Lakers Training Camp Day 1

We’ll be live-blogging the latest news, videos. articles on Lakers Training Camp (TC) particularly on Jeremy Lin. We will finally get some early answers or sneak peeks of it on some questions we have been asking for the whole summer since Lin was traded to Lakers 2 months ago. To Lin fans like us, we ask: What will be Lin’s role in LAL?  How many minutes will he play? What will be the dynamics between Lin and his coaches and teammates especially among Scott, Kobe and Nash? etc. Feel free to add TC links/articles related in the comments. We (Brent and psalm234) will add main videos/news/articles to the blog post as they come.

Sept 30 (Day 1)

Brent: Today’s sessions was mostly closed to the medias, I expect some post-practice interviews will be available later, and I will include them later here. Lin seems very fit, summer workouts are paying off big time.  Kobe singled out Ronnie Price as the best conditioned player today.  Since this is the 1st day of the camp, it is all about coaching staff setting up the tone, especially to young players. I personally think Byron Scott did a very good job. He clearly has a good plan in his mind. Let’s see how this camp develop.  (6:22:58 PM)


(photo credit:(Ty Nowell/


Sept 29
  • [NBC-LA] Lakers Training Camp Schedule, as provided by @Arsenium12
  • Tuesday : a single three-hour session … as the players and coaches discuss philosophy and get in a work out.
  • Wednesday : two sessions … . The Lakers will be doing two-a-days for the majority of the first week at camp … .
  • Thursday : a double session. An early afternoon session lasting two hours … then, another two-hour session at dinner time.
  • Friday : one early session … hope to skip the late afternoon Friday traffic.
  • Saturday and Sunday : running two-a-days again.
  • Training Camp Roster : Nick Young, Jordan Clarkson, Jeremy Lin , Keith Appling, Xavier Henry, Ed Davis, Wayne Ellington, Ronnie Price, Kobe Bryant, Jeremy Tyler, Steve Nash, Jordan Hill, Ryan Kelly, Wesley Johnson, Julius Randle, Carlos Boozer, Roscoe Smith, Robert Sacre, Jabari Brown
  • NBA TV will do an episode of “Real Training Camp” of Lakers’ session on Saturday OCT 4 2014 at 1 Pm PT.
Sept 28



  1. first 🙂

  2. haha @blubell fail….

  3. Don’t forget the NBA TV live coverage on Saturday!

  4. If anyone’s interested, here are some links I put together several weeks ago on the coaching staff.

  5. Thanks for the info!

  6. Thanks for the love and support, Brent :'(

  7. LOL…..

  8. This training camp is likely a poignant time for Kobe Bryant.

  9. Here is the Lakers’ training camp roster by contract status, then sorted by jersey number :

    Fully guaranteed
    No. 0 — Nick Young ………… pencil in the high scoring “Swaggy P” as the Lakers’ sixth man.
    No. 4 — Ryan Kelly …………. second-year power forward. Had strong rookie season.
    No. 5 — Carlos Boozer …….. 12-year NBA veteran is projected to start at power forward.
    No. 6 — Jordan Clarkson ….. 46th overall pick impressed with the Lakers summer league squad.

    No. 7 — Xavier Henry ……… reserve guard may start slow, while recovering from knee surgery.
    No. 10 — Steve Nash ………. has struggled with injuries for his two seasons with the Lakers.
    No. 11 — Wesley Johnson .. athletic defender may start at small forward, but needs consistency.
    No. 17 — Jeremy Lin ……….. Lin could start at point guard, or back up Nash.

    No. 21 — Ed Davis ………….. athletic power forward, formerly with Memphis and Toronto.
    No. 24 — Kobe Bryant …….. can veteran All-Star return to form after an injury-plagued season?
    No. 27 — Jordan Hill ……….. 6-foot-10 Hill projects to start at center this season.
    No. 30 — Julius Randle ……. touted Kentucky power forward was the seventh overall pick.
    No. 50 — Robert Sacre ……. third-year center is listed as the team’s only 7-footer.

    No. 9 — Ronnie Price : veteran combination guard, providing depth for Steve Nash.
    No. 2 — Wayne Ellington : a potential Jodie Meeks replacement (shooter).

    Non-guaranteed camp invite
    No. 1 — Keith Appling : nvite — a rookie point guard hoping to make an impression.
    No. 3 — Jeremy Tyler : young power forward/center needs very strong camp to make the team.
    No. 14 — Roscoe Smith : rookie small forward was contributor on the Lakers summer league squad.
    No. 15 — Jabari Brown : high-scoring shooting guard at Missouri. P he played with fellow rookie Clarkson.

  10. Not so good news for me. It will be 6am Sunday morning here. At least it will be better than Japan 5am and Taiwan 4am. Oh well better than nothing. Do u know how long will be the program?

  11. Here is an interesting article from Sam Amick, focusing on Kobe Bryant and his expectations for training camp and beyond :

    “To get better every single day,” he said while speaking through the crush of the media mob that surrounded him. “It sounds cliché-ish, but if you really think about it in its truest form…really that’s the key. When you’re getting better every single day, you can’t help but to do phenomenal things.” …

    “I haven’t played for quite a while, and I think the size of the challenge that’s ahead of me has really forced me to really focus in a lot more than I ever have,” Bryant explained. “That’s a 360-degree thing – that’s nutrition, that’s training, that’s mentally preparing. That’s everything. But to play at this age and through all the injuries, you have to have that commitment.”

    See :

  12. Steve Nash talking about his outlook. By the way, in the 10 seasons up to and including 2010/11, Nash played an average of 78 games each season (out of 82). In 2011/12, with the lockout, he played 62 of 66 games.


    “It’s been such a bad run with that nerve that I don’t want to make any forecasts,” he said. “I felt great this summer, but it’s a lot
    different working out in a gym on your own than it is pounding up and down every day. So there’s no guarantees. I’m just trying to enjoy every day for what I have and what I can give.”

    “I’ve always kind of overdone it or tried to do too much,” Nash said. “That’s going to be a different perspective for me. I’ve got to pick my spots and give myself the best opportunity to sustain.”

    See :

  13. Looking forward to receive some news on Lakers training camp.

  14. Seems like Serena Winter got kicked out….from LAL facility

  15. yeah, at 2:19am LOL. Security guard needs some zzz

  16. One that that stood out from watching Kobe interview was his awareness that he can’t fight the natural course of old age and body but he needs to get smart about it. This bodes well to him trying not to do too much but help the younger players to help him. It’s good that he takes leading a young team as a new challenge.

  17. Geesh, it’ll be Sunday am in my timezone. Hope somebody records this.

  18. 11:16am The first practice of the 2014-15 season begins with Byron Scott & Mitch Kupchak addressing the team

  19. Deleted. Duplicate post.

  20. From today’s (Tuesday’s) practice:

  21. Lin said that there never can be Linsanity again simply because there is no element of surprise; I disagree. Most people still think he cannot play well enough to lead Lakers to playoffs. If he can do that, there will be Linsanity II in LA. Linsanity I in the East Coast, and then Linsanity II in the West Coast.

  22. I think it is matter of degree….versus what he does. So yeah in that sense, you are right. But NYK did enter playoff….so…Lin will need to do more than just entering playoff

  23. @arsenium12:disqus thanks for those tweets, I will include those that are Lin related.

  24. Great job Brent, appreciate it.

  25. Yes, this site’s coverage is better than JL site’s coverage. Keep up the good work.

  26. Thank you both!, there were some technical I might missed some tweets and links. So feel free to provide info if you guys see fit.

  27. I think Lin simply tried to ‘shy away’ from the Linsanity term that’s often associated with only “3-week Linsane performance” with him being the only playmaker. He clearly wanted to downplay any notion he wants to recreate individual performance over team’s effort. I see it as a great diplomatic maneuver to build strong camaraderie with his new teammates.

    He still wants something better than Linsanity, where he’s a great defender, deadly 3pt shooter, can play on-ball/off-ball. We’ll probably come up with something new later on.

  28. so Lin finally got some purple and yellow gear =)

  29. For some reason, every blog post starts with “Tweet Tweet” on this page:

  30. That is really weird… .

  31. Brent, good that u’ve got everything done. Tried not to duplicate things. Hence, let u do the job:o))

  32. Byron Scott wants Nash and Kobe to scrimmage at the Wednesday morning practice:

    “They’ll do the morning practice, and I still don’t think I’ll have them do the whole (Wednesday) morning practice, but I want them to get the scrimmage in,” Scott explained. “I think that’s important for both of them because they haven’t played a lot of basketball over the last year, and I think both of them want to get that scrimmage in. They want to play, which is a great thing.”

    See :

  33. @brentyen:disqus, great job compiling all information for Day 1 of TC!
    Let me know if you want me to cover Day 2. Or if @arsenium12:disqus or others wants to help, you’re welcome too 🙂
    I know it’s quite a lot of work putting together things

  34. For Day 1, I get the sense that Lin really impressed some people (Kevin Ding and possibly others) with his 3pt shooting & conditioning! This is great to see because Lin will set the tone that he’ll be the engine that keeps on chugging to be a reliable playmaker.

  35. BTW, I needed to use WP-Optimizer to clean many drafts (40+) that can create slowdown and issues in updating article. Let me know if you can see it on Black Top Bar. We need to run them from to time. Let me see if I can schedule it automatically every hour.

  36. Thanks Brent! Great Job! We appreciate all your hard work!

  37. Salute to the @brentyen:disqus

  38. Good for that. He’ll finally trust the younger players to lift the pressure of him.Sharing the load is the best for him and the team. See Spurs. They buried a younger team last Finals by sharing the load of winning.

  39. Jeremy’s postgame:

  40. Kobe Bryant pushes himself to the point Byron Scott puts a lid on it

    “It was definitely a different experience,” Jeremy Lin said. “A lot of defense, running, old-school drills.”

    The Lakers worked mainly on — here’s a change — defense, spending about 98% of practice on it, Lin said.

  41. Ha! just not really doing it in real time. I am usually in front of a computer anyway. thanks! everyone can putting info in at the comment section I think…

  42. Breathe Jeremy breathe… you made it through day 1!

  43. I checked, I do not have the access to that…did not see it…

  44. don’t worry. I’ll run it from time to time until I figure out a way to enable it

  45. Awesome Brent & Psalm to update the compilation of first day JLin training vid above so promptly. Thanks!

  46. Hi Psalm and Brent. I’m in the Eastern time zone so I can check this evening to see what’s been published (i.e. after 3 or so, Pacific). Maybe a bit at noon, as well. Thanks for all the work everyone has done on the site.

  47. Kobe Bryant talking about Byron Scott and the first day of practice :

    Bryant said he and Scott are “philosophically identical” and that it was on display in even on the first day of practice.

    “We see things the same way,” Bryant said. “When we have discussions it’s really just kind of checking and discussing what we should do here, what we shouldn’t do here, this player here, this player there.”

    As teammates, Bryant said Scott helped set the tone for the rest of his career.

    “It’s no accident that you look at the two young guys on that team and how we turned out,” he said. “It’s myself and Derek Fisher. We had incredible veterans. … Jerome Kersey was another one. Those guys were really solid veterans back then.”

    See :

  48. I posted this on media day—-“One thing caught my attention. Lin said that he is thinking about getting in playoffs 1st…I think that was how MDA was think…the thought process. However, Kobe and Scott mentioned that players gotta have the mentality of thinking about championship from day 1. Also Kobe said he and MDA shared different version of winning. Kobe thinks it is either championships or nothing. Seems like there are some differences in terms of how to prepare the game mentally.”

  49. I wonder if Kobe was also asked the same question about the team’s expectations this season.
    How would he answer that knowing the personnel makes it hard to contend for championships this year?

  50. I think this is more about process, not the result.

  51. Btw, need to leave for a couple of hrs. Camp should be started now I think…

  52. ok, I’ll add more updates. Thanks!

  53. On the first day of training camp it seen JLin Portal is ahead of the pack.

  54. Not sure who is ahead and who is last LOL

  55. Yes, you can get kicked out if you are too hot it is a distraction to the players.

  56. LOL .. the bigs are 1 lap behind :] And for the guards, you can tell Lin was upright but others were dragging their bodies forward.

    That’s my Sherlock eyes talking haha..

  57. We got Brent-sanity happening here.
    And we always try to match @Jlin7’s performance :]

  58. sam_amick: “Jeremy Lin without doubt will play major role in PG spot” [mark 1:27] in Kobe Bryant: ‘I’m ready to play’ video

  59. Can also argue that the bigs were way ahead and they were slow down for the guards to catch up. hehehe

  60. I would not be surprised if Lin shoots close to 40% from 3 points distance this season. His shooting form looks smooth.

  61. true :] Lakers got some speedy bigs this year haha..

  62. Like you said the guards are way ahead but I just did it for argument sake hehe.

  63. This is exactly what the bigs are thinking :>

  64. I agree. His confidence is sky high as seen in the Vine video with Swaggy&Clarkson.
    For him to say “I want to be deadly 3pt shooter”, he must have supreme confidence in making high%.
    Perhaps 70%-80% in practice like Doc said.

  65. LOL

  66. I think he will be 38%. But it depends on what Scott has in playbooks anyway… can vary by a lot. due to the system

  67. A truly boring time before the preseason games begin.

  68. Just few more days!

  69. Does ballstreams show all Lakers preseason games?

  70. I would think so…..I did not check tho…

  71. Is ballstreams still open for registration?

  72. You can’t?

  73. I read somewhere around late summer someone said it closed for registration so have never check since.

  74. ok, I updated the SEO metadata and modified the title so it eventually can show up on Google search :]
    I need to be more diligent in doing this. I’ll be away for a couple hours too

  75. I am not a new member so I am not sure. I would assume that they already opened for new comers..

  76. Will check later, LP is too expensive and sucks. No, not that LP the other LP.

  77. From the Wednesday (morning) practice :

  78. From the Wednesday (morning) practice :

  79. Calling for help! Seems like the next session will be at 500pm PT or 700pm CT. I need to coach volleyball so I can not do the update at that time. @psalm234:disqus

  80. wow that late? I’ll do my best until 6pm since I also need to go for kids lessons.
    It’s okay. We can update when we get back.

    Looking great so far, Brent! Thanks for putting them together.
    I see you’re using CT. Perhaps we’ll change it to PT to match LA time later.

  81. Just wonder, this thread is getting mighty long before coming to the comment. Wondering maybe we should break it down to different thread?? Still have 3.5/4.5 days to go. Going crazy for me:o))

  82. OK I will change it later, I also added a new post for day 3 and 4. So…the post won’t get too long and hard to track.

  83. First with a Jeremy Lin tweet, I hope :

  84. I really hope someone can recognize Lin’s ability in half court too..

  85. I already did 😛

  86. Such a high praise from Byron Scott being an ex-guard. He definitely saw first-hand that Lin met his expectations in leading the team in the open floor. Lin will fit the bill to be one to have strong D then push the ball up the floor quickly.

  87. Jeremy on the Laker practices (part 1) :

  88. Jeremy on the Laker practices (part 2)

  89. full quote:

    Coach two practices in what is your thoughts on Jeremy lin both offensively and defensively?

    “I like him a lot. I really do. On defense he really knows where to be and he’s gritty just like I knew he would be. He’s gonna guard you to the best of his ability and he never gives up on a play offensively. He runs the team, gets to the basket I love the way he pushes the ball into the open floor. So he hasn’t disappointed me at all.”

  90. Thanks, @disqus_dVLDET9zJ7:disqus & @arsenium12:disqus :]
    I’ll add it to the post while @brentyen:disqus is being a nice volleyball coach
    It saves me from typing.

  91. Jeremy at the morning practice (Wednesday) :

  92. your welcome.

  93. Jeremy at the morning practice (Wednesday) 2nd photo

  94. A short clip of the 5-on-5 scrimmage at Wednesday’s (morning) practice:

  95. Thanks, Psalm and wu kong.

  96. Psalm and Brent, feel free to delete my messages and move the photos/videos etc into the blog post.

  97. B-Scott is old school. If the vets aren’t injured, he’s going to depend on them a lot. I don’t have these warm, fuzzy feelings others are feeling.

  98. yes…

  99. last year he shot great up until his back injury, maybe end of Novemberr? Then his form regressed.

  100. ok, thanks! I’ll probably add a slideshow/gallery later so it won’t be such a long scroll

  101. LOL Thanks! Somehow I feel like it should go for day by day. It’s getting too long for just one day itself. I sort of lost a little bit of interest to come to the comment section.

  102. Thanks in a million in advance. Tired of scrolling down. Am a little bit of impatient.

  103. Hey guys, I agree with @jlin_fan_from_australia:disqus that the post is still too long for covering 2 days…So I reorganized the posts.

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