2016 General NBA Free Agency Moves

Let’s focus the discussion on NBA roster moves in this thread so it won’t get mixed up with Brooklyn Nets moves related to Jeremy Lin and the Nets



  1. first

  2. Second

  3. 3rd.

  4. Happy Lindependence Day! ?

  5. @ESPNSteinLine
    The Knicks are about to strike a deal with Brandon Jennings, according to league sources

  6. Dallas can send Durant a champagne bottle for this.


  7. Jennings backing up Rose then?

  8. Cuban all leader like lol …

  9. ! … I see what you did there.

  10. Good choice for him since Rose might not play too many minutes.

    He might start a lot of games

  11. Kevin Durant’s next chapter in the Players Tribune

  12. Im genuinly disgusted by the durant move to the warriors its a damn shame. Durant was a big part of OKC losing the 3-1 lead against Warriors with his awful perfomances, He owed the city and the team one more shot guns blazing with westbrook. Instead you choose the cowardly way out by joining the team who beat you, Nonetheless The best team in the Nba with 73-9 season. Hope durant never ever wins a ring in his career he dont deserve it.

  13. I don’t think so…
    GS Team will not stayed the same for years to come – why not shake it up now.
    Other teams will get stronger and there’s No tellings that GS can repeat what they did last season. Who do you choose: H.Barnes OR KD ?? (Barnes will demand Max eventually). The Spurs, The Cavs, OKC (with right pieces), the Heat – they will be going back strong. The Warriors have to up their game if they want to Repeat like past season. We’re talking about titles not just top seeds.

  14. NBA TV speculate that OKC may trade WB for D angelo Rusell to get a draft pick or something out of it. Hanging onto WB for one more yr w/o championship hope then losing WB to FA is not smart.

  15. Why ? Bogut looks to be on the decline and barnes is good but this doesnt make them contenders

  16. That was beautiful?

  17. Curry is the anti-Harden that got KD to go to GSW and not even consider the Rockets:

    “According to a person who saw the text messages, Curry told Durant in a text message that he could care less about who is the face of the franchise, who gets the most recognition or who sells the most shoes (Curry is with Under Armor, Durant with Nike). The two-time NBA MVP also told Durant that if Durant won the MVP award again he would be in the front row of the press conference clapping for him. In closing, Curry’s message to Durant was that all he truly cared about was winning championships and he’d like to do that as his teammate.”


  18. As long as they get Westbrook, I’m sure Lakers is will to give OKC whatever they want… and then more.

  19. Lakers can’t even get top free agents to answer the phone this season and Aldridge scoffed at their presentation last year. No guarantee they’ll even get an audience with Westbrook next year. They may want to do what the Hornets did with Batum, bring him in for a year, give him the ball and woo him for a year and get him to sign. Didn’t work with Dwight (though Kobe probably had a hand in messing that up) but worked for the Hornets.

  20. via Dave McMenamin (ESPN Cleveland) …

    The Cavs will not match the contract offer for Matthew Dellavedova by the Bucks, according to a source familiar with the team’s intentions.

  21. IMO, GSW will be the laughing stock of the NBA this decade if they couldn’t win the championship or worst still the WCF. This GSW lineup is very venerable to a run and gun team with above average bob skill set , good bbiq players and good chemistry with a great leader like the new Nets team. Haha

  22. Curry gave a nice surprise to kids at basketball camps 🙂

    Some lucky basketball campers got the surprise of a lifetime ?

  23. nice find

  24. SC…similar to JL…had been class act

  25. Is Cavs getting DWade to form the Eastern Super Team?


  26. Nets are still a new team so I won’t expect them to go to WCF, playoff and 2nd round would be good enough, anything more is bonus. Every team needs time to gel. There’s no telling what KD will be like after being unleashed from West”brick”.

  27. Smart choice! If Wade’s leaving Heat might as well rejoin Lebron for another ring chase.

  28. thanks for moving the post to the right house 🙂

  29. Exactly. New NBA Arms race!

  30. The best case for overpaying for scrubs.

  31. One GLARING weakness in this lineup…. I dunno, I think a PnR team with a good big man should just tear this team up in the middle over and over and over…

  32. Cavs getting D Wade while GSW gets KD now that’s interesting and even things out!

  33. Not a smart move though, losing assets for a 1 year rental. Instead of looking at stars they should be drafting the right people and developing players. I doubt Lakers FO knows how to do that though.

  34. You act like Westbrook didn’t mess up a ton. Far as I can tell KD came through during clutch times, Westbrook faded into oblivion with TOs and bad iso. WIth Westbrook a SG pretending to be PG, KD doesn’t get involved in the offense as much. Both Westbrook and KD wanted to “take over” went back to iso and that’s the reason they loss. Westbrook is no doubt a bad influence on KD. Joining GSW will alow KD to know what it truly takes to be a Championship team.

  35. How long is CP3’s contact? LOL… LeBron must be caling DWade right after hearing about the Decision pt 2. The war is gearing up.. oh Silver you brilliant rat you…

    What I love about this is that, gosh, the reaction for Lin-Nets if they beat one of these Beastly Teams…

  36. thanks for the reminder!

  37. Nets are in Eastern Conference, so much easier to face Cavs! Lin’s Nets beating Cavs! Lin facing his “bro” Curry in Finals now that would be awesome! Of course we know NBA is rigged so even if Nets face Cavs in ECF they might still be scripted to lose. NBA won’t lose the chance for “GSW super team vs Lebron & Wade super team 2.0”

  38. True….its a new team and they need to gel and understand…the system

    Having saying that, I wont be surprised if they manage to sneak in

  39. If Lin’s Nets takes out the Cavs next year (this year is a little too fanboyish), it would be one of the biggest sports story of all times.

  40. CP3 is an UFA in 2 more seasons. However, if the banana boat boys want to form their superteam, they will have to do it asap, before they start declining like Wade is already. Both Melo and CP3 would have to force a trade, which I don’t really see happening.

  41. Melo went for the money, if he wanted to join Lebron he would’ve done so long ago. CP3, I can see him joining Lebron but he’d have to do it fast and force a trade.

  42. opps Nets are in Eastern Conference not West.

  43. I know Melo went for the money. Fame and money are what he truly cares about most. Winning is just a bonus to him.

    Nobody realistically thinks CP3, Melo, and Wade will all join LeBron in Cleveland. It’s possible, but not probable.

  44. Nah Nets making the playoffs will be an huuge accompliment
    bigger than cavs winning a ship this year

  45. dont do this to us man
    we want TJ and Crabble

  46. They had to make moves, after another disappointing offseason full of star chasing and being used by free agents to drive up their contract values.

  47. Yup, gaping hole at the 5 spot. They’ll most likely outscore every team out there, but they’ll be lit up too.

  48. Blame KD… We are just watching the Game of Throne.

  49. lol i never got into it
    but yah KD scrwed us all
    I would literally root for the Knicks, Lakers and the Sixers before I root for GSW

  50. LOL I don’t think so, hate Knicks and Lakers, Sixers not going anywhere. Minus Green GSW are classy guys. I’d like them more if they got rid of Green who’s such a dirty player. Somehow it seems like every Championship teams needs 1 player who’s like that, Cavs with Delly, GSW with Green.

  51. The madness continues… Just like when LeBron flew to Cleveland before his return…


  52. ha… the deal is intriguing this summer.

  53. I will continue to support the Warriors for years to come – ’cause of SC30 and now… Durant. KD made the right move. If he’s going to leave anyway- there’s no better place. When LBJ went to Miami they talked about multiple titles as if there’s zero competitions. The league will have more talents. New stars will rise to the challenge. Then again, that’s LBJ – the best in the league. I don’t see it as “no competition.” As dominant as GS was the past season – they were not in position to win it all this coming season if they didn’t make changes. Bottom line – go for the highest % of winning the chip. KD gave his best for OKC. Did OKC gave their best for KD ?? I dunno.
    One thing for sure – one of the rising stars will be JL7 – carry the team to playoff bound and more…

  54. its gonna be interesting to see how the restructure now using KD. I bet SC shot attempt per game is going to reduce

  55. And that’s good – going back to being a pg versus shoot-first mentality. He shot way too much in the playoffs… That’s not sustainable – no matter how great he is. Seriously, if no KD – I’m eyeing the Spurs, OKC, Cavs, Clippers.

  56. Predictions: The Nets will win a game versus Cavs, Warriors, OKC, Clippers – pretty much every teams in the league.

  57. what it truly takes to be a championship team? by going to a team that beat you when you were up 3-1 against team? nah he took the easy way out instead pf trying to beat them he joins them instead where he does not even have to do much. He came through during clutch times? lol what? yeah WB was just as bad those games. but i bet if Warriors said wanna join us he’d in no way even think about it. Durant shat on OKC and their fans. it’s simple. And durant did not wanna take over? lol look at his stats on how many times he shot i saw every game he was terrible dont try to put that on wesbrook thats bullcrap. I hope durant loses every time he gets to the finals. This is just bad for basketball.

  58. Same here. Even the Super Dubs team or even the Super Cavs team in the making. Lin will shock the world by beating them.

  59. yup on the classy guy thing. DG is a bit too brash for my taste. I like his interior D. DG is not as dirty as Delly I know there is tape. Just an opinion, and even then, I like Delly. He’s St Mary’s after all, not a coddled dude.

  60. JLin will beat Cavs again. His ability to spread the floor, get the ball to the right guy, and disrupt the D is better than GSW could muster in the playoffs. That’s just him alone, and we’ve seen it every year he’s allowed to PG.

  61. ok, I’ll watch Mavs then, Seth, Barnes, Bogut … no Parsons.

  62. my proxy when JLin is sitting the bench, and this season coming up will be 2 teams! esp now TDuncan is retiring. Can’t wait.

  63. Yeah really … CLE may get Wade, fwiw.

  64. What does he mean???

  65. Dirk is back to his normal salary range. Last year he made $8M. The year before it was $22M.

  66. That’s 2010 tweet not now.

  67. hooohahaha….that was brilliant. You have to close your eyes and picture Morgan Freeman in your mind. It’s distracting to see a white dude talk like that and I couldn’t pay attention to the words.

  68. Durant made the right decision. As a Bay Area Warriors fan, I think he is going to a team that’s truly a team. Curry is like Lin in many ways, he is a good teammate without a huge ego. Westbrook is more like Harden. It is all about them personally. I think Durant will be fine at GSW.

    I hope Lin and Brook can create their own little magic in the East.

  69. Eh, no Pau. It took you all of 2 seconds, LOL.

  70. … to pay for Pretty Boy Parson’s bar tab….

  71. Lin has already beaten everyone of those teams but this year has to be the lowest amount of talent he has ever worked with. Are the Nets the worse team Lin has ever been on?

  72. Hardly the “worst”.

    Nothing gets worse than Kobe Bryant and Byron Scott and the pitiful Lakers that would have won 50 games had Bryant retired and Scott were ejected.

  73. I guess should clarify. Most of the year Bryant was gone. But in terms of talent. Boozer, hill, young, Ellington, Davis. Lin had proven guys to work with. Nets look for now to be his least talented team.

    Without BS could’ve win 50, I agree. Happy for .500 this year. That would be more then double last year. Amazing improvement.

  74. Now they need to speed up their backcourt. They should have made Lin a priority.

  75. I finally can root for KD who seems to be a solid guy. It’s probably because of RW’s play and how RW doesn’t say or express much. I bet RW is a good guy to his fans …

  76. With JL7 leading the team, The Nets will be his “best team” he ever had. Other guys are important – they’re active in the NBA so they know how to play. Average players will be good players with the right leader and coaching staff.

  77. Fascinating behind-the-scene story of how Kevin Durant decided to sign with the GSW.
    Jerry West really made a difference without never once telling him to sign with the Warriors.
    The shocking thing was KD coming with the concern of being painted as a villain for leaving OKC so he had thoughts of leaving already. IMO he knew playing with RWestbrook in OKC won’t get him the title

    • The Jerry West phone call really made a difference.
    And how’s this for unexpected? West never once told Durant that he should sign with the Warriors. Instead, in what was clearly a theme of Durant’s decision-making process, they discussed what was best for his growth and happiness as a player.</blockquote?


  78. Whoops .. David West switched from the Spurs to join the GSW bandwagon for only $1.29M after getting Zaza Pachulia for $2.9M


  79. Now, everybody is flocking to GSW, following Durant…
    But West and Pachulia do add some toughness and defence to the paint.

  80. Who (the great players) didn’t dream about building a legacy – winning a Three-Peat with a franchise – like The Spurs, like Kobe, like MJ.

  81. David West is determined to get a ring before he retire.

  82. word is numerous vets calling up the warriors offering to come for vet minimum! (multiple “sauces” reporting that).

  83. The two sides have been formed and the heroes must choose to join a team.

  84. Amazing value for the DUB no doubt. Everyone wants in now.

  85. He means the opposite of what he is doing right now.

  86. quote still stands this is what he thought and complained about yet does the exact same.

  87. “Westbrook dribbles the ball into oblivion”. LOL.

  88. My thoughts on why KD left. Reading some of the articles on the topic, I find KD to be a person who had a public and private persona. So publically he does all the right things, but privately he might not be like that at all. So I think there are reasons why he left:

    1. The owner. Clay Bennett basically stole the Sonics from Seattle through lies and deceit with the support of Sterns. KD was drafted by Seattle. He was celebrated by Seattle fans and he was playing well. He loved the area and the high tech culture there (he’s quite a black nerd), and bought a house there asap. Then Bennett came and torn his entire life/community apart and forced him to play in a dump called OKC. Completely different from Seattle in every possible way. He said all the good things, and the Thunders did him well for the most part, but I’m sure being a cheap-ass owner who won’t pay for Harden to stay and got his team through lies has always eaten KD inside. No matter what he said, he has problem trusting this owner and by extension, this team. It finally manifested after the humiliating defeat by the Dubs.

    2. I think his nature is not to stand on top of people, but the whole Thunder culture is top down and wanted him to be the Alpha Dog. He want a team of friends who play togther to win, each doing their part. Thunders wanted him to be LeBron and lead his subordinates to victory. He tried that, but he’s just not Lebron. He wanted to be a bro. So when Warriors came with their dude-bro culture, with Curry saying stuff like “I’ll let you be #1”, he just wanted to be part of THAT GROUP so badly. Plus I’m sure he’s not really friend with egotistical WB after work. anyway. He’s just a guy wanted his college buddy back, and the Dubs is his new school.

    So I hope KD is happy, and being an former Seattle fan, I am glad he left the clutches of Clay Bennet. My dream is that one day if Seattle has a team again, they will sign him just to retire him as a Sonic. The entire world (safe Oakland) may hate KD now, but Seattle will always be his friend.

  89. Meh, lost all respect for those guys including curry, klay, durant and their FO
    not knowing what they really need
    and going after KD when ur the best team in the NBA
    just not right

  90. They needed a PF and KD just happened to fill that position. I will certainly enjoy watching KD play at his full potential without Westbrick.

  91. KD is not a PF he is gonna play SF im pretty sure
    Draymond is PF and they need a centre who does th dirty work
    KD wont play at his full potential
    theres only one ball to go arounf

  92. Even JLin had a hard time believing DWade moved to the Bulls.
    Now he knows franchise can balk on you even if you sacrificed to win a few titles

    I’ve seen it all…


  93. On @TheVertical: Why it was time for Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat to part ways http://yhoo.it/29nAXWe

  94. Reality bites.. The jungle world is pretty harsh..

  95. Leandro Barbosa took a cheap deal ($8yrs/2yr) to follow Jared Dudley to go back to Phoenix Suns.
    This is a bizzare deal


  96. Look who replied to JLin’s post — the Lakers reporter. Serena must still be following him.

  97. “Russ & KD didn’t get along down the stretch according to Woj: ”

    LOL this is the best line:
    “I fully believe this story, because if Woj told me I was pregnant, and I’m a male, I would start planning a baby shower because his word is good as gold.”


  98. Nice find! ..Serena has always been nice to Lin

  99. Man I remember that crap Dolan pulled.. glad they changed the rules.

  100. that should help us landing TJ.

  101. Manu Ginobili Verified account: “Happy to tell you guys that I’ll be coming back to the Spurs for another season.”


  102. Pop and Timmy: A Power Couple
    A touching tribute narrated by Bruce Bowen to celebrate Tim Duncan’s retirement and reflect how Tim Duncan thrived as a leader under Pop

  103. Non-Lin related

    Nice story on how Tim Duncan even coached the opposing player (Etan Thomas) during a game

  104. Manu thanked Tim Duncan for his magic flick doing wonder for the back of his head 🙂

  105. “Last Post” on the thread list seems far off. It might discourage people participate any discussion. Can it be fixed?

  106. Man Basketball lost someone special In Tim Duncan…if someone has not seen coach pops press interview on tim duncan they should watch it right now. Probably The best teammate anyone could ask for….i wished Lin would play atleast 1 year with duncan would have been wonderful.

  107. I’d quit watching the NBA by the time Duncan came into the league, so just IMO. Somehow I don’t see him ever resorting to moves like yanking down on someone’s jersey. Totally the opposite of the “win at all cost” attitude.

  108. LOL…I hear the Spurs locker room has a few practical jokers.

  109. It should be ‘Last Comment’ to show threads with the latest comment in a Forum-like environment.

    I’m trying to see how to mark 1 thread as the “Lin main thread” so it’s clear.
    Other non Lin-related thread can go to different threads.

  110. Non Lin-related in this thread but funny cartoon on RB & KD jumping on GSW wagon

  111. sorry, my mistake. after i refreshed my browser, it looks fine.

  112. There is no more chance for a ring in the foreseeable future for Spurs.

  113. Yep! The Lakers has demoted Magic Johnson and the company which kept on meddling with the franchise in negative ways.

  114. I hope he gets what he wants and gets a ring to displace LeBron who is bending rules on the court.

  115. David West in fact is a very solid player who hasn’t been used well by the Spurs.

  116. To play with the people you would like to share the ball and happiness. This is it! OKC fans have no right to get upset.

  117. Wade in fact has been playing at high level in the last 2 years but is shortchanged by Riley.

  118. Bingo! A home run for everyone to remember.

  119. I hope the Nets would give a chance to Boozer to return. He could still play.

  120. That might not work out on the court. Both CP3 and LeBron want the ball in their hands.

  121. Then it would be time for David West to come in for Thompson.

  122. Charles Barley should make a jump to the closest cliff about winning basketball the right way.

  123. Nope, I think they would try their best to hold on to WB.

  124. The outcome wouldn’t be too good next season even the Hornets get all they want. They lost Courtney Lee to the Knicks.

  125. Barnes is totally outmatched in the playoff. I have serious doubts about him.

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