Links on How to Watch CBA Games and the 2019-20 Beijing Ducks Schedule

This article will be used to compile information and links about Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) and how to watch Jeremy Lin with Beijing Ducks in 2019-20 season. Please share information in the comment section and new information will be added in the article:

  1. How long is the CBA Season?

Here is the Beijing Ducks 2019-20 schedule in Chinese showing 46 regular season games from Nov 3, 2019 to March 12, 2020. Playoff games may continue to April 2020.

Beijing Ducks 2018-19 schedule shows that the regular season started on Oct 21, 2018 and ended on March 19, 2019. They lost the playoff series 2-3 against Shenzen Leopards during March 25 and April 25 timeframe.

2. How do we watch CBA games?

a, Use Tencent app (Google Play link) credit to Melody Ting

b. … (To be updated later)

3. CBA Policy on Foreign players

Credit to @Arsenium,

Teams are only allowed to play non-Asian players for a total of 6 quarters, and only one non- Asian player at a time in the 4th quarter. This means that if a player checks in at all in a quarter that counts as 1 quarter of playing time.

In the CBA, each team is allowed a maximum of 2 non-Asian players in their squad, unless they finished in the bottom 5 the previous season, in which case they are allowed a third.

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