A Case of Frozen Linsanity

For two games in a row in a row after leading the Hornets to a historic win to beat King James and the Cavaliers who after losing 23 straight games in 6 years, Jeremy Lin did not play much time or have enough shots as he did in the previous games.

  • After shooting 7-13 and playing 32 min in the Cavs game to finish with 24pts/8asts, JLin only shot 1-6 and 3-5  (16 and 23 min) in the Heat and Wizards games. He finished the 2 games with 6pts/3asts and 7pts/1ast. Had it not been for JLin’s 2 last clutch shots to produce 5pts to seal the win, JLin would end up with 2pts/asts. Even as he made these clutch shots, JLin’s face stayed stoic and frozen as his PG role has been frozen, especially for the 2nd unit.
  • This was such a stark contrast with his exuberant celebration in the Cavs win

Even his post-game tweets after the Cavs win and Wizards win reflected a different mood

JLin often tweeted Bible verses when he struggled with something. His tweet on contentment and the Lord as the source of joy can be interpreted as a struggle with his quickly diminished role in just 2 games after the huge Cavs win

  • With 2 more games left before the All-Star Break and Feb 18 trade deadline, it would be interesting to observe how JLin’s role might change. Will some Hornets players be showcased more as some players be cold-cased? Will there be any Hornets players to be traded by Feb 18? It might create some anxiety for some Hornets players who want to prove their worth so they won’t get traded

After the trade deadline passes, we can expect the Hornets goal to be focused on the playoff run. But in the next two games, we might expect to see some role changes.


Guess JLin's stats in Game 52 vs CHI


  1. Happy CNY !!!

  2. Wishing Linsanity 2.0 this coming New Year! Blessed Always!

  3. Happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrate it.
    Looks like Mama Lin & Baby Lin had a great celebration

  4. Same to you. No celebration for me. Normal workdays here:-)

  5. Jeremy would appreciate my post =)

  6. Happy CNY!
    It’s also Happy SuperBowl in the US 🙂

  7. yes, yes.. The cold shouldn’t bother JLin anyway lol

  8. For those watching Superbowl, who do you have?

    I think Broncos will pull an upset 23-20
    .. or Panthers might have a close win

  9. My team isn’t in it. I would like the Broncos to win because this is Peyton Manning’s last game.

  10. He looked pizzed. Good.

  11. That would be nice if Peyton can win the last one.
    I’ve got a friend who’s a huge Broncos fan so I’ll pull from him.

    But hopefully we have a great game to watch nonetheless

  12. I have to go with the Panthers even though I wish my Falcons were playing.

  13. I’ll root for whoever Jeremy is supporting which probably are the Panthers 😉
    I remember beginning of Linsanity NY won the superbowl so maybe Panthers will win it this time lol.

  14. OLIN!

  15. that shot was for the weird rotation with him in and out. I was pizza’d too.

  16. I don’t know. I soooo dislike Hornets, it makes me wish Panthers lose…

  17. omaha omaha!

  18. Do you feel something wrong with Lin’s nose? It looked not straight.

  19. Nice, i want him to show some fire. the world is watching.

  20. It’s been like that for a few years now. I think he has broken it a few times.

  21. Hope it does not have long term health effect.

  22. I think Panthers is a bit nervous since they’re never been there.

    Let’s see if they can overcome their jitters

  23. I think panthers are going to roll. They looked unstoppable during season.

  24. I think bbal players and other athletes get their noses broken all the time.

  25. I think it maybe it’s just the shape. His conditioning is superb than he can play double OT in 50 min.
    So I don’t think it’s a problem

  26. maybe it will be a great teamball for 3 quarters then closed by a lot of hero-ball lol

  27. I’m calling it Broncos…woohooooo!!!!

  28. Ha a sumptuous meal!!!!Happy CNY!!!!

  29. just like that, Cam got sacked & Broncos got a defensive TD!

  30. terrible call!

  31. They don’t look good so far. They need to get it in gear if they want to stay in this game. Denver has a strong defense.

  32. They did great but two games they gave up big lead.
    If Broncos D can stop Cam, this is going to be close

  33. http://espn.go.com/nfl/game?gameId=400820438

    70% live prediction broncs … wonder if NBA has this.

  34. Go broncos WOHOOOO

  35. JLin keeps cheering for Panthers who’s down 0-10


  36. How is NFL referee? Are they as bad as NBA ref?

  37. they’re okay so far.
    A lot of review and this is the SuperBowl so there’s a lot of scrutiny

  38. 2 terrible calls against carolina…

  39. Who’s Joy Jeng? Is she related to Jlin? It seems like she’s at every game and has all the inside scoop!

  40. Are NFL refs playing politics? Seems like a few pro broncos calls. Want Manning to get that last SB ring? Give him a cushion to work with? I saw 2 horrible calls by the refs against Panthers… Was Jeremy Lin involved in those plays? lol

  41. Panthers playing scared dropping everything.

  42. Talib needs to calm down

  43. meds?

  44. Does Cam newton look tired?

  45. Roid rage

  46. lol

  47. Jones by 61 yds Panthers in trouble

  48. Seems to me like denver should be up by 21 or more…

  49. Football has become such a stupid game, there should be no such thing as a freaking fair catch…you don’t wanna catch it? Then let it go…

  50. no, just a bit nervous, not smiling

  51. It’s gonna be a close game It could be one of the best super bowl game

  52. Wow Allen defense though

  53. the refs saw JLin’s tweet cheering the Panthers lol

  54. True

  55. Football literally has like 1000 freaking rules, it’s god awful to watch

  56. lol

  57. You don’t get excited watching blitz and touch downs.These athletes are also like gladiators man.

  58. She is a fan from Taiwan. She went to several JLin games in the beginning of the season.

  59. Is that a Norse god?

  60. Lin definitely didn’t look too happy..His celebration after these 2 huge basket was a bit muted in compare to the Cavs game, so maybe something is up.

    Maybe Jeremy agent has told him that Hornets are considering trading him and this is why he’s a bit stoic faced.

    I personally wouldn’t mind Lin getting traded..As long as it’s a team that is in contention for the play-off and is willing to let him play his game which is PnR PG.

    Which team do you think would be best for Lin if he’s traded?…Bulls, Mavs, Jazz?

  61. I saw Panthers team bus near 11:00 am on highway 101…. Really don’t know anything about this team. LOL!

  62. Or maybe he knows Kemba is being traded and has mixed feelings about causing his friend to be traded.

  63. You believe your statement? I am not sure that KW is leaving.

  64. Wishful thinking. walker is smiling throughout the games… i think walker wants JLin out… so he can continue in mediocrity in charlotte… lol

  65. Yeah, I also doubt that Kemba will be traded…I frankly don’t see which team would want an under-sized shoot-first PG who doesn’t create enough assist…So even with the 20ppg stats, I’m not sure Kemba is a highly regarded commodity around the league.

    Kemba size hurts you defensively and his shoot-first mentality could annoy other players on the team..Which team would be able to fit kemba into their system?…I doubt Jazz would want Kemba.

  66. Does anyone know when the next jlin game is?

  67. I’m not sure. She might have connection to reporters
    It used to be LibraFree but not anymore

  68. Monday (at home) versus the Bulls and Wednesday (away) versus the Pacers. Then the All Star break.

  69. Thanks!

  70. I also honestly believe the Hornets will try for 2 more games to see if any teams would bite on Kemba but noone will give equal values so they will stay put.

    I’m prepared to simply root for JLin to have more consistent role in the Hornets for the playoff push.
    A 2nd round appearance might increase JLin’s values to get 2-3 starting PG offer.
    That would be a best-scenario IMO

  71. Things don’t look good for the Panthers.
    The Crying MJ meme with Cam’s dabbing has appeared
    7-16 in the 3rd quarter now


  72. What makes you believe Hornets are even considering trading Kemba?….Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to see it for the sake of seeing Lin get that starting PG spot, but I frankly don’t understand why some Lin fan are getting their hopes up on this.

    The reason why Kemba is playing so much minutes is probably because
    1)They wanted him to be an All-Star..Hornets hasn’t had an All-Star player in a long time.
    2)Clifford is conservative and prefer a conservative PG like Kemba who won’t try to make difficult pass that could be a turn-over…He also prefer Kemba’s ball-handling than Lin.

    I just don’t believe in the theory that Clifford is playing him so much to showcase him for a trade.

    The Buck twitter account which suggested a trade was in the work has already been proven to be a fraud…A buck fan came on the Hornet fan website and pointed out that this guy had already made a bunches of fake trade rumors stories that never happened, so he shouldn’t’ be taken seriously.

    Also, why in the world would Jason Kidd want an under-sized shoot-first PG?…Jason Kidd love length and size at the PG position…He also wouldn’t like a PG who only shoots since Kidd himself was a pass-first PG…Kemba would be the last PG on his mind to trade for,

  73. Carolina’s offense stopped by Denver’s defense. Manning didn’t win this with his arm, his defense won this.

  74. I strongly doubt Kemba will be traded or Hornets are even considering it. I don’t know who the Hornets would trade, but I see Kemba, Batum and MKG as 3 players they wouldn’t trade. I guess if they thought Batum wouldn’t sign they might but there’s too much of Batum as center to the team to trade him now and risk getting to the playoffs as possible. I’m not sure about Lin, he seems pretty valuable too. He’s proven that injuries to Kemba and Batum and he can fill in their place well.

  75. One thing’s for sure, Pete will surely miss Jeremy if he moves on to another team next season.

  76. Woohoo broncos.

  77. Cam newton is such cry baby. Did you see he rolls on the ground?

  78. Lin has to sign with a team that contractually makes him the irreplaceable starting PG guaranteed with ave 30mins, close out games, etc. If no teams give him that contract then he just don’t sign up as a backup, low salary contract, go practise his new shooting form till he drops, daily until he has the said terms fulfilled.

  79. yeah, that’s Eli being excited. Actually, Eli is really clutch.

  80. The moment you realize you lost the bragging rights of winning more SuperBowl than your older brother LOL

  81. He’ll have more chances. I think Eli is a better, big-game QB even though Peyton is the better QB.

  82. There is NO SUCH THING in the NBA.

  83. Maybe Lin should have been in the NFL…

  84. I think you’re right.

  85. I KNOW I’m right.

    not a slam against you.

  86. If anything, I think Lin is more likely to be the trade bait…He has a player-option for next year and my guess is he opts-out…..Charlotte may not want to put more money at the PG position since they also have 13Million locked into Kemba Walker at PG..Giving Lin 5-7M may not be the best way to spread your money by position.

    Clifford brought Lin back in the final minutes yesterday, eventhough he wasn’t having a good game…So maybe the Hornets are showcasing Lin so they can trade him.

    I also noticed Clifford prefer Lin at the shooting-guard position instead of the PG…Maybe their intention is to pump up Lin PPG so he can be more attractive to be traded.

    I could see a playoff team like the Bulls who have problem at the guard position, trade for Lin…Lin has also proven he can play 2 position.

    Rose is clearly no-longer an All-Star and he’s injury-prone, so you never know with him…Hoiberg doesn’t seem like he’s a fan of Aaron Brooks….And Jimmy Butler just got hurt, although I’m hearing it’s not serious.

    A Rose, Lin, Butler, Gibson, Gasol starting-5, would look nice.

    I would prefer Lin at PG, but I doubt that’s possible with Rose still on the team.

    Maybe a 3way team trade that sends Rose to Charlotte, Kemba to some other team and Lin to the Bulls…That’d be a dream scenario.

  87. Eli is definitely more clutch. Peyton often faltered in the playoff
    But it’s a good bookend of his career if he retires soon

  88. I knew you were right, lol.

  89. Absolutely. I hope he retires. I think he has nothing left in the tank. Defense won that game, not Peyton’s arm.

  90. I highly doubt he’s being traded. As an expiring, he doesn’t have much value (he’ll 100% opt out) and despite his mistreatment, it’s clear that CHA knows how important he is.

    That’s what makes this situation so awful. He’s clearly better than Kemba, so they have to suppress his minutes and touches to make Kemba shine. Look at last game. It was Lin — not Kemba — who got and hit the clutch shots to win.

    The question is whether they’re showcasing Kemba for a trade OR simply trying to please their “star.” Judging by Lin’s emotions and Bible tweet, I think it’s the latter. Ugh. Scrubs like Kemba need saving by Lin, but they still get their empty, low% stats to make them look good.

  91. I’ve long believed that Jeremy would have been a fantastic QB. Ideal height, strength, mobility and vision. He already excels at “Hail Mary” passes in transition. His style would have been like Brett Farve — lots of yards, lots of TDs, lots of INTs, lots of wins.

  92. yes.. Peyton doesn’t have anything left.
    Broncos D was simply too much too overcome for Cam and the Panthers.
    Boring game offensively but defense win championships for sure.

  93. That’s the thing, Lin is valuable. Batum looks a little fragile that Lin could always play for when he’s out. Lin is way cheap, why deal him when you may lose him anyway? If they aren’t getting anything close to Lin in return at similar value it would make no sense for the Hornets to trade him. And I don’t see anything Chicago has that could replace Lin.

  94. Peyton is a good guy.
    He made history as the 1st QB to win 2 SuperBowls with different teams as the starting QB

  95. I didn’t see the game we got back to back trauma ….hard to be an ER nurse,sometimes you missed all the fun stuff.But Psalm we won…woohoooo!!!

  96. I like Manning so glad they won!!!

  97. Only “guarantee” would be MDA as coach. Even then, it would have to be in Brooklyn because Philly might try to draft a PG like Kris Dunn.

  98. Doesn’t tom brady have 2 rings as well

  99. Nevermind, with different teams i see

  100. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s the opposite — instead of being traded, Kemba is staying. Which means more chucking for Kemba’s stats and Lin doing the dirty work to win while keeping his value low.

    I hope I’m wrong and something goes down before the trade deadline. Maybe Bucks or Utah decide they need a new PG and overpay for chucker Kemba.

  101. yeah, I updated it late so Disqus needs refresh :]

  102. oh, take care there. you got an important job!
    Don’t scream to celebrate too much there lol

  103. I wish Lin could decide to retire from the NBA after 4 horrible seasons that’s filled with lies, jealousy mistreatment by his former teq me. Travel the world and expose the racism, many dark sides of the NBA via his Christianity work. The longer Lin plays a scrub who repeatedly saves his ungrateful, crooked teams, the more distant Linsanity drifts from us. I want Linsanity Forever!

  104. Lin for E’Twaun Moore.

    Maybe Charlotte wants to get some assets instead of watching Lin walk for nothing…Clifford also like Brian Roberts at PG, so losing Lin may be acceptable, specially when Kemba plays 35mpg and MKG is back.

    Moore is a young player with some potential, so he could be a nice guy to get in return of Lin who will leave and demand around 5-8M a year…Moore would be cheaper to re-sign.

  105. Why is Peyton Manning advertising Budweiser?…Is that even legal for him to give an endorsement on live television like that?

    That was clearly a sneaky way to give Budweiser some free promotion…My guess is he got paid to say this by Budweiser..

  106. For different teams.

  107. I am not really buying into the Kemba will be traded theory. If anything I believe Lin has made it clear that he won’t exercise his player option until the end of the season. Hornets have probably written him off long term.

  108. Linsanity is not his only story. The longer he plays, the more he breaks down stereotypes and barriers for every young person who pursues their dreams. Having said that, if he retires tomorrow, so long as he is happy, he has done enough.

    I personally am not just a fan of Linsanity. I am a fan of Jeremy Lin, whatever he is now and what he becomes in the future.

  109. Everytime Jlin get marginalized for the past two games with his playing time and his role…..I go back to watch the cavs game to make sure I wasn’t dreaming up the Jlin that destroyed le Bron and the cavs….. thank God I got league pass….hehe

  110. I agree. Should retire at high note. Don’t be like Kobe.

  111. It ain’t too late lol

  112. Don’t know much about football, just seeing the Panther player 74 keeps missing his assignment an getting the QB sacked by players on Bronco.

  113. I decided to support Broncos after Clifford sent Lin back to the bench. I was so enjoying watching the super bowl!

  114. Gong Xi Fa Cai / Kong Hee Fatt Choy…Folks!

  115. It only means Lin would get less minutes. No fun to watch.

  116. They are going to celebrate Chinese New Year tomorrow at the game. Please play Lin more 🙂

  117. Wow can’t believe that reaction… not cool.

  118. If they do that they will lose.

  119. How does Butler being out mean Lin gets more minutes. If anything, no reason to bring in MKG to defend him and Lin plays more.

  120. Tomorrow’s game will be the last of a 7-game road trip for the Bulls. They beat the Lakers and Sacramento, losing to everyone else.

    Jan 28 — LA Lakers
    Jan 31 — LA Clippers
    Feb 1 — Utah
    Feb 3 — Sacramento
    Feb 5 — Denver
    Feb 6 — Minnesota
    Feb 8 — Charlotte

  121. You can see JLin’s chart of pts/asts/reb production.
    We can see the uptick then drop after his ankle injury happened on Dec 28 Lakers game


  122. Evens out because Lin’s probably not playing either. Lol

  123. Lol, I still go back to Knick’Linsanity games.

  124. And Jeremy can accelerate fast if there are no options for passing.

  125. same here

  126. Not sure Manning is a classy guy any more, after reading wiki about Manning. More like a jxrk if what wiki said is true.

  127. hahaha same here. I watch those games at least once a year.

  128. Lin should have played tennis, IMO. He doesn’t need teammates. He just needs to win. He’s got the brain and clutch for the big moments. He’s got world class speed and footwork. He’s got size and strength. Too bad he didn’t have the love to spend the 10,000 hours on the court.

  129. Brothers and sisters. At the end of the day MJ is a minority partner of Phil Knight Nike. this goes much bigger than Clifford the NBA coach or Rich Cho GM level.
    Kemba was Under Armour before Lin joined da Hornets. He can’t forcast the business side of Jordan brand and Kemba as an outsider.
    MJ role at Nike is Chief Marketing Officer/ President of Air Jordan Basketball Shoes and Kemba grew up and reps Harlem Bronx Markting Partner and Very Important this year
    Nike Execs and Phil Knight care about Nike/jumpman market share in NYC and in China
    That’s their core business
    FYI Nike is a Global Fortune top 50 company and Jordan brand valuation is in multi billion dollars

  130. they have a lot of injury, and not sure whether Butler will be back or not. Definitely a winnable game, really depends on whether Hornets want that game or not,

  131. China sites mentioned that CCTV has spent big money to broadcast Hornets games, and saw Kemba/Batum b2b statpad for showcasing purposes during CNY Eve. Needless to say, CCTV is P I S S E D because viewer rating went straight into the gutters. MJ and/or Silver may get a call or two. The Bulls game, landing square on CNY day, will be interesting to watch, as it would show what happened after the Jeremy cold-casing.

  132. Silver really needs to step in and “encourage” Colangelo and MDA to sign Jeremy as the franchise PG

  133. He is 39 and won another SuperBowl cut him some slack lol

  134. Chill he’s doing just fine

  135. Eli has 2 too lol but not nearly as good as Peyton

  136. China will not care Kemba or Batum after Lin out of Hornets. No more next year. smh!

  137. Kurt Warner deserved to the be the first, too bad his Cardinals defense sucked…

  138. China does not care about Kemba or Batum right NOW, they only care about the audience, who want to watch Jeremy school every other team like he did the Cavs. Goes without saying that Hornets are NOTHING to China if and when Jeremy leaves.

  139. It’s true. Hornets didn’t have lots of fans in China before Lin joined them… Right now they care about Hornets only bc Lin. Soon nobody will care about Hornets anymore….

  140. Hornets didn’t have lots of fans in the U.S. (other than NC) before Lin joined them, much less in China. Why would any fan not in Charlotte care about a team that had 23 and 18 game losing streak in back to back years? Sixers are tanking too but at least it’s a much bigger city and the team had history, Charlotte got stinking Bobcats and Kemba ISO. ISO fans can their fix on aging Kobe, Melo, Harden, Irving and many other much superior ISO players. Kemba’s toxic ISO got NOTHING to offer fans, team play or otherwise.

  141. Oh~Money~Money~Money~yesss!

  142. Peyton Is an investor in Budweiser

  143. The guy is a freaking liar, I seriously doubt he’s gonna spend the night drinking lots of beer, specifically Budweiser

  144. That would be great. Pull their $$$ immediately. Enough of this garbage loserball. Kemba and Clifford are trash year after year. Let a quality player lead the team for once.

  145. That would seriously be great for NBA business — an instant financial fix for Brooklyn (in addition to winning basketball).

  146. If Charlotte beats an injured Bulls team missing their best player, Clifford and Kemba will brag about how amazing Walker and Batum are, beating an “incredible Bulls team.” Hornets are bad enough to lose via Kemba, but Lin should tank the game just in case.

  147. China may have MJ by the ears as someone counted at least three Chinese sponsors at Hornets home court. Additionally, Taiwan’s Maxxis tires are well-known long-term Lin supporters. Throw in broadcasting right purchases and Jordan brand in China, and we’re talking about figures WELL ABOVE Kemba’s 12M/yr.

    Jeremy staying in CHA long term as starting PG could rake in SO MUCH MONEY that MJ would still be ahead even if he bought out Kemba’s remaining contract. That being said, such move would taint Jeremy’s reputation as “the guy who ran Kemba out of his own team through ethinicity-based economics” rather than the “stellar PG who simply outplayed Kemba in teamball”.

  148. Bulls game lands squarely on CNY. Hornets would be prudent to go easy on the Jeremy cold-casing, at least for this one particular game, if they cared at all about continuing their presence in China.

  149. Lin has single-handedly put Charlotte on the map.

  150. Ye of little faith. Jeremy has gone, despite ALL adversity, from being viewed as scrub who doesn’t belong in the league to a reasonable contender in the 6th MOY, even in the eyes of casual haters. Battles may have been lost along the way, but Jeremy’s saga is a marathon, not a sprint race.

  151. Just means Derrick Rose will go MJ on Kemba, who is too small to stop him.

  152. This is almost the perfect situation to ice out JLin for Batum and Walker to shine. However teams like this will always play surprisingly well to make up for the loss of their superstar. In for a surprise for Clifford and the FO.

  153. Not only China, all the world not many fans care about Kemba & Batum.

  154. Stubborn Aho will still stick to their racism and play the Walker ISO. I feel fine with Batum passing the ball around but Walker recently has really pissed me off with his ISO scoring spree. It’s almost as bad as Harden’s frolic with the whole team watching. Just like Kobe taking 30 shots in a game. You can of course still win the game against weaklings in the league.
    There is actually no super star in this Hornets team. Don’t you dare to prove us wrong.
    Of course, you can offer players max contract but still that doesn’t make them super star.
    Batum used to be nth option in the Portland team.
    Walker used to be 3rd class PG.
    Don’t tell me that they have improved suddenly to elite level.
    Walker <<<<< John Wall
    Batum aint LeBron.
    You may allow them to take 30 shots but they just wouldn't be at elite level.
    All of a sudden those stars start badmouthing fans.
    Mind you, fans know who has given us the best effort every night. They paid for everything. Crazy big heads like IT telling us fans are crazy. No they aren't. At least they aren't crazy enough to vote IT in as All-star who is simply lucky to be there. Walker is no all-star and It aint gonna happen.

  155. I’m pretty sure CCTV would rather broadcast the Lakers @ Pacers game because Kobe. If that game is a blowout, which it probably will be, then CCTV might switch over to the Bulls vs. Hornets game.

  156. If it came down to ISOs, Kobe wins hands down over Kemba. After all, a$$h*l* or not, Kobe has five rings. Kemba only has 18L and 23L to boot, not even the longest losing streak record (Top 4 split between Cavs and Sixers)! LOL

  157. Since Hornets recall Aaron, there may be some changing of guards. Robert, Daniel even PJ don’t even have PT now, why need one more?


  158. Take a guess on who’s leaving. Kemba, Batum, Lin, or any combination of two.

    Hint: Who was being showcased, and who was kept on deep freeze?

  159. lol kemba is too small to stop anyone, even smaller guys! he’s that bad

  160. probably gonna be Lin cus clifford/MJ loves Lamb and PJ and they’re not gonna mess with the starting lineup. Lin gets freed! #freeLin!

  161. Cho and MJ were euphorically high after the Cavs win. Hard to imagine both of them being closet masochists who hate to win over top EC team and/or gluttons for ISO loss punishment.

    Somebody leaves as long as CHA can find a taker desperate or silly enough.

  162. Nothing gives me more pleasure than seeing Kobe’s and Melo’s team missing the playoff again. I’ll be overjoyed if the Rockets got kicked out of the playoff race by Portland and Utah. For some unknown reason, Portland has played extremely well and Utah is catching up.

    The most disappointing team to me is the Minnesota Timberwolves; they have talents but they just couldn’t pull together. It’s time for them to fire their GM and coaches.

    Brooklyn Nets is a very interesting team without draft choices. They need to look at the free agent market and start shopping for affordable talents instead of super stars. All they need is JLin and MDA to turn them around to the winning column. If you couldn’t beat out James Dolan and his team, you shouldn’t stay in the basketball business.

  163. The D league has no games for awhile I think and Harrison is a great practice team mate.

  164. everyone wants to win but as we’ve seen so often in this league, FO cares a lot about who gets you the win

  165. I see no sign of him being anything. Maybe Hairston is a better investment.

  166. Clifford might just give Lin 15 minutes or less.

  167. Ya! It’s a little bit weird why needs him? Even Daniels didn’t have any good min after that big shot vs King….

  168. To be honest I thought both Hairston and Harrison were gonna be cut after preseason, and two other guys would’ve stayed.

  169. Well if Lin leaves for somewhere who will let him play his game as PG with more complementary pieces and a smart coach I think it will be better.

  170. Thank you, just found D-league won’t play until Feb. 19.

  171. What playoff teams could be looking for help at the PG position due to injury or under-performance of current backcourt that would be willing to have Lin short term to help their playoff aspirations?

    New York
    San Antonio

    Brooklyn and Phili also need an upgrade at PG but are out of playoff picture and would assume just pick someone up in FA rather than trade assets for one now.

  172. nothing would give me more pleasure than to see kobe’s face get smashed in by a defender who isn’t called for a flagrant foul

  173. If you’re thinking starting PG, I say New York and Miwaukee. Lin is better than Calderon and Michael Carter-Williams.
    Chicago Lin will not start over Derek Rose.
    San Antonio Lin will not start over Tony Parker.
    Dallas 50/50 they might let Lin start over Deron Williams.
    Houston No Way!

  174. If Utah is stupid enough to trade Hayward for Kemba+pick leaving Lin as starting PG in CHA, it’ be my best CNY lucky money (紅包/red pocket) EVAH! I swear I’d smile in my sleep.

    And CHA would have a chance to get to ECF.

  175. It not everyday that I agree with EVERY point you have in a post, but this is one of those gems. 🙂

  176. Lin should stay in charlotte for the remainder of the season no doubt. But if he can find a team thats giving him a starting spot by all means he should take it.

  177. I agree in principle, but will reserve judgment on Clifford’s abilities until if and when he is allowed to coach Kemba-free.

  178. Danny Green has had a really off year so far.

  179. They will still use Lin like a helper to make Kemba shine. Same old style of play. Unless Kemba or Batum is injured, even if Clifford give Lin minutes, don’t expect Lin to shoot a lot. Lin will be doing again a lot of defense, running around chasing guards and other players and stay in the corner hoping and wishing somebody will pass the ball. The last game against the wiz are I really hope Lin did not bail them out or it would be another loss. If somebody did not watch the game like most people and just check on the stats, you would think Lin is shooting poorly or not doing well. it’s just the way Clifford misuse Lins strengths in the game. So frustrating ?

  180. Some of these team are probably already out of the playoff race…Milwaukee and Knicks are a bit too far off now.

    Chicago, Dallas and Houston would probably be the 3 team that fits..althought I doubt Lin would want to go back to Houston…

  181. Dallas had too many PGs as it is – Williams, Felton, Barea. I really don’t think Jeremy will be traded but the most viable one is probably Chicago although Cha is unlikely to deal to East rival, I would think.

  182. houston will never take back lin (morey)
    san antonio has tony parker and patty mills who have been wonderful for them
    new york will never take back lin (dolan)
    chicago depends on what they do with rose when his contract expires

    always thought lin would’ve fit well with dallas with the top 3 NBA coach rick carlisle, ever so often injured deron williams, and former teammate c.parson, who always likes to make cuts. if they can get a stable center to do pick and roll, that would be the best place imho. mark cuban’s been wanting lin on the team for very long time and i thought for sure lin was going to dallas during the whole deandre jordan fiasco.

  183. Just wondering, people will buy Nike shoes because of …. Walker?

  184. i agree, if timberwolves cant get themselves to 0.5 by next season, coach needs to be fired. you have a potential hall of famer-caliber talent in towns, who is already a top 5 center in the league, wiggins who has potential of all star talent, ricky rubio who is a great passer and hustles on d, lavine who is hella athletic and can be an x-factor, and kevin martin who used to be a baller… not to mention kevin garnett who has been mentoring the rookies hard.

  185. Kemba is staying. This team invested too much on him. Meanwhile Lin is a one year rental, the reason why they give him the second year player option. They don’t consider him as a starter no matter how he proved to everybody in this team.

  186. Unless somebody is injured among the starters or the so called face of the franchise, Lin is not a starter in the eyes of this franchise. Lin is always a back up to them. Lin is just a helper to the stars to them. He can shine once in a while but they will have to suppress that in favor of their stars

  187. williams is always injured and lin is a superior upgrade to fatone and barea.

  188. True. Kemba is staying in Charlotte. I don’t want Lin staying in this franchise. He deserves a much better treatment from a smart coach and a supportive FO and team mates.

  189. If there is a team that could trade for Jeremy now, they’re the Nets. They haven’t got a pick, don’t have a fanbase etc etc.

    Sixers can land Dunn as PG in the draft if they fall off the top 3 and go after Barnes in free agency.

    Apart the Nets, no other team would trade for Jeremy or have the right assetts to do that.

  190. Are you familiar with this weak “defense”? I found the similarity where how Kemba plays his defense most of time.

  191. most probably based on asg ballot results.

  192. What kind of coach would leave their best player on the bench until 3 minutes left in the game? Mchale did it to try to win without Lin. Once Lin establishes the lead, he’d yank Lin to put in his designated stars to take the glory. That’s how Houston lost game 6 of the playoff serie with the Blazers.

    Lin was kept out of the game against the Cavs in the forth till very late. That was a real head scratcher. IMO, Cliff was hoping the bench could carry the lead to the end of the game and win without Lin who already had 18/8 by then. Once Lin was put in, he manage to stabilize the panic on the floor by 2 FTs. Then took over like an alpha with 2 drive and pops while defending well on D.

    The Mchale handbook on how to suppress linsanity is tried and true. It has artificially suporessed Lin’s ability to score by making him limited on offence. Lin is used off ball on the weak side corner as a bailout and spacer for the designated stars. Clifford is following that playbook now. Cliff lost the game to the Heat when he stomped on Lin’s heart and killed his mind. Then Clifford made it impossible for him to work when the bench refused to allow him to lead. Clifford again tried to limit Lin’s role in the Wizards game until he became desperate for a win. Lin’s was pissed, his demeaner and stone cold expression said everything. With 3 minutes left Lin was finally put in, just like the Cavs game to stabilize the team and help push the team ahead for a win.

    Lin is too valuable to the Hornets to trade him away. Lin is the “Lin express” when needed, the “master of chaos” when defences needed to be broken down, and Lin is the ultimate ” fixer” to clean up the mess for the stars ( just like the Clooney movie now out ). All this for a measly 2 mil, what a bargain.

  193. it was until 25 seconds left in the game in Miami game and they lost. This time, Clifford got “smarter” and gave lin 3 mins, and they won. Next game, he will either cut or add Lin’s minutes depend on how closed is the game toward to the end.

  194. Knicks fired fisher…fire Phil and trade melo for ?
    Then bring colangelo + MDA + Lin
    But not realistic now..

  195. Chris Martin Palmer
    Chris Martin Palmer – Verified account ‏@ChrisPalmerNBA

    Now if the Knicks trade Melo for Blake that’s a hell of a week.

    Lin and Blake pick and roll will be really good..

  196. I had wondered the same thing during the Cav game..Why it took Clifford so long to re-install Lin back into the game…We all know if it was Walker, he’d be on very early.

    Clifford also praised Brian Robert during that game which was weird since it was Lin who had the biggest impact on this game.

  197. In the Wiz game, Cliff took Lin out for MKG @ 1:25 min, for “defense” reason after Lin just made the layup for 2pts to allow Hornets 3pts lead (101-98), but Hornets quickly got scored on by Beal which brought the lead down to 1pt (101-100). Cliff then got panicked & returned Lin to the floor, then Lin hit that 3pts dagger in the corner (104-100) @ 29.3 sec left. This 3ptr demoralized the Wiz so they had to play catch up in the final seconds of the game. That was the last array of hope that I had for Cliff to be a fair Coach, but after he played the “blame game” in MIA post game and now this erratic substitution, Cliff is now acting like McHale and BS. No doubt about it. I say it again, Lin is being used and abused.

  198. Yeah, Dolan will have to go before that happens.

  199. Yet, NOT a peep of mention nor praise from Cliff in his post game for Lin’s 5pts in crunch time (layup-2pts & corner 3-3pts), knowing that Lin had been sitting quite a long time on the bench and returned to the game cold. Imagine, if Lin couldn’t/didn’t score, we might have heard another “blame game” after the Wiz game…

  200. 4 years after Lin left NY, Knicks has never improved its games and its pg positions. I hope they gets Rose and Bulls gets Lin.

  201. I cannot imagine if any other team could use Kemba as their starting pg – Can you name one?

  202. take a guess who could be the next soon?

  203. Really record high for firing coach this season.

  204. BS

  205. the Charmin coach?

  206. it would be interesting if all Lin’s former and current coaches are fired in the same year except MDA got rehired.

  207. My city’s basketball is melting down. Nets and Knicks both fire coaches. Knicks have collapsed but it may not be Fisher’s fault. No stability on each squad even though Phil Jackson is GM for the Knicks.

  208. as associate coach, not head coach.

  209. wasn’t following Knicks, why they start to lose? I thought they like their new rookie.

  210. short ISO player with extreme weak defense, i doubt it.

  211. Because he is not Lin . LOL He is a good player but he can not carry the team to playoff like Lin.

  212. Next steps for Knicks – fire GM Jackson and buyout for Melo.

  213. And yet B Scott is still coaching. There is no explanation for that.

  214. Porzingis is very good and will be the face of the franchise in the future but they lack a lot of pieces. And Derek Fisher couldn’t find any answers. They are way out of the playoff race now. I think they’ve lost 8 or 9 in a row, I don’t watch most of their games.

  215. Kemba would be a hot backup guard on most NBA teams. He is no different than Aaron Brooks for the Bulls.

  216. Yes. Totally agree. It’s a joke.

  217. Irving can guard Kemba. Kemba can guard ? nobody.

  218. Melo has killed more people with the Knicks than Uma Thurman in Kill Bill

  219. LOL

  220. I don’t believe Melo was a big influence , or any at all, in this firing.

  221. Steve Kerr was so smart to reject Phil Jackson’s offer and now is coaching Warriors for the 2rd rings.

  222. There is, BScott is the tank commander 🙂

  223. Ya, it was a smart decision. He looked at the roster and organization and peaced out haha

  224. there is no way Kerr can curb Melo’s ego.

  225. wow….didnt see that coming

  226. Not sure if this is posted. But this is a very interesting analysis about the 2 point play by Lin when the game was on the line with Hornets led 99:98 against Wizard.

    At the video 0:24, you can see Batum got the ball from Williams and asked Kemba to take over the ball. But Kemba was reluctant to take another loss on his shoulder. Batum had no choice but drive. Just see the reflection of Clifford at 0:34 on the interaction between Batum and Kemba. It was like a revulsive look.

    If this interpretation approaches closely what really happened on the court, the last play of the 3pt dagger by Lin could be the play designed for Lin.

    Again, anybody can read it differently, but it is interesting to see the dynamic on the court.

  227. That is sooo true. Warner & Fitz got robbed of the SuperBowl because of the non-existent defense.

  228. Irving’s defense is terrible. The NBA likes shoot-first, athletic, fancy-handling PGs now. You can believe me or not. But Kemba scoring 40 and 50 points and scoring 30 plus so often is something they’d love to show off. Scoring a lot of points and playing bad defense is fine to most organizations at the PG spot in today’s NBA.

  229. “coach really trust jeremy lin” betch jeremy wasnt even part of the play until the play BROKE!

  230. fisher was not ready for coaching; however, the knicks’s roster is NOT built for winning.

  231. knicks team composition is a mess. calderon is a husk of his former self, can’t play defense to save his life. affalo is hot and cold, but usually cold. porzingis is great but only so much a rook can do. all melo can do is volume shoot and recently he has been cold, not to mention his chronic knee problem keeps him off the court (coincidentally when they play top teams). other players on the roster are fringe d-league players who arent worth a dime to anyone else.

  232. byron has until all star break apparently to prove himself

  233. a lot of players actually regard kemba as a top 5 players when it comes to handles.

  234. But Melo’s killcount doesn’t exceed Lin’s killcount.

  235. amen to that brother. dolan burned that bridge for both MDA and lin long ago.

  236. Oh yes. COACH KILLA!! ?

  237. NYK and BKN both lack a REAL point guard.

    Any franchise that thinks Jose Calderon and Jarrett Jack are better than Lin, those franchises deserve to lose.

  238. which is why he immediately took out jeremy after that play, huh. for defense, huh. because walker was locking down wall, huh.

    wall demoralized kemba into not even wanting to chuck shots

  239. melo is a freaking diva and fat. you look at guy like lebron who melo was suppose to be on equal level when it came to talent, but this guy can’t even take his team to the playoffs and he’s suppose to be a SUPER STAR? how many good players has melo ran off on that knicks team?

  240. The hateful racist NY media keeps spinning that “Porzingis is better than Lin”.

    But after two double doses of Linsanity as well as Porzingis’s own oncourt struggles amidst the unending losing, the NY media is saving its racist insults against Lin for the future when a new nonAsian “star” joins the Knicks.

    Every year, the NY media pulls this racist crap against Lin. One year it’s Raymond Felton, the next year it’s NOBODY because the Knicks sucked so bad (but they trashed Lin anyway), last season it was Shane Larkin, and this year it’s Porzingis.

  241. No he didn’t ask kemba to take the ball. That was a waive off to Kemba because Batum wanted to drive to the rim but eventually made almost desperate bad pass to Zeller. Cliff Checked the clock and was ok with Batum. None were designed shot for lin. Lin just bailed them out with bad coaching.

  242. Lin RAN THE PLAY.

    Walker abandoned it, Batum botched it.

    Zeller tried to run the play too. It went smoothly with Lin.

  243. Batum waived off Kemba to tell him to stay there space out.

    Lin picked up the ball from almost turnover from Batum bad pass. Zeller was trapped

  244. Walker refuses to run the play, so Lin gets punished for actually running the play.

    We GIT how it works with Clifford.

  245. Kemba was in the wrong spot to begin with, nor was Kemba cutting to the corner like he was supposed to be doing.

  246. Brooks can actually play.

    Kemba Walker cannot.

  247. It was a tip out offensive rebound, not an offensive play, otherwise Kemba would have had the ball up.

  248. I actually think Batum’s pass was for Lin, but Zeller somehow intercepted it. That’s why it was a bit high there. Good Zeller secured it, otherwise it will be a TO, very dangerous. I remember Asik used to intercept that kind of pass from Lin to Parsons before

    See at 2:26, after that shot, a timeout was called, Lin get in the huddle, and coach pointed MKG and Lin to switch right away. I’m pretty sure Lin was pretty disappointed that he got sub out right away, thus he go to get water, just a way to calm himself down there. Yeah, that’s a big shot, and he got immediately sub out, won’t feel good.

    But might feel better after get back in for that three though.

  249. Doesn’t matter.

    Lin ran the exact same play on the other side of the court EXACTLY the way it was supposed to be run by Walker and Batum.

  250. Porzingis is WILDLY OVERRATED.

    The only reason he’s got so much adoration from the NY media is because he’s viewed as the NONASIAN SAVIOR who’s going to repel the DRAGON CURSE OF LINSANITY.

    but it takes much more than hype to repel Linsanity.

    gotta PRODUCE on the court.

  251. see at 0:32, Batum’s facial expression…… he was rolling his eyes

  252. That is corner stand by.

  253. Yes, but Walker WOULD NOT MOVE.


  254. I have no doubt that this could be the worst season (as GS and MP) for Lin except the first half season in Lakers. Although he has improved his skills, and proved he could make his teammates and team better, he still got reduced role and minutes after leading biggest win this season. Do not say Lin is happy with Hornets. His expression after big shots in Wizards game and his tweet after Miami game might have shown his frustrations and disappointments with Hornets.

  255. He wanted Williams to get the 2 since he was close to the basket. Things went to Jeremy then who made a crucial drive.

    No coach has drawn this play, no players had guts to take that shot. Apart Jeremy.

  256. I think after Marvin got that rebound, both Kemba and Batum were open, and Marvin pass it to Batum, Kemba might not be happy there.

  257. Lin’s being PHASED OUT.

    Every year, this happens.

    Once the Hornets fall out of playoff contention, then the DNPs will start.

    The Hornets are trying to send a message to Lin that they don’t want him to renew his $2 million player option.

  258. THAT is something I agree with.

  259. I wish Lin would not be too nice and finish (waste) the rest of season. Just buyout himself and he could help Bulls to make the playoffs.

  260. Associate head coach.

  261. that’s the argument people did not realize in Cavs’s game, I saw people on some Hornets board saying Lin was playing hero ball like Kemba towards the end, which is totally not true. In both possessions Lin scored at the end of the game, Lin got the ball with 8 sec left on the shot clock, before that, the ball had went through multiple hands, and Lin was the one who is not shy away from big shots, but it is not like he is not giving his teammates any chance, it is not like he was dribbling 20s off the shotclock without passing to other people. He took the big shot at the big time, but within the flow, that’s the main difference of him from Kemba.

  262. When has Lin NOT been phased out?


    So that’s “happy” for you.

    I make this call EVERY YEAR, by the way.

  263. Lin was lucky to have some play time since MKG missed the half season.

  264. Because Lin hardly played and then was ignored while he played, that’s why we’re negative.

  265. That’s why we GIT how Clifford blames Lin for Walker’s mistakes.

  266. But Mark Cuban as usual made the final horrible decision. Dallas has his coach pick up the mess and right his wrong again with a new contract.

  267. PJ doesn’t produce and should have never even been in the rotation in the first place.

    Lin PRODUCES MIGHTILY and now is being PUNISHED for it.

  268. That’s EXACTLY what Lin is doing.

  269. it has been everything against Lin since MKG and Kemba both back.

  270. Portland is having a phenomenal winning streak and they’re catching up. Utah with Gobert which could annihilate the mocking bird centre Howard. Rockets could be out of the playoff race at the end.

  271. put it this way, Lin was trusted in those two plays, but he was not trusted to the level what he deserved.

    What you are arguing about is like a ph.D was asked to do a high level research work but only paid with minimum salary. Then when people argued that he was not paid the amount he deserve, and you are trying to counter with he got paid anyway, as long as he was not doing it for free, you should be happy with what you get.

  272. If the damn team didn’t FREEZE LIN OUT, Lin would have won the game for them much earlier.

    Batum handles the ball with the 2nd unit, not Lin.

    Stop BLAMING LIN for Batum and Walker freezing Lin out. You sound like Steve Clifford.

  273. He could make short deal with a potential playoff or even a championship team, then consider a long time after the season. It could get worse if he stay with Hornets.

  274. Not accepting that. Lin had the ball over and over and over and did nothing good with it. He didn’t have a good game and if a player is on the court and seems indecisive or ineffective with the ball, it goes elsewhere. Lin has no problem getting the ball when he is doing good things with it. It’s time to stop this blaming everyione else when Lin isn’t in a groove or Batum and Walker are always the culprits. When Lin was playing tentatively, Walker wasn’t even on the court. The period I’m taking about Batum was terrible, but Lin wasn’t much better.

  275. You seriously need to revisit your view, you see things all separate, like Lin could perform in a vacuum, and he should keep his performance regardless of how the team was run, otherwise he don’t deserve to play.

    For last game, he played almost 24 mins, and he got 37 touches! And he was playing back up PG, and Kaminsky played only 19 min and he got 37 touches as well. Kemba had 91 and Batum had 89.

    Yeah, go ahead and continue with your Lin did not had a good game, he should send a gift basket to the coach for put him in for the last two shots theory.

  276. Hornets should just WAIVE Lin.

  277. have you figure out why Lin seems to be indecisive or ineffective in some games? in what% the game when Lin was stater or true pg , but indecisive or ineffective? maybe 5% when he was injured.

  278. Lin has been much more productive throughout the season than PJ.
    Lin is never minor compared to PJ.
    What kind of nonsense you brought in.

  279. Thanks for the video. I think most Lin fans are still upset over how Cliff treated Lin in the Wiz game. Lin bailed out Cliff, NB & KW, and Cliff didn’t even acknowledge Lin’s contribution–a deliberate act of suppression, IMO.

    From my perspective, we can see NB’s facial expression that he was exasperated w/KW for demanding the ball when he was trying to run the play. KW has always tried to take the last shot to be the hero. If NB gave in and passed the rock to KW, 9 out of 10 times, KW would have just shot it again, even though he had already missed a jump shot on the prior possession. Cliff subbed Lin in early for spacing and defense for NB and KW to shine and take credit for the win. Cliff tried to win w/o Lin, but could not. Nothing was designed for Lin to take credit in the last moment of this game. However, Lin did his due diligence and bailed out Hornets, yet the ungrateful Cliff remains ungrateful…

  280. They should dnp Jlin first …then waive him.

  281. Jlin minutes and role marginalization is feed fuel to the craps the racist haters are spewing in cf… I rather have Jlin dnp-cd then waive.

  282. Definitely looks like Kemba broke the play based on Batum waiving with non-dribbling hand for Kemba to move – but Kemba does not move. And then look at the expression and rolling of eyes of both Batum and the Coach Clifford. Those “micro-expressions” are telling. Too funny. JLIN still pulled it out and made the two “daggers” that sealed the game despite being frozen out by his coach for most of the game.

  283. They wouldn’t. They need Lin as an insurance in case Kemba or Batum is injured again. I wish Lin could initiate the action.

  284. Zeller suddenly stopped on his rolling causing 2 defenders to collide and Lin made use of the opportunity to drive through them. Wall had to stay with Walker and gave up the layup.

  285. He seems to be one of the top 5 players on the team. In fact, behind Batum and Kemba and now maybe MKG, there’s Lin.

  286. Hey, you need to check your fact. Yes, at the 4th in crunch time, Lin drive and scored. Next possession who got the ball? HE IS NOT ON THE COURT!!!!!!!!

    You can’t skip facts to only memorize what you chose to memorize and ignore the rest of it.

    And, please don’t think everyone else is emotional and only you have a cool and even head, no, you are emotional the other way, and trying to refuse to see the full picture, and only see one side of it. Maybe a lot of people don’t see your side of the picture, but refuse to see the other side of the picture and conclude those are emotional is not right.

  287. Batum’s signal seemed to tell Walker come to pick up the ball, and then stay away to space out the court because you didn’t. Then Batum made a PnR with Zeller but he saw Lin wide open so he passed to Lin but Zeller intercepted it but eventually he could see no opening and had to pass back to Lin and tried to start another PnR with Lin but Lin saw no opening to pass him the ball so Zeller halted and caused 2 defenders to collide. Lin saw that coming and started his drive.

  288. Clifford knows how to take advantages of Lin’s kindness and clutch talent, but he does not know how to motivate Lin or keep his promise to Lin.

  289. Too bad if he wasn’t. But Marv made the better play and pass as Nic was in a better court position with more options. Marv is a terrific player and team mate.

  290. grateful? i think he just realized they would have lost the game without Lin. he miscalculated their chances.

  291. That was the case when MKG was injured.

    But now MKG is back, Lin is no longer in the important 5.

    It’ll be a steady decrease in Lin’s minutes from here on out.

  292. I don’t accept anyone saying Lin plays hero ball. If they say that anywhere I object to it. Lin makes the play he thinks the team needs now and sometimes that is Lin making shots. That’s not hero ball. If a true play is there for a team mate, he’ll make it.

  293. They’ve got Roberts, Daniels, Hairston, and Lamb all waiting behind Walker and Batum.

    Once Al Jefferson returns, that’ll cut into Lin’s minutes more.

    Better to waive Lin NOW before the minutes crunch rips what little is left of the Hornets apart.

  294. NO,

    Stop calling out Lin fans.

    Other Charlotte players play terribly but aren’t benched.

  295. Lin used Cody’s big body as a screen to block two defenders and made the shot

  296. I know you don’t accept that.

    In your singleminded effort to criticize Lin fans, you deliberately SPIN that Batum is BLAMELESS.

  297. Accurate observation.

  298. Lin gets benched for doing the right thing.

    Clifford can’t have yor boys Walker and Batum PISSED OFF for Lin OUTPLAYING them.

  299. All we ask is that Clifford not to jack with his minutes and role…. it’s that simple really.

  300. I’d rather have Lin waived.

    The reason for this is that Lin could theoretically catch on with another team. That team would then pick up the remainder of Lin’s contract.

    Now if Lin cleared waivers, Charlotte would still have to pay Lin the remainder of his contract this season. Then Lin could negotiate a new deal with a new team ON TOP OF the $2 million.

    Finances aside, I think that the Charlotte Hornets should waive Lin before Lin blows the team apart.

  301. Nobody would DNP-CD or waive Lin now in Charlotte. The fans there would grill the coach or the FO if they loss the game because of that. However both coach Clifford and the FO seems to want to phase out Lin lest he will do better and phase out Walker.
    What Lin has shown is Walker is replaceable. Lin’s heroic performance has made the FO hard to let him go at the end of this season according to plan.

  302. Great post

  303. Lin looked like angry after the big shot and picked up the towel.

  304. Lin’s superb performance is blowing the team apart. They don’t want to keep him and they are looking for excuses. Marginalization seems to be the logical approach for them but Lin is simply too good for them. Lin has always found a way to break out of their shackling.

  305. Clifford, please do not mess up with nice people.

  306. But a lot are seeing Lin as another player on the court, and they just want Lin was treated as another player on the court.

    However, you just never realized you went to the other extreme, you don’t see Lin as another player o the court, but more like a less privileged player on the court. Doesn’t matter how deserving other player is, Lin had to perform to his highest standard to earn his play time, he could not defer, he could not hesitate, and he could not have any bad game, and he need to absolutely shoot his best percentage to earn his play time. and he should be grateful to coach to let him play if he wasn’t score enough in earlier, and all his performance in previous games does not count. Even he lead the team to beat Cavs, even he get 35 pts in previous game, no, that don’t earn him any play time, and don’t earn him any trust from coach.

    He need to prove himself AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN.

    I said multiple times, you double standard, you hold Lin to a much higher standard to any player on this team!

  307. LOL

  308. Too much power?

    That’s what Walker and Batum have had ALL SEASON LONG, by Clifford’s design.

    Those two scrubs break plays and play poorly. Even you see that.

    Then you complain that Lin cannot repair the damage those two cause. Of course Lin can’t – he’s not empowered to do so because Clifford is not making those two run plays.

    Instead of criticizing me from what you erroneously believe is a Lin centric view on my part, try to see it my way. I’m actually looking at it from a Hornets viewpoint. Batum and Walker’s refusal to run plays hirts the ENTIRE TEAM, actually Lin least of all.

  309. If Clifford doesn’t jack Jlin minutes and role…. you won’t hear a peep of complain from me…and I think that goes for most of true Jlin fans.

  310. True. Lol

  311. JLIN Doing Exactly RIGHT – Hornets CONTROL OWN Playoff Future

    Clifford/Hornets DON’T Want JLIN to Play Role in TEAM – – So what? Let team Live & Die (overwhelmingly Die) without JLIN

    – Have NO Problem JLIN just taking 2 Shots with 50% FGA
    – Force Clifford, if he wants to WIN, to come to JLIN – only player UNAFRAID to Take the Big Shot during clutch crunch time.
    – If Clifford DOES NOT WANT to WIN go Playoffs it is Cliff/Hornets Prerogative they know they have the KEY to Make PLAYOFFS in JLIN if they don’t use the KEY – FINE!

    JLIN is used to this treatment of docked minutes/marginalization, I say just go for your own efficiency and teams stats only when Clifford/Batum begs for your help when they are too afraid.

  312. This.

  313. Hornets will NEVER waive JLIN or allow JLIN to buy himself out as long as they are even 1 game out of playoff contention with only 1 game to play – NEVER.

    Only way JLIN off Hornets this season is through a multiplayer trade to a contending team.

    JLIN opts-out season end so Hornets over anyways.

  314. Cody halted on purpose so as to cause the defenders to stumble.

  315. Clifford took the order from the FO not to let Lin overshadowing Kemba. Lin simply played too well for them to let him go after this season which will make them look bad. Now MKG, Kemba and Batum are back in good health, the FO and coach Clifford think they don’t need Lin anymore.

    Players were surprised that Lin pulled it through the broken plays for the win and they were excited.

  316. Believe it or not, I’m totally OK with Clifford jacking a $2 million player’s minutes.

    What I’m NOT ok with is Clifford not demanding that Walker and Batum run plays.

    I’m also not OK with Clifford punishing Lin for running plays properly just so that Batum and Walker don’t feel outplayed.

    If Clifford did nothing but force Walker and Batum to run the plays, Clifford would find that the team wins more and that the players are more productive. But it would mean less minutes for Walker and Batum since they’d have to actually play defense.

    Walker would be regularly taunted by Lin, just like Lin did to Walker after the Atlanta game when Kemba Walker actually played defense for the only time this season and barely survived 28 minutes before immersing himself in an ice bath for the first time this year!

  317. I cannot couple the words “trust” and “Cliff” together in one sentence. Cliff knows he needs Lin to win but continues to try to win w/o him. That’s not “trust”.

  318. i realized it after i watched it again, Thanks

  319. Well, Lin going for efficiency and stats actually means MORE TEAMBALL.

    The more Lin plays unselfishly, the better his stats are.

  320. Everything you have said you are not OK with Clifford for — HE has done all of that RELIGIOUSLY the entire year.

    Do not expect Clifford to change.

  321. CORRECT.

  322. Oh, I’m not.

    Doesn’t mean I can’t criticize it though.

  323. Basically according sws94, Lin should get production as good as Kemba per game wise, and should be happy if he got treated like PJ.

    Even though Lin could produce as good as Kemba given opportunity, he should not anticipate he was treated like Kemba, since he is not Kemba. Stop look at Lin and consider he is a basketball god.

  324. It’s certainly a very interesting reaction by Batum and Clifford when Kemba didn’t want to come towards Batum to get the ball. It’s almost a dejected look and both walked away towards another direction.

    I’d like to see what happened in the previous 1-2 possesions that might lead to Kemba’s hesitating to come & get the ball.

  325. Novice and expert people alike only see one stat from any game and that is POINTS.

    I would rather see JLIN take only clear-path layups (for huge percentages) than pump any outside shot stats and wait for Clifford/Hornets to beg him to score.

  326. Though sws94 constantly criticizes me, I only have one criticism of him:

    I think it’s ADMIRABLE that sws94 believes that Lin is as equally valued by the Charlotte Hornets franchise as Walker or MKG or Batum, but I and everyone else here DO NOT believe that is the case at all.

    Am I alone in feeling that Lin wears a Hornets jersey but is NOT A CHARLOTTE HORNET? I know I’m not.

    so if sws94 has a basketball rebuttal to this, I’m interested because he posts good stuff even when he criticizes me.

  327. That’s what Lin wants too –

    and the opposition knows it.

    Past a certain point, Lin can only take what the defense gives him.

  328. that’s exactly the point I think he never see himself in. And he don’t want to face it.

  329. Thanks.

  330. They keyed on JLIN after Cavs game but soon whole league realizes that Clifford/Hornets are ignoring/freezing out JLIN.

    … then those teams won’t pay JLIN any focus or attention on the floor

  331. Actually, I believe sws94 is a good fair member who simply disagrees with our seemingly Lincentric views.

    sws94, your thoughts?

  332. That Lin keeps getting his numbers indicates that whatever defenses Lin faces, he’s finding ways to beat them.

  333. Sacramento is a mess. Guess you wouldn’t expect less with head cases like Rondo and Cousin’s on that team. Any coach would be crazy to walk into a mess like that.


  334. SWS94 said he feels the need to counter posts that paint Kemba negatively. Period. Full stop.

    He did not qualify his sentiment with any notion of objectivity. If it’s negative toward Kemba then he must counter regardless of how valid it might be, You make your own decisions about whether that is a proper position to take.

  335. If I think he is a troll, I would not spend this much time with him.

    He is fair in seeing things, he just do not realize he was double standard when he apply rules to Lin. He holds Lin to a much higher standard, and he don’t want to admit it.

    Typical tiger parents look at their kids, they want them to perform the best every time, endure all the wrong treatment, and still excel…… I could understand him being an Asian parent myself, but I don’t agree with that mentality…..

  336. Clippers cheerleaders are hotter than Laker Girls anyways:


  337. The problem is Jlin isn’t a mind reader…if Clifford appreciate Jlin he is sure not showing it…. and don’t tell me he is showing it by allowing Jlin the few precious posession at the games end.

  338. Very badly miss a PG. I think they have sites on Conley. Strangely, Conley looks like he’s breaking down. Or maybe he’s just not into grind ball anymore.

    If NYK kept Lin they are a playoff team,. Lin/Anthony/Porzingis and even the scrubs on the rest of the team would get them easily a playoff spot.

  339. Ya, no kidding.

    @kc1nyk 59s60 seconds ago

    Report: #NBAKings #Kings owner Vivek Ranadive will soon be on hunt for a new coach, but don’t be surprised if interest in job is lukewarm.


  340. Adding Rondo was the DEATH STROKE for the Kings.

    Since the only thing Rondo does is pass to Cousins, Rondo freezes out everyone else on the Kings.

    Opponents are conserving energy against the Kings defensively and saving energy for offense. That’s why Lin was able to stroll through an easy 50 minutes despite having to guard 6’9″ guys in Casspi and Gay.

    No matter who the Kings get to coach the team, it’s DOOMED because Rondo and Cousins hog the ball the way Batum and Walker do.

  341. He is but he’s one of the best players the Knicks have had from a draft. I think NY sees Linsanity as history now but definitely know that it was one of the greatest times ever in the Garden. Clyde Frazier said that and he played for the Knicks in the 70s and was an announcer since. Great things have happened there, for him to say Linsanity is one of the highest is notable.

  342. There is racism in the media in NY. That’s why I’m not that big on the whole MDA time. It had an incredible great run and then a terrible losing streak and was really the opposite side of that run. There were so many fools in the media saying nasty thing about Lin it made my blood boil. Linsanity had its ugly side too with so many jealous people making sick remarks about Lin during that time.

    I think Houston was even worse as far as media goes. And their announcers were disgraceful. Lakers announcers were a little better but there was racism there too. Charlotte may have some, of course, but I think things are much more chill there and I sense oddly less of it than anywhere else he played. If he goes to some other place, fair warning, it’ll show it’s ugly face again and maybe in a big way. And that includes Philly where some here just need him to go because MDA is there..

  343. I’m not sure I agree with that KHuang. If not for the reason that Batum will go into another funk and Lin will be needed. Plus Lin is likely to go on a tear. I see signs of it coming up. I’m not counting the last 2 games much but more the 24, 26, 20 point games that he has had recently. And that he played 50 minutes in a game that really wore him out.

  344. @HerbieVerstinks

    Coaches getting fired left and right, meanwhile let’s check in on Byron to see what he’s up to.


  345. I think he still is. In fact, I think if he starts lobbing the ball to MKG when MKG gets his energy back, there may be more MKG on the floor with Lin than ever. If Clifford was brave, he’d play Lin, Batum, MKG, Frank, Hansbrough (I know you’d substitue Lamb for Batum), but he’s not brave enough for that.

  346. I would be surprised if BS still coaching the Lakers at the beginning of next season

  347. I thought GK was against adding Rondo in the beginning but eventually gave in to the GM or owner as they wanted a big name PG.

  348. Not crticizing you. I’ll go at you but I love your posts. And you know basketball. Better than me really.

  349. Alright –

    and I want to read sws94’s insightful rebuttal.

  350. Really? Picture please!

  351. Actually, I think sws94 holds Lin to the same single standard he holds Walker and Batum to.

    The problem is that there’s a DOUBLE STANDARD on this team cause by Clifford’s preferential coaching .

  352. Too bad because I respect your posts. But saying troll is over the top and certainly you are a better basketball mind and quality poster to take it there. I’m as pro-Lin as anyone but I have the guts to take on some of the prevailing notions on this board that I think need to be challenged at times.

  353. Thanks for responding.

    Excellent post as usual.

    I do consider myself as team oriented in the way I view the Hornets as Lin does, though.

    The reason I say that is because I would prefer Walker and Batum to at least TRY to run the plays so that players OTHER than Lin can shine and win games.

    Since the beginning of the season, I’ve written that Walker and Batum’s hogging is hurting everybody BUT Lin. And the latest casualty of that loser isohogging is MKG!!

  354. I think he trusts Lin can help the team to win more than Kemba. But for whatever reason we might not know, he does not want to give Lin a chance unless they are about losing the game.

  355. You as a veteran NBA fan know full well that simply being handed minutes to protect other players is not the same as being properly featured as befits one’s skill level and game impact.

  356. Exactly BUT more than that. Clifford is covering his own butt. If Kemba and Batum went mutiny on him, what happens? So he is going to cater to them and any other so called face of the team. Lin is the next tier though in level of actual play, Lin is as good as anyone on the team. And Lin won’t mutiny. Closest he came was to Byron Scott who was an absolute clown and by that time others had mutinied. That’s why poor Swaggy doesn’t play much now. He’s still there.

  357. That 50 minute game didn’t wear Lin out.

    He had a string of great games after that, plus he made the gamewinning play.

  358. In other words, he trusts Lin’s talent and mismanaged him. We cannot trust Clifford. I wish Lin would not trust him too.

  359. No, it’s the other way around. KW wanted the ball, but NB held him at bay bc NB wanted to run the play. Look at NB’s expression and his left hand.

    Here are the sequences after Lin was inserted in the game. 1) Starting @ 2:21, KW had made a layup for 2pts. 2) Then Wiz had a TO. 3) KW missed a jump shot. 4) Then Wiz got 2pts back. 5)This was when NB took control of the possession and the rest is history w/ Lin scoring 5 pts to propel the win.

    During this crunch time period, almost every or every other Hornets possession, KW would only looked for his own basket and shoot. Basically KW was trading basket w/ Wiz as the clock was winding down. He didn’t seem to be conscious of the clock or teammates on the court, just him looking for shots.

  360. So the water is rising on Byron?

    Sounds ACCURATE.

  361. Oh, my. Talk about throwing gasoline on the fire:

    Report: #NBAKings #Kings have been looking at #ESPN broadcaster, former head coach, former star PG Mark Jackson for head coach job a while.https://twitter.com/kc1nyk/status/696777554850684928

  362. No argument. But Batum is going into another prolonged funk in my opinion. Lin’s worth is to cover his shortcomings to a great extent unfortunately.

  363. OK. Look, Batum and Kemba are problems. I had a nice exchange with Joyce on what I thought of Batum in the last game playing with Lin in the 2nd unit. And believe me, I wasn’t complimenting Batum.

    And I agree with you about Psycho T. He and Lin on in the stretch in PnR would be easy buckets that Cliff refuses to utilize. Longer Psycho played, the less foul prone he’d become. He annoys other bigs and that’s good also most of the time.

  364. See, I see it differently.

    I view Kemba Walker as WORSE than those guys.

    Walker is just as selfish and defenseless and as turnover prone as Harden or Melo or Kobe or any of those FAKE superstars.

    At least Harden and Melo and Kobe and Parsons could HIT important shots from time to time. More importantly, every one of those fake superstars had the ability to play winning teamball with Lin when the coach demanded it. Walker can’t even do either of those things.

    Lin is being phased out on Charlotte earlier and harder than he ever was with NYK, Houston, GSW, or LA. This is the 6th season that Lin’s being KICKED OFF the team due to Lin beating the heck out of a “star” in games and practices.

  365. did you invent them yet? I think I’ll pass on kwalker, but maybe cliffordportal may be interesting to browse in.

  366. Promoting Kemba in the Chinese market … https://twitter.com/hornets/status/696763746228772866

  367. Not working… no matter what… LOL!

  368. Ironically, Rondo is THE biggest Karl supporter in Sacramento.

    But it’s Rondo’s own terrible play that’s killing the Kings, not Karl’s coaching.

    If anything, Karl’s coaching is why the Kings are barely out of playoff contention in the badly weakened West.

  369. TO prone as Harden? Both make big shots, Harden and Kemba. Kobe is a used to be superstars, but I never, ever liked Kobe’s game.

  370. He made a comment that his ankles were really bothering him that game.

  371. Is that what the commenter is saying? I don’t understand the language but I thought it was Kemba didn’t want to run a play and then Nic went into a different option.

  372. Not certain when this Feb 8, 2016 released video was actually taped.

    Interesting comment, “In terms of what to do in Charlotte, that’s what I’m still trying to figure out.”

    Not sure if JLIN was specifically referring to what he does on the team after over 1/2 season over.

  373. I don’t know. I found Brooks really streaky and inconsistent. And he’s more undersized than Kemba.

  374. Big losing streak. I think Fisher gets another coaching job somewhere but maybe not head coach. I’m not sure he was ready for it.

  375. Might be interesting to see what he says while the GSW dismember and embarass the Rockets.


    Kevin McHale will serve as a TNT guest analyst in the studio for Warriors-Rockets https://www.turner.com/pressroom/united-states/turner-sports/nba-tnt/nba-tnt-presented-state-farm-tip-nba-all-star-2016


  376. And hopefully fire Byron Scott


    [email protected] stated that Phil Jackson could look to move on from the #Knicks to join his girlfriend Jeanie Buss with the #Lakers.


  377. A stronger coach would be like “So what, RUN THE DAMN PLAY”.

    That’s what Rick Carlisle did with Rajon Rondo last season. And it WORKED.

    Michael Malone demanded that DeMarcus Cousins play teamball, and he actually had the Kings playing good basketball before being fired. And because Malone was TOUGH, he got rehired quickly.

    Clifford can play politics – but it’ll cost him his JOB if the losing continues.

    If Batum and Walker mutinied, handing control to Lin would be the BEST THING for the Hornets franchise and Clifford too.

  378. I can’t believe people think porzinger is a franchise player and Lin is backup player after linsanity. Tell me you exactly think that based on skin color.

  379. OK. Good post.

  380. And abandon his President/GM $10million job with his childhood favorite team. No.

  381. Respect accepted

    Respect given!

  382. When Kemba is in CRUNCH TIME (not necessarily at the ends of game), he constantly turns the ball over because he tries to go rogue every time.

  383. Then his tenure in NY was a failure. If he has guts he’ll stay the course and produce a playoff-championship caliber team. Yes he got the rings, but with the best players at the time. Let’s see him actually build something and contend for a playoff finalist.

  384. If PG is so deep why do so many teams now need starting PGs? Porzingas might have an interesting skillset but Centers are less “deep” much much much than PGs currently.

  385. And how much is Jeanie Buss worth? Forbes estimates Lakers worth $2.7 Billion with a “B”. Which is probably low.


  386. Because some quality PGs are playing in the 2nd unit on good teams. But there aren’t that many great centers on teams compared to PGs. Some have isolated skills like shot blocking (Biyombo, Whiteside) but not the complete games (post, shot block, shooting/scoring).

  387. I think PJ is next to go if NYK is still not playing well… back to Lakers… hard to say…. Jeanie likes it but his brother is not.

  388. The best coaches simply COACH.

    They don’t worry about politics, getting fired, or any other crap that has nothing to do with playing the right way on a basketball court.

    Walker is UNCOACHABLE. He’s been through so many coaches and hasn’t learned a damn thing.

    Batum is VERY coachable, but the problem is that Steve Clifford thinks Batum has Larry Bird’s point guard court vision and not Nicolas Batum’s actual wobblykneed clueness in court reading.

    Now if Clifford simply INSISTED that Walker and Batum run the plays, then the Hornets would play better and Lin would have a MAJOR ROLE.

  389. Brother doesn’t want to give up power to PJ but he’s made such a mess of things at the Lakers I’m not sure he has much choice anymore. Jeanie gave her brother a chance. He failed. Now it’s time to move on.

  390. I’ve noticed that. He’s actually better at CnS but he’s the main ball handler. Batum can’t be the next option because he’s crashing (bad shots, bad TOs, sometimes a good decision to find Lin). Lin is on the floor most of the time, partially to cover them as 1st and 2nd option. Charlotte has holes for crunch time execution.

  391. Porzingas has cooled off dramatically in the past month. There are a dearth of starting level PGs in the league today and worse so since a few starters down with injuries. Plenty of big men right now and even PF/C who can play both just look at your own team the Hornets.

  392. See the problem. Batum is option 2 but he can’t be the option. I meant to say that.

  393. I know but if Jeanie really has the power like what she said… PJ would not out of Lakers… I doubt she really has the power to do it. PJ maybe a good coach but not a good GM or President….

  394. I imagine Walker is coachable when he does not have the private cell-phone number of the Owner of the team.

  395. He’s done the opposite. Walker can break plays and does with regularity. Batum seems to have a green light to be like football QB and audible. I agree that Cliff’s version of Batum’s basketball IQ is much higher than his actual basketball IQ. In the flow, Batum can look good. In chaos, he looks, well, chaotic. Lin looks great in chaos.

  396. Where’s laker girls? They all hot in the same way. That’s why can’t tell who’s hotter. Laker or clipper.

  397. I don’t believe that – and it’s not because I’m being oppositional to you.

    The number of TRUE point guards in the NBA that have good court vision and can run a sharing team offense properly, those are as rare as good NFL quarterbacks.

    The only guys I can think of who have that ability are Teague, Paul, Lin, Westbrook (yes, he can be extremely fundamental and team oriented when need be), and Jennings. As far as starting level guys who can put a team ahead, THAT’S IT.

    There are tons of guys who play “point guard” but neither “point” nor “guard!”

  398. Disagree.

    Lin is the only backup PG I can think of who is capable of starting for ANY NBA team and propelling that team to elite victories.

  399. Porzingis isn’t even the best rookie big man in this year’s draft class.

  400. It is less likely about the skin color. I think it is more about play style. NY,LA and Rockets all like scoring oriented super stars. Lin’s style is more team oriented which scoring stars might not get as much as passes from Lin.

  401. I don’t know. I don’t know MJs involvement/opinion on who to feature and when. He seems to always give Ewing a big hug and some players like Marv after games. Lin or Kemba are usually on the floor in a post-game interview in a big game. We saw the butt slap to Lin and how he reacted to Lin’s great play in the Cavs game. I don’t know what MJ thinks about decisions coach makes and overall how well Kemba is doing and if he’s worthy of his contract. Kemba is only 25 though, so maybe they think he’s developing.

  402. Like I have written all season, the ONLY reason Porzingis is hyped is because racist NY journalists are using Porzingis as their TOOL to FLAME LINSANITY.

  403. heh heh, I wrote two seasons ago that Phil Jackson would FAIL in NY!

  404. In terms of being a good functional guard guys like Collison can play better PG than what they have. Oladipo is probably a better PG than SG. He has promise but is overrated. But he has promise and is young. I like Mills, I think he’s a fine player. Maybe not starting PG due to his style, but he’s a weapon and is a tough, clutch player. He was a big part in SA getting the championship a few years ago.

  405. Lin would find a home which is more team oriented similar to Suns/ATL/76ers/Dets/Spurs/Mavs…

  406. Now Mark Jackson WOULD HELP.

    But I don’t think Jackson can win any more than Fisher did, given how weak the Knicks backcourt looks post Linsanity.

  407. Nah just joshing you a little. … I know you meant well.

  408. He’s a rookie. Hit the wall. He’ll be good. He’s not Lin and really, there should be no comparison as to the impact Lin had in his run vs. anything Porz has done. But he could develop into a force as a center.

  409. Nobody controls Kemba’s actions unless it’s been ok’d by MJ.

    Your eyes only serve to deceive, listen to what Kemba said about the importance of his relationship to MJ.

  410. Been there done that.

    Collison was tried by Indiana as a starting PG. FAIL.

    Oladipo was tried in Orlando as a starting PG. EPIC FAIL.

    Patrick Mills has not been tried yet, but I see absolutely nothing in his game that says “starter” to me. LIKELY FAIL.

  411. That means no Kemba trade and Lin will not stay in Charlotte. They are now trying to detach him.

  412. The problem is those guys are assistant coaches.

  413. They keep hanging on to it but it is losing life now. The NY press is a mess, bunch of high-ego, low character guys have big mouths here.

  414. Big men today lack fundamentals because they don’t spend enough time learning in college.

    Even if they have fundamentals, they don’t get the ball (like Roy Hibbert in Indania and now LA).

  415. OK, how about perceived PGs. Anyway, that’s what they are called regardless to how they play. They have the ball, they run around and have fancy dribbles, they shoot, sometimes in volume, they have good looking stats but poor efficiency, and they are perceived as stars.

  416. Shame about Hibbert. Gets a lot of fouls called against him but doesn’t really deserve it.

  417. What the hornets don’t understand is that the reason they are even remotely recognized in China is Jlin…. smh…stupid as stupid does.

  418. Ego got the best of him I’d say.

  419. Jimmy has no gut to stay with his decision in hiring MDA. He bowed to ex-Lakers. Whatever way Lakers will turn out, Jimmy can’t win .

  420. Phil Jackson has totally failed Knicks by keeping Melo, hired D. Fisher, signed a bunch of low performance guards. The only reason he might keep his job because Dolan likes his brand. They together could make Knicks fall into Hudson river sooner or later.

  421. Collison also failed in Dallas…fyi

  422. And I’m having fun back 🙂

  423. Dolan’s feelings were hurt by Lin. Poor Dolan. His performance hasn’t been good either. The organization is not good now and the high-profile Jackson has not been impressive.

  424. I wrote in 2012 that if Jeremy Lin were allowed to run the show on Roy Hibbert’s team, Lin would transform Hibbert into a 20-10 player similar to Patrick Ewing and Alonzo Mourning and young Dikembe Mutombo.

    Hibbert is a great center from the Georgetown tradition.

  425. PJ desperately wants to take th Knicks to playoff this season but he’s going to be disappointed. He has dug himself a gold mine in landing Porzingis but that’s it for the season. When Melo really mellows and melts, there is nothing PJ can pull out of his hat. He’s doomed unless he could acquire a super FA in the off-season.

  426. Again, that’s your opinion and you are entitled to it. I didn’t say I was pro or anti MJ. I don’t really know where he stands and until I hear something concrete, it’s conjecture and opinion by whoever states it.

  427. What can you expect from this organization with regards to Lins improvement in his career? Is this the kind of organization you would like to call as home?

  428. Jackson did great when he had MJ and Kobe. He has built 0 potential in Knicks It was big mistake to resign Melo.

  429. I call it a motel 8…temporary stay while waiting for your real home to be built…hehe

  430. Coach Clifford plays Lin in crucial times. He doesn’t have to love him. That’s the working relationship. Sometimes you need an acceptable working relationship. The good relationship that makes the job easier to deal with may not be with the head director, but a manager that reports to him. But I think Cliff and Lin may be fine. Again, Lin is coming from the BS experience, this looks good by comparison. Good enough for another year? Maybe not. But it is a better season than last.

  431. You know me:

    perception means NOTHING to me.

    only PRODUCTION counts when I judge players.

  432. Or convince jimmy (mamaboy) dolan to trade for Jlin to save his butt

  433. Yes.

    He’ll be a solid player for years to come.

    But I’m not seeing in him the superstar court vision that true superstars have.

    I think he’ll be a poor man’s Pau Gasol.

  434. Exactly. Hasn’t proven that without some of the most talented players in the league he can put together a winning team. Not even a playoff-bound team. Not impressive.

  435. Lol

  436. And that’s pretty good.

  437. I was concentrating on the smaller pic….lol

  438. That’s what I said then too!

  439. Agreed if you put it that way…temporary.- yes, permanent- no

  440. Melo hasn’t won anything before 30. There’s no hope of him being significant after that. He’s not a playmaker like LeBron. Melo is a sinking ship that is going to take the whole team down with him.

  441. Because Lin’s 38 pts on pre-injury Kobe’s Lakers wasn’t scoring-oriented. If Lin was black Knicks would’ve kept him with an offer instead of letting him test water with FA market.

  442. Porzy changes shots just standing in the middle. He’s a good player right off the bat. Look at his stats. 35% from 3s for a big guy, and he got post moves also.


    Don’t know for sure whether he’s a franchise player but he’s no hype.

  443. how would you assess Steph? I see him making a ton of great plays. He’s v aggressive and comes off looking bad with some turnover streaks, but his attitude is so self-confident that he can drain 3 – 3s to solve any spate of dumb TOVs that are a result of being aggressive. Sometimes, I marvel at his quick hands on D, as he cause a lot of TOVs that you don’t really count up over time given his own TOVs and scoring output.

    I often try to watch Steph while ignoring his 3s rain, and when I do, I think I am seeing a great PG and a solid defensive guard. But with Steph, it’s much more fun to just go for the ride and watch for the 3s raining when it comes. Not sure how others see it.

  444. On this Lin fanboard, we DO NOT BOW to the perceptions you described.

    Just because that’s the way it’s done doesn’t mean it’s right.

  445. I agree with sws94. You gotta be a fool to pass up on Porzy. I think Lin can be better than Wall, but I don’t think “it’s not even close”.

  446. But Collison STILL CAN’T PLAY.

    Perception doesn’t affect PRODUCTION as much as people think.

  447. Steph is on another level so . . . hard to compare. Guy has almost no weakness. He used to have some weak aspects but no longer. He reacts faster in his decision making than any other player I have seen.

  448. I stopped watching the Knicks because of Melo. Don’t like his game. Don’t like him much either. When Lin came back I watched the Knicks because he was amazing. Not for Melo. I don’t watch them much now but when I do it is to see how Fisher was doing and Porzingis to see what the talk is all about. Melo is a scorer and just not for the team. I have no problems of shipping him out some place. Just not where Lin will be.

  449. I view him as strictly a shooting guard.

    When he didn’t have that stacked team around him, Curry was a frail inconsistent player who was often accused of shooting too many bricks.

  450. yeah, I agree. He seems to make his scoring at some sublime unseen-as-yet part of the game it’s almost irrelevant what else he does. On O, just that he draws so much focus is giving KT, DG, etc everyone else a much easier game to play.

  451. I disagree with anyone who says that his teammates has more positive effect on Curry’s play than vice-versa. Without Curry, GSW will not go to Finals or even Western Conf Finals. Yeah, they still will make playoffs though. I say Klay is LUCKY to play on the same team as Curry. But if you play Curry in place of Kemba, I believe Hornets going to the Western Conf Finals.

    Where Curry improved a lot is his decision and execution on driving to the rim. Almost impossible to block his shots. And Curry can shoot layups consistently well with EITHER hand. Also, he moves very well without the ball. Also, I see his D improving every year. He may not be able to stay in front of the player but he always trails the player for a steal or block. The guy is NOT lazy on D. In this sense, he is like Lin on D.

    He creates so much spacing for his teammates that when Curry passes, it’s almost always for easy shots. He makes it look so easy. I get the feeling that Curry can score 40 points in any game if he really wanted to. I cannot say that about any other player. Even LeBron.

  452. He tried to lowball Lin and it backfired with a poison pill. He had it coming and it serves him right. Knicks haven’t been relevant in a near two decades, and will not be relevant again under Dolan.

  453. As far as drawing focus, it is actually the other way around.

    Warriors fans who watched Curry STRUGGLE in his early years know how Curry DID NOT PRODUCE until after the Bogut trade.

  454. Lillard doesn’t truly run a team from the traditional 1 position.

    Neither does Curry.

    You can play a guy at 1, but that doesn’t mean he has 1 skills or mentality or impact.

  455. True, though that may have been Dolan in the play. Everyone knows how much he’s in love with Melo. Losers of a feather.

  456. Actually, I fully believe that our good ol’ Frank Kaminsky would OUTPRODUCE Porzingis if NY plowed the ball into Kaminsky as much as they do with Porzingis.

    In fact, I believe that Kaminsky would easily outproduce Towns in MN and Okafor in PHI if Kaminsky were handed the ball as much as those guys were.

  457. That’s because you were not following the lottery Curry Warriors before the Bogut trade.

    I WAS.

  458. Yes.

    It’s not preventing the Knicks from losing either.

  459. I agree with WebA here. Bogut is great, but Steph struggled because he was younger, his ankles were really messy then, and now his confidence is at on amazing place.

  460. Yeah, he wasn’t as good then. But the way he improved so quickly every year is amazing to me. I can literally see big improvements.

    I give a lot of credit to Fed also because he’s actually improving until his physical speed starts going down. People think Fed is past his prime, but in my mind, he kept on developing other aspects of his game to compensate for his stamina and speed. I would say Fed is just as good right now than in his prime.

  461. Didn’t the Clippers just sell for 2B? 2.7B definitely low.

  462. I don’t know why we are discussing other players here and even some fans are saying they are better than Lin. Of course there are always players better or worse than Lin. But saying that in a Lin site? Over and over? Might as well make your own site if you like that player.

  463. Ya kidding me?

    The Knicks didn’t even think Lin was good enough for $2 million this offseason when Lin was truly unrestricted!

  464. Because they can and it’s FUN.

  465. I have been following sports long enough to know that it’s HOW QUICKLY you improve in any sports that matters. Hewitt was a better tennis player than Fed when they were younger, but as years went by, Fed kept on improving and improving. His limit was a lot higher and he improved quickly, whereas Hewitt’s limit was holding him back.

    Curry already showed very good stats for entire first season. But it’s how fast he improved that has made him a superstar.

    In some sense, Monta and Curry were like Hewitt and Fed. When they were younger, it was NOT easy to pick one player over another and say this player will become a superstar but the other player will not. But after two years, it was CLEAR that Fed was going to get better and better.

  466. So was I KHuang, and I don’t believe it was others … I think Steph really started to assert himself through maturing, ankle improving, and a new coach. He was naive to hold onto MJax like he did, and I would think Kerr did some magic for his game in team system.

  467. Dumping their big inventory of Kemba figurines to the biggest market in the world? LOL

    Seriously, right now these would do worse in China than Jar Jar figurines at a Star Wars convention.

  468. RACE TRUE

  469. ok, … he plays PG v differently than Lin, that’s for sure.

  470. If we’re talking about Lin the “point guard”, yes you cannot truly compare Curry because Curry is listed as a PG but actually cuts and curls and moves and shoots like a traditional 2 guard.

  471. I believe you. Even though I was not following NBA games except for Lin games, I saw Curry play. I believe it was around 3 years ago that I started saying Curry is CLEARLY the best Guard in NBA. And I laughed at anyone saying CP3 was the best Guard. I have never seen any Guard do some of the stuff he does, but I have seen other Guards in the past do everything that CP3 does. Aside from Curry, Isaiah Thomas of Detroit was the best Guard I have ever seen. No one compares to him in terms of scoring before Curry. And IT was a tenacious player in every aspect. Physically and mentally.

    And the best big man in modern era is Hakeem the Dream. I would choose him over Shaq. A close edge. Sorry, Hakeem and Abdur Jabbar are very close. My fault. How can I forget about Abdur.

  472. Okay, Laker Girls for comparison.

  473. Curry really improved BECAUSE of Mark Jackson.

    Don’t forget that after Ellis was traded, Bogut was injured for the remainder of Jackson’s tenure. And Jackson STILL won 51 games without Bogut.

    Bogut’s presence opened up the court for Curry and also gave the Warriors a legitimate big man down low to combat other top big men.

    Now that Golden State’s sharpshooters and free agent signings have developed, Golden State is good enough to win even with Bogut contributing less. And Curry is the biggest beneficiary of all, for he cannot be double teamed and receives like 3 shooting guard picks on every play.

  474. Well, I rather take Porzy than Frank every time. Guy’s potential is a lot higher. I do agree Frank is a solid player and will get better.

  475. But webattorney wasn’t following those Warriors.

    I WAS.

  476. I like his game. Just sometimes he gets frustrated by the amount of fouls called on him and it takes him out of his game and he makes frustration plays. Aside from that, he’s a quality center.

  477. How far do you think Lin can take his team in playoffs?

  478. Frank isn’t bad but Porzy’s size is a big advantage.

  479. He meant 5he city of Charlotte. … because he followup with…I am a homebody

  480. But you hadn’t been following the Golden State Warriors team before Lin joined them.

    You didn’t witness the MASSIVE changes that took place after Joe Lacob took ownership from previous owner Chris Cohan, nor did you follow how those changes positively impacted Stephen Curry’s career.

    If Curry really was so great back then, why is he signed to that seemingly lowball bargain contract that he’s still handcuffed to??!

  481. Lin’s playoff stats is not so great so far. Yeah, he was injured during the first one, but if the production is what you are looking for, Lin has NOT produced in playoff, aside from one or two games. I am also not going by perceptions but actual production and the player’s potential based on his production.

  482. That’s because Curry is NOT A PG.

    I got it right the first time around.

  483. Big improvements for sure. That guy is a worker and takes his game seriously.

  484. I notice Porzy’s stats actually going up. He was around 12 PPG. He’s now at close to 14 PPG. 14 PPG with less than 10 shots during his 1st year is DARN good. Guy shoots 35% from 3s at his height. His shooting motion is fundamentally good. And his FT shooting is good.

  485. Depending on the team…with the right mix….nba final baby!!!

  486. knicks didnt think about it is not an accurate statement. DOLAN, one of the most immature owner in the entire NBA, didn’t think about it is more accurate statement due to his personal vendetta against jeremy lin

  487. Oh, I’d take Tim Duncan over Olajuwon anyday.

    In fact, I might take Duncan over ANYBODY in ANY era, doesn’t matter the position either.

  488. CP3 is good but he’s a crybaby and too many stupid antics. He’s also kind of a dirty player. He’s a fundamentally solid PG and can score when needed. He’s a good defender especially when you consider his height. But he can’t wreck a game like Curry.

  489. They don’t need a good pg in the triangle offense, just a guy to shoot 3s and defend. Just that Jose is about the worst defender there is.

  490. Duncan is magnificent. He still is in a way. Duncan is one of the greats that belongs on a monument. A rare player.

  491. The superstar potential is there, although not certain. The very fact that people can see the potential for greatness is an indication that the guy is DARN good player. Actually, Lin and Porzy would play every well together. Lin would add at least 2 more PPG to Porzy’s stats.

  492. Well, I wanted KHuang’s opinion but yours is OK too. Lol

  493. The way I see it, Porzy can do everything Frank can and is taller. And Porzy is actually more savvy.

  494. Few guys in every sport are lucky to be playing against History.

  495. He’s today’s NBA PG. That’s what I’ve been saying all along. PGs that play like SGs but have good handling and are perhaps not as tall as SGs are called PGs. They are combo guards at best. Lin has some combo in him too, but a mindset most often as a PG.

  496. Yes, that’s what I meant.

  497. Was Duncan a Center? I was talking about the Center position. PF is a different matter. I would also take Duncan for PF.

  498. i think phil did a subpar job on purpose when dolan wouldnt let him trade carmelo and truly reboot knicks franchise. you could tell he was half assing it when he came out and said carmelo was important to the future.

  499. For me it depends on a PnR partner, defensive players around him, and 3 point player and players that space the floor in an agreeable system. With the right players, he’s a big piece in directing things. With the wrong players, not far.

    This team isn’t his. It falls on Kemba/Batum with Lin being a weapon to almost bail them out at times.

  500. No, Serena will still beat Kerber 9 times out of 10. Serena served very poorly during Aussie Finals. However, I told my wife before Finals that Kerber has a good chance to win because Serena peaked too early. Serena peaked during Quarters and Semi. After that, players usually play badly. Also, the fact that Kerber was a lefty really helped Kerber beat Serena. That is the reason why Serena’s ground strokes were off. This is another reason why Serena did not return Kerber’s serve well. Serena played all right-handed players and then suddenly a lefty shows up in Finals. Also, Kerber gets back one more ball than any other women players, giving more chances to Serena to make mistakes. Serena served very poorly during Finals and made some easy mistakes off non-pressure shots for going for too much. That’s one knock against Serena that she doesn’t lower speed on her shots when she doesn’t need to hit the ball so hard.

    Serena will win around 4 more Majors before she’s done. She’s going to play fewer and fewer tournaments. There is no doubt in my mind that Serena is going to break Steffi’s Majors record. Besides, I don’t consider Steffi’s Majors record as a true indication of her dominance because Monica Seles would have been just as good as her had she NOT been injured by a knife attack by a crazy Steffi fan.

    Imagine Nadal being stabbed by a crazy Fed fan in his prime. Fed would have won 10 more Majors. That’s what happened to Steff Graf. She won at least 10 more Majors than she would have. What happened to Monica Seles is one of the biggest tragedies in women’s sports. To me, Seles had a higher potential than Graff. The only thing Graff had on her was her awesome speed. But Seles was strong mentally and hit with both hands off both sides. Imagine Bartoli but better, faster, stronger mentally and more consistent. Seles was Martina Hingis but better.

    With better equipment, Seles would have creamed the ball from the baseline.

  501. There are things that don’t favor him. Less transitional baskets, more half-court play, more time for teams to devise ways to guard things he does. But, the few good games shows he can step up. It’s another mental/physical level for Lin and hopefully if he gets the chance to perform his coach will put him in there to make a difference and he will. If somehow Charlotte makes the playoffs, we’ll see if Cliff is that coach to trust Lin like he’s shown many times in the regular season.

  502. Probably so, yes. But I don’t want Lin on the Knicks unless Dolan and Anthony are gone. Not sure about Jackson that much either with his emphasis on the triangle offense.

  503. When did he say Curry was great at the beginning? I said he showed his potential and was a good player even then. Guy came up from Davidson.

  504. It’s a pissing contest Adele they’re trying to compete who has the longest pissed….lol

  505. Look at Batum’s hand. He is calling for kemba not asking him to stay put.

  506. Might be fun but sometimes if the blogs are long and most are about other players, one will wonder if this is still a Lin site.

  507. you’re always right then, yep he’s not a classic PG. !!!

  508. I guess I was and I agree with WebA … it is not Bogut. Notice Bogut had to sit against CLE to win the Finals last year. The team is so flexible, it can play many styles. JLin, back to him, has that ability, but his teams are sort of stuck with boneheaded more rigid systems.

  509. KHuang, it is for Kings nor for Knicks lol

  510. We can only speculate either way. Everyone has different perception. However, the point is KW & NB were not on the same page. NB knew the next possession was important bc time was winding down w/ only 1pt lead. And perhaps NB realized that KW had already missed another jump shot on the previous possession, he didn’t want to waste another possession. So he had to take over, he then passed to Zeller who almost lost the ball but recovered and passed to Lin who made a layup at .07 sec left. Then on the last possession, he firmly decided to pass to Lin who nailed the dagger.

  511. OT, does anyone here have problems with Manning’s characters? He somehow reminds me of Lance Armstrong, but media is not giving whole lot of coverage about it…

  512. the more we know about other teams and other players, the better we can think of best situation for lin to be in ^^

  513. Just skip those posts. I am sure Mods here will remind us if it becomes too distracting.

  514. Nice thoughts … I don’t know bigs, so defer to you on that.

    YES!!! on your observations on Steph. Back then, I was just worried about his glass-ankles and Bogut’s iffy back etc so as a fan, those were what everyone talked about. Now it’s clear, the workload is well shared, and we have confidence as fans of them that no one person collapses the system. Except maybe Steph, he’s as you say in a class of his own. He doesn’t have to score big to make others score big – he doesn’t even have to be making those passes. He just has to be there threatening 3-3s in 2 minutes.

    I think JLin can have that kind of effect, just like we saw in CLE when he got sig minutes and a role that mattered. I am hoping next year JLin gets that, and maybe this year if we get a bluebird in spring.

  515. Didn’t Magic do it? Maybe it was his 2nd year because Bird won the first one.

  516. Ok, I was following Warriors, but more just thinking … Bogut and Curry’s injuries can really affect the team. That was when Barnes was the great hope. DGreen, Livingston, Barbosa, Fez, etc were not around yet. What a change. I do think Steph sucks defensive mindshare, so all those guys good i their own right get an easy game.

  517. A poor coach.

  518. Steroids? Well, Manning doesn’t seem to be as cocky. Glad Denver won, even though I didn’t watch Snore Bowl.

  519. that team was gonna be championship contender whether magic was there or not

  520. That wasn’t your post though. Hard to say for sure that they would have beaten others had Magic not been there.

  521. This site will be flooded then ?

  522. Lol, Snorebowl. It was boring.

  523. new CHI Game Thread (Happy CNY!)

    With only 2 games left before the All-Star Break, will we see Jeremy Lin be featured tonight to celebrate Chinese New Year? And the Feb 18 trade deadline is approaching quickly, which may or may not impact some players

    1. Would JLin have the reign of PG in the 2nd unit?
    2. Will his teammates pass the ball back to him or try to create shots for themselves?
    3. Will there be anxiety of the looming Feb 18 trade deadline to cause players to break from their team plays to prove their worth so they won’t be traded?

    Let’s go, JLin! Let’s pray and hope that he manages to be 100% healthy soon before to help the Hornets to win

    JLin seems to be in a good mood after Monday shootaround to get a win on Chinese New Year.


  524. In what way can we think of the best situation? Than reminding other fans that Porzingis is better than Lin? Tell me how can that create a better situation for Lin?

  525. PEDS plus sexual assaults plus bully
    scroll down to read controversy

  526. “Hard to say for sure that they would have beaten others had Magic not been there.” thanks for clarification

  527. people are saying porzingis is a good player and will be great in the future, no one on here said porzingis was a better player than lin as of right now.

  528. He does come across as not so nice guy after I read the link. Lol

  529. Lin needs to shoot better from long distance to pose that kind of threat.

  530. I know, what bothers me is media is giving him a pass because he looks so All-American… He is the hero Americans want, just like Armstrong

  531. Ok! I agree with you. they all hot but clippers are hotter and better with the hairs and outfits.

  532. Lol

  533. I think he did fine these days. Just not enough threes to get in rhythm. One day he will and it’ll look likeehe improved out of nowhere.

  534. Idk but sneakerheadss in Harlem and NYC wait days outside footlocker to get Nike shoes like they are iPhones .
    He grew up in those communities

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