Awaiting Jeremy Lin’s New Team in 2015-16

It’s July 4. Happy Independence Day in the US!

Jeremy has announced that he will wait for DeAndre Jordan and Lamarcus Aldridge to make their decision before he makes his own. And today he will be back to the US from Asia Trip at 9:30pm according to @melody

Which team will Jeremy choose? Will it be Spurs as a backup PG or Mavs as  a starting PG to pursue championships? Or will it be 76ers to have an All-Star aspiration in the weaker Eastern conference?

Or will it be a surprise team from 8-9 teams that he said are interested in him?

Vote just 1 team

Which TEAM do you think Jeremy Lin will play next season after DJ & LMA made their choice in Mavs & Spurs? (choose only 1 answer)


  1. 1st….yes first time

  2. Surprised someone voted Cavs… Playing behind Irving doesn’t make any sense, not to mention Cavs didn’t even make an offer.

  3. That was LeBron. He needs all the help he can get LOL

  4. If the Sixers are not tanking and JLin is given a starting role and decent pay, why not??

  5. lebron closet lof

  6. All-Star chance would help to shape his career the way Nash did in the Suns.
    Not sure about the coach, though
    He has to be able to develop JLin.

  7. I pick bulls rumors on bulls forum they really targeting him……..but dream scenario spurs

  8. It was me. I had a weird dream that Jlin will sign a 1 yr 5.6mils the Cav. So I went with the Cavs lol. But I think it might be the Mavs.

  9. It was the Mavs who invited Lin to their summer League when he went undrafted. Then they offered him a contract but he turned them down for GSW. After Linsanity, according to @grace nsns, Mavs were scheduled to discuss his RFA,but again Lin opted out in favor of another team (Knicks/Rox). It would be so ironic if, for a third time, Lin spurns the Mavs’ offer. I think that will only happen if Lin chooses the risky Sixers or the empty-pocketed Spurs. Probably it will be “third time’s the charm.”

  10. Uptempo system

  11. I know for starting mavs is the place but they aint gonna win the chip and wont go to far ….championship team still better

  12. yeah, you could misread the 1st letter M as C in your dream 🙂
    Mavs becomes Cavs!

  13. JLIN going to Spurs or Mavs. For Mavs, only as a starter. For Spurs, if Ginobolli retires, Lin can start along with Parker. I think those are the best situations for Lin. 76ers would be fine if they give him the rein to run the team and 10M+ per year.

  14. LOL

  15. Where is the money will come from to sign JLIN?

  16. lol, Lebron was there in my dream lol

  17. true plus Hinkie seems to like JLin after several trade efforts
    (and if we believe he kept the pen JLin used to sign in HOU)

  18. Champagne for you if jlin sign with cavs

  19. Lebron could be mistaken for DJ?

  20. lebron leave cleveland…I take my talent to texas remember he hasn’t sign yet….decision 3

  21. Conley’s elite PG now? LOL

  22. I don’t know how it could work out but or Dallas snt for Jeremy or Jeremy better stay away from Dallas.

    Jeremy must get money not cheap contract.

  23. If lin wants to go to spurs, why he keep saying starting is priority?

  24. The Spurs just re-signed Danny Green for 4/45M so Green would start alongside Parker.

    Lin would be playing the 6th man role if he goes to the Spurs.

  25. If Jlin sign a cheap offer. He might get traded.

  26. no thanks

  27. That’s insulting. Better go to Philadelphia

  28. yep easy to trade….no thanks

  29. For 3 mil. ..that shows no respect to lin

  30. That’s why i’m saying Jeremy must go where money are. Or Spurs cause of Tanner connection with Duncan

  31. i dont understand this how is both getting more money. theres a lot of missing info. jj area made 5 mill last year

  32. Jlin should not sign anything under $7mils.

  33. 6 the lowest

  34. tell cuban… jlin will take 2.6m plus 50% of his company and licensing rights

  35. Well said!

  36. that makes no sense here missing info on that number

  37. Was surprised by this characterization of Felton but didn’t follow him closely in Dallas …

  38. people people jj barea made 5 mill last year

  39. he’s nice, just stay out of the fridge

  40. Ray felton isnt good. they just saying that to gain leverage

  41. what i was looking for

  42. No.

  43. well if its 3 mill hell no

  44. Good idea . 1 year as the cap goes up next time and jlin can get a better contract or leave if mavs dont work out

  45. 7m starting 1 yr….I take it……but mavs wont go to far

  46. 3 mill come on of course people will offer more

  47. With that contract and 1 year they can treat him like crap again.

    No thanks

  48. Good to see Jlin still valued around the league

  49. maybe 6M

  50. Good! That means Lin can wait until Mavs gets closer to other teams offer.
    Maybe 80% w/ chance to start in championship team

  51. yes, Bidding war is what all Lin fans want here 🙂

  52. next week???

  53. I say Monday or Tuesday

  54. yea id think about this choice for a little while. very high risk/ high reward

  55. Taking a one year deal with Dallas will be tough…unless Jeremy’s mindset has changed and will be aggressive from day 1….mavs will have no patience for slow starts when it comes to Jeremy….slow starts will be expected from Wes, parsons and Dj (dirk gets a pass) so Jeremy has to come out strong out the gate

  56. they will have no other pgs. jj area is too short. the other guy is injury prone. they also prefer him as a back up

  57. Not worry about that at all…they are paid to have a strong start. It is their job and lin is darn good at it. Lol

  58. His agent better advice Lin to stay away from that trap.

  59. yes, we want some time to pass before JLin decides so we can see teams pursuing JLin.
    Good for his values!

  60. exactly

  61. I can live with Lin/DJ alley-oop highlights + Lin/Dirk pick-and-pop for 1st 2 months!

  62. if mavs miss out on JL, they wont make playoffs. dj is rendered useless playing alongside barea or felton. no post game

  63. Not even second year player option? That bs.

  64. You don’t know if they can let you hold the ball and be the playmaker. It’s parsons’ team now…

    I’d pass.

  65. he may from what he said all offseason look like its where he is leaning.

  66. With that contract you’re not sure to be starter. Stay away.

    Go where money are. Stop.

  67. Feel that man….ready for this moment

  68. Lol word….ptsd has made me gunshy lol

  69. i have to say I’m leaning toward lin taking it. its what he want an opportunity to prove himself and start.. its time in lin career he either become what we think he can become or not. his time is now or never. put up or shut up

  70. Let’s make it clear: if Dallas want Jeremy better snt for Hibbert and create space.

    If they don’t they’re cheating and don’t believe in Jeremy. That’s it.

  71. yeah I think lin will take it. good offer from mavs .. if it doesnt work out he can leave

  72. from what it sounds like there is no cap space we knew this already. also with the spurs there wound not be cap space ginoble will be back

  73. it’s a 1 year contract. if things don’t work out, he can leave next year for a better contract

  74. they are not going anywhere mavs are pretender……..spurs in some games he will start and also bulls

  75. clearly it says mavs are in the mix for lin so lin believe they are

  76. if lin chooses this deal i actually will be much more of a fan. what a bold choice what a career defending move. for better or worse will gain a lot of respect

  77. I’d rather go to Spurs at the minimum and win a ring than go to the Dallas for 2.5 mln

  78. how many days before lamarcus decide,,,, jlin nextweek ……DIVA!

  79. yep same money but with rings

  80. Not at all. It would be foolish. If they really wanted him they would’ve created cap space in snt.

    Stay. Away.

  81. lin is betting on himself. he believes in himself so do i

  82. yep its low balling…. if you want something even it is expensive you buy it without conscience

  83. wherever JLin lands, he needs a no trade clause.

  84. Jeremy going to Dallas as a starting PG but with about 3 mil pay (1 year deal) is like Bloomberg’s 1 dollar/year salary

  85. JL wants a chance to start. The spurs are going for david west, and they have cory joseph . Mavs would give lin more minutes and more stats

  86. Mavs — Lin and JJ form a nice tandem at back court; and Jeremy will have a huge chip on his shoulder; feeding DJ And Dirk will get him close to 10 assists a game; downside parsons and Wes coming off of injury and Dj head huge with the shaq comparisons;

    Spurs– benchsanity (with manu/mills gone) is a strong possibility; 6th man potential and no egos; system is tailor made for his game…potential to start strong as Parker winds down

    Bulls—wildcard here; benchsanity and will totally dominant many starting eastern conference pgs; and will have a good shot at going far in the playoffs; 6th man potential

  87. bull and spurs couldn’t pay him much more

  88. mavs and spurs are best option

  89. You must wonder if others bet on you too.

    Again, I’d take a minimum contract for Spurs in place of Patty Mills than go to Dallas.

  90. bulls are contender nad rumors they are looking for a guard that can play pg and along with drose to uptempo offense

  91. spurs need to trade mills to get lma. they don’t have the space

  92. Dallas have a chance to have him for 7-8 mln. That’s a paycut. 2.5 is insulting. Pass.

  93. Who is their new coach?

  94. 7 from what they would need a lot of help

  95. hoiberg uptempo coach

  96. So better go to Spurs and win a ring than go to Dallas

  97. sprs have a lot of playmakers while mavs don’t all bench sanity being parker

  98. Hmm… a young rookie coach.

  99. If the Mavs are really low-balling Lin on a 1-year deal, then he’s better off taking the minimum from the Spurs. Sixers may also be a better option.

  100. As long as he is happy, I am thinking he probably like Spurs more. If both offer the same money

  101. Agree. Mavs better ask Fegan to find them a PG for 2.5 mln

  102. I think lin will choose between mavs and sixers. He wants to start and prove.

  103. If there’s one thing the mavs and Rick Carlisle are good at is signing ‘afterthought’ players for cheap and giving them the opportunity to raise their value and develop their game. Carlisle is a top 2 coach and maximises on players’ strengths. Look at Brandan Wright, Al Farouq Aminu, OJ Mayo, Monta Ellis, no one wanted them, played for the Mavs, improved and impressed then got paid next summer.

    Due to such a successful offseason it’s a sacrifice Lin’s gonna have to take playing for practically the minimum but it’s very much worth it. And he’ll play with his BFF Chandler Parsons. It’s the best situation for him imo.

  104. Happy 4th of July JLin fan family! 🙂

  105. one back up also spurs want david west. i doubt they have the money

  106. And this whole article talks about Lin’s strengths, The Mavs system caters to those strengths 200%…

  107. If Mavs really want Lin, they have to come up with some decent money. Otherwise he will go elsewhere. Not doing S&T because it helps the Clippers is bs.

  108. Vet minimum

  109. 76? Did they offer him or talk to him yet?

  110. what mavs need to do drop jj area and pay lin 4.6 million i can handle that a little better. maybe the hold up. is devin harris healthy enough to be a back up

  111. No. Snt Hibbert. At least 7 mln

  112. ???????

  113. W which teams?

  114. negotiation time lol time for lin to use that harvard degree

  115. there was a rumor

  116. Adrian Wojnarowski ‏@WojYahooNBA 56m56 minutes ago
    Sources: Cleveland hasn’t only worked itself into contention for David West, Cavs took slight lead on Spurs. Pop isn’t done recruiting yet.

    Monday you will see Pop dinning with Lin LOL

  117. would be funny to make him starting PG and Rose at the 2 and Bulter at the 3. Too small though. So no.

  118. Yeah, that’s why it’s great to have other offers like from the deep-pocketed Sixers.

  119. I rarely agree with you but this time I do. But I go a step further. Lin should avoid the Mavs completely.

  120. why is this” Laker” guy covering Lin still haha

  121. actually Tim Duncan is Lin’s biggest Spurs leverage. That is Tanner’s strongest chip. And Pop may manipulate his roster and his other players to make Duncan happy and also give Duncan’s agent a break with Lin.

    It sounds like Duncan has been asked to take a pay cut. Maybe Tanner and Duncan agree if that pay cut is then used to sign Lin on the Spurs at decent money.

    I’m still holding onto the Sixers though.

    Remember however, Thad Young was there with the Sixers and unhappy and Thaddeus Young is Tanner’s #2 client after Tim Duncan in terms of money they make. Seems like Tanner had trouble with Hinkie with respect to Thaddeus.

    Lin might either still be #2 depending on the size of his deal or fall to 3 or 4 after this.

  122. Good observation.

  123. Stephen A Smith ‏@stephenasmith 18h18 hours ago
    Congrats to the @dallasmavs for nabbing DeAndre Jordan. But I think he’s crazy to leave LA. What now when there’s no @CP3 to feed him?

    Mavs do need a good PG to feed DJ

  124. Jim Tanner is a big time DC lawyer but he does not seem to not be that strong in NBA circles and his client roster is not very strong. But he has grade A blue chip Tim Duncan. And that has to buy Lin some leverage on the Spurs.

  125. here here man…if Dallas has Jeremy, then Clippers won’t even be a problem come playoff time

  126. the mavs won’t make the playoffs without JL next year. deandre jordan needs a real pg like J lin

  127. that’s exactly why DA left. He didn’t feel fed enough. Stupid media esp. SAS. haha

  128. It is the mavs who are desperate for point guard help…. Jlin should not take that lowballing from them…. sometime you just have to says what the F!!!…looks like it’s going to be the San Antonio spurs.

  129. nah they can make the playoffs without Lin. Totally wrong observation.

    But with or without Lin, that Mavs team is not all that. It’s no better than what the Houston Rockets are.

  130. That’s why i prefer Spurs on a minimum than Dallas on a 2.5

  131. the Mavs are not even very good. The only enticing part to Lin is starting there. There are much better bench opportunities.

    And if Sixers offer 6-8 million for 2 years with player option, he should run and take it.

  132. Don’t mind GDLA, he has no manners.

  133. that is true

  134. No, they don’t.

    They need a Jeremy type of player or they’ll be bust. Parsons and Matthews come from serious injury

  135. Show me the money, MF!

  136. this is what I’m saying that offense would fit lin close to how the knicks did. deandre is a better tyson. wes is a better shump

  137. Well said!!!

  138. lin said he didn’t care about the money alotugh he should get a little more mavs won’t have a lot of money unless sign and trade.

  139. I must have missed adam silver secret memo to all nba teams. It’s titled: the Jeremy Lin agenda- low balling the Asian.

  140. Show. The. Money.

    Snt and at least 7 mln. Or bye bye

  141. So better go to Spurs and win a ring than be parsons’ puppet in Dallas.

  142. no He doesn’t need to do that. the teams themselves think that way without Silver’s help.

  143. Not going to get much click traffic covering Lakers.

  144. why are we talking about nosferatu

  145. Wes is not a better shump. Wes is a better 3 ball shooter and scorer though.

    Tyson is not worse then Jordan. No way no how.

    I’ll say it’ll be about the same. But you have ball hog pArsons and post up Nowtiksi who wont just stand in the corner like Novak.

  146. The focus of free agency is changing …

  147. JJ Barrera, Harris, and Felton is enough to be a #8 seed. THe focus will be on Parsons Wes Dirk and DA to score inside.

    The PG, if its Felton Harris and such will be the last offensive option. Though the PG will have big scoring nights on those teams who game plan to stop the other 4. Like Jameer did last season.

  148. Dallas only has limited funds to offer, but sources told that Lin is giving the Mavericks strong consideration even though he can likely make more money elsewhere.

  149. Wes is not a better shump. Wes is a better 3 ball shooter and scorer though.

    Tyson is not worse then Jordan. No way no how.

    I’ll say it’ll be about the same. But you have ball hog pArsons and post up Nowtiksi who wont just stand in the corner like Novak.

  150. Lin’s relationship with Mavericks forward Chandler Parsons from their days as teammates in Houston, sources said, has kept Dallas in the race despite its lack of financial flexibility.

  151. Ya they’re weak at PG. Parsons at point forward isn’t going to cut it.

  152. An objectively top 20 PG in his prime playing for a little over twice the veteran’s minimum salary is embarrassing on many levels

  153. chandler so hot right now

  154. That’s what the laker said last year.

  155. it says dallas doesn’t have any more money. so it is what it is.

  156. Parson’s better freaking swear to G-d that he won’t try to pull this point forward crap

  157. he got dwight and deandre now lin.

  158. I don’t like the $ amount but I am also not hearing the value of JLin to them. All they say is that he is a friend of Parsons – nothing about what he can contribute to the team.

  159. Cleveland’s mayor banned him from the city so he wouldn’t get too close to Lebron 😀

  160. hahahahaha

  161. I would believe that more only if I heard it from Lin’s camp.

  162. they won’t say nothing unless he signs

  163. No it is not…. I rather see Jlin play for for the minimum with the spurs

  164. you guys need to stop acting like lin is being offered this by every team. he isn’t. the top team don’t have to cap space. this is how it is. unless lin get lucky with an up and coming team that no one sees this is his option. spurs also have no money and they want david west. lin right now need to get the mavs to give him the extra 2.6 mill they want to give jj

  165. Let’s be honest: Carlisle is no D’Antoni who pumps up PG numbers. Actually Carlisle had problems with his previous pgs, kidd included.

    One year with Dallas won’t increase Jeremy’s market next year. Plus parsons and Matthews come from serious injury.

    Show me the money or stay away.

  166. btw david west left a 12 million dollar contract or a maybe 2 million dollar one for cavs and spurs

  167. no one is dantoni but remember it don’t get much better then him and doc and spurs coach thats the top. they are better the dantoni when it comes to team play offense and defense

  168. So, Ellington could be on his way somewhere …

  169. Yeah and after losing DJ, they are a much weaker team. No need to be so cutthroat about it, at Jeremy’s expense. Although I got to admit, @zxcvb called this as well (that Mavs wouldn’t want to help Clips.)

  170. I think that guy’s a Lin fan! Good for him.

  171. dallas seems a done deal at this point

  172. Pop is PG oriented. Much better than Carlisle for Jeremy. Even belinelli and Mills could get nice numbers with Spurs.

  173. i am anot debating that but pop is going foe david west and boozer

  174. Ramona Shelbourne biggest Kobe apologist. Max Kellerman still can’t get her to admit extending Kobe 2 years was a mistake.

  175. this came into my mind portland blazers…….lilard and jlin can switch position remeber he and davis want to play together

    pg lilard
    sg jlin
    sf aminou
    pf meyers leonard
    C davis

    if sixers and bulls the darkhorse blazers are the darkside hmmmmmmm……….cap expert there for portland money

  176. I actually don’t think it was a mistake either. I understand their motivation in showing gratitude to Kobe and confidence that he could recover from his injuries. And they are using these 2 years to get lottery picks by tanking (last year on purpose, this year since no FA will join). If they give Kobe yet another contract? Now that would be a mistake.

  177. Veteran minimum

  178. They didn’t have to give him $25 million and cripple the team’s chances of improving. Look at Tim Duncan.

  179. exactly to fill out roster they have non left after that

  180. I think Jlin is affected by these hater this what jlin look when haters continue to hate

  181. this is what happen when you sign on a really good team. lin came up with the rockets so he got paid but to sign in to a top team after the year lin had last year. this is where he is at

  182. Mama. .there goes the spurs… can I change my vote to the sixers now…lol

  183. So more Shaqtin a fool highlights from the Clippers:

  184. Of course it’s undeserved. The real question is why? Or what is it that they really hate? I think only part of it is racial. A lot of it is hating the idea that a Harvard grad could also be a great athlete and the amount of attention that Linsanity generated. Basically, a lot of it is jealousy.

  185. Also his clean cut religious background like Tebow.

  186. Ok let’s see…one yr deal.. starter on a decent team…. I get to go watch him play live in person… I change my mind….please come to dallas Jlin.

  187. Before he got injured, Kobe was still playing at a high level and that was his salary. For them to say we’re going to cut your salary because we think you’re disabled by the injury would seem petty.

  188. That may also bother some haters. And the fact that he’s Asian makes him so recognizable.

  189. portland is currently have 26m in capspace

  190. One good thing to come out of this FA is Kobe being clearly exposed as a FA scarecrow.

  191. ball is in jlin’s court now, his next move will say everything

  192. No more TOVs….jk…..

  193. Not really

  194. LA media will do some major damage control

  195. =D

  196. It has been and will continue to be futile. The only thing that’s worse than lipstick on a pig is TOO MUCH lipstick on a pig. Word on Kobe already got out years ago.

  197. Not really? Nobody but nobody wants to be a Laker right now. Ed Davis totally trolled them. Kobe sent out that pathetic meme that backfired. I mean it seems like even Kobe feels embarrassed.

  198. i cant believe you lmao

  199. He can do the same, if not better, with LaMarcus in San Antonio.

  200. exactly

  201. What I meant is, to me, Kobe’s apologist remains the same. Then there is us…LOL I think the status does not change much….

  202. problem is deandre iq is lower than tyson

  203. I have said “$$ matters” in longevity of a starting PG for weeks now. But I’ll take Lin going to the Mavs. The situation is Better than $$ . The Mavs are Not all that great of a contender yet so it’ll be a great opportunity for Lin to step up his game and help carry the Mavs to … the Finals maybe… And it’s a great plus with teammates like Parsons, D.J., Wes, and good coach. Take less $$ for now but he will be value more later.

  204. san antonio has no room also lma is a better boozer. mid range shooter type

  205. Awaiting Ginobili’s “the Decision”.

  206. i here you guys say that a lot i don’t know how you calculate it by what measure but if it is so lin and carisile more then make up for it

  207. he will be back

  208. ask chris paul

  209. Yeah there are Kobe fans that will remain loyal to the bitter end. But most Laker fans are probably more ready for his retirement.

  210. if so carlisile will deal with it. I’ve never watch him closely so idk

  211. nah just joking but DJ has moment that surpass javale mcgee

  212. There’s a specific term for those Kobe loyalist that’s a extremely accurate description, but will most likely get me banned here. LOL

  213. Agreed. The factors will be who will be coaching AND more opportunities. I see the Mavs over Spurs and other teams.

  214. Show me the money! Lol! Haha. I like that!
    I gonna go see the whole movie!

  215. It’s kind of funny if Lin signs with the Mavs and Felton is his back up.

  216. Talking as if they’re going to light it up every night the Mavs are. The Mavs do need an “All Star” PG in order to go deep into the postseason. Without a very good PG, I don’t see how they’re going to climb over the Rockets, Spurs, Clippers, Grizz…

  217. No…He is JJ’s back up

  218. Eh? Lin or Felton?

    Ah., you mean Lin, JJ, Felton?

  219. The Mavs started negotiating with Barea before Jeremy. They’re not letting Felton go even though they’re bringing in J. They are offering only a one year deal and talking to Barea about 3 years. Think about that for a moment.

    I can understand that he wants a starting gig but he’s already being disrespected right there.

  220. I think JJ might start before Jeremy. No joke.

  221. And how do they know that? Jeremy skyped from Taiwan? Media is pushing this.

  222. If Lin is not the starter here there’s no interest

  223. JJ Brea is ahead of Felton on the depth chart I think

  224. Respect your opinion but disagree. Let’s see how the pre season goes.

  225. Stay away. Stop.

  226. I think the whole thing about Mav wants Lin all started from the Mav reporter… but Cuban said it yesterday about their new starting 5 that there is no PG in it?! So don’t know which one should we believe now?

  227. Absolutely. The thing is if he signs with Dallas because he wants to be a starter then ends up losing to Barea, he’ll come out even worse than this year.

    He’s better off having a clear back-up role elsewhere where he could still get meaningful minutes.

  228. If they want to sign both JJ and Lin, they probably need to waive and stretch or trade Felton, or works a sign and trade either DJ or Matthews.

  229. Sorry, calling it like I see it.

  230. Who knows…Lin is not a MAVs….as of now

  231. I think you generally need 3 PGs in your roster.

  232. Felton is terrible. That guy shouldn’t even play in the NBA at this point. if Jlin isn’t assure of a starting job this year and huge contract next year when the cap open up, he should just stop talking to the Mavs now. Jlin is way better than Brea or Felton. He is also better than Harris so he deserve more money than all those guys.

  233. No one is disagreeing with that……:P

  234. Agreed. They can then look for a vet min pg after all things settled. Most of them will be better than Felton, easy.

  235. That is the final yr of Felton’s contract. I think unless they can trade him…they probably will just stay put

  236. Do they mean 76ers or outside of NBA?

  237. Then they don’t have cap space to offer JJ if they sign lin. They may be able to trade Felton before the trading deadline though.

  238. He hashtag-ed a lot of teams….I think he meant inside the NBA

  239. That was one of the reason why I do not think Lin will go to Dallas. Unless something (which is out control of either MAVs or Lin) happens…

  240. Let me be clear I think Jeremy is better than JJ by a long way, but if you really think someone is worth something to you, you pay and you try to keep him long term. They may not be able to pay but if it’s true it’s a one year deal, it says J is a stop gap. Why start your stop gap? The messages just aren’t great right now.

  241. Sixers

  242. portland 26m capspace…ed davis is there

  243. he has ‘than” . it might mean aside from this listed teams.

  244. Ya that’s true, forgot about them. Would also have been Sacramento before Rondo took that gig.

  245. I was upset bout mavs, don’t worry ?

  246. He has a period after Mavs / Mavericks. So, I think he’s saying that Lin can make a lot of money with NBA teams other than the Mavs.

  247. There is a small period behind MAVs..

  248. Ry‏@JustRyCole

    Lakers are about to have the best center in L.A. @Max_Kellerman @marcelluswiley

  249. LOL…OMG

  250. I post below the line up… ipost it again here

    pg lilard
    sg jlin
    sf aminou
    pf meyers leonard
    c ed davis

    lilard and jlin can take turns at pg and sg……two pg system

  251. Robin Lundberg
    @Max_Kellerman last part most important…clunky fit with their backcourt…will be horrible defending spread teams…they are bad

  252. Cap space. I do think the Mavs will try their best to find ways to pay their starting pg more. Cuban is not a cheap guy. But if they can’t, so be it.

  253. Splash Brothers 2.0.

  254. Exactly…..There is will, then..there is rule..

  255. Well everyone is talking about Jeremy potentially taking a lot less to play in Dallas. But seriously, will his agent (who I believe takes a percentage of his earnings) allow it as that means he will also make a lot less. And we all know how lawyers are about money.

  256. Was Portland one of the teams that reached out to lin?

  257. I do not believe it….At price of 280 mil….I do not think DN/Cuban will pick up that phone at all.

  258. No. They got Davis.

  259. Tell Paul stop talking crap. To survive in NBA you have to take money. Spurs and Mavs are not interested.

  260. cannot remember…….theres no rumor I think

  261. I believe both teams are out for Lin. Bc they reach out to Lin on 7/1… Spurs never follow up more news on Lin. As for Mav, it’s all from that reporter then ESPN copy what he said… I still believe what Cuban said bc he’s the boss.

  262. No, he won’t allow that. He knows how the NBA go so he’ll tell Jeremy to get money. He already did it 3 years ago

  263. No. besides Jeremy would not get PT behind Lillard who plays close to 40 min.

  264. check my post below ….edit paste it here

    pg lilard
    sg jlin
    sf aminou
    pf meyers leonard
    c ed davis

    lilard and jlin can take turns at pg and sg……two pg system

  265. Lillard is too ball dominant tho…

  266. Too many ifs … Paul better stop talking crap. If Philadelphia offer more money better sign with Philadelphia.

  267. portland is one of the team with 26m capspace and a hole in sg position jlin can play both

  268. Precisely, there’s no need to take the Parsons’ risk (not to mention lower salary) if starting role is not offered. Spurs would be a better fit.

  269. If Lin decided to take that 2.80mil…….he would be signed already…..that is just my take…

  270. Sure, if 16M+ a year then I say go for it.

  271. 280 mil???? you mean 2.8mil?

  272. my bad yes…let me edit

  273. If Mavs are after Barea would mean jeremy’s camp already refused that proposal.

    Tomorrow we will see what happens.

  274. thats supermax

  275. Yeah, 280 would’ve guaranteed superstar treatment. LOL

  276. Agree. And Mavs wouldn’t be after barea

  277. he would make the minimum on the spurs….

  278. Agreed… $$ isn’t priority, but I don’t think he’s that stupid to devalue himself w/that ‘cheap’ offer & categorized in the same line of second stringer barea.

  279. cause he knows mavs ain’t going anywhere

  280. Man…I wish…

  281. Exactly Good point. If Lin wanted to take these backup role he would deal w them on 7/1 why he kept saying he needs to wait…the list from Dragic/Rondo to Jordan/Aldridge?!

  282. Are Spurs still on the cards?

  283. That is why I kept saying I doubt Lin will go there…unless something more complex happens

  284. Nope. Don’t think so unless Tanner does a favour to Duncan to make him win the title again

  285. Their bench has always been weak… not sure how far they can go in the playoffs.

  286. Ya! If you take that low salary like vet min to 2/3M.. it’s hard to go back to 10M level unless you are really doing great in playoff. But w CP, Dirk, Jordan, & Matthews all needs to score. What’s left for Lin?!

  287. Villarreal needs to stop w/the paron friendship line. Paron’s type of friendship won’t get Lin far in $$ or NBA career…Lin is too smart to be swayed by stupidity. Who is Villarreal…just another guesser!

  288. i am not advocating it but with capspace like that they will look for option,,,,,,i am just saying portalnd is one of the team that has money….. kind of darkhorse if jlin sign there

  289. JLin did say about Dragic, Rondo, DJ and LMA in his interviews from Day 1 when asked about FA issues. Please go back and listen to all his interviews from Beijing and on. He wanted to see where they landed to give him a better idea of his choice.

  290. I know fans are so excited about these teams but …. reality is not like that at all. Lin said so many times in Asia even the latest interview he wants to start…

  291. Byombo, and I repeat Byombo, got 2 years 6 mln contract. Tell me why Jeremy should sign for less money.

  292. Lin has said he believes he’s a starter. All this nonsense listing him w/bench warmers in NBAs way to devalue/disrespect him. I’m not buying it & neither should Lin! Mav’s trying to get Lin, when they aren’t interested in a legit pg, is just downright low in my opinion. Paron going along isn’t a ‘friend’, but an opportunitst…imho.

  293. so 3m per year do my math is correct? if it is its look like MLE

  294. Villareal should think about Jeremy not about how many money could get from him

  295. And it’s Byombo, with all respect

  296. Not sure it was from MLE or just under the cap

  297. I mean the price range

  298. yeah I know 3rd string center

  299. I do not think he got any money out of this

  300. he just stating the facts and the way nba goes….and if he earn money I beleve he waste more time and money than earn

  301. more important for JL’s career to find a fit and a team, not money. the money will come as his stats increase etc . why are you so concerned about jl’s money? money isnt a problem with him and he doesnt seem to care about material things. more money does not always mean happiness

  302. If, and I repeat if, Philadelphia want him and offer a good contract, they don’t have any PG so he will have ball in hands and have fun, that’s all basketball is about, not winning titles.

    Maybe it could be used as an assett so they have to pump his numbers.

  303. Biyombo is a center. Mediocre centers get paid a decent amount in the NBA.

  304. Because money means you survive in NBA. If i’m sure there’s a coach who truly believes in Jeremy he could even sign for a minimum contract.

    Just my opinion

  305. Simply saying, his body along worth that price…lol

  306. How’d that work out for Lin last year? $15M and coming off the bench behind Ronnie Price. Fit is more important than money.

  307. Is this JLin’s flight? Arrives at around 9pm PST

  308. I think tomorrow we will know more

  309. Since the Mavs don’t have much cap space left this year, could they offer Lin a 2 yr contract, the second year being like a $10M player option?

  310. biggest mystery to me this FA is utah seems quite they have great front court but need upgrade at backcourt

  311. I know he will arrive tonight but don’t know when..?

  312. It’s like buying a terrible company just for their physical and real estate assets. =)

  313. I think if they want to they would already do it.

  314. Reality is that NBA or any high profile career is all about perception. Low $$ is perceived as less value & desperate bench player. These offers of a bench player value of Lin won’t get him far, I don’t care how much opportunities teams are selling. It’s more difficult to change peoples perception, once it’s established that Lin is worth less than a player like Barea/bev/felton… Lin’s shafted due to being Asian…accepting the under valued offer is like agreeing w/the jealous laden NBA narrative…imo.

  315. LMAO

  316. They got burke and exum. It depends how they believe in them

  317. If he was on the 23:40 China Airlines from Taiwan to SF, it should arrive in about 3 hours or so.

  318. No, only about 5% increase each year.

  319. Really? Oh! Didn’t know that….

  320. they roll with them and they end with nothing exum is garbage cannot shoot

  321. shorter flying eastward

  322. completely agree

  323. I know Jeremy is better but depends what they think

  324. why only 5%? which rule is that?

  325. Me too

  326. Annual increase of a K is 5%

  327. what is a “K”?

  328. thats not it even they are not targeting jlin it seems theres no movement from them they will end the same spot if they do not do something in their backcourt… no trade , no transsaction almost nothing

  329. contract

  330. Both LA and SFO flights are in the air. SFO one is listed as arriving 8:30 PM

  331. then how come Lin got 5/5/15 with Rockets?

  332. Gilbert Arenas’ rule

  333. I thought it was the one from Man in Black! ?

  334. “C” how does it change to K can you explain the K when contract is C

  335. poor hibbert

  336. “Gilbert Arenas” provision

  337. K sounds more like a contract.

  338. You guys know your stuff!

  339. “OC” i mean OK

  340. You know better ?

  341. LMAO

  342. Is this next years 2nd round picks? They giving away more picks? They cant get anyone in FA and they are trading away their picks? They are going to be bad for a long time.

  343. So Lin is not in this scenario

  344. At least LAL got a top player to come to their team. Saves some face.

  345. Lin was 2y player by that time he’s eligible for back-loaded contract. Notice that since then DMorey tried to avoid the same situation, PB’s a 3y player this year, he’s not subject to Gilbert Arenas provision.

  346. lol

  347. What do you think about this?

    Mark Medina ‏@MarkG_Medina 5 hours ago

    I’m told there’s some “active conversations” regarding Jeremy Lin’s free agency options. Likely something will finalize early next week

  348. I thought that was about not bringing guns into the locker room? =p

  349. They gave up as soon as they started talking about extending kob & defending bs bad attempt at coaching. lol

  350. Is he talking Lakers or just some other team?

  351. I think Lin will be happy next season….so will we

  352. I think it’s Lakers. And you?

  353. Haha! I think so.

  354. yeah right, Lakers “active conversation” with Lin. Lin’s agent would just give them courtesy conversation like LMA.

  355. I wouldn’t be happy if it is the Lakers with Byron Scott & Kobe. But he says “options” so there are more than one. JLin said they had been in contact with 8-9 teams. Some doors like SAC & HOU probably closed now. Who knows something could come out of blue. There wasn’t much chatter about being traded to the Lakers until story broke. Everyone was thinking 76ers.

  356. yeah, as in Lin “finalizing” that he’s definitely not returning to the Lakers.

  357. hibbert has low esteem wonder what happen if kobe start stalking him

  358. Not sure JLin is SF or LA bound. Only 10 min differences:-)

  359. Poor Hibbert

  360. i know, he might break down again..Poor guy

  361. I hadn’t heard anything about that. Is he not going to take getting called Charmin and being thrown under the bus by B Scott well?

  362. one miss rebound kobe will goes berserk at him

  363. google why indiana went from up coming contender to trash team thats before george injury

  364. But if it’s about other teams why MM knows about what’s Lin’s status?! Lin’s agent it’s in NY.

  365. Hibbert got traded for couple stick of gums. On top of it, he will be playing with Kobe which means he will be doing all the dirty work to make Kobe look good. Joy….thank god jlin won’t be in this situation again.

  366. He is not a good team mate….he won’t…lol

  367. the story line is indiana tried to get hibbert to opt out of his last year but he wouldn’t, its just a salary dump for them. clear cap space. since lakers dont have anyone else (and note again all the last season lakers still “available” free agents (do you see any of them other than lin getting any interest at all?)–hill, boozer, johnson, ellington, price, henry, actually the whole early season lakers rotation players are all “available” (except kobe).

  368. Hopefully

  369. wow if you know the gilbert arenas provision now explain the various types of bird exemptions, the mid level expemtion and the rom. and the stretch provision and the “rose rule” (or is that the rom?)–and the amnesty clause. and and.

    why are the nba contract rules so insanely complicated?

  370. I agree

  371. No sheet Sherlock.

  372. Jeremy is a wonderful human being and a good basketball player who is still getting better. Now show me some business sense and we can talk about learning hard lessons. The choice he makes on this FA will be so critical and show a lot about his priorities and tbh, his self worth and confidence.

  373. hibbert doesn’t qualify anymore as a “top player”. he was barely a top thirty center last year statistically and as someone above alluded indiana dumped him for “a pack of gum” (or something like that was said). which was correct, they allegedly even told him in trying to get him to not opt into his last year that they wouldn’t play him.

    so you can say poor hibbert but you can’t say he’s a “top player”.

    lakers wont have any top players again until their top top player of the past decides to once and for all ride off into the sunset.

  374. I doubt whether he took the LA flight. Too early in the evening for him to have left on it. I think he’s on the one to SF.

  375. Eric just said Lakers only have 5M to spend so maybe Lin’s talking to another team not Lakers?

  376. They might want to resign Ellington.

  377. Kobe factor, more exception than norm.

  378. I don’t get why Lakers needs to spend the money on someone it’s not easy to play w? Why not get some good vet to play for this team instead? Eric said Lakers only have 5M to spend now? They still have few spaces need to fill?! Tank again?! smh!

  379. I’m leaning towards the Sixers. JLin will be allowed to make mistakes without fear. I think that will be good for his development and confidence. (Besides, the Mavs is not a serious contender anyway.)

    Excerpt from

    “Hinkie was part of a Rockets front office that brought Lin to Houston on a three-year, $25 million deal. Plus, Hinkie was open to acquiring Lin in a trade just last summer, so the interest is clearly there.

    It would appear the Sixers also have a fit for the Harvard grad. Lin thrived with the Knicks when he was able to have the ball in his hands and play without fear of making mistakes. That same opportunity would present itself as Brett Brown’s lead guard for the Sixers.

    As long as the two sides can find a middle ground on a contract, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Lin was the Sixers’ starting point guard to open the 2015-16 campaign.”

  380. 2.6 Mil?….gr8…

  381. Lakers tried getting someone… had to settle for head case Hibbert… 2 years too late.

  382. test..

  383. Hello 🙂

  384. Hope not…

  385. hello..I am back..

  386. failed?

  387. we have to wait.Lin need to meet face to face with the teams before signing

  388. You have reached JLinPortal Hotline
    For Mavs, press 1
    for Spurs, press 2
    For 76ers, press 3
    For Lakers, please hang up & redial (using rotary phone)

  389. What?! no! just hand up and don call back

  390. Mavs are simply the best fit. The $ is low but I like that its a 1 year deal.
    A great coach with a good enough team to help him prove once again how talented he is. Then the next off season he could pick a team with perhaps more $ and longer contract. But as of right now, he wont find a team with a better roster.

    I really dont want him to go to another tanking team like the Sixers, they are young, bad and inexperienced and wont help Jeremy showcase his talent like an experienced team like the Mavs would.

    And Im just really craving for some Jeremy to Jordan lobs lol

  391. We need them busy redialing the 80s 🙂

  392. sixers going to run Lin like a secretariat.Padding stats is good.But if the team cant win games..not thanks

  393. Who’s answering the phones? minions?

  394. Welcome back 🙂

  395. this maybe lins last shot at starting for a good team

  396. I vote KHuang and GoodDayLA jk

  397. It’s risky if he gets injured. For me, it’s not so much the money but the fact that it’s just for a year. Two years with a player option will be acceptable at that money. Not great, but acceptable.

  398. Linions, of course 🙂

  399. If Lin has primary ballhandling duty, the team WILL win games. During Kobe’s absence, even with Lakers decrepit coach, Jeremy led the Lakers over GSW, this season’s championship team.

  400. Of course, how silly of me… minions… lol

  401. also people say rox proved he couldn’t but while rox play style did fit lin they had harden who clearly didn’t. dallas doesn’t have a harden. lin would be the clear playmaker(with parsons as a little help). deandre is a clear pnr player unlike howard who refused to do it. wes is a 3 and d type of player. which takes us back to the shump days.

  402. there is no perfect team.Lin has to prove himself again.In Mavs team , point guard is not important…they rotate the guards.That why Mavs go all out to get Wes and DJ.Parsons is the man on this team.

  403. Welcome, the joint is jumpin’ @ JLinportal. Woohoo!

  404. honestly I prefer spurs.Than mavs..last place..sixers

  405. Lin played well when Harden was out. Dropped 38 on the Spurs. We could see games like that with JLin on Dallas.

  406. Agreed, He fits like a glove with that roster!

  407. thanks psalm.

  408. yea my point exactly harden hurt his style also lin is better now where if he had to do it again it wouldn’t hurt him.

  409. Trolled?

  410. the young ones on the sixers must respect Lin first before they can win games.too much risk.Hinkie is morey’ disciple.I dont trust him.He going to use Lin for marketing purpose only to attract big names to choose Phi.

  411. i agree.

  412. it is risky but if he stays healthy, it would do wonders for his next contract.
    Its definitely not an easy decision, a gamble either way! hope whatever he chooses will be the right one for his future.

  413. Not Dru, Margo, Edith or Agnes? 😀

  414. It’d be nice to see Jeremy drop 38 points on someone else as a Spur. 🙂

  415. I don’t know about the Mavs… What if Lin is Not the starter ?? What guarantee does Lin has ? I have to go back to my original argument = $$ Talks. Take. the. Money. If you get paid most than most likely you’ll be used most. Lin can prove his abilities on any team as long the coach got his backs.

  416. It’d be sweet if JLin can drop consecutive 30+ pt games just like during his Knicks days regardless of the team he’s on.

  417. Jeremy had b2b 30+ points games on Raptors and Sixers while with the Rox.

    Then he got iced by McHale right after.

  418. “Lin’s relationship with Mavericks forward Chandler Parsons from their days as teammates in Houston, sources said, has kept Dallas in the race despite its lack of financial flexibility”

    Lin must really love parsons!

  419. He could have been conference player of the week.

  420. cory joseph and mo williams.
    …this two point guards is lin rival also..

  421. as if lin indebt to parson
    …being a friend in hou toxic environment?

  422. Which was why M&M had to stop him, lest he outshines Harden.

  423. Mo is good but older.

  424. Why do I feel pop is never a fan of lin, but Duncan and Parker like lin to some extent

  425. Pop likes George Hill type of PG I think…Parker was not trusted in the beginning either

  426. IMHO,Cuban choose lin as his point guard becoz Lin will not betray parson and taking touches from parson.Not like other point guards.

  427. Maybe 8or9 teams calling still not enough to guarantee a real good offer…

  428. I wonder if manu and corey will return….not much money is left

  429. We will know eventually lol

  430. in his hands now just support him whatever he choose……..its not like i dont like the mavs it just that it aint going anywhere 1st or second round exit then low salary

  431. lin favorite color. The question is will Lin find a place call HOME in Dallas ?

  432. and not sure there is a long-term future with MAV. Cuban, Carlisle, Dirk are all good but…

  433. Repost this JLin 2nd Chinese rap right before he left Taipei.

  434. what I am afraid of is maybe they want lin becoz of marketing only

  435. Rap content below with English translation:
    林書豪(FB): 亞洲行結束了…謝謝大家!! #看我驚喜 #帽子戲法

    1.繞舌(II)中文歌詞: (兩句一組押韻) translate in English as below 2.

    2.Rap(II)-2015 Asia Tour (translate lyric in Chinese to English)
    I heard that you all ask me to rap,
    The good news is your wish came true.
    I went to Beijing, Xiamen, Chengdu this summer. It is very busy.
    I also went to Hong Kong, and the last stop is in Taiwan.
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    Charity event, training camp, and evangelistic meeting are good.
    My family, friends and agent go along with me. They are too cool.
    Why are they dancing behind me all the while?
    I wanna share the last words with my fans,
    I love you from the bottom of my heart!
    See you next year !!
    (Hat- trick)

  436. Tough choice. I wish Mavs can offer him a good salary. If there is a huge gap between say $10m from Philly and $3m from Mavs, I would take Philly if I were him.

  437. yep they know this roster won win a chip if dirk prime this contender but dirk is in his worse form now…..low post dirk double by jordan man cause jordan cannot shoot thats disater…….jordan low post is garbage

  438. Take the money Lin. You can’t trust any of these guys not to screw you. If you go in cheap, they can replace you if they think they got someone better. With a big contract, at least they will be forced to play you and you will also get more respect with a bigger contract. Anything under $6m is a joke so don’t do it.

  439. He had a big K and was forced not to play…

  440. at least they pay him….rather dont play low salary……..theres a danger he can be replace thats double dagger low pay and bench

  441. From the replys it sounds like the same ignorant fans as in Houston.

  442. At least he got the money. Fyi, that was not a big contract by today’s standards. Pat Beverly just got $6m a year for Christ sake.

  443. Exactly…I can agree only the “at least he gets the money part”. The big K = big respect is not really true or false. They are just not that relevent

  444. what I learn in life specially in the business world………don’t trust the SHARK!!!

  445. No….you can not

  446. oh Parker was trusted which is why he started as a 19 year old rookie. Pop was just hard on him anyways.

  447. Lin’s contract was not a big contract!

  448. Oh my I am so very flattered haha.

  449. But played behind a guy who took league minimum….why?

  450. is Portland willing to start Lin and Lillard and form LILI Adidas Boost Club aka Lil Lin Rap Group.

  451. Parson is a real friend, they kept in contact even after both left Rockets. That in itself speaks volumes! And it was Parson’s contract year, putting up great stats was the obvious thing to do.

  452. Portland? I don’t think they’re in the picture. Besides, mavs are better.

  453. portland has a chance to sneak I take that…imagine jlin and lilard made it to playoffs

  454. Portland is a wreck with nothing. Lil Lin Rap Duo might at least sell some tickets. And Lin gets to start and play.

  455. Yes and vice-versa. Also Parsons is less of a ball hog plus he’s friends with Lin.

  456. Hater coach what else?

  457. At least with the Mav’s he won’t have a GM trying to stiffle him to save face with the owner. Cuban would like nothing more than to rub Morey’s face into it when, Lin sanity 2.0 breaks out and Morey let him go twice. Wouldn’t we enjoy having a team JLin can beat the Rockets with? Didn’t you feel annoyed how the Rockets would humiliate the Lakers.

  458. So…where is the respect of that 8mil/yr?

  459. Because 8 Mil is nothing compared to the max contract stars like Dwight, Harden, Kobe!

  460. I wouldn’t bite.

  461. what if he got bench and harris start…….,,,remember matthews achiles……dirk in his worse carrer watch dirk almost cannot rebound and def……..they can beat the rockets but it is hard fought

  462. But why is PBev and Clarkson also got his PT? Position? If you are going to say that Lin has to have a MAX contract in order to get respect….I think…there is no solution here…at least not this yr

  463. I am not advocating cause theres no offer but if portland offer to start and 8 or 7m I take that

  464. 林書豪去哪 艾德里奇帶風向
    There is vid on top of article on this link.

  465. asian

  466. Well, I try not to say it…lol

  467. diff circumtances in houston morey hate him les want jlin in lakers they are tanking thats why clarkson start

  468. There will always be a circumstance…..of some kind. And OBVIOUSLY his contract did not protect him.

  469. yep but thats consolation rather than low pay then bench….choose one high pay bench or low pay bench

  470. wrong comparison, its never lin vs pbev or clarkson, its lins 8 mill against harden and kobe contracts

    I do agree max contract is not likely tho

  471. That I have no problem with. I am just saying thinking contract value can protect or gain respect for a player like Lin does not make much sense.

  472. JLin value can not be this low can it?

  473. Exactly…so you mean Lin will only got chance if he get a MAX contract.

  474. At least Lin is looking to start. That shows mental strength despite severe abuse the last 3 years.

  475. I know what your saying but jlin in mavs theres a possibility that he can be bench and move trade or even buyout while having low salary……its like a double dagger no consolations ……..thats other people saying. in high salary money is consolation

  476. If Dallas wants lin so badly, they better cough up some more money, Fans saying he should take less are not lin fans. Cuban is not stupid. He knows how good lin is. Pay him. Lin has fell for the okie doke too may times about starting. We know in lin’s case the rules change.

  477. Totally agree…but that is what he has to live with if he choose that route. I am just debating the logic.

  478. I dont understand why everyone wants lin to join the spurs. Its stupid…utterly stupid. Look at cory joseph and patty mills minutes. Its peanuts. If he wants to be parkers successor. That will be still in a few years and Lin will be too old then. PFV is smokin…

  479. yep thats where the trust begin if he really likes jlin and think make a difference he will break the bank……but if not it just empty words

  480. because contender win for the chip even though low salary……dallas aint going to far thats why its not worth it to take low salary

  481. Cuban is looking for a discount.smn

  482. bigger the contract, the least likely it will be trumped by bigger contract. shows solid commitment to lin

  483. Exactly

  484. I do not like CUban….I do not think Lin can trust him

  485. if mavs got LMA or prime dirk is playing I take 500k to play with them

  486. I am pretty sure that relation is not linear…especially to Lin.

  487. I agree. He is counting on parson to talk lin into the deal. lin needs to be smart and get paid.

  488. he is a SHARK

  489. oh like the rockets and lakers big contracts showed solid commitment to lin? smh.

  490. exactly and lin is the perfect example. the more he’s been paid the less he’s been respected thus far.

    why woud anyone assume that getting more pay means more respect and or proper usage?

    also: why does anyone think lin needs money? (or cares about it?)

    only his fans (some of, apparently a lot, most here). do.

    he has said he wants to go where he get opporutnities and he fits.

    hes already on forbes lists.

    paul pierce went back to l.a. for 3 mil.

    pau left millions on the table to get out of l.a.

    david west is going to leave big money to leave indiana.

    money is only an issue to (some) lin fans. not to lin.

    and as you (i think) are saying and as should be obvious to anyone following lins own results to date:

    high pay is no sign of respect or assurance of high usage.

    someone else said: lin has one chance more to start i agree. again: someone paying him more to date has had no relationship to that.

    lin needs minutes not money; wherever he thinks that is most likely to happen is where he should go.

  491. Agree that In practice need close to max for any real security of role with the team, before this protection by size of contract effect kicks in, threshold to see this effect kick in is high for someone like lin unfortunatley

  492. And MAVs or not, I do not think Lin is going to get anything close to MAX anyway. This protection simply does not apply…

  493. Poor him…so many of his kind got killed in the Sharknado series…

  494. contract plus his look you know what will happen

  495. man stop this propaganda cuban is one of the best owners in the leaque

  496. obviously this is not only deciding evidence of their respect and or committment. but if they say wenare giving lin starter role, need to back it up with starter salary or else intuitively their stated intention and their action (how much they pay) is inconsistent,

  497. I agree….lol he is a very good bussinessman

  498. yup hes the best but when money counts owners are the worse

  499. what do you expect. again article says its lin who is looking at dallas knowing they don’t have money

  500. Jeremy Lin 林書豪在國泰豪小子訓練營展現他的神射功力!

  501. TBH if Lin is so eager to join the Mavs, the deal is already finished when DJ said yes. I think he has other offers he likes too.

  502. Do you really believe an article.oh please.smh

  503. in relation to security, like a near guaranteed position, does not apply

    but as a evidence of the how serious a promise or intention (we will start you), or attitude (you are vakued member of team), size of contract still relevant factor

  504. Well Portland just got Ed Davis, that’s gotta count for something.

  505. Cuban is a businessman. He signs an Indian center for marketing.

  506. He has right to his opinion. Cuban trying to lowball has me giving him the side eye.

  507. Thanks…are those NBA 3s? Los like it to me.

  508. to some degree yes. they could give him 4. i think thats whats taking long

  509. well imagine if linsanity contract for 3 mill a hear, how much quicker will he have been benched

  510. I dont understand this. CJ is an RFA and they can match any contracts the other teams offer beyond the cap space, right?

  511. Should be:-)

  512. the nab has a cap so yes. lin could get a little more but thats it maybe 4 at the most

  513. agree.

  514. I think that was what Morey told Lin b4 Harden came too. Something similar. Anyway….I have my point made already. I think Lin should get paid.

  515. And if they paid you with the big money but don’t play you, they are the fools and jokes. At least you got to take the breads home to feed the homeless and starving kids around the world and doing good deed for your trust in God.

  516. Lin will show his worth this coming year…..excited!

  517. agree with the conclusion with getting paid, but disagree with “respect” logic lol

  518. He worth what ever Parsons is getting at least.

  519. 10M in 2016-2018 is just like 5M now…

  520. Bobby Marks ‏@BobbyMarks42 14m14 minutes ago
    Teams w/ Space: DEN (6.5), DET (3.8), IND (13.1), LAL (5.1), MIL (3.7), ORL (17.4), PHI (15.7), PHX (6.9), POR (24.3), SAC (7.7), UTH (9.4)

  521. There are ways Mavs can carve out more money if they want, I think.

  522. if signing DeAndre Jordan makes you instant contender you might rather sign javale mcgee…mcgee is cheaper… in basketball standpoint not much different actually DJ can surpass javale in those criteria

  523. Also need to see how filled those team are…I think

  524. Mark Cuban won’t pay what you deserve if you start playing for discount. Look at Monta Ellis. Cuban only respects those who doesn’t play at a discount.

  525. So do people think his release is quicker and more smooth? lol

  526. I am confused…which case is Ellis?

  527. Only slightly

  528. why in gods world monta chooses indiana jlin fits there perfectly

  529. I take the bulls they are contender and weak conference

  530. Coach said they’re going to use the next 6 weeks to refine his shooting form.

  531. yeah, why not join the Bulls?

  532. jlin will slaughter all the east pointguard

  533. There is already some differences. Like!

  534. Including Rose

  535. smh team mate not included your creating a drama and locker room cancer

  536. I mean in practice…LOL

  537. He’s practiced those running C&S instead of spotting-up, it shows obviously.

  538. you got the money and playing for champ plus off injured pointguard……….evil grin

  539. Good for him…

  540. Too many uncertainties.

  541. Ellis gave Ellis a discount signing Dallas with his best years. Now he comes to sense and leave for a bigger contract. Mark Cuban would never give the contract that Ellis deserve.

  542. But why Ellis left bc Cuban paid him cheap. So surprised Cuban paid Matthews higher than he paid Ellis.

  543. I think that’s fair.

  544. I am a little worried that adjustment would affect his shooting stability bc it’s not easy to change shooting form though. Hope it will work out well. Besides, he dunked a lot this time. Got a feeling his explosiveness and bounce come back to Linsanity level !?

  545. I can see the CHI headline
    “JLin is wearing out DRose in practice. Please stop him!”

  546. Really? I thought they only had mini MLE. $3.3 M or something. I like Chicago. No way Rose makes it through the season. Just not sure about the new coach.

  547. Ellis has a much better track record than Matthews.

  548. ok, where can we buy this “KungFu Linsanity” Action Figure?
    perhaps we need to import them from Taiwan.
    Brent, I need you to ask you a favor soon 🙂

  549. If it’s true that Spurs is saving $2.8M MLE for someone else so Lin only has $1.1M, Spurs should be a No-Go
    It’s more than the money, it’s how important a team values a player.
    I think JLin Team knows this already.

  550. thats too low….

  551. Ya! I think so. Plus their backup can’t have lots of min on court. No 4Q for sure. So it’s not as good as everyone thought. I still think as a starter it’s the best deal bc like Monoroe also took 2M or ..? for one year then this year he got good contract from lots of teams. But as a backup next year you will probably end up as a backup again.

  552. no serious offer from sixers yet?

  553. JLin needs a team who believes in him. Paying him $1.1M while saving MLE for someone else really speaks about the team’s priority. That would translate to few minutes and languishing on the bench.

    I don’t think JLin and we can stomach that scene again

  554. I heard $3.4 the first time but this guy seems to know his stuff.

  555. For Manu, most likely.

  556. I believe they’re saving the $2.8m for Manu.

  557. Five Things you didn’t know sharks do for you..

    1. Sharks keep the food web in check
    2. Sharks could hold cures for diseases.
    3. Sharks keep the carbon cycle in motion.
    4. Sharks inspire smart design.
    5. Sharks boost local economies.

  558. Hey, I said it first. LOL.

  559. Hinkie was part of a Rockets front office that brought Lin to Houston on a three-year, $25 million deal. Plus, Hinkie was open to acquiring Lin in a trade just last summer, so the interest is clearly there.

    Whether lin goes to sixers or not, i just want sixers offer lin 8 mil per year.

  560. hmmm are you sure?? LOL

  561. It does apply to some extent to many “other” players. The two that come to mind are Jordan Hill, who got major minutes despite being inferior to Big Ed in almost every aspect except his will to shoot long 2’s. And when David Lee went to the bench everyone made a big deal about it. When you make more money, it seems like you warrant more PT, and when you get less or lose your starting position, they call it sacrificing for your team. But it usually applies to players not called Lin.

  562. I hope Lin goes to the Bull, Rose is injury prone. Or go to Portland and play two guards with Lilliard. If Dallas wants Lin and no money, tell Parsons to get a pay cut! That is bro Parsons !

  563. Can I join your club?

  564. Portland seems to be the team who needs more talents.

  565. Let me think about it…lol

  566. this one?

  567. Unfortunately Parsons only takes hair-cuts.

  568. Mark Cuban takes Lin as a fool.

  569. What is Lin waiting for now that LMA and Jordan announced their choice?

    I think he is waiting for the team that he chooses to work out the salary. The team needs to clean some cap space before signing Lin with reasonable contract.

    Maybe I am wrong. But I think Spurs is waiting Manu’s decision. If Manu retires, Spurs can promise Lin 6th man spot with 6M 1-2 years deal. No startiing.

    For Maves, Mavs is working on trading Felton and/or others (maybe some complicated S&T to create space for Lin). This takes times. So Lin needs to wait until all the pieces failing in place. Maves offers 6-9M 1 years with staring position.

    It could be both cases, could be either one or could be neither.

    I am just concerned if Lin discounts himself. I am concerned if Lin goes to Mavs or Spurs with 2M. Not even refs will respect a 2M starting PG in today’s NBA. Don’t devalue yourself. You own your value but you need to play (not basketball, but politics) to value yourself in other people’s eyes. Especially in NBA.

  570. Manu might retire

  571. If true, then there’s no room for JLin.
    Easy decision then .. Mavs or 76ers
    Hope JLin Team think the same way

  572. Thanks! I might get one for my “kids” 🙂

  573. Jlin just landed I heard.

  574. Portland is not even being discussed here. They have shown no interest. Please stop with the Portland stuff.

  575. Seems to me Jlin’s choice bottles down to Mavs or Bulls.
    Mavs – low salary but chance to showcase skills for next years. Mavs
    offense is high octane and has shown to turnaround a number of troubled
    players (Ellis, Tyson)
    #2 Bulls – Can offer him $5.5 million. Derick
    Rose is injury prone. He will likely get more minutes than Aaron Brooks
    because they can use him in a small ball line-up with Rose as SG (chance
    to finish some games). It’s in the east so a lot of weaker teamsOther teams just don’t make sense:
    – likely get $8M a year but I don’t trust wheel and deal guys like
    Hinkie – reminds me too much of Morey. Play with selfish/immature
    rookies. Chance they are rebuilding so will be another disaster of a
    season like Lakers. Don’t see how Jlin gets excited about that.
    – Chance to make a championship but will only get 7 to 8 minutes a
    game. Stock value will not rise much so he won’t get paid even next
    year. Only 1.1 million to offer. Seems like career suicide to me. If Manu retires – they will likely need to get another player like Manu (they don’t need a pg sixth man).

  576. Excellent post! I have the same thoughts and concerns.

    The value & effort that teams make to pursue JLin would be indicative on how they define his role in the team.
    Low value => Small role

    JLin doesn’t need the money but the teams still need to show their commitment & respect to his values to the team.
    Besides, small contract will make it easier for teams to trade him.

  577. and short cuts…

  578. Jeremy’s back in SF.

  579. Some said LA?

  580. same flight back to SF.

  581. Lin as 6th man in Spurs?
    You guys are dreaming!
    Lin now only has one great choice that is Dallas

  582. It would have made more sense to go direct to LA but the China Airlines flight that left around midnight in Taiwan and that has just arrived is an SF flight.

  583. look like SFO’s international terminal to me. Just came back from Asia yesterday.

  584. Work to squeeze in a no-trade clause?

  585. Ok ok lighten up! Please ask Bro Parsons to take a pay cut! LOL!

  586. No way is Lin going to Bulls especially with D Rose as their starting PG. There’d be a battle between D Rose fans vs Lin fans no thank you!

  587. Cuban is trying hard to lowball Jeremy…eh, where’s your BFF Chandler Parson Bieber, Jeremy?

  588. I will happily fight Rose fans as long as Lin is happy in Bulls….LOL

  589. Was there a photo?

  590. this day & age it’s hard to get one even for superstars.
    Isn’t Kobe like the last one to have it?

  591. It is what it is. Call it low ball or high ball. The fact is Dallas offers the best opportunity for Jeremy to turnaround his career and be a legit starter. Truth is Cuban is just a very savy businessman and is using his leverage, the best he can. JLin would be smart to take this but try to negotiate a 2nd year player option and a “no trade” clause.

  592. Just down there…go check Ally Chen’s twitter account

  593. Look at her other tweets, says she’s back home in San Francisco.

  594. not sure if Dallas is the best team for Jeremy considering 2 players coming back from injuries, 1 overthehill player, 1 lil bball iq player. well, we trust Jeremy’s decision making and he seems to have the answer–the perfect plan from God. So, I’m not worried, neither am I getting impatient and restless. The fun part for me in fact is the suspense, patience and speculations. *.*

  595. Like I said, if Lin agreed to the room exception, he would have already been signed to those teams..

  596. 4th July fireworks went off as JLin landed. Hope it’s a good sign.
    Happy 4th!

  597. Maybe it’s my own ignorance, but why is everyone focused on only the 2015-16 cap space? I mean, Felton’s got one year left, and if Manu comes back it’ll also likely be only for one year. What’s to stop the Mavs or Spurs from offering Lin a multi-year, backloaded offer? Say for example: 4-year 30M with first year 1.1M (Spurs) or 2.8M (Mavs) Yes, a bit uneven but would it be allowed under current regs?

  598. Can not do a back load…4.5% increase per yr…maximally…

  599. I know, but when you’re low-balling someone that much, something’s gotta give.

  600. Wasn’t Lin’s last contract back-loaded 5-5-15?

  601. Lin doesn’t need Parsons or Matthews to showcase his talents. I see DJ as a better Ed Davis so they can just do pick and roll all night. Dirk is also pretty good spot up shooter so that adds to the weapons. Lin gets more touches without Parsons anyways. Lin didn’t need great talent to create Linsanity.

  602. “Gilbert Arenas” provision

  603. Gilbert Arenas was done in 2005. Lin’s contract was done in 2012.

  604. Indeed Jeremy doesn’t need great talent to recreate Linsanity, so why the focus on DJ et al? Any team that offers him the starting PG role will do and the team with higher cap space may be even better…but of course Mav coach is a preemptive factor, to a certain degree.

  605. You do need a big to create Linsanity and a spot up shooter. DJ is younger Tyson Chandler. Dirk is a midrange steve novak. Mavs and 76ers are only starting gigs right now.

  606. Same thing, for Lin…the first 2 yrs were essentially MLE money…with the second yr having that 4.5% incerease. Most money have to load on the 3rd yr of the contract.

  607. Agreed. But there are other bigs in the league too. Look at Ed Davis, from “nobody”(sorry, David) to somebody much sought-after by teams.
    So Jeremy needs no big stars. He needs a good coach and the respect and priorities=support given by the team, imho

  608. We are only talking about two teams here – Mavs and 76ers are offering him starting gigs. Mavs is no contest choice – assuming Lin is sick of losing.

  609. So the “average” salary still has to fit under the cap every year, correct?

  610. My bad. 🙂

  611. Yes…but Lin does not fit this provision anymore…

  612. As far as I know, the only thing that is guaranteed in NBA is contract. Everything else can go up in air over night. The best fit today can turn into a nightmare just like that. Take the most money first, Jlin. Trust God for what’s coming next.

  613. Right, ‘coz he’s not RFA anymore. But what’s the rule saying no back-loaded contract then?

  614. A standard contract. Annually increase can only be 4.5%

  615. AH, shows how little I know when it comes to NBA contracts. Thanks Brent!

  616. Mavs are doing all the things Knicks did 3 years ago: we will get him, he’ll be with us, just to lowball Jeremy and make him sign that contract.

    Last time Hinkie saved Jeremy’s carreer. We will see if he does it again with another they called “ridicoulous” contract…

    Pray it’ll happen. Jeremy deserves it.

  617. Man I really hope Lin can find a home and stay there happily…..with big contract

  618. David Lee played in a championship team but I don’t think his value increased this past year. Quite the contrary, actually. He was a good fit an year ago but a new coach and injuries (maybe) changed everything just like that.

  619. He is just not good in that GSW lineup…

  620. Exactly

  621. The saying goes “don’t cut off your nose to spite your face”.

    A lot of people take the situation Lin’s in as a level playing field where his talent should be rewarded equally as other players. This clearly is not the case. The NBA doesn’t want an Asian guy to be a part of the game. They’ve tried everything possible to discourage Lin so that he would give up. Lin just won’t give them the satisfaction of proving them right. THIS IS THE UGLY TRUTH WE MUST ACCEPT. Lin just isn’t wanted but Lin won’t give up. Li will keep his foot in the door and keep taking the mental abuse. Lin will not cut off his nose to spite his face.

    Linsanity was a slap in the face also. He was last off the bench when they finally ran out of 3rd and 4th string PGs. Did he gain any respect from the league? No!

    All the people who keep saying that Lin should do this or that and go after the money instead don’t realize that Lin’s NBA career started because of divine chance. Lin just doesn’t care about money. He cares only to play starter minutes so that he can glorify God.

    If Lin gets a chance to play for a good fair coach, he’ll earn his way to the starter job. Yeah, they are using him…so what? What matters is that Lin is using them as well to recreate Lin Prime to give him a much bigger platform to spread the Word. Guess what, once he starts to win and show his worth, the money surely will follow. He doesn’t need a 20 million dollar contract, he could make 5 times that in endorsements.

    Don’t be like a prideful kid who wasn’t picked till last and take his ball home so no one can play! Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face (pride).

  622. Man….I agree…but I still hope Lin can get a good contract.

  623. Can you imagine PB got 6 mil each year for the first three years and 5 mil for the 4th? Lin cannot be less than him!

  624. Just read that Cuban showed jordan that he was misused in LA with Griffin there. Cuban said they showed jordan could be a 20/20 guy without Griffin. Wonder if they got something like that for Lin cause he was totally misused last year.

  625. Hard to swallow. But OTOH…let’s say if Lin sign less but plays much happier…I guess it really does not matter how much PBev is making..

  626. I think it’s just Jeremy who got an agent with few players. Look at Asik: he got Arn Tellem I suppose and he had his 50 mln contract.

    Jeremy signed for Tanner to keep him the guy he is but Tanner cannot move players like others so it’s much more difficult.

    If Jeremy was with Fegan or others like that probably could’ve earned more money but been a different Jeremy.

  627. Lin needs a good contract and a chance to earn the respect of his peers. He deserves to be paid for his skills asian or not.

  628. Jordan got MAX. They offer 10% of that Max to Jeremy: no coach, no teammates no nothing. Just parsons calling Jeremy “please come with us”.

  629. True!

  630. Really do not wanna talk about the Asian thing….but so true….

  631. My definition of a good contract is playtime only. Everything else will follow.

    Maybe because I come from tennis where there are NO GUARENTEE CONTRACKS. You eat what you kill. If you don’t win, you die. Basketball is a screwed up game that borders on WWF wrestling. Players get paid in advance for what they’ve done in the past. Do you get paid if you don’t do your job?

    Lin will get the job done only if he gets the ball in hand. Let him kill and then eat! I have absolute faith that Lin will destroy the rest of the field.

  632. BTW…his agent will agree with you, endorsement money is better for his agents too…LOL

  633. if lin do not accept the offer..I think they will give the starting job to someone else.

  634. I guess that also means happy? LOL I just hope he will enjoy playing…LOLI have never doubt his Skill set. BTW…if you saw the bb camp vid….you may or may not see Lin’s form change…

  635. I generally agree w/your posts Acbc, but there are contradictions in what you’re saying this time…at least how I’m reading it. I’m not going to tire myself out in pointing them out or to argue. Let’s just agree to disagree.

  636. I don’t disagree with you but Lin’s platform is the NBA and for him to continue having this platform, he needs to think about his longevity in the league. So for me, it’s not just about pride or money. It’s about thinking about his long term value so that he CAN continue playing, and therefore glorifying God.

  637. Agree with the part that Lin is in a constant battle to stay in NBA, people tend to forget that part. I wouldn’t say he don’t care money, everybody do want the share they deserve. However, Lin still need to fight his spot, and he will balance on what he could get, and what he need to sacrifice.

    I really don’t like DAL lowball Lin, but, sometimes, we do need to live through that, just for the sake not to give up.

  638. well, everyone need to play in a system fit them to succeed. Same apply to D Lee.

  639. He just need a team that will hide his defense….GSW is not that team

  640. He also don’t have range, and not fast enough to run. He is also not fast enough to guard smaller guy, so could not effectively switch in GSW defensive system.

  641. Yes…..exactly

  642. No I haven’t seen the vid yet. Will check it out. I think a lot of the Lin fans on this site believes in him as well.

    The way I see it, play time is the logical first next step for Lin’s career. Money or respect never meant anything in the last 3 years. The white elephant in the room for that last 4 years is that no matter what stats he put up, he wasn’t wanted by his coaches or GM. Whatever the cause, Asian, Harvard, too smart…it all amounts to one thing. The last 3 teams didn’t want him.

  643. Our Asian pioneers swallowed their pride to be abused by the system. They couldn’t send us back after they used us up to build their precious railroads. Instead they tried to make us die out by not allowing wives and family to join them. This is the price we had to pay to stay here. Sometimes, it’s hard to face the truth. We are Asian Americans and not American.

    Lin is like Jackie Robinson in that respect. He is a pioneer breaking down predjucice.

  644. I’m checking DAL Mavs blog for latest FA news. You can bookmark it for latest update.

    Here’s the latest on JLin as of July 4, 1:35pm:
    Mavericks hope to add Lin and keep Barea (July 4, 1:35 p.m.): The Mavs need a new starting point guard but Barea provides valuable depth at the position.

  645. Yes…agreed….the source of the bias is not his production or salary anyway

  646. How hard is it to do the maths adding the endorsement revenue brought to the team by signing Jeremy? I’m sure the money is more than enough to pay for the luxury tax that triggered by the over the cap signing.

    Ok, Dirk can’t wait any longer to win another ring, Cuban needs to save his face/ego before the Rox win the WCF(possible? heh..), so why can’t Cuban offer a decent contract?

    If you have done any budget for your business/employer, you would know the money you set aside for the personnel equals to the enhanced value to the entity you believe that particular person will add to the organization. Just my opinion.

  647. I read Cuban and Parsons took Richard Jefferson to lunch to come back to Mavs for a veteran minimum.
    They used good relationship to bring him back. I expect Mavs will use Parsons/Lin relationship to persuade JLin to sign.

    I want to see if Cuban and Parsons will wine-and-dine Jeremy first. Then what will they offer beyond $2.6MLE?
    Cuban knows JLin values but will try to get JLin on board based on Parsons’ relationship for business reasons.
    It’s JLin’s agent job to drive a hard bargain to Cuban and the Mavs that JLin’s marketing will bring in more revenue to compensate any luxury tax. I agree Mavs need to take this into account

    I think both sides need to show willingness to compromise, not just JLin to take lower salary.
    A relationship based on mutual respect would have more future than one-sided exploitation

    No offer is made yet so I’ll be patient to see how much Cuban and the Mavs respect JLin.
    Hoping for the best

  648. mirotic, oh yeah!

  649. Sounds like Aldridge is no Tim Duncan if story can be believed. May just be sour grapes though:

    LaMarcus Aldridge is gone, and now the Trail Blazers can exhale their relief

    It was the 2015 playoffs, Memphis, and the Trail Blazers’ bus was idling in front of the team hotel. A steady stream of players, coaches and support staff had boarded for the past 20 minutes, yet for the last five minutes, nary a soul had approached the steps.

    Still, the bus remained idling. Brake lights glowing. Engine chortling. Exhaust billowing toward Beale Street.

    And it remained idling … and idling … and idling … for a good five minutes.

    Finally, the brake lights relented. The driver spotted what he was waiting on: From the hotel, LaMarcus Aldridge emerged, giant headphones over his ears. When he boarded, the bus immediately went into gear and headed toward the arena.

    What struck me when I watched that scene, and what I’ve thought about often since then, is this: I wonder what Damian Lillard was thinking as he waited on that bus?

    And later, as Lillard flew home with his teammates from Memphis, I wonder what he thought when he looked and discovered that Aldridge had taken his own flight home the night prior?

    Those thoughts bring us back to today: July 4, 2015, a day that will stand for many things in Blazers history. It’s the day Aldridge left for the San Antonio Spurs. The day the franchise became Lillard’s. The first day of yet another rebuild.

    But it will also mark one of the biggest organizational exhales ever.

    See, inside the Trail Blazers, there is a collective sigh of relief knowing Aldridge is not returning.

    Don’t get me wrong: Everybody wanted him back in Portland; his talent made the Blazers a better team.

    But from the front office to the marketing department to the game-day support staff, there was a general exhaustion with Aldridge. Massaging an ego so often, for so many years, can take its toll.

    If there was a nick, a bump, or a bruise, Aldridge always wanted an MRI, prompting one former staffer to quip it was a good thing owner Paul Allen was rich enough to cover the frequent expense.

    Until this season, when he postponed a surgery on his non-shooting hand to help the Blazers make a playoff push, Aldridge was constantly looking for a reason to sit out games, particularly if it was after his status as an All-Star had been cemented that season.

    He could be a sweet guy. He bought a luxury suite at the Moda Center for the kids at the St. Mary’s Home for Boys. And he periodically surprised employees with gifts.

    But he was so bitter about perceived slights that happened nine years ago – 9 years! – and so insistent that he was always getting the short end of the stick that the entire organization walked on egg shells around him.

    The Blazers were so concerned with Aldridge’s sensitivity of feeling overlooked that it sent a memo to the marketing department. All commercial and publicity projects were to first run through Aldridge. When the NBA Cares commercial came through Portland this year, Aldridge turned down the opportunity. So second choice went to Damian Lillard, who did the shoot.

    Once it aired nationally throughout NBA broadcasts, Aldridge became chaffed and took it as another example of Lillard being the franchise’s darling.

    The Aldridge-Lillard tension was real … and created entirely by Aldridge’s insecurity. Lillard is bright and polite, and sensed Aldridge’s delicate ego. As a result, he always went out of his way to compliment Aldridge, and to trumpet that the Blazers were Aldridge’s team, Aldridge’s franchise.

    Lillard’s public acquiescence was not enough for Aldridge’s camp. They felt the kid needed to bow to Aldridge in person. They wanted Lillard to say it to his face.

    So as he sat on that bus in the middle of a playoff series where both he and Aldridge were under performing, Lillard’s mind could have been drifting toward some ugly thoughts.

    This week, I think Lillard gave us a pretty good idea what was going through his head at that moment.

    It wasn’t jealousy. It wasn’t spite. And it wasn’t ego.

    I guarantee you Lillard was thinking about the team. Just as he was this week when he phoned Aldridge in Los Angeles to clear the air. Before Aldridge made a decision, Lillard wanted him to know what he thought of him as a teammate, and what he thought they could accomplish together.

    While Aldridge spent much of the past nine seasons worrying whether he was being treated fairly, Lillard has worried about nothing but winning since he’s been in Portland.

    That’s why I’ve always said the Blazers are in great hands even if Aldridge leaves. Sure, the Blazers will take a step back next season. Perhaps even a big step back. But in terms of leadership and a singular focus on winning, this team is in better shape with Lillard.

    The easy, and cheap, dagger to throw lately has been Lillard doesn’t play defense and is consumed with selling shoes. And it’s true: Lillard needs to work on his defense, and he is the first to admit that. And it’s true, he spent the past two weeks in Asia and France promoting Adidas shoes. But the critics fail to note the evidence between the appearances: his sweat-soaked shorts in daily, sometimes twice daily, workouts.

    The kid busts his tail. And more than anything else, he cares. But it’s what he cares about that matters: he cares about the Blazers and about winning.

    He doesn’t care about making sure everybody knows he’s the star, which is how Aldridge frequently making the entire team wait was interpreted. And I dare to venture Lillard would never fly home separate from the team in a playoff series, distancing himself from his brothers and eliminating the opportunity to gameplan or discuss adjustments needed in a series he trailed 0-2.

    So yeah, it was a bad day in Portland. One of the longest tenured players in franchise history chose to leave, taking with him one playoff series victory, which happened to be sealed by Lillard. I wish it didn’t come to this, because I had come to respect Aldridge immensely for his growth as a player, and I appreciated the level of relevance his play afforded the Blazers.

    So mourn today, Rip City. But tomorrow, move on. It’s a new era, with a new face of the franchise.

    It’s why moments after Aldridge tweeted his decision I texted Lillard.

    “Your team now. Excited to see what you do with it. I have no doubts you are ready,” I wrote.

    His response was two words:

    “I am.”

  650. Cap limit? Not sure how the Mavs can resolve that.

  651. sour grapes. Just trying to put lipstick on a pig. Kobe is 10000 times worse and LA puts up with it year after year for a reason. He makes them money.

  652. I think there are 2 sides of the story.

    Another OregonLive article tells a different story
    Canzano: Don’t blame LaMarcus Aldridge for Blazers breakup

    Plus, logically if LMA is the only cancer, he’ll be the only one gone. But 4 out of 5 starters are gone now.
    Something fishy is brewing in Portland and many can’t wait to leave.
    JLin should never go there

  653. my hunch is Jeremy will land a deal with the least expected team.. 🙂

  654. Hibbert is perfect. An obsolete slow center for an obsolete coach and system:

    Roy Hibbert And The Indiana Pacers Are Headed For A Messy Divorce

    Roy Hibbert is an awkward fit in today’s pace-and-space NBA. He doesn’t shoot well near the basket or from distance, he isn’t a particularly gifted passer, and he can’t sprint up and down the court repeatedly

  655. thanks for stating the obvious

  656. Agree.

  657. The thing that worries me is Barea might get deals done before They talk to Lin as supposedly starting PG. At least they need to secure Lin 1st before committing to Barea. Now it feels like Lin gets what’s left rather than Mavs getting closer to what others offer.

    I just want to see how much Mavs want Lin.
    So far it sounds take-it-or-leave-it which I don’t like

  658. BScott will think Kobe look like Flash next to Hibbert so it’s perfect to make Kobe look good in his farewell season.

  659. Somewhat like when Jeremy was unexpectedly traded to the Lakers… hopefully, this time it works out 🙂

  660. I’m not worried about Jeremy’s destination. I know Jeremy makes gold from crap.

    I only wish Jeremy could have a long and successfull carreer in his new team. That’s what Brent said.

    He deserves to have his city as long as he is in NBA. He deserves to be the PG and be used like that. We will see if time has come.

  661. What could be worse than Rockets & Lakers that Lin had to deal w/?

  662. Agree with you bro…I get so frustrated with Lin fan wanting him to go to teams where he could again get marginalized and treated unfairly…..I’m starting to wonder whether these Lin fans are really Lin fan for suggesting teams that could only offer Lin about 15 minutes at best.

    With Spurs, you have Parker who is a legend there, just like Kobe and he’ll play a lot…Even if he’s hurt, you still have patty Mills and even corey joseph who some are still very high on.

    Also, I really don’t trust Popovich as far as social skills with players…He tend to scream and treat his players like children…I was watching a playoff game and I was stunned at the way he was screaming at Kawhi Leonard and calling for a sub to go get him out of the game because of a mistake…Pop is hot headed and I wonder whether Lin will be able o deal with his temper after a few turnovers.

    I could see Pop quickly putting Lin in his doghouse because of turnovers…He’s a perfectionist and I’d be very afraid for Lin in this situation.

  663. Lin is so bad haha and I’m asian

  664. from realgm bulls forum this is coach hoiberg style…..

    I followed Iowa State for a while. Hoiberg has a quick hitting offense that often gets open shots on secondary breaks or earlier in the shot clock. His plays get them open, Its up to the players to hit them. Of course he cares about defense but Bulls brought him in for him to run his innovative offense and so he lets Boylen handle the defense.

    Or in football terms, Hoiberg is the offensive coordinator/head coach and Boylen is the Defensive coordinator

  665. Seems right up Jeremy’s street

  666. no thanks tanking team…….

  667. As long as they pay him, I’m good.

    Phila switched picks with Kings, am I wrong?

    Anyway in the East Jeremy can pad his stats and increase his market. There are no PG there.

    And we all know Jeremy loves fairytales: imagine the garbage team led by the Asian guy collecting victories after victories…

  668. okafor isn’t happy being a sixers it wont go anywhere even padded stats no thanks expect drama with okafor

  669. When team win there’s no drama. Dramas happen when they lose

  670. you think sixers will win check the line up even in east they are be dead last

  671. check the line up of knicks they are improved and check the east team line…. up sixers aint going no hwere lottery bound stealth tank

  672. I know Jeremy makes gold out of crap

  673. Just checked on sixers, wow Hinkie looks bad here.

    “The 76ers were ordered to pay the New Orleans Pelicans $3 million by the NBA last season for not fully disclosing Jrue Holiday’s injury history before he was traded two years ago, according to two sources.”

    Holiday’s been struggling with this stress fractures in his lower right leg, stress fractures no trivial. Pelicans may need a starting PG? Anthony Davis perfect partner.

  674. ,yeah I want jlin there also dont know the cap

  675. Steve Kyler – Verified account ‏@stevekylerNBA

    Not enough cash for Lin, he has bigger money offers. There is interest but no cap cash

  676. hahahah,

  677. what he said. lin’s already had money and no minutes how has that worked out so far? what he needs is minutes. not money. a. if he gets minutes then the money will follow (or as “the alphabet” above puts it: “let him kill and then eat!”-) b. he’s already got and will continue to have anyway: all the money he frickin needs or could possibly do anything with.

    and c: obvious, and still somehow needs to keep being repeated, to date lin is the perfect example of how money is no guarantee of opporutnity or sign of respect only the illusion of same.

  678. Talks about NY later on in the conversation for Lin. Not sure they have cap space enough for him either.

  679. Somebody posted a list of teams’ available space today, can’t spot it anywhere. I remember that Knikcs still have 4-5M.

  680. There you go. My sentiments exactly.

  681. bad side you will be traded to tanking team

  682. dark horse team with capspace or injured players

    pelicans = jrue days are number he has a nagging injury..i dont know the pelicans cap and if cole sign with cavs… pelican posible

    portland = 26m capsspace can start with dmian at the 2 or interchange

    bulls = 5m mle plus contender run and gun system possible playing at same time with drose (rose also has health issue)

  683. Thank you for pointing this out!!!
    I have been saying this indirectly in a way.. well actually at the other site…

    Like someone incorrectly said , if lakers pay them 1 billion dollars, and mav pays them 1 million dollar , play for mav..!!

    I was like what!!!!! If lakers pay lin 1 billion dollars, PLAY FOR THEM BECAUSE THEY CANNOT AFFORD TO NOT START HIM AND PLAY HIM LOTS OF MINUTES.. because they will look like idiots for not using him and is forced to play him…. just like how in houston even though mchale hates lin, he is force to play him due to his 25 million dollar contract else he will make the owner look like a fool. If it wasn’t for his big contract, mchale would’ve bench him a long time ago before you can even say linsanity.

  684. yup you got it….if they dont play you with high paycheck hey thanks for the money i am chillin no sweat at least you cannot just trade me

  685. they only get to trade him when expiring but you can see the moment they got harden they are looking to trade him

  686. He kind of brought it on himself by waiting so long until teams were out of capspace…perhaps because he was overseas..

  687. actually it is double edge…..look free agency are dried up no talent there on the market teams are desperate so jlin has 8 suitors

  688. all the good teams have no capspace left, the only “desperate” ones are the garbage teams

  689. thats why I said double edge hahhha

  690. Still feel confused why knicks want Lin since they already have 3 point guards.

  691. pissing melo theres a report jackson trying to piss melo

  692. Exactly. I feel Lin misstepped when he kept saying money is not his concern, being starter is his goal. I understand Lin does not care about money, but this is not how America works. If you are desirable, they will bend forward and backward for you. Lin please, do not be naive again. Do not trust what the teams are telling you, by now you should have learned your lesson. I think coming out from a family both parents were high tech employees , PLUS this inexperienced agent may make Lin less business savvy. A economic degree does not teach one how business is run.

  693. Arguably, it may not have mattered much because the big fish had to go first. Maybe it won’t matter in the end, but there will be questions on that if he ends up with a bad contract and/or a bad team.

    But I’ve already argued to death that he should have been here earlier and was practically flogged for it. So I’ll stop right there.

    Let’s just sit back and try to enjoy the ride.

  694. any person here had a connection to jlin entourage somebody relay this information…..this is disaster to be happen

  695. ?? link please?

  696. I would hope his agent knows enough to warn him on this, but I get the feeling our boy may be too stubborn to listen.

    The thing with Jeremy is that money isn’t his priority – fine. But staying in the NBA presumably is, in which case, money and contracts and perceptions count a lot.

    He has not handled that balance too well so far in this free agency.

    But again, if he pulls if off, tiger fans can eat crow. For his sake, I’ll eat a hundred crows if only for Jeremy’s welfare.

  697. He once said his team makes sure the replies on his prayer list are forwarded to him, and he does read them.

  698. Wow 750 post in a day!!!!! Lin fans are awesome!!!!
    I need to catchup quite a bit though! 🙂

  699. his agents do all of the negotiating for him. it does not matter if he went on the trip, since there are multiple ways of contacting him. he did not wait….the teams went in the order of signing that were important to them. if the teams want him they will get in touch with his agents and make arrangements. if teams want you they will let you know. in 2015 someone being on a trip is not relevant.

  700. I think he knows what he is doing, given the circumstances and experience from past two teams he had been. Its actually a catch 22.
    On one end you want to wait till the pieces fall in place so he can make his move so that dont get surprises with another ballhog teammate or a bad coach, but waiting long, would also pinch on the cap space for many teams.

    On the other hand, if he were to grab to early, he may end up with another ROX or LAL kinda scenario and would not be able to start, since that is his top priority.

    End of the day, if Lin is happy playing his style of BB, I’m with him

  701. Link on the 8 teams thats interested? It was widely reported yesterday and JLin had mentioned about it during his interview in Taiwan. It should be buried somewhere deep in the thread

  702. Right or wrong, best or not, its JLin’s decision….the whole scenario is very subjective…making decision objectively is kinda difficult, because of this play 2 season outcomes

  703. I think that’s all Lakers fault. Bc that’s the way Lakers always did to their old players. Davis told MM, he likes Lakers but he just couldn’t wait for that long bc it’s either he took the job from Portland or he missed that chance & now Lakers only have 5.5 left for 6 players…?! smh!

  704. You are not wrong either…but as I said (above post), its very subjective

  705. off topic theres 7iger user in my up vote is this the tiger fan troll jlin complaining about

  706. maybe they will trade some, once they get Lin…they could re-mold a better team via trade

  707. I get what you are saying and I bet Jeremy feel the same way. However survival in the NBA depends not only on your skills but also your popularity/brand power. I fear that unless Jeremy blow up again like he did during linsanity, accepting a low ball offer would hurt his image in the long term. It’s unfair but that’s just the way it is. JLin is in his prime right now so this is crucial that he make the right choice for himself this time. I trust in Jeremy and his team to find the right balance between fit and money.

  708. Not sure about not relevant. Agree that it is not as important as it used to be. But if appearances didn’t matter at all, then you wouldn’t have all these recruitment efforts and wining and dining.

    But it may all very well be part of the strategy and my stance had always been, if he and his team pull it off then hats off to them. I’m an irrelevant fan and I’ll happily eat crow.

  709. If so, I will start trolling hard (but politely) so that Jlin will complain about Star Wars nerds.

  710. grin…..

  711. Oh yeah nobody is disputing it’s his decision. He’s not going to listen to any of us anyway. Just hope he does listen to people who will give him good advice.

  712. lol…we never know…but I think Lin is wiser now and would learn to come out off such situation if he had to re-face it again

  713. whatever it is…lets see how Lillard carries the team now

  714. I just skim the thread for news articles and twitter posts from insiders. There are too much of “LIN SHOULD DO THIS AND THAT” going on. I know fans are just anxious and want the best for Jeremy but it’s not for me. I trust and believe in JLin and his team to do what is right for him.

  715. True…if they are serious they offer need to be serious as well, lets see

  716. But you’ll miss out on all the fun!?

    Nothing that we say here will influence Jeremy anyway. For me, this is part of the enjoyment of this forum. But to each his own.

  717. well said TTNN

  718. I think Mav’s messed up paying too much for Wesley Mathews not leaving enough for PG. Jordan is a waste of you don’t have a good PG to get him the ball. Doubt JJ will do it and Parsons has never proven he’s a playmaker. Thought Mav’s was a good organization but not anymore. They were stupid to blow up a Championship team.

  719. exactly…Lin needs to be careful about playing for a massive pay cut…I keep hearing how he should take minimum wage….if they valued you, they’d pay you what you are worth.

  720. He must have been wishing to go to a contending team that were held up by LA and Jordan. If he was prioritizing money he would have gone to SAC or NYK early in process.

  721. Couldn’t you have a “no trade clause”.

  722. Does anyone know if making a charitable donation to a player’s charity considered to be cap use? If it doesn’t, Lin can play for the Spus at vet minimum with a 8 million signing donation to Lin’s charity.

    Andre Agassi did that late in his career when he went from Nike to Adidas. He stipulated that money had to be donated to his charter schools. Now Agassi has the best chartered schools all across the country for disadvantaged kids.

  723. recruitment efforts will go on whether we know about them or not. if a team wants you they are going to reach out to you whether you are available for wining and dining or not. if DJ was on a trip, do you think mark Cuban would not have went after him because he was out of town and it made him seem uninterested?

    jlin planned his trip and if a team was interested in him, then he will know about it whether he is in town or not, or whether it was reported on social media or otherwise. just because he did not go to lunch with them yet does not mean there is no communication. he knows who is interested, is back in town now, and can dine with the teams that are interested.
    jlin went out of town and waited and now he knows where team’s priorities are as it should be. now he can be less worried about signing and having someone like rondo or pb showing up.

  724. exactly

  725. Agreed. Cuban doesn’t leave any room for a PG in cap space or his mind.

  726. Happy 4th of July, Everyone..missing it…Cheers..

  727. It’s not mr. Alphabets, lol. ACBC is initials of me and my wife, like ACDC “highway to hell”

    Lin has a net worth of over 30 million. Someone posted that he made more money than the top 40 players in the NBA based upon salary and endorsement. I’d love to hear from Wu Kong on his actual numbers on his net worth and annual earnings, but it doesn’t take a genius to add 2+2 together to know that Lin has more money than he needs to live for the rest of his life.

  728. Yes but there is a difference between “reaching out” and registering interest versus talking to a prospective player to join the team.

    I’m not disputing there was a lot that would have gone on behind the scenes. I’ve been part of a negotiating party, not in the NBA but for sports teams. We call, we make arrangements and then we meet them. For 4 days, Jeremy wasn’t available to meet anyone. That might not have swung my decision, but when you’re juggling several other decisions, it’s a little bit annoying. That’s my only point.

    It’s just my opinion. It’s got no bearing on Jeremy whatsoever.

  729. lol

  730. That’s intriguing but wouldn’t it be construed as trying to circumvent the cap rules?

  731. Sorry, committed to a contract doesn’t mean that contract will be signed first.

  732. Below is 2014-15 MLE…you need to add 3% for coming season

    $5.305 million for teams without cap room, below the tax apron
    $3.278 million for teams over the tax apron
    $2.575 million for teams with cap room

  733. excited as well…he is maturing and with hard experience last 2 season, I think he would have build a mindset to excel wherever he goes

  734. less the PR value that CP

  735. No, lol I been here long b4 you even exist I just don’t comments that much anymore. My user name is 7iger but I am not a tiger fan. Actually, I leave Lin’s life decision to homslef and I just follow him as a fan. I don’t use twitter and don’t troll.

  736. ooops, sorry I didn’t see this post soon enough

  737. Your can not do that I think….it only works for tax purposes I assume…

  738. ohhh… this better idk

  739. Tell them you know more about things in their house than they do and see how they will react ?

  740. Agreed. Lin should not have to settle. Get the money and the ideal situation. Jeremy deserves it at this point.

  741. Kyle Irving isn’t a true PG. Jeremy should not backup a SG in PG’s body.

  742. my 1st 4 choices are spurs, no, 76rs & bulls but if jeremy can’t be w/ these teams I hope portland surprise us all, its a good team w/ young players, po experienced, good coach and lin will still get to play w/ Ed

  743. I worry LBJ could treat Lin even worse than harden did

  744. Thanks for this. Good read

  745. yep if he could threat blatt crap jlin will be threated worse

  746. Irving also seems to be injury prone and after last season probably shy about trying to play through injury like what happened to Rose. JLin could get lots of play time, exposure and a guaranteed playoff run. Dellavedova got a lot of props for 6 quarters of good play. Think what it would be like with Lin for a whole season.

  747. Alot of backseat fan, coaches, agents…going on here too? Sheeesh. At least makes for entertaining reading for trolls maybe. SMH, as Joyce would say, lol.

  748. Jeremy Lin Rap in Chinese II and Hat-Trick: 2015 Asia tour is over. Thanks to everybody!

  749. ” Dellavedova got a lot of props for 6 quarters of good play”


  750. Many years ago, the U.S. Rider Cup golf team complained bitterly about the fact that PGA America made millions in TV revenue but the players never got a dime from it. The players were accused of being unpatriotic for not playing for their country for free! A settlement was reached that a sum of money would be donated to the Player’s own charities with tax breaks going to them.

    In Lin’s case, he wouldn’t care where the tax break went IF he can get the “respect” that many seem so hung up on. The franchise can keep the tax break for themselves and that would make it a legitimate charity donation because Lin gets no benifits from it.

    Everyone gets what they want and Lin gets to play for a team that ” really ” wants him.

  751. Is my dream coming true? Had a weird dream JLin going to the Cavs yesterday

  752. toast for you if happen

  753. how much money do they have

  754. dan gilbert doesn’t care he is spending like crazy

  755. If it happens I want you to dream of stocks and post all your dreams. LOL

  756. if mavs want add the 2.8 they have now and stretch felton add 2.6 lin could get 5.4 million. now this is to low still for lin but atleast he would get some security

  757. what if Peter Truong From Riverside CA prediction come tru that jlin will sign with cavs….what price he would get
    a special notice with his name?

  758. 2015 earning was 15mil (LAL) + 4mil (Adidas and Tag Heuer) = 19mil

  759. My dream was 5.6 mils for the first yr lol

  760. i take it…sign it with no question

  761. He would fit well if allowed to start or major play minutes

  762. also i don’t understand the was tim macmahon meant but mavs have 2.8 and will street 2.6 for lin and ??? barea. did he mean both take 2 million or one will take th combined figure??

  763. we would need more of @Dinoneseus:disqus then!

  764. whenever i see 2 no thanks i want to see 5 or 6

  765. Cuban leaves 2m cap room for a PG because he doesn’t think he needs one with a retiring Dirk and a “point forward”, but he doesn’t mind if some good PG plays for him for “friendship”.

  766. no thanks bro

  767. Lol what would be the point of these forums without it? Sit back and relax. As long as we don’t meltdown and start hurling insults at each other, all good.

  768. the way its written it make it seem they will sign both but area made 5 million last year???

  769. lol

  770. lin has to get that extra 2.6 or no deal. mavs to show they believe in lin

  771. Bleacher Report NBAVerified account‏@BR_NBA

    Hidden gems that are still on the market #NBAFreeAgency

  772. Mavs forgot that Lin still needed to be paid, even though they had wanted him so much.

  773. True…out of 27 available PGs; only 8 had confirmed their signings

  774. The guessing part is fine. It’s when “he should have, signed earlier, he should not have gone on his trip, his agent is soft, he should have gotten a tattoo, his ear ring is fugly…” Very wise backseat coaches we are.

  775. Lol

  776. FA Signing thus far…

  777. Mark Medina ‏@MarkG_Medina 22h22 hours ago
    I’m told there’s some “active conversations” regarding Jeremy Lin’s free agency options. Likely something will finalize early next week

  778. Not hidden. We know he will be a great value!

  779. Knew that is going on. No worries on my part. Will follow him where he ends up.

  780. Everyone has expectation…including fans 🙂
    Its okay to state their personal opinion…we can always agree to disagree

  781. I’m wondering how good the Mav’s are going to be. Matthews Achilles tendon tear isn’t something NBA players can easily recover from

    How An Achilles Tear Affects NBA Players (Or, Why Kobe Is Screwed)

    Dr. Douglas Cerynik and Dr. Nirav H. Amin, both of Drexel University, were co-authors of the paper and kind enough to speak with me this past weekend. Along with their other collaborators, they examined 18 players who’d sustained ruptured Achilles tendons between the years of 1992 and 2012. Of those players, seven never returned to play in the NBA, and 11 came back for at least one season. Eight of those 11 returned to the league for multiple seasons.

    The average age for injured players was 29.7, with seven years of playing experience (Kobe’s in his 17th year); in the first year back from injury, players played 5.21 fewer minutes per game. That number dropped to 4.42 in the second year back. More tellingly, player efficiency rating (PER) dropped by 4.64 the first year back and 4.28 the second. To understand how severe that drop is, consider: This year, a difference of 4.64 PER is the difference between Kobe Bryant andErsan Ilyasova.

    History not kind for ruptured Achilles recovery

  782. That’s fine, free to smh as well. No names mentioned.

  783. Free agency winners and loses so far:

    Let’s see who will win Jlin prize. Best for last.

  784. When Dirk is getting closer and closer to retirement, Cuban couldn’t wait to expose himself on BB.

  785. Where is Michael?

  786. He was in deep sleep…just woke up….a day ago

  787. Let’s see some business money too. Friendship doesn’t grow on trees, money do, lol. Still would be a deal. 5mil min.

  788. why has jlin not make a decision yet? all the players he waited for has chosen a team

  789. next week…jlin is a diva

  790. He just got back last night. Maybe today or early next week.

  791. Master negotiator. Never settle until all the deal breakers are ironed out. By no means “desperate”.

  792. Probably working out $ issues. Perhaps moves have to be made to get under salary caps. Perhaps moves require multiple cooperative teams.

  793. Winning a championship with the Cavs will bring his Value up high. Cavs will go to the final again for sure

  794. there are 8 teams want him so it may take time ……aldrige has 5 suitors

  795. Yes, by end of week. No, Lin is the anti Diva, but has Diva swag, lol.

  796. Even Felton is owed over 4 mil this coming year. Trade or waive him and add it to Jeremy’s offer!

  797. Is Jeremy Lin A Good Fit For The Cavs

    Lin had a decent year in LA, although he was in and out of the starting lineup. He was able to share the ball with Kobe while also getting the bigs involved. Despite this, he did not shoot as well as expected, averaging 11.2 points, 2.6 rebounds, and 4.6 assists per game. With the Lakers out of playoff contention early-on in the season, head coach Byron Scott elected to start rookie Jordan Clarkson instead, leaving Jeremy to come off the bench.

    Lin needs to make a comeback, and there are not many better fits for him than the Cavs. The Cavs are in need of a backup point guard that can distribute the ball and shoot the ball when necessary. Lin can also play off the ball as a spot up shooter when LeBron wants the ball in his hands. Lin’s season with the Cavs did not bode well for his playing career, as many potential suitors are not keen on his performance from last season. The Cavs are known for being able to get high profile players to perform (i.e. JR Smith). In addition, Lin would definitely welcome the idea of playing with 3 all-stars, where he isn’t the center of attention. He would also very much appreciate a reunion with Shump and Smith- two former Knicks whom he had great chemistry with.

  798. GSW would have had more trouble with Lin in place of Dell.

  799. if that happens jlin will never set foot in bay area again….angry bay area mob will lynch him

  800. Sounds like Dallas still confident of getting Lin. I’m having my doubts setting in about Dallas in regards to how competitive they are basketball wise. Matthews coming off Achilles. Parsons microfracture surgery I don’t think is as serious but I don’t think will not be 100% at the start of the season. Lack of depth. Lin / Jordan PnR would be awesome though.

    Tim MacMahonVerified account‏@espn_macmahon

    @MrBaldo_AFO Still expect deal to get done, nothing new since yesterday

  801. LOL, isn’t JR the one that said that there would be a problem in the locker room if Knicks matched Lin’s offer from HOU? Why would Lin want a reunion with JR?

  802. what are your expectations? They’re obviously not a championship level roster. However, they are a playoff roster and can contend for 6-8th seed.

  803. break the bank cuban

  804. About 5 mil min.

  805. yep thats how far they will go same with clips and rockets (word is josh smith will sign with kings)

  806. Here goes the defensive weakness “dung” (will that get by Discus scanners?) again:

    Tim MacMahonVerified account‏@espn_macmahon

    @MrBaldo_AFO Haha. Like Lin as low-price fit. Need another pick-n-roll ballahandler, he’s improved as 3 shooter and DJ can mask D weaknesses

  807. Problem in locker room is Melo.

  808. no thanks bro

  809. Low price fit? ??

  810. That low price fit would be 5mil min, and still a bargain.

  811. 2m is their offer no thanks

  812. In a heartbeat, or they are not serious.

  813. It’s good to allow some time for teams to pursue him so whoever gets him will be grateful and work their hardest to define an important role for him.
    As they say, easy come easy go

  814. Nah, all talk. No way settling. Hold out and let them be creative. Negotiate with others.

  815. Tell Fegan to find 2.5 mln PG, not Jeremy!

    They could have him for 8-10 mln if they did snt for Hibbert. That’s the level of their respect…

  816. thats what negotiation is for

  817. Haralabos Voulgaris‏@haralabob

    Blast Kobe for taking max from the Lakers and hogging capspace. Blast Duncan for taking less to sign with Spurs. Sports Journalism in 2015

  818. That’s why our boy ain’t signing.

  819. Is JR coming back? I haven’t heard that they re-signed him yet. I’m hoping JR goes to Sacramento that would be a circus JR / Rondo / Cousins / Karl. LOL

  820. So it’s true now?!

  821. Very bad idea for Lin to go to GSW because if they don’t make it to the final, they will blame on Lin for sure.

  822. Sounds like Lin has lots of options and factors to weigh. How teams could use him, how he would fit, how competitive the team would be, how it would effect his long term career, money. It’s fun to speculate but in end his decision and wish him the best and that it works out well.

    Steve KylerVerified account‏@stevekylerNBA

    Steve Kyler retweeted Bo

    He had a lot of interest – finding a deal is the next part had to wait out upper tier deals

  823. Haha, more Charmin.

  824. If there is another choice I will not want him to be a Mav … don’t like the way they talk about him. smh!

  825. Since following Lin, most of fans here know to some degree what a wonderful environment NBA is. Lin, alone with his diehard fans, experienced it first hand.

    Those words can sum up what Lin faced since his incredible NBA journey: Ego, ball-hog, lies, throwing under bus, dishing and bashing, DNP-CD, bench, backup PG at best, death stare, BS words from BS, can’t defend, and the list is at the mercy of hater’s/doubters’ imagination to grow.

    With those in mind, I really can only trust one team to honor their words – Spurs. If Maves chooses to low-ball Lin without their significant effort but only with empty promises, at first sign of trouble, Lin would be the low-price low-cost scapegoat. Really, with 2M, I would rather prefer Lin goes to Spurs. At least being there, he would be given a fair chance to fight thru the ranks.

  826. Adi Joseph ‏@AdiJoseph 56s56 seconds ago

    Pro move would be signing Duncan and Ginobili to five-year guaranteed minimum contracts. Payout would be $7.6 million by my calculations.

    Create cap space for Lin? More if Ginobili retires.

  827. bold guess …..i think lin will sign today

  828. Seems like Lin’s first FA for Lin is not easy, not that straight forward at least….let’s hope for the best!

  829. But that will subject to over 36 rule tho….IF they both retire next yr…it will hit the cap space

  830. At least he has options this time. NYK’s scared off a lot of teams last time with their “match him up to a billion $” talk.

  831. Yes sir….I am very optimistic, he will find what is best for him.

  832. Cap goes up so much next year though it might not be that much of a factor.

  833. still looks like the mavs

  834. Indeed…then it will just depends on what Manu and Timmy decides

  835. come on

  836. The Mav’s fans comments are worse. Would be Houston fans all over again. Though when given the chance and the ball in the right system he will break out and they will all become bandwagon fans.

  837. A friend and Asian discount? Nope, not today.

  838. Some kind of the deal is in process right now. It may materialize, it may not…..tho…Cap space is too tight to maneuver.

  839. Ya! From that reporter said… it seems to be the case.

  840. I dislike this reporter a lot….

  841. they have lawyers for that

  842. For most of us’ heart and brain’s sake….please

  843. Wouldn’t trust any media outlet except for Woj.

  844. right now i think its about how much lin can pull from the mavs.

  845. That reporter is kept sending message about how Lin should just take it…..Not saying Lin should or should not….but I do not like him….that reporter

  846. lin is not going to take that low bid salary.smh

  847. lol i hope so

  848. CBA rules are so complicated with so many exceptions caveats that we speculate this and that with the basics and then when it happens your like “how did they do that? I didn’t know you could do that”.

  849. he may if he wouldn’t we wouldn’t of heard the rumors. from what was said it was lin who was open to it knowing they wouldn’t have much after dj signed.

  850. LOL yes indeed

  851. But it’s from Mav. Hope this one year he can really have the chance to play his skill out. I hope CP take his time as much as possible to take care his injury. smh!

  852. well he is a fan. he wants the mavs to succeed. they need a pnr pg. sooooo…… for me id never tell a guy how much money he should take. its their money and well being

  853. Me too. But no need to trash him bc just hope this one year Lin can have his chance..

  854. I think is just speculating. He works for the mavs and that’s his job to write like they are the leads in getting lin.Obviously he mad a crack about lin being this price because of his bad defense

  855. As a Pro reporter, at least came up with some scenarios like what Kpelton did.

  856. Ya but good source of info from the Mav’s side. Later when JLin lights up the court everyone going to say what a steal he was and how brilliant Cuban and Parsons are. SMH

  857. It’s laughable to hear all the talk about fantasy money that only Lin will get. Most of us wouldn’t even see 2.5 million in a life time and we quibble about Lin not getting enough like it belongs to us.

    The NBA is less about talent than about popularity and who looks the right part! All of us that lives and work in America have seen it first hand how hard work sometimes doesn’t amount to cow pie. It’s who you know and if you fit into their crowd!

    Lin knows the numbers so I’m sure he’ll do the best he can to secure WHAT HE NEEDS AND WHAT HE WANTS. BTW, he has said many times already that money is not his biggest concern.

  858. Exactly….I dislike him…..national reporters at least will do the research and came up with some scenarios that can give Lin more money

  859. i just hope they stretch felton and give lin 5.4 but for the mavs they probably don’t want feltons salary on the books for 2-3 year. if thats how the stretch provision works???

  860. So….in your opinion….you pick MAVs or SAS ? regardless of the money

  861. we didn’t set the price its the market value of the nba today…. 2m and 3m are garbage

  862. But you have to understand that 2.5 mils is pocket change to them compare to us.

  863. So, that is what he suppose to do to put it out there like they in the lead to get him signed.

  864. still should never lower the value too much. could break your market. discount ok but dam near free is a no no.

  865. If mavs “forgot” to leave enough cap room for signing Lin, but still pretend they are the team wanting him the most, I can only think that mavs are helping him bargain with other teams.

  866. hes the jonathan feigen of the rockets

  867. He wasn’t talking about paid $2.50,that is exactly what it amounts in the NBA

  868. Pretty much so

  869. How so?

  870. In that case st Lin and felton will be a better scenario. Lin gets 6mil and dump Felton to Lakers

  871. the weird thing is lin with the rox had 2 of the three thing. the money and the system. last year he only had the money. Now the mavs are offering him the system and the coach but not the money.

  872. I do not follow…you mean they do not want him but wanna help him?

  873. lol..your dislike list is growing! 🙂

  874. Regardless of what Lin thinks or choose, MAVs and Lin’s agent will try to find more money..At least Lin’s agent will lis Lin’s options to Lin… where is going, it will be an informed decision.

  875. and they should. I’m hoping for 5.4 million

  876. many asking why not take 2m… you take less for contender teams…..heres the list and probably will dog out with each conference finals


    if someone offer 2m or MLE with this team take it… but others you take market value 5m

  877. Better than say no directly I guess. Cuban is good at keeping mavs fans by “making mistakes” rather than outright tanking.

  878. Don’t listen to what their reporters say, look at what they have done.

  879. Oh yeah…that’s for sure

  880. Yes that’s right, it’s a free market that sets the price. Absolutely true! The fact that no one has stepped up to buy has indicated that Lin’s value is next to nothing in the NBA. Like it or not, that’s the fact.

    Ask yourself if this insult is hurting your own value instead of Lin’s. Is this why Lin fans get so uptight about the fre market system in place in the NBA? IT IS WHAT IT IS….. Lin knows that. They can make him feel like the smallest most insignificant human being in the league. They can insult him all they want but Lin will play next year somewhere for whatever the market value is. What else can he do? Go on strike!

    Take the garbage and keep improving. Take the garbage and pave the way for the next generation of Asians to come. Take the garbage and build a legacy as the pioneer Asian athlete to lead a team to a title.

  881. word

  882. sorry he has value 8 teams are wanting him

  883. Not sure at what value tho for each…lol

  884. Wordy

  885. LOL

  886. i will say if lin end up signing for 2.8 million and make us wait till tuesday ill be disappointed. like all that time and you couldn’t negotiate to get the extra 2.6 million come on now. if lin was gonna sign for 2.8 it would of happen already

  887. I am fine jlin taking 8m per yr for 2 yrs from sixers……now you see the difference …hes starting for sixers but sixers wont go far or may not even make the playoff cause of line ups…..mavs is the same spot just that in the playoff they are early exit team and they want to pay cheap no way.

  888. others will pay him much thats why theres no decision yet

  889. Duncan and Ginob FIVE years, are you nut?

  890. The fact that it is not reported yet. Tells you Lin is still weighing options. I think money is not his main concern. Even for MAVs….he might have other concerns too. He want to be happy, not just to be paid. That I am almost certain.

  891. Yes, he could be waiting for Spurs, while Spurs waiting for Manu and Tim.

  892. Don’t worry about his money Alain.

  893. yeah i hope the mavs aint toxic like rox/lakers. jlin should weigh between mavs and spurs

  894. there are also negotiation go on on how much money.

  895. Homer.

  896. good things will come….

  897. LOL

  898. im not worried about the wait. sign already

  899. I do not think money is the top driven factor for his “indecision” so far tho

  900. what is it??

  901. jlin said money is not the issue but he never said 2m or 3m……..

  902. its a little too early to say …lets see

  903. About that, I think we will know soon enough.

  904. For those who wait…

  905. If I go out from NBA i’d prefer winning a title with Spurs for a minimum contract than being bullied by Mavs’ Fegan’s players.

    Parsons and Matthews are coming from serious injuries. Jeremy would be scapegoat again.

    What i hate the most is the fact they could offer more money to Jeremy by snt… But they didn’t. That’s the level of their respect.

    Anyway, it’s up to Jeremy and it’s his life. One year contract at 2.5 mln and you easily get DNP. And then it’s over.

  906. Kyle O’Quinn 16 mln in 4 years for Knicks. Tell me why Jeremy should accept 2.5.

  907. 5.8 points, 3.9 rebounds in 51 games.

  908. Pro sports fans idolize big contract players it’s normal . Will lin making 12 million less than his teammates affect team chemistry?
    A big contract provides security for major injuries covering loss of future earning potential

  909. LMAO

  910. The only consensus in NBA fan base is “How did that Asian kid get that money?”
    Among teams, it probably is like “Lin is really good, but if I have other options, I may wanna wait”

    This is just my opinion

  911. Blow my mind when I hear 2.5 mils from people here.

  912. Unfair straight up I been watching sports for 20 years this is whack

  913. kato do work but no glory recognition or get paid

  914. LMAO

  915. lin should wait out r jaxson and mo williams

  916. he’ll sign by this week

  917. Oh yeah….where will Reggie go?

  918. Cause he’s from Harvard 😉

    I keep saying Jeremy should get his contract, not do a favour to a team that hardly will make play-off

  919. I say roll the dice, take the Sixers job for 6-8mil a year, 2nd year player option…come in and pad your stats in the crap eastern conference, like you refused to with the Lakers (which got you oh so far)…Brett Brown is a Pop disciple, and Hinkie appears to like JLin…Dallas will be lucky to get out of the first round, and if Philly makes the playoffs, Jeremy will get a ton of respect…I say medium risk, high reward

  920. i don’t know. he’s a RFA. Detroit don’t need him no more really unless B Jennings achilles …

  921. I have no opinion on that, but I do think Acbc has a point. Lin has wide interests but low market value.

  922. not stat pad but play his game. when he play his game, usually win and gets 20 and 10

  923. ANd a qualifying offer is there already I assume?

  924. the way money flow i am beginning to embrace this idea

  925. 10×4 it’s a bargain for Philadelphia and a good contract for Jeremy.

    That’s my take.

  926. yes

  927. If they offer him that contract, they are serious about winning and utilizing JLin…I’d accept it without a second thought

  928. We will see

  929. Me too

  930. what do you mean low…. 8 teams?

  931. You can have 10 teams interested in you but the max offer among them is 2.8mil. I am just giveing example, of course it is more than that.

  932. If they forgot to leave a decent cap room for you, and you accept it, they will forget that you are supposed to play a role and get your value back because a lot of higher paid players need your PT and role.

  933. what then why didn’t he take dallas if max is 2.8m??? play off team and to start… he didn’t take it ….if all teams offering the same ….?????

  934. I am just giving simple examples, of course it will be different and higher than that..

  935. BTW….even if it is a 10×4….I probably will aim a shorter one still.

  936. you just wait till javale mcgee offer


  938. Way of Spades ‏@RealJamesBeck 38s39 seconds ago

    Way of Spades retweeted Shams Charania

    Looks like Stuckey is off the market. Not many good PGs left.

    Way of Spades added,

    Shams Charania @ShamsCharania

    Rodney Stuckey has agreed in principle on three-year, $21 million deal with the Indiana Pacers, league sources tell RealGM. Year 3 opt out.

  939. so lin went from have money and bad coach and system to having money with bad coach and system

  940. stuckey is the same market or equall as jlin…. the contract should be the same

  941. People talking about Jlin to accept 2.5 Mils lol. Stop the BS

  942. hahahhaahhhahhaha

  943. I think it all depends on how much Sixers would let Lin run the show. I wasn’t too hot on it. But, the way things are panning out, Sixers might be his best option.

  944. Before last season, he was a 30% 3PT shooter with crappy assist numbers…JLin should have more value

  945. yea il trust a team who haven’t been good since a.i left

  946. wat if Mavs win games and Lin plays like an AllStar caliber PG?

  947. base this season ,,,,,,of course he has more value but the value I present is this whack season

  948. LOL, good point. But for Lin, I don’t know if he can “trust” any of the teams.

  949. I can’t see JLin getting more than 10shots per game on that team…way too many other guys making more that will “need” their shot attempts…

  950. Can you change your name you embarrassing me.

  951. Jk lol

  952. Adam silver memo to the league…hey guys try to get the Asian to play for you without pay… just like the good old railroad days….he is lucky to be in our. Exclusive league.

  953. feel parsons wants to be an All Star and get All Star contract in 2 years so you right about that

  954. his stats look identical last year. btw no one is saying lin should take 2.8 million. 5.4 is the number he should get from mavs. he is worth 7-10

  955. Yeah, if Lin’s going to take minimum to go somewhere, I rather see him go Spurs than Mavs.

  956. Of course not…

  957. I am basing the jlin value with this crappy season being bench tanking etc of course jlin value is much higher if not of those circumtances but this is the way teams will look at it …your previous season

  958. If there’s something on the contract who tells he must play 35-37 minutes per game and take at least 10 shots, I’d take.

  959. mavs need to give lin 5.4. why do they want area and lin. area got 5.4 last year btw. i mean mavs are lucky this offseason but not that lucky

  960. Go sixers……. I am getting more PO by the post.

  961. Pass Mavs. They’re not intetested.

  962. dang that s not even alot of shots ur right 13-14 shots he can do alot of damage

  963. you miss what i said. lin and stuck stats look the same. mavs have 5.4 million if they stretch felton which they should. why are the also trying to get area who bte is also worth 5 million. they are doing too much. lin is worth 7- 10 million right now.

  964. You know, i actually feel that way. GMs maybe afraid of giving big money to be laughed at by other teams/FOs.

  965. relax

  966. Im reaizing this FA decision for Lin is F’d up in alot of ways

  967. I don’t want Lin to play for Mavericks at all.
    Dallas would replace Lin even if he does well. There is no point to play for a team that doesn’t want to play you. This is the golden rule.

  968. OK ??

  969. EXACLTY , if you go against the crowd you take all the personal career risk if it doesnt work its simple pro culture so everybody thinks the same talks the same copies each other

  970. he may so……..

  971. no its a business

  972. I felt trouble was brewing when MDA didn’t get the job in Denver

  973. but China economy is Big Money for NBA

  974. Look at Monta Ellis and Al-Farouq Aminu. Dallas would not pay back anyone that play for them at a discount. I would rather Lin play for CBA than play for Dallas. It’s an insult to play for a team that refuse to go over the cap for you.

    Dallas needs Jeremy more than Jeremy needs NBA?

  975. I think Jeremy is probably in a tougher and more complex situation than we all think. It’s easy to say, just go for the money! Or just go for wherever with a starting job! But there are so many other variables that go with it.

    Personally, I hope that Jeremy will take as much money as he can get AND start. But it’s hard because what if, for example, Spurs can only offer minimum…. but maybe in future he can take over Tony Parker role and get himself a much higher contract? But how would he know that? Or maybe Mavs are promising him that too (which I would not buy into personally…. )Maybe Sixers are too? But you never know… those team’s aren’t out for Jeremy’s best interest so it’s hard to tell.

    It’s hard for Jeremy because he really is THE only Asian American in the NBA. And there are a lot of politics and networking that come in play. The other players have the luxury of having a network and having connections and other people help them out. You have to realize Jeremy isn’t really part of that…. many players still have it out for him and disrespect him. They know they can because Jeremy is different. He’s a TRAILBLAZER and has had to do a lot on his own… and figure things out as he goes along. I think he’s trying to do best with what he can do. It’s a bit unfair to criticize him that he has “no business sense” when he’s not in the best position as a player to make good deals. And we don’t know exactly what’s going on either…. I mean most of us thought Houston would be good for him…. or that Lakers was going to be good for him and see what happened lol.

    To be honest, I’m still pissed at what happened with the Lakers. Still upset that 3rd stringer PGs are getting big contracts without a blink. And yet if it’s Jeremy, somehow he “deserves” a minimum? How insulting. I think it’s so lame that his “value” was brought so low now. Personally, I’m very discouraged and I’m not sure what kind of good deal he can get at this point… I really hope he will be able to navigate this well and hold his head high….

  976. Very true, but they want their “brothers” to be the stars in China, not an Asian. This way, they still have Asian market in control.

  977. I am browsing bulls forum theirs a beef between drose and butler and noah knees injury is something or serious…….

  978. F’d up but probably true

  979. Totally agree, except “Spurs can only offer minimum”. No such thing, if Spurs want Lin, they will make it happen.

  980. it is an Insult but but Lin wants to play right? Lins been insulted by since back in the day of kid leagues

  981. Jeremy should just wait. He’s the best PG left in the market. Don’t go to Dallas who all the way plans to underpay you, If the team really wants you, the team should go over the cap to pay you. Just don’t go to Dallas. There are still better choices. Just be patient. Today is July 6. There are still lots of time. Go to a team that real wants you; contender or not? Just don’t go to the team who aims to diss you at the beginning.

  982. July 5 here 😀

  983. and the icing is contender

  984. Lin’s business savvy is being called into question based on which agents he hired and how he has dealt with off court adversity. But even if he hired Jay Z or CAA, it probably would be worse actually. So I’ll give Lin a pass.

    Crying because of a DNP CD by Byron, stuff like that sometimes makes you wonder about Lin. ITs nice to be human but that’s a bit soft.

    Playing like a sack of potatoes in gm1 of the NBA season opener is another head scratcher.

    I think the Lakers last season were so close that Clipper game where Lin got fouled by Jordan and it was a offensive foul or some no call. If that was called right, Lakers win and maybe go on a big win streak.

    Lin needs luck more than anything. And to avoid playing like garbage or looking lost on and off the court to maximize his luck.

  985. i know the NBA has it out for Lin because when he started season 2 in Houston, he was averaging like 18.6 ppg on 60% shooting over 20 games and nobody made a peep, not even his own team media.

    The NBA sat silent on it like I’ve never seen before in my life.

    It let me know the NBA had it out for Lin.

    Sure enough his team quickly fazed him out asap when their ordained stars got healthy.

    Pure BS

  986. Jeremy can go anywhere around the world to play basketball? Just don’t play for discount for teams like Dallas and Spurs. Go to a team that real wants you. Don’t go to a team that wants you cheap.

  987. With $25M, nobody should take the insult anymore.

  988. I would rather Lin play overseas that Spurs or Mavericks.

  989. yeah call their bluff and let them sign Barrera to start at PG.

    Mo Will is ok but Lin is better. Even the Mavs know it.

    Lin should take another month to sign for all I care

  990. Why are still here…Jlin doesn’t play for la lakers anymore.

  991. But Lin should never let anyone have him cheap. He has earned $25M. Don’t let people insult your talent, Jeremy!

  992. mavs roster not worth sacrifice for lin

  993. I actually agree with you about the agents he’s hired… there are certain things i also think he should get instead of sticking with people that may not be able to get him what he needs.

    According to many star players/former players I’ve heard from in interviews, agents are the #1 negotiators for you. they are the ones communicating what kind of price/treatment you (as a player) want. So it’s best to get the most savvy and most experienced one.

    I have some concerns about the agents he uses to deal with the team. Look at Parson’s. lol. The coach makes just a comment about his weight and his agent was able to deal with the team and have the coach apologize.

    I don’t know much about his two agents (Tanner and that other guy he always has…?) But He needs someone extremely powerful and in tune with the basketball world who will FIGHT for him.

  994. jL might take longer than dwight howard to make a decision

  995. Agree 100%!

  996. freaking diva

  997. well Yi Jianlian had same agent as Parsons. YI still flamed out haha..maybe only applies to pretty boys and not asian ball players.

  998. Chile bye…smh

  999. nothing to see here

  1000. If the team doesn’t go well in a few seasons, DJ would opt out.

  1001. RESPECT is the word I am thinking of when reading todays posts. Wherever JLin ends up he needs that as much as possible from the his coach and teammates, owner, fan base. Enough of this JLIN is a good person crap (deer in the headlights – Clarkson), we will give you a chance to rebuild your reputation even though we really wanted Beverley (Parsons, MAVS, Knicks) and we want you to take the league minimum (snicker). Lin and his team will have a tough decision – I am sure they are as aware as most of us here that the next move will likely define his NBA career.

    Every step of his basketball career there has been that one person who could see the real talent and wanted/helped him – from the pre highschool days, Palo Alto, Harvard, Dallas Summer league, GSW and the Linsanity Knicks. I want this story to have a great ending whatever it is, because it is a Cinderella story of the lone Asian kid that nobody wanted or believed in. Along the way he has proven himself to be a major league talent and even at a discounted rate fewer and fewer are saying he doesn’t belong in the league. If history is a guide Jeremy will prevail.

    God has blessed and will continue to bless us all.

  1002. please stop with this nonsense talk . So tiring of hearing this ill informed stuff

  1003. Jeremy, go overseas to a team that really wants you. You can preach your gospel worldwide. Don’t go to a team that only wants you cheap.

    Wherever Jeremy goes, he will help the sports in that country there. Go Jeremy, go to Europe, go to China, go to Taiwan; just don’t do to Dallas.

  1004. here comes this crap

  1005. Oh crap not this again

  1006. hahahahhaa

  1007. JL is not going overseas. NBA>overseas

  1008. thats escalated early

  1009. in the NBA, the best players network and build a hierarchy among themselves. Agents can project for you but it’s up to you.

    Lin’s become pushed back down to the bottom. Only he can resolve that. No agent can do the magic.

  1010. lol

  1011. Curry played 15 games in his final year of the contract. His NBA carreer was at risk cause of injuries but he had a decent extension.

    After that, he exploded.

    I’m positive bout Jeremy. We will see.

  1012. fantastic info. this means Lin not likely to sign. best news of the day

  1013. Moderator, please delete the message above. We can agree to disagree but the message above is insulting.

  1014. lol I believe this. They don’t really want Jeremy.

  1015. Fegan is Deron’s agent, isn’t he?

  1016. i think youre right

  1017. politics of NBA

  1018. loll deron williams. Let him go to Mavs. they’ll love him. lololol.

  1019. lol, I was just jk. Did not mean to insult you

  1020. What a coincidence! They can’t pay the Asian guy but can give 20 mln to Williams!

  1021. the level of over dramatic you are is wow. i deleted it. still hahahaha you are funny

  1022. That would mean Nets could sign a PG. Tanner got Young there too. Maybe it was “sign me Young and I’ll let you Jeremy come to you”.

    Who knows?

  1023. I have enough of what happened to Jeremy. My patience is so limited. Any slight provocation will erupt my volcano.

  1024. MAV does not have room to take his contract it seems

  1025. ok I’m sorry i understand just relax man. its negotiations. the first offer is always the worst. trust in lin.

  1026. What? I thought Mav don’t have money?! Can’t believe this.

  1027. buy out

  1028. nope

  1029. nets buyout

  1030. rumor is buyout by nets and sign to mavs

  1031. Wherever Jeremy goes, he would promote basketball there. Go wherever you’re wanted, Jeremy. NBA needs you more than you need NBA.

  1032. Oh….I see

  1033. He wants to play NBA tho….at least that is my impression..

  1034. lin needs to make a choice the longer he takes the more false rumors and ideas thrown out there.

  1035. Trust in Lin. You are right! I get the message. Let bygone be bygone.
    I’m sorry that I overreact. Please forgive me.

  1036. really

  1037. its alright the wait is close to cracking me as well. its taking too long

  1038. Maybe Lin turned Mavs down.

  1039. ohh i see

  1040. Quite possible

  1041. NBA sucks he should go to CBA where he’ll really be appreciated

  1042. the more things unfold your dream might come tru

  1043. hahaha

  1044. Wonder where GSW are in this? They haven’t resigned Barbosa and looking to unload David Lee’s contract. Perhaps that is why he flew home to SFO rather than LAX?

  1045. I wonder if JLin is looking for a shorter term deal (1-2 years) or a longer term deal (3-4 years)

  1046. O not this crap again lol jk

  1047. lin should of had everything planned out. he said he wanted to wait for lma and aldridge the moment the signed he should have a plan depending on their choice. it should be only contract negotiating at this point. pitting teams against each other. the worse part is we get zero rumors or how much lin wants. all we get is a dallas reporter creating the narrative. everything is up to debate right now we have no clue of what the hold up is or whats going on.

  1048. I think Parson doesnt want Jeremy in his team, Jeremy Lin will steal his spotlight away! Just my personal opinion!

  1049. hahahhahah i see what you did there

  1050. 🙂

  1051. 100% agreed. And he has seem first hand what Lin can do

  1052. cuban is a dwill nuthugger eversince

  1053. Think what Jeremy can do to the basketball program there. I agree!
    Jeremy fans who wants to watch Jeremy can buy CBA league pass!

  1054. Ok, I am done with this FA….I will not show up until Lin is signed somewhere. lol

  1055. hahahaha

  1056. Exactly! He is a selfish person, this also my personal own opinion! No matter how good DJ plays, he wont steal Parson’s spotlight! So he convinced him to join Dallas. Of course Parson wants PB to babysit him to pass him the ball, so he helped to recruit PB in the begining, i guess. But Lin?

  1057. ?????
    Wise man!

  1058. Philadelphia has a better roster than the Lakers.

  1059. “What would be smart for Lin is a two-year deal with an opt-out after one. He could ideally show off an improved game — one with fewer turnovers, ideally — and how he helps a contender, then re-enter the free agency market as the cap spike.”

    In other words, get the big payday once the salary cap spikes

  1060. Jlin should start the ABA…hehe

  1061. Lin should play overseas instead!
    Let basketball booms in other countries as well.

  1062. yea ill join you cant do this anymore

  1063. if there were 4 or 5 asian or indian ballers in NBA Lin’s situation with NBA teams and Fans would be so different , he wouldn’t be singled out in a positive or negative way like he is right now in this free agency and in general
    right now the issue is lack of Diversity in the NBA , its the same team in each city same ppl , ASians and Indians sit in the audience section not in the game itself

  1064. If Lin signs for that low, how much Lin’s agent can get out of it.

  1065. I would rather Linsanity go overseas than seeing Lin being paid peanuts to play in NBA.
    Wherever Jeremy Lin goes, basketball will boom.

  1066. what is true is that Lin cannot have it all like big free agents do , he will risk his own health, $ , minutes or reputation somehow , he has to risk or take a chance with some team in the NBA , it’s like 2011-2012

  1067. I would entertain the idea that what will Byron Scott give up for Roy Hibbert who can’t play PnR with D’Angelo Russel. Laker is the biggest loser in the offseason. No free agent wants to play for Byron Scott except Ronnie Price and Wayne Ellington.