A candid interview with Jeremy Lin

Chinese company QQ conducted an in-depth, candid interview with Jeremy on July 27, 2015. Impressively, Jeremy answered the questions in Chinese. More impressively, he was very candid and revealing with his answers.

Original source: http://sports.qq.com/a/20150727/006209.htm

New video with English subtitles:

English translation (provided by @kittyhead, minor edits by @realdsb):

QQ Sports: Now the question the fans in China want to know is why you chose the Hornets among those teams?

Lin: I think the most important reason is Coach Clifford likes me a lot. He has been thinking for a long time how he will use me, and their system in the new season is one reason included. They will play faster and more PNRs. The most important reason is the coach wants me and likes me. Second, I really don’t have too many options. I know many fans, including myself, thought I would go to the Mavs, but they did not have much interest in me at the end. Actually I had been very familiar with Coach Silas since the 1st year of the Warriors stint, and now he is the assistant coach on the Hornets. Before I made the decision, I asked him a lot of different questions.

QQ Sports: The Mavs decided to re-sign JJ Barea at that time. Did that have a lot to do with your giving up on the Mavs?

Lin: Yes, the Mavs also had the chance to sign me. That was not to say they had no interest in me. They were interested too, but then my matter and DeAndre Jordan’s clashed. They put all their energy in which team DeAndre would choose for the next season. Thus they didn’t show as much interest as the Hornets in me and re-signed JJ Barea later.

QQ Sports: Did Coach Clifford ever say anything to let you feel the Hornets is your team or how you could help them?

Lin: First, the coach knows basketball very well, and he also likes the way I play. After the end of the last season, Clifford had already told everyone he wanted two players, one is me and I can’t tell you who the other one is because they didn’t get him. He likes me a lot and watched many clips of me. He knows clearly how I like to play. He and I talked for 2 or 3 times on the phone, about 2 or 3 hours total. When I joined the Hornets, he and I had dinner together. We talked for another 2 hours, so altogether we’ve talked for about 5 hours. He will come to CA to watch my training in August, and then we will eat and talk again. He really likes me a lot, so I appreciate it so much and I feel this is a great choice.

QQ Sports: You also mentioned you had a long talk with Clifford. Did he talk with you about whether you will start or come off the bench because Kemba plays at the starting 1, and things like you will be at 1 or 2? Are there definitive answers to those questions already?

Lin: He said if I was asking him now, then I would come off the bench, But he emphasized if I play well and the team needs me to start, then he wouldn’t limit me to a bench player. The coach also said he will let me play with Kemba for a long time and even if I don’t play well in Charlotte, he will give me a lot of room to play with mistakes.

QQ Sports: Actually you could play at 1 and 2. You could play at 2 off the ball with Kemba and play at 1 while Kemba sits. Fans all know you are good at playing PNRs with the inside men. Now the Hornets have many big guys who could play PNRs. Does this help you make the decision?

Lin: When the coach said we will play more PNRs next season, I asked him why they didn’t play much last season. He told me to look at the players they got this year. Most of them are good at shooting 3s. When the shooting is great, that will create a lot of space, leading to more PNRs. The Hornets said they need 2 players who are great at PNRs, one is Kemba and I can play PNRs with him when we are on court together.

QQ Sports: We know the Hornets’ owner MJ is possibly the best basketball player in the world. Did he have any effect in the process of signing? Or did he give Clifford all the power?

Lin: Most of the time it’s Clifford, the GM and assistant GM included, they talked with me on the phone. I asked many questions but most of the time I didn’t talk to MJ.

QQ Sports: Do you have any special feeling about playing for the best player in the world? We know he often goes to the Hornets and offers players advices in the practices. Could you learn some techniques from him?

Lin: I feel my way of playing is different from his, but he surely could teach me a lot. I look forward to it, but I’m not sure if he will watch lots of our training. I heard he will be there in the beginning of the season, and he will talk a lot with players. But from the mid-season to the end, he won’t watch every team’s practice but will watch our every game.

QQ Sports: If the team enters the playoffs, he definitely will watch them. Do you think the chance is high that the Hornets enter the playoffs?

Lin: I think it’s high. They entered the playoffs 2 years ago. Last year, Kemba, Stephenson and Big Al were injured so they didn’t play well. But we added more important players this year. I think Batum is good at shooting 3s, a great passer, and is able to defend from 2 to 4, so I feel the chance is higher than last year.

QQ Sports: You are used to playing in big cities such as NY, Houston and LA. Now you are going to a small one like Charlotte. Do you expect any change of life style?

Lin: I don’t think there will be many changes. I usually stay at home, don’t go out often, and I enjoy staying with my family and friends. So I am not afraid of going to a small city. I think Charlotte is a very pretty and quiet city. I’ve heard there will be many activities off the court, like fishing, teaching students how to cook. I’m fond of cooking now so I hope I can take cooking lessons.

QQ Sports: Which style do you cook, Chinese or western?

Lin: Most are of western style and healthier food like fish, steak, roasted chicken. But I can’t eat fried food, not too much sweet, oily food, mostly healthier food.

QQ Sports: In a recent interview, you said you are changing your shooting form and working on lots of floaters. Do you feel this will help you a lot for the new season?

Lin: I hope so because we are going to play a lot of PNRs next season; thus floaters matter a lot. I need to shoot it very well because I will have to use it when challenging a tall and high-leaping center. When my floaters are great, the opponent has to choose which to defend, me or the players on the weak side. So I think this is important and I also change my shooting form in my hands gradually too, hoping it could be more stable.

QQ Sports: Recently there’s news saying you thought Lakers and Rockets aren’t suitable for you. Then why do you think you will fit better on the Hornets than the two?

Lin: I think the Rockets system is suitable for me but they have Harden. Although he plays at 2, he handles the ball for most time and I just go find the corner, hoping he would pass me the ball to shoot 3s. I had improvement here but that’s not the way I want to play. The Lakers system isn’t fast. But I feel it’s more important that coaches have to like me and know how to use me. Then by talking on the phone, I think Coach Clifford really understands me, and he will play faster and many PNRs.

QQ Sports: After one season on the Lakers, fans want to know which Lakers players you will keep in touch with after you go to the Hornets?

Lin: I have contacted them. In fact, while you were signing with a team, many people would text you. Because I am a free agent, ED and I have talked for 3 or 4 times, Kelly, Nick Young, Sacre, JC did too.

QQ Sports: Will you keep in touch with them after you go to the Hornets for the next season?

Lin: Definitely, we are still friends.

QQ Sports: Fans in China must ask, how about Kobe?

Lin: I don’t know. After the end of the season, I have never talked with him. If I meet him in the future, I will talk with him surely.

QQ Sports: The Hornets are going to play pre-season games in China this year. Will you go to China on behalf of yourself?

Lin: We will go to Beijing in August and then play games with the team in October.

QQ Sports: The schedule of the China games was decided before you join the Hornets. After you joined the Hornets, now the focus of the fans in China will be “Lin vs Chris Paul.” Will this give you extra pressure?

Lin: I have played against him for many times, so it won’t give me too much pressure. I know this is just pre-season games. The primary goal is neither the opponent nor winning. Our teamwork every day is what counts most. We will observe what plays are good and what plays will cause problems and what defensive changes needed to be done. Therefore, keeping healthy matters most and preparing for the new season is the second, and then to spend time developing chemistry with teammates.

QQ Sports: Putting the basketball factor aside, you must be the most popular player in China on both teams. Everyone will give the loudest cheering. Will this treatment bring you more confidence since you just go to a new team?

Lin: I will be very happy and I feel the games in China are very important. We have the opportunity to play in front of the fans. They won’t have to watch TV in the morning but can watch us play on court directly. For me, this is important too. I know I have many different fans who watch my games every day. But it really matters I could go to the cities in China to play.

QQ Sports: QQ have reached an exclusive cooperative agreement with the NBA. Next season, we will have live broadcast of all the game online exclusively. I heard you have already opened your QQ WeChat account https://erektile-apotheke.de/. Could you introduce how to interact with you on WeChat in details?

Lin: My account on WeChat is “linshuhao717” and I hope you all could go search and follow me. I hope to do a lot of funny and creative stuff.

QQ Sports: Why did you return to wear No.7 next season?

Lin: Last season I wanted to wear No.7 too, but Xavier Henry wore it. I asked him if I could wear No.7, but he declined. So I will wear No.7 when I have a choice.

QQ Sports: Does the number have any special meaning? Share it with fans.

Lin: 7 is God’s number in the Bible. It’s God’s favorite number. For example, there are 7 days in a week and it also represents perfection. When I played in the summer league for the Mavs, I didn’t ask for any number but they gave me #7. I told myself at the time that if I made it in the NBA, I would wear #7.

QQ Sports: Finally, could you say something to your fans through QQ?

Lin: I appreciate everyone watching the interview very much. Thank you for watching our games. I hope everyone could watch our games in the new season. Our goal is to enter the playoffs. In October we will have pre-season games in China and I hope you will also come to watch. I’m thankful for you to read my news on the internet every day.


  1. Go jlin!

  2. nice, you beat Brent! =)

  3. Thank you for the new thread 🙂

  4. reposting my coment from previous thread:

    Lin said, “What’s very important is that the coach should understand how to use me. I feel that Coach Clifford understands my playing style, I like to play at a fast pace with lots of pick and roll.” Which
    basically insinuates that McHale and Scott didn’t understand how to use him properly, which of course, we all knew.

    I think what is a very important note is that Lin said Clifford told him that he would allow
    him to play through mistakes. This is an incredible statement, because McHale and Scott and many other coaches in the league would not allow that, that’s why they ended up benching Lin. For Clifford to say that means that he truly understands Lin’s value, that he’ll make mistakes (turnovers) sometimes, but his net value is very positive.

    Lin also talked about Clifford talking about how he wanted both Kemba and Lin on the floor at the same time to have 2 PNR players. I guess that could be a good strategy so that if the opponent traps one guy, then they will have a 4-on-3 PNR with the other guy. Not sure how Kemba+Lin will work out on the defensive end though.

  5. I just wonder how QQ/WeChat was able to score such an exclusive, in-depth interview with Lin? Does he have some business relationship with them?

  6. it’s popular media/news company in China. Helps his popularity and get his message spread out significantly. so why not?

  7. I think the parent company is Tencent. From Wiki:

    “It is one of the largest Internet companies in the world and competes with Amazon, Google, Ebay, Facebook and Alibaba.

    In April 13, 2015, the market value of Tencent exceeded US$200 billion for the first time, hitting US$206 billion.”

  8. Next season, Tencent will be the only Chinese internet company broadcast all NBA games in China.

  9. I see, that’s probably the most significant factor

  10. yeah, I think before different companies would pick and chose on which team and which game they broadcast, but next season, it will all go through Tencent,

  11. I wonder what Clifford thinks about Lin’s mistakes. If the perception is strongly negative, his patience may run out quickly. Especially if it is TO, and Kemba appears not to commit much TO.

  12. Right. No coach likes boneheaded mistakes. But a smart coach will accept calculated risks.

  13. Ah, well that explains it. So it puts them on a level like ESPN, TNT, NBC, not just some dime a dozen messaging company.

  14. “In China, however, there is only one IM program worth knowing – QQ.

    Developed by the Chinese company Tencent, its trademark penguin mascot is as familiar to the Chinese as the Google logo is to us, and there can be few urban Chinese who do not have a QQ account. 800 million QQ accounts have been opened and, at times of peak usage, over 176 million people can be online. Nearly all of them Chinese, that’s a lot of possible new friends to choose from.”

    –china highlites travel guide

  15. yes, thanks for putting it together @disqus_fWuEHXfabt:disqus ‘s awesome translation for a nice summary!
    I’ll try to make the questions in bold for easier reading

  16. QQ Sports: You also mentioned you had a long talk with Clifford. Did he talk with you about whether you will start or come off the bench because Kemba plays at the starting 1, and things like you will be at 1 or 2? Are there definitive answers to those questions already?

    Lin: He said if I was asking him now, then I would come off the bench, But he emphasized if I play well and the team needs me to start, then he wouldn’t limit me to a bench player. The coach also said he will let me play with Kemba for a long time and even if I don’t play well in Charlotte, he will give me a lot of room to play with mistakes.

  17. tencent founder and primary shareholder is “pony” ma; listed by bloomberg as the world’s 40th richest man.

    according to the always entertaining “bloomberg’s bilionaires” he lost 351 million today.

    but dont feel too bad for him, hes still got 19.2 billion.

  18. I like how Coach Clifford plans to come to CA to watch JLin’s training in August.
    Saying he likes JLin is one thing but to actually fly Coast-to-Coast to watch a player workout (in the offseason) speaks volume of a coach’s level of commitment to actually develop the player. Thumbs up!

    “When I joined the Hornets, he and I had dinner together. We talked for another 2 hours, so altogether we’ve talked for about 5 hours. He will come to CA to watch my training in August, and then we will eat and talk again. He really likes me a lot, so I appreciate it so much and I feel this is a great choice.

  19. This is from a Howard Beck article, dated November 17, 2012. By that time Lin was with Houston and D’Antoni was in LA. I think this excerpt describes the “supportive” element of team culture that Lin is looking for :

    [Point guard Chris] Duhon, who was acquired by the Lakers last summer, said D’Antoni “gives you that ultimate freedom,” and it applies to everyone.

    If a player makes a mistake, “they know they’re not going to get yanked out right away,” Duhon said. “So now you’re playing loose and confident. And then when you have success, your confidence starts to build and build and build. That’s what he does. He wants you to shoot. He doesn’t care if you go 0 for 10.”

    Nor did D’Antoni flinch when Lin committed six turnovers, or seven or nine, as long as they were mistakes born of aggression and pure motives. Lin had the freedom to test his limits and to grow.

    See : http://www.nytimes.com/2012/11/18/sports/basketball/paths-merge-for-lakers-mike-dantoni-and-rockets-jeremy-lin.html?_r=0

  20. I think to Hornets it’s good choice for Lin bc Clifford really likes him & also needs him to help the team to get into playoff. On the other hand, Lin needs to have a team to let him play his game so this is really a perfect match. I believe we finally can see Lin’s game again after 3 miserable years.

  21. Yeah, I can’t say I’ve ever heard of that before

  22. yes, that’s the most exciting part .. having a coach who likes JLin & knows how to use him well. Can’t wait to see some training videos!

  23. It tells me that Coach Clifford is very good in preparing for the next season .. plus increasing the chance of getting a contract extension with a dose of Linsanity!

  24. yeah; to quote from my post below: “its trademark penguin mascot is as familiar to the Chinese as the Google logo is to us”

  25. Actions speak louder than words. It is really nice to see they’re not all talk like LAL, HOU, and NY.

  26. So Lin is not a Linux geek? 🙁

  27. He’s an apple guy… sorry.

  28. But LINux is such a perfect match 🙂

  29. does tencent have an adware like qvod? ……..I install qvod and remove it after install lol

  30. its TUX cousin

  31. McHale flew to Colorado to watch Howard work out right after they signed him. Dream was there too and JLin. That’s when Dream said the Howard/Lin combination would be “dangerous”. Unfortunately McHale didn’t allow much of that combination.

  32. Lin is speaking like the weight of the world has been lifted off his shoulders. I like this Lin.

  33. Another guard? I assume this is just a training camp body.

  34. Ah, that’s right, now I remember. The bottom line is, it doesn’t matter what anyone says during signing, training camp, or preseason. It’s what their actions are when it counts (during the season).

  35. thanks, the bolding helps. (although you want to avoid using underline on web pages, because it signifies a hyperlink).

  36. …and it would be so adorkable 😛

  37. yes, also Lin said Clifford know about basketball, and at the time of official signing, he already saw 8 games of Lin, full games. So that’s 8 straight hours homework there. We could tell BS did not do that when he said “Lin used to have ball in his hand all the time” after two years in Houston, and we know McHale did not do that and Simpson said he saw some highlights. That’s the difference.

  38. trade comming up

  39. Are they worry the Penguins will get cold hence the scarfs? Hahaha~~~and the top one looks like something else. really cute though.

  40. Oh good, I thought it was a little weird to have 3 penguins in his patio.

  41. I am going to adopt a wait and see attitude on Clifford. Lin’s skills have been missed repeatedly before.

  42. Can’t wait to see/hear news on JLin when he attends charity event in Beijing on 8 August and Clifford attends of JLin training and have dinner with him. Huge issue of offseason non JLin game in offseason:-) After these two events, the next big event will be media day, training camp, preseason games. Seem like such a long time to wait:-) Actually only about 2 months to media day/training camp:-)

  43. I really like this interview with Jlin, he opened up about a a lot of things. One of which we already knew: BS really did not have it in for Lin.

    That James Harden trade was really unlucky for Lin honestly. This kind of changed the trajectory of his career. This could be good though, he can legitimately redeem himself this season and it sounds like he will be in a situation where he can do so.

  44. Can see where you come from. Yes we all have been betrayed by KM and esp BS but this is very different to me.

    This is the first time I’ve seen a headcoach spent that much of energy on JLin. He has studied films, talked to MDA, JJ even before talking to JLin himself about Hornets offered. JLin also said after he signed with Hornets, he has watched 8 full games of JLin before press conference. When did a coach spend so much of energy and time with him? A total of 3 hours before signing and then 2 hours before press conference. More time in August. Believe JLin also said Clifford came to his practice when he was in Hornets and told him the specific things like hands… what he worked on, not just a blunder case. Clifford knew what he talked about when JLin asked him very specific questions.

    Remember that MDA talked about this aspect of JLin when he was in Knicks. He could tell by JLin’s facial expressions when JLin struggled with specific play. Believe Clifford is in the same category. Don’t believe Clifford will misuse nor marginalize JLin like KM and esp BS.

  45. Yes JLin has been very honest and candid with his answers. He still wouldn’t put anyone down but from the answers we know what he talks about. Like this about him. He is really getting very good in speaking out in the right way.

  46. He can really change the perception of GMs/coaches in the league

  47. I am glad Nornets coach seems to be like Lin a lot for real unlike BS said one thing after he got the job it’s another story. Hope Lin can work well w Kemba. Just read BR on Lance Stephenson talked about why he didn’t work well in Hornets last season bc he & Kemba both alike & they all need ball in their hand so…. Really don’t know anything about Kemba & hope he can work well w Lin.

  48. Lin’s Mandarin on wechat is pretty good.

  49. Say Jeremy, this does not look like Palo Alto.

  50. Great stuff! Thank you to kittyhead for the translation! The best part for me:

    “He said if I was asking him now, then I would come off the bench, But he emphasized if I play well and the team needs me to start, then he wouldn’t limit me to a bench player. The coach also said he will let me play with Kemba for a long time and even if I don’t play well in Charlotte, he will give me a lot of room to play with mistakes.”

    Lin confirms what we inferred from Clifford’s press conference: no preconceived limits on Lin’s role/minutes. And no looking over his shoulder after every missed shot or mistake. Clifford is a Lin Fan…and that’s something new for Lin.

  51. Finally, a clear translation. Best wishes to you, great Lin fans, at jlinportal

  52. Jeremy could have his own proprietary operating system from either mama or papa Lin.

  53. Hopefully, wearing the #7, the numero of Yahweh, will help Lin play better…The #17 never looked right on him.
    Glad he went to a team where he can wear the 7….7 days 7 night.

  54. Last year the preseason schedule came out in the 1st week of August and the regular season in the 2nd week of AUG.

    so lot of things to monitor in first half of august.

  55. It is a kind of a blessing that this Hornets situation even exists at all for Lin. I mean his perceived value to most of the league has diminished greatly. His career trajectory is interesting to say the least

  56. Oh sorry, I thought everyone knew or I would have said something sooner. I have the penguin on my taskbar all day long cos I have to use QQ.

  57. Hornets forum, Super Lintendo: The Jeremy Lin Thread. 45 pages and still going!

  58. also check out the “depth chart” thread for various opinions of minutes likely for lin. (and other hornets). some interesting breakdowns/possibilities.

  59. #17 looks okay in NY.

  60. Both Lin and Clifford are in for a bit of a rude shock next season.

    They’ll start out running pick and rolls. And they’ll work beautifully.

    Then opponents will do what they always do: start blitzing Lin over the pick and roll with two and three players.

    Fortunately, I do believe that Steve Clifford’s modern NBA offense will provide enough motion off the ball for Lin to find open people. It’s not going to be like LA or Houston where Lin’s teammates just stood around idly as opponents ganged up on Lin.

    No matter what team Lin plays on, defenses always force Lin’s team to play “Linball” which essentially consists of 3 guys chasing Lin and 4 of Lin’s teammates left completely unguarded.

  61. for me personally..I am
    going to wait..not going to be too excited….hoping this time everything is going to be smooth……stays healthy Lin..keep on improving…

  62. number 717….looks fine.

  63. ha ha..nice.I love the penguins..soocute.I think they should give him Dolphins as a gift..
    suits him better.

  64. more practically speaking, his twitter handle and website are based on “7”. His wechat is smart, “717”, cover all the bases, even a a future “71” LOL

  65. indeed, talk is cheap. we’ll see when the regular season arrives!

  66. I could see Batum play a major role here. Really looking forward for Batum/Lin play together.

  67. Yeah, they are both battle hardened Western Conference veterans.

  68. Oh…so there were two players Clifford was interested in right after the season ended, one was Lin but they didn’t get the other one. I’m curious to know who the other person was.

  69. In the interview Jeremy said pretty much the same himself. That while he doesn’t want to promise his fans anything, he did have some great talks with Clifford and feels like he’s really wanted this time.

  70. I only skimmed that thread, but I see some fake fans over there trying to make people dislike Jeremy.

    If anyone posts over there, they should call them out and ask them to prove they are a Lin fan by confirming their name on either here or the other site.

    If the fake fan can’t (or doesn’t have a post history here), then we know he’s not a real fan.

  71. Tencent interview with English subtitle… thanks to Steve P.

  72. Maybe it’s Davis? LOL!

  73. everything that’s happened to lin the past 3 years has been very good for him. he’s become a stronger person and a better all around basketball player because of all the adversity…

  74. that would have been my guess too!

  75. Lin could have been even better without all this adversity.

  76. doh, “LJIN” =p

  77. Why did they wait so long to approach him?

  78. I guess bc they don’t have money only can trade player but Lin is a FA so….. ?!

  79. maybe kemba should give more interviewws ans be more social media saavy

  80. True, but it won’t matter as long as Lin is healthy and playing 26-30mpg of PnR. Just look at that run he had for the Lakers after the All-Star break. It also helps big time (I can’t lie) that Lin is playing against weak East teams on a regular basis now. He tore up teams like the Sixers, Celtics, and yes, the Hornets.

  81. why don’t they write their own article then?

  82. nice, I changed the video link above to the one with subtitles!

  83. what do you think John Wall’s stats would be in the Western Conf?

    Probably Reggie Jackson numbers LOL

    Reggie Jackson went from 12.8 pts/4.3 ast to 17.6 pts/9.2 ast.

  84. What? But today I read article from LA Times said it’s SF?! Why not SG?

  85. I agree, both Lin & Batum have high BB IQ.
    Lin has respect on Batum’s ability to play multiple positions so I’m sure he’s looking forward to feed off each other

  86. ah I see .. all I can think of is Linux but I kept thinking why would Linux sponsor JLin just to popularize LIN-ux LOL

  87. yeah, I’m a bit unnerved with the big one staring at me the whole interview LOL

  88. yeah, gotta love the 2 big ones 🙂
    almost Minion-like in its appeal. Great job by Tencent for sure

  89. Too old, too slow

  90. 8-straight hrs of film study on JLin’s game by Coach Clifford was certainly a lot during the time of recruiting & signing. So glad to hear that after having to listen to always-doubting tones of McHale & BScott

  91. that’s true. will need to turn off the bold there

  92. I’m not sure but I see scary technical issues w/ qvod & Tencent :0

  93. ah, didn’t see it before. thanks!

  94. I recognize posters from CF instigating hatred for Lin. Not planning to visit anytime soon.

  95. Well, guess Kobe might as well play PF since he hardly ever plays any perimeter defense and just camps near the paint to fight for defensive rebounds against his own teammates LOL. Stat-padding just comes so natural for the Black Mamba.

  96. Sounds about right. Lower %s too (and his %s are already so-so). I’m honestly not impressed by Wall…yet. He has the ability to be great if he keeps working on his game, but right now, he’s not elite. We can only imagine what Lin could do with the touches, minutes and freedom Wall has.

  97. Coach Clifford wanted to get 2 players, 1 is Lin.
    Based on the new system they want to play and the players they currently have, who do you guy think the other player is ?

  98. When Jeremy played in the Summer League, he didn’t ask for any number but he was given number 7, God’s number in the Bible. Amen.

  99. What about too little too physical?

  100. LOL
    Roy Hibbert would have to defend the paint and give the perimeter to all.

  101. Lin could have developed more team chemistry with Wesley Johnson. That Alley-oop long pass at the beginning of season was dynamite but obviously BS put a stop on that quickly. We didn’t see that anymore.
    With Batum and coach Clifford, it could be a different ball game.

    Looking forward to more long passes next season.

  102. I guess Danny Green?

  103. hard to imagine how they play small but very slow and with so many ball stoppers? Their defense will be horrible…lol

  104. with that lineup, Roy Hibbert needs the summer league foul limit (10)!

  105. In Realgm, someone said Belinelli is likely.

  106. i think this is a very good guess.

  107. the projected sl is: russell the dp pg jc the former future pg now sg and kobe the ancient sg, now pf–with 6th man lou in fold to back up 2&3 nick young season highlite may be restricted to drew league.

  108. yes: thats the reason lin was signed for the relatively low-ball bae, they dont have any flexibility for signing f.a. because are allrady basically hard up against the cap.

    so it stands to reason they were looking for someone they could also get cheap; someone above suggests danny green which makes a lot of sense.

  109. dont think so already go log jam of bigs; probably a couple will go somewhere along the way. i (and charlotte fans pre-lin concur, many anyway) that hairston and or williams could go. of there is likely in rotation already al/zeller/hawes/kaminsky (and they added hasbrough). where they weakest at sg, why they plan to move traditional sf batum to sg. but im not really sure (and addtionally popular posters, not me! agree) that will work.

  110. I do not believe what Clifford said about if Lin plays better and if the team needs him to start, he will start tho. But things are looking good now..

  111. Man…as much I hate the LAL, I somehow bought Lin edition Adidas sneaker……..LOL

  112. What Byron Scott plans for never has worked out. His success in the past depends on talents who has already known the game of basketball. Jason Kidd wanted to get rid of Byron Scott because his idea of basketball is not really his cup of tea. Chris Paul doesn’t need Byron Scott to tell him what to do. Byron Scott himself has achieved nothing in coaching.

    Not like MDA, he has invented new ways of playing basketball and has been proved to work.

    Byron’s concept of playing basketball is laughable.

  113. keep in mind besides declining shooting % each year in the league as a starter walker (or do you call him kemba?) has played declining # of games each year as well.

    should he continue on his current path he would be “not available” for at least 30 games.

  114. incorrect: byron scott acheived the worst single season record in lakers history. and no doubt is quite possibly on a course to lather rinse repeat this year.

  115. Oh…I hope so…lol

  116. Is it good on the court?

  117. In that lineup, Roy Hibbert would be the POINT GUARD.

  118. I predicted before the season that Lin would make Wes Johnson look really good.

    That’s what happened.

    Wes Johnson went from no star to All Star when Lin was on the court protecting him. Johnson looked like the 2nd cominng of Scottie Pippen with Lin feeding him.

  119. On the Rox, Jeremy played a lot more minutes, closed out some games and at times played PG while Harden’s bcoz McHale, and Morey wanted to win games. Lakers wanted to tank and hence Jeremy was benched for paying well.
    Unless we’re so wrong about coach Clifford wanted to extend his NBA coaching stints, Jeremy will inevitably logged heavy minutes if he leads the team Linning and Winning.

  120. I have no doubt Lin will get minutes this time…just doubting the starting thing

  121. Never nice to wish injury on teammates of Lin. C’mon,you’re better than this.

  122. So far….it is ok..need to get use to those lower(?) design……

  123. I do not think it was someone who can just shoot but can not run PnR.

  124. I mean the decline in his shooting $age (or any thing performance wise)…not wishing him any injuries. 😛

  125. Someone willing to take the MLE, I’d guess. Since that was what they had to offer. So probably a veteran type player. Maybe Lou Williams or Arron Affalo?

  126. Sure, we have been deprived of seeing Jeremy starting and I don’t know if he would have the starter role stipulated in his contract that if his stats > Kemba’s then Hornets HAVE to start him. He can’t bank on next year’s salary increase for a fat contract, but also to secure his Starter role.This time, he has to play hard ball!

  127. If he plays alongside JLin, Kemba’s efficiency will go up since they cannot leave Lin alone.

  128. He will, however, only overlap with Lin for limited minutes it seems..

  129. Scott’s an idiot as the SF in the league are much better than the SG. Can you imagine Kobe guarding Durant, Carmelo, Lebron, Paul George, etc. He’d get killed.

  130. I’m afraid Lin does not really have an athletic big man to PnR with on the Hornets. I’ve not seen much of Zeller. Al is fat and slow. Who else? as the other bigs are more pick and pop types. I’m getting nightmares thinking Lin/Boozer or Lin/Hill reruns.

  131. For Lin to get his 25-30min, he will probably have to play with Kemba for 10-15 min.

  132. At least we know it will not be just High PnR….need something more fluid.

  133. My guess so far is 2 6-mins stints for the overlaps.

  134. I hope Clifford can get creative. Lin and Batum or Lin and MKG staggered P&R all game long.

  135. Lin will not play with Al much as a reserve anyway. He is Kemba’s problem…lol

  136. Seems too good to be true? I am slightly doubtful as well.

  137. It just does not make sense.
    1. I rarely see a player being demoted like that just because he is having a “bad” season.
    2. Lin carries some discount. lol

  138. Not too many literate Basketball fans perhaps?

  139. If Lin starts then it won’t be Kemba sitting. Maybe Zeller. If they have a lineup like this – Kemba, Lin, Batum, MKG and Al.

  140. Zeller is an above the rim players.

    So is Marvin Williams.

    Neither of them attack the rim as intelligently or viciously as the Hornet’s most unsung player, Tyler Hansbrough. Hansbrough is the complete package.

    Spencer Hawes can really shoot the ball, so well that his true shooting percentage is likely better than that of a lot of big men that roll down to score at the rim.

    Al Jefferson has looked slow and disinterested throughout his career, but I predict that will change once Lin frees him up for easier shots. I also think that Jefferson will defend much harder with Lin feeding him shots.

    Frank Kaminsky can do it all from anywhere. He’ll be more of a perimeter guy, and that’ll be good against the types of defenses that will engulf Lin. Like Hansbrough, Kaminsky also can dribble the ball and create shots for himself or others.

    All of Charlotte’s big men are hardnosed. They’re not like Jordan Hill or even Carlos Boozer who were athletically incapable of rolling down low.

  141. M…..I do not even sure if this lineup will work well or not…lol

  142. Batum maybe, MKG no way.

    MKG lacks the fundamentals to run a minimal pick and roll.

  143. Good article.

  144. It’s not as if a high pick guarantees success.

    Every one of the top picks outside Jahlil Okafor has had a very rough Summer League. And struggling in Summer League ALWAYS means big time struggles in NBA regular season play.

    Frank Kaminsky is the most NBA ready player of the top draft picks, even over Jahlil Okafor who Kaminsky outplayed in the NCAA tournament.

    If we’re going off strictly one’s proven contributions and immediate NBA readiness, the Hornets actually got the lottery’s #1 pick.

  145. A lot of that depends on how the starters play.

    If they play as poorly as I think they will, then Lin will
    HAVE to start just so that the Hornets aren’t in garbage time the instant Lin enters the game in the 1st quarter.

  146. I think I read somewhere that this is the last year of Clifford’s contract. His job is on the line so it’s his best interest to do whatever it takes to win.

  147. Very realistic

  148. Interesting article.

    The choices that Jordan has made indicate that he’s still doing the 80s eye test instead of really looking at whether a guy produces.

    The article has some really strange thinking, including the wildly misguided notion that brick handed unathletic undersized Justise Winslow is a better NBA prospect than Frank Kaminsky. Or the notion that the limited Batum is going to become some sort of mega star. Or that losing the clueless Noah Vonleh is a bad thing.

    It’s obvious that guys like Lin and Hansbrough are Cho’s and likely Clifford’s choices too while guys like Batum are Jordan’s choices. Essentially the bench is Rich Cho’s guys while the starters are Michael Jordan’s guys.

  149. Good article in terms of the author researching his facts properly (a rarity in today’s media), BAD analysis by the author!

  150. He’s athletic and that always helps.

  151. So, are any of them better than Greg Smith?

  152. Usually I would know, but in this case I have no idea.

    My guess is that Clifford was seeking out a proven backup point guard like a DJ Augustin or Darren Collison.

  153. Every single one of them is better than Greg Smith.

  154. With these moves, it’s pretty apparent they are ready to win. Getting that taste of the playoffs two years ago and then missing out last year, means the team should be hungrier. Charlotte might be the new Atlanta before they became the new San Antonio. Which means a 6-8 seed, no t much of a deep playoff run, but not a top draft choice.

  155. Because Al is Kemba’s problem, Lin will be brought in with Al to SOLVE things!

  156. Draft choices are overrated anyway.

    Most high draft choices don’t pan out, as the losing teams drafting high usually are there because they don’t know how to draft!

  157. NOBODY is wishing injury on anybody.

    Let’s not invent fantasies out of thin air.

    That’s just looking at the hard truth of games played vs games sat out due to injury.

    Whether Lin’s there or not as Kemba’s backup, the Charlotte Hornets needed to find a backup PG capable of playing big minutes given that Walker has historically missed a lot of games.

    Such a mentality actually holds true for ALL teams in the NBA. Those that don’t, they end up like Cleveland which had minimum wage Matthew Dellavedova fighting valiantly as a surprise starter and even winning until a lack of a backup to him did him in.

  158. Only up to a certain point:

    Walker still has to get the job done off the opportunities Lin will create for him.

  159. MKG is only average athletically by NBA standards.

    More importantly, he’s so lacking in fundamentals that it’s unlikely that he could even get into the proper position to attack the rim with that average athleticism.

  160. And now Byron Scott is talking about playing Kobe Bryant at POWER FORWARD.

    Scott’s lunacy knows no bounds.

  161. Trouble is already brewing in Charlotte.

    New acquisition Nicholas Batum is now reportedly interested in playing for Toronto next season because of his “international roots.”

    I’m sure the Hornets management is thinking “Great, we get this guy for our last year’s #9 draft bust but he already wants out before he has even played a game with us!”

    I don’t think this impacts Lin in any way, but it does impact the Hornets in general.

  162. What? Where did this news from? But can Batum out of Hornets now?

  163. The news is reported on hoopshype.com which is the most reliable source of realistic NBA rumors.

    NBA players use hoopshype in order to follow rumors on themselves and the players that are selected to replace them.

  164. So Batum really wants out of Hornets? But he had not play any game for Hornets yet…..

  165. @Khuang, who is the better player at their respective position? Hansbrough or Lin? =)

  166. No he doesn’t “want out of the Hornets”. He wants “on to the Raptors”, an entirely different thing. He’s a free agent next year and can decide where he will go. The Hornets can offer him the most money so they have a good chance but he’ll make the final decision.

    People, I know it’s the slow off season but really? Hypothetical contract signings for NEXT year are “trouble brewing”? C’mon.

  167. Your analysis is better than Zach Lowe? Yeah, okay.

  168. I understand your concern about Boozer/Hill reruns. I think it will be different because Hawes, Kaminsky are excellent 3 pt shooters. Boozer and Hill did not shoot 3s. Popping at 15-20 ft doesn’t space the floor much. But popping out to 3 pt line does.

    Kaminsky can dribble the ball, has great footwork, and sets great screens, so I think he can be a good PNR player. I’d like to see the Hornets do a lot of dribble handoffs.

  169. Well, at least there’s one PG that Lin’s making more than. =)

    Dellavedova re-signs with Cavs for 1 yr $1.2M.


  170. yeah, that’s the only part I kind of trusted this coach and GM a little bit. It is also a critical year for Cho too, he needs to win too.

    However, I heard in a radio show that Stan Van Gundy was asked about good NBA coaches and Clifford was the first one he listed, so that’s that. Clifford is well respected not like some BS guy.

  171. Lin got demoted twice even not having a bad season. 🙁

    If they want to run and go with small line up, they might sit AI, and run Kamba/Lin/Batum/MKG/Zellar

  172. Hopefully, but “best interest to do whatever it takes to win” does not automatically mean “makes best decisions to produce the most wins”.

    For example, Keith Smart resorted to playing Monta Ellis 40 min/game and playing “veteran” Acie Law instead of developing Lin.

    I’m probably the only person who thinks Scott was not trying to tank last year. He obviously did not make the best decisions on producing the most wins.

  173. When Hansbrough is properly utilized, his game impact is absolutely equal to Lin’s.

  174. And if you believe Zach Lowe’s hype that Batum is gonna come in and be the Charlotte SAVIOR, you’ll be just as clueless as Lowe or any other journalist that has little understanding of Lin’s game.

  175. Oh really?

    What you don’t understand is that teams historically don’t like players that are interested in moving on to different teams once their contracts are up.

    This very same Charlotte franchise just dealt with an ugly situation of this sort with Boris Diaw who didn’t want to play for the Bobcats and basically complained his way off the team onto the Spurs.

    NBA teams not just in Charlotte but in other cities have had very rough times with players disregarding their current teams to chase their next contract. Didn’t we just see a playoff debacle by Rajon Rondo who was focused on leaving the Mavs despite being under Mavs contract?

    Nobody is saying that Batum will be a bad thing for Charlotte. But the signs are WORRISOME.

  176. That’s fine for the year.

    Besides, Batum is a true unselfish team player and will play his best whether he stays in Charlotte next season or not.

  177. Yeah, I can easily imagine it.

    The Charlotte Hornets would’ve lost a lot more games, missed the playoffs, and would’ve been in such a GM wreck that Rich Cho and Steve Clifford probably wouldn’t have been around to get Lin in the first place.

    I do not understand why people are so hyped about Gordon Hayward who is earning at least twice what he should be making.

  178. exactly, that’s why I don’t really care, Lin had options after one year too. As long as they all focus this year, that’s good enough.

  179. the timing of the “leak” from Batum’s camp that he’s interested to play for TOR next season is very curious.

    If it’s mid-season, it’s good to show interest but to start rumor before Batum plays for CHA can’t be good for him.

    But Batum is a professional and he’ll definitely play his best for CHA this year. No doubt about it, esp. it’s a contract year

  180. What I don’t understand is why you had to bring your aggressive posting back to this peaceful forum.

  181. I’m not posting aggressively.

    I thought you and I were having an INTELLIGENT basketball discussion with good points being made on both sides.

  182. All free agents who are interested in joining a specific team will make the interest known the season before so that the team can clear cap space for that player to come in.

  183. Maybe Raptors is going to pay him lots of money?! Well, next season it’s his contract year so he sure will play well no matter he will stay w Hornets or not.

  184. I guess it’s a calculated leak by Batum’s agent then if TOR is the preferred destination. I wonder if there’s a better way to prevent this leak.

    It gives the wrong impression that Batum would say to Clifford/Cho, “I’m happy to play for you now but I’ve always had my eyes in TOR to be a dream workplace”

    Batum had to send this “Really?” tweet to diffuse the rumor


  185. very possible. He’s a really good player but just had a bad year last season.
    I have this TS% chart I’ll post soon

  186. True Shooting % measures players efficiency at shooting the ball
    Check out career TS% of 4 #Hornets playmakers .
    Batum is 1st and JLin is 2nd but last season JLin was #1 because Batum’s TS% dipped to 51.6% due to injuries


  187. Rank of Career TS%:

    1 Nicolas Batum 56.8
    2 Jeremy Lin 54.7
    3 Al Jefferson 52.8
    4 Kemba Walker 49.5

  188. what?? But I thought he is already playing kobe at PF… and SF, PG, SG and C.

  189. better than

  190. Let’s keep the topic to basketball, not labeling other posters.

  191. I didn’t see labeling or aggression. KHuang is exceptionally knowledgeable and famously direct in style. There’s more than enough room here for everyone….and we’ve got great mods to keep it civil. It’s all good.

  192. I just learned this about Batum:

    His father Richard was a pro bball player in France. Batum (2 years old at the time) and his mother were in the stands when his father collapsed on the court and died of an aneurysm. He still remembers the incident. =(

    When Batum was entering the league, the Raptors raised a concern about a heart stress test at a pre-draft workout (other teams’ medical tests did not). It caused Batum’s draft value to drop a bit, and he was very unhappy about it.


  193. On a related note, I think another reason Charlotte wanted Lin is that they KNOW he has no problem being a Hornet for life — if they use him properly. If he’s given the starting job and allowed play his game, Lin would turn down a max offer from the Spurs to stay in Charlotte with Clifford.

    Even a nice team player like Batum would rather be elsewhere. I’m sure Kemba would gladly leave for a contender or bigger market or bigger contract. But Lin, for obvious reasons, just wants a team who will let him be lead guard. That’s all. And his potential endorsement $$$ would render his salary an afterthought.

  194. I don’t know about that.

  195. You can imagine Lin being promoted to starter, putting up Linsanity stats (20/8), leading his team to a playoff run in the weak East…and then leaving for more uncertainty? No chance.

    If Lin leaves, it’ll be because the Hornets refuse to let him start despite him outplaying Kemba. And to be fair, that might very well happen since MJ is the one ultimately calls the shots.

  196. We can see why Clifford promised Lin a chance to start. Kemba is just awful despite receiving freedom Lin can only dream of.

    Hornets are clearly going in a more modern direction — Lin, Batum, Kaminsky, Hawes — and if MJ isn’t a believer, then he’s at least letting Cho and Clifford get some of the players they need.

  197. The fact that Kemba is such an inefficient shooter is very obvious that Hornets fans and media are fully aware of it.

    It’s the elephant in the room for the moment. I’m curious to see if Kemba would be asked to adapt his game to be more of a facilitator and reduce his 15.6 FGA to be more efficient.

  198. I have not seen the starter part, and I don’t see Linsanity coming. This team has holes, there is no lock down center that could play anchor defense. And coach Clifford has not shown his cleverness in the offensive side. And by switching the focus to offense, how much that could impact their defense we don’t know yet.

    You know last season they have lowest 3s, assists as a team, no offensive board, no transition fast breaks. And this team is trying to change their identity, we don’t know that will be success yet.

    On the other hand, it is the last year contract for coach Clifford, I don’t think they will think beyond next year yet.

    Of course they would like to resign Lin, but I’m pretty sure they want to resign Lin cheap too. So, don’t commit yourself too early.

  199. Listening to The Russillo Show 7/28 – Hour 2 on ESPN Radio Mobile.”fuzzy haired kid named jeremy”. Start @17:47.

  200. What is that UFO on top on Jeremy’s new hairdo?

  201. LMAO…….I think it was the Enterprise flying by at wrap 10

  202. Damn Jermey’s hair is so crazy now it obscured my clear line of sight of Captain Kirk…

  203. How is Kemba’s number as a spot up shooter?

  204. aliens are coming to study lin’s strange new hair.

  205. sheridan hoops gave hornets their only a+ so far on offseason acquisitions (haven’t done all the teams yet).

  206. it’s a yarmulke

  207. Nice, thank you.

  208. well ive actually done some numbers on it before from recent drafts, often (but not a majority of the time) there are more players eventually being significant nba players outside the lottery than in it.

    but the crap shoot title is correct.

    a majority of players in first round lottery or not never do anything signficant in the nba.

    tho overall first round picks the majority of time out perform 2nd round picks.

    however the one thing that is clear: undrafted players do not achieve in the nba. only current active exceptions: lin and wes matthews. (there are a couple others you could argue slightly below but based on current acheivement and future potential).

  209. Hornets executives explain why they wouldn’t trade Frank kaminsky for 4 1st-round picks


  210. Librafree
    @JLin7 at Chipotle. (credit Alex Beroza IG)

  211. i wouldn’t say kemba is “just awful”.

    the two clear trends that suggest declining performance which he would have to reverse however are:

    1. year over year as a starter declining shooting % (not “true shooting” % actual simple shooting %)
    2. declining number of games played each season.

    were he to continue on his current trajectory he would mis 30 or more games this coming year and his shooting % would be approaching kobe’s % last year.

    basically: he has been consistent in his production year over year; just progressively less efficent in acheiveing that production and increasingly “not available”.

  212. can we have a poll on this?

    “what is the ufo on top of jeremy’s new hairdo?”

    a. aliens coming to study lins strange new hair
    b. the startship enterprise
    c. a yarmulke
    d. (im sure there will be some other ideas)

  213. you could say zach lowe really stirred up a hornets nest with his grantland article.

  214. The one next to Costco….

  215. I can see the Hornets would make plans to ensure Kaminsky would succeed next season to prove once for all that MJ’s choice was brilliant. More PT & defined role should follow

    Winner = Kaminsky

  216. C&S(16.9%freq) 33.9%FG, most are 3pointers. Half of his shots are pullups(47.1%freq) with 34.3% FG%, among those 12.8% are 3pinters with 25.6% FG%

  217. thanks! Grace

  218. I prefer captain Picard.

  219. STARTship of course!

  220. I thought you would say Capt. Janeway

  221. deep space 9

  222. It’s this lamp in front of Chipotle:

  223. I’m not the one doing the labeling.

    Sonnet is accusing ME of aggressive posting.

    He’s the one doing the labeling, not me.

  224. Though that could be a hidden flying saucer like in Men in Black

  225. You’re completely misunderstanding my point. I’m not saying Lin should commit lifetime to the Hornets right now, lol.

    I’m saying that if Lin were beasting as a starter in Charlotte, he’s not the kind of person to leave for a bigger market or even more money. For Lin, it’s about basketball and being able to play his game.

  226. I don’t have any trouble with this kind of thinking.

    Frank Kaminsky is a really good player and a bunch of low first round picks probably would not be as good as him even if they were all added up.

    Now had Kaminsky been off the board, then Charlotte definitely should have considered the offer. Miami who got the wildly overrated Justise Winslow should still consider shipping Winslow out to Boston for those picks, though I really don’t understand why Boston wants Winslow when they already have better players like Jae Crowder who Winslow probably will never beat out.

    The thing is that when a single high pick is traded for 3 lower picks, usually the single pick works out while the 3 lower picks do not. The sole exception to this is Eddie Griffin at #7 for low pick Richard Jefferson and two first round scrubs.

  227. e. 1st sighting of “LinDrone” = Hidden drone created by Lin Fangirls to cover him 24×7

  228. You guys are such nerds… it’s obviously a halo 😛

  229. Haha .. busted! #BluBelLinDrone

  230. No, no. It’s his thinking cap! (as my sons says)

  231. Thinking cap, of course.

  232. He only has one season in which he didn’t shoot awful %s in a very weak Eastern conference. Lin, even marginalized, misused and held back by a tanking team, shot 42/37 this past season. And that was mostly against a brutal West.

    At least with someone like Rubio, you can point to his passing and defense. Kemba doesn’t even have those skills. I’ll hold my tongue outside of Lin forums, but the truth is that Kemba Walker has absolutely no business starting in the NBA. And if he were Asian, he’d be out of the league.

  233. Ok Psalm. Official poll needed, j/k.

  234. Too short. Always like Pablo Torre. Will listen to him to talk about JLin anyday:-)

  235. As a Lin fan, I would say no because I’d rather start Lin, Batum and Kaminsky as my new core trio.

    But since no one in Charlotte (except Clifford and Silas) sees Lin as a starter, it’s insane that they didn’t take that deal. 15 and 16 is not enough. But 15, 16, an unprotected Brooklyn 1st, and another late first? That’s too big a haul to turn down. You can package those picks in all sorts of interesting ways.

  236. yer no fun.

  237. thats better!!!!!

  238. updated poll in answer to ? “what is that ufo on top of jeremy’s new hairdo?”

    a. aliens coming to study lins strange new hair
    b. the starship enterprise (w/ picard, janeway, or kirk?)
    c. a yarmulke
    d. hidden men in black flying saucer

    e. lin’s thinking cap
    f. fangirls “lindrone”

    note: “lamp in front of chipotle” is not acceptable answer cause not creative.

  239. WOW! Go JLin!

  240. No wonder Lin played mediocre in the game against Miami Heat: according to Torre, the entire team was focused on bringing Lin down in that game!

  241. This appears to be a Taiwanese bball magazine.

  242. Sorry… But the XXL really got me thinking Magic Mike….lol!

  243. A Must-Have photo for Jeremy’s female fans!

  244. This is such a sad story. I’m just glad that Batum turned out to be a quality player, his dad would be proud.

  245. the problem is Kemba is pretty bad in facilitating. He don’t drive that much, and when he drive, he don’t kick out, and he can’t do much pass, and he is not that good finish at rim. That’s why he can’t create for his teammates, as he can’t shake up the defense, thus he could only rely on his teammates set up a pick to get himself open and he shoot. The thing is, he can’t shoot well.

    And just see how he got his extension make you feel how unfair NBA is, I don’t get how he could be a starting PG for 3 years and got a 4yr extension and Lin don’t get a chance.

  246. I got your point! *wink wink* definitely!

  247. Good one!

  248. You just did. His name is sonset, now you label him sonnet.
    Okay…I kid! =P

  249. duplicate deleted

  250. “There’s some logic in Polk’s thinking that having too many mid-to-late
    first-rounders isn’t ideal, but the way he articulates the point doesn’t
    make sense. He implies that the team didn’t do its homework on the
    latter part of the draft, which is an indictment on the scouting
    department. A strong front office would find a way to make good use of
    those assets rather than throwing its hands in the air and essentially
    saying “what am I going to do with all these picks?””

    I agree, it makes the Hornets front office look poorly. I don’t like Morey’s approach with ignoring team chemistry/fit, and dealing players like cards and assets, but he would have taken the picks and swapped those for an even better value.

  251. There’s almost no way a 15th, 16th, unprotected Brooklyn 1st (they’re a bubble playoff team), and a late 1st round pick would be as good as a single Frank Kaminsky.

    Other than the NJ pick which could easily end up as a 30th pick as easily it could be a 1st pick, drafting guys in that range would end up with people like Terrence Jones.

    Heck, getting a higher draft pick than Kaminsky #9 would end up with guaranteed busts like Emmanuel Mudiay, Julius Randle, DeAngelo Russell, Anthony Bennett, or Joel Embiid!

  252. Kaminsky’s good enough that he’d force his way into the rotation of even a hater coach like Byron Scott.

  253. I think you overestimate Brooklyn’s potential for being awful, but even if you failed to draft a “sleeper gem” with those FOUR mid-late firsts, you can always package those picks with an existing asset to land something bigger.

    Draft picks are always overvalued. A few months from now, Walker + TWO 1st rd picks could net you a young quality starter at a position of need. Or a mid-lottery pick.

  254. And people say Lin is “weak”…

  255. Caption: “I’m NO bench warmer”

  256. Do you think his posture is correct? A little shaky?:p

  257. yes, I always feel low tops get your ankle messed up, but then I’ve gone to the lace up velcro ankle braces. Cool for you.

  258. my fantasy friends will be in for a rude shock with JLin breaks out this year and rewards me for years of loyalty capped by HOU and LAL. Hope my fantasy friends don’t read this.

  259. no, it deserves its own thread =p

  260. Lin doesn’t need a location tracker, just follow the fan pics to know where he is at any given time. =)

  261. looks fine to me

  262. why didn’t Lin sign up with more affordable watchmaker? like Timex, then I can afford one LOL

  263. In THIS draft, there were too many late first rounders who don’t have NBA ability.

    That’s true of EVERY draft, including the wildly overrated 2014 draft that people were saying was filled with All Stars and which I proclaimed as a bust in 2013. As it stands, the vaunted 2014 draft turned out to be REALLY WEAK.

  264. Ever since the Charles Barkley for Jeff Hornacek and Tim Perry and Andrew Lang trade that totally destroyed the Sixers and saved the Suns, teams are reluctant to trade a single star for multiple lesser players and picks.

  265. Frank Kaminsky has all his attributes guaranteed for at least 4 years of college basketball. He has size, quickness, skills which assure his success in an NBA career. Getting other lower first round picks means that the team has to take chances that you need not to. A bird in hand is better than multiple in bush. Next season is a win now season and a must win season for Hornets. They shouldn’t take unnecessary chances.

    Hornets FO must have felt that they have already got enough pieces to win for a playoff with Kaminsky and the team. I tend to agree that Frank Kaminsky is they type of player who could immediately help them. Size doesn’t shrink. Shooting touch never gets worse when they’re left open. At the least he would create spaces inside. His 3s are impressive. A solid NBA draft choice at #9. Noway should they give them up for Winslow who looked horrible at times before draft workouts.

  266. This is a brand for elite athletes.

  267. Speaking of birds, Kaminsky has some Larry Bird traits.

    However, Kaminsky is not Bird’s athletic equal and never will be.

  268. I also subscribe to the “4 quarters don’t equal a dollar” philosophy, but I don’t think Kaminsky is can’t-miss enough to qualify. Okafor…sure. But if Kaminsky weren’t playing alongside Lin next year, I’d feel a lot less confident about his future.

  269. Would the NBA allow JLin to wear a Naturo headband to go with his haircut?


  270. Could you name all the Hornet Players at their contract years next season?
    Coach Clifford is definitely in his contract year to begin with and most likely GM Cho too.

  271. Surprise, surprise. China dismisses trademark case filed by Michael Jordan against Qiaodan Sports (“Qiaodan” is a Chinese pronunciation of “Jordan”).

    Court said:
    “‘Jordan’ is not the only possible reference for ‘Qiaodan’ in the trademark under dispute.”
    “In addition, ‘Jordan’ is a common surname used by Americans.”


  272. I know, I wasn’t directing it towards you (I just replied to the last comment)

  273. jordan combined wih sports products tho is quite unique

  274. With that last name….of course…lol

  275. Yeah, I think the intent is very important too.

    I really dislike frivolous IP lawsuits, like those patent trolls that sue companies over the silliest of things, but in this case, it does seem like the company is trying make a quick buck (yuan?) by tricking the consumer.

  276. I knew it.

    For years, I’ve been saying that the lottery is a minefield due to all the bad teams drafting that don’t know what talent is.

  277. Ok moderator, I happily stand down.

    We members can disagree strongly with each other without being (overly) mean about it!

  278. Safe to assume that Jeremy Lin may opt out
    So players at their contract years:

    Jeremy Lin
    Jeremy Lamb
    Al Jefferson
    Nicolas Batum
    Marvin Williams
    Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
    Which is 6 out of 10 active players.

    Cody Zeller’s next season is club option
    Next season is important for him too.

  279. Well, Kaminsky is a true 7 footer who could shoot the ball beyond the arc. That makes him special. There is no reason to compare him with Larry Bird, a future hall of famer if not already. Plus Frank Kaminsky has proved that he could shoot around the rim and drive to the basket.

  280. I don’t think it’s worth the risk of passing up a guy with Kaminsky’s talent for a hypothetical trade that likely would result in nothing or worse.

  281. I think Kaminsky is a can’t miss.

    With all the great games he’s had against players like Okafor who Kaminsky outplayed, I think that he will likely do better in the NBA than in college.

    If Kaminsky were black, he’d have been likely the #1 overall pick even if his game were exactly the same.

  282. I firmly believe that the only reason the Hornets are being criticized for turning down the Celtics’ offer is because Kaminsky is white.

    Why isn’t anybody criticizing Miami for not trading Winslow to Boston? Winslow is Miami’s player, not Charlotte’s.

    I think that a lot of people believe that Kaminsky can’t play because he’s tall and white. None of them have actually watched Kaminsky outduel the picks ahead of him.

  283. Assignment earth, gary seven, with teri garr. Lins about to be beamed up and then back in linsanity mode so we skipped the last three yrs.

  284. From a $ perspective, lbj didn’t have his back unlike the other role players.

  285. there is some discrepancy from the spotrac data above and sheridan hoops data i have referenced previously here:

    but basically only walker, hawes and kaminsky are on absoutley guaranteed both ways contracts for next year of any dollar consequnce.

    add in clifford who if he would be retained next year would have lasted longer than his 4 predecessors (and cho you add)– and its pretty much a test year for everyone.

    they could pretty much blow the whole team/franchise up at the end of this coming season

  286. if the logos were airbrushed like sports cards where companies dont have the rights to actually name the team.

  287. i thought a lot of people on here were seriously discussing buying this…you didn’t make the cut? finanacially?

    are your fans complainaing about your “contract”?

  288. or check the fangirl “lin-drone” referenced somewhere below.

  289. I’m with you on BS. He’s not good or smart enough of a person or coach to tank. His few good years were due to kidd and kidd didn’t think to highly of him back then as a coach or now.

    If it wasn’t for his association of former Lakers Showtime and Kobe butt kisser then he’d be out as coach.

  290. If you can’t pronounce it, you can’t afford it.

  291. Nothing surprised about, Jordan should have tried that in international court instead.

  292. There was some enlightening moments. I liked the sharing of the Battier comment.

  293. Really?

  294. oh yeah, I definitely agree. I sarcastically said “surprise, surprise” because China is not known for trademark protection! =)

  295. You are right, Walker, Hawes, Kaminsky, (and also Aaron Harrison) are the only ones that have absolute contracts next year.

    I think the Sheridan Hoops reference is outdated though, it doesn’t even have Lin’s player option.

    I consider basketball insider (updated by Eric Pincus) and Spotrac to be the most accurate.

  296. Article by SBNation (Russell Varner) about concerns about direction that MJ is leading the Hornets.


  297. he will be in for a pleasant surprise.

  298. so Joseph Lin has not signed with a team yet, but most likely a team in Taiwan’s league

  299. LOL, a guide to Carolina BBQ in response to Kaminsky’s comments about BBQ (Kaminsky when asked whether he associates barbecue as a food or a style of cooking: “It’s a sauce.”).

    I’m thinking that he was joking with a wink when he answered the question, he can’t be *that* ignorant about Carolina BBQ. But you don’t joke about BBQ in Carolina. =)


  300. Superstar, superstar. SMH, Does it have to a superstar with which a team can succeed? This NBA superstar addict is deep.

    The article advocates for building a team around a superstar, even from a long term perspective. (Sounds like tanking.) Well, the team already got one, hidden and waiting to be unleashed (again).

  301. yeah im still not really sure about the harrison contract its been reported as both a 2 and 3 year deal; one would correlate with yer links, the other with sheridan.

    but in any evident i was thinking of him when i put the words “of any dollar consequence”.

  302. well this is just further reaction to the “hornets nest” lowe stirred up in has article which essentially cast “dysfuncitonal” light on hornets f.o. dealings primarily visavis drafts recent.

    btw dont waste yer time going thru atthehive comment sections; its mostly just two guys engaged in long and pointless arguments with each other. apparently neither one of them has any other existence if be judged by the length and volume of arcane postings.

    apparently they have been at it for some time and across multiple platforms with various “handles”.

  303. It’s neat how the teams are sponsored by companies rather than by a city. Would be funny to see something like the Google Androids v. the Apple iTeam.

  304. chicago is weird. Can’t ask ketchup for a hotdog? And NC BBQ is…so different from the rest regional BBQ. No wonder kaminsky made the mistake.

  305. BBQ is regional… even micro regional in some places… I live in white sauce country…http://www.southernliving.com/food/how-to/a-north-alabama-favorite-white-bbq-sauce People in the south and mid west take their BBQ seriously. not sure about the rest of the country…

  306. Hey, can everyone take a read of my article on JLin https://jhaposts.wordpress.com/2015/07/24/jeremy-lin-a-talent-under-utilised/ . Hope you all enjoy 😀

  307. 100lbs isn’t that much- especially at his weight.
    But I must add- those are the nicest dumbbells I’ve ever seen.

  308. Spot on!

  309. At the end of his pressing movement- the dumbbells should come closer together. He also needs a little bit more arch in his lower back.

  310. Thanks for the nice comment Rick, much appreciated

  311. ^_^ Stephon Marbury’s playing for ‘Beijing Duck” team now, now imagine team names like “Louisiana Crawfish”!

  312. Well researched and unbiased article.

    I have nothing to add.

  313. On the other forum, I actually compared Frank Kaminsky not truly to Larry Bird, but to a forgotten 80s player who is remarkably like Kaminsky in game and physique.

    That’s Dallas’s Roy Tarpley, a 7 foot slim forward who was more of a perimeter player in the NBA and had the same type of game as Kaminsky.

  314. Thanks KHuang

  315. Great summary of Lin’s current situation & how he’s set up to rise w the #Hornets. Already RT-ed

    Keep them coming :]

  316. Thanks psalm234 😀

  317. for a faithful fan, the guy has so little hope that he brushed aside the playoff appearance 2 years ago as overachieving.
    He probably wanted to get a lot of hits for his article.

    I can imagine the same guy commented on brilliant Free Agent signing at the end of the season.
    “Bravo, Mr. Jordan! You heard me loud & clear” LOL

  318. Classy David Lee, Lin’s buddy, bought Chipotle catering for GSW staff to thank them for the last 5 years.


  319. Kaminsky = Spencer Hawes who the Hornets already have.

  320. There are athletes that are alpha and the rest are various levels of support players. The reason K Walker’s production has levelled off is about how the rest of the team can’t take the pressure off of him and the league develops game plans against Charlotte based upon scouting. Over time, only the truly great players can continue to adapt and stay ahead of the pack. Lin is that type of player. K Walker will be much more efficient once Lin makes the opponents focus on him instead of Walker. I expect Walker to have a very good year with much more room to operate if he is on court with Lin.

  321. Absolutely agree! Money is something Lin never needs to worry about. His endorsement potential is off the chart. During Tiger Woods prime, his on course winnings averaged not much more than 8-10 million. Tiger typically would make 7-10x more in endorsements. Lin has barely scraped the bottom of that financial windfall.

    Charlotte doesn’t need to pay Lin a dime as long as they give him freedom to play and become the star like Linsanity. Everything else will take care of it self naturally.

  322. Great article!

  323. In Zach Lowe’s article about the mediocrity of Charlotte Hornets, we get to see a lot of nuances about the relationship among MJ, Cho, Clifford which can impact JLin’s role this year plus the importance of Batum’s rental year:

    – Clifford’s relationship with Cho was supposedly cooled off after the team dismissed Rod Higgins who was close to Clifford. But they worked together to achieve the shared goal to upgrade team’s shooting in the offseason – JLin was seen as 1 of the shooting upgrade
    – Batum signing is seen as a gamble by the Hornets since he’s a 1 yr rental in a small market. But it’s a necessary gamble by giving up rookie big-man Noel Vonleh after 1 season hoping he can be a bigger star. If he’s not used properly & Hornets doesn’t do well in the playoff, he can bolt. Keeping Batum happy is seen as a high priority in Hornets. If JLin can help Batum shine & both can develop strong chemistry, he will be seen as invaluable engine of the team. I don’t see Walker’s game as a playmaker benefiting Batum as much as JLin’s game does. The main question is whether we’ll see JLin play with starters (Batum, Kemba, Al) to close games. Let’s hope we see a lot of this experimentation in the preseason games.

    In summary, Hornets is in a win-now mode because:
    1. they need Batum to resign so Hornets can attract more FAs,
    2. Clifford might get fired if the doesn’t bring Hornets to the playoff
    3. Cho needs his FA signing (Batum, Lin, Lamb, Hansbrough) to succeed to secure his future in CHA where MJ’s family members are growing (i.e. hiring his daughter, Jasmine, as a coordinator of BB operations)

    The situation is perfectly set up for JLin to be a Hornets hero.
    Let’s hope the stars are lined up once again for another improbable run of Linsanity!

    – Agents have at times sidestepped Cho to chat directly with Jordan, according to league sources. The team has turned over almost its entire scouting and analytics departments in the past year. (Though the Hornets recently hired Mike Born, a well-regarded Cho ally from Portland, to a key scouting position.) The relationship between Cho and Clifford has been cool since the team dismissed Rod Higgins, a Jordan ally with whom Clifford felt he could talk hoops, per sources familiar with the matter. Cho, Clifford, and Polk all downplayed the idea of a rift, and the two wings of the organization worked well together this summer to upgrade the team’s shooting across all positions — a goal they shared. Lin especially looks like a nice fit as a drive-and-kick player on a second unit stocked with spot-up guys.

    The Hornets will have to fight for the no. 8 seed next season, and if they fall short, it could cost Clifford his job; he’s on an expiring contract himself. Clifford has a sterling reputation, and even if next season ends in a worst-case scenario, he’ll land on his feet fast.

  324. awesome guy

  325. wow cool, I’ve never heard of white sauce bbq!

  326. lot of debate on the lowe piece on charlotte realgm; i think it eventually sort of boiled down to: the fans generally negative about charlotte team direction confirmed their concept of somewhat dysfunctional f.o.

    but the majority thought it was kind of a hatchet job set up to illustrate the author’s pre-conceived central point(s).

    and also there was a lot of criticism of who? mark polk? someone who supplied comments for the article, some even suggested he should be fired. for exposing team internal information.

  327. well, in that case, I definitely need one!

  328. Zach Lowe questioned the wisdom of win-now moves by giving up Vonleh for Batum, plus MJ decision to rebuild with Kaminsky by ignoring Boston’s offer of 4 1st round picks.

    It’s very subjective evaluation for sure. It will all comes down to the future of Batum, Kaminsky, Vonleh and those draft picks.

    I don’t think Polk’s comment is all that bad, they believed in Kaminsky and didn’t believe in the 15th or 16th pick so they (MJ) stuck to their gun. I believe Kaminsky’s development will be prioritized due to this article questioning MJ’s wisdom. And perhaps Lin/Kaminsky chemistry will prove to be crucial in the 2nd unit this season. MJ’s reputation is riding on it

  329. and very smart to keep good relationship with GSW

    I think Lin’s close buddies in the NBA should automatically belong to “Class-Act NBA Players”
    DLee, Curry, Ed Davis, Novak, Casspi, etc.

  330. I’m sure the topic of BBQ is a key contributor towards the good relationship between the Americans and Australians… Nothing beats a good barbie with a cold one in hand on a hot summer day. The only thing we can’t seem to agree on is that red curly creature with many legs… It’s called a PRAWN!!!

  331. critics didn’t mean to imply polk’s comments were “bad” per-se just that unintentionally in attempting to justify the points the author was criticizing he played into the authors storyline and more importantly just was exposing info that should be kept private to the organization.

  332. LOL Let’s put it this way, what Aussies and Texans (US) call BBQ is quite different:-) Never been to the states from east of Lousiana, Arkasas, Kansas, Missouri, so can’t make any comparison:-) Maybe one day I will visit Charlotte to watch JLin plays if he stays there for longer than a year:-)

    Wukong I will need to count on you to give me tips of where to visit, eat….:-)

  333. I think the key issue is that Lowe hold the idea that the team should build long term, and they should draft the best player on the table and hold on the asset instead of draft what the team needs now. The team should be built for a championship instead of aiming only for play off, as that will stuck the team in the middle of the league.

    However, that’s not necessary true for every team, and for Hornets, the goal is to win, and win now. 8 seed in the East is considered success. And the team would rather have somebody who might contribute in this season instead of whole bunch of trading assets in hand. It is hard to say which way is better but current way is definitely better for Lin, as he need to be in a win now team, and winning is the only goal, not some teams with certain agenda to hype up some player’s trading value, or to prove somebody right or wrong. Then Lin would have a better chance to be treated fairly.

    That said, I would anticipate Kaminsky will play but only play when he is contributing, not just for the sake of development. I don’t think coach Cliff and GM Cho could afford to run agenda other than winning. They need to demonstrate that the team is winning and have good FO and coach. Then, with current player turn over, they will have chance to get other FA to come.

  334. Really like JLin’s foundation logo. Maybe I will try to get one one day.

  335. Hhmmmm idk about that. We have the weirdest names in PH for basketball teams following the same format. Talk n Texters, Painters, Beermen etc. very popular though, I’d imagine the same for Taiwan’s league.

  336. there are really great BBQ tours you can go on… so different across the south. from type of meat to slow cooked, smoked, basted dry rubs… and then sauces! so many yummy variations.

  337. in my part of the woods we eat fresh water mud bugs…or crawfish… further south it is called SHRIMP! ha ha I lived in SE asia and OMG tiger prawns are to die for!

  338. come my way I’ll take you 🙂

  339. In watching Charlotte’s moves, I see a pretty unified front office that is united in achieving one goal:

    try to find a STAR who can carry the team every night.

    Charlotte is a small market team, possible the smallest in the NBA. They want to bring in guys of Lebron’s caliber, but they can’t attract them as free agents and haven’t been able to draft them either.

    Michael Jordan knows the importance of stars more than anybody. Everything Charlotte does is geared toward acquiring those stars. Even their end of bench guys like Hansbrough have demonstrated some level of star potential.

    Batum is the latest “star” to be auditioned. But if Charlotte wants him to carry the team, they’ll find that he’s the wrong guy for that.

    The one star that CAN carry the Hornets is Lin. The Hornets will find that out too.

  340. Zach Lowe’s problem is that he clearly hasn’t taken a look at Frank Kaminsky.

    He doesn’t realize that Kaminsky’s a very worthy #9 pick in any draft.

    Lowe thinks that Justise Winslow who’s like a smaller less athletic MKG is going to be better than a proven College Player of the Year in Kaminsky who singlehandedly took down Kentucky’s vaunted team of NBA first rounders and gave champion Duke and its star Jahlil Okafor all Duke could handle.

    So many people erroneously believe that Kaminsky’s gonna be a slow white bust like Danny Ferry. They don’t realize that Ferry’s as different from Kaminsky as Anthony Bennett is from Anthony Davis!

  341. I don’t think Zach Lowe understand’s the Hornet’s thinking.

    Since Jordan came on, he’s trying to find a STAR to carry his team. He just found one in this year’s draft in Kaminsky.

    The Hornets are patiently holding out until that SAVIOR comes. And he’s here already, not just in Lin but in Kaminsky and Hansbrough and possibly Batum and possibly Lamb!

  342. Does that mean MJ does not think Kemba is that Star?…

  343. OKC is a small market team, even though they never won championship but they had make some splash and have some stars.

  344. This guy said the following on FB, and it got a lot of likes:

    “Hey Jeremy, some advice from someone who’s lifted for years and also bench over 100 lb inclined dumbells. Work on your form before going heavy again, or you’ll hurt your shoulder. That’s especially a bad thing for you since that’s your career on the line. You should angle your arm around 65-75 degrees from your torso. Right now you go up to 90 degrees which puts too much pressure on your rotator cuff. But still impressive that you can push that amount of weight. Oh and don’t forget to leg drive while benching.”

    I posted the video on FB, and all of my weightlifting friends seemed to agree that he had bad form.

    I’m surprised, given that he must have access to really excellent trainers, and must’ve gotten lifting advice throughout high school, college, at Sparta, etc.

  345. Agreed. I think their plan to find some combination of existing players to be the #2, #3, #4 guys, and then throw a super-max contract at a “rising star” to be the #1 guy. They’ll sell themselves as a current 6th-8th seed who can become a true contender if [Free Agent X] signs with them.

  346. Honestly, I’m not overly fond of heavy dead weight lift for fine skill athletes that requires suppleness and feel to score. Bulk strength may be useful for the bigs that need to muscle under the glass, but PGs need speed more than power. Too much bulk only slows you down and is a detriment to quickness to create separation AND make quick lateral movements on defence.

  347. Hmm hornet colors

  348. A prawn is just a giant shrimp.

  349. We’ve got tons of tiger prawns and many kinds of prawns/shrimps here in DU:-) Come and eat to your heart content:-)

  350. WOWOWOW! Yummy. Too bad I can’t eat much this day:-(

  351. Not JLin news but JLin related:-) Hope we will hear great news on each team Babylin will choose from those 3 teams. Really amazed to witness how supportive of Papa and Mama Lin to their sons. Very non typical Chinese parents.

  352. not to mention the famous liquor “GInebra San Miguel” and “San Miguel Beer”..LOL..we also have a PBL or other League before plying the name of the city like “Cagayan de oro” Matro Manila” etc..which were own partly by the city/town/municipalities in which it were called with the co ownership from Private sectors too.

  353. Having grown up with high cut Chuck Connors, I just don’t understand why players today don’t use the extra support high cuts give to ankles in a sport that requires such quick and precise sharp angle movements.

  354. And a giant prawn is called Kaiju…lol

  355. Joseph Lin Highlights at Hamilton College

  356. I asked my friend in Taiwan & she told me this team it’s #1 in Taiwan right now. So maybe baby Lin will join this team?! He’s too skinny. Needs to eat more…LOL!

  357. It may only be a rumour that he never started but these things can create a rift between players. If Batum didn’t say it, he needs to clear the air ASAP. We’ll know soon enough if Batum wants to be Hornette or not.

  358. Yes, they won the championship for the last 4 seasons according to what I’ve read. Don’t know much about it but it’s interesting to learn more from Taiwan JLin’s fans and media.

  359. If MJ thought Kemba was “that star”, Cho and Clifford wouldn’t be raving about Charlotte’s need for more scoring and more dribble penetration.

  360. Lin turned Asik into a serviceable weapon. I expect that he can do much better with a smart and young player like Kaminsky. From what I saw of his summer league play, he’ll be a dynamic replacement for Davis that can help space the interior for LIn to attack. A big that can roll out to shoot 3 will give nightmares to opponents.

  361. Kemba is an African female name meaning family orientated and adventurous – Google search. Kid got to be tough with a female name much like A Boy Named Sue by Johnny Cash.

  362. not so much flashy but he delivers..left handed…///maybe he can’t go to his right??LOL!!! joseph might a slower version of Jeremy, or my video was just slow..:P

  363. If anyone is interested, here is a list of NBA cities ranked according to their size as ‘TV markets.’ The data was collected around the beginning of this year. Remember that New York has two teams, as does LA.

    Charlotte is highlighted in yellow. It’s certainly a smaller NBA market but there are others smaller.

    The numerical difference between the North American ranking (N AM) and the US ranking is due to the presence of Canadian cities. For example, Montreal is the 12th largest market in North America. The first gaps in the North American ranking due to non-NBA US cities are for Tampa Bay (15th) and Seattle (16th).

  364. Forgot where you’re from. Are you in Charlotte?

  365. I think someone wrote new thought is less injuries, I don’t know the truth. I do know having those lace up velcro ankle wraps extended soccer for me.

  366. is this some local league?

  367. I’d love to see MJ successfully find stars in JLin, Batum, Hansbrough that other teams overlooked

    I’m looking forward to watching some great Hornets games in 2015-16!

  368. Learned some interesting background info on Charlotte (the city):

    A second nickname derives from the American Revolutionary War, when British commander General Cornwallis occupied the city but was driven out by hostile residents, prompting him to write that Charlotte was “a hornet’s nest of rebellion”, leading to the nickname The Hornet’s Nest.

    That is a pretty cool reason to name your team after. I had just assumed there were a lot of hornets in Charlotte or something.

    Another nickname for Charlotte is Queen City:

    Nicknamed the Queen City, Charlotte and its resident county received its name in honor of Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, who had become queen consort of Great Britain the year before the city’s founding.

  369. Thanks. It looks like this boy used to be with the team, he red-shirted his first year(13-14season). He’s not on the current roster. Not easy at this level,

  370. Jeremy isn’t going to get better practicing with scrubs.

  371. It means way less all star votes, even if Lin puts up superstar numbers.

  372. I was hoping Lil bro could play for some Euroleague team. Even the smaller Euro teams pay better and are more competitive.

  373. Thanks. It’s interesting to see where Charlotte’s TV market.
    If Asian TV broadcasting is counted, Charlotte will move up the rank for international TV market ranking

  374. wow, impressive sleuthing!

  375. well, the guy is from SDC, but I’m assuming this was played in bay area, not SD.

  376. I think Lin’s fanbase is pretty widespread. I don’t think lack of local/home team votes would have much impact to his AS standings.

  377. Technically, this website is JLin Portal, not Jeremy Lin Portal. Joseph Lin definitely qualifies as a JLin. =)

  378. We definitely will cheer for Little Lin too…..lol

  379. He would if he could, but seeing that even a Taiwanese team hasn’t signed him after multiple tryouts with different Taiwanese teams, it’s clear that he isn’t at that caliber (as of now).

  380. Thanks! From now on I will consider it as JLin news:-)

  381. That’s not true. It’s different from NBA. 3 teams obviously want him. That’s why Joe Lin had tryout with them. It’s his decision on which team he wants to join now. Hopefully we will hear the news soon.

  382. JLin diehard fans will follow him no matter where he plays:-)

  383. To be honest, MJ has had a terrible track record as a GM (as head of basketball operations, he has the final say above the GM). He was president of basketball operations of Wizards from Jan 2000-Sep 2001. He became head of basketball operations for Charlotte in Jun 2006.

    Here’s his lottery draft pick history (#1-#14 picks):

    2001 #1 C Kwame Brown – one of the most famous #1 busts
    2006 #3 SF Adam Morrison – one of the biggest busts ever. Out of league after 3 years. Career 37% FG. Even Kemba thinks that’s terrible.
    2007 #8 PF Brandan Wright – good role player, but not for #8 pick.
    2008 #9 PG DJ Augustin – decent backup, but not for #9 pick.
    2009 #12 SG Gerald Henderson – actually a decent starter.
    2011 #9 PG Kemba Walker – atrocious efficiency
    2012 #2 SF Michael Kidd-Gilchrist – great defender, but not on offense
    2013 #4 C Cody Zeller – still early, but probably not a quality starter
    2014 #9 PF Noah Vonleh – too early to tell
    2015 #9 PF/C Frank Kaminsky – looked great in summer league.

    Jordan’s had 2 of the most infamous busts in recent NBA draft history (Kwame Brown, Adam Morrison). The rest of his lottery picks have not turned up a quality starter yet. I’m hoping this year will be a big turnaround with Kaminsky, Lin, Batum, Hawes, etc, but you can see why people question MJ’s basketball operations talents.


  384. if Lin’s going to play pickup, he should at least do an Uncle Drew and go in disguise as some scrub, then start dunking all over the place!

  385. He was a backup on a Div 3 team. He can’t be that good.

  386. If you want to know what’s going on, just read/listen to the news report that I and others have posted above/below. I just wrote what I’ve read/hear.

  387. he is disguised…as naruto. (check the penny lee icon for confirmation)

  388. you are correct.

  389. i hope this guy isn’t going to have to go thru his whole life known as baby lin; (like my ex wifes youngest sister has to still deal with being referred to as “little ahh-yee” even tho she’s 40)

  390. “i report/you decide. “

  391. take tips from his big bro.

  392. you mean your own foundation? or your own logo?

  393. Oops. I mean shirt with JLin’s foundation logo:-)

  394. with “revenue sharing” and big national tv money market size doesn’t mean that much.financially and as to players….

    its noted no one wants to go to new york la

    while everyone wants to go to s.a. milw even now, etc.

    look at the bottom market teams there: all attarcteive destinations for players and on (for the most part) postive tracks for putting a popular product on the court.

    now look at the top: no one wants to go to new york/ la./phil (read jared dudly comments on tanking) even dallas!

  395. lins fan base has never been team based; charlotte fans aren’t going to be necessarily lin fans. just as houston and la. fans weren’t necessarily lin fans.

  396. i was just joking (sort of).

  397. LOL We always call our youngest bro as “Ah noi” which means the youngest in Foochow. It will stick with him until all of his older siblings pass:-) I still call my sister youngest daughter as bb even though she is going to be 20 soon:-) This will also stick with her until I pass:-)

  398. LOL. No worries!!!!

  399. sign on the wall says menlo park which is bay area yes; dont know beyond that. (sign on wall in gym in photo further above).

  400. All NBA players do this in the offseason.

  401. In an effort trying to see whether Lin and Kemba could play together, I did some digging into numbers. And realized Kemba actually pass okay, but he just don’t try to create for his teammates, and when he do, that’s not very efficient. Next season, he have to change in order for the team to play well. He will have to left to that other players, shoot less and have less touches.

    I leave it here:.

  402. I still can not really see how Lin and Kemba could play together…..

  403. how do you know they are scrubs? and not to mention we have seen him playing with so many different people.

  404. Nice numbers, thanks for the hard work!

  405. Great analysis! Thanks for breaking it down.

  406. It’s easier for Lin to help Kemba score than the otherwise.

  407. Too bad. Everybody recognize him within a mile.

  408. Wherever he goes whenever he plays whoever he plays against Lin fans follow him.

  409. Alabama.

  410. For a player like Kemba, it is up to the coach to design a better scheme for him. So that he can make the read better…

  411. People don’t realize how difficult it is to play with guys below your level in rec team play. It really helps you to learn how to bring out the best of your teammates. It challenges you to be very efficient when you do get touches. It challenges your leadership skills to the max.

    The guys that sneer at it as a waste of time are the jock snobs who are too selfish to ever develop abilities to play better WITH others.

  412. you should analyze also the players who receiving the pass and if that player not making the open looks

    example did kemba passes result in team mate finishing or hitting shots so……

    if you do that we could see the whole picture if players passes on bad spot result in bad shot

  413. Great stuff. I think Jeremy is one of the better playmakers in the NBA today with very limited touches. He is also a very good pick and roll scorer with very few pick and roll opportunities.

    By the way, I have been a bit bothered by this article http://baselinebuzz.com/2015/jeremy-lin-vs-kemba-walker-by-the-numbers/ whereby Lin has been rated lower in some categories simply because of his turnovers.

    I think the statistical analysis is not correctly weighted. For example, the author states that Lin’s has 14.8% turnover frequency vs Kemba’s 5% turnover frequency in ISOs. This makes it look like Lin is 3 times worse than Kemba. But in a real game situation, it probably translates to only 1 or 2 lost possessions per game. In actual per game average, Lin has 2.2 turnovers v Kemba’s 1.6 turnovers. Surely 0.6 turnovers per game are more than made up by Lin’s better shooting and better passing?

  414. Jeremy, why do you look so tired?
    Nice tank top though.. *.*

  415. Very impressive analysis with great graphics. Jeremy and us fans are fortunate to have you to provide such fantastic post to further validate Jeremy’s passing and play making talent. Thanks!!!

  416. For myself, I’ve found empirically that high cuts helps me with ankle and foot pains. About 10 years ago I started to get bad ankle pains because there weren’t high cuts around to buy.

  417. TTNN, that was a very concise and clear analysis. Thks.

  418. I don’t know how unselfishness he is, and how willing he is to play as an off guard. Since it is obvious not efficient for him to dominate the ball.

    Coaches’s trust is really important here.

  419. well, I thought the assist success rate some how have an indication, if your assist opportunity have higher success rate, it does mean something. If your assist opportunity don’t convert to real assist or FG assist, then you might not generating quality opportunity for your teammates there.

  420. might worth to look for what kind of TO they are having. Kemba definitely try to create for other player less than Lin, which means he take less risks, and not surprise that he will have less TO. Also when you make a pass, the receiver not receiving it correctly, that TO is on the passer, so the person who do not pass or do not pass in the middle of defense, he will have less TO obviously.

    I think it is a fair comparison if they made the same amount of pass and try to create similar chances, then the lower TO guy had advantage, but if one pass more, create more and have more TO vs a person who shoot more, don’t create for teammates, and has less TO, it is not fair to compare only the TO part.

  421. thank you

  422. yeah, there is a reason why Lin fans keeps saying that Lin just needs opportunity, he has the tools and he is capable.

  423. oh thnks….. thats explain

  424. Thanks for the article. Some people say Kemba’s passing metrics were affected by unwilling shooters and incapable finishers. They say personnel skewed the numbers against Kemba.

    I wonder if Mo Williams played with the same personnel? It is not a perfect comparison, because Mo was not there for the full season, but I suspect even with similar personnel, Mo Williams showed better passing metrics.

    Mo Williams aside, Lance Stephenson did better even with the same personnel.

  425. Wow, that was grantland-esque! Nice work!

    How does SB FanPosts work? Can anyone just post something? Does it need to be approved by mods before it gets published?

    Does SB Fanposts allow you to upload PNG images instead of JPG? JPG is not suitable for graphics or text.

  426. “queen city charlotte” returns 30M google hits.
    “queen city cincinnati” returns 12M google hits.

    google fight is 100-30 in favor of Charlotte.

    Charlotte was named after Queen Charlotte in 1768. Cincinnati only adopted “Queen City” in the mid-1800s.

    Charlotte wins hands down. =)

  427. food coma from too much sushi

  428. lifting those 200lbs weights repeatedly probably gave him green light to go to All-You-Can-Eat sushi buffet :] I need to start lifting now

  429. As long is Lin is protecting Walker by siphoning defense, Walker will be able to play the right way

  430. yeah, looks like everyone can post, no need for approval. and you need an URL for your pictures. I know the image quality is not really good. Bad part of Spotfire, was not giving good with image export.

  431. Walker simply could not make the passes Lin is capable of making, like wrap around, pocket pass, bounce pass, etc. You see his game, and you won’t see that. I don’t think Lin could help him in that.

    What Lin could do is to shake the defense, and swing the ball to him for him to attack, thus I would think next season play with Lin, Kemba would shoot better, and unfortunately, Lin might not get much on his stats sheet. But, hopefully coach Clifford understand basketball enough to see that, and keep playing Lin more.

    I’m more excited to see Lin/Batum play together though.

    And I do hope they will put ball in Lin’s hand and let him initiate the offense.

  432. Exactly

  433. TTNN I will share half of my pizza with you. Cheers. Great job.

  434. what is Spotfire?

  435. In this video Kemba Walker returns to the Bronx where he grew up, and talks about that experience. This is the first of a series of videos that he’ll have on YouTube.


  436. Awesome job! You should post it to r/charlottehornets

  437. From this article, Hornets will have first preseason away game vs Heat on 4 October @6pm.

  438. well there now you have something solid to look towards: oct 4 in mia.

    do you know if any other teams have announced their pre-season skeds?

  439. chris sheridan of sheridan hoops has completed and summarized his reviews of off season “report cards” for all 30 nba teams.

    he notes that the only team he gave an A+ to was the hornets but also notes that he is “an outlier when it comes to the Hornets…. because the odds on…. them winning the NBA championship are the longest in the entire NBA.”

    (200-1 vegas odds, shared w/ i think 3 other teams).

  440. There are also other advanced stats to consider.

    For example, Lin routinely draws two and three guys defensively. That leaves teammates wide open. Every Lin team does really well in the minutes he’s on the court because even if Lin doesn’t get an assist or score, Lin’s teammates are left completely unguarded when opponents load up on Lin defensively.

    Another thing that has to be factored in is team record. Though LA struggled, Lin’s minutes on the floor were positive. That means Lin’s side was winning most of the time when Lin was on the court, no matter who the opponent was.

    The other aspect of offense is Lin’s defense. Lin plays bonecrushing defense and then turns around to attack offensively. That puts huge pressure on opponents and causes them to struggle against him.

    These stats show up in team stats, of which Lin is THE KING.

  441. Thanks for the in-depth stats analysis!

    It would take some time to digest the information.
    I wonder if we can get some keypoints to tweet & distribute such as “Batum and Lin ranked 1st in AST/touches”, etc.

    It will definitely be good stats for us to continue monitoring as the season starts when all players play in the same system. I like how it measures who’s the most effective playmaker by measuring AST/touches.

    Perhaps AST/TO per touches might be a good measurement of who should be the main playmaker?
    Kemba’s TO should be lower since he doesn’t pass much

  442. speaking of report cards, grant hughes offers this brutal but pretty much on point assessment of the lakers off season moves and current reality.

    “Grade: F

    It feels mean to pick on the Los Angeles Lakers who, once again, couldn’t entice a single difference-making free agent to sign on. But they deserve it.

    Getting Lou Williams for three years and $21 million would be fine for most teams, but the Lakers already have plenty of all-offense, low-efficiency gunners on the roster—Nick Young and Kobe Bryant chief among them. The Lakers don’t need what Williams offers.

    DeAngelo Russell, the No. 2 overall pick, has great instincts and terrific feel. But what’s he going to do with those gifts in the stilted, anachronistic offense in L.A.?

    The rest of the Lakers’ offseason moves replaced one stopgap with another. Brandon Bass tags in for Ed Davis, and Hibbert is in for Jordan Hill.

    It’s a mess, and ESPN.com’s Kevin Arnovitz goes deep on the systemic troubles that keep leading to free-agency flunks: “In 2015, elite free agents seem far more concerned about roster composition and basketball blueprint than legacy and urban lifestyle. And the Lakers are an unsteady, tone-deaf franchise with a couple of nice prospects, but they offer a serious basketball star little in the way of a coherent organizational philosophy.”

    The good news: Kobe Bryant’s contract comes off the books next year.”

    –grant hughes

  443. many hornets long time posters point this up that the reason kemba’s to’s are lower are because he is ultra-conservative in passing ie. is super concious of trying to not have a turnover.

    thereby passing up a lot of possible scoring opportunites to not pass first not to shoot first himself but to be sure to avoid a turnover.

  444. Besides this article, only NBA global preseason/season games thus far. Nothing else. Link info here:

  445. curiously enough following some clues in my detective bag i discovered at least two other teams have announced their preseason sked: the lakers and the jazz.

    lakers did it way back in may for some unknown reason and jazz just yesterday i think. (or the day before)

    hornets not on either teams pre season sked.

  446. Good work! I don’t follow any teams except JLin and his team:-) Once JLin had his exit interview back in April, I stop caring/following all Lakers news:-) I’m definitely JLin only fan. Only concern about JLin and his related news.

  447. What, how can Hornets be the lowest odds to win NBA championship (tied with PHI, MIN, ORL)? At least CHA has a shot to get to playoffs. LAL and SAC, being in the Western Conf, probably have about 1000-1 chance of even making the playoffs, much less champions.


  448. “Only concern about JLin and his related news.”

    You mean “_their_ related news”. (Joseph too =)

  449. he tried to disguise himself with the cap =p

  450. That is a awesome piece that you wrote!!
    Very enjoy to read it. Great job!!

  451. The same here! I am excited about pair Lin and Batum together too!!!

  452. interestingly tho the grant hughes grades grade out sac kings as “f” equal to lakers; sheridan actually likes the kings moves off season and grades them out an “a” also (tho admitting here again he is an “outlier”).

    got to remember the odds are on winning championship not just making playoffs. so its not really a comparative thing of who is the worst team. still…..

  453. A lot of Lin’s turnovers come from bad ref calls, like getting hacked on the arm = no foul. Defender flopping = offensive foul, Defender touching Lin on jumpshots = offensive foul.

  454. Signing of Jeremy Lin is listed as the best 2015 NBA free agency bargains.

  455. A “bargain”, not a star signing.

  456. Just want to say thanks to everyone who has supported me on my article on JLin and helped me spread the word, it means a lot. You guys are awesome!

  457. And Grant Hughes gave the Hornets a decent grade, I think. That the ceiling for this roster is 5th to 6th seed. The Heat are going to be a top contender according to most analysts which I don’t disagree. My top picks are: Cavs, Bulls, Heat, Pacers, Bucks, Wizards, Raptors … And our Hornets will sneak in between the Cavs & the Heat, 3rd to 4th seed. Our team will be this season’s sleeper team.

  458. Don’t forget to show us your 6 pack after you lift! Hehehehehe~~( ̄▽ ̄)

  459. Hollywood produces star. Basketball is for winning and that produces winners of good value.

  460. 2015 draft is a draft of big man. It will be remembered as the draft for front court players like Town, Okafor, Porzingis, Cauley-Stein, Kaminsky. They might all work out to be franchise player. On the contrary, Mudiay may have a brighter future than D’Angelo Russel.
    LA Lakers is the only loser in 2015 lottery.

  461. Good to see you back. Still teaching school?

  462. I agree, I only wore high tops and ankle braces.

  463. Will the real Lin turnaround?

  464. Bad hair day= cap

  465. They tweeted Lin asking if they could take a picture. Nothing if not polite …

  466. The Lakers and especially BS deserve mediocrity for many years.

  467. 布萊恩下周來台 訓練營門票3小時秒殺 (translatiion: Kobe Bryant will have training camp in Taiwan next week and tickets were sold out within 3 hours)

    SMH, Don’t Taiwan fans know how KB treated Lin??? They should boycott him.

  468. Mudiay isn’t that good.

    He’s not that athletic, can’t shoot from outside, and lacks fundamentals.

    I wasn’t impressed with anybody in the first round other than Okafor, Kaminsky, Towns, Cauley Stein, and Jerian Grant.

  469. Why he picked Taiwan? smh! Weird?

  470. I don’t like how classless the Lakers treated Lin… Or just BS and Kobe. Since I don’t have the inside story I believed it’s more on BS’s part and less on the FO. Remembered, how nice MK talked about Lin during his Lakers press conference. I don’t wish anything bad to the Lakers org.
    I just want our boy, JL #7 to outshine the Lakers org., Rockets org, & NYK org. for years to come. That’s all I’m gonna ask.

    It’s time for A Legend to earn another championship ring, maybe not this year but real, real soon, because it’ll be a blast from the past, a time to rejoice, another record going down in history. MJ certainly deserve it.

    It’s funny how JL brings up MJ’s unhappiness in his bible teaching/lectures in Taiwan before the FA season. Who would have guess that JL #7 will now have the power to fulfill MJ’s dream.

  471. JL #7 is really meant to be a Hornets star player. GS have Curry & Klay. The Hornets have Lin, Walker & Batum.

  472. I am confident that the Hornets are playoff-bound, easily in the 5-8 range. IF Hornets crack into EC’s top four, MJ will be very happy and may even give his endorsement of Jeremy’s abilities. FA 2016 will be VERY interesting for our boy.

    October can’t come soon enough. (Lin as a Hornet, new Gundam series, news for new Macross series that opens up in December, etc.)

  473. I haven’t seen enough of Kemba to know if he just doesn’t choose to pass to avoid TOs or because his court-vision was also less than Mo Williams. Mo managed to have more assists per touches when Kemba was out, I believe.

    Maybe both.

  474. WOW…you folks are awesome….been on couple of travels last week and this…now I need to catchup with the post.

    Thanks @real_dsb:disqus for the new thread….

    TTNN…awesome analysis as usual!…thanks…Probably we could make that as a thread as well

  475. Jeremy’s bench press is 200lbs; anybody here surpasses that weight or come close? How is 200lbs ranked among players of similar weight?
    PFV says Jeremy’s very strong but I’d like to know whether he’s one the strongest among the guards.

  476. not gonna happen, he has huge following all over Asia

  477. Part of his Asian Nike tour

  478. He had been been many times in the past..if I’m not mistaken they do have a sculpture of him there as well

  479. I bench 220lbs with 160lbs body weight…does that count?! 🙂

  480. make it work…Coach!

  481. KB’s losing it slowly but surely…the NBA fans that I know of are MJ, LBJ, Duncan, Rose and Jeremy fans.

  482. IDK, seriously, you can do that? No kidding?
    So Jeremy isn’t as strong as his fans claim to be?

  483. Yeah…no kiddin…been hitting the gym for some time now.

    This is how BB (Bodybuilders) ranks

    Novice – 80% body weight
    Intermediate – 100% body weight
    Advance – 130% BW
    Elite – 170% BW

    So, Lin is pretty good there…especially for an athlete. Lin probably weights around 190-200lbs now.
    And the bench press he did was on a dumbbell, which is at advance level. I’m guessing his Barbell bench press should be around 260-300lbs, that is very very good! His body fat is very low as well.

    Normally players, retune and rebuild (recomp) during summer/off season. Itgs really difficult to put add on strength while one is still in the game (playing basketball), the soreness and tears are way too much to bare during game time, hence summer is the best.

  484. some maybe…those are wise spectators…but generally he has huge fan based…most of the places that I travel within Asia, thats the perception I received…as soon as they mention Kobe, I stop talking about BB

  485. It could change by end of the season…lets wait

  486. what that you who backed me into the post to score and then said, “weight room “?

  487. so sweet of them!

  488. lol…Lin clones!!!! 🙂

  489. not bothered as well!!!

  490. indeed…I’m refraining to comment as well…need to watch him play….can the season start already?!!!!

  491. Agree with you there…if its just one on one…then its not the worth….if its 5 on 5…..it really helps his game, to be able to lead, find all the small weakness of the opponent and exploit it….There is so much learning there

  492. Thats half the size of of houston! Chances are there for them to grow this season!

  493. hahaha

    BTW, NBA predraft bench measurement is 185lbs

  494. KB is still the most popular NBA superstar in China and Taiwan,from my observation, though many poeple dislike him either. This is the 3rd time he comes to Taiwan and looks like he will only stay 1 or 2 days to attend some promotion events for NIKE.

  495. This is his third time there from what I’ve read. Some JLin fans were discussed whether they would go to see him but didn’t think many were.

  496. MK might lose his job soon. The way the rebuilding goes; nothing works.

  497. Walker has a lot to prove next season when he probably gets healthy again. As to Lin, he is a very steady player. It’s up to the coach to bring the best out of him. Coach like Clifford will bring the best out of him next season. Batum will want to play for the prime of his career but he needs to play team ball to succeed in Hornets.

  498. Don’t think so. I think he means JLin only and only JLin.

  499. Not anymore!

  500. It’s Jimmy’s fault, but sure, he could throw Mitch under the bus much in the same fashion as BS.

  501. Hahaha, I can probably bench 100lbs with 170lbs body weight… LOL

  502. Maybe:-) Joe is Jeremy Lin’s related news in a a sense. But it’s still a stretch in a way. For now because there is not much news on JLin, I will have a little bit more time to look at ones that JLin is caring. Once the season begins, I will probably even have a hard time to keep up with JLin’s news.

  503. As Brent said .. NPNT :]

    That’s a very good info. Didn’t know you’re a Linsanely good bodybuilder!

  504. Thanks again for such a good translation of the interview! :]

    As for Kobe, I hope there are some Lin fans who will stare at him giving him the silent treatment in Taiwan!

  505. This is literally a Dodgeball Linsanity!


  506. I definitely think Jeremy is inspired to live out the Headband-sanity that he went through as a phase as a teenager
    I can already see Jeremy does some Naruto-like celebration after he makes 3s next season


  507. no, not a headband!

  508. For those who remembers Jason “White Chocolate” Williams, this certainly brings back memories.
    He passed with such a flair although at times bordering on being reckless.


  509. that is unbelievably cool. Just missing the #4 Harvard and Palo Alto

    jerseys! =)

  510. I think Jeremy’s bench press must be much greater than 200 lbs if he’s doing 200 lb incline press and other dumbbells.

  511. was wondering where you went! =)

  512. why?

    maybe we should help JLin make a decision based on a fan polling

  513. Kobe’s trying out for Pure Youth team =p

  514. and not to forget Charlotte Hornets teal jersey!

  515. yeah, I’m itching to watch some Training Camp videos or YT training highlights

  516. It’s Incline Dumbbell Press, I was told it’s much harder than regular barbell bench press. With 200lb incline dumbbell press, LIn can easily add on 50-60lb doing standard bench press.

  517. my 6-pack is a hidden treasure, need to work hard to unearth it LOL

  518. I checked his career AST/TO, it’s actually very good 2.8 (7.2 ast/36 vs 2.6 tov/36). I think it was his career sub .400 FG that prevented him from being a greater player.

  519. Wow that’s 130% of body-weight, I’m impressed. You did it with barbell or dumbbells?

  520. A headband makes anyone look silly. That’s a fact. =)

  521. welcome back and have fun!

  522. wait, actually, the red jersey looks like it should be Harvard, but wrong number. C’mon guys!

  523. and the Dallas Mavs summer league!

  524. and Reno Bighorns and Maine Red Claws!

  525. I think he meant he’s including his body weight in the press. So 220-160 = 60 lbs bench press?

  526. oh my bad, one key word missing, i meant INCLINE bench press..

  527. You’re right. 🙂

  528. ^_^

  529. Thats would be sweet if the Press captures it!…anti-stare!

  530. lol!!!…hidden treasure are best kept hidden!

  531. not really…just my hobby…..as age is catching up…need to mask it…lol

  532. shhhh!!! lol

  533. thats barbell 🙂 dumbbells are harder

  534. that would be really really good for a starter!…seriously

  535. naah…i wont classify my as a BB…just a hobby and I do have a Dip in Sports Medicine and a CPT as well …but never practiced it….;)))

  536. Yup..Lin is strong and getting stronger!

  537. Lebron?! Melo?! chamberlain??

  538. Total JLin unrelated news but it’s fascinating to learn this:

  539. Wow, he grew an entire foot in high school?

  540. Incline Dumbbell Press. I’m close, around 85 per hand, so about 170 total. I can do 5 reps with that. So I might be able to do 100 once, but would be a bit scared to try without a spotter!

    For a Bench Press with the bar, the bar itself weights about 45 lbs.

  541. i was incline-d to do some exercise once. but i went and lye down until the impulse passed.

  542. was in million dollar tournament recently.

  543. Jayson Williams was a fun player.

    He wasn’t really a true impact player, as he wasn’t the greatest athlete and thus couldn’t impact the game two ways like Lin does.

  544. Williams was a flashy player who was just not able to athletically make big plays against really tough competition.

    He’s not like Lin who’s game doesn’t seem all that flashy but routinely physically overpowers resisting opponents.

  545. What’s the city in the picture?

  546. I doubt Taiwan fans are following Lin’s career all that closely.

    My guess is that they don’t follow the American media’s chronicling of Kobe’s longtime animosity toward Lin.

  547. My understand is Taiwan Lin fans do follow Lin’s career very very closely and know about Kobe’s ill treatment to Lin, but Taiwan people have the problem to reject any super stars since Taiwan has always been a place not getting much international attention. Therefore, they embrace any international celebrity who is willing to spend time in Taiwan. just my 2 cents.

  548. Hong Kong

  549. Fantastic.

    I visited there once 20 years ago.

    Fun city, great place to live!

  550. yes, everyone

  551. maybe Jeremy and Joseph are going to grow the same hairstyle

  552. maybe his son will be even better!

  553. Fun city, I agreed. But I’m not sure about a great place to live, unless you are the one percenters. Tiny apartment, think 300-400 sq ft for a family at a cost of 1500 USD per sq ft.

  554. He is pretty much the kyrie irving of the old days….no impact but fun to watch.

  555. Only lin fans do…there are many ESPN fed fans too

  556. I think it’s this jersey; a Christmas game against the Spurs.

  557. Maybe need to start booking hotels and flying tickets for year 2022 now, lol!
    Will be too expensive by the time.

  558. 2016 FA will be interesting for JL #7. But bonding is very special – Phil & Jordan, Phil & Kobe, MD & Nash, MD & Lin. And now it’s time for Cliff & Lin.

    The Hawks success is due to special coach & special point guard & teammates. I hope to see something very similar in these new Hornets.

  559. I will take headband than a tail or a knot!

  560. video, please!! I like to see!! Haha.

  561. but sweat in your eyes is a real problem… they are useful.

  562. I am hoping for a long hair knot… shaved sides top knot. yeah! go crazy JLin like the picture here… refresh… its just hair have fun…:-)

  563. Jordan Hill arrested …

    “One of the newest Indiana Pacers was arrested in Georgia for going more than a 100 miles an hour on the interstate. Jordan Hill was pulled over and cited for reckless driving. When a police officer asked Hill why he was going so fast, Hill said he was in a hurry.”

    See : http://fox59.com/2015/07/31/indiana-pacers-player-arrested-in-georgia/

  564. 107 actually faster than a a. chapman fastball.

    well you can’t argue with the logic in hill’s answer.

    btw there are 3 hills in indiana now: (the pacers i mean)

  565. some kind of undercut defintely. i had previously here a link 25 diferent “sexy” (or so the article said) undercuts.

    including a few sported by asians.

    what yer posting here is similar to the last floating pix of shumperts summer “do”.

  566. Joining the Pacers is like an open invitation to criminal activity.

    The crazy thing is that President Larry Bird has worked so hard to get players of allegedly good character.

  567. Much more unselfish and gifted in court vision than Irving, also more physically durable.

    Became a frighteningly solid if uncreative player later in his days.

  568. Not planning to attend. I didn’t even go to any Sydney Olympics events when I was only about 1.5 hours away at the time. Never like crowd, etc….. Chaotic with transport before and after the event. Went to a few Houston Cougars NCAA games. That was good enough for me. At the time I watched Hakeem Olajuwon played. Believe he was sophomore at the time. Met him and other UH players a couple times on campus as well. Definitely not a star follower until JLin:-)

  569. Not JLin related but just for your info:

  570. Tough news for TD. It’s hard to make it in the league as a 6’2″ SG though.

  571. that’s some fine knowledge, I stand corrected!

  572. Article makes a huge deal out of turnovers. So Kemba is “elite” at protecting the ball ? …. because he passes the ball less …. therefore getting less assists in the process.

  573. So Walker will look good, and get all the credit for Lin drawing the defense away. Then everyone will think that Walker is a superstar compared to Lin, just like they thought Clarkson was better than Lin even though it was Lin creating space for him to score.

  574. So I have driven in Atlanta many times… 100 MPH is nothing out of the ordinary… if you are not going 85 you will get run over. Driving 85 and people are passing you constantly. They drive fast and furious around ATL. The worst are the idiots doing those speeds and jumping from lane to lane with barely any room between the cars like it is a video game.

  575. Would love to trade/waive Roberts and Hairston and bring in TD and Landry Fields.

    Might as well have deep bench guys who are high character and can play teamball with Lin.

  576. That opening ceremony in 2008 was incredible…best ever.

  577. This article indicates people called 911 so if he was driving so fast and dangerous in ATL to get calls it must have been very reckless! http://www.tmz.com/2015/07/31/indiana-pacers-jordan-hill-arrested-in-atlanta/

  578. even more… “At one point, Hill was within 3 feet of another vehicle while speeding, police said.” yep even for ATL this will get you in trouble….http://www.ajc.com/news/news/crime-law/cops-nbas-jordan-hill-arrested-for-doing-107-mph-i/nm97H/

  579. NBA Central
    Pacers’ Jordan Hill was arrested for going 107 MPH in his Range Rover.

  580. Is this shared here yet? Great article. Worth the click.

    I like this…
    “We aren’t just getting a basketball player. We’re getting a player that
    will truly be grateful to the community, the team, and to the fans.
    He’s a Christian man and a player that I can only hope that my 2 sons
    would look up to and want to have as a role model. Oh, by the way, the
    guy can play some basketball too.”

  581. Would be great if Lin can team up with Landry again

  582. many long time hornets fans beleive both roberts and hairston are most likely choices to be gone.

  583. Thanks for letting us know the nuances of what was going on. Appreciate it!

  584. Wowsers! Just skimmed his bio on the web. Not in-depth info for sure, but it seems his thrilling passing skills got him a high enough turnover rate to be benched often, including “…most of the fourth quarter in all five games…” of the 2000 Playoff games with the Lakers. Allegedly he toned down his game mid-career to stay out of TO trouble. Dunno if that’s entirely accurate, but could that have influenced the “solid if uncreative player later in his days.”?

    I’ve learned from watching Jeremy’s career that having great court vision and great passing skills don’t shine if you don’t have team strategies that use those abilities, or teammates that aren’t up to capitalizing on them.

  585. Entirely not Lin related… (something to kill time during this off season) :)))
    I came across this story last night on the radio. It is quite scary that 13 alternative holistic doctors were either dead or missing since June 19. Coincidence, or is someone targeting them??!?
    I am still reading up on this… but, I find it very interesting that there is not a word on the main stream media.
    What do you think?
    http://po.st/SxXBb2 via @po_st

  586. Not JLin related but followup on J Hill arrest:

  587. I agree with the writer.

  588. I notice the media has been spreading a rumour that Jeremy is not a star. How is it that a basketball player with such a fan base not a star? ESPN can try their best to make star but how many of them has a larger fan base than Jeremy. Denying Jeremy the stardom is the most stupid thing in NBA.

  589. Agreed. They bury people standing up because they got no lateral space.

  590. Mm..it’s certainly his freedom to go with whatever he likes, but just not my type of a male cut. So sissy.

  591. He probably got used to traffic in LA. It’s so bad there, you’re just perpetually tailgating the car in front of you. So when there was no car in front of Hill, he just kept going faster. I assume he probably has a powerful, quiet car like a Mercedes, so you wouldn’t even realize you’re going 100.

  592. they should convince Grant Hill to come out of retirement

  593. wow, that is fascinating. surprised that has never happened before. I suppose Vancouver could be a likely candidate to be the next city to achieve that.

  594. That’s too “Samurai” to my taste. Still prefer his Naruto hairstyle.

  595. Saw a message that this wasn’t his first offense. Have no idea of his record as I don’t follow him.

  596. Sac Kings hire Nancy Lieberman to be an assistant coach. She has a long and distinguished resume, and was previously the coach of Texas Legends (Mavs D-League team).


  597. I would have congratulated her if it were any other team, but since it was the Kings… so instead I send my condolences to Lieberman for having to work with that organization. =)

  598. they also have an owner, a vlade, a boogie, a rondo, a really lot of conflict and a lot of departed front office people and an additional strange cast of random player/characters (at some point it seemed like they were just taking anyone): what they (still) apparently dont have and no one seems to notice or care is: a gm. (something considered kind of important in most organizations).

    i guess vlade is the de facto.

    its the craziest mess from top to bottom in the league imo.

  599. uh oh, I looked up more info about this:

    – There were only 2 bids: China and Kazakhstan. China didn’t even need to bribe IOC to win that bid.

    – There’s no snow in the Beijing area. Look at January picture of the mountains that they will use for the ski competition! O.O


  600. u ever heard of TIM TEBOW

  601. td can shoot 3s

  602. i’m not fascinated.. how is this lin related.

  603. True!! You wanna die go head, but don’t drag innocent others to die with you. If you are in hurry, then plan ahead, or so be it. Such irresponsible act, deserves hard punishment.

  604. after hansborough singed by charlotte someone suggested on hornets board they get tyler zeller then theyll have 2 tylers and 2 zellers.

    also with kaminsky, hansborough, hawes, and zeller; some wags suggesting the collective name: “white walkers”.

  605. she says its not lin related.

  606. 2 fascinated. 1 not fascinated.

  607. Recent published rating for top 10 teams in East Conference:
    1. Cleveland Cavaliers
    2. Washington Wizards
    3. Chicago Bulls
    4. Milwaukee Bucks
    5. Toronto Raptors
    6. Miami Heat
    7. Atlanta Hawks
    8. Orlando Magic
    9. Detroit Pistons
    10. Boston Celtics


    Which teams Hornets can beat out for their playoff berth.

  608. Tim Tebow is definitely a star though he has been dissed just like Jeremy.

  609. Used to be able to shoot 3s. Last 2 years his 3pt avg is 30.0%

  610. Hornets has almost given out 15 guaranteed contracts but there should be no harm in inviting TD to their training camp. I still think that TD can beat out some of the PGs that Hornets are having.

  611. Indiana Pacers is not listed as one of the top 10 team in East Conference.

  612. Hornets can beat out Celtics, Pistons and Magic for 8th spot. I think they have a shot at the Raptors for the 7th spot too.

  613. I started following him on Twitter.

  614. I’m one of the 1%ers. Lovely city.

  615. I think the Hornets can beat out the Bucks, Magic, Pistons, Celtics, Heat, and possibly the Wizards if Wall gets injured again.

  616. You’re right but I’d venture to say Jeremy can lead the Hornets to beat the Wizards led by a healthy John Wall.

  617. Looks like you are right that driving 100 mph in ATL is nothing out of the ordinary. Hawks backup PF Mike Scott was arrested after being passenger in his brother’s car, which reached speeds of 98 mph and were chased by police for 2 miles before stopping. He is facing felony charges of MJ and MDMA possession.


  618. I was just thinking that Jeremy Lin and Jeremy Lamb both got played out by the Harden trade. Lin was supposed to be focal point of the offence whilst Lamb would have gotten playing time in a young Houston team.

    Lin ended up marginalised behind Harden whilst Lamb was buried in the OKC bench. Interesting that they are together again. I love Lamb’s shooting stroke.

  619. Entirely speculative on my part. My girls combine to about 65lbs, and I feel that I still have some slack lifting them both, so 100lbs is my educated guesstimate.

  620. I would anticipate Raptors to drop, and maybe Pistons go up a little bit.

  621. The American media is RACIST agains Asian Americans males.

    Asian American males like Lin are regarded and treated as THE ENEMY.

  622. Toney Douglas is where he should be.

    If he had more game, he’d not be released.

  623. I don’t think he is 6’2, and he deserve what he got. Can’t believe Rocket would bench Lin and play TD, same way as Lakers bench Lin and play Price. Those are statement moves, and people just don’t want to face it.

  624. It’s always a pleasure to share Lin’s news on this greatest forum!
    Who cares about Kobe? hehe

  625. Are we there yet…sigh. Feels like a long time til the preseason starts

  626. It all depends on if Lin is the focal point. If he is, I can definitely see them in the top 5.

  627. The offseason is way too long, we’re all impatient. The first game with Lin in the Hornets jersey can not come soon enough

  628. It would be interesting to see how they both mesh on the court since they have previous history together

  629. John wall is Jeremy’s meal ticket to the NBA. ..

  630. did some one post this vid of lin vs lil bro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiV-3nVQFK8

  631. Agree here…NBA offseason is way too long..Maybe they should cut it by a month…Instead of starting the season in late october/early november…How about early october start/late september…We should be having some preseason game going on by now.

    I’m a premiere league soccer fan and their offseason is about 3 months long..

  632. nah baby, nobody is where they should be. Some deserve a fair-er shake, and some need to be down a notch or 2. If it were up to me, I’d have TD in Bev’s shoes and Lin in Wall’s shoes, but lucky I’m just a guy on the web. Happy day, KHuang – you prob deserve to be up a few notches too heh heh.

  633. Same here, I’m a huge football fan (soccer some people may call it) since I’m from England. The EPL starts next week.

  634. That’s a very cool video 😀

  635. If Lamb plays as well as he did season when he got minutes, he could become the 2nd coming of Ray Allen.

  636. yes something to do. soccer offseason is way too short if you ask me but I’m not a player so I’m happy

  637. Can KHuang or other experts here comment on the shooting form of Lin ? I feel that his releasing point is slightly lower and forward, thus the whole action looks faster and more compact.

  638. Let’s be patient.
    JL #7 needed the long break – there’s more things going on for him besides BB. And he get to have more time for training – ever improving his craft.

  639. Sounds good.

    Frankly, I don’t know.

    To me, shooting with a defender in one’s face is not the same as practice shooting.

    Last season, I stumbled into a WNBA Mercury practice.

    Diana Taurasi, a player who I call “the female Jeremy Lin”, was hitting every shot unguarded.

    Then a much shorter male assistant coach stepped on the court and started flashing at Taurasi. He wasn’t challenging her shot, he was just running at her from different angles.

    That caused Taurasi to miss everything.

  640. Why is the Wiazrds so high on the list ?? where’s the Pacers ?
    My own List: The Cavs, Bulls, Heat, Hornets, Hawks, Wizards, Bucks, and Raptors. The Pistons & Celtics will have to fight for a spot. And yes, I’m very optimistic – The Hornets is Top 4. Even without Lin & Batum – they can still make #7.

  641. Oh, forget – I think the Pacers can overtake Bucks & Raptors.

  642. Glad to have you on the same page =)
    Yeah, no question. The coaching staff is the most important thing to building a good culture, a solid foundation. Coach Cliff is smart (someone that have a good relationship with D’Antoni) and I believed that he truly sees an All-Stars PG in JL #7. Cliff is going to unleash JL #7’s full potential and this is his “most important task” this season.

  643. statue will probably win lol

  644. I can envision this new Hornets team playing like the Hawks team of last season and also like the MD/Nash’s Suns team

  645. Who wants to go to Jubillee Conference at Pasadena, CA on Aug 15 to hear JLin speak?
    Wongfu will be there too

  646. My heart is more than willing but it’s too far away:-)

  647. Lin playing some ball. Looks a bit like a pickup game but they’ve got referees. Click on the embedded Instagram link …

  648. “Green Hornet meets Charlotte Hornet.”

  649. Lin’s 3pt shooting improves every year despite erratic minutes interfering with his rhythm. No matter how things turn out this season, I’m confident he’ll shoot 38-40% from the arc.

  650. Lamb’s jumper bothers me. He still has too much “scissor kick” motion in his legs when he shoots. Those little inefficiencies don’t matter in college, but they’re magnified at the NBA level due to more physical play and the farther 3pt line.

    I saw the same thing in Dangelo Russell and indeed he struggled horribly with his 3s in Summer League. Lin used to have that scissor kick as well in college but got rid of it. It’s okay to use from midrange, but not deep range. I don’t think Lamb can become an elite 3pt shooter until he fixes his form.

  651. JLin really cares for children who likes to play bb as well as to do well in school in Taiwan.

  652. His form is good, that is my short answer. Lol

  653. That is better than his old form… his old form had his elbow flared… it should be straightened with above right eye since hes right handed… also hopefully he has his fingertips more on the ball with his fingers spread out more… this guves you more feel and control of the ball… previously it appeared as if he had too much palm on the ball…

  654. Uconn’s shooting guards have flawless fundamentals individually and in team offenses.

    I didn’t even notice the scissor kick because Lamb shoots so well.

    A lot of great shooters I’ve seen in the past have had a scissors kick and made shots just fine.

  655. It’s true that repeatability is the key (almost any form can work as long as it’s repeatable), but with Lamb’s skinny frame, I think any inefficiency will be magnified in a real game situation as he gets worn down. I’ve noticed that Lin’s 3pt shooting improved as his shot became less “noisy” — and he’s one of the strongest built PGs in the game.

  656. Wizards have been very solid in the last few years. They are always in the top 5 of the East.

  657. Dang, I was minutes from that place today. I should follow all u-z and Librafree.

  658. If Clippers is the most improved team in the off season and Hornet is the second most improved team, it means for them to play against one another in China.
    Who said the Clippers is the most improved team and Hornet is the second most improved team?

  659. The Clippers added Lance Stephenson, Josh Smith, and lost Matt Barnes. They drafted nobody because they traded away all their picks. Not much improvement.
    Hornets have added way more depth than they had before with Lin, Hawes, Kaminsky, Batum, Lamb, and Daniels.

  660. Nice one Jeremy. You tell ’em haters!

  661. Yeah, I agree. Start a month earlier but spread the season out a bit. Eliminate all back-to-backs as well.

    I want to see well rested players playing against each other.

  662. too much HDR

  663. well most, many writers and commentators professional feel clippers are the most improved; adding not just lance stephenson, josh smith listed below but also paul pierce wesley johnson and cole aldrich.

    the clippers problem previously was no bench. now they have the depth they didn’t have before.

    and pierce brings the veteran leadership and competitive extra drive to win.

    as to charlotte: well the only pundit i know who actually has been enthusiastic about the hornets is chris sheridan of sheridan hoops who admits he is an “outlier” in this (as vegas odds have charlotte 200 to 1 i.e. the worst of any nba team at winning championship, along with 3 other teams).

    but probably the extra kicker reason clippers are getting a nod as most improved is factoring in where they were when they thought jordan was going to dallas.

  664. I just completed registration. Looking forward to it!

  665. Congrats! Expect your full report on 15 August:-)

  666. Way too much.

  667. Haters just never change… smh! Why he didn’t talk about how many TOs Harden made this playoff?!

  668. I agree w Clippers & Hornets made a good improvement in their FA this summer. I think Clippers is going to be the top 3 in the western Conference next season. Hornets can also have good chance to be in playoff again.

  669. As long as Clippers can destroy the Rockets in the playoffs (Like they should have done) I’m happy for them.

  670. Or Harden, Parsons, and Terrence Jones defense. Hey, remember when the Rockets lost the 1st 2 home games because LaMarcus Aldridge scored 40 points in both games ? Or that time when Lillard hit a wide open 3 to eliminate the Rockets ? Clutch fans don’t remember.

  671. Haha! I think they will. Rox is so dumb that to let J Smith out of the door. Bc w/o J Smith, they can’t do that well in playoff vs Clippers. But to Morey & Mc, Harden is the key to help them pass 1st round?! We’ll see….LOL!

  672. The Clippers had a bench before those guys showed up.

    The problem is that Chris Paul hogs all the glory and possessions from himself. That FREEZES OUT the rest of his team, starters and bench alike.

    LAC would’ve easily wiped out HOU had Paul stayed injured.

    Adding the bench players won’t change a thing because Chris Paul won’t let anybody do anything.

  673. Good for Lin.


  674. I’m really looking forward to Lin getting multiple guys in double figures.

    I think even off the bench in low minutes, Lin can make that happen.

  675. He sure was hitting them! It’s improved but still a little late IMO. It’s in 100s of a sec difference though. The quick release is a function of using the lift of the legs and torso to propel the ball in rolling fashion up the right centre of a right handed shooter. From what I saw of the vid, it looks as if he is releasing right at the apex of his lift.

    All things being equal, when you arrive at the apex, you are basically at zero lift and tipping on decent. This is a point of separation that forces the arms to throw the ball instead. It then becomes a platform shot based upon the jump providing the height and the arms doing the throw.

    The reason the quick release shot is so efficient is that it uses the big muscles of the lower body to provide most of the shot momentum. The arms are basically useing that power to roll into position for the hand to release the ball into the arc flight needed to enter the hole.

  676. It looks so futuristic and classy

  677. only worry is, if that happens Lins ppg may suffer as a result. The NBA looks at ppg first, the rest is secondary. However if he gets good minutes, both getting multiple guys in double figures and getting decent ppg himself is easily achievable

  678. the best locker room so far ever seen of any NBA teams. The others just plain woods with no design.

  679. FYI:

    .@NylonCalculus is looking for writers and freelancers: http://t.co/WgCQBsG128— The Nylon Calculus (@NylonCalculus) August 1, 2015

  680. good site for numbers junkies. 🙂

  681. I find Jeremy’s release is slower (and less fluid) than Baby Lin’s, may be it’s because Jeremy tweaked his shooting form recently while baby lin hasn’t changed shooting mechanics much for a long time…?

  682. J Smith stole the glory from Haren in the playoff, and he must be gone….
    Did it sound familiar ?

  683. you go wu kong…your Jeremy Lin stats beat out many so called bball experts out there.

  684. too familiar!!! and also J Smith seriously believe that LAC are title contenders; the Rox just got “lucky” to get past them in the 2nd round..

  685. State of the art design. World Class, just like Michael Jordan, Rich Cho, Coach Cliff, Jeremy Lin and the Hornets!!!

  686. Is it true that Jeremy is in Seattle?

  687. I don’t think Lin’s ppg will suffer if he goes unselfish.

    Actually, it’s the opposite.

    Opponents load up on Lin early in games. They abandon Lin’s teammates in order to load up on Lin defensively. That prevents Lin from scoring early.

    But once Lin’s teammates start scoring wildly, defenses are forced to guard Lin’s teammates. And that takes defensive pressure off Lin so he starts to attack. Lin will put up large numbers of points in a hurry when the defenses soften up on him.

    By the end of games, Lin’s teammates have their points AND Lin has his!

    In low minutes, Lin’s never had trouble scoring explosively.

  688. Splendid!!!

  689. Harden sucks in playoff.

  690. Baaazinga!

  691. Good point KHuang, what do you reckon Lin’s ppg and apg will be next season?

  692. Tennis players don’t even get a month off. It’s really bad for the players.

  693. Bravo!

  694. Don’t forget to record it! 🙂

  695. the actual answer to yer question which i did not have the answer for when i first saw it but have discovered since is noted herein:

    ” ESPN (Insider) in their offseason improvement rankings. Using WARP (Wins Above Replacement Level Player), Brandon Doolittle found that the Hornets had the second most improved offseason among all NBA teams. Coming in ahead of them at number one was the Los Angeles Clippers.”

  696. The Rocket’s trade players so often they have players names on video screens so they don’t have to bother engraving new name plates.

  697. What I am looking forward to is Michael Jordan seeing this improving his bottom line, so when MJ gets behind JLin, even if it’s for this year, we’ll be seeing a new era of JLin NBA. A new set is about to come in, and the surfing is going to be hot.

  698. On the other forum, I posted that this locker room looks very similar to a 90s video game called “Perfect Weapon” which features a bunch of aliens plugged in Matrix style to compete in a fighting tournament.

  699. I have absolutely no clue because I don’t know how Charlotte is going to handle Lin once he goes into training camp and starts tearing people apart.

    But I believe Lin’s per-36 minute production will hover at the same level they’ve been for the last four seasons.

  700. I’d like to see Michael Jordan embrace Lin if Lin does well.

    Jordan standing behind Lin would do a lot to silence the endless hate fired at Lin. It wouldn’t stop it completely, but it would put a muzzle on the incessant race based hate barking that engulfs Lin.

    I’d also like to see Jordan go 1-on-1 against Lin the way Jordan went against Jimmy Butler this summer at Jordan’s Chicago basketball camp. But I guarantee that Jeremy Lin would be a much tougher 1-on-1 opponent than max contract All Star Jimmy Butler.

  701. Baby MJ is so cute LOL.

  702. the power of In-N-Out burgers + hard work + a sprinkle of miracle :]

  703. too modest :]

  704. yes, yes.. who’s Kobe? :]

  705. Lol. sounds so cheap.

  706. Someone said that he is there for a DOTA2 tournament

  707. That would explain the ti5 tag he put on the post

  708. Jeremy Potter ……
    I was going to ask why he’s in Seattle :))

  709. Or even better, MJ v JLin and Baby Lin on a youtube … promote your team, MJ!

  710. Thanks guys/gals :-D… I would be happy to run numbers for someone but write ups intimidate me.

  711. Beem me up.

  712. do you have the link for this

  713. Interesting, one of your data sets show Jeremy plays best
    during 3rd quarter. Been awhile, I may have misinterpreted.

  714. just found a post of this performance on YouTube – here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iHaowZmqCI

    The musician is George Gao playing a composition called “Galloping Horses” with a Canadian string ensemble at the ceremony for Canada’s 27th Governor General. You can find Gao’s bio on Wikipedia. Very accomplished and highly regarded. Thanks for this post AlexBB…really happy to have been introduced to another great artist. Yet again…LOVE this site! LIN first of all, plus smart and funny community and occasional great off-topic posts like this. The best!

  715. Yeah both you and @disqus_Qw9GaYTag0:disqus should get in there! 🙂

  716. Best NBA Locker Room I’ve seen so futuristic!

  717. LOL!!! so playful…

  718. Best Jeremy pic ever! LOL

  719. Thanks

  720. From what I can see, Hornets adds immediate impact to the team. They have to pray that Coach Clifford is as good as he has displayed in the best to pull players together for a much improved offense without sacrifice on defense. Anyway, the next season seems to be a breakout season for the Hornets because almost all of their players have a chip on their shoulder to do well. The competition would be fierce starting from the training camp.

    Key players to watch: Batum, Lin, Walker, Lamb and Kaminsky.

  721. Librafree
    @JLin7 with VG Team member in Seattle #TI5 #Dora2.

  722. The more I look at Hornets players contracts, the more I’m convinced that they will go all out this season.

    First Coach Clifford is on his contract year with no news of extension.

    Players at their contract year:
    Nicolas Batum
    Al Jefferson
    Michael Kidd-Gilchrist
    Marvin Williams
    Jeremy Lamb
    Jeremy Lin (Player Option 2016-17
    Troy Daniels
    Aaron Harrison
    Elliot Williams

    Players probably leaves before 2016
    Brian Roberts

    Players beyond 2016:
    Kemba Walker 2019
    Spencer Hawes 2018
    Cody Zeller 2017 Club Option
    Frank Kaminsky 2019

    What sort of team is this? They’re only committed to 2 to 3 players.

  723. Hard to say.

    The key to all this is owner Michael Jordan.

    Will Jordan embrace the dramatically improved Hornets bench, especially if they outplay the starters? Or will Jordan regress into 80s mode and eject all of the new players who will likely be the best bench in the NBA?

    I’m not even going to try to guess Jordan’s state of mind, as Jordan’s going to have to earch some games to make his evaluations.

    Lin will play his winning game, and then it’s up to Jordan and his Hornets to figure out what to do with Lin.

  724. No way – Michael Jordan wouldn’t want anybody seeing Jeremy Lin ROAST HIM.

    Normally Jordan meets with his teammates and even plays a bit against them. And Jordan usually beats his players in 1-on-1.

    But Lin? Different story altogether. If Jordan takes Lin for schooling, it’ll happen with nobody watching.

  725. Kemba Walker & Jeremy Lin; Charlotte Hornets’ New 1-2 Punch at Point Guard

    Hello again Hornets fans. Is it crazy that I was most excited about Jeremy Lin as our free agent signings began? It wasn’t the trade for Batum or moving Lance to the Clippers. It wasn’t juggling Matt Barnes to the Grizzlies for Luke Ridnour for Jeremy Lamb either. It was truly Jeremy Lin. I was always intrigued by the guy. Anyone who watched him in New York or even Houston knows that those were some crazy times. Watch the movie Linsanity. Google Jeremy Lin and learn about him.

    Visit jeremylinfoundation.org. and learn about what Jeremy is all about. Heck, even go to YouTube, subscribe to his channel and watch his videos (I believe there are 21). I’ve done it all. We aren’t just getting a basketball player. We’re getting a player that will truly be grateful to the community, the team, and to the fans.

    He’s a Christian man and a player that I can only hope that my 2 sons would look up to and want to have as a role model. Oh, by the way, the guy can play some basketball too. He’s played in 2 cities where the media can eat you alive, and with J-Lin’s humble demeanor, that media can crush your will to go on.

    Lin saw the highest of days as Linsanity ran rampant in New York, and saw the lowest of lows in LA with the media just being crazy critical of him. I say it over and over that a player’s fit on a team can mean the world to their career. The way a coach uses a player can also affect said career. I believe that Lin is going to get a chance to actually do what he’s comfortable doing on the court, and the result will be great for him and for the Hornets.

    Do I think that his Linsanity days from New York will return? No. Why do I say no? I think he’ll be better. Do I mean better like even more Linsane than before? No. He’s older. He’s smarter. He works hard on the weak parts of his game in the offseason. Most importantly, he plays for the glory of God. I think he’ll be a more complete player than ever.

    Do you believe in fate? I do. His first days in the NBA were spent with Coach Stephen Silas, working hard to get his game where it needs to be, even after practice was over. Flash forward to now, and Coach Silas is an assistant here in Charlotte. Charlotte has had interest in getting him here, and now, here he is. I believe we should all be excited for him being here…did I put him on a pedestal? Sorry about that. Back to the 1-2 punch I’m supposed to be writing about.

    Jeremy Lin is here in Charlotte to let the world see that he can still play ball. The media is kinder here than what it was in the “bright lights, big cities”. Also, he get to come into this team, this family known as the Charlotte Hornets as a backup to Kemba Walker.

    A year separates Lin and Walker, with Lin being the elder player. Lin also has an extra year of experience. There are so many data comparisons that can be made about the 2 players, if you’re into the numbers. For the sake of fun, I have dropped out both players’ weakest years. Both had a weak rookie season, so let’s go with data where they played heavier minutes, and you got a chance to see what they could really do. For example, Lin has shot 43.9% from the floor and Kemba has shot 40%. Lin is a 34.7% 3-point shooter while Kemba has been 32%. Kemba has been the better foul shooter, shooting 82.1% from the stripe while Lin has been 80%. Their hustle stats are very similar:


    3.7 Rebounds

    5.6 Assists

    0.4 Blocks

    1.5 Steals

    2.1 Turnovers

    17.6 Points per Game


    2.8 Rebounds

    5.3 Assists

    0.4 Blocks

    1.3 Steals

    2.8 Turnovers

    12.9 Points per Game

    I’m not going to dig into their numbers to see who is best at what. That isn’t the point I’m trying to make.

    The point I’m going for is that this could very well be the first time this team has a #2 point guard that could play to the level of the #1 point guard. What does that mean? For me, it means if a team has a taller starting point guard, we can counter with the same. If one gets hurt, the other can fill in. Basically, both players have different styles of games and each has their own strengths and weaknesses, but the bottom line is that they are both strong and effective point guards that can relie3ve each other on the floor or play together and they each have a unique style that will work greatly for the newly re-designed Hornets for the 2015-16 season.

    This team is different, the way we play will be different, and I would guarantee that Kemba and J-Lin’s numbers will be different than ever before. I know what I expect in my heart and mind. I’m not going to share it here though. I don’t want to put pressure on these guys.

    That’s up to the coaching staff. I’m a Hornets fan at heart and I’m an eternal optimist. I believe that this team will be one of the best teams we have seen in Charlotte in over a decade, and Kemba and J-Lin will be a huge reason for that. We have 2 floor generals on this team that should steer us to one heck of an incredible season. My only hope is that J-Lin loves it here and it’s a priority for him to remain a Hornet for a long, long time.

    As always…

    Let’s Go Hornets!

  726. Not sure if it has been posted…just in case

  727. Too funny.

  728. Not a lot of room between lockers.

  729. This one by Lang Lang and his father is pretty special too. Check out the horse neighing near the end.

  730. This is one of the few articles that see what true values Lin really brings to the world.

    The best part IMO:

    “We aren’t just getting a basketball player. We’re getting a player that will truly be grateful to the community, the team, and to the fans. He’s a Christian man and a player that I can only hope that my 2 sons would look up to and want to have as a role model.”

    Looks like Lin is getting a warm welcome in Queens city.

  731. The author has no clue how disruptive it is for a NBA team to have a higher producing player benched behind a lower producing one.

    It ALWAYS blows the team apart, just like the Suns were blown apart last season due to their misguided signing of the wildly overrated Eric Bledsoe and then the well intentioned but suicidal signing of Isaiah Thomas who played too well off the bench.

    As the season rolls along, we’ll all see the hard way why coaches are usually adamant on starting their better players.

  732. Eric Bledsoe just took over the team from Goran Dragic after signing the contract. The first season, Dragic and Bledsoe work better than last season. There is a reason that Dragic wants to leave the Suns. Before that, Dragic wanted to stay with the Suns.

  733. The writer seems to be an Asian American with a Chinese name.

  734. Your writeup truly better than those clueless writers from CBS, SI, NBC, ABC, Bleachreport, Yahoo etc.

  735. The Suns were artificially handed to Bledsoe, but Isaiah Thomas was the best point guard over Dragic and Bledsoe.

    Then the Suns traded away Thomas in the wake of Dragic’s media complaining, but then Dragic kept complaining and insulting the Suns.

    The Suns should never have signed Bledsoe in the first place.

    When Lin gets to the Hornets, I expect a similar dynamic with him and Walker. We’ll see how the Hornets handle things.

  736. MJ is 48 years old now. Come on! This aint fair.

  737. Lail a Chinese name?

  738. Agree. MJ could not match JLin’s speed now because he is more than 20 years older. Plus MJ is not an active NBA player anymore. Maybe just for a few minutes.

  739. It’s going to be a hell of a training camp with all those hungry players pouring in.

    There are at least nine players at their contract year in the team. I figure 6 out of them would be among Clifford’s active 9 players on his roster. Clifford tends to use 9 players so that each one of them would be able to play at their optimum level.

  740. well some time ago on this very site i pointed out the same thing. however. upon further investigation one would find that this is not unusual in todays nba.

    with solid locked contracts for 2016-2017 for only walker, hawes and kaminsky yes thats only 3 players.

    however scanning a updated list of nba teams/players/contracts courtesy of mark porcaro (who usually offers up excellent resource data) this is not unusual in today’s nba.

    tho 3 guaranteed both ways no clauses, exclusions or exceptions is the minimum in the nba for 2016-2017 several other teams also only have 3 players thus situated.

    and the most any has i beleive is 8; 5 is about the average.

    so yes as i pointed out in my previous post this year is a “test” year for the team its players its coach (none of his recent 4 predecessors made it as long as he would were he to be retained beyond this season) and many think cho as well…. and they could just blow up the entire team pretty much at the end of the season but….

    well thats just the way it goes in today;s nba.

    as the legendary jammer b.b. mite have said: “hare today, gone tomorrow”.

  741. Bobby Marks is a former Assistant GM with Brooklyn.


  742. Bobby Marks is a former Assistant GM with Brooklyn.

    This is also a good time for us to remember that playing 4 games in 5 nights is NOT like hauling tall timber.


  743. Perhaps it would be alarming that even Walker, Steve Hawes are not what we consider franchise player. Cody Zeller and Frank Kaminsky are only young prospects. These four players could be traded away; at best prospects for the Hornets.

    I would say Hornets are still looking for their core players.

  744. Any team that is at the bottom of league in scoring and misses the Eastern Conference playoffs needs to have no untouchables in its starting lineup.

  745. Definitely not an English name.

  746. I love this Larry Bird anecdote:

    When Bird was the head coach of the Pacers, assistant Rick Carlisle came up to him with the NBA schedule and started moaning about the schedule not being favorable to the Pacers.

    Bird stopped Carlisle in midsentence and said “I see 41 home games and 41 away games. Looks fair to me”!

  747. There isn’t much info on Jeremy’s Adidas contract value.
    Rose signed a 13-year $185mil contract; Lillard singed ?-year =>$100mil contract; Jeremy signed ?year $?mil contract?
    Anybody has any details?

  748. and adidas offered Harden $200/13yrs. Lin is way more marketable than Harden and I definitely know Lin has not been offered that kind of money. I wonder how much Lin would of been offered on endorsements during Linsanity

  749. at first glance, i thought it was the urinals in the bathroom lol

  750. especially with the upcoming significant salary cap increases, players don’t want to be locked in beyond this year.

  751. LOL. Great story

  752. here’s the article related to Adidas’ $200M/13yr bid for Harden:

  753. An interesting article from Forbes about the economics of shoe deals. Most of them lose money for the manufacturer (in terms of shoes sold vs endorsement contract). So most of them are really just about increasing brand awareness.


  754. I’m so excited about Steve Clifford visiting Lin in California.

    It’s obvious that Clifford and Lin have already bonded in basketball mentality. I’ll bet that to Clifford, Lin’s essentially an assistant coach.

    Of course, Clifford will have suggestions for Lin on what to work on and what to anticipate. I’m happy about this because that means Lin is going to get a head start on preparing for training camp.

    This kind of proper NBA treatment for Lin from a NBA franchise is jarringly new to me. I shake my head in happy amazement at seeing Lin treated like a typical NBA player for the first time in his entire NBA career.

  755. Is it happening ?

  756. I don’t think so yet.

    I’m just glad that it’s GOING to happen!

  757. Me too 🙂 For the 1st time in his 5-yr NBA career, Jeremy will find a coach who will develop his strength for a full season! (hopefully)

    If he can survive that long in the NBA w/o a supportive coach, it’s scary how good he will be in an ideal system!

    If Lin were a stock, I’d load up on it now LOL

  758. he needs time on the floor… gets better with more time… 3rd quarter is better for him. yep..

  759. @TTNN did a fabulous job on that last write up. should submit that for sure.

  760. Jeremy Lin 林書豪
    in Seattle for the Dota 2 International … but had to get my jumpers up first! #ti5 #luckyjumper13 #studentathlete #audienceofOne

  761. Here’s what I hope Steve Clifford sees:

    1) Lin is fundamentally sound and can run any kind of offensive or defensive scheme

    2) Lin is not just aware of what his own team is doing, but what opponents are doing too.

    3) Lin is the ideal player for Clifford to work with, on and off the court.

  762. I have high hope that Clifford sees all of them after hearing that he did 5-hr film study between the time he was signed until the presser.

    Lin will be his ticket to get an extension by getting to the playoff

  763. Great thanks !

  764. I feel that Lin has a slightly lower releasing point.

  765. I guess where he is is the NBA 3 point line as the one on the ground is probably high school.

  766. Well, I hope that Clifford took a long hard look at Lin’s DEFENSE.

    The notion that Lin can’t play defense is like saying that Michael Jordan used to have trouble scoring.

  767. We’ll see what happens once Lin gets back onto the NBA court and has a hand in his face.

  768. Can’t agree more!
    You’re spot on with a lot of things. Always find good info on here. I’m glad to have you folks in this battle together. The stones of the foundation has been layed and let’s hope for the best to come.

  769. seems like he drops the ball really low on the catch though. maybe it’s for the first step fake if he’s gonna drive?

  770. Absolutely!

  771. I’m going to try to stay on the most optimistic track on this. But you are right that jealousy is always a lurking disruptor. You have had a hella time in your life with Asian discrimination so it rightly figures prominently in your view of the general trashing of Lin’s career. I agree…but for me personally, the universal human “deadly vice” of jealousy has been the deeper and even more malignant factor. Whether it’s players or coaches or managers or owners or fans…humans are jealous creatures and don’t like to be outplayed, overridden, out-smarted, out-negotiated, blindsided by something they missed, equalled or outdone by someone they think didn’t come up through their own ranks or their own fan-world. Jeremy’s genuine humility and generosity sometimes only inflames their grudge. The Kemba-Lin situation is an opportunity for jealously, but then, it seems to me this is a general risk in every organization of every kind. A guru was once asked by a student what was the most difficult thing in life. His answer: relationship.

  772. loading up on stock symbol: JLIN

    going short (selling) stock symbol: KOBE

  773. The Hop:

  774. Paul Villarreal
    VIDEO: Jeremy Lin is at DOTA 2 international championships in Seattle, Washington, USA
    [Thx @jt894]
    #Hornets #NBA

  775. Oh well…
    Quoting C.S.Lewis “There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.”

  776. He should join for the championship instead. Lol

  777. In my opinion based on my personal experience, I think shooting proficiency is totally a matter of sufficient reps. When I was much younger and still playing pick up ball at the local gym, I read an article about Larry Bird in which he said he never took less than 500 shots a day. So I thought,l if it’s good for him, it had to be even better for me. So I started going to the gym every day when it was relatively empty and taking 500 shots (I would count them). All kinds of shots from all angles, jumpers, floaters, etc. Gradually my shot started improving and suddenly I started scoring in pickup games with some of the better players around so that they started playing defense to shut me down. The climax came in a game I had where suddenly I couldn’t miss. Everything I put up went in. That was the first and only time I was truly in the zone, and it was a weird feeling. It was like JLin described it, like somebody else took over my body and I was just a spectator. Never happened quite that way again, but I am grateful for that one very unique experience. I never forgot it.

  778. moving slightly sideways from the previously below discussed issue of nba teams in general not having a lot of players tied up to contracts beyond this season to the matter of the wide divergence in # of players teams have tied up for this season.

    boston (for example) has currently 18 players with guaranteed contracts. dallas has like over 20 guys listed in one way or another on their roster (tho of course not all with contracts yet).

    still some teams are going to have to cut a lot to get down to 13 active roster (actually at the game) and some are going to have to add a lot to fill out their 15 contract spots.

    new orleans and portland for example have maybe only (at the other end of the spectrum) 10 or 11 guys under contract for this year.

    the point being: even tho the free agency period has pretty much ended there is going to have to be a lot of player movement between now and the start of the season just to fill (or empty) existing rosters.

    so to project coming season possiblities based on existing player status tho entertaining and something to do in the off-season is entirely premature.

  779. anyone else have this issue? Click my bookmark for the portal and get the top logo with menu and sidebar of recent comments, but main screen reads “Page Not Found. Oops, it looks like this page does not exist. If you are lost try using the search box. ” A momentary glitch? Restarted my computer, but get same message. If I click on “home”, I get the same ‘page not found’. If I click on other menu items, their proper pages load…and If I click on the most recent message in the sidebar, that particular topic thread will load. Anything going on?

  780. When I have occasional problems getting into the site, I access the Disqus threads directly through Disqus at …


  781. [3:14] JLin explained very interesting similarity between basketball and DOTA
    5-on-5, teamwork and relying on players playing their roles
    No wonder he’s so into it

  782. I haven’t seen the problem but I just refreshed the server cache. It could be the browser getting out-of-synch with latest update so clearing browser cache sometimes will help.
    Please check if you still see the problem.

  783. Jeremy LinVerified account
    Had a blast at @DOTA2 #ti5 analyst desk! The energy is insane! @MerliniDota @PaulChaloner @WinteRDota @7ckngMadDOTA


  784. ESPN has picked it up as well : “Lin talks video games at DOTA 2 World Championships”

  785. Kaci AitchisonVerified account
    [email protected] Thanks for hanging with us at #TI5! I ALMOST stole your plushy… @DOTA2

  786. Patrick Yim ‏@paTRICKYpatrick 1h1 hour ago
    Got to meet @JLin7 at #ti5 What a cool guy! Gave him my necro plushie! Welcome to the International 😀 @DOTA2

  787. Uncle Jon‏@ImUncleJon
    The homie @jlin7 #dota2 #ti5 #nerdconvention by commanderdrew


  788. Andy Lee‏@imtheAndyLee
    Oh look, it’s Jeremy Lin! #TI5 #theinternational


  789. Joy Jeng‏@Loveforlife0323
    @JLin7 (IG):Thanks @DOTA2TI for having me at the analysts desk … loving the tournament!…


  790. Maybe it’s premature, but it’s fun for NBA armchair analysts like me to make guesses and debate the basketball logic.

  791. Not necessarily.

    There’s always a chance that owner Michael Jordan decides “OK, now the Charlotte Hornets are on a playoff roll” and goes out to hire a “real” playoff coach to replace Clifford (i.e. Jerry Sloan) with “real” playoff players (i.e. Baron Davis) replacing Lin.

  792. Is there a video of that interview he did with the female reporter

  793. haha … it would take a lot from MJ to really hate Clifford 🙂
    If MJ doesn’t like Clifford, he can simply hire JLin as the player/coach!

  794. ESPNVerified account‏@espn
    5 players, millions in prize money…@JLin7 is at the Dota Championships and says it’s a lot like basketball. ​WATCH: http://es.pn/1K19W07


  795. this one with 周玲安?

  796. BTW I really like his hair 😛 to all of you hair haters!

  797. it’ll be fun to see old or not.

  798. we shall see … I get the racist thing, I live it too. But I basically live as an optimist. Might as well cope through having a dream, just like MLK said.

  799. Librafree
    A Harvard student’s travel companion- Fuggles ran into @JLin7. #warm

  800. This is why when Jeremy is finally recognized for his ability, he should consider jumping to Nike, UnderArmour, or even an up and coming Chinese brand.

    Don’t need to be “loyal” to a brand as the brands won’t be loyal to a player.

  801. hair getting better now

  802. I know there are some people that assume only Asians support Lin, but I’m surprised that there are some fans here that have this sentiment.

    Not trying to stir anything, so I apologize if it seems like I am. But I have friends of all races and they like Lin because of who he is.

  803. Yep his hair is looking good now. Still wondering what the end result will be.

  804. see zxcvb post above for possible answer: have you noticed how lins hair can change really fast!

    it might be instructive to do a composite of all the various styles he’s sported in the last year.

  805. Lin’s “2nd unit” will have outstanding spacing with Lamb, Kaminsky, Hawes and Batum at SF. He’ll play alongside Big Al and Kemba at times, but he’ll usually have 3 outside shooters around him. Occasionally even 4.

    Meanwhile, a Kemba/Batum/MKG/Zeller/Jefferson lineup would have terrible spacing with only 1 shooter who’s playing out of position. It’s like Lin is being setup to succeed for a change. Then again, I suspect Zeller will be benched for Kaminsky after preseason. The poor spacing of the starting unit will be too obvious to ignore. Zeller could be a good roll man for Lin, though.

  806. He’s now 6ft5….able to move to SF now 🙂

  807. Q. whats up?
    A. well lin’s hairs up.

  808. some charlotte site poster have postulated a small ball lineup with everyone shifting down one, lin in and “big al” (not very popular with most hornet fans) out. ie. lin/kemba/batum/mgk/zeller.

    what yer take on how that would work?

  809. Librafree‏@Librafree
    Dota2 fans love NBA @JLin7 too. #TI5


  810. This is probably the best lineup for Hornets next season. Then what do the Hornets have on the bench.
    Jeremy Lamb, Marvin Williams, Frank Kaminsky, Spencer Hawes.
    Yes Al Jefferson too.
    However, I have to watch how Jeremy play against Walker first before playing along with Walker。

  811. More to this…notice the earring! 😉

  812. the overwhelming number of fans of Lin are Asians. am I wrong on that?

  813. totally! well said

  814. non-Asian, are silently out there and not on majority of the forums

  815. I want that shirt.

  816. I’m just not a fan of Kemba at all. Lin has played with bigger ballhogs, but it’s not a long-term solution. Eventually either Kemba has to go or Lin has to be traded, IMO. As for MKG at PF, I can see it in short spurts, but not for long stretches. He’s a good wing defender who can throw down dunks in transition, but as a PF, defenses will sag off him and clog the lane.

    My best lineup is: Lin / Lamb / Batum / Kaminsky / Jefferson. I like Hawes but Big Al is a more dependable rebounder and a solid #2 option to keep defenses from loading up on Lin up top.

  817. Nicholas Batum is going to be the starting shooting guard even though he has never played the position in his life and has no skills or experience to be a shooting guard.

    Besides, the 2nd unit would be stronger with Marvin Williams as the SF instead of Batum. Williams is far more athletically talented than Batum is.

    I think Zeller will continue to start because he provides a perceived defensive counter alance to Al Jefferson. Notice I wrote “perceived” as opposed to “actual”.

  818. Any Charlotte lineup with Lin in it will work.

    It doesn’t matter who they have out there with him.

  819. Really?, but that shirt seems is disassembling itself……

  820. My best lineup is:

    PG: Jeremy Lin
    SG: Jeremy Lamb
    SF: Marvin Williams
    PF: Tyler Hansbrough
    C: Frank Kaminsky

  821. Thanks. Clearing the cache and a restart fixed it.

  822. Batum will be SG with the starters. He’ll almost certainly slide over to SF with the 2nd unit. I think Batum will end up playing the most minutes (37mpg), health allowing.

  823. I forgot about Psycho T! I can see how he’d be great alongside Lin. Unfortunately, I don’t think he’ll get that opportunity unless there’s an injury.

    Not sure what you see in Marvin Williams. The man has had plenty of chances and has proved to be totally average. And now he’s older.

  824. Marvin Williams has tremendous athleticism, flawless fundamentals, and a team game.

    He’ll be like a modern day James Worthy playing off Lin. Watch.

  825. Let me start a new thread with @TTNN article

  826. BTW @real_dsb:disqus remember there was an article that someone (sports writer?) was working on…has it been published?

  827. new Rockette? =)

  828. yeah, it wasn’t as substantial as I hoped though. Link was posted here previously, let me find it.

  829. no worries…if its not significant

  830. But at least Kemba is not a superstar (all-star egos) ball hogger like Melo, Harden, Kobe. Hopefully he will be able to put aside his ego for what’s best for the team.

  831. “I forgot about Psycho T”

    KHuang has unfollowed you now. jk!

  832. sorry, but not a fan of him playing computer games 3 times a week during the season. Using a mouse during intense gaming will add fatigue to the forearm and hand muscles, if not tendinitis.

  833. of course a good shooter has to put in the reps, but shooting is so much more than just # of reps. Just ask those centers who shoot 50% FT. Believe me, they’re putting in reps.

  834. It was this one. He said he was analyzing the new Hornets roster, so I was expecting an in-depth analysis, but it was like 2 sentences on each player.


  835. Shape-shifting…in the most super-hero way 🙂

  836. I have the similar experience.

    I play volleyball but am not tall physically to have thunderous spike. I am good in digging them up. So that become my game – dig them up. My break out game was actually in a road game. I dig up every ball the opponents can spike and I did not miss any. So much so that they begin to aim at me. The surrounding gradually get loud, and the cheer coming in in sync with my every dig, dive, save, rolls. At the end of the game everybody crow around me wanting to shake my hand. The funny thing is, I don’t know what happen, I don’t know the cheer and the glory was mine at that moment. I don’t know why people get so excited. What is wrong with them ? I only realized it much much later, like after 10 years later when I am more into sport and the mental side of it and begin to digest it. Have I realize it then, may be I can sign a few autograph and get to feel like a star. But seriously, those moment, those experience actually become integral part of who I am. Such is the power of sport.

  837. I think Marvin Williams will backup Batum at SF. Jeremy Lamb will backup Batum at SG. None of them is a good idea. Maybe Walker is a small SG rather than a PG.

  838. I really can’t a place and a team for big Al Jefferson to play because he’s so limited in the role that he could contribute.

  839. Thanks mate…yeah…nothing new and pretty much the same points been posted by others as well

  840. Thank you for creating the new thread for @disqus_Qw9GaYTag0:disqus’s article. We can also provide the original link that he posted at the HIVE fan site

    Since the discussion is heavy in stats, maybe we can continue non-technical posts here so we can have multiple threads going at the same time.
    I’ll change the date for this thread so it will be shown first

  841. Let’s get ready to know Hugo the Hornet next season
    Perhaps @JLin7 will do a special hand-shake with @HugoTheHornet

  842. Hornets PR team picking up on Lin and Dota …

  843. Totally JLin unrelated but it’s interesting to learn this (For your info: didn’t click on the article just what’s presented on the title):

  844. Dante Exum with a potential ACL injury. If he needs surgery, I’d love to trade Kemba for Alec Burks straight up.

    Burks has great length, an improving jumper and could be a good 6th man with Lin as the starting PG. Nice unselfish team player from what I can tell.

  845. She’s a very good interviewer, relaxed and playful style…an easy person for J to be comfortable with. It was a blast watching him play around.

  846. None of the Utah PGs is worth a dime. Kemba Walker is at least a solid player.

  847. This was pretty entertaining “Magazine Cover Fails”!


  848. Could be a good girl friend for Jeremy too.

  849. Surprising news…Wish him get well soon.
    I think the true ball handler on the Jazz is GH.
    Not sure if they want a ball-dominant point guard with poor 3s shooting,like Kemba?

  850. Yeah, I’m not a fan of Kemba at all, but even he’s better than any PG on that Jazz roster. I don’t know what they’re thinking with a PG rotation of Exum and Trey Burke.

  851. I find it unbelievable that Hornets become the 2nd most improved team just by getting rid of Lance Stephenson. While Clippers is currently the most improved team with the addition of Stephenson. Are you kidding me. NBA are full of writers that could stand the trial of logic.

  852. She’s good. An attractive personality. She actually made Lin appear cool by being goofy herself. Lol

  853. Probably not and MJ won’t give up on Kemba just yet. I’m just thinking out loud since it’s the offseason, ha.

    Utah has such an awful PG rotation that it makes me question their front office judgment. Maybe they would take Kemba (or Lin) come midseason.

  854. Jeremy Lin is known to pick his spots to speak, careful not to overdo it in a media culture that hangs on the man’s every word. Linsanity may end up being Lin’s Citizen Kane, his masterpiece. But just as Orson Welles preferred to talk about other projects, those he made after his precocious youth, so does Lin. Lin wants to write new chapters that make Linsanity a blip, not his enduring legacy.

    But Lin does like to talk — and he’s good at it. And people who love to listen to Jeremy Lin talk get a special treat this week. Because Lin has figured out a way to get his chat on without having to chat about, well, Jeremy Lin. Instead, Lin’s been hired on as a commentator for the giant DOTA 2 tourney happening this week in Seattle. The online multiplayer battle game is serious business — there’s $18 million in prize money at stake this week in Seattle. And Lin is no slouch at DOTA 2 himself — he plays the game regularly and with passion, even during the NBA season. The only thing Lin hasn’t publicly admitted about his DOTA 2 obsession is that in his head, sometimes the enemies he’s crushing look like just like Byron Scott!


  855. yup. she’s good..

  856. No matter how much I dislike the Lakers but I have no intention to hurt D’Angelo Russell chances of making big in NBA. I just don’t believe that he’s that good.Having a father like this shouldn’t be made immediately relevant to D’Angelo unless there is evidence connected to him.

    I feel sorry for the kid. He must have tons of problem in his family.

  857. LOL I like this “The only thing Lin hasn’t publicly admitted about his DOTA 2 obsession
    is that in his head, sometimes the enemies he’s crushing look like just
    like Byron Scott!”

  858. They draft according to athleticism rather than the skillset that the players has. They always think that they can teach the kid skills. No, some players just couldn’t learn new tricks.

  859. LOL Believe in one of this interview in this year Asia trip, JLin did say that he wanted to have a gf that was “low key” with a genuine heart for God:-)

  860. A number of the photos I’ve seen of Lin working out this summer were taken in a location I didn’t recognize. The home team’s mascot was a green tiger / leopard / or whatever. You can see it in the background of the photo I attached to this post. The tweet from JLin Fan, just two posts below mine, shows the same location. One of the hashtags for that tweet is “Pinewood.”

    Long story short, it appears that Pinewood is Pinewood School in Los Altos, California, very close to Palo Alto. Their mascot is the panther. It is also the school where Doc Scheppler works. He’s helped Jeremy with his shooting in the past.

  861. Well considering Asians are 2/3s of the world’s population… haha. But I was more saying that Lin also has a ton of fans from every other race as well.

  862. LOLOLOLOLOL JLin or I should say typical males. Am I stereotyping? Maybe???!!!! Will say majority of males are similar to JLin’s headache:-)

  863. Lol….good one!

  864. Doc is still JLin’s shooting coach as far as I know. JLin introduced him that way:-)

  865. Rewatched some of JLin news bits. This one has the content of what JLin’s main consideration for his “GF.”

  866. Alec Burks is a $10 million per year SCRUB.

    He’s not impactful, is wildly overpaid, is not all that athletic, and is simply not good enough to be more than a bench player in the NBA. He’s one of the big reasons the Jazz cannot win.

    Nobody can tell me that Burks is $8 million better than Jeremy Lin, especially since Lin clowns Burks every time they play each other.

  867. Kemba Walker was a solid player for only one season – his contract year.

    Before and after that year, it’s been AWFUL.

  868. Haha true. He should treat the laundry basket and garbage can like a hoop and he’ll be fine. Used to do it in college.

    I also used to race against myself when it came to folding up the laundry, as in “I can do three shirts in 10 seconds” and would eat a chocolate or something if I won several times in the afternoon. Still boring but it worked a treat everytime.

    And yes, I was a Psych major.

  869. Damn right he is !

  870. LOLOL I dislike it but it’s a necessity. I treat this as it’s time for my break, exercise time:-) This is especially true in Australia. We don’t use dryer but use sun to dry out the laundry. Have to go out several times per day to bring/turn/move the laundry especially in winter as we have limited space to have sun throughout the days:-)

  871. everyone know that

  872. Yep, most of Lin’s summer workouts at home are at the Pinewood gym, since his Warriors days.

  873. LOL !

  874. So true.

  875. Pretty much everyone hates housecleaning and laundry… male,female, old or young. It gets done because it has to not because someones loves doing it. If i could burn the clothes and house once and month and start over I would. ok ok I am sure there are some people that actually like cleaning… can you come to my house then? 🙂

  876. i actually love doing laundry; house cleaning not so much. i just wait until it gets so disgusting i can’t stand it. but i am do not like a messy house; i want everything in its place i just dont want to get started cleaning (again as opposed to “picking up”.)

    but i do love laundry. i think it relates back to when i was a child and thats my best memory of a otherwise not very good childhood is that the whole family would get together in the basement of the house where the laundry machines were and work together to do the laundry. and also we did the hanging out of laundry well i still do hanging out of laundry often.

    i also love doing laundry cause then i can get my clothes organized! (like sheldon).

    actually ive never had any interest in playing sports or even really watching sports what interests me is the numbers!

    even as a kid i kept all the stats. played the kinds of games that were available which were the predecessors of “fantasy sports”.

    ive always been in it for the numbers (tho i think many of the so-called “metrics” today are just math for math’s sake speculative models that dont really provide anything other than confirming the author’s ability to create them).

  877. I don’t mind laundry at all but not the cleaning:-) For not needing to do cleaning often, just don’t mess up the place. Whatever mess that I make, clean it up as soon as I can. No postpone nor procrascination:-)

  878. SMH, so disappointed at Taiwan fans. They do not know how KB treated Lin???


  879. I know but he’s famous star & near retired… even I doubt he will soon. smh!

  880. That’s ESPN, I bet that idiot who wrote the article didn’t realize about what you caught. Lol

  881. I had to do housechores since I was 7/8, rotating between my sister and I. When mom was away, my sister and I had to split the housechores including cooking and washing clothing. I disliked cooking. Hence I chose washing (talking about 7-9 people) . Happened for the first time when I was 8. Remember I had to bring them to the river to wash clothing which was about 100 feet away and then carried them back to hang up; took them in as well as brought them in and folded for two whole week. I had fun when washing because I could swim when I was tired of washing. It was fun time. This was my job when mom was away/sick until I left home and went to US to study. First time I knew the existence of washing machine, dryer, microwave, computer, pizza, hamburger…… Talking about major culture shock when I went to Houston from a small town in third world country. WOW! Taking about 32-33 years ago.

  882. Didn’t see diehard JLin fans or JLin only fans went to this. No matter how popular JLin is but still some are JLin doubters and haters. Some likes stars. So, no surprise there.

  883. LOLOLOLOL In KB’s dream!!!

    Saw another report that KB wouldn’t retire after this season. So so so so so so so glad that JLin is out of Lakers.

  884. Relax.

    Taiwan fans aren’t exposed to American media.

    Only diehard Lin fans are aware at the years long vendetta Bryant has had against Lin, especially now since Lin TOOK THE LAKERS AWAY from Bryant last season.

  885. Exactly. Also Taiwan has something like 22 million people. So even a small percentage is a couple hundred thousand.

  886. Now if Kobe Bryant played well under 20 mpg, he probably would play solid basketball as long as he wasn’t forced to defend great scorers like Jimmer Fredette or Jerryd Bayless.

  887. A guy crowing about WARP but doesn’t mention the LEADING FREE AGENT WARP player in Jeremy Lin is a flawed writer writing a flawed article.

  888. Ok, I just came up with a theory why KB was willing to go to Taiwan out of so many other major cities in China he could go to promote Nike which all have much bigger market than Taipei does, but he made a special effort to fly to Taipei. My theory is KB wants to show Lin and LOF that he is still THE star even in Taiwan. Could this be the reason?

  889. Thats harsh…We cant go about expecting all Hornets article to talk about Lin. And I do agree with you, if one gonna mention about WARP, the writer should have looked at the entire team and their standings.

    To be fair…he closed pretty fairly.

    “The Hornets long term future is going to continue being debated until there’s enough evidence to start judging if their moves were a step in moving the franchise in the right direction, or what ended up being the offseason that locked them into mediocrity.”

  890. wow…thats A theory! 😉 But I dont think so….its all marketing strategy that Nike formulates to capture new markets and progressive markets

  891. I am sure he can carry Lakers till he is 40… wakakakakaka!

  892. Loved your story! The only time I washed clothes in a stream was decades ago as a backpacker traveler in the Hindu Kush mountains of Pakistan. It wasn’t loads for 7-9 people and the stream was too cold to really want to swim in, but doing this simple chore surrounded by the beauty of nature was really pleasant. I can see how you came to prefer laundry due to that setting. However…day-to-day, for a whole family…even my short 3rd world experience to this day has me bowing to my washing machine in gratitude!

  893. It’s not harsh at all.

    It’s not right to ignore the NBA’S LEADING WARP free agent signee in a WARP discussion.

    Journalists need to research their articles better for us fans to take them seriously!

  894. Then why isn’t Lin on the Jazz and why is
    he being paid only $2 million??

  895. Gosh, I’m so tempted to comment on this but then I think … nah. Saving it for the Man, JLin and his team this season.

  896. Still better than Kemba at 12M. Burks is fine for a combo guard off the bench.

  897. vendetta…. man stop the hyperbole.

  898. no one has commented yet

  899. Why should I?

    Kobe hasn’t forgiven Lin for dropping 38 on the Lakers since Linsanity, and all the cursing and disgusting behavior aimed at Lin by Bryant and Scott indicates that the FEUD IS STILL ON!!!

  900. I just learned that Papa Lin is a watch designer


  901. Not sure if JLin’s Interview at International DOTA conference was posted but here it is.
    Also added to the Video Gallery on homepage

  902. You do realize that many Asia fans were Michael Jordan and/or Kobe fans long before Linsanity happened right? Also not every Asian is a Lin fan they could be Paul George fans, DRose fans, Lebron fans, etc.

  903. I am talking about Taiwan fans. You must not from Taiwan.

  904. It’s true that Lin brings pride to Taiwan but I’m sure there are Taiwan fans who like other players other than Lin especially Kobe who’ve accomplished so much. Just gotta accept that fact.

  905. “Love God” criteria is still #1 since it means she cares about what he cares most.

    Finding the right GF for Lin might be a taller order than advancing deep in playoff in the Eastern Conf =]

  906. LOLOLOL @psalm234:disqus I believe it did; maybe a few times yesterday when it first came out. It isn’t too far down on this thread:-)

    Believe I have watched at least 5 times as people kept on posting this and another 2-3 segments in Twitter. I thought it was something new but they were the same:-) Believe I have posted ones that if it hasn’t been posted below:-)

  907. Yes Papa Lin is:-) You are late learner or have selective memory???!!!!:-)

  908. LOLOLOLOL Other interviews JLin also said he would let his media/fans know when he had one but wouldn’t share the detail:-) With his status, travel, schedule…., it’s going to be hard to keep one esp during season. Hopefully in this coming season, when he doesn’t have to deal with “egoistic superstar,” “clueless/marginalized coach,” “machinery gm/organization,” then he might have a chance to invest his time and energy in this matter:-)

  909. I think that means the logo also used in Lin’s foundation was designed by them, not the watch?

  910. This is a nice sit-down interview at International DOTA conference.

  911. NBA News & Rumors: Jeremy Lin Destroys Rockets Fan in Twitter, Reminds How Clutch He Was in Blazers Series

    Trashtalking isn’t Jeremy Lin’s game. Everybody knows that Lin, on and off the court, is NBA’s version of Jackie Chan’s Mr. Nice Guy. Engaging in a verbal duel, more so shaming people isn’t really in his nature

    Then again, there’s a limit in everything – including patience. When the push came to shove, someone had to respond, and Lin just did that.

    After getting a mean comment on his innocent tweet in response to Ronda Rousey’s 34 seconds demolition of Bethe Correia, the 27-year old Lin reminded everybody how much valuable he was during his time with the Houston Rockets.

    Thrilled to see the best female MMA fighter finished off her foe after pulsating toe-to-toe confrontation, Lin posted a tweet to show how scared he was after witnessing another Rousey’s KO victory.

    But like all athletes and celebrities had to endure after posting something on social media, mean tweets were expected to come in bunches. Lin had a handful of those, but none stood the most than a Tweet questioning his ability to take care of the ball for the Rockets in the first-round series against the Portland Trail Blazers in 2014. And the rest is history:

    @CNM_JLin_Vids @Librafree @zukovka lol pic.twitter.com/oI8FwgXWAa

    — JokingChris101 (@JokingChris101) August 2, 2015

    It’s true that Lin made a lot of mistakes in the series, including a key turnover that allowed the Blazers to tie the game at the buzzer and grind out a victory in overtime in Game 4. But, the former Harvard proved to have ice water in his veins in that series too as he scored most of his points in three overtime periods.

    ESPN’s Skip Bayless even believed there were moments Lin looked like the best player in that Rockets teams, especially when shots weren’t falling for stars James Harden and Dwight Howard beyond regulation.

    As a matter of fact, Lin was instrumental in giving the Rockets a chance in that series after he exploded for 21 points on 9-for-15 shooting in Game 5 of the series. Unfortunately, the series was best remembered when Damian Lillard made his mark in the playoffs after burying a buzzer-beating trey to wrap things up in Game 6.


  912. The reason Lillard could make the shot is because Jeremy was put on the bench by Kevin McHale.

  913. Now he wants to play off the ball! SMH


  914. Haha! I don’t believe this bc just like Kobe said he would let Lin handle the ball..then….?! smh! Talk is cheap.When season really starts… everything will back to old days again. LOL!

  915. Don’t buy it. He doesn’t know how.

  916. I meant…harsh in the sense of…choice of words…”crowing” 😉

  917. I feel he is getting there…wont be surprised if he offloads to TL…he is not Kobe…will see…inn couple of months time 🙂

  918. I’m sorry i don’t buy lawson the most.

  919. Oh!…I was referring to Harden and his change of game style

  920. Yes he will play off the ball up until it passes half court.

  921. exactly

  922. nice article. What’s Yibada website?

  923. Matt Moore thought Hornets should trade with Boston for the 9th draft choice.

    I strongly disagree with him and many of the media writers who thought that Hornets should trade away their right to Frank Kaminsky. First Kaminsky is almost guaranteed to be NBA ready next season. Whether he could be a star is not predictable but he should be a solid player. Look at what Boston selected with their 15 and 16 draft choices, they are not even close to what Frank Kaminsky level. The other 2 first rounder next season or so is too remoted for Hornets to even think about. Hornets needs to bind a core unit of players for the future. Boston’s draft choices couldn’t help at all this season. They have changed enough; they have already many additions to the team already.

    It is very unlikely that they can find players better than Frank Kaminsky this season and next season with Boston’s offer. It’s a chance that they shouldn’t take. Any time you find a big man like Kaminsky at nineth, you should take him.

    So I think that MJ did make a right decision. Plus, helping a team like Boston to get a higher draft choice is not going to help the Hornets’ chance next season. No trade is a sound decision. You wouldn’t want to help a competitor to find their good fit before you do; specially the Celtics.

  924. When will that be on?

  925. Unless he retires immediately.

  926. i think harden will try but will revise lawson is not as good as advertised

  927. Can’t agree more!!!!

  928. Leopard can’t change its spots:-)

  929. Even if KB retires, with BS as the HC, forget it!!!!!!!

  930. Personally, I think Parsons did a pretty decent job covering Lillard. By the time he caught the ball, Parsons had caught up and challenged the shot. Lillard made a ridiculous shot, period. Parsons is 6’9″, Lillard is 6’3″, that’s a huge quickness disadvantage for Parsons, it wasn’t his fault. The blame is squarely on McHale for putting Houston’s lineup on the floor.

    Here was the Blazers lineup on the floor, by height:
    Aldridge, Batum, Matthews, Lillard, Mo Williams

    Here was Rockets lineup by height:
    Howard, Jones, Parsons, Harden, Beverley

    Obviously, Harden could not cover Lillard, so Parsons had to. But that was still a mismatch in height (and therefore quickness). There was 0.9 seconds left and Houston was on defense. What on earth did you need Harden in there for? The best defensive lineup would have been: Howard, Jones, Parsons, Lin, Beverley. Then Parsons would have guarded Matthews, and Lin could guard Lillard, and would have been a better matchup.

  931. A funny video of Kaminsky vs Okafor in a game of Truth or Dance (took place in April):

  932. According to JLin’s Weibo, he is on the way to Beijing to attend charity event. Beijing fans will have another opportunity to meet JLin:-)

  933. LOL JLin will drive some fans to nuts:-)

  934. Tickets for Hornets vs Clippers China preseason games will be sold from 12 August.

  935. Great article. I’ve read it on Google Translate and took some notes. Happy to do a translation but I think our Chinese-speaking friends on this board will do a better job. Let me know though if you need a quick hatchet translate – happy to do it!?

  936. The company was first conceived in San Francisco, California, by Winnie Wong, a Chinese native born in Hong Kong, came up with the idea for the global Chinese community news and practical information. She found that the international Chinese around the world need more news and local information. The online media could be a better platform. The site went live in 2005, and formally incorporated the company in March 2006 as Yibada in California. The website has the large circulation among Chinese and Chinese American, and it grows quickly and expands to national Network. In the last 8 years, Yibada has covered 35 cities around the world, including 17 cities in North America, 5 cities in China, and 13 cities in other regions, like Europe, South America, Middle East and Africa.

  937. Thanks! I have read the Chinese version of this article earlier. Very good one! They have provided both versions to their audiences.

  938. “now that pg ty lawson is in town”.

    well yes mainstream media is reporting words to the effect that this is the “first time” harden has had a point guard to w