Adidas’ Employee of the Year

Photo: Youtube

Lin goes undercover at an Adidas store in Taiwan. Does anyone recognize him?

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  1. 1st…..Title should read….Linployee of the year…

  2. Why was the Lakers jersey blurred out at 1:55?

    At first, I thought it was a competing sponsor, but this is inside the Adidas store.

  3. Not sure, does it has something to do with Nike?

  4. Hmm, here’s my theory: it was Kobe Lakers jersey.

    Apparently, Adidas is the official sponsor for all NBA apparel. . If you buy any jersey from, it will have an Adidas logo, even for Nike-sponsored players like Kobe and LeBron.

    But since Kobe is individually sponsored by Nike, Nike won’t allow his name/jersey to be used in other brands’ ads. Makes sense.

  5. I see…m…this makes sense indeed…

  6. Good one :]

  7. The Adidas ‘Employee’ video has already got about 750,000 views. That’s more than his last video (Lindorsements) has received in about 3 weeks. I won’t be surprised if it passes 1,000,000 views today or tomorrow. I’ve attached a table giving the YouTube views of his videos, as of today.

    By the way, his video shot at Madame Tussaud’s has received more than 4,500,000 views. It’s no wonder that Whistle Stop wanted him to sign with them.

  8. 我是王韋智- Wei-Chih Wang
    (據某Adidas員工說:講真的 他那天的喬裝真的認不出他 還有黏痣什麼的 但是他真的豪可愛歐!!! 我們有很多同事明明站在旁邊還不知道他是書豪)
    LOL Don’t feel so bad now. According to some Adidas workers, JLin’s makeover was really good. They couldn’t even recognized him themselves to work side by side with him.

  9. I know. Just looked at some of his newer ones and they have all exceeded the previous ones within days. That was “Linsanity” itself:o)) I know I know JLin doesn’t like Lin puns.

  10. The guy on this pic tweets this:
    Lance Hardcore @Reptileabirth ·
    I told you fux I was an international superstar in the #adidas #taiwan video with #jeremylin

  11. LOL @psalm234:disqus Need your rescue on this message. Not my fault for this person tweet account has word that needs moderation:o))

  12. I am sure you never Lintended to use one 😛

  13. Lets just hope he won’t Linplode this next game….(shields up)

  14. just curious, are there any other athletes that have popular youtube videos/channels? Not counting their sports highlights videos, I mean youtube videos that they actually produce, talk, or act in.

  15. nice, how did you get this list? did you gather it manually, or is there an automatic way to get it?

  16. Yep, I’m almost certain now. They didn’t blur out Derrick Rose’s jersey… because Rose is sponsored by Adidas.

  17. things I learned:

    Lin prefers soccer over basketball
    His favorite basketball player is Derrick Rose
    He thinks Lin is shoddy bench player that still plays for the Rockets.
    Nobody buys Lin shirts–they can’t even give them away!

  18. Hi real-dsb. … I just copied and pasted the information from Lin’s site into MS Word and did a bit of editing. It took a couple of minutes. Then I formatted the table and did a screen capture to produce the graphic.

  19. I guess you can censor it yourself in the post :] with *** haha..
    The guy is happy with his 15-min of fame

  20. According to the news of Lin joining Whistle SPortNetwork, there is none (that has 400,000 subscribers.)…..

  21. It was professionally done….so…..

  22. One final thing (from me) about Jeremy’s video released today. Look at the “views” for other Adidas videos featuring superstars like Derrick Rose, Damian Lillard, and Dwight Howard. Obviously, this won’t be missed by the higher-ups at Adidas.

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