A Case of Frozen Linsanity

For two games in a row in a row after leading the Hornets to a historic win to beat King James and the Cavaliers who after losing 23 straight games in 6 years, Jeremy Lin did not play much time or have enough shots as he did in the previous games.

  • After shooting 7-13 and playing 32 min in the Cavs game to finish with 24pts/8asts, JLin only shot 1-6 and 3-5  (16 and 23 min) in the Heat and Wizards games. He finished the 2 games with 6pts/3asts and 7pts/1ast. Had it not been for JLin’s 2 last clutch shots to produce 5pts to seal the win, JLin would end up with 2pts/asts. Even as he made these clutch shots, JLin’s face stayed stoic and frozen as his PG role has been frozen, especially for the 2nd unit.
  • This was such a stark contrast with his exuberant celebration in the Cavs win

Even his post-game tweets after the Cavs win and Wizards win reflected a different mood

JLin often tweeted Bible verses when he struggled with something. His tweet on contentment and the Lord as the source of joy can be interpreted as a struggle with his quickly diminished role in just 2 games after the huge Cavs win

  • With 2 more games left before the All-Star Break and Feb 18 trade deadline, it would be interesting to observe how JLin’s role might change. Will some Hornets players be showcased more as some players be cold-cased? Will there be any Hornets players to be traded by Feb 18? It might create some anxiety for some Hornets players who want to prove their worth so they won’t get traded

After the trade deadline passes, we can expect the Hornets goal to be focused on the playoff run. But in the next two games, we might expect to see some role changes.


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