9/29 LA Lakers Media Day


  1. Lakers Media Day 2014: Jeremy Lin, ‘Anything But Linsanity'[LakerNation]

    (5 min 44 secs)
    Lin seemed very comfortable and happy talking about the expectations of the upcoming seasons, how well he worked together with Kobe and Nash. Lin is in a good state of mind with a group of teammates to bond together. He said the Lakers are committed and he definitely thinks they’re better than what people think of the Lakers in the media.

  2.  Max & Marcelus [ESPN-LA Radio]

    (10 min)
    New Laker Jeremy Lin joins the guys and talks about how crazy Linsanity was in NY. Lin talks about learning from Kobe this season. Lin says he wants to get to the playoffs first before thinking championship
    Note: For other segments w/ Byron Scott, Nash, Kobe, Boozer, go to the ESPN-LA Max&Marcellus Podcast Archive

  3. Jeremy Lin looking to be more dynamic [TWC SportsNet]

    (5 min 36 secs)
    Jeremy Lin sat down with James Worthy and Chris McGee to discuss his role with the Lakers under Byron Scott.

It looks like the coverage is winding down. When the complete videos come out later, we’ll do a more complete analysis of Lin’s interviews and answers. What a great start to NBA Season!   😆  😎

7:14 pm The Lakers teammates hung out for a team dinner to bond. It’s a great bonding time before starting the hard training camp tomorrow

#Lakers team dinner! That reflective jumpsuit though...lol @zeus_henry @ryankelly34 @swaggyp1 @stephennash @kobebryant @juliusrandle30 @dreadheadjizzle27 @jeremytyler4

5:48 pm Nash is excited to work with Lin and help him thrive. It’s a good parting gift for him to watch young guys develop.


5:38 pm

5:35 pm Jeremy Lin said that the Lakers’ emphasis in training camp will be defense and getting to know each other. (via @bgarcia990)

Jeremy Lin said that the Lakers' emphasis in training camp will be defense and getting to know each other.

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5:21 pm Jeremy Lin at

Jeremy Lin at #Lakersmediaday

5:01 pm About playing with Nash, Jeremy said he can play together next to Nash (like he did with Harden in Houston) and it will be a lot of fun

5:00 pm About Team Expectation for this season, Jeremy said, “The mindset is Let’s get the playoff first. Then play simple. I think we’ll surprise a lot of people”

4:58 pm Jeremy: “I’m more a complete player (play off/on the ball). Not healthy 4 team to me handle ball all the time”

4:52 pm About recreating Linsanity, Jeremy said not to care too much about people say. He just needs to be himself and continue to play for God.

4:52 pm JLin on Max & Marcellus

Max can’t believe how underrated Lin as a defender. JLin said “There are many aspects of defensive assignment. Many do not understand stats” Example: strategy for CP3 could be letting him score 40pts, no assists to get a win but people only looked at individual assignments.

4:50 pm

4:49 pm https://twitter.com/supjackjack/status/516736439438934016

4:45 pm Lin on KB & Nash “There’s certain experiences & situations you can’t recreate. Its a no brainer 2 soak up everything u can” (via )

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4:33 pm Kobe said, “Kobe: I feel fine, calm, and ready. u can’t fight natural course of things. my game is gonna be fine. key is gonna about helping our guys” (via @supJackJack)

4:23 pm Another JLin Promo picture

4:20 pm JLin Cutting Promo pic!

4:15 pm JLin in Gold Armor!

4:02 pm It started but no sight of Lin yet

3:59 pm Lakers will have a team dinner tonight after media day. Players and coaches will speak, including Kobe Bryant (via @JNavLN )

3:50 pm Byron Scot & coaching staff just arrived

3:44 pm Max & Marcellus said Jeremy Lin defense is underrated.

1:30 pm So Lakers.com is not streaming live so our best bet so far for live feed would be through (per ) or ESPN-LA Radio with Max & Marcellus at 3-7pm

1:00 pm Also, For #Lakers Media Day videos, can check http://www.twcsportsnet.com/videos & http://www.nba.com/lakers/video later on. (per  )


It’s only less than one day  left to LA Lakers Media Day on Sept 29, 2014!  😎

There will be a barrage of information, interviews, videos, etc. so we’ll do live-blogging in this thread particularly on Jeremy Lin information. As news/links come, please add to comments so we can choose the good ones to be added in this post.

TWC SportsNet will broadcast them at 4pm. It’s unclear if it’s available via Internet or just via TV.

ESPN-LA Radio with Max & Marcellus will also provide Online Audio coverage from 3-7pm.