2017 Brooklyn Nets Media Day

Finally, the 2017-18 NBA Season is about ready to kick off for Brooklyn Nets with the 2017 Media Day starting on Sept 25 followed by the Training Camp on Sept 26-30. That would give them about 3 days before the Nets will start their first preseason game at home against the NY Knicks on Oct 3. A string of 4 preseason games in 2 weeks will hopefully get the team ready for the 1st game of the season facing Indiana Pacers on the road on Oct 18.

After a shortened 2016-17 season due to Lin’s injury, a brand new season has finally arrived for Jeremy Lin and his faithful fans who have been with him through the ups and downs in the arduous journey of Lin’s NBA career since the heights of Linsanity in 2012.

This is a pivotal season for Jeremy Lin as a Brooklyn Nets because he will be 29 years old and Brooklyn Nets will wait to see if he can be a cornerstone for the rebuilding Nets for the next 3-4 years. He will need to stay healthy and continue to show that he can lead the Nets in their winning ways after closing the season strongly with 11W-12L record including wins against playoff caliber teams such as Memphis Grizzlies, Atlanta Hawks, and Chicago Bulls.

Next year, Jeremy Lin can exercise his player option so if Brooklyn Nets does not see a future with backcourt duo of Jeremy Lin and D’Angelo Russell, they may choose to trade him before Feb 2018 trade deadline to get some assets back. This is a common practice in the NBA.

However, Jeremy Lin has a strong desire to stay and strong relationship with Coach Atkinson who helped him to create Linsanity in 2012 so it is very possible that Lin and the Nets would find ways to extend their partnership for the next few years. If the Nets win a lot under Lin’s leadership in the first half season, it will increase the chance that Lin will be a Nets for several more years.

JLin and DLo Backcourt Duo

With Brook Lopez departure to the Lakers, there seems to be a shift in the Nets offense to empower Jeremy Lin and D’Angelo Russell (DLo) backcourt duo as the main playmakers. Last season, there was a lot of emphasis to feed Brook in the paint and at the 3-point line but it is refreshing to see that Jeremy expressed his excitement to be used in myriad ways this season, similar to how Brad Stevens used Isaiah Thomas as the central point of Celtics offense. The same will apply to DLo to create offense by coming off screens, hand offs, etc.

Quotes from Media Day

Know @JLin7 more.-4⃣ #GameOnTVShow At the press conference after Flash Team won G1, the media asked Jeremy Lin, " What support for yourself in the face of injury?" #Ballislife #love🏀

Know @JLin7 more.-4⃣
#GameOnTVShow At the press conference after Flash Team won G1, the media asked Jeremy Lin, " What support for yourself in the face of injury?" 
#Ballislife #love🏀


  1. Great! First… haha!

  2. Can’t wait for a special Howard Beck exclusive interview with JLin.
    He’s always been good to Lin

    Howard Beck waits for scrum to end, then gets exclusive

  3. It’s great to have a new thread for the beginning of the new season!

    I moved three Lin’s Media Day photos here for convenience:




  4. @JLin7(IG) says “Pick Your Poison”

    He embraces #brooklynbackcourt partnership with DLo in #year8

  5. Way to go, Lin!

  6. JLin also had a great quote to promote unity in Oct 2016.
    We know he’ll be in the forefront to promote unity again, which is very necessary


  7. Great shots with great backdrop of Brooklyn skyline!

  8. Howard Beck has a great sense of humor 🙂


  9. Full quote from Jeremy re Trump/Warriors. “I’m a minority too.”

  10. He has yet to acknowledge Lin as a team “leader” so far.

    In contrast, Brook Lopez who was a Nets veteran/leader said Lin was a team leader to the media in many occasions.

  11. Somehow I feel Russell will not stay w Nets for long team… We will see…Just hope he can play well w Lin bc Lin sure wants to get into playoff this season. We need him since he will be on court a lot.

  12. I would give it some more time 🙂 After training camp and tough games, he’ll be able to appreciate JLin’s leadership in tough moment

    I like it that DLo has shown humility to say he can learn a lot from JLin. This is a good start to build strong partnership. He’s only 21 and has been jettisoned from Lakers so he must have some sense of insecurity and needs a lot of encouragement from the veteran players.

  13. I am sure Russell will play with a chip on his shoulder, after being put down by Magic Johnson on departure from the Lakers. He’d better score a bunch in Brooklyn. 🙂

  14. You are right. We have to patient. 🙂 And it is indeed a huge step forward for DLo that he finally said he could learn a lot from Lin.

  15. Didn’t know photoshoot would need a lot of screaming lol
    Warning: turn down your volume before playing the clip


  16. Can tell what he is thinking, but not in position to speak for the team. I respect that.

  17. In elaborating on the tweet, below, D’Angelo Russell said : “Getting traded and moving, changing your whole environment and situation is not easy. I don’t want to do that again.”

  18. Celebration
    Nets Daily Crew Talks Upcoming Season

  19. Nets Talk Team Chemistry & Exceeding Expectations – Lin at 0:18

  20. Interesting

    The Thunder now have the three worst clutch time shooters in the NBA all on one team ?

  21. So much symbolism.

    Picture of DLo and Lin. One facing the camera, on his way in. The other with his back to the camera, on his way out.

    Lin is looking forward to being used like Isaiah Thomas. The same guy who was sent out the next season.?

    Have a sinking feeling Lin is gone next season. Call it PTSD, but 1-2 seasons at one spot has been the norm.

  22. Sounds like Lin is going to be shooting a lot more this year. Happy to see 22/5 instead of 16/8.

  23. Now that the season is upon us, I’m not reading anything into what the Nets are doing.

    Though I’m this forum’s biggest skeptic of what the Nets actually will do with Lin, the truth is that I don’t have a crystal ball to predict what will happen to Lin this season.

    Personally, I don’t truly care for Lin if Lin starts or come off the bench. I know Lin will GET HIS because the constant attention from opposing teams will only continue. So in a sense, I’m actually totally positive in that I know that Lin is a GREAT PLAYER and nothing the Nets or opponents do can truly stop Lin from being that great player.

    I do care about the Nets benching Lin from the standpoint that it’s not good basketball for any team to bench the best player behind less producing players. I would be irritated about that not from a Lin reputation standpoint, but from a bad basketball standpoint. The best players ought to start, and the Nets did a good job of starting and using Lin last season. I don’t know if it will be the same next season.

  24. I’d be happy if Lin got whatever stats he gets but MAXIMIZES HIS IMPACT.

  25. why wouldn’t he start?

  26. Once again, I disagree with Lin.

    If Lin were used like Isaiah Thomas, it would be CRUSHING FOOTBALL BLITZ TRAPS every time he set up for a pick and roll.

    For years, opponents have gone over the pick at Lin with both defenders off a two man pick and roll. Opponents are so hellbent on not letting the Asian guy beat them, they’re willing to leave Lin’s teammates unguarded. Sure it gets the ball and boxscore stats out of Lin’s hands, but it makes it EASIER for Lin to win and amass fancy advanced stats when Lin’s teammates are running amock because defenders are ignoring them to focus on only Lin.

    Besides, the Celtics spent the last two seasons trying to HIDE Isaiah Thomas on defense. Lin’s the opposite, he usually draws the primary offensive threat because he’s the NBA’s best perimeter defender. It’s not in Lin’s nature to shy away from a defensive challenge the way Thomas did.

  27. Lin is in his prime. He needs to start putting up some stats. He got 3-5 years he got left at his physical peak

  28. This is potentially why:

    Possible starting PG: 2nd overall pick Russell
    Possible starting SG: $18 million Crabbe
    Possible starting SF: $16 million Carroll
    Possible starting PF: RHJ who Atkinson has already said “He is the starter”.
    Possible starting C: $16 Mozgov

    Who of these highly valued and highly paid players is going to be BENCHED for $12 million Lin who Marks openly said “He’s available for trade?”

  29. He’s ALREADY putting up tremendous stats, maybe not in raw boxscore impact but certainly in advanced stats and wins.

  30. It’s hard to project to the future.
    But as long as Lin stays healthy and the Nets features him heavily to get All-Star numbers, it should be good 🙂

    The best case scenario is Lin posts All-Star numbers so either he signs a new 3-4 years contract with the Nets or be traded to a contender if the Nets chooses to go with youth movement.

    For now, I still think Lin and the Nets want to make this partnership work out in Brooklyn so I’ll support him and enjoy his ride this season 🙂

    I’m boarding JLin 2017-18 All-Star train!

  31. With poor clutch shooting also comes BAD DEFENSE in the whole game.

    That includes Bryant who I always felt was a wildly overrated defender who was more dirty than good and couldn’t stay in front of people.

  32. Excellent post.

    For me, I don’t even require Lin to be an All Star.

    I just want Lin to continue being THE BEST two way guard in the NBA, just as he’s been since Linsanity.

  33. I think Lin just meant that the Nets will set up more screens, hand-offs for him and DLo as the focal point of offense, similar to how IT gets a lot of screens in the Celtics.

    We know Lin will still play hard on defense; I just hope not too hard taking hard charges so he can stay healthy.

  34. That’s exactly what Lin meant – and that’s exactly why opponents will send those crushing blitzes to break up those pick and rolls before Lin can even set up.

    I’m not sure Lin himself realizes how heavily he’s guarded.

    Even when Lin’s off the ball, opponents focus exclusively on him while ignoring his teammates. Nobody in the NBA wants Lin to even be able to get in position to catch that ball for a pick and roll. This is why whenever Lin enters a NBA, opponents focus on him so much that his presence DISTORTS the entire game on both ends of the court as if he’s Shaquille O’Neal or Michael Jordan.

    I think that this season, a lot more teams are going to do what the Chicago Bulls did: blitz Lin with multiple defenders, don’t even let Lin catch the ball let alone do anything with it. And because the Nets roster is significantly weaker and less proven than last season’s Nets, teams will gang up on Lin while daring guys like Russell and Crabbe that have a history of FOLDING UNDER PRESSURE to step up and make plays in a way they’ve never been able to for multiple seasons.

  35. Now if Russell can learn from Lin how to PLAY DEFENSE, that would indeed be something!

  36. crabbe is a sell off because he didn’t live up to the bloated salary the nets offered him last year. also we don’t have a pf. RHJ will not start. The salaries you showed are bloated. Carrol is old and injury prone. Nets need a lot to go right and it starts with Lin

  37. Absolutely, it’s hard to predict the future but my problem with the Nets is they’re going to focus on developing players and Lin would be the last in their young group they want to give full opportunity to develop. The All-star numbers are going to be tough challenge.

  38. clap clap

  39. PF T.Booker was the 3rd highest paid Net and his rebound is the best in this team.
    He was benched last season.

  40. Carroll and Russell are not safe if they don’t play D. Even the Lakers tried to bench Russell last season.

    The Nets want to maintain their D after ASW last season.

  41. Lin will start but won’t play starter minutes and many games won’t close. JMO.

  42. If Lin and Russel can be the star duo like Curry and Thompson, things would he very interesting.

  43. She featured jlin… i love her…

  44. Sounds like good news that Lin think Dlo can work.

  45. Brook Lopez, Mozgov and 1st round pick told me Dlo is 100% safe.

  46. Lin might try to shoot a lot but if he takes opportunities away from the Nets young players, KA will not be happy. Remember, they don’t care about winning unless it’s their young players are.

  47. Same height ?

  48. I don’t trust him. I haven’t really liked much of what he’s been saying.

  49. I like both of these better as well.

  50. me too!

  51. Yes, thank you. Much better.

    Still have a gripe though. The nets must have the wierdest haircut backcourt in the league. Right?

  52. I’m always proud of Lin but the season is a lot more fun if they win. Atkinson and the rest of the team better bring it. Watching them lose 20 in a row is not fun.

  53. I think it’s likely
    Pg Lin
    SG Russell
    SF Crabbe
    PF Carroll
    Center Mozgov

    Lin, interestingly the only hold over from last year.

  54. thank you! It’s updated now 🙂

  55. In ND article, JLin explains:
    – how the Lin/Lo backcourt can be the engine for the Nets, he’s confident it can work based on what he saw so far in the gym. he praised DLo’s phenomenal passing and high BBIQ
    – what he missed in the offense last season (the dribble handoffs, maybe a backdoor cut every once in a while, a wide pin, these type of actions), and
    – how Brad Stevens used IT in the offense can help him (getting flare screens, dribble handoffs, staggers, pinaways, all of the angles and the high pick-and-rolls)

    But this team goes nowhere without the backcourt duo of Jeremy Lin and D’Angelo Russell… Brooklyn’s Backcourt (TM).

    “I would say we have to be that engine for this team,” Lin said of the duo. “With our offense the way we play, we’re going to see a lot of guys in double figures on any given night. But in terms of handling the ball, getting people in places and making a lot of plays, it’s going to come down to us two and then it’s on us to make the right play.”

    He continued.

    “The reality is we were in last place last year, and we need both of us to play extremely well for this team to continue to take steps forward. We’ve discussed that a little bit, and we’re ready to take on that challenge.”
    Lin has played in two point guard sets before. He’s had stints in Houston where it didn’t turn out so great, and then most recently in Charlotte where it worked wonderfully. He’s confident he can play off the ball. As a matter of fact he feels it will help him, especially in the motion offense.

    Going back to last season, the one thing I really did miss were the dribble handoffs, maybe a backdoor cut every once in a while, a wide pin, these type of actions,” Lin said. “Coming down the floor, seeing everybody look at me and then making a play every time is hard. If you watch Isaiah Thomas and players like that, if you watch the way Brad Stevens used him in the offense last year, he was getting flare screens, dribble handoffs, staggers, pinaways, all of the angles and the high pick-and-rolls.

    “He had so much more variety to how he was being used. I’m looking forward to being able to do that, and I think D’Angelo is going to be able to do that as well and sometimes start in the corner, come off (a screen), have a dribble handoff or whatever the case may be.”

    Bottom line, will it work? Lin says yes, based on what he’s seen so far in the gym.

    I know how to play off the ball, he knows how to play off the ball. But his IQ is so high. Playing pickup, his passing is so phenomenal,” said Lin. “I think it’s going to be so much easier than maybe I had anticipated at first or other people had expected. I think you’re going to see us playing off of each other.”

    That’s the key to the 2017-2018 season. Jeremy Lin and D’Angelo Russell. Not only one, not either or, but both. How they will lead this young Nets team has been the question since the Russell for Brook Lopez trade. And it will be the question going into the season..

  56. From the way Lin’s talking (the stuff about IT & Brad Stevens), it really sounds like they want him to score more. And they want D-Lo to be the primary passer.

    Only way to know for sure is when the season starts, but I do think they want Lin to have 20/6 or 22/5 with Russell putting up 17/10 or 18/9.

  57. This is HIS year, though. With Lopez gone and shooters around him, Lin has this ONE last opportunity to be a star and show his full potential. After this year, Nets can tank again, so this really is his “last chance.”

  58. One thing to keep in mind: Prokhorov is selling the team and several top bidders are Chinese.

    This could mean good things for Lin. They may want to “inflate” Lin’s stats to show Chinese buyers that they can have “their own star” for their new team. I know Lin’s parents are Taiwanese in nationality, but they’re ethnically Chinese and Lin is the only prominent player of Asian descent in the entire league.

  59. I love hearing Lin talk shop. He could make a great coach someday. I also like his subtle “calling out” of his misuage in the past.

    IT had TONS of plays run for him by Xs-and-Os genius Brad Stevens (my ideal coach for Lin) and now Lin wants HIS. Heck yeah.

  60. Jeremy Lin interviewed by media at 2017 Nets media day

  61. Talking about the starting lineup, I propose the following:
    Mozgov ought to start else no center.;
    Zeller starts from the bench to back him up.
    Russel, and Lin seems all solidify but the team just needs 2 more players to start.

    Potentialstarters: Allen Crabbe, DeMarre Carroll, Caris LeVert, RHJ

  62. Haha, it’s a reference to Beatles fans saying Paul is dead? Just because Paul stood with his back to the picture in the album cover for “Sgt Pepper’s lonely hearts club band”.

    What a conspiracy theory that was!

  63. But Atkinson told the press this summer that “RHJ will start”.

  64. But Atkinson didn’t bench useless players like RHJ and Foye who didn’t even try to compete on defense and got lit up every single game.

  65. Booker was benched because the Nets wanted to go with a youth movement.

    Now why didn’t Randy Foye get benched? Because Atkinson simply favored him as an “extension of the coach on the floor”.

  66. But Atkinson said “RHJ is starting”.

  67. No. DLo is 1.5 to 2 inches taller.

  68. I don’t agree with that conclusion. First, the numbers you state would be a huge jump in Lin’s averages. I think that sets up expectations and disappointment. Lin is not going to suddenly jump to those numbers, if he gets to 17/7, that would be excellent. Anything else more, fantastic. But don’t expect 20, I don’t think that’s realistic. If I’m wrong, great, but I don’t think I am. I think Russell is the one that will be the higher scorer, he simply looks for his shot more. Lin’s not going to change his game that dramatically. Shoot more means take a few shots more on average, not a lot of shots more.

    The problem with the Lin/Russell backcourt talk now is they haven’t established that Lin is the leader. That needs to be established. Russell doesn’t have equal footing to Lin. The ball goes through Lin crunch time, he’s the vet, he’s clutch, and then he decides who can handle it. I see problems unless that is established. Russell is not a mature player or a mature young man yet, not from what I’ve seen of him.

  69. His physical prime ends next year or the year after. He’s still physically good for another few years, but in terms of acceleration and speed and athleticism, around 27-29/30 is the peak. Expect Lin to incorporate less getting to the hole and more short jumpers in his game as he goes into his early to mid 30s.

  70. I don’t think it’s his last opportunity for anything. I go year by year, and now, Lin and the Nets want to try to make the playoffs or get as close to it as possible. If Lin is big at getting wins out of the Nets when he’s on the floor, his individual stats may not always show it, but some will notice his complete game and effort on both ends of the court. If Lin was on a contender, then his contributions to winning may be recognized by some, but probably not by a lot of others.

    What the NBA defines now as a “star” is not that desirable to me. So, maybe I’m like KHuang now and don’t care about what their criteria is for a “star.” The biggest tell is no Lin vs. Lin on the Nets and Hornets. Big difference. Lin is an essential player for the Nets to win, and was one for the Hornets to win.

  71. TJ Warren Agrees Upon Four-Year, $50M Extension With Suns Sep 25, 2017 9:36 PM

    TJ Warren and the Phoenix Suns have agreed upon a four-year, $50 million contract. Warren is eligible for an extension as a member of the 2014 draft class. Warren has missed portions of his three NBA seasons with injuries, including season-ending foot surgery in 2015-16. The Suns secured Warren before he would have become a restricted free agent in 2018.

    Lin also had an injury and he came back and helped the team to a 11-12 record at the end of last season. I saw haters give all sorts of complain saying that Lin is injury-proned and brittle. Why don’t they complain about TJ Warren’s contract now? Lin fans are used to double standard.

  72. We all know too well what is the reason behind this. Had Lin’s last name being Johnson.

  73. Nets in Annapolis, Maryland, until Saturday. Also, it looks like Dwyane Wade will sign with Cleveland (via Adrian Wojnarowski).

  74. This why I’ve reserved judgement on Dlo. Harden didn’t look that great with OKC either being in a off ball role. He needed Lin to help him make a real impact, something no one in Houston ever acknowledged.

    Dlo was a star college player and expected to be coddled and faux over as he’s been all husband life. Lakers meanwhile had Kobe and BS destroying his confidence. They blamed all of the problems on the rookie not living up to his potential. Well, Lin had the same treatment and we all saw first hand how hard it was on him to put up with “pissing on the hydrant”, or being the hydrant. Lol. It’s no wonder he was angry and lashing out at anyone and everyone.

    I fully expect Dlo to improve with Lin, everyone else has, so why not him.

  75. Strongly disagree. When you start, there is higher possibility of playing more minutes and sets the tone of the game. If he comes off the bench on a strict rotation, 24mins. Starting, rotation delayed, of finishing, can add quite a few more minutes.

  76. I’m confident he will start.

  77. Let’s see if Dlo is all talk or if he is coach-able. End of the day, up to the coach to reign him in.
    But agree, the jump in stats prediction is quite high.

  78. Nets is the first team who will start their back court with two combo guards. This will make the offense more unpredictable. The rest of the arrangement would be Allen Crabbe. These 3 should be the cornerstone of the the starting lineup.

    Mozgov may start because of his bulk and ability to set picks and rebound but Atkinson may opt for small ball too.
    Rest of players who may start are RHJ/DeMarre Carroll/Caris LeVert/ Probably it may change sometime later.
    These 8 players may bet the most of the minutes because they are a cut above the others. Yes RHJ too because his ability to defend.

  79. Not for long.

  80. I visited there at Annapolis. It was called Annapolis because the city was named after Princess Ann to curry favors from the British Royals at the time. Literally means “Ann’s City”. The entire city goes up towards a hill I believe. I could have gone there long time ago but I was too lazy at the time, and could not imagine having to wake up at 5 or 6 AM. lol Also, the pier at the bottom was the real pier where African slaves were dropped off, and Roots was based on the real history behind this place.

  81. Lin + any selfless player with a team-win attitude = Hope

  82. DLo slightly taller than Lin. Wasn’t obvious before.

  83. Don’t care whether Lin starts, as long as Lin plays 34 minutes per game, but I don’t think he will play that many minutes — at best 30 mpg.

  84. 17/6 in 30 to 32 mpg is what I expect.

  85. Nets can’t help but exceed expectations. lol For me, the season is a failure if Nets doesn’t make playoff.

  86. Me too. Very vague. He’s going to wanna shine.

  87. It’s called an imagination for empathy, without which there is no difference between humans and animals.

  88. man, the chinese are always wanting to buy sht.
    inflating the price everything include and esp real estate.
    It’s like they don’t know wt h to put da monei. Well, I have news for ya.. give it / invest it to moi

  89. Lin has played in two point guard sets before. He’s had stints in Houston where it didn’t turn out so great, and then most recently in Charlotte where it worked wonderfully

    Houston had a selfish ballhog who wants to show everyone he is da leada of roxieorigies and not the newly acquired Lin. Also Mchale never believed in Liin and had bias.

    Charlotte had a shoot first pg who knows he is da leada as lin was coming in as a benchie playa. So that positional of power and insecurity for kw is gone. Plus Kw wants lin to be aggressive when batum was out. Also the coach is neutral to lin.


  90. also don’t get hurto.

  91. Lin and RHJ have good chemistry. And RHJ is considered to be a good defensive player (I think he’s just ok, though).

  92. I think that’s more realistic, but I’m not so sure what Lin will average. I think we have to see how the new team looks and who Lin likes to go to. If Lin likes to go to a player or two, he’ll feed them as opposed to going for his own shot.

  93. I don’t think it’s an issue. He’s the starting PG.

  94. The realistic numbers lies somewhere between 16-20 pts 5-7 dimes 3-5rbs and 2 stls 1.5 blks.
    Still solid numbers worthy of an all-star player.

  95. On this team, I care. Lin is a starter on this team. On other teams, he’s a starter or 6th man and plays 30 minutes minimum for my satisfaction. It depends on how many touches there are for Lin. But always, Lin needs to finish which I find far more important than starting. But starting is better for a rhythm player like Lin.

  96. Cruz..
    LIN just need to play his game.
    LIN gotta be ultra-aggressive this year.
    He’s the leader NOW.

  97. More than slightly. Look at their shoulder heights. DLo is listed at 6’5″.

  98. He played at times quite well with Harden. But that’s when Harden wasn’t playing with a low IQ and dribbling around for seconds and passing the ball with 1 second left on the 24. Lin played well with Beverley, especially when Lin facilitated and Beverley took 3s and got rebounds.

  99. Pfft, the defense LINPROVED.

  100. The Suns have Eric Bledsoe who’s been hurt a lot more than Lin and also gets outplayed by Lin, but everybody other than Lin fans believes Bledsoe is some sort of invulnerable super talent that just schools Lin every time they match up.

  101. http://www.espn.com/nba/team/depth/_/name/bkn/brooklyn-nets

    Point Guard Jeremy Lin
    Shooting Guard D’Angelo Russell
    Small Forward Allen Crabbe
    Power Forward Rondae Hollis-Jefferson
    Center Timofey Mozgov

    this will be the strating line up?

  102. @nba
    The @BrooklynNets are back! #NBAMediaDay

  103. @JLin7 and The Nets players took pic with students of US Naval Academy

  104. yup that make sense because levert still rookie.. and ppl here thinking he was starting over rhj ..smh.. which I don’t disagree but still

  105. “This basketball just told Jeremy Lin your darkest secret” ?

  106. D’Angelo as face of Nets begins. I think Lin should be in that photo, not D’Angelo.

  107. I think Carroll will end up starting at PF.

  108. Isn’t Lin’s picture bigger and more prominent?

    I think @nba recognizes Lin as the present and DLo as the future. Plus RHJ, which should have been LeVert

  109. Yes, in that picture. Sorry, I was looking at the backdrop picture. D’Angelo is to the right of Kemba on the NBA twitter page.

  110. Is DLo better than LeVert? Both are young. I know they play different positions. We’ll get to see how good DLo is as the season progresses. I hope it works out. I know Lin said good things about him but Lin often complements his teammates.

  111. True, that was to introduce new alternate jerseys for all NBA teams.

    I wouldn’t look too much into it as the face of the franchise since RB, Wall, SCurry weren’t there either

  112. Yes, good point.

  113. Maybe these two are for trade…. haha! I don’t remember I heard Marks said Dlo is the future for Nets….

  114. It makes the most sense. But, if D-Lo or Crabbe hurt the defense, I believe LeVert will replace one of them and finish the game.

  115. Caris LeVert is a longer project.
    Let’s look at how much they get paid
    Player 2017-8 2018-9 2019-2020
    DLo $5,562,360 $7,019,698
    (Nets can keep him for 2 years before he can be a restricted free agent.)
    Carvis LeVert $1,632,480 $1,702,800 $2,625,718
    (Nets can keep him for 3 years before he can be a restricted free agent)

  116. Eric Bledsoe vs Jeremy Lin
    Year Bledsoe Jeremy Bledsoe-Jeremy
    2011-12 40 games 35 games 5 games
    2012-13 76 games 82 games -6 games
    2013-4 43 games 71 games -28 games
    2014-5 81 games 74 games 7 games
    2015-6 31 games 78 games -47 games
    2016-7 66 games 36 games 30 games
    From 2011-12 till now Bledsoe played 39 games less than Jeremy
    How come the Glue Guys called Jeremy Lin brittle and injury proned?
    How about Eric Bledsoe?
    Clearly a double standard!!!!!!!!

  117. Plus DeMarre and LeVert can also start.
    Nets is a 7 deep team with 7 players that can start.
    Next best players are Trevor Booker, Quincy Acy, Sean Kilpatrick, Spencer Dinwiddie
    Then Joe Harris, Isaiah Whitehead, Jarrett Allen and Tyler Zeller.

  118. GSW vs OKC Thunder in playoff will be 4-0 blow out.
    GSW vs Rocket will be 4-0 blow out.

  119. What Kyrie should tell LeBron is “see you in the court.”

  120. Who’s defense is better? RHJ or DeMarre? The lineup above has 3 good shooters.

  121. Vice Admiral Walter E. Carter Jr joined the Nets at practice this morning to talk about the Naval Academy …

  122. Lin has “chocolate shoulder” in this photo. 🙂

    The local newspaper correctly calls Lin the ” the most recognizable member of the Nets”.

  123. So spur-like to involve exposure to the military during training camp.

  124. What’s the love affair with RHJ?!

    someone please explain to me what is the positive that people or the team likes about RHJ. I just don’t see what is special about him.

  125. …want to post positive stuff…

    All I can say is that Jeremy Lin is ready to have a great season as one of the best two way guards in the league, he’s the one Net I’m not worried about at all.

    I’ve got too many areas of contention with the Nets that DO NOT involve Lin for me to even begin posting. The only gripe I’ll admit to at this point is that all the fancy coaching won’t mean squat if the Nets players outside Lin don’t have the physicality or motor to execute against NBA opponents. So I’ll somehow force myself to be a LOF (Lin only fan) against my own will.

    That ends my griping – I am not going to be “KHarangue” as I’ve been properly called in the past.

  126. Jeremy is probably more of an inspiration that he knows. …

  127. Looks good in jeans

  128. Neither

    both cannot defend.

  129. Discipline like in an army is what Nets lacked last season particularly early in the season.

  130. KA floated the idea of DeMarre at PF and RHJ at C with his 7’3″ wingspan.
    A very interesting small lineup

  131. SKilpatrick tweeted “God has a plan” twice in the past 2 days.
    Not sure if it is related to any trade scenario


  132. Nice to have unbiased media to give Lin proper recognition.
    Does “chocolate shoulder” mean DHoward’s type shoulder? 🙂

  133. hm, I’m trying to remember if Marks has said DLo is the future.
    I don’t remember he’s done so for DLo or LeVert. Maybe he’s smart enough not to say it too soon so they’ll work hard 🙂

  134. True, Kemba had the least ego as a star when compared to Harden and Melo. But even he knew to come back quickly from resting 1 game when JLin led the Hornets to beat the Cavs as the starting PG 🙂

    Can’t blame him though since he knows JLin is talented enough to start a rumor if he could be tough competition as a starting PG.

    I like Kemba’s personality the best compared to the other ball-dominant SGs that Lin has played with.

  135. very true, even in the Christian concept, the idea of what’s in the heart will drive the thought which translates into actions.

    But yeah, not easy to follow through on good things in our hearts and thoughts 🙂

  136. true, DLo and JLin might share the same bond of being marginalized in the Lakers by Kobe and BS so they might have camaraderie to prove something, especially when they face the Lakers this season 🙂

    DLo is still young so he might embrace being unselfish like his teammates and vets. I like how Markinson emphasized he needs to work on defense and “other things” and not coronated DLo as the “future” like Nets media was ready to do before a game is even played.

    Let’s hope DLo will embrace playing next to JLin and not have any jealousy in the Nets team

  137. DLo is a bit taller, I think?

  138. yeah, I’m glad Lin is vocal about what he is excited to do in his increased role/usage. It also tells us that he got the green light from Kenny or at least talked about it.

    This was something that he didn’t get from his past 3-4 coaches.

  139. I love Kilpatrick’s game.

    He is the best contract value in the NBA.

    I consider him the second best Net behind Lin.

  140. He’s a good 6th Man, just need more confidence and probably better defense?

  141. What is it with Nets and injuries during off and regular season? Something is not right with this team.

  142. But I can’t look on the “bright side” when the Nets have brought in so many questionable players whose stats indicate that they neither play hard nor well.

  143. As long as Kilpatrick is not asked to play point guard, he’s a fine backup shooting guard.

    I felt Kilpatrick’s stats were artificially depressed last season from that bad stint when Atkinson turned to him to play point guard and Kilpatrick just could not do it.

    The thing is that Kilpatrick produced a lot in low minutes – far more than $18 million Crabbe who was just a complete bust on both ends of the court. And I’d say Kilpatrick produced more than Russell too, once again with less opportunities in less minutes.

  144. I thought Rox was screwed instead. last Rox traded for a PG in Lawson they fought for the 8th spot

  145. The only thing I like about this idea is that RHJ won’t handle the ball. Otherwise, horrible idea. Defense and rebounding would be compromised.

  146. Chris Paul is the loser this off season. Stay in LA and make $200 million. But he left, then he missed on melo.

    End result he had to be in the same playoff position for less money. And live in Houston rather then LA. Whose his agent?

  147. Jeremy’s popularity in China just below Kobe Bryant, Steph Curry, according to a marketing study:

    “Lin’s popularity overseas was confirmed again this week when Mailman, a digital sports marketing company in China, released its 2017 NBA “Red Card report.” Lin, now in his eighth year in the league, ranks just behind Kobe Bryant and Steph Curry in popularity, based on social media.

    The report assessed and calculated the players’ Weibo followers, engagement and follower growth, Baidu (operator of China’s largest online search engine) and Weibo mentions, and Chinese website presence.”

  148. Yes. 🙂

    You too remember the “How to Fit in the NBA” video.
    (starting at 2:00) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=izB8P8oyhJk

  149. This season will be a true testament on Lin’s ability to bring players together and play team ball. If Lin repeats what he did last year, minus the injuries, with the new additions, minus Lopez 🙁 this is going to be a great year for Lin and the Nets. Even D-lo I think will have a break out year playing next to Lin. Just hope he doesn’t get all the accolades. That’s my only concern, overlooking Lin and giving credit to other players that have benefitted from playing with Lin. There are too many great examples of performances of ex-teammates w/Lin and w/o Lin. Let’s go NETS!

  150. @JLin7, @SeanKilpatrick and @SDinwiddie_25 working on their jumpshots at the #Nets Training camp. ​#WeGoHard #Day2

  151. He missed the shot…lol

  152. 1/2 not too shabby lol

  153. We could not tell if he made the 1st one or not, LOL. It’s just the facial expression of the second one was too obvious…lol

  154. he is a perfectionist so if he didn’t complain on the 1st one, it’s most likely in 🙂

  155. Gordon Hayward wants to see if JLin can challenge him in LOL (League of Legends)
    Let’s do it!

    Hayward shows he’s the best #LeagueOfLegends gamer in NBA and issues a challenge to @JLin7. #Nets #Celtics #Dota2

  156. All the talks about playing defense yesterday by KA just went to waste.

  157. Who is Robyn Jedkins? She is gorgeous and why is she with the team?

  158. She appears to be working with the tailor who will be making the suits for the players, helping the players choose fabrics.

  159. lol…injuries are accidents, its really unpredictable

  160. Newcomers always bitten by injury bug.

  161. Last season, the Nets players were more disciplined than the front office was.

  162. While playing with ball hog Harden. Who knows maybe after one year he can join Lebron to chase a ring.

  163. Except this team has one for almost every newly signed player.

  164. What a contrast from Lin’s veteran Hornets where Coach Steve Clifford openly praised the team for grasping all the concepts and gave the team days off from training camp for being totally prepared!

  165. RHJ has a 7’3″ wingspan, but making a guy that’s too small to play SF into a C will mean that opposing centers will appear 8’3″!

  166. I do have high hopes for the returning veterans:

    Booker, Harris, Acy, and especially Kilpatrick

    Those guys are PROS, they will be totally ready to play this season.

  167. Hamstring injury plagued Jeremy Lin last season and was the main reason that he missed 46 games and played only 36 games in regular season. There is an article about Jeremy Lin’s injury history
    Andrew Bogut, J.R. Smith, Chris Paul, Khris Middleton, Marco Bellinelli, Matthew Dellavedova and Lonzo Ball have all missed time due to hamstring issues ranging in severity in the past two years. After the initial rash of hamstring woes, each player has not had a reoccurrence of the injury in proceeding seasons.

  168. The Time Jeremy Lin TOOK OVER THE NBA! 5 Year Anniversary of LINSANITY!

  169. So…good or bad?

  170. Its still an accident…thats the reason in some team sports they have such a huge backups

  171. I didn’t like the way the Nets looked in their brief NBA.com training camp scrimmage video.

    They just don’t play hard enough.

    The Nets, especially the new ones, just la-da-da lazily on the court like they have all in previous losing seasons. No urgency, no court intelligence, no motor, no aggressiveness, no intensity. There were glaring opportunities all over the court on both ends, and the players just foggily strolled past them without even knowing that those opportunities were there.

    If I were Coach KHarangue, I’d have been MEANER AND NASTIER than Bobby Knight at seeing these NBA players play that softly. I’d have run these guys into the ground and screamed at them to act like professionals and compete harder. And I’d have viciously cut or benched anybody that rebelled, which means I’d probably end up cutting almost everybody other than the guy wearing the Lin jersey.

    Linstructor will really have to light a fire under this team to get them to compete, much more than he did last season. And I’m not just talking about the players, I’m talking about the coaches too who should feel ashamed of themselves for not whipping their team into better mental condition to compete.

  172. BAD

    In Charlotte, Clifford was stunned to find that Lin’s Bench Force One regularly outplayed and outhustled the starters. He was so stunned by hard Lin played, he called off practices to “prevent guys from beating each other to death” as he said.

    That’s not the case for the LAZY DISINTERESTED Nets who just added some of the NBA’s most unproducing soft big contracts to their roster.

    Atkinson’s correctly trying to LIGHT A FIRE under these players who don’t know what it is to play hard. IT IS NOT WORKING.

  173. The Nets watched “formation” at Bancroft Hall at the US Naval Academy, then ate with Midshipmen. (via Brian Lewis, on twitter)

  174. I agree that it’s more important to finish than start. Ideally, Lin should play 34+ minutes, start and finish.

  175. Brooklyn Nets’ contingent outside Bancroft Hall, at the Naval Academy …

  176. A cutie. I wasn’t talking about Lin.

  177. That is why you have focus on the bright side when you don’t feel very positive. Harder to do than say though.

  178. Nets’ practice today …

  179. Last night, Jeremy and Jarrett Allen met with their agents from Tandem Sports and Entertainment …

  180. @BrooklynNets
    Thank you for letting us visit, @NavalAcademy! ?

  181. Navy Football‏ @NavyFB (IG)
    PG Jeremy Lin of the @BrooklynNets has a quick message for you all! We are grateful to have them visit USNA! #RaiseTheSail


  182. NBA IG Story: The brooklynnets try out a Navy ship simulator
    #brooklynnets #nets @JLin7 (Penny Lee re-tweeted)


  183. It must be nice to be 7 feet tall. 🙂

    NAVY BASKETBALL‏ (IG) That’s about 28 feet of centers right there. Navy’s Oliver Smith, Brooklyn’s Timofey Mozgov and Tyler Zeller, and Navy’s Evan Wieck. (Penny Lee re-tweeted)


  184. Navy Athletics‏ (IG)
    Thanks for visiting, @JLin7! Great to have you and the @BrooklynNets on The Yard! (Penny Lee re-tweeted)


  185. Net’s Leader Jeremy Lin Buys Suits for Teammates and Staff Members

  186. ..

  187. Fools!!! Don’t let the Asian guy drive. You have a death wish?. ?

  188. damn.. she looks good O_O

  189. everyone here knows jeremy lin’s the leader you dont need to tell us lol

  190. Crabbe sprained the same ankle that he had metatarsal surgery in the offseason (he same injury that kept Ben Simmons on the Sixers bench all season) so I expect the Nets to be very cautious to bring him back. LeVert might get more PT because of it.

    “Allen Crabbe was in a walking boot, says he’s day to day. Atkinson calls it “a setback” that he’s losing time to gel w/ new teammates. ”


  191. Bleacher report the hater site calling Lin the leader? Is the sun rising from the west side?

  192. Both times Lin got injured last season KA never said it was a setback. He always called it a great opportunity to develop the young guys. Such a schmuck.

  193. RHJ is a pretty good rebounder though. Seems like the Nets just keeps changing his position just so he can start. RHJ went from SG to PF, and C.

  194. Whos that?

  195. Thanks!

  196. Asian guys are some of the best drivers, now Asian women…..I kid, I kid.

  197. Players new to Nets who would play significant minutes got injured quickly. This is specially true for back court players. There must be a reason for this.

  198. One thing has puzzled me for a long time. Nets instead of waiting for a big that would be put on waiver, signed Tyler Zeller quickly. Zeller must be really good in the tryout to prompt this decision.

  199. Crabbe is the highest paid player on their roster right now.

  200. Tyler Zeller is paid at an appropriate rate.

    His last few seasons have been filled with injury.

    Nobody knows if he can withstand the grind of an entire NBA season.

  201. This injury guarantees that Lin starts at the beginning of the season.

    It might entrench Lin as the starter for the season if the Nets do decent and Lin puts up good numbers.

    There was never any question in my mind that Lin would have been benched behind Russell and Crabbe had Crabbe not gone down.

    This is so reminiscent of Charlotte and Michael Kidd Gilchrist who went down early, thus paving the way for Lin to be more than the 3rd string point guard behind Kemba Walker and Brian Roberts that the Hornets envisioned Lin as.

  202. Your comments are inscrutable to put it nicely.

  203. Yes, injury is a main concern but his play time’s been cut and hopefully it will be good for his recovery. Yet Nets’ offense is pretty tough on newcomers. Lots of them are bothered by injury despite their performance team and sports science
    A few games in the preseason will tell us the true story.

  204. The injury occurred to Lin and others are inscrutable to put it nicely.

  205. Until the season comes close to start, the reality will eventually emerge. Aren’t they scared of eating crow?

  206. His brother Cody was good as a Hornet motion offense high screen big man

  207. Head coaches that Lin has played under:
    Keith Smart, MDA, Mike Woodson, Kevin McHale, Byron Scott, Steve Clifford, Kenny Atkinson
    Head Coaches in NBA: MDA, Steve Clifford, Kenny Atkinson
    The rest: Keith Smart, Mike Woodson, Kevin McHale, Byron Scott

  208. There are a few teams that Lin has played specially well against them:
    San Antonio Spurs, Boston Celtics, Toronto Raptors and recently Atlanta Hawks, Indiana Pacers and Detroit Pistons.

  209. Tyler Zeller’s big smile. I think he’s going to have a great season soon.
    Looking forward to see Lin pick and roll with Zeller.

  210. Nets players in the order of PER
    Age Years Player PER(Last season)
    29 7 Jeremy Lin (19.33)
    29 7 Trevor Booker (15.71)
    21 2 D’Angelo Russell (15.36)
    22 2 Rondae Hollis-Jefferson (13.71)
    27 3 Sean Kilpatrick (13.16)
    27 5 Tyler Zeller (13.04)
    31 7 Timofey Mozgov (12.30)
    23 1 Caris LeVert (12.29)
    24 3 Spencer Dinwiddie (12.72)

    31 8 DeMarre Carroll (11.88)
    26 5 Quincy Acy (11.87)
    25 4 Allen Crabbe (11.64)
    26 3 Joe Harris (9.04)

  211. Marks and Atkinson have said clearly on numerous occasions that “they don’t care about wins and losses.” That was true last season, it’s true this season, and it will be true for several seasons to come. As soon as this preseason/regular season starts, the Nets sole focus on experimentation and development will be as obvious as ever. Anyone who thinks Kenny will coach as if he’s trying to win games is deluding himself.

  212. It’s possibly related to Adam Silver’s speech about existing NBA rules of standing during national anthem more than any personal issues.

    Lin supports unity so it won’t be surprising if the Nets continue to stand with arms locked during national anthem like they did last season.

  213. As the season coming sports writers feels the danger of trashing Nets.

    Brooklyn Nets: Making the playoffs all but guaranteed

  214. You are probably right – I didn’t get Commissioner Silver’s speech until now.

    Adam Silver expects NBA players to stand during national anthem


  215. Good BR article pointing out each team weakness. For Nets it’s SG defense.

    Valid concern at SG defense. Hope Nets coaches can help them at TC ??
    Good praise on Lin’s defense ?


  216. Brooklyn Nets: Perimeter Defense

    Having Rondae Hollis-Jefferson helping from the weak side while Timofey Mozgov and Jarrett Allen work to clean up the interior should help the Brooklyn Nets’ overall defensive success. But they still need to focus on figuring out how they can stop dribble penetration from the perimeter.

    The point guards are fine.

    Spencer Dinwiddie can hold his own defensively, but he’s not likely to play major minutes when the rest of the backcourt is healthy. Jeremy Lin is a legitimately solid stopper who might not have the foot speed necessary to stick with quicker guards but has become quite adept at pushing players to the right spots. He finished in the 90.4th percentile against isolation plays last year and the 68.8th percentile when covering pick-and-roll. Throw in the 6’4″ Isaiah Whitehead and you have a solid defensive trio.

    The shooting guards, however, fall into a different category. Just look at where the three leading candidates for significant run finished in ESPN.com’s defensive real plus/minus last year:

    Caris LeVert: minus-0.84, No. 326 overall
    Sean Kilpatrick: minus-2.36, No. 443 overall
    D’Angelo Russell: minus-2.45, No. 448 overall

    DRPM isn’t technically a rating system, but it’s still troubling that all three prospective 2-guards (especially the big-name acquisition who should start along Lin) finished near the bottom of the pack with distinctly negative scores. Defense at the 2 is going to be a major problem.

  217. like any other site,, there are good writers then there are doubters as well

  218. That action would be a safe course, hardly courageous. But that tweet refers to being courageous. No one in NBA is going to oppose players.

  219. Latest “honorary” Nets .. Ed Sheeran ?

  220. Projected wins for Brooklyn Nets

    Kunal Kohli (40 wins) 29/9/2017
    Brooklyn Nets: Making the playoffs all but guaranteed

    Sir Charles in Charge Mason McFee (35:47) 20Sep2017
    Brooklyn Nets 2017-18 season primer: Building their way to relevance https://sircharlesincharge.com/2017/09/20/brooklyn-nets-season-primer-2017-18-building/6/

    Bleacher Report Alec Nathan (30-52)

    ESPN predicted
    (29.5 wins) Aug 3, 2017 Kevin Pelton ESPN Staff Writer

    Vegas Prediction: (28.5 wins) 30/8/2017
    Vegas releases over/under win totals for the 2017-18 NBA regular season

    Adam Fromal’s Record Projection: (28-54)
    Over? Under? Predicting Records for Every NBA
    Team Against Vegas Odds


    Bleacher Report (26 wins) Bleacher Report
    NBA Staff August 19, 2017

    ESPN.com predicted (26-56) wins Aug 16, 2017

    insiders (25 wins) By Benny Nadeau on July 19, 2017


    Josh Cornelissen (25wins :57) 19/09/2017 Brooklyn Nets: 2017-18 NBA season preview

    Vegas (21.5 wins)

    Adam Iafrate projected record: (21: 61) (last season he ranked Nets 20:62) Aug 24, 2017, 9:17am EDT
    Ranking the Atlantic Division: End of August edition

    CBS SportsLine (20.9 wins) Sep 5, 2017

    Colin Ward-Henninger @ColinCBSSports Jul 7, 2017 SportsLine (14.2 wins)
    (prediction like this one is utterly unprofessional)

  221. Hello my friend.
    Long time since I last read your post.
    How are you Lai?
    Maybe I should visit here more often.
    Nets going to make the playoffs this year Lai.

  222. Lin’s defensive numbers would have been even higher had he not had so many “recovery” games where he was not up to full health.

    Even so, he’s still the best defensive guard I’ve ever seen in any era. Nobody else even comes close.

  223. Made a bet on Nets to win Eastern Conference but oddly enough the max bet on bovada was only $20. I had to bet the rest $80 on the Net winning Atlantic division :/

  224. The more you know about BB you realize that defense is the most complicated part of a game. Feel that not to many fans are good in analyzing defense – my self included – and that leads to all kind of urban myths about who is a good defender and who are not. Offense – everybody understand that – giving sometimes a wrong picture if a guy is a great player or not. It is sad we never saw Lin playing with elite defenders like Tim Duncan – maybe in the future. It will not happen on this team – but let’s hope Lin will manage to get the nets to focus defensively . Just as a stray thought – who would be on the best defensive team of all time ?

  225. Hurray, at least you recognize me. Thanks.

  226. One shouldn’t play basketball if doesn’t care about win or losses. If a coach doesn’t care about wins or losses, he will be out of the job sooner than you think. If the GM doesn’t care about losses, he should have retired.

  227. Brief video of Jeremy bringing the ball up during Nets scrimmage today. Best to enlarge it if you can …

  228. Mixing up the line up on this team is like shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic.

  229. I’m guessing 30 wins and I mean that as a big compliment. A five win improvement is considered good, so 10 wins is huuuge!

  230. With everyone healthy I think 40+ wins a possibility.

  231. 41 Wins

  232. Mr. 4th Quarter (and OT) …

  233. A more appropriate analogy is “mixing up the lineup with JLIN not in charge of most playmaking” is like allowing someone other than Sully Sullenburger to pilot the airplane

  234. JLIN in the clutch again.
    Hope they post the video of that and make the coaching staff repeatedly view it so it’s burned into memory when crunch time comes in games that count.

  235. Up vote. Very good.

  236. After following Lin for the past 6 years, I believe that’s possible. Incredible highs but also very disappointing lows during his career. This year I’m tempering my expectations.

  237. The winning shot in overtime from Jeremy …

  238. DCarroll kickout to a wide-open JLin 3?

    We can get used to this throughout the season ?

    Squad knows JLin can and will deliver the game-winner now!

  239. Agreed, would be nice to finally have a teammate who would pass JLin the ball instead of chucking up a brick. JLin can also do that vice-versa which will keep defenders confused.

  240. I know it’s training camp but Russel’s defense is pretty bad. JLin will need to refrain from helping out too much.

  241. Dlo on Lin’s team for that one

  242. PG: Jeremy Lin
    SG: Jeremy Lin, 2nd Michael Jordan (when motivated, which was not often)
    SF: Michael Cooper
    PF: Dennis Rodman
    C: Tim Duncan

  243. Love Lin, but a little embarrassing that it takes an OT to win it. ?

  244. Screen, Drive, Drop Off, Pass Out, Swish.. Nothing But Brooklyn Nets


  245. KA will be in a tough situation, on one side he wants to avoid losing and losing straight like last season, and on the other, he wants to please his boss with the commitment they agreed with, the Development. This inexperienced coach and players motion offense is just a repeat of last year record unless they change their plan to allow Lin to takeover the game in the final weeks of the season.

  246. yes, Lin/DLo/DeMarre/RHJ/Mozgov

    This could be a potential starting/closing lineup with Crabbe still out resting his ankle. It could offer good balance of offense and defense.

  247. The last time I got so excited in the preseason or training camp was when Lin destroyed the Clippers starters including CP3 in China, then only to see reality hit as soon as the regular season started in Charlotte, Asian can be a great supporting cast but no more the leading role like Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan in the NBA.

  248. That’s the dirty reality and hope it will be revealed one day. The Nets lied to Lin when simply because they just want to develop the team instead of winning.

  249. Reality already hit when Hornets didn’t allow him to start in any preseason games afterwards. They only had him start in one or was it two China game for promotion.

  250. Michael Cooper then ScottyPippin?? Would have been teamster to leave Jordan in for Scotty!

  251. Training camp comes to a close. Just one step closer to the season. #WeGoHard (brooklyn nets IG)


  252. If my memory was correct, lin was a starter all those games until the last game of the preseason when keMBA returned.

  253. Lin’s off-ball in that sequence, DLo was the ball-handler.

  254. Nope, Lin only started those 2 games and that’s it I remember clearly. He barely played in preseason and we made excuses such “coach wants to rest him”. Obviously that wasn’t the case.

  255. True, I just have high expectation because of the weaker Eastern conference, besides Celtics and Cavs I don’t see any other team who can compete with a Nets team lead by Lin with newly acquired talents.

  256. You and your negative assumptions. Russel was always going to be used as SG and Lin was the undisputed leader and PG. Crabbe was going to play SF and not SG on the starting lineup.

    All news pointed to Lin and Russel leading the team and no one else.

  257. Except this season they have used up all their cap space for the talents they want and they aren’t getting any picks this season. Now all that’s left is building through drafts and picks with their roster set. Winning or not we shall see when preseason starts 3 days from now. Preseason will show whether this team is legit or doomed.

  258. I love Lin, but I have to laugh when you put the nets in the same class as Cavs and Celtics.

    It’s more like Orlando and Philly and Nets.

  259. Disagree, Nets acquire mainly pieces they were missing to build a solid team. Either way Nets don’t have picks and with their newly acquire talents they need to win to keep them happy. Those new talents will bolt out of there as fast as they can if this team tanks again. It will create a never ending losing culture.

    This Nets team have experienced and talented players unlike last season with beat up veterans who needed to retire and rookies who didn’t know what they were doing.

    News media are already changing their tone and afraid of dissing Nets by saying they can win and make playoffs. They know what’s up.

  260. That may clean up in time. They have to get used to one-another.

  261. I believe the order came from above the HC level at least when with the Hornets.

  262. Cruz..
    I’m going to try and post here more OFTEN.
    It’s very nasty over there sometimes.
    You can’t comment BB without a SNIDE remark about POTUS.
    I have a good feeling Nets going to do some damage here in the EC.
    I like LIN & Drus combo.

  263. The scrimmage game-winner perfectly demonstrates how the Nets’ offense should function. D-Lo initiates action off Mozgov screen, dishes to cutting Carroll, who kicks out to Lin…who nails the shot.

    Lin is ready to score more and play off-ball more, so I’m honestly expecting a 20ppg season.

  264. Nets Daily Crew Talks Upcoming Season

  265. Politic free zone here loc. Exciting for the new season?

  266. Jeremy Lin Working On Jumpshot (Insane Accuracy)!!!

  267. welcome back…long time no see! 🙂

  268. Thanks for clearing it.

  269. My opinion was only based on what the coach and GM have told the press. They are not all in to pursue playoff yet for at least 2, 3 years. So I am going to comment according to their agendas.

  270. Yes.
    Your thoughts once Crabbe get back?
    Is the Nets REALLY THINKING Dlo & Crabee 1 2 combo?
    It’s crazy imo.

  271. IKR!
    Hopefully CaptainLIN reign again!

  272. With that name & that OLD FACE?
    Just kidding okay!
    … 🙂

  273. Maybe bc DLo was running the point so Lin could not control the tempo of the game. So far, the clips that I saw from training camp showing DLo had the rock in his hand.

  274. 1000% correct. those 2 games i’m sure he was given the green light to do whatever he wants and entertain the crowd. that was the confident/empowered/linsanty lin out there those 2 games. he couldnt miss. absolutely destroyed a healthy clippers team who were definitely trying to win. if we get that lin this year, look out!

  275. kenny already said something like, this year will be all about “competitive development” and that they must try to win as much as possible to “show respect for the owners”…

    we’re definitely trying to win every game. it’s silly to think otherwise…

  276. I can’t wait for the regular season to start to see how Brook Lopez will play in the fast pace young Lakers. Nothing better than to see him exposing the lie about he’s too slow to play PnR with Lin.

  277. That’s part of the transition of Sean Mark’s future Nets.

  278. Of course they do try to win every single game by using and pushing their development process. It’s a big difference with doing whatever it takes to win like every other teams.

  279. did u watch that lakers preseason game? lonzo and that whole pathetic team looked like crap. even more pathetic are the lakers fans over hyping every one on that team….

    i swear they are going to break 2 records this year. most 3PA’s and lowest 3P%… lonzo would pass ahead and whoever catches it would feel compelled to chuck a quick 3 as if they were trying to give lonzo an assist every… damn… possession…

  280. That’s the same thing people said about him and the Lakers after the first game of summer league.

  281. How come it takes OT for the 1st unit to win over 2nd unit in a scrimmage in training camp? Of course, everyone is learning to gel, but the 1st unit supposedly has more talents? Maybe there’s more consistency of whom running the point in 2nd unit, Dinwiddie? I suspect DLo was running the point most of the time in the 1st unit instead of Lin, therefore, Lin could not control the tempo. I speculate that Lin will be a spot up shooter more often. Hopefully his 3s mechanism is sharpened and he will make lots of winning shots bc I have a feeling that he will have to make lots of last seconds bail out shots. Hope I’m wrong, but so far I only saw clips of him running to the perimeter and DLo has the rock in his hands in training camp.

  282. here is my eastern conference tier list:


    i think playoffs are very, very possible. looking only at the competitors in our tier, i think we make it along with MIA and CHA.

    i think PHI is a huge question mark and being their first year together things wont gel right away. also embiid is always hurt. simmons hasnt played so he’s a rookie.

    as for DET they lost KCP and morris but got bradley. drummond and reggie are losers and are eating up most of their cap. SVG wants to get rid of both of them every year but no one is stupid enough to take them.

    i think both CHA and MIA make it only because the east is so bad. MIA is fools gold with last years run. they paid waiters and he’s a classic chucker. dragic is good, whiteside is good. and? maybe bam breaks out?

    CHA is a garbage team without lin. as i said before the only way they become good is if malik monk breaks out as ROY. i loved him in college and i thought he would get drafted higher. we all know kemba is a stat stuffer that doesnt bring wins, just look at last year. batum is an overpaid loser, and dwight is a cancer…

  283. i’ve never seen people chuck so fast, not to score, but to give the passer an assist… it’s insane what i just watched. they cant win more than 25 games in the blood bath west, no way…

  284. man if only lin can shoot like that in games and for the whole season…. i’m praying this is finally his year where it all comes together.

  285. well not “whatever it takes” but i dont see a scenario where the game is close and kenny decides now’s the perfect time to trot out a “development” lineup and give up the win… no. lin and carroll will be there to guide the young players. those 2 are kenny’s guys. they wont be benched so young guys can make mistakes and learn by trial and error. instead the vets will show the young guys HOW to win…

    did we development tank last year? YES! but only while lin was hurt!!! when lin came back everyone was tired of losing. lin played as much as prudently possible given that he was coming back from injury and we were not making the playoffs… the development tank last year was a result of circumstance as much as anything.

    will lin sit out some games to rest? YES! it’s the spurs’ way that marks has followed…

  286. it’s just a scrimmage. after crabbe got hurt i hardly think these guys are going all out.

    also people shouldn’t be wary about the clips where dlo is handling the ball. in this system both guys will handle the ball… A LOT…

    and when lin isnt handling the ball, he’s not just standing in the corner like we saw in houston and charlotte.

  287. @myguyeli_
    Taught Jeremy Lin & friends n fam how to make ice cream today https://twitter.com/myguyeli_/status/914339833509752832

  288. I agree. It’s good to have Lin/DLo as dual playmakers.
    It will save JLin’s legs as defense can no longer focus solely on him.

    “Pick Your Poison” is definitely the right motto that Lin posted. My small concern is more about DLo’s commitment on defense. Sean Marks was right to make a public statement about it so DLo continues to work on it.

  289. dlo and crabbe’s supposed lack of defense, for me, is a case of innocent until proven guilty. the lakers were tanking (worst defense in nba) and portland as a team was 7th worst in defense.

    nets were 8th worst. no doubt that number was propped up by lin’s return where after the allstar break we were top 10 in defense.

  290. KA is finally learning how use Lin correctly as SG unlike last season. He’s more deadly when teammates actually pass him the ball right back to catch the defender off guard.

    When Lin brings the ball up defenders are locked in and it’s much tougher to create something for himself.

  291. Marketing $_$ what else? MJ is a bad owner and Cho is just following what his boss wants. Hornets are never going anywhere.

  292. There was another clip of Lin vs DLo team for scrimmage. KA already said they will take turns handling the ball. Not to mention it’s much easier for Lin play off ball some times so defenders don’t have a lock on him. Curry does that too but it only works if teammates pass the ball back to him.

  293. I agree with your last sentence. I am in the show me you are a good coach camp on Atkinson. Not impressed with his coaching acumen yet.

  294. Me too Loc.

  295. They’re young and new among themselves. Their offense is very similar with the GS.

  296. Can’t tell much at scrimmage. Spurs scrimmage the 2nd unit beat the starters (minus Kawhi who is rehabbing a quad tendonopathy).

  297. Nice breakdown. I consider Atlanta as a contender. They still have players and a coach who know how to make the playoffs. Tanking is also not such an attractive option as before with the bottom three getting equal amounts of balls.

    I would solve the tanking issue with the teams barely not making the playoffs, 9th seed get the most balls,etc. Take away the incentive to be the last team and bring teams close to contention there faster.

  298. Did Lopez play, I didn’t see him in any of the clips.

  299. Their defense is what makes me doubt playoffs the most. They stunk before Lin came back and they brought in worse defenders.
    I also doubt they will improve since defense is a coaching issue and Atkinson didn’t keep them accountable enough to improve their defensive effort.

  300. The form looks good and I like the running midrange to preserve his body as he gets older. Smart.

  301. I think they are trying to win as well. Too many seasoned players, paid too much money to tank. Also, team needs to win to generate profits and buzz so they could sell the team.

  302. The Nets won’t practice today (Sunday). They’ll resume practice Monday.

    Caris LeVert twisted his ankle during Saturday’s practice. The injury happened near the end of the scrimmage. He said: “I just tweaked it a little bit towards the end. I just took a wrong step and tweaked it a little bit. It’s nothing too serious.” … “We’ll obviously see how it feels [Sunday] and go from there.” (via Brian Lewis / NY Post)

    The first preseason game is Tuesday against the Knicks. Here is the Nets’ preseason schedule :

  303. The time that Lin standing in the corner was designed by the loser McHale who has never had any success in his coaching career. Finally he got booted out of his job by his favourite James. I just love the ending.

  304. Statically only 0.03% of high school basketball players make it into the NBA.

    This is Lin’s 7th year in the NBA. Amazing.

    May God continue to bless Jeremy Lin.

  305. Small correction: this is Jeremy’s 8th season. Here are his “per game” stats. [from the basketball-reference site]

  306. Thanks for the stats. Didn’t realize last year Lin was producing at about linsanity level stats.

  307. I didn’t like Malik Monk in college.

    Though he was an excellent college player, I saw him as being too much of a “tweener” guard to succeed in the NBA.

    Even on Charlotte, Jeremy Lamb is so much better than Malik Monk.

  308. Like I’ve been saying for months, there is more talent on the 2nd team than the 1st team.

  309. Opponents hit Lin too much, it won’t happen.

    Whether Lin hits those shots or not isn’t actually that important.

    Lin will continue to draw double and triple teams whether he hits shots or not. That opens up the court for Lin’s teammates, and so it’s more up to Lin’s teammates than Lin himself whether the Nets win.

  310. I’ve been writing that since Crabbe was acquired, but I get flamed for it.

  311. Disagree.

    The Nets are WEAKER than last season on both ends of the court.

  312. I’ve been writing that ALL LAST SEASON – and I got flamed for it all last season! And I’m talking by Lin fans, not just Lin hate trolls!

    The other thing that even Lin fans get angry at me for writing is my most hated quote I’ve had since 2012:

    “Linsanity never ended for me”.

  313. I definitely would not consider Atlanta a contender.

    They lost like their entire team.

  314. D’Angelo Russell DOES NOT HAVE IT PHYSICALLY to play better defense.

    He’s too slow and weak to make an impact, even if he tries his hardest.

  315. Disagree completely.


    If players like Crabbe and Russell are too slow in footspeed and lacking in strength and don’t have NBA explosiveness, then they physically can’t play defense even if they want to.

    What people don’t realize is that the lack of athleticism from Crabbe and Russell affects them offensively too. The reason why Crabbe and Russell CANNOT CREATE THEIR OWN SHOT is because they physically cannot break free of any single NBA defender. This shows up in their stats, particularly the win loss column.

    It’s not as if these guys had one bad defensive season and suddenly are going to become lockdown defenders like Lin. These are guys with a HISTORY of bad defense. And just as the Clippers will find out with one of the NBA’s slowest and least athletic defenders in Lin’s race replacement Patrick Beverley, the Nets will learn the hard way that BAD INDIVIDUAL DEFENSE TRANSLATES FROM TEAM TO TEAM.

  316. Excellent post

    I agree with you on the top 4, though there is no consensus on what the order of those 4 will be.

    The way I see it, all other teams in the East are at the same level: BAD. That includes Lin’s soft defenseless Nets.

  317. If these guys are not going all out in preseason scrimmage, then they need to be BENCHED OR FIRED.

    This is the NBA, guys are supposed to PLAY HARD.

  318. NOBODY in the entire NBA moves off the ball better than Lin.

    Because no single defender can check Lin off the ball, Lin’s cutting distorts entire games in the Nets favor.

    Today in the watered down NBA of no fundamentals, guys like Lin that can cut off the ball are extremely valuable to NBA teams that are barely smart enough to use them.

  319. RHJ or DCarroll at the 4 ?

  320. He could also learn from Harden, to pass the rock until 2 seconds left in the clock, a sure way to gain an assist.

  321. When you look at Lin, you couldn’t find those measurements that distinguish him from others. He is not a very tall PG, that I can say. He doesn’t have the wing span that impresses scouts. He has never jumped too high.

    What distinguishes Lin from others could not be seen easily. His quickness and his explosiveness. People told us he’s deceptively quick. He’s deceptively explosive. He’s deceptively strong. Damn right. He’s deceptive. He has made plays that’s deceptive to those he was against. They still couldn’t believe it when they they were beaten.

  322. Dlo is center and Lin is behind him? The writing is on the wall! We’ll see how Nets management treats Lin this coming season, but usually these sport writers take cue from management.

  323. Some places will promote DLo. This is Legion Hoops. On another twitter poster they put Mike Conley in the same place as Lin, and put Mark Gosol in the center. I think Conley is the star of that team and leader at least on the court. So, I think Lin should be in the center, but expect some of the promoters in the NBA to focus on DLo. Hopefully, as the season progresses, the focus goes properly back to Lin. But maybe it is time for Lin to leave the Nets after this season. Just, let’s play the season, see what develops, and hope for Lin’s health. If he’s healthy and plays most games, he’ll make his mark , despite some in the NBA that want to promote DLo over him.

  324. I think RHJ.

  325. Jlin is the only player w/o number showing on jersey.

  326. If Bropez is here, he will be front and center. Just hope Lin accumulate good STATS, then exercise his player option.

  327. Hornets are paying for their miscues right now. They just may miss the playoff two years in a row despite they have had MKG back. Both Batum and MKG have been disappointing by and large.

  328. I watched Scottie Pippen his entire career, I never thought he could defend well.

  329. Must admit that defense analysis is not my strong point – if I have any at all – was just remembering the discussions that Pippin was supposed to be a good defender on the admittedly great Bulls team

  330. It’s well written on the wall the very day Sean Marks gave up his all star center Lopez, first round pick and swallowing bad contract Mozgov for Dlo.

  331. I would put some money on Nets beating the Vegas odds, not because Nets has gotten so much better but because the East Conf has gotten so much weaker. I believe Nets will have a better record than Lakers for sure.

  332. RHJ’s offense so bad. He plays BB like a football player.

  333. I think Lin can show us another level. He’s already there skill wise for a long time and it is still growing; right now it’s just really about staying healthy, and further winning over the coaches, teammates, and executives. Seems like he’s doing all the right things, but you know the NBA businesses can be unpredictable, racist, and stupid. One thing that Lin can do that’s mostly in his control is to shoot 40% or above from the 3pt line. That’s probably the single most impactful thing he can do to swing the debate in his favor because it’s easy for fans and basketball “experts” to see. Of course it’s unfair to require him to do to secure/increase his role so when so many “stars” aren’t even close to that percentage, but I guess that’s the world we currently live in. In a lot of industries, not just in basketball, Asians have to significantly better than their competition just to be on equal footing, and even then a lot of time that’s not enough. sure Lin will do it anyway.

  334. I don’t feel Lin has to reach that level.

    He’s already the most heavily defended player in the NBA, there’s too much swarming bodychecking coverage on him for him to shoot higher percentages.

    Even if Lin shot better, it would have no impact on Lin winning more or less.

    Unlike any other Lin fan, I DO NOT hold Lin to a higher standard than the rest of the NBA just because he’s Asian. That’s what RACIST HATERS of Lin and Asians do, I’m not adding to their racism.

  335. Actually, there is A LOT that distinguishes Lin physically:

    1) his extreme explosiveness that tested as exceeding that of Usain Bolt

    2) his extreme speed that is equal to that of the fastest players ever tested in John Wall and Marcus Smart

    3) his overall powerful frame which is like that of a faster Jason Kidd

    4) his obvious hangtime that he uses on both ends of the court

    5) his immense physical strength that can he seen as he battles 7 footers inside physically without giving ground or possessions

    If Lin were black, people would say “It’s a smaller JULIUS ERVING!”

  336. Injuries raking up and the season haven’t even started.

  337. This is a fan twitter, meanwhile NBA had JLin with a bigger image and center of attention.

  338. Kwok Wai Lai wrote a fabulous post about Lin’s athletic abilities being constantly underrated due to his Asian race.

    I’d like to add to that the so called “intangibles” that are actually blatantly obvious to anybody who’s not blind or new to the NBA game.

    These traits are the very characteristics that ALL teams in the NBA mistakenly and stupidly think that ALL of Lin’s race replacements can pick up with “good coaching and environment”, thus vastly exceeding the “less talented Asian guy’s” output. It fails 100% of the time.

    Those “intangible” traits Lin has are:

    1) physical DOMINATION

    2) flawless fundamentals

    3) highest possible IQ – I’ve never seen a player with a better basketball IQ in any era

    4) extreme life and social toughness – Lin’s THE TOUGHEST player I’ve ever seen

    5) Christian faith – makes Lin unbreakable in morale

    6) makes teammates better: on par with the best of all time in this area, Tim Duncan

  339. Yes sir! That’s what I’m talking about. Exactly what I believe as well.

  340. This summer, retired NBA player Robert Horry said “Hakeem Olajuwon was 20 times better than Tim Duncan”.

    Yes, Olajuwon was probably “more athletic” than the less physically imposing Duncan. It’s just like how most Lin fans constantly flame me when I post “Westbrook doesn’t EVER overpower Lin physically”..

    Yet if you look at the careers of Duncan vs Olajuwon, Duncan WON MORE with LESS TALENT.

    That’s because Dream was INDIVIDUALLY focused while Duncan was TEAM focused.

    I actually felt Duncan was 20x better than Olajuwon or almost any other NBA big man I’ve ever seen!

  341. The Nets are stupidly thinking “If Lin could do so well with us, then his race replacements in Russell and Crabbe will DO EVEN BETTER”.

    The Nets will learn the hard way that their thinking is WRONG.

  342. So does Atkinson.

    Carroll at the 3

  343. I don’t think he has to, but he could do it, and I’m arguing that he should because it’s attainable and it’ll give him more bargaining power. He was at 37% last season on one leg and with all that physicality that you mentioned… As long as he’s healthier than last year, I think he’ll get it. If not, it’s fine – he’s still one of the best players out there.

    I’m not holding Lin to a double standard, I’m just acknowledging that the double standard exists, and I don’t think by explicitly stating that it exists adds to racism. The racists don’t win by Lin shooting 40% from 3pt. And again, if he doesn’t reach that percentage, that’s fine, it’s not a requirement but just one sufficient way (out of many) to shut up a lot bad people.

  344. But you ARE holding Lin to a double standard.

    You need to understand that the racists are not going to accept Lin, no matter what he produces.

    Not only that, you’re expecting Lin to perform SUPERHUMANLY. You expect Lin to raise his percentages despite all those defenses sending multiple defenders after him and hitting him constantly with all those illegal hits and refs cheating Lin constantly of legitimate plays? No player of ANY race can play through all that and exceed what Lin has done.

    If you don’t like the way racists judge Lin, then DON’T SIDE WITH THEM like you just did.

    You wrote yourself that you would never hold a nonAsian player to the standard you hold Lin. That IS you doing a DOUBLE STANDARD for only the Asian guy.

  345. Holding a person to a double standard, and explaining to that it exists are two different things. On one hand, holding a person to a double standard means that you bought into it, that you are blind to the unfairness of it. On the other hand, explaining it is a lot like an Asian American professor writing about the bamboo ceiling, or how disproportionate amount of Asian students get rejected compared to other students of similar grades and test score. For example, I’m going through it right now; I know my test score have to be higher, that I have to be ranked near the top of the class to get certain jobs. In my situation, the person holding me to a double standard is the person rejecting me, in favor of a less qualified person. Me, on the other hand, am a lot like Lin, I’m not just qualified, I’m OVERLY qualified, so much that that racists have to hire me, even if they don’t acknowledge that I’m one of the best ever. That’s Lin’s reality, and the reality of many Asians at the top of their profession. Day in and day out, you just got to aim to be the superhuman, even if racists don’t acknowledge it.

    On a personal level, its just one element. Obviously, things like the joy of playing, improving, learning, can be the most important things to an individual, which is likely the case with Lin. The fighting against injustice and prejudice stuff is just one thing I just felt like pointing out here I guess.

  346. One of your best posts ever!

  347. Agree, straight to the point without lengthy on and on nonsense,

  348. Dam right. Go Jeremy!

  349. Teodovic is going to be a real steal for the Clippers. He will eventually takeover the starting pg away from P Berverley. 5 assists in 7 min already? Guys finish above the rim like D Jordan and Griffins will make his passing job so easy.

  350. rather than P.Beverly, i rather see Austin Rivers sit on the bench.. having his Daddy as the Head Coach is soon lucky~~~~

  351. Special Privilege, you know it won’t happen.

  352. 1 point and 8 assists for the whole game. He is the assist leader of the clippers. So he is good for the Clippers and not the Nets?

  353. The 1st round pick was a deal breaker . Celtics 1st rd pick at 27 became Kyle Kuzma who looked quality w Lonzo Ball. more fair to add a lakers future 2nd rounder bc we gave Lopez. IF Mozgov and Dlo play like really good then it’s fairer. the Lakers future 2nd round pick may not be an NBA player , but just a peanut asset

  354. better to have DLo as a 6th or 7th man like Ginobli , Grevis Vasquez . IMO
    Start Levert or Crabbe over DLo

  355. Son or not, Austin Rivers actually produced double figure scoring and solid assists.

    It would be nepotism NOT to start him!

  356. The “nonsense” you flame me for is basketball stuff that you CANNOT UNDERSTAND.

  357. Superb post.

    I work in professional entertainment, so I spent the first half of my pro career being racially rejected despite having better qualifications and ability than people.

    But in pro entertainment, people’s negative opinions against Asians can be changed if one goes AWAY from the top and starts the hard way at the BOTTOM.

    I scratched and clawed for years at the bottom with no end in sight, longer than Lin has to and for far less money. Steadily I improved the way I was perceived – both by breaking barriers down and moving away from avenues where race would be a problem.

    Now all of a sudden, I’m doing high level stuff and might be doing more high level stuff soon. And because I chose NOT to try to appease the racist judges and agents but simply focused on PRODUCING, I’m actually so far ahead that anybody who has a racial question about my performance will simply be blown away by my pro performances.

  358. …his whole game of just 17 min.

    I’ve never made an opinion good or no good for the Nets.

  359. Caris LeVert and Allen Crabbe missed practice today due to ankle injuries …

    Tonight the Wizards will play the Guangzhou Long-Lions in Washington, DC.

    Tyler Hansborough will play for Guangzhou. He spent the past year in the NBA G-League (formerly the D-League) with the Fort Wayne Mad Ants where he averaged 17.6 points and 12.2 rebounds per game. See : https://www.tarheelblog.com/2017/7/21/16007136/unc-tar-heels-basketball-alumni-tyler-hansbrough-ty-lawson-china


  360. I think Teodovic is going to be a really good back up PG in this league

  361. I have tried to classify teams according to their success and spendings. Here is what I get, which doesn’t come as an surprise. Roughly speaking, the more money the team spent, the better the team is with a few exceptions like Detroit and New Orleans.

    Group 1 Cleveland, Golden State, OKC spent over $130M
    Group 2 spent over $120M: Miami, Milwaukee, Washington, Portland, Houston
    Group 3 spent about $116M: Detroit, New Orleans (Inefficient Big Spenders)
    Group 3: spent over $109M: LA Clippers, San Antonio, Charlotte, Minnesota, Toronto, Utah, Boston
    Group 4: spent over cap: Denver, LA Lakers, New York, Memphis, Atlanta
    Group 5: spent under cap: Brooklyn, Orlando, Indiana, Sacramento, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Dallas, Chicago

  362. Tyler Hansborough could help the Nets but Tyler Zeller is not a bad choice either.
    Between them, Zeller is still a better choice.

  363. Lin is simply one of a kind player; a gift from God.

  364. You can bet on that Charlotte Hornets is going to have another disappointing year.

  365. Zach Lowe ranked Brooklyn Nets quite high at #22 above Hornets and Knicks.

    22. BROOKLYN NETS (25)

    We did not trigger the Ian Eagle Corollary, which calls for an artificial deduction if the Nets finish too high after their automatic perfect-10 in the Minutia category. This feels right for a frisky young team that will go all-out, run like hell, and bomb from deep.

    D’Angelo Russell gets a fresh start, and he has both the creativity and the vision to be a plus playmaker if he kicks his addiction to points. He whips the ball ahead in transition, and should do well in Kenny Atkinson’s go-go system. The rock will fly when Russell and Jeremy Lin play (and probably start) together.

    The Nets don’t have a traditional big man who can open the court like Brook Lopez did, but if DeMarre Carroll beats out Rondae Hollis-Jefferson at power forward, they should be able to stash three shooters around Lin and Russell pick-and-rolls with Timofey Mozgov.

    There are fun bit players, too. Caris Levert feels the game. Isaiah Whitehead dribbles with a snappy, hunched staccato that keeps defenders off-balance, and has the strength to power through obstacles at the rim.

    Quincy Acy smashes stuff. Trevor Booker shoves dudes out of the way for offensive rebounds, and chases people down in transition; his sheer effort seems to unnerve opponents.

    Give the Nets a chance!


  366. What about the 26.5-29.5 wins predictions?

  367. Was it by Zach Lowe’s?

    Not sure about his projection but in this ranking, it’s based points on 5 subjective criteria, to be the “Most Watchable/Least Watchable” so not necessarily # of games won, but who’s the most entertaining to watch in League Pass

  368. KHuang, Lin has great intangibles but I beg to differ in the degrees of greatness you accorded to Lin. Specifically, regarding your 6 points:

    1. physical domination: Lin is above average in athleticism (not vertical but in all other aspects). I will say he was (still is?) one of the fastest down the court in fast breaks I have seen. When I think of physical domination, I think of Westbrook or LeBron or Shaq.

    2. flawless fundamentals: His footwork when dribbling is definitely not flawless. Good fundamentals. When I think of flawless fundamentals, I think of Tim Duncan, Hakeem the Dream, Magic, Nash, the original Isiah Thomas etc.

    3. Highest possible IQ: I really can’t say Lin has the highest but I will say Lin has a high BB IQ.

    4. Extreme life and social toughness: Lin’s plenty tough mentally but again, it’s difficult to say “toughest”.

    5. Christian faith: This, I probably would agree in that his faith does give him strong attitude towards life and BB. Got good family support also.

    6. Makes teammates better: Yes, definitely but again, to say he’s on par with the best of all time in this area, Tim Duncan, I just don’t know.

    So, overall, I sort of agree but not to the extent of greatness you accord to Lin.

  369. Treating Batum as a max player was a big mistake. I just don’t know why MJ would do this. Batum is a good backup forward imo. His role was optimal for him at Portland. Based on last year’s performances, anyone who would allow Lin to walk while treating Batum as a near max player doesn’t know BB.

  370. Good pass on the first play.

  371. do you like the spurs this year? btw duncan is one of the goats

  372. I like Mozgov passes already. Lin’s cutting to the rim with that kind of speed will be hard to defend.

    Moz was also hard to move in the second clip, ready for the offensive rebound

  373. I agree, too high on Batum. I think he’s a starting player but not a max player. Not a clutch player at all.

    I hope Charlotte does better this season. It’s mostly a good bunch of guys there that Lin is friends with.

  374. That was a lot of speed from Lin.

  375. What is wrong with Horry? Why would he say something like that? Tim Duncan was one of the best ever at his position, near the best. Hakeem was a dominant big man, but not one of the top ever.

  376. How is everyone here planning to watch pre season games? Is ballstreams still up and running?

  377. #3 funny

  378. Because they needed someone who wouldn’t outshine Walker. No one else would sign with a small market team like Hornets.

  379. Nets just can’t start the season with a fully healthy team :/

  380. LOL, so fast I didn’t realize it was Lin the first time I saw it. I assume it was one of the black players on the team.

    Deceptively fast!

  381. YouTube?

  382. No more ball streams.

  383. Funny, I didn’t even realize it was Lin! I was thinking it was DLo and saying to myself “He’s faster than I thought.” Lin was fast there.

  384. lol

  385. So far, I’m disheartened to see only clips of Lin playing off the ball in practice. In one of the clips recently posted, his teammates practically mauled him while he drove to the rim from Moz pass, yet he still made the basket. From past experience, we heard him yelling when he knew he got hit without a foul call. Watching the clip, I sense that Lin is totally focused and has determined look in his eyes to make it work (whatever the arrangement is). Lin is practicing hard. We can see in the clip that his fingers got taped. If he does not get a break from his teammates, I am scared to think what opponent players will or would do to him in real game. I pray that he will be healthy throughout the season, and protect his body from potential illegal hits.

  386. LOL, I thought I saw a Lin 7 years younger.

  387. https://www.reddit.com/r/nbastreams/

    never used these links so cant say if its good but i just know of this subreddit

  388. they’re just clips. obviously whoever posts the clips will only post the ones that involve the nets new “star”…

    i have faith kenny wont let the offense get “sticky”. both lin and dlo will get to handle the ball. this isnt houston/mcfail

  389. We’ll see. Lin must not let it slide this time especially in his expiring contract year. He’s been through so much already!

  390. what….. KHuang u serious?!… At least Beverly provided some defence and toughness, Rivers gives nothing..

  391. Crabbe and LeVert are out for the 1st preseason game tomorrow, as expected

  392. Nice JLin shirt!

    Nice! Got mine quick and easy in section 1! I’ll be there wearing my @JLin7 shirt

  393. In this clip, Dlo seems slow footed to me. Sorry to say, but that’s my observation. And his teammates did not defend Dlo as hard as they did to Lin.

  394. watching the celtics vs hornets preseason game. my oh my how both teams stink…

    first things first, kyrie WILL be exposed this season. no longer will lebron’s gravity draw his defender away. he’s going to be defended extra hard every game. he’ll still chuck and get tons of points though. and his defense is already a joke. stevens is going to pull his hair out with kyrie…

    hayward? he’s a good player but he’s way over hyped and overrated. horford is solid as usual. smart actually improved. slimmed down, worked in his shot. brown looks good but still too early to tell. tatum is a rookie. the biggest issue is their bigs. baynes? morris? yabusele? omg…. i cant believe im going to say this but i’d rather have olynyk… and we took zeller, and amir signed in philly.

    all in all i think the celtics got worse. playoffs? sure. contenders? LOL!

    as for the hornets. i legit feel bad for them. dwight howard will destroy this team just as he destroyed all his other teams after he forced his way out of orlando. he’s a mess out there, posting up, clogging the lane, bricking hook shots, turnovers, free throws, lazy defense, etc. kemba still gonna chuck. batum still gonna suck. marv still gonna regress, mkg still gonna hustle but cant shoot, etc. i actually see lamb and monk break out on this team if they get hot shooting. zeller is solid, frank can space the floor. both lamb and monk will play with these 2 and the second unit may actually be better than the 1st unit… will cliff have the balls to bench dwight?

    i feel good about the talent on the nets. we have a good mix of young guys and vets. we’re going to surprise everyone. after preseason i’ll see if my expected wins goes up or down. im at 45 right now. i feel we’re a few games above .500… excited for tomorrow even though crabbe and caris wont play.

  395. as long as they play the regular season im good. m praying for good health this season. we’re going to be good i just have a good feeling.

  396. it’s not up to lin. it’s up to kenny. i have faith in kenny. besides, dlo is a good passer and a willing passer. if he’s handling the ball and feeding lin, it’s all good…

  397. he is, but he’s very smooth. the more shooters we have, the easier it’ll be for both him and lin to attack the rim and collapse the defense, leading to open 3’s or dump offs at the rim. the lin game winner in that scrimmage is a perfect example. he hit the cutter, the cutter passed to the open man, the open man got the bucket.

  398. As much as I dislike Mchale, he’s 10X better coach than KA.

  399. kenny EMPOWERS lin.

    mchale TEARED HIM DOWN.

    there is NO comparison….

  400. The EMPOWER word is remained to be seen. By the way, I was comparing their coaching abilities NOT how they treated Lin.

  401. I’m in NYC area, watching MSG network since the Knicks are playing the Nets.

  402. I knew it was Lin. The hair.

  403. what coaching abilities? mchale is dumb. he said give it to harden and get out of his way. that’s why he’s fired. listen to him call games and it’s apparent he’s not a basketball mind.

    kenny looks at film endlessly. his inbounds plays are great. his motion offense is modern. he gives the ball to lin.

    i dont know what you’re watching man…

  404. Of course, the Nets will not risk further injury to the team superstars in preseason.

  405. Will Lin be iced out? We’ll see. Lin recently said that he’s looking forward to be used like Celtics utilize IT in whatever capacity. Isn’t that an implicit message to Kenny to use him “wisely” like Coach Stevens did for IT? My take from this snippet of suggestion to Kenny is that Lin won’t be handling the point much!

  406. Good, more chance for Nets to rise up haha! Worst Celtics does, the better position Nets will be in. Celtics will be Nets’ biggest contender in the same division after Raptors.

    I feel Hayward would make a better team with JLin, wish they could team up somehow especially since both like DOTA.

  407. Just let their own resumes speak for themselves instead. Mchale might be dumb about cooking or calculus etc…(we don’t know) but please don’t call him dumb about his basketball.

  408. i think you’re looking too much into things. what lin’s saying without outright saying it, is now that brook is off the team they can play a modern offense. guard centric, spread open floor, lots of passing and movement.

    no more slow footed oafs wanting to post up every possession clogging the paint. this is exactly why dwight is a cancer. he thinks he should post up but he aint shaq, instead he just ends up clogging the lane forcing the perimeter players into jumpers….

  409. Nets won’t risk injury on any players. Too bad for Levert, it was his chance to start and prove himself oh well. Nets are really cursed with injuries.

  410. i think they start lin/dlo/carroll/rhj/mozgov tomorrow…

  411. Mchale had zero clue about coaching, couldn’t draw up plays or write X’s and O’s just embarrassing. He was just hired to be Morey’s puppet coach and it backfired on him.

    KA is a genius compared to Mchale. KA actually has plays during timeouts and is will to switch the positions of players to fit their skills better (ex: Levert PG to SF, RHJ SG to PF).

    The only thing KA lacks is holding players accountable and benching players when they are chucking shots and icing Lin out.

  412. Lavert already proved his skills last season to earn full opportunity from the boss, SM.

  413. There was a clip of Lin vs DLo’s team on scrimmage and Lin was handling the ball. They aren’t going to show everything. If you watch the new NBA clip of Nets the first one was Lin taking it to the rim, 2nd one was DLo.

    We will know how Nets will play tomorrow. How they looks during preseason game will determine whether they are serious contenders this season.

  414. it cannot be overstated how bad kyrie is without lebron. the on-off numbers for lebron are insane. you’d think kyrie can hold his own when lebron sits… NOPE! replace lebron with hayward and it’s a joke.

    ainge is clearly going young and waiting out lebron’s career. not to mention the GSW giant in the west…

  415. Top of hair looks too puffy, might need to wear a headband too and confuse the defender even more lol.

    It’s weird hope it will look better on game day.

  416. he’s a terrible coach. please explain why you think he’s good…

    i think you just hate kenny for whatever reason…

  417. Your opinions are not matched with fact about his career.

    9 out of 10 coaches are the puppets of their GMs, it’s nothing new.

  418. I don’t believed McHale is NBA legendary coach but to compare to KA? 10 to 1.

  419. why is he better? what specifically?

  420. LOL I had to do a double take as well, I was like the jersey is 7 but why does the hair look like DLo O.o

  421. I am confused,

    “what lin’s saying without outright saying it”

  422. To start with KA is the worst coach in the NBA as of now. KA has been so bad makes everyone else a better coach than him.

  423. Except he was clueless coach who couldn’t draw plays. All he did was allow his favorites Harden, and Parson stat pad and benched Lin whenever he caught fire or got a TO.

  424. I’ve just agreed with you that’s he’s Morey’s puppet and you disagreed?

  425. he doesnt want to insult brook. lin literally said “no offense to last year but we got better”… the big reason why is that brook wont be clogging the paint anymore. dlo will be his new running mate.

    etc. clearly the league is trending to the perimeter game….

  426. Not with Crabbe and DLO healthy he won’t. Crabbe was suppose to play SF position when healthy with DLo at SG and Lin at PG.

  427. that doesnt answer why. even if kenny is the worst, he’s still got an nba coaching job. mchale is an analyst…. fired and humiliated…..

  428. They will have a long waiting time, GSW is young so they will dominate for years if they can keep all 3-4 of their stars. Lebron on the other hand is at the end of his prime.

  429. Would he say we got worse? Of course not. Lin would never insulted anyone especially Brook, only you wanted it to be.

  430. All active NBA players are better than Michael Jordan now if that’s how you tried to make the comparison.

  431. Except you insist that Mchale was a good coach and better that KA which he isn’t.

  432. i think levert will out play crabbe. did you see caris’ arms? he got stronger. he looked good in summer league and will run the bench unit this year. but who will close out games? i think caris is right in the mix with his combination of ball handling, driving, dishing, and defense. the only question mark is his shooting at the nba level….

  433. Yes, because we won’t see Lin in the Nets uniform next 1 or 2 seasons. Lavert will be still be a Net.

  434. In my observation, Dlo passed to Carrol to score, but Carrol was covered/blocked at the rim. Carrol was smart enough to pass to Lin who was open and nailed the last seconds pass to win in OT. I credit Carrol not Dlo for that pass, sorry. Don’t get me wrong, I do want Dlo to do well but so far I sense that Nets management/Kenny is giving the key to wrong person.

  435. Levert has lots of potential but with Crabbe’s big contract and being a favorite, chances of Levert starting over a healthy Crabbe is slim.

  436. i think klay leaves for max money. ny? he’d be a superstar playing with porzingis…

  437. unfortunately, that’s the fact. McHale’s resume is 10X better than player development coach.

  438. And you don’t know that, this is just an assumption. Whether Lin stays or not we’ll know after this season is over. If Nets go far into the playoffs there’s no way Nets will be dumb enough to let him go.

  439. I think Klay should leave, he’s got rings already and needs his own team to prove himself as the man. I want to see what he can do as the leader of his own team. He’s lived under Curry and Durant’s shadows for too long.

  440. SM’s moves last summer spoke volume. Their direction shows where they are heading.

  441. except mchale isnt retired. it’s just no one wants him. he was called mc fail since his days in minny and his houston days only proved that correct.

  442. SM’s moves had a balance of both experienced and young players in 30s and 20s. His moves filled the gaps on the teams and missing positions they needed. Again until Nets throws Lin under the bus and mistreats him, he’s part of the future.

  443. I and many once called him Mc fail too but his failing level was still much higher than KA’s most achieved coaching record.

  444. starting? no. but closing out games and major minutes? hell yeah. levert is a stud. crabbe is a specialist. im very skeptical about him expanding his game. levert doesnt need to expand, he just needs to get better cuz he can already do it all…

  445. Getting Dlo and Crabbie were the moves throwing Lin off the bus.

    Speaking of future, 29 or 30 are no future investment.

  446. (Timofey Mozgov / Tyler Zeller / Jarrett Allen ) at 5
    (RHJ / DeMarre Carrol / Trevor Booker) at 4
    (DeMarre Carrol / Joe Harris / Quincy Acy ) at 3
    DLo and JLin at 1 and 2. (backup Dinwiddie / Sean Kilpatrick / Isaiah Whitehead)

    The depth of this team will stretch the imagination of Lin fans. Will this team be affected by missing LeVert / Crabbe )? Hardly!!!!
    Atkinson is going to have problems of playing everyone. He is relieved, sort of.

    What is amazing is the depth at 5 with the signing of Tyler Zeller. All I can say about Zeller is he is a legit NBA player, giving him the minutes that he deserves. Of course the mentoring of Jarrett Allen will start too.

    Things are looking up for Nets. I think the missing of LeVert and Crabbe is a blessing in disguise because we can see more of Joe Harris, DeMarre and Quincy. Just fancy how much improvement they have made in the off-season.

    Mind you this is the contract year of Trevor Booker, Quincy Acy, Sean Kilpatrick, Joe Harris and to some extent Jeremy Lin, Spencer Dinwiddie, Tyler Zeller and Isaiah Whitehead.

    This is more or less an experienced team. Last season it was like a new team or a team of expansion.

  447. i dont see klay as a #1 option but as a part of a dynamic duo. he cant really create his own offense.

    either way he’s in curry, durant, and even draymond’s shadow….

  448. the voice of reason

  449. Agree, I hope Nets and KA won’t be like typical teams forced to play players with big contract even though others on the team are better. No reason why Levert shouldn’t start over Crabbe if he’s the better player. Of course they can always give Levert big minutes and start Crabbe for the entire season before trading him away.

  450. the point is that he passed to the right person, made the right play. if that was harden it would’ve been a step back 3. make or miss it’s on him. selfish.

    the way it went down with dlo was totally different. he passed. carroll had the option to score or pass. he was covered well and so passed to the open man. kudos to the vet for also making the right play. lastly kudos to lin for making the shot. he’s clutch, that much is a fact.

    the bottomline is this: dlo passes the ball. he likes to pass and make plays. lin will benefit from this. just like other players benefit from lin, lin will now benefit from dlo. it’s funny how we criticize harden for ballhogging yet we want lin to ballhog… i dont want to see that. i want to see beautiful bball like gsw and spurs with lin being a big part of it…

  451. Yes he went from 2nd to 3rd and 4th option. And Kyrie Irving can’t make his teammates people. Klay is a team player and deserves a chance to be no.1 option to see how far he can go. I’m sure there will teams willing to offer him a big contract if he leaves.

  452. he already said he wont play people just because they’re young. i hope that extends to not playing people just becayse they have big contracts…

  453. We have our different opinions on many subjects but I never forget that we both hold Lin in the highest esteem…higher than many Lin fans dare to dream possible. We share this belief so deeply that no one can sway us from that belief. You and I don’t care what doubters say because we both have watched athletes perform for a very long time. You have the most knowledge of the history of basketball than most of us combined. My expertise is in tennis and golf and having been a starter PG in high school. We know deep down inside that Lin is a once in a generation player. Let’s hope Marks and Atkinson believe this as well, certainly MDA believed it so much that he stood his ground for the offence to run the Knicks through Lin and paid the ultimate price for it.

  454. LeVert will give Crabbe a big push. He will love to have more minutes.

  455. Nay! This is the contract year of Lin. Lin will have his way and whether he could be the future of Nets, we will see.

  456. I wish I could agree with you.

  457. Lin is 29 and versatile enough to be valued higher than DLo for a few years. He is the franchise player at present and the near future. DLo won’t be a factor affecting Lin until his rookie contract expires

  458. Not a fan of Kyrie from the beginning, I thought he’s a performance artist with no clue about winning when he was the 1st option.

  459. He’s much less a coach than a player.

  460. The problem is the Nets are mainly developing in the next few years after Lin’s career prime years.

  461. That’s true but as a coach, he was many times better than KA.

  462. This is my prediction on Dlo, SM will decline team option for Dlo next season so he can lock him as a long term max contract instead of letting him become unrestricted free agent. This will happen sometimes next year.

  463. The first year coach with all his point guards at the beginning stage of season lost to injury. He has to start a rookie, Isaiah Whitehead, as his PG. Isaiah Whitehead will probably be the first player on the 15 players roster to be cut.
    With Lin back in full health, Atkinson is not infallible but a competitive head coach in NBA. What a change he’s made Lopez gone through in one year! He’s on his way to be a very good coach.

  464. I was most impressed with the centers. Howard was very much everything you said above. He could really use a pnr partner like Lin to get easy shots.
    But I disagree with the Celtic centers. Both Bayne and thies seemed to clog the paint on defense and spread the floor on offense. Their bigs seem to be the biggest assest on the team.

    I’m still not high on the Nets roster. I don’t see anyone other then Lin of course who could dominate at their position. Lin will have to be creative to orchestrate the offense. They should just play zone on defense. There isnt much foot speed to cover the floor on defense for the nets. I do think the rebounding will be better, which is a plus.

  465. Hayward would be a horrible teammate. He and Lin would just play video games all night and be exhausted.

  466. I like how the nets are balanced. I give credit to Sean Marks has put thought into building the team. I also don’t blame him too much since he didn’t have draft picks of assests other then Lopez, but the roster listed above is the line up no other team in the NBA wants.

    The nets are the discarded, unwanted, bad news bears of the NBA.
    Sorry but that’s really how they look to me. I’m still watching because of Lin, but this roster scares No one.

  467. Nets are developing at a phenomenal speed.

  468. KA is on his way to build a new team from scratch and helps his players to improve. I can’t say the same for McHale.

  469. What? Awe you trolling now? Atkinson heart I believe is in the wrong place. He is too soft. But McHale was bad at x and o. And he was bad at managing people. The only redeeming quality of McHale was he was good at taking orders from Morey, who never played basketball.

  470. You rated Atkinson just after 1 year of head coaching plagued by injury. It aint fair.
    McHale has not had success with any team as GM or coach.

  471. I thought McHale must be smart about basketball. After watching him in houston I think Bird was probably the brains behind the operation.

  472. ? percent correct on your assessment of KA. Would love to see some accountability this year,.

  473. Well DLo is a bit taller and has the wing span working for him but he’s not explosive enough.

  474. Lopez was slow. That was annoying. Then he wouldn’t use his 7 foot frame to roll. That was annoying. Then he really got frustrating when he wasn’t posting high rebound stats.

  475. EVERYBODY on the Warriors is in Draymond Green’s shadow.

    They like it that way because Green is the NBA’s biggest matchup problem (equal to Lin in how much discomfort he generates for opponents) and the Golden State stars enjoy ALLOWING Green to lead them!

  476. Just looks weird to me when Asians have afros or cornrows. We have nice straight hair. Every ethnicity celebrate your natural physical qualities.

  477. ESPN is very much behind in rating Nets. 25 wins, five more wins for Nets with a healthy Jeremy who had missed 46 games last season.

    EsPN! forget it. You are wrong again. Last season was an accident with all their PGs gone before the season really had warmed up.

    Look at the depth of the chart. The team is a much much better team than last season. They will be around 50% mark the whole season.

  478. NO HE ISN’T.

    McHale had a stupid 80s outdated iso game that was designed for an easier era with completely different rules.

    Those outdated 80s coaches were the SCOURGE of Lin’s early career until Clifford and the Hornets.

  479. The empower word is REFLECTED IN STATS:

    Lin has his best overall year statistically, putting up MVP numbers per minute.

  480. I’d call McHale VERY DUMB about basketball.

    Any coach like him or Scott who thinks the illegal defense 80s rule still applies to today’s game, he should be out of the NBA.

  481. If you are talking about the 80s Celtics, Bird and McHale were SUPER SMART players in an era which was all about 1 on 1 basketball because the hated illegal defense rule prevented zones (or at least gave unfavorable advantage to teams like McHale’s Celtics that routinely played zone while lesser teams were whistled for constant violations).

  482. No he isn’t.

    McHale STUPIDLY LOST THE CHAMPIONSHIP during Lin’s 2nd year.

    Any coach that benches Lin behind Beverley is a FLAT OUT RACIST WHO DOESN’T KNOW BASKETBALL.

  483. Mchale was LES ALEXANDER’S puppet, but McHale ENRAGED ALEXANDER when it was clear the Rockets couldn’t get motivated after Lin was gone.

  484. Even if Lin is iced out, he’ll still GET HIS.

    Lin is the most vicious NBA ballhawk, he’s made his career off rebounding and defense and loose balls.

  485. The Rockets were NOT playing the “stupid” 80s outdated game. Their offense was fast pace combination with PnR. With some exception there, DHoward was the team second best star, giving him iso post up was a must have.

  486. Control yourself chang, I am not trolling. We have different opinions and that’s healthy, not trolling. I’ve seen him x and o many occasions.

  487. Here’s my current report card on the Nets before they start preseason:

    Lin: A+.
    In his role and minutes, nobody in the league can play better than he has. Expect him to be off the ball for various reasons – and expect him to still GET HIS.

    Nets roster: G-
    Why G minus? Because outside of Lin, I don’t think the Nets can beat even a G league team!

    Coach Atkinson: B-
    I felt he used Lin PERFECTLY last season, but his adoration of Foye and RHJ just angered me. What really pissed me off is that Atkinson had true NBA talent that he refused to use. This year, I anticipate that Atkinson will use Lin to prop up lesser players. If this happens, Atkinson would drop down to a D for me.

    GM Marks: F—-
    I disagreed with every single move this summer. Even the Tyler Zeller signing, the Nets could have had far more proven NBA centers for similar money. I frown on any GM that picks up bad long term contracts that are attached to overrated players who lack the physicality or even desire to work hard to win professionally. And then Marks deliberately got rid of every single Net that could play, apart from Lin who is just a placeholder until
    his contract expires. The Nets are now a team of LOSERS outside of Lin.

    Overall grades:
    Nets: F (would be F- if Lin were not protecting everyone)
    Lin: A+, but he’ll drop down to “only” an A for me if he reinjures himself by overexerting himself to protect some scrubby lazy teammate who refuses to play hard.

  488. Per Minute? I thought you said the empower word is reflected in stats? If his stats per minutes is allstar production, why did he lose at least half of his pg floor general duty to Dlo?

  489. Your acknowledgement that McHale Lost the championship alone was enough to show he’s much better than the last place player development coach KA.

  490. I am beginning to agree with KHuang’s take on Lonzo Ball.

  491. Grrr…..

    I believe that the Nets shipped out an entire 5 man squad that would easily crush any combination of this year’s Nets that doesn’t have Lin on the court:

    PG: Yogi Ferrell
    SG: Archie Goodwin
    SF: KJ McDaniels
    PF: Justin Hamilton
    C: Brook Lopez

    That’s a pretty good team of NETS REJECTS, and I’m not sure if even Lin with any 4 Nets from this season could beat those guys.

  492. If you bring in Les, both McHale and Morey are his puppets.

  493. Why?

    I’m not taunting you, but weren’t you believing that Ball was a “future All Star?”

    Most Lin fans (NOT YOU) utterly hate and flame me for hating Ball’s game which I view as UNATHLETIC and even SELFISH in its own way.

    If Ball didn’t have his enterprising loudmouth vaudeville father, he WOULD NOT EVEN HAVE BEEN DRAFTED.

    I’m so tired of people claiming “Lonzo Ball is WAY BETTER than Jeremy Lin”.

  494. He did run the floor, however, to receive Lin’s football passes, and he converted them. That’s what I liked about Lopez. It’s different now, Mozgov looks like a good pocket passer and PnR guy so it’ll be more Lin’s type of center.

  495. Seeing his highlights, yes, but seeing his lowlights, no. I think it will be a very slow, long climb to that All-Star status, if ever. Right now, he’s Curry without Curry’s 3 point shooting. Not even that really.

    You don’t want me to change my mind? Isn’t that good if you are willing to change your mind based on additional evidence? Nothing is certain at this point.

  496. 19 yr old and hasn’t played a single regular season game as a pro. Take it easy.

  497. True but he’s a high draft and his dad said he was ready. lol

  498. Team sport, need time to gel.

  499. No my friend,
    I’m in full agreement with you.

    I guess what I was really asking you was this: “What is it about Lonzo Ball
    that makes him an elite talent?”

    In Lin’s case, I can rattle off at least 10 reasons (it’s actually way more than that).

    But with Ball, I don’t acknowledge any of the FAKE HYPE that surrounds him. I strip the hype and look at his GAME.

    So I’m asking you, what was it about Ball that impressed you so much? Are you seeing something that I need to pay more attention to?

  500. I initially thought he had a very good body control and court sense. I still think he does but not sure he will be able to get to the rim to demonstrate these skills. He’s slower than I thought. Before I only saw him play for 5 minutes but I saw him play for 10 minutes today. Lol

  501. NOBODY TOOK IT EASY ON LIN, why should we do what you say and GO PANSY on a HYPED #2 “future All Star” that most people say is “better than Lin already?”

    If people are gonna crow about how much “better Ball is than Lin”, why should we pamper Ball when our guy Lin is always teetering on NBA race expulsion?

  502. But nobody gave Lin time to gel, why should we give the more coddled and less athletic and less skilled Ball more slack than Lin?

  503. I spoke for my own opinion, not “nobody else”. Lin was horrible in his rookie year at GS and he said it himself in Linsanity documentary.

  504. That’s the unfortunate thing about Lin. The business is they will only protect their high draft players NOT the undrafted ones.

  505. Thanks, excellent post.

    I am the only NBA fan who thinks Ball is MISCAST as a point guard. That’s because his dad hyped him as “the next Jason Kidd” even though Ball is nowhere as rugged and fast thinking and athletic and as explosive as Kidd was.

    If you look at his stature and body type and skillset, he is a carbon copy even physically of KEVIN MARTIN. And we all know that Martin was a GREAT shooter in the NBA.

    People think Ball’s best skill is passing. But if one looks at his stats, it’s his OUTSIDE SHOOTING that really sticks out. This is a guy that can hit accurately from the 3, even with people in his face and with a legitimately quick release.

    If I were coaching him on the Lakers, I’d play Lonzo at the 2, not the 1. I’d placate Lavar Ball by letting Lonzo do his slow wobbly dribble upcourt, but then I’d have Lonzo cutting and screening and playing a traditional 2 man role.

    Lonzo Ball could become the next Kevin Martin – and that would be an EXCELLENT NBA SG.

  506. Your opinion about Lin’s “horrible rookie year” is WRONG, and you are misconstruing Lin’s words.

    During Lin’s rookie year, he was UTTERLY DOMINANT defensively. I think he also had a high PER, and he performed just as well as he did now in the few times he got anything close to extended minutes on a NBA court. Plus Lin was D League 1st
    team with Reno.

    Lin didn’t get many minutes because he had a STUPID coach in Keith Smart that got fired for disobeying Joe Lacob. But the actual PRODUCTION that Lin did was terrific. That’s why I proclaimed him capable of All Star performances in January 2012 and got flamed for it.

  507. The media and NBA fans can do their racial double standard all they want. SO CAN YOU when you protect your fragile little Lonzo Ball who had the misfortune of being drafted #2 and forcefed minutes.

    But me, I judge Lin and Ball with the same racial standard. In my eyes, there’s only PRODUCTION. And Ball BETTER PRODUCE, especially since I myself have not cut ANY slack for Lin!

  508. Agree.

    The Nets love D’Angelo Russell, he is blindly overvalued the way the Hornets overvalued Nicolas Batum.

    Just as Lin fans here correctly predicted Batum being a BUST before Batum even halfway through his first Charlotte season, smart Lin fans like you are predicting Russell will be a similar overpaid bust.

  509. He was an undrafted, what do you expect? He’s lucky to have some playing minutes as 3rd string backup.

    Even when Lin was with the Knicks, he played horribly in Boston, the game before Linsanity breakout vs D Will of the Nets.

    My point was people need to be patient when judging someone career. Olonzo still not play a single season game yet.

  510. Let stay with basketball, and stop calling me a racial double standards if you CAN discuss basketball without blaming race.

  511. I’ve seen so many players have a rough time in under 20 minutes like Lin did that game.

    And I’m not talking guys like Lin who DID NOT PRACTICE with his team and HAD NO EXPERIENCE. I’m talking ALL STARS, even Hall of Famers. Anybody can look bad in low minutes.

    One thing that you don’t understand is that your boy Ball is being forcefed minutes and touches and STILL he doesn’t produce.

    Contrast that to Lin who as a GSW rookie effortlessly racked up double figure scoring and smoothly took control against the championship level Lakers in a low minute preseason game. Now if Ball played like Lin did that game, THAT would get my attention in a good way!

  512. Then he gets BASHED like a “ready high draft pick” deserves to be bashed.

  513. Just like Hollywood, NBA promote their business by promoting their young stars to sell popularity and success.

  514. Fair enough.

    But why do you coddle Ball and trash Lin then?

    Ball is a #2 pick, he’s paid big $ to be bashed.

    Lin’s an undrafted nobody, why should he be bashed when he OUTPERFORMED BALL at the same stage in their careers?

  515. But that HYPE doesn’t work on hardened veteran observers like me who look at PRODUCTION regardless of hype.

    If I listened to the hype, I’d have FAILED to predict Linsanity before it happened. I’d have been just another sorry loser analyst who crowed “Jeremy Lin is too unathletic to play in the NBA because he’s Asian”.

  516. No one here a bigger lin fan than I do. I bashed everyone including GMs and head coaches of the Hornets and the Nets for the way they treated Lin. Many even went out of their way to defend KA and SM after what they lied to Lin to get him sign for a bargain contract. Lin wasted his last season and also this season to babysit a bunch of Sean Marks’ investment young players. So saying I bashed lin was also wrong about me.

  517. The true evaluation of DLo will come out after the end of this season. Let’s not Let’s not get too much ahead. He’s going to have a bigger role on this team but I’m not sure he will excel in it. He talks more than he has delivered on the court.

  518. Interesting debate on Lonzo. Always thought his shot wouldn’t translate to the NBA but idk maybe I’m too much of a football fan, looking at it like a QB’s throwing mechanics. It all will Depend on how Lonzo shoots. This will determine whether he becomes a star or not. If teams don’t respect his shoot then he will look average or even below average.

  519. takeme2cruz, I’m not actually against you like I seem to be.

    You’re just trying to explain the reality of how Ball is perceived – and you’re doing a great job of it.

    I’m just explaining how I see Ball and Lin from a ZERO HYPE perspective, and I suspect the way I perceive those players is a lot different from what you and every other Lin fan thinks!

  520. They don’t care about what worked on production, they only care what worked as business decision and that is the hype.

  521. Any nets unit with out Lin would struggle.

  522. Disagree.
    Mozgov, RHJ, DeMarre, Dinwiddie, DLo will win.
    Dinwiddie is underrated! Of course he’s better than Yogi.
    DLo is better than Archie Goodwin.
    McDaniels can’t come close to DeMarre.
    RHJ can defend Hamilton.
    Mozgov is not exactly a pushover.
    As a team, Mozgov, RHJ, DeMarre, Dinwiddie and DLo will prevail. The team chemistry is a lot better because DeMarre, RHJ, and Dinwiddie has had experience with Atkinson’s offense. DLo has played with Mozgov for quite a while. Mozgov will do well for Atkinson too.

  523. and I respect your opinion as always, I just want to say what mine was and to give him weeks or months into the regular season. Either one of us can still be wrong then.

  524. This is the crazy thing:

    I’m the ONLY fan that thinks Lonzo Ball is a TERRIFIC shooter who’s playing the wrong position!

    One thing about Ball that has translated to the NBA is that he can hit 3 pointers off the catch and off a single dribble, even under pressure. If I had to name the one skill that most translates for him, it’s his SHOOTING.

    So if Ball’s so great a shooter, why are his percentages so bad? To me it’s obvious – if Ball is playing out of position as a slow dribble driving PG with no pull up jumper when he’s actually more comfortable cutting and shooting off the catch or curling around a screen, then obviously Ball’s percentages are going to drop.

    Generally guards in the NBA are either ballhandlers or cutters. Those that can do both are typically All Star level players like Lin. But for everyone else, players have to know their strengths and play to them.

    I strongly feel if Ball had a traditional
    passing PG like Jeremy Lin, Ball would play off the ball and be a lot more comfortable and productive as a big time NBA scorer in the mold of Kevin Martin.

  525. Let put aside about trading away B Lpez, 1st round pick was the most precious source of building a team for any team especially the lack of pick Nets. So if SM traded that pick away, I am sure Dlo is important for the Nets future.

  526. I don’t give ANY player weeks or months to adjust, NOT EVEN LIN.

    In fact, one of the reasons I followed Lin was because he never had to adjust. He always stepped in and PRODUCED, even at Portsmouth which is the toughest NBA predraft camp there is.

    In my experience, players that can step in and produce right away for different teams are NBA KEEPERS. Lin was a prime example of that, BALL IS NOT.

  527. Don’t you think his mechanics will make his shots inconsistent?

  528. The misfortune of being drafted 2nd. LOL
    There are quite few around in the league.

  529. I don’t see anything wrong with his mechanics.

    When Ball shoots standstill, the ball has good rotation and goes up straight. Even with a defender flying at him, Ball will still
    hit that standstill

    Now when it comes to shooting off the dribble or initiating shots off a pick at the top of the key or breaking down an opponent in isolation from outside, Ball struggles in those areas because his point guard counterparts are too small and quick for him to get past.

    Ball’s shooting ability and overall game aren’t that different from that of Allan Crabbe. They have the same strengths and weaknesses. If you took Crabbe and forcefed him a starting point guard role, he’d BE Lonzo Ball!

  530. This is the fault of Keith Smart.
    Young Players need development. Atkinson is so much better than Smart.

  531. No way, there’s no way that soft slow hobbled disinterested coddled squad (not Lin) would hold up against the hungry beasts that the Nets got rid of.

  532. I’m guessing Lakers want to make Ball the next magic

  533. LOL

  534. Lacob said “I wanted Lin to be the backup point guard, but Smart and other guys overruled me”.

  535. You seem to put the cart in front of the horse.

  536. They do.

    They think that Ball is the next Jason Kidd.

    But Ball is slower, less athletic, less fierce, less explosive, and less fundamentally sound than Kidd was. The Lakers will find all of this out the hard way.

    The Lakers HAD the next Jason Kidd, and that player even performed for them with surprisingly good stats that only a few were aware of. Actually, that player shot better than Kidd did. That player was JEREMY LIN.


  538. Well he is young. Ill give him a year or two. When I first saw Dlo I thought he was too slow and unathletic. He seem to have developed well. Although, randle hasn’t to my surprise

  539. You mean a real bird?

  540. But he’s also RIGHT.

    That IS what the Nets are doing, he’s just reporting it after the fact.

  541. I thought Russell was slow and unathletic at Ohio State too.

    And I think Lonzo Ball is EVEN LESS ATHLETIC than Russell who I consider below average as a NBA athlete!

    Randle, he’s a tweener that I said had to learn how to be the next Mark Aguirre as an inside outside dribble scorer. At least Randle’s had some good numbers.

  542. What’s the funny part?

    I can see many areas of hilarity, I’m just curious.

  543. Dlo seem like he’ll be pretty good especially with Lin there to take pressure off of him. Lakers better hope Lonzo is good with how much his dad hypes him and how much they gave to make him happy

  544. You seem to dislike any one on the team except Lin.

  545. I don’t see how Russell is going to be that good.

    Unless he has somehow become quicker and stronger, I still seeing him playing the exact soft pullup jumper game that caused so many losses for the Lakers.

  546. Still young

  547. This is why Smart isn’t smart and he got fired and probably unemployed after Lin humiliated his Sacramento team in front of a big crowd.

  548. You simply don’t like any other player on the team.
    This gets the better of you.

  549. You are CORRECT – mostly.

    I dislike players with a history of SOFT WEAK DISINTERESTED LOSER PLAY. Doesn’t matter if they are on Lin’s team or not.

    I will spare Joe Harris, Sean Kilpatrick, Caris Levert, and Quincy Acy from my wrath.

    Not even you can argue with me that the Nets outside of Lin are “winners.”

  550. No, it gets the better of YOU.

    Remember the season ending Chicago game?

    Your boys STUNK, my guys PRODUCED.

    And your new guys this year have STUNK HORRIBLY FOR YEARS. Why would you think that they’re suddenly going to beast out just because Lin’s there protecting them?

    I do like Harris, Kilpatrick, Acy, and Levert. But they’re not gonna beat my team of departed Nets team, even with Lin.

  551. I will let them prove to you on the court this season.

  552. You’ll LOSE this one.

    WATCH – it’s already happening in scrimmages.

  553. Only Dinwiddie played in that game. Mozgov, DeMarre, DLo, RHJ didn’t.

  554. Yes, and that’s why I called them “your new guys”.

    Wasn’t RHJ in that game? I thought I remembered him getting beaten into the ground. Ironically he had a TERRIFIC game earlier in the season against Chicago when Lin and Lopez drew all of Chicago’s defense and left RHJ, Dinwiddie, and Levert completely unguarded.

  555. My new guys will flourish under Atkinson because this coach will support them instead of dissing them.
    Admit it. The team that you put together is a very horrible team. LOL.

  556. Still SLOW – and getting SLOWER

  557. But if you have guys that OPENLY REFUSE to play hard like Russell ADMITTED he did last season, encouraging those guys will only cause them to SLACK MORE and PLAY WORSE.

    RHJ, he gets lit up every game and Atkinson doesn’t hold him accountable. And the same will go for the other Nets outside Lin.

    The Nets played a lazy preseason scrimmage pace because none of them other than Lin felt the pressure of accountability.

  558. If I keep Mozgov and DeMarre and then draw 3 other players at random, the result most likely is a team better than yours.
    3 out of 5 players on your team if not already cut now, will be cut this coming season.

  559. I don’t care whoever doing it. It doesn’t make good sense.
    Anthony Bennett is still looking for a job in NBA. DLo could be better but by how much. You need to see to believe it. Could he be the locker buster again?

  560. I have my suspicion written all over here. I just don’t believe he’s a franchise player in the near future unless he shows some maturityl in this coming season.

  561. This offseason, I finally saw a player that I feel can give Jeremy Lin SERIOUS TROUBLE.

    That player is the guard I called “the best guard in the 2017 class” BEFORE the draft: Dennis Smith.

    I thought Smith was the most talented and polished guard in the draft last year. He should have won MVP in Summer League over Lonzo Ball who didn’t even shoot 40%.

    When I saw Smith, I thought “He reminds me of a better Kevin Johnson”. However Smith at only age 19 is an even better athlete than All Star Kevin Johnson was, plus Smith has a far more nuanced game with flawless fundamentals and total team attitude. The Mavs love this guy.

    Since Lin entered the NBA, I have never felt that there was a single guard that Lin could not physically match or overpower. But this young Dennis Smith guy, he’s like a shorter Michael Jordan. I’m legitimately concerned for Lin here.

  562. We will see when Nets plays against Dallas this season.

  563. I hope Lin KILLS Dennis Smith.

    If Lin does, then Lin’s an even better athlete than I thought he was.

  564. You didn’t follow DeMarre and Mozgov last season.

    Both of them PLAYED TERRIBLY, they’re no match for McDaniels and Lopez.

    Just because a team cuts players doesn’t mean that they cut the right players. Look at how poorly cutting Yogi turned out for the Nets. And the Rockets cut Lin twice, that was stupid too.

    If you pick 3 other players, you’re gonna pick players from that Bulls game that my guys outproduced.

  565. To be fair, no coach could have survived the awful Kings ownership and DeMarcus Cousins who was one of the worst losers in the NBA.

  566. I think this is about time to remind you all of the win-predictions of Nets.
    (*** please help me to update the win predictions for Brooklyn Nets***)

    Kunal Kohli (40 wins) 29/9/2017
    Brooklyn Nets: Making the playoffs all but guaranteed

    Sir Charles in Charge Mason McFee (35:47) 20/9/2017
    Brooklyn Nets 2017-18 season primer: Building their way to relevance https://sircharlesincharge.com/2017/09/20/brooklyn-nets-season-primer-2017-18-building/6/

    Erik Slater (31:51) Brooklyn Nets 2017-2018 Season Preview 2/10/2017

    Bleacher Report Alec Nathan (30-52)

    ESPN predicted (29.5 wins) Aug 3, 2017, Kevin Pelton, ESPN Staff Writer

    Vegas Prediction: (28.5 wins) 30/8/2017
    Vegas releases over/under win totals for the 2017-18 NBA regular season

    Adam Fromal’s Record Projection: (28-54)
    Over? Under? Predicting Records for Every NBA Team Against Vegas Odds

    Bleacher Report (26 wins) Bleacher Report NBA Staff August 19, 2017

    ESPN.com predicted (26-56) wins Aug 16, 2017

    Basketball insiders (25 wins) By Benny Nadeau on July 19, 2017

    Josh Cornelissen (25wins :57) 19/09/2017 Brooklyn Nets: 2017-18 NBA season preview

    Vegas (21.5 wins)

    Adam Iafrate projected record: (21: 61) (last season he ranked Nets 20:62) Aug 24, 2017, 9:17am EDT

    Ranking the Atlantic Division: End of August edition

    CBS SportsLine (20.9 wins) Sep 5, 2017

    Colin Ward-Henninger @ColinCBSSports Jul 7, 2017 SportsLine (14.2 wins) per

  567. Of course Lin would perform better Veteran vs Rookie!

  568. Nets has had a hard time playing against Carlisle’s team.
    Mavericks has had better players than Nets. I’m not sure about this season though because the Nets has added on this team the depth that could challenge the Mavericks.

  569. What amazes me is this Nets can only sign 1 free agent, Tyler Zeller (27), in the offeseason.

    What Sean Marks has had targeted on are young unrestricted free agents with Allen Crabbe the oldest at 24. DeMarre (31) and Mozgov (31) come through a trade through salary dumping of other teams. I must say they are players that the team needs and not players to be dumped; yes, they are overpaid. What the heck! Nets needs to overpay to get players on board; perhaps, they won’t have to after this coming season.

  570. Lin under Steve Clifford is different from Byron Scott. DeMarre and Mozgov will play much better than that of last season.

  571. There are six players who need to play very well this season to keep their job on this team next season:
    Isaiah Whitehead, Tyler Zeller, Quincy Acy, Joe Harris, Sean Kilpatrick, and Trevor Booker. With a

  572. Except when it comes to scoring and offense it’s Curry and Durant leading the team. GSW will have a difficult time keeping Klay when his contract is up.

  573. lol Wrong, Steph Curry and Kevin Durant are both 29 and in their prime are they not the future? It shows Nets aren’t just investing in young players but have balance of age on the team.

  574. You do realize that the fast paced PnR was due to Lin right? Mchale even outright said PnR don’t win games he’s that dumb!

  575. And where is he right now? Fired and will never be hired again.

  576. Last year his cornrows looked cool, should’ve gone back to that instead, this just looks weird with the puffy top.

  577. I’ll have to disagree with you again on everything except for our man Lin.

    What is going to happen this season is that a healthy Lin will draw defence away from slow footer teammates and allow them to play comfortably within their limitations. You and I know any team sport match is not won or lost by how great you play, or even how badly you play. It’s as always dependant on how you can just be a little better than the other team. Basketball is a measure of inconsistency and percentages. Few can even shoot 50%, which means it’s not about athleticism or skills as much as making your percentages when it matters.

    WHEN YOU HAVE A CLUTCH GUY LIKE LIN ON ANY TEAM, HE IS MISTER FORTH QUARTER. What matters this year is that the crappy players beside Lin fits his style of game better. They aren’t that much better individually but they can be made better by Lin putting them into their own ideal sweet spots. Every single one of these guys can do something great, otherwise they would never have made it in the NBA.

    It’s why Lin is so great. His dominance on court forces team defence to focus on him. His quickness demands 2 players to handle his threat of totally wreaking their defence. He is the intangible that creates wins no matter how badly he plays the first 3 quarters….because in the end, if both teams is shooting less than 40%, Lin somehow makes his 40% in the forth quarter. “Lin for the win” was the saying from the Linsanity game against the Raptors. He made the last 6 points to to come from behind to with 2 clutch 3. In the stats book he was below 40%. Both teams were struggling to score. Jared Jeffries said after the game that it doesn’t matter how many shots Lin missed before that; it only matters that he made the ones that counted.

    Lin will make these guys winners.

  578. To me, the bottom line is that Nets allow a slow-footed Dlo controlling the point while Lin is running around the perimeter waiting for a bail out pass. Lin would not have made that pass when he saw the rim was clogged. Dlo got lucky from that pass. The ball was almost intercepted; it slipped out to Carroll who made the right decision to pass it to an open man which was Lin who had positioned himself to be at the right place. I withhold further judgement for now, we’ll see how he and Lin co-exist at the point once the real game begins.

  579. Maybe we should round up a list of our own predictions.


  580. I like how you described the bees. 😉

  581. @psalm234:disqus maybe a preseason game thread would be good

  582. I think he can shoot in catch and shoot situations but not in dribble and pull up situations. A very big weakness.

  583. lin has improved tho since then also

  584. It’s almost ready, thanks ?

  585. Good. It’s Lin! And it’s from the official Nets page.

  586. When I complain about the Nets being “bad”, I do not claim that they necessarily will have a bad record.

    With the East being so shockingly weak, there’s no telling how good the Nets record will be.

    But for sure, the Nets are WAY LESS TALENTED than last season.

  587. Like I wrote, the Nets simply did not try hard enough to get good players this offseason.

    They could have had people like Willie Reed ($1.5 million Clippers, already better than Mozgov and earns 10 times less) or Jordan Crawford (14 ppg in 23 mpg, about the same age as Crabbe but 18 times cheaper and produces more) or Tyler Hansbrough (just scored 29 points and grabbed 11 rebounds in a Charles Barkley imitation against the powerful Wizards, would have been 15 times cheaper than Carroll who cannot produce 29 11 against the Wizards).

    I think that the biggest problem with Marks and Atkinson is that they are more interested in getting nonproducing nonaggressive overpaid unathletic UNDISRUPTIVE role players to run their smooth flowing offensive basketball system instead of realizing that this is the NBA where the best producers are NOT smooth lazy underachieving unathletic role players and are DISRUPTIVE on the court!

  588. Oh, that’s just because fans are enraged that Carmelo Anthony was mercifully traded.

    Actually, the Knicks have a superb solid frontcourt outside of Noah.

    I saw some video of the Knicks scrimmaging. They’re a totally different team now than the bad attitude spoiled fake superstar no defense brats they used to be.

    Coach Jeff Hornacek has the Knicks playing hard unselfish basketball. It’s rudimentary in the backcourt because the guards simply have no talent, but the frontcourt looks very good and I’m NOT talking about Porzingis who is wildly overrated and has some bad soft lazy fake hustle habits he picked up from Melo. I’m talking about players like Hernangomez that play hardnosed two way unselfish basketball and will relentlessly stress out opponents on both ends of the court.

    The Knicks still won’t be good because the backcourt outside of Hardaway is so untalented and uncreative, but I think they’re going to be surprisingly tough this season now that Phil Jackson’s stuporstar ways have been flushed off the Knicks.

  589. Finally, game day✌️It’s time for new thread.

  590. So how do i watch this game from california legally?

  591. Very soon ?There is a technical difficulty I’m reporting to tech support

  592. Finally, Game Day is here!

    After some technical difficulty, here is the Game Thread link
    Preseason1 Brooklyn Nets vs NY Knicks

  593. J Lin on League Pass tonight.

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  595. Melo was gone and the team revives.

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