Getting to Know Ex-Golden State Warriors Staff in Atlanta Hawks

Steph Curry with trainer Chelsea Lane, who gets all credit for rehabbing Curry’s recent injuries. (Getty)

It is particularly interesting to note that many new faces in the Atlanta Hawks front office recently arrived as the architects of success in Golden State Warriors. And even more interesting to explore a possibility if they were willing to trade for Jeremy Lin due to familiarity and to serve as a mentor for Trae Young, a 19-year old rookie with deep range and a Christian athlete, so he can be the next Steph Curry.

This trade would take precious salary cap with $12M salary plus $1.5 trade kicker (which is paid by Brooklyn Nets but affects the Hawks salary cap). This goes against the ‘rebuilding’ theme with young players in the Hawks so they must think highly of Jeremy Lin if they plan to keep him for the season.

Atlanta Hawks Front Office

GM Travis Schlenk, who was an assistant GM in the Warriors and spent 12 years there, is entering his second season in Atlanta Hawks and he has brought more GSW staff to Atlanta. More notably is Chelsea Lane who presided over physical performance and sports medicine; she was credited to help Steph Curry with his almost-career-ending ankle injury. She might prove to be a key staff member who can help Jeremy to bounce back strongly from the patellar tendon tear that sidelined him last season.

Chelsea Lane, who presided over physical performance and sports medicine, is leaving, poached by the Atlanta Hawks. Joining her in Georgia is Michael Irr, who served as strength and conditioning chief. That’s one-third of the training staff.

Longtime scout and consultant Larry Riley, whose influence had waned in recent years, also heads to Atlanta, reportedly as a special adviser.

It’s not a coincidence that Travis Schlenk, who spent 12 seasons in the Warriors’ front office, is entering his second season as general manager of the Hawks.

Coach Lloyd Pierce and Jeremy Lin Connection

Also, there seems to be some good news about the new Atlanta Hawks coach, Lloyd Pierce, having a connection and familiarity with Jeremy Lin. as he helped to develop Jeremy Lin in rookie year. He and Silas (GSW assistant coach) actually worked closely Jeremy Lin as a rookie in Golden State.

Since GSW, he has become assistant coach with Cleveland and 76ers before he became the Atlanta Hawks coach in May 2018

Still, Lin kept arriving early, leaving late, devouring film and working studiously with Silas and later Lloyd Pierce. But what Lin really needed was game repetition. The Warriors sent him to Reno, their D-League affiliate, on three occasions. That is where the lessons started to take hold.

Atlanta reached an agreement Lloyd Pierce to become the franchise’s new head coach, the team announced on Friday. Pierce arrives fresh off a second-round run with Philadelphia as an assistant coach. His five-year run with the 76ers came after assistant coaching stints with Memphis, Golden State and Cleveland.

Hawks on the Hardwood Podcast on Staff Acquisitions and Linsanity

Jae Joc, host of the Hawks podcast, discussed at length the possibility why Atlanta Hawks decided to pursue Jeremy Lin to provide leadership and mentor the young Hawks players. Also, the incumbent PG Dennis Schroder had his criminal battery issues, did not offer leadership, and might be on his way out of Atlanta.

The podcast episode offered good background information of the new Atlanta Hawks front office and what the possible purpose to bring a recovering Jeremy Lin to serve as a key leader and mentor. It is worth listening for Jeremy Lin fans to listen to the in-depth analysis coverage.

Hawks on the Hardwood, ep.13. Staff acquisitions and Linsanity

If the Atlanta Hawks front office truly wants Jeremy Lin to serve as a leader and mentor by absorbing $13.5M salary cap space, it may offer a silver lining in the recent trade. It is true that Jeremy Lin still needs to prove he can be healthy for the season but he will be at a place where he is wanted, and receives help from Chelsea Lane who can help him to stay healthy throughout the season. Her credibility to help Steph Curry overcome the severe ankle injury is very reassuring.