieves backcourt pressure off Lin, and that’s why the Lin Lamb backcourt ruled the entire Eastern Conference until Steve Clifford artificially broke them up.

  179. In that play style with 2 ball handlers. I don’t think it works though. Dantoni never had those type of shots. Its still a bad shot and wasted play. Its better to have 1 ball handler and people reacting the defense waiting to get the ball in a good spot. Especially player who don’t need the ball and can get good shots

  180. MJ will realize that he has only kept the the iphone package not the phone next season.

  181. Well Jeremy can try to be the first.
    Also, Click was using Nash as a comparison and I recall they used to talk about him being really good at the FT line. Can’t remember the % though.

  182. I don’t think they would start Sean Kilpatrick or Hollis-Jefferson.
    Thjey would probably go with Bogdanovic and Vasquez (or Randy Foye). Luis Scola would play significant minutes vs Trevor Booker, probably starts too.

  183. Lin always say things that are true, but may not always be valid. One example of true but not valid – Jlin said he hates to move, that is a true statement, but he won’t turn down Nets offer just because he hates to move, that makes his statement not valid. To say he gives PR answers that are not true is to in some way say that he lies. He gives true statement about Kobe being meticulous with film work etc. That is a true statement, and he paid Kobe a compliment about his work ethics. Whenever he talks about KW he said KW is humble. If Lin wants to give a PR compliment about KW he can easily say KW works hard etc. Jlin’s compliment on KW is “humble” a human virtue. If you don’t think KW is humble that is fine, JLin just has a different opinion.

  184. The game against Celtics is a slap in the face of the All-star Isaiah Thomas who couldn’t guard Jeremy and Lin kept on disrupted his rhythm.

  185. think they will start Bog because of his scoring,and RHJ b/c of his D.

  186. I actually think LeVert could get a shot to play early. He played 4 years in college and they traded to starter (Thad Young) to get him. I suggested before the draft that they would pick a 2-guard that is able to contribute immediately and it seems like LeVert could fit the bill.

  187. Checkout who rocks JLin jersey!
    Simply #ExquisiteSophie ? ? ?

    @JLinPortal Got my @jlin7 jersey. From BrookLin to Paris !! ?

  188. Yay, one of our own!

  189. After the 7 turnover games Lin had with D’Antoni due to the lack of a secondary ballhandler and scorer, I now enjoy it when SGs like Lamb lead the Eastern Conference reserves alongside Lin in scoring and defense and +/-.

  190. lol

  191. Levert is not capable like that.

    In college, he athletically overpowered opponents. That won’t work in the NBA.

    Unlike most NBA rookies who have great on the ball skills but weak team fundamentals, Levert has superb team fundamentals but weak on the ball skills. That’s correctable, and Levert will learn from Lin and the vets to make his game less one dimensional.

  192. Always with the insightful analysis
    Giving us different perspectives and ways to enjoy the game even more.
    People like you should be on the TV talking basketball instead of clueless fools like Stephen A Smith, Adrian Woj and all Rockets related people

  193. Here’s a wild notion from me:

    I think that Steve Clifford’s utter hatred of Lin cost the Hornets the CHAMPIONSHIP just like McHale’s hatred of Lin cost the Rockets the championship.

    Had Clifford set aside his singleminded goal of benching Lin, the Hornets would have easily defeated the Heat and moved on to the Raptors. And Lin already dropped 35 on the Raptors and proved that they could not guard him.

    Then against the champion Cavs, Lin pretty much beat them all by himself.

    The Warriors eventually fell apart due to Draymond Green’s obsession with hitting opposing players in the groin and Andrew Bogut’s subsequent injury.

    The Charlotte Hornets with Lin could easily have “stolen” a championship. But then it would be “Lin this Lin that” which Clifford didn’t want to hear.

    It’s not the first time Lin was artificially denied from a CHAMPIONSHIP.

  194. The starters will likely be Foye, RHJ, and Booker.

    The starters I’d prefer are Kilpatrick, Bogdanovic, and Hamilton.

  195. Woa, she got it! Grats, Sophie!

  196. Yes sir I got it haha

  197. No need to move to Brooklyn anymore. :p

  198. I believe the next picture should be on the catwalk ?
    you can certainly pass as a model 🙂

  199. So now you have Lin’s Lakers, Hornets, and Nets jerseys…? :O

    You’re becoming a collector. You know what’s next, right? His shoes! 😀

  200. Lol. KHuang always find the words 😉

  201. Yea I confess… I’m a Lin’s jerseys addict 😉

    I’m not sure for the shoes small size please lol

  202. HAHA you should make a picture with all your jerseys combined. 😉

    Well, this guy sells them Lin’s shoes:

    They are legit and authentic, but cost a lot of money. Not very comfortable compared to what I’m used to wearing (Nike Air Max and other running shoes with Lunar cushioning). They look cool in my opinion, though.

    Adidas’ Ultra Boost shoes are the most fashionable and comfortable sneakers out right now, but there’s no official Lin Players’ Edition because they’re running shoes, not basketball shoes. We’ll have to wait for adidas to release Lin’s Crazylight Boost 2016 PE sometime this year. Hopefully when Lin blows up in Brooklyn, they will start selling them worldwide and not just in Asia.

  203. What about Sws94 and Ricky James? Are they the like of Jamie too? I notice that these blokes never have second thought or an excuse of “benching” Lin whenever the opportunity arises in their postings. Haha cheers.

  204. Agreed.
    If Clifford let Lin play his game, they wouldve gotten to Conference finals
    not sure about beating the cavs because they were really good and refs really love LeBron

  205. KHuang, Clifford was benching Lin in Game 6 and 7 after referees purposely made wrong calls on Lin, and didn’t call fouls on Lin on Game 6. I don’t think he has hatred against Lin. It is just he could not change the politics that was changed after Heat’s complaint. After all Hornets franchise for many years were money recipient made by other franchises, so MJ cannot just voiced out his disagreement to Heat’s complaint.

    The only way for Lin to be not targeted by referee again is by becoming the face of franchise and defended by rich boss who can pay referees more than the other party and can influence NBA office. And Lin has both now, face of the franchise, and rich boss who can influence NBA office and knows betting people who usually influencing referees.

  206. Do you have a link from where you got it? And which one is it?

  207. A poster on NetsDaily just made this good analysis and comparison to the Nets team that made the playoffs in 2014-2015:

    What to expect

    We were a 21-win team last year but people forget we had 38 wins and were in the playoffs only the year before.

    Let’s compare the two teams.

    Dwill vs Lin. Lin wins this battle. Dwill only averaged 13 and 6, shooting 38% from the field. I expect Lin to average 14 and 7. His one full-year as a starter he put up 13 and 6 but that was playing with James Harden. Advantage 2016-2017 Nets.

    Alan Anderson vs Bogs. Bogs wins this. Bogs took major steps forward at the end of last season and I think he is fully adjusted to the NBA game. I love AA and his defense but Bogs can do more. Advantage 2016-2017.

    Johnson vs RHJ. Clearly Johnson. We’re really going to miss that offensive wing weapon that teams gameplan around. We all know what we want to expect from RHJ, defense, hustle and fast break points. Advantage 2014-2015.

    Thad vs Booker. At first I thought Thad by a large margin but if Booker can be a Humphries/Evans type player who can average 10/8, rebound the ball, defend and protect Brook then we’ll be fine. Still, Thad is a proven NBA starter and helped us get into the playoffs. Advantage 2014-2015.

    Brook vs Brook. The only guy who’s been here since the beginning. I hope we see the “Angry Lopez” we saw at the end of the season. It’s going to be a lot tougher on him this season with teams doubling him probably every play. Still, I think Brook has improved and Atkinson can even get him to that next level. Advantage 2016-2017.

    So for the starting five that’s 3-2 in favor of this seasons roster. Now let’s look at the bench.

    Jack vs Vasquez/ Whitehead. This is tough because Jack was pretty much instant offense but VERY frustrating to watch. Vasquez is a real PG. Vasquez had a real down year last year but was mostly injured. He was a pain on the Raptors as we all know from that playoff series and averaged 14 and 9 a few years back as a starter on the Pelicans. This is a coin-flip but I’m rolling with Vasquez/ Whitehead.

    Markel Brown/Karasev vs Kilpatrick/Foye. This one is easy. Kilpatrick and Foye can be offensive weapons off the bench. Advantage 2016-2017.

    Bogs vs Levert. This is a tough one. Bogs was very inconsistent his first year but helped us get into the playoffs. Levert is kind of a question mark. Going even on this one.

    Cory Jefferson/ Mirza (injured) vs. McCullough/Scola. Definitely taking McCullough and Scola. It was a shame Mirza got hurt so for that reason alone this years PF slot will get more production. Advantage 2016-2017.

    Plumlee/ Jerome Jordan vs. Hamilton/ Bennett. Another easy one. Whether you love him or hate him, Plumlee is a much better player than Hamilton or Bennett. Advantage 2014-2015 Nets.

    That’s 3-1 in favor of this years bench.

    We also have Atkinson who will definitely be better than Hollins.

    Now I’m not saying we’ll be better than 38 wins and make the playoffs but I think we can agree we’ll be better than 21 wins and at least a well-rounded competitive team with room to grow.

    I think Lin will average better than 14 and 7 like he said, but he was probably being conservative.

  208. custom replica. They ship overseas.

  209. If referee fouls were indeed why Clifford benched Lin for Game 7, then that’s REALLY DESPICABLE.

    Actually Lin had a fine Game 7 – when he was actually allowed to play.

    Just because the NBA routinely cheats Game 6s doesn’t mean Game 7 is a cheat. Usually Game 7 is fairly officiated.

    Then again, the Hornets starters played so incredibly poorly that the refs did not have to intervene to get the Heat to advance.

    Coaches like Clifford who deliberately bench their best players in key playoff games, they deserve to be FIRED.

  210. I’m absolutely sure that Lin and the Hornets could have beaten the Cavs if Lin were allowed to play.

    Refs can cheat games, but they can’t rip entire series away from better teams.

  211. Completely DISAGREE.

    Nash had max contract All Star teammates on his Suns teams to pass to – Lin only has one of those in Lopez.

  212. I as a longtime Dallas and Suns fan am not anywhere as impressed with Steve Nash as most people are.


  213. The key to Nash’s hot shooting percentages during his MVP years was having MVP level teammates siphoning defenses away from him.

  214. .500 is no longer good enough to be in playoff in eastern conf. I am not going to guess how many wins but the Nets will be a playoff team.

  215. What about g1 and g2? The reason lin played f you coach starting g3 because they’re downed 0-2. Clif thought his team were swept like the las time.

  216. Nice analysis of who should start at PF: Luis Scola or Trevor Booker

  217. smh indeed

    Hornets had the third best 5-man lineups last season. Could have started Lin over PJ. smh!/advanced/?Season=2015-16&SeasonType=Regular%20Season&sort=NET_RATING&dir=1

  218. good analysis from a long-time Nets fan

    For some reason Scola was missing?
    If he matched PF on Thaddeus Young vs Scola/Booker, I think 2016-17 starter can win 4-1

    Scola would be able to convert Lin’s assists more than Booker as he’s crafty.
    But his minutes might not be much, just to start & close games

  219. This was the result of a Sixers troll in the Kemba/Lin thread over at NetsDaily talking crap about Lin without any facts to back up his comments.

  220. He mentioned Scola with CMC.

    The only weird thing with his comparisons is how he mentioned Bojan Bogdanović, but did a vs. with LeVert instead of Bog vs. Bog, since Bog is still on the Nets. LeVert will eventually be the starting SG/SF, but not until at least the end of this season, if not next season. I personally think RHJ will be either backup or starting SF, switching with Bog, depending on how well they’re playing and what Atkinson wants to do with the offense.

    I also don’t think RHJ will start at SG like so many people seem to think he will. RHJ is not really a SG, he’s a defensive SF. I believe either Kilpatrick or Foye will be given the starting spot at the start of the season and either LeVert and/or Joe Harris will get a chance to show whether or not they can fill that role over Kilpatrick and Foye.

  221. oh yeah, he put Scola as bench.. I agree more with the other Nets article above that Scola will play liimited min but important min; and he might start since he had a lot more starting experience.
    Just like how Raptors started him 76 games but w/ limited min

    He was comparing Bog coming off the bench in 14-15 so that’s understandable, just like he compared Lopez vs more mature Lopez

    RHJ is definitely more suitable to be defensive SF like MKG.
    Not sure if Kilpatrick is ready to start; Bogdanovic will probably get a lot of SG/SF min

    Foye/Kilpatrick seems to fill the role of 6th Man with instant scoring abiilty

  222. oh, really? why would a 76ers troll venture out to NetsDaily to talk Kemba/Lin..
    oh well, maybe offseason made fans weird

  223. Over even Lee.

  224. Booker has already been named the leader of the Nets’ defense by Kenny. That’s why I believe Booker will start. He has a lot more energy, explosiveness, defense, and rebounding than Scola. I like Scola’s ability to shoot and spread the floor, but he’s a big liability on the defensive end and he can’t run the floor like Booker can. It doesn’t matter if Scola starts or not IMO, because he hopefully won’t be getting more than 18 minutes a game, which is on the low end for a bench player anyway.

    It’s not a good idea to speculate what the starting lineup will be, because they always change throughout the season. I don’t even think Kenny knows at this point who he wants to start at the beginning of the season. He has to watch everyone perform in training camp before making his tentative lineups. So do we.

  225. There are tons of trolls over at NetsDaily. It’s a mixture of Nets fans, Lin fans, pretend Lin fans, other teams’ haters, and the usual ClutchFans rejects who hates Lin. It’s a mess over there right now. Fighting in every thread/article, especially Lin-related. Net Income, the head honcho over there, has been getting frustrated and even banned 2 trolls already.

  226. That’s what started the argument over there. I said that Lin wasn’t allowed to start on the Hornets due to politics and in comes all of the trolls to bash Lin, as well as me and my comments.

  227. true .. TC will play out
    It will be interesting to see how the atmosphere will be…

    So glad we don’t have to guess if JLin wears dark or light jersey as starter or bench LOL

  228. LOL yeah. Lin is finally the undisputed, unquestioned “full-time point guard.” I love it.

  229. Well, this is the analysis of Clifford’s motivation that rings true to me. And in my mind it conflicts with your idea that Clifford had “utter hatred” towards Lin. ‘Utter hatred” might have to grudgingly accept an unwanted player, but does not go to the great lengths Clifford went to in courting Lin. Jeremy was hired with the explicit understanding that Kemba is their commitment. Clearly Magic/Cho were willing to live and die by that commitment. What newbie head coach is going to take a stand in front of that freight train?

    Jeremy’s found a team with a coach that not only believes in him, but is empowered to act on it because he has the full backing of management. An uncommon alignment of the stars in the ego mosh-pit that is the NBA.

  230. I do read but stayed away from postings…not worth it…

  231. she’s hot

  232. I am with you on these suspected trolls. I noticed that there are many ghost bloggers on the NetsDaily and some of the frequent ghost bloggers from jeremylin7 and from this Lin fan site has created some tension there baiting Lin’s fans and as well as Nets fans. NI even called out one of them as an agent. Haha cheers.

  233. There’s an interesting and healthy argument that is still being raged on whether Lin should had started in front of PJ last year for the Hornets….

    I’m one of those who “FIRMLY” believe he should had started because PJ was useless out there and didn’t deserve such honor…and I have no Doubt Charlotte wouldn’t be no worse because Lin started.

    Some may state “why is it important that Lin didn’t start last year for the Hornets” answer to that is, if Lin had started, he probably would have had a more fantastic season as for statistics and probably would had gotten an even more lucrative contract..or maybe something closer to the max.

    Lin Could had possibly displaced Conley as the top free agent PG on the market and maybe a max contract..with probably the chance to join a title contending team.

    Lin split-stat chart as a starter in compare to coming off the bench is like day and night..Lin was horrible as a bench player but fantastic as a stater…He truly plays better when he plays 30+mpg and natural rest time.

    I feel it’s an healthy debate to still ponder….The entire argument on the other side is that if Lin started, that would have left the scond unit with no PG…Of course, these people fail to account that coaches scatters minutes all the time to make sure they have a PG on the floor.

    Trail Blazers is the perfect example…They have 2 PG as starters..Lillard and McCollough…The coach scatters their minutes so that 1 of Lillard/McCollough is always on the floor.

    Also, remember that Clifford liked to play Brian Robers, even when Lin was coming off the bench…so it’s not like Clifford personally felt that Roberts was unplayable…I’m sure he wouldn’t have issues playing Roberts a few minutes there and there until he could install Lin or Kemba back in.

  234. yup…I personally don’t think it’s an unreasonable argument to still debate..specially when there’s not really much news since season is still 2 full months away.

    One argument against starting Lin is that he would probably not receive as many touches as oppose to his touches as a bench player….I’m not certain of that since Lin would had gotten probably 7-8 more minutes as a starter and probably would had averaged a bit more shots..even with Batum/Kemba on the floor on half of his minutes.

    But the fact that a line-up that consist of Kemba/Lin/Batum being a top starting-5 unit in the NBA is more than enough to convince me that he would been a better idea to start Lin instead of PJ Hairston.

    Where the line up that has PJ Hairston on it, while being a top NBA line up in the league?

  235. “The entire argument on the other side is that if Lin started, that would have left the scond unit with no PG…
    remember that Clifford liked to play Brian Robers, even when Lin was coming off the bench”

    Those words are key. Whenever BRob came into the game, JLIN was the SG while Clifford had BRob assume PG duties. CHA fans would say it’s because BRob can’t play SG but the fact is Clifford trusted BRob at point even when JLIN was available.

  236. Exactly…I actually thought about the Brian Robert factor last night….I used to always get mad at this because the only chance Lin had to play his natural position was when Kemba was on the bench…but even while coming off the bench, Lin still couldn’t play PG because of Clifford obsession with Brian Robers..another D-Leaguer..Just like his obsession with giving minutes to PJ Hairston.

    So we debunked the argument that Clifford didn’t trust any other PG to lead the second unit…Roberts could had played a 5mpg to relieve either Lin/Kemba so that 1 of them could come back on the court.

    It was also obvious that Clifford thought Lin was better off playing SG instead of PG

  237. Its a tough argument…I dont think there is right or wrong. What I felt is, CC failed to experiment further.
    BR is limited, whereas Lin is a combo and versatile all around player, hence, from a coaching perspective, it makes sense to use Lin as a combo at SG/PG/Facilitator and as an offensive thread so that the PG could bring up the ball.

  238. Hold on –

    I’m the main guy that actually was OK with Lin coming off the bench.

    My rationale was “Why should the $2 million rental (and I was calling Lin a “rental” the instant he signed with Charlotte last July) be doing the heavy lifting for more expensive but less producing players?

    While I absolutely felt Lin should start based on basketball ability alone, I didn’t see the need for him to exert himself for a team that made it clear that they did not want him and were trying desperately to replace him all season long.

  239. Fascinating discussion.

    I personally wouldn’t start either of them. I’d start Justin Hamilton at the 4 so that he and Brook Lopez could be twin fleet footed post up 7 footers who spike volleyballs over opponents. They’d be the modern day lesser version of David Robinson and Tim Duncan.

    I think of Trevor Booker not as a 4 but as an oversized 3 who has more than enough foot speed to guard anyone and has enough bulk to maul anybody in the post.

    I think of Scola as an undersized 5 who can use his veteran craftiness very effectively against clueless jumping jack athletic backup centers that don’t have enough game to punish Scola for his age and lack of height.

  240. The original intent of the Charlotte Hornets was to have Lin be the 3rd string point guard behind Brian Roberts.

    Lin was paid less than Roberts last season. Thus he was supposed to be the 3rd string guard.

    They thought they were getting a zero defense weak player who couldn’t hold his own against NBA backups and would be a good practice player that would occasionally provide a bit of hot scoring here and there.

    But when training camp started and Lin and Hansbrough started beasting, it threw Charlotte’s plans completely out of whack.

    The goal for Charlotte was to play Brian Roberts and Jeremy Lamb in the backcourt off the bench. But the Hornets soon realized that Lin and Lamb were the best reserve backcourt in the entire East. They needed Lin and Lamb to win games, but Clifford didn’t want those two outplaying Batum and Walker. That’s why the Lee trade was executed – it was designed to eliminate BOTH Lin and Lamb.

    Clifford and the Hornets tried desperately all season long to phase Lin out, but they had to wait for the season to fully end for that to happen.

  241. Any rookie could be a bust

  242. Because Clifford is not a big fan of Lin
    A pretty bad coach imo
    still better than the ones he had before but hes still a hater

  243. Nothing beats
    Lin, Harden, Parsons, TJones, Howard
    thats dynasty

  244. Hamilton is held in such low regards by the NBA I would not be surprised if he rides the bench. Fearful of another hansbrough situation.

  245. I see quite some people argue that Lin play longer time than PJ, so why Lin fans still want Lin to start over him, and this is my argument posted in Netsdaily.

    No one play alone on court, so play time is not the only thing on a player’s impact
    It has a lot to do with whom they play with. As a starter, you play with a fixed group for much longer time in one game, so it is easier to develop chemistry with that group, and easier to have play set planned, and work with a fixed style.

    As a bench, you play with multiple lineups, that your teammate on court with you are constantly changing, so what you can do is limited, as you only work with certain combination with very short time frame. Whom you play with, what you can do for them is particularly important for playmaker like Lin.

    For instance, as the picture I posted above, Lin/Kemba/Batum/AI/Marvin lineup ranked the third in regular season with a 33 NetRtg, and that is the best 5-man lineup in Hornets team last season. But that lineup played 89 min in 26 games, so average per game, that lineup only get to play together for maybe a little over 3 min.

    On the contrary, PJ/Kemba/Batum/AI/Marvin lineup, ranked 11 in Hornets 5-man lineup, with a NetRtg of 10.9, played 162 min in only 14 games, average 10+ min per game.

    So, just imagine you play the third best 5-man line up in the league for 10 min a game, how explosive that could be? And we are not counting on how much that group could be by play together longer time and get used to each other and build up chemistry on court.

    Yeah, so simply looking at PT is not good enough. There is a reason people say you start your best 5 player on a team.

  246. Anyone still remember Clifford saying lin has always been a back up and he is our back up?

  247. Hopefully Atkinson has more sense than that. I think he’ll be open-minded

  248. Starting 5 is your best 5……period. Unless that mean you will have to play your PG at Center..

  249. By the way, this is the link to that screenshot:!/advanced/?sort=NET_RATING&dir=1

    Which is slightly different than the image I always use to prove that Lin is in the 2 of the top 10 best lineups last year:

    I even linked to that screenshot in my original post, but the Sixers troll and other trolls ignored it as usual.

  250. in the words of elvis aaron presley: “i forgot to remember to forget.”

  251. I did some more stats research and found this to be interesting:!/advanced/?sort=MIN&dir=1&Season=2015-16&SeasonType=Regular%20Season&TeamID=1610612766

    Clifford would rather play the worst lineups the most minutes rather than his best lineups. Obviously, this is after the season already ended and hindsight is 20/20, but it boggles my mind how many minutes PJ Hairston played last year, with the starters too, and over Lin. I knew Hariston played a lot and started a lot of games, but I didn’t know he played THAT much.

    The best Hornets lineup (which included Lin) only played for 89 minutes together, which was 6th most minutes all season. What shocked me is the 2nd best lineup was Bench Force 1 (plus Marv) and they played 5th most minutes.

  252. Tyler Hansbrough should have started.

    He’d have provided 15 ppg and 10 rpg all 82+ games.

    Hansbrough would have gotten those numbers even if Walker and Lin never passed to him. He’d have attacked the offensive boards for putbacks while also collecting shots off bailout passes.

    Hansbrough is still better than any Nets big man other than Hamilton and Lopez.

  253. I can’t believe this topic of Hairston starting over Lin is still raging on. Lin was brought in as a 6th man for Charlotte. Offensively, Lin is better than Hairston, but Hairston job was to guard SF. He may not have been good at it but that was his assignment. Lin would not have fared any better at that. Also Lin did more damage coming off the bench because he control the ball more. When Lin played with both Kemba and Batum, he played off the ball more. Lin playing with the 2nd unit was far more effective and dangerous for Charlotte than if he was to start with them. This was all about matchups, not this crazy belief that Charlotte believe Hairston was better than Lin.

  254. I got the sense that the reason PJ played so much was to showcase him for a trade later (to MEM)

    Lin should’ve started after MKG went down based on strong preseason games but the Hornets FO stubbornly thought “Well, Lin is here for 1 year to anchor our bench & we need to trade PJ Hairston for something”

    They never explored the possibility of retaining Lin long-term and the BB decision-making clearly reflected that.
    It’s really the Hornets’ loss and the Nets’ gain.

    I expect there will be many “I wish we would offer Lin starting positions” in the Hornets forum next season when Lin blossoms with the Nets.

    But all is well since Hornets is Kemba’s team and Lin is destined to lead his own team ?
    In the playoff, I started to get worried that Lin might consider staying if Clifford used him properly ?
    Game 7 sealed his decision that the Hornets is not a long-term place for him

  255. That’s very interesting lineup, KHuang.
    I can see it really working well.

    JHam can be the stretch 4 due to his 3pt shooting
    Booker/RHJ can be the defensive/physical presence

    The tricky part is the Nets might want to start RHJ and Booker if they could be the future building blocks. Plus hopefully Scola can accept his bench role after starting 76 games (w/ limited min)

  256. quel dommage. the french national team ranked 2nd in the world to u.s. was swept in the argentine tournament by serbia, croatia (the 2 bogdanovich’s) and argentina.

    now losing badly to aussies in first rio game.

  257. french team lost all 3 games i believe in recent argentine friendly to the two bogdanovich’s (croatia & serbia) and argentina and now now losing badly in 3rd quarter to aussies in first rio game. (french team ranked 2nd or 3rd in world to u.s.). constantly being beat on back cuts to the basket for easy layups.

  258. France blown out by 20pts – where was Batum?

    Batum with his $120 million contract makes more currently than all of the other French players put together. Batum is paid by Michael Jordan like a superstar but has shown repeatedly that he cannot carry a team and disappears in big games more like a below-average international scrub.

  259. JLIN guarded SF up to 6’7″ better than PJ Hairson. Reason Clifford loved JLIN’s defense was not because he’s the most athletic/jumped the highest etc… but because he defended opponents by OUT-THINKING them.

    This debate is tiring not for the reason you cite but because every quantitative measure indicates JLIN with mostly starters far far outplayed the other team over a lineup including Hairston.

    Clifford allowed Brian Roberts to play point even when JLIN was available, ostensibly because BRob could not play SG but fact remains BRob playing PG so often negates this JLIN playing with 2nd unit made them more dangerous because BRob often trusted to run the 2nd unit.

  260. i actually had in a previous version of this post the words: “batum does his usual disappearing act on the international stage”. …yeah hes actually playing the lin in charlotte role on this team most of the time. parker or nando colo are the primary ball handlers, then if they do run a “point forward” its diaw not batum, with gobert the inside force and batum the 5th option left standing in the corner as the safety valve.

    almost as many turnovers as points in this game. batum performance not surprising but the french performance over all in now 4 strait embarassing defeats for a team ranked by fiba as #2 in the world and predicted with the younger gasol out by most experts to be the favorite for the silver.

  261. Andrew Bogut and Patty Mills killed France…|tab=boxscore_statistics

    Wonder why Batum only shot 3 times in 22 minutes played. Really strange.

    Edit: Just realized Batum had a team and game high 4 turnovers. Wow.

  262. is Doc Scheppler the guy Lin is paying to teach him how to shoot?

  263. Doc is Jlin’s shooting coach. I assumed he is paid.

  264. At this point when it comes to his shooting , the biggest difference maker is condifence and if he feels empowered. Steph curry never shot like this before the last 3 seasons

  265. For this guy’s sake, I hope JLin can straighten out his new shooting stroke because I would assume he was the one who convinced Lin to change his shooting mechanics…

    That was after Lin had shown improvement in his 3point shooting% in his previous 3 years in a roll…So he got Lin to change his shooting stroke after Lin was coming off a year when he shot the 3Ball at a 37% clip with the Lakers.

    After the shooting change, Lin shot 33.5% from 3ball……If Lin doesn’t shoot at least 35% from 3’s this year, he should fire this guy and revert back to his old form.

  266. I never liked Doc as Lin’s personal shooting coach. I made a post yesterday about David Nurse, who is a much better shooting coach than Doc is, and has a good track record of improving many professional players’ shots. Doc doesn’t have that track record. Sometimes Lin is too loyal to a fault.

  267. @tjdurlach @JLin7 not really a basketball fan but I watched your documentary on Netflix. All I have to say is WOW. Very inspiring – heck of a journey.

  268. LOL…Good one..I remember that quite well..The goal was always to try hard to cornered Lin into the bench role and my guess is they also wanted Lin to accept this role and to no longer think of himself as a starter in this league.

    I’m sure Clifford and the Hornets would have loved to see Lin accept such a role and re-sign with them for less money….

    Even one of their internet-radio-stream blog made a statement suggesting that Lin is making a mistake by taking a starting role elsewhere and would have been better off accepting being a bench player for Charlotte…That really pissed me off.

  269. I wonder if Batum played SF or SG

  270. China leads 2-0!

  271. In soccer, that’s good 🙂

  272. China has a men’s soccer team…? :p

  273. Announcer praised Yi Jian Lian’s talent and said he should be in the NBA
    But he never adapted to NBA work ethic…

    I guess the thought is Yi didn’t work hard enough?

  274. Who knows. I never paid attention to Yi. He’s a superstar in China but was a non-factor in the NBA. Also non-factor in Olympics.

    #4 and #6 for China though… those are good guards. Zhao and Guo have a bright future in CBA or NBA.

  275. Besides being overpowered, China settled for too many jumpers

    One nice drive & penetration by 1 guard. If JLin plays on a loaner, this would be 18-25

  276. 30-10 lol

    Game is over. Probably going to be a 50+ point blowout again.

  277. Thank you. Now I can find out how good China’s #6 Guo and #4 Zhao are while working on this Sat. afternoon. 🙁

  278. Yi strikes me as not mentally tough enough despite the great talent & skills
    It gave me a new appreciation of Lin’s mentality to survive in the NBA

  279. This is the official stream:

    Gotta sign in with your cable or satellite provider though.

  280. Clearly, there was no transition defense and lack of blocking out contributing to the blowout.
    No help defense ..

    This is why defense is so important for the Nets to contend for the playoff

  281. Of course. Defense is extremely important. That’s why Atkinson said that’s one of the first things he wants to establish with the Nets: defense identity.

    Defense is a team effort though. Everyone has to buy in and try their best to defend, rebound, block shots, and steal the ball. If just 1 player slacks off, it trickles down to the other players because there’s no point in working twice as hard as the guy not giving a darn and covering his man on top of your own. This is why Knicks with Melo and Rockets with Harden had such bad defense.

    As for Olympics, China doesn’t have the strength and athleticism to match up with USA’s all-star team. I honestly don’t think any team does.

    Oh, and Cousins was interviewed before this game and said that the most important thing they want to do is to establish a good defense. Coach K drilled that into this team. Plus, they’re all NBA all-stars, so they know how important defense is. They have way more than enough offense already.

  282. They’re quick and can pass but not to level of JLin’s athleticism and court-vision
    They sure have potentials to grow with the right competition to get experience

  283. US defensive intensity clearly shows .. everyone bought into it

    China’s defense got better in the last 10 min of the 1st half with 2 min left.
    That’s the key

    29-55 Not too bad now

  284. Agree fully. I heard some Chinese fans thought #6 Guo Ailun is as good a PG as Lin until this summer Olympic.

  285. first of all, lin is 6’3 at BEST, more likely he is 6’2. Of course lin plays better team defense than PJ, he is better at reading plays and cutting off passes. Thats what you mean by out thinking.

    Lin is also good at one on one defense, but when he is guarding taller players with big wing span, lin gets smoked. Did you forget that match against the bucks when lin was guarding khris middleton?? He is a 6’8 shooting guard that cliff had lin guard. Lin was getting smoked non stop even though he was right in front of middletons face. Lin can guard guys decently up to about 6’5 efficiently, but anything above that and its not a good match at all, especially if those guys are lanky with long arms.

    Lin was used to his best abilities, as a shooting guard most of the time because that was the HORNETS biggest weakness. Hornets shooting guards last season were: Aaron Harrison and Jeremy Lamb. Jeremy Lamb was always getting blown by on defense, he couldn’t keep focused. Cliff had no CHOICE but to use Lin as shooting guard. The point guard position didn’t need as much help because kemba walker and bryan roberts were both decent.

    Its not rocket science why cliff kept lin as shooting guard, because thats where he needed lin the most. Would lin have done better if he was played as point guard? Yes definitely, but then who was going to play shooting guard? You always see things in black and white.

  286. Too bad! Doc has been JLin shooting coach probably even when he planned to play in NBA days. I like Doc and I trust JLin’s own judgment on what he needs to work on……………….. and who is supposed in his support team.

    We are not JLin and we aren’t privileged of what’s going on in his life. He knows best who is supposed to help him from every aspect of his NBA career. Good on him that he doesn’t listen to any of fans……… That’s one of the main reasons outside of his faith why I root for him. He doesn’t change in his approaches except improving and maturing. So proud of him!!!!!!!!!!

  287. what is interesting is the 10th best lineup and the 1st best line up. Take a closer look…they are both exactly the same, except for one player. Big Al is in the best defensive lineup while zeller is in the 10th best lineup. You could say that zeller’s defense was so bad it dragged the team down.

  288. Sheesh, 119-62. What a rout. Not unexpected though. It wasn’t even fair. Next against Venezuela will probably be an even bigger beating.

    Zhao and Guo played so poorly. Yi carried China with 25 points.

  289. Lin good statistics is based on the games he started..He actually was terrible whenever he came off the bench

    The stats shows Lin played much better as a starter…Coming off the bench, he shot 39%FG and 29%3PTFG…

    Based on that, I wouldn’t claim that Lin is better off coming off the bench

  290. With Lin, I predict only 30 point blowout!

  291. BY CHINA. LOL.?

  292. Sircharlesbigman, Is 6’7″ (my post) shorter than 6’8″(Middleton)?
    JLIN is 6’3″ in bare feet, 6’4″ in shoes go look it up.

    So SG is the weakest position of the Hornets? You mean they paid Batum (an SG) $120 million by mistake? Clifford played politics and favored his superstars, Batum was too dainty to be forced to play defense? So which is CHA weakest position SF or SG, or no good ones at both positions on offense & defense, or you still contemplating that?

    Disagree totally and completely with everything you said, without equivocation. I might add the adulterated contamination left in your wake on boards is quite a sight.

  293. Your Robert point is a good one because it picks apart the argument that Lin was the only PG Clifford trusted to lead the second units.

    Of course, before Roberts was traded, Clifford played him beside Lin in the second units and Roberts was the PG…therefore, Clifford trusted Roberts enough to play him as PG while playing Lin at SG in the second unit.

    So that negates the argument that Lin should not start because he was needed to play PG in the second unit.

    And of course, you could always scatter Lin’s minutes to play with the second unit.

    Clifford did that with Batum..Batum started and took a rest at the end of the first quarter..than came back to start in the second quarter alongside the second unit.

  294. Lin shut down Kris Middleton in each of the Hornets vs. Bucks games except for that 1 game in Charlotte where Lin had recently sprained his ankle and didn’t have the leg strength to defend post ups by taller players. Normally he doesn’t budge in the post, and opponents can’t back him down and settle for a long fade away jumper.

  295. Anyone that thinks Hornets were good for Lin is conveniently accepting the propaganda from the Hornets brass. Clifford, Cho and MJ never wanted Lin to excel. They never wanted Lin to breakout beyond the role they had for him. They wanted Lin to be the supper sub that can save a game and hand it back to the starters to be their heroes.

    THEY DIDNT DO LIN ANY FAVOURS, THEY DID IT FOR THEIR OWN CONVENIENCE AND WHAT SUITED THEM. game 7 against Miami was the biggest insult of them all. They chose to lose with the starters instead of allow Lin to help them win.

  296. These Chinese players need to get inject the american game in them

  297. Lin has a fellow Palo Alto High graduate in the Olympics. 20-year old Lily Zhang made it past the first round in table tennis today, beating Venezuela and Portugal. She beat them both 4-0 and will face South Korea next.

  298. And lets not forget some of the so call hornets fans wanted to convince Lin fans that he was 6th man material because of this this or that. And I think there was a poster here trying to say there is no difference between a 6th man role and a starter. Then he brought up a Ginobli as an example.

  299. Oh I watched her journey on Netflix trying to make it to the Olympics

    Her dedicated dad was helping her a lot with tesearch & training

    Glad she is doing very well ? ?

  300. Wish a NBA team would give him another look. His first time around he didn’t see a lot of play time.

    Also had some chemistry/bonding issues due to the language barrier but you can overcome that with some effort.

  301. At this point, I don’t even think Yi would want to go back to the NBA. He’s living large in China and is a superstar there. He’s comfortable in China and I doubt he wants to subject himself to American life again. There were reports that Yi had problems adapting to American culture.

    Zhao and Guo should definitely be looked at by NBA scouts and GMs. They have very good handling skills, speed, and driving ability… similar to Lin. They just don’t have Lin’s shooting ability, court vision, passing ability, strength / size, and experience. However, I believe these guy can eventually become at minimum, good backup guards in the NBA once they’ve been developed by NBA teams.

  302. I didn’t watch the documentary, but she was in one called “Top Spin.” That’s probably what you watched.

    Hopefully she can make it far this year. She’s definitely the underdog and has a lot of potential to be great… similar to Lin. :p

  303. LOL Lin doing a “commercial” for Little Caesars…

    Looks like California Pizza Kitchen

  304. Lin’s seemingly extremely loyal to the folks that helped him through his career. Doc and Roger comes immediately to mind. Besides physical work, there is the mental aspect. In the Linsanity documentary, there was a part that Doc said :”…He’s only gonna get better, And he’s awfully good now, don’t you think ? That’s the other part, getting into this cranium. To get him to believe like I believe in him.” (I believed it was said during the lockout period.)

    Also came across this old article that gave some insights to the work Doc did with Lin then.
    So who did Lin text after he drained that 3 pointer to beat Raptor?

    once Scheppler taught him how to load his shot earlier so that he could release the ball in rhythm at the apex of his jump. (At the end of one session, Scheppler calculated that Lin had hit 70 percent of his shots beyond the arc. No matter — Lin was still disgusted with himself.)
    He lowered the arc on Lin’s shot by exhorting him to snap his wrist sooner during the release. He moved Lin’s feet out wider so that they were positioned under his shoulders for optimum stability.
    It took 500 to 600 shots over the course of 1½ hours, three days to four times a week. But by the end, Lin’s flaws vanished like the ghost.
    Earlier this month, on the night that Lin drained a 3-pointer from the top of the key to beat the Toronto Raptors, Scheppler’s phone buzzed with a text message.
    “Doc, that was all you,” Lin wrote. “Thanks for everything you did this summer.”

  305. Don’t like dwelling on JLIN’s ex-teams but since this is Olympic season. $120 million Batum in action. But anyone who paid attention knows that’s what you expect from Batum during the big moments. Rather than fix the dike that is the non-facilitating Hornets, Batum is paid to be the finger in the dike,

    Nic Batum better not play like that when he gets back to Charlotte
    Did the “… Charlotte Hornets just made the worst decision of their lives last month when they gave him the biggest contract in franchise history.”…

  306. Most international teams don’t know how to play inside.

    If they did, they’d compete much more evenly against the US.

  307. I know the solution:

    Let Lin be Sophie Paris’s roommate, sleeping on her couch.

    Then Lin can siphon defenses away from Batum for the French National Team!

  308. All that size, and yet all their players are coached as if they’re sub 6 ft little guards.

  309. This is why we called it what it is, zero effort to keep lin while all in for batum to stay.

    I respect mj as bb player but business, he’s cold and disgrace.

  310. Yi’s problem in the NBA was that he was improperly coached in China.

    They tried to make him into a 7 foot dribble driving outside shooting point guard.

    What they should have done is teach him to establish position down low and make moves at the rim.

    When he got to the NBA, he was utterly useless as a “big man”. He couldn’t contribute offensively, and he was a dud defensively because he was clueless.

    The problem with China’s coaches is that they blindly buy into whatever trend the American media sells them about basketball. They don’t look at what works, they look at what’s popular in the American NBA media which has utterly no clue as to what really works in winning basketball games.

    I’ll bet that none of those Chinese basketball coaches have seen a video like Red Auerbach’s “Winning Basketball” starring the ’86 Celtics. How could they – youtube is banned in China!

  311. Worse than “cold and disgraceful”, Michael Jordan doesn’t understand the modern day NBA that has different rules from when he played.

    That’s why his Hornets have continually sucked for years and will continue to suck.

  312. Don’t think Hornets should pay Batum max.

    I didn’t watch the game but my guess Batum was not #1 O in the Olympic team so….. when he back to Hornets he will have more chance to take the shot.

  313. Hornets basically had to offer him the max to get him to stay. Doesn’t really matter what his true value is but his market value.

  314. Nets Off-Season Report No. 17

    Includes a highlight video of the Nets last year…

  315. Need to get more physical with those “American” players
    don’t let them punk you
    Lin holds his grounds against these punks everyday
    I feel its more mentality they are somewhat afraid of them
    I mean they would still lose but not by 57 if they had the right mind set
    these NBA players are nothing they are just arrogant punks

  316. Batum is a glue guy
    does a little bit of everything but not great at anything at all
    he wont win you games he wont take over
    hes just a good-to-have role player

  317. That was Sws94….His argument that there were no difference between coming off the bench and being a 6th man was weird.

    Of course, the big difference is if Lin started, he’d be locked into getting at the very least 31mpg…As a bench player, Lin averaged 23-24 minutes…with of course, less time to get going and get into a rhythm.

    Never understood his argument because it was so flawed

  318. tend to agree with that….They probably didn’t like the fact that Lin got so much credit for how he was playing…They probably wished Lin’s play had gone un-noticed so that they could had keep him for low salary

  319. Wow, Lily Zhang is ranked 101 and she upset the 54th ranked player in the world last night.

    Her next opponent is ranked 18th in the world and was at one point, ranked #8. It’s gonna be extremely tough for her to beat the South Korean…

    They will play at 9AM tomorrow (Monday).

  320. dissected this earlier in conversation with dons (whose post inbetween was myseriously deleted)….but yes you are correct sir in fact on the french team batum is seen as what he is a second tier role player, in fact he is the last option the lin role on charlotte unless via injury they had no other choice ie the guy standing in the corner

    de colo or parker are the initiatiors, if they use a “point forward” its diaw not batum and gobert inside (on offense on defense no where 2 be found as aussies ran back cut after back cut for easy baskets and goberts theoretic opposite # bogert was best player on the floor); with batum the afterthought safety valve, still doesn’t explain his 4 turnovers vs 5 points.

    batum usually is a no show in international play. that dosent explain france (rated 2 or 3 in the world) losing now 4 strait after getting swept by croatia, serbia and argentina in the recent argentine “friendly’s”.

  321. One of the people Jeremy admires, Tony Dungy, enshrined in the NFL Hall of Fame

  322. Well, it’s official. Alex Rodriguez is being released by the Yankees next week. He’s owed $20M this year and $20M next year. Absolutely insane. This is why you don’t ever pay any player in any sport 10 years in advance, especially for the amount A-Rod got. Sure, he helped the Yanks get a World Series title and many playoffs appearances, but overall, it was not worth it.

  323. He is gonna retire….?

  324. Not sure, he’s being released by the Yankees and free to do whatever he wants. He’ll also be an “ambassador, instructor and special advisor to principal owner Hal Steinbrenner.”

    It was an emotional press conference for both A-Rod and the manager (coach in basketball) Joe Girardi.

    It was a bad situation all around because A-Rod can no longer play like he used to and totally not worth the money he’s being paid. Too many injuries, too old, and too much drama the past few years with steroids. I loved A-Rod as a player though, but he just wasn’t worth the hassle the past 2-3 years.

    A-Rod is just 4 home runs shy of 700 in his career. Another team might want to pick him up and let him try to get 700. Maybe not, who knows. Supposedly, A-Rod wants to be an owner of a baseball team one day, kind of like Jordan. A-Rod is filthy rich, maybe not as rich as Jordan (because of his shoes), but he’s close.

  325. Lmao I’m ok. I’ll not let him sleep on the couch though ?

  326. Still can’t believe the crazy contract he got. He better be an All-star next season… lol

  327. Haha yea. The money certainly puts that kind of expectation on him. Actually I think he is a really good player. IMO , the only true max guys are players like Lebron , Curry , etc.

    Mike Conley signed for like 150million , who I don’t think is a true max guy . But market dictates it.

  328. On the floor instead? lol

  329. Being 4 Home Run shorts of 700 will be very tempting for him not to give it 1 more year…He’s also 18 hr away from Baby Ruth HR record which would probably be harder for him to reach in 1 year.

    I think a team who would love the attention that A-Rod would get in chasing these records, would probably offer him a chance to continue his career for at least 1 more year..If A-Rod can hit, let’s say 9 homes runs for next year, that leaves him 9 hr short of the record…and I could see them give him another year so he could possibly break Baby Ruth HR record.

  330. Just a reminder, Bog’s Croatia is playing Spain in a little over an hour at 6PM EST / 3 PM PST.

    Then at 9:30PM EST / 6:30 PM PST, Scola’s Argentina plays Nigeria.

    Croatia and Argentina will both likely lose tonight, but hopefully Bog and Scola have good games.

    Oh, and Germany vs. South Korea men’s soccer match was pretty crazy. 3-3 tie.

  331. CHA offers Batum max b/c they think he is worth that much to them. There are better SGs in the league, but DD or Jimmy Butler will not go to CHA.

  332. In my bed ??

  333. What’s in a name? Anger in Taiwan over ‘Chinese Taipei’ Olympics moniker

  334. :O

  335. Who cares? This guy is a cheater and yet he gets away with it. They should just expunge his record and rename him A-roid instead.

    Rodriguez admitted to using steroids, saying he used them from 2001 to 2003 when playing for Rangers due to “an enormous amount of pressure” to perform.[4][5] While recovering from a hip injury in 2013, Rodriguez made headlines by feuding with team management over his rehabilitation and for having allegedly obtained performance-enhancing drugs as part of the Biogenesis baseball scandal. In August 2013, MLB suspended him 211 games for his involvement in the scandal, but he was allowed to play while appealing the punishment.[9] Had the original suspension been upheld, it would have been the longest non-lifetime suspension in Major League Baseball history.[10] After an arbitration hearing, the suspension was reduced to 162 games, keeping him off the field for the entire 2014 season.[11]

  336. Well he got lucky. Right time and right moment to deal a new contract. We expect him to be neither less than great now.

  337. At least half of the MLB was using steroids back then. Some got caught, some didn’t. Some are still using, but haven’t been caught yet. Other sports like NFL and yes, even NBA, are much worse with PED usage these days, but nobody cares because they didn’t have a witchunt like the MLB had.

    A-Rod was a scapegoat because he’s one of the main / only superstars of baseball and was made an example to show everyone that MLB is finally cracking down on PED usage and trying to clean up the game, when they’ve turned a blind eye to it for decades.

    There are tons of other players that cheated who nobody gives a crap about that doesn’t generate the hate that A-Rod gets. A good example is David Ortiz:

    There’s no outrage for these players by casual fans like you who has to check his wikipedia page to even know what’s going on.

  338. Of course angry! Taiwan is Taiwan man. They need to get rid of that stupid fake name and flag for Olympics.

  339. It won’t happen. China is too big and strong of a bully to allow that to happen. IOC is also too corrupt and weak to do what’s right and stand up to China.

  340. Surprisingly, Croatia is only trailing Spain by 6 points at the half. Bog started out pretty terrible, but picked up his play and now leads the team with 12 points. Spain killing Croatia with 3-pointers…

  341. You follow everything 😉 And I’m gonna spend some nights watching the Olympics lol

  342. Just don’t follow the French basketball team. They’re seriously under-performing. :/

    The women’s soccer game between USA and France was pretty good. USA pulled out a 1-0 win.

  343. Dungy is great, but bronze sports sculptures are so atrocious… they should be discontinued

  344. Lol yeah I prefer watching the other sports

  345. Bog/Croatia beat Gasol/Spain.

  346. Insane, Croatia upset Spain! Bog with 23 points. Saric sucked, but he had tons of rebounds, assists, and a clutch block on Gasol to win the game.

  347. Yeah, I’m shocked.

  348. Right it’s a complicated situation and too much politics

  349. XD

  350. It’s awesome how we see you and your Lin jersey everyday now… :p

    What other sports do you prefer to watch?

  351. Scola looks bad — too old

  352. Argentina got an easy first win…

  353. Really? He should be backup.

  354. Booker is expected to start as PF.

  355. For sure? I like Booker.

  356. Scola wasn’t terrible, but he wasn’t that great either.

    Scola was stat padding a bit during garbage time. He did lose the ball a few times for no reason. On two occasions, lost the ball because he wasn’t expecting the ball when the guard drove in and tried to dish it to him in the paint. Scola also missed a few easy buckets 3ft. away from the rim. His defense was pretty bad IMO.

    Having said that, he ran the floor quite well for a 36-year old. Scola also made some nice shots and had a good post-up game (his specialty). He set some nice picks and screens for his guards and was pretty good at rolling to the basket. He also grabbed a lot of rebounds throughout the game.

    I’ve always said since his signing, that Scola is a good backup PF, behind Booker. He is a good, experienced vet who has had a lot of success in his great career, but he can’t and shouldn’t be playing for more than 15-18 minutes a game for 82+ games. The Raptors played him too much last year. He ran out of gas starting from January and was completely useless during the playoffs. If Kenny utilizes Scola properly and doesn’t play him too much, he will be a great backup for Booker and mentor to CMC.

  357. From the Instagram : Palo Alto’s own Jeremy Lin just rolled through True SF & loaded up for his move to the Brooklyn Nets. Good luck in the NBA this year, maybe the Warriors will play you in the Finals. Note : True SF is a San Francisco clothing store.

  358. Not excited at all about Booker starting.

  359. “Too old” is how Scola looked even as a young player that dominated everyone!

  360. Not necessarily.

    Even if Scola isn’t having a perfect game, he’s usually still beating the opponent.

    That’s why he started for the #2 playoff Raptors most of the season.

  361. I’m Taiwanese and hate that name.

    Why should Taiwan call itself part of China when it doesn’t pay taxes to China and is regarded as a military threat?

  362. Glue guy –

    holds the ball to himself and drags the team down

  363. But you shouldn’t have to give up your bed to Lin so that you can sleep on your own couch!

    heh heh

  364. I love guys like Scola who seem to have a bad game but the opponent usually had an even WORSE game which hands the victory to Scola!

  365. Lily Zhang lost 4-1 🙁

    At least she took a set from the #18 ranked player. Maybe in another 4 years, if she decides to stick with table tennis professionally, she can do even better at the next Olympics.

  366. He’ll be just fine.

    He’ll be sort of like a Patrick Patterson outside 4 shooter who can dribble to the rim if his man gets too close.

    Atkinson will likely start Patterson to stretch the court and pull defenses away from Brook Lopez, though I’m not as enamored of stretch 4s as the entire NBA is nowadays.

  367. It wasn’t a bad game, but Scola didn’t play as well as his stats seem to indicate. Overall, it was a decent game from Scola, but he could have played better.

    Gonna be an interesting game between Argentina vs. Croatia tomorrow. It’s going to be a close game IMO. I believe one of these 2 teams will take the bronze medal… perhaps even silver if Spain and France keep under-performing.

  368. Hehe :))

  369. Lol!!
    Meh my bed is big enough for two. ;p

  370. Not that I think Booker is a bad player..I just think he’s not a good fit for this particular Brooklyn team because this team already lacks enough outside shooters to stretch the floor.

    If RHJ was a 3point threat, than starting Booker would had been easier…Having Lopez, RHJ and Booker, which makes 3/5 of your starting-line up, not be a threat from the 3point line, makes it problematic and destroys spacing…

    On top of that, Lin can only be regarded as “average” 3point shooter…So in reality, Brooklyn will only have 1 respectable 3point threat in Bognadovic..This is why many believe Brooklyn will be among the worst team in the league…Not because they don’t have enough legit starters.

    Booker would had been a better fit with a team that had enough shooters…Booker as a Knicks would be better because Portzingis could play as a stretch 5 or 4 and Booker could be the inside player..with enough shooters around him.

  371. I used an official source to make sure my recollection is correct. What is so wrong is that Americans are so ready to forgive cheaters and for making it okay for kids to think it’s worth the risk to make it big.

    I have nothing but distain for any athlete that uses drugs to get an unfair advantage. Its funny that the iOS were considering the Russians from the Olympics because of state sponsored doping. The truth is Major League Baseball might just be as guilty of sponsoring it from the top down by turning a blind eye to the home run derby.

  372. I think you’re making too big an issue of spacing. The Toronto Raptors had a similar issue last season, yet were a Top 5 team in Offensive Efficiency. I’m not worried about scoring with Lin, Bogdanovic, and Lopez. They will score. Defense is the bigger issue, which is why Booker is key. RHJ also contributes as a slasher offensively, a finisher in transition, and can handle the ball a bit. Anyhow, we’ll see how the team operates in preseason. If there are issues, we’ll see them
    right away.

  373. Round 4 later today

  374. Girl is stronger than you think ?

  375. Toronto actually had much better spacing than this current Brooklyn team…

    Scola started at PF and hit 41% clip from 3….

    Lowrly is a very good 3point shooter and shot 38%….

    Norman Power started quite a few game at SG and shot 40% from 3point.

    Demare Carroll is a good career 3point shooter..he shot 38% last year.

    Terrance Jome shots 38% from 3point last year.

    Even Dorozen, who doesn’t really take 3point shot, shots 33% which is average.

    So I wouldn’t compare last year Toronto Raptors to this year’s Brooklyn Nets as for spacing and the ability to stretch the floor and knock down 3’s

    The better teams like Cavs and Golden States have great spacing…and yes, even Raptors, have more than enough 3point shooters to stretch the floor.

  376. You don’t understand. Booker was one of the first signings right after Lin agreed to go to the Nets. He was brought in to be a serviceable replacement for Thad Young. Booker doesn’t have the scoring ability Thad has, but his main role isn’t to be a stretch 4 or to be a perimeter threat. His role is to lead the defense and help make up some of the defensive inadequacies of Brook. Booker is also an interior threat and a good secondary screen setter / pick and roll player, along with Brook, who will help Lin get past / crack open defenses.

    Marks’ plan was to fill out the roster with at least 1 of Tyler Johnson and/or Allen Crabbe as the other perimeter threat beside Bog. That plan didn’t work out, so the Nets will have to depend on either Harris, LeVert, and/or Kilpatrick to become a 2nd perimeter threat and to help Bog spread the floor. I believe at least 1 of them will be able to fill this role. Also, JHam can shoot well for a big, so I’m pretty sure he’ll be used to stretch the floor as well.

  377. “Bogdanovic blew past the lead-footed Spanish bigs for easy finishes at the rim and stretched them out to uncomfortable distances on the perimeter. As The Vertical analyst and former Nets executive Bobby Marks observed, Bogdanovic was in his element as Croatia’s No. 1 option…” –grant hughes

  378. We haven’t even seen this new Nets team play lol.

  379. You already have an interior threat with Lopez…No need for another one who will be starting, unless he’s coming off the bench.

    Booker would really be perfect coming off the bench…about 70% of his FG are within 10 feet for the basket…exactly where Lopez lives…

    Lopgic states to make it easy on your best front court player by pairing him with a guy that does not invade his space.

    But hey, I guess we’ll agree to disagree…..I

  380. From my understanding, Marks tried to sign Marvin William and Jared Dudley..Both are regarded as very good 3point shooters and both of these players were probably expected to play PF alongside Lopez.

    So it looks like Marks understood quite well the importance of court spacing..he simply was not able to get his stretch-4…so he settled for what he felt was the next best PF in Booker but Booker doesn’t fit as well as Marvin William or Dudley would had fit Lopez.

  381. While this is true, I think it’s fair to say they won’t be among the top 10 in 3point shots least not better than last year Raptors…The Net’s roster is clearly not set to space the floor to open up 3point chances.

  382. It’s not fair to say that because we haven’t seen what these players can do under Kenny’s system.

    I posted this 3 days ago… The Nets were one of the worst shooting teams last year. Then they got rid of Joe Johnson and their old head coach Lionel Hollins, replaced him with Tony Brown, and brought in David Nurse to be the shooting coach. The Nets turned from a terrible shooting team to the NBA’s best shooting team for a 25-game stretch:

    In the 25 games between the time Nurse was hired and the decision to shut down Brook Lopez and Thaddeus Young, the Nets shot 40.7 percent from deep, tops in the league during that span, and 48.5 percent overall, also tops in the league.

    Like I said earlier, the Nets have many floor spreaders and potentially great shooters. Let’s watch what happens before writing them off completely and saying they will suck at shooting.

  383. Haha Brooklyn jersey is so fashion 😉

    I like Judo, Escrime, table tennis, Taekwondo, gymnastics… Idk a little bit of everything.

  384. You don’t need 3-4 perimeter threats and only 1 interior threat. Brook is a threat from within 18 ft. He’s not merely an interior threat. He can shoot from anywhere on the court, including the occasional 3. That’s why he’s so good. He’s not limited to being within the paint to score. So no, Brook doesn’t live within 10 ft. of the basket like you’re claiming.

    Booker will be starting more often than not. I’ve already explained why many times before, so I won’t keep repeating myself. You’re free to think and believe what you want, but he will be playing more minutes than Scola and CMC next year. Booker and Brook are a compliment to each other. Booker isn’t invading anyone’s space when there’s plenty of space under the basket.

    Having said that, I don’t think Brooker + Booker + RHJ will be a good combo. Many people seem to think this will be the starting lineup, but I think it’s terrible because those 3 will crowd the paint too much. This is why I believe the main lineup will need Bog + either Kilpatrick / LeVert / Harris because they will be the floor spreaders. RHJ will be backing up Bog and brought in as a defensive stopper and interior threat once the starters sit.

  385. Oh cool. I had to Google escrime. I took French in high school, but never learned that word before. :p

  386. You’re right..we haven’t seen what these players can do, but based on their history and pedigree, we can speculate and predict what is more likely to happen…Hince the reason no one are picking the Nets to have a good season..Not even long time Nets fan..The exception are Lin’s fan.

    I don’t think it’s unfair to take a glimpse at the Nets projected starting 5 and predict they will finish as a bottom 5 team in the NBA…Most of these guys aren’t legit NBA starter..with the exception being Lin and Lopez..Lin spent a lot of time on the bench during the past 3 years.

    Could they surprise us?..Sure, anything can happen, but it’s less likely than most team…Every year, there’s always a team that surprises the NBA, so I guess everyone can hope this year will be Brooklyn’s Cinderella story.

    I actually think the only way Brooklyn could actually be good and make a surprise run at the playoff is if a guy like McCollough were to really elevate his game and beat out Booker for the starting PF spot.

    McCollough style seems to fit Lopez better because he takes quite a few 3point shots and knocked down 35% in summer league…But he’s a bit too frail and needs to get stronger…but I like the fact that he’s long and can run the floor well.

    If this guy can step up by training camp and play well in preseason, Atkinson should consider starting him..but I doubt he’ll be ready by than..McCollough looks like he need another year before he can make an impact in this league.

  387. Lol I didn’t realize I said it in French. Fencing right. ;D

  388. Dudley is really more of a 3, though the Suns seem to have signed him as a 4 (not a good idea, IMO). I think Dudley would have been more of a wing had the Nets signed him.

    Booker isn’t a complete zero offensively. He’s very explosive going to the rim, which Lin will utilize. He started shooting the 3 last season, so it’ll be interesting to see if he’ll continue to improve from there.

  389. Jeremy Lin Ranked Top Point Guard via Hoopstruth

  390. “How cupping works and why Olympic athletes use it.”
    Jeremy has shown us videos of him being “cupped”, and USA Today published an article about why Olympic athletes are using it.

  391. for once, media gets the ranking right 🙂

  392. Fans voted poll, not media.

  393. I disagree with you when it comes to Booker effectiveness around the 12feet and out…I’ve seen Booker play and his chart doesn’t lie..His offense is mostly generated under the basket..70% of his shots..Can’t get around that.

    But again, we will agree to disagree…You seem to think he will be fine…I completely disagree…Too much of his offense is based on put-backs, lay-ups and dunks.

    I’d prefer a guy that is much comfortable getting a larger % of his points outside of Lopez area.

    But I’m done with this debate…I just hope Atkintson allows open competition for the PF spot…and from my understanding, this is what will happen..So Booker is not yet the starter at PF.

    If the other guys are so terrible, than start Booker…If anyone can show any ability to knock down outside shots consistently while not being a liability on defense, this guy should start ahead of Booker.

    In a perfect world, McCollough would be the preferred choice there, if he can bulk up and get stronger.

  394. Media are mouthpieces of certain teams.

  395. I’d rather have Dudley than Booker by a mile….even at PF which is where Brooklyn would had played him if he had picked the Net’s offer.

    Brooklyn biggest problem is shooting..with Dudley, that problem would be lessened with better balance and floor spacing…Dudley shot 42% from 3point.

  396. The only thing holding china from stomping all over taiwan is the USA. To be honest USA doesn’t have anything to do with the conflict between the two but they started playing world police after WW1/WW2. People might not like USA but they are keeping the peace world wide and stopping duce bag monkeys like Mao, Putin, Saddam, Gaddhafi etc from acting like monkeys. If not for USA, china would have reclaimed taiwan, igniting a south pacific war and dragging in other countries including japan, india, korea, phillipines, and it would have quickly spiraled out of control to russia, europe and eventually back home to north america as well.

    I believe China is becoming a better place, and eventually they will become mature enough to accept taiwan as a separate country. Until then, taiwan will be stuck between USA and China.

  397. Eh… Venezuela down by 1 against USA. End of 1st Q.

    USA playing like crap. 9 fouls, 6 turnovers in 1st Q.

  398. Sean Marks is watching the game, interesting.

  399. Yeah they showed him in the stands for like 2 seconds lol. Marks is everywhere this summer.

  400. LOL. That is the best joke of the millennium. IMO China with the culture of non aggression and the 1st civilization with diplomatic and national social order for the last 4k+ years have never shown any aggression towards third country. If you know Chinese history it has always been the foreign rulers of ancient China trying to conquer the world like Ghenghis Khan etc.. As for the western empires they have always been the aggressor and the ‘barbarian’ even to this days. IMO having a so called organised religion of worshipping iconic fellow human as religious figures or so called “prophets” could lead to such aggressive behaviour. IMO if sentient beings just respect these iconic fellow human as philosophers or teachers in their own right this world will be a better place for humanity and fellow creatures alike and this fan site would not have ‘ghost bloggers’. Haha cheers

  401. “People might not like USA but they are keeping the peace world wide and stopping duce bag monkeys like Mao, Putin, Saddam, Gaddhafi etc from acting like monkeys. If not for USA, china would have reclaimed taiwan, igniting a south pacific war and dragging in other countries including japan, india, korea, phillipines, and it would have quickly spiraled out of control to russia, europe and eventually back home to north america as well.”
    What a joke you just wrote.

  402. Top Spin the movie on Netflix is an interesting documentary about Lily and Ariel Hsing. They both made it to the London Games in 2012 as 16 years olds. Ariel is the better player of the two, but for some reasons she quits the game. Ariel is studying at Princeton.

  403. Lol, Miss Sophie be cool on Chinese political matters. Would suggest your kindself read the philosophical works of Votaire the iconic French philosopher on government and social contract. I would also recommend ‘Sophie Choice’ , an educational introduction to modern philosophy. Haha cheers.

  404. China is getting owned by France 42-23 at halftime. Both teams started out the game playing well, but then both started to suck. Except France started to suck less and eventually got out of their funk, while China didn’t.

    Yi even got taken out of the game because he was so bad. Guo and Zhao, the 2 PGs I like a lot are both playing like crap. China’s big men have no clue how to play basketball, always loses the ball, and can’t finish at the rim.

    Batum is still a non-factor, but he made an easy layup and an open 3, but missed a lot of other shots. He sits in the corner most of the time he’s in the game and waits for the ball from Parker. Sometimes when he waits too long in the corner, he decides to swing around the arc all lazy and lackadaisical. It’s obvious they don’t value Batum like Hornets did and uses Batum as a 3rd or 4th option.

    SMH @ these French fans:

    Lin’s hairstyle is everywhere:

  405. Again? You want to talk about politics here again? No one ask you to take that name. It really sounds dramatic that you take the name you don’t want, and join the IOC that is “corrupt(ed)”. What a life!

  406. You can’t make a living playing table tennis in the U.S., not even with endorsements. At some point she probably decided it wasn’t worth the money her folks were spending or her own time & energy. Table tennis was a great experience and allowed her to experience the Olympics, but a college education was the better choice.

  407. It sucks that nobody cares about a lot of Olympic sports in America, such as table tennis. Lily had to suspend her college studies for a year just to play in the European professional league where she only lost 1 match her entire time there. She’s one of those individuals who has immense skill, but due to her environment and circumstances, her talent and potential can’t be fully reached. If she was born in China and grew up there, she’d probably be ranked top 10 in the world by now.

  408. 7 Eleven.

  409. A lot of rehashed quotes in that article, but the quotes of Brook on Lin are new.

  410. JLin thanked his 2M twitter followers for the big milestone

    Thanks everyone for 2 million followers!! Thats like…hella people lol i appreciate it!

  411. Lin has an army at his beckoning lol

  412. France beat China 88-60. Yi (0 points 1st half, 19 points 2nd half) and China woke up in the 3rd Q, but the game was already lost in the first half of the game. France got lucky today because they played poorly as well. Just not nearly as bad as China. Some screenshots…

    Yi mad:

    Hawes / Lin double manbun:

  413. According to HoopsHype, 2 million twitter followers would put Jeremy in the top 20 among NBA players, tied with Kevin Love and Dirk Nowitski in 18th place.

    For perspective, Kyrie Irving is in 15th place (2.93 million) and Blake Griffin is in 10th place (3.76 million).

    See :

  414. I can’t imagine the scene when a guy trying to tie a bun over their head. But then if a girl can rock in short short hair like a boy, why can’t a boy rock a bun like a girl.

  415. Good combination in the numbers and the name, let’s see if it’s also good combination in games!

  416. you are talking about ping pong. I have to google to find out that. I thought it’s new way to play the tennis ball.

  417. Xue lost 4-1 as well. No more France and America in women’s table tennis. At least they overachieved and got to the 3rd round.

    Both of the Chinese male and female participants made it to the quarterfinals. Only 1 Taiwanese (#10) is left and she will play against the #5th ranked in the world (China) tomorrow morning.

  418. Yeah a lot of people here have that hairstyle… xD

  419. Not disagreeing but …
    Anything can happens with good leaders and system in place: Coack K, JL7, Lopez.
    The Nets can be bottom 5 teams or top 5 teams in the EC. I’ll put my money on top 7 considering this is their first year together.

  420. the more astounding poll to me is the one sitting around for awhile and linked recently in the right hand column here on this page (apparently not there anymore) which gave fans opportunity to vote up or down the “starting point guards” (where the hoopshype ratings had lin i beleive 20 something among starters, ahead of maybe 3 or 4 maybe 6)-

    . its not just that lin is #1 its the astounding ratio and raw numbers.

    only a handful of point guards (maybe the top 4 or 5 im not actually looking at the poll right now just doing this from memory) even get a postive fan score.

    lin is 3 to 1 positive, the closest next curry and one or two other 2 to 1 positve.

    and then the total votes. nobody else even close. way more lin lovers but also way more lin haters. ie. lin is the polarizing player in the nba that fans are more involved with on a personal level for favorable or unfavorable than pretty much anyone else (certainly any other point guard at least).

    and of course in addtion to that the overwhelmingly most popular. (but also with the largest contingent of the opposite of fans).

  421. small sample size: at this early stage of competition lins two nets teammate bogs and scola both in top 10 in scoring in tournament.

  422. Having coached kids in competivity tennis, I’ve seen kids quit competivity sports because of “intense pressure” to take drugs to compete. Kids as young as 10-12 years old taking upwards of 6 decongestants and caffeine to get juiced up before games becuase of pro athletes like A Rod and many others.

    It’s a sad sad part of kids athletics that even at that level, their already trying to cheat to get ahead.

  423. I find lot of Jeremy fans seem not understanding why Jeremy has been always the winner no mater water the situation is, bad or good.

    This attitude is directly coming from his Christian faith. In another word, you have to understand the Christian faith to understand Lin and enjoy his journey with God, not waved by the external circumstances.

    The crucial Christian faith is that we will be the winner even before the battle starts since Jesus has announced victory and He transcends time and all physical beings. No one in this world be able to claim he is winner by himself as no one always win, and ultimately be defeated by death. But Chirstian with faith are always winner since they live in Jesus. Actually the adversary situations are more enjoyable by Christian with faith since they can feel more power and love of God during those times, that is exactly what Jeremy keep witnessing.

    So a true Christian will never worry about the external situations, since they are always winner. They will enjoy whatever circumstance God put them in, and the success in this world standard is pure grace from God, and should be used to show God’s greatness, not men’s pride.

    From Jeremy’s NBA journey, we can clearly see God’s hand everywhere and I truly believe God will use Jeremy as his witness. So we, like Jeremy, always have hope, the hope nothing like this world’s since it will never put us to shame.

    Just enjoy Jeremy’s Journey with God, and always positive, always with true hope. That should be true Lin fans’ attitude. If you are not a Christian, instead of whining, try to learn something about God, then you will be better understand Jeremy.

  424. What frustrates me about Yi Jianlian is that nobody has taught him how to use that 7’1″ lottery pick athleticism to beat opponents to death in the post.

    Instead, he spends half or more of the game doing an awful imitation of a sub six foot player afraid of getting overpowered inside.

    I attribute that to poor coaching, as China’s coaches are woefully incompetent at teaching post play. All they want to do is make their big guys into bad wannabe point guards.

  425. Fortunately, the majority of Lin fans whether they are Christians or non-Christians do respect Lin’s faith who keeps him humble and serve God by helping underprivileged children through his foundation. The real actions of loving others definitely makes his faith to be authentic and very inviting to many people.

    You are correct that his faith will make him a winner in life, perhaps it may or may not include NBA championships, All-Stars or other worldly definition of success in the future but he’s already a winner because he knows his identity in Christ and uses his platform to show Christ’s love to others.

    Another current interesting story is how Olympian swimmer Michael Phelps revealed that Pastor Rick Warren’s book “The Purpose Driven Life” saved him from committing suicide two years ago. Understanding his identity is more than possibly the greatest swimmer in the world gave his life a new meaning.

  426. Yes, China’s coaches / coaching are horrendous, but the main problem is that their players simply don’t have the talent and abilities to hang with international competition, let alone NBA competition. China’s big men are big, but they have no clue how to use their height advantage.

    They all have butterfingers, can’t handle the ball, can’t post up, can’t rebound, can’t make any shots, can’t make blocks, basically can’t do anything big men in the NBA are expected to do. Most of China’s bigs are timid and weak, both mentally and physically. Yi is the only one who can play quality basketball, but if Yi is off or of Yi is being double teamed, China is completely screwed.

    I feel bad for the talented Chinese guards Zhao and Guo. They can’t depend on any of their bigs to finish at the rim and they have no wings to kick the ball out to on the perimeter. Sure, they have good handling skills and some driving ability, but they are not an elite guard like Lin is. They can’t make shots, can’t recognize or get out of traps, they always run into screens, and their decision making are pretty poor.

  427. Ewww Rick Warren. I don’t mean to offend anyone, but Rick Warren is yet another sold out apostate preacher. Not saying he hasn’t helped people come to know Jesus and become Christians, but this guy should not be the model pastor and face of modern Christianity. Do some research on Rick Warren, my brother.

  428. Rick Warren is sure not Billy Graham with his share of controversy.

    I still give the benefit of the doubt if his controversial statements were trying to reach out or not being authentic. Maybe there were others I’m not aware of which I will research later.

    But in this case, his work helped to save Michael Phelps so it’s a really good thing. It’s definitely worth celebrating amidst the depressing atmosphere of violence and election news.

  429. Is there a stat geek around who can translate how “transition points per possession” is calculated for an individual player (see last paragraph below)?

    Biggest weakness for all 30 NBA teams heading into next season – Brooklyn Nets

    It’s hard to judge a lot of the defensive problems of the Brooklyn Nets last season. They had considerable injuries to an already heavily flawed roster, plus the coaching change halfway through the season. That’s enough added chaos to a bad situation that you have to give new coach Kenny Atkinson a fresh start.

    Originally, the way they defend the pick-and-roll last season (30th, according to Synergy Sports) was going to be their flaw, but Atkinson may have a much better approach of that. The preseason will tell. But one glaring hole the Nets will likely have again comes in transition on both sides of the ball.

    Last year, the Nets were 25th in transition defense and 24th in transition offense, based on points per possession. Brooklyn also had the 11th-lowest percentage of transition possessions in the NBA. It might sound good to keep those transition possessions low when you’re not good at scoring that way, but every team should be hunting transition points, especially the bad ones. In fact, if they’re not doing this, that’s probably a big reason why they’re a bad team to start with. A scattered defense is always easier to score against.

    Adding Jeremy Lin to the mix won’t help much either. While he’s a good point guard at picking apart a defense with scoring and passing in the pick-and-roll in the half court, Lin was in just the 30th percentile in transition points per possession last season. Thaddeus Young, Shane Larkin and Joe Johnson were all really bad at scoring in transition last season (nobody over the 30th percentile) and they’re gone now. I still wouldn’t expect a big improvement in transition scoring this season.

  430. HAHA Spain is getting destroyed by Brazil right now. Both teams are so bad, but I can’t believe Spain is this bad. #2 Ranked in the world…

  431. those are fast break points

  432. I thought the Transition/Fast Break efficiency is a team stats?

    Hornets is ranked #23 out of 30 in the FB efficiency in the 2015-16 season.
    Having a slow Big Al probably didn’t help with a lot of fastbreak opportunities.

    Lakers was 11 out of 30 in the 2014-15 season
    HOU was #1 in the 2012-14 season.

  433. Lin wasn’t even the point guard, and he was frozen out. So being low in transition offense points doesn’t mean anything.

    Lin’s teams are always terrific defensively, and so transition defense will not be a problem at all this season.

  434. No Marc Gasol means that the Spaniards cannot control the paint like they usually do.

  435. What confused me was that the article said that Lin was in the 30th percentile, not Lin’s team. It made it sound like this was an individual statistic. The writer seemed to be making this statistic Lin’s failing on a team where he wasn’t even the primary ball handler. I don’t know how the writer can apply the Hornets team stat to an individual who has a new role, new coach, and new team this year.

  436. RIP Spain. Lost to Brazil 66-65. They’re now 0-2 in group play. Unbelievable.

  437. The physical talent is more than there for China.

    The coaching, the fundamentals, the knowledge – all OFF.

    China needs better coaches.

  438. They also have no point guard. Rubio sucks. He played for 16:30 minutes, got 3 points, took 3 shots, missed 2 of those shots. Nobody respects Rubio and dares him to shoot. He usually doesn’t shoot or misses his shots. He actually fouled out this game playing for 16 and a half minutes somehow.

    Jose Calderon played for 1 minute lol. They had to resort to relying on Sergio Rodriguez, a third stringer NBA PG who last played in the NBA 6 years ago, to be their main ball handler and distributor. This team is so bad and so overrated. I don’t think they can even make it out of the group phase now.

  439. I’m not surprised.

    Spain is entirely dependent on the Gasol brothers – and Pau is aging and can’t dominate like he used to.

  440. If l had to name one thing that slowed the Hornets down, it was Batum and Walker constantly allowing perimeter penetration and that would throw the entire Hornets defense and rebounding out of whack.

  441. This is not a theological forum, but I perceive Rick Warren to be a genuine Christian. What’s your basis for referring to him as an “apostate”?

  442. Hmmm. So this is supposed to be an individual stat, after all? I wonder where they’re getting it.

  443. …watching so far, not impressed at all with the clips or any of the critics.
    I’ll just leave at this: Non-exhaustive speech does not make that comment/speech/prayer meaningless, unhelpful, or non-Christian.

  444. LOL how much have you watched? Watch the whole thing.

    Also, this is just a primer to Rick Warren. There are tons more other videos and articles that exposes him and his seeker-friendly approach to selling books and get as many congregants as possible. He does not preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He preaches how to feel good about yourself and how to have a good life. People like him and Joel / Victoria Olsteen are dangerous wolves in sheep clothing.

  445. culture of non aggression? what?? I just wikipedia and the number of wars from the Qin dynasty all the way to the Qing. Recently, the sino-tibet war, the chinese civil war, the war against japan, part 2 of the chinese civil war after WWII, invasion of tibet, korea, vietnam, war against india. Russia border conflict. There must be thousands of wars and aggressions in chinese history going back 2000 years. Genghis Khan dynasty only lasted for 200 years or so. Religion doesn’t have anything to do with “war”, that is just the excuse used to hide the real motives: Money and goods. Plundering things that do not belong to them. As long as greed exists there will always be war. This is true for every country in the world.

    Even Hitler, who killed 10’s of millions of jews, did so because the jews were in control of most of the countries money and assets.

  446. Thanks Psalm for the comments.

    Lot of people mentioned that we should not talk about religion here. I agree with that in the sense that True Christianity is never a religion, rather a living belief. How could a Lin Fan do not try to learn something about his belief and try to judge him. All his thinking, actions and speeches reflect his belief…

    Christian is never said to be the better person, the only difference is they admit they sin. They should become better and better compared to themselves, but can never be perfect in this human body.

    I am try reasoning that you can not avoid belief to be Lin Fan (site) as it is part of his being.

  447. PS 20 (John Bowne Elementary School) is in Flushing, New York, on Long Island. It looks to be a highly multicultural school.

  448. JLin Foundation will be helping with a lot of these schools and programs real soon. 🙂

  449. @NetsBlogFS
    Jeremy Lin is a perfect player for Kenny Atkinson and the Brooklyn Nets … #NBA

  450. I like Flushing people are nice. Spent a week at Park Hotel last year.

  451. I think politics, religions and any other discussion that can be super-divisive are discouraged here

    As far as JLin’s faith, it is definitely an integral part of his journey because he himself shared how powerful it is for him every year to sustain him. I think it’s okay and good to discuss how it pertains to JLin’s character and life because he would’ve quit NBA a long time ago without it as he shared in the JJ Redick podcast recently.

    What we should avoid is any type of discussion that put down one over the other that breeds hatred and negativity. I believe it goes well with the Biblical principle to be considerate of others (interests, cares, respect) better than ourselves in the spirit of humility.

  452. Serving buckets around the clock!

  453. Definitely encouraging.

  454. If Lin spent one summer with China. The whole program would benefit from his linstruction because they would see results.

  455. LOL. IMO it is a good concept of effectively taking religious belief as a living believe without any expectation of an afterlife, without any fear of evil or any perceived satan ever lurking in ones life and ‘enlightenment’ will be attainable. When all of humanity have acheived this philosophical mindset of respecting all so called ‘religious icons’ as philosophers and teachers instead of treating them as prophets, IMO then and only then this world will be a better place for all sentient beings and other creatures alike. Haha cheers.

  456. IMO Politic and religion are intertwined in the western world and this include the Middle East and historically these dynamics have been the main cause of conflict and war in the western hemisphere and was inviarably ‘exported’ to the rest of the world due to ‘greed’ using ‘religious’ means as camouflage to instill fear and conquer physically as well as mentally. Haha cheers.

  457. I don’t know how many games you’ve watched, but I’ve watched every single game with China this Olympics so far from start to finish, including all of their warmup games.

    The physical talent is NOT there. They don’t even know how to receive passes correctly, for crying out loud. And again, they can’t rebound, can’t blocks shots, can’t make shots, can’t make basic layups or floaters around the rim, can’t set picks or screens. They can’t do any of the basic things a college ball player is expected to do, let alone a professional bball player should be able to do. These are all basic skills and talents the Chinese bigs simply do not possess.

    This is why old has-beens like Marbury are superstars and legends in China. The competition there sucks because the players themselves are so bad, particularly their bigs. China has been recruiting coaches from NBA and NCAA for a decade or more to help with development of their programs and players. It still hasn’t produced quality big men after all of this time.

  458. Honestly, kind of a weird article. What do grades in school and video games really have to do with being a good basketball player? You can reach and come up with reasons, but…

    It also references that HoopsHype fan vote as if that’s some legit ranking.

    TBH, I thought this could have been a troll article, but I think the author may actually believe what he wrote.

  459. I’m not disagreeing.

    I’m just saying that better coaching would produce better conditioning, better fundamentals, and better overall play for ALL Chinese basketball players – and that there are unquestionably NBA athletes that could emerge if the coaching was better.

    From what I’ve seen, China’s basketball program is weaker than ever despite all the exposure to America’s NBA players. They’re not improving, and I suspect that there’s a toxic combination of Chinese cultural authoritative rigidity and American unwillingness to share deep coaching secrets with the Chinese that’s causing Chinese basketball to regress from the old days when even a guy like 6’6″ guard Hu Weidong was good enough to make the NBA and would have been a pretty good NBA player had his knee not blown out before Orlando Magic training camp.

  460. They’d be SHOCKED at how hard Lin trains – and also at how IRREVERENT Lin is toward old school Chinese coaches who are used to being control freaks.

  461. the writer does not understand what those stats mean and where they come from.

    transition pts are fast break pts which is defined very specifically. the basket must occur after a change of possession, and the shot clock must be 16 seconds or more, IIRC.

    last year, lin was low in this stat because:
    1. he was not the guard who received the outlet pass after a rebound. you cannot score without the ball!

    2. kemba received the outlet but he rarely passed the ball up the court. instead, he dribbled it down himself. how can lin score in transition if the ball is in kemba’s hands? lol

    lin has historically been excellent in transition but last year transition pts per possession is not a meaningful stat because each possession is not actually an opportunity. that stat is meaningful last year for kemba, and perhaps batum, but not for lin.

  462. Anyone watching Croatia Nets vs. Argentina Nets? Very good, balanced game so far.

    Scola is on fire tonight, especially in the 1st Q. Cooled down in 2nd Q, but still leads his team and the game with 16 points. He’s been draining 3s, along with his teammates all night. Missed back to back free throws 2 different times though.

    Bog is also having a good game, but he started off slow. Leads Croatia with 9 points. Hopefully he picks up his game in the 2nd half.

  463. A nice picture of Jeremy with a fan …

  464. Great point! Well said!

  465. after tonite contest with all teams playing 2 games; bogdanovich and scola, lins nets teammates are tied with kevin durant for 4th in scoring in the tournament (points per game).

  466. Scola owned this game. Bog’s 3s were off tonight. Argentina looks like they’ll medal this year if they can keep playing this way.

  467. Michael Phelps is half man, half fish. This guy is a legend in the pool. I don’t know how he’s still winning gold medals after 12 years…

    Phelps got revenge for le Clos (that guy dancing in front of Phelps) talking so much trash about him. Le Clos didn’t even medal tonight lol.

  468. Scola is looking good..I think he may have a chance to beat out Booker…Just like I expected, scola is very comfortable knocking down outside shots….fits perfectly alongside Lopez.

  469. HVJoy = Vivien Heung? :O

  470. It can be broken down to both, first the team, and based on team’s fast break, and how one (individual) takes the advantage running the floor and scoring. Obviously LJames is one of the best.

    This is an old article, but gives the perspectives

  471. Yes, it is a little off in trying to put the pieces together but I got the gist.

    Def sounds like a fan

  472. It’s win-win for the Nets. Both Scola and Bogdanovic look sharp as heck and playing with Lin will breathe new life into both of their careers. He’ll get them so many open shots, and they’ll in turn give Lin more room in the lane.

  473. That was a great accomplishment for being the oldest individual gold medalist in swimming at 31 ? ?

    21 gold medals & counting is simply incredible. Wow!

    Le Clos didn’t quite deliver but it’s good to see him congratulate Phelps in the end

  474. He is related to and trained by Mark Harris (Man from Atlantis) ;))

  475. Is Vivien Heung the beautiful young woman next to Lin in the photo?

    I wish you were correct. 😀

  476. And Mark Harris is related to Maknusia who also from Atlantis.

  477. The expression looks painful. You can go for different look, different experiment. Only then you will know what suit you the best and what you like the most. Going wild here it seems…

  478. LOL

    Her Twitter is HVivn, so I thought you were the same person. :p

  479. hmm. no point hiding now…might was well invite you to join me, then?!!!

  480. What le Clos deserves for putting more time into trying to intimidate rather than swim

  481. Well since he’s talking percentile then that’s a synergy stat prolly. So an individual stat.
    In that case it’s trickier but still, Lin wasn’t main ball handler so the best transition opportunities didn’t go to him but to Kemba.

  482. I’m not even sure if Booker is a 4.

    He physically looks like a 4, but his outside perimeter dribble driving game is that of a cornerman 3.

  483. Nice overall summary of Lin’s career, takes a good hard look at how Lin’s academics have indeed impacted his NBA excellence.

  484. Thanks. Well, I’m still a little bummed by the writer’s assertion that Jeremy won’t help the Nets in transition offense — using Hornets data no less. Hornets didn’t play a lot of fast breaks, and Jeremy wasn’t the primary ball handler on that team.

  485. Both Scola and Bogdanovic are also excellent team defenders who will gradually wear down opponents by forcing them to make spectacular plays just to score.

    Anchored by the NBA’s best defensive guard in Lin, the Nets defense might not look spectacular but certainly will play solid tight fundamental defense that opponents will hate playing against.

  486. In Scola’s case, it doesn’t matter if he starts or comes off the bench.

    He’s gonna play great teamball and somehow win games despite not having imposing stats.

  487. wait scale shorts the three. He may need to start for spacing. Any ways his minutes will be capped. Him and booker will split minutes

  488. @Sportige 2013-14 Houston Rockets ‘big 4’. Harden stayed, Howard in Atlanta, Parsons in Memphis, Lin in Brooklyn

  489. @tristen_jones13
    When you see @JLin7 on your plane ?
    When you @NolanRasar @AndrewDo19 run down the airport terminal as fast as you can to see Jeremy Lin ?

  490. @NolanRasar not gonna lie, @tristen_jones13 @AndrewDo19 and I were fangirling pretty hard and we ran through the airport to get there

  491. Nets Players for the training camp:

    Brook Lopez
    Jeremy Lin
    Bojan Bogdanovic
    Luis Scola
    Trevor Booker

    Greivis Vasquez
    Justin Hamilton
    Randy Foye
    Anthony Bennett

    Caris LeVert
    Joe Harris
    Sean Kilpatrick
    Chris McCullough
    Isaiah Whitehead
    Rondae Hollis-Jefferson
    Beau Beech
    Henry Sims
    Egidijus Mockevicius

    18 players for 15 spots.
    9 veterans sure to make the team
    9 others for 6 spots.

    Just look at the first 6 players, why couldn’t they win 20 games? Those experts must be kidding. The starting 5 are legit NBA players. Greivis Vasquez is competitive too. 7-9 could be tricky. After that there can be a big drop in quality.

  492. i like kilpatrick based on his numbers when he went to nets last year and his performance in summer league.

    interestingly hollis-jefferson is rated really highly by nets fans, im not sure why. he barely played last year, didn’t look good in summer league, can’t shoot.

    but nets fans are very high on him touting him already as all nba defensive team (well uh didn’t p. bev make one of those?) and consider him a lock to start.

    seems to me just like a even less proven less healthy allegedly “lock down” defender version of mkg.

    i think they are less confident now perhaps on vasquez health perhaps thats the reason for the foye addition which was the only pick-up i didn’t real get.

    with bogdanovic and scola both in top ten in scoring (ppg) in olympics after 2 games for all teams seems encouraging to confirm some assistance there for “brook-lin” (obviously the top two).

  493. He is dissociating.

  494. who’s the girl next to jeremy Lin?….Is she simply some random girl that just happen to be sitting next to Lin in this passenger plane?..If so, did this girl even know who Lin was?

  495. You always want to start the game on good footing, so I would prefer Atkinson start with a good floor-spreader and good shooter for the first 5-6 minutes…that means Scola starting….than Atkinson can sub him out for Booker.

  496. that girl is his brother…..

  497. So he’s a mermaid 😀

  498. Booker is a tweener PF…he’s very strong…He’s a “offensively less-polished Charles Barkley”…He’s probably between 6’7-6’8….He’s not comfortable enough on the perimeter to be a 3…I do think he probably could guard most SF.

  499. I have no issues with Booker playing more minutes than Scola…..But I do feel that because Brooklyn lacks good shooters, starting the game with Scola makes more sense so you can start the game with a floor well-spread with good shooters.

    If it wasn’t for the fact that Bogs is the only good 3point shooters on the projected starting-line-up, I wouldn’t have any problem starting Booker.

    Some may say, why does it matter to start Scola instead of Booker since Booker will eventually play more…My answer is because you want to start the first 5-6 minutes well and only Scola shooting balances this Brooklyn’s team.

    You also want to keep teams from trying to press Lin off the ball early so that he doesn’t get into a rhythm…That usually happens during the first 5-6 minutes

    With Booker, opposite-team can double-down on Lin by using Booker’s man and leave Booker wide-open…Now, who would you prefer to be wide open for an open 3?…Booker or Scola?….I rest my case.

    With Scola, teams are less likely to press Lin off the ball by using the man that is guarding Scola…because Scola is a good shooter.

  500. lol…wow…I actually thought it was a girl that was sitting next to Lin on the plane.

  501. Goodness. RHJ didn’t “look good” in Summer League? He was fine. And he didn’t “play much” last season because of a broken ankle. When he returned for the final 20 some odd games, he was the Nets most impactful player.

    Nothing gets my blood boiling more than fans that don’t know what they’re looking at. If you think Kilpatrick is more impactful to winning than RHJ, than I’d have to question your basketball acumen.

    Kilpatrick is overrated on the Lin forums because he can score. He doesn’t much else other than streaky scoring ability.

  502. Post FLAGGED.

    You’re the one who’s been firing troll hate at Lin and Lin fans for the LAST 4 YEARS.

    I don’t see what you see in RHJ’s defense, especially since you used to claim that “Lin cannot play defense” and “Lin is not athletic enough to play in the NBA”.

    I don’t like it when you fire insults at Lin fans on different forums. You fire those insults, you get retaliated against.

  503. Be carefull of making too much of Olympic performances. Patty Mills led the last Games in scoring and Delly looks like an All-Star in FIBA.

    It’s nice that Scola and Bogdanovic have performed well, but don’t wet yourselves over this. This isn’t the NBA.

  504. Oh look, it’s the know-nothing blowhard, LOL.

    I unblocked you hoping that you’ve come to your senses on things, but reading some of your recent posts, it clear that hasn’t happened. You’re still the same old KKuang, LOL.

  505. I think I fully understand the Randy Foye signing.

    He’s a solid ballhandling veteran who can play decent shooting guard and occasionally do spot duty at point guard for short stints.

    On this Nets team, there aren’t really any proven ballhandlers other than Lin and Vasquez. And with Vasquez’s immediate future in question as he rehabs from last season’s injuries, having Foye will provide that extra ballhandler should Lin or Vasquez falter.


    Administration demands that we posters not retaliate to insults.

    Clearly you have no intention of respecting them.

    You should be BANNED.

  507. Hahaha I was almost asking ‘what girl? His bro?’ XD

  508. Heeheehee~~(^∇^)if you make me the Queen of your territory, I will join you.

  509. Where did I make too much out of Olympic performances? Did I ever say that these guys will be all-stars in the NBA because of their Olympic performance? No, I didn’t. I’ve always made a distinction about the major differences between FIBA / Olympic / international competition and NBA-level competition.

  510. BB “experts” are for Harden, Melo fans, most aren’t as well informed as other fans who follow a few winners.

  511. “For the second time in a week, Brook Lopez has attacked the lackadaisical and complacent team culture that came before Sean Marks and Kenny Atkinson …

    He told Cory Wright…
    “No more being late, be on time in the training room getting your treatment, getting your weights in; be on the court at the same time. It’s a much more togetherness, much more camaraderie. We hold each other accountable and we have high expectations of each other.”

    Lopez also had high praise for his new pick-and-roll partner, Jeremy Lin, again noting the importance of character.

    “I’ve watched him along his career and really tremendously enjoyed the way he plays,” Lopez said. “He has such a high basketball IQ and he’s one of those character guys that we’re looking for to be a part of this team and help lead this team, especially this group of young guys.””

  512. basically in agreement that foye signing made sense after i saw the possibility of vasquez not being viable or not soon as expected.

  513. Half of the Nets team is already working hard and gelling over the summer. Great to see…

  514. disagree on rhj and as you can see the original poster also put him in the bottom bracket thats why i was concurring with him and contrasting his (and my) preception of rhj with nets fans (and yours).

    yes he only played a little because he was injured ie. all he has is a very small sample size. hes been injured (as mkg) most of the time. he has exactly 615 minutes of nba playing time; not really enuf to identify him as “the nets most impactful player”.

    has yet to prove hes not a perpetual injury.

    i dont see kilpatrick overrated anywhere. in fact as far as i know im the only one who has said anything positive about him anywhere. and that is based on his appearing to be the most pro ready (because of his age and overall experience perhaps) nets dleaguer.

    stand firm on rhj did not look good in dleague. was a complete failure in the “point forward” test which lost them at least one game at the end. showed himself to be a poor ball handler. can’t shoot. in fact doesn’t shoot beyond 3 feet. whats better a streaky shooter or a non-shooter.

    and kirkpatrick is not a streaky shooter; any time hes played any significant minutes hes shot over 45% from the field.

    im just puzzled with the excess perception of rhj as a defensive standout when hes barely played and any “advanced” numbers suggest anything (marginally) he adds defensively he gives away most of offensively.

  515. Lin is flying Alaska Air in Economy? If he’s heading to NY, it means a stop in Seattle before flying east. JetBlue, Virgin America, American and United all have non-stop flights from SFO to NYC.

  516. all they need is a quarterback:)

  517. Melo with 3 straight 3s against Australia already. Australia is gonna be USA’s first decent challenge of the Olympics.

  518. Im loving this game

  519. Cousins has 2 fouls already,

  520. Who is Henry Sims?

  521. Yeah he’s so mad lol

    Boogie always has these temper tantrums.

  522. U.s team has a lot of fake superstars. i

  523. GSW will miss Bogut next season.

  524. Aussies playing team ball, USA playing heroball. USA is so lucky Melo started out super hot or they’d be down by so much right now…

  525. aussie bench is terrible

  526. Melo is finally #1 in Olympics scoring now.

  527. Couldn’t recognize the Australia HC Luc Lonley until his name appeared on TV screen.

  528. Yeah he looks so different now, especially with the long hair.

  529. KD is 2 for 10. Kyrie is 2 for 7. Klay is 1 for 4. Lowry is 1 for 3.

    Without Melo, USA would be so screwed.

    Australia 54 – USA 49 at halftime.

    This is what happens when you have PGs that can’t create for their teammates and a team full of heroballers.

  530. Training Camp starts in October, but it’s cool some guys are working out together.

  531. Me too 🙂

  532. You’re wrong on RHJ and I hope youre man enough to eat crow when that’s proven.

  533. Did you guys see this? Jeremy Lin to OKC? Is this even possible?

    We just put down deposits for group tickets to three Nets games. What does this mean?

  534. Don’t post gospelherald articles. They’re a clickbait site just like YIBADA.

  535. Aussie Aussie OI OI OI!!

  536. The international Dota2 tournament is on now in Seattle. Maybe that’s where Lin was flying today.

  537. Posted this 5 days ago:

  538. Australia played better and more fun to watch than US today despite the lose.

  539. Australia wanted this game bad, but they ran out of gas in the 3rd Q. They tried their best and gave USA a run for their money. Melo carried this team all game and Kyrie helped carry in the 4th Q.

  540. Summer Hoops

  541. LOL gospelherard etc, just by their name are clickbait for gullible people. Haha cheers. IMO it’s not appropriate to link these sort of so called news entities to a fan site. Haha cheers

  542. Lin playing against his bro, Spencer Hawes, and Nick Collison?

  543. Parent, gospelherald readers are the same people who are voting for Trump.

  544. Those who got the shoes were super lucky. This was before they even launched the Crazylight Boost 2016. These shoes were super tough to get at launch, so I can’t imagine what they would’ve sold for on eBay before launch.

    It’s awesome how adidas painted a truck with Lin’s logo on the top. They went all out for Lin and this event in Taiwan. Wish they’d do stuff like this in the U.S. as well. Wonder if / when adidas will finally release a completely custom Lin shoe like they have for Harden, Lillard, and Rose. Wish they would sell Lin’s shoes in the U.S. instead of only in Asia.

  545. Hopefully Adidas will be planning some stuff this season since Lin will be the starting PG for the Nets.

  546. In case anyone is interested, the DotA 2 TI6 livestream is here:

    I personally don’t care about DotA, so I’m not sure if I want to sit through the entire broadcast to potentially catch Lin casting or getting interviewed.

  547. When you were criticizing Lin as “being incapable of playing in the NBA” back in 2012 as well as now, Lin was putting up historic numbers on both ends of the court that RHJ could never dream of posting.

    Not only that, Lin was #2 in the entire NBA among point guards for steals and blocks per minute as a Golden State rookie. That success translated to a completely different team with the Knicks, as Lin’s defensive numbers there were stellar too.

    I didn’t buy into your “analysis” then or now.

  548. Hey, I’ve been complimenting Kilpatrick too.

    He is a terrific guard, sorta like a shorter George Gervin. Kilpatrick looks slow, but he gets the job DONE and that’s what counts.

    Like you, I am completely unconvinced by RHJ. I want to see him healthy and producing before I proclaim him as “elite” like TVN does.

  549. Posted this a few weeks ago, but Lin will be speaking at the Seacoast Grace Church in California this weekend:

  550. Mark Medina: The NBA plans to release schedule for 2016-17 season on Thurs. at 2:45 pm. PT, per league source. @NBATV to have show on schedule at 3 pm PT – via Twitter MarkG_Medina

  551. His segment will be on youtube anyways.

  552. I doubt Brooklyn will get any national tv games.

  553. NetsDaily has dibs on the “Lin-Ergy” trademark.

  554. Somebody in the crowd is wearing a great graphic t-shirt with Lin’s face on a zig-zag background at 2:02. I want that shirt…fangirl his face to the world 🙂 Sadly, can’t find it anywhere.

  555. ugh..he is a multi millionaire worth around $25 million probably more yet he is still riding economy. At least he is repping the asians, we are all pretty much dirt cheap no matter how rich we are. Well he is smart though, constantly taking private jets or first class will quickly take a big chunk out of his $$$.

  556. Dirt cheap Asians? Ask lv channel Gucci Prada about how they are doing in the Asian market. They will tell you how cheap the Asians are. Another joke post from you.

  557. So China lost again, 72-68. But this time, they weren’t blown out because they played against Venezuela, whom they should’ve beat.

    The coach finally gave Guo the green light to shoot and drive to the basket in the 2nd half of the game, but Guo’s scoring (17pts.) wasn’t enough. China basically has 0 chance to advance after this defeat.

  558. Wonder if landry will be speaking

  559. Lol. It’s advisable to ignore this ghost blogger pretences, quite an annoyance I would say. Haha cheers.

  560. I don’t go to this church but I’ll try my best to be THERE!!!!

  561. Australia is good….

  562. Typical Team USA basketball, everyone looking for their own shot, nearly get beaten by an Aussie team that plays as a team.

  563. If I am in LA I will do that too. Haha!

  564. NBA 2016-17 Schedule will be released this afternoon

    The NBA says that it’s 2016-17 game and broadcast schedules will be released tonight at 5:45 p.m. ET.

  565. I think Nets will not get any national TV broadcast game.

  566. Probably not … Only if they surprise, the network will make changes

  567. Good read on Sean Marks rebuild and sticking to his approach to avoid ‘talented-but-corosive’ players

    From Prokhorov to Probiotic: A Culture Change Underway in Brooklyn
    Mid-tier guys with something to prove: Lin, Trevor Booker, Joe Harris. One of the things that I really liked about Marks’ approach to the offseason was his focus on attainable targets. He didn’t waste his time or energy going after guys who were never coming to Brooklyn. Jeremy Lin gets along famously well with new head coach Kenny Atkinson and has not been shy about wanting the keys to the jeep. Trevor Booker, while limited skills wise, works really hard, showed some real promise as a starter, and recently won the NBPA “best teammate” award. Harris never really got a shot on a loaded Cleveland roster, but he played four years under one of the best college coaches in the country and he can fill it up from deep.

    The guys he didn’t get are also quite telling and fall within this subset. Marks’ two major off-season investments, Allen Crabbe and Tyler Johnson, were both matched by their respective teams. But Marks’ approach was clear, find an attainable target and gamble by overpaying for guys that will come to Brooklyn and are likely to flourish in a bigger role. Of equal importance they stayed away from talented, but corrosive players who were there for the taking.

  568. I think so. It’s OK.

  569. Hopefully!!

  570. I really like Booker. “Trevor Booker, while limited skills wise, works really hard, showed some real promise as a starter, and recently won the NBPA “best teammate” award.”

  571. Even if the Nets surprise they might not get national broadcast. Last season’s Hornets are a prime example.

  572. The Nets has a better chance due to NY large market.
    The Knicks vs Nets rivalry would be good for ratings

    The Hornets has such a small market that it always has disadvantage

    But yes, it still depends on the level of surprise.
    0.500 record might not be enough

  573. b. bogs leads croatia to another win, hitting only the second 30 point game of the tourney so far i think (the melo one the other).

    yeah its not the nba but i dont think that anyone would have predicted that on the 6th day of the tournament lin’s nets teammate bojan (not to be confused with bogdan) bogdanovich would be the # two scorer in the tournament behind only patty mills.

    (scola’s 4th going into 2nites game with…. ?….lithuania.)

  574. awesome to see Bojan can score at will.
    He’ll be a great weapon playing next to Lin as an SG/SF.

    How’s his defense? I read there were some concerns on his D

  575. They had 4 last season but according to the self called “experts”, the Nets still suck.

  576. Hat off to those Taiwanese kids, didn’t go riot or fighting like Black-Friday here in the US.

  577. Arash Markazi ✔ @ArashMarkazi
    Welcoming @JLin7 to the @ESPN_Esports team.
    12:41 PM – 11 Aug 2016

  578. Team Razer @ TI6
    Look who we stumbled upon today at KeyArena, Mr Jeremy Lin! #TI6

  579. Joy @ TI6
    Right time, right place for @seeson n I to join in the @JLin7 selfie. Haha! I need to work on my wefie fase. >< #TI6

  580. anyone know if Jeremy’s gonna be in Cypress, CA for the live interview or is it just a live video feed? Thanks.

  581. Bojan Bogdanovic got 2 more points than Melo yesterday. He’s now the Olympic’s highest single game scorer this year. Bog is 2nd in total points scored and points per game. He’s also in the top 10 for all offensive stats so far.

    Bog’s 3s weren’t going in again for most of the game (he was 1 for 4 at the arc), but mid to late 4th Q, he hit two big 3s, which allowed Croatia to pull further away from Brazil.

  582. It sounds like he will be there in person. Here is what the church’s Facebook site says :

    We are so excited that Jeremy Lin 林書豪 will be joining us at SeaCoast this weekend!

    He will be doing a live interview at all three services so make sure you invite some friends, neighbors, co-workers, hey you can even invite the person behind you at Starbucks! It’s going to be a great weekend, see you there!

    SATURDAY @ 5pm | SUNDAY @ 9 & 10:30am

    See :

  583. the reason I ask is because isn’t he in Seattle this weekend for the DOTA tourney? it could be just a live interview with Jeremy through some video feed from Seattle.

  584. Here is Monty Williams, assistant coach of the US Men’s Basketball team, talking about forgiving the woman who killed his wife in a traffic accident :

    I had an incredible amount of anger that I knew was going to kill me or just rob me of my future if I let it. … But, at the end of the day, I’ve been forgiven a lot. And I thought about that lady, how hurt and destroyed she must have been to put herself in that position, and I know that my wife would want me to do that.

    I saw her [i.e. his wife] forgive people for things that made me want to punch them. People would do things to my wife or say things and I would just get angry. And she would quickly forgive and just move on. And I saw how she never lost her joy. And so, for me, it was one of those deals where if I held on to it I couldn’t be the father I needed to be, couldn’t do anything in my life worthwhile.

    See :

  585. Apparently, Manu Ginobili is very good friends with Luis Scola. They’ve been playing on teams together since 1996 :

    Ginobili recently scanned a photo of him and Scola from their first tournament as teammates in 1996, and thought back to all they had shared over 20 years — the flights, the meals, the tears, the wine-infused parties.

    “Those things matter more than the results,” he said.

    See :

  586. Anyone planning on going to Seacoast this Saturday at 5pm?? I’m thinking about going ☺

  587. back during linsanity, manu said he watched lin during that stretch intently.

  588. Nets vs Knicks at the Madison Square Garden will be on Nov 9

    Jeremy Lin will make his first visit to MSG as a member of the #Nets on Nov. 9.

  589. Mark 4 dates for the Nets vs Knicks in 2016-17 #BrookLin
    Nov 9 #Away
    Feb 1 #Home
    Mar 12 #Home
    Mar 16 #Away

  590. Lin and Nets face the Hornets in BKN on NOV 4

  591. 11/9/16 will go down in infamy as the date the whole world watched JLin destroy the Knicks, which was the beginning point for their total implosion on every level….CAN’T WAIT

  592. I’m sure he’ll be hitting way more than 35% of his 3s with all the great looks that Jeremy will set him up for

  593. Nets Daily is impressed by Jeremy’s social media presence …

  594. The NBA is cruel. Brooklyn has to face Toronto on 12/20, GSW on 12/22 and Cleveland the next night on 12/23. All before Christmas. Just wow.

  595. But they get day off on christmas eve, christmas , day !

  596. anyone got tickets for nov 9 game?

  597. 13 back to back games, 2 of which are against Cavs and Warriors. Thanks NBA…

  598. Nah, it’ll be FUN!

    The Nets will compete well against those presumably top teams.

  599. His defense will be just fine.

    The numbers were bad last year because the whole Nets team was bad, but this year Bogdanovic has a real defensive team.

  600. Some notes on the NBA schedule [via Marc Stein] :

    Four games in five nights and back-to-back games have been reduced to all-time lows for the second straight season.

    Four-in-fives have been reduced by 71 percent from 2014-15 and 26 percent from last season.

    No team will have more than one four-in-five this season, whereas the max was four in 2014-15 and two last season.

    Back-to-backs have likewise been cut to 16.3 per team, which represents a 16 percent reduction from 19.3 per team in 2014-15 and an 8 percent reduction from 17.8 per team last season.

    The range of back-to-back games has been condensed to 14-to-18 per team, which is down from 16-to-22 in 2014-15 and 14-to-20 last season.

  601. 4 wins :p

  602. 82 games, there will be easy and tough weeks for everyone.

  603. ok, a new thread is created for
    Linteresting Brooklyn Nets Games in the 2016-17 NBA Season

  604. thanks, I really hope the team defense will be very good so the Nets can surprise so many teas

  605. which gym?

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