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  1. 1st, sorry @blubell. Lol

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  6. haha.. I have a suspicion he gave people chances to be 1st a few times so people don’t lose hope to keep trying!

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  8. Here’s a listing of the 2nd round selections in the 2010 NBA draft (when he went undrafted). It just underscores how unusual Jeremy Lin’s story is.

  9. In these 30 names, I only know Landry Fields is still playing. Anyone else is surviving in NBA now???

  10. Hi ‘JLin Fan’. The only other name I recognize, playing in the NBA, is Lance Stephenson, who just signed with Charlotte (I think). He was with the Pacers. Unfortunately, I guess everyone else has fallen by the wayside. Some might be playing in Europe or elsewhere.

  11. Just lucky 😛

  12. Yeah go to bed Brent!

  13. Just did……

  14. This is a great reminder that it takes athleticism, basketball IQ and tons of hard-work to succeed in the NBA.
    Jeremy Lin has all three so that’s why he’s succeeding in the NBA.

    Landry Fields is a good example. He was highly regarded coming out of Stanford and showed flashes of brilliance with the Knicks in his rookie year. But even when he’s been struggling with his flat shots, he has enough BB IQ and athleticism to contribute by coming off the bench.

    So we really are witnessing something special with Jeremy Lin.
    Undrafted, continually being underestimated but is still succeeding in the NBA.
    If stars are aligned for him in LA, there will be a lot of embarrassed people in the NBA, especially in Houston.
    Lin won’t ever be LeBron, Kobe, MJ athletically but his ability to make the team better than the sum of its parts will continue to surprise a lot of people.

    Steve Nash has walked in Lin’s path with lesser athleticism and came away with 2-MVPs. And to think that he is there to show Lin the way? .. I don’t think it’s a coincidence at all. One can’t help thinking of divine intervention when we look at his career path. It’s better than Hollywood movies because it is simply unbelievable 😀

  15. It’s pity that people normally don’t view dribbling and passing skills as having athleticism, because if they do, Nash would be considered very athletic. Also, I have seen many players who can jump high lack other athletic skills such as lateral quickness, etc. Look at Magic Johnson; he didn’t have a high vertical jump, but the guy was athletic in every other sense. I think the word “athletic” is over-used. Now, as for Wiggins, I think he is both athletic and skilled in BB; I think he will be one of future stars. If Lin doesn’t get the starting position by end of this season, I am afraid GMs will view Lin as someone who does not mind playing as a back-up. At some point, Lin has to make it clear that he will not accept anything less than a starting PG position, so that any team he ends up with will have to start him.

  16. I have 80% confidence that Lin will be the starting PG towards the end of the season, perhaps as early as Nov-Dec. Nash’s 40-year old body simply cannot endure the rigor of NBA competition. He himself admitted that. I am more convinced after watching the ESPN documentary vids.

    Nash was simply the best in his speed, footwork and shooting during those 2 MVP years. That’s certainly different kind of athleticism than just jumping and dunking. I watched him quite a bit in those days.

    But everyone forgives him his the lack of defense. Lin simply has more knack than Nash in knowing how to defend well. Even with the lack of lateral speed, Lin can catch up occasionally and get amazing well-timed blocks.

    On offense, Nash will have much to teach Jeremy with his footwork, shooting and running offense. His mind is there but the body is not willing. Lin will be the best protege that Nash will have in the NBA. Goran didn’t have the mental toughness to play behind Nash in the Suns years but he still learned a lot slowly.

    I’m simply excited about to find out how Lin’s game will evolve with Nash’s mentoring :}

  17. We don’t need your pity, Brent 😛

  18. I forgive you… But I will never forget…

  19. Let me know when it runs out. Lol.

  20. So, for those from California, what can be gleaned from the locations of the various players. I assume Belair is very highend.


  21. ok, someone in LA helps to interpret this for the rest of us:
    1. Santa Monica
    regular average-joe/down-to-earth hangout?
    2. Palos Verdes
    affluent beach community?
    3. Bel Air
    Hollywood glitz
    4. Redondo Beach
    (seafood lover?)

    thanks for the interesting info 🙂

  22. This is a full version (5min 21 sec) of Lakers Backstage video showing the whirlwind of Lin’s first day activities in LA after being traded to the Lakers. Photo shoots, Meeting Jeanie Buss, Mitch Kupchak, press conference, helping with community activities –

  23. Hi Psalm,
    I don’t know Santa Monica at all but I did several web searches and spent some time looking at some very nice condos there. It must be amazing to go looking for a condominium, see something for around $1 million, and know that you could purchase it with one month’s salary.

    One of the condos in this building is 1380 sq. ft., with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. It’s selling for $949,000.

  24. This is from the group “Asian Americans Advancing Justice | AAJC” for their 18th annual “American Courage Awards” reception, featuring a live auction. It is being held this evening at The National Press Club in Washington, DC.


  25. Here is how Paul Villarreal sees the Lakers’ depth chart at the moment:

  26. NBA-related activity on Twitter (from ‘NBA Pulse’ on nba.com). You’d think the Lakers’ PR staff would make sure that all media outlets have stock photos of Lin. Kobe Bryan is #1 with 6780 mentions per hour. Lebron James is #2.

  27. Jeremy Lin interview (Oct. 2) on the Fred Roggin show (on ‘The Beast’, 980).

    Listen : http://kfwbam.com/2014/10/02/jeremy-lin-im-not-into-linsanity-or-money-i-just-want-to-play-well/

  28. What a quiet place, I like.

  29. @psalm234:disqus the video section on the homepage is a nice touch

  30. glad that you like it 🙂 .. trying a new video gallery that will work the best

  31. wow.. so small and so expensive :] but other areas like Bel Air would be more costly

  32. It’s really too early to be anxious for some Lin fans because of 1 bad play shown in the video and no good plays being shown.

    It’s really just 1 block, and I see Lin on FT line although they didn’t show the clip.
    From Eric Pincus’ tweet and Nash comment we knew Lin was having his ways to drive to the rim and get to FT line a lot.
    Just because we didn’t see it in LakerNation video, it doesn’t mean Lin didn’t play well.

    Even Lin was smiling at the end of the video. I took it to mean he wasn’t too disappointed with himself. It’s better to wait until Preseason Game to see how Lin plays with the team in an organized fashion.

  33. Signing off today….bye everyone!! and @disqus_3ojL2FVU9I:disqus you chance is coming 😛

  34. It doesn’t count if you’re letting me… no fun 🙂

  35. TWCSN just put up Some of Lin’s play, go to the blog post for day 4 to check it out!! I included the link there.

  36. But if you watch it 20 times in a row that is 20 bad plays.

  37. LOL I’m afraid 2 ask what would’ve possessed you to watch it 20 times..

  38. ha ha, psalm, just thought of something … can you iframe jlindot.net at this disqus hangout just kidding …

  39. whaat? :] Iframe jl.net?

  40. i dunno, I was just saying embed that site here as a joke.

  41. I like the previous format where you can scroll horizontally. Videos are taking up too much space on the home page in the current format…

  42. well, that would quickly escalate as a war and I would get banned by other mods LOL

  43. ok, I reverted it back. There are no good ways with this video gallery to do nice thumbnails w/o taking much space. Ideally there would be small thumbnails for 4-5 videos.

    thanks 4 the quick input 🙂 I might try other video gallery.

  44. This is such a healthy way to look at things :


  45. There are so many beaches in Southern CA nearby that I have no idea why people want to go to Hawaii. I lived in HI for 9 years and for me, there is nothing in HI I miss. Also, prices of fruits and veggies are so much cheaper in CA than in HI. More hiking trails here also. Yes, HI has daily breeze starting around 6 PM, but HI weather is too sunny and hot for me because it stays the same for the entire year. I had no desire to visit HI after I moved to Southern CA. Not that this place doesn’t have negatives.

  46. Nash is very efficient in his offensive movements and dribbling.

  47. other than traffic, what bugs you the most about living in Southern CA?
    Also, do you what’s the difference between living in Palo Verdes (Randle) and Redondo Beach (BScott)?

  48. WOW…so much changes here…it took me a while to understand on the navigation here

    Good job @psalm234 and team!

  49. BTW, I think the banner image for this thread missing the first letter “L”?

  50. Harvard – Racially charged death threats: We know Jeremy faced some challenges at Harvard because of his Asian heritage. However, the recent story in boston*com [link] suggests it is ongoing for other students who are Asian or of Asian heritage. While the article indicates that the death threats may not be credible, the harassment certainly is real.

  51. Hey @psalm234:disqus, I probably can not do day 6 tomorrow. I will be outside all day. Will you take over? LOL

  52. ok, I’ll do my best catch-up after I come back from church :]
    Thanks again for doing the heavy-duty work for the past few days.
    You were doing so well that I didn’t want to stop you rolling … haha

  53. yeah, the sizing does not quite fit well. I’ll fix it soon :]
    I have an idea of making if a gif with ‘L’ alternating with ‘W’, haha..

  54. To bad I don’t have the equipment to get TV video to GIF on the fly…lol will be more intersting this way

  55. I think their practice are always ended between 1~2pm…so….

  56. All hail Psalm

  57. ok, that’s perfect timing then :] On it, Mr. Boss!

  58. Sorry, no hailing. I’m not a taxi :]

  59. Sender apparently has Vietnamese name. Seems fake.

  60. Mark Medina retweeted this:

  61. Richard Sandomir ‏@RichSandomir 21m
    NBA to announce $24 billion/9 year deal w/ ESPN and TNT on Monday. Annual average value nearly 3x current deal.
    Annual avg value of new NBA deal soars from about $930M to $2.66B. New deal starts after 2015-16 season.

  62. Eric Pincus @EricPincus 21m
    The simplistic formula for the salary cap is – revenue divided in half – then divided by 30 teams – but there are are many complexities

  63. Jeremy Lin is ranked #100 in ESPN NBA Rank,
    Interestingly, Bev is ranked lower (appropriately) at #103.

    The only other Laker is not ranked yet is Kobe. I think Kobe will be in 10-30s


  64. FungBros – NBA Talk
    Briefly mentions Jeremy and other Asians in NBA

  65. Players are "encouraged" per new CBA to take less to win or risk being called selfish+ungrateful while nbatv deal goes UP by a BILLION #biz— Kobe Bryant (@kobebryant) October 7, 2014

  66. If anyone is interested, here is a historical look at the current Lakers’ ESPN rankings. NR = not ranked. The drop-off for Boozer and Nash is clear. Young has stayed surprisingly constant, overall, through the years.

  67. Good charts!
    I’m surprised Randle is ranked at 149 as the 4th ranked Laker while Clarkson’s last at 448.
    Probably due to the convincing post-game?

    Nick Young has probably reached close to his ceiling after 8 years which would be close to JR Smith being the 6th Man with questionable BB IQ. I need to watch more Swaggy to see if he has higher BB IQ

  68. It feels weird watching HOU vs DAL game with Parsons & Greg Smith wearing Mavs jersey

  69. I had to switch to Clippers/Warriors game. I just can’t stand the voices of HOU announcers… Brings back bad memories 🙁

  70. I Didn’t sign up for league pass/ballstream, not wasting anymore money. Just turned on clips/gsw.

    Didn’t watch hicktown/dal. Bev’s stat line looked good. Ariza’s looked real good.

  71. Lin on Kobe

    Jeremy Lin played with Melo and James Harden. What sets Kobe apart? “How hard he works and his attention to detail.”

    — Bill Oram (@bill_oram) October 7, 2014

    “The stuff that he thinks about or talks about, only someone who
    is really trying to analyze every single thing…” (1/2)

    — Bill Oram (@bill_oram) October 7, 2014

    Lin: “about the game would be able to understand something like that.” (2/2)

    — Bill Oram (@bill_oram) October 7, 2014

    There’s no question Kobe is a freak of nature in terms of sheer
    determination. The veteran guard prepares for games like no other player
    in the league and that has resulted in building an incredibly resume
    that few can compare to.

    Kobe’s dedication to his craft can become contagious with teammates
    like Lin taking notice. Young players with a desire to improve and learn
    from the best will greatly benefit from playing alongside the future
    Hall of Famer and Lin could be one of many on this current roster to
    soak up the knowledge this season.

  72. I only watched the 1st part. Nothing really changed BTW. Harden still had wide-open defensive hole but can score well and draw fouls. Dwight still bulldoze his way and try some of his Hakeem impersonation. Bev got aggressive here and there. There were a few new personnels. My impression is Ariza won’t replace Parsons versatility.

    I saw Parsons got wide-open shots and Greg Smith racked up fouls quickly. So no changes really.

  73. Thanks. Same team under Mchale then.

  74. HOU wanted Lin to do a 1-2! WTH Darn you HOU

  75. Must watch for ppl want to know shooting

  76. Kobe pats Jlin’s head and give him a hug, respect, chemistry building. At the 5:06

  77. I don’t know much about Swaggy but I hope he has a BB IQ higher than JR Smith. 🙂

    Smith was so unpredictable the year Jeremy Lin was with the Knicks; even moreso off the court.

  78. @wukong, I created “JL Article&Facts -Tweetable Stats” Sticky Post to start brainstorming the ideas to spread JLin good stats in social media through a visually-appealing tweet+picture.

    We need help with ideas from others to shape this idea.
    Please post ideas/feedback/examples of good tweets w/ statistics on http://www.jlinportal.com/jl-articles-facts/

  79. Mark Medina (LA Daily News) praised Lin’s contribution with 10asts beyond the box score.
    There were a few Lin fans unhappy with how he phrased ‘Lakers scrambled after Lin lost ball” during game but I believe Mark is high on Lin. His previous tweet praised Lin’s alley-oop to Davis as a flashback of Nash/Stoudemire duo

    It’s good he still writes good things about Lin 🙂 I believe Lin fans need to be gracious with reporters, praise them a lot to win their hearts.


  80. At least Swaggy smiles more than JR Smith :]
    With JR, you’re always afraid the guy will explode at any moment.

  81. Can u explain what’s 1-2?? Listening a few times and I’m still lost on the terminology:o((

  82. Past Lakers Commercials

  83. when you catch and shoot a ball. Some ppl will have one step in then shoot…this is called 1-2. Lin does a hop, so basically you catch the ball when you are in the air, you bounce back with 2 feet back to the air and shoot.

  84. Thanks for the explanation, Brent. You are awesome:o)) Will look carefully on his feet or players’ feet from now on. hehehehe. Too much of things I need to catch on with all kinds of defensive and offensive drills/plans.

  85. COach Miller predicted if Lin stay as a 2nd unit, he will average 8pt 5ast…..M…so Lin actually did pretty good in HOU

  86. THose are just bball fundamentals. 1-2 had been taught for decades (includes me sadly), but if you pay attention to modern elite shooters, ALL are doing hop.

  87. Are you kidding me???? Such a low expectation from JLin????!!!! Thought he knows JLin pretty well now. Guess I’m wrong about this “coach.”

  88. mmmh. Never learned all these things when I learned in my young days. No wonder I was never been good:o))

  89. Very educational for me. Apparently JLin knows what he wants and plans to achieve. Unlike many so called JLin fans, demanding JLin to change shooting coach in the past 2 offseasons. Don’t understand the mentality of some JLin fans at times. They should watch this vid and understand what JLin wants and needs and not theirs.

  90. I think he just approached it from minutes per game…anyway…that is awfully low stat.

  91. Doesn’t matter what approach he comes from, that’s nonsense stat. In worst R season, JLin still had over 12 in avg. In Lakers, he is only 8???? WOW! Such a low opinion from him. Lost my respect on his “professional.” Sorry I just don’t buy into this.

  92. You don’t have to…..I think Lin will have 17/7 (+-3) season…..

  93. I have no idea on what JLin will have in this season but definitely it will be much higher than last season. When he is allowed to use his “strengths” in Lakers, the sky is unlimited to him. From what I’ve seen and heard, believe he will do very well. My only prayer for him is to stay healthy and have fun. The rest will come.

  94. If JLin actually only gets 8 pts (which won’t be since Scott asked him to look for his own offense), then I expect his assists to be 10+ per game.
    My expectation is 18/8, but if it’ll be interesting if Lin does 12/10.

  95. I can not careless about the box score so I don’t really pay attention. But 8p/5a is kind of too low to my wildest imagination for worst case scenerio.

  96. To give an idea, RWB averages about 21/9…..and he is like a super ball hog. So….for Lin who love to pass, I would think 17/7 is reasonable. and 15/6 can be very very possible..

  97. Thanks for this! I was wondering about it at the back of my head!

  98. Coach Miller sucks. What context was this said in?

  99. on good efficiency.

  100. answering fan questions, and assuming NASH is fully healthy

  101. stop yelling at me.

  102. 8/5 sounds like Lin isn’t going to be playing much.

  103. LOL

  104. That is a ridiculous estimate, even more if he based it on preseason game 1.
    Nick Young will be out for 2 months, who else is a reliable scorer off the bench?
    Plus Byron said Kobe and Nash will sit out many games.
    And not many believes Nash can play 25-30min/game.

    I think Coach Miller just got spooked seeing Lin had trouble scoring in Game 1 and he didn’t try to score much with 2nd team during scrimmages. He’ll come to his sense once Lin scores 15-20pts in regular games plus getting to FT lines.

  105. lol…we should not get carried away…he was mentioning in the context that

    Nash is 100%; hence JL playing time would be around 15-20; with that I think its agreeable that Jeremy’s number would be around 8/5 which is fair knowing very well, he is a pass-first PG. Past 2 years he had been averaging around 9FGA with around 28min of PT

  106. Given current scenario (assuming nothing changes), I think 15/6 is the minimum he should hit.

  107. Agreed.

  108. R u admitting u r one of the JLin fans I don’t understand????:o))

  109. Thanks for this vid. Learned a lot from it.

  110. This picture was tweeted by the Steve Nash Foundation on the afternoon of Oct. 9th. The caption was :

    #TBT The lovely @JLin7 @ #ShowdownLA (w @stevenash awaiting his intro in the background). #bigmenbighearts #teammates

  111. I want it!

  112. So do I…:P

  113. Zach Lowe discusses the home courts of all 30 NBA teams. The Lakers come out on top :

    They didn’t get it right until two seasons ago, when they debuted the exact look they have today. The blue is beautiful, soft and deep, and the Lakers have let it stand alone by removing almost all the lane markings. The streaking “Lakers” font behind each basket, a very slight variation on the font in the central logo, is miles better than the blocky white characters they had tried to squeeze down there.

    The centerpiece has always been perfect — the tasteful L.A. logo, with a star for each of the franchise’s 16 championships. The alternate “L” logo in two corners is a recent addition, and it adds some spice. That “L” is slanted, with yellow racing stripes slashing across its midsection, elements that create the illusion of speed and mirror the main team logo.

    See : http://grantland.com/features/nba-court-design-power-rankings/


  114. Spurs’ Boris Diaw will get $500,000 in bonuses if he stays in shape.
    If Morey is as smart as RC Buford, he would’ve done the same for Harden’s contract to play any defense.


  115. This might be cheaper than jerseys! :]

  116. Funny things is, the gym I go to. I never saw Asian ppl or any ppl wearing Lin jersey. Mostly are RWB, and Kobe I think….a few MJs and some LBJ. I think at one time I saw Rose too.

  117. This cost 37 a piece +tax……OMG…..

  118. psalm … jlindotnet is trolled out again. Where is everybody these days? Now do I post a forum item here so we can try out real discussions? I’m lost on this site … I tried to do a post once, but I think I’m a junior. If this site is not taking steam, where are you guys posting? Maybe this is the Lin season where we all fragment out ha ha. Trolls win.

  119. Hi Joeteam, u can post in Disqus Hangout for general discussion or go to specific post/thread to comment

    Im still driving back from out of town but i will create a how-to page w screenshots to navigate this site.

    for creating new topic, pls read FAQ post that real-dsb nicely created on Sticky Post section

  120. OK, hope you had a nice break out of town … thanks!

  121. I am about to keep my distance from JL.net….tired of reading some garbages…

  122. Allowing the trolling is getting page views … it’s really bad what is allowed to be written.

  123. Exactly, I almost lost all the respect on the management. I only post because there are still good posters there.

  124. yep, I go there for the few. Looking for you ha ha 🙂

  125. you know where to find me 😛

  126. now you’re in trouble … ha ha.

  127. I just read back a few pages down. It was getting repetitively vicious and tiring to read.
    But it is what it is there. Occasionally there would be trolls popping out.
    Hope the good seed will overwhelm the bad ones :]

    BTW, if you’re a bit lost, try to use the “Recent Comments” button to see which latest comments that you’re interested to read or respond. If not, just click on thread/post you want to read from homepage. That’s the best way to navigate the site 🙂 I’ll try to create the “How-To” page soon

  128. Thanks, psalm … the other thing is it is impossible to keep up with the good posts with all the trolls, then the innocent responses to the trolling, etc. V tiring. Either you will have it or someone else, but we do need a forum and all one needs is about 20 good lin fans to have a good season. I don’t need to see every tweet of Lin at the local 7-11, though it is fun. It’s totally a time sink, and you wake up and I realize I forgot to play 1-1 with my son, etc. 🙂

  129. yeah, we just need to remind ourselves not to be baited to respond to trolls and ruin our day :]
    It’s just not worth it.

    If they come here, you’re a Mod so you can banish them.

  130. well I like the posts here … a little thin for now and I have to contribute too.

  131. Signing off for the night. No news today except Lin got hurt….boring…

  132. if Lin doesn’t play tomorrow for precaution, it might be for the best.
    But I’m scared to see how the Lakers would play tomorrow.

  133. The ante is up, will be interesting, if the team plays without JL and SN. This gives us a chance to see whats up in the stock?!

  134. Without Kobe/Lin/Nash, hardly anything is on the up-and-up for sure :]

  135. At least, if there are still some good posters and a lot of activity over at jeremylin[dot]net, it keeps the battles and the trolls over there. If the good posters move here, it all moves with them. Readers go where the influential posters are.

    If you right-click on the Disqus avatar for a poster, you can “copy the link location” for the poster’s profile and paste it into your browser then bookmark that page. That allows you to see what they’ve posted recently (if it’s public) without going back to jeremylin[dot]net.

    It’s also possible to link to particular Disqus posts, which is another way of bringing some of the good stuff from jeremylin[dot]net over here without requiring everyone to wade through all the less pleasant stuff.

    By the way, unfortunate news about Kevin Durant :


  136. Yes, I occasionally do that….ha……it is kind of like watching live games vs DVRed games…..I just like live actions more….lol

  137. Slow new day so I thought I’d share this.
    I drive by this house every week on my way to work.
    I think they are Lakers fans. lol

  138. Seem like it’s unbearable for me to go to that site lately. Very few occasions received good posts. Aggressive troll-like posters took over the site.

  139. Well, no way to discuss the blowout at jlindotnet because of such a density of troll posters. Looks good for Lin when he feels better, the blow out and starting team performance. GSW are looking good this year, so it’s good LAL got them for 2 to test themselves out. Onto the next test for LAL to see where Lin really can perform for them.

  140. are you sure? how can you tell?

  141. Best place to start is the home page, and look under the Latest Posts and Threads section. This Disqus Hangout is just kind of a misc/off-topic/catch-all page. There are plenty of good game discussions now that the preseason has started.

  142. I took a peek for entertainment value. Quite entertaining I must say. =)

    But yet also sad to see Lin fans call each other names. Good posters too often fall for the “if you think ___, you are an idiot” attacks and get sucked into the personal attacks. Then the vicious cycle continues. That’s why moderators are needed.

  143. Woman’s intuition… lol.

  144. I’m not sad real-ddb. I’m just tired of reading obvious trolls by the few. It however is pages and pages of junk to get through. Gonna try to talk here for a bit …

  145. They are still watering the lawn – ppl in CA are supposed to let lawns go dormant, but there’s no enforcement or standards out there. Just good form, things are so dry here.

  146. Welcome!

  147. Seems like besides the Lin trade, the more negative the time/game is, the more post a website can get…..no wonder ppl like negativeness….lol

  148. I dunno, sometimes, it’s pretty unbearable. We need some real Lin bball.

  149. Can you imagine the positive posts he will get if the Lakers win big once he comes back.

  150. Or a very poor attempt to blend into the neighborhood for some kind of covert operation.

  151. Yes. So far all of the people over here are actually my favorites from jeremylin˙net. ^^

  152. They could do a Rockets James Harden will get $500 in bonuses if he stays in front.

  153. JR Smith being JR Smith (launching a 30 footer with 20 seconds left in the shot clock) LOL:

  154. The NBA will experiment with a 44-minute game this preseason. Here is an excerpt from the press release:

    The National Basketball Association announced today that it will play a 44-minute game during the 2014 NBA preseason when the Brooklyn Nets host the Boston Celtics at Barclays Center on Oct. 19 (3 p.m. ET, NBA TV). The league is utilizing the preseason contest to examine the flow of a shorter game as compared to the standard 48-minute game.

    See : http://www.nba.com/2014/news/10/14/nba-to-test-44-minute-game-in-preseason-boston-celtics-vs-brooklyn-nets/index.html?ls=iref:nbahpts

  155. Haha. I was thinking the same thing when I was passing by this house this morning… You’re scaring me Michael.

  156. I think Harden will split $250 each with Bev to cover his man

  157. Hilarious skit on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Blake Griffin, Matt Barnes, Iman Shumpert and Chandler Parsons have a book club.
    The punchline might as well apply to Jeremy Lin in Parsons’ and Shump’s case LOL


  158. yeah, for me plus or minus, I just want to read people who are more genuine because there’s no way those trolls are real. They spend all their time amplifying stuff and subtly, they are creating a personality that is very inconsistent so after a while, it’s like you are reading disjointed cruft.

  159. I will do my best not to scare you….too much.

  160. LOL. Terrible acting but Griffin is naturally a funny guy so he pulled it off.

  161. testing…

  162. failed? lol what were you trying to do?

  163. When the money/clicks are pouring into someone’s bank, someone will be happy and wanna bear more.

  164. I get what you mean bro.

  165. what up, Denzel? :] Welcome! Glad you find our sanctuary LOL

    You can go select Latest/Sticky Posts to read&comment OR use “Recent Comments” (Green Button on homepage) to find latest comment that you’re interested to read & respond :p

    Here is the Recent Comments link:

  166. Ppl confuses confidence with intelligence…

  167. In one play, JR shows why he’s the perennial 6th Man with good skill but questionable BB IQ.
    I remember George Karl and Mike Woodson just shook their heads at some of his decision-making.

  168. Hey, LOTS of you are here!

    No wonder I hardly see you anymore at jeremylin.net anymore. I’m getting fed with hating trolls running unsupervised over there, and will migrate here from now on.

  169. Hog_en’s another perennial 6th man who got lucky with dimwit Morey, but really just a rich man’s J.R.

  170. welcome, John Lee :] You found us, haha.. How did you find us here?

    Please read the How-To Guide to use this site well.

    Let me know if helps you. If you have questions, leave the comment there.

  171. Thanks psalm, I promise to behave! 🙂

  172. Welcome John…you better do…else @brentyen:disqus would come to bite you 🙂

  173. Thanks…didnt know that they are evaluating in making some changes! Lets see

  174. Harden is definitely a rich man JR who masters ref-baiting. Ugly but somewhat effective.

    And @John Lee, let’s be careful to restrain ourselves from name-calling (dimwit) even for McHale and Morey. I found it to be very inviting for trolls to call us names back.

    But Im’ contemplating Hog_en, inept coach as creative/descriptive names is okay :] What do you think, @Brent Yen and other mods? I need help deciding which one is name-calling and which one is descriptive names.

  175. what happened to the jlin game thread? “what made my hamburger disappear?” its no mas. is it my fault? (because i posted there).

  176. yeah but you gotta be careful here. its the anti- that other site. brent is considered the radical here. politeness is an art form. and there are a lot of moderators.

  177. Thanks for the gentle slap on the wrist, I’ve edited my post.

    IMHO, for what it’s worth, Hog_en is a descriptive nickname indicative of ballhogging and lack of D, which is more factual than offensive. Inept however, could be effectively substituted with incompetent, which is accurate with less derogatory insinuation.

  178. I’m new here so please bear with my newbie questions. Do we have game threads here? If not can anyone start one, or only the mods can do it?

  179. Not sure where to put this:

    2013-14 season review
    I will do several posts between now and the season start looking at JLin’s 2013-14 season and the then finish up with and look into what I think we can expect next season Assuming Jlin is used properly…as always suggestions/ comments/ feedback appreciated.


  180. Yes….the link below is the next pre-game thread

  181. nope…if we giveway to one, then we are biased. No name callings. 🙂

    given names are given names, one one start to change the name, then its mockery. The only name allowed to change is Brent and Michael

  182. His lack of D is not solely his problem, I would say, 70% is due to coaching. If my coach is not pushing me or being stern on me not defending, I would rather ignore the D and work on my sweetspot which is scoring and getting calls from the ref

  183. I used think along similar lines, but then his D was equally atrocious during the FIBA games under Krzyzewski.

  184. Would “the beard” be allowed? How about Linsanity? I think the line may get a bit blurry at times, unless the rule is to strictly adhere with real names only.

  185. Haha, got it. Those are under Blog. Still getting used to the navigation here. 🙂

  186. just testing if i can post.

  187. hi, psalm. tnx for the tip. i may visit and post here more often if okay with u.

  188. Good record keeping, great!

  189. yup, as long has he has the beard or can be referred as “formerly known as beard” once he shaves, which I doubt….darn…i’m trolling now…not my fault, all credit goes to Brent the Guru!

  190. well said, @1mtoldman:disqus :> I like how you said Politeness is an art form.
    you gotta see the mods troll each other hard (in a polite way) during Game Chat haha..

  191. Absolutely, Denzel :] @IsabeliJane would be happy to see you here

  192. I agree the line can be blurry in calling names in derogatory fashion.
    Linsanity and Beard definitely has good connotation.

    IMO It doesn’t have to be too complicated. Changing names can definitely be very personal so it’s best to be avoided. But describing opinions/facts such as inept coaching can be discussed respectfully with known statistics (i.e. last in allowed pts after Timeout, etc.)

    So no worries, we can be polite & respectful but still point out the inadequacy of McHale’s coaching skill :] I actually do that a lot and have to remind myself not to go overboard (until Oct 28) haha..

  193. non-mods can create new threads (but you have to attain a certain number of “experience pts”)


  194. You don’t usually need to go to Blog unless you’re looking for old stuff. The home page has the most recent 5 posts.

  195. Which jlin game thread? The Thursday Jazz one?

  196. Suggestion for Psalm: add a link to your getting started How To Guide on this page. It seems that many newcomers come to this page first because they see Disqus on the navbar. Then don’t realize there are other Disqus pages.

  197. good suggestion “@psalm234:disqus for your action 🙂

    ps: real-dsb, when you refer to a person, just use the alias/add sign as above to call the person. He will receive a notification

  198. “What do you think, @Brent Yen and other mods? I need help
    deciding which one is name-calling and which one is descriptive names.”

    Would “the beard” be allowed? How about Linsanity? I think the line
    may get a bit blurry at times, unless the rule is to strictly adhere
    with real names only.

    There’s definitely a massive gray area and is blurry. And the mods are still figuring things out, so it may change in the future. My take on it is that we do not allow derogatory name calling. I think the litmus test would be: “Would a serious sports writer publish this in an article?”

    Some examples of derogatory names that I can think of are: McFail, Moron, Moonface, Hogden, Haren (even though this is my personal favorite =p).

    Some examples of okay nicknames are: Beard, Linsanity, D17, Swaggy P.

    You can criticize a player/coach, just don’t resort to name calling. For example: “McHale failed to utilize Lin’s skills properly yet again.” “Morey gambled and lost big time in free agency.” “Harden’s defense is the worst in the entire league.” Those are statements that a legitimate sports writer could write, but they wouldn’t call them derogatory nicknames.

  199. more trolling = more clicks

  200. oh, thanks for the tip. I didn’t realize that because I disabled notifications for disqus.

  201. Welcome John Lee. Good to see that you found us:o))

  202. Welcome Denzel Boksingero. Good to see u:o))

  203. the “j lin game” as in video game or whatever the young folks call those sorts of things these days. there was a thread with a internet game featuring lin and that was at the time i popped on the most recent place to have posts so i posted there even tho it was’nt about the “jeremy lin themed game”.

  204. yeah its got so bad that the one new baddie there that drove me off has brought back out of the woodwork the most legendary baddie there. but i wont name names and i wont mention it again. its just interesting that all the marginally sane and sensible people have been driven off there and gradually finding their way there; tho the format here is still all “greek” (freak?) to me. i doubt if i am tech savvy enuf to every figure it out but i just stick something up somewhere and see if it floats.

  205. ahh i just found it; it just got bumped to the bottom of the bunch and i didn’t see it; presumably because it no longer had recent posts? dont know dont care. anyway i see where it went.

  206. Hi, Melody. Kumusta? (How are you?). I hope you’re doing OK.

  207. Hey guys have you noticed that all the press about Randle has stopped. Also I notice that Randle is not giving post practice interviews anymore. Also the other day in a post practice interview, Scott stated that he couldn’t trust with the ball or something to that effect. Any thoughts on what’s going on?

  208. its much safer here joyce. im still more long term positive on randle than chuckson (as some l.a. fan site posters are already referring to him)–what i think scott said was he couldn’t trust randle YET. which of course is true. hes a project. the emphasis shifts. its a day to day thing. i was right about nash defintely; i said from the beginning dont count on anything from nash this year, i also didn’t count on anything from sacre unforuantely i didn’t count on his “lead-footed” tendencies delaying the opportunity for lin to step forward in the inevitable nash no mas.

  209. Trying to get the rooks more levelheaded?

  210. There are 2 good articles that we can create new posts:

    Here’s the 1st one
    1. https://twitter.com/JLinPortal/status/522805703069929472

    Putting Point Guards In A Box

  211. The 2nd article is surprisingly in-depth BR Article (thanks 1mtoldman )with chock-full of good JLin Stats to track this season:

    5 Reasons Jeremy Lin Should Be Los Angeles Lakers’ Starting Point Guard, Dan Favale


  212. Putting Harden in a box

  213. Maybe he just doesn’t have much to say now, and I’d be appalled if he spoke up against Byron, who was just stating the facts.
    One more thing, welcome to the Sanctuary.

  214. What on earth did I just watch XD

  215. If I imply that my wit is dim would that be a violation to the code of conduct.

  216. How about sarcastic jabs such as James Harden Defensive Juggernaut.

  217. I am personally ok will nick names….but it depends on what our final verdict is. So….the rules can be enforced consistently….Probably good to not using negative nicknames……

  218. yes, yes .. self-torture certainly bring another meaning to personal attack :]

  219. You just welcomed a mod….lol

  220. Now that you mention, that’s right no much of hypes on Randle anymore. Hopefully he gets the message and work hard in learning how to play in NBA. Randle was given major chance to play in preseason games. With what I saw, don’t think he is even ready for NBA games. He needs to earn his minutes first in second unit.

  221. Once again I display my awareness.

  222. I like your nickname for this site. Maybe we should rename it to the Sanctuary for Battered Lin Fans. jk

  223. LOL at Blake Griffin saying that Sterling was the weird uncle and Ballmer’s the cool dad.


  224. > How about sarcastic jabs such as James Harden Defensive Juggernaut.

    That’s a tough one in the blurry area. I think it’s pretty funny myself. I don’t know.

  225. Disqus downvote test. Please click downvote, and then reply with a comment saying that you downvoted this (so we know many downvotes there were).

  226. Downvoted.

  227. Done

  228. Favale does NOT believe in Lin. His attitude has improved slightly compared to how it was two years ago, but you can still spot subtle jabs here and there.

    “Complimenting Lin’s defense feels a lot like crawling buck naked across an active minefield while blindfolded. But that’s the reality of commenting on the Lakers defense at all.”

    Apparently keeping Conley and Calderon scoreless mean nothing to Favale, neither does shutting down Curry and Parker. If anything, one would think that after the 41 point massacre people would notice what Lin bring on the defensive end.

    All that said, Favale is at least showing signs of attempting to be fair and impartial towards Lin, and any progress is good.

  229. The more I see of these young players leaving college early to make NBA money, the more I agree with instituting a limit to it. Except for some freak-of-nature players, most of these youngsters come in underdeveloped in basketball fundamentals. This is a crying shame because under the right tutelage, Randle could become better skilled and expand his ceiling. Picking a fruit before it’s ripe, and there’s always a good chance it’ll NEVER be ripe.

  230. true, that’s a cheap shot. I think the tide will turn when Byron speaks up more about Lin’s D when he shuts down the like or Parker and Conley. Coaches are that important.

    McHale not speaking up on Lin’s D definitely 1 proof of his personal dislike of Lin. But good riddance once for all. Can’t wait for Oct 28!

  231. downvoted

  232. downvoted

  233. One big difference I see already between Mchale and Scott is Scott’s understanding of defensive principles and the principles of basic help defense.

    Jeremy used to be blamed all the time by Mchale when opposing bigs would set a screen on him causing the opposing PG to get free. Scott on the other hand understands that it’s the Bigs responsibility to help on defense. I think Scott will appreciate Jeremy’s extremely high basketball IQ.

    I am however, not really happy with Byron Scott’s offense so far. I’m not really sure how many Princeton sets they have been running so far but I’m not a fan of the PG passing it to the corner and cutting through and never getting the ball back.
    With a PG as dynamic as Jeremy, I would rather see some more traditional 1-4 sets where the floor is spaced and Jeremy is given screens to make plays.

  234. I really think Sunday is going to be an important game for Lin. The reality of the situation is, Byron Scott hasn’t really seen Lin play a lot yet. It takes time for a coach to develop trust with his players.

    The best thing that has happened to Lin was that the Lakers played poorly the past few games when he wasn’t playing. I think If Lin does well tomorrow, it will really cement his position with this team.

    Also, I’m not too worried about Kobe. History has shown that he isn’t afraid to share the ball or even have teammates take big game shots as long as he trusts them. Once again, Kobe and Lin have only played together for a few minutes so far (they haven’t even played together in practice). Kobe is a proven winner who will do whatever it takes to win and on a totally different level than Harden. The hard part about being Kobe’s teammate is earning his trust.

    Once Kobe sees how much easier his game will be with Lin on the floor drawing attention from the defenders, I think that trust will develop. Right now he’s playing Iso ball because there is nobody else on the floor he trusts to pass to.

    I’m not too worried about the Lakers or the coach yet. The only complaint I have about Byron Scott so far is that I think he should make the tough decision now and allow Kobe and Lin to practice together more and have Nash practice with the 2nd unit instead of waiting it out.

  235. Perhaps one of the benefits of a strong fan base …

    “Lakers fans say Jeremy Lin most impressive newcomer on team so far”

    See : http://www.twcsportsnet.com/articles/2014/10/17/open-forum-recap-lakers-fans-say-lin-most-impressive-newcomer-oc

  236. Downvoted

  237. Downvoted. I don’t think the comment will disappear. I will do another test to flag 5 times so the comment should disappear

  238. Great interview with Jonathan Oe who makes the Lakers’ uniforms:


  239. Pretend my next comment is a troll comment. It would say ‘THIS IS TROLL COMMENT’
    I want to test if it will disappear after 5 flags.
    1. Reply ‘flagged’ (when you’re still logged in to Disqus)
    2. Log off from Disqus and click Flag (next to ‘-‘ sign on top right of comment). You can also flag from a different browser w/o logging in to Disqus to flag. Note: As a mod, you can’t flag it but can delete it.


  241. Flagged

  242. From the Jonathan Oe video, here’s a close-up of the chart showing the sizes of the players’ uniforms for this year’s Lakers. At one time Kobe Bryant used to wear a 6XL jersey.

  243. Flagged.

  244. downvoted

  245. Hey, @justsayno2hardensiso:disqus :] The key concept in Princeton system is to have an excellent passing big man. The best candidate so far is Boozer. It’s their responsibility to see the cutting guards. Besides Boozer, I haven’t seen any big man who can pass well.

    Byron said he’ll have Princeton triangle offense. But neither feature the PG much, I think. I hope Byron recognizes Lin’s playmaking ability that he will adjust the offense properly. Otherwise, the losses might pile up soon.

  246. 100% agree. Kobe and Lin backcourt needs as much practice time. I believe the results would be 10X more lethal than Lin/Harden PnR backcourt that Harden refused to develop.

    Nash is simply not dependable so Byron needs to make tough decision.

  247. You’re out of control 😛

  248. Haha. I didn’t see your comment below.

  249. Did I just made psalm troll message disappeared?:-)

  250. Yep, looks like it. Now it says “This comment is awaiting moderation”.

  251. Thanks. LOL It is so fun. Mine said the message was deleted. When I checked back in, different message.

  252. ok, Congratulations. You had the 5th flag to successfully made the TROLL Comment disappear :] I can see it in the Spam folder.

    So everyone can flag troll comments 5x to make it disappear. Non-Mods can police these trolls themselves. It’s very easy to do :>

  253. so downvotes don’t do anything?

  254. downvoted

  255. I don’t think Disqus uses downvotes for anything now.
    Only flagging has consequence to mark it as spam after X time (i.e. I set it to 5)

  256. Adidas Basketball “Employee Of the Year” – Jeremy Lin 年度最佳店員 林書豪

  257. OMG, too funny. Tip: turn on Subtitles/CC if you don’t understand Chinese.

  258. For ppl here who is having an exciting summer, here is some boredom for you. Just watch the match up between PB and GSW’s 3rd PG. I am not trying to diss PB or HOU. Just wanna give some idea about PB’s defense and what Lin can do.

  259. Wow, I thought I was watching Nedovic season highlight video, but it was just the Warriors highlight video from Sunday’s preseason game. Nedovic was 6-10 fg, 1-2 3pt, 16 pts, 5 ast in only 23 mins, much of it against Beverley. And the Warriors didn’t even play Steph and Klay, whereas Rockets played their starting 5.

    Beverley is definitely good at keeping his man in front of him 1 on 1, but Nedovic abused him with the masterful use of screens (or in one case, faking towards the screen and crossing him over away from the screen).

  260. Byron on Randle:"I don't think the kid has really ever had to play hard & I know he hasn't ever had to work as hard as he's had to this year— Serena Winters (@SerenaWinters) October 23, 2014

  261. Photos from tonight's win over the Blazers: http://t.co/vyp5G5H8Fl pic.twitter.com/aNUqpCjQhs— Los Angeles Lakers (@Lakers) October 23, 2014

  262. Google ranking update. JLP already moved up from #27 to #18 in 10 days for google search on “jeremy lin forum”.

    Oct 23, 2014
    “jeremy lin”: jlinportal does not show up at all (in 20 pages/200 results).
    “jeremy lin forum”: page 2. #18 overall

    Oct 14, 2014
    “jeremy lin”: jlinportal does not show up at all (in 12 pages/120 results). jl.net is #3
    “jeremy lin forum”: page 3. #27 overall.

    Note that you have to do this test from a browser private session. Otherwise, google uses your existing history and cookies to skew the results.

  263. FYI: there is a really interesting debate going on with Kendall Marshal and Chris Palmer over Jlin’s handles


  264. top 15 based on what? Is there a metric, or just his opinion?


  265. LOL. JR Smith admits that the triangle is hard to adjust to.

    A candid Smith admitted that he must alter his shooter mentality and wrap his mind around the team-first concept being preached by Knicks coach Derek Fisher and president Phil Jackson. It hasn’t been the smoothest transition for the former Sixth Man of the Year, who has been trying not to force shots.

    “Trying to think about the rest of the team over myself or my scoring is something that I never really had to do before,” Smith continued.

    “His defense also needs work because he tends to be a ball-watcher, and he’s late in chasing his man around screens when he should be tailgating him,” Jackson added. “Defense is the key to any winning team, so Smith has to really work hard on his deficiencies in training camp.”

    I wonder what Phil Jackson would say about Harden’s ball watching.


  266. He would be speechless…

  267. Can some one explain to me why Lin can’t start an run the 2nd unit? I’ve viewed all the wild back and forth on the other forum it seems to me the only options mentioned are only one or the other.
    I’m either not familiar enough w/bballl norm or not getting the premise of the debate.

  268. Hi all , new here but see many familiar names. Hoping to lurk around here during games(and avoid trolls at the OTHER site)
    Do you use the forum threads or disscus for that purpose? Thanks.

  269. welcome , lam, you are in an old forum from two days ago. go to the one created today. @psalm234 a user guide for lam pls.

  270. welcome! best place to start is on the home page http://www.jlinportal.com/ and click on the Latest Post to join the Disqus discussion.

    Here is a more detailed guide:

  271. Marshall sounds sour.

  272. Obviously, for handle. It is all about eye test

  273. test test

  274. Google search rankings update for jlinportal.com:

    Oct 30, 2014
    “jeremy lin forum”: page 2. #13 overall

    Oct 23, 2014
    “jeremy lin”: jlinportal does not show up at all (in 20 pages/200 results).
    “jeremy lin forum”: page 2. #18 overall

    Oct 14, 2014
    “jeremy lin”: jlinportal does not show up at all (in 12 pages/120 results). jl.net is #3
    “jeremy lin forum”: page 3. #27 overall.

    Note that you have to do this test from a browser private session. Otherwise, google uses your existing history and cookies to personalize the results.

  275. veery intersting! go number 1!

  276. Ok, I got to say it, Giants and MadBum were great!

  277. that was an incredible mlb playoffs. If they played a 101-game series, it’d probably be tied 50-50 going into the final game.

  278. great bull-pens … difference is Bumgarner wow.

  279. Time to have a NOV Handout, shall we? @psalm234:disqus……lol

  280. Hi. Nomore Jeremylin.net! haha

  281. heehee, Dallas Cowboys social media fail: They tried to start a hashtag #CowboysUK

    which is also written as #cowboysuk

  282. Nice tag! They should go for it.

  283. No NOV thread?

  284. test3

  285. No one hangs out here anymore…

  286. On other 76ers news, Lin could have been in a lot worse condition if traded to 76ers.
    76ers trailed the Mavs by 38 before half-time and people started reading newspapers


  287. Google search rankings update for jlinportal.com:

    Nov 14, 2014
    “jeremy lin forum”: page 1, #6 overall
    “jeremy lin fans”: page 4, #36 overall
    “jeremy lin lakers”: page 4, #33 overall
    “jeremy lin portal”: page 1, #1 overall
    “jeremy lin”: no hits (23 pages)

    Oct 30, 2014
    “jeremy lin forum”: page 2. #13 overall

    Oct 23, 2014
    “jeremy lin”: jlinportal does not show up at all (in 20 pages/200 results).
    “jeremy lin forum”: page 2. #18 overall

    Oct 14, 2014
    “jeremy lin”: jlinportal does not show up at all (in 12 pages/120 results). jl.net is #3
    “jeremy lin forum”: page 3. #27 overall.

    Note that you have to do this test from a browser private session. Otherwise, google uses your existing history and cookies to personalize the results.

  288. @via wong closed all her blogs…..I really hope she can join here.

  289. Did you reach out to her? Its been long! Missed her quick digs

  290. Hi Brent, did you find out what happened to @g and JLinA&F?

  291. Nope…they just vanished…

  292. it’s a “she” and she had great stats on @JLin7. She ran JLinA&F. You are not aware of her? She is super die hard Lin fan.

  293. I know…she just disappeared…

  294. I just found out about u guys here like 5 minutes ago, the moderator there is not too happy about this new JLINPORTAL!

  295. No wonder I never see Brent anymore at the previous net…..

  296. I want an avatar!

  297. OMG…how do I do this? I can’t see the upload profile avatar section…disqus is not help at all >_<

  298. Forget it! This is annoying me. I don’t want it!!

  299. hahahaha~~I found it!

  300. Test
    {ok. Test failed}……

  301. I think readers of this site might enjoy my article on JLin: http://www.borntorunthenumbers.com/2015/02/the-strange-and-badly-misunderstood.html

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