Can a Lin-less Brooklyn Nets Beat the Charlotte Hornets?


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Brooklyn Nets (2-3) will host Jeremy’s old team, Charlotte Hornets (3-1) without their Top Point Guard, Jeremy Lin.

With the news that Jeremy Lin will be sidelined by the left hamstring injury for two weeks, the Brooklyn Nets has to play Charlotte Hornets being short-handed. The Nets also have the second PG, Vasquez, missing due to ankle injury. If that is not enough, Randy Foye (SG) has missed 5 games due to similar hamstring injury.

What a Lin-less Nets Looks Like: After scoring 71pts in the 1st half of the Pistons game with Lin, the Nets only managed to score 38pts in the 2nd half without him. The Nets scored 38pts in the 1st quarter when Lin played 9 min. The offensive flow and efficiency is just not the same without Lin.

The Nets would have to rely on Isaiah Whitehead, the rookie PG, and Sean Kilpatrick who played PG during the summer league. Kilpatrick would perform the PG role better as Whitehead is not used to the NBA speed up yet, coughing up 5 turnovers in 20 min of plays in the last 2 games. In comparison, Kilpatrick had 1 and 3 TOs in an average of 26min of plays while scoring 13pts and 24pts in the last two games.

It will be a tall order to expect the Nets to beat the Hornets (3-1) being down their Top 2 point guards. But we can expect Lin to mentor Kilpatrick and Whitehead from the sideline and hope for the best that Brook Lopez can repeat similar dominating performance (34pts/8rebs in 29 min) in the Pistons game.


  1. After scoring only 38pts in the 2nd half of Pistons game without JLin, who will be the point guard to manage the offensive flow?
  2. The Nets might have to simplify the game to rely on on Brook Lopez scoring more but it might not be Coach Atkinson’s game plan to overwork Lopez who has plantar fascitis.
  3. The Nets would need a great 3pt shooting performance from Kilpatrick, Brook, Bojan, Harris to have a chance in this game.
  4. Lin might have to dig deep to mentor Kilpatrick and Whitehead to play point guard positions.

Let’s hope and pray the Nets will play gritty basketball together as a team, and finish the game with good health!

Let’s go, JLin and the Nets! 



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