2017 Brooklyn Nets Media Day

Finally, the 2017-18 NBA Season is about ready to kick off for Brooklyn Nets with the 2017 Media Day starting on Sept 25 followed by the Training Camp on Sept 26-30. That would give them about 3 days before the Nets will start their first preseason game at home against the NY Knicks on Oct 3. A string of 4 preseason games in 2 weeks will hopefully get the team ready for the 1st game of the season facing Indiana Pacers on the road on Oct 18.

After a shortened 2016-17 season due to Lin’s injury, a brand new season has finally arrived for Jeremy Lin and his faithful fans who have been with him through the ups and downs in the arduous journey of Lin’s NBA career since the heights of Linsanity in 2012.

This is a pivotal season for Jeremy Lin as a Brooklyn Nets because he will be 29 years old and Brooklyn Nets will wait to see if he can be a cornerstone for the rebuilding Nets for the next 3-4 years. He will need to stay healthy and continue to show that he can lead the Nets in their winning ways after closing the season strongly with 11W-12L record including wins against playoff caliber teams such as Memphis Grizzlies, Atlanta Hawks, and Chicago Bulls.

Next year, Jeremy Lin can exercise his player option so if Brooklyn Nets does not see a future with backcourt duo of Jeremy Lin and D’Angelo Russell, they may choose to trade him before Feb 2018 trade deadline to get some assets back. This is a common practice in the NBA.

However, Jeremy Lin has a strong desire to stay and strong relationship with Coach Atkinson who helped him to create Linsanity in 2012 so it is very possible that Lin and the Nets would find ways to extend their partnership for the next few years. If the Nets win a lot under Lin’s leadership in the first half season, it will increase the chance that Lin will be a Nets for several more years.

JLin and DLo Backcourt Duo

With Brook Lopez departure to the Lakers, there seems to be a shift in the Nets offense to empower Jeremy Lin and D’Angelo Russell (DLo) backcourt duo as the main playmakers. Last season, there was a lot of emphasis to feed Brook in the paint and at the 3-point line but it is refreshing to see that Jeremy expressed his excitement to be used in myriad ways this season, similar to how Brad Stevens used Isaiah Thomas as the central point of Celtics offense. The same will apply to DLo to create offense by coming off screens, hand offs, etc.

Quotes from Media Day

Month 1! Appreciate the fans, the love and the sold-out crowds #countyourblessings 第一個月!感謝球迷,大家的愛,和滿座的比賽 #謝謝上帝 🎵:@jaychou #龍戰騎士

Month 1! Appreciate the fans, the love and the sold-out crowds #countyourblessings
第一個月!感謝球迷,大家的愛,和滿座的比賽 #謝謝上帝 
🎵:@jaychou #龍戰騎士