Ebola Risk and NBA

People are starting to discuss games being limited due to the outbreak in Dallas.  Today, CDC are monitoring 130 people who were on the same plan as 2nd nurse diagnose with Ebola.  She had gone home to Ohio and when she heard of the risk, she went back to Texas Presby.  Not sure how this is going to pan out, but you can imagine very quickly CDC have to put quarantines in place and adjust protocols very vast.  If I were in Dallas, Brent you take care, I would not be going onto any buses or public venues until this outbreak is over.  Why take the risk?  Posting here because this will be relevant to bball games very quickly unless the contain this, given how deadly this is and how they don’t know yet how the disease is transmitting in the hospitals.  I mean, is there even air containment in the ICUs?  etc.