[ESPN] The New Linsanity: Lack of Calls for Jeremy Lin

ESPN Tom Haberstroh came out with a compelling video chockfull of interesting statistical analysis regarding the curious mystery of Jeremy Lin missing flagrant calls when leading all guards in NBA with 813 fouls in the past 3 seasons without getting a single flagrant foul.

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This statistics backs up the assertion that Jeremy Lin fans presented in the “Too Flagrant Not To Calls” viral video (964K views in just 8 days) that some flagrant fouls did not even get a review from NBA officials.

ESPN Link: http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=15198725

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Amazingly, Jeremy Lin led all NBA guards with 813 fouls in the past 3 seasons without receiving a single flagrant foul.

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Lin is actually in the Top 3 of receiving all fouls after Kevin Durant and Pau Gasol

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But Lin amazingly led all 3 in the number of drives to the basket with 1528, 300 more than the total drives of Durant and Gasol combined. It would also be interesting to see the ratio of foul/drive for all the guards that might indicate the lack of calls based on the frequency of drives.

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Will NBA Officials be forced to take notice of these astounding statistical evidence that Jeremy Lin has not been getting the benefit of the doubt in the past 3 season?

What could possibly the underlying reasons?

  • Jeremy Lin is seen as an NBA outsider due to race, being undrafted, Harvard pedigree and world-wide popularity especially in Asia. Many think he doesn’t belong in NBA or deserves all the attention creating jealousy.
  • Many times, it seems that some referees refuse to give calls to Lin to prove there is no preferential treatment to an Asian player. Instead of just calling it fairly, they went overboard in showing Lin barely got any calls. If this is true, it is wrong and it needs to be rectified.
  • Will NBA follow the usual way to not admit any guilt to protect the referees but give more favorable calls to Lin after this embarrassing scrutiny of blatant missed flagrant calls?  Only time will tell as JLin and the Hornets will start a playoff series with the Heat.


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