Lakers Training Camp Day 1

We’ll be live-blogging the latest news, videos. articles on Lakers Training Camp (TC) particularly on Jeremy Lin. We will finally get some early answers or sneak peeks of it on some questions we have been asking for the whole summer since Lin was traded to Lakers 2 months ago. To Lin fans like us, we ask: What will be Lin’s role in LAL?  How many minutes will he play? What will be the dynamics between Lin and his coaches and teammates especially among Scott, Kobe and Nash? etc. Feel free to add TC links/articles related in the comments. We (Brent and psalm234) will add main videos/news/articles to the blog post as they come.

Sept 30 (Day 1)

Brent: Today’s sessions was mostly closed to the medias, I expect some post-practice interviews will be available later, and I will include them later here. Lin seems very fit, summer workouts are paying off big time.  Kobe singled out Ronnie Price as the best conditioned player today.  Since this is the 1st day of the camp, it is all about coaching staff setting up the tone, especially to young players. I personally think Byron Scott did a very good job. He clearly has a good plan in his mind. Let’s see how this camp develop.  (6:22:58 PM)


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Sept 29
  • [NBC-LA] Lakers Training Camp Schedule, as provided by @Arsenium12
  • Tuesday : a single three-hour session … as the players and coaches discuss philosophy and get in a work out.
  • Wednesday : two sessions … . The Lakers will be doing two-a-days for the majority of the first week at camp … .
  • Thursday : a double session. An early afternoon session lasting two hours … then, another two-hour session at dinner time.
  • Friday : one early session … hope to skip the late afternoon Friday traffic.
  • Saturday and Sunday : running two-a-days again.
  • Training Camp Roster : Nick Young, Jordan Clarkson, Jeremy Lin , Keith Appling, Xavier Henry, Ed Davis, Wayne Ellington, Ronnie Price, Kobe Bryant, Jeremy Tyler, Steve Nash, Jordan Hill, Ryan Kelly, Wesley Johnson, Julius Randle, Carlos Boozer, Roscoe Smith, Robert Sacre, Jabari Brown
  • NBA TV will do an episode of “Real Training Camp” of Lakers’ session on Saturday OCT 4 2014 at 1 Pm PT.
Sept 28