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Aug 2014 Archive


  1. 1st

  2. lol.. you’re too quick, bro 🙂

  3. Hopefully, I am not the last…:P

  4. Great Happy Birthday picture to capture the Laker joy!


  5. Gotta be Chris Rock fan. He tweeted Lin’s birthday and he defended Lin getting HOU contract in 2012.


    2012 Chris Rock defended JLin

  6. Maybe the ranks can accord with the stages of his career. Lowest would be Vikings and highest could be Lakers.

    Or according to linsanity moments. Lowest rank would be vipers d-league, Vikings, and the highest would be linsanity.

    And scroll over for one sentence description of the ranking like CF

  7. This is a cool high-top. But doesn’t Jeremy usually wear low-top with Crazyquick?


  8. Good suggestion, @wilsc. Perhaps we can get more input in a separate post on what’s the best User Ranking and how to progress. I’ll create it later.

  9. Everyone knows first is the worst 😛

  10. No JLin appearance in this Taiwan Promo video but it’s very well made with beautiful pictures.
    And it makes me hungry now 🙂

    The 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit TAIWAN !! foreigners not to come to Taiwan’s five reasons │A Laowai’s View of Taiwan

  11. Only etane thinks like that 😛

  12. Indeed this really promotes Taiwan well. Make me want to visit Taiwan now:o))

  13. Don’t think I like this one:o(( The mixture of red and yellow isn’t that nice.

  14. LOL We are still in August and yet September new thread has created. You are really in way advance!

  15. http://youtu.be/YIMuFT7On_4?t=2m
    Coach Nick called Parsons out, about his pump fake….[2:00] minutes mark

  16. yup, can’t wait for Preseason Game to start in Oct 6 🙂

  17. me too 🙂 such beautiful pictures!

  18. It’s a little weird indeed having McDonald’s color

  19. Lol… I’m not lovin’ it

  20. I know you love me, Brent and posted this for me. I’ve always hated Parson’s stupid, uncoordinated pumping iron fake. Ha ha. Thanks man, you made my summer.

  21. First always ends last!? 🙂

  22. “None of this Chandler Parsons’ stuff who take too long to get back down and attack” lol

  23. He really is a very skill-limited player……

  24. We should just Fast Forward to OCT with a OCT thread then….lol

  25. Exactly 🙂 We’ll do time-warp what we predict will happen in Oct haha..

  26. Some of his fans are fooled by confirmation bias relative to people who look good. Ah, human foibles that I also have ha ha …

  27. Ugliest pump fake in the planet.

  28. Classy Lin wished Happy Birthday to Harden the cornerstone.


  29. Mama Lin finally got her revenge? 🙂

    Lin’s nieces are very cute


  30. Brent: skilled-limited and skill-limited player both. I’d add for Parsons another skill-limit in the Harry Reid “sometimes I say the wrong things” vein. What a fun month, heh heh.

  31. Dina Yuen’s article on JLin shows interesting observation that Lin is still not quite used to the media glitz surrounding him.
    Stay humble, Lin. Don’t ever change 🙂
    Note: Mods, should we create a new post for this article to have focused discussion? Not sure there is much detail. If yes, please go ahead. 10pts for a new post + 1pt/view! 🙂


  32. sadly yes…..I can not say I do not have bias, but some ppl really offseted toooomuch

  33. It’s sometimes fun to be fooled by good looking people, as long as you aren’t losing any money or heart …

  34. He definitely deserved pie in the face from Mama Lin. I still shudder every time I watch that instagram vid. LOL.

  35. Prediction thread perhaps? Kenoshi will be all over it 🙂

  36. I saw that tweeted pic a few days ago on the fan site, and anyway, finally took a look at the lady’s site. Not much there except a go getter pushing her ‘stuff’. Fancy cares, foods, lifestyle, etc. Then I looked in Linked In and she’s actually been with the same engineering construction company for a long time, doing bus dev. She’s an IEOR grad our of Michigan, which is a v nice engineering discipline for project management etc. Cal used to have a great IEOR department. Nowadays, they call it different things and it’s sort of a pre-MBA thing. Back the, people did it because they loved manufacturing and logistics. Cool … you learn from all kids of people as a Lin fan. Hope she does well with her work hopes.

  37. Good detective work, err.. research, @JoeTeam 🙂
    That’s interesting. I wouldn’t have guessed she has engineering background but it’s good for her to pursue her passion. OR is for Operation Research, right?That’s the good old days when IE was the trend.

  38. Good one 🙂 Why don’t you create a post to predict the first 10-20 games?
    I’ll help you fix things if necessary.

  39. We can do “Pregame Prediction” posts before every game (two games for b2b games). Would there be ways to reward those who correctly predicted the outcome?

  40. It looks like Team USA has a need for a playmaker who can really move the ball.
    Drive-and-kick to find open shooters…. Hm, this reminds us of someone. It’s on the tip of my tongue… :}


  41. Haha. Curry, Harden, and Irving are shooters not movers. They should have kept Lillard or even John Wall and cut Irving.

  42. True, John Wall would be a more capable passer. I got a bad feeling about this Team USA performance.
    It’s basically putting Harden’s style of play for the world to see how far it can go.

    I worry about team basketball not being played. Too many shooting and not enough passing.

  43. Yep, I had a great friend who did IEOR, and he was really engineering manuf production oriented. Unfortunately, the only IEs I met in the past 2 decades are pre-MBA, heading to management consulting. If US ever get back to core manufacturing, maybe for car plants owned by Chinese companies :-), those degrees will have great kids in them again. Probably still do and I’m outta touch.

  44. That’s a brilliant idea, @blubell. We can keep track of member’s prediction and show leaderboard 🙂
    There might be a plugin for it already. I’ll look later

  45. it’s the nature of globalization. It’s probably a specialized mfg major such as aeronautical engineering with IP rights that can’t easily be imported. In hindsight, I’m glad I switched from IE to CS 🙂

  46. ok, @brentyen:disqus and @disqus_3ojL2FVU9I:disqus, I managed to complete Goal 1 to modify ‘HOT TOPICS’ tab to show the latest posts with recent comments 🙂
    I just need to show the latest poster and perhaps date to resemble a Forum layout.

    This way, we’ll always get to see Hot Topics on the top.

  47. yeah, lots of people I know went from bio or mech eng to CS.

  48. Looks good to me!!!! good job!!

  49. Thanks! It took some low-level database SQL coding that I wasn’t sure going to work right away but it did 🙂
    Now I just need to make it look like Forum Topics

    @disqus_3ojL2FVU9I:disqus has a great idea about Game Prediction to see who the best guesser is 🙂

  50. The starting unit has been decided? I would have thought Rose would be in the starting line up?

  51. Nice improvement!
    I agree, it would be better to have a time stamp of the posts. Also indicate location of the post.

  52. So Lakers is working out Beasley and 7 other FAs.
    – big men Dexter Pittman, Greg Stiemsma, and Daniel Orton;
    – and guards Bobby Brown, Toney Douglas, Ben Hansbrough and Malcolm Lee

    Beasley would be a nice talent but not sure is his head is on basketball.
    A season with LeBron and DWade didn’t make much difference.

    I like Toney Douglas and perhaps Pittman/Stiemsma as a big body


  53. thanks, that would be next thing to try 🙂
    I want to put it in a table format to be more organized but that could be more challenging for my Javascript skill. haha

  54. That’s true. Not sure why he didn’t think of Rose to be in the starting lineup.

  55. I think Rose is still on some kind of medical probation…just guessing…

  56. Watching Jeremy Lin defensive possessions in isolation. Like how he slides his feet & anticipates when squared up with his man.— Darius Soriano (@forumbluegold) August 28, 2014

    Does a good job of cutting off angles which leads to a fair amount of step back jumpers by his man. B/c Lin has good size, he contests well.— Darius Soriano (@forumbluegold) August 28, 2014

    Where he's not as good is when he shades his man to go in a certain direction. Leaves the gate open too wide & can gets beat too much.— Darius Soriano (@forumbluegold) August 28, 2014

    Now watching his work off the ball. Shows good awareness and smarts in where he should be, so far.— Darius Soriano (@forumbluegold) August 28, 2014

    Having bigs who can defend the rim helps, but he's quick to recover back to the perimeter and contest shots at the arc.— Darius Soriano (@forumbluegold) August 28, 2014

    Liking how he can run at a shooter, break down enough into a stance and slide with his man for at least a couple of dribbles towards help.— Darius Soriano (@forumbluegold) August 28, 2014

    In the D Byron will want to run, Lin's ability to help middle & then chase to the arc & either contest or slide w/ a dribbler is important.— Darius Soriano (@forumbluegold) August 28, 2014

    Lakers have been awful in making a rotation back to the wing & then sliding with the ball after a show + go. So far, Lin is doing okay there— Darius Soriano (@forumbluegold) August 28, 2014

    LOL at Harden in some of these clips…— Darius Soriano (@forumbluegold) August 28, 2014

  57. He’s perfectly on point with his analysis.

    Lin’s strength on defense is always his great anticipation and court-vision of knowing what offense is trying to do.

    I wonder what he meant by about Lin’s weakness in “Where he’s not as good is when he shades his man to go in a certain direction. Leaves the gate open too wide & can gets beat too much.”

    It might be related with his help D to protect the paint and leave too much space with his man? Is it when he let his man to go off to the corner or try to go over/under the screen? Sometimes I see Lin let his man get away from the basket as long as he protects the path to the basket but he got beat by 3pt or penetration.

  58. No…..I had the same observation b4. When He ICE a ball handler from PnR (meaning forcing them to the side lines.) He angled himself too much (meaning he deviate from the line between the line of the ball handler and the rim) that although the ball handler indeed went for the sideline drive, it was too wide open and too hard for the rim protector to help. FWIW, I think that was HOU’s problem that they think they could trap every sideline drive with D12 and TJ.

  59. Not sure if Beasley is tough enough mentally or not……

  60. psalm234, the king of coding!

  61. I prefer Lillard. They obviously picked ppl who can shoot long range……..Wall is by default a “must-cut” player

  62. There are so many CS students now a day….will that not hurting their job market situations?

  63. That is what a piece should do……lol

  64. LOL, if Parsons don improve, he is not going anywhere, including USA team….He did get a big k tho, good for him….

  65. A well made video! thanks!!!

  66. hm, interesting. Perhaps that’s by design in HOU to funnel the guards to D12/TJ in the middle?

  67. not if the demand is increasing due more things being computerized and automated due to cheaper computing cost. Even non-CS major has to pick up some programming for their work. Do you have to code in your line of work? Or use ready-made statistical tools like MathLab?

  68. more like hacking in this case lol :]

  69. I think HOU also preach no middle drive….just…..did not execute it well….Mostly……the bigs’ problem I assume. In defense, there is no way a guard can see the whole floor…..

  70. Nice graphics of Lakers stars+Grandpa Steve 🙂
    Nash looks … old in the pic 🙂


  71. MatLab most of the time…we will leave the awesome coding/hacking to you guys….lol

  72. Well…he is………old….

  73. Jordan Hill has a “Dude, what u doin’ here, Grandpa?” look.
    In fact, everyone except Kobe looks concerned for Steve 🙂

  74. I don’t think so, that CS is on the wane in the US. The move to India and China has come back to the US. A wise investor told me once … if people there are just as smart as people here, why would they take lower wages for a long time? The businesses will take their 100% markup, so it’s a fad. And so it was … offshoring software dev for web 1.0 lasted about 5 years, and then the prices got to high people starting to move the best engineers here on visas, for more live interaction. That of course doesn’t apply to big companies who have entire operations in China and India, but more for the smaller teams that are doing innovation.

    My friend with a CS PhD from MIT went back to Taiwan mid-career, and he’s doing great. He didn’t need to stay here or there – CS for him is how he’s a free man, and now his kids are growing up with real bilingual skills. Sometimes I wish I was a CS major.

  75. Ha ha, I know MatLab … I had to source a few licenses for our PhD researchers, and man would I like to know how to use it. You are a brainiac 🙂

  76. Didn’t he just get cut a couple of days ago? I love it when hubris comes home to roost … like Jack Nicholson said in A Few Good Men: “you can’t handle the truth” (I’m sayin’ it Parsons-LOH fans)

  77. Haha. Boozer has a disapproving expression.

  78. It’s funny but it’s really the other cornerstone :]


  79. Los Angeles Lakers News & Starting Lineup Predictions: Jeremy Lin, Kobe … – Latin Post http://t.co/JmHCJWik7k #NBA #LosAngelesLakers— Lakers Plus (@Lakers_Plus) August 29, 2014

  80. Hm, it’s a little unusual for Latin Post to project Nick Young to start at Small Forward.

    I think Mike Trudell projected him to come off the bench in 3 lineups.

    But this line on Lin was really true:
    Lin has only started more than 35 games in a season one time, so this will be his best opportunity to showcase his talents.

    Thanks to McHale’s incompetence to create a real team and Harden’s ego, Lin only started >35 games ONCE in his first year with Houston. Lin needs take the most of his opportunity this year to show what he can do if used properly. Go Byron Scott!

  81. Somehow I’ve thought that Swaggy will be 6th man.

  82. WOW….just found out that TWC SPORT NET is added to my cable line up in Dallas……..

  83. He should…..

  84. Does this mean you can watch the Lakers games?

  85. I don know, I think they will blackout the game

  86. LOL Not good in predicting any of those as I didn’t watch enough games in participating. Just want JLin to do well and flourish from now on:o))

  87. LOL I’m more into waiting for training camp begins. Less than 4 weeks now:o)) Easier while waiting.

  88. I like this format much better than the other website. This one is easier to follow. Strange. Anyhow, Psalm you have done a great job in improving the site.

  89. Just checked the calendar, you have placed a preseason Jazz game in September as well as in October. Mistake??!!!

    Would you also place when training season begins in the calendar? Easier for not digging from my calendar:o))

  90. Ballstreams, baby!

  91. Mike Trudell has the correct assessment. He can be an offensive spark off the bench.
    A sane JR Smith 🙂

  92. Good catch 🙂
    I deleted the Sept one.

    I’m working to add the Traning camp dates and Media day

  93. yeah thanks, I tried to listen to the feedback 🙂
    Not quite done yet but we’re getting there haha..

    I want the Hot Topics to show the latest discussion topics (i.e. Game Thread, Stats Post, etc.) so people can pick and choose which subject to discuss

  94. it’s okay, everyone can do it for fun 🙂
    Yeah, let’s hope Byron Scott really believes in Lin and make him flourish!

  95. Jeremy’s speed …

    I’ve been puzzled by some posts on Laker sites which suggest JLin is somehow slow. (I just saw another post today over on SS&R which suggests that Isaiah Thomas is faster, and more desirable PG.). I haven’t seen any statistical data for a while, but the BAM data (link below) compiled a couple of years ago shows Jeremy holding is own against names like Rose, Irving, and Wall. Are there any other similar studies around?


  96. Definitely getting it this year.

  97. Psalm is working his magic 🙂
    I hope your treatments are going well. God Bless!

  98. their stream was excellent last year. I can get the HD no problem 95% of the time.
    Much better than NBA League Pass before which had stream bug and unsynchronized audio/video plus too many blackouts. I believe Ballstreams has preseasons too.

  99. that’s probably using some eye tests.
    This is the link of the actual BAM measurements (vs Irving, John Wall, DRose) showing JLin came 1st in AVG and START Speed and 2nd in TOP Speed after John Wall


    I would just provide the links and move on. Pure athleticism is not a guarantee to be a great player. Change of speed, cutting angles, knowing when to play slow and quick is more important in the long-term. Just see how DRose got injured repeatedly relying purely on freakish athleticism. Lin has to change his game as he said recently, learn from Nash, GP, etc.

  100. hahaha probably better than the sane real JR Smith 🙂

  101. yeah….I think I am going to get ballstream too…but last yr, it was choppy after ASB

  102. Simply put, Lin has a more athletic brain…

  103. Rondo is a FA in 2015, just like Lin. Why would LAL get him now while they can get him next yr without losing something in a trade???………

  104. BAM! If only there’s a standard measurement of brain athleticism :]

  105. For some reason I didn’t recall having choppiness issue on my laptop through Wifi (some connectivity issues yes)
    If it’s through the iPhone network, yes.. I can’t watch well.

  106. yeah, that wouldn’t make sense either.
    Rondo has a too volatile personality and he might not resign with the team.
    He could be a very expensive headache for 1 yr rental and his health is still doubtful.

  107. Mo Williams is having Lin and others to attend a private workout for 5 days?

    Just posted a photo http://t.co/zsksM5jJ6N— Mo Williams (@mowilliams) August 27, 2014

  108. It is a more affordable route nonetheless. I wasn’t satisfied with LP’s performance last year so I’m taking a chance on Ballstream this year.
    Now that Jeremy’s is in LA, I can actually watch the whole game most of the time. When he was with NY, games would be over by the time I get home from work and only catch the second half of the games when he was with HOU. So having LP was a bit of waste. Although I can access the archives, watching it live is more fun.

  109. Perhaps this is the Adidas connection? Just like Lin reportedly hang out with Lillard and POR players during the playoff for some Adidas event.

    Nevertheless, this is great for Lin to train against quality NBA players and be great friends with them. I bet Lin can learn more from watching them than they can from Lin 🙂

  110. I thought it Adidas related event too but then I saw Parsons name…
    It is a great opportunity and I like the fact that I don’t see superstars with big egos. Jeremy is really working hard this summer! Can’t wait!

  111. A copy from jl.net before it gets lost in 5K posts 🙂
    This is in regards to some fans asking if we can trust Lakers as an org as much as we trust the Rockets.

    The question shouldn’t be if we can trust Lakers/Rockets as an organization to use Lin properly but how much can we trust coaches (BScott/McHale) and star players (Kobe/Harden)?.

    And even then, as @Je Ballew aptly pointed out, Lin personally can’t put 100% faith on coaches/stars. Based on his personal history, he should continue to put his faith to play for God which materializes in him playing the right way and unselfishly to help his team win no matter what his role is. He can’t control his circumstances surrounding him but he can control his attitude and effort to play all out no matter what. Good things will follow when he keeps giving 100%. (see Asik’s approach in losing PT vs Lin’s to get his 1st Linsanity playoff game in Game 5 vs POR).

    So far, I don’t see the Lakers coach/star gave the same treatment with the Rockets after acquiring Lin.

    The biggest difference has been how much Byron Scott has recognized Lin’s strength to play in his system (i.e. “triple-threat, fearless, I like him”, etc.) and how much McHale has tried to marginalize Lin’s strength and focus on his weaknesses from Day one (i.e. “he has to change his role here”, “just once-a-lifetime meteoric Linsanity phenomenon”. “he’s young”, etc.)

    Yes, the Lakers and theRockets (even the Knicks) are still businesses that will promote players only if they benefit the organization.

    But if we learned anything from D’Antoni/McHale/Smart/Musselman, the amount of faith coaches have in players will determine how they will use players properly.

    As far as Kobe, so far he’s definitely more secure than Harden to see Lin as someone to helps him win being 37 and coming off injury than someone to steal the thunder from being the face of the franchise.

    So we definitely can have more hope in BScott than McHale in how to use Lin properly. I personally want to see more from Kobe’s trust in Lin but so far it’s a little better than Harden’s.

    I’m just glad we’re not discussing what Lin should do in his last year of the contract as a backup in Houston or a castaway in 76ers/Bucks. I’ll take Lin in Lakers 10 out of 10 anytime!

    It’s all about perspectives.

    PS: Sorry, it’s a bit long

  112. Scott is still on probation to me…LOL we will see

  113. 3X days until we can watch him play!

  114. http://instagram.com/p/saL_xnu0ph/
    Agility trainning, If Lin can steal some foot works from Nash…..he will be upgraded significantly.

    And that coach was checking Lin very carefully….haha almost like he thinks something is wrong with what Lin did there.

  115. Trolls are flooding JL.net again…..

  116. Coach Nick on how to beat USA, and yes, Harden plays a big part of it…

  117. the timing is a bit curious.
    I wonder why

  118. Probably they are bored as well?! 🙂

  119. One thing I really want to see Lin do is taking more shots.
    If I’m not mistaken, you and Brent do also share the same thoughts.
    One of the reason his PPG was not shining (although his true shoo, bcoz he took way too little shots. He need to pump it to 12-15 attempt per game.

  120. I believe Lin would have that opportunity for the Lakers and he needs to show that he can always be counted to score if needed.

    At times, I felt like Lin intentionally wanted to just set up his teammates last season since he wasn’t clear about what his role should be. Since the playoff, he’s been comfortable to attack everytime he’s on the court.

    I can’t wait for Oct 🙂

  121. could be. usually it was timed with Chris Baldwin’s article but it could be the no-D Harden viral video

  122. Lookin’ good!

    @blubell and IsabeliJane*7 should be very happy 🙂


  123. Thanks for fixing it so promptly:o)) Just checking the site when I’m doing “okay” to see what’s all about:o))

  124. That’s right. Psalm is definitely working very hard on this. I’m lost with all these IT. Feel like a “dinosaur” in this fast moving world:o))

    Just returned from my second last treatment. Treatment goes as well as it can be under the circumstances. Will have my last one done tomorrow. Had my discharge today. Doc said that the radiation site would most likely get worse before it got better. That isn’t a great news. Right now it is so itchy and discomfort at times. Fatigue will continue for at least few more weeks….Oh well. At least thank God that tomorrow is the last session of the treatment and then I can move on my life.

  125. Very good. Guess I will get used to this site soon. Most likely I won’t be able to contribute much most areas as I don’t watch much of bb except highlights. Not sure I’m able to watch games when I find a job and begin to work again. For now, I’m taking a day at a time. Not thinking that far ahead yet:o)) At least for the rest of this month I’m still recuperating.

  126. You’re welcome! 🙂 Stay strong over there!

  127. 15 is too much for him given the current roster. I do want him taking more shots, but within the flow of the game. Not like how Swaggy P got his shots….totally different.

  128. You need more rest and peace of mind!! not job!!! 😛 hope the best for you.

  129. LP is not an option to me, not gonna give NBA money.,

  130. I like the jacket… and the dude wearing the jacket.

    I still find it awkward when he’s talking about fashion.

  131. Brent Yen is correct 🙂 don’t think about jobs or other things.
    You can always contribute by sharing your favorite moment in the highlights 😀

    Just count the blessings that it’s the last treatment then you can focus on recuperating.
    Stay positive so you can get well very soon.

    May the words of King David in Psalm 23 comfort you as they always do for me 🙂

    A psalm of David.
    1 The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.
    2 He makes me lie down in green pastures,
    he leads me beside quiet waters,
    3 he refreshes my soul.
    He guides me along the right paths
    for his name’s sake.
    4 Even though I walk
    through the darkest valley,[a]
    I will fear no evil,
    for you are with me;
    your rod and your staff,
    they comfort me.

    5 You prepare a table before me
    in the presence of my enemies.
    You anoint my head with oil;
    my cup overflows.
    6 Surely your goodness and love will follow me
    all the days of my life,
    and I will dwell in the house of the Lord

  132. wait, what happens in 3 days? 😀
    I lost track of days.

  133. Did some quick scanning on JLin.net

    Appreciate all your support to Gilas Pilipinas. Unfortunately, we are really lacking in the front court. Aside from Blatche our team needs bodies on the inside. Pingris is not really cut to play as PF in the international league. I’ve seen Scola play and this guy is like a Big Wheel, muscling it on the inside.

  134. Thanks but I prefer him smiling 😀

  135. I like it too. Maybe if @Brent Yen:disqus and I ever get together watching games together, we can pass the coolness test to rock this jacket 😀

    Hm, so Milk is a fashion magazine? I thought it’s a nutrition mag.. haha

  136. Hahaha I’m referring to a video of him talking about that red jacket.

    Would be cool if you guys there can organize a fan get-together to watch J’s games and wear that Adidas red jacket.

  137. Amen. Such a classic… one of my favorites.

  138. he can’t. He caught a glimpse of Harden’s D on Team USA on TV

    BTW, this could be the “Christian Assassin” look as Randall Park said in the YT vid :]

  139. If Faried or Anthony Davis gets injured, heck even nutcase DeMarcus Cousins goes down, Team USA can kiss the FIBA trophy good bye.

  140. Christian murderer

  141. Me too from now on. Last year was probably the worst year to get LP as JLin fan.

  142. That’s definitely Adidas promo talk :] The guy still felt a bit uncomfortable “selling” the jacket.

    Yeah, maybe if we can find cheap tickets for playoff games ;}

  143. oh yeah, that’s even worse :]

  144. unfortunately “cheap tickets” and “playoff” seems to be allergic to each other… “*sigh*

  145. Hmm I assume that playoff tickets costs USD 1,000 above? My preseason ticket last year was already around USD 740.

  146. looks like Lin is the most balanced and quickest to me :]

    I’d say the trainer was giving extra attention to the star pupil. Showoff! haha

  147. Thanks to Brent, we got Instagram vids link from Mo Williams Academy.
    Maybe we should create a separate post for it.
    @ij7:disqus, if you have time, perhaps you can create a new separate post so we can discuss it separately.
    If not, I can do it tomorrow


  148. Thanks Brent. Job has never been too far off from my mind since I was “forced terminated” in the middle of November last year. Still try to figure out what I want to do and what kind of job I can find here in Australia. I know in due time God will prepare one that I can still utilize what I have learned, done and studied in the past. Not too worry about it at the moment.

  149. Thanks Psalm. Yes I like this psalm very much. Used to be I would use “horray” to express my joy of finishing the treatment. But when I visited Israel about 3 years ago, our tour guide, a messianic Jew pastor, told us the history of behind this whole celebration, I stopped using it for good. Just make it brief: German used this to celebrate when they “caught” Jews and then sent them to die (concentration camp).

  150. meant thirty something days….

  151. So…Lin is focused on his lateral footwork/speed?………………..


  152. But still you got chances to win…….I think fatigue is the main problem in that game. Almost won…..too bad…

  153. that is always helpful to defend his man, right?
    BTW, I created a new post already and added GIF so it’s easier to see them.

  154. He had excellent PER beginning of last season. He should be able to maintain it this time around and get it done offensively with 12 fga.

  155. BTW, I created a post under your name so I combined the instagram link with the animated GIFs.
    Sorry for the confusion.

  156. Thanks for the good work!

  157. BTW, I updated the Homepage:
    1. Replaced the Hot Topics and Recent comments to start on Hot Topics.
    It’s better to show the freshness (last comment for the topic). For recent comments, it shows the Post.

    2. Removed FORUM latest replies.
    Eventually, we’ll just use this for archive and use posts as main topics on homepage.

    Let me know if this is better. I might be able to change the orange color to Lakers gold if it’s not too bright.

  158. Yes I like this much better. Know what’s new and update and where to go to look for things that I would like to look at.

  159. No problem at all 🙂

  160. I want to visit the night market.

  161. I hope you’ll be healthy soon.

  162. Glad you like it 🙂 You’re helping to shape the site to be user-friendly

  163. 🙂 If you don’t know it already, I think we’re moving away from using Forum as the main vehicle for discussion.

    Disqus is easier for that purpose for most users and with more features (votes/notifications/sort) so that’s why I used “Most Popular/Recent Comments” box to simulate Forum-like features.

    We might still use Forum for archive or Mods private discussion.

  164. LOL Glad to be a help even though it isn’t my intention. Not very good in learning new stuffs. Only can comment on what I know and how to use it:o))

  165. Good discussion if Lin or Nash should start.


  166. Don’t sell yourself short 🙂
    That’s a skill indeed. Many people comment on what they don’t know. LOL

  167. As Cuban took down Skip and SAS, he said this great line:
    “The hardest position to hire in all the sports is your Head Coach”

    This explains why Cuban is a big believer in team Chemistry while Morey focuses on the hard Math.
    Cuban believed in Rick Carlisle who brought him a ring while Les believed in Morey who brought him great math and not-so-great coach but only 1 playoff series win in 7 years.


  168. Love this,….watch it so many times….

  169. couple of triple double would be nice as well! 🙂

  170. Well, at least there is no troll here, psalm. Wish maybe the other site has more action Jackson!

  171. LOL .. I have no idea what brought those trolls out of the holes this time 🙂
    I see we have the regular “Lin-should-be-like-me” troll, “Lin-no-good” troll.

    Basically all kinds of insecure people wishing they’re Lin.

  172. Do you like the counter on the Top right on homepage?
    25 days before Media Day! Only 3.5 weeks before the festivities start!

  173. I’ve created multiple accounts and trolled Jlin.net to steer everyone to this site 😛

  174. The last question on 3 course meal…did indeed made JL to open up and gave 5 course meal!

    We can easily notice Jeremy is excited to showcase as well….cant wait 🙂

  175. This is the most interesting Answer to me.

    Stephanie Diong Describe your life as a 3 course meal!

    Jeremy Lin Breakfast: bratty arrogant kid
    Brunch: the hibernation process (Harvard, D-league, lockout)
    Lunch: the breakout (NY)
    Dinner: the hibernation process part 2 (Houston)
    Dessert: thats next on the menu

    Lin’s mindset is thinking ‘hibernation process’ as a nice understatement that he’s been hidden in a cave playing out-of-position and out-of-favor. But he’s a hungry bear and is ready to party and dish it out soon!

    Hibernating bear ready to ball!

    Lethal JumpShot!

  176. yup, you can just sense the desire to play ball out there! :}

  177. Yes, JLin Fan from Oz … if you can afford it, don’t work for awhile and enjoy life for all the hard work you have done and will do to recover. Sending spiritual energy from just 20 miles from where Lin grew up! He might be at his mom’s house now, who knows (he was here last week).

  178. I can’t see the counter and it might be my ad blockers or something like that (I use ghostery too). But yeah, soon I will be losing time to Lin games and it’ll be Linteresting, to balance it all.

  179. Yep … you know it.

  180. He’s not smiling but I love his expression here. Very confident.


  181. So this is the floater he has been working on?

  182. I just decoded what Lin’s mindset in describing his life in the 3-course meal. A bit slow 🙂

    Stephanie Diong Describe your life as a 3 course meal!
    Jeremy Lin Breakfast: bratty arrogant kid
    Brunch: the hibernation process (Harvard, D-league, lockout)
    Lunch: the breakout (NY)
    Dinner: hibernation process part 2 (Houston)
    Dessert: thats next on the menu

    It’s clear what follows after Hibernation Process part 1 -> the breakout (NY)

    So that’s what Lin hopes to achieve after Hibernation part 2!

    Great to see that Lin’s full of confidence in thinking of another breakout!

  183. Good one 🙂 You should tweet it to @JLin7!

  184. my favorite animal-> polar bear!!! love it

  185. I could see light at the end of the tunnel…clap clap

  186. it’s on the Top Right on homepage.
    Time is not lost if we balance our passion and work 🙂
    Everything good and worthwhile doing, right?

  187. Hi Psalm,

    Thanks for the improvement on the site. The top, is that called banner?, the word in white is a little bit difficult to see with JLin in black and purple color. A little bit 眼花撩亂的感覺.

    I like the countdown as well as Lakers Schedule on the side. Not sure I like the highlight color esp.the countdown.one.

  188. Yeah agree, maybe the the font color in gold (dark) would better.

    As for the count down, if you could a digital clock widget, that would be great

  189. Psalm said yesterday that he is still trying to fix that…..we will see….:P

  190. thanks, I tried to change it to gold text but it’s still a little hard to see over the banner.
    I might have to try to put it over or under the banner

  191. 🙂 the gold text is still hard to see over the banner
    I’m trying to see if I can put it above or below the banner

  192. I’m not sure what goes on during a period of hibernation, but I would describe Lin’s “hibernations” as periods of, perhaps, confusion, questioning, reflection, and struggle. In any case, as a result of them, he emerges better and stronger. One thing that impresses me about Lin is that he makes sense of his experiences and gains more from them because of it.

  193. cycle of Orientation, Disorientation and Re-orientation

  194. That’s a good description of Lin’s struggle and learning process in his hibernating years in GSW and Houston.
    Resilience is certainly Lin’s strength throughout the years of being underestimated and deprived of opportunities simply because he didn’t fit into the prototypical baller (just like Nash).

    What intrigued me is how his state-of-mind presently thinks of the current situation.
    He could have gone the safe route of “play my best to help the team, help Kobe win” but he didn’t. He didn’t shy away from laying the ground for another potential breakout.

    IMO he intentionally used the ‘hibernation’ term to refer to a period of being under-the-radar where he had to learn and develop in many areas:
    1. attack-the-rim w/o turning the ball over in D-League years, revamped shooting mechanics and transformed his body during lockout
    2. playing off-the-ball in Houston, how to play the offensive spark role ala Manu, playing w/o having the ball much on his hand, playing with star teammates with huge ego

    But he clearly has the high confidence to expect another breakout following the recent hibernation. At least, internally. Call it a chip-on-the-shoulder, playing all out to his best, etc. It’s still very good nonetheless.

    He would need this extreme confidence to play next to Kobe wearing his Linsanity emotion on his sleeves. Only then Kobe will respect him and perhaps see him as a potential star.

  195. Its better now…thanks

  196. yeah, a little better now.. onto finding the next cool countdown clock 🙂

    Check-out these Star-Wars theme timer! The gold C3-PO version might work


  197. I wanted to suggest a digital countdown clock last night but I was so tired and fell asleep… I guess you read my mind 😉

  198. WOW! You are very efficient Psalm. Much much much better now. I like the changes. Oops, where is the count down clock gone????!!!! Not here:o)) Must be still in the home page.

  199. It’s the Star Wars countdown clock 🙂 haha.. I might buy the paid-version to automate multiple games

  200. Psalm, if you can do that, that will be even better. Thanks for making it even friendlier to use.

  201. Oh Ok. Good on you. No idea as I don’t watch much of TV and anything. Thanks anyway!

  202. Are you still going to put the scoreboard (banner form) on top and stats on the side bar?

  203. Have you tried putting the menu below the banner so it doesn’t obstruct the banner?

  204. It’s a little difficult to do but that’s really the ideal place to be.
    I’ll keep testing to do so. Thanks

  205. We can do the scoreboard on the top or side-bar. But I have to check for plugins to display individual stats on the sidebar. That’s another good idea!

  206. No biggie. The color is gold like the little robot R2D2 from Star Wars movies 🙂

  207. Actually, @maknusia:disqus had the same thought with digital clock so I went hunting for it 🙂

    Great minds think alike!

  208. JLin.net just posted a new doc interview, go check it out

  209. Great interview!
    As much as I hated his time in Houston, Jeremy has learned so much through hardship/struggles and turned negative into positive without complaint. I really hope is able to play his brand of basketball with the Lakers.

    “I’m hoping he gets the ball in hands and can play the point where he can show that he can run a team and be a creator like he was with the Knicks. The positive side of playing with the Rockets is that he did learn the nuances of playing off the ball. Learning to attack defenses off the catch is now a weapon for him.. With more of a shooter’s mentality (fearless and cunning) He will have a great year.” – Doc

  210. Great to hear Doc’s positive assessment about Lin’s shooter mentality.
    He touched upon that issue in the previous interview when Lin needed to believe he’s a shooter in his head.

    Loved the description of the a shooter’s mentality (“fearless and cunning”) :]

    Lin got the full credit turning a less-than-ideal position in Houston to develop the shooting guard mentality. We all can learn to turn lemon to lemonade in life 🙂

  211. It’s quite impossible to describe Jeremy’s life in a 5 course meal. Should have something after Dessert, include a Midnight Snack or something.

  212. They’re just appetizers. Main course is yet to come!

  213. I wonder how he will describe his wedding and children in the future as part of the 7-course meal.
    How would you describe it? LOL

    Oh I have an idea but I dare not say it :]

  214. Say it… hahaha

  215. Appreciate all your work Psalm!

    Is WordPress sensitive on browser versions? I’m using Firefox right now. The links are really somewhere in the middle?

  216. sure thing. You created the banner so it should be displayed well 🙂

    You mean in the banner? I’m using Chrome and it’s still in the middle.
    I haven’t quite figured out how to put it below the banner yet.
    It’s more the WordPress theme and the CSS coding that needs manual tweak

  217. The digital clock …thumbsup

  218. Here are all of the training videos from Lin’s Mo academy experience: enjoy


  219. Hey, checking out the new portal! Congrats psalm 24.

  220. Lin looks really good in his all around game at Mo Williams academy. He seemed to be well liked by the players that were there. Go Lin:)

  221. BTW the new portal looks good. I hope you keep all of the rif raf off..LOL

  222. Portal looks great! I’ll be checking in everyday! Thanks for all your hard work.

  223. Thanks, Joyce 🙂 A lot of people (Brent Yen, blubell, Maknusia . , IsabeliJane*7 , JLin Fan from Australia (Melody) and many others) made it happen.
    You’re definitely invited to be one of the mods here.

    We can’t wait to see “Bam! Bye-bye .. SMH!” to the riff-raffs and troublemakers here 😀

  224. And the plot thickens… 🙂

  225. Thanks, Joyce 🙂 A lot of people (@Brent Yen:disqus, @blubell:disqus, @Maknusia .:disqus , @IsabeliJane*7:disqus , @wu kong, @JoeTeam, @JLin Fan from Australia:disqus /Melody and many others ) made it happen!

    You’re definitely invited to be one of the mods here.

    We can’t wait to see “Bam! Bye-bye … SMH!” to the riff-raffs and troublemakers here! 😀

  226. Thanks, Tttt.
    Brent, bluebell, IJ and many others helped to make it happen!

    Don’t hesitate to give ideas/suggestions to make this site the best positively Lin fans 🙂

  227. Thanks, @disqus_kq1CzK2p0F:disqus! Many great Lin fans helped to make it a reality 🙂

  228. LOL

  229. so is that a yes to be a mod? 🙂
    You can have the power on the tip of your fingers!

  230. AND the plot thickens… LOL.

  231. Just now checking the site. I see a lot of my friends from the other site. That already makes me feel at home.

  232. Great to see you, @Je Ballew!
    You have some excellent writing. If you’d like to be a post contributor, just let me or @brentyen:disqus know 🙂

  233. count me in

  234. Welcome! Je Ballew..

  235. So glad you’ve joined us! Love reading your insightful posts.

  236. 🙂 so true..

    BTW, please PM me your Disqus email address so I can make you the Disqus admin.
    It’s a separate process from the Forum mod.

  237. Great!
    Please register through the “Sign Up” link so I can give you Contributor role to create posts on this site.
    Thank you 🙂 Looking forward to reading your posts.

  238. ok

  239. We are going to have an army of mods! No more trolls!! LOL

  240. You’re still here… 😛

  241. oooooops……

  242. no worries.
    We like good trolls 🙂

  243. Hey, I like the new home page – v clean.

  244. with your help, we’re getting better everyday, Mr. Joe! :]
    Next is the Game Scoreboard for lively game discussion!
    Let’s see what Lin fans would enjoy to have the most.

  245. Well, y’all know I didn’t do anything except post a few times, so thanks for your + nature. This season is going to be fun. You and KHuang will meet I’m sure because he’s got the tix.

  246. now, no – is allowed here :]
    You and Melody (@jlin_fan_from_australia:disqus) provided the invaluable feedback that most users want user-friendly commenting features w/ Disqus. And that convinced the rest of us. That’s huge!

    Hopefully I can meet KHuang. He preferred to meet outside since he’s so focused on watching games.

  247. Guys who will watch games live, ALL of you must turn in your in-game reports.


  248. WOW! Good that more and more people join the gang here:o))

    Psalm, this website is promoted in Baidu JLin’s fans site. Wonderful news!

  249. this site getting better. good job.

  250. Was watching some Mexico vs USA FIBA basketball earlier. Got bored because of USA running Mexico out of the arena with the biggies’ athleticism.

    Just noticed that the Team-Captain-Slash-Defensive-Specialist will pick up on the defense ONLY when he has clear path to poke and steal the ball.

  251. Seems like USA’s big guys are the difference. I have a hard time watching all the commercials and foul interruptions even the games Lin is playing. That’s one thing about basketball I don’t like.

  252. Rose jacked a shot 4 sec after he checked in……I guess he is somehow desperate….

  253. You would have to be real mean guy not to like Lin as a person; yeah, Lin looked pretty good. I hope he will kill it this year and get the Staples Center rocking.

  254. I think TommyJohn poster at JLin had an effect of many people moving to here. Mod not banning guys like that is just too much.

  255. I feel bad for D Rose because I think he will never be that good anymore due to his injury.

  256. Those mods got good interviews…..at least…..LOL

  257. Now Psalm can get those interviews.

  258. Sadly…..I think so too…let’s see a few NBA games from him to actually give verdict…….

  259. All hail Psalm!!!!!

  260. BTW, that chat box seems not loading in some pages…..

  261. Hail fellow well met

  262. I wonder if any teams could matchup USA? Kinda doubt it. The closest is Spain, but then…hmmm lets see

  263. This new Avatar did spook me out!!!

  264. Thats correct… @psalm234:disqus need to check it out

  265. Yes, it’s the biggies carrying Team USA – Faried, Davis, and Cousins. Their interior defense is the main reason why they’re still winning now. If one of these guys go down, Team USA can kiss the FIBA trophy goodbye.

    Spain’s Gasol bros is a threat though. Not sure about the Lithuanian team.

  266. I am loving this site♥

  267. Let’s hope that chat box can handle game chat!!! will be fun….

  268. Don’t make KHuang a Mod, or he will start banning everyone who disagrees with him.

  269. LMAO……

  270. wait till khuang reads this!

  271. Uh, uh, I am in trouble. 🙂

  272. I experienced the same problem. I’m looking into it now

  273. no hail pls 🙂 .. now I just need to be the guy fixing up stuff like chat box haha

  274. KHuang would be a great poster/contributor but perhaps is too passionate to be a mod :]

  275. I will hold my hail until you fix the countdown clock… seems to be going very sloooow 😛

  276. Yeah it will be.haha

  277. haha, I thought the new default picture (Om-Nom) will spice things up 🙂

    It’s my son’s favorite character haha..

  278. I’m excited about the upcoming season. Jeremy will bring enjoyment to his fans with his basketball skill, and inspire us by his faith in God. God will enrich as through these experiences. I am looking forward to enjoying these times with each of you.

  279. I have the same excitement and sense of anticipation, too 🙂

    It’s like the Israelites getting ready to enter the Promised Land after wandering in the desert for 40 years. God has used the bad experience to strengthen Lin’s character so he’s ready to break out for the 2nd time.

    We just need to pray for his health and good team environment to welcome him and not have any jealousy in Lakers team.

  280. I see you didn’t compare Jeremy to Moses this time 😛
    Who would have thought LA would be the Promised Land flowing with milk and honey. I will be praying with you regarding his health and good team chemistry.

  281. lol .. I got shot down the last time w/ Moses.

    Joshua is better here since even Lin quoted the “Be strong and courageous” verse on Joshua 1:9

  282. LOL Thinking about that but not sure it’s quite there yet as JLin isn’t the “new” leader. It’s more appropriate to compare JLin with the wonderment of Israelites in wilderness and time to battle for the promised land.

  283. ok, that might be even more accurate 🙂

    JLin is not the de facto leader like Joshua yet to lead to enter the Promised Land (playoff/championship) but he needs to fight many battles first. The only thing that doesn’t fit is imagining Kobe as Moses, the old leader. lol

  284. Finally managed to get my avatar done to match up with other sites. Took a while to figure things out! Hopeless in IT!!!!!

  285. LOL That’s why I didn’t put JLin nor anyone down as the main leader(s). The story of just Israelites needed to help each other to fight for their designated land is sufficient in the mean time:o))

  286. Where is this picture showing?

  287. Hahaha. Same as youtube and Twitter. I have tried to change Disques’s avator a few times but was never been able to until now. This is one of the Brisbane scenes that I took from a high rise bldg. Comparatively this is the best representation of being fan from Brisbane:o))

  288. I think i am tired of Jeremylin.net because no matter how many times you flagged the trolls, the same trolls still there every day and night.

  289. there is a lot of frustration by many posters there.
    I’m not sure if the mods are busy but it’s very easy to blacklist someone who clearly violates the family-friendly rules.

    Here I set up a rule if a post is flagged 5 times, then it disappears. It’s actually very easy to do.
    Brent and I have tried to JL mods but perhaps they’re just too busy.

  290. If the mod there doesn’t care, then i probably won’t care to go there too!

  291. It’s very sad to see but a lot of us have tried to offer our help to be mods there 🙁
    oh well, we did our best

  292. so many offered them help and as far as i can tell they accepted nothing. If they are too busy they need to close the thing down.

  293. closing things might be too harsh since they do a lot of good coverage like the interview.
    But they should get help to moderate since no moderation is the death of many forums.

    I’m a proponent of a forum with differing opinions but with mutual respect.
    I have no problem banning disrespectful people at all.

    We don’t let guests come to our house and disrespect us, why shouldn’t we do the same for a forum? I truly don’t understand.

  294. It is still a good place to get info…..JL.net is out there like forever. So……I hope this site can catch up and be better eventually.

  295. By any chance, does anyone know who are the mods of jeremylindotnet? Wonder about the relationships to JLin.

  296. You mean personally? if just usernames, there is a list of mods on the right on the homepage of JL.net

  297. Have checked but didn’t see the info. Guess they do know JLin personally in a sense.

  298. What have I done with the Chat Box. Gone from the site when I “played” with it:o((

  299. Really looking forward to having a tightly moderated and well-organized JL discussion forum this year. I just don’t have the time or interest to read through thousands of posts every day (with a good majority of the posts being junk or trolls). Glad to see several efforts to create a better solution.

    This season, I’m planning to skip jl.net and join a forum that can keep up with all the latest JL news, but do it in an organized fashion (separate forum topics) and tightly moderated.

  300. That’s exactly what we aspire to do, @real_dsb:disqus

    So far we have a group of 8 mods (@brentyen:disqus, @disqus_3ojL2FVU9I:disqus, @awarde:disqus, @ij7:disqus, @maknusia:disqus,@joeteam:disqus, @disqus_dVLDET9zJ7:disqus and me). And we might need more mods in Asia/Europe time. They all have the power to delete comments and blacklist users/IP address. Please let me know if you’d like to be one.

    All I ask is to keep the forum be respectful and be positive. Differing opinions are welcomed with mutual respect.
    Insults, name-calling, personal attacks will not be tolerated here. I will put this in an FAQ page.

  301. psalm, I didn’t known I’m a mod, but sure I’ll try … can you pm me instructions? I can go by the rules you set.

  302. Interesting, that there is auto delete. That means mods want the controversy. You can sense lots of views with lots of extra page views from one little troll, esp one who keeps the same obviously trolling thread going for days. When you get chugging along, I bet if you let a troll play on for 2 days, you’ll see tons of extra page views given it sort of piles on.

  303. They are not too busy. They are probably very much on top of their numbers.

  304. I dunno, it’s easy to get a hold of doc or other famous folks in JLin’s life. Many avenues in.

    Hey, a thought – Psalm, can you get a hold of PFV and give him some featured role here? His venue is youtube, and I don’t use twitter, but maybe you can help him and he can help you?

  305. Hey JLinF, Brisbane … such a cool area. Are you far from Great Barrier Reef? I used to live in Melbourne as a kid. Too young to have done much on my own, but remember lots of beautiful places like Canberra’s wide streets, Hobart and the Glow Worms in the plains in norther Tasmania, etc. Oz is nice, but back then it was pretty racially divided. I used to be called ch*nk and yank, and even the rich Maylasian chinese boarders at school had their exclusivity. Grammar school, and very tough discipline …

  306. Brisbane is the SE corner of Qld, 1.5 hours from New South Wales border. Cairns is at far north Qld. Will take at least 20 hours for driving if no traffic. Flying is about 2 hrs if my memory serves me right. Visited there in Dec 2000.

    Because of work, have lived in major cities. Over the years had chances to drive thru all coastal areas except 2.5 hrs north from Perth to the far far north of Qld. That is my way of coping to move so much:o))

    Compare to US, Australia is still quite racism. Don’t like it but learn to accept it. No perfect place to live.

  307. Just a note in passing …

    RealGM reported several days ago that free agent point guard Julyan Stone will work out for the Lakers in Los Angeles this week (i.e. week of Sep. 1). Stone also has scheduled workouts with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Los Angeles Clippers and Miami Heat. The Sacramento Kings remain a further possibility. Stone held a workout with the San Antonio Spurs earlier in the week, and he’s received two lucrative offers from Chinese clubs.

    In three NBA seasons, Stone has averaged 1.3 points, 1.1 assists and 44 percent shooting from the field in seven minutes per game. He was an undrafted signing for the Denver Nuggets in 2011, spent two years with the franchise and joined the Toronto Raptors last offseason. He was waived on July 7.

    See : http://basketball.realgm.com/wiretap/234807/Julyan-Stone-Visiting-Lakers-For-Second-Time;-Workouts-Scheduled-With-Cavs-Clippers-Heat

  308. Glad to see you guys all working together. Thanks for all the effort!

  309. If you go back into the archive of jlin.net the site started in December, 2009. The founders seem to simply have been fans of Lin. JLinfan#1, who currently seems to be running the site, attended the Warrior’s first press conference with Lin (July 21, 2010) and gives no indication he knows Lin personally.

  310. I need instructions too. 🙂

  311. If they cannot/will not moderate the site better then they just need to make it clear to everyone coming to the site that it is an unmoderated wild wild west site. that is fine by me to have to a site like that. But make it clear to everyone what is going on and what you are jumping into.

  312. I said the same thing at cf and got banned for it. That site is a full functioning forum and hardisty is getting the ad revenues. I don’t know about a discus site though???

    page views do get you $$ if you are set up with ads. Although my site has ads I do not get revenue from it. The site is free and Proboards puts the ads there and thy get the revenue. I would have to pay a monthly fee to have the ads removed. I simply use ad blocker and encourage others to do so. I do not know about discus. is it a free service that places ads and discus gets the revenue? or is the ad revenue going to t he JL site???

  313. I will certainly do so later 🙂

    It’s very easy to do. As a mod, you can delete a comment in the drop-down menu as you would flag a comment. Or go to Disqus Admin page to blacklist people. But I will provide an example of a violation deserving a reprimand and then a ban as a moderation guideline.

  314. is there a set of rules/guidelines somewhere on the site?

  315. not a specific one yet. I only have a small description on the footer about “Positively bringing JLin Fans together”. I need to expand on that.

    So I need to create a page based on the guideline that you provided a while ago. Just been busy trying to fix technical issues.

  316. I’d love to have PFV here. I talked to him once a while back.

    I understand he’s busy and mainly write on RealGM but we can definitely provide a special CNM gallery of video/posts for him if he has the time

  317. Even in TW, there are racisms….(mainly political reasons) so…..

  318. Interesting (long) comment from Ido Amir on an article posted at http://www.lakeshowlife.com, regarding Jeremy Lin.


  319. Yeah could you pm the mod instructions also. Thanks

  320. They can bring more rosters into preseason games……….every team will try to get as many players as possible to increase the quality of their final few roster spots tru competition

  321. Apparently, BScott just added one more coach assistant (Igor Kokoskov) next to Mark Madsen and Jim Eyen.
    And Gary Payton has not been officially named assistant yet. A possibility to join JKidd in Milwaukee.


  322. Ido is very good in highlighting with stats how Lin is already better than Dragic on career average and 1st 4 year career average. The point is Dragic has probably close to his peak in his 8th-9th year while Lin’s not at his peak yet. But Lin’s arguably better in his 4th year comparison even with diminished role in Houston.

    This coming season could be a statement year by Lin to prove the point if he’s in the contention for Most Improved Player by playing his natural PG position for the Lakers.

    I would ask Ido he’d like to contribute as a poster here.

  323. Apparently, Byron Scott is considering hiring Igor Kokoskov as a coach (via Marc Stein on twitter). Here is a listing of some of his coaching assignments :

    1999–2000 : University of Missouri (assistant)
    2000–2003 : Los Angeles Clippers (assistant)
    2003–2008 : Detroit Pistons (assistant)
    2008–present : Georgia national team
    2008–2013 : Phoenix Suns (assistant)
    2013–present : Cleveland Cavaliers (assistant)

    Igor Kokoskov (kuh-KOS-kov) was named an assistant coach for the Cleveland Cavaliers in July 2013. He enters his 14th NBA season where he was most recently with the Phoenix Suns for five seasons (2008-2013). During his tenure on an NBA bench, Kokoskov’s teams have made six conference finals appearances, two NBA Finals trips and have earned one NBA championship.

    See : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Igor_Koko%C5%A1kov
    See : http://www.nba.com/coachfile/igor_kokoskov/

  324. According to this LakersNation article, BScott just added one more coach assistant (Igor Kokoskov) next to Mark Madsen and Jim Eyen. And Gary Payton has not been officially named assistant yet. A possibility to join JKidd in Milwaukee.

    That’s not very good. I wonder what took so long to recruit GP. He’ll be very valuable assistant coach for defensive purpose.


    As it always tends to do in Los Angeles, the rumors have run rampant about who could be added to Scott’s coaching staff before next season. One former Laker that has been mentioned as a potential candidate is Gary Payton, but there hasn’t been much traction on that front since the rumor surfaced a few weeks ago. Payton has also been linked to an assistant position under Jason Kidd with the Milwaukee Bucks.

  325. true, Julyan Stone’s stats is not very impressive but he’ll provide good competition in the training camp.
    Hopefully there will be more good players being invited.

  326. Ok, Team Psalm, here so go …

  327. The ‘site’ is based on blogger, and I’m sure though I don’t know how or details that google plays for hits somehow. I mean, all those youtubers are getting paid, and google is all about blowing up the cash machine.

  328. PFV will help if it doesn’t chew up his life. His tone over the years has been this is overwhelming him, but man is he a solid fellow citizen fan. So, I think one makes it easy for him, he’ll help. Just a feeling.

  329. This is not the stuff that Coach K would approve regarding respecting other cultures.


  330. I think ads are placed by site owner so the revenue would go to the owner.
    It’s actually very minimal revenue just for traffic only. It needs click to buy things for more revenue.
    And most people use AdBlocker anyway. But then again I don’t know much about high traffic site.

    That auto-delete part is a head-scratcher too. It’s easy to set up. 5 flags is probably too low since trolls can abuse it to delete good posts. But 15-20 flags should do it to let regular posters police the trolls themselves.

  331. IC … thx.

  332. That been said, that dance is used to disrespect other teams….isn’t it?

  333. I’m not sure if that’s being intentionally used to intimidate other teams or FIBA allowed them to perform the dance before every game to showcase the culture. Perhaps both?

    IMO Even if it’s true, it’s not wise to diss them on social media. The beatdown on the court probably spoke volume already. It just reminds me of bad reps in the past that Coach K had to deal with a while back regarding the perception Team USA didn’t respect other countries.

  334. Coach K during the team huddle in 2008 said, play with respect…..he seems gets it…and it is important

  335. You know, this recent trend about ‘naturalized’ citizen (i.e. Ibaka for Spain, Blatche for Philippines) playing for countries made me wonder. Would Lin ever consider doing it for China/Taiwan?

    My guess is no due to the Taiwan/China controversy. But it Lin can do well exhibiting skills against quality opponents, it might give more venue to showcase what he can do for a system fully tailored for his strength. A string of 30pts/10asts games would certainly open a lot of eyes in the NBA.

  336. I don’t think it is a good idea for now tho….Unless he wants to give up playing in NBA.


    1) USA is still the best team out there, no reason to downgrade and to play for other country, there is no reason that he can’t play for USAB,

    2) Playing for Natl teams means saying good bye to summer workouts and it hurts young players,

    3) He is going to show NBA next season…so no worries.

  337. I agree. All are good reasons. He still has hope to play for the USAB team and needs to secure long-term contract first.

  338. yep…like 5yr 100M k……..LOL

  339. Quick search in wiki says that war haka used to show strength and prowress to intimidate opponent.

    Imo nz basketball does it more for culture and tradition, rather than actually believe it would intimidate opponents.

    Seems to me that US player igoudala felt disrespected.

  340. Wow, I never knew that Adams was half Tongan (mother’s side). And his father was a busy man, 18 kids!


  341. No, now a day just a culture thing.

  342. Once this season comes and he shows the doubters how good he is when freed, maybe Team USA will invite him to join?

  343. Your search gets it right. Any NZ will always show haka dance whenever they play any team sport (saw it often here). It becomes a cultural statement for Kiwis. I enjoy it whenever I see NZ team does it. Everyone needs to be more respected of different cultures and practices.

  344. yesss .. why not 🙂

  345. Tennis: I felt so sure that Kei will lose to Cilic that I put money on sports betting site. 🙂 My sentimental pick is Kei, but I just don’t see him beating Cilic. I also tried to bet on Serena but the odd was too lopsided in her favor.

  346. ye of little faith 🙂 …
    I see you do the hedging again so you’ll be happy with Kei losing or not LOL

    Not a bad strategy to stay happy BTW!

  347. whoa.. 18 kids from 5 women averaging 6’9″ for the boys!
    I wonder how tall the dad was or what stuff they put in New Zealand water :]

  348. Yesterday, someone posted a PatBev interview on jeremylin.net where he was talking about his summer. I posted something in the thread about him having to also adjust to first-time parenthood this summer. My unwritten thought was that it may indeed impact his training time and focus in the immediate future.

    But someone responded that I was wrong about there being a baby, and that PatBev was traveling with a woman this summer. (I saw pictures of PB and a woman arriving at the Taiwan airport, and she definitely didn’t look like someone ready to deliver a baby in August. But camera angles can be deceiving.) So I wondered if maybe I’d misinterpreted PB’s tweets — and the baby PB is holding is just a nephew or other family member.

    I don’t want to open up anything on the other forum to start a PatBev bashing party. But I’m curious, nonetheless. Does anybody here know if PB is a new father and if the woman with him in Taiwan is the other parent?


  349. I rather he doesn’t, but still up to him. I’d rather he’ll play for Team USA or don’t play in any international tournament at all. Hey even if his third home country Philippines will grant him naturalization I’ll even oppose to that.

    Still, I’ll give the final word,”it’s up to you, babe”.

  350. he already had a girl. first boy.. no idea if same mother. I do not think he is married.

  351. Wikipedia mentions him as being the father of Everett Williams-Beverley and Adlaia Beverley both of Arkansas. This 2009 ESPN article indicated he “fathered two kids while still in school, before he went to Ukraine… .” So, if this child is his it doesn’t seem to be his first.

    See : http://sports.espn.go.com/chicago/columns/story?id=4300069

  352. My daughter!!! https://t.co/dbZsS48zbk— Patrick Beverley (@patbev21) June 5, 2013

  353. Thanks for the information, Arsenium12 and wu kong. I really was so focused on PB’s “how I spent my summer” article, that I was only thinking of how a new baby might affect his training time and focus. I didn’t know about the previous children. I should have done some homework before posting.

  354. There’s been a lot of discussion in Lakers forums about Scott managing Kobe’s game minutes. But I really didn’t think much about managing Kobe’s practice and team workouts until I’d read the Soriano blog [link].

    Does anyone here have any ideas how that might work in practical terms? Would Kobe do less than the rest of the team in individual exercises? Would he be involved less in practice scrimmages?

    I also wonder about the psychological effects on Kobe and the rest of the team members if he isn’t asked to do the same as his team mates.

  355. I think Kobe has enough of a reputation and full career to stand and do nothing and tell other people to jump when he said to and it would not hurt the team chemistry… unlike other players like harden for example not doing all that others are asked to do ( defense). I hope they are able to keep Kobe’s minutes down so he can play longer and decide to retire as a healthy young man. He may be getting old as far as BB is concerned but he is still a very young man with many years ahead of him and I hope he does not end his career hobbled like mchale.

  356. The practice sessions may be the first occurrences of Scott limiting Kobe’s physical involvement with team activities. I think you’re right about it not affecting the team members’ respect for Kobe. It may be harder on Kobe to be told that he no longer will be allowed to fully participate in team preparations.

  357. it is always difficult to hear that your getting too old. That your body just won’t do what it used to do. happens to everyone. But elite athletes that have nothing else it can be devastating. He has been playing NBA since 18 yrs old (??) so NBA has been his life. It is going to be very difficult for him to step aside.

    I don’t know Kobe very well but I hope he has some other hobbies and interests beyond BB. He is going to need them soon. Wonder if he would ever coach?

  358. Why not, especially when other “Stars” seem more and more reluctant to join…

  359. Byron might have to give special exceptions to Kobe and Nash who are coming back slowly from injuries. They claimed to be 100% (at least Nash is) but they’re certainly not in 100% game-shape.

    I don’t know how it will affect practice intensity but Kobe and Nash just have to be there physically doing their things, yelling, screaming and practicing but perhaps without full-contact yet.

    It does help that Kobe has been working with the young guys (Nick, Wes, etc.) to build chemistry so they respect the time Kobe spent with them.

    I can see Kobe taking up a new challenge to be a coach/player if he realizes his body is 70-years old in basketball. This is very good for Lin. Very very good!

  360. The latest SI article touched upon the coach possibility. “Only if he has patience” is the summary 🙂

    The article did a great job describing Kobe’s various interest from cold-calling Apple execs, trying new business brands, etc. I think he would be able to take up new challenges (i.e. player/coach, businessman, future NBA owner, etc.)

    The funny line was when Kobe saw a 5-yr old son of the writer (or his friends) and he said, “I want to create one of that”! since he has 2 daughters.

  361. Great job being devoted and outspoken in such professional way, Lin Fans!
    PFV has been the most vocal and @wukong too!


  362. No, I feel I know how to judge tennis, so I should benefit from my knowledge. Why not.

  363. ido’s comments are deleted now. whatever he posted is gone.

  364. WT………where is the open speech……

  365. in our dreams I guess…. 🙁

  366. It’s hard to say either way. Lin’s great performance this year will go a long way though.

  367. If you’re talking about Ido’s long response, I found one of his at:

    Just in case it disappears, I put a copy in the forum here in the thread talking about Jeremy’s participation at the Mo Williams Academy.

  368. I am hopeful that Kobe will practice with full intensity, just with lesser minutes……All his teammates will understand if he can not practice as much as he wants….Half of them probably can not beat Kobe at all with fully healthy bodies…

  369. Due to the avatar, it is really hard to distinguish between @disqus_dVLDET9zJ7:disqus and @lleepar:disqus …..Just saying LOL

  370. OK I’ll change it…

  371. comments on a different article are missing… the JLIN pandering to race article.

  372. Ha no….no need…..it is a nice avatar…

  373. its better now.

  374. The Ido response I copied is attached to lakeshowlife.com’s Dallas training camp article. Somehow, the passionate comments there just don’t seem to fit the rather bland training camp article.

    I do know that the lakeshowlife people changed the content of their original “pandering” article. Is it possible that they also mixed up the articles and the comments at the same time?

  375. ok, @the LakeShow still stood by its article.

    I don’t think they (want to) fully understand the implication by not including Kupchak’s statement that Lin will help the Lakers win.

    It clearly implied Lin is in LA due to his skin color.

    So this is what I replied:


  376. NIce avatar you got there 😉

  377. I’m guessing that Kobe is used to leading by example. It’s easy to make a legitimate case as to why the coach should demand more from Kobe’s team mates than he demands from Kobe himself. But I wonder how hard it’s going to be for Kobe to adjust to that new reality. He has acknowledged it to some extent in interviews. But the training camp will be the first time he really has to face it in reality.

  378. Is that Doc?

    Jeremy Lin getting ready before training camp starts pic.twitter.com/PnobqKAltx— Lakers Facts (@LakerFacts) September 9, 2014

  379. its interesting I never saw the original article I only saw the ‘corrected version’ and I still found it racist. Amazing how they can write something so blatantly racist given the NBA league recently and be so flippant about how the JLin fans came to his rescue. As if we are in the wrong for doing so. they stand by their story….

    @JLinPortal @DallasJackInLA @JLin7 @CNM_JLin_Vids We still stand by our article, but race is going to be a sensitive subject no matter what— Lake Show Life (@TheLakeShowLife) September 8, 2014

    followed by this tweet which they retweeted in support…

    @TheLakeShowLife @LAKERFANATICS hope he does well, but he needs to let his game do the talking…not his fans— Lakers Fans Unite (@lakersfu) September 8, 2014

    Which again is blatantly ignoring the racist remarks and attempting to deflect the blame to all the ‘crazy Lin fans’ that think he is the god of all things basketball and can do no wrong. Not even arguing basketballs skills what so ever … geesh!

  380. Just a note …

    The Lakers’ training facility is in the Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo, California. The facility includes three public ice rinks, a basketball court, and restaurant. It is also used by the LA Kings.

    See : http://www.toyotasportscenter.com/

  381. Doc helps Lin for transition 3s..

  382. I like this a lot. Spending time with Doc to fine-tune his shooting before starting training camp.

    Jeremy is practicing transition 3s which is an important weapon to be trusted as the primary playmaker.
    I think he’s fine-tuning shooting mechanic before training camp so he’ll be ready to impress his coaches and teammates.
    His performance during practice would influence how much coaches will trust him as the PG.

  383. Again, that’s ignorant of the facts.
    I guess that makes Mitch Kupchak a Jeremy Lin fan for attempting to get Lin for 3 times.

    At this point, we’ll let Lin’s game play out on the court. They can swallow their words later.

  384. he outta conscientiously remember not to step on the line as well 🙂

    As you mentioned, he is just brushing it up, he’s already good at it, been taking those since Harvard days

  385. Kobe would be Kobe! 🙂

  386. I doubt he gonna have lesser minutes, the only time I see it happen is during in-between game day practices, SB would put his foot down and ask Kobe to rest for the net day game.

  387. just saw this one in his Triple-Double game 🙂


  388. I haven’t seen this discussed on this site so I thought I’d add it. It’s an extensive interview that Byron Scott had with Southern California Public Radio last Friday (Sep. 5). I’ve included some snippets from the interview as well. It’s interesting how Scott progressed by stages to getting the job.


    Hosts : On April 30, Mike D’Antoni resigned as the coach. So they had a vacancy there. It seemed like it took forever to hire you – three months for them to hire you. Did you wonder, ‘What are you guys doing? Why is it taking so long?’ Because it seemed like all signs were pointing toward you.

    Scott : You know what, I never questioned Mitch [Kupchak] and Jim [Buss]. They told me from day one, ‘This is going to be a
    search; we’re going to take our time. We might not hire a coach until after summer league.’ And I said ‘OK.’ –


    Hosts : But the Lakers, they moved, they signed players, they drafted a couple players, wouldn’t it make more sense to hire the coach and then work with him to see what kind of roster a coach would need?

    Scott : Well I know they thought about doing that, but they also just wanted to put a roster together themselves, they felt they
    had a pretty good idea of what they wanted the team to look like. I had no problem with that. Again, pretty much every move they made, they would call me and ask me, ‘What do you think about it?’ So I would give my opinion. Because I was following it obviously, extremely well –


    Hosts : – So you kind of were coaching? [Laughs]

    Scott : Yeah I guess I was. [Laughs] So I would just give my opinion, and then go from there. So all the moves they made, like I
    said, I thought were some great moves. The two draft picks were great. Getting Jeremy Lin and keeping all the flexibility for the next two years I thought was fantastic. Carlos Boozer was another steal as far as I was concerned so I thought the moves were great, I would just give my opinion and hoping, alright, sooner or later you’re going to call me and say, ‘You’re going to be coaching this team,’ and I’ll be like, ‘Alright, good,’ because I know these guys pretty well.

  389. Sept 9 Update:
    I made 3 changes to the Homepage layout to see if it improves the website:
    1. Moved Slideshow down and replaced it with a list of “Latest Posts and Topics” so users immediately know what are the latest topics to join discussion
    2. Add “New Posts or Topics” button so Approved Contributors can create topics.
    Note: We can automate this process to make users contributors when they achieve Junior level (100pts)

    @real-dsb, I will create a separate post for Site Feedback so we can discuss the most desired features there.
    @disqus_dVLDET9zJ7:disqus, I created the New Post button based on your feedback. Contributors need to be able to easily create Posts/Topics. Thank you!

  390. Good job gals and guys!!!!

  391. thanks to you, too!

    Hey, what if you try the New Post button to discuss a good article?
    I would also suggest @arsenium12:disqus to try to do so for the BScott extensive interview.

  392. ok, just giving you a hard time 🙂

    You’re proven right then! And win big in the process 🙂 Did Cilic outperform Kei on the groundstroke game or did Key run out of gas due to multiple 5-setters games?

  393. is very busy recently……I think number of posts will explode when we hit the season opening…

  394. Thanks Psalm for making this even more user friendly. Have tried to look for the testimony of those who shared their first time to be a JLin fan but didn’t know where to look. Gave up every time. Now finally I’m able to read everyone of them. Thinking about contributing my story when I stop procrastinating in studying and getting this assignment done:o))

  395. Mark Medina has tweeted that Byron Scott’s staff will be Jim Eyen, Paul Pressey, Mark Madsen as assts; Larry Lewis & Thomas Scott as assts/player development. One position is vacant.

    Here is an extended interview with Larry Lewis, done by Mike Trudell, when Lewis joined Mike D’Antoni’s staff in July, 2013.


    Here are some excerpts :

    MT: You’ve played basketball all over the world, observing a plethora of skill sets and systems. What’s the first priority for you in trying to develop players?

    Lewis: Of course I have my own ideas, but my ideas have to be secondary. I have to first learn the mission of upper management, what Mike D’Antoni wants to accomplish. That’s the top priority and objective that I have to buy into. Once I learn that, now I’m a part of the team. But I can’t come into a situation like this and have my own ideas and try to implement them. I have to implement their ideas into what I’m trying to do.


    MT: How does that process go from you talking to D’Antoni and his staff, and implementing things for the players to work on?

    Lewis: You have to study, previously, what’s going on in that system and how certain players get theirs in that system. Mike’s been running this system for a while now, and you can go back and look at how players got their shots, for example, in Phoenix or New York, or in certain actions last season in L.A.


    MT: So you can pull up Joe Johnson or Raja Bell film from the Suns to see where they got their three-point looks, and use that to inform Nick Young or Wesley Johnson?

    Lewis: Exactly. That type of preparation has to happen first so that when we get on the court with a player, we have a clear understanding of the system and the language of that system.

  396. @Arsenium12, thanks for posting many details about Lakers coaching news!

    Perhaps it’s a good idea to create a separate post “Latest Lakers Coaching News” or “Coaches Impact on Jeremy Lin”?
    That way we can have a focused discussion and it’s not buried inside ‘Disqus Hangout’.

    To create a new post, you just need to register and I can assign Contributor role so you can use the Green ‘Create Post’ button. So it works like a Forum topic. Please let me or Brent know if you need help.

  397. You’re welcome. As you can see I’m also experimenting with the logo and banner so it won’t clash with menu items.
    I’ll try again late night.

  398. Try DUNKING on me and I will get back to you by kicking you on the shins!

    Kidding! As if I can..

  399. *sigh* lucky girls…

  400. I love what you’ve done with the place 🙂
    It looks better and better every time I visit… Keep up the good work!

  401. This is one of the best videos ever! :]
    Loved watching the expression of people getting pranked. LOL
    And Mama Lin wanted to poke Lin’s shoulder to see how real it is.

    And the best part is watching the reaction of jealous Lin girls. hahahaha…
    What would you do if Lin pranked you?

  402. Would be so honor and be so happy to meet him in person finally. Then t will want to take a pic with him.

  403. Melt like wax 😛
    Or prank him back… yes… revenge…

  404. No breakfast in bed/after-game massage/video games-barbecue-kebab-weekend nights for a month for him 🙂

  405. @psalm234:disqus the site looks cleaner. I’ll try to make a banner with navigation buttons.

  406. Hi Psalm. I’ve registered. Please let me know when and where the ‘Create Post’ button should be visible.

  407. I granted you ‘Contributor’ role.

    Try to click the ‘Create a new Post/Topic’ green button on Homepage.

  408. Thank you. Before you spend energy on that, let me try to combine a new simpler logo joined with banner to see how it looks

  409. Lakers’ Byron Scott believes he can hold firm on limiting Kobe Bryant’s minutes

    This a longish article with video interview. It also includes some comments on Steve Nash’s playing time.

    See : http://www.insidesocal.com/lakers/

    Excerpt :
    Scott reported Bryant as fully healthy from his left knee injury and looked impressed with his offseason workouts. Yet, Scott said he will have to limit Bryant. He will probably sit out in the second practice of the three two-a-day sessions Scott tentatively has scheduled once training camp begins in three weeks. Bryant will likely skip select regular-season practices so he can receive additional rest and treatment. Scott also conceded the possibility that Bryant will either miss the second night of back-to-back games, or face reduced minutes the first game so he can play the following night.

  410. When I heard that, that’s really concerning to hear Kobe’s condition. Usually a coach will disclose things in a more positive manner so it could be worse. I hope he knows not to push the repaired Achilles heel to the limit.

  411. I like the cleaner look of the banner but a little bit too ordinary:o)) Thanks both of u are working hard on this.

  412. There was an interesting article over on CF (yeah, I went there) about Pat Bev’s knee. It’s entitled:
    “Beverley’s knee remains a ‘fairly major concern’ for Rockets”.

    I put a copy of it on the forum here. I put it under another Rocket-related topic since I can’t start new threads here. It’s at:

    Homepage › Forums › Main Forum ›
    [Greg] Jeremy Lin as an Example of Why James Harden Isn’t Close to the Best

  413. I just made you a Contributor, @lleepar:disqus. Please go ahead and try to click the ‘Green Button’ on homepage to create a new thread/topic

    You only need to ask, and you shall receive 🙂

  414. Thanks. The button seems to work. I’m not sure how to use it to create a new, named topic in a specific forum. I assume the categories are the key to specifying location. But no hurry in figuring that out. I’ll learn as we go along.

  415. Great! Let me know if you need help 🙂
    Perhaps I can provide an example later.

  416. Bill Oram @bill_oramFollow
    Byron on Steve Nash: He’s in the gym every morning, says he feels better than he’s ever felt over the last two years. Unsure if Nash starts
    4:22 PM – 10 Sep 2014

  417. I just reread the article I posted in the forum about PB’s knee concerns. My reactions come from two different perspectives:

    (1) PatBev will be Jeremy’s opposing guard in the first game of the season. If the Rockets are trying to “manage” PB’s physical issues, what might that mean in terms of playing time — or playing styles? Anything? Nothing?

    (2) If the Rockets really have serious ongoing concerns about their starting point guard’s knee, how can anyone make sense of their recent free agency decisions? My own feeling is that the Rockets wanted Jeremy gone regardless of who else they might acquire and at what positions. But if PB’s physical issues were a known issue of concern before free agency began, how could they possibly leave themselves so exposed at the point guard position?

  418. My only concern about Jeremy’s hair is that it not be long enough for opposing guards to pull. His hair was yanked (was it by Kidd?) when Jeremy was a Knick and was attacking the basket. He was yanked backwards by the hair, and many fans at the time thought that was what caused his knee injury.

  419. Nice article!

  420. Given how big the hands that a NBA player have. with hair or not probably does not matter….LOL

  421. LOL, he copied me!!!

  422. This is the direct link to @lleepar:disqus ‘s update on the severity of Bev knee injury:

    I just read it and it sounds serious. I’m surprised Bev is still hampered by the loose meniscus. I kinda feel bad that he hasn’t secured a good contract yet. But his playing style is not conducive to long-term health.

    (1) As far as “managing” Bev’s time due to his knee injury, it sounds like they don’t know how severe his condition is. All those analytics won’t be a guarantee to prevent injury. Phoenix Suns medical staff is the best in treating whole body recovery not to cause further injury.

    (2) Once Harden arrived, he’s always been the “de facto” PG/SG since he needs the ball so much. Bev is thought to be the perfect defensive PG who doesn’t need the ball next to Harden. In reality, Harden not playing D and Bev playing aggressive D for 35+min do not work. The Spurs show that team needs to defend with 5 players, not 4.
    If Bev is not available, they’ll have to find another defensive guard. It won’t be an easy season for the Rockets. If Harden still doesn’t play D, they won’t make the playoff easily.

  423. Remember, many of us said, he came back way too soon, and this might come back and haunt him! CF’s was bragging about him being wolverine!

  424. I liked the previous banner 🙁

  425. yeah, they forgot it was a movie. I kinda feel bad for Bev. He’s a great backup PG with that kind of defense but it’s impossible to play 48min with that defensive intensity and dangerous style.

    I hope they won’t just dump in July 2015 if he can’t play much. But it could happen with “It’s just math” principle. Very sad indeed.

  426. Basketballinsiders.com is releasing their 2014/15 previews of NBA teams.
    See : http://www.basketballinsiders.com/category/nba-news/

    Here is the Lakers’ preview :
    See : http://www.basketballinsiders.com/2014-2015-los-angeles-lakers-preview/

    Jeremy Lin is identified as the Lakers’ top playmaker : … We’re not predicting a repeat of ‘Linsanity’ or anything of that nature, but the circumstances are in place for Lin to have a very productive year as he seeks long-term security moving forward. While known for being a guy that thrives in the pick-and-roll, Lin has actually improved as an all-around offensive player that can also play off-ball. At 6’3, Lin does a good job of probing in the halfcourt set, and routinely finds his way into the paint and to the
    rim. Although he should be one of the team’s primary ball-handlers and playmakers, he remains versatile and flexible enough to shift into whatever role Scott may ask of him.

  427. I too like PB, he worked hard to be where he is now. If anyone to be blamed, it would be the Coach and FO.

    They really screwed up the entire Team lineups, chemistry and accountability.

    I’m pretty sure with a different coach, they would have easily been the WC finalist.

  428. no worries I like it too 🙂 .. I’m trying to combine the logo+the banner
    Hopefully it doesn’t take too much real-estate

  429. yes, that would be an understatement.

    The facts do not lie. Morey’s record of only 1 time going to the 2nd round of playoff in 7 years doesn’t exactly scream ‘championships’

    With someone like Rick Carlisle, players would be more disciplined and play their roles to contend in the WCF. McHale is not a great tactician at all. I tried to look for stats where he was last in the rank of coaches for allowing points after Time-Out but couldn’t find it again. Maybe wu kong has it.

  430. Thank you, @arsenium12:disqus
    I think this can be of its own topic/thread?

    Do you want to create the thread? Just copy-and-paste of what you have here. I can help later with pics/category, etc
    I’d like to see if you run into issues trying to create the thread.

  431. Apparently Paul George didn’t think twice about condoning Ray Rice’s domestic abuse.
    Then Larry Bird hammered on him properly.

    His ‘hit-back-if-your-woman-hits-you-first’ message is so dangerous.
    We can have kids fighting everyday at school (PG approved message)



  432. Good that there are ppl hammers him….

  433. Hi Psalm. I was able to create the thread (Basketball_Insiders season previews 2014/15). However, the URLs that were abbreviated in my Disqus Hangout post were not copied in their entirety when I “copied and pasted” the message into the thread. I don’t know how to edit the thread to add the complete URLs. I’m quite busy today so I can’t spend more time on this. Thanks.

  434. thanks, np. Brent fixed it already for you. Thanks for giving it a try!
    Great find on the article

  435. Jeremy visiting with a venture capitalist …


  436. Revisiting the PB knee article …

    I’ve had a little while longer to think about that article about Pat Bev’s knee that I put in the forum here [link].

    My initial reason for posting it was because I wondered what effect it might have on the coverage JLin might be facing from the Rockets on opening night. But it didn’t strike me until later just how frickin’ odd it is to have an article questioning the gameworthiness of a Houston player a month and a half before opening night — much less to have such an article planted in CF. One of the things I’m very sure of is that Daryl Morey owns CF (or owns it’s owner).

    You’d think after trading Lin, that Morey would bury any article which questionned Lin’s much-hyped replacement on the team. Either Morey is really losing his choke-hold grip on the Rockets’ media, or he’s allowing the “concerning” state of PB’s knee to be publicized for some purpose of his own. I’m not sure how such a strategy would impact some last minute trade, but something isn’t right here. Maybe Morey’s going after a S&T for Bledsoe … but with what? But it’s got me wondering if Jeremy is going to be facing PB on opening night.

  437. Another article mentioned how Bev is the 4th worst starting PG in the West:

    It further speculates that Morey is eyeing a starting-caliber PG (i.e. Lowry,Rondo, Dragic rumor)

    The fact that the Rockets had been linked to Kyle Lowry over free agency—and both Rajon Rondo and Goran Dragic most recently—is illustrative of the fact that Rockets GM Daryl Morey is seeking to upgrade the point guard position in a major way. The Rockets will continue to actively pursue trades for a starting caliber point guard.

    It’s funny that after Lin is traded, they just “realized” Bev is a great backup PG material, not a starting one.
    Even when Lin shutdown Parker, Holiday, Conley, he didn’t get the high praise from HOU media that he can outperform those starting PGs.

    Perhaps they will use Bev’s knee injury as:
    1. justification to get another starting PG (after heavily promoting him as a starting PG last season over Lin)
    2. advertisement of Morey’s advanced analytics that can be used to help athlete’s recovery.

    One thing for sure, they know Bev is not the answer as a starting PG. They gave Lin away for nothing and they will get exposed in the PG department next season. Bev/Jason Terry is not the answer.

    Anyway, I choose to let them be. When people make bad decisions, they will reap bad consequences. It’s not Bev’s fault. It’s the GM and Coach who chose to let Harden be the king over them.

  438. ha ha, @psalm and @brent … you better gain some weight:


    sry, it’s off season.

  439. Maybe they want to make an excuse up front to avoid face burn when Lin lights them up?

  440. I think Morey putting Bev’s knee problem on full blast is about Morey trying to resign PB on the cheap. If he puts it out there that he is damaged goods, no team will want him or it could be Morey trying to justify offering a contract to a starting PG, so when Lin breaks out, Morey won’t look so stupid by letting lin go.LOL

  441. Honestly I don’t care about PBev’s knee. I just care about Jeremy, and their first face off this Lakers opener. If this dude injures Jeremy by using his tactics…

    Anyway, I get a feeling he won’t guard Jeremy lol. More like, Dwight’s gonna be guarding him.

  442. Lin looking to make some investments?

  443. MC Jin working his magic with Jeremy Lin… http://fb.me/3PjADFBSf

  444. Numbers of the photos of Jeremy that have been popping up very recently, including the 9/11 commemorative shot, seem to come from the same area on Grant Avenue in San Francisco. You can go there on Google Maps by clicking the link below ….


  445. The final sentence of Luol Deng’s statement regarding the Danny Ferry incident states : “Ultimately, I’m thankful to be with an organization that appreciates me for who I am and has gone out of its way to make me feel welcome.” I’d say that’s what Jeremy Lin is looking for, too. Hope he’s found it with the Lakers.

    See : http://espn.go.com/nba/story/_/id/11496412/miami-heat-forward-luol-deng-saddened-comments-atlanta-hawks-call

  446. What?!!….who is eben worse?

  447. For those eagerly awaiting the start of the preseason, here’s a video showing some of the scrimmages during the first few days of the Lakers’ training camp for the 2012/13 season. The camp was held at the Lakers’ facility in El Segundo, California. It’s part of the Toyota Sports Center.

    See : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=elDnVLF1VPg

  448. From Jeremy Lin via twitter (Sept. 12) : This offseason I have been working really hard on my defense, footwork, and explosiveness. A huge component that I needed to work on is my core stability (having good posture, being able to stay low in my defensive stance, and being able to stay balanced while absorbing contact). Only 19 days left till training camp…can’t wait to get back on the court!

    See : http://instagram.com/p/s3JvOxuPxU/

  449. ..and we can’t wait to see him back on the court!

  450. Thanks for this post. I’ve also created a forum topic for those that want to discuss there


  451. @real_dsb:disqus HI!! just FYI, Psalm and some of us decided to use blog posts plus their Disqus commenting section for discussion. The objective is trying to make this site a easier and cleaner place to use. Please feel free to start a new blog post about this video so we all can discuss there? Forum will be a back up place for some data/stats/events for now…..

  452. @LakersNation
    Lakers worked out numerous players on Wednesday including Wayne Ellington, Jeremy Tyler, Ronnie Price and Pooh Jeter. http://www.lakersnation.com/lakers-worked-out-wayne-ellington-jeremy-tyler-on-wednesday/2014/09/13/ …


  453. I’ve no idea who Pooh Jeter is but I want him to make it to TC just so we can hear, “Lin to Pooh for a three!” 🙂

  454. any relations to Winnie the Pooh? ;P

  455. must be neighbors with Winnie the Pooh and Derek Jeter :p

  456. Jeremy would be Piglet.

    Why? Nothing I just love Piglet hehehe.

  457. Morey is a fox. He used Lin 2 years for $10m. Lakers picks up Jeremy’s last year for $15m. Morey surely reports to Alex that he has saved his boss lots of money in his deals with Asik and Lin. Now Lin is gone, Beverley’s days are limited. In addition, Beverley’s knee might need an operation. It seems that Houston is such an organization that no player should play for them. Perhaps they would give up on Beverley any time soon.

  458. A guy from CBA, i don’t think he’ll make the team.

  459. James Worthy talks about his expectations for Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash this year. He also discusses the development of Julius Randle and the Lakers establishing a defensive identity. The interview was done several days ago.

    See : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOphHJjASR0

  460. I think it is interesting that Team USA is playing for the gold, but of the fans in US are focused on NFL games happening today.

  461. It is understandable. They don’t have any superstars like Lebron or Durant and the infamous “no D” Harden is the captain.
    I am, however, glad that players like Faried and Davis are getting recognition.

  462. Haha. Now that is settled… we have to decide who is Tigger and Eeyore.

  463. Morey would definitely want to spin it that way to Les. Once Harden arrives, Lin has to go so Morey will convince Les he saves him a lot of money.

    While the move’s debatable for NBA fans, it doesn’t excuse his insistence of McHale as a coach and letting Harden have 100% freedom. His poor playoff record (only 1 time advancing to 2nd round in 7 years) will soon has his days numbered in Houston. I predict it will be when Dwight leaves.

  464. Harden is getting recognition, too.


  465. lin-y to pooh and piglet too.

  466. pooh jeter is one of my favorite stories from fiba tournament. he had one shot one time in the nba then went on to be a top player in china. he was one of the top scorers in the fiba tournament. his sister carmaleta (sp) jeter is billed as the worlds fastest woman because of her prowess in the 100 meters.

  467. if carmalita jeter married the cheetos cheetah and then divorced and married derek jeter she’d be carmalita jeter cheetah jeter

  468. according to espn pres season rating lin is. beverely rated 29th best point guard and lin right behind him at #30

  469. The world is indeed insane…

  470. Wow, we got so many mods in here the trolls won’t last more than a few seconds!

  471. Uh, uh, I better not say anything that could be interpreted even remotely as a criticism of Lin or Lin’s BB game. For the record, I think Lin is a nice kid and a good BB player, even if I seem to criticize his BB game time to time. 🙂

  472. Positive criticism should be okay 🙂
    You’re a great husband so if you use some of wife-communication technique to mention lots of positives before 1 negative, it should come out well. Well, better than the wife’s reaction for sure LOL

  473. well, let’s say hours and minutes rather than seconds 🙂
    But yeah, you can see the troll-busting potential of the mods lol

  474. I noticed a lot of exposure of National Media of Harden’s ineptitude in defense.

    Once people figure out ways to stick aggressive defender to him consistently to be ineffective on offense (without Parsons/Lin threat), Harden will get lambasted in the national media.

  475. Kevin Garnett and Jeremy Lin are Top Snubs in Top 100 of SI NBA Players (video starts at 2:28)

    Honestly, this kind of list is designed to generate controversy before the seasons starts so I tend to ignore it.
    It should be even greater motivation for Jeremy and better chance to win MIP Award.


  476. The paragraph on JLin.
    Really, now Bev has a better offensive rating than Lin?

    Jeremy Lin, Lakers

    Guard | Age: 26 | Last year: Unranked

    2013-14: 12.5 PPG, 4.1 APG, 2.6 RPG, 1.0 SPG, 44.6 FG%, 35.8 3P%

    Advanced: 14.3 PER, 4.4 Win Shares, -0.8 RAPM

    Can a ball-dominant point guard with an international following and outsized expectations that surpass his ability ever catch a break? in the post-Linsanity era, Lin has been paired with A-lister after A-lister who require the undrafted Harvard floor leader to cede control and shots. First, Lin was in a short-lived, ill-advised partnership/power struggle with Carmelo Anthony, one that culminated with Lin’s being dumped in favor of the gun-toting, flab-sporting Raymond Felton. Then, Lin had to accommodate James Harden’s arrival in Houston and was relegated to the bench by the emergence of Patrick Beverley, who posted a better offensive rating, defensive rating and RAPM than Lin last year.
    Now, Lin must find a way to coexist with Kobe Bryant, who is surely eager to hoist after watching the Lakers struggle through a miserable 2013-14 season mostly without him.
    The good news for Lin is three-fold:
    1) Lakers fans should embrace his competency and star power,
    2) Lin is in a contract year and the post-Jerry Buss Lakers have made a habit of handing out ludicrous deals, and
    3) he can always bounce next summer if things don’t work out with Bryant and new coach Byron Scott.
    — B.G.

  477. I guess just like the star wars……the empire (hellston) strikes back….

  478. So this guy is going to put Jeremy about sixth or seventh in the Lakers he gets around to analyzing?
    There are a lot of excuses available to diminish Jeremy’s importance to the team, I guess. If Medina wanted to, he could have listed the team members by salary — without hiding behind some unconfirmed starters excuse.

  479. So far, Mark Media is positive on Lin.
    Even if he’s not high on Lin yet, we need to build good relationship in social media.
    I would engage positively by providing Lin’s good stats or Coach Dave Miller’s video to show his importance to the team.

  480. I want to see which reports/stats show Lin has worse offensive rating. and who published it? It’s a head-scratcher to me.

  481. I’m not going to engage him, one way or the other. But the twitter exchange did annoy me. If indeed the coach did tell the reporter that he was “favoring Nash”, then I have to wonder what the coach is thinking. We’ve heard all this noise from Scott about how a player either has to play defense or he sits. This will be the first test for me about whether our new coach speaks out of both sides of his mouth — or not.

    I understand the sentiment about Nash’s history and the need to give him respect. But I’ve also heard the coach talk about how he’s looking forward to Lin playing with a certain chip on his shoulder because of his treatment in Houston. So this coach is thinking of putting Lin on the bench for the team’s opener against Houston? What’s that supposed to say? “Hey, Rockets! You were right about his guy. He can’t even beat out a 40-year-old for a starter’s position on a team that only won 27 games last year.”

    Well … in a few more weeks, we’ll know a heck of a lot more about the powers of judgement of our new coach. But as for me (and I’m sure a lot of other Lin fans), we’ve had our bellies full of excuses about having two-starting caliber point guards only to have our guy benched and jerked around because the other guy was a “better” fit to make up for the performance deficiencies of the resident ball-hog.

  482. I think it is ok for a coach to simply just having a player as starter in mind. Kind of just like a starting point for building identity for a team at very beginning….It will change from there….I have hope.

  483. This is just one of my “off” days where things annoy me more than they otherwise would. I’m cranky. Of course it’s okay for a coach to have an initial lineup in mind which might change.

    But Medina seems to be the only reporter who made such a claim in the first place. Moreover, the first time he reported that the coach had pencilled in his starters, it went through the rest of the media like a firestorm with everybody and their Aunt Harriet quoting him in print. It took days for it to die down and for everyone to go back to the original stance of “all positions are up for grabs except Kobe’s.”

    Now apparently Medina is ready to start another round of here are the coach’s starters along with “Jeremy Lin, perennial bench player” — with the inevitable blogger quotes and requotes to follow.

    I understand it, but I’m sure not thrilled about it.

  484. I think we just need to be patient.

    BScott as a coach has to smooth out any egos. To consider 2-time MVP in Nash a tentative starter is one way to do it to get Nash to feel appreciated. In reality, Byron Scott followed up with comments of Nash playing even fewer minutes than Kobe.

    We’ll see how Training Camp plays out. It’s important for Lin fans to discuss common goal with Laker fans of reaching playoff and preserving Nash/Kobe’s health.

    If it takes a few token start to make Nash feel good in his last season and be happy to mentor Lin under his wings, it will provide a greater ROI in the long-term investment.

    I realize as fans we can’t demand a coach to start a player or not but we can present good facts and common goal for the common good.

  485. Rest assured that I’m not deserting good ship Hope. Any other day, I’d be on your side of the argument, soothing the doubters. But between Medina’s decision to reinforce his original “pencilled in starters” click-bait with round two — and SI’s snub of Jeremy along with others doing their “because of the emergence of PB” nonsense — I just vented somewhere safe (here). Most other days, this stuff really doesn’t get to me.

    I really do understand the need for the coach to massage some egos to achieve (I hope) some results. I also understand that Jeremy will give him what he needs regardless of what he does to Jeremy’s ego. But some day … I wish, I wish, I wish … that someone else’s ego doesn’t have to be put before Jeremy’s (and the team’s) best interests.

  486. I know what you mean. It has been a tough 2 years in Houston already 🙁

    Jeremy’s journey has not been easy for sure. But I’m confident with his work ethic and Nash’s uncertain healthy, Byron Scott’s logic will prevail in the end :]

    BScott is definitely no McHale 🙂 so I would base my personal 70% BScott confidence level on his triple-threat comments on Lin and the hard reality that Nash only played 15 games last season.

  487. For those interested, here are links to all of the interviews / correspondences with Doc Scheppler on jeremylin.net. Scheppler has been working with Lin since 2011 so he has a thorough understanding of Lin’s personality, skills, and development as a shooter. [Note: the first two URLs do work even though they are apparently identical.]

    March 7, 2012

    March 8, 2012

    March 10, 2012

    March 22, 2012

    April 16, 2013

    September 30, 2013

    September 4, 2014

  488. Among Lakers players, I think Jeremy has the least to prove. The team has two vets who are over 35 and who have been injured and off the court for most of the last couple of years. There have been a lot of brave words flung around about how good they both look. But there seems to be some undercurrent of trepidation about how it will all go down once Scott pulls out the trash cans, runs them ragged, and starts the 5-on-5 body-banging tests. There are going to be some scary reality tests. I they hope both pass.

    Scott seems to know (and is content with) what he has in Lin and Boozer. OTOH, he sic’ed Kobe on a couple of returning team members (like Swaggy) for a reason, and they’re going to be under Scott’s microscope to see if the lessons “took”.

    Lin’s been training hard this off-season. He’s just moved to a new city and is settling in. He and the team are going to have a brutally hard October, by all the tales told. I don’t know what sort of rest and recovery times Lin’s experts have built into the cycles he’s done where he pushes his body to new levels. But whatever he’s going to be doing in the next couple of weeks, I’m sure it’s being done with what’s going to best serve his mind and body — and ultimately, the Lakers.

  489. The Lakers have announced their full coaching staff; see below. Paul Pressey, Jim Eyen, and Thomas Scott (Byron’s son) are new to the team. The others are continuing in the employ of the Lakers.

    See : http://www.nba.com/lakers/releases/140916_coachingStaff?cid=TW

  490. Psalm, seem like the banner above this page is incomplete. It cut off at about 75% of the banner.

  491. yes, the post has standard fixed size for featured image.
    I would need to find the code to adjust it. Thanks

  492. Well said, I personally does not like ppl saying Lin need to prove XXXX…….. He is proven to me.

  493. Jlin working out at Lakers facility. https://twitter.com/JMelodic/status/512250037779169280

  494. Our JLin showed up early AM to put in work and lookin’ sharp.
    Hope we see some pics & videos today! 🙂

    Joseph Verdi ‏@JMelodic 1h
    Getting to watch @JLin7 put in work this morning at the Lakers practice facility… Pretty amazing! Look good J!

    Joseph Verdi ‏@JMelodic 24m
    @BluntWitIt_ @JLin7 lookin’ sharp… Been putting in work since early am. can’t wait to see him on the court in #purpleandgold

  495. Why did he get to enter LAKERs facility and watch?

  496. good question. not sure if he’s a lucky fan or he’s there as in artist/actor capacity as his profile says.

  497. ok, I fixed quickly by resizing the picture 🙂
    After I finish the Game Schedule, I will try to adjust the size of this ‘Featured Image’ on top of the post

  498. Did anyone see or heard jlin working on his midrange jumper?
    I.really think that’s his missing weapon..

  499. Wouldn’t be surprised if he is working on it.
    Jeremy’s midrange jumpers are already decent…I think. It was missing only because Morey emphasized more on shooting threes.

  500. curious… has this site been banned from posting at Jeremylin.net? if you post a link does it get deleted?

  501. My guess is it is included in the list of words that require moderation.
    I see the same things happened to jp2123’s site that required moderation for 2 days.
    But I’m not 100% sure about it.

  502. he’s been working on many step-back jumpers during Mo Williams camp and in the latest picture so he’s definitely thinking he’ll be allowed to use his midrange game in LA.

    @disqus_3ojL2FVU9I:disqus is correct. HOU simply didn’t allow much midrange game. It was one of his strongest weapon during his NY days to keep defense honest.

  503. oh well… that makes me very sad.

  504. This is ridiculous, it took more than a week for that John troll to go away….Links was deleted within 2 days…

  505. If he thinks floater is important, then…..mid-J must be important too

  506. it’s kinda sad 🙁 but I’ll just have to be positive about it.
    hopefully it will be more collaborative to some level in the future.

  507. I think at this stage….collaboration is harder….JL.net is an established site…maybe later?

  508. yes, much later :]

  509. BTW, I can not use chatbox…..whatever I typed do not show…..

  510. really? try to refresh. I had the same issues a few times

  511. The ONE thing I really don’t like jlin.net is they don’t post enough new thread.each week. I mean I am not asking every day, but at least 2~3 times/ week is not asking too much is it?

  512. Btw, let’s have few jlin sites collaborate and make it better..it’s more.enjoyable for posters and viewers…jmo

  513. One of the reasons why Vincent, Jp2313 and Psalm all try to have a better site for Lin fans….

  514. you tech people would know better than me but i can offer my experience: it may be just a disqus function because i have experienced the same thing at other disqus sites where you try to reference another site in your post. they will moderate and then delete.

    for certain it has something to do with the way a posting of site address appears. if its done a certain way it will get moderated.

    again; not sure if this is done specifically by moderation of the site or by a disqus function but yes i have experienced the same thing posting a specific site name and had it moderated/delted; different site names, multiple times….

    so it has nothing to do with any specific objection to your particular site here; of that i am certain.

  515. from what i can see of him on line hes sort of a d list hollywood type; would be actor/model who has some family connections in la. to more sucessfull hollywood types.

  516. lakersground.net and http://lakersground.net/ is still fine over there so if it is an automatic moderation flag then he has gone in and essentially added thise site and jp’s site names as you would curse words. sad really… this site and jp’s must have made a dent in the page hit count over there…

    many have attempted to bring together a group to create one great site… to make improvements there, to add moderation, to help move to a forum instead of discus… the site has not been interested in collaboration.

    They leave the site there often for very long stretches to its own devices. People stay there and complain about things but they stay. It is what it is.

    Maybe the new sites are making them finally rethink their hands off ( lazy) approach to their site. maybe we will get more moderation there. But hopefully it is not just moderation of competing sites

  517. someone want to start a new post on this??

    Pat Bev on SiriusXMNBA today saying he's no friend w/ @JLin7 & CP now they're on other teams. https://t.co/rOpseKwPsf— Jenny (@Jen2Jenny) September 18, 2014

  518. I’ve been on the fence about PBev for awhile. Unsure what was actually going on between him and Jlin but this… this makes it crystal clear for me. He is a egomaniacal jerk. I do not wish him harm but I do wish for JLin to wipe the bb floor with him.

  519. ido’s comment I found interesting…

    @32001OCC @thesuitedmonk88 @Jen2Jenny @JLin7 @ChandlerParsons Yo, @patbev21 , THIS is how you treat your teammates: http://t.co/Q8d9i0snnX— Ido Amir (@IdoAmir) September 18, 2014

  520. Anyone know if this is even remotely a reliable site???

    NBA Trade Rumors: Eric Bledsoe Is Now A Member Of The LA Lakers After Jeremy Lin Trade To The Phoenix Suns! Kobe Bryant Excited Over The News?

    BY Gunther Barbosa | Sep 18, 2014 03:29 AM EDT


  521. This Korean drama site is certainly fishing for clicks. Just a typical gossip site we can ignore, I think

  522. I saw this yesterday but haven’t listened and made up my mind yet. He said the same thing about being not friends with Parsons on court 2 weeks ago then joked around about it

    I want to listen to the context of the interview first but it does sound like some bravado that Bev would say.

  523. yes it looked suspect but I had never heard of it before… thought someone might know for certain that this is just a ‘rag mag’…

  524. I tried for a year.. still have my site still keep adding to it but people just stayed over there… I hope ya’ll are more successful in building sites that are well moderated and that people will use.

  525. @wu kong, why don’t you try to create a new post using the green button on homepage?
    Just simply copy and paste this post. The twitter post should show up automatically using the ‘Detail’/Timestamp URL address

    I’m curious to see if you can easily do that. I can help fix things or add featured image later if necessary

  526. The content of the article doesn’t live up to the headline.

  527. True, it’s a bait-and-switch.
    The title made it sound like a done-deal and it’s one big lie.

  528. Thought about it, but this article is kind of negative…..so I skipped….What PB thinks really does not matter to Lin anymore..

  529. All about habit!

  530. this gunther barbosa guy has written similar BS articles based only on his own Lin hating wishes for this kdramastars site

  531. ok tried to do it… not sure if it worked.. ok I see it now … will you move stuff from here of should I?

  532. that’s a good point.

  533. I think it looks good 🙂

    Just a minor typo on the title. It should be “Beverley”

  534. ha ha I never get his name correct.

  535. http://www.silverscreenandroll.com/2014/9/18/6387565/la-lakers-season-preview-point-guards

    Extract from Silver Screen and Roll preview on Lakers point guards

    “The time is now for Jeremy Lin to become a consistent force in the NBA. He’ll be operating the offense alongside Kobe Bryant and most likely getting the second or third most shots, depending on how trigger-happy Nick Young is this season. Lin will have the ball in his hands almost every possession he’s on the floor, unless Jordan Clarkson can prove something as a second-round pick in his first season, or Steve Nash can return from the dead. In short: Jeremy Lin is going to be a talented player with potential on a really crappy team. If ever there was going to be an opportunity for Lin to run an offense unimpeded by benching (in lieu of Patrick Beverley) or injury (in New York), he might have no better opportunity than right now.” – Jeremy Lin’s moment

    “Lin has had a reasonably clean bill of health through his career, so projecting him to miss significant time isn’t appropriate. What will likely happen is he’ll be the team’s starting point guard once Nash can’t handle the minutes due to degenerative health issues, or a serious injury, which will thrust Lin into the starting role. He should be just fine playing next to Kobe Bryant, and should build a pick-and-roll repertoire with Carlos Boozer and Julius Randle. Lin probably won’t break through some sort of glass ceiling to become one of the league’s top point guards, but he doesn’t need to do that to have his season with the Lakers considered a successful one.” – Jeremy Lin’s portfolio

  536. I always felt PBev wasn’t a true friend! This just confirms it! He’s more like a brown noser to Har_en and wants attention

  537. Hard to trust anyone who writes about BB in a drama site. Also, hard to trust anyone named “gunther barbosa”. Enough said.

  538. Very reasonable prediction on Laker PGs.

    It’s also interesting to note that a different “Jeremy Lin’s moment” writer has the skewed vew of Lin as an offensive player and “good, but unspectacular passing ability” (mostly due to playing behind Harden’s ball-hogging ways and Houston shoot-first-ask-questions-later system but national media is not aware of it).

    Lin is a limited shooter, is turnover-prone (but getting much better) and just had his best defensive season…playing in front of Dwight Howard. However, he’s a deadly slasher who can get to the rim with efficiency and make free throws, with a nice handle and a good, but unspectacular, passing ability.

    But that’s the view most national medias has if they don’t follow Lin and Houston closely. Lin is about to surprise a lot of people this season.


  539. Why was that post deleted?

  540. sorry, there was a pending one. I thought it’s a duplicate

  541. Lol…..trigger pulled to quickly

  542. I predict this will be a one-horse race soon.

    Let’s cast our votes with endless ‘retweet’!


  543. Not really. I have gone to every new JLin site that has created and believe I have joined everyone of them. The problem for me is can’t contribute much except helping to move pics and vids when it hasn’t done. Very limited knowledge about bb. Only know JLin. This site is a little bit easier for me to spend more time on because I can contribute a little:o))

  544. Don’t sell yourself short 🙂
    While you learn more about BB, you contribute a lot in reporting Lin’s whereabouts.
    Even Jeremy can use it to remember where he has been!

  545. we can only try with good content and features.
    we’re slowly but surely getting there 🙂

  546. Hahahaha Am good in stalking JLin from afar and retain info/facts.

  547. Whenever I see this kind of tweet, normally I ignore it but because of Psalm in promoting, I went ahead and did the retweet:o)) Easily being influenced!

  548. It’s part of influencing social media perception any chance we get 🙂

    69-18 LOL

  549. LOL How did u check the result????

  550. just check on the # of retweets vs favorites in the tweet above 🙂
    It gets refreshed every time

  551. Thanks! Learn something new everyday:o))

  552. That implies he was just friends because they were on his team. So, just a teammate and not a friend. The truth is now out, which we all knew anyway. He’s a friend if you can help his career.

  553. Patrick is in the Harden me zone, akright

  554. wu kong, your efforts were appreciated. I went there to browse facts sometimes. I use links you have to tell people basics, just so we can have a decent dinner-lin convo. So I thank you.

  555. actually, jp got deleted within hours yesterday.

  556. there was a pic yesterday of him in an empty gym shooting a mrange.

  557. Just watched access 360 lakers….they are doing count it or doubt it…….Bill said Randle will average more than 14 ppg because besides Kobe, no other good options. Lin is not a good offensive option….wth…..

  558. Enough talk. Let’s retweet. 🙂

  559. ridiculous …

  560. I don’t really resort much to those team medias. I find that they lack research fundamentals. I only check them out when there are Jeremy videos or pictures I can capture.

  561. 書豪此次拍短片的主要結論有3點:

    書豪現身蒙市 華裔粉絲驚喜
    2014-09-19 10:32 星島日報洛杉磯分社


    華人之光林書豪,在社區擁有大量的球迷與支持者,而他今年早些時候轉入湖人隊打球,更為本地華裔社區的觀球熱情註入一股活力。廣大華裔球迷無不期盼賽季開始後,一睹林小子的風採。而17日中午,林書豪竟低調現身華裔聚集的蒙市(Monterey Park),使有幸在現場見到他的球迷十分驚喜。




    林書豪能夠說一口流利的中文,非常溫和有禮,沒有明星的架子。雖然林書豪當場並沒有機會打開信來看,但是記者向他轉達了神秘粉絲的話。 那位粉絲表示,他觀看了林書豪成長的紀錄片,知道他是如何由默默無聞成長為籃球明星。他更佩服林書豪有堅實的宗教信仰,所以特意將來自耶路撒冷的珍貴十字架贈予他,希望他能夠再創佳績。對此,林書豪顯得很感動,他高興地點點頭,並欣然為本報讀者題寫了簽名。

    本次林書豪來蒙市拍片,純屬機緣巧合。據他的合作團隊經理Phillip Wang介紹說,這是他與林書豪第三次合作。林書豪看中了他所創辦的WangFu Production製作團隊,主動找他們,幫助他拍攝一些有趣的短片,放在林書豪個人的Youtube上面。另一位製作人陳小姐(Christine Chen)介紹,他們努力幫助林書豪想一些有趣的東西來拍攝,尤其是能體現東方文化的東西。有一天,陳小姐偶爾到蒙市天仁茶店買茶,看到貨架上琳琅滿目的人參與茶筒,她驚呼到,這就是他們想要的東西。這個短片的內容主要是講林書豪在此地瞭解人參的作用。



  562. Randle is a rookie for goodness sake. I think they might just try to create controversies so at least they can get rating and claim they’re right at some of the guesses 🙂

  563. with byron gonna be doing some sort of princeton offense. i tried to watch some princeton offense videos to see where Lin might fit in. looks like a lot of ball movements and looking for defensive breakdown and cut to the basket and possible pop out for the 3 ptrs. this can be great if done correctly.

    however, is this really gonna be ideal for Lin to shine? if played correctly, it really doesn’t allow Lin to do his standard pick&roll or dribble into the basket and score or kick out. I think Lin is a lot better playing off the ball now so he should be fine in this offense, but it is really not the type of offense to have the linsanity 2.0.

    with the emphasis on defense, I can see Lin pushing the ball back to get easy baskets for himself or others. but once they get into the half court princeton offense set, Lin will be just part of the pieces in this movement. His best offensive weapon of quick penetration to break down the defense might not be utilized.

  564. Princeton is like a constant PNR…..in repeate mode….plus always move the ball from side to side. I think it is a good set in general for good ball handlers….which LAL have only three in Lin, Kobe and Nash….

  565. The season or at least training camp needs to start already so they can make up their mind.

  566. as i mentioned on my comment above, the only thing i fear is not that Lin can’t play well. it is that the princeton offense may not best utilize Lin’s strength and not able to shine in this offense. but i think he has improved on his off the ball movement, which should be good for this offense.

  567. I replied to it too…

  568. I retweeted twice and wished for more :]

  569. ok. i can see that it’s constant PNR, but being selfish, I want to see Lin shine like he did during Linsanity. Just seems that he is only part of the piece instead of the general that he was under dantoni.

  570. The way I see NBA offense. Unlike ncaa or some national teams, it is usually custom made for the roasters on the team. To run a general Princeton offense, you need all five players to be triple threat players, which is unlikely to happen in NBA level. Therefore, no matter what offense you run, the ball will always go to your play makers more….samething can not be said to ncaa games because most of this games are over coached so players have less freedom to actually create. Jmo

  571. i think ur rite about the less freedom to create with ncaa and national teams.

    and i believe byron said his is not a true princeton offense. we will just have to wait and see how he utilizes his players.

    i think everyone is just anxious to get this season started.

  572. Reading how Byron Scott described in Cleveland how the system revolves around guard/forwards/center w/o distinguishing PG and SG, it’s clear that Byron wants to have constant motion to exploit defensive mismatch in maybe 3 tries in a single possession (6-second/try in 24-shot clock).

    That means Kobe/Nash/Lin/Swaggy can be the guards to start probing the defense. I see the concern if it will give enough time to let Lin set up PnR. But Kyrie and CP3 still had the majority of ball-handling in Cleveland and NO under Scott. So it might not completely be pure Princeton offense where everyone has equal amount in touching the ball.

    It will be interesting to see how pure the Princeton offense he’s going to employ considering Kobe and Nash won’t be as mobile. Plus who’s the center who can pass very well in this Princeton offense?

    I would want to listen more to how Byron Scott describes his offense with current players once Training Camp starts.


  573. That’s a good short description about it. I can see how Byron sees the possibility of pairing Nash/Lin on the backcourt as primary ball-handlers

  574. dont know if this will be of any use u 2 but re yer issues with getting moderated/deleted with site name in comments on j lin net. ever since that happened any time i log on there. that initial block of deleted posts with the replie to those posts still visible show up in “new” comments just below anything that has appeared since last i was there and above everything else; like yer haunting the site! anyway may be just my computer or lack of tech knowledge. but wondered if anyone else had experienced something similar.

    btw know there are philippine fans on these sites; my friends there are under flood from typhoon mario woke me up this morning to let me know they are evacuating people but they’re staying put cause evac centers are too crowded, northern luzon appears to be the worst hit and more coming all 2day i think.

  575. of course its just “fantasy” but since what propels those sort of things are actual numbers for those interested in predictions of actual #s espn have up their predictions for all numbers 4 players for 2015 (of course an impossible and ridiculous thing to do) but for entertainment purposes only. i think they have lin for around 13/5/3 don remember 4 sure. in their pre season ratings he is paried with bev. just 1 below (tho bevs big 3 numbers are predicted much lower).

  576. some site had of newcomers who will most likely to be positive impact long term i think was what they meant for lakers; randle was 1 and lin 2. (of 5) so pretty good cause a lot of people think randle will be big star future for them.

  577. what? 10 days now only? have to follow rick johnsons calendar on j lin net. to know.

  578. thanks for the article. i think it really does show how his style might still be beneficial to Lin.

    the offseason is too long and I forgot about the past discussions about how he did had those PG that excelled under his coaching.

  579. Here is my new blog on why Lin will excel for Lakers. And yeah, I take a few shots at the idiots who label Lin: http://t.co/kvNPnWQL62— Nathan Gottlieb (@zukovka) September 19, 2014

  580. this guy will be great to read. looking forward to more from him.

  581. yup! He used to be NJ reporter during Linsanity so he’s a professional writer 🙂

  582. just promoted this site and http://jeremylinforum.net/ as places he should collaborate. been following him all summer great guy knows his stuff.

  583. awesome! 🙂

  584. He is sometimes hard to communicate too….:P

  585. What? Lin’s not a good offensive option? Swaggy isn’t going to get many buckets? Just Kobe and the Rook are going to score? I don’t know the source. Where do I find “access 360 lakers” and who the [bleep] is “Bill”?

  586. haha it is a program on TWCSN. Bill is one of the analysts..

  587. Same thing happened to me about the deleted post for the past day but it’s gone now when I checked in this morning.

    Pray for the flood situation in Philippine. Keep safe and keep us inform, please.

  588. I’ve got tickets for Oct 28th!!!! opening night LAL vs HOU whoo hoo!!! OK who is from LA give me some tips on what to do there… I’ve never been to LA.

  589. view from my seats!!!! I am soooo excited!!!!

  590. Congrats wu kong. Would like to see your report!!! WOW!

    Not from LA but have been to LA few times. How many days are you going to be in LA??? Depending on what you enjoy, tons of things you can do. Believe Joyce and others will give u a better idea than me:o))

  591. Never been to LA. Going Friday leaving Wednesday. must find food. Lived in China and Malaysia so I would love to find some really great authentic food. Just can’t get that in Alabama.

    I’ve gotta look up all the tourist trap stuff and decide what stuff to do. 😀

  592. Well, as for Asian food, my cousin and friends did bring me to numbers places to enjoy authentic Chinese, Korea…. food. Enjoyed them very much. If you need assistance on that area, I can ask them for you if you can’t find the help.

  593. yes please. I would rather go to good local places than tourist trap junk food.

  594. Ok. Will find out for you. They are more in Arcadia, Anaheim and Monterey Park area.

  595. Thanks!!!

  596. No prob. Will pass the info once I receive the info.

  597. If you see a report that the Wolves signed Eric Bledsoe to an offer sheet – don't believe it – they can only offer $1.6 mil starting salary— Eric Pincus (@EricPincus) September 19, 2014

  598. @EricPincus You're doing the salary cap stuff for Basketball Insiders, right? I think that's what I recall.— Paul Villarreal (@CNM_JLin_Vids) September 19, 2014

  599. Great job securing great seats 🙂 Congrats!
    We want you to capture many observations and facial expressions during the 4th quarter haha..

    @disqus_3ojL2FVU9I:disqus lives there so she would definitely be the one to give great recommendations!
    Maybe she can even show you around 🙂

  600. Congrats! Enjoy the Rockets roadkill 😉

  601. hmmm, delicious fun ahead … lots of possibilities. Univ Studios, a pic in front of the Hollywood sign with a JLin17 shirt, visiting the old building downtown where Blade Runner was shot (it’s free http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bradbury_Building), west LA and the beaches, blah blah blah. But most importantly, try to plug in and get a no-hoverhands picture with JLin! Have fun, and look fwd to your very great comments to come.

  602. If you like nature… beaches are beautiful along the PCH (pacific coast highway) from Orange County’s Laguna Beach up to Malibu. Griffith Observatory, Hollywood sign, amusement parks, etc.
    I would recommend below website and order a visitor’s guide/road trip book (free)… also available in PDF.
    I actually use it when I go on road trips with friends in the spring/summer.

    If you like museums…
    Getty is my favorite.

  603. Chinese food used to be in Monterey Park, so you’ll need a rental car. Not sure where it’s best now. It shifts around depending on where the immigrants go and the Chinese families live. In the Bay Area, best Chinese food used to be in Mountain View 20 years ago, but now it’s all from Fremont to Milpitas.

  604. pretty good seats, wukong!

  605. Archangel @GrindHard_23 41m
    Shocked that Kobe and Jeremy Lin was having a private workout at our workout facility.

  606. Wonder whether anyone knows where they are having the workout at? Have been wondered about this since learning that JLin is back to LA.

  607. And it begins!!!

    This is a great development that Kobe and Jeremy are connecting (maybe just the two of them)

  608. The Lakers training facility is in El Segundo but this might be at another gym, perhaps close to Kobe’s house.

  609. Any idea where Kobe lives? I mean the suburb.

  610. Why a private work out tho?

  611. they don’t want to be seen in public? :}

  612. Newport I think. I once saw Kobe in Coffee Bean near South Coast Plaza (Newport). He was also seen working out at UC Irvine (my school)!

  613. They were seen…..anyway….:P

  614. it’s a very good sign that Kobe wants to have a private workout with Lin.
    What Kobe wants, Kobe gets in LA :]

  615. Thanks, I’m googling to find out all these places:o)) Even though I was in LA a few times, I only went from A to B…. Most times my friend drove me locally. Hence…..

  616. Newport and Irvine are affluent neighborhood in Orange County. They’re pretty much right next to each other.

  617. Oh Yeah I’ve been to that area years ago. Couldn’t even remember how it looks like now:o)) Those non digital cam days. Nowadays I take tons of pics everywhere I go so that I remember well where I’ve been to. Organized them into different folders…..:o))

  618. Wonder about the stat provides in jeremylindotnet is different from http://jlinarticlesandfacts.proboards.com/thread/321/jlin-comparison-bledsoe. Please help me to understand the whys. Thanks! Sorry, didn’t dare to ask over that site

  619. ooh Blade Runner building… must go there. all time fav movie 🙂

    I wish they would just have the ‘stalking app’ here that they had while Jlin was in Taiwan it would make my life easier. HA!

  620. Thanks!! will look through the visitor’s guide and start making itinerary. I’m so excited. I’ve been all over the world but never LA so this will be a lot of fun.

  621. I like all food. I have not run across much I do not enjoy. Sadly my waistline does not approve 😉

    So I will be looking for any and all… just want good food not tourist stuff. Where locals go to eat. The places where someone’s grandma cooks or at least they are still using her recipes.

  622. HAHA. so Jl.net is trying to be active now. good for him. I hope he keeps it up Jlin fans deserve a better site.

    Looks like he used the per 36 numbers and Dallasjack was using straight up game numbers.

    The per 36 and per 48 numbers are supposed to project what a player would do given that amount of time on the floor. It is a simple ratio scale up of box score values:

    10pts/12 mins = x pts/36 mins or x pts/48 mins

    Gets used often to try to compare player x to player y. If player x only plays 20 minutes but player y averages 40 minutes a game ( a la parsons, harden) Player y raw stats will look much better because the coach played them long minutes and they had more opportunity to score etc..

    Problem with per 36 and per 48 is that they are straight scale ups and you just don’t know if a player would play/perform that same way if you scale up 20 mins average play to 48 minutes… could that player actually keep up the same pace and intensity ( a la Pbev)??? or is it possible that the player would ‘warmup’ given more minutes and play even better (a la Jlin)

  623. Thanks for the explanation. Really appreciate it! I know it’s something like that but I didn’t know which one is which one. No matter which figures you look at, in general JLin is doing better than Bledsoe. Sad to see that JLin isn’t being recognized and valued as such. Pray that the tide has turned now. Pray for a much healthy and improved JLin in this coming season.

  624. The site http://www.basketball-reference.com has a handy facility you can use to compare players’ statistics. You can compare up to 6 players at a time; over their careers or for individual seasons. If you put your cursor over the column headings you can find out what they mean.

    Here is a comparison of the 4th seasons for Jeremy Lin, Eric Bledsoe, and Goran Dragic : http://bkref.com/tiny/AwlCU

  625. Thanks for the info. To me, I’m still not comprehending the meaning behind all these stats. Will leave this stat for experts:o)) Don’t take me wrong, I like numbers in general but in bb games, number isn’t every thing.

  626. Yes, you’re right. Numbers have to be put in context.

  627. it’s nice hearing that kobe and lin doing some training together. Kobe seems to be very complimentary to Lin after that 38 pt explosion against his lakers.

    If Kobe can see the potential in Lin still this year, it will be major boost for Lin to get a really good contract for him next year with the Lakers.

  628. I am not sure whether Lin is doing better than Bledsoe or vice versa. This year should provide further evidence. Can Lin play better than Bledsoe? Sure.

  629. Like Kobe more each time when I hear JLin is practicing with him. Because of what he said about JLin before the famous Knicks vs Lakers in 2012, I wasn’t very keen with him. I had my concern when I first heard about JLin being traded to Lakers but soon I became less and less dislike him esp when JLin confirmed his contact with him, etc. Help me warm up to him a little. Now I can’t wait to see they play together and see what damages they can do to other teams.

  630. From same area. do you think if you have 4.0 weighted gpa from Irvine area high school and 2000 sat score, you can get into UCI?

  631. Newport is more affluent I wd say.

  632. I have been to that Blade Runner building. Go visit Gettys Museum and do jet ski at Balboa. I have done many things in Southern CA.

  633. Yes, drive along PCH and stop at various towns. I do that often.

  634. i think his comment b4 the game is just an honest comment in that he doesn’t know much about Lin and what is going on in NY. Like Not sure if u watched any of Kobe’s videos or interviews, he has crazy work ethics. He trains hard on his games knowing what he needs to do all the time. He probably doesn’t watch any tv and it sounds like he may be a loner so nobody would probably be telling him. and he probably really don’t care if it doesn’t help his own game.

  635. new fan made video… nice:

    Published on Sep 20, 2014

    this is a compilation of some Jeremy Lin videos from end of Knicks era to beginning of Lakers giving an idea what Linsanity documentary part 2 might look like. Enjoy!

  636. gotta agree with these guys i never get inside the pch when in so cal. and the upper poster has it right all the way from laguna beach to malibu is cool; it goes like this from south to north; laguna beach–nice little arts and crafts beach town; you can actually walk the whole place from beach to community be aware parking is very expenseive and lifmited.

    next newport beach balboa beach as noted elsewhere once the most affluent community in america, the tv show “the oc.” allegedly took place there tho as there is no actual beach community like what is shown on tv so they have to take select shots from various places;

    moving on north huntington beach “surf city usa” miles and miles of easily public accessible by car (rare in so cal) beach and more surfers per square inch than anywhere.

    then its a long drive on up past the forgetable oil refinery town of long beach to what is commonly called “south bay” three continuous beaches (you could probably walk almost all the way from one to another along the beach) redondo, manhattan, hermosa (i always confuse the later two)–redondo is heavily asian/hispanic/ and strait out from lin birthplace and my usual stay area torrance–dont think there a plaque yet commemorating but if you go north from torrance just a little there is one in hawthorne for the birthplace of the beachboys.

    hermosa is i think where jay leno maybe still plays at a little comedy club every month (at least he did while he was still on tv)–and manhattan is the upscale white community beach; hermosa a little ragged for my tastes –manhattan a little stiff.

    then again you skip el segundo and on up to lax; so coming in to lax all this described is south; from here on north

    north of lax its on up to in order: marina del ray (boats in harbor as name indicates) venice beach (tacky but considered quaint, depends on your sensibilities first day i was there i was a. mugged b. cell phone stolen (by staff where i was staying and later returned when i complained to managemnet) c. had identity hacked (email from shared public computer)– adjoining to

    santa monica; zillions of tv shows use the ferris wheel and pier there and my son the photographer/filmmaker has done lots of shooting under neath the pier cause the light and shadow there are amazing.
    the promenade and shops there cool upscale but not as starchy as manhattan;

    then its another distnace up to malibu which is hard to get down to the beachs there cause tho technically public only have small access lanes thru private property and locals would like to keep it private.

    when you get to the end of malibu yer somewhere on yer way to the getty i think

    and then zuma beach is the end.

    thats my travel report enjoy.

  637. monterey park is 67% asian. but there are lots of asian communities of course in l.a. area.

    torrance where i guess lin was born right? has a lot of different asian communities as you would drive along seplveda (sp).

    korean, philippine, chinese, indonesian; they identities change as you bend in from the coast and head inland.

  638. It was just medias seeking blood……

  639. This is great to watch…

  640. Exactly….I am an eye test guy myself….lol. Stats only show you WHAT has happened, but it does not show you HOW/WHY it happens that way.

  641. notice the placement of the ” I put my trust in you lyrics” oh yeah good watch

  642. That’s good to see JL.net mod is more involved 🙂

    And great points on the per36 projected stats showing ‘What-If-they-can-play-36’ scenario. I like DallasJack’s stats breakdown on how the stats differed in playing 15/20/30/35 min because it tells us if there is different level of performance in when players play long min.

    And it’s important to note that it’s an average of 4 year stats so it’s good to answer the question how the perform roughly in 4 years. But it doesn’t answer the question what the trend of development yet. (Who’s improving a lot or degrading in 3P%, 2P%,TO%, etc.)

    It’s probably good to write a primer on how to interpret the stats numbers and understand their limitation for casual bb. @jlin_fan_from_australia:disqus, do you think this will be helpful?

  643. Thats if you have the time to organize! LOL.

    SInce digital camera came along, my picture management went haywire! At least with analog, I had it in albums. Still love them.

  644. Haha. Well, I didn’t have 2000 sat score 😉
    However, nowadays, you have to do better than that to get into any UCs.

  645. I agree.

  646. Excellent travel report!

  647. I’m waiting for that app as well ;P
    Jeremy was spotted at the Santa Monica Pier again so definitely stop by there.

  648. Jeremy was right when he said West Coast Best Coast 😉
    But then again… I’ve never been to the east coast… hmmm ;P

  649. Yes, getty is fab.!

  650. Great minds think alike … that and outland with Sean Connery.

  651. Yeah, and app called where’s jlin.

  652. Every time I see another fan pic of Jeremy, I can’t help noticing how much more relaxed he seems. That first picture of him with a Laker hat making the L.A. sign with his fingers seemed to show a face of pure joy and relief.

    We all have noticed a difference in the support of the Laker organization vs. the Houston group. However, in L.A. there also seems to be an external local network who will have his back if push ever comes to shove. He’s exploring the local community, making contacts, and occasionally taking time to smell the flowers.

    I don’t think for one second that he’s slacking off on his training regimen. But he also seems to weave decompression time into the work. He seems very ready, very balanced.

  653. One of my favorite Linkin Park songs! I agree, good job on the placement of the lyrics.

  654. Good post. I would bet that Jeremy is working harder (actually more efficiently, with greater spirit) because he takes time to socialize. He seems relaxed and ready to go. I hope the team surprises people and he has a great season.

  655. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/portrait-kawhi-leonard-205819172.html

    What a teammate he would be for Lin and vice-versa.

  656. UCI Admissions rep said the average admitted UCi students had a SAT score of only around 1870 which surprised me. That was a lot lower than UCLA and UC Berkeley.

  657. Thanks Psalm. Just not sure about what each of those stat was based on. hahaha I’m still learning all those terms of the summary. Getting there.

    To me, stat is important but not that important. Still these stat didn’t give me the whole pic of what happened to the players/games. Guess in my mind, one needs to interpret the stat with what other factors have influenced the stat in order to be a completed report like how the player was used, injury….. Otherwise the person who writes the piece hasn’t done his/her job correctly. This is my analytical/educational mind speaking:o)) So, yes I agree with Psalm that whoever does the stat needs “to write a primer on how to interpret the stats numbers and understand their limitation for casual bb.” Not just casual bb including all those so call “expert” writers. They have done a lousy job thus far; only put in bias view on those stat.

  658. Just drive from San Diego/Temecula area to SF and stop here and there; that’s the best way to get the feel of Southern and Northern CA.

  659. Too many items to see for one day.

  660. You can’t beat the Chinese foods at the China Town in NY City. Cheap and the best.

  661. They are the two top UC’s. Irvine ranks somewhere in the middle of all UC’s so I’m not surprised.

  662. I did pretty much all the stuff in Southern CA, so I am trying to find different things to do.

  663. What did you enjoy the most? Any recommendations?

  664. Hahaha I spent tons of time to organize them including my May trip to Europe. Combined with 3 cameras I ended up to have almost 14,000 pics. This isn’t included the ones that I have deleted. Guess I have seen over 20,000 for just that trip along. Took me about a month to get them sorted. Not only put them in a country album but subfolder to place and organized them in sequence of events (all 3 cameras) as well. Some subfolder one has over 1000’s like Paris cruise. Then I download all these pics to my FB. Have so many albums there. For you info, very few people can see them. Only closed closed fam members and friends can see them.

  665. Berkeley, UCLA, UC Davis, UC San Diego are definitely above UC Irvine. Riverside and Merced are pretty easy to get into, it appears. My kid will probably have UC Irvine or Irvine Valley Community College (anyone can get in) as a back-up and then try for UCLA or settle for UC San Diego or UC Davis if he gets in. It’s not a bad option to go to IVC and then transfer, I think. The main reason I want my kid to go to a UC is it’s cheaper and he can save money for any graduate school if he decided to attend one.

  666. Yeah, transferring from CC to UC is not a bad option at all. What major is he considering?

  667. To be honest, he’s really undecided. He’s not that good at engineering; he’s more or less pretty decent in all areas. One good thing about UCI is that it allows students to be admitted as “undecided”. What fields of studies is UCI undergraduate good in? I know it’s good in engineering, but is it good in let’s say International Relations or genetics area?

    I am one of few parents who actually wish that my kid doesn’t get into an Ivy League so we don’t have to pay more money. 🙂 I feel sort of guilty.

  668. I enjoyed hiking, swimming in the evenings, doing jet ski or snow skiing at Arrowhead area and visiting museums. Balloon ride in Temecula was fun. Also, you can drive from here to Sedona, Arizona and then keep going to Utah and Colorado. Took some cruises at Long Beach area. Oh, visited Catalina Island which is worth doing once. Wouldn’t want to live there though.

  669. I hate taking photos. I am the type which thinks the pictures in one’s mind are the best ones.

  670. Also, when you travel across the USA, you see how much USA was influenced by Native Indian and Spanish cultures. You also learn some dumb things like what “Colorado” actually means. It means “Color of Red” because the ground and mountains in Colorado are often red.

  671. Aspen, Colorado is worth going once. I like to feel and learn the rhythm of each area we visit, so driving is the best for me. Woodburn, Oregon has the best no tax Outlet shopping center, so you should buy things there.

  672. 90% of my friends were bio majors but most of them end up as psych majors after being burnt out from bio classes… very competitive.
    Business and computer science are also very good.
    They really lack in arts which was unfortunate for me.
    I know you want the best for you kids but don’t feel too guilty… they will understand eventually. Ivy league is nice but it isn’t be-all and end-all.

  673. When you say “business” is good, do you mean business management which includes web-based marketing? Medicine is out for my kid since he would faint at the sight of a dead body or blood. I myself would like to have been a homicide detective going after serial killers.

  674. I love nature and art museums.
    I camp near Arrowhead/Big Bear once a year.
    I saw Groupon deals for the Balloon ride… I should check it out.
    Catalina was nice once, I wasn’t too wowed by it and the ferry ride is expensive.
    I’ve backpacked in Yosemite and the views were breathtaking. I’m hoping I can climb the Half Dome one of these days.
    In college, I took a road trip along the PCH and got as fars the the Redwoods. I wish we went further to Oregon at least. I hear it is beautiful.
    I went to Zion Canyon last Memorial weekend and I wouldn’t mind going back to explore more. If you go there, do the Angels Landing hike and a water hike through the Narrows.
    Canada sounds wonderful but I would also like to visit Alaska.
    Europe was great with plethora of museums/cathedrals but if I ever go back there, my focus will definitely be nature.
    My best friend and I are considering Latin America (Mexico, Peru) as our next destination. We’ll see.

  675. This was another poster of lin/kobe sighting earlier in the week.

    Tade Keshishyan @TadeKeshishyan · Sep 15

    Me and my teammates lift/condition in the same facility as KB, J. Lin, Richard Sherman and more… Idk something bout that makes u go har

  676. That would be ideal but unfortunately she only has few days.

  677. I went to Alaskan cruise long time ago when we were one of 10 Asians among 2,000 passengers. I want to do a train ride cruise in Alaska in future. I would like to learn to shoot guns, do parachuting at least once before I die and become a good ball room dancer within 5 years. Seems like your butt has to be flexible.

  678. How is your progress so far? 🙂
    My parents went to Alaska few year ago and they loved it.
    I want to do the Coast Starlight train ride from LA all the way to Seattle.

  679. I am at the beginning stage, but I plan to do more activities once my kid goes off on college. I can’t wait until my kid goes off and he’s not my responsibility anymore. My kid actually visited something like 25 countries with his mom, way more than me, because I was too busy working. Guam was good for water slides activities. Hot and humid. For me, eating is an integral part of traveling. One of the best trips I had was going to hot springs trip in Japan. Visited, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Korea, China, Philippines on business trips. Come to think of it, I traveled to many places on business trips.

  680. I just heard their business school is one of the best but don’t know the details. sorry.

  681. LOL. As you should. You deserved it!

  682. There is one commercial where as soon as their kid leaves for college, his parents are so happy and they go off on a long trip right away. I empathize with the parents.

  683. I see. I will research to see if their business school includes web-based marketing, etc. How about film school? Does UCI have one?

  684. And turn their kids room into a gym?

  685. No, they probably sold it to finance their trips.

  686. Makes sense 🙂

  687. I thought I was well travelled for my age but 25 countries before college is something. If he loves travelling, he should consider studying abroad. Thats what I did my senior year and never regretted it.

  688. LOL Opposite to you. I love taking pics. Anything but me (will take a couple of me in one place). That’s about it. The rest is scenery. That’s my passion–going places preferably self driving and taking pics.

    Have been to 28 countries thus far and 25 states of USA. Did lots more of sightseeing type of traveling in the past few years. Wish I can afford more.

    Next time when I make my traveling should consult JLin fans:o))

  689. the other thing to make sure people are aware of is that ALL the stats ( plain box scores to all the advanced stats) are based on who is recording the in game stats and there are a lot of known problems with that…

    ALL stats are based off of box scores.. the advanced stats use those box scores and then mathematically manipulate them to fit predictive models. I wonder how much of this stats manipulation goes on now. I know we have seen JLin robbed of stats. And jlin fans have petitioned to have some corrected ( yeah Team JLin!) I would think the fantasy teams and the $$$$ associated with that would require better scrutiny of the stats recorded but at the same time also put a higher pressure on scorekeepers to fudge the numbers.

    Interesting if ‘star’ players are inflated simply recording the numbers “correctly” would punish a player.

    i have 2 great article on box score manipulation here: http://jlinarticlesandfacts.proboards.com/post/2854/thread

  690. So…seems like from now to the camp….it will be just some regular conditioning plus some shooting drills IMO. Aiming to join the camp with the best shape possible.

  691. I just wish he was more receptive to working with the community. Or at the very least banishing the trolls.

  692. Just read Baidu’s Lin fans posts. Since there were many sighting pics of JLin in Santa Monica lately, their guess is JLin may end up living in the area. What do you think? (just out of my curiosity)

  693. Here are a couple of photos from the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica, where Lin was shopping yesterday. Looks like a nice place to shop:

  694. he doesn’t. he was forced to tag along when young.

  695. Go to Hjeir Park At Laguna and walk around.

  696. agree with everything. been to all beaches. i go to redondo to eat korean seafood sometimes.

  697. i wd skip all that hollywood stuff and maybe go visit warner brothers studio.

  698. go to Korea Plaza food court because cheap and pretty good. u don’t have to go expensive to get good food. For good Mexican food at cheap price, go to Taco Factory at Santa Ana. For cheap breakfast, go to Norms at Santa Ana. For cheap seafood, go to Long Beach Hispanic part of town. If u go where Hispanics go, u will get good food at cheap prices.

  699. i don’t go to JL site that much. like this site better already v

  700. Psalm, you should create a blog titled “Which players would you like to see on Lin’s team?” I would like to see either Faried, Davis, Jimmer, Klay Thompson, Batum, Diaw, Leonard, Green play with Lin. Of course, Duncan too, but he will be retiring soon.

  701. For purely sentimental reasons, I wish some players from the NY Linsanity team could play with Jeremy again. But I think that ship has sailed.

  702. A few days ago, looking at a photograph of Jeremy Lin eating in a fast-food restaurant, I wondered what his approach to nutrition / diet was. Here’s his answer to the question : “What is a typical daily diet for an NBA player during the season?”


    My diet consists of healthy carbs, proteins, veggies and fruits. For carbs I like to eat pasta, couscous, and rice. All the meats I eat have to be lean and healthy like fish, chicken, and steak. Every once in a while I’ll treat myself to a very unhealthy meal which usually consists of going to multiple fast food places in one night.

    My biggest no-no’s are fried food, candy, and soda. I’m a big snacker so it’s hard to give up my normal snacking habits. If I could pick, I would always drink soda, eat gummy candies and devour huge bags of chips. My snacking habits have been changed to yogurt, trail mix, granola and veggie platters…it’s the worst.

    See : http://www.quora.com/National-Basketball-Association-NBA-1/What-is-a-typical-daily-diet-for-an-NBA-player-during-the-season


    In December, 2013, Ken Berger wrote a series of articles on nutrition in the NBA. The first one focused on the Lakers and their efforts to guide / improve the players’ eating habits. The second focused on players on other teams (e.g. Blake Griffin and Ray Allen). The third dealt with personal trainers. Here are the links:

    See : http://www.cbssports.com/nba/writer/ken-berger/24370416/nutrition-in-the-nba-part-i-lessons-learned-in-la-help-howards-career

    See : http://www.cbssports.com/nba/writer/ken-berger/24373097/nutrition-in-the-nba-part-ii-paleo-diet-takes-hold-for-variety-of-reasons

    See : http://www.cbssports.com/nba/writer/ken-berger/24374232/nutrition-in-the-nba-part-iii-the-role-of-the-personal-trainer

  703. I heard on NBA radio that Klay Thompson could end up with the Lakers in couple of years when he becomes FA and once Kobe’s contract ends.

  704. Korean seafood are the best with Korean spicy chili sauce.

  705. wu kong, this is the response from my cousin. Please let me know the info. Thanks!

    “Well Melody.. I can recommend places to eat but I do need to know where in LA she is gonna be at?? LA is very Big.. I Need to know where exactly he/she is at n what county.. ok thx”

  706. According to some of his fans that paid closer to the pics, this wasn’t the first time he went there since he was traded to Lakers. Some believe he lives closeby.

  707. That’s a great topic to have. Why don’t you try to create a new Blog Post yourself since you’re a Contributor?
    Try to use the green ‘Create New Post/Thread’ button on homepage (above ‘Sticky Posts’ section)

    I can help to find a featured image to make it look nice 🙂

  708. he played in Nash’s charity soccer tournament last year with Jeremy so they have quite a good relationship.
    That’ll be pretty awesome. Klay can be a better version of Novak as a sharpshooter with slightly better D

  709. Shump would be perfect as a lock-down SG next to Lin.
    Landry might have some hope if he fixes his shooting mechanic.
    Jared has retired and Tyson will soon follow.
    Novak might find his way to LA if Lin does well this year.

  710. well I am not totally sure… for sure the night of the game we are staying right there by the game have not made hotel reservations yet… is it bad to say I will follow the food. ‘-) Wherever the best food is… I will go there and stay close by. I should be ashamed of myself for thinking that way but food glorious food will make me decision for me. if there were say 3-5 places they could go … top of their list I will stay somewhere near those…

  711. Then let’s me ask u this: what kind of food you prefer? Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Malay, Thai….Give me a priority, then I can ask my niece about it. I know for sure Monterey Park, Arcadia have plenty to select from (my friends live in these areas). My niece lives in Anaheim, I presume there are some good authentic ones there as well.

  712. oh my can I say ALL.. ha ha I am being food greedy… ok if I have to choose Malay would be the one I just can’t get here… probably next good DimSum then…Korean

  713. ok if I get down there, you are recommending Warner over Universal? I was at Univ as a kid, and that Psycho house scared me. It was pretty cool as a kid.

  714. Ok I have passed the info to my niece. Ask her to recommend suburbs to live for those foods:o))

  715. Are you looking for particular kind of Korean food? Koreatown is next to downtown FYI.

  716. Many are saying Klay is the best SG right now because he can play both ends of the floor unlike Harden who is an offensive threat but plays no D whatsoever. I actually think Klay and Jeremy would be a very formidable backcourt duo. They compliment each other nicely as Jeremy is not always on scoring mode like Curry. Also, Klay seems humble like Jeremy.

  717. I love Korean bbq, noodle soups, and bibimbap (sp??) I can eat a small jar of kimchi on my own, and I love vegetarian dishes I guess those would be traditional buddhist foods. ??? I will pretty much eat anything put in front of me and the spicier the better.

  718. Oh stop it, you had me at “I can eat a small jar of kimchi on my own” and “spicier the better” LOL.
    Koreatown is place to be for cheap authentic Korean food for sure. They’re cheap not because they’re lacking in quality but due to competition. I’ll ask around first and give you the top recommendations.

  719. Thanks for the info!

  720. awesome thanks!!!

  721. Darn….I saw this discussion at a very bad timing…

  722. you hungry?

  723. Here’s a food truck that combines two of my favorite types of food, a Korean-Mexican fusion:


    I’m not in LA so I’ve never been there but my friends have and they say the food is very interesting.

    The thing is that it’s a food truck so you’ll have to check out the schedule and see if it’s nearby where you are.

  724. Go to Korea Plaza in Koreatown LA; they have good cheap Korean foods. Many choices.

  725. I didn’t know I was designated as a Contributor.

  726. I created a new category of ‘Discussion’.
    That would be good to find all posts categorized as Fan Discussion.
    Let’s try that for now

  727. with all the bad expectation of Lin and the Lakers, it actually will be good that when Lakers do well this season. They probably will give byron coach of the year then. probably won’t give too much props to Lin unless he’s at least 20/10.

  728. very

  729. At some point, the expectation on them will be high…But I think most analysts missed a point. It is really does not matter to LAL at all on what we think…..

  730. “JLin Fan from Australia” uploaded this photograph of Jeremy Lin studying video (it’s in the “JLin Latest Sighting” post). The photograph appeared on Lin’s Chinese Facebook site.

    It’s just another occasion where Lin’s strong educational background will stand him in good stead. As a Harvard student and athlete, he’d get a lot of practice in priority setting, time management, meeting deadlines, and learning how to learn. These skills would make it easier for him to analyze and understand new offensive and defensive schemes, and play effectively under a new coach.

  731. From Lakers Nation :

    The Lakers officially announced the signing of free agent guard Wayne Ellington. He’s a 6’4 shooting guard who entered the
    league in 2009 as a first round pick of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Last season he played 45 games for the Dallas Mavericks.

    According to Mark Medina of the LA Daily News, Ellington’s contract is partially guaranteed. Medina also said that the Lakers will likely have 19 or 20 players on the training camp roster.

    See : http://www.lakersnation.com/lakers-announce-signing-of-guard-wayne-ellington/2014/09/22/

  732. so that is why he studying up. for today’s 5 on 5. studying defense to guard kobe. and be the coach

  733. It’s interesting to note that Ellington played his best season in CLE for Byron Scott w/ 17 games started averaging 10.4pts/gm. I think there is one more spot is available for Training Camp. Hopefully it will be a big man.

    He’s strictly a long-range bomber with 90% of his highlights on 3s. Quite impressive shooting at 42% clip in the last 2 seasons with Memphis. Not sure if he can play D. He’ll probably make it through the TC if he shoots 3s at high % and can play some D. He could be the new Novak for Lin.

    If you like watching a long-range bomber, here is the “Welcome to the Lakers: Wayne Ellington Highlights”

  734. Seems like he can not put the ball on the floor. I hope he study Danny Green who I think improved dramatically.

  735. he might lack the foot speed to do so but it seems he prefers launching deep-range 3s because he’s good in it.

  736. Lakers added 4 players with no guaranteed contract for TC. They are Keith Appling, Jabari Brown, Roscoe Smith and Jeremy Tyler. I don’t think they’ll make the final 15-person roster but good to know who’ll be in Training Camp.


  737. Getting more excited that Media Day will be less than a week away now:o)) I know it’s crazy of me to be so eager for the new season begins:o))

    Another note: Official I have requested for JLin Lakers jersey or something as my Christmas gift:o)) Let’s hope I will get one and then take a pic with something:o))

  738. now that is awesome !! 🙂
    I’m testing Video Gallery so we’ll be ready for Media Day festivities soon.

  739. lol Crazy old woman!!!! Actually my nieces asked me about JLin’s jersey last year. I said no way. I disliked R that much. But this year, thought that my nieces always gave me something that I didn’t need. Why don’t I request one that I can do with a pic. I did show them the world JLin’s fans map to them and about this website, etc. Also showed quite a number of JLin’s vid and pics to my younger sis who finally returned from Melbourne:o))

    Hahahaha This recuperation from my cancer treatments turn me into crazy JLin fan monster:o))

  740. Was your niece impressed with how much JLin and NBA knowledge you now possess? 😀
    What a nice niece!

  741. You should be able to find these places on google.
    Olympic Noodles – Their chicken noodle soup has so much chicken 🙂
    Ma Dan Gook Soo – cold noodles
    Park’s BBQ – not inexpensive but don’t settle for cheap korean bbq 🙂 plus many celebrities stopped there (see pic on their wall – no Jeremy… yet)
    OB Bear – best Korean fried chicken in town
    As webbatorney said, lots of options in Korea Plaza. I would recommend trying the bibimbap here. For me, best best bibimbap comes in hot stone bowl (dolsot).
    Good luck with parking in LA 🙁

  742. LOL My family does know how “passionate” I’m with JLin. March 2013 when JLin did well, we had a fam gathering at my niece’s place to celebrate birthdays and her housewarming. After dinner, I went to one of the room, connected to her internet and listened to PFV’s analysis. At the time I wasn’t able to watch games Totally relying on PFV to give me JLin’s plays info. That’s when my fam thought I was “crazy.”

    LOL She is one of the nieces I helped to raise when she was young:o))

  743. wow.. you couldn’t watch games but relied on PFV broadcast. That’s quite a dedication :]
    I can imagine the look from your family when you caught the Linsanity bug lol

    So have you influenced some of them? Maybe through the funny videos (Tussaud, Papa Lin, etc.)?

  744. I did. My younger sister and few church people:o)) I used JLin as an illustration in sermons and adult Sunday school lessons last year:o)) Also asked numerous friends and fam members to watch his testimony sharing:o))

  745. Has nobody mentioned Disneyland/California Adventure? Or Universal Studios Hollywood? Or Sea World in San Diego?
    Those are the fun ones. There’s also Knotts Berry Farm, Legoland and Six Flags Magic Mountain (although not sure if it’s open after a roller coaster caught on fire).
    I go visit LA every other year but I mostly just stay in Orange County, and eat ‘In n Out’ and ‘Chick Fil A’. And if you don’t have those restaurants where you live, then you should try.

    Oh yeah, for Malaysian Food, I usually eat at a place called ‘Balacan Grill’. For a really good Asian Bakery for your bun needs, there’s 85 degrees Bakery. Chinese food is everywhere, so just try your luck?

  746. This site is excellent. I hope that more people will come on here.

  747. Thanks, Andy 🙂 We’re trying to add more things with Video Gallery and Stats page soon.
    Just let us know if you have any suggestions

  748. 85 degrees Bakery is beating Starbucks in Taiwan.

  749. Not surprised! If I had a choice between the two, I’ll definitely get the 85 degrees coffee over Starbucks.

  750. They’ve become so popular here recently. Many opened in Torrance which is not far from LA. I love Korean bakeries.

  751. I just received my Los Angeles Linsanity shirt . It was only $20.00 and with this shirt there was a 20% discount code (GIVETHANKS) Here’s the link…


  752. Adrian Wojnarowski reported some hours ago that :

    After a summer of stalled discussions, the Phoenix Suns and restricted free-agent guard Eric Bledsoe have progressed significantly in contract talks with hopes of reaching an extension before the start of training camp, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

    Suns general manager Ryan McDonough and Bledsoe’s representatives with Klutch Sports have gathered momentum in discussions over the past two to three days, and Wednesday is expected to be crucial in the push for the sides to finalize a deal,
    league sources said. … The Suns are believed to have pushed an initial four-year, $48 million offer into the $50 million range, sources said.

    See : http://sports.yahoo.com/news/sources–eric-bledsoe–suns-make-progress-in-contract-talks-024157247.html

  753. Cool, nice feature! I don’t know if we’re supposed to comment here or there but the vids on the slider I can’t seem to get to load and play. No problem with the one already in the big window. Are you hosting all these vids on your server?

  754. thanks!!! we have chik Fil A but not In n Out have to give it a try since Jlin recommends so highly 😉

  755. Set up so I can watch Ball** on TV using Raku stick. Seems to be working very well for recorded games. Hope it works just as well for LIVE games. Should create a section titled “Various ways you can watch Lakers games on TV or Internet” section.

  756. Roku?….

  757. Yeah, that one. Canceled cable and got Roku instead because I was hardly watching cable. Saves $70 per month for me. As I get older, I want to simplify my life. The only thing I don’t like about watching games live on TV is all that commercial and a long half time break.

    This year is for me a “Make it or break it year” in the sense that if Lin doesn’t play above certain level, I am done watching his games LIVE. I will always follow his saga time to time, but I don’t get that much enjoyment from watching him play so-so. I followed him this long believing that Houston system didn’t allow him to shine. Instead, I will spend making plans for travels and a business project. 15/6 is the minimum line for me.

  758. “But what about the durian?? Where do you find the good durian?” wu kong wonders…

  759. Sounds like a good plan! I watch a lot of TV. Not sure how good Lin will do, let’s hope he can get over 15/6

  760. Even 15/5. I figure he should at least do this with Lakers. I guess in some sense, I am looking for an excuse not to watch his games LIVE. 🙂 If Lin goes Linsane with Lakers, that will not lead to a productive life for me, even if it’s enjoyable.

  761. and all good food connoisseurs. that stuff is like crack. makes my mouth water just thinking about it.

  762. Just don’t bring it to the stadium or plane. Others may not share your passion. 😉

  763. Balacan grill!!! yum… http://www.belacangrill.com/home.php on the list….

  764. Sounds reasonable, he got 12/4 in ROX…….

  765. I thought it was close to 13 and 4.5, no? Even 13/8 would be good enough for me, to be frank. I am not looking for some insane numbers like 18/8.

  766. for sure… all the signs would crack me up … no durian in taxi etc…ha ha… made me laugh b/c I don’t think it smells bad so I don’t understand the problem. :DD

  767. 11.1/3.8 as a bench and 14.2/4.5 as a starter. So……….

  768. OK, so if he starts with Lakers, then I figure he should do at least 15/6. That’s not expecting too much.

  769. IF he will be featured…. I think 17/6 is possible.

  770. 17/6 will be very good numbers for the season.

  771. I think 17 is a magic number for box score watchers….once you get over 17…it feels completely different.

  772. Absolutely the worst scenario will be if Bev’s season stats is better than Lin’s. That will suck mucho grande.

  773. Unlikely. I mean even when PB was fully supported last yr….he just can not squeeze numbers close to Parsons.

  774. I am expecting Bev to average for the season around 12/4.

  775. That’s about right. If He wants to be successful in NBA. I think he need to become a Fisher-like player. up his 3 %age to above 41%. Well if he can not, he will still get an OK contract….

  776. I don’t see Bev averaging his 3% shooting to 40%. Lin has a better chance than Bev, I believe, to reach 40%.

  777. Lin is a 38% shooter to me. If PB can not do 41%, he is too limited. Keep in mind that most PB’s shot will be catch and shoot, unlike Lin…

  778. I like Bev for his limited skills.

  779. He is ok…..he has his own career to worry about….now…:P Darn…we should try using chat…

  780. yeah, it’s still not working yet. I need to continue testing to find the right options. It was working for a while then I enabled a few other options then stopped working. I’ll keep you posted on the progress..

    It can be uploaded on the server but probably not a good idea for performance reasons

  781. See, all those years of chemicals desensitized you. 😛

    I haven’t built up my tolerance for it yet. However, I CAN handle durian smoothies. Those are good and not much smell. You lose out on the texture of eating the fruit though.

  782. Bev will always find a role as a 2nd or 3rd or 4th back-up at some NBA team. He has to be concerned about missing his only chance for a decent NBA K though.

  783. Yes, pretty muc so…

  784. ok, who’s going to meet JLin at Foot Locker Westfield Mall in Culver City from 4:30-6pm tomorrow on 9/25?

    @bluBell, @awarde:disqus , @webattorney, who else? This is your chance 🙂 Don’t forget to report to us what we can do to support him :>

    LA fans wanting to meet and get pics with @JLin7: Jeremy is appearing 4:30-6 p.m. tomorrow at @footlocker Westfield Mall in Culver City.


  785. My 1st attempt at “It’s Happening!” #LinsanityinLA :]


  786. I told you that I am a fan of Lin’s BB game and care less whether I get a photo with him or not. In fact, I wouldn’t even ask anyone to take a photo with me, except my family and friends. OK, maybe if Doris Day was near me, maybe, I would ask very nicely . . . Besides, Culver City is at least 40 minutes drive away from where I am. 🙂

  787. good, you probably will be great to set up business meetings with Lin team 🙂
    I’m actually not much into getting signatures and taking pics with celebs. But if I get a chance to take family pics with Lin to inspire my boys, I’ll do it in a heartbeat :]

    We’ll just hear from @Blubell to see if it’s also too far from her. That’s one thing that drives me crazy in LA, too much time driving on the freeway. I felt like I go out of town everyday but in-town. haha..

  788. My kid will be more impressed if I took a photo with a singer he likes.

  789. who would that be? Don’t tell me it’s Bieber …

  790. Someone like Taylor Swift or Lord girl, can’t even remember her name.

  791. Taylor Swift is better than Bieber for sure. Maybe your son would need Linsanity in LA to start watching Lakers games. For now, Spurs certainly is good, no-ego team worth rooting for 🙂

  792. Lily is famous!!!

    Lily is a sporting dog 🙂 #Lakers RT @monkeyes2: @JeanieBuss Lily is ready for the @Lakers season to start pic.twitter.com/3TBVmelrhC— Jeanie Buss (@JeanieBuss) September 24, 2014

  793. Taylor swift is 1000000x better

  794. ESPN is now reporting that the Phoenix Suns have agreed to a five-year, $70 million contract with restricted free-agent guard Eric Bledsoe. So, he’s out of circulation for a while.

    See : http://espn.go.com/nba/story/_/id/11583579/eric-bledsoe-phoenix-suns-agree-five-year-contract

  795. Congratulations! Please take a pic and post it on JLin’s fans world map:o))

  796. Sure glad that drama is over:o)) Seem like he gets what he wants in a sense. Whether he deserves it or not, let his career speaks.

  797. LA! Tomorrow I’ll be at Culver City @Footlocker from 430-6pm pst come by and say whats up!#purpleandgold #teamadidas


  798. That’s pretty much close to the max deal. If Lin averages 17/6 this season, he should be getting the max or near the max also, especially when you consider that any team he’s on will make more money from Taiwanese/Chinese advertisers.

  799. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nba-ball-dont-lie/judge-s-claims-about-paul-george-s-parenting-the-latest-in-unfortunate-offseason-180201487.html

    The sucker will have to make a lot of money to pay for all his children. It literally pays to be responsible like Lin in this sense. 🙂

  800. From Mark Medina of the LA Daily News. The Lakers :

    “signed nine-year veteran NBA guard Ronnie Price, the team announced on Wednesday, bringing its roster total to 19 players. All NBA teams can hold a maximum of 20 players for training camp. The 31-year-old Price has had stints with the Sacramento Kings (2005-07), Utah Jazz (2007-12), Portland Trail Blazers (2012-13) and Orlando Magic (2013-14), averaging 3.4 points, 1.5 assists and 1.1 rebounds through 425 games.”

    See : http://www.insidesocal.com/lakers/2014/09/24/lakers-sign-ronnie-price/

  801. Congrats! I know Lily would get you close to Jeremy, @disqus_dVLDET9zJ7:disqus 🙂
    Now you get Jeanie Buss to like her.

    What if … you bring her to the opener to meet Jeanie and Jeremy!!
    That would be epic! Then we’ll have a “Chronicle of Lily4Lin” corner here 😀

  802. Lin with 35 minutes per game, 18 pts, 8 assists per game…that’s all I ask for our viewing pleasure.
    Great to be starter but the minutes are far more important.

    Just for fun, will you be satisfied with the below?

    2014-2015 targets
    – 18 pts/8 assts/5 rbs/ 2 stls
    – All Star
    – Most Improved Player
    – 6th Man of the Year (if not starter)
    – $80 million/5 years contract in Summer 2015

  803. Understanding that Joyce Ward and Lisa Tarng are going. Please bring us some great pics and news about JLin for those that are too far to go:o))

  804. I’d be absolutely thrilled with these results.
    The contract would validate Lin as (one of) the faces of Lakers franchise for years to come.

    18/8 is very close to CP3’s 19pts/10ast so it won’t be easy to achieve.
    But the stars are lined up for Lin to be the primary playmaker once again. So why not? 😀

  805. for those fluent in marginal nba players of the 6 camp fodder players on lakers roster: ellington, price, appling, brown, smith, tyler which if any mite get the last 2 roster spots and be of any use?

  806. yes it wont be easy to achieve as ive pointed out b4 on the “other” site people here for the most part migrated from (so i wont go back and repeat details) in the last 5 6 years hardly any point guard has achieved those numbers. maybe a hand full of times its been done in total, in some years acheived by none. paul the only one i believe to do it more than once maybe not even him depends on the specific numbers

    18/8/5 for example. paul didn’t get it last year. didn’t have 5 rebounds.

    it has certainly never been done in that time by a “sixth man”. and of course if lin were getting 35 minutes per game he wouldn’t in any realistic sense of the words be a sixth man.

  807. Unfortunately, I have to be a responsible adult and work during that time especially with all the deadlines we have…sigh… You are right about the driving in LA. It is about 20 min from where I work but it would probably take me 40 minutes due to rush hour. I’m sure there will be lot more opportunities in the future.

  808. I don’t know which I like more, the dog or the jersey.

    Anyway, great dog! Great dog name,too.

  809. 18/8/5 would be the high ceiling and I wouldn’t want it if Lin has to play 38+ min.
    I know it’s a contract year and he needs to perform well but health has to come first.

    I don’t think Lin will play enough games as the 6th Man to qualify for the award. They can say Steve Nashis healthy but we all know Byron Scott said he’ll sit out more games than Kobe. So Lin will start a lot of games based on this statement.

    I can actually see 20/7 or 22/6 if Kobe and Nash sit out a lot of games. He’ll have to pick up the scoring load.

  810. Honestly, they are fresh bodies for TC purpose. Ellington has the best chance to make it since he played for BScott before, can shoot high 3PT% at 42%, and has partially guaranteed contract.

    For marginal NBA players, they have to have special skills (i.e. 3pt shooter, shutdown defender, shotblockers, etc.) that can give a little spark off the bench. That’s why someone like JR Smith and Nick Young are valued since they’re good streaky shooters even with dubious shot selection.

  811. Is PGeorge the next Shawn Kemp & Shaq? First he broke the leg, then supported Ray Rice now a deadbeat dad. Why does he keep digging deeper holes? crazy stuff!

  812. After watching the Lakers Media Day video that Melody posted in JLin Videos, mostly covering Julius Randle draft process, I really like Randle as a high-character guy as a 19-year old. Very poised and knows his goals. His charity of choice is Salvation Army so he’ll get along well with JLin.

    I’d definitely watch more of his scouting videos to see if he and Lin can be the next Stockton/Malone.

  813. Here are a couple of videos from yesterday’s Laker practice; one with Jeremy Lin (first one) and one with Byron Scott. Jeremy looks and talks like a veteran now. He’s been around for a while and knows what he’s talking about. I hope he stays healthy and has a great season. These videos seem to stall at times for a few seconds, even though the content is downloading properly.

    See : http://www.twcsportsnet.com/videos/2014/09/24/jeremy-lin-feeling-good-ahead-of-training-camp

    See : http://www.twcsportsnet.com/videos/2014/09/24/byron-scott-anxious-to-start-training-camp-with-the-lakers

  814. so ellington based on previous relationship with scott. that would still leave just 1 other spot open then for ….? and not necessarily (as some lakers fan/not necessarily lin fan posters on lakers sites seem to think ) a “big trade” involving all these acquired marginals in the shuffling of contracts thing that seems to go on a lot.

  815. i think the “deadbeat dad” story is not new.

  816. For some reason I can’t see the videos. I saw the Lin talk on Youtube, but could someone summarize what Byron Scott said? Thanks in advance!

  817. Mark Medina provides a cautiously positive appraisal of Jeremy Lin. This was the ninth in the series “previewing the story lines surrounding each player on the Lakers’ roster for the 2014-15 season.

    See : http://www.insidesocal.com/lakers/2014/09/25/lakers-depth-chart-breakdown-jeremy-lin/

  818. sadly yes .. it probably just didn’t get media spotlight before

  819. it’s hard to envision a big trade involving marginal players. perhaps it would be exchange of backup 3pt shooters and backup center that Lakers want from another team.

    I still think they’re short of athletic big man for defense purpose so it’s curious why they invite many guards.
    Unless the want to find solid backup guards in case teams are interested in Clarkson+fillers.

  820. If you have Ad blocker…you need to turn it off.

  821. – 18 pts/8 assts/5 rbs/ 2 stls – not bad.
    – All Star – not impossible
    – Most Improved Player – I think he’s more likely one of the top candidates for this year’s recognition. Not bad if he gets it, not bad if he doesn’t.
    – 6th Man of the Year (if not starter) – I’m not really sure if he’ll be treated as a 6th man. Nick Young is more likely to be Laker’s 6th man.
    – $80 million/5 years contract in Summer 2015 – not bad, although I think even if he has a rookie’s salary, this guy will not go broke. He’s spending his money wisely (compounding interest, honey!)

  822. I can not stop smiling when I see “honey” …….LOL

  823. It’s “honey money” for future Mrs. Lin 🙂 This is a girl with a plan!

  824. I think Serena Winters made the correct guess that Ronnie Price could be an insurance for Steve Nash

  825. Ballmer says no to Apple policy for entire Clippers team and stuff. Wow, talk about being petty.


  826. saw that this morning, but i think coach and players will be next year so it doesn’t disrupt them.

    “And Doc [Coach Rivers] kind of knows that’s a project. It’s one of the first things he said to me: ‘We are probably going to get rid of these iPads, aren’t we?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, we probably are.’ But I promised we would do it during the off season.”

  827. Thanks! Works now. You’re so smart!

  828. May the force be with you…Jedi..or. Monkey D. Luffy

  829. I guess they’ll replace iPads with Microsoft Surface tablets as some kind of advertisement.
    I wonder if they have to replace iPhones with MS Nokia phones. That will be interesting

  830. Yeah, definitely mature for a 19 year old. His parents, who also seemed to appear on the video, seem like nice people.

  831. Came back from Laguna Beach and had one of the best lunches ever at some Italian restaurant there. I won’t tell, so it won’t be too crowed the next time I go there. 🙂 I guess they have to stand for two hours to wait in the line.

  832. Joyce should be easy to spot since she will probably be the only African-American person waiting at the line. 🙂

  833. Haha, you recognized…even with the beard.

  834. .@JLin7's internet career is taking off faster than ever, and now @TheWhistle wants a piece! http://t.co/PcEF4D2clj pic.twitter.com/XEK6scQzfR— New Media Rockstars (@NewRockstars) September 25, 2014

  835. Jeremy Lin came about 10 minutes ago. pic.twitter.com/V1f68w18RO— loui1707 (@louisapark) September 25, 2014

  836. this is great. Are you a poster at http://jlinarticlesandfacts.proboards.com/ ? You should post and maintain the list there, it’s the de facto JL archive. Disqus posts will disappear and no one will find it again.

  837. All I know is Lin is one of the best PGs in NBA in transition: He gets out quickly, he almost always makes the right decision with the ball in transition and he awards those who hustle. That’s where Lin is clearly head and shoulders above Nash. Lin comes closest to doing it like Magic in transition.

  838. Very good and balance article about JLin from the interview that he has done today prior to Adidas interacting with fans today.

    Los Angeles Lakers’ Jeremy Lin hopes to morph into complete player

  839. It is always easier to operate at a maximum of one thing…..finding balances need time and experiences…

  840. A quote from Jeremy Lin about his YouTube videos :

    “When people think Harvard or Asian American or they see my demeanor on the court, they automatically come up with certain preconceptions about who I am or what my demeanor is and I think one thing that was really missing was my off-the-court personality,” he told For The Win. “So a friend had suggested I start making YouTube videos awhile back when I was with Golden State and so that’s how it all began.

    “And after I made my first one I was like ‘wow this is really fun’ and since then we’ve just been having fun with it. I love it because
    it’s an opportunity to have … you know … you push your own message … you control the content from start to finish, it’s very pure and authentic it’s not muddled with anything else. You don’t have to do things a certain way or push certain things. I can be who I want to be and say what I want to say through the YouTubes.”

    See : http://ftw.usatoday.com/2014/09/jeremy-lin-is-trying-his-best-to-be-a-youtube-sensation

  841. Good that we have @arsenium12:disqus, @wu kong and @jlin_fan_from_australia:disqus (others too!! )doing data mining for this site… big thanks!

  842. Hmm, I don’t see any conflict of interest in that. Really petty indeed.

  843. I like Microsoft Surface Pro 3 more than Ipad.

  844. Yes. please post there or I can if you are not interested.

  845. That’s a good point, @real_dsb:disqus
    In order for these links to be searchable here, we need to create a post.
    I’ll do so for @arsenium12:disqus and wukong can also do it on her site.

  846. On TWC SportsNet, Coach Dave Miller says Jeremy Lin has “everything you want in a passer” and loves his ability to attack the rim.

    See : http://www.twcsportsnet.com/videos/2014/09/25/access-360-coach-miller-likes-court-awarenesss-of-jeremy-lin

  847. You’re quite welcome, Brent.

  848. Hear, hear!

    Kudos to
    @arsenium12:disqus who provides excellent news/link summary,
    – @wu kong who does a great job with stats and archiving and
    – @jlin_fan_from_australia:disqus (Melody) provides us with a great gallery of JLin pics,
    – @brentyen:disqus , @disqus_rxPxLxqBMt:disqus ,@Blubell, Melody who keep churning out great ideas for the site
    – plus many others (IJ, webattorney, Spot, @real_dsb:disqus ) with great thoughts and analysis!

    Even minions approve your great job! :]

    Thank you all!

  849. Hear, hear!

    Kudos to

    @arsenium12:disqus who provides excellent news/link summary,

    – @wu kong who does a great job with stats and archiving and

    – @jlin_fan_from_australia:disqus (Melody) provides us with a great gallery of JLin pics,

    – @brentyen:disqus , @disqus_rxPxLxqBMt:disqus ,@Blubell, Melody who keep churning out great ideas for the site

    – plus many others (IJ, webattorney, Spot, @real_dsb:disqus ) with great thoughts and analysis!

    Thank you all for your great jobs :]

  850. I love Coach Miller’s breakdown on Lin’s speed, court-vision in transition and half-court offense. It definitely supports his assessment that Lin will get his assists number up in a system that utilizes his ability to pass, dribble, shoot.

    These are the things that will influence Laker fans to embrace Lin as the PG. Let’s keep supporting Coach Miller!

  851. The Cavs are having their Media Day today. Here’s a picture of Kyrie Irving standing on a cardboard box so he’s as tall as Kevin Love and Lebron.

  852. Talking about his endorsement opportunities :

    Jeremy Lin said he left tens of millions of dollars on the table by not accepting the endorsement opportunities he was offered during the height of the “Linsanity” era in New York two years ago. … “If I had accepted everything, I don’t know the exact
    number, but I would have been making way more off the court than on the court,” said Lin, who has a $14.9 million salary in the final season of his three-year, $25 million deal. “Even the next contract after.”

    See : http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/smackblog/chi-jeremy-lin-passed-up-big-linsanity-payday-20140926-story.html

  853. Here is how now-Lakers-coach, Mark Madsen explained why Jeremy Lin was dominating during Linsanity:

    10. Defensive Play
    9. System and Minutes
    8. Athleticism
    7. Pick and Roll
    6. Confidence, Emotion, and Aggressiveness
    5. Lin can shoot
    4. Excellent Finisher
    3. Chemistry (team)
    2. Ability to get into the paint
    1. Talent and Toughness

    See : http://markmadsen.com/top-ten-reasons-why-jeremy-lin-is-dominating/

  854. The available point guard pool is shrinking …


  855. Hmmm. Madsen wrote that the day after Lin dropped that 3-pt, game-winning bomb on the Raptors during Linsanity.

  856. I guess we can say Madsen is an ardent believer in Linsanity since 2012.
    He’s a Stanford alumni so he might have met Jeremy before since Jeremy liked to play w/ Stanford players close to his home.

  857. Thanks Brent and Psalm for creating this site for us. Psalm is really the mastermind of this site. Sure glad that I can help to maintain the pics gallery:o)) This is my 2 cent contribution to this site:o))

    Psalm what about the vid link of Paul’s vid?? Have you done anything about it? Sorry haven’t checked the site more in the past 2 days. Too much JLin’s activities/info have been going on in the past 2 days:o))

  858. Here is the transcript of Mitch Kupchak’s press conference today. There was only one question about Lin. Kupchak spoke in an optimistic but also practical and realistic way about the Lakers’ upcoming season. There’s a video of the press conference embedded on the web page as well.

    See : http://www.nba.com/lakers/news/140926_kupchakTranscription

  859. I’ve never used Surface other than browsing at MS store when it was still with Windows CE. Is it that much better? How about the App Store compared to Apple Store?

  860. I want one, so…I have been harassing my friends working in MS for a while now…LOL

  861. http://china.nba.com/like/ Take a look at this page: it is updated daily.

  862. This greater-than-$25M endorsement offer than he declined surprised me but it’s NY after all.
    Lin and family have proven that they’re not making money #1 goal. That theory that Lin went to Houston for money sounds ridiculous now 🙂

  863. If I were a betting man, I would put my money that Nash will be the starting PG for the 1st game UNLESS he himself specifically tells Scott to start Lin. I do think, however, that Scott might end up reversing his decision less than 10 games into the season.

  864. A must-read article about “Why NBA player Jeremy Lin has the biggest YouTube following of any American professional athlete.”

    It tells the inside mind of Jeremy Lin to be a pioneer in Youtube professional athlete endeavor. (only 30 out of 30K professional athletes have Youtube channel). It praises Lin as well-schooled in marketing speak. And more importantly, Lin will reportedly get from this deal an equity stake in the Whistle Sports Network company. for the acquisition of JLin7 Youtube channel.

    Sounds like Jeremy Lin knows how to use his Harvard Economics degree very well. More importantly, as PFV said Jeremy will have the media power to publish his own message. Well-done, Jeremy!


  865. That’s a good scenario very likely to happen. Nash gets his last hurrah to start a few games in his last season then ‘chose’ to ask Byron Scott to make Lin the starter for the betterment of his team and preserve his health.

    Win-Win. Everyone looks good in the end. Nash will be hailed as the selfless hero who puts team first. Kupchak already praised Lin as a team-first guy who doesn’t care for starter/bench status. Lakers will look great an organization.

  866. Honestly, I don’t even mind that. While I do think Lin is better than current Nash, he still has a lot to learn. And if letting Nash have this respect can help him, then I’m all for it.

  867. Adidas has awesome running shoes, but their b-ball shoe designs need a lot more work.

  868. I can see where he’s coming from. Can you imagine one of the owners of Coke allowing his employees to be shown drinking Pepsi?

  869. It’s a little different in this case. The Clippers employees do not directly sell Microsoft products so using Apple products is not a conflict of interest.

    But Ballmer as MS owner can ‘force’ his hand a bit to force a MS subsidiary (Clippers) to quicken and promote the adoption of Microsoft tablets/phones/spreadsheets 🙂

    But it can backfire if MS Surface tablet/phone is not up to par to iPad/iPhone quality and high-profile athletes complain about it. So Ballmer better makes sure the CP3 and teammates are happy about it 🙂

  870. I like Surface Pro 3 more because of its versatility. It’s a more mobile,more lightweight version of my Lenovo laptop. It’ll be easier to bring during Sunday service when we need extra units. Browsing – good, App Store – not bad, my personal fave is the Reading List. I’m getting the Pro 3 later to upgrade my (very, in terms of gadget life) old Pro. I’m not really a huge gadget freak who needs an upgrade every 6 months. As long as it is still functioning,I’ll use it to death 🙂

  871. If I’m part of the Apple marketing team, I’d like to bring in Jeremy as an athlete endorser, to answer to Samsung’s Lebron and Lenovo’s Kobe 😀

  872. On TWC SportsNet, Coach Dave Miller talks about Jeremy Lin’s shooting ability; initiating the offense or starting off-the-ball.

    See : http://www.twcsportsnet.com/videos/2014/09/26/access-360-jeremy-lin-shooting-ability

  873. Jeremy Lin’s meet-and-greet at Foot Locker (Westfield Mall) helped to mark the opening of a special adidas “boutique” within that store, offering the best of adidas’ performance and style collections.

    See : http://www.footlocker.com/The-a-Standard

  874. Jeremy Lin talking about his YouTube channel and signing on with the Whistle Sports Network:

    “What we’re trying to do with that has never been about monetization,” Lin said, adding that the Whistle Sports Network will help improve the production and reach of his videos.

    See : http://www.chicagotribune.com/sports/smackblog/chi-jeremy-lin-passed-up-big-linsanity-payday-20140926-story.html

    “If you look at other NBA players, they don’t really have YouTube channels, they’re reposting other videos or they might be a video here or there,” Lin said. “We want to further push this social movement that we’ve been trying to create.”

    See : http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-09-25/lakers-jeremy-lin-joins-whistle-sports-as-content-partner.html

  875. The best scenario.

  876. Thanks, @arsenium12:disqus!
    I’ll add the Chicago Tribune link to the post

  877. very interesting to know. I need to read more review on latest Surface Pro. Also there’ll be more hybrid laptop/tablets coming out for the holiday season.

  878. This is not a season ending injury tho….but I don’t believe that was what happened.

  879. I think LAL FO is setting up to let NASH having a good ending. They did their part, now it is all up to NASH.

  880. A lot of people said that Surface Pro 3 is in a way, comparable to Macbook Air. I can’t say so myself because I haven’t really tried using Macbook Air.

    Good thing gadget companies are already taking into account those people who are looking into having a laptop and tablet in one. 🙂

  881. Thanks, Psalm.

  882. Jeremy is throwing out the first pitch for the Dodgers tonight, and the Dodger’s pitcher for the game is — Haren (with no “d”)! Talk about weird coincidences.

  883. Seriously?!!! LOL this is too funny!!! Let me tweet it…

  884. TVN JLinNation and COLLin are fighting….funny stuff when it is not happening here

  885. Yep. I almost choked on my coffee when I saw it.

  886. that’s too funny 🙂 tweet it to @JLin7

  887. saw that, meh came here to tall youz that this site home page has come a long way and you’re ready for the season!. Chat box is a bit odd, opening up on a convo weeks ago. Maybe you can default for that box to be closed? Alles gutes guys and gals.

  888. I don’t think I can generate much discussion at dotnet about this, but I’m so excited about the actual game flow that will happen with Lin, Kobe, and Nash. I don’t care about the other guys because they are just to me like other people in the league until some form happens to their game around these 3. I’ll also learn much more about the LA players as we go, so it’s mostly out of ignorance that I don’t care about their game yet.

    But knowing how the whole game is now going to flow more consistently with Lin/Nash, this season is going to be very fun. Knowing how Nash and Lin seem to socialize off the court even with their 15 year age difference, this is a growing work relationship that has backchannels in fun. Knowing how they will face game pressure together all year, I am so happy for Lin and our discussions to come this year.

    Maybe I’ll come here for real bball discussions and go to dotnet for what I termed bazaar fun … like going to farmer’s market on a Sunday.

    I haven’t joined any LAL forums. Do any of you suggest a couple of good ones? What’s the structure of LAL fans, one forum, or 2 or 3?

  889. I’ve joined most of the Laker forums. But in the very few posts I’ve made, I’ve provided rather innocuous information, not opinion. I just wanted to get my name seen occasionally and have a non-confrontational record if/when I decide to assert an opinion — and some of the established members want to look at my history to see if I’m a troublemaker.

    Mostly, I’ve found that all Laker forums are rather tense right now — because they really don’t know whether their long-time star is going to be able to make a decent showing or not. For that reason alone, many of them aren’t receptive to any “isn’t Lin wonderful” type posts … at least until Lin shows them his “wonderfulness” as a Laker.

    Monday’s media day might be the source of more angst. Who are the reporters going to give the most attention? Whose picture will be featured with which team mate in the local and national press? I have a feeling that if Kupchak’s presser put a couple of our Lin fans up a wall, media day might do the same.

  890. who are they? other forums?

  891. Posters on JL.net

  892. I am not a LAL fan…so…can not give any suggestion….:P

  893. I found it almost ridiculous to judge a poster by how many post he did…Just see what he say…and counter if disagree.

  894. Chat box…….is for game chatting. It was removed from the homepage because it is dragging down the site performance.

  895. Arsenium, there is a thread specifically for JLin’s vid. You can find it in Home page. Please make use of that thread. Check it out. Have posted most of the ones I’ve found there.

  896. that is a sad site.

  897. Hey thanks for the style tips … I never joined CF because I didn’t trust the leadership style there, but I might a LAL forum. Which one do you like the best? I’ll try your style. It’s right, to respect the incumbents before engaging in good discussions, thanks.

  898. Ok, I’m referring to the instant chat box that opens automatically on the bottom right, like the facebook one. Is my account set weird or something? It’s the 1-1 chat, which I think psalm experimented with early on. Thx for noting.

  899. lakersground

  900. TVN is correct though on facts.

  901. It is not about the facts he provided. I get a feeling he is just using correct facts (sometimes just opinions) as a chance to call ppl delusional or blind. I don think ppl were agitated by his “Facts”, more of his tone.

  902. sometimes….haha

  903. hm, do you still have that the bottom chat-box open, @joeteam:disqus?
    I thought I disabled it already. Does anyone else have problems with chatbox on bottom right corner?

  904. cf made me so angry with the ‘ I’m a 99’ bs as if that in itself made whatever you posted golden. ugh. just read what I posted not my join date

  905. That’s how this society works in general I guess….PPL care about status more, credibility less.

  906. Yep, it opens up every time I log in.

  907. I confirmed the bottom chat has been disabled.

    If you have open private chat window, I believe you can click on top right or bottom right corner to close that chat window. Let me know if you can do so.
    If not, I’ll try to recreate the scenario and take a snapshot.

  908. I read some of those spitting of venom. Yes you are right. He’s just using facts as a shield to call others delusional or blind.

  909. OK. Thanks. Will do.

  910. i agreed with yer bazzar assesment of the parent source of this portal (tho sometimes i find it bizarre as well) but unlike the it seems primary creator behind this site i dont lament the abscence of a lakersground format there. i dont have the patience or time for having to wade thru a massive block of posts just to get to the 1 that hasn’t been posted like 10 days ago. on each “thread”. the lakersground format that (wu kong) was wishing for on “the other” site (if i understand what shes requesting correctly) is not something i enjoy. i like the idea with disqus i can pop in as you say and see whats on now. i dont care what was posted 20 hours ago. so i wouldn’t recommend lakersground at all. also the comments there tend to be really long and dry as no person to person interchange is permitted (ie. no etane-esque behaviour)–its almost academic and fairly dreary. to my sensibilities.

    lakersnation has the disqus format but not a lot of activity; still because of disqus format i do comment there sometimes. and i think its the best “light” quick check format.

    there is another barely active laker(no s)nation not worth checking.

    of course nba lakers and espn la and bleacher report lakers and lakeshowlife are big sites mostly articles and less comments and tend to attract short burst limited intelligence whining and swearing in whatever comments appear.

    to sum: if you have a comfort level with the format of lakersground yes. i dont.

    if you prefer the disqus format and dont require a lot of activity lakersnation.

    that is for active interaction.

    the other sites i mention are more for information and articles than interactive commenting.

    and for quick and updated league info i like the “rumors” page of “hoopshype”

  911. countering and disagreeing. since wu kong showed me how to hover over things to collapse i accidentally also learned to hover and find # of posts. i always consider that as a factor in what someone has to say. for example knowing that brent yen has managed to acheive 12000+ posts without being driven off then i probably am going to listen more to what he has to say in an argument with someone who only has made 78 posts and probably is not going to be around much longer anyway. to me longevitity is a primary component of crediblity. (and i dont think thats how society works, at least not 2day in fact its just the opposite if something is old and been around for awhile–or someone–they’re not taken seriously, if it –or they–didnt happen since the last twit or tweet or twat or pinupinterest or instantcram “society” not only doesn’t care but doesn’t even know.

    or society has the attention span of toddlers. actually thats probably an insult to toddlers.

  912. test hmm i never know why posts get held and or refused. two here are going thru 1 not; oh maybe its because i named someone specific ? no cause ‘handles” are being listed in above posts without moderation. dont know.

  913. I visit Lakers sites mainly to get a feel for how the community is reacting to certain events. I joined mainly to have the ability to respond quickly in isolated cases. But the Lakers fans have their own PTSD angst going on, and I don’t think the time is right for any “spirited” discussion on those sites with a new guy’s fans. It could hurt more than help.

    LakerNation (not be to be confused with LakersNation) and LakersGround have the most active forum-style participants, and LG has a JLin media thread. A less active forum is the Lakers Discussion in clublakers.com, but they have a JLin thread going.

    Silver Screen and Roll is a blog site as is forumblueandgold.com. So subject matter is dictated by the bloggers and readers then respond.

    I’ve also been a member of RealGM forums since Linsanity. The Knicks board was very active back then. It still is one of the more active team boards on RealGM. The Lakers board isn’t very active. However, I do check in on the basketball general board there (and the WireTap headlines at the top). If there’s a Lin thread on the general board (and there occasionally is), I might venture in once in a while.

  914. Nothing went in to the moderation queue tho…this is weird.

  915. Jeremy Lin on working with Adidas:

    “They made it clear from the start that they really believed in me. They made me a partner and made me part of the process and that they wanted to grow with me. They showed me that they want me to take part in the creative process,” Lin said. “That’s something I love doing. I My first few years wasn’t necessarily like that, so I’m happy to now.”

    See : http://solecollector.com/news/jeremy-lin-shares-some-info-about-joining-team-adidas/#ixzz3Edca7Qzk

  916. The nike sponsorship manager is probably thinking … I’m no Jerry McGuire, dang.

  917. Thanks, I’ve bookmarked these!

  918. every group goes for status to take shortcuts. Like, here we ask … where to do you work. In UK, it’s where did you grow up (class) or where did you go to school. Salary her also indicates. If the shortcut acts to separate the 2, then I say it’s stupid. But if it gets you flowing to get to know each other, it’s just the way it is in ppl. Almost 9B and counting, so we need a few shortcuts here and there.

  919. I call those stylized facts, from a marketing guy I heard once.

  920. oops, wrong reply.

  921. OK, thanks, I just went to the gear icon and logged out of the private chat and it should go away now. I thought it was tied to the site login. It’ll be good if you tie the 2 together, but dunno if it’s an obsolete feature. You can’t click close on it for it to go away next time you log in – it comes back. So, I had to log out of the chat.

  922. From what he’s said to the press in the last few days, Jeremy is in great shape and pleased with the work he put in this summer. He should be well prepared for training camp. Here’s Byron Scott, from early September, talking about some of the things he’ll be trying to achieve:

    “I always believe that if teams are going to beat us, they’re going to beat us because they’re better that night and not because they’re in better shape, not because they’re tougher. They’re going to beat us that night because they’re better that night than we are. So I pride myself on making sure we’re one of the best conditioned teams in the league, and that we’re going to execute on both ends of the floor. And to do that you have to have discipline and dedication, and that’s what we plan on doing.”


  923. Here’s an article from “Lake Show Life” discussing questions to be answered in training camp. As for the point guard spot :

    Jeremy Lin seems the right move as the starting point guard. How many minutes does he get with the first unit? Or is Lin a hybrid first and second unit player? Byron Scott recently mentioned that he wants a second unit that can press and create havoc. That seems tailor made for Lin’s athleticism and gritty toughness, plus his ability to finish in transition and at the rim.

    See : http://lakeshowlife.com/2014/09/25/hell-week-training-camp-questions-need-answers/

  924. It seems Jeremy will be an integral part of the unit, whichever it is.

  925. Given that CF was a forum for the Rockets, I can see why some Rockets fans found it annoying that some Lin fans turned every thread into Lin-related comments. Up to this point, I sort of understood that some long time Rockets fans could feel annoyed. But what happened there was once they got annoyed at some Lin fans, they blamed Lin for every problem with Rockets. And then riding on this trend, some racist posters heaped their racists posts. Someone, either owner, GM, coach, commentators or teammates, had to clearly support Lin to stop this trend, but no one did. I blame Les, the owner, mostly because he was doing other non-BB stuff to really care about how his team was being run by GM or McHale who wanted to prove that their assessment of Lin was correct.

  926. IMO, people became unnecessarily agitated by his tone. I can think of many others there whose tones are worse.

  927. Could be….it really depends on who is reading it..

  928. From what I had seen……there. Mostly it was when some rox fans firing cheap shots on Lin 1st..

  929. LOL….love your way of thinking. well….I would say there were some poster who only posts like 30 posts a year, but each of those posts made more sense than my one liners….lol….BUT the point still is…..the most important thing is still what he said….now, or past, Not how many comments he said or how long ago he said it. JMO.

    Of course longevity counts too, but it is more toward poster’s credibility…..I just think it does not matter if you are just judging a particular post. If that post does not make sense….it does not….contents presented overrides everything IMO. BUT..if I am to decide a poster is a troll or not, then of course his posting history counts, heavily.

  930. And to contrast CF mod’s non-action with how LG mods quickly closed threads between Lin fans and Lin haters, it’s clear that CF mods could have put a stop to Lin fans bashing or even “Lin is a joke” thread but they didn’t.

    It’s in the past but there’s nothing we can do when the forum mods clearly made their preference known. It shows the importance of having our own media outlets to send our message. I personally think JCF left because of many injustice he witnessed as the NBA reporter.

    That’s why I like Lin’s awareness to reach out to his fans and non-bb fans through the recent Whistle Sports Network deal.

  931. Here is an interesting Q&A with assistant coach Jim Eyen from several days ago. Talking about aspects of defense he said:

    Eyen: Basketball is thought of as such an individual game, and particularly at this level sometimes it is. But sometimes it is to a
    fault, and along the lines of what you’re asking, you’ve got to create the mentality that: “I don’t have a man. I’m a defender. I’m one of five defenders that need to defend our half of the court.”

    And you speak of helping the helper. That’s great terminology, and we use that often because that’s what it really comes down to: being on a string and not worrying about your man. The focus needs to be the ball. because the ball is the thing attacking you.

    See : http://www.nba.com/lakers/news/140923_jimEyen

  932. Here is an overview of the first week of training camp for the Lakers:

    Tuesday : a single three-hour session is scheduled for the first day of camp, as the players and coaches expect to discuss philosophy and get in a work out.

    Wednesday : … Scott has scheduled two sessions … . The Lakers will be doing two-a-days for the majority of the first week at camp … .

    Thursday : the team will again have a double session. An early afternoon session lasting two hours … then, another two-hour session at dinner time.

    Friday : the team will only hold one early session and hope to skip the late afternoon Friday traffic.

    Saturday and Sunday : Scott has the team running two-a-days again.

    014-15 LA Lakers Training Camp Roster : Nick Young, Jordan Clarkson, Jeremy Lin , Keith Appling, Xavier Henry, Ed Davis, Wayne Ellington, Ronnie Price, Kobe Bryant, Jeremy Tyler, Steve Nash, Jordan Hill, Ryan Kelly, Wesley Johnson, Julius Randle, Carlos Boozer, Roscoe Smith, Robert Sacre, Jabari Brown

    See : http://www.nbclosangeles.com/blogs/triple-threat/LA-Lakers-Media-Day-2014-277410421.html

  933. U are right. But some Lin fans did over hype Lin there. I do believe some hatred or annoyance with Lin fans did spill over to Lin himself. In other words, some Lin fans did Lin himself no favor at Houston.

  934. agreed.

  935. i even liked lionho’s comments, even though his style sometimes annoyed me. but in general, i give more kudos to substance than style.

  936. I think so too….in that case, it will be repeated this yr too at some point.

  937. I really think a line needs to be drawn….like no personal attack, etc. other than that, different styles are all good. Some overly negative one is hard to read tho.

  938. that’s correct. Some overzealous fans (and some were disguised trolls) who were new to bball didn’t do any favor to Lin and other Lin fans by putting him first before the team. Let’s hope that these fans learned this time to focus on how Lin can help the Lakers win so it’s a win-win for Lakers/Lin.

  939. One thing I found curious was Torocan’s posts. His posts were very well thought out, etc., but I find it curious that he persisted in posting on Rockets forum. I hope he starts to post here where his posts would be more appreciated. 🙂

  940. No doubt it will be repeated at some Lakers forum, which is a pity because Lin deserves better thought-out comments from his fans, not that CF posts were high up on the intelligence.

  941. Excellent news on TC schedule, @arsenium12:disqus
    I will add it to the TC post http://www.jlinportal.com/930-lakers-training-camp/
    Please add more TC-related news in that thread

  942. Yes, LionHo’s posts went too much towards personal attacks and “smart ass” type of posts. Ideally, no posters should be calling anyone racists or trolls. Any action should be taken by moderators.

  943. If Marcus brothers are worth 8 Mill, Lin certainly should be worth more than that. I hope after this season, Lin’s minimum salary floor gets to 10 Mill per year. 10 Mill for Lin is really around 7 Mill per year due to additional revenues he can generate.

  944. I second that. Arsenium12 should be designated as the Official Lin Newscaster.

  945. Woj reported interesting Morey vs Cuban war. Morey fighting back saying with the money being equal players will choose HOU over Dallas


    Morey still doesn’t get it why undermining “role players” such as Parsons and Lin won’t ever bring him championships. His Math IQ is really high but his people EQ (Emotional Quotient) to treat role players respectfully and make them feel wanted is on the other side of the spectrum. Good luck trying to win a ring with only 2 cornerstones.

    How did it differ from Dallas’ model.

    “We’re no different than other teams,” Morey told Yahoo Sports. “We have a core of two players – Dwight Howard and James Harden – who we are going to build around and never trade. San Antonio has had three core guys who they’ve done an unbelievable job of building around, making a lot of changes around that core. We had Tracy McGrady and Yao [Ming] and we made changes around them. And Mark’s had a core of one [Nowitzki], who was there since before he bought the team.”

  946. He was a big Lin fan in NY forum so I think he chose to provide his unbiased, logical posts in the big Team Forums to let other non-Lin fans see his contribution.

    We might see him in LakerNation, LakerGround, etc. He certainly let people know there is an intelligent, analytical and logical Lin fan who is as cool as a cucumber not to let emotionally discharged comments to bother him. I respect Torocan 🙂

    But even he needs some love from Lin fans. Hopefully he visits us from time to time, especially if we have Stats page ready.

  947. Someone just felt what Lin fans was feeling for 2 yrs…LOL

    You don’t have to believe something. Just say it in the media enough times and it will become the reality. So that’s what he did.— RedNinetyFour (@RedNinetyFour) September 29, 2014

  948. LOL….well….I guess just like driving on the road. It is just impossible to ask everyone driving at a higher standard. Always a mixture of good and bad

  949. I agree…but I guess that just me…..lol not those ppl who hand out the salary

  950. He probably just thinking we are Lin crazies…he rather post among haters so he can post more…lol

  951. yup .. The funny thing is Morey just confirmed that Cuban is right. He’s into Math of keeping Howard+Harden and not so much into Chemistry with other role players.

    At least he admits Cuban has a ring and he doesn’t.

  952. At least two people, you and me.

  953. That’s not an admission but a fact.

  954. Thanks very much, webattorney.

  955. Mike Trudell recently had a wide-ranging interview with Paul Pressey, one of the very experienced Laker coaches. Here he is talking about Steve Nash.

    Pressey: Yeah. He’s a leader, he’s a winner. And when you think about leadership, you think about guys doing whatever they can do to help their team win, and that’s what Steve is. And it translates into wins. And not all the time, but it does put you in the position, always, to win; meaning that he is facilitating. He is encouraging guys. … . From a guy who’s been there, done that – it’s gotta lift a young player up when they start looking up to the Nash’s of the world and the Kobe’s of the world. When they start looking to those guys that encourage them, who’ve already been there and experienced those things … .

    See : http://www.nba.com/lakers/news/140929_paulPressey

    This could be such a valuable year for Jeremy Lin, surrounded by a number of very knowledgeable and helpful coaches and veteran players.

  956. keeping D12 and Harden happy is math because it equals $ to Morey.

  957. One thing about Lin that is slowly being seen – he’s such a good guy people want to see him succeed in wider avenues. So, just doing another $8/y deal continues to buy him roles in other venues (sponsorships, fun social media that expands his brand, testimonials that increase his fans, etc now investments in startups through his time), etc.

    I’m feeling like Lin will stay Lin, but if it were anyone else, I’d say fandom is limited because sooner or later they’ll change bro. But not Lin … 🙂

  958. yes, and it’s sad that Morey doesn’t build a team but he builds a playground for 2 stars.

  959. yep, some people turn out to be a bust at what they claim to do.

  960. Here is an article from Eric Pincus, of the LA Times, on the salary status of the Laker players with non-guaranteed contracts. It’s an uncertain life but even the partial rewards can be substantial. For example:

    Guard Ronnie Price has no guarantees on his $1,316,809 salary, not until two weeks into the season. If Price is still on the roster on Nov. 15, his deal will lock in for $329,202. If he hasn’t been waived by Dec. 15, Price’s guarantee increases to $658,405. All non-guaranteed contracts are firmed up for players who are still on NBA rosters as of Jan. 10.

    See : http://www.latimes.com/sports/lakers/lakersnow/la-sp-ln-only-13-lakers-guaranteed-training-camp-20140925-story.html

  961. @brent … (you ra)ng …? What’s happening here?

  962. what?

  963. just finishing off a sentence from the other site. Careful you’ll get banned. I will miss you 🙂

  964. Looking good for Lin to get 30+ mins and 17/8. I think the positive team vibe so far is very conducive to less injuries … when you have a hateful org, people make big mental mistakes. Fingers crossed.