Let’s use this page as a CHAT ROOM.

It turns out having a CHAT box on Homepage slows down site performance. Many people use Homepage so it takes longer for everyone to load Chat box even when they don’t use it. There is a link from Homepage to this CHAT ROOM.

[chat id=”10″ blocked_ip_addresses_active=”disabled” blocked_words_active=”disabled” box_height=”600px” row_name_avatar=”name-avatar” row_date_format=”F j” row_spacing=”1px” row_message_input_font_size=”13″ log_limit=”50″ users_list_show=”name” users_list_position=”right” users_list_width=”20%” users_list_moderator_color=”#7c6fff” users_enter_exit_status=”enabled” users_enter_exit_delay=”0.5″ ]

1. WPMU Chat PRO

This free-version seems to be slow and missing some text.

8/14 1:30pm I have replaced it with PRO paid-version which offer more features and faster. [psalm234]

Intro Chat Box

(share what you have in mind)

[chat id=”7″ blocked_ip_addresses_active=”disabled” blocked_words_active=”enabled” row_name_avatar=”name-avatar” users_list_position=”right” users_enter_exit_status=”enabled” ]

2. QuickChat  (another flavor of Chat plugin)

This might be overkill but it’s good testing comparison with WPMU Chat plugin

Ok. I disabled it. It’s so slow and resource-intensive!

3. BoWoB Chat

This Facebook-like free CHAT version is found on the bottom right-corner:


  • It can handle 100 simultaneous users
  • Hosted on a remote server so it would be best not to impact this website performance
  • It might be the best GAME CHAT option, other than Disqus or Forum thread (slow)
  • Good blinking notification on the browser tab if you’re browsing something else.


  • Brent tested it not working on IPAD Safari browser
  • No avatar/status in free version
  • Paid version starts at $10/month for 25 simultaneous users 🙁