FAQ – Creating New Posts

To create a new post/thread, you need to have Contributor role. You have to achieve Junior level status (100 points by reading posts and posting comments), or if you are a long-time poster, you can request Mods to give you the role.

  • On the Home page, click “Create a New Post/Thread” button.
  • Give your post a descriptive Title.
  • Embedding other media
    • Youtube, Twitter – Simply paste the URL, no need for special tags.
    • If you just want a link to other media without embedding, then use Insert Link. For example, Link to Youtube video or Link to a tweet.
  • Add a featured image (this is the image that is used for the thumbnail on the home page and the banner of the post)
    • Click “Select Featured Image”
    • You must upload from your computer, you cannot use a URL. (If you want to use a URL, you need to download it your computer first).
    • It can only be an image, no videos.
    • The image will be automatically cropped down to approx 1.7 aspect ratio. So if you don’t want the edges cropped off, you should edit the image to be 1.7 aspect ratio beforehand. For example: 1000 width x 700 height.
    • Credit the photo – If the photo is not taken by yourself, you need to give proper credit to the photos or any medias to their corresponding authors. You can simply add a line with parentheses, e.g. (photo by XXX/his affiliation). Put it as close to the medias in the post as possible.
  • Select relevant categories.
  • Click “Save” and it will be published.


For the post game discussion thread, we will see if @Psalm234 can come up with some templates that we can apply during the post creating process. If not, we can post it with the format as follow:


  1. Title should reads in this format “GXX LAL @ NYK Postgame Analysis” where “XX” is the game number meaning the XXth game of the season.  For preseason games, use “PXX”.
  2. start with highlight video, post game interviews/articles if avaliable at the time of creating the post. If not yet available, simply skip this step and add them later at the beginning of the post.
  3. Then putting statistical data, e.g. box score, quarterly stats breakdowns.
  4. add a horizontal line here
  5. each posters’ summary of their observations/opinions of the game. Posters are encouraged to make it concise and separate each points by itemizing them either with bulleted or numbered list format. Summaries of different posters should be separated by horizontal lines.

Note that,

  1. any medias included should be properly accredited to their corresponding makers/authors, just like the guidelines above about regular posts, and
  2. this guideline may change over time to fit our need.