9/29 LA Lakers Media Day


  1. Lakers Media Day 2014: Jeremy Lin, ‘Anything But Linsanity'[LakerNation]

    (5 min 44 secs)
    Lin seemed very comfortable and happy talking about the expectations of the upcoming seasons, how well he worked together with Kobe and Nash. Lin is in a good state of mind with a group of teammates to bond together. He said the Lakers are committed and he definitely thinks they’re better than what people think of the Lakers in the media.

  2.  Max & Marcelus [ESPN-LA Radio]

    (10 min)
    New Laker Jeremy Lin joins the guys and talks about how crazy Linsanity was in NY. Lin talks about learning from Kobe this season. Lin says he wants to get to the playoffs first before thinking championship
    Note: For other segments w/ Byron Scott, Nash, Kobe, Boozer, go to the ESPN-LA Max&Marcellus Podcast Archive

  3. Jeremy Lin looking to be more dynamic [TWC SportsNet]

    (5 min 36 secs)
    Jeremy Lin sat down with James Worthy and Chris McGee to discuss his role with the Lakers under Byron Scott.

It looks like the coverage is winding down. When the complete videos come out later, we’ll do a more complete analysis of Lin’s interviews and answers. What a great start to NBA Season!   😆  😎

7:14 pm The Lakers teammates hung out for a team dinner to bond. It’s a great bonding time before starting the hard training camp tomorrow

5:48 pm Nash is excited to work with Lin and help him thrive. It’s a good parting gift for him to watch young guys develop.


5:38 pm

5:35 pm Jeremy Lin said that the Lakers’ emphasis in training camp will be defense and getting to know each other. (via @bgarcia990)

5:34 pm

5:26 pm

5:25 pm

5:21 pm Jeremy Lin at

View this post on Instagram

Jeremy Lin at #Lakersmediaday

A post shared by Bob Garcia IV (@bgarcia990) on

5:01 pm About playing with Nash, Jeremy said he can play together next to Nash (like he did with Harden in Houston) and it will be a lot of fun

5:00 pm About Team Expectation for this season, Jeremy said, “The mindset is Let’s get the playoff first. Then play simple. I think we’ll surprise a lot of people”

4:58 pm Jeremy: “I’m more a complete player (play off/on the ball). Not healthy 4 team to me handle ball all the time”

4:52 pm About recreating Linsanity, Jeremy said not to care too much about people say. He just needs to be himself and continue to play for God.

4:52 pm JLin on Max & Marcellus

Max can’t believe how underrated Lin as a defender. JLin said “There are many aspects of defensive assignment. Many do not understand stats” Example: strategy for CP3 could be letting him score 40pts, no assists to get a win but people only looked at individual assignments.

4:50 pm

4:49 pm https://twitter.com/supjackjack/status/516736439438934016

4:45 pm Lin on KB & Nash “There’s certain experiences & situations you can’t recreate. Its a no brainer 2 soak up everything u can” (via )

4:44 pm

4:41 pm

4:33 pm Kobe said, “Kobe: I feel fine, calm, and ready. u can’t fight natural course of things. my game is gonna be fine. key is gonna about helping our guys” (via @supJackJack)

4:23 pm Another JLin Promo picture

4:20 pm JLin Cutting Promo pic!

4:15 pm JLin in Gold Armor!

4:02 pm It started but no sight of Lin yet

3:59 pm Lakers will have a team dinner tonight after media day. Players and coaches will speak, including Kobe Bryant (via @JNavLN )

3:50 pm Byron Scot & coaching staff just arrived

3:44 pm Max & Marcellus said Jeremy Lin defense is underrated.

1:30 pm So Lakers.com is not streaming live so our best bet so far for live feed would be through (per ) or ESPN-LA Radio with Max & Marcellus at 3-7pm

1:00 pm Also, For #Lakers Media Day videos, can check http://www.twcsportsnet.com/videos & http://www.nba.com/lakers/video later on. (per  )


It’s only less than one day  left to LA Lakers Media Day on Sept 29, 2014!  😎

There will be a barrage of information, interviews, videos, etc. so we’ll do live-blogging in this thread particularly on Jeremy Lin information. As news/links come, please add to comments so we can choose the good ones to be added in this post.

TWC SportsNet will broadcast them at 4pm. It’s unclear if it’s available via Internet or just via TV.

ESPN-LA Radio with Max & Marcellus will also provide Online Audio coverage from 3-7pm.


  1. 1st!!!

  2. Darn it. I saw this thread when there was 0 comment but didn’t think to post “1st”… I need to practice my trolling skills! Next time, Brent… next time ;P

  3. you will get there…..lol

  4. LOL I made the request but was too busy to sort out Dodgers pics. Cheating u Brent!:o))

  5. I believe Brent is the #1 record holder of “1st!” one-liner.
    Maybe 1K out of his 13K comments 😀
    It’s a skill!

  6. anyone find a streaming site yet?

  7. Nop. Hopefully I will find out first thing when I wake up tomolo morning in time for the Media Day:o))

  8. I wonder why they’re not streaming it? I see couple of other teams are not streaming as well. eg. Knicks.

  9. our best bet would be Lakers.com like they did for Mitch Kupchak presser on Friday.
    But if not, Max & Marcellus is available on ESPN-LA radio.
    We’ll find out more tomorrow

  10. http://t.co/b17ZrfFwIB @JLin7 NBA Live stream of Media Day— JLinArticles&Facts (@JLArticlesFacts) September 29, 2014

  11. Right now at NBA.com/live1/, Pacers are being interviewed. Will Lakers Media Day be streamed at the same NBA link?

  12. there should be a section on Lakers. Hopefully it will be at 4pm.

  13. LakerNation is trying to use SnapChat for Media Day
    @LakerNation: “Want to go inside Lakers Media Day? Follow “WeAreLN” on Snapchat to experience all the sights & sounds! Starts at 4 PM”


  14. my live feed just went blank…
    🙁 maybe it will come back

  15. Mine too.

  16. hey I just moved to explorer now working… was on chrome

  17. oops I Lied… only worked for a commercial 🙁

  18. yeah me 2 🙁

  19. At least 710 radio is working well.

  20. I feel it does not make sense to have live stream if TWC want exclusive coverage.

  21. Kobe arrived . 45 min to go


  22. 3:50pm Byron Scot & coaching staff just arrived


  23. RT @JNavLN: Jeremy Lin in the gold armor pic.twitter.com/GYl785V7cp— LAKERFANATICS (@LAKERFANATICS) September 29, 2014

  24. Jeremy Lin cutting promos. #lakersmediaday #lakers pic.twitter.com/6PqLQ4v1K6— Ryan Ritchie (@RyanLRitchie) September 29, 2014

  25. . @TheSportsDude kickin it at @Lakers media day with Jeremy Lin right now pic.twitter.com/5i9KCvZXOU— Power 106 (@Power106LA) September 29, 2014

  26. .@JLin7 en sesión de fotos. #LakersMediaDay #SomosLakers pic.twitter.com/TgvZFTikSo— TWC Deportes (@TWCDeportes) September 29, 2014

  27. Lin would like to call California his home & hopes to be able to chase other guards around and make it hard for them pic.twitter.com/eHIytcbwZ7— Jackjack (@supjackjack) September 29, 2014

  28. Lin: there is certain aspect of me, I like to have fun…just trying to be authentic to fans *when asked about social pic.twitter.com/p0w19T38kL— Jackjack (@supjackjack) September 29, 2014

  29. "If when my career is over people are still talking about Linsanity, then probably I didn't do a good job with my career." — @JLin7— KEVIN DING (@KevinDing) September 30, 2014

  30. Jeremy Lin: “People are counting us out, and that’s fine”

    In an off-season filled with dead-end pursuits for big-name free agents, the Lakers biggest name brought in might very well be Jeremy Lin. Dealt from Houston, who had hopes for bringing in Chris Bosh, Lin came packaged with a first round pick, which many Lakers fans were more excited for.

    With Lin projected to be a big contributor this season, many fans are already counting the team out, a position Lin is familiar with. On ESPN710 in LA, Lin talked about the expectations for the Lakers heading into this season:

    Right now, when I think about the team, the first I think we should think about, let’s get to the playoffs. Once we get to the playoffs, from there, you have to keep it a very simple and very short, visible goal. People are counting us out, and that’s fine, but I’m used to being in that position and I’m glad to be I’m in that position. And I think we’ll surprise a lot of people.

    Furthermore, Lin went on to talk about the perception and reputation he has a liability defensively.

    I think just a lot of it is perception. People kind of say stuff without understanding the stats or watching the games in-depth. There’s different aspects to being a good defender.

    Lin very simply summed up his relationship with Kobe Bryant on the court. With both player being their best with the ball, there
    could be some issues, but Lin was confident that they could play well together.

    If you’re committed to winning, which he is and I am, you’ll find a way to make it work.

    Will Lin be successful in LA? Can he recreate Linsanity?

  31. Looks like the team is already trying to build some camaraderie according to @JLin7 Instagram. Nice to see. pic.twitter.com/0FukxpUDb5— LAKERFANATICS (@LAKERFANATICS) September 30, 2014

  32. One thing caught my attention. Lin said that he is thinking about getting in playoffs 1st…I think that was how MDA was think…the thought process. However, Kobe and Scott mentioned that players gotta have the mentality of thinking about championship from day 1. Also Kobe said he and MDA shared different version of winning. Kobe thinks it is either championships or nothing. Seems like there are some differences in terms of how to prepare the game mentally.

  33. I like how LA is elevating Jeremy’s defense calling him an underrated defender. Very different from Houston who tried to strip that away from him to elevate Beverly’s overrated defense.

  34. @JLin7 Media day of @LakersNation pic.twitter.com/0HfHq6Juvd— claire612 (@claire0612) September 30, 2014

  35. Can’t resist to post this pic. His smile is really contagious. He is really happy and free. Go JLin!!!

  36. Agreed. Getting to like Lakers more and more each day. Really like what they are doing. Not hyping up anyone.

  37. Max & Marcellus
    Jeremy’s interview starts around 31:40

  38. Thanks, guys.

  39. @Lakers @JLin7 Number 17 meeting Number 7 @XavierHenry pic.twitter.com/hM1dqS5mDE

  40. Indeed!! And I like Lin confirmed my theory on radio show. WTH is those “you can not guard your man” nonsense. Team D is a design! It is complex….

  41. Grandpa Nash acting like a kid in the back 😛

  42. Jame wrothy asked, talk about your country and china?….m….

  43. What a difference has made for JLin! Never seen such a happy kid since I root for him.

  44. You know what, I searched “Jeremy Lin medial day” on youtube and the search results were mostly of Houston media day from his two years in Houston. In his first year, he looked somewhat content but the second year… no smiles and he sounded dejected. So yes, what a difference a year makes. I am extremely happy for him.

  45. Didn’t follow much in the last couple years on Media Day. However, all the laughs and smiles in his face today that I haven’t seen for a long long time. Beginning to see some after playoffs but was still quite reserved. Honestly I haven’t seen this kind of smile so readily in so many pics/interviews. WOW! A total different person.

  46. I couldn’t believe it when I heard it. Did he misspeak not using your parents home-country?
    Good thing Lin just let it slide. That was terrible if he didn’t know Lin is from the US.

  47. Q: On the team playing with a chip on its shoulder:

    Bryant: I think we have a lot of guys that have been kind of discarded; been forgotten about. Myself with the injury and the age. Jeremy (Lin) and a bunch of players who other teams really felt they had
    no use for. So we have that kind of attitude built into ourselves.

    Preach, Kobe!Preach!

  48. Oh my I like this! I might do some editing before I make this my wallpaper

  49. That … is the best statement for the Media Day!

    He knew what will stoke the fire of all Lakers who have been counted out: Lin from Rockets/Knicks, Boozer from the Bulls, Kobe and Nash from the injuries and the rest of young guys who had the losing record last year.

    Let’s hope everyone will get fired up to have one mission to reach the playoff and shock everyone else in the NBA 😀

  50. Perhaps someone should tweet him. Don’t want mis-info like this to perpetuate. That’s what happened in Houston.

  51. I like the terms he used: Discarded and Been Forgotten About

    Two strong words that summed up everything about Jeremy, Boozer, and the remaining Lakers from last season.

    Kobe seems to understand who is playing with and what he should be doing right now (try to be a team leader rather than do everything on his own)

  52. Thank you Psalm for the effort you put in to put it altogether. Such a great job!!!

  53. Thank you, @disqus_f5ETiy7wz7:disqus warrior :]
    I got help from Brent and Melody to scramble with many tweets, pics, videos.
    Glad you enjoyed it!

    Brent will spearhead the Training Camp thread starting tomorrow with me helping some. Let’s go Brent!

  54. His happiness is very contagious right now ;D

  55. What’s there to edit? he’s perfect ;P

  56. he’s definitely serious about evolving into a team leader. He knew his physical limitation and will put some effort in making his younger teammates better.

    Man, it’s like Lin getting 2 kungfu-masters in Kobe and Nash in their old age to impart their secret skillz! 🙂

    Yeah, “Discarded and Been Forgotten About” .. Kobe definitely put some thought process to start a fire in Lin and other guys. Gotta admit Kobe is turning to be a smart leader. Oct 28, Charge!!! LOL

  57. The heck.

  58. why did bev do so much better in hick town’s system than lin?

  59. Very different Kobe out there today. Some people have made fun of his sage-like speeches but I think it suits him at this point in his career. He said he is not hell bent on playing but winning… good sign.

  60. The thing is, he did not….

  61. The system where everybody is PG except Jeremy? Even in this “system” Jeremy outperformed Bev by a mile. Bev was simply hyped up… way too hyped up by Houston organization… to cater to Harden.

  62. I think worthy meant no harm, he was just brain locked for few second. He saved it by adding “and China”

  63. Did better in what exactly?

  64. The green background.. lol

  65. I was never into the “Linsanity” thing, but I credit those moments that gave me a chance to get to know him. I’ve always believed that’s how he plays. Period.

  66. sorry too busy looking at the subject… didn’t notice the background.

  67. The background doesn’t do anything for the subject lol

  68. Ok Ok. I agree. He deserves a better background. Please share your work!

  69. I think what he meant was where his parents hailed from (Taiwan). Seriously these guys need teleprompter or some cue boards.

  70. he got all defensive 2nd team.

  71. yes, Worthy seems to be a good & generous guy who just got tongue-tied for a moment. He was the 1st one of ex-Laker to tweet welcome on JLin trade news.

  72. Discarded.Been Forgotten About.Marginalized. Insert other word here with same meaning as the first 3. They all mean the same. Kobe knows he is playing with guys who were traded away/amnestied/dropped by their previous teams because their previous teams think they can’t do much/contribute anything.

    Those guys who were deemed useless by their former organizations have that fire to prove they’re not useless, not just to their former organizations but also to themselves.

  73. Lakers Media Day 2014: Jeremy Lin, ‘Anything But Linsanity’

  74. https://twitter.com/SerenaWinters/status/516744705782972416

    In the 10 years up to and including the 2010/11 season, Steve Nash played an average of 78 games each regular season (out of 82). In the strike-shortened season of 2011/12 he played 62 of 66 games. However he fares physically this year, he’ll have a valuable role as a mentor and leader on the team.

  75. So?

    Who cares? It’s some popularity contest you-know-what. Their only reason to include his name is because he injured Westbrook, THAT’S ALL. That’s the only reason he is popular.

    The guy doesn’t even know the basics of defense, ie, that Steve Blake 3 where he was caught in no man’s land.

  76. Thanks to Brent and Melody too then! (:-D shi shi shi)

  77. Sorry if this was already posted.
    Short clip of Jeremy/Boozer interaction in the beginning of the vid.

  78. I thought he would pick one of the Knicks teammates but he said Francisco Garcia… poor Garcia stuck in Houston 🙁

  79. Thanks, didn’t see Boozer buttering up the PG 🙂 jk
    What did Boozer ask?
    I only caught Lin’s answer, “..No, it was a little low but it wasn’t nearly as bad as ..”

  80. Please add Garcia and D-Mo to the “discarded.been forgotten” pile. D-Mo dropped hints… no, anvils, that he wanted to play for Lakers.

  81. I couldn’t make it out either… maybe Boozer is asking Jeremy to feel his abs again ;P

  82. That was definitely an unguarded moment .., which he quickly changed to his HS teammates (probably too avoid awkward moments with Landry, SCurry, David Lee, Novak, etc.)

  83. whaaat :] .. you’ve been dreaming too much again, haven’t u?

  84. Don’t you dare take that away from me, Psalm! LOL.

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