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  1. test

  2. The @Lakers will introduce @JLin7 at 2pm/et on @NBATV, http://t.co/Pqxh2EQ21u & http://t.co/qE400D0nS6— NBA (@NBA) July 24, 2014

  3. what’s your purpose and vision for this jlin fan site? how is it different than the existing ones?

  4. Is this a new site?

  5. I want to create a centralized portal to link and highlight contents from other JLin sites. Plus provide a place for a few blow writers to post articles on specific topics (i.e. 2nd driving FG% after Lebron) with streamlined discussion through regular forum or Disqus.

    Remember how Harden defense video impacted national media? We need to create impactful content on the positive side w/ engaging presentation (graphics, video) that Lin fans and national media can pick up to highlight Lin’s contributions

  6. It is better format than JLin site. Now that Lin is a Lakers, I think it’s about time we got a better Lin forum site.

  7. Thank you, webattorney. I do want to get more feedback on how to create attractive content/graphics from @wu kong’s articles, real-dsb’s stats.

    But I’m still experimenting with the best way to link posts here to forum topics. Any idea will be appreciated. If you want to be a mod or blog post writer, I would welcome that. I’ll ask @brentyen:disqus and a few good men/women to do so :]

  8. I think you should first ask Wu Kong. There is a need to join. Create a section called “Lin Stats” and have her be in charge.

  9. You should also try to contact Lakers organization and get a Press Pass.

  10. You guys should also get some investors and try to bring in some revenues and make this site into a great site.

  11. Acbc writes good articles on sports psychology. It would be nice for him to be a regular contributor here.

  12. hey, wilsc πŸ™‚ thanks, I would invite acbc to be a contributor. He has wealth of wisdom to share indeed.

    I’ve been meaning to ask you about ideas to create something as impactful as Harden’s defensive video that went spiral but more positive on Lin. Maybe I can create a topic to discuss it. I still watch your POR videos. Awesome!

  13. excellent ideas! I already talked to wu kong and we’ll continue discussion

  14. err.. I’m in AZ that would be a problem πŸ™‚
    Perhaps you can get the Press Pass to watch games for free LOL

  15. Hey! I want a collaborative site sooo badly. JP has a site started and I am going to work with him and get my game threads copied to his site…. All of my stuff anyone can have/copy. I started my site to share info with others… so I have no ego or money attached to any of it.

    If we could all get into a chat somewhere that would be fantastic. It may be that only a few have compatible ideas for a group effort but we should try at least to get something more user friendly going before games start.

    I’m on twitter [email protected] probably best way to contact me if anyone interested in setting up a discussion of joining forces.

  16. Really a good idea

  17. So happy that I see you, those heavy weight (not body weight) Lin fans with a site , collaborate together…

  18. Thanks, wu kong.

    I created a new forum topic ‘JLIN Fans COLLABORATION Effort’ so we can start to put our collective ideas there.


    You would need to register to post in the traditional FORUM format. I think it’s a better format to keep track of chronological comments than Disqus commenting

  19. :]
    so Brent, any ideas on what could be effective as a result of collaboration?

    I granted a mod access on the forum BTW. Do you want to write posts to get off things of your chest? PG-13 of course :>

  20. that’s an excellent good idea in the long term. But I haven’t thought about bringing in investors for the time being or know how (except for the idea for a poll to pull Asian-based advertising from Houston to protest Lin treatment πŸ™‚ but it seems petty and it’s going to happen anyway.

    The “Live Game Chat” is a good idea. Brent mentioned it and I added Shoutbox-like Chat room on the bottom but it seems slow so I might have to try something else.

  21. Can I have all but not posting? lol

  22. πŸ™‚ can’t have the cake and eat it too.
    Besides, what’s not to love about your posts? haha
    Just let me know if you can’t sleep at night and have a desire to post

  23. Hey, I finally found out about youz guys here. Ping and Hello!

  24. Welcome, JoeTeam πŸ™‚ You can browse posts and comments, add friends, test private messages, etc.

    You can check out the forums, too but I’m still upgrading it to so it will look as nice as LakersGround.net traditional forums :]

  25. Ok, I might go slow, but I’m a loyal person. You’ve won my respect over these past 2 years, so I’m here for (the) good.

  26. Thanks, JoeTeam πŸ™‚ The feeling is mutual. You’ll get lifetime membership haha..

  27. Hi everyone, I enabled the WordPress Toolbar so everyone can get notifications/check messages/Forums/groups. Does it help or confuse people?

    If it doesn’t help, I can disable it. Thanks!

  28. psalm, just for you, starting the kids off through bball hopes … on a beautiful balmy CA evening that recalls days of innocence and a wide open future. Kids are great!

  29. what a perfect release darting through the beautiful sky!
    You got a little Lin there πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing. Loved the beautiful picture!

    Makes me want to hoop it up with my boys when it’s no longer scorching hot outside in AZ

  30. I’ve been teaching him what I learned from all the discussions here on Lin’s shot, starting with the wrist flip, position of hands and so on. He’s learning the structure of the game. I found that Wii helps kids understand games and rules, but it messes them up on coordination (2D messes with their eye/brain development, plus the sw assist), so I take them outside and gather the neighbor kids and we do some simple stuff like bball, baseball, football, etc. I read that boys are really getting left behind by the girls in school now, and being coordinated gives them self-confidence (social status).

    Do you get an hour of coolness before sunset, or is that already bedtime? This week in CA was like the best of times when I was a kid – balmy after-dinner outside play. Normally, the winds blow hard off the Bay and summer in the Bay Area is darned cold.

  31. PS, Thanks, btw. You’re always so kind. This pov makes me choke thinking how hard it is to learn something, hoping that ball will get up there and get in. JLin did it, so I’m going to keep trying and passing it along.

  32. that’s so true with Wii.
    They’re great to help the head knowledge with decision-making but not so much with coordinating body parts other than some timing to flick the Wiimote πŸ™‚

    I have to use reward points and limit the gaming minutes for my kids. Too much will be too damaging.

    I can almost imagine your description of balmy day. And nope, there’s no coolness here in AZ summer haha.. just heat dissipating from the ground at sunset with some wind :]

  33. you know what .. I’ll let you in on a little secret in shooting so I’ll PM you :] who knows if it helps your kid

  34. Could everyone try the Game Chat Box in this link?


    I wonder if it will be good for Game Thread. Thanks

    @joeteam:disqus, @disqus_dVLDET9zJ7:disqus,@brentyen:disqus, @webattorney:disqus, @disqus_zDgJ5zJRLn:disqus, @chapterhss:disqus

  35. I used to travel to Phx in the old days to see customers at Moto. Can’t remember the other places. We had a local rep named Bob. He would take me out to his place on the edge of town, where he lived next to a … what do you call it, a mesa? We could see the sunset over the city. It was beautiful. We went on a lake on his boat, and he told me about no glass bottles on the lake (broken glass), and how in AZ, people can get disappeared in the desert. Wild Wild West ! Phx much have changed lots since. I know Moto has πŸ™‚

  36. Just did, seems a bit faster….

  37. Just for kids…remember don’t let him shoot too much…fatigue training only works for trained adults….For kids, their shooting form will break before they noticed that they are too tired..

  38. Still figuring it out on what it can do…lol

  39. Ah, right. Thanks, I’ll remember that. My son is too young to have form, although he’s starting to get it if I can remember all that you guys said.

    He’s resourceful, so he’s already figured out his go-to shot … get low so I can’t crouch, swing around me, and do the ‘layup’ shot you see above. I don’t have the heart to block him :-). I give him 8 points out of 20, and honestly, he can beat me every time because I let him foul me and I don’t want to knock him over. When he gets older and can take contact, I’ll be too old and he’ll just blow by me. Maybe we’ll have about 6 months of real competition sometime in the coming years. Him upward, me downward trending … that’s the way life goes πŸ™‚

  40. Yeah a bit faster than the bottom box

  41. Saw your “needed moderation” reply. Haha….as long as you guys have fun time together…he can win more…:P Shooting is about mechanics….so….form is alway a thing to watch. If too young, use a smaller/lighter ball and lower the hoop. ANd more importantly (which I figured out too late myself) whatever you do….also do equal amount of it with your off hand….Just some suggestion…:P

  42. Ok I’m learning too πŸ™‚
    Just came back playing bb and my shooting was way off after not playing for months

  43. ha…it will come back….

  44. i’m changing shooting form so need to create it first haha

  45. Yes! I bought 2 sizes of junior balls so they can learn to shoot properly. I never had a small ball as a kid – I don’t think they made it back then. Hence, my shot is too much muscle and poor touch. I also have small footballs and of course, in soccer, if they use tennis balls up to regulation, they get better. My buddy grew up playing with tennis balls in the living room, and he’s one of the best guys I’ve ever played with and he was never on a coached team. So great thought about properly sized balls for kids. Some parents have no idea, and they have regulation pro balls for 8 year olds.

  46. I liked what ProShot/COach Nick was teaching a lot….I was turned into a 1-2, square off both feet shooter while young. Too bad, I think I was right…:P

  47. yeah…..never over train a kid I guess…LOL

  48. My hoop unfortunately only goes down to 8′. I wish it could start with 7′ but I guess it’s ok. 6′ would be too tempting for a bunch of kiddies to dunk all afternoon lol.

    On off hand … is that to get the handle and left handed layup/reverse? I was never taught right, but when I shot with my left hand, I thought about it more and I was more accurate, but my range was about half pfft. Ok, I’ll coach that. When my son was 2, he was pretty 2 handed, but once they start writing, and going to school, it’s one hand an no more Mandarin boo.

  49. We could have Brent-sanity! Lol
    I’ll check out Coach Nick. Was watching Nash MVP DVD before

  50. Well, lucky for us, they reject anything that is boring ha ha. You can get about 2 sets of layups in before they start inventing new things.

  51. hahaha yeah….my son don like bball….so…I guess I will not get the chance to teach him…

  52. I could shoot 3s with my left after high school…but at least should be able to do layups with both hands and more importantly the handle….

  53. ok, I’ll remember that. Yeah, I’d love if if my son would have a left when he gets into the NBA ha ha.

  54. LOL….he will be king in YMCA if he can use his left….

  55. hmm, by your pic he’s prob young. My son didn’t get hand-eye until about 5, so before that, I just had a mini-soccer ball and we kicked it around or I threw it at him in the living room. Right now, my son’s fav is to play soccer in the family room, and my goal is 2x bigger than his. We have rules about keeping it below the waist, and I think this is how he can develop great game sense so he can play like a Brazilian instead of an American kid who only plays when dropped off at practice. If your son is sill younger than 6, he will get there. First is the big muscles (legs), then hand-eye with big round balls. My friend told me he throws a ball at his son while watching TV, to get his coordination up, and it does work. But, you have to get him game sense by playing with him because my friend’s son can dribble between the legs, but he has no sense of competition or winning.

  56. He is 5+ now, somehow he wants to play soccer…LOL

  57. Yeah baby, let him. But heh heh, you know I believe in indoor so they get the beautiful game in them early πŸ™‚ Furniture, watch out!

  58. LOL….not gonna happen….get out!!!

  59. ok, I moved it to the homepage. Great idea!

  60. I tried to register here to post on the collaboration forum, but the activation link did not work. can you see what happened?

  61. JLin site Mod seems so slow to even ban some whacko guy who wishes death on Brent Yen’s kids. I told Mod long time ago to ban this poster, but nothing so far. Can’t believe some posters even up-voted him. Would not be surprised if this guy is right now in a mental asylum.

  62. that’s another reason to collaborate on one unified forum, so that we can have the maximum # of moderators. not sure why jlin.net doesn’t add more mods

  63. So are you up to be a mod here, real-dsb and webattorney? πŸ˜€
    We need a few good people here.

    I think Jlin site owner is too busy that he doesn’t have time to monitor the 10K+ posts. Brent and I offered to help to be mods there last year but we didn’t receive a response.

    I’m still working to make the forum look good and @wu kong is kind enough to try to provide her JLinArticles content here but we can use a few good mods before it attracts some bad crowd.

  64. hm, that was weird. There’s not ‘Participant’ role for the forum so I went ahead and add it.

    Try to post in any topics to see if you can do it.

  65. I could probably help mod. But I probably wouldn’t be that consistent in terms of time. I usually just have spurts of free time and will be very active in burst. Not online all the time.

    I’ve actually been spending some time thinking about the organization of a unified Lin fan site, so I’ll comment in that thread.

  66. He is banned, finally! πŸ˜›

  67. I cannot be a Mod but will offer my ideas. The foremost way to attract user is to provide a good chat site to follow Lakers games.

  68. Good. What a whacko.

  69. Just need some active mods…

  70. LOL love the avatar!
    Yeah, we just need some Whacko-Nator Mods in all Lin’s sites :] Trolls are bound to show up

  71. thanks, we need more feedback of what we can do together.
    Right now, I’m focused on enhancing the Forum to look nice like LakersGround.net

    I understand, we’re all busy. That’s why if we have lots of trustworthy mods, I think it will work. You see a troll, ban them immediately or suspend the IP address.

  72. thanks, I agree. I’m thinking we might end up trying all 3 options:
    1. Game Chat Box
    2. Disqus commenting
    3. Post-Game Forum Thread

    we can discuss what seems best for all of us

  73. i tried to post to the forum, but they keep disappearing. Is it going into spam filter for some reason?

  74. Just tried it … will be fun real time.

  75. Hey psalm – for the JLin gf vote, you forgot Bai the Stanford Vball player … I wonder if they ever had any chemistry …

  76. that’s really bizzare. perhaps it’s because you had a glitch when trying to register the first time. let me investigate.

  77. true, I forgot about her. Not sure if they’re just acquaintances.

    Somehow I didn’t see any chemistry there. Maybe Lin was just intimidated by the whole women v-ball team πŸ™‚

  78. on my 3rd try, I was able to get my post to stick. seems like some keyword is making it go into auto-moderation or spam filter.

    it’s very slow too, takes about 10 seconds after I click Submit to finish. I’ll probably just do all my commenting here and collect the ideas in one place

  79. What is the difference between “Live Game Chat” compared to a game thread in Disqus, Reddit, or internet forum? (I have some ideas, but wanted your specific thoughts).

  80. Are JP and psalm234 going to collaborate together or do separate things?

  81. I went through and gathered all the ideas from the collaboration thread and also this disqus page. I will continue to add any comments there, or you can add your comments there directly. Wikia is essentially an informal Wikipedia, you can put anything there you like (e.g. fan pages, whatever)


  82. I adore the chat box, only I hope I wouldn’t lag when chatting during game time.

    I kinda find the side banners a bit too busy, but it’s ok.

  83. (This is what I was trying to post to the forum but kept disappearing):

    So who’s all in this collaboration effort? psalm, wu kong, how about the person from jeremylinforum.net?

    I agree with all the ideas that have suggested so far. My goal for a JL site is that it is well organized, centralized place with links to all articles/stats, separate discussion for each topic, and well moderated like RealGM.

    Some people may not like RealGM, but it is very well moderated considering how big it is. #1 ground rule for me is no personal attacks towards anyone, period. That includes NBA players, other posters, even trolls. Violators should be given warnings, and then increasing suspensions.

  84. Actually, jlinarticlesandfacts already has all the content. I think proboards just has some limitations, and it just needs to be organized more cleanly.

  85. yeah, chat box can be a bit faster so I’m looking for options.
    I understand Chat box would some limitations since it’ll be barely readable if it’s too fast.

    We might have to have a Disqus post as a backup. I like it better as commenting system than a forum thread.

    I might try to have just 1 side-banner to see if it looks better. I wanted to have quick access to latest forum threads/replies/Disqus/poll. Good suggestions πŸ™‚

  86. my apology to all who posted comments with 1-4 days of moderation πŸ™
    I disabled a Disqus setting to moderate comments from profile w/o confirmed email address.

    So 7iger, you can say “Boozer!” now πŸ™‚

  87. BTW….this Disqus hangout…….is it going to clear all comments periodically or it will just goto 100k comments 10 yrs later?

  88. To 100K and infinity! :]

    jk, I’m thinking to replace it with new one when it hits 500 or starts to slow down. Plus archive the old one as links.

  89. BTW, can I tempt you to be Disqus mod to occasionally check comments in moderation and ban the big bad trolls?

    We need a few good people to be Disqus mods

  90. I vote Brent as mod

  91. Who’s banned?

  92. Sure…..I think I love to ban ppl….:P

  93. wait, I would need your correct email address. I’ll PM you

  94. A guy who want my kids dead….

  95. I’m liking the look of this site – good job guys and gals… πŸ™‚

  96. can this site handle high volume of traffic??

  97. Amazing site. Would love to see some active mods on this site to keep the discussion relevant and clean.

  98. Great new site!

  99. Thanks, Grace πŸ™‚ the forum and chat are still in progress but everything else (Disqus commenting, private message, posts) should be good.

  100. The Disqus commenting shouldn’t be a problem because Disqus servers hosted them. The forum/chat are still in testing mode

  101. Thanks! So far Brent and I are the Disqus mods (still need a few more people) and we have wu kong helping out in the forum

  102. you need mods from different time zones.

  103. Love it! 3 of the best posters.

  104. We need to let more people know about this site. Hopefully people will start switching over. To be honest, the poster who wished harm to some other poster’s kid on the other forum was the last straw for me.

  105. I felt the same way- wish the other site would have better moderation, but I feel like we’ve given them over two years to figure something out and the most it seems like they’ve done is change to disqus comments. Maybe it’s time to migrate over. πŸ™‚

  106. This looks great! Thanks to psalm 234, wu kong, and whoever else is involved with this effort. πŸ™‚

  107. Ok- I’m not tech savvy at all- I tried to register, but it said ‘page not found’ – I am on an iPad right now- does that make a difference? I’m sure I’m doing something wrong. πŸ˜‰

  108. Exactly! I understand the site owner is busy but a number of posters here volunteered to mod that site but never heard back. Hopefully we can get more posters on here.

  109. Yep- I feel bad in a way- don’t really want to abandon them when I’ve enjoyed it so much over the years- but the trolls have gotten to be too much and with the probability of more national exposure for Jeremy and therefore an increase in fans/haters, there needs to be a batter moderated site.

  110. Sorry did you try the sign up button?

  111. Ok- will give that a try, thanks!

  112. Looks like that worked- I will check my email- thanks again! Also the ‘register’ tab next to the ‘lost password’ tab is what I used before that went to page not found.

  113. ok, I changed the Anti-Spam plugin so hopefully the new one is not too aggressive.

    I see you posted in forum successfully so it might work better.
    I’ll create a page later if you’d like to modify it here and others can comment in Disqus or forum thread. If not, it’s okay whichever you prefer.

  114. Will the ‘Schedule’ calendar (lower left side) show the game dates? That would be cool, so people won’t miss game days if they forget, while they view this site. I’m thinking this could be the go to site for Lin fans…nice.

  115. WHAT IN THE WORLD??!?!?!!?!??!

  116. I just noticed… no ads?

  117. so far I only set 2 ads on side-bar. No in-post yet.
    That’s what you mean?
    I’m trying to tune the response time so bear with me if it’s acting up

  118. ah yes, i didn’t notice ads in post. just thought that ads would be desirable to offset costs. and better to have ads now than later.

  119. good suggestion πŸ™‚ let’s see if it might bring enough revenue to offset the cost of going to private/dedicated server

  120. Hey just say no – if you ever change your handle, make sure you let us know who you become heh heh. At least this site you can make friends and it could stick.

  121. Home Depot has a great program … 1 Saturday a month, they run 9a to noon where your kid gets a Home Depot apron, a kit, and they start building. That kit seems like a $6 item at min. Today was pencil box. Next month is bird house. Really well made kits.

    2 kids, Fuddruckers after. I had a Kobe Burger, and it tasted better this month than before for some reason lol. This might be a regular, depending on how Mr. Bryant treats our ShowLin Time! If he doesn’t support the show, it’s still Home Depot but maybe we’ll do In-and-Out (I know Brent it grinding his teeth at that, but hey, you can only do so much noodles).

  122. psalm, I would love to know how much the ad share is on these kinds of things so we can know if CF was making a mint off of Lin fans. Also, at the other site, with 10k posts a week, I’m thinking about 300k views, and I wonder how much money is in that. These web deals are a mystery to me. I heard there’s a lady on youtube with over a billion views, making $13m a year. She does the kids toys thing, and has kids addicted to her reviews. She never shows her face, just her dolled up nails.

  123. Wow, I didn’t know he went that far. He’s probably the same one who told me and couple other poster to kill ourselves… smh.

  124. I trust the Mods here (still on the fence about Brent ;P) but we need more posters…

  125. sounds like a great Saturday with your kid πŸ™‚ Always loved the little apron, that was a great free program.

    Hm, I know what to get tomorrow … In-N-Out animal style and unsalted fries! Great somewhat-healthy combo πŸ™‚

    I predict Kobe will be nice to Lin. PG freak accident will be a mortal reminder not to take everything for granted. I hope PG can make a full recovery within 1 year.

  126. I also don’t know much about it. The little bit of research that I did said it varies based on clicks, etc. From what I see it’s not much for hundreds of views but who knows what 300k views will do. It would still depend on the clicks, I think or product placement, etc. I’m not very knowledgeable about it.

    are u sure? $13m/yr is a lot! :] Ryan Higa would have retired by now πŸ™‚

  127. haha, thanks πŸ™‚ … no worries, in due time Brent will show his mod skills by banning big bad trolls

    true, hopefully more posters will come later. maybe we can try to put more links here. I’m trying to get the forum threads to look nice and perform well for now. Not sure if people will like the Disqus format or the traditional forum threads.

  128. “Can Jeremy Lin, Kobe Bryant Work Together on Los Angeles Lakers? Pros and Cons [LatinPost]”

    I’d say yes since recuperating Kobe needs Lin to make him look good, be a secondary threat, and get easy shots.

  129. Los Angeles Lakers trainer says Steve Nash is ’100 percent healthy’

    Everyone knows 100% healthy 100% NBA-ready.
    I can see Nash starts 5-10 games out of respect (with him resting on back-to-back games) then Lin will start to reduce workload for Nash.

  130. I think this is more like:
    1. Nash to start at the beginning of the season (till early December), 5 minutes playing time in 1Q, 0-5 minutes in 2Q,10-15 minutes in 3Q, depends on how healthy he that might determine his minutes in 4Q.
    2.Jeremy to be starter majority of games come midseason and after ASG
    3. Playoffs, same minutes as number 1

  131. (finding the BAN button)

  132. If that happens….after the L number goes more than 5…..LAL fans are going to riot and ask Lin to start…

  133. Looks like Ian O’Connor had a radio interview with JLin this morning at his ESPN radio show. Anyone got links?

  134. “Nash no more, we want Lin!”
    and suddenly, his back will tighten up again.
    It’s very possible indeed.

  135. Not sure if Nash can realistically play that much until Dec.
    perhaps w/ 1 game every 3-4 days to let his body recover.

    I agree with #2.

  136. Good.. you passed the test πŸ™‚

  137. i think people are used to the comments section format and just dumping stuff all in one place. it is convenient to just go to one webpage to look for things.

    on the other hand, when commenting rate starts to increase, the links/news etc. get buried.

    i say initially just let people dump links in one place like this disqus hangout page. there aren’t too many posts and it shouldn’t be hard to find things.

    and for popular topics a forum thread can be created.

  138. Thanks! Wish the quality was a bit better.

  139. i thought nash came off the bench last season behind marshall for the handful of games nash did play?

  140. yes

  141. We need to wait the original to be archived by ESPN I think…

  142. so there’s precedent for nash coming off the bench as back up.

  143. I am not worrying that at all….Lin should start….Nash should rest…..:P But I get why ppl saying Nash might start….not zero possibility for sure

  144. Need a few games b4 he changes it I guess…

  145. maybe nash should rest for most of the game, but should finish off games.

    don’t know how that would look though, lin, nash, kobe sf and boozer and hill?

  146. i have a feeling lakers will try to acquire a centre. not necessarily star, but just someone with some height and weight.

  147. I see him stabling the team mostly when Lin is having bad games…..BUT TBH….NASH is not a big factor to this team’s success.

  148. I don’t think he was 100% last season

  149. He was b4 that season…

  150. he’s not a ‘cornerstone’ lol. he can’t be a big factor if he’s limited to 15-20 minutes.

    he still has clutch gene though, so it might be useful to have his shot at the end of games.

  151. I agree……exactly what I meant…he will be playing under some specific situations……given he really is 100%

  152. BTW….that’s the playing part…I believe LAL will do their best to respect him……….he earned it…

  153. http://youtu.be/qY6_bHropV8 coach nick breakdown Ker’s triangle offense…..now…I know this has nothing to do with Lin. I just wanna show that notion of triangle is not for PG is almost a non sense to me…

  154. Specific situations like bear hugging opponent’s pg? Only a veteran would get away with that…

  155. Yep, how do you teach your kids to risk but be safe, dunno. I feel lucky for what my dad taught me, but I surely could have done better on the downside protection. You know, blow knees, lost games at that championship moment (I don’t mean literally), etc. It takes so much to prepare oneself or people in our tutelage to be there at the moment, but they/we have to cross by the grace of God.

  156. Yeah, I don’t mean to be snarky … justsayno you’ve been a nice poster and it’s been great to read your name. I guess you need to have a justsaynotosomethingLAL related πŸ™‚ Brent you’re prob right again.

  157. It was on ABC.


    I’m not saying that’s a goal of any Lin site, except for some jaded sites. I’m just interested in how this online stuff really works given the masses these sites affect.

    Personally, I think click trolling for $ is a bad way to lead people, and leadership means some responsibility to educate people and give them free choice. Not everyone needs to be a leader, but once you get a lot of revenues from the world, I personally believe you cannot spend it all so there’s something to trying to be a good leader because the invisible hand of Adam Smith might not cover the needs of humanity and the earth we steward. Our own stewardship, I guess I dunno.

    I’d be really happy to help you over time, as my work is in this world. But I haven’t fathomed the click game yet. People keep that pretty down low.

  158. Majority of my posts are disappearing… anyone have the same issue?

  159. Really? did not notice that

  160. It is there one minute then gone the next… sometimes it work sometimes it doesn’t… when i tried to edit, it tells me its waiting for approval. Hmmm, never had this problem before… Strange.

  161. Indeed….nothing showed up for moderation tho….

  162. Very annoying… not even sure this post will appear…

  163. Ian O’Connor’s interview that aired this morning. From ESPN NY.
    Starts around 33:53

  164. Thank you for the link. That’s good to hear Lin rehash a few things again.

    Ian had great questions to highlight Lin’s underrated years in Houston (“Great stats in the past season, How do you assess your 2-yr experience in HOU, how did Lin play out of position after Harden’s arrival?”)

    I thought Lin was diplomatic regarding Houston. He wasn’t shy to admit he’s a better player than 2 years ago but his minutes were reduced. And he took the high road to acknowledge that Harden is a better player than him (only offensively, not defensively for sure) so Houston was right to find ways to feature Harden’s playmaking. Many Lin fans would lament why he didn’t take time to discuss the lack of faith by McHale and Morey.

    To go into detail about Harden’s lack of defense and commenting on McHale’s incompetence to give Harden 100% freedom w/o holding him accountable on playing D and running team plays would seem like sour grapes and be a distraction from what he envisions to accomplish as a Laker.
    Note: a part of me wants him to tell this part in a biography after he retires.

    I get the overall sense that Lin’s mind is currently focused to do whatever it takes (starter/off-the-bench) to contribute and help Kobe/Nash/Byron Scott. I don’t blame him. Starting in a new workplace, he would have to adjust and build relationships with new people so they would welcome him.

  165. It’ll be interesting to watch if they have a big guy to target this season.

    Their reliable big guys so far might just be Ed Davis who’s a little undersized and Ryan Kelly who’s not that athletic inside plus Jordan Hill.

    I actually want to see if Jordan Hill can be more physical inside. I watched him play at U of Arizona and he’s capable of being a tough rebounder and finisher guy but I don’t know if it’s a mental block with him or D’Antoni’s system not utilizing properly.

  166. hahaha I somehow think it will depend on what tempo of game Byron Scott would like to implement.

    Maybe for games vs teams with younger players (Thunder,GSW,maybe Portland) he’d like to set a faster offense and use Jeremy for 35+ minutes.

  167. Was that stationary bike from Houston shipped with him to LA? hehe

  168. I think we’ll see more of Jeremy’s minutes come midseason and how long Lakers will go deep if they get into playoffs πŸ™‚ 6th-7th seed, up to second round hahaha

  169. so he can lend it to Nash? haha.. Both can bike together in the tunnel :]

  170. Cheers to that! And Houston narrowly missed the playoff by losing the last game against the Lakers :]

  171. Nice!

  172. Yes, it’s happened to me over on the JeremyLin.net site. So I think it must a general Disqus issue — one not related to this site alone. It seems to be a random thing. Oddly enough, when I go to my personal Disqus home page, the post is there, and I can click on it and jump to it over on the JeremyLin.net site. So it apparently was still there. It just wasn’t showing up when I scrolled through the site.

  173. Lin & Young: A contrast in interview styles.

    I know some Lin fans were critical or Jeremy’s comments about Harden in that article. However, I think that his demeanor an indication of a stronger individual (mentally and emotionally) than the impressions I get from interviews with other players who are blatantly self-promoting. I was reading an article published just after Nick Young re-signed with the Lakers last month [link]. The headline of the article was a Young quote to the Laker’s community: “We Got Swaggy Back, Don’t Worry!”

    Earlier, Coach Scott had mentioned that he (the coach) and Kobe had been in communication and that Kobe was working out with two of the other SG/Forwards on the team (Johnson & Young). But Young turned that whole thing into announcements that he was being mentored by Kobe — and that he and Kobe were Batman and Robin. (My guess is that the coach had asked Kobe to put the two through some paces to get some feeling whether either of them had any potential to upgrade their defensive skills before Fall.)

    One of Young’s other comments sounded precariously like Harden’s “two cornerstones and random pieces” comment. Young’s quote was: “Don’t do that to the Lakers (count us out). You can’t do that when you have Kobe and Swaggy on the floor.” (Ummm, Lin and Boozer say Hello!) My first reaction was wondering why Young’s comment hadn’t exploded on the internet like Harden’s did. Then, after reading some more on other forms, I concluded that Young’s third-person Swaggy quotes just aren’t taken that seriously — because he’s not taken all that seriously as any cornerstone of the team.

    In balance, I don’t have any problems with Swaggy’s style, although the veteran Laker fans seemed to think that Coach Scott’s comment about demeanor in the locker room after a loss was a shot across Swaggy’s bow. Young has got his own fan audience, and he plays to them. I just happened to think it’s the wrong audience for him — if he wants to be a serious part of the Laker’s efforts next year with this new coach. I think Jeremy’s approach to interviews is far more constructive and effective, if not with some fans, at least with coaches and GM’s.

  174. I had to verify my email of my disqus account

  175. I thought that is his niche even as an NBA player. He is a rebounder and cleans up boards. Hill though physical is still undersized especially against bigger centres.

  176. Swaggy seems like a pleasant guy and his over the top self promotion is fun. I am getting a better idea of why he is swaggy and why fans like him.

    His off court persona does not have to translate on court attitude. It is not always easy separate the two though. And most of the time I do agree with what appears to be Scott’s premise that post-game demeanour reflects how serious a player is about winning (and losing)5

  177. Excellent take on the effectiveness of different approaches by Lin and Swaggy P. I agree

    Swaggy is definitely hard to take seriously since he’s not aiming at that. He’s projecting aura more like the sane version of JR Smith.

    Lin’s approach seems to be a big issue even for Lin fans. I’ll create a separate post in about a few hours so we can more discussion on it

  178. I agree that Swaggy appears personable and amusing. Actually, I have the same attitude towards his right to guide his own career (and position his “brand” however he wants to) as I feel about Jeremy’s right to do the same. So I’m not really ragging on Swaggy. Until Jeremy joined the Lakers, I really didn’t know much about Swaggy. It surprised me to learn that Nick Young will be 30 years old next year. I really don’t know if his Swaggy schtick is something he has adopted since coming to the Lakers — or if it’s something he’s been doing since his school years.

  179. Oddly enough, I also thought of JR Smith as a comparison to Swaggy. But I also agree on the differences. Swaggy’s posturing, at worst, can be merely annoying when the act wears thin. OTOH, JR’s antics, at their worst, can sink into the very offensive realm.

    Swaggy’s interview really only stuck with me because of all the all the stuff I was reading concerning Jeremy being “too humble” or “too passive” in his interviews. So it was interesting to look at reactions to another Laker who went to the opposite extreme and is trying to raise self-promotion to an art form. With both Jeremy and Swaggy facing a new coach with a new offensive/defensive philosophy, and working within a newly constructed team — I’m still of the opinion that Jeremy’s style of communication is going to wear longer and better with the coach and the Laker’s management.

  180. If anything, the Batman/Robin fun nicknames might not go so well with Kobe who got tired of the antics of two “Superman” that he played with (Shaq and Dwight). It can backfire on Swaggy.

    But I agree Swaggy’s no JR Smith (yet) whose conduct can be detrimental to the team (shoelaces incident). Did he comment anything about Lin in his interview?

  181. Maybe Swaggy and Lin can be good balance on each other πŸ™‚ I don’t see Kobe and Lin doing handshakes, but I can see Swaggy and Lin will do it.

  182. really? Swaggy is 30? oh wow .. he acts like 23 yr old and looks quite young.

  183. No mention of Lin. In fact, I had a fleeting suspicion because of the timing (perhaps uncharitable) that Swaggy’s whole emphasis of his relationship with Kobe might have been a reaction to learning Lin was joining the team.

    I do think Shaggy might have misread the “honor” of coming to Kobe’s notice and getting a workout with Kobe (along with another teammate). Coming to Kobe’s notice is something most team mates have tried to avoid in the past. It would mean that you screwed up or aren’t getting your job done. It’s just as likely that Coach Scott and Kobe determined that the two younger SG/Forwards weren’t up to grade in their defensive skills and Kobe was doing some scouting/motivating for the coach.

    It’s quite possible that neither the coach nor Kobe will be thrilled with Swaggy pronouncing that Kobe and he are the team’s Batman and Robin — and further announcing that the Laker community need not worry as long as the duo are on the court. We’ll see.

  184. He’ll be 30 next year. In fact, he was born the same year as Dwight Howard (the “Year of the Clowns”?) They’ll both turn 30 in 2015.

  185. FYI, just got a hold on my reply awaiting approval. I’m on the Windows computer. Screenshot below.

  186. haha .. Disqus probably didn’t like the word “Clown”.
    This time I found it pending approval. It wasn’t even in the restricted word list.

    At least we know Disqus moderation works quite well.

  187. I’m testing to remove Left-Sidebar so it won’t be too busy/confusing and we can have larger fontsize.
    Let me know if this is better. I plan to separate FORUM links from the Blog articles to improve user browsing experience.

  188. I can never get tired rewatching the 1st Linsanity playoff game in the excellent Game 5 video provided by @wilsc πŸ™‚

    Great moments in 2014 Game 5 playoff vs Blazers:

    1. “Ooooh … Jeremy Lin! Rainmaker!” buzzer-beater 3 starting at 4:40

    2. “an unbelievable (almost) 3!” buzzer beater starting at 5:58

    3. “And-1! Down it goes” starting at 6:20

    4. Wow ..Jeremy Lin having a night when the Rockets need him the most! Linsanity is back” starting at 8:06

  189. We will see more of this from JLin as a Laker!

  190. Instagram Link: JLin dunks on mom

  191. how it has gone viral to national media has been nothing less than impressive!

  192. you better get ready to get busy making long videos :]

  193. No doubt the videos will be long. Linsanity unleashed! No more erratic PT and unreasonable 4th quarter benchings.

  194. I have this video on my media player.I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing hahaha

  195. I think it is better…

  196. Thanks for the feedback.
    I thought it’s less confusing, too.

  197. I’m trying for LALinsanity! 2.0 got extinguished by Rox, so let ’em have it.

  198. Hey IJ … good to see you back. Read your troll right on jlindotnet this am but was on my cell phone and too many posts there lock up my very modern phone. Talk to you more as we go …

  199. Oh I’m good JT. Thanks! Really I’m good hahaha.

  200. I know are good. Lol

  201. I love your videos wilsc! More videos from you, never missing Jeremy highlights on both ends of the floor.

  202. Seems like one main forum is enough….probably no need to have that many sub forums…

  203. I had the idea from LakersGround.net
    If it’s too many and too cumbersome, we can close them.

    I’m thinking we would need to find the right balance of grouping topics into subforums so people can browse interesting topics and participate/get notifications/subscribe

  204. Have you thought about absorbing we knog’s forum?

  205. yes, wukong kindly offered to share her forum’s content with us.
    I’m almost done with enhancing the forum’s layout and editor.

    Can you check if you like the bigger fontsize and purple/yellow theme?

    I will work next test the import/export with wukong

  206. I like it better too- easier to read. πŸ™‚

  207. Thanks for the feedback πŸ™‚

    Please visit the forum to see if you like the overall feel and can comment easily.

    Can you please help to see if you can comment on this wukong’s thread “JLin Out and About in LA”?


  208. Huzzah, a new logo!

  209. yes, finally :}
    You wouldn’t believe how long it took me to learn to create logo, haha..
    6-7 hours. I can create and tune database quickly but graphic design is not my forte :]

  210. photoshop is a pain.

    I’ll post a few more of my collected pics

  211. diff view

  212. another

  213. fireball

  214. 3 from corner

  215. you know what this one is … the blind refs …

  216. lindragon …

  217. no way Novak can take that …

  218. not bad except maybe the fire shouldn’t only be coming from his arse….just sayin

  219. Since the sole topic is J Lin, should contain fewer topics. But it would be best to have a game chat feature; that would bring in new users.

  220. Getting “Error Establishing Connection” when I try to connect to the Forum section.

  221. The new JLIN logo should be made bigger since it’s eye-catching. “Error establishing connection” when trying to go into sub-forum topics in Forum section.

  222. ok, I ran Optimizer to clean-up many post revisions.
    It looks like it’s helpful to avoid this error. Thanks!

  223. It seem to be faster now upon the optimization by psalm

  224. you should use the Lakers actually colors for your logo? HEX codes listed as
    LA Lakers
    #4A2583 purple
    #F5AF1B gold
    #FFFFFF white

  225. ok, thanks wukong. I’ll double-check

    I will actually work on this one as a template for the next logo since people seem to like this more.
    But I will try to use the Lakers color. Perhaps make the ball have Purple gold.

    I probably won’t put the jersey number to have a cleaner look.

  226. Great tweet BTW on the Lin’s stats as a starter and w/o Harden on-court πŸ™‚

    What might be more visually appealing is to provide simple graph to show the discrepancy that Lin can definitely play as a starter (bench vs starter vs starter w/o Harden). What do you think? Maybe we can bounce some ideas. Then we can paste it in any articles referencing Lin not playing well as a starter. Then people know he’s a capable starter but just “hidden” behind Harden

  227. I really like the idea of having an area where we can bounce ideas about stats and how to present them. Then have a area where we can warehouse the final versions to encourage others to use them… I had started a ‘tweet ready’ post on my forum. I think teet ready is important which could include pics, videos, vines etc.. but also longer posts with greater detail too. πŸ™‚ dreaming dreaming…

  228. yeah I threw that together real quick… that article and her comments to IDO just made my blood boil.

  229. I’ll try to make a website banner this weekend.

  230. What video is this screenshot from?

  231. From his “Summer Nights in Asia” video

  232. Thanks for the support, but unfortunately I won’t be be able to d regular videos for this season. I’m starting work this September with regular work hours of 9 to 9. Also, I am based in Asia so those the time difference also makes it difficult for timely highlights.

  233. This site is getting better and better.

  234. Just that chatting function….seems difficult to find a good solution….

  235. Just make sure it’s not crazy big like the other site.

    Nice job.

  236. This is definitely a keeper. “Presenting Stats in a Viral Manner” should be the topic πŸ™‚

    For now, I’m trying to link articles to FORUM topics so we can skip Disqus

  237. What do I have to do to view most recent posts at the top?

  238. This doesn’t seem foul to me but a nice poke by Lillard. I mean, there is a touch on Lin’s chest by Lillard’s left arm, but I wouldn’t call it a foul.

  239. If you watch the vid, it’s clear Lin was heading past Lillard for the open run with Parsons sort of backpedaling for the fast break, but Lin magically lost this 2 step lead and Mo got him. Therefore, your interpretionation of the pic is not right, in that you can see Lillard’s armpit impeding Lin from getting past. That’s locking arms, and if it stops Lin from fast breaking, it’s a foul. No way he would have been caught without impeding. The foul was never about a reach in hand contact. It was about impeding Lin so he could be caught.

  240. And even it Lillard’s foul was uncalled, the bigger travesty was made by Mo Williams’s stepping out of bounds before making his 3.

    But that’s a ref call favoring the home team that happened a lot during playoff.

    Unbiased Houston Rockets fans will remember that Lin came up with a huge Linsanity game to redeem himself in Game 5. The same cannot be said for Harden the appointed superstar who underperformed until Game 6 and still can’t lead his team to win it.


  241. What’s the rule there? Step out of bounds, out for that possession? In soccer, you can play out of bounds as long as the ball is not fully over the line. That’s a much more sane rule because you don’t have to do shoe string runs to mess with your joints. Go Soccer!

  242. And for sure Lillard fouled him. Ref was right there. Lin lost 2 steps in a matter of 1 sec, no way a guy can lost that much ground without being impeded (by a stinky armpit). Somebody has that vid.

  243. I do like the forum format but part of me miss the disqus format… I’m glad we have both πŸ˜‰

  244. The logo’s purple and yellow color are really strong and neon bright. IMO, It will be a lot more comfortable to the eye with the real Laker’s soft pastel purple and yellow.

  245. I also like how nice Disqus is for commenting and even Game Chat so maybe we’ll have both Disqus Game Room and Game Chat.

    If Game Chat can’t handle more than 50-100 users, we know Disqus is very reliable πŸ™‚

  246. Thanks for the feedback, @jjhui:disqus:]

    A few people also share the same feedback with the current logo being too colorful and bright.
    I will be working on using this purple-ish logo as a template and try to add some Laker’s gold so it’s not too strong. A few of us are working for the banners so stay tuned.

    I just need to enhance the forum features then I’ll find some time to work on the logo πŸ™‚

  247. Yeah, I liked the idea of having Disqus enabled.

  248. I’m glad I was able to resolve the conflict b/w Disqus comment and showing Forum Topic for a post/page. I also like Disqus format.

    BTW, I deleted the imported version of Disqus Hangout since it happened when I tried to link Forum Topic to Page/Post

  249. I thought, thats good to have as well? Those who dislike disqus could read the post there which loads better, especially for couple of pages long threads?

    Maybe formatting the disqus with a thread title, would make things easier to manage. ANd its easier to pull out some valuable information from it as well…just a thought…maybe needs some thought process from other mods well.

  250. I’m also thinking if formatting Disqus thread as Forum would be better than Traditional Forums?
    I’d like to do some Pro vs Cons with other mods.

    Some Questions
    1. Would Disqus Sort by Best/Newest Vote be the best way the best feature in a thread?
    2. What is the appeal of Traditional Forum that Disqus does not have?
    For some topics like ‘Member Sharing Their JLin moment’, it might be hard to read them with many replies?

  251. Sorry, I have lost you there…
    ” formatting Disqus thread as Forum would be better than Traditional Forums?” what do you mean by forum vs traditional forum?

    jlinportal that you have it setup is what i would call Forum format.

  252. What I meant with ‘formatting Disqus thread as Forum’ is to organize the blog posts title (with Disqus commenting enabled) into a table format (sorted by freshness, showing # of comments, sticky) to resemble a Forum look.

    So users can enjoy the convenience of knowing which Blog Post have been updated last and comment using Disqus.

    Basically, if we click the red ‘FORUM’ button, we would get a table of blog posts instead of a table of BBPress forum topics. Not sure if this is clear for you what I meant? If not, ask me more questions πŸ™‚

    I want to combine the convenience of Disqus commenting with good Forum features.

    Check out the ‘Popular Posts’ table that I experiment on HomePage TEST

  253. Hey psalm, fwiw, I know the journey of the guy who has to do it all to get it going, and then also to let go for the experts to come help. On the logo, it’s fine and good for now and your 50 hrs in it is cool. But, and that’s a but that might make you mad at me … you can easily find someone in the Lin circles who can give you 5 hrs of graphic design photoshop skillz, and then you have an array of say 5 choices that narrow down to something you can decide on. You can even have a vote. The outcome would be a national-class logo.

    So that’s a good way to make peace with it and move on. As far as I can tell, the site is rich with lots of starts, but I can’t really understand it yet and I have to spend time to get there. So, in the parlance of the industry, the UX is tough to overcome. jldotnet is much easier because you just go on, scroll a bit, and you’re done. This has much more potential, but the UX is very hard to understand and resolve. Even CF is easier, though I never joined.

    So, my 2 cents – you’ve killed it with logo 1.0, but be very objective in asking … is this informed with graphic design. If you feel it is not, then pick one pro out of many (volunteers) and then let that person give you choices. In the end, it’s your vision and you will extend the beauty in the graphic designer into your vision and onto every users’ desktop. You will spend more time, but then you won’t have to deal with people giving you feedback that is actually pretty well informed as to how color combos go in trained design eyes. For I like the colors, and yes, the feedback to improve it all makes sense. Just suggesting a path forward, 2 cents don’t kill me.

  254. thanks for the honest feedback, @JoeTeam πŸ™‚ Of course I won’t be mad.

    I realize simplicity is the best as far as UI design. @disqus_dVLDET9zJ7:disqus also shared the same feedback that there’s too many features to get input and it can be confusing. So definitely, the main goal would be to have a simplistic design. We’re still in the exploration mode of what people find the most useful then eventually we only keep the ones that people like (or simply ‘hide’ them under menu)

    The current homepage layout tries to mimic LakerNation layout with many tables containing shortcuts per @disqus_3ojL2FVU9I:disqus ‘s suggestion to not make it too busy. It’s somewhat better organized but it can definitely get overwhelming.

    Let me ask you this. I’m trying to decide if it’s worth keeping the Traditional Forum at all because as far as finding best comment and replying, Disqus is much better. And there’s a lot of manual administration and it’s easier to scroll to find all comments in Disqus as you said.

    I’m slowly leaning to keeping many blog posts with Disqus comments and do away with traditional Forum because of better features. That way, everyone can simply create new posts for new links/articles that people want to discuss.

    What do you think? Should I do away with the Forum and just use blog posts with comments in an organized format like the ‘Recent/Most Popular posts table’?

  255. I need to try what you’ve done to give best feedback, so let me do that tonight sometime.


    Without understanding all that you’ve tried, psalm, I’d just knee-jerk to say:

    1. chat … probably too real time to work well so get rid of that to free up real-estate for disqus.

    2. there is value to the forum, but it’s really hard to find and know how to use here. The value is you can have sticky things like: JLin hot ladies pics. That worked really well on CF as the standing joke was … hot directly proportional to Lin’s game results. Confirmation bias of course, but it was fun without getting overboard for a bunch of guys. JLin memes. So, sticky threads are key. Given it’s you and Brent mod, you can kill off the incendiary ones like what CF loved (Fire McHale, Lin is no good, the numbers are clear, etc.) It’s clear Hardisty liked the hits those gave, so he even amplified them. You would not do that, so it’s safe to have great sticky threads as things progress. These then become our favorites, like TV programs. You will get lots of visits to the site if there is regular programming.

    3. game threads … I found those useful in CF because you can review how people felt during a game. It was great the surprising drama and turn of events. Not sure if you can do a game thread on disqus well, because disqus is chatty like a chat. The CF game threads seemed to have some chatty and some meat to the discussions. Disqus game threads tend to be mostly emotional reactions and some trolling even. Dunno how that nuances out. It’s too hard to nav in disqus too, to have to go page to page. In forum, you can link after the fact to the post game analysis, etc. so it’s easy to review a game. I’ve estimated game time and easily in 2 pages found the exact moment when Lin did a block or dunk, and it’s great to read what people felt and the buildup. The drama is important, as we often might miss a game or maybe just want to relive it given we were in a pub.

    4. open forum threads … these are good to give users ability to post stuff that might end up being sticky, to allow user creativity

    5. I have no clue how to find pm, as that is very important if you want community to grow. Lots of people will build trust, and want to 1-1. That’s ok, and I think it’s important to say all mods can read 1-1s, so go to gmail if they want to have a more ‘private’ (contextually, in the real world away from Lin fandom) discussion. That way, your site is transparent and teaches users good online hygiene. I’m a believer that good informed users give you a better more real meeting place of strangers, because trust in the site and the other users can be deeper, even if anonymous. That is key to expose the trolls and people with multiple users. On jldotnet now, I continue to see many people who look like the same poster, though the fighting is gone. I believe that is because these identities are ashamed of what they said or did in the past, so now they are lurking as other people. That’s really dysfunctional, as we all try to relate to people in a real way, and it’s hard to if the other person has something to hide. Just like in real life, even through we are anon personas. So, you keepin’ it real is really good.

    6. Finally, a suggestion … take a few days off to decide – what is your real values, purpose, and mission to this site. When you know, the hows and to dos become more clear. I suspect in knowing your posts so far and now, you are:

    a. upholding Lin’s values
    b. part of that is your Christian values, but you haven’t and won’t impart that on site users … however, one needs to tie Lin, fans, and that to the values because it is you. Everyone who loves Lin can live with that. What I mean is, honesty, grace, etc … these are all things you can have upheld here that all true Lin fans would uphold and embrace, no matter the faith they have. These were not upheld at jldotnet and at CF, so therein you are unique, and this site will be used well because JLin upholds those values too.
    c. ok, said too much … you know how it can go. Take time to see the goodness you’ve done, and then it will be clear how to invest in next steps.

    Finally … yeah, since you are open to it, put out a req. for graphic artists who are web tool savvy, and asks for help. The process is … you give them your files, you talk to them about your vision for now beautiful the site has to look, and you ask them to give you a few suggestions. Within a week, you will see many great suggestions that have your root work incorporated, and the logo will be amazing. Set and forget – you have been asking for teamwork, and the logo design is the easiest to build teamwork around. The vision (values, purpose, mission, strategy, tactics = site content evolution) is the hard one to team out right now because it’s so early, so you need to carry that weight and let the logo carry you to that work. In expression to the graphic designer what he or she needs to do the logo from your start, you will be forcing yourself to express vision. So, it’s a tactic that pulls you up, in terms of trying to delegate the logo out (marketing people call this part of the ‘identity package’). Delegating the logo will cause you to think vision so you can share it with an expert. In doing so, it amplifies back to you for other areas only you can do now.

    happy day, bro.

  256. Thanks for such good feedback. I’ll think some time to reread it as I’m in the dentist office πŸ™‚ I definitely need to create the Mod thread so we can discuss it with other mods. Good stuff, Bro πŸ™‚

  257. This tweet from Penny caught my attention. I think Matthew Williamson is the associate director of the Pro Shot shooting System which has some relation to Doc. Not sure if he was working with Lin or just working with someone else and just saying hello to Lin. I think ProShot is a good place to go for finding about shoot fundamemtals. here is the link.

    @JLin7 with shooting coach Matthew Williamson. pic.twitter.com/dSPgILp2rZ— Penny Lee (@penny10654) August 23, 2014

  258. You’re the man. My 2cents a-ok to ignore. I’m a guy who is thankful to people who create.

  259. Enjoying watching Lin vs Kobe 1st matchup in 2012 to celebrate their birthday today.
    What are the odds that 2 players sharing the same birthday will play in the same backcourt 2 years later?

    “His IQ of the game … is off-the-charts!”

    Throwback: Jeremy Lin vs Kobe Bryant Full Duel Highlights 2012.02.10 Knicks vs Lakers – SICK!

  260. Jennie Buss has many purple hearts for JLin7


  261. LOL Seem like I like this better as I’m more familiar with this format than using the forum one.

    Still can’t figure it out how to use other functions here. Not good in all these. Anyway, thank you for doing all this.

  262. Hi Melody, I felt the same in the beginning but you’ll get use to it.
    @psalm234:disqus is working very hard to simplify everything for everyone so hang in there!
    Pray you’ll feel better soon!

  263. I thought the number of the hearts were random but apparently it’s 26. I would have love to see alternating gold/purple hearts but hey, the owner sent birthday wishes to Jeremy so I’ll take it πŸ˜‰

  264. Jeremy practiced with 2 Ivy Leaguers (Princeton).
    Good to know he doesn’t take a day off to practice even on his birthday!

    Two ivy leaguers playing with one more that already reached the dream.. Appreciate the invite for runs [email protected]

  265. Thanks for the feedback Mel πŸ™‚ Hope you’re feeling better everyday

    I’m also hearing that people are not used to the Forum format and like Disqus format.
    I’m leaning to simplify the Homepage with only posts w/ Disqus comments so many users won’t be confused.

  266. Good observation! Did she do 36 for Kobe then?
    And is that really her in the profile pic? It seems quite shocking for an owner that I thought it was a fake twitter account πŸ™‚

  267. I know you are working hard on this:o)) That’s why I didn’t dare to be too critical about this. Hard to teach old dog to do new trick is the best describe me:o)) My issue is I’m easily frustrated/impatient when I can’t get things work. I stop figuring things out after a while.

    Happy with the weekend off from treatment. Entering the last 8 sessions of treatment tomorrow. This means the side-effects are getting worse after each treatment.

    Got scare the other day. Had a very good day after 3 days of rest. So, went out to run a few errands after treatment. Literally ran out of gas from second errand. Talking about only 10 minutes from home and maybe only into about 20 minutes after leaving home. Since then, stayed home. If tired, just laying down and taking nap. That’s what my oncologist told me to do. It’s “normal” side-effect at this stage of treatment esp I have fatigue issue even before this treatment. Double whammy:o))

  268. Thanks! Soon I will. Can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hope that I will recover fast after finishing the full course of radiation.

  269. It is a verified account handle….see that little blue check sign? right after her name…..

  270. “I’m Way Fresher Than All My Foes”….. hehehe nice tank top

  271. Thanks for being patient, Melody πŸ™‚

    For now, we’ll focus on having Disqus Hangout for discussion and create new topics for focused discussion if necessary. So it’ll be simple. Give 80% users what they want, right πŸ™‚ haha

    Please do take care of the recovery. I wonder if your doctor will allow you to take super-food (such as Chlorella, blueberries, chia seed, etc.) that will boost your energy and immune system. It should be okay, right? Hope you found the Lingzhi mushroom.

    Here’s an Aussie Ebay link with informational and sample products if it makes it easier for you to buy them. Make sure you find seller with great reviews on the comment for the products.


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