Coach Byron Scott Praises Jeremy Lin During Press Interview

Byron Scott Introduced as Head Coach

Go to mark [23:13] on his comments on Lin:

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Jeremy Lin?

“Well, you know, the thing I like about Jeremy, is that he’s feisty. He’s tough. He competesI’ve played against him, as far as coached against him, in a number of games, so I know how he is. He’s a competitor.

The point guard position in this league today, on the defensive end, is vital. You’ve got to have guys that are — they don’t have to be great — they don’t have to be great one-on-one defenders, but they have to go after you. They have to just continue to be persistent at that end of the floor. I think Jeremy is like that, and offensively, obviously he can shoot the ball. He can push the ball up and down the floor. He gets to the basket. He’s a very, very intelligent basketball player, so again, after coaching against him for a few years, it’s going to be fun to coach him.”

Coach Byron Scott praised Lin for being a tough, feisty competitor.  Defensively, he rated Lin as someone who goes after you and very persistent, not a great one-on-one defenders (which is quite fair) but I think he will be pleasantly surprised of Lin’s underrated defense. Finally, he closed with stating Lin likes to go up-and-down the floor (playing fast pace) and a very, very intelligent basketball player.

There are positive words that we haven’t heard from Jeremy’s previous coach (McHale) in the past 2 years. A good coach should always acknowledge a player’s strength and continues to develop a player’s weakness.

It’s the total opposite of McHale’s comments in 2012 when asked about Lin. Both McHale and Sampson said, “Well it’s a different system, we don’t need once-in-a-lifetime Linsanity, he just needs to push the ball”. There was no acknowledgement of Lin’s strength so there was nothing to be done to utilize them properly. McHale can only see the negatives. It’s good to see Byron recognizes Lin’s strength so he can utilize them properly.

I’m confident Coach Byron Scott will properly uses Lin’s strength in his system based on his good assessment of Lin’s strength.

Did I miss anything? What do you think?



  1. Talent recognizes talent, like how Kenny “The Jet” Smith said that Jeremy deserves to be in the NBA

  2. Word.

    All ex-guards immediately recognize Lin’s ability to score, get up-and-down and how high his BB IQ to make decisions on the court.

  3. Somehow I misread “bumbling” as “humbling” hahaha.

  4. He too shall be humbled :] you’re a prophetess indeeed

  5. Humbled? more like, he’ll be buried or shamed hahaha

  6. Can’t wait for next season when Lakers beat his team and Lin starts post-game conference with, “Well, we moved the ball much better than them, not sticky to one player …” 😀

  7. Shameful. Rockets will just be mediocre to questionable on the offensive end and bleeding embarrassing on the defensive end even with Dwight on the team.It’ll be an anomaly if they make it to the playoffs.

    Jeremy’s Lakers on the other hand, my best bet is 6th seed, until second round.

  8. If Harden doesn’t plug his defensive black holes and be 1-man offense, I can see them missing the playoff easily.

    Lakers will be a bit tough. If everyone buys into Byron’s system, emphasize defense and trust Lin as the floor general, playoff is very possible. It’ll take them sometime to adjust in the early season for sure.

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