JLin to Start in 3 (Too Early) Lakers Line Up Guesses

Mike Trudell, Lakers beat reporter, wrote this article to lay out his thoughts on 3 possible lineups (Lin’s a starter in all 3 scenario) after conducting Q&A with Coach Byron Scott last week.

Not too many details on Lin but he recognized Lin to be the next most likely to start  after Kobe based on athleticism and youth. It’s still very good to see that Lin is seen as the most capable starter after Kobe. When training camp starts, we’ll get to hear more about who will excel to be starters.

It’s only 1 month before Training Camp starts on Sept 28!

SOURCE: (Too Early) Lakers Line Up Guesses, Mike Trudell, nba.com 


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  1. Mike Trudell has thought about the 1st line-up since 2 weeks ago (Aug 14).

    It’s a very reasonable starting lineup Lin, Kobe, Johnson, Boozer and Hill. (Randle/Young/Henry in early)
    If healthy, Nash could also start next to Lin/Kobe



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