2016 Jeremy Lin Free Agency and NBA Trades

Which NBA Team will Jeremy Lin choose by July 1 Free Agency starting date?

With only 8 days before July 1, some teams have completed trades involving Point Guards:

  1. NY Knicks: Derrick Rose
  2. IND: Jeff Teague
  3. UTAH: George Hill
  4. CHI: Jose Calderon, Jerian Grant

These moves essentially took 2 out of 8 NBA teams (Utah and NY Knicks) who are in need of a starter PG according to Yahoo Vertical Guide to FA PGs:

Teams in need of a starter: Brooklyn, Houston, Memphis, New York, Philadelphia, Sacramento, Utah.

Which team will recognize JLin’s potential (1st in PPG and FG%) among 2016 NBA FA PG Starter Stats?

The Top 5 NBA teams who might pursue Jeremy Lin as their starting PG are:

1. Brooklyn Nets: Kenny Atkinson/Lin connection to create Linsanity in 2012 is the strongest factor. His comment on the importance of PG like a QB in the NFL in his system would be attractive to JLin.

Kenny Atkinson, considered to be a point guard guru, said it’s “super important” for him to have a floor leader to run his system. He likened the point guard in the NBA today to having a quarterback like Drew Brees or an Aaron Rodgers orchestrate an offense.

2. Chicago Bulls: Fred Hoiberg’s fast offense could be perfect for Jeremy Lin. Lin/Butler backcourt would form a formidable backcourt. The higher chance of reaching playoff would be attractive to Jeremy Lin

3. Philadelphia 76ers: It remains unknown how much the Colangelos and Brett Brown would like to sign Lin as a Free Agent but Brett Brown had good praise on Lin on April 2016

“They’re getting ready to go into the playoffs,” added Brown. “They’re playing high-level basketball. There is a chance we’ll see [guard] Jeremy Lin come in the game. That’s a legitimate, at-any-moment, 20, 25-point player. He can just sort of burst off a bench and be lightning in a bottle and score at that rate, and so we’re going to need to play with pace and free and I think that the way they guard, the way they pack the paint, that’s the shot you end up with, and I feel I’m ok with it, given our personnel, and where we’re at. I expect to see another game similar to what we saw in Philly.”

4. Dallas Mavericks: Would Chandler Parsons recruit his old teammates Dwight Howard and Jeremy Lin? The downside is Mavericks didn’t prioritize Jeremy Lin in the summer of 2015 after the Deandre Jordan debacle

5. Houston Rockets: Mike D’Antoni would love to recruit Lin but James Harden would certainly have the ball in his hands, not Lin. A reunion is possible but not likely

NBA Drafts Day on June 23 will provide valuable information on which teams are looking to draft PGs.


  1. Player options: Who’s opting in and who’s opting out

    This article has published on 1 May 2016.
    JLin has opted out even then.

  2. 1st

  3. Nop. 2nd!

  4. Dayyum!

  5. Jlin to bulls sounds good!

  6. Someone post in another thread that Lin is listed as one of the players in a pro am basketball competition to be held in early July? Anyone knows more about that? If that is true then Lin must be almost 100 percent certain about his next team.

  7. Brooklyn not being linked to any of these PGs is a good sign. But Utah is out as a “wildcard” destination. Looks like they’re punting on Exum with George Hill as a stopgap to give Exum more time to develop.

  8. He’s listed as “when in town after July 1st.” So he could arrive on July 2nd after agreeing with the Nets or on July 7th after singing or not play at all. Doesn’t mean anything either way, IMO.

  9. Thanks, BTW what is that pro am comp, seems like many international players will be participating.

  10. Believe JLin was also listed as player last Summer but he didn’t even play one game if my memory served me right. In his Asia tour, believed I have heard at least couple times that he needed to stay healthy for the season. So, doubt that he would take risk to play games.

  11. Makes sense, why risk injury.

  12. Lin is the most impactful in the group above…
    Can see Linsanity re-ignited in Brooklyn. Bulls would work if Butler doesn’t turn into a diva

  13. Chicago traded Rose is a positive sign. They will need a real PG and Jeremy could be a great fit. However, I would still like Nets as the #1 best option for Jeremy since he can put his own stamp onto that team from day 1.

  14. If Lin signs with Nets, what other players you want to bring to Nets??

  15. Kent Bazemore at SG is the only strong opinion I have. But even with the Nets existing personnel, I’m fine.

  16. yes, we never heard Snyder was high or praised Lin before so I don’t think they ever considered Lin seriously.

    George Hill is 30 so he’s probably asked to mentor Exum in the next 2-3 years

  17. i think some Nets fans want to bring Bazemore too…

  18. Team player, not ball-dominant, catch-and-shoot 3s, straight line drives, guards SGs and SFs. similar age as Lin. And he already knows Atkinson of course.

  19. Here is the NBA “Free Agent Tracker” for 2016 : http://www.nba.com/freeagents/2016/

    Note the tabs available : “View All”, “View Available” and “View Signed”. Since free agency hasn’t started yet, “View Available” is the same as “View All”, and “View Signed” is empty.

    You can also sort the results by “Old Team”, “New Team”, “Position” etc.

  20. As for Lin to the Sixers, I’m not against it and I like Brown, but Bryan Colangelo is really sending mixed signals.

    If they offer Lin it will be as a “last resort,” which is a bad sign. Notice how Brooklyn has had no rumors about going after a PG. But the Sixers? “Schroder! Kris Dunn! Teague! George Hill!” Throwing everything at the wall with no real plan.

  21. Jeremy LAMB, that’s who I want alongside Lin.

  22. Don’t expect anything out of the 76ers.

  23. Hopefully Lin will sign earlier than last year.

  24. Yep. I thought they may have had a plan with Hinkie being dumped and MDA being brought aboard, but Bryan Colangelo is deviating from his dad’s plan. Just a mess.

  25. Lamb p*ssed me off with his play last year. Ball hogging even when Lin always made sure to set him up. Getting lost and not hustling on defense.

  26. But Lamb was #6 defensively among ALL guards.

    Lamb was an electric scorer. He and Lin led the East reserves in scoring most of the season.

    I didn’t think Lamb got burned all that badly when he was on the court.

    Lamb opened up the court for Lin on both ends.

  27. But often times those rumors come from the players’ agents trying to boost value. Perhaps Lin’s team doesn’t play that game.

  28. oh no .. Lamb lack of BB IQ and defensive holes got him benched by Clifford. His surly attitude didn’t help either
    I think Bogdanovic or Hollis-Jefferson are certainly better

  29. The stats don’t agree with your negative assessment.

    Lamb led the team in +/- for most of the season, and he outscored both Bogdanovic and Hollis Jefferson in far less minutes and touches.

    The way Clifford treated both Lin and Lamb, Lamb was CORRECT in having a surly attitude. Clifford was afraid of Lamb outplaying Batum and Walker.

  30. And another downside is if it things looked bleak early, 76ers might tank again

  31. i think no more sixers for JLIN because the one holding him to join already left. No reason to join them now except max contract and assurance of a starting position (but a long shot still)…Best team competitive in 2 to 3 years, not so much enticement now!

  32. maybe so much politics still?

  33. Playing with Lin boosts his defensive profile. He has great potential but I just saw him losing his focus too often. He’s only 23 and got PAID 7M per year despite not achieving 1/100th of what Lin has. He played with a sense of entitlement that he couldn’t back up.

  34. Lin play FA silently….

  35. my opinion, not good..lacks the basic defensive skill with his years of playing pro.

  36. But Lamb led all reserves in the East in scoring for most of the season.

    Why SHOULDN’T he shoot, given that he was the East’s best scorer off the bench? NBA basketball isn’t just about feeding Jeremy Lin for more shots.

    And Lamb was focused enough to get stop after stop, block after block, and rebound after rebound. Plus, he actually cut off the ball and spaced the court and LET LIN BE THE POINT GUARD (at least when Batum wasn’t hogging it).

    Lamb boosted Lin’s defensive profile, because unlike any other Charlotte Hornets guard Lamb was able to successfully defend the SG position AND turn defense into a positive according to the numbers.

  37. In the early season, Lin/Lamb and the Bench Force 1 were great.
    Their positive +/- kept saving the starters from big holes as you said

    But towards the end, after getting the contract and coming off the bench, he didn’t pass to Lin or let Lin create most of the time. He tried to take it to the rim most of the time and didn’t end well

  38. defends on who he played with..with Lin he’s decent, but with KW, he was so bad!

  39. Who ISN’T bad with Kemba Walker freezing guys out and playing no defense and breaking plays for his own shot???

    – Lin included

  40. LOL!

  41. That’s because opponents KEYED IN on Lin.

    Once Eastern Conference opponents realized what Western Conference opponents have – that Lin cannot be stopped by single coverage, Lin got ganged up on defensively. I correctly predicted that before last season too.

    By then, Lamb was playing under 20 minutes a game. He wasn’t in enough rhythm to even shoot consistently, just like Lin wasn’t when Lin was benched for under 20 minutes by Clifford.

  42. agree!

  43. Last season, Lin’s agents called EVERY SINGLE GM around the league.

    Lin was TURNED DOWN because he’s ASIAN.

  44. Lamb could’ve been much better if he let Lin set him up more often. Too much “me time” for Lamb on offense and pouting on D if his scoring wasn’t there. Lin isn’t Jamal Crawford. Let him set you up!

    Ultimately, Lin was the secret sauce that made the bench work, not Lamb. Let’s see what Bazemore or even Bogdanovic or Sean Kilpatrick does next to Lin. Lin won’t miss Lamb, but Lamb will miss Lin.

  45. Lamb is 6th among all NBA guards in defensive stats.

    The stats paint a wildly different picture from what you’re saying.

  46. Even Lin struggled alongside Walker.

    The stats clearly demonstrated that Lin was an All Star player without Walker and a mediocre bricker alongside Walker.

  47. no proof that his agent called everybody because there was no news being let out by Jlin’s camp..thats for being a silent FA then and i guess still is.

  48. I listened to interviews with Bryan…he’s very sensitive. He was really defensive and hurt about accusations that “my dad gave me this job” and “I’m going to ruin Hinkie’s process.” Now he’s trying to play the nice guy and not change directions as intended by Jerry.

  49. Disagree again.

    Because Lamb DEFENDED HARD, Lin didn’t have to exert as much energy guarding Lamb’s man as well. That saved more energy for Lin offensively.

    On offense, Lamb actually cut and set screens just like a SG is supposed to do. That opened up the court for Lin to roast opponents. And when opponents ganged up on Lin, Lamb ATTACKED. Opponents couldn’t guard both Lin and Lamb, and that’s the main reason why Bench Force One was TOTALLY UNSTOPPABLE and why Lin AND Lamb led all East backcourt reserves in scoring.

    But you are correct that Lin is the secret sauce, not Lamb. I still think that even Lin needs an attacking aggressive fundamentally sound aggressive two way player like Lamb to punish defenses for loading up on Lin and help Lin shut down opposing offenses.

    You’re also right that Lin isn’t Jamal Crawford. Lin’s MUCH BETTER than Crawford on both ends of the court, especially offensively.

  50. No, Lin’s agent called everybody including the Knicks who told Lin’s agent that the Knicks did not want Lin.

  51. but JLIn was better in handling KW than Lamb…Lin was able to turn something not there for his advantage..too bad he was tweaking his shooting form that time that’s why his percentage dropped, but not because of purely KW..there were more games that they were complimenting each other except on games where KW comes back to hogging the ball.

  52. Agree.

    Opponents respect Lamb but FEAR Lin.

    On any team Lin goes, he’s going to be the prime target for opposing defenses. That opens up the court for everyone on Lin’s team.

    I was OK with Lin tweaking his messed up shot form. Once he nailed it, he NAILED IT.

  53. Of course they’ll tank –

    that young clueless team with no backcourt is not going to cure their ills via the draft or any of the free agent PGs other than Lin.

  54. Was it that bad? Hopefully there will be more interest in Lin this summer.

  55. there were no proof that his agent called Everybody, maybe a few that comes out of the news , but no Proof that he called “all FO”..as you always ask everybody, pls show your proof that he called all the teams.

  56. Put it this way – it’s not as if Lin had a better contract to sign.

  57. Lamb definitely had plenty of moments where he played great on both ends, but those moments trailed off as the season went on. His role was reduced and he did not react well. It’s understandable to be upset, but for a guy who got a very lucky contract and is only 23…that’s not the attitude I want for a Lin running mate. Would rather have a more mature/grateful player alongside Lin.

  58. Heh heh.

    Show me the teams that offered Lin a better FORMAL contract than Charlotte then.

  59. Lamb EARNED that contract –

    but Clifford artificially benched Lamb because Walker and Batum were being BEATEN TO DEATH by Lin and Lamb in practices and games.

    Clifford tried to bench Lin too, but the Hornets couldn’t win without Lin. So Clifford and Cho went out and got Courtney Lee to replace Lin AND Lamb. That messed up the Hornets anyway.

  60. let us not deviate….
    we are not talking about OFFERS here sir, were talking now that”his agents called all teams last season” PROVE it and lets see next..

    your words ”
    Last season, Lin’s agents called EVERY SINGLE GM around the league.
    Lin was TURNED DOWN because he’s ASIAN”

  61. Given that Lin’s agents were in contact with the Lakers, Mavs, Grizzlies, Knicks, Hornets, Rockets, and a whole lot of other teams that were openly talking to Lin but not necessarily offering actual dollars, it’s safe to say that Lin’s agents did their homework.

  62. can you let me see the proof? any link?

  63. agree except that most team doesn’t respect Lamb MUCH!

  64. Agree. He plays no D and it seems like he doesn’t know what to do half of the time. No wonder OKC gave up on him…I’ll bet Charlotte is regretting big time giving him the big contract.

  65. Here ya go, doubter:


    Though this article is critical of Lamb’s defense, they still cannot avoid the HARD STATS.

  66. but not to the extent that “he CAlled ALL NBA teams”. i agree that to ensure better option and as agents job, he needs to sell his client better. and i heard , Montgomery was also a preacher (not so sure on this)

  67. I seriously doubt your claim that Lin’s agent is LAZY in checking with NBA teams.

    Lin’s agent stuck with Lin when NOBODY wanted Lin in 2010.

  68. i am not saying that his agent was Lazy, i was JUST Asking you sir, to Prove your point that his agent CALLED everybody last season and if there wan non, its ok.

    I believe he called some that he thought might give interest with Lin, but not all because to call ALL was an act of desperation if insinuated…they got a last call because JLIN then was Waiting, and waited longer than usual to decide which team to chose.

  69. And I disagree with your claim that Lin’s agent DIDN’T call every team because you think Lin’s agent is LAZY.

    Heck, Lin’s agents were even reported to have been in contact with the Golden State Warriors that didn’t even need Lin!

    Your beliefs are not consistent with the VERY AGGRESSIVE MANNER in which Lin’s agents have pushed him around the NBA. Just ask the Warriors, Mavs, and Knicks that had to deal with Montgomery on Lin’s behalf. The Knicks got so angry with Montgomery’s tough tactics, they kicked Lin to the curb and LIED that Montgomery went to the Rockets asking for more money after the Knicks supposedly offered a $20 million contract to Lin!

  70. where is your sauces?

  71. don’t change and add something to what we are discussing. Prove that he called everybody! if you can’t, then, we stop because i already agreed with you that his agent was not LAZY! NOT calling ALL is not tantamount to laziness sir…:”work SMART, NOT HARD”!.

  72. $2 million.

    Care to discuss why Lin got that little when nonAsian players of far lesser achievement got many more times that even as Lin’s agents unsuccessfully shopped Lin around the entire league?


    You wanna prove that Lin’s agents didn’t call all of the teams that I mentioned (and then some), you’ll be going against what was reported in the media.

  74. well…this is not yet a good proof of his talents and i might say that i found out, that i am not the only one with my assessment of lamb and i quote:
    “Personally, I would still take
    that data with a grain of salt. The eye-test doesn’t speak well of
    Lamb’s performance on defense. His trouble with screens or even getting
    blown past on a drive can get bad, yes, but Lamb is also prone of major
    mental lapses. He can get completely lost on defense to the degree that
    he just can’t find his man. Sometimes he’ll space out and forget about
    him just for so long that he match-up can get an open shot:

    You also have to acknowledge
    the fact that on/off data can take some real time before its randomness
    is completely lost. After all, the previous season Jeremy Lamb ranked as
    the 52nd best two-guard out of the 81 guards on the list.”

    this proof is a MIXTURE of my point and your points..LOL!

  75. This is the NBA where EVERYBODY gets burned, even Lin on rare occasions.

    With great scorers like Lamb, they put enough pressure on opposing defenses to guard them such that opponents cannot save their energy for offense. So even if Lamb is regularly missing coverages, those are not necessarily resulting in SCORES and that’s why Lamb’s defensive numbers are so high.

  76. show the PROOF as you did with the link on lamb and i will look at it..

    you brought the premise, you prove it….

    i dont have to prove anything to you because i was the one asking you to prove your point so i can believe you…..i am not forcing you to believe me if you push it to that direction.

  77. If the Sixers were smarter, they’d be offering Lin a SG contract in line with that of what a nonAsian player with Lin’s stats makes AND drafting a PG to pair with Lin in the backcourt!

  78. Even without MDA, I like Brown and their young bigs. But Bryan Colangelo is sending mixed signals. He’s too reactionary and will dump whoever he signs/drafts/trades for if someone, anyone complains.

  79. True, but even that is concerning. I didn’t hear Brooklyn’s name mentioned by any legit source despite all the PG moves made today.

  80. Now you know why Lamb was #1 in the East in guard scoring off the bench for most of last season AND #6 defensively.

    Just because a team doesn’t respect a player, that doesn’t mean that the player can’t burn that team.

  81. yeah i hear you, but still IMO, his burns were so obvious because of his defensive lapses in my eye test. Lamb was saved by opponents not ability to make the scores and not by forcing passes.

  82. Brooklyn has been openly reported to be totally silent in their press announcements of their intentions.

    However, they have been extremely active behind the scenes according to the press.

  83. i heard that coaches sometimes allowed a certain player of their opponents to score and limit others because they know that player can’t win a game but instead make the team look bad..

  84. I don’t need to.

    I’m not your schoolteacher, feeding you information that debunks your claims. Do your own damn homework.

    Your hater claim that Lin’s agent is “silent” has been BADLY DEBUNKED with at least 7 teams, actually far more.

    You go ahead and pretend that Lin’s agents aren’t calling anybody and are “silent”. That’s not reality though.

  85. If you’re using that as justification for why Clifford was correct in benching Lamb, then you’ll easily be able to figure out how Clifford benched Lin for the EXACT SAME REASONS.

  86. In the end, the only thing that truly matters is a FORMAL CONTRACT OFFER for Lin to SIGN.

    We’ll see if Brooklyn or any other NBA team is willing to extend such an offer to Lin.

  87. Has San Antonio spurs named anyone? Since most of the team FO members @ Nets come from Spurs. I think it is just their style.

  88. Absolutely the Spurs have named people, they are going hard after Mike Conley and Kevin Durant.

    The Spurs are always LOUD in their free agent dealings. Just look at how they wooed both David West and LaMarcus Aldridge in a very public way last offseason.

  89. Dah, everyone is going after Durant and Conley. Actually I read those from bloggers etc. Does that proof that the Spurs are the origin.

  90. I don’t think they can put all their eggs in one basket. Of course, they will pursue others besides Lin. But, I still think Lin is the primary target.

  91. Brandon Jennings cannot help the Nets.

    I used to be a fan of Brandon Jennings, but then he lost his youthful athleticism as injuries did him in. Now he’s Derrick Rose Lite.

    If the Nets indeed go for Jennings over Lin, then Coach Kenny Atkinson’s claim that the “Nets are looking under every stone” is a bunch of garbage.

  92. From Spurs directly – it’s reported on hoopshype.com this year just like it was last year.

  93. Nets is not trying to secure a max player like Conley. They are trying to get by for the next 3 yrs and wait out for better draft picks. Lin should still be a better choice.

  94. Not a legit source. LegionNBA is just a content farm account that reposts Woj/ESPN and makes up stuff.

    Again: look for the VERIFIED check mark or at least a legit sports reporter.

    Only legit-ish rumor about Brooklyn so far is that they might look at Joakim Noah.

  95. ok

  96. your words not mine

  97. @TheNBACentral
    Report: Mike Conley interested in signing with Spurs or Mavs. (ESPN)

  98. Just so people know, NBA Central is not a legit source either. This story is legit but they’re just referencing ESPN. Sites like NBA Central and LegionNBA are just content farms. They help aggregate trade rumors for fans, but they have no sources of their own.

  99. Here’s the tweet by Tim McMahon (ESPN)
    Source: Mike Conley’s respect for Rick Carlisle gives Mavs a shot at top PG in free agency.
    For Memphis to keep Mike Conley, the Grizzlies would have to commit to a five-year contract for the top point.

  100. Nick Young a true support of Lin even after he left if Lakers get rid of him he’d be a great offensive threat without being jealous of Lin.

  101. uh…here goes my surprised team for lin, the mavs.

  102. It could be Conley’s camp trying to drum up interest

    Conley might end up taking 5 yr deal to stay with Memphis

  103. agree.

  104. I agree. Unless Lin agrees to their deal otherwise they have to set their 2nd or 3rd option ready.

  105. Like another Deandre fiasco, or Chris Bosh tease.

  106. From everything that Fizdale and the Memphis FO have been saying, they will gladly offer max 5yr contract to Conley. I’m unconvinced that Conley leaves Grizzlies.
    Conley is the main man in Memphis and might be third option in San Antonio – no way. Mavs are no better than Memphis if Conley wants to chase a ring.

  107. NBA Free Agency is juicy aint it 🙂

  108. after today there are only 3 places where lin would sign imo: bklyn, houston, and charlotte. the common thread? the coach and lin’s relationship with him. bklyn and houston have coaches who lin had success playing under. bklyn is a team on the cusp of playoff contention, with lin and another signing using their cap space, they can get there and then some. houston is a playoff contender with a perennial allstar, but have a culture issue. charlotte is a place where lin feels comfortable with. yes he wont start but if he’s going to be a back up he probably doesnt want to start over on a new team and have to earn the respect of the coach and team. in charlotte he already has their respect, especially after that playoff series. imo all other teams are long shots. having played under woodson, milkhair, and my avatar, lin knows his relationship with the coach is a top priority.

    let’s hope bklyn and lin mutually agree on a future together, but if not, we must not ignore the possibility of him going back to charlotte. he was happy there. the best we can hope for in that scenario is that lin plays so well they are forced to play him major minutes or even start at the 2 and move batum to 3 and mkg to 4…

  109. JLIN in Charlotte is your pipe dream.

  110. Haha. Probably the case of agent’s vested interest ‘breaking news’. Of course there are inept FO like Mavs offering max to so call stars player rather than spending wisely their cap space on impact players. Haha

  111. No disrespect but I think it is an agents job to explore every possibility out there, I would be worried if Lin’s agent only called the few teams that have been mentioned.

  112. IMO with Conley Memphis is a middling team not being able to go over the hump. Its time for a change of floor general / quarterback. Haha


  114. He does not need 3 options only one right one, i.e. Nets.

  115. Possible for Jennings to join Nets to rehab and remain in the NBA. Haha

  116. Conley leaving Grizzlies is not a bad thing for Lin, tht means Grizzles is a potential team for Lin.

  117. Hornets want to play the Bobcats’ way, and I don’t like to waste time watching Bobcats’ BB. I only watch competition BB.

  118. I think he is. I don’t think we know all the possible avenues for Lin. The insider stuff that will ultimately be the deciding factor for him. It’ll be interesting to see how close or far off the general popular feeling was on where Lin will go and why.

  119. Absolutely looking forward to this : “It’ll be interesting to see how close or far off the general popular feeling was on where Lin will go and why.

  120. IMO. Nets only can get Lin’s service if they get lucky as that was how Atkinson put it. IMO it would just require MDA to sit down with Lin for a chat in the presence of Morey and Les to get Lin to sign up again for the Rockets. In this scenerio there will be an impending cultural change in Houston, the team and media alike. Haha

  121. How close were you on what would happen to D’Antoni and Houston?

    It’s not a pissing contest. I’ve been way off as well. So I’m left with a feeling that, we don’t know much. We can have our favorites, but we don’t really know all that much. There are no insiders here.

  122. Lol great post. A very vivid and cute observations. Haha

  123. Well I’ll tell ya about MDA and Houston. Fact is MDA’s admirable integrity surprised me as it surprised Adrian Wojnarowski, the entire NBA and the Colangelos who would have given MDA the HC job – there is no shame in thinking like the experts and getting it wrong due to MDA’s genuine compassion for Brown.
    I don’t fly by the seat of my pants, I use evidence and rational thinking unlike many others

  124. What about Bulls? Lin and Butler would be the best back court in the East. They just need a good defensive rim protecting PnR big. Wish they had gotten Noel rather than Calderon.

  125. Robin Lopez is good enough on rim defense.
    I agree with you that JLIN and Butler in a true partnership is a fearsome duo. That said, when/if Nets make the call to JLIN, we are moving to Brooklyn.

  126. RUMOR: #Cavs #Cavaliers impending RFA PG-SG Matthew Dellavedova to get offers from #Bucks and #Pistons worth $8-$10 million annually.



  127. Isn’t kc1nyk the college dropout posting from his Wayne’s World studio in his father’s basement?

  128. he has no relationship with hoiberg. unless he strikes out with the nets i cant see him going to a new team where he has to earn respect AGAIN… houston is a darkhorse. dantoni obviously is awesome. harden obviously not. les alexander obviously supports lin. morey obviously not. the yin and the yang…. but at least houston can offer a starting position and playoff contention so they are in contention imo.

    even though silas may be on his way out, lin has a rapport with cliff, MJ, and the team. this is very attractive as he doesnt have to start from the bottom in terms of earning respect.

  129. Marc Stein ✔ @ESPNSteinLine
    Facing a Wednesday deadline, Charlotte’ guard Jeremy Lin let his $2.2 million option for next season pass and becomes a free agent July 1
    9:11 PM – 22 Jun 2016

  130. if he cant get a starting spot, why would he leave a place where he enjoyed?

  131. That ‘if’ is not likely happen, at least for the coming season!

  132. Read my hips: no more Hornets.

  133. You ain’t seen nothin yet.

  134. Mavs have my blessing.

  135. meh

  136. Expected by whom? Brandon Jennings?

  137. No state income tax with Spurs and Mavs might offset more pay Memphis can offer.

  138. A real surprise!

  139. kc1nyk is yet another content farm Twitter account, though he does seem to repost only legit rumors.

    Let’s stick to ACTUAL sources, people. From the original reporters’ tweets and articles.

  140. @kc1nyk scouts the internet for news and makes it like it’s his own. He occasionally retweets, but mostly plagiarize other people work.

  141. Don’t know if Lin is a go back home type. So far he’s been a go out yonder type. He may very well have interest in Chicago if they have interest in him.

  142. Please help RT so #Nets fans to know how good JLin’s Starter Stats among the Top FA PGs:
    Brandon Jennings are only 6th-8th in all statistical categories

    @NetsDaily this might help #Nets fans choose Top FA PG
    15-16 Starter Stats
    #1 in PPG & FG%
    #2 in 3FG% & TS%


  143. The haters will just call it a small sample size.

  144. Memphis has no state income tax either, it’s in Tennessee.

  145. Haters will hate so we can always ignore the 5%-10%

    13 out of 78 games = 17%. It’s not exactly small sample size
    Besides, Jennings only started 7 games with worse stats.
    Lin had better stats in almost 2X the games

    In fact, 6 out of these Top 10 FA PGs started fewer than 13 games

  146. Thanks, @supjackjack:disqus!

    We definitely need to promote to NY media & fans that Lin is Top 1 or 2 of the Top 10 FA PGs

  147. agreed!!

  148. because you don’t understand that he meant he found inner peace despite all mistreatments

  149. Haters are always going to hate no matter what.

  150. Are you the assistant to Lin’s agents? smh

  151. Nets!? BrookLin all the way!

  152. That’s Lins style too. Very silent and full of surprises!

  153. Not sure how much is truth from this article. Just read and have fun:-) We will learn from JLin himself soon as FA begins on 1 July:-)

    NBA/黃蜂開價560萬美元 林書豪拒絕



    由於今年夏天黃蜂有不少自由球員,例如貝頓(Nicolas Batum)、威廉斯(Marvin Williams)、傑佛森(Al Jefferson)和李伊(Courtney Lee)等,黃蜂為了要留下他們,因此開給林書豪560萬美元年薪,也是黃蜂的上限。

    「Master Herald」報導,芝加哥公牛和達拉斯小牛都認真考慮簽下林書豪;此外,也傳出紐約尼克、布魯克林籃網、費城76人、紐奧良鵜鶘想要引進林書豪。

    因為「飆風玫瑰」羅斯(Derrick Rose)離開公牛加入尼克,公牛為了要補強後衛缺口,所以除了林書豪,也傳出對康利(Mike Conley)有興趣;而小牛後衛威廉斯(Deron Williams)可能會跳脫合約,林書豪也成了小牛的目標。

  154. Appledaily reporter posted the “source””

  155. “That is ridiculous” complained Melo n JR. /CAA . LOL

  156. I thought FA start July 1 can the Hornets even offer him anything yet besides the current contract? are rules different for your current team??

  157. $5.6M is an “INSULTING” offer for what Lin has brought to the team. Just Ridiculously Insulting! Lower than what Lamb is getting??? Lin is worth far more than KW intangibly and tangibly, IMO!

  158. Is that a recent offer made by the Hornets or was it an offer made last year when he was a free agent and took the $2.2M because he wanted a 1 year deal with an opt-out.

  159. Probably last year’s offer wherein he rejected the said offer in favour of player’s option fir year2. Good observation. Haha

  160. NOT ASIAN

  161. No need to worry.

    The Hornets will likely sign a more expensive less productive PG to replace Lin and the $5 million they offered him this offseason.

    The Hornets want Lin GONE because he kept outplaying Walker and Batum.

  162. Hornets? I hope not….

  163. Maybe it’s for Lee, he wants 12 to 14M.

  164. I agree. I think Lin preferred to be a FA after one year instead of being locked in long term at $5.6M.

  165. Right. Besides Batum, they will need cap space for Lee, Marvin, Al and Troy. I doubt they can sign Lin as back up if Nets giving Lin the starting spot. Lin may take $8M for the starting spot with Nets versus $10M as back up with Hornets.

  166. User Actions

    Brian Geltzeiler
    Hearing that Minnesota is shopping Rubio and not asking for much in return as long as the receiving team takes Pekovic’s contract as well.

  167. Houston loves Rubio. May be they will bite.

  168. Very possible

  169. User Actions

    Anthony Puccio
    So far we’ve heard PG’s Brandon Knight, Eric Bledsoe and Ricky Rubio are reportedly available. Wonder if #Nets will inquire about any.

  170. Rubio makes sense to play with Harden. Might be a decent fit.

  171. Would be a terrific fit off the court, terrible fit on the court.

    Rubio CAN’T SCORE, and that would cause more slowball with Harden even if D’Antoni was coach. That’s because a point guard that cannot score is a point guard that cannot run a NBA offense.

    Rubio’s defensive prowess would vanish in Houston, as his inability to score would allow opponents to rest against him on defense. That’s been MN’s problem too.

    Lin does everything better than Rubio except impress Houston fans with his race.

  172. Hornets won’t offer a single cent to Lin.


  174. But can Rubio plays well in MDA system?

  175. Ok, you convinced me 🙂

    So, who fits next to Harden? Any PG?

  176. Absolutely not –

    Rubio doesn’t score well enough to siphon defenses toward himself, and that’s the key to D’Antoni’s offense working.

    Defensively, Rubio would still struggle in D’Antoni’s aggressive trapping defense. Even though Rubio has the physical tools and court intelligence to defend nearly as well as Lin does, he scores too little to wear out his opponent for defense. And then there’s conditioning – Rubio likely isn’t in good enough shape to play D’Antoni’s scrambling defense.

    He’d struggle just like slow Kendall Marshall did (another wildly overrated PG who earns more than Lin).

  177. LIN fits.

    But so would Jerryd Bayless, Jerian Grant, Jimmer Fredette, and other dribble drive penetrators that can score without a screen and without constant touches.

    Houston thinks that it has to pair Harden with a limited guard like Beverley. Well, that has FAILED MISERABLY.

    We’ve seen firsthand how the Rockets flourish with an elite dribble driving player like Lin that doesn’t need plays run for him to break defenses down. Even if the Rockets don’t go for Lin, they should consider Lin type players like Bayless.

  178. Correct.

    Any nonAsian free agent of Lin’s stats would have turned that down as an INSULT.

  179. Looks like Hornets want to trade Lamb and Hawes and a pick.


    The Charlotte Hornets are offering the 22nd overall pick to any team that takes either Jeremy Lamb or Spencer Hawes into their cap space. Charlotte needs the additional cap space to sign their priority free agents.

    The Hornets acquired Lamb last offseason from the Oklahoma City Thunder and then signed him to an extension.

    Hawes was traded to the Hornets last offseason as part of the Lance Stephenson trade with the Los Angeles Clippers.


  180. No one loves Lamb more than I do, but even I believe that Lamb will not be effective in Charlotte without Lin protecting him.

  181. Suns are officially in tank mode, may as well hire the best man to oversee the mission , BS

  182. Uh…could be a bad news for those who predicts lin will be a Net.

    Phoenix is offering Bledsoe/Knight + a 1st round pick and Nets is offering Young for the highest bidder. A perfect trade for both teams since Phoenix need a PF and Nets need a starting pg and hungry for picks.

    Crossing my fingures here.

  183. Ugh that’s gonna affect Lin a lot. The Suns just had to ship their 2 best players out to ruin Lin’s chances.

  184. Nets can offer Jacks contract for Lamb and their 22nd. But if i were them, i take hawes instead of lamb, a perfecr back up for lopez.

  185. LOL Lee for 12-14m?
    That’s a really funny joke.
    The Lin should ask for 30m

  186. Hmm… dont be surprised lin winds up back to the Rockets if this trade suceeds (very possible). Hope the Bucks will offer Lin a starting spot.

  187. Minnesota

  188. So weird. Why so many trade on PG?

  189. Rockets or BUST

    The Bucks would be looking at Lin as a replacement for Jerryd Bayless – and they’d want to pay Lin less than Bayless’s $3 million

  190. I thought Nets got burned by Deron.

  191. That would be great for lin if they do trade rubio.

  192. Because these wildly overrated PGs all STINK.

    Teague is the only exception.

  193. Right now I really think that’s very likely he will go bc w MDA & they have the best roster among teams …..

  194. I think Rubio would go to Rockets.

  195. They did – and they don’t have a replacement.

    They’ll either go young with a draft pick via trade or bring in a failed overhyped player like Bledsoe. But NOT LIN.

  196. I heard Suns is shopping Tyson Chandler as well.
    Maybe Young for Chandler + 1st round?

    Can’t stand all these PG offers… ?

  197. Hope so.

  198. Last resort, haha

  199. NBA teams should be looking at Lin as a starting SG based on his actual court production, but TOO ASIAN.

  200. But they still have Lavine… don’t want Jeremy backing up this scrub.

  201. Don’t mind Lin starts in 76ers if the team stop tanking.

    NBA Rumors: Philadelphia 76ers Sign Jeremy Lin To One-Year Deal; Linsanity Mentors Ben Simmons, Jahlil Okafor

    The Jeremy Lin free agency train appears to have found its next stop. Reports are surfacing that the Linsanity will be donning a Philadelphia 76ers uniform in the next NBA season. With teams like the Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers, San Antonio Spurs and Golden State Warriors pitching an attractive contract to lure the Asian basketball star, the promise of becoming a mentor to budding NBA players seem to have won Lin over. That is, the next NBA season might see Jeremy Lin play big brother to Jahlil Okafor and rookie Ben Simmons.


  202. That would take a forward thinking GM/coach, which don’t really exist in NBA today.

  203. I like alternative thinking. Lin, IMO, is more PG minded. But none of these positions have to be set in stone. If he’s starting SG there’s the playing time one would hope. But that’s not set in stone either.

  204. Unlikely, Lopez + Chandler? Dont think the nets are paying him 14m to play iff the bench. They would prolly trade with the hornets for hawes+ the 22nd.

  205. Lavine is a combo guard same as Lin so they can easily play together and they can easily switch on defense

  206. I don’t think this impacts Lin at all.

    I really don’t think any team other than maybe Houston even thinks Lin is good enough to play in the NBA.

    As a Suns “fan” (I actually hate how the Suns are run), I’d be thrilled to see not just Eric Bledsoe and Brandon Knight gone but Ronnie Price too.

    The Suns should blow their whole team up, get new management, and start bringing in players like Lin that can actually play.

  207. lol,scrapped this website

  208. That’s not a bad idea at all. Hawes had good chemistry with Lin before he broke down (or pulled an Asik)… he is a good stretch 5.

  209. Bingo. That’s the problem with everything and Lin’s usage. I think it wouldn’t much matter if Lin is placed in any guard position if the GM/coaches were forward thinking enough to just use him optimally. That’s what I’ve been trying to say, but people like to shout me down about starting this and that. I’m not interested in tying starting to ability. I’m interested in the nitty-gritty of proper playing time and involvement and want to hear about him closing over if he starts or not in a very literal way. All that other stuff is how you wrap the package, not the package.

  210. We’ll see. It’s a new GM there. But same questionable owner.

  211. The only thing set in stone with Lin is that some undeserving nonAsian scrub will be automatically handed Lin’s role and minutes.

    The only way Lin gets to play is if other players are injured. Even if those other players play terribly, their nonAsian ethnicity still guarantees them a role over Lin.

  212. Nonsense article.

  213. Lavine is more of a sg than pg to me. But he can back up a pg or play together in spurts. You do need a 2nd ball handler when defenders zero in to lin.

  214. I’ll say that’s at play for sure. But the teams have shown that if they need Lin, they’ll play him. The excuse was for if another player was injured, then run with him. But every so often they’d forget that and needed to win, so in goes Lin or Lin plays an extended time. Then they go back to their darlings, like a Harden or Batum and we know the results.

  215. Comedy hour.

  216. Ya! But that’s the salary he wants….

  217. Same old garbage from NBA front offices:

    “Lin’s getting his Asian butt kicked every game by nonAsian D Leaguers”.

  218. Doesn’t matter.

    He’d still get Lin’s minutes.

    Lin’s PRODUCTION is of no interest to NBA teams.

  219. They already have a Byron Scott on Earl Watson who I though was overrated as a player and has been an AWFUL coach.

  220. JLIN left CHA after game 7 and is never coming back; but I find it humorous that Hornets fans are still holding out hope. My how sentiments change – diss JLIN before the season and cry for him after.

    – JLIN gone even before Cho turns his attention to JLIN (assuming his final best offer wasn’t the MLE rumor)
    – CHA has no money to keep Marv let alone JLIN/CLee/Big Al or what they really need in a rim-protector
    – Offer JLIN $12 million as a backup to Kemba and it will be rejected for a $8 million starting PG job anywhere

  221. Don’t be surprised if LIn will end up to either Timberwolves or Kings

  222. I can’t inagine either of those two teams wanting Lin.

  223. I think all Jeremy’s fans (you included) want a team, GM & coaches to fully trust him, and give him all the opportunities to success. Yes, sometimes (and for some people, like your favourite player) starting doesn’t mean a lot, cause these players have the coach’s 100% trust. They can make mistakes and still get 30mpg.
    In my opinion, if a coach doesn’t trust Jeremy enough to start him and give him room to make mistake, he would be more prone to cut/reduce Jeremy’s minute when he is not performing to his standard (e.g. Charlotte)
    That’s why I still want JLin to start 100%!

  224. Then it depends if Lavine is a ball hog… like harden… 🙁

  225. Who knows????

  226. True.

    I believe that only the Rockets want Lin – and I’m not even sure about that either.

    I did warn on this forum that Game 7 might be LIN’S LAST NBA GAME.

  227. Lin said his agnet did contact Knicks when he was asking about Rose trading to NY. So Lin and his agent are very busy on FA now.

  228. Right on. Thanks Uncle Cho. LOL.

  229. I don’t disagree with thinking starting should bring trust. But he’s started, the trust wasn’t there. Posters say he has a dream to start, win a championship, and so forth. But he did start, and for a full year. I’m not saying he shouldn’t start again, but he hasn’t gone past one playoff round either. So both are goals of his.

    His path and journey hasn’t been an orthodox one. So, if there is some unorthodox way of Lin getting trust, playing time, I’m all for it. If it is the orthodox way, the usual way, I’m all for it. Just, make it happen already!

  230. Maybe that’s Nets’ worry. They are not as optimistic that JLin would pick Atkinson over MDA?

  231. where did he say that? From Chinese sources?

  232. same here.

  233. you mean Les want Lin. I’m sure Morey is like Dolan – never want to see Lin again.

  234. nothing would surprise me. I think especially Kings due to their location.

  235. This trade is fantasy smoke.

  236. Isaiah Thomas’ Celtics wants Lin? Warriors needs another scoring guard? Man these Lin-fan clit-bait articles are getting nuttier all the time.

  237. I know! The suspense is killing me!
    If Jeremy picks chip over start, then there isn’t many choices for him… Warriors, Spurs, Cavs, OKC (if Durant stays)… cause playing as backup for a team like Clippers (or teams alike) won’t help getting that ring.

  238. I think so… I hope so!

  239. why do you think they won’t go for Lin? Everyone in the FO from GM down on that team is new.

  240. After reading this it’s not clear what the reporter is saying; most likely JLIN was referring to his agent making overtures to the Knicks LAST Season, considering it is a violation to have any contact with a team prior to Jul 1.

  241. Lin did said his agent contacted Knicks. But is it before or after Rose trade, we don’t know. The context is the reporter brought up the Rose trade to Knicks. But as agent, you got to call all 29 teams as diligent as possible, right?

  242. Ya! I think when NYK’s coach said they wanted to get FA for PG who’s 27 to 28 yrs old that’s Lin but the talk didn’t go well or whatever…. No wonder NYK didn’t put any highlight from Linsanity. Dolan did the same like 4 yrs ago. SnT Rose immediately. LOL!

  243. that’s a smart move. Never understood why they signed Lamb and then just bench warming. I don’t even remember Lamb on the court once during the playoffs.

  244. Um, you may want to edit this 🙂

  245. Can’t wait til next Friday. A lot of money will be thrown around and I hope Lin get that team that will pay him well and have him run the offense as the starter. Honestly, the free agent PGs won’t move until Mike Conley commits to a team.

  246. Right, he must be talking about last season which is already public knowledge. There’s no way he’s implying it just happened.

  247. @kc1nyk ‏@kc1nyk 1m1 minute ago
    Report: #Hornets offering #22 if teams will take on C-PF Spencer Hawes or SG-SF Jeremy Lamb. CHA needs space to re-sign FAs.

  248. Lin is all over the place for clicks.

  249. Thank you! I am also big fans of that word too but that’s not what I meant, lol…

  250. Nets is still a strong contender for Lin camp until they start to ask around for PG w/ o mentioning Lin but a lot of strong bloggers from Brooklyn are rooting for Lin to be their PG

  251. They’re offering them to anyone who needs a PG… doesn’t mean the Nets will take it. It’s plausible but giving the HC I’d say they’d still want Lin more.

  252. A lot of Brooklyn fans knew Linsanity first hand so I can believe the thirst. They’re not even asking for a winning team – just a team entertaining to watch.

  253. This is the most hyped post season for me since I started following NBA again after Linsanity. Just want to see Lin as a starter playing for a guy he trusts.

  254. We will see.

    Lin’s journey in the NBA is full of surprise.

  255. He was never as effective on court without Lin. That’s pretty much proven.

  256. Absolutely idiotic nonsense!

  257. If Rubio goes to Philly, scratch that off Lin’s potential landing spot.

    Sixers 'Doing Due Diligence' on Timberwolves' Ricky Rubio Trade Possibility https://t.co/UkG22YhQTl— Liberty Ballers (@Liberty_Ballers) June 23, 2016

  258. Garbage time.

  259. For some strange reason, people think Lee is worth $12-14 million without even questioning it. He does play good defense, but offensively, he’s pretty limited.

  260. I think they will.

  261. I don’t think Sixers were very interested in Lin to begin with.

  262. definitely referring to the last season. reporter paraphrased as “曾经” and that was “in the past” contacted knicks.

  263. 76ers were very interested and became less so after MDA relinquished his claim on the head coach spot.
    Perhaps Sixers feel they don’t have a solid chance to get JLIN at this point or perhaps these are set up rumors.
    1. Nets 75%
    2. 76ers 10%
    3. Bulls 10%
    4. Darkhorse 5% (Wolves, Grizz, Mavs…)

  264. When Linsanity struck the Nets played in NJ. They are sort of a NJ team that moved to an arena in Brooklyn. It was the Knicks fans that liked Lin, Lin tore NJ up. In fact, he had his first Linsanity game against NJ.

    Overall, though, both NY basketball teams are trying to get back to respectability and Knicks fans are hoping Rose helps. But they are about Porzinges now. And Nets fans, they are just hoping for a decent team.

  265. Rox welcome to the club of the other 29 teams wanting to trade with Sixers.


  266. Nets trading away players getting ready to tank?


  267. Adrian Wojnarowski ‏@WojVerticalNBA 5m5 minutes ago
    Brooklyn has traded forward Thad Young to the Indiana Pacers for the 20th pick and a future 2nd rounder, league sources tell @TheVertical.
    1,607 retweets 695 likes
    Reply Retweet 1.6K
    Like 695

  268. More like Kenny Atkinson & Sean Marks have met/talked with Young and he did not fit the plan so they got rid of him.

  269. You really can’t trust what GM said…Young said they told him they will not trade him?? Business is Business.

  270. But the GM said only that Brooks Lopez was the player they were building around, but did not mention Thaddeus as a player to build around.

    Doesn’t matter what Thad Young says.

  271. Word on the street was… Thad Young was routinely late for practice… 🙂

  272. Both Marks/Atkinson said they are looking for players with “high character”, we know a unrestricted free agent point guard that is extremely high character.

  273. Brooklyn still very much in play after not trading for a pg

  274. Nets: Best offer for Young?
    Suns: We have two PGs. Choose anyone!
    Nets: We don’t want PGs.
    Suns: What!?? You need a good PG.
    Nets: That’s taken care of. Again, we don’t need any PGs.

    wink wink

  275. My guess is that Rockets are going to make a strong offer to Lin. Les seems to be a big fan of Lin. We have to remember that Les was very aggressive in making an offer to Lin after Linsanity when other teams were still hesitant because they didn’t believe Lin could sustain that level of play. Now that Lin has proved himself to be a top player, imagine what Les would offer now.

    If Rockets could guarantee Lin a starting position (now that rumors are they are trying to trade Beverly), I wouldn’t mind seeing lin on the team. I remember the first game Lin and Harden played together, they were pretty good. They were attacking from both sides of the court, setting screens for each other. McHale obviously didn’t know how to utilize lin and felt he had to cover for Harden’s defensive deficiencies through Beverly.

    With MDA as the coach, I think the offense would be pretty fast tempo with a lot of pick and rolls which can really benefit both Harden and Lin. It might work. I rather have Lin on the Rockets with a chance of him playing for a coach that knows how to use him than for him to go back to Charlotte where it is obvious the coach didn’t support him (remember PJ Hairston was starting instead of Lin).

    I think Rockets or Nets would be great destinations for Lin at the moment.

  276. Indeed. I am sure Atkinson has heard of him too. 🙂

  277. This open spot for M W?

  278. I hate this but I really think Rox has good chance to get Lin back…. smh!

  279. I know. I remember the days we were on this site complaining about that other Rockets site.
    Different coach is huge though. Especially when you have an owner who supports you.

  280. Houston,Wolves,Kings and Bulls….Nets would be the highest possibility so far.

  281. MDA seeking to trade Beverly is definite signal that cannot be ignored. But truly a guy like PBev does not fit MDA’s point guard centric offense.

    If Les/MDA pitches JLIN to come back, then I feel that Harden also wants JLIN back and would work with JLIN to get wins.

    Problem I see is Morey – he can’t be trusted and will be trying to hurt MDA’s chance to succeed from day 1.

  282. Well said, maybe Lin want to go back the same place and prove him again.

  283. I don’t think it is bad as long as he is paid no less than Harden.

  284. A word of caution: MDA has been in this HOU situation in his Lakers season with Nash and Kobe.

    We know it ended with disastrous results because Nash was not the same ball-handling Nash in the Suns.
    With Kobe’s presence, Nash just looked mediocre even before his injuries.

    My concern is JLin will end up in the same situation. And he’d have wasted 2 years of his prime by then.
    Unfortunately, the scorers like Kobe and Harden will call the shots in the team. This is a high risk to gamble an insecure Harden wants to share spotlight with JLin and play defense all of a sudden.

    I see Lin in the Nets & Lin/Butler in the Bulls would be a better scenario.
    I guess we’ll know what JLin would do by July 1

  285. If they can really do like what Morey said (you can’t trust GM specially Morey…) they are going to build around MDA system….. that maybe not too bad for Lin. W this PB trade… Rox maybe really going to change some culture not only listen to Harden anymore…..

  286. “MDA seeking to trade Beverly ”

    En…..That is a news to me. ^_^.

  287. Wolves & Kings, not too much.

  288. His agent thinks they can get 22M…..CP??

  289. Guy can’t even stay healthy. Hasn’t proven anything yet. Should have opted in and use year to prove himself for next year FA.

  290. What a huge mistake for CP… he really believed in his own BS hype?

  291. If he’s really serious about Lin, fired Morey first.

  292. it’s a smart move as they are dying for picks, and Young is one of the two Nets who can actually play.

  293. Never know though, so much money floating around, some team might be foolish enough to bite.

  294. Yup!
    Chandler: “My look itself should worth the max!”

  295. I was cool with Thad Young at PF, but if Marks thinks he can get a proven stretch 4, then it’s a good trade.

    Hornets put Hawes and Lamb on the trading block with their 22nd pick, so KHuang may get his wish and reunite Lamb with Lin. Personally, I wouldn’t mind having Hawes on the Nets.

  296. Interesting… if true then the revamped team culture maybe for realz.

  297. You are right though… Nets, Lakers and 76ers all have around 50M to throw around

  298. and Ariza was one of those precious Rockets who shows up to play next to Harden too. Morey is just bad-shit insane. Probably thinks he can land KD.

  299. He makes 16M this year. If he did something positive this year to boost his value… 22M is not a stretch.
    But, he didn’t do anything.
    And, like Rick says… teams may be foolish enough to bite…

  300. yes, his health was a big problem in the past 2 years.
    I don’t see teams willing to gamble to pay him max

  301. Rockets have tried trading everyone except the problem which is Harden.

  302. Would be so funny if he ends up with less than 16M. LOL

  303. Make Morey undo his moves by trading Harden, sign Lin, and then fire him.

  304. This is likely the source (Mavs Moneyball) for the above tweet. It’s an article from today …

    “The Mavericks don’t plan on offering Chandler Parsons a max contract this summer, 105.3 The Fan’s Jeff Wade said on Thursday. That fits with rumors I’ve heard about the Mavericks’ front office plans, and with their general free agency strategy over the past few seasons.

    Dallas wants to pursue multiple top-tier free agents, starting with Mike Conley but possibly including Hassan Whiteside or other names beyond that. To do so, they need Chandler Parsons to be willing to take less money, or for him to leave entirely. What’s interesting is that Parsons’ cap hold falls just under $20 million. Because of the way the cap math works, it makes sense that Dallas would want him to sign under $20 million so they can actually get a discount.”

    See : http://www.mavsmoneyball.com/2016/6/23/12013598/mavericks-free-agency-chandler-parsons-max-contract-2016-mark-cuban

  305. Curious… you said you are from NY area – are you a Knicks fan yourself?

  306. Unlikely to the extreme. There is no metric used by agents or management that could possibly justify equal pay (~$17M/year for next 2 years). It would also insert massive tension in the locker room between Harden & supporters and Jeremy, which would spell death to any hope of developing team chemistry.

  307. Sixers like them young and hot off the lottery.

  308. I can see people offer 10-12 mil for CP.

  309. Good find A12!
    Wow! We are still talking about 20M (and, how can you say 20M is a discount????). This FA is going to be insane.

  310. nah w/o Morey Harden is just another ball-hugging prima donna. Hire a new, respectable GM and give power to MDA to tone him down. If Harden balks then trade him. Morey is the source of all this evil, including disgusting stuff like instructing crotchyfans to attack Lin to get an edge over Les. If Les’ a smart business person, fire that eel already.

  311. Eh, no. Lin has total control over his destiney and knowing how much he values trust and loyalty, He’d rather stay a sub in Charlotte than going being tortured by Morey again. JLin is more about money or even basketball.

  312. Only Les wanted him back. Morey already hated MDA, and now Lin? He’s gonna get his secret weapon crotchyfans to goto war for him full time!

  313. Nets can’t tank. They have none of their 1st rd picks until 2019!

  314. Both needs to go. Otherwise, JLin shouldn’t consider the Rockets unless it’s the only team that offers him starting PG.

  315. yep, they sign conley, lol.

  316. You got me…. hahahaha

  317. Knicks still a petty classless organization:


  318. Honestly, I personally think that the only way JLin will ever be involved with that organization is if there’s a new GM, no Harden, and Les sold the team to become the new SuperSonics and they move to Seattle. Basically 0%.

  319. If that happens I will buy a season ticket!
    Oh I can only dream…

  320. Sounds like Bulls need a good PG now. If they can’t get one (e.g., Lin), they can still use the place holder traded from Knicks.

  321. Knicks deleted the video. Too bad I want to see it

  322. Bc so many people complained about it.

  323. oh boy…ashamed to be a knicks fan. damn.

  324. When did they ever had class during the Dolan years?

  325. sounds like they might offer max to Conley….

  326. seemed reasonable if the Bulls are blowing the team up and starting over.

  327. Lin is smart to see what we have seen, and more. The only way that could work is to offer Lin higher than Harden to make Lin a true PG, so that Harden understands he is not untouchable any more.

  328. Cuban is not dumb enough to give aways millions to a pretty boy as marketing ploy.

  329. The only time I can think of… February 2012.

  330. lol let’s hope so. Even though JLin reuniting with MDA is a tempting scenario for me, Rockets is such a toxic organization, starting from GM to players. Too much risk.

  331. Ariza was D and 3 kind of player. What happened to him in Houston?

  332. LIn and Howard to Nets…..hmnnnn

  333. I know NYK is bad match for Lin. I wonder Lin would go Bulls too because i do not see him to be happy playing with Bulter. You can tell some players could be bad teammates with Lin such as Melo, Kobe, Bulter, IT, Rondo, Wade. Harden is actually not a bad teammate (the problems were their FO and coach). But i still think Nets would be the best choice.

  334. Harden has zero respect for Lin and often used his influence to stop Lin from being too much of a spotlight. No doubt he enjoyed seeing Lin playing behind much less talented PG. He’s a terrible teammate to Lin, and from how his other current teammates treat him, he’s a horrible teammate to everyone.

  335. D12 doesn’t like PNR so I don’t like this move.

  336. that’s not class… that’s just them enjoying winning a lottery. Then they tore the ticket up and return to being Da Knicks.

  337. A lot players are on the trade today. Add Ibaka to the list


  338. I should be specific.
    The team and players on court in that month had class. I’m sure the FO and owner didn’t.

  339. Excluding Melo and JR Smith.

  340. I thought they were off the court and not signed in February? I can be wrong…

  341. Lin and Ryan Anderson to Nets would be perfect.

  342. The only things about MDA which is special to Lin are 1. His system is PG-centric (that’s not unique at all), and 2. During Linsanity he said fudge it and play him as a starter and closer. Any coach believing in Lin could do both easily. I would say the trust between Lin and Atkinson, who really is one of his mentors, is much greater than Lin and MDA, who’s were ready to wave Lin just before Linsanity. So no, I don’t tyhink MDA is that special to Lin and honestly he might need Linsanity more than Lin needs him.

  343. Westbrook, Durant, Butler and Adam!? Scary ?

  344. I thinked derk noweatski telling Cuban he not accepted garbage playered Parsons getting maxed money. Derk tooked pay cut to saved cap spaces but Cuban hiring garbage playered

  345. i don’t know how you can lump Butler with those losers. Butler and Lin would make the best backcourt duo in the league. he is just like Lin, only bigger and speaks his mind

  346. Hornets sends JLamb out and try to keep Lin? I hope Lin will only consider starting pg. It is the best chance and it could be the last chance for a long term contact.

  347. well, you forgot how Melo talked about Lin? 🙂 And I guess the point of my comment is that Dolan and his puppet GMs never had any class.

  348. They desperately want to resign Batum and Marvin. Maybe go after Dwight too.

    Lin is gone. He wants to start.

  349. Butler is great player. But i do not see Lin play well with him.

  350. Well I remember watching a post game interview where the Knicks lost and JLin didn’t do that well (probably the game against Miami). MDA stood by JLin and emphasized that he’s a great player when reporters implied that Linsanity was over. I became a MDA fan at that point and wish JLin have a coach as supportive as MDA in the future.

  351. Lin not played well with playered taking 20 shot in game.

  352. Just found the same idea on Realgm.

    Re: Not In The Face – The Jeremy Lin Thread 3 + 1
    Post#1124 » by qiantom » Today 4:42 pm

    “I said Lamb was the biggest obstacle to resigning Lin. If they get rid of Lamb, resigning Lin becomes much more likely. No idea though what Lin would do if offered a starting job by another team.”

  353. Bingo. Great move. They shed a slacker and $12.1M. It would’ve been a good move even if they got nothing in return. They can use the picks in subsequent trades or maybe find a hidden gem in the draft.

  354. Unless they did a blockbuster like Chicago and trade KW, there’s no chance we’ll see Lin back in Charlotte.

  355. But both Durant and Westbrook might not be back.

  356. True. But, if they get Butler, it is a much easier “basketball decision” for Durant.

  357. well that’s kinda what you expect what a coach should do though… we’re just used to crappy treatment for Lin I guess. Plus at that time MDA’s own reputation is closely linked with creating Linsanity, so he should stand by Lin. My issue with him was he never recognized Lin and promoted him before Linsanity, yet he tried to take all the credit. It was just luck that he decided to start Lin.

  358. In light of today’s trade, this tweet from last week doesn’t make me feel all warm and fuzzy about trusting the Nets front office.

  359. He becomes an FA July 1st, but isn’t it true he may not pick a team until later in the month? When did he pick Charlotte last year, what date?

  360. https://twitter.com/NetsDaily/status/746059710030319616

    We all know that certain player they can sign a max too 🙂

  361. yes but I have a feeling Durant is ready to move on.

  362. Nets could be top 3 teams in the east next season. I hope Lin would be the key reason for it.

  363. I heard a scout on the Mike Francesa show (high rated talk show with veteran talkshow host that knows the NBA well) about various players in the draft. He said over and over teams are establishing cultures and he talked quite a bit about 2 point guards playing together, how some teams are looking to utilize that. He also said players that are versatile, can play more than one position and guard more than one position, are highly valued. Ben Simmons is valued a lot of his versatility.

    This is why I’m stressing that Lin’s 2-position player status that Rich Cho mentioned is a selling point in this year’s FA. It may not be what fans here are focused on, but that’s the buzz in the NBA and that may be one of the things that some NBA teams are looking at and can bring Lin’s price potentially up. It also sets Lin apart from some other PG specific PGs or ones that can not guard SGs due to their height. KHuang is onto something when he says consider Lin at starting SG and it is possible Lin may be considered to play big minutes with an established point guard by some teams FOs.

  364. It’s the NBA. That’s how things are done. There are no promises, just statements of intent. And they can change that in an eye blink.

  365. OK, not too bad. So July 1st may be uneventful except for a few rumors. But we already have them. And then sometime after he could sign with a team.

  366. Taking one comment and extrapolating it as a rule to the thousands of other comments provided each day by the talking heads means nothing.

    JLIN as a combo-SG is like using a Howitzer cannon to shoot a rabbit, a cannon can do much much more.

    When JLIN is on the floor he should be the POINT GUARD – primary initiator of playmaking, that is the maximum value that JLIN provides to ANY team. When JLIN makes the decisions, then his team performs leading to WINs. JLIN is a good SG but not the top tier; JLIN is a top 5 PG in the league – stop wasting JLIN’s effort on the court – stop misusing JLIN’s talents.

  367. yes I think Lin being a combo-guard is great for his career. But his best as a starting PG, floor general. Anything less he’s just above average.

  368. don, let someone else answer sometimes please. I’ve heard what you have to say and nothing you say is fresh. You’re against it, I get it. But I’m interested in other approaches to Lin. Thank you.

  369. Flagged.
    You do NOT have the right on a free forum to dictate who you wish is allowed to post and what they are allowed to say. Please delete his post mod.

  370. I don’t think they will do that and I think Lin might agree. I think 12-15 mil is enough to show their respect. I think if the Nets draft well with their new pick AND signs Lin ASAP, they might attract some stars looking for another Spurs-like system.

  371. What is the market? Lin is going into a free market and what is his huge selling point over others. And what are the perceptions of how Lin can help a team. What’s offered to Lin will be based on what a team thinks they need for the right place in the context of their system and players. Not what Lin may want. So Lin has to take what he wants as to what is available and negotiate. This is like any other candidate vying for a position where there is competition. What’s on Lin’s “resume” that makes him stand out? That’s more the point of my post, not what we feel are Lin’s best qualities but more putting any and all qualities Lin has to use and matching it to team’s needs.

  372. that is a little too optimistic to me. I’d just like for them to have a winning record and make the playoffs at 8th seed. Anything more is gravy.

  373. Yup, plus at that time it might be true. But they’re offered a late first round pick and they’ll have no picks for years in the future… of course they’ll make the trade.

  374. Check time stamp on that tweet. It was more than a month ago, not last week. My impression back then was that Marks & Atkinson said they’d “like” to build around Brook & Thad, but Thad interpreted that to mean they wouldn’t trade him. I don’t think it reflects poorly on the Nets.

  375. Last year was unusual in that Jeremy had to wait for other dominoes to fall. It’s possible he signs sooner this year, but who knows what might happen?

  376. No doubt Jeremy’s versatility, as repeatedly shown this past season, expands the demand for his services. Not only can he move between guard positions, he can also perform well either as a starter or 6th man. Yes, yes…he’s better as a starter, but it helps his free agency that he can do both.

  377. Batum was a 6th man once
    Harden was a 6th man once
    .. many more players…

    If a team had a conversation with any starter below the age of 32 about returning to their old 6th man role, how do YOU think that would be received?

  378. JLin will return to US in 3-4 days. Meanwhile we have drafts and trades to have fun with. Then the real FA begins in slightly over a week. That’s the real fun to begin with. Wonder whether JLin will surprise us again with his choice this round:-)

    My prayer for JLin remains the same: Sign with a team/org that FO and esp HC and coach team trust JLin 100% to be THE PG with at least 15 million per season. Let’s see which team JLin will pick soon.

  379. Jeremy hasn’t been a regular starter for nearly 2 full seasons, so he’d really be “returning” to his “old” starting role.

    Once again you’re missing the point. I wasn’t arguing for him to actively seek a 6th man role. I was saying that his ability to effectively (critical word) play either role benefits his free agency value.

  380. Lin said his free agency process will become more serious after the draft. So time marches on. Hope he will have peace throughout this process.

  381. The interesting part to me is the ways teams are looking to play different than the standard 1-5 type of definitions. Remember the Spurs twin towers? I’m not sure, maybe there were other twin towers before them, but the idea of 2 centers playing together must have seem off the wall at one time. But not anymore. I like the idea of being creative with the talents of the players. Two PGs gives two different looks and depending on the PGs, can create a huge challenge for defenses. Heck, Phoenix tried 3 one season. That’s where someone like Lin becomes very attractive. Plus he’s proven in a few systems now and has the temperament to start or kill it off the bench without sulking. I just wish FOs would see if you do that to a player, keep the minutes reasonably steady when possible. That hasn’t really been the case yet for Lin.

  382. JLIN’s true fans could care less about the demented organizations and tribalists who have actively suppressed JLIN.

    Detractors love to note, support and embellish the prejudices & injustices put on JLIN by Byron Scott, McHale and Steve Clifford in allowing lesser players to play over JLIN – even with that JLIN is right around 50/50 starts.

    I understand that you are quick to provide an argument which you would not put-forth as an argument to “benefit” Harden/Batum or am I mistaken?

  383. Exactly. It’s not advocating a bench role. It’s expanding the starter role to SG and then versatility if that’s valued and him being utilized with proper everything he’s looking for on another team that meets most of Lin’s criteria. It’s bringing his own unique resume to the FA table and having an A, B and C plan that don’t fall off too much for the C plan.

  384. In addition to Lin, getting Bazemore or Ryan Anderson would be fantastic.

  385. A shame we only have less than a handful of choir left to preach to since Alain de Gervais has quit his support.

  386. Totally realistic if they let Lin play his game. This year, the 3rd seed only won 48 games. Lin’s Hornets had the same wins only they didn’t have the tiebreak. East it weak outside of Cleveland and Lin beat them last season when Kemba sat out.

  387. Rockets

  388. Yah keep dreaming scrub, is all I would like to tell him lol

  389. The hard fact is in the past 3 seasons, Jeremy has started 76 of 223 (34%) games he’s played. Now that 34% is significant enough that his agent can tout the higher performance levels when he starts, but they can’t simply ignore the 66% of the games when he was 6th man. It needs to be listed to emphasize his higher efficiency as a starter.

    As for those who can’t acknowledge the distinction being made, I don’t know if it’s intentional or genuine obtuseness. In either case it’s beyond my communication abilities to attempt any further clarification.

  390. Stop being so negative man.
    Lin is good enough to play in the NBA
    The Suns are beyond saving. Everyone on that team can be waived and no one will pick them up.

  391. Unless they have plans to sign some solid free agents, Im not sure Nets are the ideal team now for Lin in terms of winning.

    Only plus is he may be able to play freely and pad his stats but missing the playoffs, let alone the chance of a championship.

    tough decision.

  392. Stat padding on a tanking team is pretty meaningless at this point for Lin.
    The Nets are tanking/rebuilding. They really need to bring back solid players from FA or Lin should definitely avoid this team.

  393. Then we are all in agreement – JLIN would be a great addition to the Playoff Bound Brooklyn Nets.

  394. agreed.

  395. I think he’s a very good combo guard. A decent scorer and a decent play maker. I don’t see him as a traditional PG, but more as a dynamic combo guard like Lillard, Lowry who excel at scoring and some playmaking. A modern PG

  396. Lin still can’t get a foul call. LOL


  397. IMO, maybe I’m wrong, but I think few posters are interested in the Nets. Most seem to be for Atkinson. If he wasn’t coaching the team, then there would probably be very little interest for the Nets.

  398. “maybe I’m wrong” valid

  399. That kid’s favorite player: Draymond Green.

  400. You overestimate the East. Lin can turn Brooklyn into a playoff team immediately. As for titles, one step at a time. Even GSW didn’t win a ring this year. Let Lin establish himself as a true starting PG first.

  401. Not necessarily a tough decision. Lin already stated things he is taking into consideration- a coach who trust him, the team’s style of play, team mates with humility, starter and playing time. I don’t think he will get the best from all of the above. But I believe he will find a reasonable compromise that he will be happy with. BTW he did not state a championship contending team as one of the deciding factor. There is no perfect destination for any FA. (unless Durant goes to GSW).
    Back to Nets- coach -check
    team’s style of play – semi check since HC is Atkinson
    humble team mates – kind of unknown, at least there are no Melo, and JH
    starter and playing time – check

  402. I’m no NBA historian, but the biggest turnaround I know about in recent history is when Jason Kidd took the Nets from 26 to 52 wins in the early 2000s. This past season the Nets had 21 wins, so it’d be a 27 game jump to get them to 48 wins next year. That’s certainly within the realm of possibility, but “totally realistic” just sounds too optimistic.

    I think Jeremy has the potential to accomplish as much as Jason. But at age 28 (when he joined the Nets), Kidd had already played several years at starting PG. Jeremy is not at that level yet. It would take a full 82-game season of sustained Linsanity-level play to lead such a turnaround.

    Possible? Yes, that’d be a fantasy season. Probable? ehhh…I wouldn’t bet much money on that even if I was a betting man.

  403. “Jeremy is not at that level yet.” I believe JLIN is at that level now, JLIN believes he’s the best he’s ever been.

    “It would take a full 82-game season of sustained Linsanity-level play to lead such a turnaround.” Nobody puts together 82 straight games of Linsanity, assuming you were just being hyperbolic – JLIN will do enough to get the Nets (or any other team in the East) to the playoffs and he will have stellar performances when necessary to accomplish that feat.

  404. Many BB Analysts have high opinion of JLin (#2 only after Conley). Hardwood Paroxysm is one of them
    @HPbasketball I’d still kind of rather have Lin. That’s just how good Lin was last year.

    Full conversation:
    @HPbasketball: Houston fans seem to have very high expectations of their team pulling off something with very few assets. But…. Morey’s great at trades.
    @jcordray: Isn’t Bev a better PG than any FA other than Conley? That’s worth something probably.
    I’d put Lin over him, but that’s it.
    Bev at 4y/23M vs Lin at 4y/50 though?
    @HPbasketball: I’d still kind of rather have Lin. That’s just how good Lin was last year.

  405. Just found this @ youtube

  406. yah. “i won’t trade you today maybe tomorrow.. “

  407. Did Lin just add ‘where the city is located’ to his FA criteria?
    Perhaps he wants to see if the city has In-N-Out LOL

    YT description

    After a charitable event on June 23 in Shanghai, Jeremy Lin was asked for comments on being a free agent what’s his option criteria of a new team. Lin said: “For me the most important thing is that I want to be happy. There are a lot of factors to take into account, such as the coaching staff, style of play, be a starter or not, whether the team is strong, and the city located. Most of all, I have to be very happy.”

  408. true dat

  409. It looks like the kids & Lin are having fun. It seems the smallest kid w/ #7 on his TAGHeuer jersey is tagging Lin to the wall.

  410. “whether the team is strong” – people seems to overlook this over here, haha.

  411. In my opinion, the higher production as a starter is due in part to involvement. Starting in and of itself just means you play with the first unit, some of the best players on the team, and you play within their sets and such. If there is a key player out, you have to do more as a spot starter which is what Lin did. Other players have seen big stats when they do this, I think Barrea had outstanding stats in spot starts.

    Lin often started when a key player was out so he needed to dole out more assists, had more touches, looked to score more. When Lin started with Batum and Kemba, his numbers weren’t impressive (a game in Philadelphia, most of the time he started with Batum out and once with Kemba out). I look at time on the floor with certain players with him and his touches, and I don’t see a huge difference bench or starting per time on the floor. Also, there was a period in his 2nd year in Houston where Lin started with Harden and the rest. Now, he was coming off a back injury but I distinctly remember the board saying Lin has to do better to keep the starting position before Beverley gets back. Lin just did ok, not like when he spot started.

    The biggest key is Lin is a rhythm player. He comes in, gets the feel, doesn’t have pressure on him to score or sit. But if you just allot the minutes to him regardless, then it boils down to his touches and how much he is needed to assist and score. It’s a rhythm thing, Lin is more naturally inclined to do better starting for that reason.

    As for 6th man vs. backup, we know the difference. And some others here do. Sometimes, that’s all we’ll have.

  412. Right, about as strong as the sportswriters who predicted Hornets would win just 27 games before last season began, hahaha

  413. The kids are so cute.

  414. Rockets have a good chance if MDA is really pushing and provided Les really likes lin. Have doubt now with the Nets as the team seems not ready to win after trading Young for picks.

  415. He mentioned playoff before so strong team definitely is a factor

    I can see Bulls w/ Butler can have higher priority over a rebuilding Nets

  416. agreed with the Bulls and don’t know about Hoiburg

  417. Jeremy going to GSW confirmed! :))))
    Coaching staff – check
    Style of play – check
    Starter – NO, but he should be happy playing with Curry
    Strong team – check, and then check couple more times
    City – Big check

    okay, calm down. JK

  418. omg Bev is worse than any FA lol he does not belong in the NBA

  419. uh…..can’t argue. haha

  420. He may want to play in a warm city, on the West coast as a first choice, who knows?

    I won’t say anything else to keep your job easier 🙂

  421. But is the city in the right location? 🙂

    idk. You know I’m all over the team boards and forums trying to gage interest. I think there’s a good amount still for Lin in Chicago and as starting PG, so first option. Maybe coming from the media and some say the team.

  422. Bulls maybe also in rebuild mode or they have someone in mind ….

  423. Yes, I totally can see that happening provided the Dubs has cap room for him.

  424. Location may mean something totally different from a warm ,weather e.g. opportunities for personal growth. Yeah BB players should have some sort of a life outside of BB. In CHA he enrolled in some art/ painting classes. And poor Lin has to learn Chinese via skype. 30 – 60 mins an evening 4-5 times a week post game. How about stay in a city where there are real teachers who are able to teach him face to face. That will point to west coast cities and some east coast cities e.g. NY.

  425. yeah well let’s all hope that dreams comes true.

  426. Yeah… more news about Bulls rebuilding…

  427. He likes west coast more than east coast that’s for sure.

  428. I agree.

  429. So it’s true. They are really going to send Butler out of Bulls too???

  430. Looks that way.
    I don’t know why they blow up the team like that. Yes, they missed the playoffs but I thought they were one or two pieces away from contending again. Puzzling…???

  431. Blow it up and tank….

  432. Without doing any homework… I think they do if they let go of MoBuckets, Barnes and few other small pieces.

  433. Lakers should do it.

  434. I think location is about proximity to his family. Asians really want to stay close to their family.

  435. no playing time – check

  436. Maybe these players are hard to deal so….rebuild …

  437. If Lakers can get some good players he will pick Lakers if not it’s Rox IMO.

  438. He wants a city where his family can attend games easily. Since no Cali teams is suitable and Portland has Lillard, NBA should grant Seattle a team ASAP so JLin can play there.

  439. Bulls are so dumb
    Lin Butler in LA?

  440. lol, got to love the kid who keeps grabbing his leg lol

  441. Maybe…if Lakers can get this deal.

  442. i am little confused about lin’s destination after all those trades and trades rumors…LOL

  443. yeah… maybe around 10min a game… if lucky 🙁

  444. its fun, isn’t it, haha

  445. Lin will not go back to the Lakers…

  446. Does Kobe has any influence on the Lakers?

  447. okay I watched it.. he didn’t say “the city located”. He just said as a factor “city”. That’s it. It could mean location/weather/culture/# of chruches/# of Asians…

  448. but lower than if he’s a starter, choaching, style of play.

  449. forever but the lakers wont listen to him anymore
    they dont owe him anything

  450. Thanks for clarifying, I copied and paste the youtube description.

  451. all these are lower than happiness, so he should remain with the hornets, haha.

  452. Don’t go back. Don’t go back. Don’t go back.

  453. I’d say being a starter with a coach he trusts will bring him more happiness than being pulled for KW’s ISO magic over and over and over…

  454. Not sure about that but Kobe will be in Taiwan this weekend.

  455. my guess is lin stays in charlotte, as cho is clearning the books for a huge offer for lin which will show a sign of respect

  456. Dubs will only probably do a Charlotte like deal with him – minimal 2 year thing.

  457. Never trade Butler only for pick 2

  458. Offseason gets = Batum at max and Big Al for $2.2million

  459. The real show of respect is trade KW and make Lin the starter.

  460. No matter how he cleans the books, CHA has 6 mil to offer.

  461. He can start with the Rockets and MDA is the only coach he could trust together with playing style. Not sure about Atkinson as a rookie coach, He may crack under pressure.

    Ya Rockets, here I come – Lin

  462. don’t worry, unless all of NBA team who needs a starter decided to go all racist on Lin, there’s very little chance he’ll return to Charlotte and being blamed for games KW lost from the start.

  463. Team mates with humility?

  464. I bet you ten trillion dollars your guess is wrong.

  465. So Cho cleans the books, offers JLIN $12 million (same money paid to Kemba) and has JLIN come off the bench for 19 minutes per game when MKG back in the lineup – does that make sense?

  466. I’m trying to make some money here.

  467. hmmm… Maybe Cho should offer KW for Butler?
    Lin, Batum, Butler & MKG can do a lot of damage.

  468. Let’s wait until all the draft dust settles 🙂

  469. Should be. He has a very hectic schedule for his trip but he seems to enjoy it very much. He will have a clearer picture after draft and its aftermath. He will talk with his agent about possibilities soon. It’s going to be rather “intense” time for JLin and his team soon:-)

  470. just for fun…
    what if lin gets offers from only two teams Hornets and Rockets, which team Lin should choose?

  471. you mean humble teammates?

    Unless you don’t want to win, or else you need to play with superstars who, 99% of them, have egos. You need to deal with it or just join a lousy team with scrub players so that your stats will look good but vacationing after 4/15 of each year.

  472. Rockets

  473. i agree…

  474. what if lin gets offers from only two teams Nets and Spurs, which team Lin should choose?

  475. Nets for starting job…

  476. Actually having God’s peace is most important to him. He talks about that often in his testimony, not in these short interviews.

  477. Starter job obviously from my perspective. However I’m not JLin. His “insights” are huge different than all of us:-)

  478. Lin would play the 2 and batum moves to his natural 3 spot is how theyd work it. since courtney lee is gone

  479. Good that they have moved away from JLin now:-) They know they can’t take him back as a discount anymore.

  480. Did you ever answer my question about what you thought of prospective coaches Atkinson and Pop based on their looks?

  481. What about Lamb & Hawks?

  482. lol well i guess lin to the nets then ha

  483. isnt he shooting Guard?

  484. I think they knew Lin will not come back.

  485. thanks but still ‘city’ really doesn’t explain much

    we know he loves NY, maybe not so much on Houston 🙂
    I guess a city that makes him happy would qualify

    As you said, it could be proximity to family & loved ones, weather, culture, church, etc

  486. guess nobody is biting on them…

  487. Ya! So they will not sign Lee? Too expensive?

  488. As last year, Lin has no options

  489. The happiness that he mentioned might play a factor in the city
    The strongest factor could be how close it is to family & friends since he draws his strength from them

    Hard to speculate with so many factors lol

  490. so bigger offer for lin?? LOL

  491. I think he’s an off-the-bench 3 point shooter. Not sure if this impacts Lin.

  492. He may start for Spurs too, sooner or later. Spurs offer a faster path to a championship, more security, and a coach who can boss superstars around rather than vice versa.

  493. kemba fans are shaking in their boots now that Lin is absolutely 100% not returning

  494. Nop. I didn’t. I’m very busy lately. I haven’t had a good chance to view any of these two. So, I can’t give you the answer. I will do something about it when I know which teams JLin might choose to go. I need a good look when they talk about JLin to have a clue. Very hard to do so if it’s nothing to do with JLin.

  495. Thank goodness for stars like Curry who can perform well without a sense of entitlement. Every one has ego. You mean behaving in an entitled way right.

  496. Marco is more shooting guard , clearly not point.

  497. Lin had 8 or 9 options last year. This year he’ll have some real good ones.

  498. Very interesting.

    Belinelli (SF) has 2 more yrs in his $6.3M/yr contract

  499. Yep. My guess JLin has told them someway since he signed up with them….

  500. For Batum.

  501. SG/SF

  502. will it impact for lin?

  503. Not sure about the actual offers though. But one thing I did know they didn’t give him a good and decent offer. Glad that it ain’t true this year anymore.

  504. So where do you put MKG at the 4?

  505. rockets..cluchfans be damned. haha

  506. That settles the whole issue with an emphatic period full-stop at the end.

  507. very good idea

  508. I think so.

  509. Lee will most likely not want to return.

  510. We don’t know exactly what happened last summer, but it seems as if the Grizzlies gave him a reasonable offer. Lin chose to take a chance on the Hornets.

  511. I don’t think this signing impacts Lin or Lee.

  512. Parker still has something to give. Spurs may trade away Mills.

  513. The made offers that we heard Lin declined was the Nets (low+tanking in previous regime) and Memphis (4-yr backup PG salary)

  514. not really, they can renounce lee and al after july 1 provided cap goes up to 94m.

  515. Lamb?

  516. Lin had 8 or 9 options and was playing in Hornets for two million?

  517. Belinelli can be seen as the 6th Man
    I think they’re preparing for Lin’s replacement to strengthen the bench

  518. A bit gloomy?

  519. Not tanking. They made the playoffs that season.

  520. Lamb Out

  521. Lin was convinced that the Hornets would give him a lot of PT and a big role. Money was not the issue in that decision.

  522. In your dream……………….:-) Not going to happen even though it sounds good in a way:-)

  523. So valid!

  524. This ended up with another lie JLin received from over the years. This time was from Cliff and Hornets as JLin only played 0.5 minutes in average from previous season.

  525. I think so too.

  526. And Lin is not coming back. Not enough minutes with MKG and Belinelli.

  527. Of course rockets. At least Les offered Lin good money, unlike Cheap Cho and Michael Jackson only offered Lin 2 ml and sit on the bench.

  528. Oops. Sorry, Michael Jackson.
    I mean cheap Michael Jordan.

  529. did i say 99% of them, or may be 98%, haha

  530. I may be very crazy, but I think Lin will play in Houston

  531. So Nathan’s source said Nets and JackJack’s source (Lin’s buddy) said Rox
    Which one is the better sauce? lol

    @JackJacktran8 My Source certain 100% Rox now
    @indigoonearth But who is your source may I ask? know him personally or…?
    ‏@zukovka His source is someone NOT in front office. Ignore Jack. I’ve told him before he has no worthy source
    @JackJacktran8 My source eats Dim Sum and hang out with Lin, enough said..lol
    ‏@zukovka I don’t believe your source. NO Lin friend betrays him by leaking anything. NONE. Tightest inner group in NBA

  532. IMO. Lin opted for a lower salary 2 years with 2nd year player’s option with Hornets whereas all other teams(8/9 of them) have no player’s option and of longer duration and of higher salary as reported. Haha

  533. If Lin plays in Houston, I may be going crazy for a while 🙂

  534. Doesnt seem so crazy. I just don’t know if I could stomach Rocket fans. Even after watching inept Bev and Lawson try to play with Harden they have “nonasian” glasses . Lin could do no right, Harden could do no wrong. Every turnover is a confirmation that Lin stinks and a blind eye is given to every Harden turnover.

  535. There are many crazy pills out there for all kinds of craziness. No worry.

  536. The only positive with the rockets is dantoni.

    Harden will still require a high usage rate

  537. Lin should choose to flick a dime or nickel to decide. Head nets. Tail Spurs.

  538. PTSD, I already could hear Drexler and houston TV commentators talking about Lin during games. Best TV analyst to Listen to during Lin era – NY>Hornets> >>LA>>>>>Houston.

  539. So rather than clearing the books to bring free agents back, Cho just cluttered up the books some more by $6 million to restrict his ability to bring back free agents.

  540. In other words, only Nathan is allowed to betray Lin by tweeting to the world.

  541. easy on the sauce, please. i like to actually taste my burgers

  542. Lin’s inner circle of friends seems to be loyal. It is not their style to disclose confidential style. So who is this dim sum buddy?

  543. Nathan is not Lin’s personal friend.

  544. I got dimsum sauce too

  545. somehow being a scapegoat and the end of racist jokes is the farthest thing from the word “happiness”

    but maybe it’s just me and you blessed/cursed by having good long-term memory 🙂

  546. No he’s not. But he claims that a Lin confidant hinted Lin will sign with Nets and Nathan is tweeting about it.

  547. $3 million a year for 3 years is NOT a reasonable offer for a double figure nonAsian scorer in today’s NBA.

  548. Nathan is more credible since he’s been in the NBA media business. Jack is just a fan like you and me who posts on message boards. Jack does nice work with his graphics designs and he sells stuff like t-shirts. i’d put $ on Nathan over Jack 100% of the time

  549. Here comes the LIN REPLACEMENT, just like I predicted.

    I’m sure Charlotte thinks he’s better defensively than Lin is.

  550. yeah, I also have a hard time believing Lin’s close circle will leak who JLin will sign after a few years w/ no leak

    Lin probably hasn’t even heard all the offers since the NBA draft is tonight.
    How can he make a rash decision?

  551. IMO no relecancy of ‘impacts lin” as Lin will not be a Hornets this FA. It only go to show that Lin’s extremely low salary with the Hornets was abnormal/an exception. Haha

  552. not only that, Lin doesn’t even know where he is going to sign with yet..

  553. true, this whole thing is blown out of proportion
    One friend might hear the JLin team discusses about this and that then jumped to conclusion

  554. My long-term memory is not that good. I live in Houston. No one locally is clamoring to get Lin back. His name is not even mentioned.

  555. I blame it to nervous energy that long-time Lin fans have to wait 7 more days before July 1

    They have to think of something to hold on to in the mind 🙂

  556. oh my. I feel bad for you now

    But your short-term memory is good then!

    JLin or someone in JLin team, if you read this, know that happiness is hard to come when team fans don’t want you to be there

  557. Read Jack’s tweets. He said the source is from his son’s friend who’s a buddy of Lin. We’ll know in 7 days who’s correct. Hope it will turn out well for Lin.

  558. Yeah, I thought the atmosphere would be more fun. It’s actually kind of weird. But Nathan shouldn’t use Lin to promote himself and then trash Jack’s sauce.

  559. Houston should try throwing in Capela or even Jones.

  560. He might have some idea.

  561. Hmmm. No relevancy there as Lin already indicated to Hornets he will not be returning will the signing of the 2nd year player’s option. There is no fun in your misconceive idea anyways. Haha

  562. How could they turn down Bev? Bev is an offer you can’t refuse.


  564. And Rox if it lands on its side.

  565. Or even harden… that should do it. 🙂

  566. IMO Nets as he will have a familiar coach he can trust. Of course both offers must be as starter to be of any interest to him anyways.

  567. Seems like the Nets are clearing out the few talented players they have. I don’t understand, tanking won’t even help the as boston has their pick.

  568. Need cap space to go after Lin, Bazemore, Anderson, etc.. I was fine with Young, but he’s not ideal next to Lopez. Could use a better rebounder or stretch 4.

    Marks is also a Spurs guy. He may see an undervalued guy in the late 1st rd. Someone to develop.

  569. I don’t see how Noel’s is much better then capela and Jones

  570. IMO it’s water under the bridge as far as Hornets is concerned. He was there to help KW and has moved on. Haha

  571. Lakers will be a good team

  572. OK

  573. Well with a good offer Lin might stay for THAT.

  574. They already have a starting PG.

  575. IMO Hornets would have done that after the preseason games. Anyways a player of Lin’s caliber can start over most shooting guards in a 5 on 5 basketball game what more Lee. Haha

  576. No they won’t.

    Luke Walton has to somehow convince his team of selfish defenseless players to play together.

  577. Youth movement by the Nets, it seems.

  578. Just another fantasy.

    Let it go.

  579. You are right on this respect thingy for Lin’s case. Haha

  580. Great post

  581. Unfortunately

  582. He’s NOT, but any trade to dump the utterly useless Patrick Beverley is good even if the Rockets don’t want Lin.

  583. I called it before the season ended.


  584. Vertical Sources: Chicago and Minnesota talks for Jimmy Butler broke down. Bulls wanted Zach LaVine, not Ricky Rubio.

  585. The Bulls should’ve just taken Rubio.

    Lavine can’t play!

  586. Hmm. Bulls looking for a PG to replace Rose.

  587. With Butler Hornets doesn’t need Batum anymore. Anyways Batum helped KW to dig hugh holes most of the time when they are on the court together in the 1st quarter. Haha

  588. Lavine can dunk and is popular with fans they’re looking for someone flashy enough to replace Rose. At least Wolves aren’t dumb enough to trade Lavine.

  589. Minny picks Chris Dunn. If they keep the pick, Rubio is gone.

  590. scrapped Minny for Lin they picked up Dunn

  591. Rubio is Out!

  592. Bulls FO looking dumber and dumber

  593. I highly doubt Lin would tell anyone who he signs with other then his family. Close friends or not you don’t want news to leak out.

  594. Minny will be an elite team

  595. LaVine can’t replace Rose
    he’s just not that good

  596. IMO should the Bull trade Butler, the Bull is clearing house to get rid of all divas and closet divas to creat a new culture. Haha.

  597. in a few years
    Russell-Ingram-Randle can be really, really good

  598. LOLOLOLOL who offers Patrick Beverley
    That’s an insult to both the Sixers and Noel

  599. Bulls are smart they are finally going into rebuild mode and clearing all divas out!

  600. Buddy Hield is the best talent of this years draft
    He can really score well
    4 years in college is huge
    Good pick by the Pelicans

  601. Boston taking Jaylen Brown at #3 seems like a huge mistake. They need offense or a big man. Brown doesn’t seem to do anything well — just a raw athlete who impressed in workouts with orange cones.

  602. No they won’t.

    Dunn is going to get badly schooled in the NBA, especially on defense and in physicality.

    The Wolves still don’t have adequate defense, and they’re not great at scoring. Thibodeau has his work cut out for him.

  603. A healthy LaVine would certainly be better than an after injury Rose.

  604. People keep saying that, but they’re always awful. I love Towns, but no one else impresses me. They need a real PG and Wiggins needs to develop an outside shot and be more unselfish.

  605. Boston needs a big but no one is ready yet so a raw talent to develop I guess

  606. LOL!!!!!!

  607. At least could have gone with Dragan Bender in that case. Raw big man talent.

  608. Yah Wiggins and LaVine need to learn to share the ball
    KAT is the only star on that team and he’s still a rookie.

  609. If rockets trade Bev who will be their starting PG?

  610. Do you really watch basketball?Just asking….

  611. Lavine had his GAME OF HIS LIFE against Lin with the Lakers last season.

    He hit every shot with Lin in his face.

    Lavine has not had success against Lin since.

  612. We shall see…

  613. If I recall correctly, Morey has loved Rubio for a while.

  614. Why do you think I’m a liar who knows absolutely nothing about the game?

    Just asking.

  615. Actually, Lavine has no court instincts and no skills.

  616. Yah I dont see it either
    He looks like a bust to me tbh

  617. A liar???You said that not me.

  618. Hmm post injury Rose is a joke but LaVine is really not that good lol
    He can dunk but you play him against playoff teams
    He will choke so hard

  619. Totally agree. Lin is out. Expect Lopez gone soon as well.

  620. They’re still young as a team but they will come together as the season goes by especially now that Rubio will be out of this franchise.

  621. He is actually an expert
    He knows basketball really well

  622. has anyone taken Xhou Qi yet? teams are gonna regret passing him up!!!

  623. Morey is about numbers and names. Would not be surprised if he picks up rondo

  624. So why do you think I don’t watch games?

    Just asking.

    You started this – and you’ll RUN.

  625. I’m not sold on him.

  626. i’m shocked Lin has so many teams interested in him this year. Its really great to see how much his stock value went up. Thankfully Clifford praised him constantly even if he didn’t always treat Lin right. Lin played better in Houston, but Harden and Mchale tried to burry him. Look at his second year in Houston. hE started off averaging like 15 a game alongside harden.. crazy.. it wasnt talked about cuz harden and howard always got all the credit regardless.

  627. that’s ok KHuang, you thought Lamb had fundamentals LOL

  628. LOL!!!!I’m sorry you just lost me.

  629. Bev even attacks free-throwers..
    can’t beat that

  630. You go ahead and PRETEND that Lamb wasn’t #1 in Eastern Conference reserve guard scoring for most of the season and #6 in defensive +/- for ALL guards, then.

  631. Lin averaged 15 ppg as a starter in LA too, but people HATED Lin and called that “underproducing”.

  632. this is where defensive stats are misleading

  633. Run, troll, RUN.

  634. He’s a good scorer but not sure about his defense

  635. lol that and Byron didn’t like it because it was anti tanking

  636. Oh, I get it now.

    Ignore certain stats just to disagree with me.

    PRETEND the stats don’t exist, that’s what you do.

  637. LA was tanking but Hornets made the playoff and almost pass the 1st round.

  638. so will it be Lin to the nets, rockets or hopefully San antonio?

  639. Sometimes Lamb has lapses, but overall he is ONE OF THE BEST defenders in the NBA and that’s why Bench Force One was so DOMINANT.

  640. Lin often has to direct where Lamb has to be on offense AND defense. Lamb isn’t all there. he got a lot of help from the 2nd unit’s team D

  641. I’m doing “Rockets or bust”.

  642. I didn’t see anything too wrong with his defence but people trashed his defence all over
    I feel like he can be more team minded

  643. do u think he and harden 2.0 could workout?

  644. there is nothing team minded about Lamb

  645. Now THAT is a good post because it is totally accurate.

    Young talented fundamentally sound but INEXPERIENCED players like Lamb SHOULD be deferring to Lin’s elite leadership.

  646. TRoll….you’re the troll here and I don’t buy your basketball opinions as simply as that, saying that Lamb has good fundamentals…..LOL!!!!Sorry dude I’m not your fan.

  647. The stats TOTALLY DEBUNK your hater analysis.

    You and Steve Clifford feel the same way about Lamb.

  648. That’s why he needs to be more of it

  649. everyone on the 2nd unit are fundamentally sound except Lamb LOL

  650. Don’t get me wrong, Lamb gets burnt REGULARLY.

    But overall, he is one of the best defensive guards in the NBA and the numbers show it.

    Lin fans who focus myopically on Lin have a wildly inflated sense of what “good defense” is. Lin’s THE BEST defender in the NBA, so no player in the league is going to look as tenacious as Lin defensively.

  651. Depends on what one means by “work out”.

    If it means playing to the max of their potential, PROBABLY NOT. I cannot see Harden playing off the ball, as Harden doesn’t seem to have off ball cutting skills and definitely is not in good enough shape to cut and screen off the ball.

    But if it means squeaking into the playoffs with entertaining ball, sure Lin and Harden can do that even if Harden dominates the ball and slows the Rockets to his typical crawl.

  652. Totally disagree, and Lamb’s ELITE STATS prove you and Clifford to be totally WRONG.

  653. Actually Only Lin
    HAwes was trash
    Kaminsky was too selfish

  654. i’ll give Lamb one thing and that’s his length and wingspan which works in his favor in one-on-one defense

  655. You’re the dirty hate troll here.

    You’re the one firing insults and starting fights.

    You’ve hated me for months.

    You’re angry because I STATS PUNKED you and your boy Steve Clifford with Lamb.

  656. Tank was alright earlier in the season but became self absorbed towards the end of the season

  657. Agree.

    If anything, I think he relies on them too much.

    Don’t get me wrong, Lamb has A LOT of room for defensive improvement. But he’s not a sieve, he’s a STOPPER. And the numbers show it.

  658. Ha Ha.

    Did we hear about this argument over and over for Lin? ^_^.

    Honestly, I am somewhat in agreement with KHuang. Lamb is a good player, especially along with Lin’s side. But I would not pick him up alone without Lin.

  659. I wouldn’t pick up Lamb without Lin either!!!

  660. The bucks are good
    They need a starting PG who can play make…
    Instant contender

  661. Kaminsky was fundamentally sound but was not physically conditioned well enough for the NBA. He’ll be much better next season.

    Hawes is neither sound nor physically fit.

    Hansbrough was fit AND sound, but Clifford didn’t want him constantly dominating.

    Lamb was fit AND in shape, but when he got burnt he got BURNT. It’s still nowhere as bad as Walker or Batum getting burnt, though.

  662. We can back tracks our comments and people can review it and judge who’s the troll here.You’re the one that always has exaggerated and over the top comments not counting your unbelievable over the top opinions.

  663. Agree.

    They just need a single veteran PG starter who can pull the team together and pull defenses to the perimeter.

    Lin would be ideal, but I doubt the Bucks want him.

  664. I thing SAS has a better culture, Rockets flaw is Harden, too selfish and lazy on defense. Nets are clearing out and starting from scratch.

  665. ibaka in orlando

    Then Durant is out

  666. I can see them compete with the Cavs but yah I dont think Kidd wants him

  667. wow, Ibaka got traded to Orlando.
    Durant might leave OKC?

  668. Sabonis son domontas sabonis picked by Orlando. I loved sabonis in Portland. Does anyone know if domontas is like his father, great center. If he played in his prime Portland could have won a championship.

  669. Ibaka’s prime is over, though. If anything, Durant would want an upgrade at PF — promote Kanter to starting PF.

    Ibaka is much older than his listed age.

  670. Westbrook Oladipo Durant Kanter Adams + waitors new euro guy off the bench
    thats amazing lol

  671. IMO Nets having Lin is the prerequisite for the org and the Nets FO priority to build a contender. Filling up the Nets Roster with team orientated decent players and make some noise in the 1st season. Then more talented FAs will choose Hornets. IMO Hornets will be Lin’s No1 destination this FA on mutual respect basis. Haha

  672. hes with the thunder now

  673. Nets still look good. Not linked to any of these PG names being thrown around.

  674. That was fast. If he is like his dad thunder made a good trade.

  675. He’s a good big

  676. If only his dad could have played in the NBA when he was young!

  677. They’re still talking. Marc Stein just tweeted this.

    Stein tweeted some minutes later : Discussion between the Bulls and Wolves have reached an advanced stage, sources say, with a real chance now for a Thibodeau/Butler reunion

  678. Great trade for OKC. Durant should be happy. Ilyasova is a capable stretch 4 as well.

  679. Kidd only wants PGs like himself. He’s probably pulling for Rubio.

  680. sixers are better team than the Bulls and Nets now in terms of starting and having chance to win, if Lin rejects MDA.

  681. Orlando will send Victor Oladipo, Ersan Ilyasova and the rights to Sabonis to OKC for Ibaka, per source.
    that’s a lot to give up

  682. Are we talking about Rondo or Rubio?

  683. So would Zach Levine go back to the bench? They just drafted a PG Dunn

  684. he prolly will be traded to the Bulls for Butler.

  685. Nets have cap space for good free agents. Give me a Nets lineup with: Lin, Bazemore, Ryan Anderson, Lopez. Playing with too many rookies and sophs can be a problem.

  686. Lin is right, he has to wait until the drafts and the trades settle down before he can make any decision.

  687. 76ers are making Ben Simmons point-forward, that means his usage rate will be Lebron-like.

  688. Bravo! great post. Now you are getting it that a player of Lin’s caliber and being versatile can start on any team in the NBA in a 5 on 5 basketball game not withstanding those team having so-called superstars point guards or shooting guards alike. Haha

  689. i believe in todays nba, you need two ball handlers to be effective.

  690. Kind of like Draymond.

  691. You know Ibaka is only 26. He’s only starting his prime. Really bad trade for OKC and probably a sign that OKC know Durant is gone.

  692. good trade for both actually

  693. Ibaka has been a disappointment for the past 2 years

  694. Interesting OKC trade

  695. So many international players have been drafted. It’s astounding to me that Lin is still the only recognizable un-drafted AA NBA player in the league.

  696. What about that Zhou Qi player from China

  697. IMO. Without MDA Sixers no more a destination for Lin. Not this FA anyways. Let the Simmons being point forward like a Lebron play out first for these one or two years. Most NBA scouting reports were on the wrong side of history more often than not anyways. Haha

  698. Kris Dunn is the best PG in the draft

  699. Apparently he might be in a trade deal involving Butler

  700. Any teams on the radar that we haven’t discussed that could throw out a dual pg offense with join next to another pg?

  701. Good trade either way but Bulls would be in the losing end for now.

  702. nets are “tanking” not for draft picks as they have none, but they are cashing in their chips. thad traded for a 1st and i expect brook trade at the deadline or next summer. nets have to be off of lin’s list. this team is going to be young and very bad… no chance for playoffs now without thad…

    belinelli trade also interesting. he’s either a replacement for lee and they are gunning to resign lin. or they are not expecting lin back and moving on with a win now kinda player…

    houston still the darkhorse. having played with harden, lin may be the only guy with the guts to go there after ty lawson cemented harden as a pg killer…

  703. Zach, in my opinion, is more of a slashing/driving shooting guard…He does have great ball-handling skills, but lacks point-guard instinct that creates easy shots for his teammates.

    So Wolves can still keep Zach and play Dun at PG, Zach at SG and Wiggings at small forward.

  704. 1) Wait till free agency. They can add Lin, Bazemore, Anderson and others.
    2) Most important thing is for Lin to be a true starting PG. Rings can wait.
    3) East is weak. Lin, Lopez and a coach who supports him will get any team into the playoffs.

  705. The rockets had given Lin the best contract so far. They might do it again.

  706. I agree. Weak draft for PGs though.

  707. Agreed, Nets may be looking for a stretch 4 to compliment a lopez-jlin PnR

  708. Yeah, I was fine with Young (Lin can work with anyone who buys in), but a stretch 4 would be a much better fit. Or at least a scrappy rebounder/defender.

  709. While I don’t like Thad Young on the same team as Lin because he’s more of a old-school PF, I do agree that Lin should be a bit worried about joining the Nets.

    Although they can replace Thad by signing Anderson who is more of a stretch 4 or even Marvin Williams..If the Nets does that, that could regain confidence in some players that they will try to win.

    I also agree that Houston Rockets has now moved up to be one of Lin’s top suitors…Maybe the Bulls could be up there if they don’t draft a PG but they may also be rebuilding too.

  710. Bulls feel very dysfunctional. Classless handling of thibs firing. Trying to trade Butler. Why? He is young and good. Does not sound like a good organization.

  711. butler in trade talks after dealing rose? bulls in full tank mode. they lose pau and noah too… DO NOT WANT!

  712. Yep….but if Wolves won’t trade him he will definitely help their roster.

  713. It’s not that easy anymore
    East is getting competitive
    They still need good supporting cast to make the playoffs
    not just a bunch of scrubs

  714. 1.) that’s not enough. baze is not proven. he started very hot and cooled down as season went on. anderson is garbage. just a catch and shoot stretch 4. not dynamic at all. thad was a 15/9 dynamic 4. he wouldve been the recipient of soooo many oops from lin…. sigh
    2.) rings can wait, but he needs to make the playoffs at least. 27 isnt old but it’s also not young… nets rebuilding….
    3.) east was very competitive. will still be competitive. pacers made great moves. lin and lopez + scrubs or semi-stars? not enough. 1st round exit at best.

    im greedy, i want more. i feel lin wants more. nets looking worse and worse with each move so far… nets draft a SG. still hope for lin but im weary….

  715. Nets pick for #20

  716. Interesting, the Nets used their 20th pick from Pacers to draft Caris LeVert (SG) who had 2 surgeries in the past 2 yrs

  717. The commentators said Caris LeVert has had two foot surgery… .

  718. https://twitter.com/WojVerticalNBA/status/746157699109359616

    A SG with injuries already. I guess its better than no pick

  719. Seems to be a long, versatile guy who can shoot but has major injury problems.

    I guess Marks is gambling. Roll the dice, develop over a couple years.

  720. Top ten with no injuries

  721. Alas Hinkie not in Sixers to receive junkyard dog Beverley ‘the best defender in Morey’s analytics junk from Morey. LOL. Haha

  722. Late first round you gotta gamble. No immediate impact guys, so you take a chance on talent.

    I always like versatile players. Guys who can play PG/SG (like Lin), SG/SF, SF/PF, PF/C. That’s the direction of the NBA now. Multiple positions, interchangeable skills.

  723. I’m positive that Marks and his group knew this thing before they drafted him.His doctor was the same MD who operated on Durant’s foot.

  724. Agreed

  725. So this guy for thad young hmmm very questionable choice

  726. Get over it, young is good but does not fit well in a dynamic run and gun offense featuring heavy half court sets of a Jlin – lopez PnR

  727. Marks were shedding out on cap space to go for FA comes July 1st,he is just the toppings.

  728. You mean as a dump together with Beverley? May not be enough, Morey needs to include a 1st round pick. LOL Haha

  729. And this guy does? He’s a rookie. Won’t be much of use.
    That’s still a questionable decison. Doesnt seem like they are trying to win and they had told thad they weren’t trading him but did anyways. I thought people were done with lying FO

  730. Hope that’s the case

  731. Levert isn’t going to be starting. Or playing PF. He’s a SG from what I’ve seen.

    And they never told Young he won’t be traded. Misreported. Like Lin “accepting a discount to stay in Charlotte.”

  732. Can’t blame Nathan 100% knowing that Jack sauce is in fact dim sum sauce. LOL Haha

  733. Of course he’s not gonna play PF hes a guard. He might as well start they dont have any capable SG anyways. Thad Young was at least a starter level PF. It is what it is.
    Coach also told him he was in his plan so yah.

  734. Lol, you can be crazy at times but I also think Lin probably will play in Houston. A MDA Lin chat in the presence of Morey and Les will do the trick. Atkinson saying Nets need to be lucky this time to sign the quarterback of his choice is the game there. Haha

  735. I always thought it was weird to promise Thad Young that he wouldn’t be traded….I’ve always felt that it was wrong to make such a promise to a player like thad because he’s way too old-school for a PF.

    But the worst thing is that the Nets lied to him..They made him think he would be part of the core alongside Brooks Lopez and they now trade him….That’s not a good look for the Nets, Marks and Atkinson.

    If they can lie to Thad, they can also lie to Lin,..They can tell Lin he will be part of the core and than look to move him this summer or remove him out of the starting unit after 15 games.

  736. Exactly. The Nets FO has never been known for being loyal or competent.

  737. You thought this guy would replace Young. I’m saying that’s not true.

    I don’t recall Atkinson saying that. He’s not the GM either way.

  738. Nope, that’s just your misinterpretation. They traded Thad Young for this guy pretty much.
    You dont have to trade for the guy to play in the same position as the guy you just traded away.

  739. That’s what I was trying to tell you. You seemed confused replying to Ben.

    “Get over it, young is good but does not fit well in a dynamic run and gun offense featuring heavy half court sets of a Jlin – lopez PnR”

    “And this guy does? He’s a rookie. Won’t be much of use.”

    Not there to replace Young. Clear cap room. Get the best talent at any position.

  740. Nets traded Young to clear more cap space. Not sure why anyone would be tripping about this. He doesn’t fit what Atkinson wants out of a PF.

  741. Yah will this guy be a good fit to the dynamic run and gun offence?
    He’s still part of the team last I checked so I assume he would be involved in the offence unless you are saying only PF will be featured in this dynamic run and gun offence? LOL

  742. Probably a bench player playing 15mpg, doesn’t have to play with the run-and-gun starters. Also, his two big skills are catch-and-shoot 3s and unselfish passing. Sounds good to me in a dynamic offense.

  743. Agree. I keep reading posts lately worried that Lin won’t have enough talent to work with on the Nets. Some are probably worried that trading Young makes the Nets too low on talent…

    Yawn. Free agency awaits and Lin as a true PG + a decent big man can make anything work.

  744. Great post. With this latest clarification and explanation Sws94 can finally be left alone with his misconceived justification to ‘bencing’ Lin whenever he find the slightest opportunity to post as such. Haha

  745. Rebuilding is accurate, but not tanking. Atkinson & Marks want to build a Spurs-like culture of discipline and focused, continued effort…no quitting. You can’t do that while intentionally trying to lose games. Besides, as others have often pointed out, it serves them no purpose to tank since they’ve traded their 1st round picks a few years out.

  746. Great post. You hit the nail right on the head there. Wouldn’t be surprised if sws84 has other misconceived ideas to justify ‘bencing’ Lin. Haha

  747. A lot of fans were worried about Young’s post game not a good fit for Lin’s game a while ago, LOL.

  748. Good observations on some of the many shortcomings of Harden. Haha

  749. Don’t know why NYK didn’t pick Rondo bc Melo likes him?


  750. seems like Lin to San antonio won’t happen anymore

  751. Here’s the full quote of Marks’ comments:

    “I’m certainly not looking to trade them,” Marks said. “But again, you have to be fluid. You never know what will come your way. I hope they are a part of us. … I have to maximize their talent and build around them. We have to wait and see.”


  752. Marks was hired in February, Atkinson in May 2016. They have no track record to judge one way or the other at this point.

  753. Well he picked Mavs off the bat but something weird happened and the rest is history.

  754. Good observation. Morey could well be the stumbling block for the return of Lin to Houston. Haha

  755. Zhou Qi passed up in round 1 is a travesty

  756. Lol. Nets are getting younger without Young. Haha

  757. He can’t even play until 2017. Has to finish his contract with Chinese team.

  758. You meant the other 28 teams. 🙂 haha

  759. didn’t he got out of the contract?

  760. Lol. IMO he may have vested interest in NYC. Haha

  761. spurs, rockets, or mavs seem to be the only options left. and chicago if they keep butler

  762. he seems to be available according to the nba site

  763. Zhou Qi falls to the lowly Rockets! BOOO!! BOO!!
    rockets are KILLING me

  764. Rox really likes China players$$$

  765. russian owner

  766. Rondo likes Nets? Oh. Boy.
    Hope the affection is not mutual.

  767. now i’m torn between wanting Lin to play for the rockets or not cus they have Qi and MDA

  768. cool bye nets

  769. i freaking knew the rockets would get zhou qi haha. i guess they’re hoping hes the next yao haha

  770. We don’t know everything about what options Lin has. It’s trade time, not FA time yet. We must remain patient, not all information is in yet.

  771. LOL the Rockets drafted the Chinese kid
    I see you, Les!!!

  772. Les likes China money.

  773. I thought Zhou Qi is not their target? So now Rox picked him bc Lin will come or not?

  774. IMO Nets should take the dump + 1st round pick from Suns for Young. Getting Lin is a lucky shot for Nets as Rockets with MDA is the main competition. Nets can trade the dump if they are lucky enough to get Lin. Haha

  775. Marketing…

  776. LOL, Les at it again.

  777. lol Nets aren’t interested in no Rondo

  778. Their pick has to do with whatever reason you’d pick a player at this stage of the draft. He filled a need on their team or they think he can develop something that helps them in the future.

  779. I don’t know anything about Zhou Qi but I think Rox picked him more for China’s market$$$

  780. Zhou Qi will be a really good NBA player but i also doubt the rocket’s scout realized it when they picked him for the Chinese $$ LOL

  781. Lin will not go, so Rox selected Zhou to attract Chinese sponsors/investors?

  782. IMO the Suns is looking to dump one of their point guards or both with a 1st round pick thrown in as sweetener. Haha

  783. I hope this is the reason. Haha!

  784. agree and for all we know, jeremy already chosen a team though he said he was waiting for the result of the draft to make sure his decision is going to be his final destination.(reference- taiwan visit)

  785. this maybe was a consideration…

  786. so are the rockets since they’re trying to dump Bev

  787. but reading his exact quote (if it was really his), he did made a generalization on the two players mentioned, but i don’t see finality..therefore, their loyalty was still not set on stone till its all over (IMO)

  788. looks like nets still want lin lol. just traded marcus paige

  789. I know, they want Lin from hired MDA as HC can tell….

  790. if they dump Bev, Lin will surely be part of their plan.

  791. if they make an offer, i hope he throws it back in their face!

  792. So is it a 3-way race by Nets, Bulls, Rockets to win Linsanity as a starting PG?

  793. What’s the secret sauce that you both share? 🙂

    This is the 1st I heard about Bev-dumping.

  794. don’t count out the mavs and bucks yet…………

  795. my GUT feeling..LOL!!! its more saucy than other sauce for sure…joke!

  796. and the winner is……….!

  797. I would keep that 60-80 million usd…you kidding me. haha.

  798. I think it’s likely to be Rox. smh!

  799. THE HORNETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!smh.

  800. And trade him to Houston so Les can grab more China money.

  801. I don’t either. I don’t know why they picked him but maybe he’s a good player or one with potential.

  802. Rox already got one from China.

  803. Not that it matters (2nd rd guy) but that was picked for the Jazz. Brooklyn got SG Isaiah Whitehead.

  804. Lin will come to be the translator for Qi….lol.

  805. What does the Nets get for trading him to Utah?

  806. first mda, now zhou qi, gotta give rockets credit though, they really seem to be pushing hard for lin

  807. He has to play another season in China per his contract. I wonder if the Rockets can put him in a Rockets uniform for the Global Games in China this preseason. Would be good from a marketing perspective.

  808. Lin will learn to speak Chinese from Qi

  809. Great, Rox gets a PG and 76ers do not agree with the Patrick Beveley deal, so PB stays and there is no need for Rox to try to get Lin.

  810. No~~~he likes Lin, he really do!

  811. More salary cap space.

  812. I doubt both can run MDA system well. Plus there’s still lots of time to trade PB.

  813. I think she’s a Knicks fan by the the looks of things.

  814. They can have 2 Chinese players in case 1 breaks down.They look the same to Morey anyway.

  815. NBA really digs pedigree.

  816. Rox think all point guards are interchangeable. Bye Beverley, you got replaced by someone cheaper, aka, you got Moreyed.

  817. They need a backup anyway. Doesn’t mean much for Lin situation. Only means they’re probably going to spend money to get FA forwards/centers.

  818. True, Morey always wants to pay cheap only.

  819. How is this guy?

  820. Zhou Qi has ended the contract. He can play this coming season.

  821. Even having Paige doesn’t mean they won’t want Lin. No one’s gonna let rookie PG be starter over Lin unless they’re Lakers or the Rockets.

  822. Really? Oh! So he will show up for preseason game then….

  823. I really think the Nets has already won and we’re just waiting for July 1st formality.

  824. I think it’s more Rondo is interested in returning to the Northeast.

  825. IMO. In Lin case playing with a bunch of NBA scrubs will do just fine. He has been there and done that already with amazing results. Haha

  826. Just 500K to free up 6.2 mil in cap space. I’d do it if I want a few max players.

  827. SMH, Rox cut Lin on Christmas first time, dumped him to LA second time and now they want him to run MDA offense + do the job of Patrick Beverley to cover JH’s D. If Lin goes to Rox, I think I will need group therapy.

  828. Only China centers will be drafted.

  829. Unless something more recent this is the last I heard:


    Zhou reached a buyout agreement Friday with his Chinese club, the Xinjiang Flying Tigers, and will be eligible to play in the NBA beginning in the 2017-18 season, Jonathan Givony of Yahoo! Sports reports.

  830. What? Package of Bev, har_en and Morey to Sixers? MDA doing house cleaning!

  831. They still need to pay DW 5M I think… Hard to say what Nets owner will do….

  832. never say never lol nothing surprises me anymore.. I.E benching of Jeremy Lin in game 7 vs Miami after he was the reason they were still in the series to begin with. Although knowing Atkninson is the Nets head coach and has a well established relationship with Lin does give me much hope.

  833. Need to decide between waiving him and trading him to another team (who will waive him). Trading him could get them a pick from a desperate team trying to get under the cap before free agency.

  834. Disagree. No fortune cookies are the same! I’m offended!

  835. After drafted, China Sina news said Morey has confirmed.

  836. come on Brook-Lin! or san antonio but they have murray now ;(

  837. clarkson’s look-alike? LOL!

  838. Sean Marks wants to find the “right” people, not just spend money

    He actually just got $10M more to spend on FAs by trading Young


  839. Well, late firsts and seconds aren’t going to start (may not even make the rotation), but SAS is a Plan C/D.

  840. im becoming intrigued by the 76ers too. Ben simmons might be an amazing player in the future, and having Lin run the team sounds good to me.

  841. http://espn.go.com/nba/team/_/name/bkn

    Nets GM Sean Marks on having a ton of cap space but being in a
    rebuilding situation: “It’s not going out there and spending money just
    for the sake of spending it. We’ll hopefully make the right decisions
    and it starts with bringing in high character people.” Marks reiterates
    that Nets “aren’t going to skip steps along the way.” “I think we’ll get
    the right people and we’ll get people that want to come here,” he

  842. get lin by hook or by crook…! so to speak..LOL!!!?

  843. So he’s available immediately? Needs to put on some muscle. Will be good marketing for Les though going to China and if he can join the team in a jersey.

  844. meaning, they finalized talks with lin and now talking on how to make it more competitive by JLIN’s definition (MY thoughts for the sause!!!)

  845. At the very least it means: NO RONDO. Exact opposite of a high character, Spurs culture player.

  846. Yes, Rockets has signed a special trainer for Zhou.

  847. Why no Rondo?

  848. undecided meaning, need some secure back up for JLIN and waiting for Jack to accept it! (my own opinion)

  849. Isiah W is supposed to be a combo guard with a quick first step.

  850. One of the lowest character guys in the league. Even when his stock was high. Rick Carlisle and Mavs hated him. Boston and Doc hated him. Well-known cancer to his team.

  851. rondo wants to be paired with LIN.. but LIN said NO! LOL!!!!joke

  852. Dude just wants to get paid one last time, so he’s throwing out Knicks and Nets. But neither one wants him.

  853. So far both Marks and Atkinson have been consistent in hammering home the “high character” tentpole.

  854. he will be without team if he will insist on his price..sixers might be interested if they can’t get a good one?

  855. He is also interested in staying with Kings. Collison will have some difficulties b/c of domestic violence and DUI charges that means the Kings may be more willing to pay Rondo.

  856. and who is the player of highest “HIGH Character again?”

  857. james harden

  858. I hope Lin doesn’t make the same mistake as last time ( even though it turned out okay for him) and wait too long to sign somewhere and be unable to land a starting gig. Im a firm believer had Lin played for Dallas, he would have surely had a career year last season

  859. yes, Sean Marks wants to recreate the Spurs culture in the Nets
    Pop wouldn’t touch Rondo, especially on a new team w/o strong stars w/ good characters

  860. He’s “interested” in anywhere he can get PAID. No one wants to go to the Kings if they have other options, so Rondo may come back after all.

  861. lol .. maybe the 1st part 🙂

  862. what happened in the draft that made him change his mind?

  863. No control last year with the whole Deandre Jordan situation.

    Lin made the right move — one year deal, rehabbed his reputation, get PAID this summer with the rising cap.

  864. 1) Lin’s agents would be smart to make him seem “not so sure” (make 2-3 teams bid).
    2) Bev trade rumors maybe? Might make Houston seem more “apologetic.”

  865. What happened to 99 percent sure that Lin will go to Nets?

  866. I think we will hear his good news soon this year.

  867. I don’t know… sounds like not sure now.

  868. the 1 percenters hold all the $$

  869. Big time backpedaling.

  870. Yup, Jeremy was collateral damage last year.

  871. IMO. Should Rondo ended up without a team wanting his service it will be good for the league as a whole. Its will be a good 1st step towards culture change for most franchises to have good character guys and going away from a diva infested league. Haha

  872. Houston with or without Beverley is still toxic. They dumped Lin twice. Even if they are more apologetic, Lin will still have to play MDA offense and play enough D to cover JH and himself. Whatever happen to “happiness” is priority. OH NO don’t tell me he will return to CHA

  873. I am more concern about Jack’s contract…. they probably didn’t want to pay so much money on PG position. (Jack + DW + Lin?)

  874. Jack isn’t being paid that much and he’s a backup at best. and Atkinson has said the point guard position is the most important piece which he intends to upgrade

  875. They only owe Jack 0.5 mil, DW doesn’t cost much, and Lin’s priority is not money, of course they still have to pay Lin the fair value.

  876. I’d be very happy if Jeremy joined a rebuilding Nets team. But it takes years to build the kind of culture that the Spurs already have.

  877. But his boss probably think different…. Atkinson is not the one who is going to write the check…

  878. They don’t have to pay Jack. They can waive Jack’s contract (team option). Only 500K guaranteed. Marks is waiting because they might be able to trade Jack as cap relief before free agency.

  879. I agree! But I’m just speaking as “devil’s advocate.”

  880. from what i’ve read or heard, Atkinson and Marks is on the same page. they’re both high character guys who’s first name aren’t “james”

  881. Ty Lawson.

  882. “all Lin”… it seem they wrote this with Lin in mind
    “spending and Linning”.. and Marks was probably thinking Lin, too
    “D-League”… who is the biggest D-League success story??

  883. Lin to the Bulls or The rockets calling it right now your faces when im right hah priceless!

  884. it sounds like they are not interested in tanking next year but will try to play to win, so that’s good for Lin.

  885. I think someone, maybe the Rockets, has made JLin a huge offer, which made Net’s offer questionable. But I think as long as it’s respectable, like 12-15 mil, Lin will pick Nets no doubt.

  886. that guy probably didn’t think Lin would get better offer elsewhere.

  887. That’s why you bring in Lin and Bazemore. They already know and trust Atkinson (and vice versa). Good short cut to a positive culture.

  888. Schmeelk: Knicks Made A Mistake Trading For Derrick Rose


    “In effect, the Knicks traded two valuable assets in Lopez and Jerian Grant that they had under their control for a chance to make the playoffs (not win a title) for one season. Is either player an All-Star? No. But Lopez is a solid starting center that the Knicks would have controlled for three years, whose contract will look very reasonable after the next two free agent periods.”

  889. If Butler is traded, who will be with Lin at the Bulls backcourt? I am not against Lin going to Bulls.

  890. IMO. Nets are still the front runner for Lin’s service with Rockets close behind. Rockets will leapfrog Nets if they can find a team dumb enough to take Harden in a trade. Haha.

  891. I would hate a Rockets return no matter what Les did. If I were Lin, I wouldn’t even consider it unless there were zero other chances to start AND Morey were fired. But that’s just me. I’m sure Lin will make the right move…he knows best obviously.

  892. No way butler is traded they are going to build around him imo Lin is a good fit with butler.

  893. the number 1 reason i want Lin to join the Bulls is the backcourt pairing with Butler. but i’m still alright with him starting for them even if Butler gets traded

  894. rather the rockets than another year at charlotte IMO. he will get less minutes

  895. True, but I’d rather have him be 6th man on the Spurs (with a chance to start next year) than return to the Rockets. Just a cesspool of a franchise, from the front office to the locker room to the fans and media.

  896. So it is just rumors?

  897. that i would take aswell. but choosing between charlotte being a bench player or rockets to start? no brainer i’ll pick the rockets. screw clutchfans who cares about those idiots. Lin was good in that team and probably the only pointguard who worked with harden. i dont count beverly.

  898. every rumour starts from somewhere so maybe it is maybe it is not. we’ll see, but if bulls trade him they are officially in rebuild mode.

  899. Dolan just shrugs. Knicks is just his favorite toy.

  900. I agree with that. Also, Lin has become a much better off-ball player. Even as SG, he averaged 18p/5a/4r on 46/46/83 shooting as a starter this past year.

  901. Morey will not trade Harden. Les would have to fire Morey first, then Lin might bite.

  902. yup good thing about that is people are talking about it how much he is averaging when he was starting. One more chance is all he needs if he gets it it’s all on him

  903. I agree with trolls on one point. Lin is just a mediocre backup…but he’s an ELITE starter. Whenever he starts (or is used like a starter), he’s All-Star caliber.

  904. a rookie. Not proven in the NBA. They are not going to start him unless Nets is in Lakers style tanking mode.

  905. Knicks are a disaster area. This Rose trade is so pathetic, it’s hilarious. The racist troll who visits this site and the other one is a Knicks fan…so I can understand his recent depression.

  906. The #Linning commitment!

  907. would love them to take dwight and lin…

  908. IMO I wouldn’t be surprised if Morey has been instructed to trade Harden to the highest bidder and Morey ego is holding him back.
    One more thing, seemingly the NBA FOs are heading towards a culture change of looking for high character guys. Only the old school type corrupted by the overrated analytics and dumb owners are collecting divas and over the hill so-called superstars. Haha.

  909. Dolan is dumb as usual. I don’t think Rose & Melo can get along well. Plus why pay one year rental player w such high price??? smh!

  910. Lol. Very cute and apt response to ‘troll’ on that one. Haha

  911. Btw Hornets got Belinelli which means Lee is probably gone. Lin is still maybe maybe not. Maybe Lin goes and not Lee

  912. Hornets boards think Lin may be back with cap room cleared and Belinelli signing more means Lee gone, not Lin. But who really knows. Stuff is still in flux in a big, big way. And the decision is Lin’s.

  913. Might work Belinelli has been terrible. Lin Playing backup at Pg and SG? Lin is better than belinelli if Lee is gone Lin should start and belinelli backup.

  914. Apparently Nets traded Thaddeus hoping for a better replacement in FA. This Nathan guy a couple of days ago still swore on his prediction and “insider source” of Lin going to Nets. Now he’s betraying his “insider source”:



  915. Agree, 2nd round PGs are a hit and miss, most of the time a miss in draft… they need a high level learning curve and most likely wont contribute until 2nd season… they just need to fill in positions for practice time… cheaply paid with great contract… need will spend money on FA bigs (dwight, noah, nene, ryan anderson, etc.)

  916. Funny how grant said before that he’s going to start according to Melo. lol

  917. Hate the word backup. If Lin is going to play anywhere off the bench it will be high-usage 6th man and hopefully closer for a good amount of games. He needs to come in, know his role, and never worry about playing time because it is fairly consistent in a say 25-32 MPG range. Otherwise, it is a waste of his skills.

    I don’t like Cliff being so enamored to Batum. Batum lacks real heart IMO., Kemba has heart IMO, but not Batum so much who is Cliff’s darling.

  918. Well, he WAS a backup this past season. He didn’t even get 20 minutes in the final game. His playing time was determined by how well he shot the ball in his first few minutes on the floor. He was not used as a “6th Man.”

  919. Spurs would have been great for Lin IMO great system with a great coach. We’ll see what happens. Lin is important for the hornets team. Now even more if Lee is gone. LAmb has been real shaky. Belinelli has been a disaster this season. Lin has been real good as a backup but even better as a starter. If he stays i really hope Cliff gives him the minutes he deserves. I swear if i see belinelli getting more than 25 min a game im going crazy next season.

  920. No, it’s not. He was a 6MOY candidate. He played with Kemba, and closed many games throughout the season, so he didn’t “backup” Kemba. I would have liked to see more usage but LIn met the requirement for 6th man. There’s nothing delusional about it and that’s all I’ll say on this matter.,

  921. Belinelli will be the back-up shooting guard so he won’t be starting for Charlotte since MKG will be back and be the starter.

    M guess is Charlotte had to get a SG since Lee will probably look for money and is probably not interested in coming off the bench..so that move makes sense for Charlotte and it may not mean that they know Lin will be back if they can clear enough cap room for him.

    My guess is Hornets will only offer Lin somewhere between 5-7 mill and I will hope Lin will not take that.

  922. They are shopping Lamb.

    If Cliff looked to give Lin more involvement and less to Batum, I’d go Lin is happy in Charlotte, it’s good to play 2 years in the same system, it’s a reasonably nice environment to play in, but this whole Batum is the greatest thing since the invention of the wheel thing is a bit much with Cliff. Belinelli has lost whatever magic he had as a Spur.

    Lin as a Spur, I don’t know. Don’t really hear any buzz around that.

  923. Thoughts on JLin and the Nets after the 2016 NBA Draft

    Somehow I got a good feeling on these Sean Marks moves:
    – $10+M to increase to $45M spending money so they can overpay FAs to come
    – part with Thaddeus Young well (he thanked the Nets so it’s not a surprise) who doesn’t fit their plan
    – low profile in not having rumors to trade for QBs (probably to set sight to acquire PG via FA) unlike Dallas who prioritizes Conley
    – draft 2 SGs who might provide reward in 2-3 years. They also need good mentors with “high character” like JLin

    So Sean Marks said the Nets is ready to spend money on the “right” people.
    BUT they would still need to convince JLin that they’re in the “quick rebuilding” mode by recruiting the right FAs.
    How will they spend the $55+M?

    Kenny Atkinson “The Quarterback Guru” and Sean Marks have to convince JLin that he can surround him+Lopez with the right FAs to have any real chance in the playoff. Sign Horford, Bazemore who raved about Kenny’s mastery of PNR in ATL?
    Or even Dwight Howard? If yes, the Nets can reach the playoff in 2016-17 season

    Backup Plans
    1. CHI Bulls
    But if not, JLin is better off to see if the Bulls have high interest to pair him with Butler in a fast-paced Hoiberg system so the playoff chance is higher.

    2. HOU Rockets
    Or would Lin need to resort to gamble with MDA, Harden in HOU and risking not having the ball in his hands to be frozen out by the MVP of Shaqtin’ Fool, James Harden, who is the opposite of a “humble teammate”. Lin must have known how Nash unsuccessfully played with Kobe in LA even in the MDA system before his injuries.

  924. aaah yeah damn forgot about MKG…he was injured the whole season kinda….so then yeah Lin wont sniff a starting job there

  925. No, Cliff cemented Lin’s role is off the bench.

  926. in what article did you read that Grant stated he’s good enough to start?…Grant had nice final week of the season, but that’s only because most team were either resting players for the playoff run or teams were shutting down their stars players because there weren’t much to play for….Guys like Cousin, Rondo and Brook Lopez did not play the final 2 week of the season.

    Grant, at the moment, should concentrate on become a good 6th man..once he accomplished that, he can concentrate on become a starting PG.

  927. Forgot about MKG…so lin wont play much either way to be honest…i think they got Belinelli because he’s not all that wont play much prob 20 min maybe….Lin will prob leave as will lamb probably.

  928. IMO. Lin wouldn’t be back even if Hornets offer him max to backup KW. Heck he even would be back as starting shooting guard if KW is the point guard playing ISO ball instead of team ball. Haha

  929. yup…meh charlotte team wont be this good next season not with other teams improving….they overachieved this season.

  930. I agree here…I find it hard to believe they would trade both, Rose and Butler….They have to keep 1 and re-build around him…I’m sure the Bulls aren’t ready for a full rebuilding process.

  931. See, none of that is set in stone. MKG pushes the pace. If MKG and Lin proved to be a good pairing, who is to say Lin wouldn’t play more? Cliff knows what Lin can do. I see Lin at more than 20 minutes with MKG playing actually. I see Batum missing games again. I’m not sure MKG will make it through the season. But, it’s just will I play, won’t I play again. Time for Lin not to have to deal with that. When he plays, he helps teams win. I hope some fairly middling to contending team gets that.

    And no, I’m not into the Nets. Unless some huge change is made on that team, it’s one of the dullest teams I’ve watched last season. Coach/GM, maybe good, but Lin plays with players, not coaches and GMs.

  932. I can’t say that either. I actually like Charlotte, they had an interesting mix of skill sets. It’s just the integration and involvement of Lin was too low. But there were good guys on that team and it seemed like a good, healthy team environment that rooted for one another. And I think Lin hopes to get some of that on his next team.

  933. True it’s not set in stone…but thats not a chance i’d be willing to take. that MKG might get injured and BAtum might miss some games. Lin already showed he was paired good with MKG and had good numbers as a starter. I see Lin playing 25 min max if he is not having a hot shooting game or something. Cliff cementing Lin is off the bench..lol yeah Lin is prob gone.

  934. Will be happy as long as Lin plays as starter.

  935. Charlotte had great team chemistry really. But other teams are improving making deals…hell knicks are making moves. Charlotte will prob contend for the 8th spot

  936. He didn’t backup KW. He played with him. We complained that KW needed to sit so Lin could play PG. Lin would play off the bench, in whatever role he played. But it wasn’t really backing up KW as KW didn’t sit much while Lin played.

    Just because some announcer called LIn a backup PG doesn’t mean he functioned as one. He functioned as mostly an SG and 3rd facilitator but really, X factor.

  937. Houston simply does not deserve Lin.
    MDA, will retire with a blip rather than a bang

  938. I don’t know. We’ll see. It won’t be a major concern but I’ll watch Charlotte and participate on their boards. Now, will Lin get to the playoffs and build on what he did last season. I hope so.

    I’m more of a playoff fan than regular season game. Because I think some players make their rep there. And Lin has the stuff to make a big rep there. But he needs to get there, and I hope he doesn’t not get there next season and the following one.

  939. oh yeah, congrats on what Cleveland and LeBron did. Good for him.

  940. Makes sense. We both have reasons for him not to go back to Charlotte.

  941. THE KING! yeah i was hugging my brother for like 10 min when they won…Kyrie is as clutch as they come MY GOD!!!! that step back 3 on currys face had shooooocked from my seat.

  942. I really want Lin to get one more chance at the starting spot without any bull thats all. If he fails no more excuses…but he has not had a real chance. I love playoff basketball thats when we know what players were made off. Look at Lin in the playoffs his play changed a hell of a lot in a good way and marvin vice versa lol…..playoffs is when the real game of basketball starts.

  943. Lin was kemba, batum’s backup whenever he’s on. Stop denying facts.

  944. Sorry, I didnt say that Lin is a backup to KW last season although be replaced KW in the Cavs game where the record of that game is history. What I was saying is this FA IMO even if Lin is given Max he wouldn’t sign for Hornets to backup KW. Heck he wouldn’t sign with the Hornets as starting shooting guards if KW as starting point guard ISO and no team ball. Haha

  945. Agree with your sentiment..I also, would rather Lin go back to Houston than return to Charlotte, even if he’s a back-up for Houston.

    Just think about it..Beverly is not a 35mpg starter, so even if Lin comes off the bench there, he will probably average twice as much minutes in Houston than in Charlotte.

    Than you have Mike D’Antoni who will be much more trustful to Lin than Clifford…Lin will most likely finish most games in Houston than in Charlotte because I simply don’t see Kemba/Batum/MKG not finishing the majority of the games there.

    So Lin will have to alway be in Linsanity-mode just to get a chance to finish games In Charlotte…No way Kemba will sit since he’s the face of the franchise…No way will a newly signed Batum will sit games to let Lin finish….Maybe MKG can sit to fnish games but even him is viewed as a great defender and you need him to guard the best offensive player on the other side….So Lin will not finish many games next year.

  946. Hornets looked good the first time last season because lin w as in the mix, period.

  947. Spurs have 2 PG…Lin will have to be a complete fool to go to a team that have 2 legit PG…That means no minutes at the PG spot

  948. the only way Lin would agree to return to the lowly rockets if these four conditions are met..
    1) Les promises Lin the starting PG job, never to be taken away, and he gets at least 35 minutes per game
    2) Morey gets on his knees and kisses Lin’s CrazyLights (the Lakers version) and apologizes for the Melo #7 billboard shenanigan
    3) Les fires the 3 Stooges
    4) they offer Lin the MAX
    and even after that, i hope Lin throws it all back in their faces

  949. IMO. Lin wouldn’t join Houston as backup even with max money. Heck he will only join if Harden is slated to be traded in due course during the early part of the year before all star break. Haha

  950. Yes, it is. If Lin can start on a playoff team as a starting PG, great. But we should be open to alternatives and not think that conditions that put him on the map in 2012 will happen again in 2016. I don’t really think Lin is the same player. Today’s Lin is much, much, much more focused on defense, playing with other facilitators, and picking his spots. That Lin was all about handling the ball and driving to the rim using the occasional jump shot, but he had the ball a lot. He’s changed. So, I look for something different as a starter if and when he starts. I think people may be disappointed that Lin plays differently if and when he does get that starting PG. He may let others run the show more than we would want. Just my feeling based on observations of how he’s played as PG with the Lakers and Charlotte when he’s played PG. I may be wrong, but those are my feelings.

  951. Kyrie really stepped up. I like his makeup. He’s a skilled player but he also has a good makeup.

  952. He might. But that’s kind of moot. Clifford says Lin’s role is off the bench. He’s a spot starter only.

  953. a class of its own!

  954. the head/chief/CEO/president of “a class of its own”LOL!

  955. did we all forget? Lin was PJ Hairston’s backup LOL

  956. One is for sure. #2 after that Morey & Mc did call Lin…. Lin still follows Morey on tweet. #3 I wish.

  957. Lol. If Clifford is inept I don’t think your kindself will emulate him to say that Lin roll is with off the bench again this season? Last season is history and you know how it turned out right? Haha

  958. Rondo wants to be paired with Lin?..Where did you hear that?

  959. 4) have a concrete plan to trade Harden between now and all stars break. Haha

  960. #1 is still not enough, though.
    Lin playing Bev’s role as a defensive PG next to Harden is a travesty to his God-given court-vision and passing abilities.

    I’d like to be a fly on the wall when MDA tries to convince JLin to come.
    I wonder what JLin would ask first (i.e. “Will Harden or I be Nash?”, etc.)

  961. Kobe trying to sabotage the Lakers:


  962. lol. they just got rid of Magic Johnson and now they have to deal with this clown

  963. here’s Jim Cavan on the DRose trade. Cavan is prolly the most entertaining Knicks writer around.


  964. Lol. Kobe trying his head as agent! Although Kobe is a diva he knows Business 101, create a market when there is none. Haha.

  965. wow, DRose trade proves PJax & Knicks are war criminals? harsh 🙂

    Perhaps PJax is tired of Melo who doesn’t want to leave NY limelight so he brought in DRose to make Melo even more upset. Who knows if the losing would make Melo have enough to demand a trade to Cleveland to pursue a ring?
    Trading away Lopez for a broken-down Rose was pretty bad.

    Now I can almost imagine Knicks fans chanting “MVP! MVP!” when JLin and the Nets beat the Knicks in the MSG lol

  966. he should call his new business Diva Agency

  967. If you read Sean Marks’ answer of what he sees in the drafted rookie Whitehead, you can see what he likes in him (high character, versatile, combo guard, energy, passion).
    It certainly reminds us of a certain somebody …

    Mike Mazzeo: When did you work him out and what did you see in particular?
    We actually had a chance to sit with him a few days ago again, and our coaching staff was really high on the character and person that he is. That means everything when we’re starting to build a culture here.

    Alex Raskin, Wall Street Journal: Do you see him [Whitehead] as a one or two or is it too early to make those sort of decision?
    I think he’s versatile. I think we put it that way. If you wanna use a ‘combo guard’. We like what he brings to the table. We like his fire, his energy and his passion he has. You know, that’s even away from the court not even just what he does on the court.


  968. rajon rondo?

  969. If you asked Rick Carlisle, Rondo certainly has passion .. to curse his coach lol

  970. ???joke???

  971. Our coaching staff was really high on the character and person that he is. That means everything when we’re starting to build a culture here.

    It starts with good people. We’re going to bring good people in here and you’ve probably heard me say it many times.

    Seems unusually adamant about high character guys. Mentions it during every interview.

  972. He would be the exact opposite of a good culture, character guy.

    I can see them looking at Conley (though he wouldn’t sign), but definitely not Rondo.

  973. Lol

  974. I can’t love this enough.

  975. He’s trying to make his agency the biggest in China, with his side job to battle ghosts. Didn’t you see on tv?

  976. NETS??

  977. Anthony Puccio, NetsDaily: What makes Brooklyn an attractive destination for players/free agents to come to?

    I think there’s a lot of reasons why Brooklyn’s attractive. First off the commitment from ownership being number one. They’ve stood behind here and said ‘we’re gonna build this facility’ that you guys are all in. We’re not afraid to spend money. We’re going to spend money in the right places

    Lin? Haha

  978. How about this starting 5?

    Lin, Bazemore, Bogdanovic, Horford, Brooks

  979. That was one of JLIN’s disappointments, JLIN was specifically promised the backup to Kemba at Point Guard but instead played off-the-ball 85% of his time and really only got playing time due to injury.

  980. Belly signing means they did NOT clear cap space yet but actually took on more cap.

    They just signed a COMBO GUARD in Belinelli which is the same position that you and all the posters who love JLIN at SG parrot that JLIN played all season and is fabulous at – so why do they still need JLIN?

    JLIN is gone, CLee is gone and hopefully Marv is gone to get his payday – that leaves Hornets going after a rim-protector and with all that offense now gone, Hornets are nearing a tanking season.

  981. No wonder Rondo gets along with DeMarcus Cousins so well, they are cut out of the same cloth and like a pack of wolves feed on each other’s viciousness.

    Woe to the team Rondo next lands on and if he stays with Sac, Joerger better get that resume updated again.

  982. Learn something, I don’t know a team has to pick up a player’s legal defense bill.

  983. Great if Cousins goes to LA, then the Kings is a more desirable destination for LIn.

  984. Hopeful:

    Bazemore or Courtney Lee
    Marvin Williams

    A playoff team?

  985. Lin + 4 non KOBE NBA players = a playoff team

  986. Can someone make a Flagrant Foul video from this footage please, I saw a few clear flagrants not called.

  987. got this?
    “Brooklyn Nets have agreed to a Summer League deal with point guard Yogi Ferrell (Indiana), per league sources.
    9:07 AM – 24 Jun 2016”

  988. If Yogi is not a Boo-Boo in summer then perhaps he’d make a decent backup for JLIN.

  989. Adam Zagoria
    Adam Zagoria – ‏@AdamZagoria

    Interesting, Bryan Colangelo tells ESPN they will look for a ‘non-traditional point guard” who can shoot b/c Ben Simmons is a point-forward.
    6:22 AM – 24 Jun 2016 from Manhattan, NY

  990. Then why do they reject Beverley?

  991. Nothing special…they will sign or send players to play in the summer league or d league, expecting to find diamonds in the dust.

  992. That’s the way the league is going. Maybe half the teams in say 10 years can have “point-forwards” and the point-guards will be guys that score and shoot. There is something of a transition away from the traditional point guards now, PGs are scoring more and there are more bigger guys handling the ball as team facilitators. That, and the multi-facilitator type of offense.

  993. Beverley shot better last season but he isn’t a bona-fide scorer and takes few shots, only reason Bev plays is if the other guard refuses to play defense.

  994. If Sixers put Simmons into the NBA fire as their starting Point Forward – likely that he won’t live up to expectations and have his confidence broken. That’ll be a shame.

    There are few point forwards that have immediate success in the NBA or even endure for long, Lebron and Magic Johnson. Then you have some turnover machines like Nic Batum who are PF wannabees. the Greek freak let’s see how that works out for Bucks.

    Sixers had the same notion last season when they did not have a “traditional PG”, by Christmas they got their traditional PG back in Ish Smith.

  995. I think “who can shoot” means more like 3D players who dont need to handle the ball to create, a traditional pg’s job.

  996. In one of Lin’s interviews towards the end of regular season, Lin did mention that he misses having access to good Asian food, when speaking about the drawbacks of living in Charlotte. So it might sound silly, but I think this is partly what is on his mind with the “city” comment. I think Lin does like living in NYC for this reason. Of course, he would prefer west coast, but all the California teams are off the table. So could access to Asian food be the thing that gives the Nets an edge? 🙂

  997. Jeremy!

  998. Fish doesn’t bite, Morey went Lessy.

  999. No way. Trading a star for a bust!

  1000. Lol the east back then was way weaker
    He wont get away with it now in a 82 game season

  1001. Harden can’t be Nash. He’s not…tall enough.

  1002. I doubt there are many NBA cities that don’t have a few good Asian restaurants. Besides, Jeremy spent a lot of time eating out with teammates this past season, which meant going to places more toward the fast-food end of the spectrum.

    Just my impression, but I thought his comments hinted that he preferred a less frenetic type of community. Cambridge/Boston & Charlotte over NYC. When back in Palo Alto he probably prefers to stay out of SF, especially when there are so many food options in the greater Bay area.

  1003. Patrick Beverley type? They already have that in Isaiah Canaan.

  1004. The Sixers probably needed more actual quality for a young talented athletic guy like Noel.

  1005. I think it’s more that Lee will allegedly provide defense while Belinelli will allegedly provide defense.

    That’s how the Hornets are happily replacing Lin with TWO players.

    However, the Hornets will get neither defense from Lee nor offense from Belinelli. And neither of those two one dimensional (more like no dimensional) guys will help the Hornets replace Lin’s production and wins.

  1006. Jerian Grant alone is a better player than Rose, let alone Calderon and Lopez who each helped the Knicks.

  1007. Yes if the Nets defensive scheme is pretty good

    Offense will be quite good

  1008. Morey will need to trade Har_en, then the Rockets will be a winning team again, which won’t ever happen.

  1009. step back 3 was amazing. The play I liked the most was lebron coming up out of nowhere and blocking iguodala from getting the bucket. The kevin love defensive stop was also amazing…hes probably the worst defensive player in the league, but you could see the effort he put on that play, like his life depended on it, sticking to curry as well as he did was really cool, and it paid off big.

  1010. So the Sixers are going to make Ben Simmons the point guard, huh?


    Not even Lin can save the Sixers from this.

    Ben Simmons will be like Nicholas Batum with training wheels.

  1011. LOL. Stop trolling.

  1012. Gotta KEEP LOSING.

    Add the NBA’s worst ballhog to an already cancerous team!

  1013. Yeah, they still need a rim protecting back up c but perimeter defense is good enough. If they can get into the playoff, chances for a max player to join them next summer could be much better.

  1014. yes, we need Lin + 4 patrick beverleys. Beverley never shoots, he just annoys the other team, so Lin can just go all out lol.

  1015. Harden is no defender; It is highly impossible choice for Lin to go to Houston without some assurance this guy plays defence

  1016. Bryan Colangelo wants to prove he has a different system from his dad, LOL.

  1017. dumb idea, they should get Lin and use him as a traditional PG, and use Simmons as a secondary playmaker. Unless they want to follow the “cavs” model, ie suck so bad that lebron james takes his talents to south beach.

  1018. If the ball is going through the point forward so much, then a non-traditional PG can serve as a ball-handler and scorer. It’s not unlike the move other teams are making, and it would be catering to Simmons’s strength. Simmons will have growing pains anyway, so will the Sixers. But maybe now they are really moving forward. It would be good for that city to have exciting and competitive basketball again.

  1019. Kemba fits the bill. Trade Kemba for Nerlen, Hornets re-sign Lin as the point guard.

  1020. I see he got the VIP seats…nice!

  1021. We’re still severely lacking in information. We entered the team sweepstakes way prematurely. FA starts on the first, I believe, and that’s when things will fall into place. The trades may still be going on. The trades are big, and they mean a lot, but the final piece of the scenario is defined by the FA signings. And, if you’re following Lin, not only Conley and Rondo, but other FA PGs as well, and possibly SGs. When slots are filled, that affects Lin. And popular notions of where Lin may go may then be shown not to materialize. Or they may. But it is still too early to tell.

  1022. The “great” thing about the NBA is everybody is entitled to stick with their own dumb idea as long as they can convince the owner it’s actually smart.

  1023. The Wizards are reportedly prepared to offer Joakim Noah a 4 year, max contract worth around $120 million. Wow. (via @Mitch_Lawrence)

    Wow.. Max contract? LOL

  1024. Insane. Noah’s health is very suspect.

  1025. “Then you have some turnover machines like Nic Batum who are PF wannabes.”

    Nic’s turnover rate per 36 was lower this season than Jeremy’s previous 4 seasons before he came to the Hornets. I agree Nic needs to improve in that department, but he is a very good passer and hardly a “turnover machine”. That more accurately describes someone like Harden.

  1026. Either a stupid rumor or stupid money.

  1027. It’s definitely an incomplete puzzle at this point but we have some useful information

    NBA Draft & trades helps to see how things shape up.
    After the barrage of PG trades, we can rule out Knicks, Jazz since the main starter PG spot are filled.
    Teams who drafted PGs high in the 1st round (Wolves #5 Kris Dunn) probably wants to give a lot of PT and Rubio might be on the way out

    It will be interesting week leading up to July 1 indeed to see trade rumors of who wants PGs (and who actually waits until 7/1)

  1028. Even if Harden provides “assurances” that he’ll play D and you believe him, how do you enforce that? Jeremy knows Harden well enough to be very skeptical of any assurances from that quarter.

  1029. Weren’t people predicting a similar trend when Magic & Bird came into the league?

  1030. Is this similar to what Jeremy signed with Dallas in 2010?

  1031. “Chandler Parsons Seeking Max Deal Mavs Won’t Offer”
    Dallas has made it clear to Parsons they don’t intend to offer him a max contract.
    The Mavericks appear to prefer to sign Hassan Whiteside and Mike Conley with their cap space.

    Once again, it’s clear JLin is not Mavs #1 priority.
    Mavs have been vocal about wanting Conley. Nets and Bulls are relatively quiet.

  1032. But if Conley can’t refuse a 5th year from Memphis, who is Dallas’ #2 PG option?

  1033. LOL, Someone should have told Parson the “Lin effect” to bump your salary only lasts one contract per role player. You Gotta cash in the year after LIn is off your team. (I’m talking to you Nic Batum as well). LOLOLOL.

  1034. Interesting article from Bobby Marks (Yahoo Sports) on “Max” players. It’s from June 17th. Here’s an excerpt :

    Since the summer of 2013, 24 players have received max contracts.

    Of those 24 players – including Cleveland Cavaliers franchise player LeBron James and teammate Kyrie Irving – 19 have played in at least one All-Star Game.

    The five max players who have not earned All-Star honors: Gordon Hayward, Enes Kanter, DeAndre Jordan, Wes Matthews and Greg Monroe. Jordan, however, earned first-team All-NBA honors this season. …

    The Vertical talked with various league executives and identified 11 players – six of whom have not played in an All-Star Game – who could earn a max contract.

    • Restricted free agents: Bradley Beal, Andre Drummond, Harrison Barnes and Evan Fournier.

    • Players with full Bird rights: Mike Conley, DeMar DeRozan, Al Horford, Nicolas Batum and Kevin Durant.

    • Cap-space candidates: Hassan Whiteside and LeBron James. (Cleveland could use early Bird rights with James, but would have to sign him to a two-year contract).

    See : http://sports.yahoo.com/news/front-office-insider-max-player-154015932.html

  1035. Dallas has Deron Williams who is the kind of slow footed injury prone washed up “All Star” that Mark Cuban adores.

  1036. I’m more concerned about Harden trying to play PG in D’Antoni’s offense and slowing the offense to a selfish low scoring iso crawl.

    Whether Lin is there or not, the Rockets have a BIG PROBLEM with James Harden freezing out his teammates and slowing the pace down.

    Unless Lin somehow joins the Rockets, I see the Rockets being murdered defensively because opponents are saving their energy for offense by resting on defense while Harden hogs the ball on offense.

  1037. Hoopshype just reported that the Brooklyn Nets are reportedly looking hard at Rajon Rondo.

    Rondo wants to go to NY, though not the Knicks because Derrick Rose is there.

    However, Hoopshype also reported that the Kings like Rondo and want him back.

    Rondo’s signing will directly impact Lin, as NBA teams will try to get Rondo before trying to get Lin.

  1038. I think the report was only Rondo’s camp showing interest to play for the Nets
    I haven’t seen any reports that the Nets is interested in Rondo.

    And based on Sean Marks’ repeated message about ‘high characters’ and building a Spurs-like culture, it would definitely send the wrong message to choose Rondo as the leader.

    I’ll be really surprised if Sean Marks and Kenny Atkinson are seriously looking at Rondo

  1039. In this era, Offense is so important. D during the finals was tough, by both sides, and it was Kyrie’s 3 that did GSW in. If Steph or KT had hit their shots, it might have been GSW. So, I doubt if Rondo is a safe bet for any team nowadays. But you never know, about biases for the positive too. That is, Rondo has positive attribution in the system because he’s been anointed as a great handler and passer, so everything thinks he’s a star. I think I’d rather watch Delly or any other start than Rondo.

  1040. lol, batum is getting paid next season, but hornets will be getting screwed. This is the “Lin curse” after he leaves the team. If Lin stays, then the curse will go away though.

  1041. I’d be really surprised if the Nets AREN’T looking at Rondo and ARE looking at Lin.

  1042. agreed. This is a lin fan site so we see things through rose colored glasses. Unfortunately, the nba sees rondo as “better” than lin…which is ridiculous in my opinion.

    We need an unbiased opinion on who is better…Lin or Rondo

  1043. Agreed 100%. Plus the fact that Nets dealt with Pacers for picks instead of just getting the two PGs from Suns. I think they really mean what they say… “building a culture with high character guys”

  1044. I’m leery of that report.

  1045. Had Bogut not gotten injured, Curry would have been able to snuff out Irving defensively and also would have done his normal super scoring.

    Rondo is a CANCER who has dragged every team he’s played on down. He’s atrocious defensively (something I got flamed for saying even while he was lazing around during the Celtics championship years) and is a selfish player who freezes out teammates while passing only to his “stars”.

    This is not a player that is a good influence, as the Celtics and Mavs and Kings found out.

  1046. Rondo is a strong facilitator/passer. But his defense has gone down. His scoring isn’t good and his free throw shooting is terrible. I’ll take Lin. Plus Lin is a great locker room presence and leader.

  1047. I never have believed that the Nets or any team other than MAYBE the Rockets are interested in hiring Lin.

  1048. YOU would take Lin because you are like good players, but the NBA cannot handle Lin being Asian.

  1049. I see the Nets as basically having a 76er Sam Hinkie “scorched earth” policy in which they’re going to gut the entire team in the next 5 years in favor of rookies.

  1050. Sadly, that may be the case. I have been hearing contradicting reports between 1) Sean Marks don’t want to sign FA just to spend money vs. 2) shipping Young out free up another 10M so Nets can chase another (3 total) 10M+ FA… hard to read at this moment.

  1051. No, the Hornets are DONE.

    They are not going to be offering a contract to Lin. They already offered the insultingly low $5 million MLE to him and got bluntly turned down.

    Even if Lin stayed as a minimum contract player, he’d be a 12th man. The Hornets think that they replaced Lin’s D with Lee and Lin’s O with Belinelli.

    What the Hornets will painfully learn is that losing Lin will cost the D, O, and W.

  1052. Hoopshype did NOT report it that way.

    The Nets are officially interested in acquiring Rondo.

    I would add that even if Rondo doesn’t become a Net, I don’t see the Nets going after Lin either. That’s because I see the Nets doing a gigantic teardown, not a build up.

  1053. As a Suns “fan”, I will REJOICE once the two loser PGs in Brandon Knight and Eric Bledsoe are mercifully moved off the team.

    Even with those two guys, the Suns should offer big money to Lin. That’s because those Bledsoe and Knight are injured so much, Lin would end up starting the entire season anyway. And Lin alone would earn the Suns far more wins than Bledsoe and Knight working together has.

  1054. To me, it seems that the Nets are doing the “Tim Duncan” approach –

    tank until a Duncan is drafted, then surround him with cheapass role players because Duncan is so good that he can win titles with D Leaguers.

    The goal is basically to amass cheap role players while waiting for the DUNCAN SAVIOR – as if the Duncan savior will suddenly pop up for New Jersey.

  1055. I suspect that only one team is interested in Lin: the Rockets.

    Even so, I’m not convinced that the Rockets will come through for Lin.

    With various veteran PGs becoming available on the market via free agency or trade, all of those NONASIAN point guards would be far more valuable to the Rockets than Lin is. Doesn’t matter that Lin outproduces every single free agent guard.

  1056. Coach D’Antoni & @JHarden13 stopped by the draft room tonight – congrats to new Rockets Chinanu Onuaku

  1057. Just because a player opts out, that doesn’t mean that he is leaving his team.

  1058. Harden doesn’t look too happy… “two more of THEM?”

  1059. Speak for yourself. I’m totally unbiased. 😉