“Background”: The Song that Sustained Jeremy Lin to Become an #Anomaly

In a new article about Jeremy Lin endorsing the 7th album of Lecrae (his favorite rapper), Jeremy Lin shared about the significant role of the song “Background” in helping to sustain him during one of if not the lowest point of his life in 2010. As a rookie, Lin struggled so much in his 1st year with Golden State Warriors that he was sent 3 times to the D-League and only averaged 2.6pts/gm in 29 games appearance that year.

The “Background” song gave hope and assurance to Jeremy who kept listening to the song which gave him hope that God still has his back, that he just needs to trust God. God is his lead. He is the servant and steward who is ready to do his will, wherever he is called to go. Amidst the desperation that took a toll in Jeremy’s life that he hated playing basketball, this song sustained him to keep working hard and give up. Two months and another D-League stint later, Linsanity happened, which he credited to God

Source: Lakers PG Jeremy Lin Endorses Rapper Lecrae and ‘Anomaly’ Album, David Daniels, B/R

“This was one of the low points in my life,” said Lin, “if not the lowest point.”

That fall, Lecrae released his fourth studio album, Rehab, and it contained the inspiration that Lin needed: the song “Background.”

“I was struggling so much in the trenches,” said Lin. “And then I heard the song,” which is about, as Lin applied it, “Letting God take the lead, surrendering my life to him and letting him work through me.”

“Background” became his theme song.

“That’s incredible. That’s exactly what I need to hear,” said Lin. “I kept listening to that song. I got sent to the D-League. I was getting benched—all these different things, all these tough scenarios. That song reminded me God has my back. God has the lead. I’m his servant. I’m his steward. I will go where he calls me to go, and I will do what he calls me to do. That was really, really impactful for me.”

Lin scored just 2.6 points per game in 29 appearances for the Warriors that year. The following season, they waived him on the first day of training camp. The Houston Rockets claimed him off waivers three days later, but they only kept him for 12 days before waiving him again.

“Background” kept Lin’s trial in perspective. Two months and another D-League stint later, Linsanity happened, which he credited to God.

The article also told another story how Lecrae had a bigger impact on Jeremy when Jeremy took a friend Noah to his concert who is a new believer. Lecrae took the time to listen to Noah’s life story and share the gospel with this new guy he just met and will probably never meet again even when being rushed to perform in front on 10K-20K audience. The humility and transparancy of Lecrae really impressed Jeremy.

Out here supporting the homie @lecrae!! Dont hate on the Up t-shirt lol #toGodbetheglory

In fact, both Jeremy and Lecrae have the same trait of humility and compassion toward others that attract many people. In the world where celebrities and athletes put themselves first to receive adoration and adulation, both stand out by doing the opposite of using their fame and talent to build up and give others hope. Their faith matters because it’s real. People can sense it and see the positive impact on others.

That’s what many fans of Jeremy Lin from different faiths, beliefs, race and background admire in Jeremy Lin. So continue using your talent and platform to spread God’s work and inspire others with hope in the sometimes-dark world, Jeremy and Lecrae. We’re glad that you are #Anomalies. It makes me want to be an #Anomaly today!