Did DISCRIMINATION cause First DNP – Coach Decision for Jeremy Lin since Feb 2012?

Byron Scott finally gave a DNP – Coach Decision to Jeremy Lin inexplicably (2nd highest TS%) after choosing to start Clarkson and play Price (!) as the backup. I believe this is his first DNP since Feb 2 2012 against Chicago Bulls game

Price played poorly (0-4) as he had been all January with 2nd worst True Shooting %

Byron’s explanation of knowing what Lin brought simply didn’t make sense because Price has been starting for 20+ games and everyone knows what a 10-yr veteran can do.

So what is the reason of the unfair benching of Jeremy Lin?

Is it a personal bias by Byron Scott toward Jeremy Lin? Jeremy is the best playmaker after Kobe is gone and he needs to anchor the Lakers offense,

The hard question of DISCRIMINATION has to be asked (either RACE or PERSONAL BIAS) because Jeremy deserves to start by merit but Byron continue to choose to play Ronnie Price who performed the 2nd worst in shooting.

Byron Scott has been an embarrassment to Lakers organization by potentially ending Kobe’s career early. Now he allowed his personal bias to DISCRIMINATE against Jeremy Lin. Whether it is based on RACISM or personal dislike, it is embarrassing the Lakers organization.

There should be more media uproar if LA reporters are not afraid to ask the hard questions in fear of losing access to Lakers locker room.

What will happen next? Noone knows but I hope there is a sense of justice of right and wrong in the Lakers organization and Lakers media. 

For JLin Fans, we have the right to be angry but we would need to band together.

Let’s Keep Calm, and see what’s the best way we can support JLin by providing proof of the discrimination.

LINK: @NBAStats showing Lin has 2nd highest TS% in January while Ronnie Price had the 2nd worst TS%

So Jeremy has been playing extremely well but was unfairly benched.

By merit, Lin needs to play a lot so he’s clearly discriminated. The question to be asked often is WHY to reporters,  journalists, BB Analysts.

Is it Tanking, Personal Bias or the worst case Racism?



Game 46

Guess JLin's stats


  1. first?

  2. Of course, I chose the most unpleasant thread to be first at. =/

  3. Psalm 234… great job…now all we need to do is tweet this info to the media.

  4. First DNP for you lol

  5. Like i wrote before, Jeremy breaks too many stereotypes: Asian, true and vocal Christian, kind and polite on court without trash talking or dirty fouls, he’s from Harvard….

    If there are football fans here Jeremy reminds me of a great defender who’s never been sent off or never played dirty. He is a legend of my team, Juventus.

    Gaetano Scirea. One of the best player on and off the court ever. Hopefully Jeremy will do the same

  6. Answer: It’s bias of one kind or all kinds combined. BSc’s treatment of Lin is not for winning bball, ratings sweeps, or on meritocracy. Only his close associates might know the truth, because biased ppl have blind spots.

  7. noooooo coach, why???

  8. I tweeted to @JeanieBuss to bring Clear Discrimination concern to the top.
    Hope she sees it.

    We can only respectfully bring awareness that there is evidence for Discrimination. Let’s hope for the best!



  9. Need to appeal to @JeanieBuss that discrimination to nice player like Lin will deter Free Agents to come to LA


  10. thanks. I did to @JeanieBuss. Straight to the top so hopefully she is concerned with discrimination issue.

  11. I like Pricy

  12. @disqus_MWXjhHjXCx:disqus doesn’t like Bear

    ‘Nuff said LOL

  13. Good job, Psalm. JLin needs us more now than ever.
    We need to speak out respectfully.

  14. http://youtu.be/My6hniRE4zc

    Cheer up Jeremy. Every mile is worth your while. Go the distance and you shall be right where you belong.

  15. thx, we need to bring awareness of touchy subject of “Discrimination” and appeal respectfully to the powers-at-be

  16. But haters said I belong on the bench

  17. Wise choice of word “discrimination” over “racist”, as former is much easier to prove than latter.

  18. So first to fight the unjust?

  19. 7iger is discriminating my posts for no reason! I demand justice! haha

  20. Is it because he is tough while I am soft like Charmin’?

  21. One day, JLin will raise up his arm and shout ” Free at last, free at last”. The irony!

  22. Ya when he is out of nba.

  23. Let me guess, Kobe didn’t want to give a chance to Lin to possibly win the game against a b2b Spurs when he is not able to get on the floor to freeze Lin himself.

  24. What’s next if JB does not respond, and BS more emboldened continues with his prejudice?

  25. Do you let your haters decide your fate?

  26. well done psalm.I hope Jeannie Buss do something .I hope the organisation is classy organisation as advertised.

  27. No, he soft like Scott and u r not.

  28. Well, Charmin’s mascot is a bear… so…lol.

  29. For me it’s more like:

    50% – personal discrimination
    30% – behind-the-scenes manipulation
    20% – inability to coach

  30. http://sports.qq.com/a/20150124/023974.htm

    腾讯体育圣安东尼奥讯 北京时间1月24日,洛杉矶湖人做客圣安东尼奥挑战卫冕冠军。在这场比赛开始前,湖人当家球星科比被曝因右肩膀旋转袖肌腱撕裂,赛季或提前报销,整个湖人队似乎都蒙上了阴影。虽然身处圣安东尼奥这座小城,虽然这里的华裔甚至亚裔人口都非常少,但是在有林书豪(微博)比赛的时候,无论是曾经的尼克斯、火箭,还是如今的湖人,AT&T中心总会出现比往常更多的亚洲球迷身影。但是出人意料的是,今晚,林书豪根本没有上场。







    任何一支球队输掉比赛后,赛后更衣室都安静到压抑。一进门看到林书豪已经换好衣服站在那里,记者便上前对他进行采访。可以想象 ,当时的林书豪情绪很低落,在简单的寒暄和采访后,他问我你还有其他问题吗?记者表示没什么问题,林书豪便也离开了。



  31. Got me there =P

  32. in 2015 so far, Lin was player of the week + 2D w/o Kobe + TNT overtime Lin > 90%

    too much spotlight on Lin, someone is very unhappy.
    Since reducing his playtime won’t stop him from shining, hence the DNP.

    owner and FO probably don’t care if Lin is DNP or not, since they are still one of the most profitable teams in NBA, even though the team sucks.

  33. Well then Jlin will get a well deserved vacation saving his health for his next team

  34. Err.. I was being sarcastically. I do not worry about Lin he is a big boy.

  35. Well this benching is pretty consistent with plenty of other instances in JLin’s story. Nobody thought he was good enough for college despite the fact that he led his team to a state championship. Move on 4 years. Nobody thought he was good enough for the NBA despite his success at Harvard. Move on 2 years. Nobody thought he was good enough despite Linsanity. Etc etc. Haters will always find a new excuse despite JLin’s success.

    Discrimination? Racism? Sure. But it’s broader than that. It’s ignorance. JLin doesn’t “look” like a basketball player in the scouts eyes. JLin doesn’t fit the personality of a basketball player in the coach’s eyes. People within these organizations would rather go with the flow and follow outdated advice rather than question the methods and try something new. And plenty will blindly follow and ignore any evidence to the contrary (see BS).

    I’m so glad for the Spurs. Even to this day, the Spurs are overlooked. Why? Because the Spurs, like JLin are different. No flashy players. They don’t have the “look” of a championship team. But thanks to a great front office and an amazing coach, the Spurs are able to ignore common beliefs and actually pick out talent and develop plans to best utilize that talent.

    Change will come. It is a slow process that occurs over generations. As more of Coach Pop’s proteges become head coaches, the better it will be for JLin and future stars. It’s starting to catch. The Atlanta Hawks are doing a great job. And I believe the 76ers will turn it around.

    Side note: the story of Damian Lillard is also pretty cool.

    He too was an underrated kid who became a star. Critics also believed he couldn’t defend. I have no doubt JLin will find a way because his faith is unbreakable.

  36. Yeah dude I know what your intention was. it’s all cool. I just really want to throw some Molotov at BS’s house.

  37. Not a bad thought but doubt Lin will deem it as such.

  38. Article for a press in Taiwan or China?

  39. Kobe’s injury has increased his fear towards Lin I guess, so that BS helped him by DNP-CD Lin.

  40. According to the title, it’s from Beijing. This was the one reporter who reported this.

  41. Well if Jeanie Buss was really the man… Err.. Lady of her words. This is the time to stand up for Lin and the best interest for the Lakers. Yes, Tanking by marginalising your key players might get the team a few lottery picks but in the process it creates a huge bad karma for team morale and public perception.

  42. Let’s all tell TNT that we want to watch JLin play. Vote at http://www.nba.com/tntovertime/

  43. So the Lakers PR is the one who ushered the Asian reporter in and didn’t inform the rest??

  44. They were at the other room it seems…

  45. For a so-called “classy” organization allows BS to continue insulting JLin DNP-CD is too much for anyone to stomach. Shame on Lakers. Lakers disgraces itself fullt. Clearly BS is JLin’s hater and no doubt about it. His obvious infatuation love to his favorite son, KB and priceless son RP are just gone overboard this time. JLin isn’t allowed to shine even after KB is out for the season is really crazy of his personal bias and favoritism. All these are clearly discrimination/racism/favortism/personal bias. Name it and BS has it. No way you can describe otherwise for this lowly human being that is insulting the word “coach.”

  46. Yes and that JLin supposed to be the first one to interview.

  47. Straight up racism going on… who will be the first media outlet to try to use Clarkson’s half-Filipinoness as proof that this DNP-CD (wish it weren’t so Kevin!) isn’t racially motivated. It’ll probably be a subtle statement but I bet it happens,

  48. How about integrity? Or shame? There you go, some things that BS does NOT have.

  49. I’m wondering if there’s more to it.
    BS cancelled practice tomorrow which they sorely need with the new lineup. That means the reporters cannot interview JLin.

  50. Also, liar, tank commander, ego massager….. Too many for me to describe my disgust of this BS. The list is getting too long and I can write a master thesis on this:-)

  51. so the Asian reporter did not interview BS? hmmm… I will tweet her and ask…

  52. Really! Coward BS!

  53. BS picks a fight, and then turns around and runs away from it.

  54. Good , the diehard Chinese fans have to rethink on Lakers

  55. Apparently BS had cancelled training tomorrow. Lin had earlier tweeted that he would answer questions from press after training. What is brewing?

  56. Probably the Chinese reporter is eager to find out the reason why from JLin himself why he is DNP-CD. This is clear that it isn’t because of injury. It shows BS’ “hatred” on JLin as a player. That’s the slap on JLin’s face.

  57. Does BS knows what integrity and respect means?

  58. All JLin fans from are asking the same question and try to find out the reasons why. Every JLin fan is furious.

  59. He shows his cowardness too many times now. He is too soft.

  60. Good question. No he clearly doesn’t.

  61. Me too and have been nibbling and at same time typing …. No wonder my weight have escalated significantly since Lin’s time with Rox. Lol…

  62. My hope is BS is being fired but I doubt Busses have the gut to do so.

  63. LOL. Really getting to be JLin fan at times. So angry and I tweet this thread to all reporters and those have many followers so that more people can see how angry JLin fans are.

  64. Hey mate. That’s not Brissy river in your profile pic is it?

  65. More like the FO knows that Lin is terribly upset and will hold no bars with his response which may “damage” whatever reputation the org has.

  66. You should bench DNP-TLD those doughnuts, pizzas, ice cream, etc…whatever is responsible for escalating your weight!

  67. Ha ha …

  68. It’s Brissy River.

  69. Sweet. Fellow Qlder here

  70. if so, he should use it as a leverage.. demand more pick n roll

  71. Not American food, it is “bah kua” which is sweet barbecue meat, wine and peanuts. Sob sob on the weight gain.

  72. Speak to who? The FO and Coaching team just had a vanishing act.

  73. what does it say

  74. Maybe a parody on ” disrespect” by BS in the making?

  75. What is worst than garbage? For in these days garbage even have value when reprocessed.

  76. RUTHERFORD San Antonio SAN FRANCISCO, January 24, the Los Angeles Lakers guest challenge defending champion San Antonio. Before the game began, Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant was traced to his right shoulder rotator cuff tendon tear, the season or early reimbursement, the entire Lakers seem to have cast a shadow. While living in San Antonio this town, though even here the ethnic Asian population is very small, but there is Jeremy Lin (microblogging) game, no matter who the Knicks, Rockets, Lakers still today, AT & T Center Federation appear more Asian fans than usual figure. But the surprise is that tonight, Lin did not play.

    Lin: I do not know when to play

    Bryant injured truce means that Lin will get more playing time and even starting? Before the start of the race, with most people like the idea, I think tonight Jeremy can grasp the opportunity to prove himself. However, surprisingly, the book ho did not play. In training before the game, Lin still orderly conduct their shooting practice, but when the first half, finished Lin has not yet out of the war, our hearts will understand that he does not play it today should. But the question is: Why?

    Lin came to the locker room after the game interview, when asked why did not play, he just said the coach decided that he did not know why. He also said he did not have any injuries, so he did not understand. When a reporter asked him if he knew fate would play it? He looked a bit the other players and the team staff locker room, and then very reluctantly shook his head, said: I do not know. Look out, Jeremy Lin mood is very low indeed, the whole team are going through the trough, and when the bottom of his experience in the team, he was by the court, can only look on all of this, really helpless.

    Lin Twitter after the game: Only one reporter to talk to me

    For a player, there is no way to play in the match was bad enough, when the post-match interview, even reporters are not interested in him and the problems that may have tempted fluctuations Lin heart, after the game he will push for a special update , read: “I’ll stay there, there is a reporter chatted chatted, nobody ask me a question.” of course, I believe that the facts may not be as bad as he thought.

    As a witness of this matter, the fact is this. In accordance with the NBA’s practice, the team coach after the game the first interview, and then the team locker room will be open, the reporter interviewed the players will enter the locker room. Today, the Lakers coach Scott interview after the game to accept the middle, the Lakers locker room would have been open, the reporters interviewed Scott in concentrate. When the Lakers locker room door opened, reporters standing outside public relations team that reporters are the only Asians, he said to me:. “Jeremy will first interview today, so you can come in to interview him.” so, the reporter went straight into the locker room, an interview with Jeremy Lin.

    After any team lost the game, after the game locker room was quiet to depression. A door to see Jeremy Lin has Huanhaoyifu standing there, reporters have approached him for interviews. Imagine, then Jeremy Lin mood is very low, after a simple greeting and interviews, he asked me you have any other questions? Reporter said no problem, Lin has also left.

    Lakers coach Byron Scott said after the game, maybe Jeremy Lin will get the chance next game, perhaps this news will make Lin and some of his fans excited.

    (Jiang Jingwen)

  77. Haha, I was suddenly struck by this imagery. Just sub out a few choice words in the lyrics with your own and viola!
    I’m not gonna comment on what it means. You guys are smart enough to know what I’m saying without me saying it.


    Edit: I don’t know how to make it smaller! Sorry!

  78. BScott will probably DNP-CD just to spite the fans on TNT

  79. Fortunately I’m the opposite, when I’m in a bad mood my appetite is ruined and I stop eating. BS antics are fairly disgusting.

  80. at least TNT knows who the public favors – and most likely, the Lakers will know about it

  81. seriously he is the worst coach ever !!!!

  82. Oh no. It’s awful translation from the Chinese article below. Someone please do a better job on this. Thanks!

  83. LOL That’s true. So, it’s even insult to gabbage if use it to describe BS.

  84. I’ve placed BS as 31 out of 30 NBA teams in November 2014. He shouldn’t even deserve to be in NBA.

  85. google

  86. Scott being called to Mitch’s office for a scolding and firing?

  87. Really. Where in QLD?? I live in Bayside.

  88. couldn’t wait so google translate

  89. Brissy mate! Guessing you too?

  90. I know. Awful translation.

  91. Shall blow you with lots of kisses if this is true.

  92. Yes, what a surprise to find JLin fan from the same city:-) Bayside. What about you?

  93. Sunnybank, where all the Asians are lol!

  94. Good for you …. Another outcome from the stress and ups and downs of being a JLin fan is HAIR LOSS… Hence have been using lots of hair tonic for maintenance. Ha ha

  95. Lin should tell lakers, play me or trade me. BS thinks he can do this and Jeremy will take it. Wrong.

  96. I mean his agent should do the talking.

  97. I hope his agent promised him a shark tank….

  98. Very dramatic …. Don’t know the storyline but looks like a tussle with 2 men while the whole city perished …

  99. Ok. Glad to have JLin fan in the same city:-)

  100. LOL You are funny. Have lots of health issues but glad that I don’t have high blood pressure and heart problem. Otherwise, I’m in big big trouble to root for JLin:-)

  101. Oh in the clip, the Pharaoh was determined to enslave a group of people, and the other guy (Moses) was telling him to let them go or face God’s wrath.
    But the Pharaoh just got increasingly stubborn and determined not to give in, even as the whole city and his legacy was crashing down around him.

  102. Likewise. Hope to see you in person one day. If you play basketball, I’m usually at Hibiscus Centre @ Upper Mt Gravatt on my days off. Or Auchenflower for my Sunday afternoon BBI matches.

  103. Sadly, I’m with you there on the hair loss… Not using tonic yet, but can no longer pull the Fabio look. LOL

  104. Talking? Are there any ears listening and brains thinking in this org when they just allowed the BS to do whatever however whenever wherever he wants. All the training to build the team is just a farce with the antics of a clueless coach who justify his DnP actions by saying he wants to see what a certain player can bring after 40+ games.

  105. Wow …. There are similarities in what’s happening with the Lakers. And what’s the conclusion?

  106. Missed today’s game, and when I checked out what happened!!!…just lost of words.

    Jeremy Lin, we the fans are there for you. We dont need to “take a look” at you as BS wants to on PRICE.

    We know, our PLAYER! on what he can truly do and be! GO LIN

  107. The Pharoh’s son died from the plague. Kobe, Byron’s adopted son has his season/career ended as the result of BS’s own stubbornness… Very fitting

  108. Hey are you from Asia as you just checked in ? Sorry being nosy ….

  109. one reporter, who tweeted made the interview and then Lin left

  110. Thought Pharoh is Kobe ….. Well whatever, moral of story is pride and stubbornness leads to the downfall…

  111. As the situation unfolds, i dont think one could disagree with you

  112. One particular part of the song lyrics struck me as quite apt.
    Moses: This was my home. All these pain and devastation, how it tortures me inside. All the innocent who suffer from your stubbornness and pride!

    Jeremy was born in LA. Haha.

  113. And what happened after the destruction, did Moses rebuild it?

  114. It depends on who you believe is doing the enslaving…

  115. Can’t play bb anymore. Too old! Maybe you get a chance to play with my nephew:-)

  116. Well it works one way or another. Point is DON’T MESS WITH JLIN!

  117. Ok …

  118. Oh …. I see….

  119. Whats mind boggling is JL is not a rookie, he has numbers from NYK and ROX (when JH was out) to back it up, on how he can
    run a team, with his uptempo game.

    With a loosing team like LAL, there is nothing to loose in giving Jeremy a chance, all that we ask, just a chance.
    Start him for 10-15 games with 32-25min, then they could diss him all they want!

  120. I reside in Asia due to work assignment

  121. The Pharaoh refused to let the people go until the final devastation of his own son dying. Then he gave up and released the people to Moses. Then Moses led them out of Egypt to find the land that God gave to them.

    But not before Pharaoh decided to try to kill the former slaves with his army after they left his land. He sent them after Moses’ people, but then God wiped the Pharaoh’s army out.

    Just a summary. Should check out the movie yourself! Very enjoyable show!

  122. No can do, they’d be risking Linsanity 2.0 on a tanking plan. It’d be like throwing salt on a slug, the tanking plan simply will not survive.

  123. Me too! You in government or private sector? I’m in the Foreign Service.

  124. Agree with you, just it aint cracking in not giving him a chance

  125. That is common sense to most people but seems not so for BS, I think the logic is personal discrimination.

  126. Thanks ….will do

  127. Or FO and BS strategizing on their next step. I can’t believe FO doesn’t have a hand in this. Even that lady reporter being the only one able to interview Jeremy smells fishy. They must’ve picked somebody they knew would not be asking a lot of questions. And now Jeremy can’t talk again because practice has been canceled. Seems like they are afraid for Jeremy to open his mouth as he most certainly won’t be lying for them.

  128. the least we could do…

  129. It is a possibility that for tanking’s sake, the FO is onboard with reducing Lin’s role. However, the FO may not have anticipated BS going all out and giving Jeremy ZERO minutes. I think LA media is on gag order until something is hammered out in the morning, and then given the “official” explanation/damage control.

  130. totally agree with you, he has no business in NBA!

  131. Just a thought, were there any bets on Nba games? If so what were the odds for lakers vs spurs and vs rockets?

  132. I know the odds were pretty high on that early season game vs. the Clippers, the one that the refs gave away. SMH
    NBA is FULL of Donaghys, I wouldn’t give a rodent’s rear about it if it wasn’t for Jeremy.

  133. at least you tried…lol

  134. cool…its private but has dealing with customs and immigrations

  135. and you?

  136. You may be right. LA media being like good dogs waiting on their master to give them food, “Behave or else only scraps for you.”

  137. way too many….of Donaghys for sure

  138. Just wondering if you’re someone I know, wouldn’t that be something? I’m in Hong Kong.

  139. Yeah? How old is he btw? I’m kind of old for competitive basketball too. If it weren’t for my friend from high school recalling me to join his senior team, I’d still be swinging my golf clubs for sure.

  140. What an excuse! Don’t buy anything from bs.

  141. He is 20 yrs old:-) I’m a “she” for you info. I played bb in high school (not a good one).

  142. Rick Carlise’s view of JLin ( starts at 1:20 mark),http://www.mavs.com/what-to-watch-for-mavs-vs-lakers/

  143. not buying…we have seen the whole season

  144. Hi. I thought I’m the only one here who live in HK.

  145. He said “might” be “different”, that means remain the same.

  146. kassiek also lives in HK.

  147. PFV said silkwilkes @lakersground (reposted below) gave good reason on why BS “hates” JLin’s play so much. What do you think?

    I’ll tell you why Scott prefers Price… and this is from a very good source: Price brings toughness and attitude to the practices. He takes leadership. Scott’s issue with Lin is that he’s introverted and more of follower than a leader at practice.s That’s ok if you’re not the PG or if the coach hasn’t repeatedly told you to take control… he just hasn’t done it.

    Scott wants a leader at PG… someone that forces the respect of his teammates. That’s his vision and he’s entitled to it as the coach.

    From what i’ve heard, Scott is trying to force Lin to change who he is… first by benching him and then putting him as a 3rd string. The only way Lin will have a chance as a Laker is if the light goes on and
    he gets tough/mean in practice. Only way. He wants a rebellion from Lin that will make him break his current mold… it hasn’t happened. Heck, he even brought Kobe to practice and specifically asked him to go after Lin and it still didn’t set him off.

  148. Hey! son, don’t be naughty or I will place you hands on the stove….is that how you teaches your child?

  149. So Lin’s being punished for being professional and civilized, whereas his coach wants more gansta/ghetto, or worse egomaniac?

    Or he just wants Lin to also start throwing shoes?

  150. I try to construct a theory about Jeremy Lin’s DNP-CD.

    Let’s examine the previous starting of Jeremy in the Utah game, it is a back to back, high altitude, and a scheduled loss, Byron chose to start Jeremy with overnight notice instead of Ronnie Price. Lin didn’t do that well. Byron continued to start him, Lin came back with a strong game against the mighty Phoenix back court. It seems that Byron would start Jeremy when he’s expected to fail. However Lin unexpectedly came up with a double double in additional to 3 steals and 3 rebounds.

    After the game Lin did well, Lin was immediately benched again for Ronnie Price in the NO game when Ronnie scored 3 points, made 2 assists and made 1 steal for 27 minutes. Kobe played but finally got his season-ending injury. Jeremy played a very good first half but was benched and not allowed to play for almost the entire 3rdQ.

    Jeremy always played well against the Spurs but he was benched completely.

    My theory is that Byron Scott only allows Jeremy Lin to play when Byron thought Jeremy would not do well. Once Jeremy did well, he would reward him by benching. But if Jeremy did poorly, he would punish him by giving him more play time.

    Now, what do you think?

  151. That’s great!

  152. IMO just a load of excuses. BS even lacks basic fundamental of coaching a bball team…

  153. Basically BS wants JLin to fail so that people will buy into his narratives. However, JLin defiles him repeatedly. JLin managed to figure out how to outshine aging superstar KB and make BS look bad whatever they throw at JLin. That is no-no in KB and BS book. Hence DNP-CD.

  154. Thank you. You explain better than me. This is exactly what I think.

  155. No doubt about it, BS is just a 3rd string magician who’s unsuccessfully attempting to divert people’s attention with lame tricks.

  156. How does Byron know what Jeremy can do? Jeremy has been in the league playing substantial minutes for only 2 and a half seasons. Lin is not a finished product at the age of 26 while Ronnie has been in the league for 10 years at the age of 31+.

    I’m sure Byron Scott doesn’t know what Jeremy can do? Byron might know more about what Jeremy can’t do though.

  157. Post to NBA commissioner and Lakers’ ownership

  158. LOL For a change:-) That’s the repeated pattern I’ve witnessed since startergate. Don’t want to be right but…

  159. What do u mean?

  160. Byron wants to cancel Lin’s meeting with the press.

  161. Oh it never crossed my mind that you’re a ma’am. Not that it really matters anyway I think.
    So if your nephew is 20, I’m afraid I’ll get my butt kicked pretty badly. I’m almost double his age…

  162. So this is how they do damage control. This guy is obviously let loose by FO and BS.

  163. LOL. I believe so as you are new to this site. Most old ones do know me as Melody:-)

    Don’t know about that. My nephew likes playing bb and watching NBA; just not JLin fan. Believe he likes LBJ… Never see him play bb. Not sure how good he is.

  164. No race bias is certainly a relevant and material part of the equation…

  165. Excellent… i guarantee u that race discrimination and bias is a relevant partnof this

  166. No doubt BScott and his modus operandi is real soap opera, which is no fun to watch

  167. This is utter nonsense. If PFV thinks this makes sense then PFV is a moron. PFV has been spewing garbage for a while now. Stop listening to his lame videos!!!

    The truth: Jeremy is a natural leader and all of his teammates respect him.

  168. Actually I seem to have noticed something similar. The first game that Kobe sat out was against the Warriors. They had no chance of winning. But Jeremy and the team embarrassed Kobe by winning that game.

    Since then I have noticed that Kobe only plays games that are high profile or there was a better chance of winning. Also Lin never gets rewarded after a good performance.

    It seems like there is a method to the madness but ultimately it is about prejudice plain and simple.

  169. 26 days until the trade deadline. If nothing changes by then, Mitch and the Buss siblings are despicable cowards.

  170. Nonsense! Lin talks and gets the attention of his teammates during timeouts! He more of a leader than Kobe who isolates himself! As the PG he holds his teammates accountable even on defense!!

  171. Initially that was my thought as well, but now…I dont no anymore…obviously there is more than one way to do…

  172. Calling KHuang, can we have your inputs as to what is brewing? Please ….

  173. Just went to Lakersground and read the whole 11 pages of BS and JL thread. Glad to see majority of ppl at LG is criticising how BS is giving major minutes to RP and freezing JL out. But there are these 2 particular posters just keep defending every single BS move from BS and citing “credible sources” within the organisation saying that it’s because RP is more vocal in the practice then JL, hence BS thinks RP is the better PG to lead the team. I felt like I’m reading fiction novels…. Some points from those 2 posters are just beyond normal logic…

    All the gorilla chest thumping in practice makes no difference if one can’t perform in real games.

    Byron is NOT a leader and nor his Minnie-me Price. Byron’s erroneous idea of a leader is a street thug. He probably grew up fearing gangs

  175. There is this Chinese proverb, “barking dogs doesn’t bite”, or an English proverb “empty vessels make the most noise”. What can we expect from a low IQ coach. Gosh …

  176. There is no credibility in BS words.

  177. Since so, now how come is the vocal head of the snake benched after the new coming future savior? It will be very ridiculous how an NBA coach decides who to start depends on practices rather than actual games. Lin is easily overall far better than both for anyone with eyes.

  178. Still mad

  179. For a team to succeed all players MUST feel they are part of a family. What BS has done is divide and rule for his selfish self or his insecurity.

  180. Very very mad …. Did not enjoy my dinner, just want to vent it out in this site for therapy.

  181. That’s why I said those 2 have really whacky logic and some really “credible” sources. I’m just gonna shake shake shake shake… SMH…

  182. disgusted by the narratives spread by haters now that lin is only a good backup not a starter material. anyone with brain knows given the support and fair treatment most starter pgs get, lin would be better than a lot of them.

  183. Except he forgets his audience aren’t 5 year old kids and can totally see through him.

  184. LOL Sorry for laughing. I lost my steam after I read JLin fansites, learned that I’m not the only one was so upset. Most were even furious than me.

    Calm down a fair bit just thinking the peculiar of what happened since the game was over. 1. Not much news about the game after BS interview. 2. Cancelled practice. 3. Drama on JLin’s DNP-CP (JLin sneaked out of postgame interview vs. JLin’s own tweet on what happened). 4. KB’s season-end injury issue.

    Believe something is really brewing s Joyce said. Hope I will hear good news when I wake up in the morning:-)

  185. I am convinced that the Lakers front office is either absent (Mitch grieving) or paralysed (Buss kids at deadlock).

    There seems to be very little pressure on Scott. McHale made no secret of his disdain for Jeremy but still played him out of desperation when he wanted to win. Scott seems to be under no pressure to win.

  186. Still soooooooo mad. Let’s vote for Lin on TNT even though BS may not play him, but this is one of the ways we send our message out

  187. That’s right…inferiority complex…I think someone mentioned that he had this issue when he was HC of the previous team.

  188. a team of social media guys constantly monitoring the sites and reading the opinions of posters. whenever they read of any negative stuff they will counter by posting some positive stuff. Not sure you read the reviews in tripadvisor.com …..that’s exactly what I saying.

  189. More vocal? That is the basis for starting someone who cant play? Talk about incompetent coaching!

  190. I actually think jlin would have a decent title vii race discrimination case… under california law, i believe that he could sue scott personally… more asians need to sue for discrimination at work!

  191. I think it is obvious that Byron doesn’t like Jeremy. I would hope we apply pressure to BS for poor behavior. I would hope though we take care of how we apply that pressure because sometimes it will be a cause for criticism and undo conflict within the basketball community. I don’t know if the title of this post is a good way to go about it. I would rather say that BS doesn’t like Jeremy. It has become personal. It has happened between coaches and players all the time so that is the way it is. I don’t ever use the bomb word because it causes division. We need to be united against poor behavior no matter what the intentions are. We can’t judge the intentions. Only God can.

  192. What they are doing to Jeremy Lin is a social-political offense within NBA basket ball. They think that they can get away with it being that JLin is such a minority. But Lin is NOT really a minority since he’s got millions of Fans everywhere and they follow and speak up in his defense.

    The racist BS wants Jeremy to act like Price?! BS!! Do you need to act like a though- street- thug- man to get respect from professional basket ball players nowadays? What?!… are they so stupid that they can’t listen to reason or follow directions?!

    We’ve got to call this for what it is. Racism! and stop dilly dalling. We must implore to Jeremy Lin to speak out so that his Fans may be appeased of this injury to our talented hero.

    Do they mean to say that Jeremy Lin is not worthy of playing in a TANKING, STINKING, TEAM. I place the blame on Kobe Bryant! Let the Great BB hero hall -of- famer account for this disgrace hurled at our Basket Ball hero from a TANKING team.

    What Say You Kobe Bryant?!!

  193. What is happening right now does not make sense. I am furious. But just as when I am in this state of indignation , Psalm 46:10 comes to mind. – “Be still and know that I am God.”

    Okay , Lord. I rest my case.

    #believe #trust #pray

  194. If this is handled the wrong way it will make it harder for Jeremy. He is the only Asian in the NBA. He has to just keep playing well and move on. If the fans make it too personal, then other teams will be afraid to take Jeremy because he may be viewed as difficult even though it is his fans. I don’t want it to be more difficult for Jeremy and people just don’t change like that anyway. The underlying feelings just go covert when we speak out too much about hidden agendas. If he was being hurt physically , I would probably be screaming like crazy like everyone else but this is basketball. He is getting paid 15 million and he has millions of fans. Let’s put this in perspective.

  195. Do you know how lame this thread title sounds? I love JLin like the rest of you but this ‘he should sue BS and the Lakers organization for discrimination’ just sounds whiny and ridiculous. We can all see that BS has it in for Jeremy but it is obvious it’s more of a personality clash than a race issue. Every time somebody brings up the race card, it belittles Jeremy and his game. It’s like how we fans hate it when his detractors say the only reason JLin was so hyped during Linsanity was because of his race (as opposed to the great story of an undrafted Harvard grad who persevered).

  196. Agreed.

  197. I can’t ignore the race issue. You LOOK at the situation you see one Asian guy alone, can’t be more of a minority then that. And that one minority carries the stereotype of being soft and not athletic. And now that one minority with that stereotype doesn’t play while much lesser players do who do not look like him. If that doesn’t look like racism, I don’t know what to say.

  198. Sweet dreams and do hope for good news tomorrow.

  199. I love it when you said ” Jlin defiled bs repeatedly” hahaha

  200. BS is BS again. I believe what BS did to Lin all from Kobe… Bc why he only cares so much about Lin’s playing time or score too much no one else?! Just like Kobe only named Rondo for FA but no one else… Why only PG? It’s all bc they both wanted Lin out of Lakers so bad… I never thought they could be this low… but few days ago I already thought they maybe will use Clarkson for starter sometimes in the future bc Price’s bad & they didn’t want Lin to come back to starting lineup. Who could they use? Only Clarkson.

    They will use excuse after excuse to stop Lin back to starting lineup or stay in Lakers… Trash him only OK and so on… smh!

  201. I know. Let’s make the magic happen again.

  202. Playing the race card is always controversial. For the most part, I do think we shouldn’t focus on it too much. Otherwise, it becomes “us vs them”. However, it is a part of the reality that Lin faces so we should not completely ignore it either. Linsanity WAS partially hyped up due to his race, just like some people overly criticize Lin for the same reason. To me, it seems like this thread is just raising a fair question. If it said “he should sue BS and the Lakers”, I would agree with you. But, I don’t see such sentiment. How I read it is, “It is obviously Lin is being mistreated. Are these the reasons?”

  203. It’s racial bias period. Even lin said it himself on 60 minutes during Lisanity. Just as Chris Rock bravely spoke up about how if Lin was black with street creds and tattoos, he’d be celebrated as a star. You may be uncomfortable with how this race card may affect you’re own relations with people around you, but truth is hard to hide.

    While it’s true that the business of the NBA is outside the laws of discrimination and the owners can pretty much do as they please with little or no repercussions. Lin is just an employee under contract to be treated as they pleased. So yeah, they can mistreat lin badly as they please. Having said that, they are not immune to the court of public opinion or fans. If the perception is that Lin is suffering from racial bias, it impacts their bottom line with viewers and sponsors like Maxxis tires.

    Injustice is a human condition that impacts everyone. There is no such thing as just a little racial injustice. If it can happen to Lin it can happen to a black quarterback or ceo. Equality is about doing the little things to change the course of the future.

    It may not be outright predjudice that has put Lin on the bench, but racial bias does have something to do with it. It may be uncomfortable to bring it up or “whine” as you say. But speaking up for equality is not just about asians. It’s about all people.

  204. Did anyone come up with the number of bench points vs the starters vs Spurs last night. Curious the impact w/o Jeremy playing.

  205. Interesting? Is this about Lin or…?! Victory is certain? What do you think Joyce?

  206. wow…something nice to read in the interim, hope it turns out sweet. Thanks for posting Joyce

  207. I think it is. I tweeted him last night about what was happening with not playing lat night, and we fans want to know what was he doing about it…

  208. LAL Starters = 46
    LAL Bench = 39
    SAS Starters = 57
    SAS Bench = 42

  209. Wow! Great job Joyce… So he response this tweet to you about what he did…?! Small fight. Minor adjustments.? So now what will happen to Lin?

  210. Thank you!

  211. As someone posted below, it seems that LA media has been on gag order. Nobody discussing anything about the game. I think what Scott did to Lin got him in trouble and made the organization look bad. I think Mitch called him to his office, that is why there is no practice.They are playing the Rockets tomorrow at Staples Center.

  212. Good to see Roger Montgomery started to fight back.
    Let’s hope for positive change soon.

  213. I think so. He doesn’t tweet much, so I was surprised to see this tweet.

  214. Wow. That’s good that Lin’s voicing his displeasure. Don’t think it will get any better at the LAL organization. And it is perfect time to make noise to push LAL to trade him to start fresh and showcase himself for the next contract.

    Either Lin or his agent realizes this reduction in playing time is simply diminishing his value and will hurt him in any negotiation with any team.

  215. I was very angry and I sent a tweet. I guess this was the response.

  216. Thanks for contacting him, Joyce.

    The squeaky wheel gets the grease indeed =)

  217. BS cancelled the practice right after Lin’s tweet to reporters about talk to me tomorrow after practice… I also feel FO sure is not happy about what BS did last night to Lin. I really think BS just tried to make Lin so mad then he probably will be out of Lakers soon….smh! He & Kobe did everything just to push Lin out of Lakers…

  218. “Victory is certain.”… if its related 2 Lins game last night, sounds very positive 2 me. Cant wait 4 the updated.. Thx, Joyce.. Its making my day.. 🙂

  219. Glad you did too. That tweet certainly show there’s definitely something going on, and Lin is not taking it lying down.

  220. you kept him on his toes…. *clap*

  221. hummm… Small fight I can understand as Lin probably had benn put thru this over and over before, compared to the treatment from HOU that we never knew, such as the demotion from starting to benching, We don’t know how fierce and ugly behind the scene in that period.

    Minor adjustment? Victory is certain? They are working on something?

    A victory would mean BS is fired. But I doubt it is that quick unless either Montgomery is clueless or he is onto something with FO.

    To this point, even Lin starting is not a great victory to me. I would rather FO pick one, Lin or BS.

  222. Russel Wilson / win forever
    “I’ve been told a ton of times if I was just two inches taller, I’d be a great prospect,’’ Wilson said. “But I played behind a huge offensive line last season, and I think what I proved is I’m not going to have any trouble getting the ball out.’’

    “he brought up what he thought was the point everyone needed to remember: “Nobody here thinks we’re done.” That day in Renton, he talked about wanting to be good for a long time. If you’re good for a long time, you have to remember you’ve got to do something every offseason to be better. This is what Seahawks general manager John Schneider saw in Wilson.

    In the end, credit goes to Schneider for coming back from scouting Wilson twice in 2011 at Wisconsin and careening into Carroll’s office and saying, “You’ve got to take a look at this guy. You’ll fall in love with him.” Credit goes to Carroll for being true to his competition gene and playing Wilson when the safe thing was to let Flynn play his way out of the starting job during the regular season—and credit to Carroll for sticking with Wilson when he playing just okay football early. And credit to Wilson for doing it, with the help of offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and quarterback coach Carl Smith, the well-traveled one.

    And credit to them all for knowing winning multiple titles is what separates a franchise. They haven’t been afraid to talk about greatness, short- or long-term, since Carroll arrived four years ago, and I think that helps the team focus on what’s ahead without being distracted or intimidated by it.”

  223. I think ” Victory is certain ” means he will get playing time for sure. BS will not get fire.. not yet.

  224. Noone said discrimination would always lead to lawsuits. And it’s not always racism but can be clouded with personal bias. It can lead to mediation and discussion which lead to positive changes as Joyce also asked Roger Montgomery (Lin’s agent) to act.

    The other option is to stay silent in the face of injustice and it is wrong. The squeaky wheel gets the grease

    What we have is a clear discrimination case by Byron for playing an inferior Price over Lin.

    We only need to respectfully raise the issue of discrimination to the powers-at-be. I tweeted to Jeanie Buss and hopefully she sees the concern raised by fans.

    I hope it’s not racism but the hard questions need to be asked. Staying silent would be the same with sins of omissions in the face of injustice. That I’m not willing to do. I hope you agree that we have to do something

  225. That is a good point. Maybe BS and Kobe know that FO may sign Lin for back up PG and they don’t want that, so they are taking it into their own hands to force Lin get out of LAL.

  226. Not “seems”, he IS under no pressure to win! He said so in his interview before. He has no pressure at all.

  227. This kid is unwavering. He knows his God.

  228. I think Mitch & BS talked about FA few days ago & I believe Lakers wants Lin back. Don’t think it’s backup otherwise why they needed to trash Lin so bad & Kobe only named Rondo (PG position) for FA… If it’s backup two of them will not be on the court a lot…why need to only care about Lin’s playing time or score too much?! Lin looked very relax for a while… so I think he is not worry about his FA.

  229. I say bring up the benching and apply pressure but don’t focus on intentions. Focus on bad coaching decisions. If you fight the wrong way, it pushes good people away. I say hit them hard with the obvious. If you come in at it at the wrong angle, it may prevent them from focusing on the ultimate issue – BS.

  230. We are after the same thing. Our approach is different. It hurts either way.

  231. Praying for him!

  232. Every time Lin posts a bible verse at his difficult time, it brings tears to my eyes. I really feel for this kid.

  233. I believe like when Linsanity began is started out being dissed. I believe this is a new beginning for Jeremy. Praying that he will rise again. Will enjoy watching him.

  234. Don’t want to get my hopes up yet. I have to stay cool and be patient.

    “A worthless person, a wicked man, goes about with crooked speech, winks with his eyes, signals with his feet, points with his finger, with perverted heart devises evil, continually sowing discord; therefore calamity will come upon him suddenly; in a moment he will be broken beyond healing.” Proverbs 6:12-15(ESV)

  235. Thank you Joyce. We need it. It’s good to know that Lin’s agent is staying positive throughout this ugly drama.

  236. I would rather Lin’s agent push for a trade or DNP-Tanking for the remaining season. No point playing for a losing team with yo-yo munites and risk injury and constantly facing unfair and untrue critique from BS, media and such.

    Last night BS crossed the line. Don’t be surprised if Lin play 3rd string in a gabage time with 1 minute left. Don’t be shocked BS can pull another gimmick.

    I just hope Lin from now on just stick it up with BS. When interviewed, he would say: “I am about winning. Though I am not sure if the coach is about it, I will just do my best to play to win no matter what.” When given minutes to play, just stop following BS’s calls and play his games. DNP-CD, so what?

    Line crossed, so be it.

  237. they want Lin as backup, not as a starter, if he isn’t a doormat, then he would not consider the lakers after how they treated him

  238. Amen

  239. Racial bias was and is probably still a block for black quarterbacks. It was a stigma that only whites have the intangibles or smarts to play that position. So much so that hall of famer Waren Moon had to leave the country to play quarterback in Canada for many years until he broke all the records and proved to doubters that he belonged.

    Racial bias affects all of us. Any minority faces this type of injustice deserves a chance to voice their concerns. It’s necessary to take a stand and BE IN THE WAY OF TAUNTS AND SLANDER. People that say minorities are whining are actually saying you are touching a very sensitive truth that we don’t wat to deal with. Asians typically want to shove problems by working within the system. But speaking out against authority is an important part of the political process in America. Speaking the truth is what makes authorities uncomfortable.

    “If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.” Jfk

  240. good article about lin last night.

  241. Not interested in what he has to say, no click for him after what he and BS have done to our boy

  242. Don’t care about him at all. In fact, hate him now. smh!

  243. Watch “Selma” and get a sense of true pain. The many white college students from the north that volunteered to be freedom riders got physical abuse as well as verbal abuse.

    Taking a stand is difficult. Like the Tianement Square or protest in Hong Kong last year. Change is difficult but the brave who take up the cause paves the way for the rest of us.

  244. this “victory” better be a ****Ing trade

  245. If they only want him as a backup then BS & Kobe would not spend so much time to trash or push him around. Like Young, they don’t care he scores… but not Lin?! I think Kobe tried so hard to make Lin as a bench & he will continue to try everything he can to make Lin hard to stay in Lakers.

  246. Don’t think so… Read Minor adjustments… that didn’t seem to be a trade to me. More like playing time….

  247. Which one is worse? DNP-CD or playing 5 mins a game with bad stats.

    I think the latter is and I am afraid that’s what BS will do to JLin for the rest of season. He will claim I give him a chance but see how he performs.

  248. exactly

  249. What is he talking?

  250. Another less evil thought about LAL

    LAL wants to tank to keep the draft pick. The only person will keep it from happening is JLin, hence the DNP-CD.

  251. After 1st half, I knew Lin probably would not on … in fact, I am sort of hope he’s not bc I don’t want him on as a 3rd PG & also trash time… BS could only give him like few min but no ball that would make his stats even looks bad…

  252. If he is only given 5 mins, I trust Jeremy know what he needs to do, like the previous game where he had 7pts in 5 min. That would only shame BScott

  253. However, it will hurt JLin’s overall stats. I am pretty sure that’s what most people will focus on in the long haul.

  254. Nope it wont, most of the time scouting reports look at per 36min

  255. I didn’t read it but I am sure it will like this

    :”me me me me me me blah blah blah me me me me.

    me me me me me me blah blah blah me me me me “

  256. I don’t know, this looked pretty bad on Scott. Lin was the only player that didn’t get to play.Scott justification is not going to wash. He took this to another level last night..I t made the Laker organization look really bad, when he played Price over Lin. Kobe is gone for the season and we will see what his next move will be. No FA are going to wan t to sign with the Lakers with Scott as the HC.

  257. I don’t think just what he did for Lin, the whole game last night is a joke. He said they are still trying to win games, but start Sacre? Pulling an all rookie starting line up is an epic tank move. That’s a nice mess for Mitch to handle.

  258. very true, we don’t want to come off as irrational and disrespectful.

    Unfair benching has been discussed for months in twitter.
    That’s why I brought up the ‘Discrimination’ keyword (without accusing racism) to raise the antenna more. Because it’s the word that might push for more actions. Hope more discussion will come off of it since Lakers reputation might be at stake in recruiting Free Agents.

    Nothing is sure so we can only try to appeal respectfully

  259. Haha! Ya! That’s true.. But I have to say why he can get so many RT & favor still?! smh!

  260. it could very well be but we can directly accuse them so we just need to keep asking WHY for the reason of discrimination. People need to talk about the word DISCRIMINATION a lot everyday for it gain traction.

  261. This doesn’t fit him and not fit from his mouth! Jeez, don’t do damage control now KB, you damaged enough amount of kind people!!!

  262. We keep raising the word DISCRIMINATION to the media and Jeanie Buss everyday. Something will give. Hope Lin’s agent will speak publicly if diplomacy doesn’t work

  263. Thanks. I wanted to be careful not to be accusatory but it is a clear case of “Discrimination”, hope people will keep asking the WHY part.

  264. As many suggested here, BS is sending a message from this DNP gate:

    To Lin: Even Kobe is done for the season, Linsanity won’t happen under my regin.
    To FO: I don’t want Lin on my team.

    This is a fight between Lin and Kobe. Kobe wants Lin out. What could FO do?

    Lin is not a superstar in their eyes. They won’t fight for Lin. They probablly would at best trade Lin, and at worst reminding BS giving Lin more PT. And the show continues with Lin’s PT get fewer and fewer.

    Unless, Jeanie Buss comes to her sense and says, “That’s it. I am taking over.” Would that happen? Unlikely.

  265. Ha ha ha …. Someone mentioned that BS talks to Kobe every night, and if this is true then both are in cahoot to DnP JLin.

  266. How can Kobe understands the journey of others when he is a renowned ISO player.

  267. That’s super funny!! But sadly probably true.

  268. That’s what I tried to raise the concern with Jeanie Buss.
    If Lin the nicest player got shafted in LA, what will happen to FAs? Noone significant would want to come under this regime.

    We just need to keep bringing up the keyword of ‘Discrimination’ everyday so people have to address the WHY part.
    Hopefully Lin’s agents can push Lakers FO to take action. Otherwise they should speak publicly of the ‘Discrimination’ to the media which will hurt LA Lakers Reputation.

  269. Ya! Talk is easy… smh!

  270. You’re first sentence says it all for our anger. Jeremy Lin CANT KEEP PLAYING WELL if he is DNP CD! The premise that if lin can play well, he’ll get recognized and earn his PT is erroneous and laughable right now. Scott benched Lin for no other reason than the fact that he can and is empowered to do so.

    The question is do you believe it could be better anywhere else? Could another coach like Mchale or Keith Smart do exactly as Scott did with no other reason than he doesn’t like Lin? There is simply no meritocracy to how much Lin plays. It’s all based upon the subjective nonsense that the coach believes in.

  271. For most NBA players that is true.

    For the most criticized un-drafted player, the perception will only fuel the haters’ agenda.

    The thing is that most media will only use the overall stats when JLin is mentioned.

  272. I agree. Rather DNP the remaining season. No point to prove anything.

  273. Everyone should read @forumbluegold’s article when BScott was hired.
    The same ineptitude of coaching (28% winning record in last 5 seasons) are in full display
    Playing Price over Lin will definitely lower that 28%.


  274. KB’s hashtags provide a clue what his tweet is about. Isn’t Showtime airing his “Muse” documentary the weekend after the ASG? If I’ve got the date right, then I’d expect that KB would be hyping it for the next month.

  275. I’m not denying your points, they are valid, but end of the day, its all facts and numbers.

    Remember the ending season with ROX, even with limited minutes, and not playing his kinda of a game, but he is was still branded by analyst as a player who made the most drive to the basket and @per drive as well; after Lebron

  276. So Laker media still on lock down about Scott not playing Lin. This is the topic of conversation of the Laker media:


  277. They will not openly discuss why Lin was not playing issue… if they did then they would not cancel the practice today.

  278. Notice @Lakers using same hashtags as KB did in his tweet today. Coordinated.

  279. I didn’t read it either but I’m sure it was as you say. Haha

  280. KB must be warning BS to make sure not to play Lin more than 20 minutes or else Linsanity will happens in LAL! KB wants no one better than him shines even though he is not playing! What a sad sad insecure person, he doesn’t realize life is a circle, didn’t he watched the Lion King?!?!

  281. I hate to have to bench Jlin for my fantasy team tomorrow…. Danm you bs!!!!!!!!!!!!

  282. They had no answer for what Scott did last night, so this is their little way of doing damage control releasing Kobe’s video of his shoulder, so that fans can say awe, look at Kobe, he is so brave. I really hope lin and his agent are doing something in the background to get him off this Laker team.

  283. Didi BS tell Lin before the game that Lin would be DnP-CD’ed? Is that normal? Specifically, shouldn’t the coach at least tell the player before the game?

  284. http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2340856-jeremy-lins-playing-time-will-continue-to-suffer-after-kobe-bryant-injury

    Good article which explain logic for benching Lin: Tanking + Trying out new players. This is probably the most BR positive report regarding Lin we will read – write basically ended by saying “why risk Linsanity 2.0 if you are going to tank?” Meaning – he thought Lin is capable of this given similar situation.

  285. nope according to what I have read so far…. no and that is far from normal

  286. That’s what I thought too. That’s really disrespectful. If BS wants Lin to respect him, then BS should have at least let Lin know in advance.

  287. One problem with that: BS didn’t tell Lin before the game. Therefore, BS wanted to embarrass Lin.

  288. He is not in their long-term plans and you don’t tell players you are tanking. Article at least make Byron seem logical.

  289. No, you tell Lin that he decided to not play him today.

  290. Ya! I think BS just tried to let Lin feel bad to stay in Lakers.

  291. What would happen if with miracle, the lakers won last night? BS is a very evil man inside. He would risk anyone, anything to satisfy his personal agenda and that is hating lin.

  292. But then Lin will demand a reason. what’s the point if you are not bringing him next year. He will probably be sitting for rest of season until tank is complete.

  293. No, as a coach you have to at least let your player know. I mean, it’s clear as bell now that Lakers have no desire to bring back Lin next year, or bring him back at minimum salary level. This involves the way Lakers FO is perceived.

  294. Agreed.

  295. He wanted to tank plain an simple if they were down less than 5, he would sabotage it. This is all FO behind the scenes.

  296. You got a point.

  297. BS can tank with Jeremy on the court. It isn’t that hard to pull a player during a game if he is doing well. No, it is personal.

  298. You don’t have to do anything. Did BS tell Lin when he was going to be demoted to bench, no? I think he just doesn’t give a &* about Lin. Just FYI – that’s not on BS – LA culture is kind of like that. When you are out, you are out. No one gives a &*(

  299. I think he did tell Lin that he would be benched, from what I hear. He gave a clear indication.

  300. Why risk Linsanity 2.0?

  301. No he did not.That’s why Lin had to see him afterwards for a talk… after the game.

  302. Anyone else have the info on whether BS told or clearly indicated that Lin would be benched BEFORE Lin was benched in favor of Ronnie Price?

  303. Really? Why risk getting Lin fans mad at you.

  304. Your link said the following:

    “After Friday night’s loss to the Boston Celtics, Byron Scott said some changes were going to be made to the Los Angeles Lakers starting lineup. Prior to Sunday’s game, Scott announced that Ed Davis and Ronnie Price would be inserted into the starting lineup in place of Carlos Boozer and Jeremy Lin.”

    Therefore, it’s clear that PRIOR to Sunday Pelican game, it was made clear to Lin that Scott would be making the change, unless Lin was already benched during Friday’s game against Celtics?

    Nope, I am right. During Friday’s game against Celtics, Lin started, even though he played less PT than Ronnie. See below link:


    The above article came out BEFORE the Pelican game on Sunday. Therefore, the only logical conclusion is according to the article BS made it CLEAR before the Pelican game that Lin and Boozer would be benched.

  305. NONSENSE, what did Price do in the game?

  306. Translation of what PJ said:

    “You have lost your basketball skills but thank god at least you think you are funny.”

  307. Maybe he saw Lin singing.

  308. Total BS. This is the same guy that openly screamed at Amare and Carmelo during the Linsanity period- I think it was the game against the Celtics..can’t remember. This is all smoke and mirrors. Byron doesn’t like him for other reasons, but not this. Totally disagree. Lin is an alpha player, but hasn’t gotten the chance to lead because his coaches/FO haven’t supported him since New York.

  309. Yes, it is personal. It is not about tanking or basketball. It is about stupidity and pride and stubborn. And of course BS.

  310. Cmon man..PFV is a true Lin fan. I didn’t hear exactly what he said, but he tends to give opinions on what Byron may be thinking. He doesn’t really have any inside information. Cut him some slack. I find his videos to be pretty insightful, and he often admits he doesn’t have any information beyond what we know.

  311. BS might have overheard Lin pray “Please forgive coach Scott for being dumb. He cannot help being a bad coach.” So BS, without any warning, decided to not play Lin.

  312. Absolutely certain.

  313. Wrong. Read the article below. BS made it very clear BEFORE the Pelican game that he was going to bench Lin and Boozer. No prior warning given this time.

  314. It could be that game on game off Lin kept getting the board from BS drawing play that BS just reached a point of not return,

  315. Gottlieb is awesome. I am glad there are many people like him fighting for Lin vocally in the social media.

  316. Yes, it’s personal. But what was it, something happened behind the door? Lin coaching his teammates to make Scott looks bad in front of other players?

  317. I don’t know what Montgomery thinks he won. I can’t see a planned scenario in LAL where if BS remains the coach, Jeremy can thrive.
    Given how we now know what the man known as BS is about, with either his incompetence, or his discriminatory heart, he can’t possibly let Jeremy unleash Linsanity now.

    If Jeremy should EVER get one of those trip dubs under 30 mins, or 38 pt scoring games again, BS knows he would come under so much fire for suppressing Jeremy for months. He’s not going to let that happen.
    Our best hope is that BS is really dumb or unfocused, and ACCIDENTALLY unleashes Linsanity 2.0 again by not paying attention to the game, as he crosses his arms, stands by the sidelines and thinks about his divorce settlements.

  318. From a positive point of view, at least FO can’t sit and be ambigious about this anymore. Either Lin or BS. At least Lin won’t keep false expectation about staying in LA. He can just play his games if given. No more BS’s stupid 1/4 Priceton O. Just play the Harvard way.

    The DNP gate happens before the trade deadllne. Maybe it is a good thing.

  319. Sorry…I let some negativity slip in! Talk about being unfocused.
    Get rid of BS or get Lin out of there.

  320. Fighting for his money, by eliminating Lin. Not a problem, sun tze.

  321. Nice. Keep him accountable to his job.

  322. To be honest, I completely forgot the man’s existence.

  323. tank experts talking …one orchestrates and the other executes

  324. Can’t agree more. It is only Victory claimed in Montgomery’s tweet if Lin traded or BS fired. Anything in between is just much disappointment for Lin’s fans and probablly Lin. I am not so sure why the agent is so upbeat about Victory is certain.

  325. Props to the mod Psalm for doing a great job, let our voices be heard!!!

  326. I don’t get why Kobe turning on Lin? He must have approved of him coming to LA. They would not have made that move without Kobe blessing. Kobe is friends with Melo and I’m sure they discussed what happened in NY when Lin was there, Lin potentially stealing limelight. Kobe is social media savvy he must know the following Lin has.

  327. Victory for Montgomery is he got his cut of Lin’s $25 mil contact. Hasn’t done anything for him since.

  328. Yup, that’s the way to go, & will continue to spread the word.

  329. (Rondo just got benched.) here is the idea;
    let’s trade the bench players Lin, 6′-3″, 200lb, 26, $8mil, for Rondo, 6′-1″, 186 lb, 28. $12mil.

  330. Lakers Nation tweeted

    Jordan Clarkson should be getting rotation minutes at this stage of the season, but Ronnie Price should never play ahead of Jeremy Lin.

  331. Most likely BS’s ego is hurt by this.

  332. Melo, Kobe, BS, Clyde Dexler, STUpid all are against Lin! And many more that I don’t even care or need to know their dumb names!

  333. Truth. Before Joyce tweeted him and got a response, I completely forgot about the man’s existence.

  334. Maybe we read in the wrong context of Montgomery’s tweet. He has other players too. Just saying.

  335. A sub 0.50 coach should never be brought in NBA, let along for LAL.

  336. Having already dissed JLin to pander to Kobe I can see why BScott doesn’t want to allow JLin to succeed and become the new face of the Lakers. Probably afraid JLin will like Jason Kidd push him out of the organization.

  337. just saw the video nice complement to lin

  338. Kobe opening his big mouth regarding Rondo is a huge backlash to Jeremy. For him to state that out loud only means he is totally pushing Jeremy out of LA, a really bad sign plus the DNP-CD of Scott. Both cohorted against Jeremy. I think the bottom-line , Kobe is the major culprit behind all these dramas & will continue to unfold. Jeremy’s circle needs to act fast before it’s too late.

  339. I suspect that the media gag order will not be lifted on the DNP-CDgate. Lin will play vs. Rox (as per the victory claim in Montgomery’s tweet) and Lakers will try to sweep the stink under the carpet.

    Only remaining question is how many minutes will Lin play, and whether those will be meaningful. That will depend on what the FO told BS.

  340. KB fears Linsanity 2.0 will convert all his fans.

  341. I wonder if the last minute cancelation of Saturday practice is of any significance? Something brewing, fallout from Kobe’s season ending injury?

  342. BS being summoned by the FO, no doubt about it.

  343. BS is not a good coach. Will be happy if JLin can land a new contract with any other team with a decent coach.

  344. The practice could continue without BS being there. I think it is BS’s coward act covering the DNP gate.

  345. It’s NOT about the practice.

    BS is a coward but he does like putting on the façade of a tough guy. He’d rather pretend nothing happened and the DNP-CD was nothing out of the ordinary. If anything, being away during practice draws more media speculation.

    Based on the above, and the apparent media gag order on the issue, I believe he’s been called by the FO for a chat.

  346. Yes. You might be right. But so what? Up to this point, it is either Lin or BS. War already declared,

  347. Just a reading that FO, or at least part of it, is not entirely OK with Lin’s DNP-CD. If anything the incident has the potential of being spun into some negative PR for the club, hence the media gag order.

    Even if Jeremy leaves the Lakers, it wouldn’t be surprising. Kobe’s chased away bigger names before, D12, Pau, and arguably Nash.

  348. BS should just shut his dumb mouth up already

  349. The more he talks the dumber he looks.

  350. yeh, right. Words coming from his mouth was insulting to the words from his mouth.

  351. LOL

  352. 12 minutes playing time for what? If not playing for the win, if not playing to start, if sharing bench PT with Price, I would rahter DNP.

  353. No he got the beat down from the F/O

  354. Ding theyre using u!

  355. Yes…Lakers should trade Jlin for rondo. … a 3rd stringer for a super star pg… it’s a no brainer

  356. BS’ goal as a coach is to make KB look good, even when he is not able to play.

  357. It won’t be surprising BS will blame the loss on Lin.

  358. BS got some nasty from the FO. Did he really think he was gonna get away with such a blatant act? If so he’s either dumber and/or more arrogant than we previously thought.

  359. Ding doesn’t believe the crap coming from his mouth. I suspect the F/O called scott in and got a beat down and now he is trying to backtrack. I don’t mind Ding right, because this coming the F/O, saying this won’t happen again. I am telling you guys, kobe is out and scott is treading water right now.

  360. Yep, exactly. Now that Kobe is out, scott is on borrowed time, because he is making the F/O look really bad. If lin is not in their plans, then fine, but let him pad his stats to bolster his trade value.

  361. We’ll see how nasty the FO beatdown was for BS. If Lin starts vs. Rox, BS got two black eyes, if Lin plays significant bench minutes, one black eye. If Lin plays 15 min or less, slap on the wrist.

  362. Exactly.LOL

  363. BS should be fired already. Treading water? Waiting for what? Another gate? FO only cares about the rev that Lin could bring until Lin got traded or season end, squeezing every ounce of profit derived from Lin.

  364. Also, the FO reacted REALLY quickly on this blunder, either they got quite a jolt from the social media backlash, or they were really pissed at what BS has done. I also wonder whether Asian sponsors had a hand in it.

  365. No, they are waiting for kobe to under the knife, so to speak, who knows he might get demoted among the coaches, but we will never know. I think Scott gone after this season anyway. I don’t think kobe is coming back

  366. LOL My guess is Clarkson will still start but Lin plays 20-25 min to save Byron’s and Lakers FO face.
    So yeah, 1 black eye is my guess

  367. That’d be best not just for Lin, but also for the Lakers and the entire NBA. The league could use a thorough cleansing of this kind of imbeciles.

  368. What BS couldn’t say is that he’s trying to prevent every player from shining when Kobe is out of the court, particularly the player Kobe fears the most.

  369. have you notice no tweets for kobe from his fellow NBA players on his torn rotators cuff? That is because he is not well liked and most of the players put up this facade about liking kobe

  370. While that’d be the safest bet, as full Linsanity would definitely blow tanking plan out of the water, Lin actually thrives playing with the bench. And now that Davis is back in bench, Lin can actually be more effective playing away from Hill, assuming he’s not sharing the court with Price.

  371. I liked Phil Jackson’s underhanded mockery best. LOL

  372. Nope, don’t think so. All of his other players play overseas. I tweeted him last night about what was he doing to lookout for Lin’s image and the fans seem to be the one doing all of the battling. No I think it was definitely about lin, besides he doesn’t tweet that much.

  373. All Jlin needs to do is go Klay Thompson and score 27 points in the last 5:30 of the quarter…

  374. Let’s hope some good coming out from this. Really never encounter such a low living object that lower than the meat on our table.

  375. I think even the FO was caught in a big surprise by BS last night, judged by some PR about Lin before the game.

  376. Did you hear how BS praised Clarkson’s game last night? BS was almost implying that the moment was always too big for Lin to handle. JC will be the next proxy for BS to not play Lin so I am expecting around 15-20 minutes against the Rockets. Probably just a slap in the wrist.

    I believe all of BS’s contract is guaranteed, so it doesn’t really matter to him. He could end up eating pringles at home while collecting checks from the Lakers LOL. Either way I don’t see any team hiring BS in the future except for the only thing he’s good at: TANKING.

  377. Where and when did you find out FO had talked to BS?

  378. IIRC, Ramona Shelburne had once tweeted about BS contract having 4th year team option.

  379. Yep, all other Laker media gone silent on Scott not playing Lin. The NBA is not even talking about it. It was just a big blight on the NBA as a whole.

  380. Cancelling practice the night after the incident, and then shameless backtracking publically (see Ding’s tweets). The signs are on the wall that BS got called in for some “coffee time”. LOL

  381. Well, good luck to the Lakers fans and the Lakers organization if BS is kept that long (three years) for them to even have to decide whether to exercise that option or not LOL.

    The Knicks just won three straight so they are coming right at the Lakers now. On the other hand, the Lakers would most likely lose their eighth straight against the Rockets barring unexpected Linsanity lol.

  382. While he may not be the sharpest knife, Chuck ain’t afraid to call out anyone!

  383. no, I didn’t hear that part but I wouldn’t be surprised.
    Byron either has strong dislike of Lin or just carried order from Kobe to phase Lin out.

    I’m going so start tweeting BScott’s pitiful 28% winning record in the past 5 season to congratulate him for maintaining his consistency! LOL

  384. Let’s hope the “Dream trip” to the U.S. won’t be too badly ruined by BS.

  385. so if Lin blows up playing with bench, Byron will certainly insert him with the starters to prevent Linsanity outbreak. This tanking/Kobe hate business is hard to stomach but can be predicted well. It’s whatever works to prevent winning without Kobe.

    Kobe is really ruining the Lakers franchise for his own personal gain. It’s a very tragic fate for a proud organization

  386. Now you know the F/O and probably the NBA was pretty mad at what Scott did last night especially when you see the posted pic above

  387. Wait, I thought the pic was taken AFTER the game, no?

  388. I don’t know. They are at the Laker’s gym, and the Lakers played in San Antonio last night

  389. Right, that’s what I meant, the kids are here to watch the Rox game.

  390. I think the bench will keep the games competitive. That is all the Lakers want to keep people in their seats.

  391. so it’s like a wishful thinking. ?? I hope the coffee was strong . 🙂

  392. It’s a new day. I think scott went to far, and the F/O might be looking for ways to fire him…just sayin

  393. Yeah, ok , i get it. Sorry I am a little slow sometimes:)

  394. Notice how Lakernation and Serena winters posted this interview. I love it.LOL

  395. Is there a list of banned words somewhere I can reference? I am not trying to bypass the filter or anything, my PG rated comments got auto filtered all the time and it’s kind of frustrating.

  396. Hmm, guess BS took things too literally because he tried to cause madness to these young guests by DNP Lin LOL.

  397. Will Lin be waived before the season or let go after the season?

  398. I bet jeannie buss has her administrative assistant track tweets and see what fans are saying to keep her updated on what is going on with the team,. She was flooded last night with tweets about lin the only player not playing and it was not just lin fans, but Laker fans. I think she uses social media to gauge how the Lakers organization looks to the outside world.

  399. Nah, probably my bad for not being clear. 5:38 AM in Hong Kong. 🙂

  400. Here is what I think about PJ’s tweet about KB: You’ve got nothing left since I retired from LAL, except some loughing stocks. It could be true that Jeanie has a similar thought as her husband.

  401. There are 2 auto filters:
    1. Disqus own filter with own restricted words & rules (too many edits/posts in 1-2 min).
    2. Site restricted words list

    If you have good posts in pending, just ask the mods for help to look at them and release them.

    See guideline at website rules, particularly on Rule 1 (no cursing/variation), 5 (labeling), 7 (name-calling)

    We can’t provide actual sample of banned words since it will get automatically filtered out by the anti-spam so guideline would have to do

    Then there is manual self-policing filter where 5 flags by users will automatically put a post to pending
    Hope it helps!

  402. What’s your point – you are arguing about something totally different from my original post?

  403. That would be dumb to waive him because they would still have to pay him.I think that they are keeping such a tight lid on lin is that they want to resign him for cheap.They know that the Lakers are way down the road from becoming a contender.they also know that they will loose their foot in the Asian market after Kobe is gone. There is no Yoa Ming connection like it was in Houston. Personally, I think they like lin, but kobe is doing what he always does, when he feels threatened. He doesn’t feel threatened about his game, but the players bonding and getting along without drama.Kobe has always been about the drama. It will be interesting to see how things play out in the next 3 weeks leading up to trade deadline,

  404. I hope she read the tweet from Psalm234

  405. Yeah, top bench in the league was the only saving grace for this tanking Lakers season. BS taking Lin away leaves Lakers fans (not just Lin fans) out in the cold.

  406. Hahaha, but you forgot about the Sun Yue connection. 🙂

    But you’re absolutely correct on the drama queen, it’s as if harmony would kill the guy.

  407. she said 2-3 weeks ago that she read the tweets personally.
    She responded when there was a flood of tweets of 3-yr plan by Jim Buss and people complained not being able to afford expensive tickets

    Let’s hope she can see potential backlash of damaged Lakers credibility if she allowed BScott to ruin Lin’s trade values.

  408. let’s hope so

  409. Thanks. I read and know about the rules.

    I made a comment to your post about BS’s 28% win rate. This is what I said “LOL pro sports are so st**id sometimes. Clue**** owners and FO rewarding failure.” Without all the censorship of course. I thought this was innocent enough but the filter still gave me fits. I guess the s-word is a no-no.

  410. Joyce, I have always enjoyed your posts and insight. Why do you think Lakers want to resign Lin, especially when they have allowed such mistreatment of him.

  411. I totally agree here. If they do well without Kobe, Kobe’s legacy will be tarnished, and they definitely don’t want that. BS will continue on losing because all he cares about is Kobe…the guy who got him this job.

  412. Melo and Kobe are good buddies. I’m sure Melo warned him about Jeremy stealing his limelight….

  413. I have to say great job by Lin fans to still flood @JeanieBuss with discrimination concern over Lin last night.
    Something has to happen if a lot of people are in uproar for days.
    We just have to keep the pressure going.

    Peter Ho ‏@ptzho 34m34 minutes ago

    @Lakers @JeanieBuss @JLin7 30+ yrs Lakers fan, if not trading Lin then at best classless at worst racist treatment of Jeremy last night!

    Hazel Mariquit ‏@funmarq 41m41 minutes ago

    @mj23_jyd1799 @Lakers @JeanieBuss #freejeremylin

    Tracy ‏@tracybkb 1h1 hour ago

    @KevinDing @JeanieBuss No Lin No Kobe, fans won’t buy tickets to watch Clardson & Price play major minutes. HC & AC should know players now

    ibibib ‏@krisworld 1h1 hour ago

    @KevinDing @JeanieBuss BScott was torn b/c he could not ride the Kobe’s coattail anymore. He lost his mind. #Lakers #FireByronScott

    Lucy ‏@luzyanglin 1h1 hour ago

    @KevinDing Only thing he tore is patience of Jeremy’s fan base, twitter is lighting up Jeanie Buss feed, even @LakersNation on Lin’s side.

    jason curry ‏@lakerpacfan 1h1 hour ago

    @JeanieBuss @ since we are not tanking we will go all out to replace kobe right? Stop leading us on. # tank #lakers

    Bo ‏@bolero2010 2h2 hours ago

    @jas83j @ellenichen @JeanieBuss @JLin7 nah she doesn’t care. She let it happened.

    linspiredinla ‏@linspiredinca 2h2 hours ago

    @2old2btweeting @jain0517 @JLin7 wish you’d send this to @Lakers @JeanieBuss

    ibibib ‏@krisworld 2h2 hours ago

    @JeanieBuss RT @BaxterHolmes: Pop explains process for resting guys, says he started sitting Duncan … http://tmi.me/1eXxaD

    linspiredinla ‏@linspiredinca 2h2 hours ago

    @JeanieBuss @Lakers http://www.reddit.com/r/nba/comments/2thmeg/tonight_byron_scott_played_all_10_healthy_lakers/

    Marifel Abad ‏@ilovekiba123 2h2 hours ago

    @JeanieBuss Lakers has a great reputation, but Scott’s Discrimination towards JLin is appalling, fans need clarifications.

    Armie S ‏@armie0fone_s 2h2 hours ago

    @MelodyTing3 @jas83j @kianainhi808 @mj23_jyd1799 @Lakers @JeanieBuss hope something will turn around still debating 2 buy tckt vs knicks

    @LA_Miike @jas83j @JeanieBuss Byron runs Kobe into ground playing him 38+ minutes a game, now he’s over compensating by playing 3rd strings.

  414. The replies to this tweet are comedy gold. Half the people agreed with him and the other half blasted Chuck because they hate him even though he was telling the truth.

  415. My guess is the FO and KB/BS think differently, and KB/BS are controlling the team.

  416. If disrespected I don’t think JLin will want to stay with Lakers as long as BScott is coach. He lives quite frugally and made $25 mil over 3 years and I don’t think really that motivated by money. He will want to go to a well coached, good team that plays team ball for less money like Pau Gasol.

  417. hm, that’s weird. I think the word stupidity is okay except when it’s used to label/call people names.
    It’s not in the restricted words list

  418. Great. Don’t let a bad guy get away from wrong doing easily !

  419. If some players hint the removal of BS by the end of the season as a condition for resigning, wouldn’t BS get personal with them ?

  420. “pass the mustard” you hot dog. Or, pass the mustard because we’re both spectators. That’s the key phrase, any other guesses?

  421. Ya! too late. smh! So that’s the plan for Lin now? Minor adjustments means Lin will play in 2nd half now?

  422. Bill posted good reddit post providing evidence of Lin’s much superior PER36 numbers vs Price’s.
    It just doesn’t make sense to play Price before Lin.
    All the toughness/style in the world couldn’t replace production on court.


  423. Unfortunately, the F/O doesn’t have any guts. Lin is being treated much like Howard was. Mitch/F/O liked him and Kobe didn’t, so he sabotaged the whole meeting with Howard/Busse”s. The thing with Kobe now is, that he has no leverage. His behavior is being exposed and now he is out for the season. Now Mitch/F/O can do what they want without Kobe’s interference. Jeannie Buss realizes that the Laker franchise is looking pretty bad these days when you can’t get a “superstar player” to play alongside Kobe. They tried it with Nash who was a HOF, took the ball out of his hands. No player’s will come and play for an organization that doesn’t stand up for it’s players

  424. Agreed 100%.

  425. Yes, but I think that with no Kobe a foot, laker’s are going to cut their losses and see what they get from draft picks, which is always risky. According to Magic Johnson there are slim pickins out of this next draft. I know one thing, Scott will not be the coach for the rebuild process.

  426. In the fifties I grew up on a ranch. BS was not considered to be such a bad word. We
    knew not to step in it and use it for fertilizer.

  427. LOL.

  428. Was this posted before? One user said a very good source explained why Byron likes Price’s “tough” leadership in practice and tried to coax that from Lin.

    Perhaps Byron should try to coax for more “production” from Price during games, not just from practice court.

  429. I think so but looks like Lin only will play in 2nd half now.. smh!

  430. Yeah the Lakersground. Been there read that. This Silkworm or whatever guy is a Lin doubter/basher. Not to the extend of hating Lin but his comments mostly defending BS/degrading Lin

  431. Nah it’s likely a coverup because “tough” does not overcome “boneheaded” plays as described by both BS and Kobe LOL.

  432. No credence to the post. Won’t click

  433. Haha. I don’t see “leadership” from Price at all. Jeremy is the one who is vocal. We always see him talk to everyone on the court, telling them what the play is, where they should be, etc. Never seen Price leading anything… except his shoe. BScot is just outdated in so many ways.

  434. Price: Hey guys, Kobe coming thru, everybody out of the way… Here’s the ball Kobe. I’ll be over there if you need me.

  435. Price leads the Lakers to the promised TankingLand. The Pelicans trailed the Lakers in the 2nd quarter before Price came in to lead the charge (for the Pelicans) to cut the lead down to like 1 point by half time LOL. The Pelicans would eventually win the game in an easy fashion all thanks to Price’s leadership.

  436. that silkwilke poster is a Jlin hater …I would not be surprised if he pull the info out from his … you know where.

  437. Joyce Ward > kudos and congrats on your tweet to Montgomery and his response. Yes, it’s small things, nothing we haven’t seen before, and victory is certain.

    That’s what I think through all this, and that’s why I hate the wailing at the wall for every perceived slight or off day. We and Lin are made of sterner stuff, and if my little bro in Lin has to talk a bit more bitter drink to be stronger, all the better … good for him. At least he has resources to fulfill his calling. Many good men and women in life know their calling, and they have to go around asking for others to support them. I’d rather Lin rot on the bench for 3 mos gaining resources for a lifetime than to see a good man go around fundraising for years for his non-profit. People on a mission have a way of doing that mission well if they have resources, and Lin has alway said his mission is not only bball, but way beyond.

    Lin has it all. Victory IS certain!

  438. Could definitely be a blatant tank job.

    -First, from his time in Cleveland, he’s already got experience at tanking.
    -Second, we all saw in preseason the great chemistry between Jeremy/Davis pick and roll looked like their only legit threatening play. So what does he do? finds every way imaginable to NOT give them ANY time together in regular season.
    -Third, pulls out the whole “I’ll change lineups every 20 games” aka “Once units start building chemistry, I’ll make sure to break them up”
    -Fourth, he just gave Ellington a few DNP-CD last week and we were wondering why? his shooting couldve helped them out. We thought he might be involved in a trade but nope, just BScott finding new ways to hobble the team. And now he does the same to Jeremy because he KNOWS he’s always great vs the Spurs.

    At the end of the day, to go to these lengths to tank is despicable.
    Jeremy isnt a part of the Laker’s future plans so they dont care if he gets playing time which is awful.
    Cannot wait for Jeremy to leave this org forever. My goodness, you know its bad when I miss HOU.

  439. This excuse is nonsense BTW
    If it were true, BScott would have praised Lin when he displayed “toughness” with double-double or DuckLin face after making a big 3 in game.

    Besides, I don’t see Price barking orders on-court during games. Perhaps Price is not “tough” enough to bring toughness and attitude from practice to games?

  440. very true. No evidence of Price leadership on-court of barking orders and instructing teammates.
    He just looks passive to pass to Kobe and others. Perhaps that’s all that’s needed.
    Tough enough to pass to Kobe even when it’s leading to losses.

  441. true, no proof of Price leadership on-court during games.
    Lin’s always communicating to his teammates, not Price

  442. So is this the free agent the Lakers are targeting and Kobe openly recruiting dissing JLin as the Lakers savior?


  443. yes, probably BScott’s mole =)

  444. I think it’s his characteristic failure-masked-by-tanking coaching, mixed with Kobe’s agenda.

  445. Trying to lend credibility to his comment by citing from some UNKNOWN source. 100% self made up.
    Quoting from a reliable source do not ever believe such stuff from “unknown” sources.

  446. Dallas is experiencing ‘Subtraction by Addition’

    Danny Ainge is still dancing somewhere in BOS

  447. Looking for answers in late Rondo benching


    DALLAS — The two point guards the Dallas Mavericks acquired in blockbuster trades since the end of last season sat next to each other on the bench during crunch time Friday night.

    It’s certainly no surprise to see Raymond Felton, the tax in the Tyson Chandler trade, riding pine with the game on the line. But it’s rather alarming to see Rajon Rondo sitting with his warm-ups on and a towel over his head for the final 5:12 when his teammates are trying — and failing — to pull out a hard-fought win over the Chicago Bulls.

    “That, of course, leaves the door wide open for speculation. Kind of like opponents often leave Rondo, a notoriously poor shooter, wide open on the perimeter. “

  448. Perfect fit for bS and the Lakers… hope they will trade Jeremy to another team

  449. This goes to show Mark Cuban is another “not so smart” owner.

  450. Definitely, Kobe’s agenda is another big part of all of this as well.

  451. Rondo and Ronnie can be a very deadly combo. Toughest.

  452. The 30% from FT savior.
    I hope he does end up with the Lakers.

  453. Funny. That’s exactly what I thought no joke. His “credible source” might just be BS himself

  454. I know Rondo can’t do well w Mav 1st unit.

  455. With a nice long 4 year max contract. That should paralyze the Lakers for years to come. LOL

  456. Then LAL should do what NYK did..trade all their unwanted pieces and tank gloriously. Why deceive the fans?

  457. Rondo had been benched frequently before he was traded to Dallas. I guess opposing teams like to force him to take the final shot.

  458. To be honest with you, I feel lin is the perfect fit for the mavs, you know. I really do……in a BS voice.

  459. I miss Lin in Hou

  460. I miss the Bev and lin combo too

  461. I knew Ellis would have problems with Rondo when he was traded.

  462. No, KB wants Rondo, who won’t compete with him in terms of %.

  463. You don’t miss HOU. You miss NY… Linsanity.

  464. I don’t miss Hou at all but that’s because I like reading fan forums to see what the general team fans think of Jeremy. Clutchfans is the worst forum I’ve ever had the misfortune of ever lurking in. You get stripped of your humanity in there honestly. Besides, Jeremy’s. situation in Hou this year might have been worse than it was last season.

  465. If they’re going to bench Lin for rest of the games then they might as well waive or trade him!

  466. Psalm, not only was this evil, baseless propaganda posted earlier, but apparantly PFV thinks this “makes sense.” If that’s the case then PFV has turned to the “Dark Side” and he should stop receiving any further support from Lin fans.

  467. If Lin gets no play time with the Lakers I will stop watching the Lakers.
    If Lin cannot win a spot on another NBA team then I will stop watching NBA games altogether.
    I will simply follow my beloved NHL hockey and knowing MLB spring training is less than three months away.
    If NBA is dumb enough to let BS and the LAL FO mess up a major fan attraction then they do not deserve my support.
    The Lakers/NBA basketball is not the only game in town.

  468. Lin can’t win in Laker town. This is why I will forever hate the Lakers.

  469. word, because of the Internet, so many ways to admire sports just a click away. LAL need to move on, move forward. It’s not Price, BSc, Kobe, or even Clarkson (because he’s not too calm under pressure – that won’t change easily.)

  470. Fair enough. To each his own I guess. I just hope there will be no need for this nostalgia for Houston when Jeremy goes to his new team.

  471. I agree about Clarkson – he’s not really the Laker’s future. His future is as a back-up PG or SG, with the Lakers or with some other team.

  472. I know a lot of well educated people have turned to college basketball away from NBA.

  473. Wow wow wow …. So it is confirmed that JLin will not be a Laker soon.

  474. I was being a bit sarcastic there but it’s nice to see Jeremy play in a winning team. Clutch fans has a lot of haters there. I don’t think the site mod is a Lin fan himself. There are some good posters there though. Torocan (I think that was his name) was my favorite.

  475. I don’t think that’s what Medina is saying. For the time being, Lin is going to remain a Laker.

  476. BS is giving BS to fans who paid top dollars for their season tickets, so much for the esteemed LAL organization.

  477. They’ve made their bed with Clarkson, fair enough. Still doesn’t explain why Price is playing over Jeremy. Clarkson will play well for a few games but will be scouted eventually. Let’s see.

  478. The time being is a short time being, that is my take. Another slap to JLin, a bench player to a rookie.

  479. If there are too many PGs on the team, why not move JLin to shooting guard? BS did that at least once already, when he played both Price and Lin together in the fourth quarter in a recent game.

    With Kobe out as SG, I’d take Lin as the starting SG over Ellington.

  480. You don’t get it, do you? BS and Kobe hate Lin and do not want Lin to shine, period.

  481. I hope Lin gets traded, but I don’t think it’s a guarantee.

  482. Kobe and BS are the owners of Lakers?

  483. It is a war now. Period.

  484. Will? I jumped on the bandwagon to not to watch Laker games weeks ago! Why waste your time? there are way better things to do than watch games where Lin’s marginalized and set up to fail!

  485. After the first half, Spurs clamped down and clarkson was a non factor. 1-3 in 2nd half with 3 pts.

  486. Someone mentioned NY, and it got me thinking, is Lin even going to participate at the All stars? Thought it would be nice since that’s where he got famous. Not trying to jinx but MSG has always been nice to Jeremy Lin.

  487. Sorry, it doesn’t make sense to me that Kobe or BS doesn’t want Lin to shine.

    BS is incompetent and doesn’t think much of Lin’s game, that’s for certain, but not wanting Lin to do well? That’s going too far. As for Kobe, he could care less one way or another how well Lin does. He doesnt’ lose sleep at night fearing that Lin will “outshine” him.

    Do I think BS will move Lin to SG? I don’t know. Probably not. My only point is that it’s one way to deal with the logjam at PG, and with Kobe being out, the SG position is wide open.

  488. Sorry my sarcasm meter is a bit low today. 🙂

  489. It would bring everything full circle if that did happen. In a good way.

    I don’t think it will, because the Knicks already have Jose Calderon signed to a long term deal as their PG. But, who knows?

  490. Why is it so hard to believe?! He’s worst than Mchale, wants his own brothers to shine over the Asian guy!!

  491. They’re shopping Calderon I think. But then NYK is shopping everyone not named Carmelo right now.

  492. Oh, kay, you can think what you want about BS’s motives. But, unless you can read his mind, there are lots of reasons why BS hates on Lin, not one of those being he wants his own “brothers” to shine over Asian guy.

  493. Seriously is Laker even an NBA team if it is decided that a rookie is to start over a proven starter. What is BS smoking and the FO sniffing? Woken up this morning and this is the “victory” declared by JLin agent? Omg!

  494. Nah I ment show up in the all stars. I haven’t seen anything other than who’s going to play at the game itself.

  495. If they get rid of Calderon, then I could see the Knicks trading for Lin, if only to lift the morale of Knick fans a little bit. Wouldn’t hurt – Lin’s an FA next season, and the Knicks could afford to take on his salary.

  496. No way! Not with Dolan and ball hog Melo sill there! Stop wishing Lin to go back because it isn’t happening!

  497. I think the “victory is certain” statement was meant in the long term sense.

  498. Until very recently everyone asked why does BS (and Kobe) love Price so much. Why do they praise him so much? Well now you know. If they really felt that way, they wouldn’t bench the “head of the snake” for a rookie. The only reason they loved Price was because he could be used to bench Lin.

  499. Dude, I can wish whatever I want. That’s my opinion.

    As for whether it’s going to happen or not, I don’t think it will, but who knows?

  500. Clarkson is their future, or so they think. If that is their direction, to be honest, there’s not much arguing you can do. They’re no longer trying to win, no matter what they spew to the media. It’s Price over Lin that’s the problem.

  501. No it’s all scrubs over Lin that’s the problem!

  502. Why wish for it when it’s obvious Lin’s just going to be mistreated? Melo is the franchise player and he won’t allow Lin to outshine him!

  503. Kobe wants all the attention especially at the last mile of his NBA career. BS trying to kiss up Kobe. If you watched game and followed the usage and complaint from BS about Lin, you would have seen the trend. Whenever Lin played well, he was punished or criticized right after. Is it that hard to understand?

  504. If the Lakers think Clarkson is their future, then they truly deserve to be the crappy team that they are.

    Clarkson sucks. Lol.

  505. You can’t accept the truth, that is fine only if you didn’t know Lin when he was a Rox. What’s happening right now is the same as Morey/McHale/Harden did to Lin in Rox.

  506. I have an “impeccable source” telling me that PFV is a jerk for spreading malicious anti-Lin propaganda

  507. Sorry, you just have a theory as to why BS treats Lin the way he does. And I personally don’t give much credence to the “BS wants Lin NOT to shine” theory.

    My take on BS’s hate on Lin? He thinks Lin is a lousy player, period. So BS isn’t worried about Lin shining. He doesn’t think Lin can shine at all.

  508. I don’t understand your post.

    I actually think this is very different from the Houston situation. It’s different in that it is WORSE than how Lin was treated in Houston.

  509. Rox couldn’t bench Lin because he had trade value. They would have done the same to Lin had he not been traded to LAL.

  510. If he really thinks Price is the next closest to Kobe, the he is retarded. He hates Lin because him looks retarded, plus Lin is not his race.

  511. this post makes a lot of sense and I believe there is merit to this. I see people saying this makes no sense, I totally disagree. This makes a lot of sense. There is more to it than this, but the posting checks out.

    I have played basketball and coaches and players DO THIS.

    BTW, hi Psalm. Like your site, but it’s too hard for me to talk her unfiltered. And your posters prefer I stay away generally anyways.

  512. You are the jerk. PFV is good.

  513. I feel sorry for the Lakers’ fans who have bought season tickets or subscription, and then been fed with BS the whole season.

  514. I think BS does think Price is better than Lin as an OVERALL basketball player. That’s why in the pre-season, he wanted to start Price over Lin.

    I really do think BS is that incompetent. And I agree that there’s racism, at least of the sub-conscious variety, that is influencing the way BS thinks of Lin.

  515. The organization has to make a decision whether Clarkson is the future or Jeremy is the future or Kobe is the future.

  516. A malicious character assassination! Please expand the “impeccable source”.

  517. Where can Lin go where he can be the only superstar? 76ers?

  518. BS played only 3 guards last night: Clarkson, Ellington and Price. Since Lin is a combo guard, BS could easily shave 5-10 minutes off of each those 3 and played Jeremy 15-20 minutes. Not playing Lin at all was clearly intended to be slap in the face. We need to make as much noise as possible so BS and Kobe realize they cannot get away with this. The silence of the LA media is also sickening. If only the public could see how petty Kobe really is.

  519. What propaganda? PFV has been fair and a Lin fan. You serious?

  520. It has to be a respectable salary. I don’t think Jeremy like the coach there.

  521. I don’t think so, because the big difference between Houston and LA is that Houston actually wants to win games. And they know Lin can help them do that, even if it is as a back-up to Beverley.

    So, if I had to surmise, I think Lin would have been treated better in Houston this year if he hadn’t been traded.

    That’s actually not saying much, lol. Because he still would have been treated badly. Just not as badly as the Lakers are treating him.

  522. Young was playing as a guard. Recently Wes and Kelly has been playing as SF. Due to kind of busy front court.

  523. What about us Lin fans who bought NBA League Pass? Feel sorry for us, too! LOL.

  524. What happened?

    Byron Scott happened. 🙁

  525. Actually Khuang said that Lin would get even less minutes if he stayed in Houston. Not sure of the basis but Khuang has been right about many things.

  526. I give KHuang credit for being right about the DNP-CD for Lin this season.

    But he’s not right all the time.

    And, truth is, we won’t ever really know. We can only speculate.

  527. The only acceptable solution is Lakers fire Byron Scott and find themselves a real coach that can bring Linsanity to life,

  528. I know several lower level season ticket holders. They are all only mad about 1 thing – Kobe is injured and unable to play. They are NOT unhappy with anything except that Kobe is not playing and they feel the supporting cast stinks around him. I am referring to 5 season ticket holders I know. They are all big Laker people and 100% behind Kobe till his legs fall off. And all are not high or sad about anything regarding Lin.

    These people are all Asian btw.

  529. Exactly how I feel. No one is a mind reader here so no one knows if Kobe really is “jelous” of Lin, or afraid of being outshined. That’s all in people’s head when they say that.

  530. The LA media has been doing BS’ job driving players such as Shaq, DH12,..out of town for years.

  531. Is there a long term when Lin is being trashed now. An alternate bench player to a rookie! Give me a break man…

  532. Judging a person by religion, looks, and personality is definitely a prejudice. Pick one: Christian, asian, soft spoken, no tattoos, says no profanity…. and not based on performance is positively prejudism. Just like saying a black kid wearing a hoodie walking around is suspicious.

    I do feel hope for society seeing how many of Lin fans are supporting him and see beyond his color and “softness”, the later is actually a poitive trait. I’m tired of hearing about racist bball owners, tough players beating their wives or girl friends, plotting to kill someone…

    Lakers, NBA, Lin is one of those role models, no role players you should be supporting.

  533. What is the tweets all about ?

  534. I think so too. Dallas is the perfect fit for Jeremy. The team chemistry is almost half done with the Chandlers and Greg Smith. Dirk is the one that fits all. Even Ellis is Jeremy’s ex-teammate.

  535. I think Clarkson just excuse to prevent Lin to back to starting lineup. Kobe just didn’t want to see Lin plays well when he is out for the season. BS just use anything to make it happen.

  536. Recently PFV said that BS and Kobe’s treatment of Lin was exactly what Lin needed to become a good PG. Now he says this:

    PFV said what silkwilkes @lakersground (reposted below) made sense on why BS “hates” JLin’s play so much. What do you think?

    I’ll tell you why Scott prefers Price… and this is from a very good source: Price brings toughness and attitude to the practices. He takes leadership. Scott’s issue with Lin is that he’s introverted and more of follower than a leader at practice.s That’s ok if you’re not the PG or if the coach hasn’t repeatedly told you to take control… he just hasn’t done it.

    Scott wants a leader at PG… someone that forces the respect of his teammates. That’s his vision and he’s entitled to it as the coach.

    From what i’ve heard, Scott is trying to force Lin to change who he is… first by benching him and then putting him as a 3rd string. The only way Lin will have a chance as a Laker is if the light goes on and
    he gets tough/mean in practice. Only way. He wants a rebellion from Lin that will make him break his current mold… it hasn’t happened. Heck, he even brought Kobe to practice and specifically asked him to go after Lin and it still didn’t set him off.

    I don’t care how many “good” videos PFV made in the past, now he’s spewing GARBAGE!

  537. And me who bought an international LP?

  538. No. Byron is getting fired once Kobe leaves.

  539. LOL, the Buss family has tried hard to make KB the sole hero for LAL, now they are facing the backfire.

  540. Agree, the Lakers would certainly be dead with this combo.

  541. Yes and BS played Kobe down to the ground. BS by any other name is still BS. Lin doesn’t even have to be in the equation.

  542. Yes. ABJ rule

  543. PFV is a HUGE fan of Jeremy Lin and always presents facts without any embellishment. I think some fans can not tolerate when Paul praises others beside of Lin. The reason I admire his work is because he is so honest and presents the situation as it is. I appreciate his honesty and his endless dedication for Jeremy and for Jeremy’s fans. Also Paul is entitled to express his opinion!

  544. It is garbage, but don’t kill the messenger. In this case PFV. He is simply sharing info.

  545. They are Laker fans and/or Kobe fans. Not Lin only fans (sorry to the mods if I used that term but I don’t know what else to say). Kobe is the heart and soul of Lakers. I know a TON of people who are just like that.

  546. If you have a brain and you realize it’s garbage then you don’t “share it.” That’s called spreading propaganda. If you repeat the same lies often enough people will start to believe it.

  547. I’m so glad I didn’t get it! Lol

  548. Keep worshiping PFV no matter what crap he spews. I’d love to see you try and say that to my face.

  549. If you want to expose your rookie, you give him extended playtime from the bench, you do not start him when there is a healthy proven starter in the team . This latest BS antics is beyond imagination and just double endorsed he is clueless.

  550. It’s all information. PFV offering info into what lies in the mind of BS. Don’t get your panties in a knot.

  551. If Byron stays as a coach for the Lakers next season, it’s game over for Lakers. There is no Laker city. I am not saying there is now

  552. I think you are spreading propaganda. If you do not like PFV’s videos, just avoid watching it!

  553. With Kobe sinking deep in injury, the only star left is Jeremy but he can’t produce with Byron Scott as the coach.

  554. No that’s not what “lies in the mind of BS.” Even McHale said, “if there’s one thing I give Jeremy credit for, he’s a really tough kid.” Would you rather I use my panties to string you up?

  555. Maybe the Lakers have decided that this season is lost because of Kobe’s injury so might as well develop Clarkson.

    They are probably prepared to let Lin go as he might be too expensive (based on Lin’s high profile and Scott thinks he is a scrub, lower than Price).

    If Lin is prepared to sign cheap with the Lakers they will have a backup. If he leaves they are fine since he was too expensive anyway.

    On a related note, did anyone notice when Kobe turned on Lin? Was it the Atlanta game when Lin had a double double? Was it the losing streak just before Lin got pulled out from the starting lineup.

  556. Took the words out of my mouth! That’s the reason why I respect PFV. He only speaks the truth!

  557. Who are you to tell me what to do? If PFV has started to say very anti-Lin things I will point it out. You have a problem with that?

  558. I hope Lin would not go back to NY. The coach is Fisher who is a good friend of Kobe and Phil the former coach of Kobe, plus Camelo and Dolan… No good. I don’t want to see Lin going to a team that has any relation with Kobe.

  559. It just came to my mind…maybe they were just showcasing Clarkson?! :O

  560. You are the one trying to assassinate PFV’s character. State your source and what he said. I challenge you. You can keep yo stinky panties where they r, LOL.

  561. You are assuming the nba scouts are blind and clueless like BS.

  562. It was Lin embarrassing Kobe a second time. Once on the Knicks, and now on his own team.

  563. That is the sad part. Kobe had his day, but watching him is just painful. They are dedicated fans, but the ride is over on the Kobe train. 25 mil a year, and nothing to show.

  564. The Owner/FO really made a bad choice by not doing anything because when all people daring to stand up to KB/BS are driven out of LAL, the ownership may have to change.

  565. Come to think of it maybe it was Lin’s remark that he would have liked to shoot some game winners too. That was rubbing salt into Kobe’s fragile and wounded ego. I am not sure but the change in attitude by Kobe was very obvious.

  566. An old lady who could be your grandmother with many years of experience in life can offer you a sound advice!

  567. Putting Clarkson as a starter, what message is the org telling seasoned players like Swaggy P and rest? Do you think they have the motivation to win any game from now onwards? Guess I have to place bets on a total loss for Lakers in all games forward to make some dole.

  568. I posted it just above and you replied “it is garbage.” Right above that is a tweet where a “Richard Yao” is calling PFV out and PFV is backpedaling. The source of everything I attributed to PFV are his own tweets and videos. What’s the challenge?

  569. Kobe is not accepting that his own game is over. Lin is just collateral damage.

  570. LOL BS is the Tank Master. What do u expect a tank commander? Tank Tank Tank!

  571. I can’t argue with that logic.

  572. Lakers is tanking right now & everyone outside of Org thinks so… I really think it’s a dumb idea to do so but too bad, FO seemed to buy the idea now. smh!

  573. It was when JLin was selected as the player of the game when JLin and KB had the same score 21 pts. That was the clear obvious point KB has showed his true color. He was all fine when JLin was struggled. All the big talks…. Once JLin was able to figure things out and excelled, he couldn’t handle it anymore. The game after that I realized how fake KB was and began to call it soon after that.

  574. Anything out of BS’s mouth is garbage. But what did PFV do? That’s it, I don’t see anything negative from PVF. What are you reading into this short tweet? Is there more?

  575. Let it be done.
    Only a decent coach can save the Lakers now.
    The team can play but BS really messes things up for the whole season.

  576. Bc they got so many complain so they will play him tomorrow for sure. smh! I really wish it’s April now.

  577. Yes too late! the damage is done.

  578. LOL You should learn from me. Never bought any pass. Can watch via free ones in the past couple seasons:-)

  579. I think it’s thin ice that could have ended his season real quick.

  580. Resting Lin for the Rockets game? No, that’s giving them too much credit.

  581. Agree 100%

  582. BS is ABJ 1000%. He is worse than KM in dissing JLin.

  583. Sorry. And I bought a Jlin 17 midnight black swing man jersey. Oh yeah! Will keep it next to the Rockets one. J/K, never bought the Rockets one.

  584. I prefer they rest Lin vs Rox instead of Spurs bc this will be sure lose game.

  585. You can leave Kobe out of that sentence, LOL.

  586. It feels like about the weekend where he yelled at them for being soft and Lin, Swaggy said uh, No. Not sure when that was.

  587. They could compete if the coach didn’t run everyone into the ground, and also did some real coaching. That’s the painful part. Great drills for.the army, but not a bball team.

  588. To summarize, PFV said or repeated two outrageous statements about Lin:

    1) The abuse of Lin at the hands of Kobe and BS are what Lin needs to become a better player.
    2) BS doesn’t like Lin because Lin is “not tough enough.”

    No supporter of Lin makes such statements. These are very recent statements by PFV. I have no evidence but I might wildly speculate that perhaps PFV was rebuffed when he approached Jeremy with a request to have some official recognition by Lin’s camp. Perhaps PFV has decided to expand his listening base by appealing to LOHs as well. Pure speculation, I admit.

  589. That’s the point if the coach didn’t…. BS is BS & he will not do anything good for Lin bc that’s not what he had in mind. smh!

  590. Yeah… That’s like the chubby asian young guy I came across on the court the other day. All kobe this and that, BS is doing a fine job, Lin is inconsistent and totally ignored the fact that JLin was unfairly assessed and treated. I had nothing to say but to school him 1 on 1…

  591. Many sport writers have already called Kobe out on his game and contested shots. Kobe is the main reason that Lakers has such a bad record. Without Kobe and BS, the Lakers can win at least twice as many games.

    The only reasonable thing to do is to assume Kobe is out for good and rebuilding starts immediately by firing Byron Scott.

  592. prob 8min? that’ll be bigger humiliation vs rox. Of course BS doesn’t care, he’s giving his love Price minutes anyway.

  593. That’s exactly what BS trying to tell them, not to win any games. Starting Lin might sabotage his tanking plan, thus Lin got demoted to the end of bench.

  594. Diversion. BS is trying to find a scapegoat or another attraction for Laker fans. Too bad he misses out on the obvious because he’s a real racist.

  595. I think you are over reacting. I too had high hopes in the beginning that Kobe would influence Lin in a good way. Well, apparently wrong.

    Second, PFV never said Lin was soft. He said BS thought he was soft (ie., because he doesn’t cuss, have tattoos, look intimating, whatever).

    Take a look at his twitter account. Dude is a loyal supporter based on watching the games.

  596. Con man job to sell tickets.

  597. That’s called irony.

  598. Same thing happens tomorrow. FO features JLin and BS sabotages it just like Spurs game.

  599. I don’t know, Lin is kind of a softy. Would like to see him take on more of a general role where he tells others how to run the offense and not pass to anyone unless they are in the right place and open. Hard to say if his passiveness so far is because of the coach or his tendency to defer to others. Note deferring to others is not being the PG. Take charge if you want respect.

  600. KB is a hard working copy machine trying surpass everything MJ did. MJ owns a team, what do you think KB wants to do after retirement ? That is the reason why KB/BS don’t want to let go even this close to retirement. They want to eliminate any thing that could replace fans’ memory of KB’s glorious days. They need KB’s fans’ help to continue to control LAL.

  601. For sure lin will have playtime, as an alternate bench player. Big deal.

  602. That’s very likely bc from Kevin Ding’s tweet it’s like 1st half & 2nd half..? So I think Lin probably will be 2nd half then.. 10 min the most. I really don’t know what’s the point to do so?! Only good thing it’s Lin will lower his chance to get hurt. smh!

  603. It is plain obvious

  604. Sadly you’re right, not all Asian people felt the same about Lin.

  605. Tomorrow it’s home game so Lin will play but next game…Don’t count on it.

  606. Timing, timing, timing! PFV made statement #1 AFTER Lin lost his starting position. In fact it was right after Lin tweeted a biblical quote and said he was now at the lowest point of his BB career.

  607. When Harden was injured last season, Lin was completely banned from his facilitating role. BS is doing the similar thing to Lin on behalf of KB, just even lower.

  608. Asian audience was trolled yesterday @Spurs, sh*t BS! Today ticket holders are selling tickets with huge discount, tank mode now.

  609. When Harden was injured last season, Lin as a Rox was completely banned from his
    facilitating role. BS is doing the similar thing to Lin on behalf of KB,
    just even lower.

  610. There was an article about Kobe always wanting to win at everything, even during practices. I could see Kobe getting annoyed at all the attention Lin gets because he probably feels it’s not deserved.

  611. I’m still hoping they give Price, the head of the snake, a max contract

  612. Probably 5-10 minutes???!!! No thanks! What to watch except tanking??? Saw enough in Spurs game. Only watch if JLin subs in early in first qtr and is doing well.

  613. I would guess those are Mainland Chinese and Not Americanised Chinese. There is a difference in attitudes. There are many mainlanders living in LA who want the status of being Lakers season ticket holders.

  614. I haven’t watched listened to it yet. But I will.
    There is a danger that the excuse is designed to make it logical.
    But it’s a trap. I haven’t seen Byron praised Lin for doing things well.

    If Linsanity was not enough evidence of Lin’s toughness and Lin’s leadership style didn’t satisfy Byron despite the good production on court plus excellent leadership, we can qualify it as prejudice. And Byron used it to discriminate playing time rather than relying on merit and production on court.

    That’s simply dangerous. It’s whether players can produce or not on court and provide leadership. Otherwise, Byron can just say he doesn’t like the Asian type of leadership and culture despite it’s working well.

  615. Allow me to educate you. Lin is as far away from being a “softy” as you can get. Lin’s D-league coach said, the D-league is filled with junk yard dogs. Even so, Jeremy proved over and over that he is absolutely fearless. McHale said, “if there’s one thing I give Jeremy credit for, he’s a really tough kid.” Harden said, “Jeremy Lin is a warrior.”

    Lin is a natural leader. All of his teammates respect him for his skills, knowledge,courage, integrity and generosity. If not for jealous, malicious coaches like Mchale and now BS, Jeremy would naturally lead his teams to victory just like he did during Linsanity.

  616. KB is egomaniac. Everything has to center around him. Yeah, he just won’t let anyone take away the attention. He is an old aging should be retired player. He just can’t let go. Yeah he is jealous of JLin’s youth and characters that draw all walks of life to him. KB misses the boat of why fans root JLin–JLin is the NBA player with quality characters. He is the role model for all walks of life as well.

  617. the discussion of “tough & vocal” leadership can be good but it could also be a toxic excuse to slander Lin. We have to be wary of it.

    There has to be evidence that Lin’s teammates questioned Lin’s leadership. And it’s contrary of what we see on court where his teammates listened to Lin on-court. So that’s why I think it’s bogus.

    If Lin can lead his teammates well and encourage them on-court that it’s working, he can’t be faulted for not looking and speaking like Price. It’s about results and producing on-court. We’re entering dangerous territory of excusing Byron’s prejudice of not liking Lin’s effective leadership style.

    Before we buy the reasoning blindy, we have to gather the evidence that his teammates don’t respect Lin’s leadership. If they do, it has merit.

    If not, it’s a toxic excuse to allow prejudice to discriminate people from doing their job well just because the boss don’t like a certain style.

  618. IIRC, things didn’t get real bad until ASG, when Jeremy got more votes than Harden.

  619. BTW, if I may offer suggestion. I see your posts can be half-empty glasses so that’s why people think you’re a Lin hater.

    So my suggestion would be to close your posts with a positive message like a fan would on what you wish well for Lin. Otherwise, it makes it hard for people to tell a fan apart from hater in the anonymous world of Internet :] Just my 2cent. I trust you’re a Lin fan but just have a half-empty outlook for most times haha..

    And I talked to a mod about the reason you went to the penalty box due to multiple posts with negative outlook which are considered to be spam. I try to keep the balance of 70% positive and 30% negatives/concern in the site so all Lin fans would see the hope. Otherwise, it’s easy to get depressed and down unable to see any positives to succeed

  620. He should have had that respect by now already if his last name is not Lin.

  621. LOL that is pretty bad

  622. yes I agree. I wish I was making it up.

  623. Not impossible that jeanie buss is either complicit in jeremys marginalization or cant do anything about it

  624. Well… Judging by his accent I’m pretty sure he’s an ABC. A for Australian though cos I’m from the down under land. But I understand what you mean. We had an influx of migrants from China this ten years and I’ve noticed the increase in Porsche SUVs around my neighbourhood. Lol

  625. my own mother (a Chinese woman mind you) says “Lin plays terrible when I watch him on TV”
    I got in an argument with her LOL.

  626. The season is just over the half way mark and the Lakers are waiving their white flags, what TOUGHNESS and resilient are they preaching?

  627. Seemed to me like it was when Kobe was shooting them out of a game and JLin was trying to reason with him and he said “give me the ball and get the f…..k out of the way”, then of course Kobe misses and loses the game.

  628. Totally disagree…he tries to tell you what he thinks Byron is thinking and not necessarily what HE THINKS. Also, he tries to put a positive spin on things..Did you hear the man CRY WHEN HE LEFT HOUSTON…I don’t agree with you at all..sorry.

  629. You are a loser.

  630. LOL BS and BS are soft. They talked about themselves all the times:-)

  631. If Kobe had injured his shoulder in the preseason and knew it and was shooting poorly because of it why was he taking so many shots? Such an egomaniac.

  632. Guess BS and FO have no idea that It is actions that speaks Louder than words. And I have said earlier BS can be aptly described as Empty vessels making most noise.

  633. That’s a little strange. Is this today? He’s in a basketball court but doesn’t look like Lakers training facility.

  634. Be tough and shameless to drive potential competitors out of town—KB.

  635. Hey psalm … a suggestion: would you change the picture on this thread to reflect how Lin looks mostly these days? Like the tweet with fans today. I learned a long time ago that media biases readers by picking the worst pics to drive ppl to click to see the accident. Him on the bench yesterday … I’m sure there were smiling moments too, with teammates.

  636. I’ve known green-berets — war heroes who don’t exemplify this junk-yard dog type of nonsense. They are highly intelligent, truly “tough” men who know how to lead, fight, and depend on each other with their lives. They could easily kill the obnoxious, boisterous, loud-mouth pretenders of our day. Too many, like Byron, confuse thuggishness with toughness.

  637. That’s some nice trolling there from the Lakers organization.

  638. PFV has been a Lin supporter since day one.

  639. There is no reason to hide the truth or try to sugarcoat reality. It needs to be faced head-on and challenged. Denial is never helpful.

  640. yeah, thats a good idea, maybe both should retire from LAL and go get a team to run!

  641. it is the lakers training fac

  642. In my guess if Price plays too then Lin will show up only in 2nd half. smh!

  643. Whatever the details, Lin’s DNP-CD was intentional.

  644. That’s true. I learn long time ago that look at the actions and not words alone. That is why I’m good at what I’m doing:-) Anytime if I let people talk into me, I’m doomed and pay a huge price. Always look at actions followed by the spoken words. If only talks and no actions follow, I immediately cut the person down to 40%. Will listen to the “excuses” for giving the benefit of doubt. If still no action, I count the person out. If I don’t know the person, I will look at what the person is doing as well as the spoken words. That’s why I questioned about BS’ integrity before startergate. Alas I was and am right in my assessment of BS.

  645. Well if that’s the case, no watching!!! Can always watch the archieve game if I miss mini Linsanity game:-) Not going to torture myself to witness JLin to be marginalized by BS.

  646. Jeremiah this would be the last warning for you, for personal attacks. If we encounter another similar episode we would definitely ban you.

  647. What personal attack?

  648. Oh ok thanks. Just looks green rather than purple. Thanks.

  649. Good for you to get it right on clueless BS.

  650. This is the winners of 3-3 team that posted the pic yesterday.

  651. They came all the way from Taiwan to watch the lakers Rox game?

  652. Please observe the rules and refrain from name calling. Thank you.

  653. Please observe this site’s rules and refrain from name calling. Thank you.

  654. Believe this is part of the gifts of winners to see JLin plays. Not 100% sure. Let’s find out more or anyone can answer this better than me.

  655. I actually chose the picture to show the gravity of the situation perfectly. It’s the impact of unfair Discrimination.
    It showed Lin was shocked with the unfair benching plus his teammate scratching his head to express his disbelief (whether it’s intentional or not)

    If we chose a happy picture, haters would turn it against Lin saying he didn’t care about benching, just enjoying his $15M.
    So we just need to speak the truth, whether it is good or not. What’s important is Lin continues to persevere as we can see the smiling picture 🙂

    We’ll look back and see that Lin will overcome this dire situation once again. He’s simply a survivor!

  656. Comeon, there way way too many post on the same tone all over the thread.

    “If you have a brain”
    “Keep worshiping PFV”
    “PFV is a jerk”
    etc etc

  657. If BS is gonna play him pitiful minutes, I rather Lin be DNP and let media & fans roar.

  658. @orLinaryJoe and members, please dont go into a personal attack with another poster, just report to the mods here and we will check it out.


  659. The nba fans have spoken!

  660. Thought practice was canceled. Guess JLin practiced on his own:

  661. Yep, it started then. That’s just after KOBE said “sometimes you have to piss on the hydrant.”

  662. Something wrong w the system bc I vote for AB to my surprised, he got 96%?! LOL!

  663. Games are irrelevant if Jeremy is not playing.
    How else could you explain it?

  664. BS is forced to play JLin some minutes at least in homegame. My guess is as little as he can get away from now that Clarkson is the starter for the rest of the season. That’s why I prefer BS to be fired or JLin is traded soon. Going to be miserable season if JLin stays and BS not be fired.

  665. BS aen’t gonna get fired. He has too many roots – legacy Laker connections, best friend of Magic. Lakers are all about loyalty to their own.

  666. How is that a personal attack? Is PFV sacred? If he says negative things about Jeremy I will call him out. BTW, you really should change that avatar picture of Kobe embracing Lin. Any true Lin fan with half a brain is now repulsed by it.

  667. Who is AB?

  668. He didn’t play yesterday, got to get some reps.

  669. He was with the 3-on-3 Winners of Taiwan Youth Madness today.

  670. More like to get some pics with the 3-3 winners from Taiwan.

  671. When Lin smiles, good things will happen. Now its time to bring out those hover hands.

  672. I believe he will just a matter of when. Let’s wait and see. I just want JLin to be out if not sooner, like yesterday.

  673. Yeh, the duck face I like.

  674. Nothing you post is believable.

  675. Lakers’s count with Taiwan young group, I guess. See below a pic of them.

  676. Lin seems relaxed…..

  677. JLin mad fans from Jeremy Only Lin Garden showed middle finger to @Lakers and BS.

  678. LOL No hoover hand!:-)

  679. I thought about posting this…but I feel it is not completely appropriate in this site…

  680. Yep, give Lin a max of scattered 18 min. Even BS is forced to play Lin, he will ensure the every possible to make him look bad. I hate BS & Lakers.

  681. Wrath of the female fans …. Go girls …

  682. I thought about it but decided to do it anyway. You can delete it if u want to:-)

  683. something’s wrong, earlier when I voted, it was like Lin >50%, and Yong >30%, others got single digit %.
    but now everyone is 0, except Lin 100%.

    the plot thickens?

  684. Gold and purple are associated with royalties for centuries but
    Lakers purple in the background now looked so gay. Hope Lin gets traded to a
    better team.

  685. Just prove that votes can be manipulated just like my suspicion with the ASG.

  686. I think it is simply just Lin got a lot of votes after that…

  687. prolly the camera

  688. Aaron Brooks, JLin’s teammate in ROX?

  689. Thanks, so what is the TNT vote for?

  690. That would be a great one for the occasion.

  691. Please tone it down a bit. We are all upset by what’s happened. I can see where you are coming from and i have had a few instances of listening to PFV when I had to wince at his comments.

    Let me put it in another more personal way. My wife and I have had lots of arguments about certain members of her family that totally annoy me. Whenever I got upset about them, she’d tried to get inside their heads and try to explain the WHY of they’re actions. It really infuriated me even more because it sounded like she was taking their side. It got me even more mad! Finally I explained to her that when I’m upset like that, she shouldn’t try to reason from someone else’s point of view. I needed to hear her emotional support instead.

    PFV seems to be a KOBE and Lakers fan and he keeps hoping for some sort of amicable resolution of this impass. Trust me, most of us believe as you do that kobe and BS is absolutely behind the deliberate demotion of Lin. I’ve stopped listening to PFV for a while because he seems to have taken a neutral stance on Lin. I’m a LOF and if someone starts to talk otherwise, I’ll tune them out. I DONT NEED TO HEAR LOGICAL EXPLAINATIONS FROM SCOTT OR KOBE’S POINT OF VIEW, just as I didnt need my wife to logically take my inlaws side. Being a fan is not about logic, it’s about emotions.

  692. Never, ever give up until you see the whites of their eyes. –
    Head Coach Bryant Scott’s master game plan.

  693. Why should Lin care? It’s a bsc game and on his terms. Lin is way bigger than this very minor game bsc is playing, so id day let’s move to the level Lin is at. See how giving he is with the Taiwan group? Minor as Montgomery said. Minor and victory is certain.

  694. What did Montgomery say? did I miss something?

  695. I think we should display JLin’s full fan support everywhere especially with the media. Politely.

  696. We can do that…but too bad we do not represents all Lin fans…

  697. I’m not in denial. It’s no big deal. Sure I didn’t like it. But you know, I can’t wait to see what victory is certain. Seems that deserves a more fitting pic, because that’s where Lin is at.

  698. Lol bait & switch

  699. Hehe … really?

  700. NY has the “STATUE OF LIBERTY

    LA has the “STATUE OF A DICATER”.

  701. Or….we do not represent all polite Lin fans…lol

  702. Deff! Lin and the Monty tweet tells us they’re on top of their game. I’m cheering in the nosebleed seats.

  703. Unsubscribe, please.

  704. Or … Maybe Lin does not represent all of us …

  705. So head east where the sun rises?

  706. That’s for sure

  707. You certainly did. Jw tweeted him and he answered. Something like minor things. We’ve seen it before. On it. Victory is certain.

  708. I predict a Linsanity game will happen on Sunday! LOL

  709. i think so as well, since BScott had mentioned that he is starting a new lineup, that is his case

  710. To those who follows fung shui – in the year of the Goat, the West direction has the Misfortune stars, and the East has the Lucky stars.

  711. Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply that you are in denial. All I’m really saying is that we are more likely to reach that “certain victory” if we don’t shy away from the problem. Jeremy is battling right now.

  712. Shoot…let me dig it out…

  713. I’m with you, but 20 mins due to bsc calling a pride foul on Lin when he smokes rox.

  714. No way, BS is going to surround Lin with the least possible winning crew to show he was right benching Lin.

  715. You have to go deep…

  716. lol, whats the point “considering” when there is no action to the consideration, shooting his own foot!

  717. Pride foul … it never works. But the caller thinks nobody sees it.

  718. Funny thing is…in order to show how bad Lin is, you need to go both ways, 1) win w/o him and 2) lose badly with him.

  719. Hehe …

  720. yeah, its like, dude, you are old, just pass the torch and move on

  721. It will be an insanity game for Rox with harden at 81 points as per clutchfans.

  722. Lol

  723. CF’s words worth nothing….Harden can do whatever he wants to do…

  724. Notice, it’s the site where you can also buy game tickets… Shame on Lakers for using Lin as a marketing tool for fans to buy tickets! lol

  725. Or we should say…Per 100 Linsanity game? lol

  726. It is no brainer, BS will make sure LAL lose badly with Lin

  727. Most people don’t believe in evolution or the big bang theory. Should we burn all of the science textbooks or keep trying to educate?

  728. DNP was the direct result of Scott’s inability to do that. Just look at the chart of Lin’s performance that @psalm234:disqus posted above. If Lin played really bad, Scott would give him 20 mins to rot on the floor.

  729. And every time he says some crazy negative thing about Lin, I will call him out.

  730. I’ve stopped listening to the messenger.

    I have my own brain and opinions.

  731. Yeah, it’s pretty important … can’t wait to see certain victory.

  732. Let me repost..for those who had missed it.
    Jeremy’s agent replied to Joyce initial post on whats going on


  733. I guess like I said, lose the battle but win the war.

  734. thanks!

  735. If I had time, id do wu Kong stats per 36 but as you say, the convo this week is not about numbers. Those numbers would be quite soothing. Anyway, I’d love to see kobe done for this year (check that by tues), bsc replaced (15 games lol), and let the kids play … Monty go!

  736. There are Lin fans in Anonymous group and they hacked the result?

  737. I don’t know. PFV also said Lin should go back to Lakers which I think will not happen in the current state.

  738. Okay..sorry..but just to let you know..Jeremiah physical threatened kwok wait lai that we “would do something to him in person”. I hope you give him a stern warning or a possible banning. He’s causing a lot of trouble and antagonism.

  739. lol, thats a good one! Lin to take the last shot from the bench?!

  740. That is the key.

  741. partial

  742. Lin’s whole NBA career is not about numbers. But indeed the numbers can be soothing…LOL

  743. Brandon Jennings might have torn his achilles. :o(

  744. That is really awful….He is also one of the guard that hops too much I think…

  745. he was having a great year, too.
    I’m just glad JLin is healthy.

  746. Yeah….too bad…Jennings improved a lot…

  747. I assume you mean I should tone down my criticism of PFV? The problem is, PFV is so trusted and respected by so many Lin fans, that when he says awful things about Lin he is doing some very serious damage. I wouldn’t get upset if he were merely trying to explain why Kobe or BS treats Lin so badly. I try very hard to understand their motivations myself. The problem is, PFV quoted a Lin hater CLAIMING to have “a very good source.” Who would believe such nonsense and then spread the slander further?

    PFV’s videos are labelled “Jeremy Lin” and feature Jeremy wearing a polo shirt and holding a basketball. Kobe is now the source of all of Lin’s suffering. If PFV is such a Kobe fan that he cannot see this then he has a serious conflict of interest and he should stop distributing “Jeremy Lin” videos. I am well aware that many Lin fans seem to idolize PFV even more that Jeremy himself. But that just makes it all the more important to call out his disinformation.

  748. He is already in Lakers, do you mean next season?

  749. Right on, Bro!
    Anti-Tank Lin must be Frozen 😀

  750. I predict a DNP-CD on Sunday! lol. Naw im jk but in all honesty, i feel like the Lakers are going to get annihilated. They are tanking anyway and winning dosen’t seem to be a priority anymore in this waste of a season. BTW I heard BS is going to start Clarkson again right? If so, and if Lin does play, he wont play too much…. Prepare yourselves! It could get depressing out here!

  751. I don’t really get depressed much. I feel Lin tried his best. I will take the result…

  752. Folks, Jeremiah had been temporarily banned

  753. Thats good. I dont get too bumed out about it too much anymore. This season was lost to me ever since the starting lineup downgraded along with Lin going to the bench. But i know some people will still get angry though. lol

  754. very well said. maybe those green berets need to have a little talk with Byron

  755. I do think thats the game plan from BScott, he had made his case earlier that he is trying a new rotation.

    As long as Lin plays to his game within the given minutes, he will be fine

  756. I think it’s the second one

  757. Ya! That’s the only good thing Lin got bench by BS bc he didn’t play a lot.

  758. OLIN!

  759. Hey Detroit should be Montgomery’s move….they need a strong pg….I think Augustine would start but Jeremy would get strong minutes….Make it happen

  760. You are ruffling too many feathers. There many PFV fans and you will have a very hard time changing their opinions. I share you’re concern but I also know that public opinion is just that. So I trust Jeremy Lin instead because he doesn’t allow public opinion to sway him.

    PFV is just one voice and I’ve tuned him out because I’m a LOF and proud of it. I don’t need someone else to explain to me how other haters think! I know how they think. Haters will hate, period. You should just do the same and tune him out as well and trust in Lin.

  761. Jeremy playing for a playoff push team (Detroit) would be huge for his off-season….BS doesn’t like him fine…pull an Andre miller and force a release

  762. I wanna see Lin in playoffs …

  763. Me to Joe

  764. Stan Van Gundy very point guard friendly….come on Jeremy force the hand man….I kid you not this is the right move

  765. Angry at the wind and rain.

  766. Me three, Joe

  767. Pretty sure most of us wants as well 🙂

  768. But he ever said something like that Lin is a overated player…I dont think he will trade for Lin.

  769. I prefer the five girl single finger salute to BS. That said
    it all!

  770. Lin was told to piss on the hydrant and he did on back to back games earlier in the season when LG selected him as player of the game above KOBE. It was right after that BS started to methodically tear Lin down to make sure he’d never take the lime light from KOBE again.

    Lin is so mentally tough that he can find ways to excel in the craziest setups by BS. The latest DNP instance illustrates how difficult a situation Lin is in. He’s their 5th best scorer and one of the most efficient as well. Why was he DNP? Toughness had nothing to do with this. It’s all about vindictiveness and pitting his thumb down on Lin because he could.

    Try doing anything in your life with no meritocracy. Nothing you ever do can advance your status. No matter how good your grades are, you can’t get into a good college. No matter how great you are at you’re job, a flunky gets promoted before you. Let’s see how tough you could be!

  771. Sorry I don’t drink Kool-Aid. But just to be clear. I’ve listened to a PFV video maybe once and that was about two years ago. I couldn’t understand why he speaks so slowly and takes more than an hour to make 1 or 2 points that could be made in about 20 seconds. The only way I am aware of his recent comments is from people here quoting him and wondering why he is starting to have a strange point of view,

  772. IDK if it is good or not. But at least he said it. Not like some HC just say one thing and do another…lol

  773. psalm, I’ve been banned by @maknusia for reasons that I do not understand. If you are in agreement with this step, I will not post here ever again. (717 = Jeremiah)

  774. While still enraged by the dnp-cd, I am looking at the ATL Hawks and WAS Wizards, John Wall in particular and trying to figure out what actually separate them to 1st and 2nd spot on Eastern Conf. so that I can enjoy watching Jeremy play his game once he’s on a different team to play his PG role and lead his team deep into playoffs.

    Can bball experts/longtime NBA fans here educate me why the Hawks have a better record than Wizards despite John Wall seems to have improved alot and Paul Pierce is on the team to give veteran leadership?

    @Brent? pleas..

  775. They pass the ball more….Their passes are higher quality passes.

  776. Thanks.
    How do we differentiate higher quality passes?

  777. Klay did indeed had a magical shooting nite!

  778. Passes/assists that leads to, layups/dunks, wide open corner 3s, wide open 3s, wide open short range shots, midrange jumpers, long 2s. IN THAT ORDER. Laker’s scheme can only produce long 2s and wide open 3s…so….

  779. I just sent you an email to explain about the situation.
    This is a tough time for all Lin fans who are upset with the DNP situation so let’s extend grace and patience.

    Even if PFV might believe a different opinion that we think it’s wrong, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt due to so many good things he’s done for Lin (probably more than the rest of us). I trust he still supports Lin because of his many good work. Brent and I also inquired him about what he meant in the tweet.

    Let’s be patient and extend grace. We need to be able to disagree respectfully especially with fellow Lin fans.

  780. Jeremiah I dont mind giving you a third chance here, I just dont like to ban fans.

    As long as you post respectfully?

  781. so it’s the coaching that makes players have better passes in practice or smarter players simply know how to do it?

  782. Things change. Right now, I don’t think he should stick w/ them either. We’ll see. Unless BS and Kobe is gone…

  783. Both….Coaches have to GIVE his ball handlers OPTIONS while players has to figure out in split seconds on which option gives you the highest percentage shots and make the play leads to that shot.

  784. Thanks. Then John Wall still has room for improvement..:)

  785. And Jeff Teague has become a really good player…Hortford strong inside and outside…Milsap a glue guy and Korver is the best shooter in the league…

  786. Lin is at his best when given a lot of options. It is really not about slow or fast like others say IMO. If you give Lin only one option everytime he touches the ball. You might as well just DNP CD him..

  787. thanks. funny how Jeff Teague was still ridiculed as scrub only early this season by some Jeremy fans..

  788. It is all relative tho….Just think if you put Lin in that spot..what can Lin do?

  789. Super Linsanity! Yay!!!

  790. Jeremy will do very well in that system

  791. Can’t knock Teague…he like Wall have made great strides this season

  792. Then compare that with what Teague has done so far….oh well..lol I use that s word sometimes, but I really believe there is no s___ in NBA.

  793. Maybe at linsanity heights many were hating but Jeremy as a rental could be a shot in the dark that they need….a good gamble by both parties

  794. Lakers scheme hasn’t worked in decades …. I’ve never seen such a slow motion offense

  795. i think the word”nonsense” might be better in substitute of “garbage” to help get your points through.
    Garbage seems not really a good word choice. Or you can simply stated that you completely disagree and found it absurd and unbelievable of what PFV said etc…Instead of garbage. (Make you sound more genuine and more appealing, I guess). This might be better, as it not only fits in the rule but get your point across better. However, I too think some posters shouldn’t following by in replying to your posts with personal attack to you first. These posts should erased off as well.

  796. I truly marvel at Lin’s ability to smile after one day of unfair DNP-CD. The guy is tough indeed!
    I think 99% of us would be difficult to crack a smile. And the 1% is sleeping LOL


  797. The Wizards attempted 4th fewest number of three pointers while shooting 38.1% as a team. The Wizards also attempted the third most long-twos following the Knicks and the Lakers LOL. In short, the Wizards have out-dated offensive strategies which really hurt their offensive performance.

  798. Dude is strong as heck….this is nothing compared to the Portland series…the way he persevered should have shown nba league execs his level of toughness

  799. It wasn’t just this one tweet. If it were I wouldn’t have reacted. It was an even worse transgression. PFV claimed that Kobe and BS’s abuse of Lin was necessary to make Lin a good basketball player. He said this after Lin was benched and Lin sent out a biblical tweet to express how he was now at the lowest point of his career. I know this only because @JoeTeam posted a comment wondering why PFV would say such a thing. Because otherwise, I don’t listen to PFV’s long boring “videos.” You and Brent should see if PFV can explain that ridiculous assertion as well.

  800. That being said their bigs and wings are very strong

  801. I noticed that too and it’s eveident in the Par game tonight depsite Wizards scored higher FG%.

  802. Thank you. I didn’t follow what happened before.
    Yes, this is a tough time for all Lin fans so we need to be extra patient and avoid attacking one another.

    Note: Sorry I haven’t been able to check poll winners due to this recent upsetting development. When the dust settles, I promise I will update them so you can still look forward to your T-Shirt prize with fruit basket picture LOL

  803. I would certainly inquire PFV on it. Maybe I’ll DM him
    It’s fair to ask how “toughness” rumor would be a valid ground for prejudice and discrimination.
    Production and leadership on court that Lin displayed on court should be enough.

    My request is to be patient and give the benefit of doubt since he’s done hundreds of videos to defend Lin.
    Even if he did agree on it, I would still be able to respectfully disagree with him regarding that one issue but respect him for his current work on Lin. I wouldn’t let 1 mistake to break good relationships as fellow Lin fans. We still need to support one another.

  804. Oh~~~that!
    So you didn’t forget!
    Ok, I forgive you!

  805. Good deal :]

  806. I have PM’ed you

  807. BTW, PFV actually added a warning to that video: This will annoy some Lin fans!

    He got that right.

  808. I think Lin is truly blessed with a supporting team which includes his families, friends, and even his agents. I guess Lin felt much better after venting to his people after last night’s debacle and that’s how he can still smile today. Of course being able to be submissive and just surrender himself to the wonderful will of God will help his mental state as well.

  809. After the terrible game against Utah, he bounced right back against Phoenix. Byron Scott scheduled for him to fail badly in these 2 games. Even Kobe or Ronnie couldn’t have done well. Jeremy Lin is real tough.
    After these 2 games, Byron could only use his DNP-CD to isolate Lin from the team and keep Linsanity from happening in LA.

  810. Do that’s the real story, not the dis

  811. Because it is so slow a cave man can do it

  812. I keep repeating that it’s 2 huge mistakes, that I know of, and I don’t even listen to him. I also don’t represent this site. Like everyone else, except maybe you, I speak only for myself. If others disagree I’m happy to discuss. In fact there were 2 instances in the past where PFV logged on and called out Laetitia and mbSmurf for criticizing him. I’d love for him to do that with me. He’s quickly learn that I’m not Laetitia or mbSmurf.

  813. That’s what he has been doing.

  814. That’s the spirit!

  815. I plan to listen to the long video tomorrow and inquire PFV about it.
    Hope I have some time

  816. Please share with us.
    PFV is entitled to have his opinion. We don’t have to agree.

  817. Obey? Really see where this has led JLin to – DnP.

  818. That’s exactly what I meant. We can strongly disagree with other opinions respectfully even with Lin fans but it shouldn’t diminish the fact that they are huge fans.

    The only thing that site stands for is not to attack one another and be respectful. Things go downhill fast when we start getting personal to criticize one another.

  819. very true. Hope I find the time.
    I realize what he said has huge influence to a large Lin fanbase so it’s quite a big deal

  820. The Divine Intervention is always so timely that Kobe and BS were caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

  821. so do you think this guy was sent by BScott to send a message? lol
    But yeah, that’s a curious T-Shirt all right.

    Lin is just being a professional to play his best when his number is called. Just like Boozer said that coach is entitled to his (wrong) opinion, he will play their best.
    When he’s FA, I think we can safely say now he won’t go back to LA.
    That’s one positive

  822. I didn’t attack anyone. I criticized PFV for his latest comment and then 2 or 3 posters attacked me. The next thing I know Maknusia is giving me a “final warning.”

  823. The worst SG in the league with the poorest shooting % and in advanced stats, he is totally exposed in hurting the team.

  824. Have to remain positive to maintain my sanity for being a Lin fan is very very “stressful” with all the bias, discrimination, wrong perceptions, and clueless coach thus far after knicks.

  825. This guys is a Taiwanese athlete according to Librafree

    Librafree ‏@Librafree 14m
    @JLin7 with friend(former Taiwan SBL player 王信凱) at Toyota Sports Center today.(credit 王信凱)

  826. Keep smiling Lin. God is with you.

  827. Where did I do that? You’re beyond pathetic.

  828. yes, we need to be able to focus on the positive. Lin is doing the right thing to focus on the positive things he can do now, which show how valuable he is to the Lakers org, and have fun with fans. Focus on the next game, next shot.

    That’s why he has succeeded to this point. If he dwelled on the negatives, he’d been out of the NBA long time ago since he’ll be unprepared for the next step.

    Lin understands failures is just a stepping stone to success. It’s very admirable and we should copy this blueprint of success.

  829. It’s the Phoenix game that Jeremy has shown signs of breaking out of the slumps he has had with the Lakers.
    The only thing left for Byron to do is to ice out Jeremy to keep Linsanity II from happening here in LA.

  830. Has this been posted?
    Will I get banned?

    Check out @shangtaiyu’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/shangtaiyu/status/559182041250426881?s=09

  831. It was posted and flagged for deletion.

  832. Oh…

  833. maybe you could just post the link but remove the picture

  834. Sorry how do ì delete the picture?

  835. Strike one, lol

  836. What is it?

  837. Lin went to China for a famous TV talk show last summer…. Kobe went to this program before too.

  838. During the summer of 2014?

  839. Ya! Finally on the air….

  840. Any Asian night to usher in Chinese New Year 2015 by JLin in the making?

  841. There were earlier postings in the other site that states JLin is not tough because he has a pampered life, there were no poverty in his upbringing, he was not in a tough dangerous neighbourhood etc etc. Well JLin’s career in basketball has been constantly abused with discrimination. And it has made him tough mentally and withstand patience!

  842. There is more than one way to be tough, more than one way to win games, more than one way to do almost everything.

  843. I talked to PFV and he confirmed he thinks the #ToughPrice0Pts leadership is just a cover story to calm Lin fans
    It backfired since it’s designed 2 slam Lin. And it won’t stand under scrutiny. Thus it’s a weak excuse



  844. I am really tired of Kobe’s fake tough guy antics. If Kobe truly thinks he is tough, he should lace it up and play in the NHL and take some body checks from players flying at him or even better, get into some fights with some real tough guys and see how he fares.

    Or he can put on the equipments and play in the NFL and enjoy some tackles LOL. Seriously, the NBA right now is not even a contact sports so all these “tough” talk is really irrelevant. We’re talking about not even allowed to hand check your opponents (except you are “defensive stopper” LOL) while breathing on the “superstar” will earn you a foul. If you were playing in the 80s or 90s then I would understand about the need of being tough in NBA but certainly not now.

  845. Does that make Steph Curry and Klay Thompson “soft” as well? Cos they are both child of former NBA stars and lived a comfortable life in supposedly good neighbourhoods. Add Tim Hardaway Jr. to the list too how’s that?

  846. Klay had a magical blowout game

  847. Good examples to slam the lin hatred trolls.

  848. The thing with his tough guy act, is that lin probably has more street cred than kobe because he was raised in Italy.So you are exactly right, kobe’s whole tough guy act is fake.

  849. What is this about?

  850. Thanks for following thru

  851. Down on the thread there was a discussion that PFV is siding BScott, etc etc… Hence Psalm verified with PFV

  852. ok. I have to make my first comment here and say that this made me crack up. it is so true. all this tough guy talk is such nonsense.

  853. https://twitter.com/howardmegdal/status/558983730598268928

    Well somebody had to say it…. Glad it wasn’t one of us first of all but another sports writer.

  854. lol…Welcome Wandais38

  855. Obey could be a Christian message. Lecrae wore a baseball cap saying “Obey” in one of his videos.

  856. This is a good programme. The guests were asked very difficult (personal) questions. Movie stars from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong in past shows. Kobe and David Beckham too….:(
    I particularly like Chow YunFatt. Brilliant dialogue.

  857. BTW, I added the poll. I expect Byron’s got warned by FO.
    So Lin will come off the bench for 20 min

    I voted ‘Byron Scared! Mini-Linsanity’

  858. misunderstanding that PFV agreed of an “insider” leak that Byron DNP-ed Lin because he wanted Lin to be tough leader like Price during practice.

    All lies, possibly spread by Kobe/BScott camp to slander Lin even further.
    A weak excuse that won’t stand under scrutiny of stats & on-court leadership. Just Kobe’s attempt to downplay Lin from taking team charge in his absence.

  859. That may be more realistic… but… I’m going with Full Blown Linsanity!

  860. Just a #BabyMama joke as PFV, JackJack, Dartboard and I were discussing how Dwight and Lin were sabotaged by Kobe to not steal spotlight from him 😀


  861. I vividly remember Lin yelling at Melo and Stoudamire when they did not box out a crucial defensive possession (can’t remember which game). Taking charges, ridiculous hits (especially to his head). Jeremy is as tough as it comes.

  862. Bridge Over Troubled Waters

    When you’re weary
    Feeling small
    When tears are in your eyes
    I will dry them all
    I’m on your side

    When times get rough
    And friends just can’t be found
    Like a bridge over troubled water
    I will lay me down
    Like a bridge over troubled water
    I will lay me down

    When you’re down and out
    When you’re on the street
    When evening falls so hard
    I will comfort you

    I’ll take your part
    When darkness comes
    And pain is all around
    Like a bridge over troubled water
    I will lay me down
    Like a bridge over troubled water
    I will lay me down

    Sail on Silver Girl,
    Sail on by
    Your time has come to shine
    All your dreams are on their way

    See how they shine
    If you need a friend
    I’m sailing right behind
    Like a bridge over troubled water
    I will ease your mind
    Like a bridge over troubled water
    I will ease your mind

  863. Bulls game I think..

  864. Obey clothing.
    The OBEY campaign is rooted in the Do It Yourself counterculture of punk rock and skateboarding, but it has also taken cues from popular culture, commercial marketing and political messaging. Fairey steeps his ideology and iconography in self-empowerment. With biting sarcasm verging on reverse psychology, he goads viewers, using the imperative “obey,” to take heed of the propagandists out to bend the world to their agendas

  865. sidenote: CNY is also trade deadline.

  866. The year of the Horse has been rough for many, let’s hope the year of the Ram changes everything!

  867. Art Garfunkel: Bridge Over Troubled Waters is like Jesus saying “I will lay down for you when you are hurting and you can find some sustenance in this pose…soothing {message} to take people’s pain and lonesomeness, tough nights that we all lived through…and be a soother,,,just make life feel a little easier”

  868. Is it too much to also say that JLin is being bullied by BS ?

  869. Nop. It’s called workplace bullying in Australia. Here is the info from Australian Human Right Commission.

    Workplace bullying: Violence, Harassment and Bullying Fact sheet

    What is workplace bullying?
    Workplace bullying is verbal, physical, social or psychological abuse by your employer (or manager), another person or group of people at work.
    Workplace bullying can happen in any type of workplace, from offices to shops, cafes, restaurants, workshops, community groups and government organisations.
    Workplace bullying can happen to volunteers, work experience students, interns, apprentices, casual and permanent employees.
    Some types of workplace bullying are criminal offences. If you have experienced violence, assault and stalking you can report it directly to the police.

    What does bullying in the workplace look like?
    repeated hurtful remarks or attacks, or making fun of your work or you as a person (including your family, sex, sexuality, gender identity, race or culture, education or economic background)
    sexual harassment, particularly stuff like unwelcome touching and sexually explicit comments and requests that make you uncomfortable
    excluding you or stopping you from working with people or taking part in activities that relates to your work
    playing mind games, ganging up on you, or other types of psychological harassment
    intimidation (making you feel less important and undervalued)
    giving you pointless tasks that have nothing to do with your job
    giving you impossible jobs that can’t be done in the given time or with the resources provided
    deliberately changing your work hours or schedule to make it difficult for you
    deliberately holding back information you need for getting your work done properly
    pushing, shoving, tripping, grabbing you in the workplace
    attacking or threatening with equipment, knives, guns, clubs or any other type of object that can be turned into a weapon
    initiation or hazing – where you are made to do humiliating or inappropriate
    things in order to be accepted as part of the team.

    How bullying can affect your work
    If you are being bullied at work you might:
    be less active or successful
    be less confident in your work
    feel scared, stressed, anxious or depressed
    have your life outside of work affected, e.g. study, relationships
    want to stay away from work
    feel like you can’t trust your employer or the people who you work with
    lack confidence and happiness about yourself and your work
    have physical signs of stress like headaches, backaches, sleep problems

  870. That’s the thing, Kobe is far from the ghetto thug, no matter how hard he tries. I think that is why he is the way he is, and never socialises with his teammates. Before the rape charges, no tats, choir boy personna. after the charge it began to change. He threw his Mom under the bus, why not Lin?

  871. Communication, trust, and effort.
    These are the keys to turn around situations for Jeremy.

  872. I’m surprised none of his teammates are coming to his defense. They should be ashamed with a fellow teammate’s ill treatment and want to play harder for him. But I can’t see selfish players like Hill and Wes doing so, and Nick is too much of a clown to realise it could have been him. Kelly and Ellington took their benchings quietly but those were uncalled for as well. Price is benefitting so he has no reason to speak up.

  873. Byron is always on a one way street in his life and he wouldn’t allow otherwise.

  874. I think BS will sit him against Houston just to make another point. The excuse is one game was not enough to see how the others guys were playing. BS thinks that he is the coach and no one, not even the front office should tell him who to get on the court, because he will lose all credibility. I think its a losing game but it has already started so no turning back for Scott. Don’t expect Lin to get much playing time, anytime soon.

  875. Yes , next season.

  876. Nay

  877. We should give our due respect to one of the very few writers that recognize Jeremy’s strength and weaknesses before Linsanity. Howard Megdal even proposed that Jeremy could be the possible future knicks hero before Linsanity.
    written on Dec. 28, 2011

  878. My nephew wears stuff like that and I even asked him once about “obey” significance. He just says it’s cool gear for boarders.

  879. It’s all about FO and coaching support for Wall and Teague. LIN on the other hand has received the opposite of positive reenforcment.

  880. Geiko caveman playing laker ball or Kobe playing caveman ball? Lol

  881. Though BS will undoubtedly try to short change Jeremy in some way, he can no longer pull another DNP-CD. FO already pulled him in for talks, and he publicly backtracked.

    That said, garbage or scattered minutes actually do more harm than good for Lin, but we’ll find out during the game how grave FO’s tone was during “the meeting”.

  882. Thanks for that. I’ve occasionally seen his other tweets and he doesn’t tweet excessively about Lin but does seem to be a supporter. I didn’t know there was history. Thanks.

  883. This idea of toughness is the biggest crock I haveh ever heard. One of the greatest I’ve seen was Walt Clyde Frazier. He never said a word in anger. Never received a technical. He just played and won. How many times have we seen Jeremy leap to the basket, leaving himself vunerable. How many charges has he taken. I lot more than tough Kobe who played matador defense. Clearly this toughness angle is a rouse.

    Detroit needs a point. Pleasssssse.

  884. Exactly. The measure of how great a PG is how fast his brain works to make correct split second decisions. That is dependent on teammates running correct routes.

    That’s why LIN is so great as a PG. He understands so many layers of subtleties to get his players into correct situations for their skill sets, better than coaches can do. The real problem is Scott and Mchale are too dumb to understand how LIN does it so they think LIN is a home run hitter.

    D’antoni was the only coach that got it and marvelled at the mind speed of LIN. He said ” sometimes you just have to let them play”. D’antoni bsically said, I don’t know how he does it, but I can appreciate it. Kinda like a classical musician can appreciate the mesmerizing creativity of a jazz musician. Scott and MCHALE on the other hand would look at this and say LIN ISNT making beautiful music, he’s making noise. They want LIN to play “chopsticks” instead so that they can understand it!

  885. DNP-CD is bad, but who knows, maybe the evil Scott will throw Lin to the D-League next. I’m thinking that Scott will still not play Lin tonight. He is trying to establish a new twist to the narrative about Lin, or rather to revert to the story that Lin is at best a 3rd stringer. He will be stubborn and will continue to be ‘tough’ and do things his own way. I of course hope I am totally wrong. But evil knows no bounds, and Scott is the personification of the word ‘evil’.

  886. Oh, and I have no more faith in Lin’s agent Montgomery. I saw that tweet he made about how things are but a “minor adjustment”, basically saying no big deal. But this is precisely the same attitude that Scott is showing, i.e. a shrug and say it’s no big deal, just a rotational change, trying out something new. If Montgomery basically is saying the same thing as Scott, Lin had jolly well realise that he needs a new agent. I just don’t trust Montgomery to fight for Lin. Again, I might be totally wrong, and the ‘victory is certain’ proclamation by Montgomery in his tweet might well come true, but I’m not holding my breath.

  887. Bucks

  888. It’s like Khuang has very strong personal opinions about racism. I know that so I read over that aspect of his post like a filter and read for his BBall insights. I was annoyed by how gleeful he was about the DNP CD thing. Yeah, he was right, but he didn’t need to rub salt on an open wound. I’ve butted heads with Khuang since Rox and debated about his comments about Mchale’s tough love crap. He held onto the belief that Mchale was a good coach for quite a while but I kept on respectfully disagreeing with him. The thing is I know he’s about as high on LIN as I am. We both are over the top with the assertion that he is as great and impactful player as MJ so I give him a pass on his personal opinions on racism.

    Opinions are just that. Sometimes the info is worth sifting through the garbage for.

  889. Wow talk about slammming 2 races at once with negative stereotype s… jeremy the soft asian guy and the thug black bbal players… kiki vandwhe had as charmed life as anyone!

  890. Hey byron scott… u cant ever complain about discrimination!

  891. LIN should bring out his bike tonight to warm up on the sidelines.

  892. I call kobe a “semi-tough”. They want so desperately to pretend street creds but never actually lived it. I grew up on a street with a biker gang, class mates that were drug dealers and thieves even a friends brother who became involved with the mob. Trust me, I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. It’s funny whenever we used to play the semi toughs in the burbs, they’d be more street cred than we were.

  893. He called PFV a jerk!

  894. Smaybe i missedit but where was it reported the FO intervened.

  895. If he only gets less than 10 mins, I would rather he gets DNP for the rest of the season. It’s too painful to see this happen.

  896. What Laker should do is to suspend Byron’s job as the head coach and let one of his assistant to coach the team for a few games. Perhaps it might just turn the team around. A draft choice is not a guarantee for the success of a franchise. A team with sound management means more to the success than a top draft pick.

  897. They dont want a turnaround…

  898. Not a fan anymore of knicks and lakers… never liked rox… nba is next on not interested anymore list…

  899. Milwaukee is making a turnaround and they haven’t been tanking!
    All you need is a good coach to make your team a contender.

  900. Agreed. But never thought id say this but lakers just not a good org.

  901. right. lins primary production #s for the season are already very low; if he is only playing 10 or less minutes 14 at the most there is no way they will not continue to decline. it would seem to me desirable that he at least keep double digit scoring per game and really the only way to accomplish that is to do an asik and simply not be played. if he is reduced to scrub minutes for another half the season he will be reduced to scrub points per game (probably even approaching price’s) and really thats all anyone looks at.

    further its not suprising this dnp cd; as has been pointed out the most highly revered poster here had already predicted it and prior to price being hurt lins minutes had been counting down by two’s to zip. (18/16/14/)

    then he gets two starts (because price is out) of 30 plus minutes averages only single digit points and shoots 7 for 19 in those two games, the scenario is there to go directly to dnp cd. (and j.c., jordan clarkson)

    if price is going to be long ago appointed the starter above lin it is logical that once clarkson becomes the starter (and i had pointed out previously how laker writers were already calling for this) lin will still be below price.

    if he wasn’t above him before why would he be now?

    i would think it would be best for lin’s future opportunities that if he is only the 3rd string point guard now (and he is)–that he just not play at all rather than further reduce his numbers per game by getting minimal minutes

  902. Hi, I believe you are very upset with Jeremy Lin’s situation right now and are channeling your anger toward PFV. I strongly believe it is wise not to make any assumption on the basis what others say. Doing so is quite dangerous and is close to slandering one’s character.

    Unlike you I have watched 99 percent of PFV’s videos ever since the start of Rockets’ days and never perceived Paul presenting negative comments on JL…All of them were constructive criticisms for Lin’s growth as a complete basket ball player. Yes, PFV has many followers who appreciate his honesty and the truth he presents . He was a Rockets’ fan previously but became a Lakers’ fan because of Jeremy Lin. I am sure he will follow where ever Jeremy Lin goes to.

  903. I vote for Joyce ward as Lin new agent. Joyce fights for Lin.

  904. Byron is slime. There’s been many photos of him with other women while married. He filed for divorce right before the lakers contract was signed.

    He doesn’t discriminate, he likes Asian women. It’s the soft Asian men that he doesn’t care for.

  905. Don’t watch and live a little instead, makes me feel much better to handle lin’s situation. Besides, the lower the viewership, the better to get the message across to FO.

  906. Unsubscribe!

  907. I love Howard Megdal. He loves Lin.

  908. 73% is a lot…But I expected a higher number…LOL

  909. As Lin fans, would you like him play if only given 12 minutes for the remaining of the season, sharing PT with Price? Or just DNP – avoiding his states got hurt b/c of those ridiculous minutes?

    We will see how this PT allocation plays out. But I can see BS’s doing. It can be 20 minutes tonight and next game 5 minutes, and he can say on average Lin got 12.5 minutes.

    Roger Montgomery, be more active. You are hurting your client. The tweet from you seems this DNP no big deal to you. But BS is BS. Victory is certain only if Lin get out of this pit.

  910. “Obey ” shirt is implying JLin to be obedient to BScott, lol!

  911. As of now, there are one 7-L team, and two 8-L teams, then, there is the Lakers, 12-L. They are sitting at #4 of the “top five”.
    They would not want to win another game to miss the chance of top pick. So sit the spark plug and tank.

  912. Just play…….no reason to be AFRAID of bad stat

  913. Saw WuKong posting in LG if anyone wonders where she is. Registered july 2014 and has just a few posts up until now.

  914. BS “tried” to bullied Lin, but Lin is fighting back in his own way. He is not a doormat or a pushover. People mistaken modesty and tact for weakness and passiveness. This cannot be further from the truth for JLin. Most of all there are millions of Lin fans all over the globe who got his back. Hold the line, keep the faith.

  915. Agreed. No matter what numbers lin puts up, it didn’t matter one bit to his treatment. THERE’S ABSOLUTELY NO MERITOCRACY TO LIN’S PLAY IN THE EYES OF HIS CRITICS. No matter what he does, he gets a backhanded compliment or insult. Lin just has to put all the mental attacks by BS aside the best he can and play his game.

  916. Let’s remember that this a positive lin site. I know we get angry at all of the things that are going on with Lin. I myself had my moments about lin’s treatment and sometimes about the way he plays sometimes. I have to remind myself that this is lin’s journey and not mine. I am just a spectator with a part view of what is going on with him. There are always three sides to a story: Lin’s side, Laker’s side and somewhere in the middle lies the truth. I just know that I will always root for Lin kno matter what.

  917. Any speculation on what is the Victory that Lin’s agent tweeted yesterday?

  918. What are your thoughts on kevin ding’s message about scott was torn about starting lin and price, and no other Laker reported what scott said

  919. Hopefully a trade

  920. When Lakers took Lin, it was elation , now he has to move again.

  921. You are right, tough guys, Acbc and Brent.

  922. Kevin ding’s message new?

  923. One of the founding principals of the U.S. constitution is freedom of speech. We ALL HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY to understand that that freedom comes with a certain responsibility on us the public to also THINK FOR OURSELVES. I have no problem with PFV having his own opinions. When we differ, I just don’t listen to his opinions. That is our right and liberty.

    This is different from the mandate of this forum and how we are allowed to post. Because it is a “private”site, the rules of the site sets standards by which members must act.

  924. we forgot to vote!!

  925. No, ding trying to do damage control for what scott did not playing lin. Scott never gave a reason, but an excuse about being torn about who to play behind Clarkson. No other LA media reported what Scott said. Ding is not even with the Lakers anymore, which makes it much suspect on Laker’s part that Scott went overboard.

  926. That’s so beautiful, Ms. Ward.

  927. Thanks. I just think that there is so much negativism around him. This site she be a positive affirmation about his journey. There way to many times, people on here jump on the doom and gloom wagon when something negative happens to him. We just need to remember that lin has survived the NBA and has gotten much stronger in his game and his faith. Lin is a fighter, and he will keep fighting until he achieve his goals.

  928. Totally…I do not believe Lin is doomed anyway

  929. Let’s be real clear, as a moderator, if you are a poster who doesn’t post regularly on here, and we only see you when something negative happens with lin and you want to leave a drive by negative post about lin, your post will be deleted. enuf said

  930. I agree Brent, that is why as I stated above that if not a regular poster on this site, and whenever something negative happens with lin, and posters leave these drive by negative posts, i am going to delete them

  931. lin’s bb journey is only at the beginning. Fans like us are in it with him to enjoy the ride.

  932. Been there, done that. Probably will repeat offend again in the future, so I’m going to apologize now to everyone for anything I might say in the future. Lol

  933. people need to relax jlin is a rental only to the lakers after this he can choose the teams he want to go….there’s a light at the end of the tunnel

  934. Don’t believe for a second

  935. Good thing, LOL.hey what did you think about ding’s tweet yesterday about scott torn between starting lin/price?

  936. Went to the reporter he knows Lin fans are checking for the inside scoop…simpleton that Scott…but good shooter in his day….bad coach

  937. Trade trade trade….crossing fingers to be a rental back-up pg….Memphis behind Conley…Washington Behind Wall (Ironic) or maybe start in Detroit….I’m reaching but im thinking about the great escape…

  938. Exactly. Seem like all the PG’s Laker’s want to pursue, is not working out for them. Jennings, has a torn achilles, and Rondo, well is stuck to the bench in Dallas because he doesn’t bring anything to help the Mavericks.

  939. I guess Montgomery is busy on the phone making some pitches…..

  940. If he is worth his salt he should be

  941. Twitter exploded on Ding the other night when he posted some stuff like, downtrodden asian fans shouldn’t despair because Clarkson is half Asian. Boy twitter exploded on him. Here is the thing Clarkson is considered African American, it as simple as that. If Lakers think that they will capture the Asian fans with him, then they are in for a very rude awakening and it makes them look like utter buffoons when it comes to race relations.

  942. what is the buyout money of jlin contract…….i am just curious if Hypothetically if theres a negotiation of buyout of contract…. iam not advocating it just curious

  943. This actually a really good article. As an African American, i can say that I agree with his observation on the black perspective.

  944. It is not a fix amount I think…..depends on the negotiation among parties involved..

  945. negotiation among parties…….means you can agree to be buyout in a dime if both parties agreed…. correct me if my understanding is wrong

  946. League might not approve that amount because it is just not normal.

  947. oh thanks….nba might intervene if some kind of deal takes place and also the union of players

  948. No idea!? You’re guess is as good as mine. There is no logic to BS so none of the media or us can know with any certainty.

    My gut tells me that it’s about pride.

  949. Just trying to gauge the NBA trade market here:

    Which teams could use Lin as a strong backup PG/starting PG, given that the teams have the resources?

  950. In a buyout negotiation, there will be an arbitrator I think…you can go to Q64-68 in Larry Coon’s piece for more details..

  951. A team that is contending (hence they are willing to absorb Lin’s contract and let him to play back up). I do not think there is a chance for him to start right away for a team as of now in the middle of the season.

  952. I am not really high on racism but it just me…… I’ve seen blacks, asian and whites discriminate and stereotypes their own race…..for me its bigotry, prejudice, ego and pride and people trying to justified they are better than others while putting others down to make them look good………its just my observation of human weakness

  953. Toronto or Spurs, maybe Detroit.

  954. Shouldn’t Lakers FO doing that? Or only if Lin gets buyout/waived that he will work on the deals?

  955. Well…as an agent, I believe he also needs to pitch for their clients to multiple teams’ GM so those GMs will at least take his client into consideration…

  956. I agree. It is more of context/environment related and dependent on individuals.

  957. Do you think Lakers FO will let Lin go if there is really an interest from these teams?

  958. So it runs both way. But only if Lakers FO is ok with that, right?

  959. They will want some assets back…2nd rd pick maybe

  960. Correct me if I am wrong, but if Lakers waives Lin, and another team signs him to a minimum contract, Lakers can lower their guaranteed salary owed to Lin by the amount of whatever salary paid by the other team to Lin. Therefore, I would think there IS some advantage in Lakers waiving Lin, although just keeping Lin until the end of this season would not hurt Lakers that much because they might be receiving some money from Asian sponsors. Does anyone disagree? I want to know if there is any business advantage(s) to Lakers to waive Lin before end of this season.

  961. Didn’t follow the NBA for 40+ years since late teens. Only started again because of Linsanity. Now, I’m not just following Lin the bball player, im following more “Jeremy Lin, the journey”.

  962. yup…if you observe each country you will notice that the city dwellers mock the people who live in rural or remote area making fun of theres look and thinking they are not educated.

  963. Of course….they (and other teams) are the final decision maker…not Lin, not Lin’s agent and not us. lol That’s why this FA is important for Lin.

  964. I think it all depends on what Lin could bring if Lin stays. The tickets, the rating and other revenues. But these numbers are hard to estimate correctly.

    Now that Lakers are in full tanking mode, I think they will shop Lin around to get some assets back, as some fans here suggested.

  965. what about the pick that attach on lin when he was sent to lakers

  966. Want Ad: playoff experience point guard who can give you 13/5 in 22-25 minutes…good locker room guy who plays hard every night…..any takers….it’s so silly how this is not even thought about

  967. Yes, I think that accurately sums up the situation. They get press & media attraction with Lin if they keep him. But if they keep benching him they will get a lot of negative PR.

  968. well said

  969. Good article indeed. Thanks.

  970. When you see a baby you know there’s intimacy involved, and act that’s seldom witnessed. BS cancelled practice the morning after the DNP-CD, and then was quoted by Kevin Ding backtracking his own decision. It’s not tough to deduce what happened.

  971. life is more than basketball……

  972. Hopefully Byron Scott fired.

  973. http://www.answers.com/Q/What_does_it_mean_when_an_NBA_player_is_%27waived%27

    From the above link, I found out that Lakers has no business incentive to “waive” Lin because Lakers will still have to pay MOST of the money they owe Lin. I say “most” because that amount will be reduced by any pro-rata minimum contract a new team which claims him would have to pay. Therefore, until the end of this season, there will be DNP-CDs or small PTs. A big money at the end of the year has this negative consequences.

  974. Lin really getting good chances to play for God in this situation.

  975. They can pick their nose for all I care. Just kidding, hope they make a wise choice.

  976. There is a business reason for teams not to take Lin. Lin’s contract amount during this year is just too expensive.

  977. Sadly those traits you’ve described are not mutually exclusive with racism, people can be either or, or both.

  978. Who is this writter Phil Cicchi? Tried to google him on the net. Not much.

  979. Lin too expensive for any teams to show any interest, so they are going after Pablo rather than Lin. Who knows? Rockets might go after Lin for cheap at the end of this year.

  980. I heard that THAT pick still remains with Lakers.

  981. in the long run, sports or any other human activity that requires great human sacrifice + big money means you get all this you mentioned taking over after a bit. Who would have guessed that we’d be arguing over deflated footballs when you know PV=nRT (ideal gas laws). Even professors are saying PV=nRT proves NE is both accountable or not. Basically, you pump the ball with hot air and let nature do it’s course. One side argues nature did it. I think it’s easy to use a hot air source to pass inspection, then within 30 mins, the ball is 2 psi lower.

  982. More guards in NBA going down. Opening for JLin?


  983. I don’t think he can initiate any trade talk. It’s out of his hands. He can only request for a trade from the Lakers.

  984. Trade for me, but then maybe Kobe announces his season ends, and BSc has his box redefined.

  985. ironic byron scott is doing a favor for jlin for not getting hurt… dnp…..all pg are going down 1 by 1

  986. I remember that game too. That was the first time I saw Lin get this frustrated and mad. Melo was purposely tanking in order to force the Knicks FO to get rid of MDA, but MDA resigned first. So sad. Ego and pride got in the way of good basketball and the fans suffer. Same thing in Houston with Harden. So much wasted potential.

  987. It would be a bleach of contact and they can waive him without paying him anything.

  988. Nah, teams with injured PGs aren’t going to go after Lin. Too expensive.

    Lin’s best chance to get traded is if a contending team trades for Lin wanting to shore up their depth for the playoffs.

  989. It takes all of us to remind each other to stay with it, like acbc’s post on bee intelligence. Everyone, and I mean everyone gets negative. I see the DNP-CD not as racism, but that combo of people flaws that conspire independently to hold down a guy who won’t tank, who won’t sell out to se been as someone easily bought off on an agenda (even being selfish), etc. LAL in the beg were saying the right things, Kobe said them, BSc said them. See the culture they have instituted that drives their actions – uphold an unproductive aging injure guy, let an incompetent coach do as he slin,s etc.. No sense in repeating all that.

    That is why I would like us to change the picture (literally) and move on. We need to see what that ‘certain victory’ is, it is very hopeful.

  990. That was a good flag in the playing field.

  991. awesome!

  992. yes he did say no big deal. ppl attacked him also for all the other clients. But look at Lin … he has Adidas. So, it’s not like he goes around looking for bad ppl on his team. He has his reasons for Monty. What I want to focus on is what he meant by CERTAIN VICTORY. What is that? A lot of possibilities.

  993. BSc is starting to see his believed foundations change, so he’s just waving in the wind that he things is changing. Flapping like a flag in changing winds. Noisy … too bad he has the power for now.

  994. 8.4m may be the best Lakers would do but will Lin take it.

  995. yes, ppl who disdain Kobe and watch LAL would not bother to vote … selection bias. Just like medical boards … most ppl on those have not gotten over their afflictions, so if you research a problem watch out for mostly negative posts. The healthy ppl (attitude and outcomes) don’t go on medical boards to posts how awful life is, they just live with it.

  996. Would be easier for JLin to penetrate in the paint. Of course BScott doesn’t care. He’s trying to tank and going to play tough as nails Price. SMH


  997. it’s a demeaning position.

  998. guess no LAL viewing tonite then.

  999. Not trade talk..just….raise interst….otherwise, it is illegal..

  1000. Tonight we’ll see a numer of things. I’m fairly certain Lin will play, but how many minutes he plays and whether those are significant will reflect FO stance. Also, Jeremy’s agent Roger Montgomery tweeted “certain victory”. We’ll be able to gauge his words by observing Lin’s treatment by Lakers tonight on what Montgomery considers victory. This will be indicative of whether he’s a fit agent for our boy.

  1001. Walking away and do something else works for me when I found myself getting too worked up over this. Life goes on.

  1002. Well, this IS the best tanking lineup after all.

  1003. it’s going to be a tough game of him unless the team rallies around him because his position is all about teamwork plus what he said his instructions are (getting ppl going). If people don’t support him, due to the slap down by BSc, then he’s going to have a tough game. I don’t trust his team mates though they do pick him up more than Rox.

  1004. If this goes through, Jeremy should go to Denver! It’ll also give him stronger lungs. 🙂

  1005. I miss that Linsanity motley crew. Everyone bought in, everyone was having fun and contributing.

    I wonder how Novak, Field, Shump are doing.

  1006. Privately may be.

  1007. some of that started to gel, but lots of pressure from ‘leaders’ to not support Lin. You know how it goes from being in tough spots in our own worlds …

  1008. CO is a nice place wild wild west of the midwest.

  1009. And he can go deer hunting with Jeffrey?

  1010. I thought fishing is more their thing…

  1011. Yeap, Sacre starting is a joke. This is a starting 5 for a true tanking team. I guess with Kobe being there, he would not have cooperated with tanking this obviously.

  1012. I know, but is Denver good for fishing?

  1013. Yes, at least Lin is showing some grace under bad circumstances. However, 15 Mill should make him feel better. I think I can be graceful with 15 Mil in my pocket. 🙂

  1014. It would be nice if Lin didn’t have to sit on the bench but can be outside doing his own things.

  1015. outside, lots of fly fishing.

  1016. Yeap, he will play 10 minutes or less. He should take 20 shots in 10 minutes.

  1017. I want the Asik thing. You know …