Defenseless Hornets Lost Again; Glimpses of Linsanity

The Hornets defense was exposed again as they lost to 92-105 to Milwaukee Bucks.

  • Defense was a problem again since no one is stopping the Bucks from attacking the rim.
  • Fatigue might be a factor as they played a back-to-back game.
  • Glimpses of Linsanity was seen in the beginning of 4th quarter as he played as the PG to lead 7-0 run with scoring 4pts on 2 drives plus a drive & kickout to Kemba on the perimeter who passed to Frank on a wide-open 3pt shot. The Bucks lead was cut to 6 pts (78-84)
  • But 6’8″” Khris Middleton was hot shooting scoring on 6’3″JLin who gave up a lot in height. He scored 4pts to extend the lead back to 10pts (88-78)
  • Coach Clifford replaced Lin with Batum to help defend Middleton but the strategy backfired since they still can’t stop Middleton and lost the offensive momentum without Lin. The Bucks made 14-3 run to extend the lead to 22pts (102-81) with 3:49 left before Clifford sat the starters
  • They should have replaced Kemba with Batum so Lin can guard 6’6″ MCW and Batum can guard Middleton but Clifford can’t bench Kemba as the established starter in the middle of pursuit of All-Star votes. It’s bad coaching although politically might be correct.

The Hornets are in danger of giving up on the season as the big men are unable to play good defense. On the positive for JLin, he was able to show offensive momentum with drive and penetration despite the bad ankle IF he is trusted as the PG.


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