Brainstorming JLinPortal User Rank

Before we formalize the User Rank here, it’s a good idea to open it up to the members to hear your input.

User Ranks are useful to reward participation in the site and acknowledge senior members.

Here is the current User Rank:

  1. Rookie: 0-99 pts
  2. Junior: 100-499 pts
  3. Senior: 500-1499 pts
  4. Veteran: 1500-3999 pts
  5. Master: 4000-9999 pts
  6. Linsanity: 10000-99,999 pts

But @wilsc also has a good point to change it from generic Ranks to something like:

  1. vipers d-league triple double,
  2. Vikings (championship),
  3. nets break out game,
  4. Toronto game,
  5. Kobe duel game,
  6. triple double off bench,
  7. three pointer game against sixer

It’s a good idea to personalize the Ranks with Jeremy’s milestone in his career but it can also be harder to know which level it is just by the name. And there’s the risk of getting stuck to Linsanity moments that happened 2 years ago instead of looking forward. So I’d like to hear what others thought before we finalize it.

As far as earning points, currently here are some activites:

– 1 pts : site login, posting a Disqus comment, viewing Forum Topic, referrals, etc.

– 2 pts: site registration, new friendship

– 10 pts: new blog posts (1 pts of posts being viewed)