Basketball Insider season previews (2014/15)

Arsenium12 . • 7 hours ago is releasing their 2014/15 previews of NBA teams.
See : NBA teams’ preview by Bussiness Insider

Here is the Lakers’ preview :
See :  2014-2015-los-angeles-lakers-preview (Business Insiders)

Jeremy Lin is identified as the Lakers’ top playmaker : … We’re not predicting a repeat of ‘Linsanity’ or anything of that nature, but the circumstances are in place for Lin to have a very productive year as he seeks long-term security moving forward. While known for being a guy that thrives in the pick-and-roll, Lin has actually improved as an all-around offensive player that can also play off-ball. At 6’3, Lin does a good job of probing in the halfcourt set, and routinely finds his way into the paint and to the rim. Although he should be one of the team’s primary ball-handlers and playmakers, he remains versatile and flexible enough to shift into whatever role Scott may ask of him.

Edit: By Brent Yen, I helped to insert the HTTP link and inserted the Picture as feature image.


  1. I like how Lin is chosen to be the “Top Playmaker” in the article
    It’s okay that Lin’s underrated in the article, that way he will easily surpass expectations to become strong MIP contender

    Note: BTW, the link is broken in the post. @Arsenium12, you can use the Create Link button on the editor with the option to open a new window. I can help later

  2. But that prediction is ridiculous…..unless both Kobe and Nash and Lin and Young all get injured….32 Ws as an upper bound kind of undo all the good they said about Lin and others…

  3. HI I took the liberty to fix the link and add a pic for you….I hope you don mind….@Arsenium12

  4. Thanks, Brent. So, am I unable to edit the post myself once it’s been saved?

  5. You can edit it at any time…

  6. Thanks, I just figured that out by poking around the site.

  7. Great!!

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