Ebola Risk and NBA

People are starting to discuss games being limited due to the outbreak in Dallas.  Today, CDC are monitoring 130 people who were on the same plan as 2nd nurse diagnose with Ebola.  She had gone home to Ohio and when she heard of the risk, she went back to Texas Presby.  Not sure how this is going to pan out, but you can imagine very quickly CDC have to put quarantines in place and adjust protocols very vast.  If I were in Dallas, Brent you take care, I would not be going onto any buses or public venues until this outbreak is over.  Why take the risk?  Posting here because this will be relevant to bball games very quickly unless the contain this, given how deadly this is and how they don’t know yet how the disease is transmitting in the hospitals.  I mean, is there even air containment in the ICUs?  etc.


  1. 1st!

  2. I am thinking about flee to some place cleaner…..lol semi-seriously….

  3. Yeah, Brent. B very careful out there, man. Stay a few feet away from people and wash your hands (don’t shake them).

    This is going to get worse unless there are some very drastic measures. The mistakes they made with the first patient and the quarantine of his family in a toxic apartment are similarly being made now. A national nurses union in the Bay Area say they are representing nurses in that TX Presby hospital who are in fear of losing their jobs, and word they said last night on local news is that they didn’t even have the right clothing and masks at first. So, the CDC blaming these nurses is wrong and the union is calling for fast changes in protocol and preparation across the nation, and they are right. I believe our govt needs to consider a national emergency so people think 2x before they get on a plane. You know what I mean. Teams going to the source are improving, but there is a tipping point and the news on that isn’t good.

  4. That hospital is obviously not up to the taks IMO. All bad hospitals blame their individuals, not their protocols….sadly

  5. Yes, I was shocked to hear the nurses union (3 representatives) stating that at first for a few days, they did not have the clothing or masks available. Imaging being an ER nurse or doc having to go in their knowing about risk, but now really knowing anything that every hospital should have known esp by the time the guy came back a 2nd time. Across the nation, we’d better get our heads on straight.

  6. Is it bad that I select this pic of Ebola? if so…@joeteam:disqus or @psalm234:disqus, please change it…

  7. This is all about discipline, just like defense in basketball…..

  8. I don’t have any issues with the pic, because it’s being used by TV every day. It’s our job to increase public awareness until this outbreak ends, so at to NBA bball and this, it’s an important topic.

    Would you like me to photoshop it with a bball pic, or just leave it? I think it affects us all as is, so leaving it is a public service and the more we develop thought around this, it might save a life if a guy or gal doesn’t take his family to a certain hospital or public venue in an affected area. This is serious before it gets funny. Some are making fun of it at the other site.

  9. yep, and for all our modern knowledge etc, lives are increasingly at risk each day because of lack of discipline from people being paid more than 6 figures. They need to get in a room and work it out like today!

  10. It’s a good picture. It’s a serious issue and it’s good to be aware of it soon.

  11. I know, but I think spreading awareness and spreading fear are two very different things, and medias and CDC usually choose the later.

  12. It is because they are not mastering their job/role that they devolve to the shrill. The masters of any thing are calm under adversity, and are a source of inspiration to others when in need.

  13. Yep…..where are those masters…….

  14. easy to spot, worthy to follow, and definitely we need to be that for our kids.

  15. My experience with SARS outbreak (2003) in Asia was a nightmare. My business came to a standstill and suffered huge losses for 6 months in a row. Many businesses went bankrupt during this period. Everyone was so fearful. Schools were closed, employees were told to take “unpaid” leaves and unfortunate ones were retrenched.
    Word of caution …. don’t underestimate this outbreak. Now our airport already started screen every visitor into the country. Just for precautions.

  16. I was in Zhuhai mainland China and travelling extensively back and forth to HK… yes it was very scary,

  17. Ebola patient flew on commercial jet with fever; why didn't anyone stop her? http://t.co/5U0U9s5eFp— JLinArticles&Facts (@JLArticlesFacts) October 16, 2014

  18. CDC = Center for Disease CONTROL and PREVENTION – is seriously lacking proper controls and prevention.

  19. Friends in the US of A and from other parts of the globe, please be safe and healthy.

  20. word is someone there said it was ok for that nurse to fly because it was under 103 degrees. Really no common sense.

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