The Old and New Faces of Brooklyn Nets After 2017 NBA Draft


In 2017, Brooklyn Nets finally bid farewell to their storied franchise center, Brook Lopez, after he spent nine memorable seasons with New Jersey Nets and Brooklyn Nets. Brook has been the subject of trade rumors in the past few seasons but was only recently got traded for his $21.6M expiring contract to Los Angeles Lakers plus the 27th draft pick to bring Timothy Mozgov and D’Angelo Russell (a young PG/SG, 2015 2nd draft pick) to Brooklyn. GM Sean Marks received many praises around the league for orchestrating this “salary dump” trade to absorb Mozgov’s bad contract of $16M/yr for the next three years but receiving an undervalued 2015 2nd draft pick in Russell as a valuable asset. The Nets does not have many first round draft picks until 2019 as a result of trade with Boston Celtics so they need to be creative to rebuild their franchise through undervalued players and Free Agency.

The Nets also drafted Jarrett Allen, 6”11″ Center/Forward, with their 22nd pick. He has the highest Max Vertical at 12’1″ in 2017 Draft prospects and will provide defense and rim protection. In the 2nd round, the Nets used their 57th pick to draft Aleksandar Vezenkov, 6’9″ PF who played for FC Barcelona in Spain but he might be stashed for some time in Europe.

Jeremy Lin and D’Angelo Russell Combo-Guard Backcourt

Jeremy reached out to D’Angelo through text and expressed his excitement to work together as a combo guard (PG/SG) like he previously did with Kemba Walker and Patrick Beverley

I’ve always loved two combo guards playing together. I’ve always been an advocate of that, whether it’s me playing alongside Patrick Beverley or playing alongside Kemba [Walker],” Lin told The Post, referring to his time with the Rockets and Hornets, respectively. “Me and Kemba’s pairing was the most fun I’ve had.

“Playing alongside another person who is dynamic makes the game easier. … I’m excited to share the backcourt with him. I’ve already reached out to him. We’ve texted a bit, so it should be cool.”

Brook Lopez departure essentially means that the offense will be focused to the backcourt duo. D’Angelo will be the youngest Nets at 21 years old and has expressed his comfort to play as a shooting guard (SG) after scoring his career-high 40 points against the Cleveland Cavaliers on March 21, 2017 in his first game as SG. So their style of play can be complementary.

There has been no discussion if the 21-year old Russell will eventually be the future point guard of the Nets but it is understandable that the Nets want to find multiple playmakers similar to the style of the modern NBA teams such as Golden State Warriors (Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Draymond Greene, and Klay Thompson) and Cleveland Cavaliers (LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love). Lin has a player option the following 2018-19 season so he can decide if it would be better for him as a 30-year old player to join a playoff contender to pursue championships or stay a few more years to rebuild Brooklyn Nets with younger teammates.

There was no discussion of how Russell, the overall No. 2 pick in the 2015 draft, could ultimately being Lin’s successor. Lin’s contract includes a player option at the end of this season while Russell’s has two years to run on rookie money.

How It Impacts Jeremy Lin

As Jeremy Lin fans, we should expect that both Lin and the Nets are fully aware that he will most likely opt out of his 3rd year player option in 2018 to consider a longer-term contract. His $12M year salary is considered quite a bargain for a starting PG in the new NBA salary cap. He will be 30 years old and will most likely consider signing with a contender to pursue championships as one of his NBA goals while the Nets is taking the 76ers route to go with youth movement. The Nets also needs a PG insurance if Lin leaves whether it is Russell or another young PG.

However, it is entirely possible that Jeremy Lin values his relationship with Coach Kenny Atkinson and GM Sean Marks that he decides to stay to continue rebuilding Brooklyn Nets as a startup. In the mean time, Jeremy Lin provides much needed veteran leadership and mentoring to the young Brooklyn Nets in the new ways of high-character culture that Sean Marks tries to cultivate.

For 2017-18 season, we can only hope Lin to be healthy and post near All-Star numbers that he can have more options with multiple offers from contenders and the Nets for the next 3-4 years of his career.

Next Nets Offseason Moves

The Nets is not done yet with their offseason moves as they have roughly $30M in their cap space to set their sights on the upcoming Free Agency. They still have a pressing need for an experienced starting Power Forward (PF) who can shoot 3s so they might try to steal Otto Porter Jr (Restricted FA) from Washington Wizards although it will likely get matched. Other candidates could be Joe Ingles (RFA) from Utah Jazz or Ed Davis from Portland Blazers who has shown strong Pick-and-Roll chemistry with Jeremy Lin in their Lakers days.




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  6. I do not like DAR, but I think the coming season should be still interesting for the Nets and us.

  7. I’m concerned about his “character.” Having said that I’m going to exercise “Wait and see” and not getting too excited either way. There are still more to come. Wait and see what happen to FA and the rest of offseason.

  8. If Jarret Allen bulks up during the off season, with his big hair and a bit of sideburns he can almost impersonate Ben Wallace…

  9. I’m not the only one who thinks Lopez will return.
    After the one year rental of Lopez, Lakers may not have the cap space to keep Lopez and so Nets will get him back with the plenty of cap space in Nets.
    A team with Lin, Lopez, LeVert, DAR, Mozgov, Booker, RHJ, McDaniels, Quincy Acy, Jarret Allen…
    The rebuilding will almost be completed with a stroke of genius move.

  10. Specifically, here’s what Marks said Thursday night, after the trade was made official: “We’ve talked to Jeremy, Caris, Rondae and the other players, they’re excited about getting a young player with a lot of upside. I’m not concerned about the maturity and so forth.

    “What I’m concerned about is what he brings and the culture and so forth – to develop him as a basketball player and as a young man.”

    There were some telling lines in Marks statement. He spoke with Jeremy Lin, Caris LeVert and Rondae Hollis-Jefferson about this. These are now, with the departure of Lopez, three of his leaders and he’s confiding in them. He wants their perspective and they will hear his. They know it can work. As a matter of fact, they believe the Lin-Russell duo will excel, but everyone has to buy in.

  11. I like him & hope he will be like LeVert w Lin.

  12. Not quite sure what to make of the black dot/white dot/push pin emojis. A push pin usually means a TEMPORARY situation as in – move that pushpin from place to place.

    We need DAR to commit 100% to this team and doing his part to make us better.

  13. I hope Allen bulks up naturally as he matures (only 19yo) when young players consciously try to put on rapid weight (even if muscle) that is when they often lose their gravity centers and can get injured.

  14. I would take a 3pt shooting stretch 4 Brook Lopez back in a heartbeat – personally have always felt he is a good Center but would be an incredible TimDuncanesque like Power Forward

  15. Well, I feel better when I think Nets will get him back. That will make Lakers look like a fool; I have no problem with this. DAR and Mozgov are definitely better than a 27th pick this year. A year from now with DAR, Mozgov, Lopez and Jarret Allen growing up, Nets will be a lot closer to be a contender. I also have a feeling that Sean Marks won’t stop at this.

    Just hope Nets will save enough cap space to sign Lopez.

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    Bayless is a sportscasting legend and trailblazer of a programming epidemic: debate shows where oafish white guys get massacred in fake arguments by more likable African-American counterparts. The foil can either be a jovial ex-athlete like Shannon Sharpe who actually knows something about sports, or a disputatious on-air professional like Stephen A. Smith, who actually speaks the English language.

    Bayless’ job is to serve up ice-cold takes that get swatted back by his smarter partner. He is so good at this that whenever he makes NBA draft predictions, he calls things exactly wrong virtually every time. “Underrated: Austin Rivers. Has starpower. Overrated: Bradley Beal,” he said. He once called for Senegalese fast food enthusiast DeSagana Diop to be taken #1 overall. “An athletic freak,” he wrote, “with the potential to be better than Shaquille O’Neal.”

    … it’s simple: Whoever Skip likes, pick the other guy. ” –matt taibbi
    (an actual smart guy who actually authors books on a variety of things unlike yer typical sports blowhard such as skip bayless)

  17. That’s Brooklyn Jersey colors, silver and black

  18. A Big with a relatively smaller body but longer wingspan is quicker without sacrificing reach and a better fit in today’s guard dominated NBA.

  19. latest on Jarrett Allen

  20. Genius!

    The nuance is the pushpin – normally used on a map and it can be easily moved as you target different areas of a map.

    Whatever DAR’s plans are for his future – he needs to understand it’s in his best interest to contribute in Brooklyn – this is his 2nd chance in the NBA and even if he immediately wants to be traded again to a “better” team – he needs to listen to KA and produce within KA’s system or his trade value plummets even more

  21. 1 pushpin means his destination.

  22. Everyone wants JAllen to put on weight – that is exactly what Ben Simmons did last season and I’ve always been of the belief that young players (JA is still a teen) need to gradually as they mature put on man muscles or the have propensity to lose center of balance and get injured like Simmons with rapid muscle weight gain.

    Additionally JAllen has a huge near 36″ verticle leap and his jumping ability surely suffers with another 30 lbs.

  23. And his next destination would get 1 pushpin

  24. When I looked at the push-pin I thought of the Larry O’Brien trophy. Yes, that would be a long-range plan.

  25. ah.. bayless also say lin is very good as oppose to sas..
    so I gues syou are saying lin is not very good

  26. New teammates hanging out in #Brooklyn!
    @JLin7 + @JarrettAllen55 are ready for the @BrooklynNets 2017-18 season
    #NBADraft #TeamTandem

  27. I also have doubt about his maturity. As much as SM downplayed it, it’s clear this is the first time he gambled a bit with not messing up the “high-character” culture.

    In Spurs culture, Pop said they can absorb 1-2 talented but not exactly high-character players as long as the veterans can hold him accountable. I guess the hope is Lin, LeVert, RHJ, and Booker can provide good influence to DAR.

    Let’s hope for the best. Noone knows how this will play out.

  28. Looks like Jarrett Allen has signed with Jim Tanner’s “Tandem Sports and Entertainment.” Jeremy is still affiliated with Tandem Sports and ROC Nation.

  29. Zach Lowe espn, Oklahoma City shed James Harden out of (perhaps unfounded) tax concerns. Minnesota is getting ahead of the same problem. The Lakers, if they deal Julius Randle in addition to D’Angelo Russell, could end up without at least two of their high draft picks to squeeze out two max salary slots next summer; they dangled an unprotected first-round pick in front of every team with cap room to dump one of the toxic Timofey Mozgov/Luol Deng deals, sources say, and finding no takers, finally flipped Russell and Mozgov to Brooklyn. (Good job, Nets!)

  30. That’s good news. Jim Tanner represents many NBA good guys like Duncan, Marvin Williams, Wayne Ellington, etc. I forgot Tandem is Tanner’s.

    Interestingly, this list also shows some other interesting names: Milos Teodosic and Omer Asik

  31. I agree, putting weight on should be done organically with exposure to needs. When the game was all about post big men, size and weight was essential to pound down low. Durant isn’t a heavy weight and he’s become the model type for the future athletic bigs in the league. GSW have Green and McGee with athleticism and wingspan to provide for rim protection and rebounding. They are the future now and speed, quickness and skill will be the metric for all bigs, not size and power.

  32. Who are those everyone?

  33. PnR partners.

  34. small ball, assists count, ball movement, shooting, D (KT !, SC deceptively good on D, KD’s new game, DG DPOY, Iggy Finals MVP, Livingston long and reliable post-up jumper) etc won 2 championships. That brings team to amazing revs on local tix sales. Teams that can adjust to this strategy will try for it. It’s all good for JLin. It’s no longer the existence of an ISO closer (like Harden, IT, Melo, Kobe, etc.) So all the moves BKN doing will prob head that way and in that system, movement is more important than beefy post-ups. And, for big men, it’s some rim protection if D breaks down (no mission critical because of team D), some ally oops but not critical, and generally important to get contested rebounds. Game is changing toward JLin for now, so I don’t see JLin as needing any one exact player (like a D12 or even ED or McGee)

  35. Well said. The new trend is exciting enough for the league to possibly cut the 15fts/game to hype Harden.

  36. Look at how long his arms are…
    His hand is as low as Lin’s but his shoulder is a few inches higher than Lin… holy moly!

  37. Jacob Wiley is from Eastern Washington University. Ian Begley (ESPN) says that “he was considered one of the hidden gems in this year’s [draft] class” and “the 6-7 wing is incredibly athletic and has shown the ability to defend multiple positions during his workouts.”

  38. FYI on “two-way contracts” in the NBA (e.g. for Jacob Wiley of the Nets) :

    “When the new CBA goes into effect this summer, teams will be able to sign and carry a pair of players with less than four years of league experience who will spend most of their time in the D-League but also can flex up to the NBA for up to 45 days, and be paid accordingly for that time. In essence, two-way contracts will give teams 16th and 17th roster spots for project players.”

    See :

  39. Does anyone know what happened with other draft pick? Did they give up to get Dlo?

  40. Yes.

  41. I really like those two because they are lean, quick and fast. McGee has been underrated for awhile because of Shaq. So glad GSW resurrected his career. Both ed and McGee can be a Net positive, lol.

  42. If you go to Chipotle today, you can help support donation to help kids as part of the Steve Nash Charity event that JLin participated.

    Alright, #NYC – today’s the day! Order at any #Chipotle, mention theSteveNashFoundation, and @ChipotleTweets will donate to help kids!

  43. I guess KCP DUI might not fit into #Nets high-character culture

  44. “The LA Lakers have agreed to trade D’Angelo Russell and Timofey Mozgov to the Brooklyn Nets for Brook Lopez and the 27th overall pick in Thursday night’s NBA Draft”

  45. He straight up looks like a young Rasheed Wallace.

  46. I’ve gotten a DUI before.. people make mistakes.

  47. Next year, Nets don’t have a draft choice, is that right?

  48. .. looking forward to the lob dunks

  49. Lakers gave up on Mozgov and I happen to think he’s a very good center and the Cavs sorely missing him in the team.

  50. Everyone can make mistakes and certainly deserves 2nd chances.

    Hopefully it is not something that becomes a pattern. Someone raised a concern that he almost got into an altercation with RHJ in one Nets vs Pistons game.

    Oddly, Greg Monroe and Tim Hardaway (ast. coach) also had DUI issues when they were with Pistons.

  51. Good short documentary of JLin journey at YT.
    There were some minor typos but it’s quite well done showing Lin’s winning impact with the Nets in the end.

  52. id check with the lin-cyclopedia arsenium12 for sure but the best information i can find off the top is that is correct (they would have to trade most likely taking on more bad contracts) to acquire them; or you can just “buy” a 2nd rounder quite easily and relatively cheaply (many such deals done this year).

  53. Brooklyn Nets have agreed to a partially guaranteed deal with Jeremy Senglin (Weber State), a league source told Basketball Insiders.

    Brooklyn Nets and Kamari Murphy (Miami) have agreed to a Summer League deal, league sources told Basketball Insiders.

    Brooklyn Nets have agreed to a Summer League deal with Milton Doyle, a league source told Basketball Insiders.

    oh great lincyclopedia (aka arsenium12) do you know if the deal with senglin is also a “two-way”.

    and explain to your readers the difference between a “summer league deal” and a “two way contract” and further if all “partially guaranteed” contracts are now “two way contracts” …or not?

  54. Lin will elevate his play

  55. Here are the Nets’ “pick swaps” for the next few years :

    2018 — Owe first-rounder to the Boston Celtics (Kevin Garnett).
    2018– Owed second-rounder (31-44 range through 2020, unprotected in 2023) from Indiana Pacers (Thaddeus Young).
    2018 — Philadelphia 76ers have right to swap Cleveland Cavaliers’ second-rounder with Nets’ second-rounder (Bogans, Andrei Kirilenko).
    2018 — Owe second-rounder to Charlotte Hornets (Juan Pablo Vaulet), after Philadelphia potential swap.
    2019 — Owe second-rounder to Memphis Grizzlies (Juan Pablo Vaulet, Courtney Lee).
    2020 — Owe second-rounder to Philadelphia 76ers (Andrei Kirilenko).

    See :

  56. I’m also thinking he’ll get a career year being Lin’s teammate…

  57. not sure how this relationship will work. D Russell had some character issues on the lakers…

  58. Was there ever a doubt that RHJ was a Marks favorite? They went as far as changing his position from SG to PF cause he couldn’t shoot long range at all. But it’s great of Marks to notify the 3 future of the Nets of what’s going on.

  59. He just believed he’s too good.

    Marks: at 7:30 mark “Jeremy Lin is definitely the leader of that clubhouse”

  61. wow…just finished watching Mozgov’s highlights. Finally a center who can really dunk. can’t wait to see him on the court next to Lin.

  62. I have feeling that Lin’s gonna go afro with his hair at some point

  63. I really like Brook Lopez, he’s a cool guy and a great teammate to Lin. Hope he will come back next year.

  64. Lin isn’t going anywhere as long as he stays healthy. He played at a near All-Star level last year — he was just injured and severely limited in minutes and games. And we all know he plays a lot better with more rhythm.

    The only way he leaves is if he gets injured AGAIN and the Nets realize they can’t rely on him to start. In that case, I can see him leaving for a 6th man role with a contender like the Spurs or whatever. But there’s no reason to believe he’ll be injured next season. It was just a fluke hammy, nothing long-term.

  65. I don’t think they need to spend big on a SG anymore. They got Russell and can get more 3pt shooting cheaply by signing, say, Casspi. I’d be looking for a starting PF and C.

    Portland needs to dump salary. Maybe get Ed Davis and Meyers Leonard.

  66. Magic Johnson being surprisingly blunt in some comments about D’Angelo Russell.

  67. Life is full of ups and downs. Thanks for sharing. I’ve made my share of mistakes, it’s what happens when you’ve lived 64 years. Luckily for me I’ve never crossed the law, but I’ve lost friends from stupidity.

    Truth is we pay the price in our own private hell of guilt. It’s hard enough to forgive yourself. I hope you’ve done that. People will want to judge you for their own reasons and will never want to let you live past those mistakes. Friends too will look into your eyes and judge you like a cross that you must bare forever. Forgive yourself and throw away that albatross. Don’t let others mark you by your mistake and force you to walk backwards through life. Learn from your mistake and move on and look at your friends through their stares and know in your heart you’ve moved on even if they haven’t.

    IMO, most everyone has their own skeletons. They just haven’t been exposed yet to public scrutiny.

  68. You know you’re bad when Magic Johnson openly disses you.

  69. Lets hope he doesn’t disrespect Lin and goes selfish iso. If he does that, KA needs to bench him.

  70. Been reading a lot after the trade and draft and im not gonna lie, this feels a LOT like when houston traded for harden. suddenly whatever little support the fanbase had for lin went out the window. whatever benefit of the doubt he had was taken away. they have a new shiny toy to hype up in russell. i cant blame them, they are the same guys that never really believed in lin to begin with. they begrudgingly supported him this season cuz they had no other choice.

    BUT FEAR NOT, fans arent the gm or coach. let the fans talk, let them underrate lin now just as they did before. all i can ask for is for kenny to continue to give lin opportunity. injury robbed him of that last season but if healthy, all those years of being underrated will only make the “i told you so” sweeter…

  71. Magic has gone down another notch for this one. As a leader of an organization, it’s unnecessary to badmouth someone you’ve fired or gotten rid of.

    When people do this, they have an agenda behind the words. It’s selling his own standards as superior to everyone else. It’s legitimizing his actions before any eventuality. It reveals that they don’t even trust their own decisions.

  72. oh yeah and Allen? it’s gonna be tyson chandler 2.0 out there with lin… he’s EXACTLY the type of center we need. and dlo? i imagine it’s going to be like lin/harden in those first few houston games BEFORE mchale marginalized lin. that kinda thing aint happening under kenny’s watch. we move the ball. lin/russell/levert is gonna be DYNAMIC… i still think RHJ can improve and allen is already shaping up to be a beast.

    lopez was traded not because he was “old”, but because he didnt fit. he too slow. lin may be “old” vs dlo and levert, rhj, whitehead, etc but he plays a modern brand of ball. he’s a leader and a WINNER. im so excited…. free agency hasnt even come yet, we an still get a complimentary piece (stretch 4). we need to unload some bad players (hamilton, nicholson, booker, harris) and get some legit players in free agency. jamychal green? paul millsap? pat patterson?

  73. My friend met Jeremy Lin at Steve Bash’s soccer event. She’s a big fan of his from his Knicks days. When asked if Jeremy played well in the soccer game, she responded, “For a basketball player ?”. I trust her judgment- she’s from a soccer legacy family. Anyway, said JLin was super nice! She even told him about me!

  74. Sorry about the upside down photo of JLin and my friend (See post below). Not sure why it’s posting this way.

  75. my computer do not rotate 180 degrees

  76. my computer do not rotate 180 degrees nor at all

  77. wonder what happens when they play lakers..or will they.
    wonder who will cover lonzobonzo

  78. now that brookie is gone.
    does drussel know that?
    hope drussel not another hardenio

  79. zzam straight m-fo fkin sucaho

  80. laker gave up on everyone except kobebobe

  81. holy crp..his voice pitch sounds like lin

  82. Well said Magic…Russell is only a SG the most & he’s not a good leader for any team…. Hope he can be a good shooter for Nets & be a little bit easy to get along w the whole team.

  83. Hope KA doesn’t allow DRussel to ball hog and still play heavy minutes.

  84. Thank you!!

  85. just to catch up on the alleged new nets not drafted players of one sort or another reported but i think in most cases not confirmed: jeremy (seng)lin; thats rite sort of another jeremy lin; thats jeremy senglin and
    jacob wiley given partially guaranteed contracts; wiley’s a “two-way” as part of the new rules as referenced below by a12 wherein player can flit back and forth between the (formerly d now) g-leauge and nba; senglin’s unclear as to whether is two way or not.

    and then two summer league only guys: kamari murphy and milton doyle.

    nets fans pointing out most of the regular nets team will be playing in summer league including rhj for a rare 3rd year.

    (dinwidie, levert, whitehead,)–its sort of still being debated whether d’rus will also as far as i know but some people seem to think so.

  86. Good one to listen to understand what’s going on.
    ICYMI: @BrooklynNets GM Sean Marks talks about the #DAngeloRussell trade & discusses the state of the teams rebuild

  87. I feel Magic was unprofessionally HARSH to a young player being forced out involuntarily (whether I like Russell or not).

    I posted the same tweet in the previous thread. The reply by blueCyher is too good not to share:

    “blueCypher -> HVJoy • 4 hours ago
    Magic Johnson . New president of basketball ops with the Lakers. Coming in there like a new sheriff with guns blazing , restoring order to the town.”

  88. DLo’s resume is not long enough to act like a Harden.

  89. Mark is word, pun intended!

  90. Lin and Chandler-like connection would be fun to watch!

  91. OT- Immediate reaction from Jordan Bell after he found out GSW drafted him was to diss LeBron.
    (Jordan Bell is the 2nd rounder that GSW bought from Chicago Bulls with 3.5 mil dollars)

  92. Magic, is that to restore NYoung? hmmm …

  93. Acbc … let’s discuss this one some more. What if someone has harmed a team’s effort to gel in some way (not DLo, but in abstract). Then would it be ok to say the truth on exiting the person to heal the group? Sincere question … in corp, under HR rules, you can’t really do that but the truth can be told … just not the chosen path. What say?

  94. The shoes will fall … what next? Interesting off-season so far.

  95. I like them both too … guess I meant one doesn’t need an all around center given GSW hasn’t had a perfect one yet. Bogut was injured a lot, good on D, etc. Zaza bangs well, but gets too many fouls too early. McGee plays above the rim. JLin and what he does with the new crew will be more important than say a D12 answer.

  96. heh heh, I don’t want to see the type of game like Harden’s anymore, unless it’s against them. We all suffered through so many games that Rox could have won had th e team ball been used the last 2 mins. It was like clockwork – ISO, loss, then not being able to see any of that acknowledged in the rabid Rox forums.

  97. Impressive young man so far … can’t wait to see how JLin works with Moz and Allen!

  98. Team building imo is about trust and respect. Leadership must never fail in gaining those 2 things or they will gain distrust, fear, and doubt instead.

    Chinese people fear losing face ( as do most people to some degree ). Those in power can censure rogue behaviour by one to one discussions that salvages that public face….that’s showing signs of respect and gaining trust. You may still get rid of the bad apple, but your team will know that you will protect their public face. You may lose one but gain what’s truly important.

    Rogue behaviour disrupts team building for sure. How to deal with it requires a full PHD of psychology and minors in child and sports psychology, lol. Especially in parallel systems that emphasize everyone’s importance to the team. Rogue individuals can be like a crying child that demands too much attention that drags the team down into vertical hierarchical systems where people can develop jealousy….(child psychology, lol). The difficulty today is that our future generations seem bound for less and less empathy and more self rationalization. High character begins when people have empathy for others.

  99. Ah, ok, so let’s say someone is fired, but you announce to the team under HR rules a face-saving gesture. You give it good balance by saying it also saves face for the remaining good apples to be assured their own face will be saved, right? You add empathy, which is good to uphold. Ok. I’ll process that. I sometimes go by the ‘tell them the truth’ so they can feel what the team honors is upheld. You’re saying to it in private, 1-1. That’s a good idea, thanks.

  100. Why is Magic Johnson so generous to Nets? He could have better trade. DAR and Mozgov are good players and at least legit NBA players. Brook Lopez has a big contract and I seriously doubt Lakers would have the cap space to keep Lopez a year from now. Suppose Lakers get Paul George. Then he would try to recruit LeBron James. It is likely Lakers would get free agents sort of like that. Lakers couldn’t possibly match Nets offer to Lopez with the cap space they have one year from now.

    In actuality, Lakers got one year rental of Brook Lopez and a 27th first round pick; at least better than nothing.

    One year from now, Nets may have DAR, Mozgov, and Lopez. With the first round pick they have this season. After the draft and next year possibly the team is going to be enriched with 3 solid players without giving up any player they have already had. I think Magic Johnson knows that. Perhaps he is so desperate to get rid of DAR and Mozgov that he wouldn’t care less. Plus, Nets is the worst team in NBA and not in the Western Conference. Giving to Nets is better than any other team and is less likely for DAR and Mozgov to embarrass him.

    Having 3 more players mean 20% of the roster which is pretty good specially when Nets don’t have much draft choices next season. Soon or later the cap space would help Net to get some very good players too. With what they have already had, Nets would be a much better team that people will give them credit and the rebuilding becomes less painful..

  101. IMO, 1-1 is the only way to deal with rogue behaviour. We’ve made “truth” into “relativism”. Lawyers and politicians ALL ACT BY RELATIVISM like the current reality show White House. Empathy is thrown out the window when selective truths override team goals. The key is to aligning the disruptive members own goals to those of the team’s goals.

    The first rule of negotiations is to disarm pride and fear. Public censure fails on both of these negotiations. Empathy means caring and to turn rogue agents into team members. You must never allow your “team truths” to bring up a defensive Wall or they will only strengthen their selective truths with anger, pride and distain. 1-1 allows you to circumvent their defences by asking them questions of their relative truths. Get them to turn on their empathy and see if you can get them to tell you how they would do what you have to do…haha. Much easier said then done. Good luck.

  102. Based on his quotes, Magic doesn’t think much of Russell and frankly neither do I. I think Russell can be a solid starting SG or a good 6th man. I just don’t see the athleticism to be a star. But I do think he’ll flourish next to Lin since Jeremy loves to drive and D-Lo prefer to shoot from outside.

    I’m not sure what Marks believes about Russell’s ceiling. I think he just wants young, starting caliber players. Right now, he only has two on the Nets roster: Lin and LeVert.

  103. Be interesting to see if they make D’Angelo Russell play in summer league, he led LAL to some nice performances last summer league

  104. He’s a combo guard. He can play at 1 and 2 equally well; just like Lin. With DAR and Lin, the opposition wouldn’t know who plays 1 or 2. Two playmakers and scorers anytime.

  105. DAR is without doubt – athletic and every measure that caused him to be drafted 2nd overall proves he has athletic star potential…

    Rather it is exclusively the mental perspective that Magic questions – and that can’t be discounted from a hall-of-fame legend that knows basketball as well as anybody.

    That doesn’t mean that with the proper support and guidance that DAR could overcome the mental leadership aspect that Magic believes is lacking. DAR needs to show that he is a fighter and work with his new teammates/coaches to prove Magic wrong – if he can – if not his confidence will break more and he’ll be on the Anthony Bennet (also an athlete) track.

  106. Thanks for this. Good to know that Lin is now the undeniable leader. Maybe we can finally leave behind the ptsd that haunts us. Marks other comments leave room for all eventualities because Lin could leave if say LeBron wants him as a starter on the Cavs. Both parties must hope for the best and expect the worst.

    IMO, both wants the same thing. Lin is super loyal if treated fairly. Lin’s too valuable to the Nets to lose. Marks and Atkinson has been working to build team around him…kinda a two way street of I’ll build around you, you build up the team, lol. I’m hoping this will be Lin’s last team. NYC is great platform for Lin and he’s a proven value to the organization. He can retire and transition to the coaching and front office stuff if he proves to be an indispensable asset to the team. Lin will break even more barriers for Asians to come.

  107. for what its worth netsdaily article on undrafted additions does not mention “the other jeremy lin” (thats jeremy senglin) only the other 3. but the original notes on all came from the same source i think; nets beat reporters of one sort or another….

    well here’s the original “tweet” source:

    Scotto: Brooklyn Nets have agreed to a partially guaranteed deal with Jeremy Senglin (Weber State), a league source told Basketball Insiders. – via Twitter MikeAScotto

  108. imo with all respect to one of the best lin posters ever id keep that baggage around rather than leave it behind cause i see no reason to alter the original response of well some people you often quote to this deal as well as mine.

    the part i beleive you got wrong is “lin is now the undeniable leader”. the part you got right is “marks other comments leave room for all eventualities”.

  109. Will be interesting to see how Lin and D’Angelo meshes thoegether…My guess is D’Angelo plays PG and Lin moves to SG.

  110. Way the NBA has evolved historically – ensures there will always be prejudice against JLIN (only bona-fide Asian American currently in league) — just because we have doubters like the ESPN interviewer and myriad observing doubter across the basketball world — doesn’t mean they have control over what happens on the Brooklyn team.

    Most notable quote of last season: “[JLIN] even raised the level of our practice” – Kenny Atkison, commenting on welcoming JLIN back to scrimmage after 1mo+ injury. That quote epitomizes why JLIN is the unquestioned leader above all others including Bropez, DAR or anyone else

  111. Exact opposite:
    JLIN is PG with DAR as SG/SF and CLV as SF/SG

  112. You’re absolutely right, SM defined what type of a leader lin is to this young club and it’s not on the floor with the ball but in the gym and locker room.

  113. Except all the games after JLIN returned and all the wins had JLIN with the ball in his hands whenever he was on the floor and especially to close the 4th quarters, lol.

  114. Yes except what in the past.

  115. Russell is more SG than PG. He’s taller than Lin. I think Russell will be SG.

  116. It is my hope that Lin stays in NYC,
    remains the team captain of Nets, and
    thrives in NBA for another 8 to 12 years. 🙂

  117. James Harden was more of a shooting guard and small forward.

  118. They both can play 1 and 2. I guess I will leave the most unenviable task for the opposition to find out who is the 1 and 2 each game.

  119. It is open competition.

  120. This must be one of the best Lin films that I have seen; mind you I have already seen a lot of them.

  121. On the Nets roster, there are 3 players (20% of the roster) given up by the Lakers. They must have a chip on their shoulders now to prove that Lakers is wrong about them.

  122. Mavs exercise team option to retain Yogi Ferrell …

    Sources say the Mavs have informed PG Yogi Ferrell that they are picking up his team option for next season, an easy decision after he proved himself capable of being a rotation player after his promotion from the D-League. (via Tim McMahon / ESPN)


    nets summer league roster: note that despite some speculation that russell would be there he is not.

  124. ill say it again: you know the world is topsy turvy when the cruzer and i are on the same page.

  125. Yes. Watched enough NBA drama, Lin will be pushed to play SG once again, smh

  126. Very cool things to think about! You’ve really refined your life’s experiences and philosophies. Stay healthy, you can teach younger folks like me 🙂

  127. Quite Interesting so many JLIN fans on this board harbor newfound dire prognostications about JLIN’s future position with Nets.
    This despite :
    1) Lakers head Coach Luke Walton benching DAR as the PG and later transforming DAR into an SG
    2) D’Angelo Russell saying almost explicitly that SG position is where he feels comfortable as it’s less demanding
    3) Magic Johnson (Hall of Famer) without malice that DAR has much to learn and a long path before DAR can be trusted to lead a team at PG and Magic didn’t want DAR doing it on his Lakers team
    4) Sean Marks saying JLIN was Brooklyn’s “undeniable” leader

    The only dire doomsday situation that Brooklyn Front Office/Mgt/Ownership would recognize is this:
    Assume for a moment that you transfer leadership of the team to DAR and then Magic/Lakers prediction comes true and suddenly Nets begin to LOSE. The only reason there’s any optimism in Brooklyn is because of the way JLIN turned the season end around. Another stretch of going 1-27 under DAR would cause morale failure and players not listening to coaches and retribution… I don’t believe Marks/Atkinson would ever risk that.

  128. Operative word is “rotation player” almost without exception means non-starter. Mavs are keen to acquire FA Jrue Holliday if they land him then he too jumps over Yogi.

  129. So true. KA could experiment all possibilities in coaching last season, but the expectation is much higher this season.

  130. His contract will end next season, won’t it ?

  131. When I’m grey, I hope to see Lin in a suit and clipboard winning championships!

  132. It’s great to have GM Sean Marks declared JLin as the leader of the clubhouse so the media narrative will follow.

    Nets GM Sean Marks said that “@JLin7 is definitely the leader of the clubhouse and we certainly want him around.”

  133. PF for me Blake Griffin. He opted out of his contract. Free man.

  134. The Nets have a “team option” on Russell for 2018-19.

    Here is his salary (via Basketball-reference)
    2016-17 $5,332,800
    2017-18 $5,562,360
    2018-19 $7,019,698

  135. Jeremy Lin, Nets look to move on without Brook Lopez

    ‘In the aftermath of the Lopez trade, the big question that must be asked is how Lin views his own future with the Nets. He turns 29 in August and is in his prime, but he has only two years left on his contract and could be in the same position as Lopez a year from now in terms of trade value.

    Lin hesitated when the question was posed, saying, “I mean, that’s probably a question that’s more for the organization. But if you ask me, yeah, I hope we have a breakout year as a team and we continue to build from there. I would love that.”’!/httpImage/image.jpeg_gen/derivatives/display_600/image.jpeg

  136. Yes, Sean Marks needed to say that to fend off any rumors of Russel taking over as the franchise.

  137. Informative article, thanks

    ” I guess, on paper, I’m the point guard and I’ll make a lot of the point guard plays, which I’ve spoken to Kenny about and that’s obviously going to be the case. That’s what they brought me here for.” – JLIN

  138. – Brook Lopez possibly is taking the trade pretty hard
    – JLIN mentions synergies between what DAR brings and himself
    – JLIN give a shout-out to Skilpatrick, we know Skil has his faults but when we have no other playmakers on the bench, then Skil’s talents are essential when the starters are resting (if they trade Skil we must get a playmaking creator in return or our bench is in trouble
    – JLIN believes this year Nets could be the darkhorse Eastern team that surprises

  139. Except KA and Marks are not Mchale and Morey. It’s obvious they acquired Russel as SG. Marks even said Lin was the leader of the team. If they were demoting him to SG they would say so now already.

    If Levert 1st round draft pick and a better playmaker doesn’t get to play his natural PG position, there’s no way Russel someone dissed by Lakers and Magic as not having leadership will be PG. If so Nets are doomed and Lin will just have to look for a Championship team.

  140. I think Russell has star potential as SG, but he needs to learn how to be a team player. He’s definitely not the franchise Lakers are looking to build around like Lanzo Ball who can make his teammates better. Hopefully Nets and Marks know that as well.

  141. Looks like he was referencing a song lyrics. Not even a rotation or starter yet and already dissing one of the most famous stars in the league wow. I don’t like Lebron either but some things are best said behind closed doors not when filmed.

  142. Please read the entire article how sm defined lin’s role as leadership.

    “As part of the Lopez deal, the Nets also acquired 7-1 center Timofey Mozgov, who plays in the paint and lacks the three-point ability Lopez showed last season. He will be challenged by first-round draft pick Jarrett Allen, a 6-10 freshman center out of Texas that Lin knows because they have the same agent.”

  144. This one? Sounds like he leaves room for whether Lin will stay since he will be FA in 2018. Well at least for this year Lin is no doubt the leader. It will be a make or break year for him so lets hope he stays healthy. If he brings the team to playoffs maybe Nets will give him a big contract extension.

    Asked if Lin is someone you count on being here, Marks
    was just as firm, but offered the caveat that the NBA is a business.
    Things happen. Lin’s deal has a player option a year from now. He
    could be a free agent again in 2018.

    “We certainly want him around. No question. I mean all
    those guys now that we have, there’s a reason why they’re on the team.
    But you never know with anybody what’s going to happen. This is
    business, this is sports. I think all our guys know that.

    “I think it was a shock to all of them to see Brook
    depart and to be quite frank, it was shocking to all of us. But you
    know it’s a business. We move on. We break bread together and it’s a
    game of basketball. All right?”

  145. I didn’t know Roger Montgomery reps Jarrett Allen too. That’s another good sign.

    They really don’t want to mess with Jeremy. He’s Montgomery’s star client and biggest money-maker and RM could hurt the Nets when it comes time to re-sign Allen.

  146. Don’t know what will happen next summer…? Here is what KA said about Lin’s option for next year….

    “We certainly want him around. No question. I mean all those guys now that we have, there’s a reason why they’re on the team. But you never know with anybody what’s going to happen. This is business, this is sports. I think all our guys know that.

  147. great article. he said himself that he’s talked with kenny about his role with dlo on the roster. there is NOTHING to fear. this front office and coaching staff will NOT be like the past.

    i read stuff from nets fans everyday and it’s all the same drivel that we heard from the knicks fans, houston, lakers, and charlotte. the difference here is that in all those situations he has NEVER had the same amount of support as he has now with marks an kenny.

    a healthy lin is an all star level talent. it’s silly to even think about whether or not marks will trade him, etc. from the beginning there has been mutual interest. i dont think jeremy wants to leave and i do think marks is smart enough to see what we see: lin is a difference maker. he aint going anywhere…

    and btw lopez WASN’T a difference maker, that’s why he’s gone. you’d think he couldve helped the nets win ONE game during that brutal strecth but alas he didnt…. now he’s gone and lin and the nets are better for it…

  148. He also said he wanted high character guys and they get rid if lopez and get russell…

  149. Jarrett Allen’s agent is Jim Tanner of Tandem which JLIN also signed with, as well as maintain his old relationship with Montgomery (perhaps out of loyalty & pity).

    Adding a larger name like Tanner was the right move for JLIN – at the end of the day sports agents do the bidding of their clients and are at the mercy of team front office decisions so not certain anyone can provide a beneficial link for clients of the same agent.

  150. PG or SG may overlap, Lin played off-ball a lot anyway last season until later in the game, Lin is the facilitator down the stretch more than D’Angelo is my hope. The motion offense means Lin now has another ball handler to work with. I’m hoping for good chemistry.

  151. The question is not PG/SG,

    Who are the primary ball handler?
    In CHA, Lin was the third ball handler behind Batum who is a SF.

  152. Lol, I’m already grey.

  153. as free agency looms, my #1 wish is jamychal green. with the salary cap being lower than projected, and with 3 players tying up over 70 mil, the grizz will be over the cap if they match. i expect a crabbe like near max offer sheet. he made less than a million this past season, he’d sign that offer sheet in a heartbeat…

    he can shoot 2s, 3s, dunks, grabs boards, plays defense…. this dude is PERFECT. he’s not super young, but he’s in his prime. And the grizz just drafted ivan rabb, perhaps signaling that they dont intend to match a huge offer for green…

    PG: Lin-Dinwiddie
    SG: DLo-Skil-Whitehead
    SF: LeVert-Harris/KJ
    PF: Green-RHJ-Acy
    C: Mozgov-Allen

    That’d be a 45+ win team…

  154. It’s all a matter of perspective, isn’t it. We are both old enough to know life is both living and existence. How we choose to see life isn’t that much different.

    It’s not right or wrong, it’s what I choose to look for. I focus on comments like Lin is the leader ( for now ) instead of what may happen 2 years from now like ” leave room for eventualities “.

    It’s a bit like choosing to think that we are “born to live” instead of “being born to die”. One of these ways makes you life so much happier…delusional but happier.

  155. “Magic” Johnson didn’t mince words when asked why the team traded point guard D’Angelo Russell — the No. 2 overall pick in the 2015 draft — to the Brooklyn Nets this week.

    “D’Angelo is an excellent player,” Johnson said Friday when the Lakers introduced their top draft pick, point guard Lonzo Ball, at their practice facility. “He has the talent to be an All-Star. We want to thank him for what he did for us. But what I needed was a leader. I needed somebody also that can make the other players better and also [somebody] that players want to play with.”

  156. Despite SM saying he’s not worried about DAR immaturity issues, we know there is a risk.

    He hopes Lin, LeVert, RHJ can provide “family” culture. Let’s hope it works and doesn’t backfire.

    He took a chapter from the Spurs that good vets can overcome 1-2 hot-headed players, i.e. Stephen Jackson but Nets need more vets.

    Not sure if Lin & Booker are enough. Veteran FAs are still needed

  157. Then he should go after jlin

  158. Lakers are in full rebuild mode, they had to find their franchise to build around which is Lonzoball. No way does Lin sign with Lakers again at his prime. When was the last time you heard a team and GM call Lin the leader? Nets are the first ones to do so without avoiding it or cuddling their designated star.

  159. Well obviously if Lin underperforms or gets injured again the team might move on. Can’t expect a team to keep their top player forever even when they’re injured for past two seasons. It’s going to be a make or break year for Lin to get a max or near max contract.

  160. Magic already said it….. their new drafted PG will be the face of their franchise so they don’t need Lin.

  161. Before season end. Marks sounds more warm on Lin’s future w Nets…. but now it’s more business like to me… Well, you can’t blame him bc NBA it’s all about business. So who knows how long Lin will stay w Nets? Right now just hope Lin can stay healthy & have good season then he can get a good contract after that…. either w Nets or other teams.

  162. BEHIND THE SCENES | Steve Nash Soccer Showdown | 06.21.17

  163. Exactly, Lin has to make his case that he’s worth Nets to build around for 4-5 more years this coming season. If not I think Nets will move on.

  164. Thanks for the clarification. Sharing the same agent is a great form of protection. It’s why some 2nd and 3rd tier players receive “star” treatment — he reps other guys the teams want to please.

  165. Magic’s words make me wonder why the Nets want a player whom others don’t want play with…

  166. I think bc Nets tried hard to trade Lopez & Lakers deal was better than Hawks so…..Plus Russell’s contract only one year so it’s not really hard to remove him if he can’t fit well w the team.

  167. i would use a different “de” word; that river in egypt.

  168. “Simmons and Fultz have never played a single NBA game. Both led their college teams to …losing records and didn’t make either the NIT or NCAA tournament. Embiid has played a total of 30 games in 3 years.
    This team has done NOTHING….a bunch of young guys who haven’t won before”

    there is a lot of hype for the sixers “process” now as if they have already done something; they even have (courtesy of the twitter-happy embid) a nickname. like there are already the next big thing.

    here’s (above) a alternate take posted somewhere that i could have written actually was thinking myself.

  169. A winner needs both good hardware and software. A beauty contest only measures certain hardware.

  170. Not saying that Lin is not a great player, but people should not believe what a GM said about his players in front of the camera/media.

    Thad Young is a great player…but
    Lopez is a great player and the all time scoring leader. and leader of the team..but
    Lin is a great player and leader of the team, teammates look upon him…but (TBD)

    Not that I want Lin to be traded, but I don’t mind if he is as long as to a contending team and have a chance to win a ring as a core player. I do hope he opts out and join a title contending team unless he changes his goal from ultimately winning a championship to just happy to be a starter of a middle tier team at best.

    I don’t see the Nets can win a title even after Lin retires, let alone without him. Nets fans are delusional.


  171. Sixers have Fultz, Simmons, Saric, Covington, Embiid that is as athletic of a lineup as exists in the NBA but ..

    … recall that Nets played 76ers in one of the first games JLIN returned to play after hamstring#1 and were it not for KA putting JLIN on severe minutes restriction and playing a 5 rookie lineup, Nets would have beaten that Embiid led unit.
    … after hamstring#2 JLIN and the Nets lost a close one to Sixers in Brooklyn
    … a few days later, the Nets led by JLIN embarrassed the Sixers in Philadelphia with one of their worst blowout loses of the season.

    Point is that you need not just talent but every other intangible to be a good team or anyone can beat you any given day.

  172. 29 teams every season won’t win a title and in the last 7 yrs only 4 teams have won

    I never want JLIN to be traded because trades are usually much less beneficial for a player than when that player voluntarily seeks a new team in free agency.

    Trades are what get you to Byron Scott’s bench and RARELY get you to a contender, even if it is to a contender then JLIN needs to deal with all the prejudices of a new team, coach and teammates. Probability if JLIN is traded is highest likelihood a team like Hornets would nab JLIN for their bench again… no that is not what JLIN’s future should be.

    JLIN with his team option holds the cards – he will not be traded and hopefully he signs another long contract with Brooklyn until he’s 33-34yo and then if he wishes move to a ring contender if he doesn’t already have one.

  173. 85% of the existing Lakers team was present when the DAR-Nick Young tape fiasco occurred and perhaps the bad feelings/resentment still cloud their perceptions of DAR.

    DAR has a chance to show new teammates what type person he is – hope he makes the best impression/commitment.

  174. Well said. I think Lin is the PG of a championship team and other key pieces of the championship team will join soon.

  175. michael scotto who apparently is the primary online expert on summer league (which i just realized i in a previous post confused with the g-league formerly d-league)–adds another name to nets summer league time: nathan boothe– most recently playing in italy who cbs sports once pronounced “the best player you’ve never heard of”.

  176. Retweeted by Nets Daily : D’Angelo Russell now working out in Brooklyn …

  177. I think if Nets can play well & the best to make it to playoff next season then Lin will stay but if not …. He will be in new uniform again….

  178. ‘but…” sort of makes whatever he said prior to that questionable. What bothers me was in his interview he said he was shocked of Lopez’s trade. Really? Did he not make that decision? He also mentioned that he has consulted Lin and others on the decision to trade Lopez. I’m sure he told them afterward. C’mon you think Lin, LeVert and RHJ would think trading Lopez for D’Angelo a good idea??? When someone tells you who they are, believe them!

  179. I only hope he can get along well w Lin…. Don’t want any trouble for Lin’s in his contract year.

  180. Coach Atkinson has a tough job “developing” a young talent and fostering good team chemistry.

  181. Hope KA can control him.

  182. The humiliation of being traded as a R1 2nd star pick and
    Magic Johnson’s comments about his lacking leadership

    should make Coach KA’s job easier.

  183. For 9 seasons Nets fans loyally supported Brook Lopez, watched his games, bought his jerseys. Fans booing DAR has more to do with who they blame for the loss of one of their favorite beloved players, and less to do with animosity toward what they feel is D’Angelo Russell’s reputation.

    If DAR fits in with his teammates and plays well – then boos stop as they forget about the loss of Bropez.

  184. Excellent. Positive, pro-active early first-step by DAR to signal to Brooklyn his work ethic and commitment to his new team.

  185. Weird? NetsDaily said it different….??

  186. The 2017 draft of big men were like this
    Jonathan Issac 6
    Lauri Markkanen 7
    Zach Collins 10
    E Adebayo 14
    J Patton 16
    D J Wilson 17
    J Leaf 18
    J Collins 19
    Harry Giles 20

    Jarret Allen 22

    O Anunoby 23
    A Pasecniks 25
    O Swanigan 26
    K Kuzma 27
    T Bradley 28

    Jarrett Allen is ranked 2nd in position and 20 overall.

  187. CBS rankings of centers
    10 Zach Collins Gonzaga Fr C 7-0 230
    18 Jarrett Allen Texas Fr C 6-10 235
    19 Justin Patton Creighton Fr C 7-0 230
    21 Edrice Adebayo Kentucky Fr C 6-10 260
    55 Kennedy Meeks N. Carolina Sr C 6-10 260
    63 Luke Kornet Vanderbilt Sr C 7-1 250
    66 Chance Comanche Arizona Soph C 6-11 215
    69 Isaac Humphries Kentucky Soph C 7-0 255
    71 Luke Fischer Marquette Sr C 6-11 250
    77 Anzejs Pasecniks INTL – C 7-1 220
    93 Landen Lucas Kansas Sr C 6-10 240
    94 Amida Brimah UConn Sr C 7-0 230
    99 Przemek Karnowski Gonzaga Sr C 7-1 300

  188. Except that might push for him to want to be the man and “be the leader” ahem no matter how “selfish” that might be. We’ll see, lets hope KA won’t allow him to play long minutes even when playing selfish iso and ball hogging like he did last season for so called “development”.

  189. Well I think what they meant was that after this season Lin can opt out if Nets don’t want to keep him and get a bigger contract somewhere else. Lin can to play well to stay on the Nets and for his next contract regardless. The only way he would be traded is mid season to a desperate contender when Nets realize he’s not resigning. But i doubt they would waste a chance to push far in playoffs without him.

  190. Nets had 2 strategies to get young NBA players
    1 salary dump with draft pick
    2 brook Lopez for draft pick
    Lakers sweetened the deal with deangelo
    But raised the price by demanding a draft pick along with Lopez
    The Nets 1st offer

  191. People love to hate. No need to boo the kid.

  192. Thank you for the reminder about KA version of development. I saw a lot of bad basketball. Not enough passing. Not because I think the guys were bad dudes. They don’t know how to pass and be playmakers. Games were more watchable when Lin was in.

    I wished ka had more plays to help these young guys who don’t know how to make plays. Not just flounder with no instruction

  193. Everyone’s talking about how D’lo would gel with Lin. Just wait until you watch this guy play defense! Lakers are not stupid enough to dump this guy if he can play.

  194. things to consider:
    1.) both lopez and thad were inherited from the old regime. lin was signed on day one of free agency.
    2.) thad cant shoot that well and brook cant play pnr defense or rebound, meaning both dont fit what kenny wants. lin is a modern player who gets layups, draws fouls, and shoots 3…

  195. BTW, delusional is why records get broken. If you’ve played any competive sports, you’d know that delusional is how you’d wind up playing better than you’ve ever played against guys you have no right to be on court with. Delusional is believing you can run sub 2hrs for a marathon. That’s how records get broken!

    Lol, Lin’s done it once already, why not again in NYC?

    Duh, does being consulted about the trade mean they value his importance? But, but, but…lol

  196. Magic did say he thinks Russel will be a star but he’s not a leader (aka franchise). Not to mention has attitude issues and thinks too highly of himself. That’s why they chose Lonzoball and will rebuild around him! Russel is best as a SG and no.2 option.

  197. here’s the latest update ive been able to find on current theoretic (not officially confirmed by nets) makeup of nets summer league team:

    caris LeVert, Nets, 6’7” SG
    Isaiah Whitehead, Nets, 6’5” PG
    Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, Nets, 6’7” F
    Archie Goodwin, Nets, 6’5” SG
    Spencer Dinwiddie, Nets, 6’6” PG
    Jarrett Allen, Nets, 6’11” C
    Prince Ibeh, Long Island Nets, 6’11” C
    J.J. Moore, Long Island Nets, 6’6″ SF
    Vincent Poirier, Paris Levallois, 6’11” C
    Jake Wiley, Eastern Washington, 6’7″ PF
    Jeremy Senglin, Weber State, 6’3″ SG
    Milton Doyle, Loyola Chicago,6’3″ PG,
    Karami Murphy, Miami (FL) PF 6’8″ PF,
    Tahjere McCall, Tennessee State, 6’5″ SG
    Rodney Pryor, Georgetown, 6’5″ SG
    Nathan Boothe, Flexx Pistola (Italy), 6’10” PF

    first nets game july 7 (depending where you live just 12 days away).

  198. Lin fans are delusional too and I am one of them. lol.

  199. as i said, don’t believe what a gm said about his players before the media/camera.

  200. I am not say trading Thad or Lopez were wrong. Actually this is what the Nets should do to trade an expiring contract and take a risk for a young player with great upside like Russel. Thats how the rebuild should go esp you don’t have much picks in the future (no 2018 1st round and no 2nd round picks until 2021).

    i am saying what believe what a gm said you are a great player/leader in front the camera and then thinking you will never be move. When a trade proposal comes up that the gm thinks its benefit to his team, he will make the trade no matter who you are or what you have promised. ala Jimmy Butler. There is no loyalty in the NBA to the players.

    Lin will be traded if they feel he will walk after this season. No one knows what will happen during the season and they have to prepare for it, so should Lin. There are no guarantees. They may even trade Russel too if they think he is not coachable and can’t develop.

  201. Lin will play well and help them win games, that’s for sure. Unless they can sign an all-star level PF/SF. I really have doubt.

    But never say never, anything can happen.

  202. Ya! I think they will trade Lin if he’s not stay w Nets…. also agree on Russell.

  203. ppp is not saying he wants Lin to be traded, but that there is a high possibility that it happens. Unless the nets at least get close to making the playoffs by the time the trade deadline comes around and with Lin playing a huge role, then the nets WILL deal Lin for the right price. Thats the danger…if Lin plays very well and nets are a high ranking playoff team then the chances of Lin being traded are slim to none in this scenario and Lin would be recognized as a near all-star caliber player. If lin plays really well but nets are a mediocre team that will safely miss the playoffs, the danger of Lin being traded is at its peak. This is the point where contenders recognize Lin’s value and offer assets in exchange for his services to a team that is starving for assets. If Lin plays poorly due to injury or other reasons, then there is no need to worry about being traded.

    In the case he IS traded, what does Lin decide to do?? Keep searching for that elusive starting role after his current contract ends?? Or does he decide to go with the flow of things and fight for a ring even while coming off the bench? At some point he needs to make a decision….fight for a ring or play out the rest of his career as a starter on an awful middling team without any prospects, hoping they don’t get a PG in the draft to replace him as usual.

  204. guys, is this fake or actual text messages? thanks.

  205. lol…obviously not 🙂

  206. fake

  207. Really excited to see summer league – we get to see the progress that Lin’s teammates are making and I’ll be rooting for all of them to make strides in their game and break out.

    It’s been lost in many fans’ perception, but Lin is a team player who loves to play with a good team, and I still believe his #1 trait is making everyone on the court better.

    Linsanity to me was not just Lin – it was the whole team playing with amazing chemistry and camaraderie. It was a special group – Novak the sharpshooter hitting those dagger 3s. Chandler and the amazing PnR tandem. Fields with the ESP connection. I even have a positive impression of Billy Walker (that’s how rosy eyed I am towards the Linsanity days).

    It was a band of brothers story – everyone was fighting together on the court, and everyone had their hero moments. It was deep, lasting friendships forged in battle. It was mutual trust built by helping each other succeed on the court, culminating in the W.

    For me, the saddest part about Lin’s NBA career is not his being sidelined, his being doubted, his role minimized, or his contributions neglected – it’s that he has been a mercenary for most of his career. Someone who is an outsider brought in to shore up a weakness, to pick up the slack, to carry some weight – but never to be part of the team.

    I hope the Nets will be different.

    They have something special going on with their team right now. When you see all the teammates reaction to Brook’s being traded, you realize that there is something different. There’s a camaraderie, a friendship, a care and mutual respect from each team member that I haven’t seen since the Linsanity days.

    If the Nets develop and keep this kind of culture, I want Lin to retire there. And I want Brook to be signed back next year. And I’ll be happy if Lin’s legacy is to help create and participate in this kind of culture in the Nets.

    Of course, here’s to hoping Lin becomes an all star. But even more here’s to hoping that the Nets develop into the kind of team that Lin can call home.

  208. Lin sees no problems incorporating “good kid” Russell

    by Net Income Jun 25, 2017, 9:16am

    In a lengthy interview with Greg Logan, Jeremy Lin thinks he and D’Angelo Russell is “really good kid” and the two guard will get along just fine in Kenny Atkinson’s motion offense.

    “I think at the end of the day, he’s a really good kid,” Lin said of Russell. “He has a good heart, and he’s a tremendous basketball player. Once he meets our team and gets in our locker room, I’m pretty sure it will be a seamless transition. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot from him as well, and hopefully he learns from me. What we want to do is create that family atmosphere where we’re kind of pushing each other, keeping each other accountable, helping each other.”

    Lin and Russell may both be point guards under the traditional definition, but as Lin told Logan, the two shouldn’t have difficulty co-existing in Atkinson’s less-than-traditional system which emphasizes ball movement and playmaking from every position.

    “Kenny’s going to be making these decisions. I do know that we’ll be playing together for a lot of the time. I guess, on paper, I’m the point guard and I’ll make a lot of the point guard plays, which I’ve spoken to Kenny about and that’s obviously going to be the case. That’s what they brought me here for.

    “But I think I’m going to learn how to make [Russell’s] life easier and vice versa, and I think we’re going to be able to play off each other and complement each other. I think having two dynamic, downhill players, one on each side — he’s a lefty, I’m a righty — presents some problems for the defense.”

    As of now, before free agency, Lin sees the Nets as a “guard-heavy” offense, unlike last year with Brook Lopez providing rich opportunities down low and from the three.

    “We’re going to miss that one-on-one, back-to-the-basket presence, just to be able to score when you really need a bucket,” Lin said of Lopez. “But if we can play together, I think we’re going to end up with good shots, and having a lot of guys who are capable of scoring, hopefully”

    Lin said he and Lopez have been in touch since the trade, but declined to provide details other than that the Nets long time leader appreciated his teammates.

    As for his own future —he has a player option next July— Lin was reserved in talking with Logan about the possibilities.

    “I mean, that’s probably a question that’s more for the organization. But if you ask me, yeah, I hope we have a breakout year as a team and we continue to build from there. I would love that.”

    Jeremy Lin, Nets look to move on without Brook Lopez – Greg Logan – Newsday

  209. Russell sounds like Lin…??? haha!

  210. Well said! It’s truly a unique situation for Lin: playing under coach KA, Spurs/Hawks background, providing leadership, a chance to prove that he can carry a team and make the franchise relevant again. Lin to me is a top 5 picks and now we have TWO top picks on the Nets. Losing Lopez sucks because I still think he will work out with Lin’s game. But at the end of day, I wanted the talents on Nets to improved overall and they will be before the season starts. When the Nets made the 4th seed in the east this season nobody can longer denied the “heart” of the team. It’ll be very special. Then again, just being true to yourself and play freely is very special on its own. No more false narratives like past franchises.

  211. Dumbo is short for “Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.” It’s a neighborhood in Brooklyn (see map).

  212. NETS Introduce RUSSELL and MOZGOV Press Conference – 6/26/2017

  213. DAngelo Russell &Timofey Mozgov Nets Introductory Press Conference – June 26, 2017

  214. wow, if the Nets interest in JJ Redick is real, this is very good for JLin.

    It means the Nets doesn’t settle for rebuild but also want to win now.
    JLin and Redick veteran leadership are very necessary to show the youngsters the right work ethic to be great NBA players. Redick is known for his meticulous/”obsessive” work ethic

    And as a bonus, perhaps he can persuade Blake Griffin to join Brooklyn’s family-friendly culture =)

  215. I am very happy to see this news too. That’s the right way to do it. Need more good vet on the team so more good players will come in the future.

  216. very true .. let’s hope Redick and the Nets can agree on the salary and years of contract.
    It’s his last big contract but perhaps he will consider a reasonable contract if he can see a future with the Nets franchise and post-retirement career in NY.

    He has an interest in media with his player podcast so being in NY will help him to be a NY media personality someday

  217. JJ & Lin worked out together that sure means something…. But after Russell trade, JJ will be 6th man?

  218. So Russell is off the bench w LeVert if they really get JJ as SG?

  219. Lin , reddick, levert, blake, mazgov
    Really good team!!!

  220. That’s the way to go for a New York team. Never think about tanking or developing a rookie team, or your meal will be eaten by the other New York team.

  221. summary of somewhat lin related news from various twitters i think not posted here yet (without comment)

    1. p bev first team all defense
    2. yogi ferrell all rookie 2nd team (caris levert not)
    3. hornets releasing ramon sessions (signed at the time as lin replacement or partial replacement)
    4. k.j. mcdaniels confirmed not guaranteed by nets
    5. dlo russell number with nets: #1

  222. That’s also a dilemma. JJ is a starter, I doubt it he’ll want to come off the bench.
    But JLin and JJ defense are much better than DLo as starters, technically DLo can be the 6th Man like he did in LA.

    SG position has become crowded in the Nets. SKil might be moved soon

  223. Some Nets fans want to see DLo and LeVert to start immediately to start rebuilding.

    But SM comments that Lin is the leader and Nets pursuing JJ conflict with that expectation.

  224. I saw KJ $3.5M team option is declined so it’ll give Nets more cap space to pursue FAs.
    He might get resigned with cheaper deal if there’s still space.

    Good to see Nets are preparing to pursue the RFAs and FAs.

  225. Lin/LeVert is a good defensive backcourt and DLO’d D isn’t good enough. It is possible that DLO will play like Harden in OKC and lead the bench. Same as Tyler Johnson. Last year, MIA matched his big contract but it didn’t mean he started with Dragic even Wade is gone. Also, if S.Mark plan to trade Lin, he must make Lin’s game look better.

  226. Prior to the DAR trade I would have loved to see JJ but now we are guard heavy and DAR needs major playing time at the SG position to develop – DAR will improve his 3P% but he is a far cry from all the maturity and high skill that JJ provides.

    Would rather at this point use our money (and JJ is expensive) on a big – PF type – critical.

  227. Ya! From the way Russell said he still needs to learn…. maybe he will be 6th man for this team like they want Tyler Johnson did from Heat. In fact, he’s more like SG than PG to me.

  228. Not certain anyone in Brooklyn Mgt could justify having the guy they traded for Bropez come off the bench – just don’t see that happening.

    This team doesn’t win games without JLIN captaining the ship – proven by Dinw, IW, Skil, Foye futility and Magic Johnson doesn’t believe DAR could have lead Lakers to win (3rd worst team in NBA)

  229. But Marks said LeVert is SG. If JJ comes as SG… then Russell? I think maybe young players will run 2nd unit.

  230. Certainly Griffin would provide immense impact – and Marks has shown he is willing to take chances of players who have show questionable character in the past e.g. DAR.

    Just not certain the reason Griffin would come apart from a huge paycheck.

  231. Levert will be SF now that DAR is here – but he’ll have plenty of opportunity to initiate some playmaking.

    CLV at 6’7″ has nearly 7′ huge wingspan, speed, can easily guard Small Forwards
    DAR at 6’4″ nearly a 6’7″ wingspan

    Ultimately the PF spot needs upgrading

  232. Brook Lopez has still not commented publicly about the trade – not sure a full page advert assuages his hurt – he deserves better…

    … but the NBA is a business

  233. suave PR move by Nets organization
    to appease NY fans who love and miss Brook Lopez

  234. I think he’s still not happy….

  235. Bropez is abnormally silent, unusual if it continues to drag on – made me think of the NFL football player/other sports who elected to retire rather than accept a trade they did not want.

    Unlikely since Bropez is still young at 29-30 but he is an unique character and has never been traded before

  236. DLo and LeVert start immediately = tank without a pick.
    Some fans don’t mind losing but most do, and money doesn’t like losing in such a big market.

  237. No, don’t think so. DLo already has two seasons under his belt and already a starter. It will work out as long as coach KA and Lin are steering the ship. D-Lo has all-stars potential. He needs someone like Lin to make him better.
    The Lakers org was tanking anyway – last season that is. D-Lo just takes bias blames same like our boy under BScott.

  238. Well, it’s good to see Marks & KA like Spurs to show respect to vet players… But since it’s not announce yet so have to wait & see what really will happen…

  239. No way. D-Lo is ready to contribute as a starter. If JJ comes to town he’ll be the veteran leader on the bench like Iggy for GS – he has mileage, but the 6th starters on team.

  240. Check the tweet below… It seems to me young will be in 2nd unit…. If they really get JJ.

  241. JJ ain’t cheap and Brooklyn wouldn’t be his new home if he’s a backup.

  242. That’s a good point. I wonder what’s Nets game-plan if their interest in Redick is real.

    I checked on the PF FA list and there’s a lot of names there:
    1 Griffin
    3 Ibaka
    6 Ilyasova
    9 Mirotic
    12 Jamychal Green

  243. Brook probably lost some stupid trash talk deal with Robin (who has been traded at least 5 times). Twins are competitive.

  244. It is almost obscene to let Beverley in 1st team and put Danny Green in 2ne. Green has more blocks less pocket picking, Beverley has more steals less blocks.

  245. DAR is more experienced and currently at a higher level than LeVert and should start.

    DAR is a lottery pick and LeVert is almost one and he will understand.
    DAR got paid $5M >> LeVert.

  246. Levert was SF all last season. Was thinking Nets could get a legit SF and move him to SG. Guess they didn’t he was capable as SG. Too bad since his natural position is PG.

  247. Forget JJ get the other clipper. Something just seems right seeing these two guys in the same Jersey.

  248. i TOTALLY disagree. lin is NOT valued in the league where you are afraid to “lose him for nothing” such as paul george or cousins. instead i think lin will opt out and sign an extension. if lin does decide to opt out and leave for whatever reason, then it’s simply 12 mil off the books for brooklyn and dlo starts at pg. why would they proactively trade lin and have no chance of retaining him? unless lin tells them he has no intention of staying which i find VERY hard to believe…

    again i think there is mutual interest to “stay together” in this relationship. lin wants a home, in the city that made him famous, and marks wants a good player that embodies what bklyn grit is all about….

  249. where are they now dept.

    la lakers nov 21 2014 big 6 starting lineup and sixth man

    kobe bryant retired
    jordan hill just cut by timberwolves
    wesley johnson with la. clippers; played 11 minutes scored 2 pts pg last year
    carlos boozer has not played in nba since that season; last played for the guandong southern tigers
    ronnie price with phnx suns; played 9 minutes scored 1 pt pg game last year

    jeremy lin with brooklyn nets; despite missing large part of last season with injury has since
    leaving lakers played in 114 games scoring over 1400 points with over 400 assists
    and almost 400 rebounds.

    total points scored in nba by all five former teammates last year: 212
    total points scored by jeremy lin last season: 523

  250. NEVER FORGET!!!

  251. if the jj rumors are true, then that means marks/kenny is going in a different direction than what most of these nets fans are clamoring for. they all want a dlo/levert backcourt duo… but if jj comes, then they’ll get that duo… coming off the bench!

    there is ZERO chance kenny benches lin and jj to play the young guys…. ZERO!!! he started foye last year even when we were officially out of playoff contention. there is a structure, a system that they are running and most of these lin hating nets fans dont get it. they arent going to play these young guys without veteran leadership. this isnt the tanking sixers during the hinkie era, this is spurs style development. they earn their place, nothing is given…

    jj would eat a lot of cap space so i question if this is true. this may be old intel. i feel the dlo trade changed everything. would love millsap to take less money to play in a big city…


    that’s a formidable team…

  252. Oh my. if they get Griffin this team just got legit chance at conference finals.

  253. I am sort of surprised to know Nets will get JJ after the trade of Russell…. But I believe no matter JJ comes or not Lin will start for Nets next season as starting PG. Will he be a long team player in Nets not sure but if JJ really comes then more chance Lin will stay…..

  254. lin starts 100%. i’d bet my life on it. they started foye last year when it “made sense” to let the young guys develop… however they WERE letting the young guys develop by watching foye play as a vet. the same thing here. if jj comes he starts. if lin is on the roster, he starts.

    the big question is the 3 and 4… does levert continue to start at the 3? there are reports that say the front office see’s him as a 2, but how accurate are those reports? does rhj continue as the starting 4? or will they upgrade through free agency? if we somehow land otto porter is he a 3 or small ball 4?

    so many questions but one thing that’s NOT a question is lin’s role as starter, main ball handler, and leader… i mean he basically said so himself that he will still do the point guard things while sharing the backcourt with dlo…

  255. Marks said we think LeVert is SG. Right now he always w Russell so my guess young players will run 2nd unit.

  256. so some lin hating nets fans have been using marks’ quotes as “proof” that lin is going to get benched and/or traded. im here to debunk that. the main one is the quote where he said something like the 3 is the biggest area of concern for the offseason… well that was BEFORE the landmark trade. before the trade we all assumed levert moves to the 2 and rhj stays at the 4, so yeah there’s a hole at the 3. but then the big trade happens and all of a sudden the lin haters automatically think dlo will replace lin and the 3 is still open… i cant see that happening. i can see levert stay at the 3, or go to the bench if we get porter or someone else in free agency.

    guys, dont buy into the anti-lin agenda. those kinda net fans are trying to CONVINCE THEMSELVES that lin will be benched or traded for assets… the media is in on it too. all those articles saying dlo is the future and no mention of lin as if he’s just going to go away and disappear… lucky for us marks/kenny is smarter than that… lin is a BIG part of what’s going on here in brooklyn now and for years to come…

  257. Marks and Atkinson open press conference by thanking Brook Lopez

  258. this is the report im referencing. did he actually say this or is this fake news? either way lin is a 1. dlo is the presumed 2. if they start dlo, bench levert, and find a new 3, im all for it. levert, as much as i like him, has HALF a season of nba experience so i can totally see this happening… like if we somehow sign otto porter, levert gives up his starting 3 spot and plays back up 2…

  259. I like Boozer but I guess he’s kinda old. Wesley was hopeless and Jordan Hill, he has a 2″ vertical leap! Lin was at the wrong place at wrong time.

  260. Our boy Jeremy is a survivor of the dangerous NBA jungle because he is tough, skilled, and determined to succeed.
    (And, the Divine Intervention is on his side!? :] )

  261. maybe we will see some alley oops?

  262. so what happens to dlo if reddick grets signed. they both play sg?

  263. Redick is a good player ,one of the best spot up shooters in the game, but at that price he is commanding i am not sold

  264. I concurro

    Say JJ comes.. you will have the 2 veterans starting and DLO will have to go to the bench ‘TO EARN HIS KEEP’. That same famous phrase which many lin haters say after linsanity. LIn earned his keep already, they just blind.

    And it will humble down DLOLO.

    With KASM system, I think they try to grow young players with veteran leadership so that means all young guys have to pay their dues first.

  265. but remember, da nets are hedging too because see what happen to lin laste year.. they need for guards so that in case last year is a repeat, they have veteran and stuff to guid them. But lin doesn’t go down then they have a good problem to think about.

  266. Redick is now 33 years old. He’s been in the league for 11 years. For the last 7, his salary been between $6M and $8M per year. He’s looking for a big payday, given the way he’s played over the last few seasons.

  267. It’s a good thing I don’t search for Lin articles anymore cause there are always haters. Again Lin’s the starting PG no doubt for this season and that’s all that matters for now. Whatever happens later who knows? Haters can think whatever but Marks has already made his statement.

  268. Mike D’Antoni wins NBA Coach of the Year award. He previously won with the Suns in 2004-05.

  269. Aren’t Rox trying to get CP3 ?

  270. Nice to see recognition for MDA.

  271. Danny Green is great on D.

  272. Harden was playing off the bench in OKC until he earned the best 6th man award.
    The Nets can do this to D-Lo until he proves his All-Star potential, then the Nets will consider to let Lin go.

  273. It like the Brook-Lin Pick and Roll discussion last year. IT NEVER NETS FANS.
    It’s Pick and POP by Brook-LIN. They didn’t foresee Lopez shooting 3s.

  274. KA, you’re next if you know how to play your best and most intel BB IQ point guard.

  275. Westbrook is the new NBA MVP

  276. $7,377,500 is JJ’s current salary according to ESPN. I see a raise from there acceptable to Nets.

  277. I am so happy today as my wish…. MDA got the coach of the year but Harden got nothing… lol!

  278. I didn’t watch the press conference so I don’t know… but from the tweet said Marks really said so…..? Well soon we will know.

  279. “I never thought I would be in NY and have to thank the sports writers for the Coach of the Year award.” 🙂

  280. NYK days….

  281. NYC sports writers were ruthless in their criticism of MDA in 2012 before he left on account of Melo.

  282. Well deserved, too bad MDA deserves a finals appearance with a legit star that isn’t Harden. Rockets won’t go anywhere so long as Harden is their franchise.

  283. Actually felt the Lakers were more ruthless with the whole Kobe fiasco. 3 teams with selfish ball hogs yet somehow MDA finally revived his career on the Rockets. Truly hope he finds a better team after this.

  284. You can’t keep a good man down. 🙂

  285. There should’ve been a Choker of the Year award. Lol.

  286. Exactly! It’s actually the total opposite. It’s proof that Lin is starting and Russell may come off the bench.

    Lin and Redick have been working out together and Redick is the ideal complement to LIN, not Russell.

    Also, Redick’s age shows the Nets aren’t going with a pure youth movement — they want it both ways. Win games now with Lin and Redick. Win games 4-5 years from now with Russell and LeVert. Good plan.

  287. If you guys haven’t read LeVert’s letter 3 weeks ago, I highly recommend doing so:

  288. Good to see LeVert stays hungry to prove himself.
    He should have a good season

  289. Harden doesn’t have a poker face lol

  290. Harden doesn’t have a poker face lol

    “Harden looking at Nicki with more heart than he had in game 6 vs the Spurs. SMH”

  291. There’s more articles discussing potential JLin trade (to Magic, Cavs, etc.) after Brook is traded but if the Nets keep pursuing JJ Redick, it should become clear that the Nets would want JLin and Redick to start to win now for at least 2-3 years.

    Only 3 more days before July 1 Free Agency starts

  292. Metta shows support to the Nets. He’s quite close with DLo in the Lakers.

    @BrooklynNets – 8th seed next year

  293. I believed JLIN would have taken Nets to playoffs last season and I believe JLIN will lead them to playoffs this season if healthy.

    Of course the way prejudices work in America and the NBA in particular – likelihood is someone like DAR will receive the credit if they do make the playoffs regardless if JLIN (or other teammates) have a stellar season.

    However, I don’t believe JLIN would mind too much what the outside world believes if we do make the playoffs – so I’m with JLIN on that.

  294. Levert is the high character young player that I hope DAR learns and uses as the example of what he should strive for.

    DAR needs to prove to the world he’s serious about his second chance. Stay MODEST, Work Hard, Resist Controversy.

  295. Ironically – if one day (2019) Daryl Morey is replaced and either MDA convinces JHarden to share the backcourt with JLIN or JHarden is gone – then …
    … the only current other NBA Coach and Owner that I could support JLIN playing for would be MDA and Les Alexander if for some reason JLIN decides to move on from Brooklyn at the end of his contract.

  296. Melo is finally going to leave NY now??

  297. They seem to be quite good friends before DLo got traded.
    Everything seems aligned to give DLo 2nd chance to prove that Lakers made a big mistake dumping him. He’s still very young at 21. Hope he buys into the Nets culture/

  298. No matter how good AZN do or please superiors, they can’t break the bamboo ceiling?

  299. Writers grasping at straws! Lol

  300. After the monster deal in Boston, Melo is starting to feel left out. Wants to leave the game with something more substantial than $$$.

  301. I see there was some misunderstanding that Kenny Anderson (ex-Nets wearing #7) suggested DLo to wear #7 but he just forgot Lin wears #7. Some Lin fans asked about it. He apologized and said he likes Lin. It’s all good now

    Kenny has a great Mr. Chibbs documentary to pay it forward by sharing his story.
    Hope Lin can be the next Nets #7 legend

  302. Oops I jumped the gun, no deal in Boston

  303. Nets Daily tried so hard to push Russell as the star for Nets but not FO….??? Didn’t hear anything from FO say about Russell even as their future yet….

  304. Brian Lewis
    FWIW, I’m told the #Nets feel Redick could be a good influence on D’Angelo Russell. @Dloading

  305. Great plan by #Nets. Lin/Redick are the perfect vets to mentor DLo/LeVert.
    Let’s hope Redick & Nets come to terms in $. Perhaps $15m/yr

  306. Media just wants clicks. Some controversy to get excitement & $ in the offseason.
    They probably know Nets pursuing Redick means they don’t mind DLo to come off the bench.

  307. I don’t think they expect Russell to be off the bench… Well, soon we will know… but if Nets really gets JJ, I think it’s very likely Russell & LeVert will off the bench.

  308. If the Nets do actually land JJ Redick then I’m concerned that means Caris Levert gets pushed to the bench. JJ perhaps would be the highest paid player and DAR is the high draft pick traded for Brook Lopez so I don’t see how they wouldn’t start both.
    JLIN – PG
    JJ – SG
    DAR – SF

    Russell is a bit undersized at the SF spot but does have an outsized wingspan – even so I’m afraid he’d be a defensive weakness for Brooklyn against tough NBA small forwards.

  309. yes, things might change it Nets can get Redick, perhaps Lin/DLo/Levert as PG/SG/SF

    But the SM/KA comment that they see LeVert as SG might hint that they see DLo/LeVert as the future PG/SG. It seems the FO plans the Nets to be guard-heavy and pick up undervalued PFs?

    It will be interesting what Nets will do on July 1st FA.
    My guess they still try to pursue Porter (SF) expecting Wizards will match. Then Redick if it doesn’t break the bank

  310. SM/KA latest comment seeing LeVert as an SG makes me think that they envision DLo/Levert as the future PG/SG so they might not mind them to come off the bench to develop chemistry.

    It’s possible that LeVert can start as SF and DLo come off the bench as the 6th Man because he still needs to improve his defense. But yeah, it’s too guards-heavy. Such a small lineup to close games.

  311. There would be many shocked fans if DLo comes off the bench and the FO would certainly receive some criticism…
    … however it’s obviously not unprecedented since Luke Walton did just that to DAR. But with all the hype of replacing Bropez with DAR – it would be surprising.

    On the other hand CLV has only played 3/4 of a season and is little more a rookie unlike DAR on his 3rd season – only issue for me is CLV has the composition of an NBA small forward thus solving the small backcourt issue.

  312. JJ is not getting any younger, I can see that he takes the road with most money.

  313. That amount seems reasonable, double his current salary.

  314. the convoluted details of the cba (collective bargaining agreement) are beyond my capacity to care about much less comprehend much less attempt to explain; however with free agency approaching here are a few relatively simple things the average fan might want to know and possibly not know taken from various sources:

    The moratorium period runs from July 1 to July 6, and prevents free agents from signing deals while they negotiate with teams. Players can start negotiating with teams on July 1, but they can’t officially sign any deals until the moratorium is over. The period used to be three days longer, and the DeAndre Jordan situation from a few summers ago involving the Dallas Mavericks and a last-second switch on a deal with the team to return to the Los Angeles Clippers changed the whole game. The league cut the period in half, hoping to eliminate players like Jordan from backing out of deals like they did.

    The NBA’s fiscal year ends June 30, and the moratorium period serves as a time for the NBA to look at their accounting and make sure everything is all set before everyone begins to spend money in the large scale that free agency allows them to.
    The period provides for a set time for players to meet with teams that they’re interested in, and keep everything fair on both ends. It lets all teams have the chance to meet with players and negotiate fairly, while still giving players enough time before the period ends to figure out their next move and know the financial details.

    With July 1 just a few days away, the NBA is almost ready to turn the calendar and officially begin the 2017/18 league year. At the same time as the new league year gets underway, the league will also implement its new Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NBA and the players’ union.
    For the most part, that CBA looks a lot like the previous CBA. There are very few major changes to the way players can be signed or otherwise acquired by NBA teams. However, the new agreement features several tweaks to existing rules, and many of those small changes will be noticeable once tthe 2017 free agent period officially opens on Saturday.

    the salary cap and tax line for the new league year will be set by June 30. The cap and tax are currently projected to land at $99MM and $119MM, respectively.

    The July moratorium will end on July 6 at 11:00am CT.

    Restricted free agency:
    Teams will now have two days instead of three days to match an offer sheet.
    Restricted free agents will be able to formally sign offer sheets during the July moratorium. However, the clock for a player’s previous team to match his offer sheet won’t start until the moratorium ends. If a player signs an offer sheet during the moratorium, the player’s previous team will have until July 8 at 10:59am CT to match the offer.

    this info as i noted from various sources compiled by myself; hoops rumors, fansided, not sure i remember them all.

    any additions or corrections anyone feels useful would be welcomed.

  315. Our fight is NOT against people on earth. We are fighting against the rulers and authorities and the powers of this world’s darkness. We are fighting against the spiritual powers of evil in the heavenly places.
    Ephesians 6:12 ERV

  316. Putting D-Lo as the face of franchise will hurt the Nets attractiveness in signing FAs.
    NBA players will give him second chance for what he did in LA, but he is too immature to play with.
    They don’t want to follow this type of floor general.

  317. The Cba removed poison pill contracts

  318. Finally will have chance to hear what Lopez is going to say about this trade tomorrow if he says something about it…..

  319. If Magic doesn’t think he is the PG material, he is not.

  320. Magic is a nice guy, maybe he pretended to be nice.
    When he praises a player, he can be wrong b/c he is on the bandwagon or try to be nice.
    If he does the opposite, people should be curious.
    He gets the benefit of doubts, not D-Lo

  321. yeah i think i heard that too but i dont know exactly how and i can’t find any kind of official verification of the details. if you have a link please post it thanks.

  322. Exactly. If I can see it, Nets can. So I don’t think Nets will bet their future on him.

  323. With a Brooklyn $4M apt, he might entertain Brooklyn.
    But whether he will accept $15M or insists on $18M+ is unknown at the moment.

  324. Nets offseason movement has certainly been very interesting.
    SM is a very capable GM. Let’s see what he does next.

    I agree CLV can fit as an SF like he did last season so it offers good flexibility.
    I’m curious who’s the #1 target at PF

  325. The content doesn’t quite match the title as it talks more about how he can complement Lin and his defense needs to improve

    What does D’Angelo Russell joining #Nets mean for Jeremy Lin?

  326. netsdaily is a CESSPOOL of lin hating nets fans. with net income being the “clutch”. he sure loves using lin in titles to get your clicks but look at his comments and he’s VERY dismissive of lin. even made comments that imply tedosic would be an upgrade…

  327. Nowhere has Kenny or Marks said that Russell will be starting. He’s only 21 and was brought here to “be developed.”

    If they get Redick, I honestly think Russell will be the 6th man (like Harden was). LeVert will start at SF because that’s what he did at the end of last season. And Lin will start at PG unless he reinjures himself and isn’t reliable.

  328. This is significant because Redick is a SG. Russell isn’t here to play PG so much as SG and 6th man.

    Marks and Kenny wants Russell to transition into a modern combo guard who can play alongside Lin (and then a younger PG they get 3-4 years down the line).

  329. There is not many reasons for them to hype his value when his contract is due in a year.

  330. Like Marks said, they’re just thinking long-term. Russell isn’t great, but he’s only 21 and a former consensus #2 pick. That’s like getting one of their picks back from BOS.

  331. SM will NOT let or allow Russell to fail while Lin is expendable according to Mark himself.

  332. What SM spent to bring Russell to Brooklyn showed 100% he’s the starter.

  333. yes, I can see that happen.

    DAR is talented but most analysts and he himself admitted he can improve his defense so 6th Man might not be unreasonable if Nets can sign Redick.

  334. Winning can attract more fans and solve problems.

  335. What I got from SM’s interview is Lin will be the leader but the Nets won’t commit to him long-term.
    I thought it is reasonable because of Lin’s injury-riddled season.

    Lin just needs to be healthy throughout the season so Nets have a chance to go to the playoff. Then Lin can shine in the playoff for teams to notice

  336. Sorry, not liking this article title…

  337. I’m under the impress that it’s a SHE….

  338. plus you don’t want no young player without paying his dues much to be the face of franchise.. other veteran is like get the fk outta here.. ain’t going there.

  339. oh please dont slander women like that (net income is) an old crumudgeon ex sports writer. not a happy person.

    and yes he did suggest that tedosic would be the starter if signed.

    btw heres a series of recent netsdaily article titles:

    D’Angelo Russell is a Brooklyn Net and he’s ready to lead

    D’Angelo Russell is the lottery pick the Nets never had

    Is D’Angelo Russell the cornerstone of new-look Nets?

  340. Yes he did but he also defined the type of leader and it’s not what most of us thought,

    “We’ve got young players. He’s definitely the leader of that clubhouse, with his work ethic and the stuff he does in there. He’s tremendous. The guy’s in the gym every single day pushing it. So, he’s some guy our young guys look to and go, ‘wow, impressive.’”

    Yes Lin’s work ethic and in the gym, that’s very much like what KA said about Randy Foye.

  341. doesn’t matter.. if say this year they get 8th and all are healthy, they will say dlo is the different not lin…unless dlo hurt like lin last year.

  342. Young players need to learn from the seasoned players and earn their reputation only through winning. 76ers have been doing the opposite and demonstrating how to fail and lose money.

  343. Exactly, Magic rarely criticizes players so you know something’s not right. I trust the hall of famer that Russel is not a PG nor leader. Nets would be dumb to build around him.

  344. Levert was playing SF all past season so he’d start unless Nets insists on Russel starting at SF. With Reddick there’s no doubt he’d be starting SG.

  345. KA still living in Knicks days and thinks Lin is #17 lol

  346. Russel was switched to SG, benched by Lakers and dissed by Magic. Pretty sure if Nets bench him it wouldn’t be surprising. But I only see that happening if they get Reddick.

  347. “After arriving in New York on Saturday, Russell quickly found his way to the Nets practice facility for late-night workouts Saturday and Sunday. At Monday’s press conference, he casually added, ‘Caris was supposed to be there, but he wasn’t.’ But when Russell hit the gym for a third straight night, LeVert was there …”

    Wow … nice way to start making friends in the team. If I hadn’t read Caris’ blog that someone posted below, I would have thought he had been slacking off.

    DLo could learn a thing or two from LeVert on how to raise others instead of taking them down to make yourself look or sound good.

    “I’m [LeVert] not the only one either. You may not be in the gym with us, but if you drive by HSS Training Center, the lights are on and I can guarantee someone is in there putting in work.

    You probably expect to see a Brooklyn guy – and new dad – like Isaiah – congrats, Brother – in the gym, or a Yonkers guy like Sean Kilpatrick, but everyone is dropping in. Name any player on the roster and I’ve seen him in the gym. No one is slacking off, guys are here pushing each other like it’s the middle of the season, building that rhythm on the floor, making sure we’re all playing Brooklyn Nets basketball and growing together.”

  348. It’s very interesting to hear the context that SM used as the leader of the group.

    [6:45] When asked if if it was SM’s dream to build what San Antonio has in Brooklyn, he declined because SA had different players but the goal is to pursue championships and be in playoff every year then he declared Lin to be leader of the club setting the right example for his teammates.

    The interviewer was taken aback and proceeded to ask if SM will commit long-term to Lin. That’s when he chose to be diplomatic to say that he wants all players to be around for a long time but this is a business so you never know what can happen.

    In that context, it makes sense that SM commits to Lin as the leader in the short-term. That’s all I can take of it. And declaring Lin as the leader after DAR trade will show Nets’ commitment to Lin for this season. I’ll take the short win for now.

  349. You hit it with “short-term” and that “short-term” has just passed half way and sure won’t be long. Sad to say, the stereotype against Lin has never left.

  350. yes, 76ers tanking way didn’t work to teach winning culture and got the GM fired.

    I think Sean Marks liked the Spurs proven way to build a winning culture.

  351. sadly, that’s the cold nature of NBA biz.
    But keep the faith. If Linsanity can happen 1-2 games before Lin was released in 2012, Lin just needs a good break to stay healthy this season and play normally like we know he could.

  352. i can’t see the HUMILITY here with DAR, and hope it will developed immediately if he wants to embrace the nets culture as Coach and SM always bragged….But initially, i saw that DAR is still full of himself because he thinks that all of NBA players supposed to act like that…he is lacking in maturity and need more guidance. with the players at hand, i only wish that He himself tamed himself!

  353. yep. simultaneously over looking lin and the rest of the team while pandering to the new dlo/laker fans coming over…. did the same thing to us lin fans. tons of articles with lin in the title after he signed. sounded positive at first, but over time the truth came out. he doesnt think much of lin at all…

  354. Rebuilding a team from all young players is highly risky. 76ers and Boston are two opposite examples. The key difference is made by the HC of the Boston team whose coaching talent was everywhere even during his first season. McHale had to take the ball from Harden’s hand and gave it to Lin to buy a win for the then stacked Rox. I doubt SM and KA are confident enough to rebuild a team of all young players after seeing what happened last season when Lin sat.

  355. Nets media reported Russell was somewhat joking/teasing LeVert when making that comment.
    Didn’t watch the video so not sure if that’s true. The next night they practiced together until 1am so they might be okay.

  356. Phil Jackson might get fired by the Knicks as early as tomorrow

    Update: Knicks, Phil Jackson partnership could end as soon as Wednesday, league sources tell @TheVertical.

  357. So Melo will stay, that is good news for Nets.

  358. They didn’t trade much at all — an expiring contract and the lower of their two late firsts. That’s what made it such a good trade!

    Brook is such a good guy, but he’s an outdated post-up center who isn’t going to win in today’s NBA.

  359. Good point about Spurs culture. They have their ways…bring guys up gradually. Even a mature future superstar like Kawhi was a role player for his first 3-4 years.

  360. Melo and Dolan ruining that franchise. Total ego-driven losers.

  361. got this out from the net….

    Kenny Atkinson on D Russell: "I kind of like that he is not coming here as the anointed one, as this savior…".— linspiredinca (@linspiredinca) June 28, 2017

  362. poor phil. dumped twice in the space of one year i think. first jeannie ends the “world’s longest engagement”; and now james.

    fortunately phil’s got zen. so. no worries.

  363. We should give more RT to support this reporter.

  364. Dolan finally do the right thing. PJ is really bad for NYK.

  365. Good for Lin & Nets. Finally move to the right direction. Hope Nets got more good vet players.

  366. Lin better not get traded… if he does it better be to san antonio and nowhere else as the starting pg

  367. is there any way jj or dlo can play at the 3?

  368. I don’t think Lin will be traded. If Nets really gets JJ then I think Lin will stay after next season.

  369. is it possible jj or dlo play at the 3.. both are almost too good to be bench players

  370. I think it’s very likely will be like Lin & LeVert will start… (As Marks said LeVert is SG when asked by reporter about Lin & Russell backcourt……)

    Russell, JJ for bench (As reporter said JJ can have good influence on Russell…)

  371. LOL. Dolan and Melo they deserve each other. And this is bad news for Porzingis

  372. These four can be interchanged all game lone. I think this is the most young and dynamic back court if Nets can get JJ and if Russell buys in.

  373. He only did half. He should let Melo go. But we all know this won’t happen.

  374. Ya! But w Melo NYK is not going anywhere either….lol!

  375. Jeremy looking cool … national sunglasses day? – retweeted by NetsDaily

  376. Phil Jackson parts ways with NY Knicks, effective immediately …

  377. Garbage article. Headline misleading the entire garbage article.

  378. If the quotes are correct, the message is clear. Russell must fit in the team-first culture Nets have tried to instill in Barclay center.

  379. “Lakers fired GM during trade deadline week. Cavs fire GM 3 days before draft. Knicks fire pres 2 days before free agency starts. ” –Tom Haberstroh @tomhaberstroh

  380. haha. Is it a fad to fire GM in NBA now? Who is the next victim?

  381. This tweet explains partially why pro-Russell articles sprung in Nets-related websites and sports news. Clicks baits.

  382. Chris Paul has been traded to Houston Rockets.

    After Chris Paul agreed to opt-in on contract, Clippers are trading All-Star guard to the Houston Rockets, league sources tell @TheVertical
    Sources: After Paul informed Clippers he’d sign w/ HOU in FA, teams agreed to deal sending Beverley, Decker, Williams and 2018 FRP for Paul.

  383. That creates a completely different dynamic in Houston. I don’t see where the trade makes much sense.

  384. Overdue.

  385. Wow. The pull of the Coach of the Year is immense for the PG who is 32.

  386. Wow! Really good news…. lol! I can’t wait to see how CP3 to deal w Harden….

  387. Huge adjustment needs to be made by Harden. His stats will drop for the MVP consideration.
    But can MDA make both CP3 and Harden be both PGs in his system? That will be very interesting.

    CP3 was so ball-dominant in the Clippers that rumors had it Blake couldn’t get more possessions.

  388. For the foreseeable future – the notion of JLIN having an option of reuniting with MDA is over.

    If MDA can make CP3 and JHarden work together then he deserves another Coach of the Year award.

  389. CP3 certainly likes Harden’s close-to-MVP numbers as the PG in MDA system.
    He gets a new start after 6 years of underachieving in the playoff with the Clippers.

  390. Well, w/o PB to do the dirty job for Harden, I doubt CP3 will do it for Harden…. don’t think it will work.

  391. OTOH I wonder if there will be rumors that Nets should trade Lin to the Clippers for Bev lol

  392. The MDA offense is PG-centric for sure, but it is also fast-paced.
    I wonder if Chris Paul is too old and slow for the famous 7-second offense.

  393. lol….can really build anything with Bev…but good trade bait, I guess

  394. If Blake Griffin and JJ Redick also leave, then Clippers probably do a complete teardown and conceivably tank this year if they don’t start well with any decent talent besides DAndre Jordan…

    … don’t want JLIN part of that if it’s the case

  395. very good point .. I just read CP3 didn’t want to speed up the pace in the Clippers even with Blake.
    How would he handle the 7-second offense?

  396. hehe .. you know there are some people who’d always buy the hype

  397. Morey had tried to get CP3 in the past. My guess is, this is going to be similar to the Nash-Kobe back court, Harden Lin or Harden Howard collaboration. Harden won’t share his spotlight with another player, in particular a back court player , and Morey is always behind him because Morey needs to prove that his bet on Harden will never fail.

  398. when you have good 3pt shooters, 7sec offense is easier to execute

  399. they’re saying with CP3 leaving, Clippers has a chance to retain Blake Griffin. Not sure if they will retain Redick

    But yeah a lot of uncertainty in the Clippers. I trust Lin and KA more than Lin and Doc+Austin Rivers =)

  400. If CP3 didn’t like speed up the pace then he’s not really a good fit w Rox O system.

  401. River will want his own son to start…

  402. Harden has no choice but to allow cp to the team pg so he can focus on mostly scoring for the shake of winning championship. He saw the sacrificing in GS.

  403. He may have to leave as well.

  404. Chandler Parsons got some zing remembering the DeAndre hostage situation in Dallas =)

    Is it too late to lock CP in a house ????‍♂️

  405. I remember how MDA handled Nash and Kobe back in the Lakers. Kobe was playing the point and Nash the SG (wasn’t the other way more natural ?). There is only one PG in the MDA system and the PG gets all the spotlight. That was the reason Nash and Kobe switched their roles.

  406. but harden say he wants cp.. so it’s differen.

  407. CP is no pushover so it’ll be interesting to see his dynamic with Harden and Morey

  408. Really want to know who’s the real PG next season for Rox….? lol!

  409. Anonymous West Conference forward also thinks it won’t work

  410. Someone did suggest he may get a fro for this season!

  411. CP3 is not Nash, he will not give up his ball right to Harden…. Really can’t wait to see what will happen….lol!

  412. yes, this could be the 2nd coming of Kobe/Nash.
    It may work with players with low ego but it’s hard to see it with Harden/CP3 who love the stats

  413. Harden said he wanted DH12 too.

  414. Sounds good. Lin – LeVert is an effective combo

  415. I am not sure an Afro would fit him – but perhaps better than braids? Lol.

  416. the reason mike d enjoyed relative greater success with rocks last year is he finally acknowledged what was obvious; harden can’t play with a point guard, he is the point guard (and everything else) and just gave him the ball.

    it doesn’t seem to me likely james will want to give it back (to someone else).

    my ball, my ball.

    on the other hand it might surprise you to know that jeremy lin had a higher “usage” rate last year than cp, but lower than dlo–to be fair they all had about the same usage rate in the middle of the pack of point guards.

  417. This could be Morey’s exit strategy. His boss is getting tired of Harden who Morey had picked and hyped. Now with CP3 in the crowded back court, the boss can pick one if they don’t coexist. Both have the max contracts so Morey won’t be blamed even if the boss picks CP3 eventually.

  418. So we shouldn’t be surprised if LeBron, Melo, D Wade and CP3 team up in 2018.
    But DWade will be 36 and Melo 34. CP3 to be 33 and LeBron 32

  419. Yes, and CP3 is a dictator on the floor. It’s his way or the highway. Harden isn’t used to that.

  420. again ?

  421. CP3 is older though (33 vs Harden 28 in 2018) so this might be a short-term arrangement for CP3 to see if it works.

    But in the meantime, Morey looks good trying to find who can play with Harden lol

  422. how this is actually got to work:

    (breakdown of math needed to complete this paul to rockets deal and reason behind rocks rounding up a herd of disposable players)

  423. I think CP3 knew Austin Rivers will take over his job soon….

  424. W MDA as HC???

  425. The best scenario is Melo goes to Rox, MDA resigns or gets fired, Lin joins MDA after this year 🙂

  426. I have already said that Doc Rivers partial his son is poisonous for the team. Now PBev will be Rivers back up LOL

  427. Yes

  428. I think so…. Melo hates MDA & Rox likes Paul George….

  429. gotta love the Internet 🙂

    “Harden ’bout to risk it all for CP3 ??”

  430. NBA free agency, what a circus haha!

  431. Melo has his eyes set on every team it seems like !

  432. that banana boat would’ve sailed already in 2018 🙂

  433. So nepotism by Doc destroyed the Clippers chemistry.
    Melo/Vujacic for Crawford/Pierce/Rivers deal was vetoed by Doc.

    From Eaves:

    Paul’s relationship with Doc Rivers started to deteriorate rapidly after the Clippers acquired Austin Rivers. Several members of the team felt Austin acted entitled because his dad was both the coach and the President of Basketball Operations. In the view of the tenured players, Austin Rivers never tried to fit in, and when players tried to address the situation with him, he still did not respond the way the core of the team wanted him to. It led to resentment within the locker room, which often played out during games. One of Paul’s biggest contentions with Doc was that Paul, and other players, felt Doc treated Austin more favorably than other players. He would yell at guys for certain things during games and practices, but not get on Austin in the same manner for similar transgressions.

    But what really solidified Paul’s dissatisfaction with Doc was a proposed trade involving Carmelo Anthony last season. New York offered Carmelo and Sasha Vujacic to the Clippers in exchange for Jamal Crawford, Paul Pierce and Austin Rivers, a deal to which Rivers ultimately said no. That event led Paul to feel that keeping his son on the roster was more important to Doc than improving the team. So, ultimately, Paul lost both trust and faith in Doc. As one league executive put it, “Chris despises Doc.”

  434. “Oh don’t worry, Austin is going to single handedly carry the entire team to championship….” so says the voice in Doc’s head. ?

  435. Ya! I like the idea for PB to back up for Rivers….. lol!

  436. The previous known PG Rox hired to pair with Harden is called Lawson, does any one remember how they worked out.

  437. The squeaky wheel gets the oil. Kobe got the ball because he whined more. If that holds true Paul gets the ball. Harden plays off ball. Paul whines more.

  438. *slow clap* ?. Hand it to Morey. He finally did it. He finally found a worthy successor to Lin.

  439. uh its not even free agency yet!

  440. ok latest report on details of cp/rocks trade: clips get
    Lou Williams
    Patrick Beverley
    Sam Dekker
    Montrezl Harrell
    DeAndre Liggins
    Darrun Hilliard
    Kyle Wiltjer
    Rockets’ 2018 first-round pick (top-three protected)
    $661K in cash
    (this via woj)

    and ryan kelly and tim quarterman also picked up by rockets today and previously possibly included in trade at this time not listed as part of trade.

    stay tuned.

    reports keep shifting.

  441. I think the Rockets just got DeAndre Liggins from the Mavs today for “cash considerations.”

  442. Somehow purple & gold does not look right on Brook Lopez.
    At least he’s smiling

  443. Ruined his career.

  444. Hope he breaks out on the Lakers next season. Such an underrated big.

  445. And people wanted Lin to go there? That ship is sunk for sure.

  446. Lol watch cp3 kick him out just like knicks and D Rose haha. Just wait!

  447. Uh no, MDA deserves better than that. He should complete the contract and move on. Being fired dents a coach’s name.

  448. I’ll miss him…

  449. So NYK really wants Melo out of the door now….

  450. Cool stats of how open 3PAs for #Nets players +targeted FAs in 2016-17. Courtesy of @Nick_Sciria
    – @JLin7 and @Dloading were the least open.
    – @JJRedick 3PA is the least open at 10.8% but with the best 3P% accuracy at 42.0% if he would be a Net.
    – Brook Lopez was the most open at 3PA at 95.2% but hit a good clip at 34.6% three-point accuracy

  451. Three rumored FAs/RFAs pursued by the #Nets have excellent 3PT accuracy above 40%:
    Redick 42.9%
    Porter 43.4%
    Ingles 44.1%

  452. Is this the last Brook-Lin alley oop? 🙁

  453. it was a disaster…the father protecting the son from a true trial by fire situation in the nba, allowing him to develop in an ideal place without any obstacles. Who knows how Austin rivers will do on a team where the HC isn’t his dad?

  454. like i said, dude’s a total clickbait pimp…

  455. harden + cp3 is gonna be a total train wreck… i mean ty lawson was already exhibit A…. now this? i predict playing with harden is going to infuriate cp3 to no end… it may have taken a few years, but us lin fans have a long memory…. i savor the moment when everyone realizes harden is a pg killer… pat bev was perfect for them cuz he dont need the ball, but they threw him away just like they did to lin…

    on another note, what are the chances blake comes to bklyn? we got the cap space and bk is a big market and its a good culture here. he clashed wth cp3 who is a notorious a hole… but hanging with lin, dlo, rhj, and the bk crew? might just happen now…. the kd signing last year created a ripple effect and this year’s FA is gonna be lit….

  456. Yeah. There is no way Harden would like to share shots and spotlight with another back court player, even though he may not think of it as a problem now. CP3 could turn into Lawson II and sign a smaller contract by the end of the season.

  457. It all boils down to who will the owner side with Harden or CP3. They would be smart to make Harden play off the ba and make CP3 the main ball handler but a SG with no defense? Lol CP3 must not want a ring by joining Harden instead of teaming up with Lebron who desperately needs a PG.

  458. Might be a disaster but perhaps not – big difference between MDA and CP3 versus Bickerstaff and Ty Lawson – enormous disparities on levels of respect, skill, talent, intelligence.

    If anyone can force Harden to share it’s going to be MDA and Harden might willingly do so since he constantly runs out of gas and CP3 taking over allows him to conserve energy on offense & defense.

  459. The owner sides with MDA. Les Alexander brought MDA to Houston over the objections of Morey and now Les looks like a genius with his new Coach of the Year – MDA will order Harden to share with CP3.

  460. Then Morey’s exit strategy gets to work: Harden will be traded if Rox give CP3 the max.

  461. Time for Redick to team up with Lin! Lol so much for haters wanting Lin benched with Russel and Levert to be the new franchise haha!

  462. Everybody trying to build “superteams” they will try to keep both if they can afford to.

  463. Les is tight…

  464. If we get Redick then either Russell or Levert should be coming off the bench (probably Levert) because JLIN, JJ and likely DAR (as the 3rd year player) are the starters.

  465. Rox could have promised him to offer him the max, while no other teams would do that to him.

  466. Not sure how I feel about Russel playing SF. Hopefully it will be set by preseason.

  467. We need shooters like JJ but we are so thin at starting caliber PF that I would love to see Marks do whatever it takes to get Blake Griffin instead of spending the money on JJ, only if we have no PF option should we spend on an already deep guard lineup.

  468. Brad Stevens may pull it off. But from how MDA had played Melo and Lin, Kobe and Nash there is no indication that his system can make two ball dominant players happy.

  469. They should just try to get both if possible. Not sure if Lin has his number but he should try recruiting Blake as well.

  470. two things might have got lost in all the big news:

    1. there are summer leagues games beginning in 3 days (depending on what day it is where you live)–not nets league games and
    2. the nets draft pick allen is not playing summer league due to injury suffered “two weeks ago in draft workouts”.

  471. Hundreds? Jlin brings in millions of more fans… just think of taiwan alone… bs article… i dont even know who this russell guy looks like…

  472. I wish… but I am not sure who will be #1 guy in the team bc D12 failed & out …. maybe CP3 can be #1 guy?? Bc CP3 is also Morey’s favor…. We will see….

  473. I read CP3 will just do a 1 yr and then opt out to join LeBron in LAL or Clips. Also read about Doc favoring Austin, which we saw. PJ back in LAC to replace? jk.

    Only JLin fans can appreciate there’s no way CP3 and JH will gel to be a championship team. JH is better then Melo, but he’s more or less plays ISO like RW. This is just a transition year – watch LeBron form a 5 person superteam, he’s a crybaby he’ll give it a shot. Only, KI ain’t Steph, and CP3 ain’t KT on D.

    LOL, I root for GSW and Nets to quash all that, with a little SAS on the side. Let’s go, Pops, get ‘er done!

  474. I read it’s a stepping stone to the LeBron superteam, for CP3. I still haven’t figured how KI and CP3 match Splash Bros …

  475. LOL Pbev headed to oblivion now that they don’t need him to look like DPOY balancing out Harden. And Doc will make his son da boss … wa wa, karma is a b…ummer.

  476. I see LA making him scapegoat to LA losses… his glaring 7’0 and low rebounds make him a big target…

  477. I think Russell would be 6th man. LeVert was starting at SF at the end of last year. Russell is young and Kenny made it clear that he needs to find his place.

  478. Not going to happen with the coach of the year!

  479. Nets only looks for young free agents with potential and is not interested in stars like JJ.

  480. That is a dumb decision.

  481. Wow! Skip…. I feel the same way about CP3. lol!

  482. “I’ve learned that [Carmelo’s] made it very, very clear the the one team he’d accept a buyout for is Cleveland.” —@stephenasmith

  483. Melo hates MDA so he will not go to Rox….

  484. – MDA has publicly blamed Carmelo for driving him out as Knicks head coach.
    – Cleveland head coach Lue is controlled by a player Lebron James (friend of Melo) –

    So if your Melo which situation would you rather go to?

  485. Melo probably learned that MDA will resign from Houston if Melo goes there so Les said no way =)

    If Melo leaves the Knicks, they should improve so let him stay 1 more year.

  486. More news coming out that it wasn’t just Doc’s nepotism but also the rift with Blake and teammates and he felt like he couldn’t win in Clippers. My guess is he knew he couldn’t lead the Clippers to the conference finals in 6 years so he left early to protect his legacy from underachieving as a Clipper PG.

    NBA AM: The Chris Paul Relationship Was Complicated – its wasn’t one thing that brought the relationship to an end.

  487. yeah, PBev probably is thinking he might be needed to complement Austin Rivers now.

    He is not a natural playmaker so once again he’s needed to make someone else look good to cover the D

  488. Nets and 76ers seemed to make the hard push for JJ Redick.

    If Redick signs with #Nets, guess which salary he will accept
    $15M/yr for 4 yrs
    $16M/yr for 4 yrs
    $18M/yr for 3 yrs
    $20M/yr for 3 yrs

  489. Agree with the posters on getting JJ from Clippers! We NEED veteran starters!
    Backstory: listened to Locked On NBA podcasts and there’s this new pod “Maybe Nets Time” where one host like Lin as PG and another host like Archie as starting pg (since he’s shown flashes of greatness) next to D-Lo and Lin as backup pg (suggesting that he’ll lead his team in the 2nd unit, be the best backup just like in Charlotte and be best 8th man in the league. Lol… to myself ). The Lin hater host said Lin was made of glass (as if there’s no other good starters in the league suffered injuries). Both agreed that D-Lo is the best player and best thing happened to the Nets but don’t think the record will get better than last season since Lopez is no longer.
    So, people, …. I need JJ as SG and D-Lo as his backup. I want to see Marks/KA push this team to make the playoffs by getting more vet starters to run with Lin as the undisputed leader while D-Lo has more maturing to do from the bench.

  490. Agree. MDA will make it work… It’s time for Harden to shut up and produce – no more excuses for him.

  491. These hosts tried to please certain group of fans and brought agendas. As I said before, fans are “cows”, “farmers” don’t ask their opinion. Winning will get you more “cows”.

  492. D-Lo can backup Lin and JJ.

  493. yes, it’s clear media creates these “creative stories of conflicts” for clicks and money. We shouldn’t trust media 100% because it’s a business after all. Always follow the money trail.

    “Archie as a starting PG” is pushing it too far lol
    For those who listened to what Sean Marks and Kenny Atkinson said, it’s quite clear that SM emphasized JLin is the current leader of the club. KA reiterated that DLo has potential and can thrive, improve his defensive skills, etc. It’s clear they don’t expect him to be the leader yet since he’s so young, especially with the cloud of immaturity issues. It would take time for teammates to get familiar and have a good level of trust, never mind the leadership.

    But when Nets media starts writing controversy of DLo being the current starting PG, Lin goes to bench, etc. it’s quite clear they don’t follow the narrative that the Nets FO provided.

    But it created a lot of speculation and clicks for Nets fans, new DLo fans joining Nets, etc. while ignoring what Nets FO have said. It really doesn’t make sense if we trust the Nets FO more than Nets media. But I guess it works to confuse fans and make money by generating content through controversy.

    As fans, we should be aware of this reality.

  494. Hosts make their names by 1. making correct predictions; or if not capable of doing 1. then 2. speak on behalf of certain group of fans.

  495. Sounds like a salty spur fan.

  496. with free agency rapidly approaching here is a link to the official nba site list of free agents and status. this is not necessarily the most updated list as it will happen but a starting point that will eventually show who’s where that they weren’t before.

    note the large list of free agents. i imagine at least some of these people are better than the vast majority of non nba quality players which constituted much of the nets roster last year (many of which for the moment remain).

  497. Allen won’t be good to start the season. Off season is where season success begins.

  498. If Nets are interested in JJ Reddick, means the player we love is expendable. Or worse he’ll be demoted to 6th man again. Don’t take Marks’ words seriously, he’ll just trying to keep leverage on Jeremy.

    Poor kid, tired of this situation. Let’s see what happens now.

  499. Good luck making a super team. I heard Dan Gilbert lost money last year with the Cavs. The luxury tax is too much.

  500. half a banana boat is better than none

  501. I think some of Nets media just tried hard to push Russell as the main guy for this team. Like NetsDaily. They started to write tweet & article almost daily for him… just like what they did for that Russian PG few weeks ago… ??? Paid by their agent?

    Right now I really don’t care what they said anymore bc FO already had their own plan on what to do …. they will not bc rumors, fans opinion to change it…

  502. As I said before, farmers don’t ask for cows’ opinion. Media on the other hand have to please certain group of fans to attract eyeballs.

  503. yes, I’m not sure if it’s writer’s exuberance for DLo or catering to new DLo fans to get excited and participate in the discussion.

    But it’s clear that they don’t talk much about the Front Office direction for DLo from SM and KA.

  504. This is summer…. any news can get click…. they will do it….

  505. You can tell they just tried very hard to show how good he’s … the writer it’s only college student. Well, I still believe this team is Jeremy Lin not Russell. They got him bc FO wanted to get rid of Lopez & that’s the only deal they could get so…

    In fact, Nets FO didn’t even say Russell is part of their future at all…. Well, FA is coming soon so more news will come out.

  506. I think Lin will start, as for starting SG, it’s either LeVert or JJ…. Russell will be back up PG. I know some media don’t even want Nets to sign JJ bc that means Russell is more likely to be bench.

    I believe JJ will sign w Nets bc of Lin. We will know soon. 7/1/17 is coming….

  507. i want reddick, but then again i dont lol cus that may send Jeremy to the bench :/…. can we just go all in for blake griffin instead? Im tired of having rondae as a starter lol

  508. Exactly. They need to trade Lopez for something and that’s the best they can get. Spurs are made of brilliant HC and players with high BB IQ. That is why Marks has emphasized on high character players.

  509. Oh I haven’t thought of this before but bringing JJ off the bench would be phenomenol. Have Jeremy and DLO start together and wreck havoc first, then insert JJ to shoot lights out against opposing bench players

  510. Giffin is not stretch 4.
    I hope they sign Redick and 2Pat.
    The Nets fans are adapting the Lin/Russell backcourt.
    But if the Nets don’t want Russell as backup, they should continue to pursue Milo Teodosic
    I know the triple-J backcourt is coming.

  511. The Lakers has BBB.
    Brooklyn has JJJ.

  512. Signing Redick is actually good for JLin.

    Redick is SG and Lin is the established PG so I don’t see KA and SM want to start DLo, especially they need to make sure his immaturity issues won’t resurface for 1-2 years.

    For me, signing Redick means that Nets FO want to “win now” with Lin/Redick as the veteran backcourt showing DLo/LeVert how to do it properly. Not just the experience but also the work ethic, the intangibles to lead by example on-court and off-court.

  513. yup, we just need to be patient to see what happens on July 1st.
    We should be prepared for anything =)

  514. The Nets was 18th in Mar and 16th in Apr after ASW last season.
    They know that if Lin stay healthy and bring a great player, the Nets can be a playoff team.
    If they follow the Sixers or Lakers path, not the Spurs, they have to lose 3 more years and 2018 1st pick will go to BOS.
    After all, S.Mark and Kenny care their W/L record, they don’t want getting fired like Hinkle and Kupchak.

  515. Yes, really hope so. Lin can be open to KA and Marks now. If they don’t like what they hear and see from Lin then that’s on them – losing a game changer. I doubt their stupidity and close-minded. All we pray for is a Healthy Lin for whole season.

  516. Jeremy got an expiring contract. Dlo is the face of the franchise. I hope you’re right but I don’t think you are.

    In free agency we will have a clearer view.

  517. You’ve got the key.

  518. I see the Nets will give JLin another year to lead the young guys/prove himself.

    Of course, there’s possibility JLin can be traded between now and Feb trade deadline but the offer has to be too good to decline. It’s just getting Redick doesn’t make sense if the Nets want to do complete rebuild.

    But yeah, let’s be ready for anything.

  519. houston appears prepping for another major trade as they have now acquired 6 players as “salary fodder” and only needed to include two of them ultimately in the cp trade: hillard and & liggins.

    remaining recently acquired: tim quarterman, ryan kelly, shawn long and most recently jarrod uthoff.

  520. barring a trade of lin (which i don’t see happening) i don’t see nets doing much of anything of consequence in free agency.

    as it stands now the team they have is much worse than the team they had at the end of last year.

    also: the best case scenario’s for lin optimum usage have shrunk dramatically.

    that’s at best, at best.

    there are much worse scenarios of course.

  521. Lin said he tired of switching teams. If the Nets commit to him 100%, I can see he will take less money to sign an extension.
    Now the Nets are stuck with bad contract, including D-Will, Mozgov and Nicholson. Total 27millions/per year in next 3years.

    As for D-Lo trade, he can’t be the face of franchise or leader. He has a lot to prove.
    But this summer, FA players don’t want to play with him, They won’t join the Nets for how much “potential” D-Lo has.
    They want teammates who are proven. They want to win, not to be a mentor.

  522. A sad true.

  523. what I read is Doc’s time is limited because the team was mad that they didn’t do the Melo for Austin plus 2 more trade, so everyone there thought that Doc will just favor Austin. So, the theory in that article was CP3 to Rox for 1 yr, then join back Clippers but no Doc. That’s one way to look at it.

  524. Point you raise about other free agents avoiding DAR is a good question. It’s possible some of the less-mature free agents can’t forgive the Nick Young video yet.

    Hopefully, the NBA players we want are mature and can forget the youthful mistakes of a 19yo and DAR has to do his part to warrant another chance with other players.

  525. I don’t think they should sign JJ. They should look for younger players.

  526. In younger as in less maturity for winning…

  527. LOL .. way too funny.
    I can see it happen TBH

  528. The exact opposite. This shows strong commitment to Lin. They’ve working out together, make a perfect duo and both are bets. Russell and Redick can’t play together — too slow, no defense.

    D-Lo comes off the bench if they get Redick.

  529. Lin tries way too hard to be black and fit in. Ruined his hair multiple times to look like a black dude.

  530. Well, maybe in NBA he has to…. haha! But I really want him to be just Jeremy Lin. No need to be a black dude.

  531. This is exactly it. If the Nets sign George Hill or something, then people can worry.

  532. What is up with all the Nets idiotic fans? wanting Lin to become the 6th
    man? I have said it many times in the past, Russell is a bust. Doesn’t
    matter how young He is, In fact He would probably become slower with
    age. The dude just lack the lateral speed and quickness to defend. I
    guess they haven’t learned from the Anthony Bennett fiasco. Another
    former high draft pick who is no longer in the NBA. There is a reason
    why the Lakers dropped Him, The same with the Cavaliers dropping

    Anyhow, I would love to see the Nets getting either
    Ibaka or Ilyasova or both. They need a true PF, RHJ isn’t going to cut
    it and He is not a starter material.

    This is the it year for Lin, time to bust that move.

  533. This is the Linning year for Lin7. It matters Everything to him for how coaches gonna look at him for ’18-’19 season. No more playing and experimenting around for KA and Marks. It’s Literally Playoffs OR Bust! Lin7’s career moving forward is on the line. And I’m sure Lin knows it as well.

  534. Getting back to Russell. I saw Yogi Ferrell lighting it up on Him. He cant stay in front of His man even if His life is depended on it.

    Those nets fan are going to get a wake up call soon. rofl…

    If I were SM, I would trade Russell in a package to Detroit for KCP. I am sure they would love to take Him.

  535. Think he will thrive in 6th man role. Just need KA/Marks to make it happen! Can we get Both JJ and O.Porter ?? Enough cap ??

  536. I’m comfortable rooting for the Nets for LIFE if they sign JL7 to near max contract and be leader for next 4-5 seasons.

  537. He looks dumb..

  538. It’s likely, depending on how they perform this season. KA will probably stick to the winning formula late last season: empower Lin during the 4th quarter.
    Guards are a dozen per dime, which tells the physical part of the market. But a PG with elite physical and a big winner’s BB instinct is very rare. I hope Nets recognize what they have and build around Lin to create a legacy.

  539. More like sheep.

  540. the lin hating nets fans are just projecting their desires… they delude themselves into thinking the front office and coaching staff think as dumb as they do…

  541. everyone has got to stop talking about the players.. why trash dlo? and kemba on the team before? they did nothing wrong. what we have to talk about is the front office and coaching staff.

    in NY dantoni and kenny loved lin, but guess what? melo influenced the FO to get rid of dantoni and once woodson became coach the writing was on the wall for lin in NY

    then in houston morey was forced to sign lin due to les alexander the owner, and mchale is a joke of a coach. this lead to harden taking over instead of playing along lin, and in the second year went to the bench to play bev with harden.

    then in la they had cap space and got a 1st rd pick to take lin’s poison pill year. they were tanking so nothing else needs to be said about BS.

    in charlotte cliff imposed a glass ceiling on lin and cho never made lin a priority in free agency, and instead gave all the money to batum.

    so they story of lin begins and ends with what the FO and coach thinks of lin. NOT the players. lin got along with all of them. you cant blame them for doing whats best for themselves. it’s up to the FO and coach to maintain law and order. in all of lin’s stops he faced a FO and coach that was NOT on his side. however in bklyn he DOES have support. he’s kenny’s guy. not just on the court too. i have FAITH that they will do the right thing…

  542. Tell him….

  543. Not sure we can characterize DAR as a bust yet – and as a team we can’t afford for DAR to be a bust so personally hope he adds much value to the Nets as Marks/Atkinson intend.

    That said I trust Magic Johnson and Luke Walton’s judgement that DAR at this stage of his career development is not mentally/emotionally equipped to lead an NBA team as the starting Point Guard. DAR is much more suited as an SG/Combo Guard and that is where KA anticipates him.

  544. well its NET’s Fans and we know those who say that are not yet JLIN follower , so i will chill on their comments and let the play of JLIN convinced them that they are wrong (if they have the GALL to admit their errors)!!!!

  545. snoop dog with less hair..LOL!!! don’t like it, but for fun, its a nice try IMO!

  546. just for fun here’s how i see other forums, etc.

    reddit: the most pro lin forum… almost every bad comment gets downvoted… i can only guess there are a lot of asian bball fans on reddit that support lin even if they arent nets fans…. it’s so pro lin im astonished actually. lin being so divisive, reddit is an oasis in the vast desert of hate…

    real gm: this place is VERY moderate. a good mix of lin doubters and lin apologists. it seems like fans from other teams dont think too highly of lin, but surprisingly the core nets fans have a more positive attitude. watching him lead us to wins and playing hard every second must have endeared him to them, even if they too dont think he’s that talented. but at least they respect his character and hustle.

    nets daily: cesspool of ignorance and hate second only to clutchfans…

  547. too much read onto this..relax for its LULL time yet…experimenting and having fun will always be on his agenda!

  548. LOL… they said they started winning after the allstar break due to trading bogdanovic, moving rhj to pf, and that ANY experienced pg wouldve done the same…

    lin gets no credit, never have, never will. if we win this year it’ll be because of dlo. the narrative has already been set. even though kenny LITERALLY said that dlo doesnt see himself as a “savior”, the FANS DO and will harp on this narrative as fact…

    it is what it is. us lin fans can only hope that smart fans can see what’s really going on.

  549. why mentioned Melo if its the FO who cause all of this….maybe some players too don’t want anybody to get the limelight for themselves..only two co player of JLIN before that i can say has influence on their own team FO and those were Melo and Harden…as to Kemba walker (i am still thinking about whether he has so much clout to move the FO on his desire and wants)…the rest , JLIN has selectively chose high character guys but on some player/s on his selection ,he failed to see the markings on the wall as you mentioned.

  550. who made DLO the “face of the Franchise” now?

  551. i also feel that lin fans should NOT engage with the haters. it’s a waste of our time. the haters are simply… “gonna hate”… what i do love seeing, however, are the lin fans who destroy the feeble arguments of the haters by exposing their double standard… by exposing their moving goal posts…. by exposing their illogical fallacies…. by doing this, lin fans dont “engage” with the haters trying to “convince” them, instead, they show how their arguments are strawman arguments and are nothing more than their personal biases conflated as facts…. smart fans will see through the haters and see them for what they are…

    us lin fans will never convince the haters that have their mind made up. we can only sit down, be humble, and wait until opportunity graces lin and he SHOWS the haters without a shadow of a doubt that he’s the real deal. then us fans can celebrate and raise the biggest “i told you so” flag that we have been holding on to since linsanity…

    i believe that day with come, i have FAITH. last year was a bummer, but now lin has a set of modern pnr centers to play with. our day will come….

  552. Jlin can’t chose who his followers will be but i think he hope that those who followed him do so because they love his brand of play and his character on and off the court. those who doesn’t want/failed/stop/arrogant/stubborn to see his contribution, i let them rest with their thoughts and leave them alone..LOL!

  553. because the FO was dumb enough to listen. the knicks are in disarray BECAUSE they listen to other people instead of holding on to their beliefs. dolan NEEDS a star on the team, they NEED to win now, and in the end nothing works out cuz they can never properly rebuild…

  554. this i can see that has “infinite wisdom” on it…LOL!!! cheers mate and let us ready ourselves for the next season to begin!

  555. nets should get Iguodala instead of Redick. he’s a much better defender and will cost way less than Redick. a better fit in the back court with Lin

  556. as long as Dolan is there, Knicks will always be in dis-array…but what can we say with Les alexander, too naive/soft for an owner, or Jordan who seems to believe he knows it all?

  557. iguodala can be costly now depending on the team he will negotiate with his services, and Nets has to give him more because of his importance to the nets team.

  558. nothing to do with les or even morey. it was all on mchale. he didnt have a system. he was spineless. his idea from the beginning was give the ball to harden and everyone spot up…. us lin fans saw it from the beginning, but the harden/houston fans didnt. they liked seeing harden dominate the ball so they liked mchale. only when expectations we high did they realize what we’ve been saying since he beginning, that mchale is a loser coach…

  559. you’re giving mchale TOO MUCH credit ???LOL..i do believe it was more on morey and mchale just followed his command..but just the same, the impact is the same i guess

  560. not sure how much Iguodala is commanding around the league but he couldn’t be anywhere near Redick’s asking price since he’s been coming off the bench for the Warriors versus Redick starting for the Clippers

  561. Yes, Iguodala is the unsung hero. I also think he is a perfect match for Lin, an upgrade to the corresponding role in the Linsanity lineup.

  562. then we good, lol. Marks, make it happen!!

  563. Is he a free agent now ?

  564. Iguodala will not pick Nets… but JJ will.

  565. yes, he is

  566. if he will give nets FO the chance to acquire him, He’s an addition on the team that may last!

  567. maybe. but Iguodala has rings. Redick doesn’t. Iguodala can be lured with a promised starting role on the Nets

  568. I agree no need to waste time to argue w Lin’s hater fans bc no matter what you say they will not agree w you. Plus Nets FO will not listen to fans opinion to make their plan for the team.

  569. Starting role is not enough for him. Since there are so many good teams he can pick… no chance.

  570. Playing with Lin will also make him look good, just checking the players beside Lin after Linsanity.

  571. reddick’s second son is 1 yr old. if his wife and kids live in that bklyn penthouse, then some things in life are worth more than money… i would say we are the front runners here…

  572. I think we will get JJ but not Iguodala.

  573. either is fine with me although i’d prefer Iguodala. i just don’t want no defense Russell to start in the back court with Lin. he’s better served as a scoring 6th man on the Nets

  574. I would say either one is good. Ig for better defense and Reddick adds lethal 3s.

  575. I agree w you. I think Russell will be backup PG.

  576. morey made mchale bench lin in the 4th for tony douglas? i think not. mchale is clueless and never thought highly of lin… morey may have implemented the moreyball 3’s and layups philosophy, but mchale was the guy on the floor….

  577. i think for now, KA will still go with levert than russell…but come after asg, we might not know what will be nets strategy and it will depend on their standing…wait and see for now

  578. Atkinson mentioned something about Russell not coming as a savior and that he’s humbled. so i do believe there’s a chance he’ll have Russell come off the bench but then again, that’s hard to do when you’re a former 2nd pick of the draft

  579. if we get jj, expect dlo off the bench. kenny plays his vets. the problem last year was our vets were foye and scola. but vets like lin, jj, millsap? kenny’s no fool he’s gonna start the best and most experienced players…

  580. just like the liutenant in a battle, he only executes the master plans of his captains/major/colonel or even his generals, but his way of execution will within the plan being committed..Plan was, give Harden all opportunity to be a star and block all hindrance that falls on its trails…enough room to give Mchale to execute the plan with some leeway (JLIN was the direct hit of that plan because he took glory away from Harden)

  581. that’s too much conspiracy theory. i see it as mchale is clueless, he didnt kow how to manage 2 guys that can shoot, pass, drive. harden WAS better. but instead of trying to make it work like wall and beal, splash bros, lillard and cj, etc… mchale went “old school” and empowered harden to do whatever he likes cuz he’s “the man” on that team. bev comes along and mchale is mesmerized by his waving arms on defense. unceremoniously benches lin in favor of bev.

  582. too much simplicity and giving Mchale toomuch credit for thinking that way eventhough you have mention a conflicting statement that you believe Mchale is a clueless guy….a clueless guy choose whom the master tells him to chose and then execute their Plan…look at what Mchale is doing now being a commentator, he praises Jlin left and right but thats just how so clearly state how clueless guy he was/is/and will be. He was not mesmerize by PB wavering arms and flapping wings (LOL), Rox made those statement as a whole to sell PB being a good fit with Harden to execute their plan because its evident JLIN was a better player..but anyway, alls been done and the team made something horrible for Jlin but the miserable life comes with the Lakers. 😛

  583. I engaged haters all the time. They’re easy to destroy. Most of them don’t know anything about basketball, the Nets, Lin, or anything they’re talking about…

  584. Reddit has its share of Lin haters, but most of them hide behind alt accounts & new accounts because they know Lin fans outnumber them. Recently, a glut of new accounts have invaded /r/GoNets and I’ve been squashing the trolls whenever I have time. /r/nba is a bit tougher, but there’s even more Lin fans or at least Lin supporters there.

    RealGM has a lot of Lin haters. I don’t visit that place often, but whenever I do visit the Nets section, I see a good amount of Lin doubters and haters talking smack. There are definitely Lin fans there doing battle with them everyday. I don’t bother with that place and never posted there.

    NetsDaily is a cesspool like you said. They were mostly supportive during the season because the Lin haters and trolls were hiding in their caves, since Lin played well when he wasn’t injured. But now that DLo was acquired, they’re out in full force and have uncloaked themselves. They feel bolder than ever criticizing Lin. I don’t see a lot of Lin fans there defending him anymore. I usually don’t visit that piece of crap blog site because Net Income is a major you know what. He’s an opportunistic, two-faced, ideologue who only see Lin as a stopgap and clickbait to generate $$$. I was banned there because I destroyed him and his far left political views before Trump was elected. Don’t bother going there much, but I have visited recently because sadly, they are a major source of Nets news.

  585. Is there any penalty if a team is under salary cap?

  586. I just don’t think Iggy has any interest in coming to Brooklyn.

  587. Each year in very early July the league announces the salary cap and salary floor for the coming season. The salary floor is currently 90% of the salary cap.

    My recollection is that they have until the end of the season to spend that amount (salary floor) on players’ salaries. If they don’t the outstanding amount is redistributed to the players.

  588. The moment you sign someone with a big contract, you will have a nightmare with him on your roster sitting on the bench and your team is getting nowhere. Let’s just stop signing stars and keep on signing young players with good potential and watch their grow and with some luck to be a a star. I figure the probability of having a star player work for you and having a young player grow to be a star is almost the same. The difference is the excitement of the latter exceeds the former by large extent.

  589. Lin haters have been inventing new ways to kick Lin out of the team that he played, and the league that he is playing. We win if Lin keeps on playing well in the league and making his presence felt. Lin has been making Lin hating sport writers look like morons.

  590. Taking less money by no means shows the respect that the team pays to Lin. I would rather see Lin get a hefty contract playing for his team.

  591. Let’s look at Lakers at another prespective. The players that make a difference to the team haven’t been all lottery picked players.
    For example
    Ivica Zubac drafted 2nd round 32nd
    Larry Nance Jr. drafted 1st round 27th
    Jordon Clarkson drafted 2nd round 46th
    What will Lakers be without them?

  592. in older as in more likely sitting on the bench with injury

  593. I would rather see Lin help young players grow to be stars than having stars playing with him.

  594. I’m not worrying about Lin’s role in Nets. The team is getting more solid NBA players instead of expensive ones. In fact, the team failed to land any expensive players; players got paid more than Lin in the free agent market. I can envision Timothy Mozgov come to Nets and play at the next level to justify his contract. I an confident that he could once he is given a fair chance to succeed. I am not surprised to see players not fitting in well with Lakers.

  595. quote without comment:

    “Backup point guard has to be No. 1 priority,” general manager Rich Cho said. “Ideally, someone who can play with and without Kemba Walker, who plays both ends of the floor.”

  596. i believe pcs has been dropped to 99 its been dropped at least three times so it could drop again before officially announced.

  597. Thank you.

  598. Cho is delusional to think he can find someone like Lin again. He stole the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow of tears. Lin’s pain was their gain. A starter was so smeared by Morey and BS…( literally bs ) lol; that no one wanted him. Lin is a starter period, always has been. No starter caliber player will allow himself be mistreated like that. Lin did it to keep one foot in the door that the NBA wanted so badly to shut him out of.

    I hope Cho gets fired over his bad decisions and learn that theirs a price for being a Uncle Tom.

  599. I love Iggy! He’s obviously high character because he never complains about being 6th man. He never rocked the boat even after he was finals MVP (?). Guys like that are hard to find. They do what’s needed without fanfare, just like Lin.

    That’s why he and Lin would make the Nets into eastern conference champs.

  600. There is no point at all. “Selective attention” is how haters operate. That’s how humans are wired. We see what we presume to see. Add that to the fact that fans “liking” a player already makes them lean one way or the other. How soon they forget DWill? Lol. These same haters love to see someone just like that to make them sleep better.

    Noble prize winner explains why we have our present president. We use our quick brain to make decisions all the time. It’s lazy and easy to just take in media “facts” and roll with the sheeps.

    When you fight with haters, you are fighting a losing battle that’s no even worth your time and energy. The only way you can change their minds is if they themselves decide to finally use their slow brain to process facts.

  601. Rich Cho has just realized to replace jlin, he has to sign the league starter quality.

  602. RealGM WiretapRealGM Wiretap
    Strong Pursuit Of Otto Porter, Kentavious Caldwell-Pope Expected By Nets
    JUN 30, 2017 11:01 AM

    The Brooklyn Nets are expected to pursue Otto Porter and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope in restricted free agency.

    Porter and Caldwell-Pope are the two best young wings on the restricted market.

    Brooklyn was active in restricted free agency last offseason, signing Allen Crabbe and Tyler Johnson to offer sheets.

  603. Wizards & Pistons brace for “rich” Brooklyn. 🙂

  604. Not certain the decision was all on Cho – rather Michael Jordan and Steve Clifford perhaps the vocal actors in minimizing JLIN in favor of KemBatuMKG. Believe deep down that Cho is a JLIN superfan.

    All’s well that ends well – JLIN got what he wanted – starting PG on his team – so as fans we’re please

  605. With the euphoria surrounding draft of combo guard Monk – would have thought he was the Cho’s backup PG savior? Especially since they officially declined Ramon Sessions option and likely waive Brian Roberts.

    Feel sorry for whoever they throw into the fire – JLIN’s shoes are tough to fill, so much so that any PG2 will be mercilessly compared to JLIN again.

  606. I hope Marks will not do it like last summer. Don’t waste the time and chance to get good vet…. these two will not come no need to help them get more money.

  607. Even though teams cannot backload poison pill offers to RFAs anymore under the new CBA – Nets can still put together a rich offer to put some pain on the other teams.

    Otto I can understand because he certainly can play PF but KCP is another guard/wing – we have so many of his size and style that nobody gets much playing time as it is.

  608. Above all I want all of our Brooklyn Nets players to play well – with the exception of JLIN, Moz, Nicholson virtually everyone is on a “good-value” contracts and that means if they play well we can use them as trade pieces to improve our team.

    Would love to package RHJ, Skil, Archie for something that improves our team

  609. I think otto porter is good fit with nets.
    Porter is coming off the most complete season of his four-year career. He averaged 13.4 points, 6.4 rebounds and 1.5 steals while shooting 51.6 percent from the field, including 43.4 percent from beyond the arc, across 80 games for the Wizards.

  610. Otto solves the huge hole in our lineup of RHJ starting at PF


    That is a decent starting lineup: speed, perimeter shooting, P&R, BBIQ

  611. You may be right about the lack of interest. 🙁
    Though Otto’s service would be helpful to Net that can use a good PF.

  612. I rather invest more money to Otto than reddick even he is cheaper.
    Is there any chance we can bring both??

  613. As I understand we have $34 mill in cap space and to get both JJ & Otto would probably be closer to $40M necessary.

  614. If we can not get otto, how about Green?
    Lowe writes that Memphis might have a tough time bringing JaMychal Green back. Green, a 6’9” power forward, has been occasionally rumored as a Nets target.

  615. First thing comes first. Nets do not have enough legit NBA players on the team and this imposes tremendous pressure on starters to play heavy minutes and thus causes injuries. Now the team improve its situation with the incoming of two for one players from Lakers. I expect Timothy Mozgov and DAR will start. DAR and Lin will be watchable duo in the back court and both can score. Timothy indeed is a better defensive player that Nets need in the front court. So the starting five will be Lin, DAR, Mozgov, RHJ and LeVert/Joe Harris. Booker will still be the anchorage for the bench.

    I expect lots of help from Quincy who could spell relief on RHJ. The rest of the team are just borderline NBA players or below not to mention the newly drafted who are not NBA ready. To make it worse Jarrett Allen has a hip injury which is not helping Net’s front court situation. So the backcourt is expected to carry the load of winning next season.

    Nets has money and cap space but not enough NBA legit players. This situation could improve tremendously if the team may get back Brook Lopez from Lakers next season. The rebuilding will be almost complete. Will Andrew Nicholson improve enough to help the team? Perhaps the player development coach Atkinson can do something about this.

    However, Nets may just be one player short of making the playoff next season without new addition and I hope that Sean Marks may not rush the process of rebuilding by spending too much too early for FAs.

  616. How old is Iggy? He would be great if he was younger. I doubt he would leave GSW and come to a team that has no chance of winning a ring.

  617. Most general BB fans look for many points scored by a player to judge the player’s BB skills. Underlying assumptions of what makes a good BB player is completely different so it’s hard to argue about anything when the underlying assumptions differ so greatly. Also, even though Lin played very well during the Linsanity games, a lot of the success was due to his teammates; the Knicks teammates were no scr*bs. It was just that Melo dominating did not allow them to showcase their skills. Once Lin took over, his teammates started playing harder with a greater synergy, but nevertheless they were not without specific skill sets. After the Knicks, Lin was always cast in roles where he had to play a second, third or fourth fiddle and play a limited role, so it would be foolish to expect Lin to score all that many points. It’s ironic that Lin was “the man” only during his first 15 starting games in NBA.

  618. Me too. I just liked his original haircut during the Linsanity days.

  619. Yeah, blame Cho. Lin was not going to stay anyway IF he can start somewhere else. But Cho, at the least, could’ve sensed real talents from our boy and throw a starters price tag.
    Hornets’ failure will only prove how irreplaceable Lin is.

  620. There’s nothing with what you said but Lin needs the Nets to win now (making a splash in the playoffs, not just for getting there) for his Own sake. Lin’s future will be determine by how he’s performed by season’s end. Making the Nets relevant again or just another pedestrian ?

  621. For me, Lin doesn’t have to do anything and I’m not thinking beyond next season. First and foremost, I hope Lin doesn’t miss many games. I hope he stays relatively healthy, that’s the most important thing. If that’s the case, I’ll enjoy watching him play and gain more chemistry with his teammates and watch him be the leader that I know he is. I’m not thinking about playoffs, beyond next season, his prime or not, his PPG and assists numbers or any of that. Just want to relax and watch him play with his team mates. Sad Lopez isn’t one of them. I liked Brook.

  622. I think Cho knows he can’t get Lin again, but would like to find a Lin-lite. He knew Lin couldn’t stay, that the Hornets couldn’t keep him from getting a bigger role. Cliff pretty much admitted that Lin needed a bigger role when he gave that long interview to the NY press last season.

    I don’t think Lin was mistreated in Charlotte. I know you do, but I respectfully disagree. Lin was in Charlotte to be an X-factor and was used as such. Charlotte brought the joy back in Lin according to Lin’s own words. Overall, it was a positive experience and Lin got to shine in the playoffs. I think Cliff mishandled the Batum re-integration, and that’s why they didn’t advance, but that’s water under the bridge now.

  623. Well, they didn’t have the money because Batum, Lee, Lin, Big Al and Marv were all free agents. They chose Marv and Batum. It didn’t work out.

  624. Cliff is a fan. Not sure of Jordan, but Cliff likes Lin’s game. He just loved Batum’s game for some reason. I think he way, way overrated Batum.

  625. Er, I don’t think he’s trying to be black. Fit it to the NBA? Yes, to some extent. But you don’t see him with a ton of tattoos? In fact, does he have any?

    Lin has has teammates speaking Mandarin. He’s not trying to be black.

  626. He’s not a black dude. Really, he’s just having fun with his hair.

  627. I liked Kemba. I didn’t love everything about his game. But, overall, I liked the relationship Lin had with Kemba. And I think they played well together in the playoffs.

    I’m not as big on DLo. He’s young, but I think he wants to come in and eventually be “the man” on this team. I’d be careful if I were Lin.

  628. Well it’s MJ’s team and he’s the main reason Hornets will never be a contender. Like who would want to go there? walker is a fake star and he took the credit of bring hornets to playoff even when they became 11th seed without Lin last season.

  629. I hope SM won’t force lin to sit out when he says he is healthy and ready to play.

  630. Lin is loyal, if Hornets even made him a regular starter instead of marginalizing him he might stayed. But they copied Rockets playbook in their mistreatment of Lin to fulfill their hidden agenda like most teams. No one cares for the Hornets and many don’t even know who Kemba Walker is.

  631. Lin was not mistreated by the Hornets. He was the backup guard to Kemba. Their was no hidden agenda about that. The Hornets problem was to their infatuation for Batum. If they gave some of Batum’s money to Lin, the Hornets would have been in the playoffs this year like they was last year.

  632. Part of me wishes he stayed with Hornets. Fans were great. Did not start but minutes played were no less then now. And most importantly… They won games. Hornet season greater then last season.

  633. “JJ Redick interested in joining Rockets if finances can work, per source.
    He still looking at 76ers, Nets for between $16-$18 million a year”

  634. I think Otto fit really well with Nets.

  635. Rox already had tons of shooters & they don’t need JJ.

  636. Please, Lin closed in crucial games and Cliff even said is Lin played well he might start. There was no reason for Lin to not start over single digit rookie (PJ Hairston) and bench (traded for courtney lee as another stand in after PJ was traded) who they traded away the moment Lin left like most teams! How many zero digit games did PJ Hairston play?! You can’t justify starting a crappy player like that over Lin without other reasons. We also say Lin drop to 10-13 min games when MKG came back! It showed what Hornets would’ve treated him if everyone was healthy. Lin relied on his own skills and some luck with injured players to stay afloat.

  637. No way! Lin gets to be the leader and regular starting PG. No point in staying if he was marginalized as bench player when he’s a star player. Nets would’ve won mor games if Lin was healthy all season anyway.

  638. So JJ plays SG and Harden the 6th man ?

  639. No, relax is not. Lin knows what’s at stake. Continuing to be a starter and a leader and a fierce competitor comes with a price – bring the team to relevancy – making a splash in the playoffs.

  640. so much point guard news can’t keep up with it. not surprising since point guard is now the position in the league, taking broad based combo rating system, more point guards grade out high than any other position; anyway latest;

    rubio to utah.

    which would mean george hill to ???

    and does it then mean (rumored) lowry to lower north puppies?

    in news of lesser pg’s,; rondo and caanan dumped by bulls, so who is the bulls pg now?

    and sessions dumped by bobcats, jrue holiday likely to stay in nawlins (nets noted as previous possible suitors but now they have dlo not)

    and…thats all i can remember at the moment.

  641. Hill likely to spurs.
    JJ interested in joining Paul in Houston.

  642. I hope the Nets doesn’t sign any contract bigger than Lin’s.
    Now, Lin is the Nets best player and the 1st scoring option. I don’t want it to change.

    4 years 48M for J.J Redick is the Max. the Nets should offer.

  643. Apparently only if Eric Gordon leaves so small chance for Redick to HOU

  644. Amir Johnson is 30 but has been in the league for a long time. He went straight to the NBA from high school.

  645. Yes. They waived Rajon Rondo and Isaiah Canaan, another PG, who was with Jeremy on the Rockets.

  646. I don’t agree 110 mil for JJ. But come on what is the point of wishing Nets with more than 30 mil not signing any player for more than 12 mil? Lin’s contract was 1 yr ago. In 2017 Patty Mills is expected to bring in 12-17 mil on fair market. Probably JeVale McGee will bring in a lot, times changed .

  647. Guys, I wouldn’t pay too much attention to most of these “reports” and “leaks.” They’re just agents who give these sports journalists info to drive up the market on their players and/or other GMs purposely throwing out smokescreens to deter teams from offering anything significant on players they want. It’s all about $$$. Most of it isn’t credible. Plus, Sean Marks and his front office doesn’t leak.

    Unless they are reporting on a done deal, just ignore all of this garbage.

  648. Read someone said they are closed to sign Milos???

  649. when will Lin get a contract extension?

  650. At the end of this next season

  651. We need good players if we want to win in the NBA – good players cost $$ money, especially since we are low on indigenous draft picks and truly the only young cheap talent that could amount to anything are Caris Levert and D’Angelo Russell with an very outside shot of Dinwiddie – that’s not enough to win.

  652. This means they can not offer max to Otto porter??

  653. I heard some NBA journalists admit they don’t understand NBA salary rules

  654. shams bomb.

    Shams Charania: “Blake Griffin plans to reach agreement on a five-year, $173 million deal with the Los Angeles Clippers, league sources tell The Vertical.” – via Twitter ShamsCharania

    btw dont look now but free agency actually begins for real in about two and a half hours.

  655. wow, $34.6M/yr for 5 yrs is an unbelievable amount.
    But It will hamper Clippers to be a real contender to win rings but then again they haven’t been one in the past 6 years.

  656. It seems that OKC will beat Rox in the 1st round this time.

  657. I agree.
    RWestbrook + PGeorge is a more complementary pair than CP3+Harden

  658. Paul George has made it pretty clear that he is going to the Lakers or Celtics at the end of his contract next season so most likely is a rental for OKC

  659. Things may change, if they go deep in the playoff.

  660. I’m not hoping for anything big. Just get Redick, Casspi and another “blue collar” center. Trading for Ed Davis somehow would be ideal, but I’d also sign Jeff Withey in Utah for cheap.

    Next season is all about unleashing a healthy Jeremy Lin in a system with proper screens and shooters around him. After that, Nets can re-evaluate their long-term plan.

  661. Less than 2 hrs to go and get more and more interesting FA news.

  662. Chicago and Indiana are in rebuild mode now. There is no reason why Brooklyn cannot make the playoffs. Stay healthy Lin.

  663. How much do they want him back, in terms of price ?

  664. LOL, this trade makes HUGE sense to OKC, that PG13 may not want to leave after next season.

  665. even the filthy lin hating nets fans expect few wins, but us lin fans know better. we know his impact that isnt seen on the boxscore. last year they were good enough for 8th seed at least. injuries killed everything….

    now we have dlo, mozgov, allen and whoever we chase in FA… i’d say 5-7th seed isnt out of the equation…

    on another note, the hornets look to be real good. they got dwight and drafted monk who i see as a future all star… my dream was for cho to not sign batum and give it all to lin, but alas it was only a dream…

  666. LMAO too bad Hornets will be irrelevant forever just like Rockets. Can’t wait to see what happens with CP3 vs Harden. Might just be a 1 year deal for CP3 before he joins Lebron.

  667. Lol over MJ’s chosen draft in Walker who could never carry the team to playoffs?! Haha I’d laugh so hard if this new draft pushes Walker out who shouldn’t be a starting PG. we’ve seen Dwight jump from several teams and he’s so overrated and 1 dimension on his offense! Lopez is like 10x more versatile and better than Dwight!

  668. It’s a sinking ship, holding onto Blake was the only plug they had. Darn it I was hoping Lin’s tweet meant they acquired a big FA for Nets :/

  669. kemba-monk-batum-marv-dwight
    free agent pg-lamb-mkg-kaminsky-zeller

    that’s 4th or 5th seed man… east is mad week after pg13 and butler are gone…

  670. But factor in MDA and things might be different. Both teams has a ball hog and OKC has a bad iso centric offense with bad culture, no Paul George or star can change that. West>Harden but MDA has better coaching.

  671. Lol mkg injury prone and not an offensive threat, Kaminsky had worst FG percentage last season, Lamb has been in the dog house with barely any minutes since he signed. This same team barely made 11th seed without Lin. Dwight isn’t an offensive threat or impact in modern basketball who just camps out near the paint while everyone’s raining 3s including Lopez. If Lopez wasn’t effective enough even with his arsenal of moves, Dwight who doesn’t play PnR, can’t post up, shoot mid-jumpers or 3s isn’t going to be an impact.

  672. im interested in millsap news. jj never made much real sense, otto and kcp will be matched. both cant be lost for nothing. jamychal green also might be matched. pat patterson is a nice consolation prize. amir johnson would be good backup. plz get rid of hamilton, nicholson, and booker…


    we can fight for 6-8th seed with that starting lineup getting 30ish minutes a night… rhj, allen, and skil would probably get the most minutes off the bench mixing and matching with starters…

  673. Maybe carrying the team alone will finally allow him to be the MVP. Blake is happy and Clipper will revert to being irrelevant while Lakers rise back up.

  674. dwight still better than zeller, plumlee, hawes, hibbert and whatever crap bigs they had last season.

    malik monk is the truth. cant believe he fell to 11th pick. knicks shouldve got him at 8th and not the french dude…

    again, no need to hate on the hornets. dwight + monk without losing anyone significant = major improvement ahead. sure they struggled without lin, but this is a different roster now…

  675. Unofficial #Nets Goal for 2017-18 Season

  676. Marc Stein @ESPNSteinLine

    League sources indicate that the Warriors and Stephen Curry are on course to strike their five-year, $201 mil “supermax” deal after midnight
    11:28 PM · Jun 30, 2017

  677. It’s good that Millsap and KA have ties from the ATL seasons. Millsap would be ideal PF with adequate 3FG% shooting (31.1%) The only thing against him might be his age. He’ll turn 33 in 2018

    Ibaka is next on the list of good stretch PF with great 3FG% at 39.8%. He’ll be 28 this year, just a year younger than Lin. Nets might have him as a target, too.

  678. This clutch stats is interesting. Westbrook is more clutch than George

    Paul George: 0-15 in his career on go-ahead shots in final 20 sec.
    Russell Westbrook led the NBA with 6.2 PPG in clutch time last season.

  679. ibaka might be older than advertised… and i dont see him leaving toronto.

    yes millsap is 33. all the more reason for other teams to NOT pay him. but us? we may max him for 2+1 years? great role model for rhj…

  680. Many people say Ibaka is not 27. It’s a fake age. Even if Ibaka is 30+, he’s still exactly what the Nets need. However, I doubt he’ll want to come to play in Brooklyn unless Marks completely overpays for him.

    Iguodala and Ilyasova might be more practical targets if we can’t land Ibaka. Marks should target all 3. If he strikes out on them all, then last resort would be JaMychal Green.

  681. jamychal green is NOT a ‘last resort’ level talent. dude would be perfect here. the only question is how much?

    ilyasova on the other hand is imo not the kinda player marks wants. we need some defensive presence.

    iggy is not coming here.

  682. lin is best value pg in nba, 100%…

  683. Nets paid him cheap. smh!

  684. What about Nets? Who is w Marks now?

  685. Same here! Millsap and a good backup center – more defense and rebounding.

  686. I hope lin have a break out year on next season and sign 20-25 mils on next contract.

  687. Me too. He did so much for the team. I really don’t want to see him underpay again.

  688. The NBA has announced salary cap data for the 2017-18 season. The salary cap is $99.1 M and the salary floor (90% of the cap) is $89.2 M.

  689. Jeff Teague’s contract is a benchmark to Lin’s next year.
    P.Mills and A Rivers are backup PGs and earn the same salary as Lin does.

  690. Woj just said nets committed to lin-dlo backcourt. if we sign jj he’d be off the bench! #wojbomb

  691. should not bigger than 30/2yrs or 48/4 yrs

  692. PG sucks… just another Melo/Harden type player with crap character.

  693. Lin, russell, otto porter, rhj and mazgov
    Small line up
    Lin russell levert otto porter mazgov

    This will be fun to watch

  694. Hornets is a team with a losers mentality. They care more about self preservation than making right decisions for the franchise. They’ve done nothing but double down on Walker. It’s like trying to build a team around IT. If you do that, you’ve pretty much limit yourselves to never reaching the conference finals. It doesn’t matter how good they are on offence, it’s their size and selfishness that makes them useless against top teams that can take advantage of that mismatch.

    At the beginning of Lin’s year with the Hornets, I wrote that Lin’s year with the Hornets will depend of MJ and Cho. They would decide if choosing to win is more important than making themselves look good by continuing to prop up Walker as their star. The way it played out showed that both MJ and Cho would rather lose than have Lin make them look like fools.

  695. Nets rather starts DLo over JJ? Lin, do not waste your time develop young players. Run to another team after this season.

  696. People, This is a Positive Light: Nets rather have Lin/D-Lo Vs D-Lo/JJ backcourt. They rather have JJ off the bench than Lin.

  697. Great to hear for any worriers! Lin is the starting PG as long as he can stay healthy. End of story.

    Russell is their long-term future…probably at SG. He’s too slow for PG but his passing skills are a major asset at SG.

  698. Not a surprise to most of us here, but that should ease the fears of some worry-warts!

  699. That is why nba is moving away from being a sport and losing fans. It is becoming almost a joke if I say I watch NBA.

  700. yes, great news that the Nets want to develop JLin/DLo backcourt

    JJ probably won’t sign to come off the bench but he’s 33 so Nets want to see if JLin/DLo can work well as future backcourt so they need to start/close games together in order to evaluate them.

  701. yes, and it definitely shows Nets intention to evaluate Lin/DLo backcourt this season
    I’m a bit surprised that Nets pursues JJ as the 6th Man because his projected salary could have gone to more needed starting PF

  702. I think Nets probably still have chance to get JJ bc Minnesoda also wants JJ to off the bench. In 76 maybe JJ can start… but only 1 year deal. Nets deal 2 years w 36M) is the best deal so far….

  703. very true, let’s hope so. I like JJ
    It’s quite sad that Redick at 33 is seen not as a starter anymore but that’s NBA

  704. Looks like Nets maybe will not get JJ after all….

  705. So happy for it.

  706. Bc he’s not super star like CP3….

  707. He’s not Lin7 – a game changer.

  708. They’re super scared Marks is going to do what he did with Tyler Johnson and Allen Crabbe last year. Wizards’ front office has been repeating this mantra for months now, trying to discourage Nets from making Porter a huge offer.

    Marks isn’t dumb. The only way he offers Porter a max or near max offer is if he strikes out on most of his high priority, high quality FA targets in the next 5 days. He’s not going to tie up the Nets’ cap on Porter because Wizards don’t have to match until July 8th anyway. This was how the Nets missed out on quality FAs last year. We had too much money tied up on TJ and Crabbe.

  709. Miss the Hornet fans. They were nice and positive with Lin.

  710. This is a waste of time for Marks. The only time a team has vowed to match a RFA and NOT done so…is Lin in 2012 with the Knicks. And that was about Melo’s ego, not basketball.

  711. And Porter is way more valuable than TJ or Crabbe, so this will be a no-brainer for the Wiz to match.

  712. I wouldn’t blame JJ for going to Minny. 2-year deal is pretty underwhelming. I thought for sure he’d get 3, even 4.

    Sixers offered 1y/20M. I’d guess Nets offer is 2/30M.

  713. True. 6th man is so important though. How many games did Lin leave and then watch the bench ruin the game?

  714. No news on the Nets FA pursuit on starting PF yet.
    Looks like Ibaka might resign with Raptors and Millsap interested in Denver.
    But perhaps Ilyasova/Patrick Patterson will be in the picture for stretch 4.

    PPat is a good ex-teammate of Lin so he might be one of the ex-teammates that Lin said was interested to join Brooklyn.

  715. Both Patterson and Ilyasova are fine with me, but I’d really like a good rebounder. Either at PF or C.

  716. Nets might still try to max out Porter right before July 6 (2 days to match by July 8) to make life difficult for the Wiz to pay luxury tax.

    Nets might focus on FAs first before RFAs but the question is who’s the main target for PF?
    Marks likes to keep it secret for sure.

  717. definitely doesnt have the best character. I give him props for coming back after that horrific injury.

  718. Millsap would be the strongest rebounder of the group. Ilyasova is a better rebounder than PPat (5.8 vs 4.5)

    Not quite sure why Nets would prioritize Redick as SG than starting SF & PF positions. Then again, it might be a smokescreen

  719. They didn’t say it at the press conference.
    I think they say this only after giving up to pursue JJ.

  720. If SM sees Levert as a SG, isn’t nets is lack in sf not only PF?

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  722. If Lin stays healthy and puts up 18/7 in 30mpg next season (he was on pace for that this year), he better get at least 20M per year. Even that is an “Asian discount.” But anything else would be a total racist insult.

  723. OMG, Even he can get this big deal…??? Hope Lin can have big deal next season.

  724. Drue Holiday isn’t a floor leader and I don’t understand why NOP hitched their hopes here. Dru would be a great backup and perhaps he has good rapport with Cousins/AD.

    The one season in the past 7 that NOP made playoffs was when Eric Gordon replaced Dru at PG.

  725. JLIN will renegotiate and extend but JLIN does not wish to be anywhere near the highest paid PG in the league – been there done that; as long as JLIN gets a fair deal he’s happy.

    Jru Holiday cannot get $25M in endorsements overnight from the Asian market.

  726. Nets committment to JLIN-DAR backcourt means that CLV moves to SF – this league the distinction between the wing spots of SG/SF are increasingly more interchangeable.

    CLV is 6-7″ with nearly 7 ft wingspan that is epitome of size you want in SF

  727. Ironically my view on JJ would be slightly more diminished if he elects to come to Brooklyn knowing that the Nets have no desire to START him.

    JJ is 33yo but he believes (and stats show) that he is starting quality and still at the top of his production capacity. I don’t want a player who believes he truly is the best STARTER on his team, to accept a bench role – that is defeatest. Said same last season as JLIN left Hornets.

  728. Otto Porter also seeking a max deal – frankly if he costs $25 million then Brookly should pass. Otto playing a game of chicken with Washington as they have no deal but hold the rights to match any deal.

    I’m holding out hope that we finally get any respectable PF to plug our hole

  729. Another possible solution to our PF issue. Ingles is a perfect fit to Brooklyn culture.

  730. My dream scenario is gordon hayward to celtics this year….and then lin to the celtics, this year by trade or free agency next year. Celtics will try to trade isaiah thomas this year or next since his trade value is the highest now. And Brad Stevens is the best upcoming young coach i want Jlin to play for. They very much can get to the finals after jlin and hayward get together with Stevens. And Jlin goes back home to Boston!!

  731. Stevens is one of the best coaches in the NBA and has integrity and often has kind words about how JLIN performs against his teams – not sure that is enough though to protect and insulate JLIN from outside pressures e.g. Steve Clifford, Woodson, McHale

    At this point the surest bets of coaches that most likely wouldn’t backstab JLIN is KA and MDA

  732. Both PPatrick and IIyasova would come in at a reasonable price; much more than JJ Reddick. They both are healthy and durable players that will make Nets competitive. If Nets signs one or both of them, Nets would get to playoff easily. What Nets lacks are solid and legit NBA players to fit in with Jeremy and DAR; one of the best back court in NBA. I’m not worrying about the bench of the Nets though because they played well last season.

  733. Marks has been taking aim at solid players with potential to be great in a few years and not star players who aim at max.

  734. Then it would be chance for Nets to acquire a solid player from Knicks.

  735. They are combo guards as Lin said it all. They are players that can take what the opposition gives. They can pass and do well at the receiving end. It would be extremely difficult to defend against both in a game because their roles could be switched easily.

  736. Zhou Qi is 7’2″ and 220 lbs. Here is his write-up at Draft Express :

  737. Well its my dream scenario. Its just in my opinion. I think Brad Stevens is a great coach and has no biases. Lin will be great playing for him

  738. That would be very interesting if BOS would sell high on IT.

    He had the worst Defensive rating in the NBA so BOS knows he is a 1-way player and can’t beat Cavs with him at the helm.

    I like Brad Stevens since he is a smart coach & always compliments Lin. But it would also take GM & FO support to believe in Lin like SM does (for now)

    I’m not sure if Ainge is high on Lin. That’s the X-factor

  739. Hope Qi does well at Rox. With MDA as coach and China behind him, Morey dares not mistreat him like he did to Lin. Morey so want China market.

  740. When Lin starts tweeting Bible verses, people go ? ? ?

    I hope it’s just spreading the encouragement, w/o any background story …

  741. There is no poison pill contract this year, I am doubtful if the Nets plays the RFA game again.

  742. i feel the same lol

  743. This business of reading between the tweets is never easy ?

  744. Oh! NO… Usually a bad sign when JLin tweets Bible verses. Bad news from FA…?? Hope not…

  745. Does it mean none of his former teammates who had interest in Nets is coming after all? 🙁

    I was hoping to see LED connection again… 🙂

  746. It is good to see another Asian player in NBA.

    I believe Zhou will be treated well by the Rockets with the huge Chinese market behind behind him.

  747. steph curry just went from being the 82nd highest paid player in the nba to being the highest paid player (annual salary) in the history of all professional american sports.

  748. LeBron defended Curry that he deserves more since GSW valuation went up 6x since 2010.

    We should follow up on the Nets valuation to help determine Lin’s worth in his new contract in 2018-19

    LeBron James Retweeted Ann Killion
    So tell me again why there’s a cap on how much a player should get?? Don’t answer that. Steph should be getting 400M this summer 5yrs. #JMTs

    How valuable is Stephen Curry? In 2010 Lacob bought Warriors for $450 million. Now worth $2.6 billion.

  749. SI on LeBron’s tweet:

    “And he’s not wrong. The players drive the industry. The salary cap helps business, but even Curry, about to sign the richest deal in league history, will be a market inefficiency on the business end given the value he’s provided for the Warriors. It doesn’t take a ton of economic understanding to see that.

    As for LeBron, well, he’ll have to wait until next summer.”

  750. Redick to Philly … . Nice increase from $7.3 M …

  751. Cool.. he needs to eat more though

  752. wayy too much $. Good for him though

  753. Nets should go after Tarik Black. A good backup center that could also be a power forward.

  754. “Point Guards are going quickly in NBA free agency”

  755. So whats next for nets??

  756. 1 year? Rumors had Redick seeking multiple-years deal.

  757. I have a hunch that JJ told his good friend JLIN who deeply wanted to see him sign with Brooklyn before he decided 76ers and thus the JLIN tweeted bible verse – attesting to their continued friendship

  758. Yea i agree but we may be partailly right or totally wrong

  759. Love is not enough… money do work….

  760. Jrue holiday commands that kind of money …. really ?!

  761. Ya! Hard to believe bc he didn’t even do anything that big deal to the team….???

  762. I thought the reggie jackson deal was crazy, this takes the cake

  763. Kings will compete with Nets to force Wiz to max out Porter

  764. 76 really tried hard to get every player they want…. So far no luck for Nets…

  765. Why only 1 year? Not good if he gets injured might just be a 1 year rental.

  766. So sixers out of competition for Porter

  767. Jrue Holiday isn’t worth max what the heck? He doesn’t even impact the game and isnt a star!

  768. Lin has never been highest paid even his contract with rockets was average starter salary! Just media being haters.

  769. 1 year…$23 MILLION!! That is the same thing as 4 years of his old salary. Dissapointed we missed out on him, he is one of a very select few that has career 40+% 3pt shot.

    You can count the # of these types of players in the nba on one hand.

  770. lmao

  771. Yes but 1 year means he’s not in there long term plans.

  772. he can be in someone elses long term plans

  773. The Charlotte Hornets and free-agent guard Michael Carter-Williams agreed to terms on a contract Saturday, according to’s Jeff Goodman. Its a one year deal.

  774. How much they pay him? Former Rookie of the Year.

  775. MCW is as bad at this stage of his career as PJ Hairston after JLIN left CHA

    MCW does not even come close to filling JLIN’s shoes – even after Rondo went down, the Bulls did not play MCW any significant minutes

  776. Look at how mad Net Income, the owner of NetsDaily is, when someone dare claim that DLo isn’t the Nets’ starting PG…

  777. Sun? We sure not his favor…. smh!

  778. Somehow I feel NetsDaily got paid by Russell’s agent… haha! They just tried very hard to promote him & defend for any bad news about him…. Well, don’t care what they do…. just want Lin to have good next season.

  779. If I had a quarter for every time Net Income : definitively, absolutely, positively, affirmatively stated Milos Teodosic was going to be a Brooklyn Net, then I’d be a rich man.

    He is a biased homer moderator on a Team website that is the end of the story.

  780. Unfortunately I feel as Nets are being used as a stalking horse just as what ultimately occurred TJ and Crabbe.

    Also unfortunate but the Bropez trade for DAR did not help our image as an ethical fair management team to potential Free Agents – almost certainly impacted the JJ Redick acquisition.

  781. Hope we can have better luck this FA…..

  782. He’s a shill. He’s a bad hype machine for anything the Nets organization wants to be hyped so they can make $$$. Dude’s got no class, morals, or principles.

    It’s terrible that NetsDaily is the only major source of news and info for Nets fans… other than Brian Lewis from NY Post and Greg Logan from Newsday. The only logical, intelligent, and unbiased reporter Nets have is Greg Logan. Very sad.

  783. My hopes at this point are in our Aussie Sean Marks sweet talk convince Aussie Joe Ingles to come be our PF.

    If we get Ingles we are set in the starting lineup.

  784. Net Income, a.k.a. Bob Windrem, is an old and bitter man. He tried pushing Milos as Nets’ new starting PG down Nets fans’ throats for over a month straight. It was a disgusting sight to behold. Now he’s trying his best to hype up DLo as the Nets’ “franchise starting PG,” and “face of the franchise.” This piece of crap used Lin and Lin fans all of last year to generate clicks and make money. Now he revealed himself to be a Lin hater.

  785. 2.7 M? Why this low for Former Rookie of the Year?

  786. I encourage everyone to stop going to NetsDaily so they don’t make any more money off of Lin fans. If you must visit that cesspool, then use adblock or uBlock Origin. Don’t give them a penny from ads. They no longer have use for Lin or Lin fans ever since the season ended.

  787. I personally have never visited any team sites since 3-4 times in Houston. They are all the same with people full of agendas that never include Lin.

    We have so many great posters that is so far ahead of the media’s trending ideas that we don’t need to go anywhere else for Lin news. Truth is it’s us Lin fans that continues to say to everyone else….” TOLD YOU SO! “.

  788. maybe he has learn from the best in houston forum?

  789. hornets picking players is as questionable as their development as a team…

  790. Well said. Don’t give that site clicks.

  791. or trust the MONEY…LOL!!!!

  792. Agreed. Not buying anymore nets crap…

  793. He’s ok, but Charlotte fans will find out, he’s not Lin.

  794. In the two examples you posted I don’t see anything anti Lin. Seems like they are just discussing how good Russell is

  795. They are not even putting our guy in the equation… typical junk… weve seen this movie before… ignore jlin and talk about stars who have done nothing… nets no different…

  796. Yeah, MCW is better than Sessions for sure.

  797. MCW better than this salary; he has some potential.

  798. Those TEAM fans don’t have loyality to any player and threat them like products.

  799. It will be more difficult than last year b/c the Nets can’t offer Poison pill contract.

    It is going to fail.

  800. I wouldnt say “our”. Its nets’ solution or problem

  801. according to realgm’s free agent tracker (which seems to be as updated and accurate as anything) there were 88 free agents out there: to date only 14 have signed; leaving 74 available.

  802. those Nets fans are delusional, DLo was a second pick that Lakers were excited about, treated as franchise player, gave all the opportunities, and went through TWO coaching staff and management and was having problem with both coaches who were playing totally different style. How good he could be that Lakers willing to give up, plus a kick on the a** on his way out by Magic.

    Just how low class Magic need to be to trash a good high character guy on his way out? I think it is fair to think Magic is low class guy but he is indeed really annoyed by DLo.

  803. I am confused. Nets are seeking salary dump to take overrated players, yet they are cautious not overpay the players they really want. Does this make sense at all? Can anyone explain the rationale behind it? btw, no good player will want to join a team takes salary dump…

  804. I would be very surprised if Lowrey will be back with Raptors. Ujiri was very disappointed with the team’s effort this pass playoff. He said that they need to change culture on the team. Neither of the 2 star guards have been clutch. One of them needs to go IMO. DeRozen has already signed a long term contract.

  805. Everyone signing FA’s while Nets still have nothing. Hope they don’t go empty handed like year. They need a starting PF and a backup SF. ? They could start their Center draft pick but it’s unknown whether he’d be ready.

  806. That’s what 76 did in the past few years. For rebuild, dump salary w pick …. I don’t like it.

  807. Hornets = Copy Rockets and sign single digit players with no impact.

  808. Not even a star with no impact on the game. Totally ridiculous contract. Lin better get paid just as much if not more by Nets if he brings them far into the playoffs next season.

  809. From nets realgm:

    The contracts JT and J. Hoilday signed imply that Lin may worth 20millions per year.

    J. Teague 15.4pts+4.0reb+7.7ast FG: 44.5%, 3pt36.8% 32.6MPG 57M for 3years
    J. Holiday 15.4pts+3.9reb+7.3ast FG: 45.3%, 3pt 35.6% 32.7MPG 126M for 5years
    J. LIN 14.5pts+3.8reb+5.1ast FG:43.8%, 3pt 37.2% 24.5MPG

  810. Don’t forget the Raptors (lowry and derozen) have historically underperformed in the playoffs. A lot like harden…

  811. Really want to see some good news from Nets…. Don’t want to see Marks plan B again this year. smh!

  812. Is DeMarre Carroll good? Don’t know anything about him …..

  813. Nets are waiting for salary dumps. sad….

  814. kenny may know bc he was in Atlanta 2 years ago . he’s not good IMO bc he didn’t impact the game I watched athletically or scoring , BUT I’m just a casual fan who isn’t an authority and is often wrong

  815. well, they are trying to pay a player with 18-19M (will be highest paid player on the team if join) to come off bench, behind a player who shoot worse, and play no defense. How is that logical?

  816. So this year’s plan B it’s salary dump??

  817. Lin was a salary dump by Rox . They gave Lin and a 1st rnd pick to LA , then had Byron Scott lose all the games to get Deangelo Russell . The then picked Larry nance w Rockets pick . BUT Nets don’t have draft picks , Boston gets a benefit of Nets losing .

  818. Pac-man got robbed indeed. But he was gracious by saying he accepted the judges’ decision.

    The Australian crowd cheered for him. He won their respect

  819. Many thinks he has good individual stats but doesn’t really help his teams.

    I don’t think he’s one of SM’s target

  820. Boxing is all fixed! But I hope Conner McGregor beats the crap out of Floyd Mayweather.

  821. Exactly another ball hog and shot chucker who doesn’t make his teammates better.

  822. Hope JLin averages at least 20pts or more next year. Needs to ball out for a big contract.

  823. Seems like it’s not a money issue more like no one wants to go to Nets. If JLin brings them to playoff I hope he gets the credit and not Russel.

  824. We don’t know if JJ was going to be backup but 76ers obviously offered more money than Nets 24 vs 18-19 mil is a huge difference. Marks just doesn’t go all out to sign FAs.

  825. David Lee is a free agent, at a very low price, a close friend of JLin too. Any thoughts on David Lee?

  826. TOTALLY. GOT. ROBBED!!! Like the kids heart but PacMan got the respects!

  827. I hope so too!

  828. Hope we can get Otto for PF or someone just as good. We desperately need more experience in the starting lineup.
    All the All-stars point guards led their teams to the playoffs and I want that for Lin this coming season. Can’t wait!

  829. He probably would bring more negatives. I would pass

  830. So true, LOL

  831. He definitely can play better than Nicholson. Nets should sign him.

  832. He would with DAR on the team. The backcourt duo may score more than 50s per game.

  833. according tmz lee is (or very recently was) in italy with caroline wozniacki (sp)?; twere i he i wouldn’t be concerned about coming back.

  834. actually that was (and is) plan a.

  835. update: checking multiple “free agency trackers” all confirming at this point now 20 free agent signings up from 14 last posting (of mine).

    using the (admittedly arbitrary but probably as good as any) initial realgm listing of 88 free agents would mean 68 still available.

    imo the nets will not acquire anyone of consequence; as their own gm has stated they are looking to take on contract dumps to get picks (or “development” players teams otherwise can’t get anyone to give them picks for; getting both then in the trade with l.a. as example)

    here are a few (well more than a few) remaining free agents names: (feel free to add or subtract as errors or changes appear)/

    ersan ilyasova, matt barnes, james jones, darren collison, donatas motiejunas, serge ibaka, gerald green, reggie bullock, lavoy allen, jonothan simmons, ben mclemore, shelvin mack, nick collison, luc mbah a moute, derrick williams, tony allen, adreian payne, omar casspi, kris humphries, tyreke evans, brandon jennings, shabazz muhammad, raymond felton, bojan bogdanovic, trey burke, ty lawson, kelly olynyk, deron williams, kentavious caldwell-pope, tim hardaway jr., nikola mirotic, rajon rondo, ian clark, jonas jerebko, javale mcgee, dion waiters, nene, andre roberson, alex len, thabo sefolosha, kyle lowry, rudy gay, george hill, otto porter, zach randolph, gordon hayward, danilo gallinari, derrick rose, mike muscala, patrick patterson, kyle korver, zaza pachulia, nick young, andre iguodala, tyler zeller

  836. I couldn’t imagine Paul George want to be number two in OKC.
    Westbrook may get his triple double and last shot every game but Paul George will OKC for Lakers.

  837. Doesn’t he play off the ball. His job is to catch and shoot. He is no harden. And fg 46% isn’t bad. I don’t understand why he has been viewed as selfish ball hog.

  838. Not fit with the BKN offense at all.

    The Spurs can play him off the bench only.

  839. For the right price he’s not a bad option. At this point we need to take what we can get. Plus he’s got decent size and he is one of the most clutch players in the league in the final minutes. Nets should get him

  840. Serge Ibaka back with Toronto. Terms : 3 yrs / $65 M

  841. Too bad, was hoping for Ibaka for the Nets

  842. DAMN

  843. I like D Russel as a player he’s very talented for sure but what I don’t like is how the Nets are making him the face of the franchise
    I understand they are still rebuilding and need young talented players for the future but as a Lin fan I do not like this move at all
    Lin is for sure gone after next season and frankly I do not think Lin should’ve joined the Nets to begin with

  844. Because he is a shot chucker with bad attitude not great at all.

  845. Only Nets Daily and haters are hyping up Russel, no one else has.

  846. with respect thats not correct; ive looked around everywhere and really its only here that anyone is saying anything else except hyping up russell.

    it is assumed everywhere else (with the exception of the one odd comment by woj) that russell is the spg–and lin is to the bench or at least in a long term rebuilding team he should accept that if necessary.

    realgm is just the same as netsdaily; and the general nba commentary doesn’t even consider lin. (never has really).

    the other lin site at first also agreed that lin was screwed by this, of course they were not happy with his or going along with it but were upset by it. over time they have modified and taken more of a “wait and see” approach.

    but for me; i see nothing to adjust my initial opinion, which is, this is not good for lin at all.

    i would be wildly surprised if it turns out differently than that.

  847. You are probably right. What I do not understand is SM and KA both pride themselves for emphasizing “character, integrity” of team culture, now decide to use a guy not only does not have positive character reputation, but with flawed character reputation as their face of franchise to build around. If that is true, NBA is really a disgusted place to be.

  848. Could you guys and gals just stay off the real gm nets board? I really don’t see the point of getting in fights with the Nets fans. They are fans of the team and not any particular player, there is nothing wrong with this attitude, I am the same way with the other sports teams I follow. JJ Watt is the “face” of my football team and one of the best defensive players in the NFL, but I’d trade him in a heartbeat for an elite or semi-elite quarterback and feel zero guilt or care about the feelings of any JJ fans.

    I believe that Kenny is not Byron Scott, if Lin shows he is better then he will be the starting PG. Getting in fights with the Nets fans just makes us seem insecure and honestly a lil annoying. I believe in Lin, he will earn the starting PG spot and D’lo will be the SG.

  849. I don’t agree with anyone “recommending others” where they should and shouldn’t post their views…

    If you have an issue with what someone posts then you have choices. You may:

    a) make a complaint to moderators and ask mods to take action if the poster transgressed board rules

    b) re-emphasize that other JLIN fans speak for themselves and that you as a JLIN fan do not support their comment and don’t have homogeneous views

    c) yourself counter the “supportive JLIN post” with your opposing view to alleviate your fear that all JLIN fans are insecure or annoyed

    d) stop using the board YOURSELF

    But no Poster has the right to tell other Posters what they should do.

  850. JLIN remains in Brooklyn as their starting PG for however long JLIN wishes – the only person who has publicly stated DAR is the “face of the franchise” is Woj an outsider, furthermore it doesn’t matter…
    … what matters is DAR needs to prove that all the negative prior impressions of his character, skill and heart were wrong – otherwise he isn’t the face of ANYTHING.

  851. Well said!
    It’s cut throat business. If the Nets can find better starters then they will but it’s foolish to let Lin/D-Lo go in 2-3 years if they don’t have anything better. Again, what matters is winning. And it’s a great thing that Nets do not have draft picks. It’s a good situation for Lin as opposed to others thinking. Minimizing any Starters or players here the Nets will only find themselves in a deeper hole.
    It’s not what they (FO) say but what they do (on the court). Us here, we’re tired of the bullcraps spilling out… I’m fine with SILENCE from the FO.

  852. What was the options ?? Go back to playing backup to Kemba, J Holiday and get paid $2-$5M contract

  853. Kings offered Porter the max. The Nets might follow then the Wizards will match (unless there’s a surprise)

    Reporting with @MarcJSpearsESPN: ESPN sources say Sacramento offered Washington restricted free-agent Otto Porter the max.

  854. Kyle Lowry gets 3 yr / $100 M contract …

  855. No room to resign PPat now for Raptors.
    Perhaps that’s the Nets biggest chance to sign one of JLin’s ex-teammate

  856. That’s crazy! He’s not even that good.

  857. Ya! I really don’t get what’s w Marks… PPat is a good PF w cheap price & it’s not even that old..but Marks is still not doing anything at all???

  858. I guess Marks want to prioritize offering $26M/yr even if that’s a long shot.
    Nets have $30M-$34M cap space.

    But everyone expects the Wiz to match so I guess PPat/Ilyasova/others need to wait

  859. or tell others where they should or should not read. I see Jeremy Lin I click, as simple as that!

  860. Unless this comes from the mouth of Nets management, its hearsay. Marks has already stated that Lin is the leader. Lin and Russell will be their starting backcourt. Why some Net fans wish for Lin to run the 2nd unit is beyond me. The Nets suck w/o Lin. Last season prove that in spades.

  861. Yes. I agree. I’m almost the same – click on bias articles. It’s a good read but I don’t think too much after that. Lin’s plays will do the talking for me … Hehe…

  862. Wow we expect 27 – 28 mi a yr.

  863. So Nets maybe will not get him now… Even Nets offers him max….

  864. the only thing i believe right now and take were words coming from NETS themselves like KA and i quote for you and to all:
    ““He’s going to be swept along by the culture, hopefully,” Atkinson said. “And if he’s not, we’re going to have to have a little talk in my office and get that straightened out. But he’s got a clean slate with us . . . I kind of like that he’s not coming here as the anointed one, as this savior. He’s coming here in a humble position by his own admission. That fits our kind of attitude.”

    so forget what other tries to push their agenda…its always been JLIN against them for sure…it happened before (just replace the name of DLO with some other players (even of less caliber players)and you will see their agenda clearly

  865. Wow, didn’t expect this. So much for Ujiri’s post season comments on much needed change.

  866. Lol, there just no point trying to convince people from giving these sites clicks. You know why it’s trolling or phishing? Because there’s bound to be fish that will bite the hook line and sinker. There’s always going to suckers that can’t keep away.


  867. if yer addressing yer comment to me: i dont post anywhere but here but i do read everywhere and i stand by what i said and see everywhere.

    to say that only lin haters are quote “hyping russell” is simply false.

  868. Too competitive. There were starting positions and poison pill contracts to lure TJ and AC last year.

    I don’t even think Porter will accept the Nets offer sheet.

  869. I believe 2PAT is one of Lin’s ex-teammates mentioned. And he didn’t seem happy in TOR.
    He can get a contract like Booker’s.

  870. Apart from playmaing skill, what’s his talent?

    Jump Shot? Explosiveness? Defense? Leadership?

  871. Every year it’s the same thing. We keep hoping for the moon and get upset when the moon keeps sailing further and further away. Truth is Lin’s in a good place with a GM and coach that believes in him. I know people all will say why’d they traded Brooks away when he’s the epitome of class and good culture. Marks was caught between a rock and a hard place with Brooks. If he gets injured this season, his value would be next to nothing as an old has been marginal centre. They have no picks to build from so the only way is to sacrifice Brooks for a youngster and salary dump centre.
    Marks knows the value of Lin. He’s already said publicly that Lin’s their leader and starting PG. no other comments matter. IMO, good culture must be about developing teammates first, then rewarding them accordingly. As others have said do we really want a situation where a FA comes in and has the highest salary? Inevitably everyone else will be jealous, especially if the FA isn’t even that great! The salary bench mark will be set arbitrarily by a rushed decision to build the quick and easy way.
    Let’s just say Lin and the Nets make the playoffs and Linsanity takes hold in Brooklyn! What can Marks do then? IMO, they are hedging their bets on Lin next year so as to reward the team accordingly. Neither Lin or Marks knows what the future will be. We can all just hope as Lin fans that Lin will make good as the veteran team leader that Marks, Atkinson and all of us know he is so capable of.
    If Lin brings the Nets to the playoffs, you can bet that they’ll pay Lin a worthy long term contract that will finally lock him in as a franchise player for the Nets. If they pay out max now, how are they going to pay Lin?

  872. Really can’t believe Nets FA so far has no news at all??? But only can wait & see….

  873. What’s with teams offering max contracts to all these mediocre FAs? If I’m not wrong, teams can only offer 2 max contract correct? Seriously unless it’s for the franchise, a normal starter should not get max! I hope if Lin gets 20+PPG and brings them to playoff Nets won’t be cheap and offer him the max lole they should!

  874. Good point!

  875. Honestly all these FA signings has been over paid average players who don’t impact the game besides Chris Paul, Paul George, and Blake Griffin. I’d be worried if Nets were paying max for starters like that who aren’t even franchise players or stars. No news is good news, if Nets signed a big contract, Lin would no doubt be pushed aside.

  876. Pelicans SBNation writer wrote potential interest to trade for JLin in a starting position.
    I don’t think it will happen this year but nice to see there’s interest from other teams/writers in JLin as a starter.

    NBA Trade Scenario: Instead of Eric Bledsoe, New Orleans Pelicans would be wise to focus on Jeremy Lin
    If Dell Demps is busy parsing through the trade market, he should chase the one who got away.

    If Holiday and Solomon Hill are going to surround the Pelicans two All-Star big men in the starting lineup, the fifth player on the floor needs to be a potent shooter, good off cuts and be able to take a handoff from one of the bigs and turn it into points. While it’s nice to see Bledsoe boast solid spot-up percentages, a starting pg isn’t going to be the recipient of a lot of stand still open shots. No, it’s more key for a modern successful offense to have players who are efficient on the move — ever watch the Golden State Warriors?

    So, we’ve arrived at the million dollar question: What would it take to land Jeremy Lin?

    Brook Lopez and the 27th pick in the 2017 NBA Draft netted D’Angelo Russell and Timofey Mozgov in return. Perhaps the Nets have shown a penchant for top tier talent? This would be understandable considering they haven’t had a pick in the lottery since 2010 when they drafted Derrick Favors. Consequently, it’s unlikely they would be tempted by just projects like Cheick Diallo or Frank Jackson combined with second round picks.

    Expect discussions to include a future first round pick(s) and a pick swap at a minimum. Considering a good locker room is also important to general manager Sean Marks, maybe a package centered around E’Twaun Moore, Quincy Pondexter and the Pelicans 2018 first round pick would be a decent starting point because Lin has only one year left on a good contract?

  877. Do we post Milsap to Denver yet?

  878. This is a writer’s opinion, right? I think I read this before.

  879. yes, just the writer’s opinion. Pelicans tried to get JLin in a backup position so I’m not sure that has changed. But it’s nice the writer can see him as a starter with stats to back it up. We need more articles like this

  880. everyone spending money, using all their cap space. nets waiting… i really hope we get jamychal green. memphis is not a contender in the bloodbath west, why go over the cap?

  881. would be terrible playing with holiday who just got PAID, AD, and boogie. lin would literally be 4th option. it’d be the end of his career honestly. after being 4th fiddle on a bad team, he’d be seen as a backup/low end starter getting MLE contracts… i sure hope marks doesnt trade him. PLEASE give this man a real chance….

  882. not yet. That was to be expected, I guess.
    Crazy that everyone is moving West

  883. yes, Lin being constantly traded is not good. He just needs a breakthrough this year by being healthy

  884. Pelicans gave Lin more money last summer but Lin signed with Nets. remember Lin mentioned that he would like to play with Davis in Taiwan?

    I do think Nets could trade Lin if they could not land any good player close to the trade deadline. Lin is expiring and next season Nets might need to tank to get a good pick when they finally have their own pick. If that’s the case, Lin for sure will opt out and look for a winning team if Nets do not committed to win. Then Nets will most likely trade him to a team to get some thing in return instead of let him walk. Nets desperately need a first round pick in 2018, so that they could have some young players to develop when they tank in 2018-2019.

    So far on this team, Lin is the only one that could give them a decent first round pick.

  885. The West have always beem the stronger conference though. Not sure why people would move West when GSW are so difficult to beat. Eastern conference is much easier.

  886. i think the nets FANS have made him the franchise player. kenny said at dlo’s intro that he likes dlo’s attitude that he doesnt see himself as a savior. he’s ready to work and gain everyone’s respect. the organization may be committed to developing dlo, but there sure isnt a public proclamation that this is our #1 guy…

    the lin hating fans are the ones wetting themselves over the next ABJ candidate…

  887. They need at least one good vet, however. Lin plays a big role in organizing the team. But, you never know what will happen in the business of basketball.

  888. Not true, it was a 1 year temporary deal, Lin was not in their long term plans. No way Lin would sign a 1 year vs a 3 year contract as starting point guard.

    Fact they signed Jrue Holiday to the max says it all. Lin’s not that dumb to fall for that.

  889. Did NOP offer more money to Lin as a backup PG last summer? I don’t remember that part.

    Marks will make a big mistake if they trade Lin because noone knew how to win games in the Nets. If Porter stays with Wiz, then sign Ilyasova/PPat as starting PG + 1 more veteran SF, Nets can still compete for playoff and deny good pick for BOS.

    I think Marks want to retain Lin at least for 1 year because he’s crucial for their development and helps the marketing.

  890. That’s why this is so bizarre. I think FAs are resigned to the fact that GSW will dominate the titles so they just focus on the huge money first.

  891. Very true, No team can compete with GSW for years to come.

  892. Omg, you think Lin is in a good place? They didn’t just dump his best bud Brook, they replaced him with an obnoxious but highly rated, young STARTING PG. Lin will still be starting but it will be alongside 3 black holes: DLo, LeVert & RHJ. Lin will bring the ball upcourt but as soon as he passes it he will never touch it again. And if you think Kenny will protect him forget about it. He’s part of the obsession with developing “the young guys.” Neither Kenny nor Marks give a flying F about winning. Not last year, not this year, not for the foreseeable future. Marks has had 4 vets with trade value: Thaddeus Young was traded for a pick which became LeVert. Bogdanovic was traded for a pick which became Allen, and Lopez was traded for the young stud DLo. That leaves Lin. As soon as his trade value picks up he’ll be traded for a pick as well. By the trade deadline at the latest. If not, Lin will opt out of this nightmare of a tanking team himself.

  893. It appears that NetsDaily started a rumor of Nets’ interest in trading Lin. ☹️

    The writer of this article said:

    “Outside of Russell and LeVert, NetsDaily believes everyone else is available so I am hoping the Pelicans try to pounce.”

  894. yes, Lin meet Nets and Pelican, at that time Holiday was coming back from injury and then his wife had brain cancer need surgery so he will need some time off, so Lin would have a significant role, though not a designated starter.

    Mark will not trade Lin just yet, I could totally see them play Lin very well and try to drive up his price, and then trade him close to the trade deadline.

  895. It was the only way to get 1st round talent and Russel will mostly be SG. It’s a low risk to see if he fits with the team. Marks and KA who are in charge have not said anything besides Lin is the leader. Haters don’t want Lin to have his own team and will use anyone to push him aside. So long as Marks and KA stay true to their words it should be fine.

  896. which part not true?

    I don’t remember Pelican was a 1 year deal, and Lin did not sign 4 years with Nets either.

  897. I know, that’s why i don’t see them trade Lin just yet. But if their plan is to tank in 2018, Lin would not stay, and they might as well trade Lin to get a pick than just let Lin walk.

  898. there are still 7 more teams could get into playoff. GSW could only take one playoff spot anyway.

  899. if lin wanted to win he wouldnt have come to bklyn. he wanted to start and to lead. why opt out and leave? the only way off this team imo is a trade or marks wont re-sign him… i get the feeling from all of his interviews he sees this as a home. he’s “invested” for the long haul…

  900. they don’t want to stay in a tanking team…..

  901. It was typo. Not true, NOP offered a low 1 year contract compared to the 30+ mil for 3 years by Nets. but it was last off season when Holiday was injured. It was obviously not a long term commitment since once Holiday was healthy Lin would be benched.

    He’s not that dumb to fall for that. Lin wouldn’ve only taken it if there were no other options obviously Nets were more sincere and safe with KA as coach.

  902. when Lin sign with Nets, he thought this team could win, and it actually could if Lin was healthy. They still had Lopez, and they thought they could hit some RFA last summer…….

    Nets don’t have their own pick, thus there is no reason to tank. But year 2018-2019 is different, that’s why Lin had a player option there. He left a way to exit.

  903. that’s also possible but I wonder if Marks will want to keep Lin with a new contract to lock him in for 3-4 more years. As long as the Nets can’t tank to get picks, Lin has a lot of values for them (mentoring and marketing) if he’s not too expensive for them.

    If Marks knew that Lin might not resign with them, then he might get traded before the Feb trade deadline to get some assets back. So I guess it also depends on Lin then.

  904. nets under marks doesnt seem like the tanking kind. even with lin off the team dlo/levert/rhj can get enough wins to not be last. remember how the lakers tried to tank but their young guys played to win at the end of the season? dlo dont tank…

  905. he himself sad it was an “investment”…you looking too much into things….

  906. Exit if mistreated or if he has a breakout in playoffs he can opt out for bigger contract. Either way most players will opt out and renegotiate for more money. Signing a long contract after being backup PG for so long would not be smart. If Nets make the playoffs and goes far he shoud not shy away from asking for the Max.

  907. you’ve been reading too much netsdaily man…. the haters done poisoned your mind…

  908. Except they won’t make finals.

  909. the nets literally told reddick lin/dlo is set as starters and yet the haters at netsdaily still go on with the narrative… haters gonna hate….

  910. I have my own opinion. has nothing to do with netsdaily

  911. explain why marks would sign lin only to trade him for assets one and a half years later?

  912. No place reported it was a 1 year deal.

    And if Nets was an easy decision, Lin don’t need to stay over the whole night to make that decision….

    It was an “investment”, so there is risk….. so it is not a given, and surely not an no brainer…

  913. things changed, and so many players were signed and traded not even one a half years later….. it is not hard to explain, Mark said it, “but it is business”…..

  914. Do you want Lin to sign a similar contract for another 3-4 years and go through the teams total rebuilding phase, and when their young players all developed, Lin is off his prime?

  915. And if the team would start DLo over JJ even they desperately need JJ, and don’t even know how good DLo could be, do you think they will start Lin forever?

  916. Naive question here, I thought Lin has no trade clause in his nets contact? Why all this talk about trades?

  917. who was traded THAT MARKS SIGNED? thad was a 4 who cant shoot. traded for levert. bogs was a 3pt specialist with historically bad defense. traded for allen. brook was a slow footed, post heavy, non rebounding 5 that was making 20+ mil and set to make max or close to it in free agency. traded for dlo.

    lin is NONE of those things. he’s a TWO way player on 12 Mil contract. with allstar worthy per 36 numbers. and he’s a marketing boon. you are way off base here….

  918. Nets tanked the whole year last year….. they tank even they don’t have pick……..

    They are not tank to get Ls, but they don’t play for the win, they play young players, they DEVELOP young players, that’s equivalent to tanking to vets, since to them, that means they are not playing and young players got play time even they were not as good, and the team don’t care when they are losing. Coach will not get mad when the team is losing. They don’t care.