2016 Jeremy Lin Free Agency and NBA Trades

Which NBA Team will Jeremy Lin choose by July 1 Free Agency starting date?

With only 8 days before July 1, some teams have completed trades involving Point Guards:

  1. NY Knicks: Derrick Rose
  2. IND: Jeff Teague
  3. UTAH: George Hill
  4. CHI: Jose Calderon, Jerian Grant

These moves essentially took 2 out of 8 NBA teams (Utah and NY Knicks) who are in need of a starter PG according to Yahoo Vertical Guide to FA PGs:

Teams in need of a starter: Brooklyn, Houston, Memphis, New York, Philadelphia, Sacramento, Utah.

Which team will recognize JLin’s potential (1st in PPG and FG%) among 2016 NBA FA PG Starter Stats?

The Top 5 NBA teams who might pursue Jeremy Lin as their starting PG are:

1. Brooklyn Nets: Kenny Atkinson/Lin connection to create Linsanity in 2012 is the strongest factor. His comment on the importance of PG like a QB in the NFL in his system would be attractive to JLin.

Kenny Atkinson, considered to be a point guard guru, said it’s “super important” for him to have a floor leader to run his system. He likened the point guard in the NBA today to having a quarterback like Drew Brees or an Aaron Rodgers orchestrate an offense.

2. Chicago Bulls: Fred Hoiberg’s fast offense could be perfect for Jeremy Lin. Lin/Butler backcourt would form a formidable backcourt. The higher chance of reaching playoff would be attractive to Jeremy Lin

3. Philadelphia 76ers: It remains unknown how much the Colangelos and Brett Brown would like to sign Lin as a Free Agent but Brett Brown had good praise on Lin on April 2016

“They’re getting ready to go into the playoffs,” added Brown. “They’re playing high-level basketball. There is a chance we’ll see [guard] Jeremy Lin come in the game. That’s a legitimate, at-any-moment, 20, 25-point player. He can just sort of burst off a bench and be lightning in a bottle and score at that rate, and so we’re going to need to play with pace and free and I think that the way they guard, the way they pack the paint, that’s the shot you end up with, and I feel I’m ok with it, given our personnel, and where we’re at. I expect to see another game similar to what we saw in Philly.”

4. Dallas Mavericks: Would Chandler Parsons recruit his old teammates Dwight Howard and Jeremy Lin? The downside is Mavericks didn’t prioritize Jeremy Lin in the summer of 2015 after the Deandre Jordan debacle

5. Houston Rockets: Mike D’Antoni would love to recruit Lin but James Harden would certainly have the ball in his hands, not Lin. A reunion is possible but not likely

NBA Drafts Day on June 23 will provide valuable information on which teams are looking to draft PGs.