Brooklyn Nets Press Conference

The Brooklyn Nets will introduce the newest members of the team at a press conference on Wednesday, July 20 at 1:00 p.m. at HSS Training Center.

Nets will introduce Jeremy Lin, Trevor Booker, Anthony Bennett, Joe Harris and Justin Hamilton 

The press conference will be televised live on the YES Network and streamed live on both the Nets’ Facebook page ( and

Kenny Atkinson talks Lin on Nets
Head Coach Kenny Atkinson reflects on his time with Jeremy Lin and what he will bring to the new Brooklyn Nets team.

Jeremy Lin on his vision for the Nets

Courtesy of @Click

Here we go… translating his Asian media interview today. Part 1:

Happiness: Of course I’m very happy. I know there are a lot of fans here, they always treat me very nicely. NY has so many fans.

Pressure: I used to give myself a lot of pressure, but now, I’m more mature. I try to focus everyday on playing every game for God. I feel when I play this way, I don’t have a lot of pressure.

Look at the time when I was in L.A., there was also a lot of fans there, we played so poorly. I feel I learned a lot from that experience.

Starter Expectation: I always felt I could be a very good starting NBA player. So now, I have this chance. When I was in Houston, I also had this chance (to start), but not for that long. At that time, my whole game wasn’t as well-rounded. So now, I’m hoping to have a breakout year next year.

Braided Hairstyle: I’ve already had a lot of different hairstyles I wanted to try out. When I got to Brooklyn, there were a lot of good hair braiders, do I decided to try (this style out). I braided my hair on Monday and if I liked it, I would leave it like that for this presser.

Playoff? I don’t want to say right now our target is to get into the playoffs. But my target everyday is to keep improving, keep practicing the right way. If we do this, then when we look back, (we can) see how much we accomplished. I don’t want to say right now, it’s playoffs or bust.

Part 2

NY 2012 and 2016: I’m a veteran. When I first arrived in NY (Knicks), I was fighting for my job. So I feel that right now, it’s very different (situation). I’m now this (team’s) leader. I’m now the starting point guard. When I first got to NY, I didn’t know if I was going to be in NY tomorrow. They could’ve cut me anytime. Right, there’s definitely a different feeling.

Kenny: They’ve treat me very nice. The head coach empowered me a lot. I speak with him everyday, have meetings with him, watch film with him. I feel all of these things will help me perform better.

HairStyle Changes:It’s just for fun. I’ve had a lot of different hair style I want to try. I’ll keep changing them next year, just like last year.

I feel this is my best opportunity to become a very good player.







  1. 1st, the new beginning!

  2. 2nd, the old has gone, the new has come

    Where we can watch press conference?

  3. you didnt read the above info…right?!!! 😉

    streamed live on both the Nets’ Facebook page ( and

  4. hmmm bad boy! hahaha

    long time no see…how are you mate

  5. It’s Unanimous
    2. What was the best move made by the Nets?

    NI: Best move had to be signing Jeremy Lin. They needed a PG and got one on the cheap (relatively). They also got a player who is already a great match for the head coach. Lin also will change the fan base. We see it in our increased pageviews, new Twitter followers, etc. (Every night we see a big jump in page views around 10 p.m. China is waking up!)

    TL: Jeremy Lin, easily. The contract is fair, in this “new” NBA, and I think he brings excitement to the team, as well as a voice, a leader and someone who seemingly wants to be here.

    RW: The Nets nabbed Jeremy Lin at the beginning of free agency on a bargain deal considering the new market. While players like Timofey Mozgov and Evan Turner got close to double the money as Lin, Lin fills a greater need and may even be a better talent than the aforementioned two. Lin reunites with one of, if not his favorite coach in Kenny Atkinson and will have the keys to the Nets franchise as the starting point guard.

    AP: I’m gonna say move(s) and that’s the point guard fillers: Jeremy Lin and Greivis Vasquez. Anything is better than what they had last year, and 1-2 punch of Lin and Vasquez makes things much more comfortable than last year. Both have the ability to make Lopez and the young guys grow.

    BF: The best one was the Lin signing. He represents a big upgrade over the trio of Jack, Sloan, and Larkin and is someone that will provide a lot of interest in the team. Of course winning will keep the people there permanently, but having Lin is a good start.

  6. Thanks

  7. Sounds like JLin will be in both Media and Press conference.

  8. netsdaily is very positive on lin and as positive on nets as longtime nets fans gets; nets realgm board on the other hand (led by two specific prolific posting violently anti lin-ers) is severely negative on lin and even actually much more negative on nets.

    nets fans seem to have a long suffering love to hate them mentality (at least a highly visible online segment of those fans). some pretty brutal stuff there; not for the faint of heart (or the lin fan except those with the khuang approach).

    overall tho as personified in (most of) netsdaily; nets fans are the most favorably disposed to lin as has been since well since he was in new york before.

  9. brent just waits in the weeds for new threads, gets his #1 n then disappears for…various lengths of time.

  10. He is just takin a back seat for us to catch-up with his post count!

  11. I hear confidence in his voice!!!!

  12. No. 7 in the house. @JLin7 #Nets

  13. Thanks for taking care of the new thread, Mak 🙂

  14. “Behind-the-back-pass. Camera, action!”

  15. no prob!

  16. sweet…new look, new team…finally a playoff LinWin!

  17. yess, Linning time finally has arrived!

  18. Thank God they decided to not pursue Waiters. I’m surprised they even met with him.

  19. Effortless.

  20. where is everybody?

  21. he is used to it

  22. It is 12 am in Malaysia, contemplating whether I should stay awake for another hour to watch the JLin intro press conference. Hmmmm..

  23. Definitely.

  24. Ok ok …. Have another cuppa to stay awake. Cheers..

  25. hahaha…chocolate milk or black?

  26. Kopi Kau , in English it is Thick Coffee …

  27. @JLin7 Jeremy Lin’s new braid style.

  28. @JLin7 rocking his new look braids. “Just got to training facility” “made me buy a dress shirt.” Got my TAG”

  29. Cool Looks! Fashionable clothes!

  30. is it 1 p’m eastern time

  31. 25 more mins

  32. hello KL haha stay stay lol. I was just there visiting last year had kam chia tang

  33. < < < excited

  34. Hope it’ll be on time. Its 12 hours behind at where I’m and I’m so sleepy now. :p

  35. center of all players

  36. That stage is so small. Those director chairs are also really small and flimsy.

  37. Lin looks like he gained some weight. 🙂

  38. Look at that hair. Lol

  39. stay up guys will be worth it lets go!!!

  40. Ya ya … Zzzzzz ..y a ya

  41. FYI, Psalm. You did good. You were quick while everyone was asleep!
    Excerpt from NetsDaily’s article, 20 July 2016: Tom Lorenzo: “Not having been able to trademark Book-Lin before the JLinPortal folks did. That was an easy win, Brett. #smh”

  42. Book-Lin or Brook-Lin?

  43. Yep. Like they said, Front and Center! The most important player, LIN, for this coming season, IMO!

  44. Muscle weight.

  45. Maybe it’s mistyped. But they mentioned Psalm’s Jlinportal site, so it’s Brook-Lin, I presume…

  46. Not sure the pic angle or what, with the new hair n too long shirt looks like kid.

  47. They tuck their jerseys in for games, photo shoot, and press conference. Official players / authentic NBA jerseys are supposed to be super lengthy without tucking them in.

  48. I see. Good move! Too bad had to gave it up because too much jealousy pressure from too many anonymous.

  49. All the junk food and Chinese food he’s been eating…

    He’ll work it all off easily in the next 2-3 months.

  50. well, we’re waiting to transfer to JLin anyway

    But curiously, LinkedIn trademarked “BrookLin”
    For some reason, the Nets are not interested at all.

  51. Stream is live!

  52. Psalm has a good heart. He has Lin’s best interest at heart.

  53. They’re only jealous and critical of Lin fans trademarking it. Lin and Lin fans always face double standards… even from other Lin fans.

  54. I actually checked with NetsDaily. They’re not jealous, just admired that Lin fans can beat the vaunted Nets marketing under Brett Yormark first.

    But clearly, the Nets are not even interested to trademark ‘BrookLin’. I really thought they should do it.
    I wonder why

  55. I thought BrookLin was a better trademark / slogan / meme anyway. You should’ve grabbed up both and transferred it to Lin and/or Nets.

  56. OMG Marks saying straight-up it all starts with Lin!

  57. FB has good quality stream

  58. LOL all Nets players look nervous….

  59. nah, I don’t want to appear greedy.
    Whatever will support the Lin and the Nets, we’ll support.
    Lin’s career in the next 2-3 years with the Nets will be super-important

  60. Jeremy’s new hairstyle is very swaggy xD. His hairstyle will be the talking point of the NBA xD. Best hairstyle yet and most stylish he has had. Growing out his hair was well worth it!

  61. Kenny said Lin is full-time point guard! Challenging Lin to be better defensively…

  62. I hope this season Jeremy can play like Allen Iverson xD. Will Jeremy rock the headband this season?

  63. Wonder why Atkinson mentioned Lin’s defense? Has he been watching Lin’s defense? SMH! He mostly played defense w/ Hornets. Lin’s defense was what gave Hornets many wins last season!

  64. Lin’s defense improved a lot since Linsanity and Houston days, but he still leaves his man to help his interior defense too often. Lin can still improve on his defense in this aspect.

  65. booker will start as a defensive guy.

  66. especially if he is guarding Point guards all year. Struggles with smaller players

  67. everyone is in fitted suits but there you have Jeremy with a casual shirt and ripped jeans ahahaha. Can’t take that California style out of the kid.

  68. Trevor Booker emphasized the “high-character, no-ego” of the #Nets team

  69. Lin repeating the “no ego” theme as well. Lin and Booker are making it clear to everyone on the Nets that it’ll be a priority to share the ball and play defense.

  70. Booker’s not wearing a suit either. The 2 vets are dressed a bit more casual.

  71. Lin emphasizes TEAM DEFENSE and being Team Unselfishness. Thanks Goodness!

  72. Lin said he wants to win so I believe they will be good.

  73. This group seem to be easy to get along well. Can’t wait for season to start….

  74. High character, hard working guys who wants to win. Exactly what Marks said he’s going to go out and get and he got them.


  76. yes, but now lin will be the main point guard spending energy running the offense. I think coach wants lin to be a 2 way player now, capable of doing a little of everything. It will be hard for lin to do that for 30+ mins a game, but he needs to figure out the best balance of offense/defense for the team that wins games.

  77. tune into the stream at brooklynnets it’s still going on

  78. yes, very refreshing to hear everyone is on the same page on Defense & no-ego on Offense
    Playoff is a definite possibility if everyone buys in

  79. Nice stage. I would like to have a simple jersey like this in white n black combination with Brooklyn in the back. That’s it. No other brand tags.

  80. no ego…constantly taking shots at melo I see

  81. Good to see they all have their heads on straight

  82. what website is that?

  83. well said ,,,,team , a unit, ..

  84. Some games last year his defense weighed down his offense. I felt he got better with conserving energy as the year went on.

  85. Lin is just that. Lin is a “2-way player capable of doing a little of everything!” I just don’t want Atkinson to give media or casual fan an impression of sound bite that Lin is not good at defense and needs to improve which is so far from the truth!

  86. Lin looks small compared to rest in group..

  87. It’s over. Too short. Smh

  88. Atkinson always mentions JLIN’s defense, early on talked about how great the defense was in Linsanity days.

  89. I know. Less than 20 Min??

  90. I love it that another player actively say that… not just Lin but another starter.

  91. Looks like a good team here, except one guy who’s not so cooperate with the jeans that too stand out. Lol. Jkjkjk.

  92. It’s the sound bite that I’m not a fan. He needs to smart up on it as he’s the Head Coach. What he says does have weight in the media!

  93. true, but last season his main focus was defense because he played off the ball. I think kenny doesn’t want lin to give up on that aspect now that lin is running offense again. Lin should trust other players on the team to run offense and in that time play offball defense as well as he can. Again, this takes alot of energy but I feel lin can do it. Nets have the rotation to keep him fresh.

  94. i think it’s offline noww

  95. I want to watch the media questions and answers.

  96. no one has an ego because no one is a big shot. Lin gets to respect and even Brook has been called soft or injury prone. They all have something to proof so winning as a team becomes a focus. I like how Marks find the pieces.

  97. If booker will start almost as our marvin. And RHJ will as well then We will mostly be a Defensive team. Hamilton is a three shooter i wonder how much he will play. The offense will be on Lin and Lopez given they are the only player who can get their own shot

  98. he’s showing that he’s the leader, lol

  99. i was wondering where the asian reporters were

  100. I want Booker to start… he looks good to me.

  101. to basically preemptively shutdown any press talk of Lin bad at D. He’s breaking Lin’s stereotype.

  102. Kenny is the coach, he’ll determine with JLIN what they want to do.

    Kenny & Marks didn’t mention anything about “combo” or SG or anything else – if there’s a unique need then so be it.

    Otherwise like they said JLIN is the FULL TIME PG.

  103. Fantastic view!

  104. From what coach said he is our defensive leader like marvin was last year. I am assuming Raj will start as well. This means Lin is the offense. He has to get Lopez shots.

  105. LinkedIn? The professional career site?

  106. It IS The NY Media they’re facing…

  107. yes, but full time pg but lin is flexible and should be able to fit into multiple roles as the need develops on the court. Again full time pg shouldn’t mean no more defense…id rather lin not turn into curry/westbrook/harden type players on defense.

  108. Booker looks more like Green than MW….Haha!

  109. yes, 1 player who doesn’t buy into the “no-ego” (i.e. Dion Waiters) can derail what they’re trying to build here. yes to #NoDiva team 🙂

  110. probably intentional to limit Lin questions.

  111. Who is green?

  112. Kenny & JLIN have it figured out – Full time PG means just that.

  113. vets show the young ones how to relax 🙂

  114. Why?

  115. Draymond Green from GSW.

  116. This is interesting. Didn’t know they were friends?

  117. lol except that start player in the middle haha

  118. Somehow I got the feeling they didn’t want to talk too much about their style or whatever…

  119. I’m so happy!

  120. Lin chill with the thug hair style
    Just be normal man
    you aint gotta fit in with those peeps!! Just be you!

  121. Most good teams have defined roles. Three main guys like the Spurs. Lin and Lopez are obviously the anchors on offense. Perhaps Bogdanovic may join them.

  122. This Introductory Press Conference is too short, subdue and serious. Hope Atkinson will smart up on his sound bites regarding Lin. Please don’t give the impression that Lin is weak on defense… What a Head Coach says can perpetuate in the media whether it’s true or not. Frankly, Atkinson needs to do better on media communication regarding Lin, IMO. First lesson, don’t feed the sharks w/ red meat… Lin’s defense should not be in question…

  123. you know the press will mob Lin, so doing that makes Lin more part of a team and make other players feel uncomfortable.

  124. naw he in Brooklyn, he got goons

  125. Chris levert is a 45 percent three shooter in college. His development will be crucial. we have 4 three pointt shooter in Hamilton, Mccullough , Bogdonavich, and Levert. They will be important in spacing

  126. JJ Redick is part of regular Yahoo Vertical podcast so I’m sure he’ll interview JLin in that capacity.
    He’s smart to get in the media business while still playing in the NBA

  127. That is true. good comparison. We will see.

  128. That’s great.

  129. she’s fine

  130. And the hostess made the atmosphere so tense. No one smile until the end.

  131. nah, it’s pretty much in question to the press. Kenny talking up Lin’s D is important. Breaking that stereotype.

  132. It’s their loss if they’re not being proactive. I presume they’re playing by ear to see if Brook or Lin will work out bc one might not be here for long term. Once Brook and Lin can prove that they’ll be lethal weapons on court in this coming season, then I’m sure they will find ways to get it back… Who knows.

  133. JLin talked on how he relates to Kenny and Sean Marks & what he sees in the defense/offense of the system

    I like how JLin casually called his coach as Kenny 🙂
    Not shown here but he had to correct himself, …”Kenny, I mean Coach ” lol but later he just said Kenny like his BFF

  134. Favorite comment from JLIN today?
    “..get good open shots every time down the floor”

  135. Lin looks great today. First time seeing him not wearing suit in the PC. Black suits him really well!

  136. He’s just having fun. He can now cross cornrows/braids off his hair-do to-do list.

  137. She looks like Dennis Ginobilli..

  138. Glad they’re close on first name basis. Hope, pray, and look forward to them making good memories and franchise historical wins together in this coming season, God’s willing!

  139. yes

  140. Haha, hope they heard this!

  141. It’s new look. he wore suit for Rox & Lakers for press conference all turned out to be bad… So the new look it’s good. Haha!

  142. Sorry, need to put on suit like the rest on this one.
    In LA it’s more informal life style, in New York, suits for important event is a must and good manner.

  143. Like his confidence!!

  144. YES network will have pleasant surprise the coming years.

  145. Absolutely!

  146. I think she is.

  147. Who cares

  148. Yeah, and Dennis loves to hold her microphone like that all the time, supporting her elbow with the other hand.

  149. We have to find the YES interviews once they release the clips. They were much lengthier and in-depth. I just finished watching them on TV and it was better than the stage interviews.

  150. u didn’t record it and share with us?! haha~

  151. He’s standing next to the PF, SG, and C, the Nets’ bigs. Of course he looks small next to those guys lol. They’re 6’6″, 6’9″, and 7 foot.

  152. This is what Lin fans want to hear!! Thank you, coach Atkinson!

  153. No, I don’t have a capture card. I’m sure they’ll release it on YES’ website soon.

  154. this has been an absolute dream offseason! it’s a good time to be a Lin fan! i’m so hyped

  155. From the pic below everybody looks suits like except Lin with the jeans. Not awful, good looking but not the right time to do it. Just hope he can be more formal here like the rest.

  156. Good to see this again. LOL!

  157. Keep an eye out for updates on this page:

  158. Good sound bite remarks on Lin here. Thanks Goodness!

  159. thanks for sharing~

  160. Lin mindset is the same. Do the right play. That is both side of the floor. No matter the situation. (Team, coach, players)

    Lin plays good defense and good offense because he is looking for the right play.

  161. Including all local tv reporters such as CBS, NBC, ABC etc…

  162. JLin should move to BK asap and start working with these guys. Don’t wait til training camp!

  163. I told you they have to cut it short because all the media questions will be for Lin lol

  164. I cares! And many others who disagree with this will care. And please don’t reply me “you are nobody” I know!

  165. yup, all those interesting questions from TW and CN press….

  166. Maybe they already did in the past few days…

  167. Rather JLIN continue to work on his 3pt jumper with Joe and his regular training regimen every day.

    Plenty of time in training camp to work with the others on the P&R and getting to know each other.

  168. about 1000 people watched live from facebook.

  169. He shouldn’t need that much time with Doc to get what he has to do. The rest is just practice to gain muscle memory. He can do that in NY. I really want these guys to BOND asap…

  170. I don’t know what he needs but I know that he knows what he’s doing.

  171. Lin during his YES interview basically said that he didn’t get to play the way he wanted to and show what he was capable of on the last 4 teams he played for. He said he learned a lot on those teams, probably referring to how he was forced to learn how to become a combo guard / shooting guard.

    Lin was betting on Marks’ and Kenny’s vision for the Nets when they met with him. He compared to it like investing in a start up business, not betting on the product they’ve produced or didn’t produce, but rather on the vision of the founders of the company (Sean and Kenny).

    Lin said that Kenny told him at the meeting that he has to be sure he wants this new challenge to lead his own team and be the full-time point guard. Lin told Kenny he was ready for it and wants the responsibility. He said that he’s led teams before.

  172. no worries. this coach is 100% pro-Lin

  173. Does Lin still have family in NYC? His doctor bro is there still?

  174. No, his brother moved to LA. But he has friends in NY.

  175. well I guess it’s back to sleeping on couches!

  176. Great infor. Thanks.

  177. i hope Lin doesn’t shy away from taking a lot of shots. in this league, taking a lot of shots shows leadership

  178. Yeah he’s lead his HS and Harvard team. We have seen him coaching and encouraging other players in the NBA, like a leader. He’s perfect for this role

  179. And yet we still have every Charlotte Hornet’s fans repeatedly blurting, “JLIN loved playing in Charlotte”

    JLIN knows how to say the right things and Homers love to hear what they want.

  180. With this raw team he’ll have no choice if he wants to win, at least in the beginning.

  181. thanks for the info!

  182. Click, you’re are so on top of Lin’s news. Love it!

  183. They’ll know once the Nets beat the Hornets over and over. They have no answer to lethal PnR of Brook-Lin. Then they’ll figure out what they’ve done wrong. 🙂

  184. aside from Marv, their whole team is horrible on pnr defense. Lin/Lopez will eat them up

  185. he’s 100% me? Thanks! LOL

  186. .. for others. He’s gonna make some of the other shooters all-stars.

  187. and it shows how relax he is with this FO and C.

  188. it depends how good other shooters during the games. i think all other teams know how good Lin could be as full time pg, they will try to trap him more than ever. yes, he should take avg 20 shots/game.

  189. Replay of Press Conference:

  190. maybe the frequent trips to NY recently was to sign leases and prepare for the move. Look at the way he’s sampling BK Chinese food.. he’s probably going to live in the area instead of Manhattan.

  191. Full-time PG & Hair Icon! 🙂
    #commitment #hardwork #Nets

  192. Which game will be most fun to watch?

    1) nets vs knicks
    2) nets vs hornets
    3) nets vs rockets

    I think its NO 1….

  193. We need 100% of each player to go to playoff..

  194. I definitely would love to watch the first one

  195. I think #1 too. Don’t want to watch any Rox game. LOL!

  196. 1) Win by 20 pt blowout
    2) Win over by half-time, 20pt blowout
    3) Win by 3rd Quarter, 20 pt blowout

  197. Lin’s new hair style got lots of attention. Haha!

  198. First one. Don’t really care about rockets anymore bc mostly diff players and diff coach.
    Would love to see Lin do well against hornets though just to show coach cliff what he missed out on.

  199. great!!!! Go Lin Go!

  200. 1, Nets fans always wanted to beat the Manhattan club.

  201. More hi-def replay of the presser:

  202. YES starting to put up the clips from today…

  203. soon JLin will be a fashion trend-setter for men’s fashion. Perfect for NY.

  204. A million dollar view of the person (Lin) relaxing on the “Nets rooftop deck before the conference” and the background view of a beautiful sunny day! So nice!

  205. Gives him a vaguely Klingon warrior look. I still prefer the Mohawk, but understand that it’s a bit harder to manage 99% of the time it goes without gel. I can get used to this style.

  206. Jeremy Lin talks about Linsanity

  207. why Lin looked like he was zone out? he was sleepy

  208. “Kenny told him at the meeting that he has to be sure he wants this new challenge to lead his own team and be the full-time point guard.

    Jeremy was offered this same thing 4 years ago, only to have it taken away by McHale & Harden. Although I think he could have handled the responsibility at age 23 given the right coach, he’s definitely much more prepared and confident today. God’s timing is always spot on.

  209. Didn’t know Porz had his hair braided too… That’s too many braids… I’m biased Lin Wore the best!

  210. maybe earliest he been awake in a while

  211. They sun is too bright… outside on the deck and glass mirror inside w/ full sun rays shining in. I think…

  212. Good Answer Lin!

  213. Ohm Youngmisuk
    ESPN Staff Writer

    Jeremy Lin on embracing his growing role as an Asian American role model more now: “When it first started… it became a burden because I didn’t know what I had gotten myself into. I didn’t know how big things had become… Three years removed (from Linsanity), every year I embrace it more, I am more appreciative, I love it more… I am in a much, much different place mentally as a person than I was when I was with the Knicks. So when you talk about that platform, I want to embrace it. (And) I am not just saying Asians. If you look at what is going on in the world and a lot of the violence that is going on in terms of the justice system and all these different things, that is real life. That is so much bigger than basketball. I have a voice because of basketball, to be able to talk and influence and do things that are related to things that are affecting people’s lives. That is a very unique situation.”

  214. Is that old twitt?

  215. dated 2015?

  216. Sound clip of the media scrum with Lin after the presser:

  217. thats old

  218. Sorry. will del.

  219. They finally updated the YES site with the Lin interview (and other interviews):

  220. Haha! Lin is really Silicon Valley guy.

  221. Jeremy Lin on how he can play better when “empowered” as a starter: “I have played a lot of different roles, I have sacrificed for a lot of teams that I have been on in the past, I have taken on smaller roles to try to help the team succeed. Now I have that chance to take a much bigger role and be a much bigger part. It is no surprise to anybody if you look at the numbers my whole career, when I have the ball in my hands, when I play longer minutes, when I am more comfortable, when I am empowered, I play better. And I am hoping I can take that next step as a player and hoping that I can help this team grow. I want to make my teammates better and make the game easier for everybody. I guess that is what will define me as a player.”

  222. Few in NBA can say more than eloquent enough to describe his own FA signing.

  223. Marks often emphasizes relationships. This is exactly what Jeremy is saying: “I’m betting on certain people…I’m betting on the way I feel”. The Nets may not look promising, but his intuition tells him otherwise.

  224. Really well said. So happy finally comes ….

  225. Have to be honest trevor booker is my second favorite Nets signing. Seem like a leader. Talk about himself as a defender first

  226. I really like him, too..
    I think he will be our starting PF and a good leader with lin and Brook..

  227. Its good we will have 2 defense first player in the lineup. Lin will have to get them easy shots

  228. Me too. I like him a lot. I hope he starts…

  229. Lin literally summarized in this comment, what Lin fans have been saying for years about the teams and coaches he’s played for.

    Give Lin the ball, let him be the point guard and run your offense. Teams were unwilling to let Lin be Lin, but now, he finally has a chance to lead his own team and make them all play up to their potential.

  230. A few of us have been saying since Booker’s signing that he’ll have a very good year for the Nets and not to sleep on him. This guy has the potential to be a younger Amar’e without the injuries. If he can add a more consistent 3-point shot, he’ll be super deadly.

  231. Booker will be our defensive stopper. But he needs to get his offense right.

    At this point I like Luis Scola starting ahead of Booker purely because Scola can defend and has an offensive repertoire including a nice jumpshot

  232. When JLIN leads the Nets to success there will be many executives and ex-coaches who will look foolish in :

    New York Knicks
    Houston Rockets
    Los Angeles Lakers
    Charlotte Hornets

    Anyone who called JLIN a bench role player or flat-out did not want him will have egg on their face.

  233. Coach said he will lead our defense. I doubt he does that from the bench

  234. Unless he can make open shots, he might start a few games, but not for long.

  235. Bravo!!!!!!


    I look forward to see tons of alley hoops between lin and booker..

  237. The Knicks will have the worst effect because they’re in the same town. The pressure now is on them especially Melo.

  238. So glad Lin made a point to mention that he sacrificed for past teams and the more minutes he plays the better he plays… Good job Lin. May your dreams come true and may you succeed in all your plans and victorious in the upcoming season!

  239. He’s finally able to be in a position to speak out for and defend himself against all of the unfair treatment he received and criticisms thrown at him in Houston, L.A., and even in Charlotte.

    It’s been a long, bumpy road and Lin fans had to help Lin defend himself when he wasn’t in the position to do so in years past. Now he’s taking the reigns and standing up for himself and speaking the truth. It’s time for us Lin fans to relax and allow Lin to prove on the court what we all knew he’s capable of becoming.

  240. ESPN Boston – Sportscaster Adam Jones Show – Boston Celtics community increasingly nervous about how BAD Brooklyn Nets will be next season

    My position is the desperation GM Danny Ainge is showing – signals a change of sentiment in the rest of the NBA about Brooklyn and slowly the experts are coming around.

    At 6:20 on tape:
    ” I don’t think Brooklyn’s going to be good, I don’t think that at all but maybe they are not as bad as they’re making it out to be. Maybe, maybe with confident people in the front office maybe that pick isn’t quite as valuable as you’d expect. I don’t blame those other GMs around the league if theiy’re balking in trading for a pick where they don’t even know where it falls”

  241. LOL exactly what I’ve been saying about Ainge trying to get rid of the Nets picks asap.

  242. Scola can defend? Since when?

  243. Since he started all 76 games he played in and into the ECF finals of the playoffs.

    Booker was a bench player last year exclusively, that doesn’t mean Kenny won’t try him; but we have a pace and space offense – Booker’s got to be able to contribute on the offenseive end too to be effective.

  244. I agree… “maybe that pick isn’t quite as valuable as you’d expect.” Bc of Lin…. LOL!

  245. Non-Brooklyn related news, wow … this can get worse

    One of the assailants is a bouncer at a club where Harden is a “prominent customer at the location.”
    Report: Four men charged with robbing Moses Malone Jr., who says his James Harden diss provoked incident

  246. I just feel so bad and sorry for MDA.

    MDA is a man of integrity & honor and now what kind of mess has he gotten himself into down in Houston.

  247. I don’t think Ainge wants to get rid of the pick because he’s certain Nets will be good or the possibility that Nets have improved…I’m confident that he doesn’t care about that..He wants someone that can help him win now.

    Boston have enough kids, they want to parlay any draft picks for a star or super-star like Westbrook.

    Even a #1 draft pick will need a few years to become a star and Danny Ainge wants to go for it as soon as next year…Boston have enough kids to develop and simply d not want anymore.

    So even if the Nets pick was a guaranteed first overall pick, Ainge would probably still trade it away for a guy like Westbrook or Blake Griffin..The difference is Blake and Westbrook can help Boston beat Cavs or Golden States..The #1 draft pick will not be able to do that so quickly and will need time to develop.

  248. What a senseless act of violence. A diss?

  249. “He wants someone that can help him win now.” that is the ostensible reason, it not only is plausible but also sounds good to the fans.

    Truth is the reason Ainge is desperately trying to do a deal TODAY is that with each coming day, it will be harder to do a deal because the other teams value the pick lower and lower. That means the other teams will demand more from Ainge in players, cash or even more picks.

  250. He sounds good. I’d like to see him be tough on court, but diffuse violence. He’s had a few physical incidents and I always think it is best, at least on the basketball court, to not go that route. Otherwise, he sounds terrific.

  251. LOL nope. Celtics are in no position to push for a “win now” strategy. They overachieved last year. While they improved their roster this year, they’re still not strong enough to beat Cavs, Pacers, Toronto, or even Detroit in the East, let alone the superteam Warriors in the West, not even with a superstar added… which they won’t get anyway.

  252. Nothing new here, it’s what we know of Lin. Personally, I wish he was on a stronger team due to his age. If he was 24, then I’d think, great, in 3 or 4 years the Nets will be in the playoffs and Lin will be showing the world what he could do on a team. But, the process took him into his 28th year as a player. Lin makes no predictions, no brash I’m going to do this or that, just he hopes to do what he values as a player. That’s what I like about the statement. So, I just hope for the fastest improvement possible. I don’t need to hear any predictions at all. It’ll happen as it happens, and Lin fans and some basketball fans rooting for him are here to cheer him on in our own ways.

  253. These words from JLIN sure are new, “I have sacrificed for a lot of teams that I have been on in the past, I have taken on smaller roles to try to help the team succeed.” He has never explicitly said that before and the doubters have always therefore assumed he was fine with those LESSER roles.

  254. You’re right except for that first paragraph. Of course he wants to get rid of that pick ASAP before more people around the league start to believe that the Nets might be better than anyone expected. Right now he might still find a sucker to give him something valuable for a pick that may eventually be worth little.

  255. Great interview. His goal is now. Love it.

  256. Danny Ainge probably still feel the Nets is most likely to finish with the worst record, and I believe most teams around the league feels the same….

    But the problem is, even if Nets finish last, they aren’t guaranteed the #1 overall draft pick…So basically, team don’t want to trade their super-star unless they know for a fact that the Nets pick will get them the best College player in the draft that year.

    Sixers finished with the worst record 2 years ago, but they ended up with the 3rd overall pick…This is why Ainge is having problem getting team to give him their star for the Nets draft pick.

    I don’t think it’s because Ainge truly believe Nets will be better than Lakers, Sixers, Wolves and any teams that are expected to be bad this year.

  257. I just posted a radio clip of a Boston Sportswriter who works for CBS and has an ESPN radio show – who is expressing doubt that Nets will be as bad as people think.

    You can believe what you want about what’s in Danny Ainge’s mind but if the experts around him are waivering there is a small, tiny possiblitiy that Ainge is too.

  258. Ya! Plus only few of them will know the concept of startup com… Haha!

  259. Like I said earlier today, Lin’s in NYC now. There will be worldclass hair stylists and barbers for him to choose from.

    I don’t like braids on a dude unless it’s on a black guy, but at least it looks better than the comb over zorg hair he had last year.

  260. got to go with kristaps kid version lol

  261. no one got hurt, so im enjoying this drama.

  262. I love it! So cute. I like his confidence. He has swag with this new hair style.

  263. That’s one guy opinion…I’m sure when the pre-season starts, most analyst will still pick the Nets to finish bottom 5. The Nets roster does look like a bottom 5 talent roster.

    At the end of the day, I wouldn’t trade Blake, Westbrook or any super star for a pick that may not get me the best college kid, even if that team ends up with the worst record.

    Remember, just because you finished with the worst record doesn’t mean you get to pick first…I believe this is why the Nets pick is not so highly valued to trade a super-star away.

  264. for NY fans, its 1,3,2. For me personally, I would like to see a beating on rockets, so 3,1,2. I personally don’t care much about facing hornets, of course seeing cliff/batum losing to nets would be a nice egg to the face as well. I would love to see the hornets post game media questions for that one

  265. “Traction alopecia (baldness) is caused by chronic traction (pulling) on the hair follicle and is seen most commonly in African-American females associated with tight braiding or cornrow hair styles. It is generally present along the hairline”.

    That is why I don’t like seeing JLIN in braids

  266. Each day, the Clippers and OKC are asking more from BOS for Griffin & Westbrook – that is why a deal gets harder to do; there is suddenly time-value to the draft pick that there wasn’t under Billy King/Lionel Hollins and their roster.

    Ainge knows.

  267. Perhaps because Charlottes always been your team Charles.

  268. Even under the old Nets regime, Danny Ainge would have still find it hard to trade the Nets pick for a super star.

    Even if the Lakers or Sixers were to offer their draft pick for Blake or Westbrook, I doubt Clippers and OKC would have taken it because of the same uncertainty that the Nets pick carries along with it

    I doubt these Teams looks at the Nets pick badly because they believe Nets have a greater chance of having better record than Sixers or Lakers.

    Matterfact, I personally think that the Lakers and Sixers roster looks more talented..and I believe most team GM around the league agrees with that.

  269. 1 hour until the Open House at Barclays. Sadly, I won’t be going. QQ

  270. One look, he’ll have more. It’s different, Lin’s having fun.

  271. “if you don’t have an ironic haircut in Brooklyn, they won’t deliver mail to your house. It’s a city regulation.”

    –dan carson (senior sportswriter, fox sports)

  272. This was Lin a few years ago in the Philippines, with the Rockets. He has that effect on people …

  273. I’m with you there.

    That kind of loser mentality (assuming Lin’s was fine with lesser roles) is what made some commenters here highly unpopular, sparking many heated discussions. “But Lin’s happy!” Well, being happy ISN’T Lin’s primary goal in the NBA, LEADING his own team to success IS. Lin’s high character led to his willingness to sacrifice for the collective good of the team…particularly when the team is SOMEONE ELSE’s, someone who isn’t as good as Lin is, and therefore is insecure and must stat pad even deep into garbage time.

    With Lin being Nets’ starting full-time PG, I’m so glad the loser talk is finally gonna gradually die down. There’s literally NO ONE in the NBA who does not want to start, anyone who claims otherwise isn’t being realistic.

  274. I don’t. MDA is no spring chicken, and knows fully well what he’s getting himself into.

  275. Goes a long way to show the kind of people who support Harden.

  276. Great post brother, completely agree.

  277. Scola averaged around 21 mins/game as starter and played 12 mins/game in the playoffs. He played terrible in the playoffs, btw. He’s also 36 years old and never known for his defense. Booker averaged a little over 20 mins/game off the bench with Utah. He’s almost 10 years younger than Scola and plays much better defense. Nets have Lin and Lopez doing the scoring with the first unit. They will use Booker for his D and occasional 3 from outside. Scola can be with the 2nd unit for his scoring and he should get around 20 minutes/game.

  278. now its already been said by the man himself:…..
    “Now I have that chance to take a much bigger role and be a much bigger
    part. It is no surprise to anybody if you look at the numbers my whole
    career, when I have the ball in my hands, when I play longer minutes,
    when I am more comfortable, when I am empowered, I play better. And I am
    hoping I can take that next step as a player and hoping that I can help
    this team grow. I want to make my teammates better and make the game
    easier for everybody. I guess that is what will define me as a player.”

    as i may add what is his expectation?….

    “I made this analogy earlier, but for me, the way I was thinking of free
    agency was like when you invest in a startup company,” Lin said. “You
    don’t necessarily look at the product right then and there. That is a
    big part of it, but you’re kind of betting on the founder a lot of
    times. You’re betting on what that person is capable of doing, because
    sometimes as you go through the process, the final product is going to
    change a lot. That’s very common in startups and I feel like that’s the
    kind of how this is.”

  279. Loser talk will never die down, it is just waiting for the right timing to comeback again ..its creeping in the crevices and looking for its opportunity. Observe those who can’t agree that Jeremy really wanted Really to start and still go against it in a subtle way.

  280. I really want to see Lin and Hamilton play together. In fact, I still think they should give Hamilton a chance to start at PF and move Scola to backup C (where his lack of mobility is less of a big deal).

  281. key word is chronic. Lin will be changing back to mohawk/bowl cut soon enough

  282. Wow, what a turnout just for a Q&A lol. Glad I didn’t go and have to wait in that big of a line.

    Notice something from that pic? Not 1 Asian…

  283. look at how many give and go instances there are between lopez and larkin. i expect to see a lot of this in coming season, especially lin is a good cutter.

  284. ive been saying this too. hamilton has the mobility to play the 4 and run the floor, and he’s a stretch big.

    some interesting stuff to do with a lin-lopez-hamilton lineup, like running horns and double-screen action with both lopez and hamilton, both can slip out or dive, and that would pull both opposing bigs away from paint.

  285. Dam one of Lins introductory interview on Nets official Facebook page has 13,000 views already. Nets making money already. This is the most excitement nets have had in a while

  286. however, note that lopez doesnt come up to set a high screen; instead he just wants to be fed at the elbow or in post position. that will change with atkinson, but u can see lopez’s comfort zone is doing this.

  287. well said! I saved that epic sacrifice post. I was in disbelieve at that time that was suggested and even more so with those that upvote that post. wolf in sheep clothing. lol

  288. Those Lin jerseys are going to be picked clean real fast.

  289. I’m with both of you on this, watching film of Justin Hamilton, clearly he has one of the highest BBIQ’s on the team and probably the highest of our big men. Granted what I saw was just Spanish league.

    But he just plain and simple makes the correct decisions and has the skills to do it.

  290. One side note on both Shane Larkin & Donald Sloan

    Incredibly Larkin had a PLAYER option this season and declined the option. Now Larkin still can’t find a job ironically he could have still been on this team. Gratefully, we have Greivis (who’s better than JJack) and some rookies instead of Larkin.

    Sloan just signed to play for Guangdong and Larkin is probably headed to China too.

    Nets Point Guard position massively upgraded

  291. well-rounded players, esp well rounded bigs, like hamilton work really well with lin.

  292. Nets marketing Lin is on full press. Lin is the 3rd top story on espn was 2nd. Also interesting he was the first in the lin of player walking to the podium. He was also in the middle in the first lin of signings. He was also mentioned first. Lin finally has a shot at being a superstar. Its up to him now. It will be fun to watch

  293. holy cow. i guess he was waiting to cash out in big FA this year. what a disappointment for him.

    i still think the nets are too thin at the playmaker spot. whitehead is super raw still.

  294. Caris LeVert should be our young project; he has good handles for a bigger guard and is intelligent, and likes making assists ( a passer).
    Whitehead was a shooting guard in college, rarely passed.
    Grevies is going to be a great primary backup to JLIN.

  295. Don’t worry, he’ll get a chance. Every position starter saves 1&5 are open.

  296. They’re saying Lin has to catch a flight so they’re having him answer questions first lol.

  297. i think youre right about both levert and whitehead. as for whitehead, he needs to spend some time in dleague. a nba-ready player should be dominating in dleague, and he hasnt been. he

  298. We came to play is our slogan for this year maybe

  299. And… Lin’s out! Answered 1 question and has to catch a flight.

  300. Lin just asked question and left since need to catch the plane.

  301. Someone said Lin only answered one question then left???

  302. Open House at Barclays Center

  303. That was awkward… kicking the players off the court after they each answered 1 question.

  304. Wow, they’re asking my question!

  305. A new hope before the empire strikes back?

  306. Lin is still there? Can’t watch the video now….

  307. Well, that was quick. 1 question each for players, a few questions for Sean and Kenny. 20 minutes total. At least they asked my question. :p

  308. Brook, Booker, Lin, and Bog have no question marks. No injuries last season, proven producers on the court, and not too old.

    The other guys… roll of the dice, but they do have potential to be good role players and contributors.

  309. Seem like Booker will very much lock on starting PF.

  310. I guess so…

  311. Why Nets event were all so short?

  312. They don’t want it to become a Lin love fest. Also these are unusual events. It’s almost like a mini preseason media day..

  313. Guess they wanted to make it all short and sweet. No hype, no egos, just hard work. Introduce yourselves, answer some questions, get to work. No showboating or flashy production.

  314. This is for fans. Should be more fun….

  315. wow Lin came out punching (claiming the starting point guard role)

  316. Yeah, I guess. Looks like they just wanted to get everyone in and out. Who knows. At least they put on a free event for the fans. Season ticket holders get free food and drinks at the Calvin Klein lounge, I believe.

    This was mainly to sell stuff at their adidas shop and to sell season tickets to non-season ticket holders.

  317. Ya! This is free no need to do too much. You want more… buy ticket & come to the games. LOL!

  318. Proudly serving crow to haters since 2012.

  319. Now is autograph and photo section, I think.

  320. They specifically said no autographs and photos tonight.

  321. Ok, maybe not enough players and/or someone might still be moved.

  322. Too bad we didn’t see how Levert would play in SL. He looks good and has long wingspans.

  323. He’s going to turn out really good. Most scouts say he’s NBA-ready. Would’ve been top 10 pick if not for that injury last year.

    LeVert has potential to be a great combo guard or shooting guard who can make plays and pass the ball well. If he turns out to be what people are projecting, he could play alongside Lin and be his off-guard partner.

    I think Nets / Kenny will ease LeVert into that role, so they’ll start Kilpatrick first and Foye as backup. But eventually, LeVert will take over at the end of the year or next year if he’s playing well.

  324. Marks throwing the 6 sign up.

  325. Has to be with his right hand.

  326. he doesn’t want to stay because in his heart he felt he was slighted because of the asian guy…he might thought that he’s better than him so he doesn’t want to be a supporting role with a lesser player …so go without a team and find you’re not the best!!!!LOL

  327. Did Lin looked like he was under MK Ultra?..He looked zoned a zombie.

  328. Probably just tired from partying last night.

  329. You know about the MK Ultra stuff?

  330. Yup

  331. Thanks for this! Lin finally has put to rest any doubts that anyone has on his limited roles in the past few years. Lin wasn’t happy about his roles at all but he accepted it in order to make his team better.

  332. Free at last, free at last!

  333. I like this one:

    “Why Jeremy Lin look like he’s about to drop “Asian Iverson”?????”

  334. Well a lot of people don’t
    if you so disagree with Lin’s decisions, why not stop following him?
    This is Lin, take it or leave
    You can stop replying TO me.

  335. He is good
    I followed him in Michigan
    If healthy, he could be a lottery pick.
    Definitely a steal if healthy

  336. Completely agree.
    They will need to develop this guy carefully and give him time

  337. Lol swag. Keep everyone on their toes.

  338. They should have combined the two events in one place and have more audience questions. It’s too subdue and scripted. Hopefully they’ll do better next year.

  339. On court, it’s up to the coach, teammates, and him. He can propel team ball and plays great, but the coach has to have good game plan and teammates have to buy in which I think they will.

  340. LOL

  341. Feel bad for Dion Waiters
    He has potential but nobody wants him because he seems to have issues…idk if those are true though

  342. Nets never had a need to make it long.

  343. Lin is a full time point guard and an overtime shooting guard.

  344. Bench unit Lin, vasquez, kilpatrick, scola, bennet. He probably will be the PG for the bench as well lol.

  345. Occasionally he will play the 2 attacking and shooting.

  346. yea but i bet he brings up the ball. They keep saying full time PG. Thats sticking in my head. So I’m betting thats his role

  347. Not 1 not 2 but 3 championships. Went ahead and added my own dialogue.

  348. As the Chief Executive Officer of Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment, Brett Yormark oversees the business enterprise that manages and controls Barclays Center, the Brooklyn Nets, and the New York Islanders business operations, as well as the redevelopment and future operation of the new Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

  349. Wow! Really long list of title…. LOL!

  350. Yeah, didn’t they know there have been so many fans (because of Lin) around the world waited this moment for a long time? And they could have paid Lin stay overnight to ask him helping sell the new jersey. Lol

  351. Well, who knows a lot or a little!
    I can disagree with something and still follows. Unlike your narrow minded who thinks disagree little things means hate and need to stop following.
    Want me to stop reply, stop posting here.

  352. Really? What’s your question about?

  353. I asked: “Kenny Atkinson is one of the best player development coaches in the NBA. Now that you’re a head coach, how much time will you devote to player development?”

  354. OKC will sign him back but maybe cheap…..

  355. I think that’s why no team wants him…

  356. Im fully aware as Well.

  357. IMO. If an org like Nets decided not opting to waste their cap space on a player presumably becoz of the lack of high character thingy no other org will as well. The agent and the media who thought they are smart in hyping up the presumed interest of a discerning org like Nets is actually making their client more undesirable than ever. Thats how lobbyists business thingy are just unscrupulous. Haha cheers

  358. I think he needs an assistant who can speak good Mandarin to help him oversees Chinese market. Haha~

  359. and why the Nets won’t do a thing.

  360. According to the article he clashed w/ Blatt and thought he’s better than Kyrie:

  361. Sound like the owner’s right hand.

  362. this is kenny atkinson helping lin train in this video, right?

  363. yes.

  364. I agree with the hostess that you’ve asked an excellent question and Kenny had given a great answer too. I assume Lin will probably his underground assistant. 🙂

  365. Thanks :p

  366. Per Atkinson: Lin will be FULL TIME STARTING PG! Thank God! So happy that we Lin fans are witnessing this unfolding new chapter in his journey. Let’s pray for a successful season for the Nets, especially the GM, Coach, Lin, and his teammates.

  367. Thanks for the clip. I really like Sean’s positive attitude and his faith in his players. And with Kenny’s professionalism and working ethics, the Nets are for sure going to be a great basketball team. So excited for Lin for his new home and I believe he’s going to find his best years of his NBA career in here!!

  368. Yeah, we’re all hoping this could Lin’s home. Maybe even longer than 3 years, who knows.

    The guy who runs NetsDaily just said he estimated about 1,200 fans attended this open house event. That’s a lot of people just to watch a 17-minute Q&A. People are very excited for this new Nets team and Lin is the main draw.

  369. Anyone else seeing blanks for every twitter embedded post?

  370. Yup.

  371. Good, thought I was the only one lol.

  372. Just saw the press conference video. This is the saddest press conference I’ve ever seen… why are they SO QUIET. Is this normal.

  373. Try Refresh the page or disable

  374. Sad is a little bit too strong word… I just feel they were too serious… should be more relax & fun but it’s short so… The real show was after the conference when reporters did Q & A w Lin.

  375. Still can’t see it.

  376. I refreshed it dozens of times. Also closed out the browser, tried other browsers, nothing works.

  377. Did you disable the tracking protection? Click on upper left corner, the crest armor…

  378. Disable the tracking protection on upper left corner before the link after the arrow? You have to see a red slash through the armor;

  379. They looked nervous, tired, and hesitant on that stage. Not sure why they were looking like that today. Something might’ve happened during the photo shoot or maybe it was too long of a day for them.

    I said before the presser began that it was a very small stage and the director chairs were weird for NBA players to be sitting on. Kind of expected a huge table each of them could sit behind, like a real press conference should be. Everything was set up very strangely today, even the open house event.

    Nets need a better event coordinator. Wonder if they even have one…

  380. They are not super star players. i think they are not used to spotlights. Coach Atkinson is a rookie coach…
    Sean Marks is a rookie GM…

  381. Ok after switching from Chrome to IE.

  382. IE works for me.

  383. Doesn’t matter. It was set up badly and strangely. Really no excuses for that.

    Even Lin didn’t look like he wanted to be on that stage and Lin is a veteran with these introductory pressers. Lin is also the most positive and chill guy. Once the interviews on stage were over with, he started smiling again. It was just a weird atmosphere on that stage.

  384. That’s not the issue. For some strange reason all Twitter embeds stopped working about 2 hours ago when they were working fine before that.

  385. No way I’m using IE lol. Only Chrome or Firefox.

  386. The “tracking protection” setting is done differently for different browsers. I use Chrome and that setting is off. I have the same issue, which is a brand new issue.

  387. I am using Chrome.

  388. Thanks but still not working.

  389. That’s right. Lin’s the star and his hair is the highlight of the day. Haha

  390. Another Lin thread blew up on Reddit… about his hair. *facepalms*

  391. Not working in Chrome on Mac. But, it works in Chrome on Android phone.

  392. So weird. I tried Chrome and Firefox on PC, as well as Chrome on Chromebook. Neither works. Didn’t bother with the phone.

  393. HILARIOUS press conference!!!

    Everybody was so SERIUM (serious and wannabe mature)!!!

    The morgue like atmosphere came from the amassed media that was likely lulled to sleep by the stark workmanlike intensity of the Nets brass and their silent but deadly players.

    I’m glad I wasn’t there because I’d have giggled aloud at how focused the Nets brass and their players were. They’ve been working so hard on the court, they’re laser focused off the court too!

    I enjoyed seeing the selfless respectful camaderie among the players. None of them knew each other, but they all treated each other with obvious dignity and care. That’s how these players will play too.

    The only thing I see as a potential weakness is that this Nets team is SO DRIVEN that players might get too hard on themselves when things inevitably don’t go their way all the time. It’ll be important to find balance, and occasionally CLOWLIN AROUND will be a good thing especially if guys get tight during individual shooting slumps.

    I love the soulless jail-like atmosphere the Nets have created. It’s a STYLE OF ITS OWN!!!

  394. Also works in Chrome on Android tablet.

  395. Hee hee!

    They are quiet because Principal Marks and Schoolteacher Atkinson run a one room classroom with their pupils dressed in drab colored school uniforms.


  396. I got it!

    This season will be REVENGE OF THE BASKETBALL NERDS!!!

    starring the Marksists.

  397. Sorry, wrong info. It only showed the embedded twitter link, but, still no content upon clicking in any Android device.

  398. Ahh, they are very STRICT STRICT STRICT!

    Everybody’s gotta fall in line OR ELSE!!

    actually, nobody including the Nets knows what “or else” is!

  399. unintentionally FUNNY press conference

  400. Ya! Too serious & Strict.

  401. Good read:

    I hope adele was in the Calvin Klein lounge tonight and will post pics and reports for us. 🙂

  402. actually, I seriously doubt it.

    Marks and Atkinson and the Nets brass know when to loosen up and relax.

    The Russian influence on the Nets is so strong. Everything is STRICT, including the fun!

    then again, one can hardly blame the Nets for being strict after having had all those spoiled washed up superstars strolling in and collecting paychecks and losses!

  403. Now I know why Lin did the funky hair and casual dress.

    The Nets are a STRICT franchise, not in terms of policing their players but in terms of presenting a squeaky clean model image. Very RUSSIAN.

    It’s almost as if Lin’s saying “OK, I’m not gonna let the strictness around here make me too tight to play my game and be myself”.

    Lin’s the leader of the team, and he’s PROTECTING HIS GUYS by letting them know that they can relax because he himself intends to!

  404. Psalm must’ve given NetsDaily the OK to use the trademark. :p

  405. lol Headlines are not trademarked … just like Linsanity 🙂
    JLin can make the final shots soon.
    Let’s go, Brook-Lin!

    Anyway, JLin really hates the ‘Linsanity the phenomenon’. I remember McHale downplayed it over and over again by calling Linsanity a meteoric phenomenon that happens once in a lifetime. I’m sure it played a part in Lin disliking the inference of a one fluke event.

    I’m glad JLin can casually say he believes in Kenny and Sean to invest in a startup.
    It makes him sound like a partner/investor in this Netsanity venture!

  406. Wow, please avoid reading YT comments on nets press conference. People have no faith whatsoever

  407. Oh no you didn’t… another trademark incoming?


  408. lol…who cares…I loved it…maybe a little bias here since I used to have one during school days! It was fun and a hassle as well… Go Lin

  409. I’m longing to watch it…but kinda buzy today…running around…maybe later in the day

  410. The Knicks are upper class NY:
    elite caste people, freewheeling circus style entertainment, big “stars” with diva attitudes on and off the court, questionable quality and zero consistency.

    The Nets are working class NY:
    gritty working class folks, impeccably but drably dressed, harshly strict and simple, quiet unassuming everyday folks, super quality and total consistency.

    Lin didn’t work out with the Knicks because he’s a working class gritty blue collar player who doesn’t fit the “star” culture of the Knicks with their lazy washed up entitled players and franchise.

    Similarly, Deron Williams and the ex Celtics didn’t work out with the Nets because the Nets expected their stars to WORK HARD and Williams and Joe Johnson and the other veteran Nets didn’t want to exert any effort!


    Another big difference between Kemba and Jeremy is Jeremy makes sure he gives players easy shots. He creates those shots in penetration. Kemba doesn’t work at doing that. If a guy is open, Kemba will throw it to them. But he doesn’t work to get them open. Lin knows if he draws a double team somebody has to be open and he has the vision to find them. A great point guard gives other people advantages when they shoot. Steve Nash was like that. He made everybody around him better.”

  412. With the All Star level talent Nash had around him in Dallas and then Phoenix, I’d say that Nash’s teammates made Nash better as opposed to the other way around.

  413. Lin torched the Knicks twice last year and helped the Hornets beat the Knicks 3 out of 4 times…

  414. The only reason I can think of why this press conference was so dull and serious is that the event coordinator is also new on the board. Haha~

  415. Lin exploding for Linsanity and then torching the Knicks repeatedly in comebacks, that’s like dragging an anonymous street musician out of the subway onto Carnegie Hall.

  416. Most players think that if they slash hard into the paint, they deserve to get make shot and get the points because they worked for it. While Lin does keep the ball often and takes the shot while slashing, he is always looking for open players first and foremost. If Lin sees someone open, he will more than likely dish it to them. If nobody is open, he will take the shot himself.

  417. Decades ago, I attended the Juilliard School in Lincoln Center.

    It was a drab dark place, totally unlike the ridiculously unrealistic portrayals of that school in useless movies like Prince of Tides or August Rush. Everything was BROWN – the carpets were brown, the building was brown, the concert halls and practice rooms were brown, even the food was brown. It actually was an unintentionally stifling atmosphere.

    I loved the Juilliard school, but I openly rebelled against the drabness that I felt was stifling my creativity. So I’d wear funky clothes, wrestle with my friends, play hoops with fellow students, make lots of irritating noises in the dead silent hallways, and drive my very staid teacher INSANE. Even the head of the school, this gruff old guy called “Joseph Polisi” (he actually was like a policeman, like his name), he’d growl at me constantly for having no discipline and not practicing hard enough and I DID NOT CARE even though I usually respected my elders probably too much for my own good!

    In Lin’s rebellious appearance today, I see the same rebellion I did decades ago. I’m sure he knows that the Nets aren’t trying to control him, but I’m sure he felt as oppressed by the grayscale strictness of the Nets as I did. Like I used to do, Lin could “rebel” against the stiffness without disrespecting his franchise or himself.

    Lin and his Nets will need to “rebel” a tiny bit if they’re to play with the creativity and fun that is absolutely necessary to high level basketball.

  418. Lin on his vision for Nets!

  419. not so simple as that, lin patrols the paint and looks for openings/weaknesses in the D, or tries to create that opening himself. One missed coverage and a team mate can cut inside which gives lin an opportunity to dish it out. Lin understands the game on a deeper level intuitively. Kembas game is different, he is more predictable and drives in a straight line to the bucket, or looks to get a pick to shoot. Kemba does have a better shot than lin though, he can hit some ridiculous shots from all over the court, something Lin can’t do.

  420. who is that reporter? does she only cover the nets?

  421. sideline reporter I believe. Sort of like stephanie ready, but stephanie is also a full time analyst.

  422. ok, so we will see her in games.

  423. infinity88
    @Joelinsta showing support to his brother @JLin7 at the Nets introductory press conference ? #LINSTANATION

  424. I’m getting like this hairstyle. But I doubt it we’ll be seeing it on the court all the time. hehe

  425. Probably only home game w/o B2B.

  426. Here we go… translating his Asian media interview today. Part 1:

    Of course I’m very happy. I know there are a lot of fans here, they always treat me very nicely. NY has so many fans.

    I used to give myself a lot of pressure, but now, I’m more mature. I try to focus everyday on playing every game for God. I feel when I play this way, I don’t have a lot of pressure.

    Look at the time when I was in L.A., there was also a lot of fans there, we played so poorly. I feel I learned a lot from that experience.

    I always felt I could be a very good starting NBA player. So now, I have this chance. When I was in Houston, I also had this chance (to start), but not for that long. At that time, my whole game wasn’t as well-rounded. So now, I’m hoping to have a breakout year next year.

    I’ve already had a lot of different hairstyles I wanted to try out. When I got to Brooklyn, there were a lot of good hair braiders, do I decided to try (this style out). I braided my hair on Monday and if I liked it, I would leave it like that for this presser.

    I don’t want to say right now our target is to get into the playoffs. But my target everyday is to keep improving, keep practicing the right way. If we do this, then when we look back, (we can) see how much we accomplished. I don’t want to say right now, it’s playoffs or bust.

  427. Part 2:

    I’m a veteran. When I first arrived in NY (Knicks), I was fighting for my job. So I feel that right now, it’s very different (situation). I’m now this (team’s) leader. I’m now the starting point guard. When I first got to NY, I didn’t know if I was going to be in NY tomorrow. They could’ve cut me anytime. Right, there’s definitely a different feeling.

    (Talking about Kenny)

    They’ve treat me very nice. The head coach empowered me a lot. I speak with him everyday, have meetings with him, watch film with him. I feel all of these things will help me perform better.

    (Talking about his hair style changes)

    It’s just for fun. I’ve had a lot of different hair style I want to try. I’ll keep changing them next year, just like last year.

    I feel this is my best opportunity to become a very good player.

  428. I think so. But he needs to make early appointments with his hairstylist though. 🙂

  429. Thanks for the translations !

  430. does david lee still not have a contract?

  431. Awkward is the word

  432. Looks like it. I don’t really know his game much but doesn’t seem to be highly valued in the NBA currently. What are his deficiencies? Is he kind of an obsolete post up player like Al Jefferson? Is he poor at shooting long range?

  433. Lin can hit ridiculous shots way more than Kemba. Can’t remember the last time Kemba hit a shot with a guy all over him. There were so many times were Kemba would drive a straight line to the basket and got blocked! Dude also doesn’t take floaters and can’t hit mid-range shots! The only reason last season Lin’s 3 point shooting didn’t look good was because his new shooting form but he still hit clutch shots. Lin’s offensive and defensive game is miles more versatile than Kemba! Also few seasons ago Lin average no.2 per points at the rim for an entire season behind Lebron James! Kemba is way shorter and no where near as good as Lin!

  434. he has a good postup game, can shoot midrange, and was an inferior draymond green before draymond became who he is. ie, can be the release valve to initiate offense when curry gets doubled.

    he just came back from injury. he really has no big weakness except that he is a terribad defender, bad at protecting rim and at help defense. hehe. but hey, look at al jefferson. hes still around.

  435. League seems to currently more value stretch 4’s, 5’s rim protectors. Even Blake Griffin developed his outside shot.

  436. I think Kemba only started shooting well this last season. Prior to last season JLin was the better shooter but yes JLin’s shot took a dip last year while trying to change his form. Hopefully that clicks this summer and we’ll see a big improvement in his shooting because a lot of the teams offensive output is going to be on his shoulders and he will take a lot of wear and tear if he can only score on drives and repeatedly getting hammered. A good outside shot will keep him healthy to get through the season.

  437. Lin’s mid range shots are golden so he’s been doing that to compensate on his 3 point shooting being off last season due to the new shooting form. If you’ve noticed, past season Lin has driven all the way to the basket far less and mixing it up with those mid range and turn around jumpers. Also last season we finally saw those floaters back again since Knicks days though they still need work. Bottomline the more offensive moves Lin has at his disposal the more it’s unlikely for teams to defend him and predict what he will do.

  438. Yes, those step backs have been looking good.

  439. MDA went in know very well what’s going on while having the trust of the owner over Morey. If things don’t pan out even with MDA, I can see the owner getting rid of Harden and Morey more than MDA who he override Morey to get!

  440. This is one of Lin’s best interviews I’ve watched. He always knows what to say and say it wisely with a humble heart. Even after 4 four years, Jeremy remains the same as a noble person and a player. Respect!!

  441. Don’t forget, teams always load up on Lin over Kemba which frees up the space for him to shoot! Once Lin’s gone Kemba will return to his old self. Batum won’t make that much of a difference.

  442. yeah…its gonna be interesting to see… how the drama unfolds in Houston…JH changes? who knows…full prop should go to MDA

  443. Blake has developed made consistent 3s since was top3 nominee for MPV when Chris Paul went down. Blake Griffin can be so much better if the team was built around him instead.

  444. Will be interesting to see if Kemba’s shooting declines. I could see some of Kemba’s improvement was from Lin attracting defenders but to be honest even with Lin off the floor Kemba was hitting quite a few shots so can’t attribute all of Kemba’s improvement to having Lin there. Perhaps some was Batum removing some of playmaking duties from Kemba, some may be that new shooting coach Hornets got that had been working with him. I do expect a decline in Kemba’s shooting but I’m not sure it drops all the way back to pre-Lin levels.

  445. Lin admitted outright for the 1st time that he’s no doubt the LEADER and full time starting point guard even weeks before the press con. Lin’s statement was made right after Atkinson acknowledge his “full time starting pointing” position to the press! Nets and Atkinson totally empowered Lin like no other team has ever done before not even Knicks! Lin always faked the humbleness when teams weren’t fully buying into him which were obvious with both Rockets and Hornets’s fake stars. He was never afraid of the spotlight and certainly shouldn’t shy away about this being HIS team to finally prove those haters and bias coaches including Mchale, BS, and Cliff wrong! Just like everyone else Cliff will be the next to be fired, you can bet on that!

  446. There’s a reason why no one’s heard of Kemba before Lin went to Hornets. Kemba is not a star PG that is certain.

  447. “The way I was looking at free agency is kind of when you invest in a start up company,” Lin said. “You don’t necessarily look at the product right then and there at that moment. That is a big part of it, but you’re kind of betting on the founder a lot of times. You’re betting on what that person is capable of doing because sometimes as you go through the process the final product is going to change a lot and that’s very common in start ups. I feel like that’s kind of like how I saw this. I’m betting on certain people. I’m betting on Kenny (Atkinson). I’m betting on Sean (Marks). I’m betting on myself. I’m betting on Brook Lopez.”

    Lin wants to prove he can be a full-time starting point guard as he was during Linsanity.

    “That’s a huge thing for me because in free agency I kind of said I want to see how great I can become,” Lin said. “I’ve played a lot of different roles, I’ve sacrificed for a lot of teams I’ve been on in the past. I’ve taken smaller roles to try to help the team succeed. Now I have that chance to take a much bigger role and be a much bigger part.”

    Lin is joined by fellow free agent addition, Anthony Bennett. The former 2013 No. 1 overall pick is joining his fourth team in four seasons.

    “I think because he’s been torn down a little bit and lost his confidence, I think in his case we’ve got to build him up again,” Atkinson said. “Really narrow down what his role is going to be and then build his confidence back up.”

    Despite the new additions, general manager Sean Marks cautioned more moves could still happen.

    “I don’t know that we’re ever done,” Marks said. “We’ll obviously listen and see what else is out there. We’ll continue to scout and scour and see what other teams are doing, other leagues around the world are doing, how the Olympics are going.”

  448. It’s unfathomable how he was able to compete with top students academically — all while traveling across the country and playing ranked teams at the Division 1 level.

    His eye-opening play against Connecticut in 2009 solidified his potential for success in the NBA — he almost led an un-ranked Harvard team to defeat the #13 Huskies.

    In addition, he outplayed one of the top point-guards in the country at the time, Kemba Walker. Jeremy Lin scored 30 points that game while Walker was held to 20. To this day, it makes people wonder how Jeremy Lin went un-drafted.

  449. Now I have that chance to take a much bigger role and be a much bigger part.

    It is no surprise to anybody if you look at the numbers my whole career, when I have the ball in my hands, when I play longer minutes, when I am more comfortable, when I am empowered, I play better.

    And I am hoping I can take that next step as a player and hoping that I can help this team grow. I want to make my teammates better and make the game easier for everybody. I guess that is what will define me as a player.”

  450. SNetSanity

  451. Knowing him generally, and imagining his busy schedule, he’s not gonna spend the time necessary to do it. All his hair styles last year seemed possible to do in 10 minutes or less.

  452. “Olympics” great way to spot talented foreign players!

  453. the art of distraction….while he quietly hone his craft. 🙂

  454. I think the Nets should pick him up only if they can get him on a minimum contract 1 year deal or something around those lines. I think many teams this year will double up on Lin as they will see him as the main offensive threat on the perimeter (no Walker or Batum caliber players to divide the defense’s attention). Lee is a good mid range shoot and can operate on both the low post where he can score or the high post where he can find cutters for easy buckets. On this team I think we lack a forward with good passing and Lee could help us in this department as well as his offensive game (does anyone know if Brook Lopez is a good passer….i am thinking is his passing comparable to say Pau Gasol?

  455. Found an interesting video which relates to NBA players having long hair and their 3 point shooting percentage. We all know that during his seasons for Houston and the Lakers Jeremy had a short haircut while at Charlotte he decided to grow his hair and experiment with different hairstyles (thanks to the help of Spencer Hawes aka personal hair stylist/guru for JLin).


    Would be interesting to know when Lin had the Mohawk (can’t remember which stretch of games he rocked that hair) what his 3 point shooting percentage was. I would prefer it if he had the platted hair for the season as opposed to Mohawk if indeed it would mean a higher percentage from beyond the arc. I guess there is a trade off as the Mohawk is a potent weapon when he is driving to the basket with a defender playing tight D on him.

    Lastly I wanted to mention does anyone think that Coach Clifford purposely did not let the point as much as he promised (we all know Lin mainly played combo and shooting guard roles for the majority of the season with a few exceptions where he was truly allowed to run the point e.g the game when Kemba was out) because he got the impression that Jeremy was spending to much time on his hair? If I was a coach and I was to see a player switching up his hair every other game my main concern would be is that player 100 percent focused on the game and not how he looks like. Even if that player was the best player on the team could I give him the responsibility of leading others when other players may seem like he is more of a style rather than substance guy. Not hating on Jeremy at all because I am sure everyone knows he is a hard worker and team player but for some reason I think Clifford interpreted it as Jeremy was having fun and hence why I cannot trust him with running the team.

    Sorry is this sounds weird but this thought cropped into my mind. Thinking more along the lines of an employer and their relationships with employees. Not all employers have a open mind when it comes to appearance such as unique hairstyles, piercings, body art, tattoos, etc.

  456. MDA cleaning house and taking out the garbage.

    “Jason Terry just confirmed to us on @SiriusXMNBA he was notified by the Rockets a few days ago he will not be brought back to Houston.”

  457. Clifford benching Lin’s haircuts would have been more tolerable than the actuality of Clifford benching Lin for playing too well.

  458. Does anyone think that Lin should hire a sports psychologist or mental coach? Has he previously worked with a sports psychologist before? Many athletes in many sports use them all to varying success but a story which stands out to me is when Andy Murray the tennis player hired Ivan Lendl. Ivan Lendl was a formed No 1 who had won many Grand Slams and was hired at a time when Andy had yet to win a Grand Slam. Now many years down the line he has managed to win 3 Slams in a era that included Djokovic, Federer, and Nadal (not easy). In interviews Andy stated that Lendl helped him with the mental aspect of his game immensely and that was the hurdle between being a runner up and a winner in these major tournaments. Andy’s actual game has not changed much in terms of his stroke and serve etc.

    I think the idea guy if Jeremy wanted to go down the path of hiring an ex player to help him both mentally is the former NBA point god Steve Nash. As far as I am aware in the near future he does not plan on being a Head/Assistant coach nor a trainer or scout in the NBA. This leaves him time to spend a good chunk of time with Jeremy. I would assume that if Jeremy did decided to invest in Steve’s services they could spend two major blocks of time together on a yearly basis; Off Season and All Star Break (would hope Lin makes it in though if I was being picky). Who knows Nash may even be wiling to base himself in New York for x amount of weeks during the year although I believe his family is his priority these days. I hope this does happen because I remember watching old interviews with Jeremy where he states he his idol growing up was the GOAT but he also loved Nash because his play style more resembled his.

  459. Disagree.

    The selfish defenseless shoot first veteran Lee would be a terrible fit for the blue collar Nets.

  460. I don’t know about Juilliard decades ago. But as parent of 2 kids at Juilliard, I would say Julliard has changed in many ways. The building had been renovated several years ago and have a more stylish look outside. More than 60% of the students there were Asian. Administrators/staff/teachers are very friendly. The only colors that persist are the blue curtain over the practice room and the black color of the Steinway pianos.

  461. Jeremy is twice the player Nash ever was.

    The only reason Nash had such a great career is because he was surrounded by great teammates.

    Nash has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to teach Jeremy Lin. The powerhouse star teams that Nash had, Lin doesn’t have that. Besides, opponents guard Lin much harder than they ever guarded Nash.

    Until Lin stops producing especially in the clutch, there’s no need for a sports psychologist to knock Lin off his game.

  462. I think Clifford benched him because he needed to give plenty of playing time to Walker Batum and Lee. Walker because he is the face of the franchise. Batum and Lee because they were both going to be UFA and they were the priority over Jeremy in FA I believe. Clifford when I watched him did not bench Lin for tanking reasons unlike that BS guy Bryon Scott ahahaha

  463. First, perhaps enlighten us on what exactly you think is the psychological/mental problem JLIN has?

    JLIN when empowered is able to motivate and incentivise himself and his team to WIN GAMES and beat good teams… and have fun doing it. Isn’t that the whole point.

    Kemba is the guy who needs mental assistance; can’t beat any tough playoff caliber teams.

  464. Benching the best player for playing too well, that IS tanking of a sort.

  465. Dion Waiters just got passed over by a young Spaniard on a 3 yr deal – the teams who know Waiters character the best don’t want him; certainly no way that Marks/Atkinson sign him.
    “The Oklahoma City Thunder have agreed to sign guard Alex Abrines to a three-year deal worth $18 million, sources confirmed to His signing also likely signals the likely end of Dion Waiters’ tenure with the Thunder.

  466. It was so great to see Jeremy last night though he only stayed maybe 5 minutes? Thought he would literally shake hands with his fans and signs some autographs. Nevertheless, it was short and sweet:)

  467. I think Clifford in his mind knew that if Jeremy had a successful year he would probably move on somewhere else and get more playing time and money. Kemba is Clifford’s guy so no way Jeremy was ever going to get a crack at running the point. Clifford I guess tried to limit him because he knew that as the sixth man you can’t get anything better than Jeremy. He basically wanted to keep Jeremy around but at a discount because he powerless to stop front office and Jordan from letting Kemba being the face of the franchise.

    If Clifford allowed Jeremy to the face of the franchise Rick Cho and MJ would of turned on him and he would be out of the door and Kemba reinstated as the PG. So feel kind of bad for Clifford because even if he really liked Jeremy and wanted to start him more it would of cost him is job and livelihood ultimately.

  468. I think of the aspect that JLin could improve on is being passive after having good games the night before. He can be inconsistent whereby the night before he had 20 points and the next night he only had 5 points. I would rather him be a 15 points 7-8 assists a night kind of player and over time slowly increase those numbers with solid play and minimal turnovers.

    Also I think that sometimes even when he was around ball hogs and big EGO guys like Melo, Harden, and Kobe rather than trying to be sub servant to them he should of stood his ground more. This is especially true with Kobe. I think sometimes he is too nice. Nothing wrong with being too nice as everyone likes genuine human beings. On the NBA court however you do need a certain swag and alpha mindset to transition from being a good to great player. Just look at Steph Curry. Off the court he is a friendly and humble guy but on the court he is an animal and wants to get in your head and show you up. I think if Lin could instill more of an relentless nature on the court it would be both good for him and pacifying future possible high ego teammates. Like KHuang said below if the Nets front office decide to but more talented players around Jeremy in the upcoming years there is no doubt there will be some Egos even if they only look for high character guys. Most players in the league I would argue have some sort of attitude and ego when it comes to playing on the court and this cannot be avoided. If Lin is able to stamp his foot down to a degree where other players not to f**k around with him and know he is not to be messed with, the team dynamics would be marvelous as we all know that if you are open Jeremy will find you and he will not hesitate to pass the ball because he is a true point guard.

  469. Stats do show that last year his 3 point percentage did go down to its lowest since his ’11-’12 season with the Knicks. Coincidence perhaps? I beg to differ on this occasion.

  470. best defensive guard in the NBA! I have to disagree. Think about it this way because of all the energy that Jeremy has to exert on offensive end of the floor, often his energy levels will not be as high as a defensive guard who specializes in defense e.g Tony Allen (who contributes very little to offence). Although defense requires skill I would argue that often its more about the energy one brings to the defensive side of the court (often coaches and players say in post game interviews about the energy of the guys on the defensive side of the court which won them the game).

  471. says good things about Atkinson at 6:40

  472. Lin is a very good defensive perimeter defender if I was to give him a grade I would say A-/B+, B+ if its an off night for him. However his post defence on other guards is more of a B or B- but luckily not many newer guards post up these days, only vets like Kobe and Wade do post moves regularly.

  473. Lol. There are some imposters and ghost bloggers here changing hander just to post some rehatched false narratives and negativity as opinions knowing very well that most fans here are very discerning and won’t buy their supposed opinion if repeated by the same group of handers. Anyways good try. Haha cheers.

  474. I disagree. Nash had great footwork, passing angles and timing. No, Nash wasn’t the defensive player Lin was but offensively, he could teach pretty much any point guard in the NBA a few things.

    I don’t think Nash should be Lin’s sports psychologists. But I’ve always been supportive of players having sports psychologists, especially Lin. A sports psychologist is not like a psychologists in every day life. It’s more pinpointed in having a player establish a mindset and belief in their game more than anything else.

  475. JLIN has his own team now and he has NO need for a sports psychologist.

    – Own team running the Point unequivocally
    – Trust of the Coach
    – Leeway to make piddly mistakes and not be pulled
    – Consistency & Regularity of starter minutes

    Repeat this to yourself and perhaps you’ll understand – “JLIN has his own team now.”

  476. Besides on working on his 3 pointers with his shooting coach do you guys know if he is working on his other moves?

    If this season he is running the point like we expect to run it, I doubt he will get many open look 3 pointers as he won’t be standing in the corner looking to get off a 3 point shot (or drive by the defender) when he eventually receives the ball (like in previous years when he was not the ball dominant guard).

    If I was him I would still work on his 3 pointers but also divide his day equally to spend time working on his mid range shot. Coming off the P and R it would be good if he could nail down mid range jumpers consistently. Furthermore another apparent missing part of his game is the floater which he rarely does in game for some reason (not since Linsanity where he consistently when in the paint used this type of shot). I think the floater would be a good idea because sometimes I see Jeremy drive to the basket and because of a guard or big who tries to take a charge (often they get a charging foul) Jeremy will land hard on floor and often he uses his wrist to brace the impact. If I recall correctly he injured his wrists doing this a few times in prior seasons. The floater can be a high percentage shot for him because he has it in his locker but needs need to rebuild his confidence in this type of shot and it will also greatly reduce his chances of getting injured as he does not constantly go shoulder to shoulder with his defender when driving to the rim and finishing a contact lay up. Lastly although this is the least important out of the 3 would be for Jeremy to work on developing some more dribble moves. Apart from his standard triple threat moves he lacks other moves which he can use to get the defenders on the perimeter leaning one way so he can blow past them off the dribble. If he developed his dribble moves he could be even more deadly in the P n R as defenders can over commit going over screens and Jeremy could use his dribbling to quickly change the direction he is moving towards. If his dribbling picks up I would not be surprised if he developed a step back jumper which would be another great weapon to add to his ever growing offensive and defensive arsenal. My suggestion is a simple behind the back crossover like Steph Curry to quickly change the direction one is driving in. See the video below.

    I hope that Jeremy picked up some pointers from Harden during his 2 seasons at HOU. Harden as a person and leader is very questionable but his actually game although not pretty is very effective. I am sure Jeremy picked up some pointers on how to draw more fouls when driving to the rim, maybe he also picked up some more tips from watching him day in day out who knows. I know for a fact that Jeremy has a good euro step as seen in the video down below and hope in the near future he will implement more during game time.

  477. Every little helps and there is nothing wrong with being over prepared as covering every angle will lead to success. Think of when you study for exams. You make sure you go over every part of the syllabus because you don’t want to be caught out by that one question which could bit you on the bum xD. I see Jeremy as a diligent person so no harm in hiring one as it could improve his game by 1-2 %.

  478. If anyone else could have manned-up against the elite teams that JLIN beat last season, then JLIN might have had more energy at the end of games. KemBatum and all the rest ran away or was injured forcing JLIN to exert massive amounts of energy since nobody else could move the needle.

  479. Nobody should presume to know what aspects of JLIN’s game he needs to work on more than JLIN and his Coach

    If he wants to work on his 3s because the rest of his game is the best it’s ever been, then I trust what he’s doing without question.

  480. Go to google and do a search on “pseudo science psychoanalytics therapy worsens”

  481. I respect your opinion and I am sure he knows whats best for him. Just don’t be surprised if this season if he starts hitting floaters and mid range shots at a consistent clip (I believe he is working on these aspects of his game maybe not as much as 3 point shooting).

  482. Yep, the more moves and tools he has in his arsenal, the better. The mid-range game is important to open his drive game and the more confidence he has in his dribble to get through defenses and get to his spots, the more confidence his teammates have in him and will give him the ball. I think he should strive to be the best ball-handler on the team, over Vasquez or anyone else.

    Lin has a sort of cross-dribble, stop, pop, and a bit of a fake/fade-away 2 point shot. Hopefully he uses that more. And I hope he is working on perfecting the floater. That’s the bread and butter of so many PGs.

  483. JLIN can defend any PG 6’4″ at the post or shorter that is about 90% of the starting point guards in the NBA. Not only that he can post up successfully against any PG 6’1″ or shorter.

    So what if he had problems against an Antekempoupos? Any PG under 6’6″ would.

  484. Friends, let’s reflect for a moment of what happened yesterday. Correct me if I’m wrong, but did we just witnessed a “Historic moment”? For the 1st time in the NBA, Jeremy Lin, AA NBA player, is the full-time starting point guard and the face of Nets franchise at this moment. Music to my ear! Think about this… This should be big news!

  485. Well we did have a few games back with Mike D’Antoni – defacto full-time starting PG for a while. Then McHale/Morey happened, downhill from there.

  486. Yup…Indeed it is! totally!

  487. How is this a false narrative. Love Jeremy like no other! only want the best for him and offering my opinions about him. Is there something wrong with this? Are my opinions not allowed because I am picking on certain parts where he can IMPROVE on? When I see Jeremy I go parent mode and hence why the Tiger Mom/Dad comes out in me. Just want him to make the most out of his situation because i CARE for him.

    Why would I talk passionately about a guy i supposed dislike lol. By the way I am his fan from the UK so I am not some US ghost blogger who has an agenda. Basketball is not even popular over here but I liked his story from New York because I identify with him being an Asian guy who likes sports and likes seeing my fellow brother doing well for himself in this field of work 🙂

  488. That was Melo’s team battling to take the shine off Lin’s potential permanent installment as the Knicks pg of the future. This time Lin is permanently full-time guaranteed w/o competition but w/ full support from org, GM & Coach for at least two straight years!

  489. Over here in the UK many successful sports stars have hired sports psychologists such as Boxers Carl Froch and Anthony Josha, Tennis Star Andy Murray, Cyclist/Tour de France champion Bradley Wiggins Olympic Rower Steve Redgrave, Cricketers Marcus Trescothick and Michael Vaughan.

    Surely If lots of people here are using it to good effect I can’t see why it wouldn’t work over in the US.

  490. I agree its not about the psychologist looking into his life but more into how he applies his mind when he steps onto the court.

  491. He was passive not due to his efforts but restriction placed by his coaches, wanted to diminish him so to not antagonize the stars. So this narrative is a false narrative as all Lin fans here know about it.

  492. Couldn’t find any wrong to correct you.

  493. During his time with the hornets JLIN had to guard the shooting guards as Kemba is short. That’s why he struggled with Wade in certain games although he did a good job overall. Won’t be a problem this year as he will guards the opposing point guards I would imagine as Vasquez is 6’6 and Foye is 6’4 and Bog is like 6’8 I believe.

    Guys who are PG who Lin still has trouble guarding IMO are Westbrook, Lillard, Irving, Wall, Isiah Thomas, and Curry. Some guys are fast and explosive, others are good dribblers and shooters too.

    SG who live Lin trouble which are all taller than him include Harden, DeRozan, Thompson, Wade. DeRozan and Wade would post up Lin. Harden would dribble and either hit a step back jumper who blow past Lin. Thompson has a fast release and is tall so Lin would have a hard time defending Klay’s jumpers.

  494. You are new to this thread, so learn before mouthing off inanities to show off your ignorance.

  495. Andy Murray is still league behind major 3. He was lucky not facing them in Wimbledon.

  496. What I meant to say was some times he is passive on the court in the sense he just looks dead tired and the life has been sucked out of him. If you listen to when Jeremy is micophoned up in games you can hear he is always out of breath and breathing heavily to the point where the announcers are pointing it out. Maybe he suffers from fatigue easier than others or maybe has an undiagnosed breathing issue which he just plays through perhaps?

  497. This even happens in games where he has not played heavy minutes as last year Kemba ate up most of the minutes.

  498. You have the right idea. It’s just that you are using the wrong word to describe the situation. When you say “psychologist”, everyone just freak out because it implies that Jeremy has a mental problem, which he does not. The more appropriate terms to use would be “success coach” or “mentor”. Great leaders and champions in every endeavors often need someone role model to help them attain success at the highest level. It is often the fastest way to achieve success by following the footsteps of someone how has already done it by being mentored by them. Jeremy situation is a bit unique in that he is a pioneer in his own right. It’s difficult for anyone to even fathom all the tribulations he has gone through being the first great Asian American to play in the NBA. Although I think Nash would help Jeremy great in certain aspects of his game.

  499. True I agree with you that he had the luck of the draw in order for him to win these Slams. In his first Slam appearance he got routed by Federer in straight sets but after working for the sports psychologist he manged to beat him in the Final of Olympics and Wimbledon. I do acknowledge that with age Federer may not be as good as when he was in his peak but nevertheless who knows if Andy would of beaten him if he had not consulated in a SP. Every little helps and all bases covered is best.

  500. I am not mouthing off but giving him some constructive feedback after watching him play for 4 years :). Go JLIN

  501. many more historical moments for Jeremy to come..
    first AA All-Star
    first AA MVP
    first AA head coach
    first AA HOF

  502. My bad there Chris maybe I did not make it clear enough. Apologies for this. Also where I am from (the UK) athletes who hire professional who help with their mental approach to their game is known as a sports psychologist. Maybe this brought some confusion but yes I mean like a coach who helps them before games by doing things like visualization techniques etc.

  503. Great! Jason T and Harden deliberately hacked JLin in a game between Hornets and Rockets last season. Glad Rockets got rid of this fellow.

  504. I think once Lin retires he will work on the Jeremy Lin foundation and probably be a local pastor for his community. Who knows though maybe he will be a coach one day.

  505. I get what you are saying. I have been reading up on psychology for years. I am sure you probably heard of Paul McKenna. I have listened to a lot of his stuffs. Anyway, here in the US, Psychology has a derogatory connotation to it. No one want to see a psychologist. Only deranged people go to see psychologist. In worst case, they get locked up in a mental hospital.

    Also, I have been following the Lakers a bit too as I am a former Lakers fan. Kobe spent a lot of time coaching and mentoring Clarkson and Russell. I don’t like those guys, but those young guys showed a lot of confidence nowadays. I know it’s just summer league but Russell plays like Curry in that he doesn’t give a F**K and just shoot light out. I don’t know it’s just a result of Kobe, but but he just play with a swag unlike most other players.

  506. It was a historic moment indeed,
    though some may argue that Lin was the franchise player briefly in his 1st year in Houston.

    NBA’s report: “Jeremy Lin brings Linsanity to Nets”

  507. Pinch me. May this Lincredible honeymoon last forever 🙂
    Has a coach ever cared so much about Jeremy’s style?

    @BrooklynNets: Exciting day yesterday for the team. 7 takeaways from the new #Nets:

    4. The System Reigns Supreme/Versatility is Key:
    “Everybody touches it, quick decisions offensively, play with pace and obviously the pick-and-roll will be a big part of the game,” Atkinson said. “Those are all characteristics that fit Jeremy’s style and fits the style of the guys we signed.”

  508. To me, Harden was/is the face of Rox franchise. Melo was/is Knicks. Kobe was Lakers’. Kemba is Hornets. Lin was always a second-thought on those two teams. PG in name only. But this time, HC Atkinson made a point to declare that Lin is the “full-time starting pg” in the media w/o prompting, thus Lin is the defacto face of the franchise PG at this moment w/o any doubt or competition.

  509. He will definitely take his fair share of 3 pters. When he was running point for the Knicks, he created so many shots just for himself to take his threes. I think him creating his own shots to make 3s were more accurate than when he had to spot up in the corner. I mean he made so many threes in the Linsanity stretch and recently against the Spurs. He will make tons, maybe not as much as Curry, but more then he has showed us these past 3 years.

  510. I think his confidence comes from the fact that he had Kobe as a mentor, not much talent on the roster so he wants to step up and be the main guy, 2nd pick overall, he is a shooter so his mentality should be to carry out shooting even if he is bricking every other shot because you have to shoot your way out of a slump, if you don’t believe in your ability no one else will.

  511. You aren’t and the post above you is inappropriate.

  512. the article brings good recap on player personality…thanks

  513. I think Lin guards Lillard quite well, has the speed to keep up with Wall and has guarded IT well also. Those guys get a lot of screens. He’s not bad with Harden, either. Wade is an all-time great. Nobody really can guard him. Thompson is a super skilled superstar that is also hard to guard. Westbrook is very athletic, and I’ve yet so see anyone really guard him effectively when he’s on his game.

    Lin will probably be better at guarding post-up guards than Vasquez, Foye, and Bogs, none of them really have great footwork and technique as defenders. On the Hornets, Courtney Lee happened to be a good defender and taller than Wade, but when it came down to it and Wade had to make shots, he made them against Lee.

  514. Fav!!

    “I’m betting on the way I feel. If I didn’t feel like this has a chance to go where I want to go, then I wouldn’t have signed up for it.”

  515. I douibt he’ll stay away from BB…lets see 🙂

  516. Lin played with Kobe, Russell played with Kobe. As Chris said, Russell had the I don’t care attitude. Lin had an approach of I want to feel out the team and put guys in the best position while Kobe was telling him to mark his claim on fire hydrants. Russell is the type to do than, Lin not.

  517. to be a little crude, it’s digging sh*t when there’s none. LOL

  518. was he speaking Mandarin or Hokkien? He seems to be getting fluent….as I observe previous he will be a little hesitant while conversing

  519. It’s not a coincidence that the word confidence is used very often in sports to describe a mental hurdle a player must overcome to realize his full potential. Even Atkinson talked about it yesterday to describe Anthony Bennett. The raw talent is obvious, so the next step coach Atkinson want to do is to get him to believe in himself and to play his game. After listening to Jeremy yesterday, I am not too worry about him. He showed a lot of confidence and beliefs in himself, which I am glad to hear. He totally brushed off his inconsistent plays to the fact that he was jerked around by his coaches and not because he can’t sustain consistent excellent plays from games to games. I am very looking forward to this season to see what he can do.

  520. LOL yah don’t need this kind of negativity on Lin’s team

  521. it’s very refreshing to hear Booker confirm there are no big egos and they are very high-character (guys).

    “Just spending a little bit of time with these guys today, I can say that they are very high-character (guys),” Trevor Booker said. “No big egos, that’s a big thing. We’re building chemistry, so I’m looking forward to spending time with these guys and getting the ball rolling.”
    “It starts with myself,” Booker said. “Being out there communicating and everybody hopefully follows my lead.”

    “Every step of the way is a blessing and I’m looking forward to the next step,” LeVert said. (on rehab after surgery)
    The youngest player at the press conference, 21-year-old Caris LeVert, summed it up nicely.
    “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

  522. But is he really that bad? or people are just making assumptions with no facts

  523. cool story

  524. Some consistency is health-related. When Lin’s back acts up, it throws off his game. I think the bigger the role, the better Lin does.

  525. Nah Trevor just follow Lin’s lead

  526. I forgot about that too. I think last year was one of the worst year health-wise for Jeremy. He played through a lot of pain. In previous years, when he was out, he was out until he fully recovered. It wasn’t the case with Hornets last year.

  527. Sean Marks is 6’9″ or 6’10” depending on the source. Looks it here.

  528. Sarah Kustok…sideline reporter for Nets and Nets Magazine

  529. Right, because Batum was out of games so much, and Cliff didn’t want both Lin and Batum out, Lin went in to play way less that 100 percent. This slowed the healing of his ankle and put more strain on other areas of his body, like his back, when he overcompensated for the ankle.

  530. Ankle and elbow swollen up like a tennis ball and with a back problem. Didn’t really want him to play because it can cause permanent injuries. Jeremy is a gamer, he will play through anything. Seems like he is ok now. God blessed him.

  531. Mandarin

  532. Lin leads the offense and Book leads the defense.

  533. Lin and Nash are already friends… or at least good acquaintances.

  534. My guess would be that Kobe encouraged/empowered Russell, while doing the opposite with Lin. It’s the NBA’s version of the “old boys network” (aka racism). I also wouldn’t be surprised if Kobe still holds some bitterness for the way Jeremy lit up the Lakers for 38 pts. in 2012.

  535. Seems like a few NetsDaily posters were complaining about the open house event last night…

  536. Once you get to know some of the personalities on this forum, you’ll realize some resort to personal attacks when they disagree with certain opinions. But it looks like you’re handling it with the right attitude. Don’t get discouraged; keep on posting your thoughts.

  537. By the way, for those who were arguing before about Lin needing someone like Steve Nash to help him with his mental game (which is absurd btw), Nash is potentially going to be running basketball ops with the Suns:

    Mitch_Lawrence has heard from sources that #Suns owner Robert Sarver could bring in Steve Nash to run the basketball operations.

  538. Food is always a big deal to measure people’s happiness 🙂

  539. jeremy lin was already a starting point guard on the rockets…FULL TIME!! Selective memories?? Also Yao was a starter on rockets his entire career playing center.

  540. nash charges alot of $$$. Maybe $10,000/1 hour session. Flight, hotel, everything extra. Better to hire a normal sports psychologist. Cost would be much cheaper, maybe $500/hr for a decent one.

  541. not the face of the franchise.

  542. I am cautiously excited about Lin’s staus with the new team because of past history — another “Harden” may suddenly appear to our dismay.

    I do hope it is just unnecessary worry (effect of PTSD from following Lin’s career?). . 😛

  543. Appreciating Booker’s dunks and defense.
    Will see a lot of assists from Lin

  544. I’m not sure if Lin is the face of the franchise or not. And it seems he may not want to be. The lead vets and best players on the team are Lin and Lopez, that works for me.

  545. Shortly after losing the actual star in Lin to free agency, now the Hornets are losing the host to the all-star game as well. They still got the ballhog brothers in Kemba and Batum though, so not making the playoffs next season would likely be the next outcome. This really reminds me of MJ picking Kwame Brown with the first pick.

  546. 2017 All-Star game had been Clifford and MJ’s focus all season.

  547. Where can I find the Q & A? Sorry if it was already posted.

  548. what?? have you really been watching games and bball in general. batum is not a ballhogga. His assist are higher than kembas and lins (that’s because lin is a bench lin cannot be compared at this point..and don’t give me per36). Also batum is not really a pg nor sg until at charlotte where he has an sg role and with that he averages 5.8 which is still higher than kw’s 5.3 whole time in charlotte. So batum is not consider a ballhogga. Just because they don’t give the ball to lin doesn’t make them a ballhog.

  549. Thank god that JLIN got out of that town when he did.

    Charlotte as a team, a city and the state they are in, face an inexorable decline and glad that JLIN would never be part of it.

  550. Well, let’s hope that continues because I heard kenny say that but I think he said at the depends on how lin does.. It’s not like a guarantee from what I heard..but a guarantee start of the season. the other half, it all depends on the nets record and lin performance I believe. So him to continue to be full time starting pg after allstar break, either one or both has to happen
    – nets are a winning record by all star break (lin does above average or excels)
    – lin performed at super high level (regardless of record)
    – both of the above
    Let’s hope that is so , else many linnafanna will have a fitta and kenny is a liar.

    btw, yao is Asian… but lin is Asian-American. Big difference technically.

  551. Whether Lin left or stayed in Charlotte, they did not deserve this. The All Star game would have help that city. Its a shame the state has that law in place.

  552. Absolutely right, Batum is not a ball hog. He shares the ball a lot, half the time with the other team, even 😛

  553. I have the same worry too. Hopefully, Lin will establish himself as team leader quickly; then a new ball hog will have to toe the line or ship out.

  554. Click, were you able to fix the blank on embedded tweet? It’s happening to me now. Pls let me know how. Thanks.

  555. I agree. Batum did ignore wide open Lin many many times, but I don’t think he was ball hogging.

  556. Not fixed. It’s such an annoying problem.

  557. Wonder why it’s happening. I can’t see the tweet either. Yesterday I was able to.

  558. Never been a full time starter

  559. That’s disgusting
    Politics and sports should be separate
    Why punish the people of Charlotte for something the NBA has nothing to do with or doesn’t get affected by at all.
    Adam Silver keeps making disgusting decisions, being way too politically correct hes the commissioner of the NBA not some non profitable organization to support LGBT rights
    He needs to get his priorities straight
    First denying that Lin has been mistreated by refs when there is hard evidence circulating around
    Now taking away the all star game from the people and the city of Charlotte for something so stupid

  560. I find the phrase “have you really been watching games and bball in general” rather insulting and you could have made your point without trying to belittle others. I have watched the NBA since the early 90s and not everyone defines everything the same way.

    If averaging many assists implies such player is not a ball-hogger, then James Harden is not a ball-hogger because he averages 7.5 assists a game which is even higher than Batum. You should have used stats such as time of possession and average second per touch to show Batum is not hogging the ball and upon inspecting the stats I agree with your claim. Batum gets the second most possessions after Kemba but he gets rid of the ball much faster. I guess my impression came from Batum and Kemba collectively freezing Lin out in big games, i.e. small samples do not accurately paint the whole picture.

  561. Politics and sports should be separate? Really? Why?
    You must forget Donald Sterling.

    Jeremy Lin did call out the Shooting of Alton Sterling.
    Melo too.

    You didn’t hear Ping Pong Diplomacy in the early 1970s?

  562. This is a statement from Nike. Darren Rovell (ESPN) sent it via his twitter account.

    Nike supports the NBA’s decision to stand up for equal rights for the LGBT community by moving the location of the All Star Game. We stand against discrimination of any kind and believe this decision sends a strong message of inclusion and respect for diversity.

  563. nope
    too young for that
    Melo and Lin called out injustice
    what the NBA is doing to Charlotte is injustice too

  564. Well.
    Kim Jong Un and North Korea people love basketball, but it doesn’t mean the NBA should work with them.

  565. For some reason, twitter links can’t be shown in the Chrome & Safari browser but Internet Explorer work well.

    I reported to Disqus. Hope they fix it quickly

  566. problem is the media that tied the LGBT thing to the nba. Now the huge anti-gay movement going on, and Adam Silver was forced to act. Either way, the whole bill was just a dumb politician anyway. Nobody cared in the past if a trans (1 in a MILLION chance) entered a womens bathroom while some dudes innocent daughter was there same time (fear mongering by crappy media). The whole bill, and the antigay movement around it was just a damn JOKE. Another instance of a politician, a dumb monkey republican as usual, making something out of nothing. Whatever happened to don’t ask don’t tell?? A brilliant policy by clinton that survived for 2 decades before obama came in and made a deal out of it.

  567. so true, i loved it when Ido got on his case on twitter, calling him out for pretending to be a point guard. Batum got all ruffled by the comment too thinking he is a basketball legend. Funny thing is, everyone even hornet fans were probably thinking the same damn thing about batum and his dumb turnovers.

    Leave it to a lin fan to speak the truth LOL!

  568. US and allies boycotted the ’80 Moscow Olympics, USSR and allies boycotted the ’84 LA Olympics. Black Panther at ’68 and Jesse Owens at’36 Berlin Olympics. All political causes. Would you feel the same if the NBA had done something to support discrimination law against race or religion?

  569. Doesn’t work with Firefox either. Something broke yesterday, not sure what. Twitter embeds worked fine for me until late yesterday. Very strange. It’s not just this site either.

  570. Oh really?
    if North Korea had more money, the NBA would be working with them too
    its all double standard with these people

  571. Doesn’t make it right
    and its always double standard with the NBA
    they dont stand for anything
    its all about the money
    Lin is mistreated by refs
    they denied it

  572. The irony of the NBA considering New Orleans for the ASG is that the State of Louisiana has its own LGBT discrimination issues. The Washington Post reported the following:

    “Eleven states [including Louisiana] and state officials filed a lawsuit Wednesday challenging the Obama administration over federal guidance directing schools to allow transgender students to use restrooms and other facilities that match their gender identities.”

  573. Punish Charlotte for its’ good law?

  574. Lin is not 100% right in every issue.

  575. Brian Windhorst of ES

    Several other NBA cities have become options if the league takes the step, including Chicago and New York/Brooklyn, sources told ESPN.

  576. True, but the only PF that fits that bill would be 36-year old Scola. Booker hasn’t started a whole season, but did start half the time for Washington in ’13-14. He knows he’ll need to fight for the starting position. If he gets it, he might be the defensive leader the Nets need. What other options do they have?

  577. Twitter embeds still not showing up for me. Anyone find a solution aside from using IE?

  578. me to

  579. idk why i cant see any twitter stuff sorry if i reposted something

  580. same here.

  581. I am on & off… I asked some friends who are working in computer area but no answer so far…??

  582. Disqus has some issues with displaying twitter link on Chrome and Safari browsers.
    Only Internet Explorer (IE) works for now.

    I reported the issue to Disqus. Hopefully they can fix it soon

  583. Good. Thanks.

  584. My guess is Twitter changed something and Disqus has been slow to adjust. Meanwhile, also posting a quote would be helpful, though it doesn’t solve the issue of any image. That way we can at least decide whether it’s worth searching.

    “BrookLINsanity in full effect”

  585. I think the problem it’s from Twitter too. Maybe need to ask my friend’s sister who is working as summer intern for twitter. Haha!

  586. wide grin

  587. “The New York Knicks were on the road at some point during the 2011-12 season and, as Kenny Atkinson remembers it, a fringe NBA player named Jeremy Lin was getting torched during a 3-on-3 practice game … by another assistant coach.

    “And I’m thinking to myself, ‘Is this kid any good?’” Atkinson wondered then.”

    “When he hit the [winning, 3-point] shot in Toronto, it gave me chills,” Atkinson said. “It was like when you see a great Broadway show or a great symphony. Those are moments where you get emotional. It wasn’t just, ‘Wow! We won.’ To see that kid and what he went through and see that this was actually possible, it wasn’t just a happy moment. It was an emotional moment.”

  588. thx

  589. oh my, everyone needs to read Kenny Atkinson’s story about JLin in 2012.
    So good!!!

    Nets coach Kenny Atkinson once wondered about PG Jeremy Lin: ‘Is this kid any good?’
    “But one thing about him was he just kept at it.” …
    “When he hit the [winning, 3-point] shot in Toronto, it gave me chills,” Atkinson said. “It was like when you see a great Broadway show or a great symphony. Those are moments where you get emotional. It wasn’t just, ‘Wow! We won.’ To see that kid and what he went through and see that this was actually possible, it wasn’t just a happy moment. It was an emotional moment.”

    “I think he’s an improved player,” Atkinson said of Lin. “I think all the experiences he had to go through with Houston and L.A. — all the struggles — were important for his development and then to be with Cliff [Hornets head coach Steve Clifford] where he did a really good job and stepped up his game defensively and turned the ball over less, I thought Charlotte was great for him and helped convince me even more that he was ready to assume a larger role. His performance in the playoffs was pretty good, and you could tell when it counted Cliff was counting on him, and that was important to me. In a vacuum, Linsanity wasn’t enough to say we wanted to bring him here.”

  590. …and it’s still July.

  591. this story gave me chills lol

  592. Another inside story, something even Linsanity documentary didn’t even have. A perspective from an assistant coach who was closely monitoring all team scrubs.

  593. it’s almost like a behind-the-scene clip of the Linsanity documentary. Or deleted scenes.

  594. Kenny’s chills from 2012 is still contagious lol

  595. Tough to be sporting an NBA jersey (without a jacket over it) outdoors when it starts to get cold.

  596. I got very emotional reading what coach Atkinson said about Lin the whole story.

  597. Is it possible the All-star Game follows JLIN to Brooklyn?

    Could Charlotte’s loss be Brooklyn’s gain?

  598. Kenny also said he expects Lin to play along side with Vasuez and Foye. He also expect Lin to play off ball. Folks Nets offense will not be MDA type offense. But since Jlin believes in Kenny, I think we should also.

  599. Remember that there is preference for 1 player from the home team to get a preferred invitation to the ASG.

    If Brooklyn Nets gets the ASG then presumably either Brook Lopez or JLIN as the stars would get the bid. Of course there could be more than 1 player from Nets selected if they get enough votes too.

  600. These 2 (Lin and coach Atkinson) are now reunited after years long. Time to check, fix or change your seat belt. When come the season, the sleeping, under radar, below average scrubs from Jeremy Lin to Anthony Bennett are about to bring the world “Showtime”. Fasten your seat belt or you’ll lose your place in BrookLin nets bandwagon.

  601. That’s what I hope to. Their offense should be randomly even Lin is the team full time PG. Atkinson has seen how the Heat big 3 shutdown linsanity, can’t depend on Lin only PG like Nash.

  602. wow…just wow…emotional moment indeed!

  603. “reunited and it feels so good/ we both are so excited cause we’re reunited” –peaches & herb

    (taking you back before the reagan years)

  604. I won’t count on the Nets letting LIn be the 1 home team player. I think Jlin’s best chance of being all star is to be voted in. Last yr he was #7 (yeah #7 is 7th overall), I see a chance for Jlin to be voted in as all star because of his performance on the court.

  605. Lin plays well and team is winning, Lin will get more than enough votes.

  606. It seems CoachK understands Lin well and what he had gone thru and his progress despite the sidelining from former coaches. Go Nets Go Lin

    PS: Thanks @psalm234:disqus for the formatting above…superb!

  607. lol
    Chris Shao: “When JLin low key sneaks up behind us as we were trying on his jerseys”

  608. Don’t use coach K, it’s been used for Mike Krzyzewski

  609. nooooooo. not Carter.

  610. I posted about Lin’s all-star chance on reddit a few days ago…

  611. CKA then! 🙂

  612. Any so we won’t be confused.

  613. Hope it is Brooklyn where my first home in the US.

  614. IMO most fans here are very discerning and knowledgeable with good bbiq and savvy about the game of 5 on 5 basketball and well informed of the skills level and efficient form of teamball Lin was playing all his professional basketballing tenure so far. No doubt that Lin’s form of 5 on 5 professional team bastketball game is still evolving. Whatever perceived by the usual handfull of ghost bloggers here as inadequate skills are for iso players and ball hogs and does not benefit teamball much generally and in effect probably detrimental to team success more often than not. IMO Lin’s brand of professional team basketball is unique in the current era of manufactured fake so called superstar players. Sorry for the rants. Haha cheers.

  615. Competition is definitely tough, it will depend on his stats and team record.

  616. Indeed but now this is what we’ve been hoping for, everything he needs to succeed like other starting pg.

  617. I meant NBA off month.

  618. Yes excited to see Lin’s true potential unleashed! I predicted 20+ PPG regular season average or 30+ depending on how much Lin has to carrying the team. But of course we all know he will get “his” within the flow of the game. Now Lin just needs to stay healthy.

  619. That’s right. Although Lin is the cord but other players need to share the responsibilities as well.

  620. Me too. Lin finally find a coach/mentor who has the same value and understands his struggles. Hope Kenny will be his life-long coach, mentor and friend.

  621. Thanks so much for sharing this. I’m sure even Lin will get emotional after reading this. Lin’s story continues and this time, Kenny plays huge part of it!!

  622. jimmy “cah-tah”; morris berman suggests the only true “alternative” in american culture/politics since the antebellum south.

  623. nah-lans seems to be the location getting the most attention so far.

  624. Lets Go!!!

  625. Lin looks like he’s trying to shoplift some jerseys. :p

  626. Olympics is an international political event lol its meants to promote peace among other countries… its not an event for profit, though a lot of people are profiting from it. NBA is a private business… big difference there…. businesses are suppose to be a political…

    Adam Silver is just afraid to lose LGBT money… he is willing to sacrifice Charlotte as it is a small market team… I’m 100% sure he won’t do that for LA, Chicago and NY lol

  627. Your friend will tell you to improve while your enemy will tell you to change.

  628. @jlinfan888 Atkinson with his “gave me the chills” look after Jeremy hit that 3 at Toronto

  629. why post this crap?

  630. Why are you bothered?

  631. Maybe it’s true….

    Nathan Gottlieb ‏@zukovka 15h15 hours ago

    Redick is a Christian and gets along great with Lin and, oh, BTW, the dynamic SG is FA next yr. #Recruiting #Early

  632. JJ is one of the best sharpshooters in the NBA. He’s getting up there in (basketball) age, but I’m sure Nets can use his services, even at age 33 (next year).

  633. This site is supposed to be politics-free.

  634. I’m not discussing politics. I posted a funny GIF.

    Also, politics have been discussed multiple times here, often very heated debates result from it. I usually stay out of those debates even though I have much to say about it. Mods never seem to have a problem with political talk here.

  635. Get this political crap out of here.

  636. So mad.

  637. By posting something “funny” like this can be very offensive to some (see occupatio’s comment) and the “often very heated debates” get started this way.

    Best to leave this inflammatory kind of stuff off this site.

  638. How is that GIF offensive? How is it inflammatory? Just because you hate Trump doesn’t make it inflammatory or very offensive. Get over yourself.

  639. I’m sorry, did I say I was offended? No.

    I was pointing out that in this very heated political cycle, this kind of display (the gif) will cause folks to react strongly and it has nothing to do with our man Lin.

    And to say, “Get over yourself?” Classy.

  640. I’m sorry, did I say you were offended? No. I asked how is that GIF inflammatory or very offensive. You never answered.

    People react strongly to all sorts of things. A lot of people reacted strongly to the very political decision NBA made today to punish Charlotte Hornets for something they weren’t responsible for. Multiple people spoke out about it. No mods got involved here. It had nothing to do with our man Lin either.

    And yes, get over yourself.

  641. I think we all know the little game you are playing. I will just let the mods figure this out.

    In the meantime, you have been flagged and blocked.

  642. Another good article showing the importance of Lin to even reach 30 Wins in 2016-17 season

    CBS New York: Lichtenstein: Lin Promises Nets Competency, Not Lin-sanity Part II
    Brooklyn Will Need It, Too, Because Marks’ Offseason Overhaul Was Loaded With Mostly Great Unknowns

    Yet there are pundits making the rounds postulating that the Nets will be “sneaky good” in 2016-17. I’m not really sure what that means, but if they have any shot at reaching even 30 wins, they’re going to need Lin to re-create the magic from four seasons ago.

  643. #HumorOfTheDay
    Derrick Rose talks upcoming season, says Knicks & Warriors viewed as NBA’s “super teams”

    wow, who had the heart to tell DRose that the Knicks, like GSW, are “super-teams”? so mean =)

  644. Wow! He called the Knicks a super team – “us and GSW” without any prompting from the reporter! He never seems to lack any confidence in public…

  645. We have been saying this forever:

    “… but [JLIN] coaxed maximum performances from some very flawed players.”

    JLIN is the very best at making non-stars play like a well-oiled team, he always has been.
    He puts non-stars at easy, draws their defender then hits them in their favorite spot for an unchallenged shot, he motivates, he incentivizes, he gives them hope that they can beat a better team.

  646. Over these last few days it seems to me that there are still many closet Lin believers in NY 😉 Time to come out in the open…

  647. They are a Super team…. Super Injury Prone……….

  648. Some zealots will still tell you Kobe deserved it, while claiming adamantly that the All Star game is all about current skills. Can’t have it both ways.

  649. My Lin jersey just arrived in mail. Took 13 days after I ordered it to get here. Had to call them yesterday and request next day shipping because they were late in shipping it out. If you order a jersey from the NBA store online, you might have to wait up to 2 weeks to receive yours.

    I got the discounted $60 Away (black) Swingman, last year’s style. The Brooklyn lettering in the front, adidas and NBA logos on the front, as well as the Nets B logo in the back are all sewn onto the jersey. The number 7 on the front and back, as well as L I N letters on the back are heat pressed on. The heat press looks pretty high quality, but only time and washing would tell if the letters and numbers would stay on.

    Overall, the jersey is made of high quality materials. It’s true to size, at least for me. Good buy at $60, but not sure if it’s worth the original price of $120 that this year’s Swingman style is costing. It’s still on sale in case anybody wants to order them:

  650. It’s called “arrogant” and “prideful” not lack of confidence…

  651. I would call it delusional. :p

  652. JLIN begins his new journey at #22 of starting point guards in the NBA by Hoopshype. By the all-star break watch that ranking climb and by end of the season rise even more. JLIN is a top 5 PG in the NBA – whether he gets recognized as such is just a matter of time:
    We have ranked the starting point guards in the NBA
    1. Steph Curry
    2. Russell Westbrook
    3. Chris Paul
    4. Kyrie Irving
    5. Damian Lillard
    6. Kyle Lowry
    7. Isaiah Thomas
    8. John Wall
    9. Kemba Walker
    10. Mike Conley
    11. Jrue Holiday
    12. Jeff Teague
    13. Reggie Jackson
    14. Brandon Knight
    15. Goran Dragic
    16. Derrick Rose
    17. Rajan Rondo
    18. Ricky Rubio
    19. Dennis Schroeder
    20. Trey Burke
    21. George Hill
    22. Tony Parker
    23. Jeremy Lin
    24. D’Angelo Russell
    25. Deron Williams
    26. Michael Carter-Williams
    27. Patrick Beverly
    28. Darren Collison
    29. Elfrid Payton
    30. Jerryd Bayless
    31. Emmanuel Mudiay

  653. should be above rondo and rose for sure!

  654. Do you think the Sean Marks and Kenny will consider tanking if our record after 30-45 games leaves us near the bottom of the Eastern conference? Does anyone know if they value getting a high draft pick in future seasons to come?

    I am scared they will go into Tanking mode mid way through the season and thereby inhibiting Jeremy to play the way he wants to play and post high numbers nightly.

  655. Marks and Kenny will never tank. First, there is no incentive to tank because Brooklyn does not control its picks and it only serves to help Boston Celtics gain wealth.

  656. Tanking is the last thing the Nets will do. Thanks to Billy King for creating this perfect situation for Lin.

  657. Mine was shipped s few days ago, but won’t arrive until next week. Glad to hear about the quality. Hope the sizing works for me, too.

  658. If allowed to play freely without inhibition by team, coach, ballhog team mates and the referees like in the 5 on 5 teamball games during the linsanity stretch Lin will effectively be top 5 point guard no doubt there. Haha cheers

  659. half of that sentence is true.

  660. Does anyone have data on whether tanking to increase the chances of obtaining a high lottery pick ultimately works for a team? For example, LeBron made an immediate impact, but it still took the Cavs 2 seasons with him before they made it to the playoffs. Steph was the 7th pick, so not really the kind of lottery pick for which teams tank.

    The downsides to tanking seem to be longer lasting. The Lakers, for example, now have a core of young players that may not have the right mental attitude. Part of that was being mentored by someone self-centered like Kobe, but part must be due to an organizational culture that did not reward hard work and the constant pursuit of excellence.

    As others have already pointed out, Brooklyn has no motivation to tank. But even if they did, I do not think Marks and Atkinson are the kind of personalities that would sacrifice a culture of hard work for a higher draft pick. Right now it’s moot and hopefully we’ll never be in a position for them to face that choice.

  661. I can’t stand the slideshow “article” format. What was the basis of the ranking?

  662. I’m looking forward to the interview:

    @Lou_Pellegrino: An amazing conversation between @JJRedick & @JLin7. Episode will be out 7/25. Subscribe:

  663. Don’t know, just their “expert opinion” or secret formula perhaps.

    Can’t be based on win/loss, salary, pts, assists, other stasts/per 36 … it’s just whatever they feel like.

  664. Lin routinely destroys most of the players 11-30 on this list and sometimes outplays 1-10 as well.

    This list is a joke, but at least they don’t have Lin even lower.

  665. it’s not possible to tank with Lin starting at PG and logging in big minutes

  666. We’ve already gone through this tanking talk before. Not gonna happen.

    The closest thing to resembling a tank would be the last month or so, if Nets are somehow near dead last, they will rest Brook and Lin. That’s not called tanking though.

  667. Tanking will only help the Celtics because they own the Nets pick. They have the right to trade their pick for the Nets pick. If the Nets get the #1 pick and Celtics get #25 the Celtics take #1 and Nets get #25. There is no incentive to tank in 2017 nor 2018.

  668. Yogi Ferrell of Indiana has reached agreement on a free-agent deal with the Brooklyn Nets, league source tells The Vertical.

  669. Roster now stands at 16.
    Expect 1 or 2 more to be signed and let these young unguaranteed guys fight it out for a spot during training camp. Like to see them give Beech a deal too.

  670. Yup, Beech has to be next.

    The “cuts” made during training camp will just move to the D-League: LIN (Long Island Nets). Since the LIN plays at Barclays this year, it will be easy for the Nets to scout them and call them up if needed.

  671. That’s what I figured. Well, thanks for typing out the list so the rest of us don’t have to give that site 30 clicks.

  672. Thank you for clearing this up. I can safely watch all the games in the upcoming season knowing that everyone will play their hardest night in and night out!

  673. It’s basically last years list with a few shuffled around and a couple additions, like JLIN.

  674. Maybe Jeremy could rock this hairstyle next for the purposes of marketing? xD

  675. Every time Lin played against Dragic, Lin demolished him real bad. Lin is at least 15 or above. Lin has already had Isaiah Thomas numbered and he’s one of the top 10 PGs in the league.

  676. ooh…she will become handy when people go fishing with her!
    But have to make sure she knows how to ‘breathe’ underwater.

  677. problem is
    they will never put him along the top5 .. or top 10..
    unless they have a very quanitifable measure… if it’s emotional or subjective.. forget it.

  678. if that is the case, then he won’t make the top 5 or top 10. even if he goes above cp3, ppl view him as a notch below cp3.

  679. These articles are useless. I’ve grown tired of comparisons. Players are different. Shroder is NOT better than Lin, nor is Hill, or Rubio or even Parker at this stage of his career although at one time he was. But Lin against Parker head up had Lin on top many times.

    I have no use for sportswriters and many people even commenting on forums, especially when they run stats. Each PG has his own system he’s part of and directs.

  680. “Yogi Ferrell, the undrafted Indiana point guard, has been signed to a partially guaranteed one-year contract. The contract is basically a training camp invitation. If Ferrell does not make the final 15-man roster, he will likely be assigned to the Long Island Nets. By giving Ferrell a significant amount upfront, the Nets will have essentially subsidized his D-League contract. D-League players get low five figure salaries (plus housing).”

  681. Even that, what kind of mind would think something like that months before the season actually starts?

  682. Atkinson confirms some of the changes that are going on with systems and positions. He confirmed the league is going towards versatile players and combo players. I loved that he said Lin played pretty well in NY, but it was how he played in Houston and Charlotte, the body of Lin’s worked, that made him want Lin on the team. That gets away from the whole Linsanity era which I think harms Lin. He did play well after then, and it’s a more realistic look at Lin rather than the hot run he had in 2012. His versatility, ability to play off ball, developing aspects of his game since and expanding on them like his stronger defense and team defense, and a more controlled playing style should be lauded rather than holding this impossible Linsanity standard of points and assists in my opinion. And, in my opinion, it’s time to go beyond 2012, beyond Linsanity, and while we may still use the word from time to time, to today’s NBA where combo guards are valued and Lin has that flexibility even though he is the starting point guard, to motion offenses where everyone touches the ball and cuts, to a directed PG offennse that has multiple facilitators who may sometimes direct it, to team defense concepts, and hopefully one day get past this unfortunate starting/bench mentality to seeing rotations of players that help a team win and have flexibility in how these players are used. All team need a strong 8-9, a strong starting 5 is not enough. And players can be mixed and matched depending on the game situation.

  683. no, because the FO stressed the culture is a wining culture. And culture is big with the Nets.

  684. the new starting point guards on this list i guess would be schroeder lin collison bayless; so they have lin rated above 2 of the 3 others. plus 5 returnees. that actually in itself is surprising from a mainstream media. (who as with ny times are constantly pointing out that lin has not been a starting point guard for 3 years).

    as more of these lists come out before the season starts i would think it highly unlikely he would be ranked this high from sources who routinely dont even have him grazing the bottom of their “top 100” lists overall.

    another thing you can be sure of is that probably a number of this list wont make it thru the season; last season off the top rose, jack, conley, carter-williams, d. williams & holiday….all played in less than 70 games.

    who are bayless, collision, schroeder, lin replacing? hmm; ish smith (bayless) calderon (collison to rondo to rose) dante exum i guess? (schroeder to teague to g. hill) and jack (lin).

  685. Haha. That is very creative of her.

  686. Very nice Lin..I’ve been interested for a while to see how exactly the media rank the 30 PG in the league.

    I’ll say that the rank is pretty fair..Lin at 22 is about right….Lin has the disadvantage not having started since his first year as a Rocket, so we can’t really compare Lin’s bench minutes with some of these starters on the List since all most of them average 30+ minutes per game.

    Would like to see how Lin fair with them with the “per36” statistic…Lin would probably be a bit higher…Although Lin FG% has dropped for 2 consecutive year…Lin really needs to bring his FG% back to his career 44% again.

  687. No reason to tank 1. no top pick 2. Lin will leave 3. no FA will come next off season, 4. no more Nets fans

  688. Those PG who have lost their starting role are.

    Jose Calderon: Knicks

    Jarrett Jack: Nets

    Trey Burke/Dante Exum : Jazz

    Ish Smith: Sixers

    Very short list.

    Those who won starting roles are Lin, Schroeder, Bayless, Collison.

    So only 4 spot opened up….Lin will have to play well so to not drop out of a starting role next year….need to put up good stats.

  689. Was this article posted here yesterday?

    I feel like everything changed about the Nets when they moved to Brooklyn versus New Jersey,’’ Scola told The Post. “It feels like another franchise. We need to get success. When the team starts getting success, it will be one of the players’ favorite places to play.

    I think New York is one of the best cities in the world — a lot of people question New York. They love to visit but not to live,” Scola said. “I’m excited. I like to live there, too, but I don’t like the renting prices.

    It has to be in Brooklyn,” Scola said. “How far can you go with the challenge of traffic? It’s a good opportunity for me and my family to live in the middle of the city, doing city life, walking to places, taking buses, riding a bike. Just forget about the car and suburban life and 40-minute drive. It’s going to be fun.

    I thought it was a good option,” Scola said. “They’re really trying to develop a good future with a lot of young players and they felt they needed balance. They thought I could help. I thought I could help. At first, they didn’t win a lot of games last year — I was like maybe not a good feeling. But I started talking and looking from another perspective.

  690. They don’t look at head-to-head match up…They look at career stats to justify their ranking..unfortunately, Lin hasn’t really started a full year in 3 years…..

    I personally believe 22 is a good spot for Lin to start…Now, Lin has to go out there and prove himself…Hoping that he can play like a top 10 PG.

  691. However, Marks did emphasize that a winning culture does not mean they focus on wins per se. In a number of interviews, Atkinson talked about a work ethic that drives everyone in the organization to give full effort to the daily tasks. He’s clearly not talking about the 48 minutes of game-time every few days.

    “Brooklyn GM Sean Marks on what will define success for the rebuilding Nets next season: “I think it’s going to be progress throughout the season. We’ve said enough about bringing in competitive guys. I think Kenny Atkinson is going to be able to bring the best out of those guys, and all these guys have come here to win, that’s the bottom line. They haven’t come here to say we’re going to win 10 games or 15 games or 20 games. They want to win and they want to compete hard every night, so that’s what we’re going to be seeing from the vets and they’ll be taking the younger guys with them.””

  692. So I did some research and found out that Park Slope is ranked as one of NYC’s best neighborhoods to live in. Very gentrified. Park Slope is also in between Barclays Center and HSS Training Center, so it’s a good area for rich Nets players to live in.

    These are 2 luxury apartments in Park Slope:

    Rent is usually $3,000+ per month, which I’m pretty sure is chump change for millionaire NBA stars.

  693. JLIN is the full-time PG and will keep that job, period.
    This is not 2012 with a 22yo JLIN on Morey/McHale team.

  694. A move into the playoffs gets you into the top 15, second round or above moves you even higher.

  695. “hopefully one day get past this unfortunate starting/bench mentality

    I long got “past that unfortunate mentality” in my mind and JLIN’s mind he has always been starter material. STARTERs get more minutes, continuity and regularity and untold other advantages whether anyone wants to lump all starter/bench into one “mentality” it is reality.

  696. $3k/mo. sounds relatively cheap compared to SF Bay area rental prices. The purchase prices in this article were more what I expected to see:

  697. LOL, I used to pay $300 a month to live in Brooklyn (30 years ago) and still be struggled to make the rent.

  698. If you compare to SF you have to compare with Manhattan.

  699. No, I said Bay Area, not SF city proper. But I wouldn’t be surprised certain sections of Manhattan are even higher than prime SF rentals.

  700. Well, those luxury properties are for purchase, not renting. I was talking more specifically about Scola’s situation where he’s only got a 1-year deal with the Nets.

    Also, $3k a month is just for a 1 bedroom apartment. I’m pretty sure Scola is looking for a bigger place for his family to live in, so it would cost a lot more.

    Lin might purchase a place to live in Brooklyn, since he has a 3-year (2-year) contract, but he’s usually very frugal with his spending. Not sure if he wants to blow $3-$6+ million on a place unless he knows for sure he wants to stay in Brooklyn past 2 years.

  701. There are so many things that are different from that 11-game stretch in 2012. I think Jeremy understands that the media will always be drawn to making comparisons to that period of his history. But both he and Atkinson realize that their goal will be to develop Jeremy personally and as part of an organization from this point forward. That said, I’m sure everyone will fully enjoy those games when Lin gets in a zone as he did several times last season.

  702. any place u buy in nyc will be a safer bet as an investment or to live in than other areas. so buy than rent is the motto if u have money

  703. I enjoyed exploring rental units in Park Slope using . Think for houses and rental properties. Here is a map of the units for rent, with the following constraints: $2,500 – $5,000 per month, at least 2 bdrms, at least 1200 sq ft. Most of them are 1 floor of a brownstone unit. Use Google Street View to look at the exterior.

  704. even with scola.. he should buy than rent..unless it’s like 6 months.
    why? he buys it now.. he can rent it out later even if he doesn’t want to be a landlord.. he can hire management company.

    trust me, I know. you can do plenty with real many exit strategies. most people just think buy and sell.. NOPE.

    1 million a year ago is now 1.2 million now in queens or hot areas.

  705. Hopefully he’s got trustworthy financial advisors. The buy vs rent calculations are not as simple as some believe. Real estate cycles and short length of ownership can easily offset any tax benefits to buying a home. He may be better off buying property in Palo Alto for the long-term.

  706. JLIN started just 13 gms but many if not most of the “zone” games were these or defacto starts due to the abdication of “heart” & lack of effectiveness by Clifford’s starting lineup

    Now JLIN will start 82 gms instead of 13 adhoc games due to injury – yeah, we should expect more zone games.

  707. The housing / real estate market has been on the rise from a year ago. Investing now isn’t nearly as good of an idea as it was back when the real estate market in 2011-2014, especially with the world in turmoil and with an incredibly shaky economy in the U.S. and worldwide.

    Lin’s a smart guy and has an economics degree from Harvard. I’m sure he’ll do research himself, have friends and family give him suggestions, and/or get financial advisers (if he doesn’t already have one) to help him determine what he should do with his millions.

    As for Scola, I would definitely not buy a multi-million dollar property for him and his family if he only has a 1-year contract. That’s why he’s already complaining about the rental prices in Brooklyn in this article, jokingly or not. He’s not thinking purchase at all.

  708. lin scored 800 SAT on math and a degree in economics from harvard. Not to mention he is a pious christian. If lin of all people makes poor financial decisions enough to hurt his future after he stops playing ball then I have no hope for the rest of us.

  709. At first I thought that was a 月饼

  710. why palo alto? I know it’s nice aread but I don’t have first hand info.
    I know that nyc properties rarely drop as much if anything. during
    9/11… that was the biggest drop in 1 day..but it bounces up like a no

    during the 2007 to 2008 when everywhere was dropping like flies.. the prices in queens and nyc sustain.
    it’s until 2012 that’s when it drop the lowest point.. but in 2014, it bounces up like no other and trending up.

    lags behind others during if it collapse in 2018.. they
    will feel the effect in 2020.. but bounces up stronger than ever.

  711. NBA radio playing “NET or Not.”. A game where they say a name and the host says if the player plays for the Nets or not. LOL. They have so much turnover and no name players this is actually a radio bit.

    Actually funny. Nets are a joke to them. They know Jeremy Lin fortunately. Added that Lins hair needs a separate contract.

  712. By the way, this place in that article you linked is the best out of all of them in the article:

    It’s close to the park, it’s in between Barclays and HSS, and it’s not as ridiculous as the $6M+ properties in that article. Pretty crazy how it sold for $800k 4 years ago. Even if they spent $1M on renovations (which I doubt), that’s still a huge $2M+ profit for whomever bought the place back when the market was super low.

    There’s already a pending offer on the place though. Wonder if it’s Jeremy that put in the offer. :p

  713. LOL, of course you’d pick that statement to comment on. This isn’t even a comment on Lin, is about basketball in general. Team play is what I’m about, so I’m beyond starter/bench mentality and I am looking at all of the components of a team win. And you need not respond to this reply.

  714. I paid 700€/month when I was in NYC near MSG 3 years ago. Snap that was great.

  715. Yea Lin reminded me it’s been a long time since I had French braids lol.

  716. And Bev is way too high there

  717. Did you share with other people? That’s a really low price for that area. It’s usually a lot more expensive.

  718. I wanted to buy it but they don’t ship overseas… and Lin’s jersey S size is out of stocks at NBA store europe. Cry.
    I need my jersey for summer lol.

  719. Should’ve stayed in NYC. :p

    Do you have a sports shop that sells NBA jerseys or NBA store around where you live?

  720. Trendy area, I don’t know. A lot of people would recognize a BB player there. Carroll Gardens/Park Slope are nice but two of the more trendy areas in Brooklyn. There may be better options. The players will find a suitable place. I think a gated community in NJ may be a better idea, or a more private area in Brooklyn if possible.

  721. I would not be surprised if they have private rooms in barclays or surrounding apartments set aside for players. It would be useful for back to back games, road trips, etc.

  722. Look what you started. Brought up real estate amongst a bunch of Asians. This could become a thread by itself.

  723. Yes ofc got some flatmates. Funny thing is I had Iman Shumpert as my direct neighbor. Met him in the elevator once lol.

  724. Gotta admire JLin’s loyalty to his old agent Roger Montgomery who believed in him when no other agents did.

    @linfinity88: Lin chatting & hugging his agent, Roger Montgomery at #Nets introductory press conference.

  725. I know 😮

    There’s a store but I don’t think they have the latest Lin’s one yet. Though I found another website that ship overseas. It’s just a little more expensive… but I’ll get it. B)

  726. ESPN video shows JLin’s hair evoluion

    @espn They say time changes all things … like Jeremy Lin’s hair.

  727. That’s a bargain.

  728. In general Silicon Valley doesn’t drop as hard or as long as other markets in the greater Bay area. But mostly I’m thinking way out, past his NBA career, that this might be where he chooses to raise a family. Over a 10-15 year span, the ups & downs of the real estate market practically speaking don’t mean much.

  729. Yeah, that was the one that also caught my eye. I’m just wondering if a single guy needs that much space. But at least he’d have plenty of room for his family when they come to visit.

  730. I think Redick is about to buy a home in the first property listed, but really it depends on individual preferences on the kind of neighborhood to pick and the overall feel of the home itself. I don’t even know if Jeremy has bought property already. It certainly was within his means once he landed the Houston contract. Investment-wise it would’ve been great had he bought something near Palo Alto back in 2012.

  731. yes well tanking is losing on purpose, so that’s not what they are doing. If they try 100% and still lose, that’s not tanking. They’ll lose a lot of games, not not through lack of trying.

  732. doesn’t look like it but Chinese style pastry nontheless.

  733. Sadly, all the things you list don’t always translate to financial savvy. But my guess would be that Jeremy is wise about money. He doesn’t strike me as a spendthrift. In short, I’m not worried about his financial future.

  734. Yup, this is a clear example where effort counts more than the end result. I can’t recall if Marks or Atkinson said it, but they said something to the effect that they didn’t care if they lost by 20 points as long as everyone gave full effort over the entire 48 minutes of a game. Failure can build character and there’s no doubt they will fail to win many of their games. They just need to come the next day, watch film and learn to do better the next time out. It’s a process that never ends.

  735. “And you need not respond to this reply.” oh, ok nice to know that.

    A better way to get beyond that starter/bench mentality issue is to play 9 man against 9 instead of five, voila problem solved…

  736. For Roger, JLIN is basically his whole business.

    I’d be surprised if Roger’s currently available non-JLIN client list makes even 1/5 of JLIN’s annual salary.

    Lucky that JLIN is so loyal to him.

  737. well at the end of the day, Lin got the deal he wanted with the Nets with perks he demanded. So it’s all good.

  738. Given his background, I’m almost certain his mom’s is helping him manage his money and only spend a certain amount for himself.

  739. he’s not gonna buy a place in NY. Things still could go South and his contract is only 3 years. His home is still Palo Alto. Things could change if he finds a girl in NYC, which is very likely given the large number of Chinese Christians there…

  740. Hive Talk Live: Talking about JLin leaving the Hornets. Started @ 6:12 mins

  741. he deserves it for sticking by Lin. Hopefully, lins next contract is even bigger and Roger gets paid big $$$

  742. jeremy lin college highlights and draft workout

  743. cannot get the link working, go to his chanel and search jeremy lin, work out and college is in there

  744. here one of the college highlights

  745. Looks like a fancy pretzel.

  746. Lin a someone who celebrates a 36 million dollar contract with Cheetos. OTOH I don’t think he is too frugal, at least not frugal like Kwahi.

  747. Nice, they dedicated about 6 minutes to talking just about Lin. Although I didn’t agree with everything they said, it was generally very positive and they feel Lin will be a big loss for the Hornets (duh). They had Lin as #2 priority, which is higher than #3 that the Hornets and Hornets fans had Lin at this off season.

  748. If he takes 2% of Lin’s contract, he earns $240,000 per year

  749. He is very lucky because Lin is a very nice guy
    almost sacrificed his career for this guy

  750. IMO it’s undeniable that Morey/Mhale cheated themselves and Lin per the starting point guard job on the Rocket. Any rational coach wouldn’t bench a player of unique caliber like Lin in a 5 on 5 basketball game .

  751. What about instead of even bothering to care about starter/bench some fans view each player’s worth and contribution on the team without that hierarchy? Why is it so important to you to go on and on about starting this and that anyway? Lin’s a team player. Funny thing is that when Linsanity was going on I didn’t even know or care that Novak and Jefferies came off the bench. They were a big part of the team winning. There are 48 minutes in the game, each player has a part in a team win, and sometimes someone that enters the game after the first 5 has a significant role, and sometimes not. I frankly don’t care. I frankly care about looking at the whole squad and acknowledging who stands out.

    Hockey has gotten past this. They talk of the importance of four lines. In basketball, to me it is about rotations, facilitators, and the facilitated players executing their role on the team, on offense and defense. The outstanding players and impact players are who they are. Lin was outstanding off the bench and he’ll be outstanding as a starter. I know he gets more minutes starting so it’s best he start. But the point is, it was ALWAYS about role, touches, involvement and CLOSING to me, not about starting. And I don’t care how much bold you use and how much you want to impose your way on thinking on me, it won’t change how I view things. So agree or not, but all the bold and responding to me almost every time I write something to try to convince me your view of starting is THE view that I should have, is a waste of everyone’s time. My view is mine, and I’m not changing it.

  752. This guy is an embarrassment to the Warriors, to the NBA, and to himself:

    Draymond Green to avoid jail time after reaching plea deal

  753. LOL I reckon a ‘ghost blogger’ mind!! Haha cheers

  754. Rich Lee (a Lin fan) on Twitter: Authentic @JLin7 jersey has arrived! Woot!

  755. Right backatcha buddy “how much you want to impose your way on thinking on me, it won’t change how I view things”

    Good luck with that 9 on 9 game of basketball.

  756. Official Nets Twitter should’ve released this video first instead that of that awful pic (with Booker looking down and Harris not smiling) that everybody made fun of…

    If the embed is still not showing up like it is for me, copy/past this behind twitter url:


  757. thanks, here’s the direct video link×720/K_4-NjXNOeOqUe1A.mp4

    Disqus hasn’t resolved the invisible twitter link but many websites reported the issue so hopefully it’ll get fixed soon

  758. Problem with new york is the ridiculous taxes. Overall deductions for everything is around 50%…lin won’t even see $6M of that contract. Either way, $6M is a TON of money, and he gets even more from endorsements, $4M on the side. $240K for Lin is nothing lol…

  759. Gave JLIN a bit of credit for TOR, CLE & SAS but talk about sour grapes run amok:
    1. Most egregious comment by David Walker, “…be a starter, that wasn’t going to happen in Charlotte. And I don’t think that ultimately is the best fit for him” My my you don’t say? Well JLIN is a starter and your team is back to the lottery
    2. Nets will be worst team in the league, worse than 76ers
    3. Nets will “not even be in contention by November”
    4. No chance JLIN leads Nets to playoffs
    5. Same old tired meme “could JLIN go to his left?; Man, try to be a bit more original when criticizing JLIN.

    Well, they didn’t believe JLIN would amount to much when CHA first got JLIN and they were Wrong.
    Their prognostications about JLIN and BKN will also be Wrong

  760. When JLIN gives his motivational speeches, he loves to use the story of his college game where the racial epithets that rained down on him from the opposing players/fans, so upset and enraged him causing him to play out-of-control, made turnovers and silly fouls etc..

    Does anyone know any more details about this game? Who was Harvard’s opponent? Would love to get some film footage of that game.

  761. #4 and 5 you BS’d, I listened to the entire bit about lin and they never mentioned anything about lin leading nets to playoffs NOR did they doubt his abilities/skills. They both think that its a huge loss for the hornets, saying lin was #2 priority for the team on most peoples list. I don’t think nets will be worst team in the league, because Lin is there, but this is the common thought of pretty much everyone in the nba including fans, so you can’t really blame HORNET fans for thinking the same.

    I would be salty as a hornet fan also if one of my favorite players left my team, someone I rooted and cheered for, had great hopes for to lead the team to greatness. Feelings of anger about this is natural to be honest, and im betting alot of their fans are upset enough about it to root for nets to get demolished next season (most of them on the downlo). The only reason hornet fans haven’t trashed Lin harder is because of the hornets salary cap situation and the fact that lin is a genuine good guy.

    You are just twisting their words into something else for your own agendas…as usual.

    The only thing they said was nets will be worst team in the league this season. With the current nets roster, I would be saying the exact same thing if I weren’t a big time lin fan.

  762. IMO. Lin could probabaly marry a free thinker for diversity in thoughts and mental development rather than just living in other people dogmas. Sorry for such and outrageous opinion. Haha cheers

  763. SirCharles are you accusing me of making things up? You got alot of nerve with smarmy rampant history of games.

    4. At 9:43 “it’s not gonna be the same experience obviously hahahaha, they’re gonna be nowhere near the playoffs”

    5. At 11:53 “that was the big question, ‘could he go to his left”

    You owe me and all of the JLIN fans an apology.

  764. why would I aplogize to lin fans?? What a loser thing to say DON. The hornets have nothing to do with lin anymore, you keep dragging them back into this. Obviously I didn’t listen to the entire radio podcast, it was 30 minutes long. I listened up to the point that they started talking about jeremy lamb, then I turned it off. Either way if it makes you feel better I apologize don.

    My point still stands, their fans are disgruntled….lin has made enemies with another fanbase…knick fans, rocket fans and now hornet fans. We lin fans don’t care though, being the villain is a pretty cool gig lol.

  765. Good observations as far as Lin caliber to be the starting point guard in a basketballing teamball game. The so called starting/bench mentality are not for discerning fans but for some ghost bloggers to justify the unjustifiable benching of a great 5 on 5 team basketballer of Lin’s caliber as a starting point guard with no other pg as capable as him in those teams. You just has to reflectwhat kind of mind would bench Lin in a 5 on 5 teamball game. Haha cheers

  766. One word response – Pathetic –

    “you keep dragging them back into this”??
    They (HORNETS) do a PodCast and post it – I comment on the MISREPRESENTATIONS against our boy JLIN.

    I did not drag them into anything least of all doing a backhanded attack on JLIN but sure as shooting I will DEFEND JLIN.

  767. LOL a teamball game discening coach and fans alike would have got iso ballhog Harden benched in the Rocket whomever is the point guard of that team. Haha cheers

  768. lol, well at least you know how to burn bridges. You are damn good at it too. Keep it up, like I said I could care less if lin is seen as the villain, it just raises his profile to the next level.

    Also you took the “can he got to his left” out of context…I should have known. I just listened and they said that was the question “critics” asked before the season started, ie back in offseason 2015. They then went on to say that lin proved his critics wrong.

    Either way, keep bashing hornet fans, I enjoy seeing you beating a dead horse…hopefully you go to the hornets board and talk trash to them and piss them off more. Hornets are now the enemy from this point onward, along with rockets and knicks. I am looking forward to seeing lin give rockets a proper beating the most.

  769. uggh

  770. LOL!

  771. I don’t think Jeremy ever mentioned the Ivy colleges whose fans who taunted racist terms.

    But a quick Google Search shows 2 hits:
    1. Georgetown game whose link no longer worked
    At Georgetown Basketball Game, Jeremy Lin subject to a slur | Vox ……/at-georgetown-basketball-game-jeremy-lin-subject-to-a…
    Jan 7, 2010 – Lin has reportedly been subject to many other taunts since he began to play college basketball because his ethnicity

    2. Drew Housman, who started with Jeremy in the Harvard backcourt, mentioned how surprised he was by how much racism Lin encountered. Even the head coach of Cornell once used a slur against him while he was on court(!)
    This is very shocking. I just learned about this

    Quora question
    Alecia: Is Jeremy Lin being fouled without repercussion and is it potentially a race issue?
    Drew Housman, started in the backcourt with Jeremy for 3 years

    It’s a tricky issue, but I would not be surprised if the refs are exhibiting an unconscious bias against Jeremy.

    I was surprised by how much racism he encountered in college. Maybe growing up in Southern California had skewed my perception about how much racism exists agains Asian Americans, but wow, it’s out there.

    One time in Vermont we went to a restaurant for a team meal. When the waitress was taking our orders, she went down the line and asked each person if they wanted rice or potatoes as their side dish. When she got to Jeremy, she laughed and said, “well, I know what you want.” Right to his face! As if that’s how normal humans interact with each other.

    The head coach of Cornell once used a slur against him while he was on the court, for crying out loud. So is it that much of a stretch to think that NBA refs might be mistreating him? I don’t think so.

    As a side note, throughout my career I’ve been in many a situation where I’ve been the only white player on the court. I am convinced that I would get more fouls called against me, and less for me, whenever this was the case. Oftentimes the refs were also white, so I can’t say it was discrimination.

    I think it’s more likely the refs assumed I was an inferior player. I can see this happening to Jeremy at the NBA level.

    I remember playing for an AAU coach when I was 16 who told me something startling. He said that when he was a coach at USC in the early 2000’s, he would “never, under any circumstances” recruit a white point guard.

    Now, he is clearly an ignorant person who must not have been very good at his job, but it shows that people make assumptions and have biases, even at the highest levels.

  772. For those who want to watch Luis Scola in the USA vs Argentina friendly game
    USA is up 45-20

  773. Apparently, Carlos Delfino, who played with Jeremy in Houston, is back on the Argentinian team. He’s had injury problems the last few years.

  774. Thanks

  775. 9 on 9 is your invention. Rotation, by definition, means 9 play in the 48 minutes. Saying at the same time is your invention, not what I said.

  776. I unsubscribed to this podcast a while back, but haven’t been able to find the Nets equivalent. They were pretty fair to Jeremy last season. I think sometime very early in the year they got a lot of flak on Twitter from Lin fans who blatantly did not care about the Hornets and that made them a tad too careful in their praise of Jeremy. They basically didn’t want to seem like they were caving in to the anti-Hornets Lin fans.

  777. lol the Vermont story is just cute compared to the other stories
    but who cares
    Lin is a good NBA player and those are just nobodies
    Lin went to Harvard, better than cornell and hes making 12m in the NBA leading a franchise
    so the Cornell coach can literally suck on it LOL

  778. hate those guys

  779. Good observation. Glad that your kindself have progress as a fan on ‘this’ Lin fan site. The Hornets teamsites are vecent decent and fair for the most part. Keep it up. Haha cheers

  780. Sorry for all of the Lin jersey talk, but I found some more images of the new Swingman style and compared it to the old style I got today. The new style seems to have Brooklyn letters heat pressed as well as numbers and LIN lettering. The old style has the Brooklyn stitched on instead.

    Full resolution of new style Swingman:

    Full resolution of old style Swingman:

  781. yes, hornets fansites were good to us lin fans and even though i have been banned from almost all of them, I probably deserved it. I relentlessly bashed kemba walker in the beginning of the season….I was too frustrted with his iso ball hogging, taking stupid shots, not passing etc. Of course he improved later in the season and I started to respect him more.

    I have started taking precautions on the nets sites already. I try not to engage with trolls. There are plenty of trolls out there, even here.

  782. GSW full of classy guys except Draymond Green. They need to get rid of him!

  783. Link to the cached version of the georgetown blog

    that blog article was essentially linked to the TIMES article which require subscription to view. anyone?,9171,1953708,00.html

    one comment from blog described what happened.

    Annoyed Witness
    January 10, 2010
    I was at this game. Two very loud African-American men were yelling racist slurs at Lin throughout the course of the first half. They shouted things like “wonton noodles” and “lo mein” and the derogatory c- word referring to Lin’s Asian ethnicity. It was absolutely appalling. Security had to pull the two men out at one point and when they came back much later, they noticeably quieted their taunts. But, I’m happy to say that no REAL Georgetown fans were so rude during that game, to my knowledge.

  784. yes, racism exists in all races. Its ironic, but it is a common human trait, one that goes back to the beginning of human race. Better to grow a thicker skin and ignore it when possible.

    excellent research by the way.

  785. Spurs-Atlanta system. This comes straight from Atkinson. Maybe this was posted before, I’ve missed some posts here so apologies if it was posted.

    “Mike D’s offense is more point-guard-centric,” Atkinson said. “It’s the Steve Nash model. But this will be a little bit more Atlanta-San Antonio style, a little bit more touches from other guys.”

    the same article as the other quotes.

  786. Does anybody know if the Nets this upcoming season will run a 4 out 1 in or 3 out 2 in system on the offensive end of the floor?

    What are your opinions about Booker and Scola at the PF position spotting up versus being in the paint. I think it would be better if they are out behind the line as Lopez and Lin pick and roll will be deadly as Lopez can roll to the basket or pop and hit the mid range jumper, while Lin can drive to the basket or kick it out to the open man.

    I check both PF’s career 3 point percentages. Booker’s is .311 while Scola’s is .339. Note that Scola hit at a very high percentage last season with TOR from behind the arc i.e .404

    Also will Atkinson run a 7 second offense as this works great will the 4 out 1 in system? Can those who have seen Atkinson coach before enlighten me about how his teams play. Thanks

  787. Yours?

  788. The 2nd link (old style) are my pictures.

  789. I thought you get two, white and black. Was going to ask you to give me one if that’s the case. Lol.

  790. Yes, the Atlanta-San Antonio offensive system certainly is a proven model of success.

    I believe it will be better for JLin because he can preserve his energy for crunch time execution but not being a single point of ball distributor in every possession for 35-36 min.

  791. Great question. Kenny Atkinson has said the Nets system will resemble the Spurs/Hawks system with a lot of touches and not so much PG-centric in every possession.

    This reddit link does a great job to explain how the Atlanta Hawks Motion Offense works through GIFs examples.
    It does start with 4 out-1 in for optimum spacing but how the defense guards them determines what set/variation they will run next. It might be beneficial to keep these links as an article in a separate thread

    How the Hawks’ Motion Offense Works [MEGAPOST + GIFS]

    As Jeff Teague explains: “We’ve basically got two [primary alignments]—strong and weak. That gets us into positions, but from there, we all have to make split-second decisions on what we do out of it: maybe a high pick-and-roll, or a dribble handoff, or Kyle coming around a screen. We look at the defense and just do what feels right.”
    ——————————- How the Motion Offense Works ——————————
    Like their big brothers in San Antonio, the Hawks prefer to initiate their offense with a “4-out 1-in” alignment for optimal floor spacing – one big man under the basket, another big man at the top of the arc, and the three smaller players spread out around the 3-point line, with one at each wing and one in the corner. The two big men are essentially interchangeable here; likewise for the three wing players.
    Fig. 1
    The offense isn’t “right-handed” or “left-handed” – it can be run from either side of the floor equally well – but things WILL play out somewhat differently depending on whether the corner wing player starts off in the strong-side corner (on the same side of the floor as the ball) or the weak-side corner (away from the ball). For now we’ll assume he’s on the strong side, and call this our “Strong” alignment. But either way, this set always starts off with a swing pass around the top of the arc, like so:
    Fig. 2
    This simple action begins the process of making the defense move from side to side, and can occasionally result in an easy basket if the defense isn’t paying attention. (Notice how the big man expertly seals off his defender in the low post while the rest of the defense is too distracted by the weak-side movement to provide help.) Such easy baskets are rare, but there’s no shot in the NBA more efficient than a dunk or a layup, so the first option is always to score a quick two right at the rim.
    Fig. 3
    Fig. 4
    If the big man can get deep enough post position here, he can also draw help defenders and kick the ball out to one of his teammates. (Notice too that the weak side wing player – in this case, DeMarre Carroll – is always looking for opportunities to cut backdoor from the other side of the lane whenever one of his teammates is posting up and keeping the defense preoccupied.)
    Fig. 5

  792. Atkinson, Marks, and Lin, and the entire NBA all know that the Nets roster is very weak. Lin and Lopez are the main scorers on the team. Kenny doesn’t want to give opposing teams an easy time to gameplan against the Nets. If he says that all they’re going to do is run the PnR all day and let Lin always handle the ball the majority of the time, teams will simply double team and trap Lin and/or Lopez, as well as crowd the lanes to easily stop the Nets.

    Kenny knows he has to utilize an offensive scheme that promotes team-oriented play, where everybody touches the ball as often as possible, with the PnR as the main weapon. That’s why he uses the Hawks and Spurs as an example of the type of offensive he’ll try to run in Brooklyn. Both teams utilize motion offense with an emphasis on PnR.

    The point guard is extremely important in this type of offense because he has to be able to read the defense and call the correct play. That’s why Kenny kept talking about needing a quarterback as his point guard and that’s why Marks and Atkinson targeted and chose Lin. Only Lin has the BBIQ and experience this free agency to be able to run Atkinson’s ideal offense. That’s also why Marks kept and acquired smart players with high BBIQ. Marks would rather have players who are intelligent and can remember how to run the routes Lin calls on the court rather than more talented, selfish ballhogs who only know how to play iso ball.

  793. Hoping forward to JL7 & The Nets’ New Journey onwards. Can we be better than the Heat & Blazers since we lost in the FA battle – YES, we certainly can.

  794. Be unpredictable. I love MDA’s system cause JL7 got his touches but I also hate it because it’s too predictable at times. I really think JL7 will do better in Coach A’s system than MDA’s. I’m not surprise if JL7 average more than Linsanity stretch.

  795. Yes, it’s all peachy now, non ? Thinking about it… I’m more pissed for JL7. Good thing JL7 is a stronger person – can channel hatred into strength.
    We’re not through: JL7 needs to make it to All-Stars and lead his team to EC Top 4.

  796. Can’t presume we know the dude, Draymond Green. He’s human with lots of emotions. I really dont think he’s a thug. And he’s still young and learning.

  797. Booker is starting because he makes $9M while Scola has a fringe contract.

    I also prefer Scola to Booker simply because of his shooting and the spacing, but apparently, Booker is a better rebounder and defender, so he probably will get first shot at starting.

    Apparently, Atkinson will be running a spurs motion offense that concentrate on involving everyone instead of just allowing the PG to dominate the ball and decide where to go.

  798. That’s unlikely…The Atkinson would be better for everyone as a team..The D’Antoni system does allow the PG to produce bigger statistics.

    I don’t think it’s right to say Lin would have better statistics under the Spurs system since his usage will not be higher than when he’s on the D’Antoni system.

  799. I agree here..Nothing wrong for stating that the Nets may end up with the worst team in the east simply because of the line-up.

    One thing that annoyed me was the hinting that Lin was better off accepting his role in Charlotte and take less money because Charlotte offered him a quiet situation with less media criticism and a good coach and great fan.

    They seemed to hint that Lin should had accepted the smaller role with less responsibility, and this is probably because they privately feel Lin is not good enough to start.

    I’m sure Clifford feel the same way but couldn’t say that publically because no players wants to hear that kind of stuff…Every players have dreams of getting the most playing time and possibly start…Lin is no different.

  800. I hope so, my wish priority is for the Nets to be better than Rox and Knicks.

  801. Had a Head Coach of any college made a racial slur against a Black player (assuming the coach is not African-American himself) – he would have been fired within 2 days.

    Just shocking a coach could get away with that against Asians.

  802. So a “REAL Georgetown fans” is incapable of being a racist? or does that have something to do with their African-American ethnicity?

  803. I agree with the notion that Kenny will try to keep his cards close-to-the-vest to not give other teams clues on how to defend them.

    At this point JLIN and to a lesser extent Vasquez are the only competent, experienced facilitators. And JLIN is the only playmaker who can create shots for himself and all his teammates.

    Once Kenny gets in the gym and witnesses how good JLIN is at methodically dissecting a defense, we may see different strategies and schemes from what Kenny has expressed to date.

    Recall that Dell Curry said on a live broadcast that JLIN and the 2nd unit used to routinely beat the starters in practice. Kenny in training camp will see what kind of a nuclear weapon point guard he has and will make adjustments, I’m certain.

  804. Psalm, you can delete my pending post. I didn’t realize Nash’s curse words in the statement.

  805. We are all adults here, I wouldn’t mind to read R rated comments sometime.

  806. It was definitely a stressful free agency, not for the fact that we got the contract but not knowing where I was going to be,” Crabbe said. “I knew how much Portland valued me. But they waited until the third day, the last day.”

    “That was to punish the (Nets) not you,” Olshey quickly interjected.

    Olshey did build up the drama a little bit, something he’s done before in a situation he referenced Friday with DeAndre Jordan during his time with the Clippers.

    “I got the phone call from Neil, he didn’t straight up say we are matching, he built up the story,” Crabbe told reporters. “He told me we were going to match.”

    Crabbe said all the right things about the role he wants, avoiding talk about starting and just the pledging to the time-honored tradition of doing what the team needs when asked about how he envisioned his role.

    “Anyway I can help to contribute to the team being successful that’s going to be my role,” Crabbe said.

  807. LOL punish the Nets? HAHA, right Olshey, you got us good. Have fun with dealing with the cap in coming years.

    This guy is so mad Marks forced him and Paul Allen overpay like crazy to keep their developed prospect and bench player.

    By the way, Nets fans were more tired of waiting for Riley to make his decision on Tyler Johnson because of the huge confusion when the deadline was on TJ. We didn’t get all antsy and tired of waiting for Crabbe. Nets fans knew when that deadline was going to be and Olshey actually made the decision faster than we expected.

  808. Disqus automatically puts the post into pending.

    But no worries, you can always repost but replace the curse words with *** characters

  809. Disqus automatically puts the post into pending
    But no worries, you can always repost but replace the curse words with *** characters 🙂

  810. If it’s stressful for 3 day waiting, I don’t think this man is mentally tough enough to be 70 mil starter. Nets off the hook.

  811. haha, no, he’s gonna marry a nice Chinese Christian girl like Mama Lin wanted, lol

  812. Celtics FA news:

    Per sources, Gerald Green to get 1 yr deal at vet minimum (little more than $1.4 million); Zeller (Tyler, not Cody) 2 yrs at $8 mil per, only 1st guaranteed.

  813. Yeah, enjoy having your backup SG getting paid 15 million more than your starter. That’s not gonna cause any issue, lol…

  814. they were just desperate to keep lin but had no hope of doing so and they kind of accepted their fate. They offered Lin the MLE this offseason but Lins priority was to be a starter and to make money. Hornets could not offer lin much more money because they didn’t have his bird rights and their cap space was already filled out.

  815. I think we have to be patient with Jeremy if he has to play under this spurs/hawks motion offense. At NY he always had the ball in his hands, HOU it was always handoff to Harden and stand in the corner, Lakers was the same thing as HOU where Jeremy would handoff to Kobe, Charlotte there was more ball movement but iif either Kemba or Batum was on the floor it was basically handoff and stand in the corner waiting to either hit the 3 or drive.

    It will take a little bit of time for Jeremy to get used to the fact that his teammates will actually be constantly looking to pass to him for once and not when the shot clock is down to 5 seconds so other players don’t have to ruin to their statistics xD

  816. lin and TJ could have worked together like hornets kemba did. Im dissapointed that TJ wasn’t signed, but Crabbe for 80M, Im happy he got matched.

  817. Psalm didn’t post this yet…

    Remember yesterday’s HoopsHype rankings on starting PGs? This is what fans thought the rankings should be:

  818. PG definitely is so important in Hawk-like offensive system.
    And I like reading how the Hawk system supposedly has better 3pt shooters than the Spurs.
    It will only open up lanes for guards penetration that JLin excels.

    I see JLin is a better (& more clutch) quarterback than Teague or Schroeder in the Hawks. I think Kenny also believes that. In 2-3 seasons, other positions will get stronger too

    Here’s also a Youtube Channel with 15 Hawks offensive set.
    We should put these links in a separate thread later

    1. Atlanta Hawks “Pistol Big”
    PG penetration is very important here, especially with 3pt shooters

    16. Hawks 15-16 Motion Offense

  819. Yeah, I wanted to make a thread about this a while ago, but Hawks fans already did for us. Would’ve taken way too much time and effort to put together the info Hawks fans already have.

  820. Very useful indeed. Thanks.

  821. It’s almost a bit unfair if you are a fan of anyone but JLIN and disconcerting to the NBA community.

    If JLIN can get 300% more votes than the next closest in 24 hours to jump 21 spots in the ranking – then this poll survey tells me that the All-Star committee is probably penalizing the votes JLIN receives by -90% because he is surely getting more worldwide votes than any player in the NBA.

  822. Yes, I agree. There will be the adjustment period for both Lin and his teammates. But when it kicks in, I have a feeling the Nets will have a fun-to-watch offense that isn’t so weighted on ISO moves like some offenses are.

  823. In practice, for individual stats, most PGs have their best stats with D’Antoni’s system so I agree with you. I’m more looking to see Lin produce balanced scoring on many nights and total team involvement than Lin’s own stats. 15/16 PPG and a good amount of assists, and hopefully 30 plus wins is a successful application of Lin’s PG skills IMO. Also hope Lin’s defensive stats reflect his true effectiveness as a defender, and that’s recognized by the league.

  824. Lol, kemba froze lin out 99% whenever they’re on together. Sometimes lin didn’t even TOUCH the ball until Kemba sat his behind down.

  825. Exactly.

  826. Wow. Lin is No. 1 while P. Beverly is rank 30 where he belongs.

  827. The Nets will run the same offense every Lin NBA team learns to run: 4 Lin teammates scrambling for wide open shots while the opponent focused primarily on stopping Lin whether Lin has the ball or not.

    Booker will likely be the starter while Scola comes off the bench. This is because Booker is a classic tweener who’s got perimeter SF skills in a PF body and Scola is most comfortable as a back to the basket post scoring center. Both of them will be all over the court.

    Atkinson can run whatever offense he wants, but NBA defenders are going to blitz over the offense to send guys at Lin. It happens every season on every team. The only key is how hungry Lin’s teammates are to pad their stats and boost their contracts. Hopefully Lin’s teammates aggressively hog the ball and attack the gaps created by opponents loading up on Lin defensively. The more hoggy Lin’s teammates are, the more it opens up the court for Lin himself!

  828. Yeah, that’s what Atkinson says.

    “We’ll run a spread offense with lots of motion”. That’s what all Lin coaches say before the season starts.

    Then as opponents abandon Lin’s teammates to load up on Lin, all of those fancy sets and plays VANISH. It’s five defenders focused on Lin, four Lin teammates left completely unguarded even if they’re max contract scorers like James Harden.

    Same old same old, every season.

  829. D’Antoni’s offense was Nash as a shoot first point guard with max contract superstars like Amare Stoudemire bailing Nash out when Nash could not score it himself.

    Atlanta and San Antonio’s offenses featured mediocre point guards that did not draw double teams and max contract big men inside drawing defenses away from the perimeter.

    The Nets will feature opponents loading up on Lin and Lin’s teammates feasting on the soft spots in the defenses created by Lin siphoning defenses away from his teammates.

  830. Obviously Portland GM Neil Olshey had no clue that the Nets had more than enough cap space to sign players even if Crabbe walked.

  831. Right, we have to think of the opponent’s strategies for stopping the Nets. Load up on Lin. Happens a lot on whatever team he’s playing on.

  832. This is why if I were coaching against Lin, I’d do the exact opposite of the heavy trapping that opponents do on Lin.

    I’d LAY BACK, focus on stopping everyone else, and DARE Lin to go Kobe on my team. See if the NBA’s most unselfish player in Lin has the guts to put up 20+ shots because nobody else is open.

    I’d shut down Lin’s teammates and compliment Lin in the papers if he can singlehandedly beat my team by himself.

    Then again, the Spurs have already tried my strategy. And it’s FAILED, not just last season but in previous seasons too. Nobody in the entire NBA, not Lebron or Curry or Durant, lights up the single coverage Spurs like Lin does.

  833. i’m also interested in seeing what dark side was lurking behind heart’s post Lol

  834. not gonna work. with Lin playing full-time PG and Marks/Atkinson filling up the roster with pnr in mind, Lin will have plenty of targets to hit for easy dimes

  835. Scola is by far the better rebounder and defender than the inexperienced Booker.

    The Nets will find out that their lineups with Scola will outperform any other lineup that stars a Net at the 4 other than Justin Hamilton who is a bigger better younger Scola.

  836. YUCK.

    We don’t need Tyler Johnson FREEZING OUT Lin and playing no defense and getting killed on the court!

  837. Lin just doesn’t want to shoot 20 shots most nights. He’d probably look then to go to Lopez and direct Lopez to swing the ball around.

  838. It’s weird. Just few days ago I read Lin was #22??

  839. I have more faith in Kenny Atkinson especially seeing how Teague/Schroder were being used in the Hawks system.

    Also, Clifford last season only said Lin will anchor the 2nd unit.
    Now Atkinson said,“All fit Jeremy’s style & guys’ we signed”
    Nets #VersatileSystem = all touches + quick O + pace + PnR

    Also, seeing how Lin comfortably called his coach by name, Kenny in the media, it really shows another level of trust that JLin has in his coach.

    Of course we need to wait when the season begins but so far it’s more promising than before 🙂

  840. ugh 3 more months to go!

  841. Fan votes are popularity votes. As far all star, I hope by then Lin will accumulate awesome STATS to qualify for all stars. Fans vote, but coaches choose.

  842. Lol, that would be very tough.

  843. this is the best offseason ever. savor the moment!

  844. Wow, madness. Tyler has been injured contributing almost nothing and the Heat took the poison pill for him while Green who I believe a better player got thrown out unwanted.

  845. Wow a candid interview. We speculate, and Lin confirms that if Knicks offer him the minimum, he would have played for them. Sigh..

  846. Really good article. JLin really opening up on what he thinks and what Lin fan’s have known all along.

    Q: What stereotype on the basketball court bothers you the most?
    A: I feel like when people say I can’t play defense or something like that, if you look at the numbers, or if you look at things I’ve been able to do … people just assume like, “Oh, I’m not that quick,” or “Oh, I can’t jump that high,” whatever. I’ve been top one or two in blocks per minute at the point guard position for the last two [or] three seasons. People don’t see me as a great shot-blocking guard partially because they look at me, and they’re like, “There’s no way he could be.” Just a lot of the old stereotypes, like “He can’t go left,” or, “He turns the ball over.” I feel like a lot of times when I see what’s going on, I feel like people are just trying to describe what they remember from me as a player four years ago. A lot of the small tricks, or things that people might not see or be able to quantify in a stat, I feel like I’m able to do more and to be better in.

    Q: Do you think you can be an elite guard?
    A: I do. I wouldn’t have signed up for a starting point guard position if I didn’t feel like I had that ability to get to another level as a player.

  847. green over 30. can no longer be “developed”.

  848. Is there software that can count Twitter votes? At least that’s public and can’t be manipulated by the NBA. It would have to be able to filter out repeat tweets repeated in less than 24 hrs to be accurate. Won’t show all the votes but might be a clue if there is a big discrepancy.

  849. 80 days until that first preseason game against Miami.

  850. He was underused and 30 is not old. Still better than unproven 3rd string bacup injury prone.

  851. The definitive Linterview

  852. a) All in all an excellent interview that offends nobody from any constituency.
    b) JLIN and Steve Nash were teammates and in all that time Nash never gave JLIN the respect to sit down with him and talk – that is a shame.
    c) Amongst many great questions and answer this one is extremely important for those who still doubt:
    Q: Why do you think you’ve bounced around so much?
    A: I haven’t been able to find a situation that I feel like is perfect for me. And because I’ve been in situations I didn’t want to be in, I’ve created and negotiated in terms of free agency a lot of shorter deals that give me the flexibility to leave if I’m not happy with the way things are going.

  853. Really good Q & A section. Worth reading.

  854. Makes up for that terrible editorial the Post wrote about Lin yesterday.

    This is a great article because it’s Lin’s own words and not made-up crap being peddled by the Lin haters at the Post.

  855. That’s not the whole story.

    Don’t forget Green was involved in that toxic legal issue earlier this spring. And if there’s one thing that the Heat doesn’t tolerate, it’s their players getting into legal trouble (like when the Heat kicked out Smush Parker for getting into a fistfight with a parking attendant at the Heat arena).

    Green has been a player with Tracy McGrady level athleticism and Patrick Beverley skills. He is being paid exactly what he’s worth in terms of winning and losing.

  856. I’ll bet that with Kenny Atkinson giving Lin the green light, Lin would have no trouble shooting over 20 shots against any team if that’s what it took to win.

  857. Fans vote for the starters.

    Coaches only vote for the reserves.

  858. Oh, just because we all know that Atkinson’s fancy coaching plays will be blown to smithereens by a blitzing NBA defense on Lin doesn’t mean that Atkinson won’t TRUST Lin to lead and win as a NBA starter for a playoff team!

  859. Netsdaily reports a gigantic surge in pageviews each evening when Asia wakes up,

    There is no question in my mind that the NBA is manipulating JLIN’s votes – problem is there will never be a way to prove it unless some insider blows the whistle.

  860. how do you know there were no sit down with Lin?

  861. but you can see the thinking; its not so much the age as the circumstance; johnson only 2 years in the league viewed as having potential which again can be “developed”. been only with miami.

    green; 12 years in pro ball; 2 of them out of the nba in russia; only 1 season in 11 been a starter in nba. 10 different teams. a journeyman backup with a long time to prove themselves as something else.

    johnson perceived (rightly or wrongly) by apparently both nets and heat as a young “developing” player with lots of time ahead. green’s time is pretty much all behind.

  862. Well let’s count, the season is 8 months (including training camp). And yes, I realize Nash was injured, yet JLIN still says this:

    Q: If you could pick the brain of one person in basketball history, who would it be?
    A: It would probably be Steve Nash, because I felt like what Nash did, and the things that he did, are the things that I need to learn to grow as a player. I would ask him about every facet of professional basketball.

    Would indicate JLIN did not have the opportunity in all that time to pick Nash’s brain…?
    Do you have a different interpretation of that answer?

  863. that would be i guess then the “heart of darkness”.

  864. B is not true. I have seen pics of the 2 practicing together and Nash speaking to Lin from the sidelines. Also Nash has appeared in Lins video.

    Finally I have been searching for the specific article I read 2 yrs ago (also for Khuang, can’t find it, but the link below should suffice if you guys can trust my failing memory :p ) where Lin credited Nash for helping him with some stuff.

    Nash is a great, helpful dude and deserves respect from all Lin fans ( clearly Lin respects him a lot)

  865. Me bad, I forgot/ Still want Lin to have awesome stats to impress the coaches even if fans vote him #1

  866. Lin didn’t say that…” Lin confirms that if Knicks offer him the minimum, he would have played for them. Sigh..”

  867. One possible interpretation – “I respect Steve Nash, and am giving him props”… Ask him about every facet of the game… Sounds like a genuine love fest answer to me 🙂 I mean Lin doesn’t actually need to learn every facet of the game from Nash in reality 🙂

  868. Yes, I remember that Nash worked out JLIN after the Laker season was over and it was possible that he was doing it for a team who may have been interested in JLIN for 2015 free agency. And it came after this:

    Lakers’ Jordan Clarkson continuing workouts with Steve Nash
    “And apparently only [Jordan Clarkson].
    “No invite for me,” Lakers point guard Jeremy Lin said, smiling, despite his text messages going unanswered. “It’s all good.”

    I don’t really know what to make of it all.

  869. Perhaps JLIN knows what’s best. If 6 years later, he still feels that way – I support him.

  870. I just feel Lin was giving him props… I remember what you have posted. At the time, I thought Lin was referring to Lakers and their cheap mentality rather than Nash… But I can only guess. But Lins love for Nash is real – Have heard him talk about it too many times, for too long now.

  871. Well, this is NBA you don’t need to cut down any chance you will get in the future. Like Lin said Never say never… he maybe will back to NYK someday….

  872. Yes, JLIN admires Nash but for whatever reason, whether it was a BScott, Kupchak, Buss driven initiative it was always about Jordan Clarkson and not about improving JLIN.

    That is why it’s such a shame.

  873. True… There is no dispute in our thinking on this… Like you I have always felt that Lin has never got even half the opportunities he deserves…

  874. Heat owner is pizzed because they had to overpay the guy. He ain’t worth then and now.

  875. Legal issue does not justify his ridiculous low pay especially new cap. Tracy makes hundreds of mil and pat also tens of mil, he’s worth much more than 1.5 mil min.

  876. He didn’t say “minimum” he said “I had wished that they had offered me a contract just in the beginning, and that didn’t even happen.” Could have negotiated an extension something like $6 mil / yr before even letting him go to RFA.

  877. Lin was practice with Nash after Lakers season, in previous season, he was in Nash’s charity game, Nash was in Lin’s video…….

    Don’t get why you think they never worked together.

  878. Feel the same way.

    Steven Weinberg ‏@sweinberg33 10m10 minutes ago
    @zukovka @NYPost_Serby Fabulous fabulous interview. I’m loving his confidence in himself and I think he feels Nets can surprise ppl this yr.

  879. I’m not sure how much that is a PR thing or not….. I remember that was only 1 hr thing, and media asked JC what he learned, and he wasn’t able to say much…..

  880. Who knows – at least Nash returned JC’s text messages.

  881. wow, way to mislead and turn things around. Hope you are not purposely doing this.

    No where did Lin confirmed he would play for minimum…..

  882. I love this interview because after a long Hornets season, I can feel the leadership and confidence in Lins words. No fear.

  883. Your misleading level makes Donald Trump in shame.

  884. There are so many important things Lin said in that interview, but the last 2 questions and answers jumped out at me…

    Q: How driven are you to win an NBA championship?
    A: I’m very driven. I’m a very ambitious person. It’s not gonna happen overnight, it’s gonna take time, for sure. But If I didn’t think that there was the opportunity, or if the people here were capable of putting us in a position, then I don’t think I would have come.

    Q: What would you want to tell Nets fans, Jeremy Lin fans and Asian-American fans.
    A: Nets fans: We’re gonna need you guys every game loud and proud, and we want to give you a product that you haven’t had the last few years. Jeremy Lin fans: I would say just keep being you. I got the best fans, man. They fly across the country, I get more gifts than I know what to do with, I have suitcases full of gifts when I come back from Asia. And Asian-American fans: I would just say keep believing in what you feel like you can become and don’t let other people tell you, “You can’t be this, or can’t be that.” I think if you look in the sports industry or you look in entertainment and acting and different things like that, Asians are really cornered and put into this box, these type of roles or these type of players. Even for me, before I came along, Asians in basketball were just 7-foot tall dudes from China who people thought were just there because they were tall. We’re just gonna keep breaking stereotypes, keep doing things people didn’t think we could do. That’s what I would say to Asian-American fans.

  885. The next sentence might contain a hint. Since Nash was clearly reluctant to “serve out the final year of his $9.8 million contract mentoring the team”, he probably didn’t want to rock the boat by mentoring a player for whom the Lakers had no future plans.

    ““No invite for me,” Lakers point guard Jeremy Lin said, smiling, despite his text messages going unanswered. “It’s all good.”

    Perhaps the reasoning entails the uncertainty on whether Lin and the Lakers see such a partnership as a long-term commitment.”

  886. They were teammates for an entire season.

  887. CLICK CLICK, read the thread of your spirited defense against bigfatman, bigbob or “bigfatbob” whatever he’s using currently.

    You decloaked what was obvious but did NOT decloak to conclusion. If you’re not aware, it’s obvious that poster is one-in-the-same poster with which you had previously engaged in banter a few weeks ago. Whereupon having been disgraced on that board, he reappears with a new moniker, but playing his very very old and sad game.

    Sircharlesrickofthejames, gotta do better – too transparent, let’s expand that vocabulary, change up the jargon, the grammar, the cadence – can spot that writing style a mile away.

  888. That last part was only true with the Hornets. Jeremy didn’t really answer the question, probably because it would involve critical comments about the Rockets at the very least.

  889. Ummm, the Lakers…

  890. “On 23 October, less than a week before the start of what would have been the 40-year-old Nash’s 19th year in the NBA, he was ruled out for the season due to a recurring back injury. Nash only played in three preseason games…” ~Wiki

    Technically they were teammates, but I don’t think Nash was around much. I remember the Lakers wanted him to essentially become an unofficial coach (mentor), but Nash didn’t want to do that. He wasn’t like MKG last year who came to many games and sat behind the bench. That was supposed to be Nash’s final year and after the injury he was pretty much gone.

  891. He had no choice with the Lakers. Houston traded him outright and didn’t need to consult Jeremy. Jeremy was RFA in 2012 when the Knicks didn’t match Houston’s offer. He was UFA in 2015 when he took the 1+1 contract with Charlotte. That’s it. “a lot of shorter deals” is a gross exaggeration.

  892. Yes. No choice – “situations I didn’t want to be in”.

  893. Yeah, you’d think at least during the few weeks of training camp and the 3 preseason games in which Nash participated that Jeremy would’ve gotten some time to ask his questions. Maybe he just wants more time with him after his additional experiences the past 2 seasons? I suspect what others have mentioned is also true: he’s simply giving props to a non-active player.

  894. We’re referring to different parts of his answer. The latter part (“a lot of shorter deals”) is inaccurate. He’s negotiated ONE such deal.

    “And because I’ve been in situations I didn’t want to be in, I’ve created and negotiated in terms of free agency a lot of shorter deals…”

  895. Or are we?

  896. lol…obviously. Cheers.

  897. I am still mad at Dolan for that. I think I will always be salty about that.


    Wonder if the kid at 2:18 is still a fan of Jeremy Lin lol.

  899. i sent a tweet to the writer Steve Serby thanking him for his excellent article. need to show support to dudes who can do good interviews.

  900. Ya! We should all RT this article. Haha!

  901. amazing article, great to hear him be so straightforward with all the questions. And yeah he just confirmed what we all suspected, lin really wanted to return to the knicks but they shafted him for some reason.

  902. The New York Post interview is just a great, great interview. Intelligent and respectful questions, for once. And Jeremy is at his usual exceptional eloquence. If the journalist is direct and real, then Jeremy doesn’t hesitate to lay his thoughts and feelings out there in a way that few others seem to do. He said everything you need to know about “fire in the belly” – his ambition and competitiveness and his intense focus on turning every seeming obstacle into a skill-set upgrade towards his ultimate goal of a championship. People love to “talk story”, so folks will find a way to keep speculating about his “confidence issues” (urk) and his “naive” business sense even when the story has been put to bed straight from the horse’s mouth, so this interview won’t dent the “discussions”. But at the moment…wow. Every time I turn around, this young man manages to push my admiration up yet another notch!

  903. Initially I thought it was just another article
    but then as I finished reading it, I was so impressed with what was
    written. This is exactly how I understand JLin. Good that it’s all in
    B&W. No more misunderstanding from everyone: fans/doubters/haters. Having said that, I’m still amazed with few that continue to believe otherwise and/or misinterpret of what JLin said.

  904. Lin is great bro. Someone give me a JLin lol

  905. He played for Hornets for cheap. He would have played for Knicks. They didn’t offer nothing that’s for sure.

  906. Omg 3 months it’s too long… too much time to kill lol

  907. for those who believed that they know Jeremy well and blatantly stated that Jeremy really like to be this and that and will do this and that….you need to see his answers just for you doubters!!!

    Q: You still see yourself as an underdog?

    A: In some ways. I still think people view me as a certain type of
    player, or there’s a lot of certain stereotypes me as a player that I
    think don’t give me the credit I feel like I deserve.

  908. Like the worst one of NBA yes 🙂

  909. A lot are haters no matter what.

  910. Can’t see anything….

  911. A JLin jersey…? :p

    Or a high Lin five?

  912. still cant post twiiter links

  913. Click Click Click.

  914. Hey, as I stated, I prefer Scola style of Basketball to Booker who is really a old-school PF……

    But I do feel the amount of money he makes will give him the first shot at winning the PF job.

  915. The reporter from NY Post-
    Steve Serby

    @zukovka Thanks Nathan. @JLin7 is a terrific young man with wisdom beyond his years. Class act.

  916. That’s right. We can’t post Twitter now. Something is wrong.

  917. Not ideal, but screenshot will have to do while Twitter embeds are out.

  918. SURE IT DOES.

    Look at Ty Lawson – legal trouble has completely submarined his career.

    NBA teams are very image conscious and don’t like to sign players who will embarrass the team. Gerald Green is just one of many guys who are considered “risky” off the court.

  919. Here is the Disqus forum thread to report “Broken Twitter” issue.
    No official fix yet but someone posted a Mozilla work-around if anyone wants to try. Only IE still works

  920. I agree with this line of reasoning.

  921. BraidsLIN latest cartoon by the talented GaryCGY

    @garycgy BraidsLIN #jeremylin #jlin7 #linsanity #brooklin #teamadidas #brooklynnets #brooklynbraided #netsnation #nets

  922. hehe…why brown hair?

  923. LOL

    Tim Duncan casually in line shopping at Old Navy.


  924. That’s why JLin admires Tim Duncan so much 🙂
    They share the same character of humility

    Q: Why did you admire Tim Duncan so much?
    A: Because he doesn’t care about a lot of the other things that a lot of the other players care about, and he wants to win, he wants to do it the right way. When you think of a selfless leader, I would think of Tim Duncan.

  925. Classy young man and learned too. Despite all the brickbats Kobe threw at him, he stays above the nonsensical unsavoury behaviours and still give Kobe the respect he doesn’t deserve. He also gave Melo the benefit of the doubts. Haha cheers

  926. so it stands out more? 🙂 like this

  927. Lol. Selfless leaders attract people with humility sharing the same high character , whilst egocentric maniac with unsavoury behaviour will attract the same miscreants no matter how the pr people wanted to project otherwise. Rang true the sayings ‘Wiseman thinks alike” and ‘Birds of a feather’ respectively. Haha cheers

  928. Was this interview filmed? Does anyone know?

  929. I just have such a hard time believing him when he says, “[Kobe] treated me well.” I’m more likely to believe the Melo stuff.

  930. I’ve been saying it’s rigged for years.
    One year, I was voting 3 times a day in 3 different media formats as permitted by the rules. And his votes got chopped by several hundred thousand one day. After that, I just realized it’s pointless (for me to put in so much work).

  931. #Nets fans & Lin fans can enjoy this old #LinHairIcon classic ?
    “He wants to be known as a guy with all time flow”

    Man, I miss having Spencer Hawes as JLin’s Hair Guru ?

  932. Are these custom lettered? I heard that custom ones are pressed on. That’s why I’m waiting for the official jerseys cos if I’m paying