Charlotte Hornets roster

Last year, Hornets were 9th in defense, 28th in offense, and last in 3PT%. They made it a point to upgrade their offense and spacing this offseason, acquiring SF Batum, C Spencer Hawes, PF Kaminsky, and of course PG Lin. Here’s a brief overview of the team (disclaimer: I’m not that familiar with most of the players, just gleaned from articles). You can read more details at .

Al Jefferson – Good post moves. Not an outside shooter.
Cody Zeller – Will be third year player. Pretty athletic. No 3pt range. Had shoulder surgery recently.
Spencer Hawes – traded from Clippers last month. Shot 42% 3pt two years ago, but had a injury last year and only shot 31%.

Marvin Williams – Last year 7 pts, 5 reb. Team high 35.8% 3pt (among rotation players). Pretty underwhelming career for a #2 overall pick.
Frank Kaminsky – NCAA Player of the Year. Played very well in tournament against top competition. 7 footer who can shoot 3s, put the ball on the floor, pass, high bball IQ. I think he will be Lin’s new favorite teammate.

Nicolas Batum – Signed from Blazers. May play SG. Was a great shooter, but had some injuries last year.
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist – Great defensive player. Not a 3pt threat. Another #2 overall pick.

Jeremy Lamb – was on Rockets before traded for Harden. Hasn’t lived up to expectations as a lottery pick.
Troy Daniels – 3 pt specialist from Rockets. Lin fed Daniels for that famous OT playoff win against the Blazers.
PJ Hairston – rookie last year. 3 pt chucker. 32% fg, 30% 3pt. Averaged 8.5 3PA per 36 min despite his poor %. Character issues. Clifford said, “But he hasn’t developed any way to play to make his teammates better.”

Kemba Walker – Flashy guard who looks good in the eye test, but stats reveal an extremely inefficient offensive player. 38.5% FG, 30.4% 3PT, 1.09 PPS (points per shot).
Brian Roberts – Another inefficient offensive guard. 1.06 PPS
Jeremy Lin – Don’t know much about this guy, whoever he is.

Overall, no superstars on the team, mostly role players who are not ball dominant (except for Kemba). And their new players can all space the floor (Hawes, Kaminsky, Batum). So this could fit well with Lin’s style of play, where he makes the role players around him better. My main concern is whether Kemba can/will play without dominating the ball.