Classy and Optimistic JLin in Ian O’Connor ESPN Interview

I’m glad “Classy and Optimistic” JLin showed up during Ian O’Connor ESPN Radio interview on 8/3 morning show.

He was classy as usual to respond to his Houston experience to defer to Harden as the main playmaker but at the same time chose to project optimism in his preparation before the Lakers training camp.

ESPN NY Radio Ian O’Connor’s interview that aired this morning. (courtesy of blubell)
Starts around 33:53 on JLin interview

Some Lin fans seemed to have disagreement in how Lin chose to stay classy in regards to how he confirmed Harden to be the better player. He further confirmed Houston was correct to make Harden the playmaker and asked him to sacrifice by being more off-the-ball and play off-the-bench.

He could have chosen to slam Houston Rockets by saying something to the effect of , “Look how that decision work out in the 1st round of playoff loss against Portland Blazers” in regards to Harden’s struggle in the whole series except the last game. But It would sound petty and bitter although it would be selfishly satisfying. But it also wouldn’t sound like the classy JLin that we knew to be complementary in public media from his NY days.

Moreover, it would be such a distraction because the national media would pounce on the story and his Laker teammates would hate him for hogging attention as this new troublemaker. It’s a good thing we have a wise Jeremy who knew how to hold his tongue to be successful in the NBA. Houston is in the past and he needs to focus his energy to be the best teammate for the Lakers. Nothing more and nothing less for now.

Godspeed, Jeremy!