2016 Brooklyn Nets Roster & Free Agency Moves

Let’s focus the discussion on Brooklyn Nets roster moves in this thread

2016 Nets Roster Moves timeline

(credit to @DrewBear2)

Feb. 18: Sean Marks, GM. Nets are 14-40 at this point.
Starters: Brook, Thad (team captain), Joe Johnson, Ellington, Sloan.
Bench: Shane Larkin, Markel Brown, Thomas Robinson, Bojan Bogdanovic, Chris McCullough, Sergey Karasev, Willie Reed and Andrea Bargnani.

Feb. 20-25: Waived Andrea Bargnani and Joe Johnson.

Apr. 17: Kenny Atkinson, Head Coach

Jun. 23: Traded Thaddeus Young to Indiana for the No. 20 pick in the 2016 NBA draft (Caris LeVert) and a future second–round selection. This clears ~$14M in cap space.

Drafted Marcus Paige in the 2nd round (55th pick) of the 2016 NBA Draft. Traded Marcus Paige and Cash to the Utah Jazz for Isaiah Whitehead.

July 1: Jeremy Lin ($36M/3-year)
Justin Hamilton ($6M/2-year)

July 2: Trevor Booker ($18.5M/2-year)

July 3: Tyler Johnson ($50M/4-year)

July 4: Allenn Crabbe ($70M/4-year) unconfirmed until a scheduled meeting on July 5

Link: http://www.basketballinsiders.com/brooklyn-nets-team-salary/


  1. Happy 4th of July to all US Lin fans enjoy!

  2. You are first, I am second to wish everyone happy 4th.

  3. i want to be the 4th, but wait 3rd too long. Happy 4th

  4. So, about Barclays. I like the floor. It’s a parquet type of floor. Don’t like the uniforms for the Nets, just black and white. They need a stronger one. Barclays seems like an almost nondescript new arena. Of course, going to an old arena that has history often makes one feel that it has more character. When MSG was new people weren’t crazy about it compared to older arenas. It’s very convenient for subways, many of them go there that go through Brooklyn. More trains go there than MSG. T

    I think it is now take a modest on-paper team and see what they are like when they play. That means be ultra-patient. Lin will work on his jump shot and other areas of his game, and hopefully his ankle/back and other problem areas will be healed. But we won’t see him and his team play until late September or early October.

    For Comcast viewers like me, I found a service called Sling. They charge 20$ month to view YES and some other channels. I don’t know about League Pass from another VPN, I may decide to use Sling if they have reliable picture quality. That’s all I want. A good, high-quality stream to watch Net games.

    Happy 4th.

  5. I hope Nets get Johnson. If they got both Crabbe and Johnson, it seems no more space for the big(s)

  6. Dont they already have him, pretty much?

  7. I think black and white is cool. Got strong character.

  8. Spurs are also black and white. The Nets have another color, a kind of gray with a small blue area. I remember seeing that last season.

  9. no yet. Heats needs a strong SG backup.

  10. @kietchayla
    Hope these guys still keep their shirt and wear them at Nets game.

  11. Have been away the whole weekend… So, I have probably missed all the discussions about possible SG & PF.
    Anyone interested in Novak? He is UFA… and certainly a sharp shooting 4 & an excellent teammate. I know he doesn’t do much else, but we can use his 3s.

  12. I’m okay with this format, just don’t call this GARM and I’m good. 🙂

  13. I use VPN for LP. it was fine. But if Sling covers it, i might use Sling because it covers ESPN and ESPN 2. But I will go to BKN to watch some games too.

  14. I think only Interest in Novak so far from anyone is Lin himself… lol… my guess is they’re keeping him on the back pocket and may bring him in if there’s money left.

  15. wrong color! The new Nets Linsanity fans are gonna call out the old Knicks Linsanity fans! Brawls on the stands!

  16. hmmm well they are paying DW 20m so idk if they can still match

  17. If they lose Dwade I think they’ll match.

  18. you write fascinating things.. What’s your opinion on just calling the Nets the New York Nets? Why are they forced to stay in a borough anyway? Any other team named after an area smaller than the greater metro area? I mean we have a team named after a whole state….

  19. yeah I don’t like that gray color.

  20. 2M/year to warm the bench? Yeah, Lin is certainly interested. 🙂

  21. I thought the last two years are the problem for Heat (poison pill)?

  22. Yeah, never ?

  23. Novak I heard is on coaching track so he might be interested in teaching the kids how to shoot the 3. More vet on the bench is all good. Novak is a loyal friend of Lins and I think the reunion should be sweet.

  24. But I heard Spo is really high on TJ, seeing him as the future franchise PG. They might bite.

  25. I like the sleeved black uniform. The gray/blue one is the worst one.

  26. Happy Lindependence Day! ??

  27. Nets PF – Chris McCullough has been working on his game with Nets coach Kenny Atkinson this summer.
    “Yeah! That’s my dude, man,” McCullough said of Atkinson. “Once he got there, we clicked. I’m working with him all the time, and he’s always in the gym, working hard. He reached out to me when he got hired, so we’re well connected now. It’s great.” The Nets traded away Thaddeus Young to the Pacers, so McCullough is currently the only power forward under contract for the 2016-17 season. He’s going to be a name to watch at the summer league.


  28. Are you sure about Crabbe? I only see that offer is not true on internet

  29. Offer is there but he didn’t take it yet. He could not until after the Blazers formally said they won’t match anyway.

  30. Ewww get D-Will outta here! :p

    I like the one on the right most. Just the B with ball logo. The 2nd one is cool too but it does look like Spurs uniform.

  31. We should know the Crabbe situation tomorrow…like others have said, Crabbe, Atkinson, and Marks are with the same talent agency, so I’m not sure if the contract leak, which seems to be an intentional leak by his agents to get more money, will damage the negotiations…I think Marks will stand pat with the 4/70 offer, or maybe bump it up to 4/72…Portland may be bluffing, and may not match it…

  32. Oh I’m big on Chris. Love to hear that! Atkinson will make a formidable Stretch 4 out of him yet! I knew Kenny is gonna make him a project!

  33. Very talented. Left school too early like a lot of guys do nowadays. Needs to get a lot stronger. It’ll be interesting to see how he does in Summer League.

  34. I am not sure Nets should make the 4/70 offer unless TJ is off.

  35. I looked at the SG free agents next year, the prospects stink, the only vet they can realistically sign is Reddick, and I project Crabbe to be Reddick but a better defender

  36. Knicks seems got a good deal on Brandon Jennings. 5M?

  37. I feel for ya… having Comcast must suck. 🙁

    I’m with Optimum / Cablevision. Always wanted to switch to Verizon FIOS, but never bothered with the hassle. Gonna be sweet watching Lin and Nets on YES next year.

    As for VPNs, I personally use Private Internet Access. It works well and is affordable. Not sure how it works with League Pass though.

  38. Lin should get Novak a job as a Nets shooting coach or something if that’s what he wants. Nets owe Lin a favor or two after the bargain he gave them.

  39. It’s overpaying for a just a decent piece to the puzzle. We can live w/o Crabbe.

  40. The guy shoots 40% from downtown. Could be good

  41. Yeah decent, but if we sign him we won’t be able to sign much more.

  42. I’m calling him to be a break-out young player this coming year. If he can learn fast Atkinson will give him a lot of playing time. Lin will feed him well.

  43. I personally think the Nets need him. He’s no all-star or anything and yes, Nets will need to overpay to get him, but IMO he’s a very important piece to the team. He is a legit SG and a threat to shoot anywhere, as well as being able to drive to the basket and finish. He can take the load off of Lin if Lin is being trapped or double teamed. Most importantly, having Crabbe means TJ will be a quality 6th man, which the Nets currently doesn’t have.

  44. Maybe leaking it to see how Portland reacts?
    highly unlikely but who knows its owners money so it doesnt hurt marks to pay more

  45. Kenny doin’ work already. This guy doesn’t stop. When even Lin is impressed with your “motor,” you know the coach is very special.

    Atkinson is no regular head coach. He’s going to be the head coach AND a player development coach at the same time. Players love him too. He’ll easily command respect and trust from this new Nets team.

  46. He’s a big piece to get and can make a big difference.

  47. I don’t think Crabbe will ever be an all-star, but the guy would literally boost JLin’s assist total by 1-2 assists a game, I’m not kidding

  48. Yeah, I hate having to overpay for him, but if Marks has to, he really needs to.

  49. That would be the whole point of getting it. If LeaguePass didn’t block out games that are broadcasted locally, I’d just watch the Nets on LeaguePass. The VPN would make them think I’m somewhere else, so the game wouldn’t be blocked out.

  50. They play in the fairly new Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, so they named the Nets after that borough. The Dodgers were the Brooklyn Dodgers at one time before they moved to LA. So it is the NY Knicks and Brooklyn Nets as the area basketball players.

  51. He may end up being one if Lin can elevate his play to one.

  52. LOL I know how VPNs work and why people need them. :p

    I said I don’t know how it works with League Pass because I never used it with LP.

  53. Lin/TJ/another Rookie
    Crabbe/TJ/rookie from michigan
    Trevor Booker/rookie from 2015
    not too bad a little weak on the front court rotation but its do-able
    Back court would be amazing! so dynamic
    so yah gotta get crabbe maybe a terrence jones or david west for dirty cheap if possible

  54. LOL, really torn on this one. 50/50 in my head now… I guess that means I’m good either way. I do want to see more lowkey, high potential signings though.

  55. Looks good to me! I’d roll the dice on DMo, see if he can get healthy and recapture his 2014-2015 performance when he was a top stretch 4

  56. Actually, the 2year offer from Miami is starting to worry me regarding the Johnson signing…they may be saying to Wade “Ok, here’s 2 years for you, but we’re done with you after that and Tyler is gonna step in as the starter”…if that’s the case, then 18-19 mil for a starting 2 guard will be the average cost, maybe even below average at that point

  57. do they have the cap space for TJ and Wade thats 32 mil right there

  58. that foes to both Tjones and Dmo lol

  59. They’ve been shopping Hawes since before the draft. Nobody wanted to take on his $5.7M cap though. Charlotte would have to make that deal a sweet one for some team to take Hawes.

    Right now, Nets need to be worrying about Crabbe, and a plan B if we can’t get Crabbe and/or TJ. Hawes would throw a monkey wrench into their plan, so I doubt Marks is worrying about trading for him right now. Yes, he can help with depth on the Nets, but there are more important holes to plug ahead of depth at the 4 or 5 slots.

  60. Cap hit for Miami would only be 6mil for the first 2 years, then 18 mil in year 3 and 19 mil in year 4

  61. So, 26mil cap hit for their SGs in 2016 and 2017, not bad at all

  62. Nah, I like Hamilton as a backup more at this point

  63. Oh, I didn’t know he’s that old…
    He had good chemistry with JLin at the end of the season… can help open the lane. For Hamilton, I like him A LOT from the youtube video, hope his 3s are better than Hawes.

  64. Yup, you hit the nail on the head. Miami is basically saying that they’re gonna do right by Wade and finally give him his payday, but only for 2 years. The ball is in Wade’s court now. Heat fans and media can’t blame them for not offering a fair deal to Wade now, whether he stays or goes.

    That 2 year deal means that they want TJ to be backup for another 2 years, while they get to develop TJ more and on the cheap too. Once that 3rd year comes though, Heat has no problem letting TJ take over and replace Wade with his $18-$19M years 3 and 4 contract.

    This doesn’t look for the Nets now. Nobody thought Heat would match that poison pill contract yesterday, but they’re clearly signifying they’re willing to match now. They know Wade is on the decline and he’s not the future. TJ is.

  65. Hawes isn’t that old, I was mistaken…but Hawes doesn’t fit well in an uptempo offense…he’s just too darn slow

  66. he is 28

  67. spencer is exactly what we need. He shot the three at 37 percent. Our best defense in the playoffs was when he was on the court oddly.

  68. They need to make Crabbe an offer the Blazers will refuse, can’t lose both of these prospects, need to get at least one…otherwise the ONLY shooter on the roster is Bog, my oh my

  69. Umm, Hawes is 28 lol. He’s not old nor is he done with the NBA… what the heck?

    He’s really good on the pick and roll and would definitely help with the Nets’ depth at the C or PF slots. $5.6M cap hit is a little high, but nothing too bad. The problem is, Nets have other holes to fill before they should be worrying about acquiring someone like Hawes.

  70. Agreed. Crabbe certainly is a priority.
    What do you think of Gerald Henderson? I think he is a promising SG/SF from Portland too. I remember he gave GSW some match up (not too much of course) problems during this playoff. Is he as good as Crabbe?

  71. 5.6M isn’t bad if they don’t end up with Crabbe…maybe they could use him along side Brook for some stretches

  72. How fast can a pf who shoot three be though.

  73. Yup, Hawes was actually amazing playing pick and roll with Lin during the playoffs… until he got hurt.


    He’s not starter material though. Can be a good backup.

  74. Yes he’s a stretch 4, but he’s old and slow. Not sure how well he can run & gun with Lin and the young’ems.

  75. He’s 28…

  76. Nets need a 3 shooting 4 man. Having that on the roster to use on them that trap Lin will be helpful. Although he can be hot and cold

  77. I guess a little competition won’t hurt.

  78. He is the same age as Lin

  79. Works well with Lin. Only if we don’t overpay.

  80. roughly

  81. Its a trade so his salary won’t go up

  82. Pros: 3 pts, good passer, smart player
    Cons: weak & slow, can’t attack rim, bad at PnR

  83. damn i would if i were the heat

  84. It’s a trade… they may even get a pick back… if lucky. 🙂

  85. Yeah, this is a very dangerous simultaneous game of chicken Marks is now playing with the Heat and Blazers. He wants to poach both SGs off of them and both teams wants to keep them. It sucks so much they’re both RFAs and their offers can be matched. Otherwise, I’m sure Marks would’ve already acquired them.

  86. I know you do, but that’s my only interest in one. Some do it for other reasons.

  87. He’s a stretch 5. Can’t see him guarding anyone of note away from the basket. Imagine when the Warriors go to their “Death” lineup. Who does he guard?

  88. Agreed on all of them. That’s why he is a good fit to play with Brook. He can stretch the floor for BrookLin to operate their PnR, while he is outside for PnP.
    When needed, I think both Hamilton and Booker can crash the board.

  89. Agreed, Spencer will be good if someone else secure the paint.

  90. Hawes wouldn’t be a starter lol. He’d be a good fit on the 2nd unit, just like he was with the Hornets last year.

    It’s not like the Warriors are in the Nets’ division or even conference. They’ll probably play each other twice or something next year.

  91. Not saying Hawes is good on D… But, Green and Durant both present HUGH match up problems. That’s why they are called “Death” (now super death) lineup. I can’t think of a single 5 in the league who can hang with them.

  92. Hey Click. It looks like Henderson can be a good plan B. I didn’t even know he was a starter back in Hornets… hmmmmmmm

  93. Yes! They need a PF/C off the bench and we know he and Lin can work together.

  94. BTW, it looks like Haralabos knew what he was talking about: he predicted KD to GSW yesterday at noon!

    GSW may be the most “stacked” team ever, but the lack of interior presence and the fact that there’s only ONE ball for FOUR stars is a legit concern.

  95. As long as he comes off the bench, he’s a great addition.

    My bold prediction is that Hamilton becomes starting PF by the end of the calendar year. And Hawes could back up both Lopez and Hamilton as the “3rd big.”

  96. Another idea… Think Gerald Henderson (SG, Portland Blazers) can be a good plan B if they don’t get Crabbe? What do you guys think?
    Here is a little bio on the guy… I did’t know he was a starter back in Hornets.

    Edit: He is surely undervalued now.

  97. Wow just found out KD joined GSW, seriously unexpected. Guess he really is a team player with less ego 🙂 Most stars like Lebron would never join GSW and rather beat them with his own team. Lin will have a tough job beating GSW for a ring now.

  98. If they don’t get Crabbe, they can just roll with Bogdanovic, Kilpatrick and Johnson. Or even get Troy Daniels for dirt cheap if they just want pure 3pt shooting (we know he can work w/ Lin).

  99. Henderson is really good at driving, cutting, and dunking. He’s got crazy hops. However, he’s not good at shooting 3s and we need a SG who can catch and shoot from deep. He’d be great for the 2nd unit, but the Nets are already packed with Guard reserves. We need a legit starting SG and I’m not sure Henderson is that guy due to his poor shooting. He’s a good player, but I’m not sure he’d be a good plan B in our current situation.

  100. Fair enough. Thank you!

  101. KD probably wants to do what Lebron did. Leave for a super-team, win a ring, come back to his old team, win a ring. Cleveland forgave Lebron and OKC would probably forgive Durant if he did that.

    Personally, I hate all this ring-chasing.

  102. Really I tend to see him more as PF and he’s listed as such.. but I guess at that height u can play both.

  103. How long before Westbrook’s contract ends? My guess is that for KD to return Westbrook would have to go. KD is probably too nice to push his long time colleague out of OKC to build around “himself”. That was always OKC’s biggest issue, they were stuck between KD and Westbrook when KD should be the one handling the ball more.

  104. ah I see, I thought he’s RFA.. what do we have to trade for him? 🙂

  105. Henderson can’t stretch the D. Hollis-Jefferson is a likely starter at one of the wing spots, so you need a guy that can shoot the 3 at the other wing spot.

  106. KD is getting old and he just don’t see OKC winning the big one, so he joined his enemies. I’m tell u, this is a player realize the rigging of the NBA and only certain teams gets to win. KD choice wisely. Mark my words – 2017 Finals – Cavs vs Dubs, 7 Games, Dubs win with KD heroics.

  107. Isn’t he a little too old for that? He should have done this years ago then.

  108. Yeah Carbbe maybe nice, but I’m okay without him.

  109. yes I mispoke.. he’s SLOW, but not that old.. 🙂

  110. nothing lol. I guess it would just be a salary dump

  111. Teams in opposite conferences always play each other twice. Teams in the same conference play each other 4x with the exception of 4 team pairs in each conf. that only meet 3x.

  112. I really hope the poison pill works. It’s nice to have a Johnson/Lin backcourt.

  113. Years ago GSW wasn’t such a favorite Championship team and it wasn’t his FA yet. There was no way KD would join Lebron’s team to chase a ring. With Curry he can still handle since Curry does have his limitations and is a much friendlier teammate and leader. Though I’m curious how the team reacted during the “meeting” with KD. Wouldn’t it be awkward after such a competitive series? O.o

  114. Hmm, now that the Warriors have gotten Peculia, maybe Portland will break open the bank for Ezili (which they didn’t want to do), and they’ll have to let Crabbe go


  115. Green x Durant in one starting lineup sounds like a nightmare for other teams.

  116. Westbrook is a FA next year. So, the rumour is that Pasti is going to trade him and get back whatever he can. Well, I’m sure that’s going to create a lot of drama too…. Lakers? LOL

  117. doubtful Hornets would just let him go for cap space… I’ll be shocked it we land him.

  118. Nah, Nets vs. Dubs. 7 games. Nets win with JLin heroics.

  119. That would be 2 years from now, when Silver decided Nets is the Dubs of the East and he wants a new rivalry of Lakers/Celtics proportion. Silver wants his own legacy I tell u… Lakers will never win a ring again.

  120. Had to bring this up when we talk about KD. Still can’t forget how KD intentionally nudged/pressed into Lin’s contused chest caused by Thabo Sefolosha, after he called a timeout. KD knew that Lin was play hurt and was in pain there. So I’d say KD is not as ‘nice’ as some people might think, at least not ‘nice’ to Lin for sure.

  121. KD has no connection to OKC. He really didn’t like it when they moved there from Seattle. IMO, had that franchise stayed in Seattle, he wouldn’t left.

  122. SAS’s almost 20 minute rant from his hotel room on the KD to GSW topic:


    I don’t like SAS at all, but I agree with him here and he’s right.

  123. Wow.

  124. He’s been with the franchise his entire career.

  125. I can see why they went after Pau (he’s so offensively skilled), but Ezeli ain’t worth it. They already have Ed Davis, who’s as good or better, Miles Plumlee and can re-sign Meyers Leonard.

  126. LOL what is Cho thinking?

    Free agent center Roy Hibbert is finalizing a deal with the Charlotte Hornets, league sources tell @TheVertical.


  127. Another rental deal, just using up the cap space.

  128. He’s gonna hate unless KD signed with his Knicks.

  129. he’s only a back up
    not that bad of a deal

  130. Well, yeah. It’s another career rehab / rental just like Lin’s situation.

    Tank commander Scott destroyed Lin’s career and Hibbert’s too. Difference is, Scott actually let Hibbert play as much as he could and started him in 82 games because he was so bad and could help with the tanking.

    I don’t think he can come back, but who knows. Maybe Cliff, Ewing, and Silas can somehow revive Hibbert’s career.

  131. Nets have been doing well and responsibility until Tyler Johnson. He hasn’t proven anything yet to get that kind of contract.

  132. I fear that it’s gonna be so bad for Hornets that he’ll get a lot of playing time,

  133. Its not that bad, not exactly over-paying in this market place. plus, there’s a good chance Heat will match if they lose DWade, which is looking like a possibility.

  134. Miami is not crazy. They have no cap room.

  135. I think some analysis online said it’s plausible.

  136. If Dwyane Wade takes $39.2M, the Heat could still match Tyler Johnson’s offer sheet and retain both Josh Richardson and Briante Weber.


  137. Anything to give Lin a chance to pull off a Leicester City. He can’t be the only ballhandler on the entire team, which he is right now. I think there’s some hostility towards TJ because people think he’ll try to “usurp” Lin because of his contract.

    In truth, Johnson is the perfect complement to Lin whether backup/6th man (which is what’s reported) or starting SG:

    Lin: only 29% of 2s & 76% of 3s are assisted
    Johnson: 46% of 2s and 96% of 3s are assisted

    For comparison, here’s a guy we KNOW would be a bad fit for a Lin-led team:
    Clarkson: only 30% of 2s & 75% of 3s are assisted

  138. That’s not the stats to justify $50 mil.

  139. Yup, that’s what I was afraid of

  140. Still the question is will they?

  141. Cho.. might be building a rep as a Player’s GM.. think about it. He knows his stunt with Hornet is limited. He’s offering these savior deals to players like Lin to salvage his careers. Plays talk and deemed him a good guy. It would be easier to recruit players on his next job. Notice how Marvin Williams took less money to stay and Batum didn’t get wooed by big market teams – that’s because Rich Cho is a good guy the players trusted. I hope he’ll leave Lord MJ’s team soon and get his own FO. Asians’ gotta fight extra hard, ya know.

  142. Yes, it is. It shows he’s the perfect guy for a Lin-led team. So you pay what you have to.

    The market says TJ is worth 50M. Actually, he’s worth a little more because at least one team offered more. But he wanted to be in the rotation right away. He can be 6th man and maybe even starting SG on the Nets.

  143. Spo really likes TJ

  144. Overpaid but everyone is overpaid
    Lin could’ve potetially got like 4 years 60-70m if he waited a little

  145. Yeah, Marks knows what he’s doing. He’s not handing out these fat contracts to just anybody. He’s targeting guys he knows will play team ball, work hard on both ends of the court, and have little ego. Guys that has something to prove and wants to win instead of stat padding or ballhogging. Guys with high potential that’s been wasted on teams that didn’t give them the proper opportunity or utilized correctly.

    Both TJ and Crabbe are important pieces to the Nets. The problem is, they’re both RFA, in high demand, and Heat / Blazers both want to retain these young studs. Even with Marks throwing money at these 2, their respective teams are still going to try and match. Marks is smart though. He’s probably got plan B, C, and D lined up if we can’t get 1 or both TJ and Crabbe.

  146. Lin might be doing something extraordinary like taking the Nets to the playoffs, but a Leicester City means HE HAS TO BEAT THE DUBS for the Chip. Thats not gonna happen this year.

  147. Really, one single pick and choose stat? What happen to all the numbers that matter? PPG, assist etc…?

    If he make one shot out of one he’s 100% shooter. In other words cheated stat.

  148. So he kept TJ on the bench most of playoff.

  149. They will. TJ is their projected replacement for Wade in 3 years. Or if they lose Wade this year, he’s their starting SG. You act like TJ is a scrub and nobody wants him except Marks/Nets and that we’re overpaying for someone that doesn’t deserve it. Hornets, Bulls, Kings, Heat, Nets, Pelicans are very interested in getting this guy.

  150. You don’t jump over the clip just because everyone else does.

  151. So , now it is unlikely we get Crabbe since Portland will likely match ?

  152. TJ projected to replace Wade? Wow, the all-star/rings Wade?

  153. You have to watch his game. When given a chance, he’s excellent and capable of being a great role player.

    Should Lin have gotten more in this crazy market? Yes. But life ain’t fair. According to contracts like Turner and Mozgov, Johnson got a fair contract.

    Bottom line is to put together the BEST team possible. Getting Johnson is the right move for that.

  154. The declining Wade, yes. You really don’t have a clue what you’re even talking about, do you?

  155. Hehe, just using the term loosely. Although, for the record, Lin ALREADY has enough to make the playoffs. With Atkinson coaching, Lin, Lopez, Bogdanovic, Booker, Kilpatrick, Hamilton are enough.

  156. If it is the best player they can get in this crazy FA market, it is fine. No level I and few strong level II player wants to come Nets. I think Marks and Atkinson know it. They seem to build a team with hardworking young talent with less ego players. What has made many of us so supportive for Lin is how he has been dealing with all king big challenges on and off court. It is going to be a tough year. But i expect it is going to be a fun year.

  157. I can’t watch his game because most of the time he’s in for garbage time or sitting on the bench. Again, no one can justify his $50 mil paid raise.

  158. Hey moron, TJ is bench and you say he will replace Wade? are You that dumb or what?

  159. Market value is whatever people are willing to pay. Doesn’t align with quality.

  160. LMAO you must be trolling. We’ve already told you 6+ teams are interested in TJ. Nets was even outbid by some other team for him. Heat is willing to let go Wade if it means keeping him and they’re willing to match the Nets’ poison pill contract for him. Yet you’re still here whining about him not worth $50M. Not even gonna bother responding to you anymore after this.

  161. yes, Tyler Johnson is a lot more effective as an SG than a PG based on Net Rating per48min.
    He should thrive playing his natural position as an SG next to JLin.
    Lin fans don’t need to worry.

    Player Production by Position 2015/16

    Position NetRating %PlayingTime
    SG +9.5 48.1%
    PG -8.7 51.9%

  162. No he’s not the best player in FA market. Heck no.

  163. He is not the best SG or PG on the market. But who else Nets can get?

  164. Psalm, have you thought about having a full-fledged Lin message board (with threads and sub-forums)?

    Now that Lin is getting a real chance, there will be tons to talk about and it would be great to have a real forum to keep track of common topics of discussion. Also easier to moderate posts and dismiss trolls/spammers. Just a thought…

  165. Here we go again, this is why I told you moron, Nets are overpaying him. Never said he’s not an NBA player that teams are interested to sign,

  166. Yeah, if everyone is healthy, an 8th spot is very plausible. Just want to see the look of those Net doubters when that happens… I mean most existing Nets fans don’t see the team more than 30 wins. They just don’t know Lin.

  167. If Portland still wants Crabbe. There might be other FA they’re after now that KD/TD rocked the NBA.

  168. Just missing a few pieces now and I’m 100% positive we’ll make the playoffs. Right now, with this incomplete roster, I’m only 80-90% sure.

  169. Are you joking? Lee is for one just go the the Knicks for the same money.

  170. Lee? First, i do not think Nets could get him for the same money. Second, I prefer TJ over Lee because TJ is very good combo guard and Lee only better them him on D (maybe).

  171. yep strangely

  172. That would be a great idea. Posting comments with a format like this is fine, but I much prefer forums / message board format. Reddit isn’t exactly a forum, but I even prefer that format better too. Right now, Lin fans are very spread out over Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, here, and another place.

  173. Where’s your cursing words at me?

  174. Wade wants more money and a third year if he gets it we get tj. Crab is an unknown. nets done want to offer him money and have to wait 3 days for a response. Free agents are flying off the books. They need to know for sure he they can get him

  175. wait, what happened to tim duncan ?

  176. but they did lol

  177. Timmy retired today. Spurs signed Pau.

  178. Very likely to retire

  179. really, all reports say he is leaning . not official yet

  180. With signing of Pau it’s pretty much official. Unless he’s staying around as a backup, he’s gone.

  181. that would be a very tim duncan move – to retire beneath the kevin durant hoopla

  182. Those report were out before Gasol officially becomes a Spur…

  183. Yes, he’s being way “overpaid” — like 90% of FAs this summer. But the market dictates the price and if the Nets want him, that’s what they have to pay. And they should want him because he’s a great piece around a Lin & Lopez-centric team.

  184. i guess we’ll eventually find out . although back up minutes might be good for him since he’s old

  185. I rest my case, Lee is better D and better everything else.

  186. I can understand not having one while he was just a backup, but now that he’s starting in Brooklyn for a coach and team that wants him…it’s time to regroup on a formal message board.

  187. “I’d like to announce that this was my last year with my beloved Spurs…

    …I’m leaving to play PF for the Brooklyn Nets!”

  188. I’m so tired of this waiting… please get all the pieces in place so we can start debating who’s to start and what role they need to play in which situation please? Please Get My Lin-Year-1 team ready!

  189. so we need miami to give wade more money and Portland to sign fetus ezeli https://twitter.com/NetsDaily/status/750140463374561280

  190. “… I heard they’re building the Spurs of the East over there!”

  191. I just realized it.. it’s less than 3 hours to Tuesday!!!!

  192. Marks was basically hired to install Spurs culture in Brooklyn. So far, he’s doing a great job.

  193. I prefer let the data do the talk besides TJ is 7 years younger. Nets does not seem to target any player who seems already over or reach his prime.

  194. We actually did experiment with BB Forum but it was an overkill in the beginning and not so much participation as Disqus so we killed it.

    I’ve been trying to create a Forum-like environment for over a year using WordPress posts and I finally succeeded after some low-level coding so hopefully this works. I still need to do cosmetic changes to make it look good. And I’d like to get users feedback after users find some time to get used to it.

    Those who’d like to create threads just need to register for WordPress account then I will give author permission. We don’t want to give all registered users ability to create threads to prevent trolling. Only trusted users for now

  195. Nets planning to offer Crabbe?? if they gets both Crabbe and Johnson,
    what will be Nets starting 5?
    I went to camping for 2 days..there was no internet connection…
    i got no idea whats going on?
    Nets also interested in Ezeli??

  196. Having BOTH forum and disqus comments is what hurt it. Confusing and spread out. Just having the forum alone would work. Everyone here would register their BB forum account.

    Also, when Lin is just backing up, it’s just not as exciting and discussion-worthy as when he’s a true starting PG. It’s your decision of course! I just think it’s worth reconsidering. You might have more traffic too w/ greater ad $$$ potential to help your costs.

  197. We were already spared from the waiting game when Lin agreed to the deal so quickly this year. I’ve been just chillin’ and relaxed, watching how much work Marks has been doing. Everyday, he’s made good moves except today. I guess Marks is just waiting for the dust to settle after the KD aftershock lol.

    Patience my friend, patience. :p

  198. Actually TJ’s defense seems a bit better than Lee in every category.

  199. If Nets have any cap space left after done with free agency, I hope they give it to Lin and increase his offer like Mavs did to Wesley Mathews last year when Jordan changed his mind. Lin should have got more money this off season.

  200. TJ was not much recovered from his injury by then.

  201. From what I gathered reading Heat fans’ posts on Reddit, they’ve been saying TJ is a future all-star SG. They said he’s a pretty bad PG because he loses his dribble and makes turnovers. His passing is also lacking, as well as his court vision. I think he could learn under Lin and be more helpful as the Nets’ 6th man, but his true calling and natural position is at the 2 spot.

  202. I am here Marks analyzed Heat’s cap situation two years from now before they made that poison pill offer. I hope Miami does not match. TJ definitely should leave. He should not have to play behind Wade for two more years.

  203. Thanks, I’ll keep it in mind.
    It would be such big change to switch back but I might investigate the latest feature of bbPress forum when I have time. The biggest downside is it’s hard to scroll through messages and search for things.

    I will try to add Facebook and G+ comments soon to see how well it works.

  204. LOL, I’m actually loving all this… never cared about the NBA soooo much.. but its exciting! A deal can land anytime! And they do! Entire 4th weekend camping on twitter and the forums, no regrets.

  205. you guys do the web development yourselves?

  206. TJ definitely wants to leave, that’s why he accepted the offer from Marks, even leaving money on the table from another team. He wants to come to Brooklyn and shine. Problem is, Miami wants to keep him locked up like a prisoner. :p

  207. I agree 100% from watching his highlights. He looked to be a natural SG, he doesn’t have court-vision like Lin but he’s very athletic and got super bounce.

    I’m concerned that the Heat might match it because they see him as DWade’s replacement.
    I’m crossing my fingers that he’ll go to the Nets.
    It’s good to hear he turned down higher offer to go to the Nets 🙂

  208. He’s one of the better ones
    Lee is a better fit to Lin but i dont think the Nets wanted to go for him
    TJ can be the 6th man scoring off the bench like Lin did with Houston
    not the best way to spend 12.5m cap space but not awful wither

  209. They already have 70 million locked up. add tj and thats 90 something. Thats why wade is an issue. Not to forget the fact that they aren’t contender as constructed already.

  210. as much as possible we try to find available plug-ins

    But in this case, I had to do low-level coding myself because nothing exists like the features that I want. It’s still a work-in-progress to make it resemble reddit more

  211. Oh okay, thanks! I just think things have changed enough to re-consider. Myself and others are always switching back and forth between this site and the other one, addressing the same topics over and over again.

    It also allows various trolls w/ any Disqus account to drop in and spew nonsense whereas a forum requires them to make a new account just for the forum, be verified and even wait a day to post.

  212. Nice poison pill 🙂

    I like Sean Marks’ brilliant tactical move!

  213. Lin has bonus (any idea how much?) in his contract and could have multi millions more endorsements if he likes care more money at this point.

  214. I can see them doing that if they don’t reach the cap floor, which is 90% of the total cap. They’ll want to be flexible for next summer though once Lin & Atkinson make the Nets respectable again this coming season.

  215. Nice!!
    I guess you are a software engineer yourself too ahaha
    Thank you for all the hard work!!!

  216. and Lin will offer it to his buddies Novak and/or Landry for them to have another shot. He’s not about the money.

  217. He probably would prefer that. I think they should get Novak anyway for vet min. He’s still one of the very best 3pt shooters in the league and a high character veteran.

  218. Good point.

  219. Eh, if Lin start to be as hot as he was during Linsanity, do you know how many millions will roll his way from Chinese endorsements? He would be busy swimming in money. NBA salary is nothing if he’s able to lead the Nets deep into the playoffs.

  220. Have him on the 2nd unit or reserves and park him in the corner, draining 3s all day lol.

  221. As I recall Novak was clutch too. Might be a missing piece.

  222. you’re welcome 🙂
    a lot of faithful Lin fans also contributed

  223. He’s a guy who can sit 30m, check into a game, run a set play and splash a clutch 3. Then sit back down again. That’s valuable and almost no one in the league can do that.

  224. Yup. Situational specialist. When you need a sharpshooter, put him in. Get the lead, sit him back down unless he’s hot and nobody else is hitting their shots.

  225. Max bonus can be is 25% of salary. So Lin has the potential to earn 12 + 12/4 = 15M.

  226. LOL. I’m not going to hold my breath.

  227. I simply called League Pass and convinced them to open up the local channels for me. It took two phone calls with one associate gave me some kind of regulation excuse. I then was able to watch via LP.

  228. At some point during the season PFV and others started preaching that Lin and his fans should be eternally grateful to Cliff and the Hornets for allowing Lin to resuscitate his reputation. We should all thank Cliff was the chant. That annoyed me to no end.

    Starting from game 1 of the regular season it became clear that Lin would be marginalized as usual. Yeah Clif was better than the tanking BS but so what? Lin agreed to sign with the Hornets at a huge discount because of the promises Cliff made but never kept. This was most clearly seen in games 6&7 of the playoffs when Lin was benched rather than allowed to shine. If Lin had been allowed to play to his strengths and true potential, the Hornets would have gone deeper into the playoffs and Lin would have gotten a salary closer to what he deserves.

    If you think the $12M Lin got is too low, then maybe you should “thank” Cliff for that. To get the salary Lin really deserves, he’s going to have to prove himself one more time and hopefully the Nets finally give him that chance.

  229. I’m a software engineer too so i would love to contribute too if theres need!! ahah

  230. I agree. Lin could have got nothing (minutes) in Hornets if MKG were healthy and Batum did not miss those big games.

  231. well it should be noted what his value was after lakers. And the increase in his pay after Cliff. Not saying it was ideal but honestly after Lakers hornets was the most Lin could hope for.

  232. I’m just happy that we no longer have to deal with Cliff. Oh.. and the never ending debate on whether Lin should start or better as a bench player. Thank God.

  233. Agree with you 100%. Lin really lives up to the old adage, “when life throws you lemons, you make lemonade.” Or in Lin’s case, “when your Coach and FO marginalizes you, you SQUEEZE out every minute of opportunity and blow them up to all star performances so they have no option but to almost DNP-CD you to stop you from drastically out shining and outplaying the starters.”

    Cliff did lie or seriously misled Lin from the beginning. He gets very little kudos on how Lin did this season. Lin did well IN SPITE of Clifford.

    I’m not concerned too much about the money. I think Lin moved fast to help out his new team be in a great position to get great assets. I think they told him that he will be one of the main components of the team and they will build a great supporting cast to make a run for the championship.

  234. Like the tech bubble of 1999-2000 where value not based on realty, then came the dotcom crash? I think Lin will hold his value, the blue chip guy.

  235. Good point! The only reason he was able to play significant minutes were when injuries struck key players… Or when playing in front of the Chinese audiences during preseason. Otherwise, I think Cliff would have made him ride the bench oh so so much more. And Lin would have been S.O.L.

  236. I don’t know who PFV is, nor do I care. I’m not a fan of Clifford’s at all. In fact, I got flamed and hated on hard for criticizing Clifford on the Hornets subreddit after the season ended…

    It’s simply not true that Clifford didn’t keep his promise to Lin. He told Lin before Lin agreed to sign the contract that he will give Lin a chance to play and that he’ll be backing up Kemba. Clifford kept his promise. I don’t understand why people are still hating on Clifford and saying he lied to Lin, when he didn’t. He played Lin as a proper 6th man and more minutes than most bench players get.

    Clifford might not have trusted Lin and it was completely unfair to bench him at the end of game 6 and halfway through game 7. Lin was not allowed to overshadow Batum and Kemba because those are MJ’s franchise guys. Have you ever thought about that? Instead of constantly blaming Clifford for everything, maybe you should think about the fact that he was handcuffed and had to play politics, keeping Batum, Kemba, and MJ happy. There was unity among the team and very little ego because Lin was not allowed to take over and replace Kemba or Batum as the starter.

    Why still be mad and bitter about Clifford when Lin himself said last year was the most happy he’s ever been since playing with his high school team? Why complain about his contract when Lin himself doesn’t care and agreed to it? It’s not Lin was mistreated in Charlotte like he was in Houston and Lakers. Hornets organization helped him rehab his reputation and career. Just let it go man. Having so much resentment inside you is not healthy and constantly bringing it up on this forum is really annoying.

  237. I am eternally grateful to the Hornets fans, though. If it weren’t for them, I would have lost all hope that there was anything good about the NBA. Brought back my faith that there are intelligent, appreciative fans out there that are not biased, racist, and bought by FO or the NBA. Thank you Hornets fans!

    No thank you to Cliff and FO…

  238. phew….dont want to see you turn blue! kiddin kiddin 🙂

  239. can you please repost in the NBA Free Agency Moves thread?
    I know it takes time to get used to post to separate threads but it would help everyone 🙂


  240. Just the first piece of the banana boat boys, coming together to form the NBA’s 2nd superteam…


  241. Lin’s tenure with the Lakers destroyed a lot of his perception in the NBA. Lin was label as nothing more than a backup at best. Lin’s market was extremely small. Clifford let Lin play his game coming off the bench. That is what Lin’s role was with Charlotte. Lin was never going to supplant Kemba. Lin’s season with the Hornets put him in the prime position he is in right now with the Nets.

  242. oh oh oh, yes I will

  243. Exactly. His role was 6th man and he far succeeded in his role there. In fact, Hornets might not have even made the playoffs and they definitely wouldn’t have won any games against the Heat if Lin wasn’t the 6th man. He led that bench so well and outplayed most other teams’ benches. That’s how Lin was able to be #10 on the list of best NBA +/- lineup… with a bunch of bench no-names on the Hornets. Who would’ve been the 6th man if Lin wasn’t going to be? He was brought onto the Hornets to be a 6th man, not to start or to take Batum’s and Kemba’s starting jobs.

    The important result is, Lin was actually wanted by teams this summer and now has his own team to lead. Hornets was never going to be Lin’s team. It was Kemba’s. The Nets is now Lin’s and Brook’s team. Lin finally got what he wanted and it couldn’t have happened without being allowed to play by Clifford.

  244. Thanks, Rocky. I’ll give them a call then. Glad it worked out for you.

  245. The first game that Lin was allowed to be the PG was the game against Cleveland that clobbered Walker every time without exception. After the monumental game that Lin played more than even with Kyrie Erving, Lin was immediately put back on the bench. Lin, you showed too much of your potential. Remember you are just a one year rental.

    Damn, how many Hornets records are broken by Lin?

  246. i read somewhere that there was a signing bonus for Lin at the amount of 25% of his salary.(not sure about the percentage) plus a win bonus and Playoffs bonus and performance bonus if in case he performed well..(subject for verification)

  247. and he was the only one that was given such kind of agreement/contract to accommodate Nets making a good roster this year. Its a win win situation for both parties indeed!

  248. Lol this guy is hilarious
    also a biiiiiiigg Trump supporter like paul but a smart and reasonable one

  249. can miami make another contract for TJ dismissing the offer sheet by the nets? and if not, so miami has to bite the bullet to retain the player?

  250. did he played as wade back up or gorans?

  251. it was awesome how much love he got from the hornets fans though, they all seemed very sad about it. Small market teams really are the best!

  252. To put things short, I’m trying to compile a list of Hornets record broken by Lin. Real Lin fans, please pitch in. Don’t wait.

    (1) Lin is the first starting Hornet PG to beat LeBron James and company.

  253. i think JLin signing as immediate as possible was one way of showing consideration for people who followed him..

  254. FIrst Hornet to lead the team to 3 straight playoff wins?

  255. hehe…its funny what happens when a real star like jlin can do when he comes to a semi decent team with a competent coach…ie tons of broken records

    -beating cavs, beating raptors, beating spurs (this one was huge), leading scorer in hornets first playoff win, kept them afloat in hornets second playoff win, made big time plays in getting hornets 3rd playoff win.

  256. enough to cover Bosh’s contract?

  257. I doubt it…i think at some point even cliff came to a realization how important lin was to the team. I think it was when lin torched raptors for 35, or when he brought back the team from the second biggest deficit in hornet history (against the SPURS!!), or even when he beat the cavs. Cliff figured out that hornets needed lin, and he rode him out like secretariat as much as he could.

  258. Doesn’t hid the fact that Cliff called Lin “he’s been a bench player his entire career” and purposely marginalized him like any other coach when he should’ve started. Lin got his big contract on his own abilities and previous relations with Atkinson not because of the Cliff who was obviously another hater and yes man coach like Mchale. In fact Cliff copied Mchale and Rockets’ playbook of how to marginalize Lin to a tee!

  259. True. TJ for one would prefer Nets over Knicks for the same money.

  260. LOL no. He agreed asap because he already had his mind made up way before that night. He agreed so fast to give Marks as much time as he could to make more moves and craft a team around Lin and Brook that can win games next year. Also, Nets was putting pressure on Lin by faking interest in Jennings and Rondo. Lin cares about us fans a lot, but we’re not the reason why he agreed so quickly.

  261. its politics…what do you expect him to say? Cliff- “Yes lin is better than kemba, he should be the real starter not kemba”. Cliff would lose his job the next day, after MJ fire his azz. I think this was difficult for cliff too, seeing how lin played BIG in big games, and he had to margilinize lins accomplishments to not upset the order/heirarch.

  262. Tyler definitely should be the SG. Lin could make those assists easy.

  263. I think Hornets fans already know that Lin is a great loss to the team and will have impact on their push for playoffs this year. To quote a regular poster at the Hive :
    “Yes, we lost a big impact player in Lin, who can do a little bit of everything, shoot, score, penetrate, run the team…clutch when needed…and not afraid to take over…and ability to come through big when needed…like he did in the playoffs after 2 losses…..we lost a guy who can lead the team. So that’s a big loss.”

  264. Cliff simply doesn’t want the Hornets to go into 2nd round of the playoff with JLin. He down right knows that his team next season couldn’t.

  265. Yeah majority of Hornets fans were awesome. Of course there were haters and people that were afraid Lin was a threat to Batum’s and Kemba’s starting jobs. But those were the minority of Hornets fans.

  266. Yeah it was good to see Hornets fans embraced him. They know basketball and they also more someone like Lin don’t come around very often.

  267. Just tell me how many Knick’s teammates during Linsanity are still in NBA. Not many! Now Jeremy is blossoming as the starting PG despite all those double-standard trash thrown against him. The recent one. Lin is paid Steve Curry’s salary. Starting PGs nowadays who doesn’t get paid more than Curry? Very few.

  268. God, Bryon Scott isn’t qualified be to be a sports commentator. Hope his coaching career is now dust.

  269. He is a natural SG, but I am quite sure nets will try him at PG at times… he will be a harden lite… both are also left handed… but Johnson is better in defense and athleticism… lets just hope for the best… salary wise is about the same (only 500k per year diff) as Jlin so I’m not really worried.

  270. hornets fans really are some of the best in the nba. Way better than trash in houston.

  271. Agree,classy and very knowledgeable.

  272. Byron Scott is the trash of the trash holding the one of the all time worst coaching records in NBA if you don’t count those coach disappearing after their first season. Oh yes, he is still better than Brett Brown!

  273. Gonna miss everything about Charlotte except that coach who is in fact completely useless when game is on the line.
    But overall, it was a good experience for Lin fans after Lin being the scapegoat for 3 consecutive years.
    Still, Clifford was an imbecile

  274. Clicks…

  275. I’m just happy he got his starting job… hope he plays at least 32 minutes a game this time… I predict 15 pts 7 rebounds… and playoff appearance.

  276. 23 point deficit comback win. Largest comeback against Duncan in Tim Duncan’s career.

  277. oh yeah, that’s a good one

  278. It would be funny if next season the Hornets is ousted by the Nets in the playoff run.

  279. Too many Lin fans around here are blinded by their love of Lin and wanting what’s best for him to ever consider or totally ignore the complex political realities of multi-million dollar sports organizations where the owner, board members, share holders, GM, etc. has to always be kept happy or you’re out of a job as a head coach.

    Clifford was never going to sacrifice his own job for Lin, especially because he knows Cho and MJ never had Lin in their long-term plan for the future of the team. Cho/MJ got Lin on a super cheap rental and promised him they’d give Lin playtime so he can rehab his career. In return, Lin would help the team win and create “buzz” for the franchise. Both parties delivered on their promises and Lin left Charlotte super happy, now with an opportunity to lead his own team.

    Really don’t get the deep-seeded hatred and resentment for Clifford around here. Seems like every day or every couple of days, people would go on a Clifford rant and hate-fest would ensue. Disappointing to see it keep happening and so many actually support this behavior. McHale and Scott deserves the hate, but even with those 2 jobless coaches, it’s pointless to keep hating on them too. What’s done is done. Just move on a look forward to the bright future ahead for Lin.

  280. LOL, too late

  281. excellent post! Should be featured at the top where everyone can read!

  282. There’s a saying ” If you don’t have anything “nice” to say don’t say anything”. What Cliff say was very insulting and indirectly saying bench player was all Lin could achieve”.

  283. in the media, not saying anything is a confirmation of the truth. Sad but true. Its how people say “no comment”, every one will infer the truth whether you like it or not and make alot of people uncomfortable.

  284. Because Cliff pretend he “knew” Lin’s game and gave him false hope that he would start if he played well. In reality he did the same thing as Mchale, even allowing a rookie to start before Lin!

  285. Provide proof of where Clifford ever promised Lin he’d have an opportunity to start or that he ever gave Lin false hope he’d start. What rookie started ahead of Lin?

  286. there were a few times I was upset with him, especially game 7 of playoffs when kemba suxing. He should have played lin a lot more minutes. Even game 6, cliff should have played lin in the final minutes of the 4th quarter. He might not know it, but even lin played bad, the team felt much more confident in themselves with lin on the floor than when hes off!

    There were also alot of games in the regular season where I felt he should have used lin more, and that lin could have gotten the team the win if allowed to. Still, he is human and I give him the benefit of the doubt..I will not say he didn’t marginilize lin, but he obviously knew how important lin was to the team!

    Other than that, I have to give credit where credit is due, cliff was the best coach lin has had in the nba since MDA…PERIOD!

  287. no point conversing with the blind. They will not accept anothers view or are not even open to it! They live in their own world and have their own beliefs. Sort of like TRUMP and his followers.

  288. Let’s not bring Trump / Hillary crap into this debate. There are other places to discuss those heated topics.

  289. He couldn’t said something else to avoid the question instead of insulting Lin that’s for sure.

  290. I agree with this actually, some people are not good with words in high pressure situations. I am one of those and alot of times I regret saying things LOL!

  291. Pretty sure there were more than a few times. It was so bad that I stopped watched Hornets game entirely until playoffs came. By then we knew exactly fans could predict when Lin would be marginalized.

  292. To end this stupid Clifford debate and hate train that keeps happening everyday or every few days, watch Lin’s exit interview over and over and over again until you people finally get it through your brains that Cliff did not lie to Lin about his role on the team. Fast forward to 4:46 and listen to Lin’s own words before you lie about Cliff lying to Lin again:


  293. do you guys think Lin has been training much?usually he posts stuff on his facebook or twitter regarding his workouts

  294. Please without Lin, Hornets they won’t even make it to playoffs. I can already predict Batum thinking he can play SG will be moved back to his original SF position with Lin gone.

  295. That’s too little I predict 20pts at least if Lin gets 32-35 minutes a game.

  296. Cliff also joked that players could get him fired or something along those lines. Pretty sure that’s how truly how he feels. A coach afraid of being fired and propping up a a fake volume shooter as a star will eventually get fired (ex: Mchale, BS). Mark my words Cliff will get his share of Karma.

  297. I hope so…the coming season is likely the biggest test of his career. He needs to work hard and put in alot of effort. This opportunity at starting might not come again.

  298. What Nets need right now is 4 and 3.
    There are still a few available: David Lee is the first one pops into my mind.

  299. I hope not..I would not mind if lin comes back to play for cliff some time in the future. He is also correct…coach cliff is not the boss of the team, the players have much more clout. I personally trust him and lin does as well. If lin is a starter on cliffs future team then I would not have any big problem with that.

  300. Lin ain’t getting 7 rebounds unless he grows another 6 inches over the summer.

  301. The 3 is fine with Bog and RHJ…Booker is probably better than anyone out there right now for a Linsanity type system…David Lee is in decline and plays no D…they do need a starting level SG, Crabbe would be the best best, one of the top 5-10 best catch and shoot/stand still shooters in the league right now

  302. I would like Boris Diaw and Crabbe

  303. Yes. He trains all the time, even during his Asia tour, whether or not he posts about it.

  304. I’d take Kris Humphries at PF. Very good rebounder and good midrange jumper.
    Also: Gerald Green at SF/SG. He’s 6-8 and insanely athletic, perfect for Lin alley-oops. Streaky 3pt shooter.

  305. 700-1000 shots daily when back in Cali

  306. If Cliff didn’t keep his promise which I believe to be true to certain extent, it was due to the pressure from MJ and the management. Cliff seems to be a fan of Batum, not Walker.

  307. mayube this is not a proof, but the word came from JLIN himself after he did signed with hornets and was interviewed afterward:

    Partial quote on the translation of the interview:
    “QQ Sports: You also mentioned
    you had a long talk with Clifford. Did he talk with you about whether
    you will start or come off the bench because Kemba plays at the starting
    1, and things like you will be at 1 or 2? Are there definitive answers
    to those questions already?

    Lin: He said if I was asking him now,
    then I would come off the bench, But he emphasized if I play well and
    the team needs me to start, then he wouldn’t limit me to a bench player.
    The coach also said he will let me play with Kemba for a long time and
    even if I don’t play well in Charlotte, he will give me a lot of room to
    play with mistakes.”

    this was JLIN impression on Cliff’s handing and offerig to JLIn the opportunity to play with the hornets.

    pls read the entirety of the interview if you haven’t done it yet..

  308. they like him as a person and as a player they are willing to retain him unless he accept a cheap price? i think thats conflicting views coming from hornets fans.

  309. Rebounds is not only about height!

  310. they wanted to retain lin to fit the cap so that he can return next season and hornets pay him much more money when they have his bird rights. Its possible hornets maybe even paid him MORE than what nets are paying him, especially considering austin rivers got such a big contract even though he is a scrub.

  311. Well, Clifford delivered on that promise. He did end up starting Lin for 13 games. He also played Lin alongside Kemba for 30% of the Hornets’ minutes all season.

    Notice how Lin said “the team needs me to start?” That means if an injury happens and someone has to sit. Lin did not say “Clifford told me I could replace Batum or Kemba if I played well.”

  312. Lol

  313. jeremiah17, I don’t know if you intentionally troll or not, either way I am grateful to cliff for saving lin’s career. He may not have been perfect, but he was good enough! Comparing Cliff to Mchale and BS is not even a competition my friend!

    Lin getting only $12M is not cliffs fault, it is 100% the fault of lin for not waiting for other teams to offer more money. If lin only cared about money, I am almost 100% certain that rockets would have paid double the offer nets made. They are DESPERATE for a point guard that fits with harden…a player like lin who played with harden before and has improved in every single way would have been extremely valuable to the rockets. Of course no one here wanted lin to return to cesspool, but this is the TRUTH! Lin chose much less money to go to atkinson and the nets.

  314. whats the reason why cliff started lin on those 13 games? was it because he played well or its because of injury? if its because of injury , i can’t say its voluntary on the part of cliff because he was Forced to play him as a starter due to the fact that one on those injured was vital to the balance of the team.

    Cliff has opportunity to voluntary start JLIN on PJ’s case but because of certain issues on his mind i guess, he opt to make him still a bench player. That is in relation with the principle that you start you’re best players…but with other reason, i guess cliff was just doing what cliffs wants to do as a coach.

  315. To me at least…CC fulfilled those promise…you can check the league minutes for 6th man or backup PG, Lin is pretty much top or top 2 in minutes.

    Could CC have utilized Lin better, answer is yes, but that didnt make him come short in his promises

  316. hmmm

  317. How about watch the joint Clifford/ Lin interview on 7/15/15. Clifford kept talking about Lin’s size, versatility and play making. At 2:50, Lin seems to have the impression that he is allowed to create plays and attack the rim. No Lin fans expect Clifford to start Lin over KW. But the letting Lin to play his game is the impression.


  318. Believe 15 tps and 7 assists will be more likely to happen.

    Do not really care for points scored too much, as long as he makes the team better – as mentioned by the controversial , but knowledgeable KHUANG – the highest double digits scored by his team mates & W …. off course

  319. follow his snapchat then. you will know

  320. but it can be also understood that JLIN’s might thought that such starting position was because he was playing well and not just patch up work to stay as a bench player? if cliff start him on his presumption, he will remain starting because he gave his best and such best was seen by cliff.

    starting because of injury is not a reward but a temporary relief that a player knew he will be back to where he was originally when such emergency stop, BUT starting because he was playing well is a reward that JLIN knew would happen later if he submit his great performance and not a tem[porary one.

    we know the JLIN always signed with the thought of starting on a team, and if there is a possibilities, he will take those chances. Hornets was a year rental, jlin knew and accepts well, but he was not remiss on showing how he can help the team for sure!

  321. Yes, I remembered early in the season when the starters were digging holes. Without the benchforce1 coming to the rescue, Hornet would not have made it to the playoffs.

  322. Justin Hamilton looks like a solid add as well!

  323. To me at least…..Lin knows well, he is not gonna take over Kemba’s job. ANd Lin had mentioned this many times. CC had used Lin in alot during Q4. The first half of the season, Lin closed majority of the game and had long minutes Q4.

    That says alot…or at least keeping his bargain of using Lin when Lin steps up

  324. true…CC let Lin run BF1 and those wins did indeed contribute to playoff birth

  325. a slower version of zeller though i like him better than zeller..LOL!

  326. So moderators, are there going to be any punishment handed out to 7Jeremiah17 for calling me stupid and arrogant, while saying Lin’s basically a liar because he wants to say the right things to the media?


  327. Humphries is a last option kind of guy. If no one else takes the money, he’ll probably be there. He’s such a lousy defender, though.

    I’d rather gamble on an Anthony Bennett, who’s still young enough to get it together.

  328. Zellar was pretty athletic, but Hamilton can shoot which is a HUGE plus.

  329. but sadly it did change dramatically when Lee arrived and majority of cliffs decision cater more to Lee than with LIN..

  330. It is fine to be the 6th man. But Lin was not allowed to make plays or play his game while he was on the floor. J. Crawford is an example of a 6th man in the Clipper team, and he was used appropriately as 6th and allowed to play his game, likewise Manu.

  331. uh, we all know Clifford said that Lin could not only back up KW, but also play with KW. And he said that Lin will play together with KW a lot.

    But when MKG was hurt and there was no starting SG, and Clifford starting PJ over Lin, that’s pretty telling.

    It is obvious that when the best opportunity for Lin to play together KW, coach Clifford eat his word.

    I don’t think we would anticipate to hear Lin say the truth when he is still on the team, and then when Lin left the team, it is not that important for him to say that anymore.

    So, yeah, what Lin said in his exit interview, really don’t mean anything, he said he want to go back to Hornets too, we all know that won’t happen.

  332. i go for the thought process of favoring LIN on his words rather than justifying others act detrimental and prejidicial to lin’s interest

  333. He did say he wants to go back to the Hornets but within the first hours of freedom, he couldn’t even wait to announce leaving. That tells all the true how he felt for being lied.

  334. we all know that your voice will be rosy before you leave from a team not to burn any bridges only by to those who are of High Character players..

  335. you do know that Lin could not say everything he thought or everything he know, right?

    I of course favoring Lin’s words, but I don’t take it word for word though. I have my own eyes, and use my own brain.

  336. While you used the f word to me?

  337. Yeah, he has a really nice shot, should hit at least 36-38% of these 3s in the NBA

  338. i was so disappointing whenever lin give him the ball just to dunk it and he still missed those easy ones…

  339. Lin did play with Kemba for 30% of the Hornets’ entire team minutes together. For a 6th man to be playing with the starting PG that you’re supposed to be backing up, that’s a ton of minutes.

    So now you’re also insinuating that Lin’s a liar in front of the media as well? Because he always has to put up a front and say the right things, eh?

    He said there’s no doubt in his mind he wants to be back with the Hornets and it’s true… until Kenny Atkinson most likely spoke to Lin about wanting him on the Nets. People change their minds, especially after an emotional season just ended. It doesn’t mean he was lying to the media just to make Hornets fans love him.

    Some of you Cliff haters really grasp at straws and are now even saying Lin’s lying to the media and us fans, as if his words don’t mean anything. It’s really sad to see so many people’s blind hatred of Cliff cloud your reasoning and judgement here.

  340. yup…bcoz Lin was not in their bigger picture…its their lost

  341. That’s just not accurate. Lin’s damaged reputation by the tanking Lakers is exaggerated. The truth is Lin was all set to be the STARTING PG of the Mavs until the DJ situation blew up. By that point, Lin’s second and third choices were off the table. He still had better offers than what the Hornets actually planned for him but Cliff convinced Lin that he would get very favorable conditions in exchange for a big discount.

    Everyone agrees that Lin wasn’t expecting to replace Kemba but he was supposed to play alongside. Once MKG went down he should have been starting SG over PJ. He should have gotten more minutes to run the point instead of Kemba often playing 40 minutes etc.

    Lin is in the position he’s now in despite the broken promises of Cliff. Being an actual PG backup for just about any other team wild have been better than playing for the Hornets.

  342. I never used any f word on you. Nice job lying. You’re such an obvious troll.

  343. More like Kaminsky.

  344. You did then edited. Now I know you’re also a coward.

  345. No David Lee please, they need a stretch 4.

  346. I guess, you captured that faster than me deleting the post.

  347. Lol. Lin being given the chance was only incidental when the preferred and coddled so called stars of Hornets was out injured or simply took time off/sidelined themselves on some sort of ‘injuries’ for some tough games which could very well be loses if they played. Haha

  348. This guy improved a lot since after his Minnesota tenure,he has range now,the footwork was better.Zeller is more athletic but this guy had a better range.PnR is his bread and butter and he’s a good partner for Lin when Lopez is resting.

  349. ok guys…this stops here….plz

  350. I know…there were a ton of assist Lin could have gotten if only his big mans (besides Al) could just finish at the rim…

  351. Bench force 1 was broken up by Cliff because it was embarrassing the starters. Stop posting revisionist history to defend precious Cliff.

  352. Yes, because you allow these trolls and haters to continue to pollute these boards with their hatred of Clifford and then flaming anyone that disagrees with them. Something should be done about it, but I doubt anything will be.

  353. Until he disbanded BF1 because it was embarrassing the starters. Surely you remember.

  354. Pls read his tone and tell him or her

  355. The above is meant to all this personal attacks back and forth… @disqus_ofjj1NSn9P:disqus @Jeremiah717:disqus

  356. its given, JLIn is a classy in Basketball politics and i get where you’re coming from,

    looking at the thought process of a person needs analysis rather than blindly following him to the letter. Words has 2 meaning , extrinsic and intrinsic..EXTRINSIC are easy discernble thought, just like when he said, he like “In and OUt”, but intrinsic word are hard to analyze for you need to look on many factors to arrive on a conclusive definition of his statements.

    as against his words with other interprtation, i go for JLIn’s words as favoring him and not the other party.

  357. I’ve posted it several times already. Do you have amnesia?

  358. Folks….as mentioned below….any more of these personal attacks….i would need to reopen the vacation house

  359. takeme2cruz also called me nasty names. Nothing was done about it except to delete his comments against me. Now he’s here starting crap again, saying I cursed him out when I didn’t and that I’m a coward. Unbelievable.

  360. I dont think its bcoz embarrassing the starters…having that…one could read either way…so of you feel thats how its in your book….so be it

  361. I only responded after you used the f word on me.

  362. that was the final nail on the coffin where cliff finally utter silently to LIN that what i thought before that i like you as my player now change for i find another that i like better!

  363. Exactly!

  364. you go ahead then. I don’t agree with you, but don’t really need to change your thought, you have the right to keep yours.

  365. This post shows me that you’re delusional. Thank goodness for the new block function.

  366. Lol. A self respecting coach ought to have resigned if team politics does not allowed you to start arguably your best player after you promised to start him if he perform well being your team most impactful player. When MKG went down that is the opportunity right there to start your most impactful player if your are not a biased nor an inept coach. Haha

  367. yeah, he sounds like a troll, and obviously they was faking the “Click Click” ID to pretend his is the Lin fan on Reddit site.

    How to use block function?

  368. And 99% of that 30% was to stand in the corner.

  369. http://i.imgur.com/5aoIZGc.png

    Gonna let it keep happening?

  370. The vacation House had been opened…Jeremiah is the first visitor….

    I wont hesitate to bring others in as well…

    Folks comeon…why is it so difficult to have a matured discussion without calling name and personal attack.

    Most of you here are old timers and know the forum rules well!

  371. Anyway, I’ll be taking time away from these boards. It’s obvious that the same posters who constantly start trouble and flame fests are allowed to persist and get away with it. It’s sad to see this Lin fan community turn out this way. I tried ignoring these people before whenever they called me nasty names, but enough is enough. If you moderators and administrators don’t want to clean up this place, then I will just post my opinions elsewhere.

  372. Do need to be careful for guys trolling and baiting people into it though.

  373. I went through this whole thing a month or so before you. It’s futile. We’re looking at the same animal, but one sees a pet while the other sees a dangerous predator. One sees a blue sky, the other sees gray. We sip from the same cup, but one tastes sweetness and the other bitterness.

    It took a while, but I finally decided that it’s not worth my effort. I wish you well if you choose otherwise, but I’ve found it more enjoyable for me personally to just ignore inflammatory language. I figuratively shake my head and move on. You can’t agree with everyone and not everyone can disagree while staying civil.

  374. I clearly recall it was broken up because of injuries…

  375. Sorry I meant assists not rebounds

  376. I need a cup of coffee now…..

  377. very wise words! This post should be posted at the top as well! Leave it on the home page so everyone understands!

  378. Lol. IMO you are pretty good with your posting in the sense that you managed to consider your kindself to be Lin fans on these site despite some perceived not so positive post which may be quite annoying at times. Sorry in advance if I read somw of your posting wrongly. Haha

  379. Thanks for trying. I know moderating is often a thankless task.

  380. It’s a disgusting to have to constantly read hatred on these boards. Certain people here are no better than those racist Lin haters on Clutchfans who are still to this day, hating on Lin. Just let it go people. So much anger, animosity, negativity, and resentment is not healthy for both yourself and this community.

    Anyway DrewBear, you’ve been a great poster and I’ve enjoyed my time conversing with you and sharing my opinions with those logical and reasonable Lin fans like you here. It’s sad that such a happy time for Lin is being ruined by a few trolls who constantly spew hatred and negativity here, never happy for Lin and always drumming up the past.

  381. Thank u for looking into it & taking swift action.

    I am still away from my machine but I will also look into it

    Thank you

  382. I dont even mind his irrational hate of cliff, he probably can not accept anyone as a good coach for lin..now or in the future. But the personal attack has gone too far in my opinion.

  383. actually, i am not disagreeing with you and maybe misunderstood the last statement i made. when theres a clear definition on JLINs words given all factors to consider, then i follow his thoughts rather than other interpretation because in the final analysis, it was coming from jlin himself.

    however, i take other general statement he made with a grain of salt considering especially where such statement was coming from and what experiences jeremy went through to make those statement..reading between the lines!

    out of curiousity, where in my previous statements were you disagreeing??was it all..LOL!

  384. exactly…everyone entitile to theor opinion but personal attack is way too childish…..anyone has issue with a poster just bring it to us (Mods) rather than engaging to further attacks…

  385. hahaha…np

  386. LOL. “Hahaha! I am very confused now as who is actually trolling”
    Haha cheers.

  387. oh, wow, look at their banner.


  388. I have limited experience with forums, but it’s spread over many years (all the way back to AOL boards). Sadly, such flame wars happen just about everywhere at some point. I understand your need to take a break, but hopefully you don’t stay away too long. I appreciate your contributions here.

  389. sweet! BrookLin

  390. I gotta say, although still some nay-sayers, the Nets fans has been pretty awesome so far. Very little racist crap and more and more are beginning to have hope in the team. They were so bad for so long, I’m so happy Lin’s here to change their fortune.

  391. thanks for keeping trolls out of here..

  392. theres a kaminsky on him too, but i really don’t like kams game(developing an arrogant stand later maybe), so i think its zeller/kams game merged in one player..Cheap..LOL!

  393. dude, this place is much better than the other place already..

  394. yeah please make sure this is not like the other place. I go there because I have a thick skin and I can deal with trolls, but seeing them derailing conversations on personal crap gets really tiring.

  395. banner on this one is pretty cool too haha


  396. nice touch on the guy but I wonder how he’ll deal with NBA defense.

  397. divergence of opinion is a welcome relief because we can learn more with such environment for as long as we don’t force our opinion with others and leave a respect with others opinion too.

    this forum seems much a better place than others forum where attacking poster is the order of battle everyday..LOL!

  398. Disque has block feature. Use that and no need for moderator. Since jlin is back in nyc, it’ll be more fun if all lin fans just post on original forum.

  399. yeah, I don’t feel Lin was this accepted before the deal, but after Lin took a way nice deal to Nets, I think they just took him in. I don’t love Lin’s contract, but love the Nets fan base’s reaction.

    So, maybe there is a reason Lin take it this way, way easier to enter that team. And things will go smoother.

  400. Bye!

  401. yeah I don’t know how many face-palms I have seeing that.. seriously dude, how does a tall guy like you miss easy dunks like that. You’ve barely jumped.

  402. nah, both places has need to exist because some prefer nicer place and some prefer heated exchanges.

  403. yeah, just figured that out, could be useful.

  404. IMO. I don’t think there was faking of interest in Jenning nor Rondo. Jenning was considered for a backup slot and for Rondo case, he was not even considered at all by Nets.

  405. Jeremiah happens to have the good gut to calling out the right ones. Have a great time in your vacation house! I will visit you when I can. Haha. Cheers!

  406. LOL

  407. ooooh ya… @psalm234:disqus has work to do on the banner….hahaha…fans help and suggestions as usual would come in handy!

    Folks, if you have any idea…do design them post it….if we receive overwhelming response, probably we would create a separate thread on it. We have time…so rush…we need not!

  408. ready go?!…..hahaha

  409. I am already there! Its so lovely here with palm trees, crystal sand, aqua blue sky and yummy raw fish. Hope to see you here soon too!

  410. Have a break, my friend. You deserve it.

  411. here?!!

  412. lol…having one with @Uh-Oh

  413. Exactly there, right behind the tree is me naked doing the sun bath. Come join me!

  414. shhhhh!

  415. The contract is win-win bro. Lin will get his big payday 2 years later. Nets gets more cap space this year. Everyone wins.

  416. Let me give a fresh reminder for users about the importance to observe our forum rules because heated exchange can escalate into fights.

    We are about to embark on an exciting chapter in JLin’s next journey and we would hate to enforce a short-term ban or even permanent bans on long-time Lin fans but we won’t hesitate to do so for recurring offenders. Fights and personal attacks take away precious real estate of discussion from other users.

    Rule 1. We take the “Be Polite & Be Respectful” rule very seriously. We do not tolerate any rudeness. Any member who is intentionally unpleasant or disruptive may be banned without warning.
    No cursing/swearing or any substitute/variation. Keep the language to PG to be family-friendly.

    Even if you disagree vehemently with others’ opinion, refrain yourself from launching personal insults breaking Rule 8.
    Calling others ‘trolls’, ‘delusional’, ‘moron’ would quickly result to your posts getting deleted as a form of warning and if you don’t refrain yourself, receive short-term bans. Multiple violations will earn you permanent bans

    Mods have full-time jobs and responsibilities so we can’t be here 24×7 to moderate every disagreement. We expect long-time users to observe the rules and new users to review them quickly. For new users, please review our forum rules.

    Let’s keep cheering for JLin and respect each others’ opinons. Thank you again for our mods who performed the thankless jobs.
    Great cheers to @maknusia:disqus! Let’s go, Brook-Lin! Let’s hope for the best to the Nets to surround Lin with talented teammates so they can reach the playoff next season


  417. no problem, I am a lin fan from the bottom of my heart. However I always feel he is is a human that is all, not a god/idol as some people here take him as. So while I may worship him sometimes as a fan, I try not to get carried away and look at things in with an open mind. Sometimes other lin fans read those posts and think im a lin hater, but this is not true…i just try not to see the world in only black and white. There are many many more colors to this world to be seen.

  418. Kudos to Hornets fans/blogs for defending Lin after he departed.
    I’ve never seen Lin’s fanbase/blogs defending him a lot after he left.

    Sessions doesn’t have ability to take over games like @JLin7 (see vs #Spurs) and a far lower ceiling… #WinWithLin
    >> @Kroeger Sessions is competent PG option for #Hornets. Lin was great, but he disappeared for long stretches too. Sessions should be more even-keeled.


  419. lol…whatever! will see when we ball!

  420. According to NY Post, the Nets is watching DWade’s negotiation with the Heat closely to see if they might match the Nets offer to Tyler Johnson.
    Wade asked for a 3rd year after being low-balled by the Heat

    Getting Crabbe from Portland will be tougher as they declined pursuing Festus Ezeli from GSW to focus on him and other young players.

    Several players the Nets were targeting are headed elsewhere in the division.

    Real Madrid PG Sergio Rodriguez, who’d lost interest when they signed Lin but they continued to pursue for a backup role, agreed to a deal with the 76ers. Brandon Jennings, who is believed to have canceled Friday’s scheduled workout when they reached an agreement with Lin, came to terms with the Knicks, as did forward Lance Thomas.


  421. The Nets is dead-last in NBA Title Odds with 1000/1.
    Noone gives them a chance to reach the playoff.

    I would be interested to see what are the odds for the Nets to reach playoff.
    I’m not a gambling man but this could be a fruitful Linvestment!

  422. yeah, I want to see if Sessions can bail out the starters repeatedly like Lin did 🙂

  423. lol…I like 1000!

  424. He is a good player….but the thing is people on denial or fail to see…what Jeremy brings…especially elevating his team…thats intangible and hard to quantify if not given the key to fully operate.

    Lin is multi-dimensional compared to others who are only good or specialist on certain things…whereas Lin is not specialist or perfect on a single thing, but he has multiple weapon that he could discharge and a game changer

  425. I’ll will bet anybody who wants a million bucks that Sessions does not appear TWICE in the top 10 lineups in the NBA

  426. I tend to agree with you here. IMO, there are still ‘hidden’ talented posters here who are effectively ghost bloggers ever waiting to get on the nerves of the fans in some subtle manner. Alas the annoyed fans probably need to be level headed or they may need to be put on ‘vacation’. I wish these ghost bloggers refrain from baiting fans here. Wishful thinking on my part here. Haha cheers.

  427. Great point!

    We need to add these nice stats to the STATS thread

  428. IMO. Your kindself is subtly baiting again! Please bro, be more considerate may I request your kindself. The “now or in the future” gave you away. Thanking you in advance. Haha cheers.

  429. lol…you are reading too much into it

  430. Ok fair enough. Anyways I trust my opinion. Thanks for your reply. Haha cheers.

  431. seems the Nets FO picked this guy with Linsanity in mind

  432. Anyone here watch EPL (English Premiere League)?
    Bookmakers put Leicester City odds of winning the EPL Championship at 5000/1.
    You know what? LFC won it in 2016. who knows, you can be a millionaire.

    Excerpts: http://www.mirror.co.uk
    Leicester have done it – THEY’VE WON THE PREMIER LEAGUE!
    That’s why we thought it might be worth reminding the world just HOW nuts it is to see Claudio Ranieri’s side create such mad history.

    How? By remembering that, on the first day of the season, Ladbrokes were offering odds of 5000/1 on Leicester to win the Premier League.

  433. JLin and Brook will make you a millionaire!!

  434. And, I see Lin’s choices as wise for him. Rox would have destroyed his career … again. Some other time, with Harden outta there …

  435. I think the true odds are more like 1000 to 1. They use 5000 to 1 odds to suck people in. Unfortunately for them the Foxes pulled it off. Nets will be the next Lester, Lin will be MVP like Mahrez. Can’t see any Claudio equivalent though..

  436. Wow if Lin can pull this team by the scruff of the neck into the playoffs his value will skyrocket. Looks like nets is the new Philly of nba.

  437. The difference is the NETS has no incentive to tank.

  438. LOL
    They couldn’t help it.
    All those excitement in the last five days really got into their vein.

  439. great fundamentals. Talking about court spacing.

  440. this guy can shoot 3s.

  441. Brook Lopez was fourth in the league in points scored off the pick-and-roll!
    Lin was the guru in running pick-and-roll if he’s allowed to do that.
    Brook-Lin is a match in heaven. They are going to stay put for a long time.
    Talking about underdog, you couldn’t beat the Nets; dead last in NBA Title Odds.

  442. What about they can try Lawson or AB?

  443. Ya! To most of people, Nets will be the worst team in NBA next season. Those people probably don’t trust or never watched Lin’s game from Hornets last season. Low expectation is good. They will be very surprised when season starts …..

  444. So far, the Nets has signed 4 players;
    Lin, Hamilton, Booker and Johnson.
    Now they can put these together with Brook Lopez which would be the most part of the starting five.
    So far the team has used their cap space to recruit FAs to cover the need of the team. The other source is from their drafts. It’s up to Atkinson to develop them in the Summer League. They have Isaiah Whitehead and last year’s players like Rondae Hollis-Jefferson, Chris McCullough.
    Don’t know how long that Caris LeVert, their first rounder, could help?
    As to veterans, they still have Bojan Bogdanovic that could help.
    How many players that I have mentioned?
    Ten players already. A few more to go before they really used up their cap space to build up the depth of their team.

  445. Johnson is not a done deal yet.

  446. Almost done. Guess Miami Heats couldn’t match that after going through with Wade.

  447. But Wade is not agree the deal w Heat yet.

  448. Eventually the Heat would strike an agreement like last year.

  449. Hope so.

  450. Not strong enough to compete within 6-feet in NBA.

  451. Even if they sign Wade, they can still keep TJ. Wade will be a 2 years deal. Their cap hit for TJ is only a couple of millions the first 2 years. It’s only the 3rd and 4th years that his cap will spike due to poison pill. By that time, Wade is already gone.

  452. The rebuilding of the Nets is apparently more difficult than what we think. There are just too many holes to fill with the capspace they have.

  453. Frank Kaminsky 6’11…Justin Hamilton 6’11…242 lb…265 lb…Not everyone’s gotta look like Dwight Howard

  454. I think that is completely wrong. Cliff wanted to team to go to the 2nd round. He just foolishly believed too much in Batum.

  455. Overpaying definitely doesn’t help the Nets

  456. Lin was up and down. Can we realistically look at how many BAD games Lin had, how many single digit games, how many 2-9, 3-11s he had? Cliff trusted Lin time and time again in the clutch to play. Lin has plenty of 2-9s and so and Cliff brought him in the last 3 minutes to close games. Lin had periods where he just didn’t look right out there and other periods he looked like superman and that’s the quality Lin has that he needs to lessen to get him to the next level.

    We do very little objective analysis here. We do protective putting him on a pedestal sometimes,. I love it when Lin fans just look at his game and say these are his great qualities, this is what needs work, while still knowing we root for and believe in him.

    Coaches want to win and they aren’t always right. Sometimes a coach will have a player in whether or not he plays well, like Cliff did with Batum, other times he’ll play him in other roles or against matchups. Cliff didn’t go in thinking I’ll prevent Lin from playing he had a base time he’d play, around 24 minutes, and usually go up and down from there. But he did have his pets, play Walker too many minutes, Batum, and post ASB, Lee too much which impacted Lin.

    24 is too small for Lin. So move on and go to another team.

  457. But that’s the only way bc there are so much money in the league… 76 have more than Nets.

  458. Lin isn’t a real star until he strings together a solid 82 game season. He has all-star, dare I say superstar games and periods of games, but he has too many down games to be a star. Hopefully, this is the year he strings together a solid 82 games with minimal bad games (single digit scoring, or if he has low scoring, he has high assists).

  459. If you look a personnel, there is a logic to the odds. However, basketball isn’t always logical. There are a lot of unknown elements on the Nets. But they may come together.

  460. Nah, I think it’s EASIER than even the Nets realize.

    Having a player like Lin who is a “force multiplier” on both ends of the court, that allows a team to be creative and cheap with personnel because Lin consistently elevates players way beyond their ordinary production without him.

    The Nets are more likely to get a quality player out of summer league or cheap free agency than by chasing the expensive guys that don’t want to come to Brooklyn anyway.

  461. You don’t want Lawson. He’s not high-character. Plus, he’d think he was the starter over Lin. AB would be fine, but Tyler is a better solution. Big and strong, young. We’ll know in a few days if he stays a Net or if the Heat match.

  462. If Chase Budinger’s health could be proven to be good, he’d be an ideal athletic pickup to combat the Lebrons and Iguodalas and Durants.

  463. I agree with both. As much as we love Lin, he’d have a few games at times where he’d not disappear, but just couldn’t get in sync. Sessions would not have as many like that. However, those superstar-level take over and step up games and become THE difference in games he doesn’t seem to have like Lin has. And he’s nowhere near the defensive player and tough, hard-nosed player Lin is.

  464. Yay! Beautifully put.

  465. This was pretty interesting on the Tyler Johnson matter if anyone missed it.


  466. Hi Yascar! Great to see you posting.

  467. Just look at the Nets’ roster, there is nobody who can play 3.

  468. Thank you. Some people just have to learn to disagree respectfully. That’s the key.

  469. That’s what bothered me. The childishness of name-calling. Just disagree, even strongly. Then, if you reach an impasse, move on.

  470. Well said. I hope every fan can post here in a resposible manner without subtle comments to bait and annoy fellow posters. Thanking you in advance.
    IMO, quoting outlier negative stats which are common to most star players in some off games but trying to apply it to Lin in a negative way on him without stating the circumstances could be view as baiting a reponse from fan whom may be annoyed. Haha cheers.

  471. Another “Harden” phenomenon? plse don’t let it happen again…

  472. What? Harden? Why? He’s SF…

  473. Maybe one day Nets gonna retired Lin’s number 7 or 17…..that would be great!!

  474. I am confused by your logic thingy. “Basketball isn’t always logical”! I would appreciate it if you could elaborate more on the unknown elements on the Nets. Thanking you in advance. Haha cheers.

  475. And this is only the beginning. These players have yet to work together in a new system. The degree of difficulty is more like cliff diving in Acapulco, not like belly flopping in your own swimming pool.

  476. Wade has yet to agreeing to a contract with the Heat. Wade is also thinking about joining LeBron in Cleveland. If Heat does not get Wade, will they match Johnson’s offer? They could very well be. I hope Nets has a plan B. Right now that looks like Crabbe.

  477. Based on the article, I was right yesterrday about the Heat would not match tj contract due to the way the salary cap hits. Plus it’s an overpriced the Nets are paying.

  478. Do the bookies normally post odds on a team making the playoffs? I would imagine they would at least wait until most free agents have signed, maybe even wait until preseason.

  479. These are old quotes

  480. But the situation hasn’t changed.

  481. Salaries are market driven. They are what they are. We can opine that this guy is over or underpaid, but only time will tell. Obviously the Nets think they can help Tyler develop into player worthy of a $19M salary in 2019-20. We’ll see.

  482. Yes it has. Wade is talking to CAVS and might join James there. If he does, Heat can and probably will match the offer for TJ

    Those quotes happened before KD decided to make a super team at golden state.

  483. You don’t mortgage your future based on only hope.

  484. Hey Linsanity Fans,

    My name is Kevin and I work in group ticket sales for the Brooklyn Nets. We have some incredible deals we’re rolling out for the 2016-2017 season. If you want to save a ton of money on group tickets to come see Jeremy tear it up on the hardwood, please contact me at:

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  485. Here are a few more names:
    PG: Ycgi Ferrell (Agreed to a contract with Brooklyn (BKN) – partially guaranteed)
    SG: Sean Kilpatrick
    Markel Brown (unsigned, $1.2M Qualifying Offer 6/29)
    C: Egidijus Mockevicius (1 year $543k contract – partially guaranteed June 26)

    Summer league roster: http://www.nba.com/nets/news/2016/07/04/brooklyn-nets-announce-summer-league-roster

  486. Not about if the heat can or can’t, it’s the team future salary cap. $20 mil will eat up their cap just for an unproven guard?

  487. Kevin, I am definitely interested. Please provide the details.

  488. They might be tempted if they lose wade, we will have to see

  489. Can they pull this off? Don’t know about their cap situation…
    Anyway, my main concern is TJ… I think Heat will match the offer if DW is gone

  490. Hey mod, maybe u could sticky this and work out an arrangement to get some sort of cut from this deal?

  491. Guys, just remember season 11-12. Who was Jared Jeffries, who was Steve Novak, who was Landry Fields before Linsanity? But Under JLin they became great players!! So I think Jlin will turns this medium NET Roster into great!!

  492. Great idea, Ben!

  493. Hi Kevin,

    Thank you for reaching out to loyal Jeremy Lin fans.
    Can we talk to about getting special group discount for Lin fans?
    We have a lot of Lin fans traveling to NY including from abroad so it would be helpful for a lot of us.
    I’m the owner of the site. We can certainly publish a special section on how to get season tickets or 3-4 games so it helps fans to plan.

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  494. I doubt they’re doing this based on “only” hope. They have a vision for the team and a plan of action. Everything in pro sports is a calculated, but educated risk. Some organizations are better at these calculations than others. We don’t know how this new management group will do.

  495. yes, I will contact Kevin to see if we can get group discounts, not just season tickets but a few games tickets for some of us who will travel to Brooklyn 🙂

    It’s very nice of Kevin to reach out to us.

  496. I think Wade is going to the Cavs after Durant decided to go to the Warriors.

  497. I know LBJ will do something after KD went to GSW.

  498. Psalm, please make this happen! I live in the NY area and would participate in any group sale situations. I’ve got a lot of kids too and they too would love to participate.Thanks!

  499. It’s a real possibility.
    Then, Heat will very likely match TJ’s offer. If things doesn’t work out, they can always trade him after the 2nd year (much like Lin’s situation). ?

  500. I know…thats the reason I gave repeated chance….its just a short cooling period

  501. Cavs are already paying luxury tax. Another $10-20M/year is chump change to Gilbert. JR & Shump would probably go.

  502. lol…thick skin it is

  503. The Heat have a midnight July 6 deadline to match TJ’s offer, right? Let’s hope Cavs take their time.

  504. awesome 🙂 Good for you. Don’t forget to share game reports with us.. haha
    Yes, I’ll talk to him to have special group sale for Lin fans
    If we have a permanent section on how Lin fans can buy tickets at awesome prices, it should them to plan well.

  505. May have to trade some players to shed cap and also James probably needs to take a pay cut. But he may not want to get beaten by the Warriors.

  506. Thanks for reaching out, Kevin

  507. Miami will lose wade, the can do sign and trade to get someone back from the Cavs.

  508. Love?

  509. Possible

  510. Hi Parent of Lots of Kids,

    Thanks for your response! Let’s jump on a call or follow up via email whenever you have a few minutes. I’m in the office M-F 8:30AM-6PM. My contact information is as follows:

    [email protected]
    (718) 942.9053

    Best regards and I hope to touch base with you soon!

    Go Nets!


  511. Sorry Kevin,
    Can you please verify yourself? I am afraid I don’t see your name listed on the Barclays Centre directory (Link below, Group Sales is half way down)

    Not saying that I don’t trust you. Please just verify.


  512. Heat will not make $20 mil cap hit 2 years from now for their 3rd string backup.

  513. Scroll down and you see his Pic, E-mail and Phone#. It matches what he put on here

  514. What a way to do business. That way nobody can leave til the deal is done.

    Scare me a little when I didn’t his name on the other website…

  516. Terrific compliment by Dwayne Wade to Tyler Johnson.

  517. psalm—this legit???—if so, count us in too…..we are nuyorkers who would like to get barclay tickets instead of MSG…Please update us–thank you

  518. Will not.

    Crabbe lacks the ballhandling skills to hog the PG position away from Lin.

  519. Thanks Kevin for checking and posting on Lin Fan website and inviting us to Nets game. We’re excite for Lin and Nets. We’ll pass this on. You may want to post your info on other Lin fan websites, too. Thanks!

  520. The 2016 NBA off season is getting even more intriguing l after KD move.

  521. Dan: Pen or parachute, your choice! ?

  522. Not all those new players will start.

  523. Welcome, Nets spokesman.

    As a long suffering ex Knicks fan, I look forward to a great Nets season!

  524. Hi Linzen. No problemo! Always good to be cautious of who is reaching out with special offers. I assure you I am an employee of the Nets and Barclays Center. Please feel free to look me up on LinkedIn or at the following link: http://www.nba.com/nets/tickets/group-tickets/

  525. Pick your P?! lol

  526. Thanks for understanding, Kevin. Just want to look out for fellow Lin fans.
    I wish I can take advantage of your offer… time to convince the wife… :)))

  527. So were with wall street and DJ previously?

  528. I think I will bet 100 bucks..
    to see it skyrocket hopefully to $1,000,000

  529. I think Mark’s betting TJ won’t be a 3rd string backup in 3 years. Otherwise, it is insane to offer him 12.5M/year.
    Same logic applies to Heat… In 3 years, TJ should develop into a solid SG/PG. If the Heat still wants to avoid any taxes, they can trade either Dragic or TJ then, right?

  530. WOW ?

  531. Yep

  532. hi Kevin, you are legit :)…checked you on the website…. we are nuyorkers who are also JLin fans and would like to watch him in the Barclay Center…..so how will this work?…will we just email you if we want to buy tickets? or maybe you will have a plan set up with psalm-the moderator of this site ?

  533. that’s nice ultimatum in public: you give me a 3rd year, or I’m going to the Cavs.

  534. My guess as well. It’s the only comparable asset Cavs might be willing to lose.

  535. HOLY CRAP this is really happening. LeBron is desperate, Silver’s gonna allow it. It’s happening.

  536. Yes I was 🙂

  537. If I recall, the Cavs paid $54 million in luxury tax alone immediately after winning the championship.

  538. Given that the underachieving Evan Turner is earning $18 million a season for only 10 ppg, it’s safe to say that Tyler Johnson will likely vastly surpass this unless Johnsons keeps getting injured like he does every year.

  539. Hope you can set up something with Psalm. Lots of overseas fans come to this site to talk JLin. I’m sure he can create a ton of interest. ?

  540. Psalm234
    Can you have a separate thread for us to join the event such that we won’t lose track in this thread.
    I am more interested in games against Warrior ( I live here), Huston (Chinese player), Charles (Lin’s previous team), and of course Knicks ( the official Linsanity and Nets local rival). I may only go to at most 2 games. But we should lock it when price is low and get a future priority to purchase the playoff including the dreaming NBA final.

    Thanks for the extra efforts for all of us Lin FAN!!!

  541. Exactly. And I think they’ve already penciled TJ in as 2nd string behind Jeremy or, if they can’t land Crabbe, possibly even the starting SG. They’ve got nothing to lose in giving these young guys a shot.

  542. yes, I will create a special thread for JLin fans who are interested to attend games at the Barclay center.
    I think this would help us to get the Nets home tickets at the Barclay center.

  543. yes, I will create a special thread for JLin fans who are interested to attend games at the Barclay center.

  544. well this kids is doing his Internet Marketing well, LOL…

  545. oh maaan!! Durant, Curry, Klay, Green VS Lebron, Wade, Irving, Love

    Its going to be crazy!

  546. yes, I’m still working through the logistics with Kevin on how to provide the information on a Sticky Thread or Section on the website. Stay tuned 🙂

  547. Hey ViNuyork,

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  548. I secretly hope they don’t sign Crabbe, and have a TJJL backcourt. 🙂

  549. and we’ll watch Lin beat them both! Once! LOL

  550. it’s more exciting than the Finals even for me, LOL

  551. Sign and trade probably, but someone will go….

  552. When did a team reach out to Lin fans before? This is Amazing? Usually a team rather we don’t exist, LOL

  553. you’re doing a good job. Lin fans are usually well-educated and loaded, just so you know, LOL

  554. we’ve never seen anything like this so troll alert sounded, LOL.. PTSD I tell ya…

  555. will we get our own section? Cheer? matching head gear? Glow sticks? Fight song? LOLOLOL.. “Crazy Internet Lin-Fans Only”

  556. while u at it, see if you guys can like take a photo with Lin afterwards, lol…

  557. Also Kevin, you guys should plan special Lin-fan package where they’d also get a few min with Lin after the game. You’ll sell a tons of these in Taiwan. And a few here too, lol

  558. So true, ProLin. It’s too good to be true. The world is nice again… LOL

  559. folks, I know it takes some to get used to having multiple threads but please post other NBA FA moves (non-Brooklyn) in the other thread so we can focus on just Brooklyn Nets news in this thread

    I believe it will benefit everyone in the long term to have a forum-like experience with multiple threads. Thank you!
    2016 General NBA Free Agency Moves

  560. Thanks ProLin! Hope to see you at Barclays Center next season. Please feel free to contact me directly for any ticket needs.

    Kevin Guidette
    Group Sales Account Manager
    Barclays Center | Brooklyn Nets | New York Islanders

    15 MetroTech Center, 11th Floor
    Brooklyn, New York 11201
    phone 718.942.9053
    fax 718.942.9595
    [email protected]

  561. Forum format is back!

  562. Thanks, Heart! I’d very much appreciate you passing on the information to your friends.

    All the best,


  563. The upcoming Brook-Lin experience deserves professional forum format for Lin fans 🙂

  564. Thank you.
    Please add some upfront markup fee on each ticket for additional risk, handling, etc. I fully trust this site and believe that those extra fees/costs are needed and if remaining exist the amounts will be donated to Lin’s non-profit org for better usages.

  565. oooppsss. Takes some getting use to

  566. Agree. He’s the first one that comes into my mind when I see no SF in the Nets’ roster. He’s inexpensive and he can really shoot the ball.

  567. is this part of the negotiation tactics?

  568. Thank you for the great idea & your vote of confidence, @wenew:disqus

    It’ll be great if a portion of Lin fans purchase of game tickets can directly benefit JLin Foundation!

  569. His salary starting at 12.5 starting this coming season, not 3 years from today. They are overpaying based on his current ability which has never been tested by the Heat.

  570. Brooklyn Nets coaching staff is finalized, announced:

    Coach Kenny Atkinson has 8 assistants:
    1. Jacque Vaughn, 41, the former 12-year NBA veteran who spent two seasons with the Nets and finished his career off with three seasons in San Antonio, which is where he earned his first coaching gig. Vaughn had spent his 2009-2012 years with the black and silver as an assistant to Greg Popovich, who’s obviously on the short list of greatest coaches of all-time.

    2. Chris Fleming, 46, will be second lead. The New Jersey native most recently spent last season as an assistant with the Denver Nuggets. That might not excite anyone, but over the years Fleming developed a reputation as one of the best and most noteworthy head coaches in international basketball.

    Fleming was one of the most decorated coaches in Germany, having been a 4-time German Cup&German League champion, a 3-time German Supercup champion, and a former German League Coach of the Year. Since 2015, he’s also been the head coach of the German National basketball squad, which gives the Nets two international team head coaches with Atkinson leading the way for the Dominican Republic since last year.

    3 Adam Harrington, one of the younger coaches on staff at age 35, is one of the more interesting additions on hand for the Nets, player or otherwise. He was formerly Kevin Durant’s personal trainer, the Oklahoma City Thunder shooting coach, is known as a shooting specialist who assisted Durant in adding the Dirk Nowitzki single-legged (kind of ugly but effective) fadeaway jumper to his already potent arsenal.

    In Brooklyn, Harrington will be an assistant coach, and more importantly he will serve as the director of player development. In recent years, Harrington has trained NBA and college athletes using With Purpose Basketball Training.

    4 Jordan Ott, 31, is following Atkinson from the Hawks organization and will serve as an assistant coach along with director of advance scouting –that is scouting opponents.

    While with the Hawks, Ott helped run draft workouts. He notably worked with Atkinson on the Hawks’ Las Vegas summer league squad as well as the Dominican National Team last summer. Before his time in Atlanta, Ott was the video coordinator for the Michigan State Spartans for half a decade.

    At Michigan State, Ott also accompanied players to grow accustomed to new technology, as well as participating in scouting opponents.

    5 Mike Batiste is yet another assistant with extensive overseas experience. He too will deal with player development with a focus on big men.

    Batiste has an extensive background as a former player. In the late 90’s, the 6’8 former big played for Arizona State and was a First-Team All-Pac- 10 player. In his lone NBA season (2002-03) he saw 16.6 minutes per game over the course of 75 contest where he posted 6.4 points and 3.4 rebounds per contest.

    Over the next nine years he carved out a niche in Panathinaikos in Greece where he achieved many significant honors including Greek League MVP in 2010, Greek League Finals MVP, All-Euroleague First and Second teams, and he was a three-time Euroleague champion.

    He coached the Cleveland Cavalier D-League affiliate Canton Charge as an assistant for the last two years.

    6 Bret Brielmaier, 28, who comes from the NBA champion Cavaliers, will receive a promotion from his job in Cleveland. He being elevated to the front of the bench. Sean Marks and assistant general manager Trajan Langdon have a close relationship with Brielmaier, who they’ve worked with in San Antonio.

    Brielmaier in fact started in San Antonio, working for four seasons with the Spurs (2009-13), beginning his career as a player development assistant before becoming the team’s video coordinator for his final three seasons in San Antonio. Brielmaier played collegiately at the University of Arizona and he began his coaching career as an undergraduate assistant coach under Hall of Fame head coach Lute Olsen during the 2008-09 season.

    7 Will Weaver, 31, whose title is special assistant to Atkinson, is coming over from the Philadelphia 76ers. He will have a helping hand in player development and analytics. He will have the same role he did with the lowly 76ers.

    Another tie to Durant, Weaver was an assistant at the University of Texas in KD’s lone season as a Longhorn.

    8 Dan Meehan, 34, who is the head strength and conditioning coach/sport scientist for the Nets. Meehan is making the transition to life in Brooklyn from way out in Australia, previously working for the North Melbourne Football Club.

  571. ok–thanx

  572. These are young assistant coaches with full of ambition.

  573. this guy is awesome.

  574. What’s the latest on Tyler Johnson, Allen Crabbe and the Nets?
    TJ: highly dependent on whether DWade moves on
    Crabbe: depends on multiple meetings on July 5-6 (today and tomorrow)

  575. or lacka experience in the nba.

  576. hahaahahahahh
    great mind thinks alike

  577. Those who have access to NBA TV can scout some of the players fighting for a roster spot.

    “The Brooklyn Nets will play in the Las Vegas Summer League in July, and will not, for the first time in a decade, play in Orlando’s Summer League.

    The Nets will play on Saturday, July 9, against the Cleveland Cavaliers at 1:30 PM. Then, they’ll play Monday, July 11, against the Atlanta Hawks at 1:30PM and Tuesday, July 12, against the Washington Wizards at 1:00 PM.

    Should they be one of the bottom seeds — 9 through 24 — they will then play in the first part of the tournament knockout round on Wednesday, July 13. Should they advance — or be among the top 8 seeds — they will play on Thursday, July 14, and so on, with the Finals being July 18.”

    “Leading up to the event, the team will hold practice at HSS Training Center on July 5, 6 and 7. Players, along with Head Coach Kenny Atkinson, will be made available following practices.”

  578. wow they really promoting lin.

  579. Jackie Vaughn and Chris Fleming have the most experience being the Magic coach & German National team.

    I like Harrington being Kevin Durant’s personal shooting coach as a shooting specialist who helped him to develop Dirk Nowitzki’s single-legged (kind of ugly but effective) fadeaway jumper to his already potent arsenal.

  580. Totally agree with you. TJ is not proven at all, and yet he gets a 12.5M yearly contract… does it mean you think this is an insane move for Mark? 🙂
    Where was this kind of gamble/risk when Jeremy was a RFA or FA?

  581. I dont know what else to say. You can’t always predict chemistry and how what’s on paper will unfold in reality. Sounds kinda the same.

  582. Not trying to create any negativity… but where did we ever see a backup PG making more than the starter? ?

  583. When Lin was in the Rockets, he was earning more than Patrick Beverly and when he was in the Lakers, her was earning more than their starting PG as wel..

  584. How’s 5mil > 12mil? Stop this nonsense.

  585. hahaha. Good memory Adele! You got me.

  586. So, you see this as 5M instead of 12.5M?

  587. He is not 5 mill the first 2 year by the 3rd year Lin will opt out

  588. i believe it is a poison pill contract. 5mil first year, 6mil second year, 19mil third, and 20mil fourth. very similar deal houston gave lin when he was in knicks.

  589. exactly

  590. Yes, you are totally right. But, just like Lin’s original poison pill, there was a debate back then weather he was “perceived” as 5M player, or 8M player, for the first two years.

    I know TJ will make “only” $5M the first two years. But, on the book, he is $12.5M cap hit.

  591. I’m trying to be more realistic and just accepting for now. We don’t know the whole scheme of things just yet going into the new season. Any news that affects the Nets will be significant. As of this time, we can only speculate and wish and dream for Lin and his new team. Me? I always pray for his success. That I can do.

  592. I know right??? I think we should all face it. There will always be bias in some form for Lin. Lets really hope he is the starting pg this coming season or we will riot!

  593. Lin? Both in ROX and LAL

  594. Amen. Same here.
    But, I do sense that there is really hope with this new team. GM Marks is doing a good job so far. And Lin seems to be trusting coach Atkinson. That’s a good start!

  595. Thanks!

  596. It’s actually like 5.6 / 5.8 / 19 / 19. So by 3rd year Lin will have opted out and getting a max by then. Whereas Lin getting 12 / 12 / 12 option. So unlikely he actually puts more in his pocket each year than Lin. Lin also getting performance bonuses. So we got to really vote him in to all stars because he may get a bonus for it.

  597. They were both different due to both Harden and Kobe demanded to have the ball more. Lin started as a starter for both team until their dirty politic kicked in.

    This time with the Nets, Lin and Johnson are both free agents and they give the “starter” less money. Linzen’s comment was very legit.

  598. You’re wrong. Only if the Heat matches the offer and they will start to pay him $5 mil. But if the Nets sign him, they will divide to the equal salary to 12.5.

  599. I would rather not to talk about Lin’s salary in next two years.

  600. Maybe they can trade Shumpert to the Nets to create space. Would open up $9,662,922


  601. Is Shumpert available ? He could fit Nets and Lin well.

  602. Hi sws! Still here mate. 🙂

  603. He’s not a free agent but if the Cav’s want to clear space to make room for Wade they can trade him. He’s on first year of a 4 yr contract so Nets could get him locked in for $9.6 mil / yr which is reasonable at today’s prices.

  604. I believe you are mistaken.

    Lin’s “poison-pill” contract of $25M was paid as follows:
    1st year $5m, 2nd year $5m, 3rd year $15m.
    So Rockets paid Lin $10m in total and Lakers paid him $15m.

    Johnson’s contract of $50m is also “back-end loaded”:
    1st year $5. 8m, 2nd year $5. 9m, 3rd year $18.9m, 4th year $19m

  605. it would be good deal. But I doubt Cavs wants Wade. Maybe Lebron just wants to help Wade to get max in Heat.

  606. While teams are trying to make room to clear salary cap, the Nets are pushing to give unproven benches for hundred of mil salary. (Crabbe and TJ) $120 mil.

  607. Could be. Or it’s an arms race to try to bulk up against the GSW. Otherwise LeBron can just lay down and get hammered by the Superdeath Lineup of Durrant / Iquadala / Green / Thompson & Curry.

  608. I think part of their strategy is to wait to see what fruit drops from other tree’s chasing big free agents.

  609. Johnson’s contract of $50m is “back-end loaded”:
    1st year $5. 8m, 2nd year $5. 9m, 3rd year $18.9m, 4th year $19m

  610. I think bc both are consider as their future player that’s why… I think they should get some good vet players to the team that will have more chance to win more games.

  611. The cap will count as 12.5 per for the Nets. TJ will get his $70 mil regardless how much he gets paid, but if we are talking what’s the most important for the team salary cap is what’s counted against the team cap.

  612. Yep, counts against the cap 12.5 / yr to the Nets but actual money he gets to put in the bank is $5 mil / $5 mil / $15 mil / $15.

  613. That’s a lot of money for the hopeful future without any proven in the recent past.

  614. I thought we were talking about how Tyler Johnson would be paid in salary.

    We were not talking about the cap size if each team.

  615. The average is still unchanged.

  616. I think people were talking about Johnson making more than Lin not what the cap hit is. In actual dollars Lin making more. How about this if Lin becomes face of franchise All Star player he can opt out and get a 5 yr max salary starting in year 3. so will get 12 / 12 / 30 / 30 / 30 / 30 / 30 = $174 mil

  617. I agree. TJ seemed to only play 30 something games for last season, right? Crabbe did have good playoff game. Since there’re so many teams w so much money want them so the only way to get them it’s overpay…

  618. By the contract total or average, he’s making more than Lin but what matter is they are paying too much for the unknowns.

  619. Looks exhausted. Maybe he’s doubling it to 2,000 3pt shots per day to be ready.


  620. The fact is for the first 2 seasons with Nets:

    Lin gets $12m/ year, and
    TJ would get $5.8m/ year, significantly less than Lin.

    For the 3rd season, Lin has the right to opt out and likely see huge increase for his pay. He could be getting max deal > $22.2m ( this year’s figure).

  621. $22.2 is this years figure. Makes big jump next year. Also Lin will no longer be a 6 yr player but the next bracket up to mid level max. May be closer to $30 mil by that time.

  622. not interested in shump. he has not improved at all in years, and his defense belongs to the overrated beverley school.

  623. That’s not fact. That’s bake and switch method to mislead people aka “poison”. Like you bring out the trash from the kitchen to the living room instead of to the street curve.

  624. eye roll for deed tired or kd? Haha!

  625. You are absolutely right.
    I am confident our boy will see offers of MAX salary starting 2018-2019 season. 😀

  626. this is not a worthwhile discussion to have. the main pt is that Tyler is a restricted free agent, which you have to overpay to get otherwise his home team will match. it doesnt make sense to compare his salary to lin’s tho lin’s salary is obviously below market.

  627. Well I doubt they trade Tristan Thomson, maybe Channing Frye? Or maybe the let JR walk. See list of contracts:


  628. if Wade is unhappy with the Heat’s offer and decides to bolt, then the Heat would wanna match Net’s offer to retain TJ. Nets would just sign one out of the two big contracts to unproven bench players.. Crabbe. i’m good with that since Crabbe see like a perfect fit with Lin and Brook on the starting lineup. i rather overpay (if i must) a someone who will start and is a good Linsanity piece then someone who will be a backup

  629. i scoff at the ‘assemble the old linsanity gang’ sentimentality. especially in the case of shump since he has spoken disrespectfully of lin after he left ny.

  630. at this point, it would be wise for the Nets to wait and see who becomes available in the market due to teams trying to clear up cap space to sign big name players. it would be foolish to blindly hand out huge contracts to unproven players

  631. GS, Cavs and SA, 3 best teams in the NBA full of experience and winning championships with great role/great contributing players are all trying to clear out the cap to welcome superstars. Most of those guys they have now are making less than bench or 3rd string backup Crabbe and TJ.

  632. TJ would NOT make more than Lin.
    Please see posts below by Rick Johnson and me. ⬇

  633. Which part of my post is not fact as we know?
    I don’t understand what you are saying. Please elaborate.

  634. Heat will NOT swallow the poison pill for their 3rd string backup. Pat Reiley can always find another un-drafted for $800K.

    Crabbe is far from being as good as $70 mil based from what he’s done.

  635. No matter where you move, it’s still added up to the same number. The Nets will move the numbers to later year, does not mean it disappears.

  636. That’s a good question. Lol.

  637. I agree they should get some vet players, was hoping they will sign Boris.

  638. you bring up a good point. there are a lot of players in the league who can become great role players when developed properly, given a chance, and plays in a good system. the great teams like the Spurs and Warriors put in the time and effort to develop their players within. they don’t go around overpaying other team’s role players that may or may not fit their system. the Nets have been great so far but it seems they’re way in over their heads on trying to find diamonds in the rough. they need to trust their player development once they have a good system in place which may be a few months into the season when they have a better idea of their new system, play style, and personnels

  639. The Nets are looking at Johnson and Crabbe basically like they’re high draft picks. That’s what happens when you don’t own your own 1st Rounder until 2019. Getting veteran washed up talent won’t help the Nets get better. Potentially, Johnson and Crabbe will improve and become very good players that will help the Nets win big.

  640. According to Nets daily, if TJ signs, he will likely be 6th man and backup PG. Everything I read about him points to he is a natural SG. I know he can go L. and has speed etc. But does he has the court vision and play making ability to be PG? Anyone here who knows how to analyze details care to share your insight?

  641. Perhaps that is why the Nets seem to have been quiet the last few days other than meeting Crabbe. Gauging what is available and what players or getting shaken out of the trees.

  642. Absolute agree. Patience is a virtue. Nets are pushing hard on something not making sense. No wonder others teams seem to run away from their bidding for TJ and Crabbe.

  643. i would wait and see what becomes available in the market as teams are trying to clear cap space. there are bargains to be had if you’re patient. the Nets don’t even need become great instantly. they can be great next year. with Lin and Brooks, you’re already pretty damn good. if they need to spend, i’d rather spread the money around for solid players at all the other positions they need to fill

  644. Oh, what did Shump say?

  645. Great question but no one seems to know due to his lack of time on the floor.

  646. they drove up TJ and Crabbe’s value. i don’t think other teams were even considering that much for these players

  647. Nets seems to favor younger players maybe for the rebuild mode. And they want to try out who can be the piece for the future. But they forget if you want more good players to come you need to win. Good vet players is the key.

  648. too much $ for an undersized SG that is expected to be the 6th man. there are plenty of undersized SG’s in the league

  649. Right but years 3 and 4 for Lin are not fixed. So he could be making $30 mil in those years. So Johnson could be making 5 / 5/ 15/ 15 = 40 and Lin could be making 12 / 12 / 30 / 30 = 84

  650. I really think Nets needs to sign Vet PG. So far none? I want Lin to play more min but not 40 min on court every game.

  651. I think KD. Get some rest, JLin7.

  652. I want Nets to sign some Vet, Vet PG, VET SF, VET PF e.g. Boris Diaw. None so far. How is that Galloway guy from the Knicks. Not exactly VET but at leas some experience.

  653. I think TJ it’s OK for SG bc JC from Lakers it’s the same high like him.

  654. But he is expected to be backup PG. It takes a long time to develop a PG.

  655. People pay thousands of dollars for big strong grown trees BUT no one would do that for a plant then hope for its’ “potential”.

  656. I know…. they should not just chase the young players only they do need to get more vet players.

  657. Sigh.

  658. I believe he will play like SG most of the time even his position it’s backup PG. Just like Lin in Hornets.

  659. it’s different because JC plays the point guard position but doesn’t have the skills for it. JC can’t play the SG position effectively either because he is a smaller, slower, and weaker than other SG’s. JC is best used as a 6th man

  660. Sigh, I hope so. It is easier to develop into a reasonable SG, besides he is a natural SG.

  661. TJ is definitely more of a SG than PG…..he has decent handle but not enough court vision and passing ability

  662. I would leave out what Lin can make after 2 years from now but Johnson would be making estimated 5/5/20/20 = 50.

    20 and 20 for TJ in his 3rd and 4th season? That’s already 1/5 of the cap and ‘we” all have no idea what he would be like.

  663. What do people think about Nets signing Langston Galloway, since Knicks is letting him go. He can backup and seems to have some experience and is young enough.

  664. Remember how the Lakers got Lin and 1st round pick from Houston? Yes the Nets can do the same and have their first pick back.

  665. According to some yahoo writer, they give the contract solid A.

  666. It’s indeed.

  667. That’s good sign right there. At least we know he’s talented.

  668. I was just talking to my coach, who just happened to have coached TJ back when he was in high school (and Joseph Lin too), about the current free agency and some of the crazy contracts. He actually mentioned JLin’s contract at which point I had to set him straight. He argued that Lin’s “body of work” as a starter always ended with him on the bench, so I went through his time in Houston and LA to fill him in on the real details of that. He seemed to be satisfied with my explanation and we both agreed that his gig with the Nets should be what defines what kind of player Lin really is to the general public.

  669. I read NYK maybe will sign him back.

  670. But they lose the restriction so he can go anywhere now.

  671. Thanks. Does your coach has any opinion on TJ?

  672. Well, since TJ is his guy, of course he thinks the world of him. Athletic and productive.

  673. Unless we hive him more money otherwise I think he will stay w NYK.

  674. Glad you went through with him about Lin but not wasting time on TJ.

  675. Actually, how is his HS and college record?
    Oh what does your coach think about Joe Lin?

  676. That’s true but what they did to him because of Jenning, he might not want to be there as their 3rd string backup.

  677. Lets hope, he can be 2nd string PG Backup at Nets.

  678. I like him, very humble guy on the floor.

  679. christian wood is looking really good in summer league; 6ers have a lot of really big guys unlikely he will make it there, does any know his exact contract status at this time?

  680. I don’t know about TJ’s record. He said that Joe was small but could really shoot.

  681. Thanks

  682. i hope the nets can get a good stretch 4 before the conclusion of FA. im concerned about booker clogging the lane

  683. I’m reading so much back and forth on whether JLin will start with TJ as backup. And, when he does start, how much PG duties does he get. I’ve seen 75/25 or 70/30 split. I’ve heard he should take a lot of shots or he should set up plays for a lot of assists.

    In thinking about this, I thought, why not use, as an example or baseline, an actual game where he was the starting PG in the most recent season. I wanted to pick a game where he was the clear cut starting PG and the most recent game since that would reflect where JLin is at from his skills standpoint.

    So, the best game example I thought of was the CHA vs CLE on 2/3/16. Obviously, I picked this one because Kemba was out and it was definitely clear that JLin was replacing the Starting PG spot, not the SG or other PG/SG mix role. So, below are his stats for that game and if we emulate most of his stats around this set of data, would that not set up JLin for success without playing too many minutes, without taking too many shots or not enough shots, etc… I’ve inserted in the ( ) what we could say is a good range or average, just my opinion.

    Minutes Played: 32:25 ( between 30 – 35)
    FG: 7
    FGA: 13 ( around 15 avg?)
    FG%: .538 (is 50% a good number? Should it be more around 45%?)
    3P: 2
    3PA: 4
    3P%: .50 ( is 40% a more realistic, but challenging goal?)
    FT: 8
    FTA: 11
    FT%: .727 ( I think I’ve heard at least 80%)
    ORB: 1
    DRB: 4 (not sure what’s a good rebound stats for a guard)
    TRB: 5
    AST: 8. ( I think at least 7?)
    STL: 0 ( 1)
    BLK: 0
    TOV: 5 (2 schools of thought here; high risk, high reward? Or less TO, but more scoring? Frankly, I think this will go down if JLin runs the team more consistently as his teammates will get used to his play calling and passing, so I’m fine with a higher TOV)
    PTS: 24 (I’ve seen 20 as an average number in the threads)
    GmSc: 19
    +/-: +3
    DFS: 40.8

  684. Offer him max then Let them pay…..LOL just kidding

  685. 10-15 fga sounds right, depends a lot on the system run by Coach
    40% 3p might be high given Lin’s current year, I’m hoping this season he just reaches or slightly exceeds his career average
    50% fg is on the higher side, but achievable for Lin with his talents finishing at the rim; I think in coach’s system we will see a lot of pnr, drives by Lin, which can push the fg% up
    Lin has shown he can be a great guard rebounder – 4-5 per game

    Not so concerned about TOVs to start. But since Lin has taken a major step last year in curbing the same, would like him to continue. Again, I think this will depend on the system Coach runs, a faster system is bound to have slightly more TOVs

    Nice way to look at potential lin stats… unfortunately, I think so many things are system dependant, we will have to wait and see how the team plays in summer league and pre-season to see what they are going to run with.

  686. i hope lin can take 15-20 a game fga that is

  687. I think Mark will have plan B if Nets can’t get him.

  688. Hi Kevin,

    I’m looking to fly there from the West Coast after the schedule comes out like a cluster of 3 home games within like 6 days or so. Any possibility of setting up a Meet and Great with JLin to get together with his group of fans? I’m sure fans coming for Asia would love this too.

  689. IMO. There is where positive thinking of fans come into play knowing the history of how Lin can elevate the games of team mates to win a 5 on 5 basketball games. IMO, the current parameters of elevating strength on paper is overrated and the logical thing about the Nets FO is rebuilding the team around BrookLin both in actual game strategy and high character players. The winning of basketball games will come sooner than later and more consistently. Haha cheers.

  690. You playing in college now??

  691. Haha. No, although I do still have my four years of eligibility.

    At my work, we have a beautiful college-sized basketball gym and on Tuesdays at lunch they bring in a basketball coach to teach whoever wants to learn. I’ve been doing it for almost a year now.

  692. Great obvervations and deductions of the nature and type of games Lin will generate when he is given the opportunity to play point guard and be the leader and ‘quarterback’ of his team. Haha

  693. Regardless of your views on this guy, you have to agree with 1 thing – It will be JUDGEMENT DAY!!! For all of us 😛

  694. IMO. If Lin is allowed to take so many fga he is destined to be a ‘superstar’ basketballer as in Linsanity stretch of games. Haha cheers

  695. Kevin actually replied and confirmed his status to us. This is really encouraging for us Lin fans… I’m very optimistic for Lin!

  696. Thanks for the input. I think we sync up on most things.

    Yep, it was just a straw an on what Lin’s stats could look like WHEN he is finally the main PG of the team.

    And, if he does close to what he did in that Cavs game, well, those are all star numbers.

  697. If Wade leaves and Miami matches Tyler Johnson, Aaron Brooks should be the backup PG/6th man target. Like I’ve said, he’s still got enough game, he said he’s happy in a backup role and he’s already buddies with Lin. And he’s cheap.

    Sounds like Portland will match Crabbe as well after Pau chose the Spurs. Gerald Green should be a target at the wing. He can play both SG and SF and gives them an insanely athletic dunker and streaky 3pt shooter.

    Add a PF/C (Hawes? Humphries?) and they’re done. Don’t go overboard this summer. See what you got with Lin and Lopez leading this team and then reevaluate next year. If you’re short of the cap floor, boost existing FA contracts a bit like Mavs did with Wes Matthews last year.

  698. My bold prediction for this year – Lin WILL be an all-star!

  699. Lol. Said coach qualify a player who is a point guard as small has confirmation biases right there. Just look around the league with so many small point guards who can really play. IMO he is not a good coach with such attitude. Haha.

  700. I like AB & he can get along well w Lin. Not really too old. Even he’s a little bit short but it’s OK. I really want Nets to get one vet PG.

  701. Yeah backup PG is one bench role where you really want experience. I also like the idea of AB and Lin playing together in a small-ball lineup.

  702. He can shoot 3P but so far Nets only like more younger players…. maybe after few more days they will start to get some vet players in all position.

  703. I saw some videos of Chris McCullough and his physical tools are outstanding. But he is very RAW. He barely played in his one year at Syracuse due to injury and got drafted based on his potential. I think he could be good with proper development from Atkinson and Lin. But I’m not sold on Rondae Hollis-Jefferson. Not sure what he brings to the table.

  704. I think AB is a good guy and all, compatible with Lin…but if you want the Nets to be play-off contenders I don’t know if AB can get the job done…And say he can’t get the job done and Nets are losing games…who does the blame go to?…but regardless I guess even if we do have a decent back up PG, people may shift the blame to Lin, saying he’s not “starting material”. Man I wish the Nets could get TJ…

  705. Everyone except us expects the Nets to lose 55+ games. Lin has nothing to lose and everything to gain. Also, AB is a good choice for backup. He had a very good year as backup in 2015. Off-year last year because Chicago was a total mess, but it’s not like he’s injured or too slow now.

  706. RHJ is mostly a defensive player and has a ton of athleticism. Like a shumpart. Cant really shoot. I think we may need him on the court. We need a defensive minded player on the court.

  707. Rondae is supposed to be a poors man MKG…he’s not guaranteed a starting spot because he’s very raw…not much of an offensive game and can’t shoot

    his bread n butter is suppose to be his defense,,he’s an effort and high energy guy who will be guarding the best wing on the other team.

  708. He almost looks MKGish. I have to see more. I say that because he seems to like to dribble the ball up the court and push the pace. But, need to see more.

  709. That’s what they say, but I don’t see it. He seems fundamentally sound and a great defender at the college level, but I don’t see the necessary athleticism at the NBA level for a 6-7 guy. McCullough is 6-11 and he moves faster with more spring.

  710. Well we will find out.

  711. lol most of our players are very raw

  712. Poor man’s MKG is probably a good comparison. The thing is, I think MKG is the minimal amount of athleticism needed to be a quality NBA defender. MKG is stronger than RHJ as well.

  713. lol yeah I guess so. I’m just biased, because I remember watching Lin play the Bulls and he would EMBARRASS AB…totally expose him haha

  714. *Marks trades RHJ for Jeremy Lamb*

  715. Im not all that high on Lamb. Don’t think Charlotte would do it

  716. When given a chance, Lin embarrasses even the top stars. Tore up Kyrie and Lowry last season.

  717. Wow , he predicts all star.

  718. Is this guy officially from the Nets?

  719. He played really well with Lin, but he drifts offensively and defensively and he tends to try to facilitate too much when he plays with Lin and not pass it to Lin to make decisions. Pass. RHJ can provide a high level of defense and athleticism at the rim.

  720. We have to wait and see. How well the group mesh. It looks like we won’t get crab so who do we get?? Everything is still fluid. wade situation will impact us

  721. Agreed with this guy and Lin needing to improve his midrange game and better 3 point shooting.

    If Lin could improve that, he could really be a star…I’m hoping Lin really zero-in this summer on adding a better floater alongside a mid-range game…Glad to hear he’s started his training…Let’s hope he’s training the right skills.

    Ball-handling, floaters, and 3 point shots..

    18 and 6 looks good…I tend to go lower on points just to be safe…15 and 6 for me.

    Agree that Lin is a great distributor…Lin is more of a scorer, so I agree that 6 assist is probably where I also see Lin….

    I do agree his point per game is where Lin’s potential is at..18ppg is the best scenario..be glad if he can that.

  722. Sorry, but you’re way off. McCullough is a 4 and a year or two away. RHJ is ready start right now.

  723. Would be a stupid trade. RHJ is an elite-level defender already. Some of your suggestions have been sound, but some of the recent ones I’m haven’t been a fan of.

  724. no lamb pls

  725. RHJ is a building block for this team. He can slash offensively and crashes the glass. Why anyone would trade him on a team already devoid of talent is, I don’t know.

  726. Charlotte already has MKG. Off the bench they’ve got Bellineli. They have no reason to trade for RHJ. They have someone with his skillset on their team already.

  727. What are they supposed to say? “Coach is whack, man”

  728. I don’t know, but I want to keep RHJ. I don’t want Lamb. If Tyler stays with Miami, then I would think Marks has another plan.

  729. Didn’t say C-Mac should play SF. I said he’s 6-11 and more athletic than RHJ at 6-7. That’s why I don’t think that much of RHJ’s raw physical tools.

  730. It was a joke. But no, RHJ is not an “elite defender” already.

  731. Why choose one over the other when you both? Anyway, RHJ has the makings of an elite Kawhi-level defender. You don’t trade that away. If you can’t see that, a prefer a guy like Lamb, then I can’t help you.

  732. Nice gesture for the actual head coach to coach Summer League too. Only 2-3 coaches are doing that.

  733. Hear what the HC has to say about them. ?

  734. Not choosing. Just evaluating the two prospects on the roster.

    I was clearly joking about Lamb (I’m an avowed Lamb disliker after how he handled last season), but for the record, Lamb has more talent than RHJ. Just needs an attitude adjustment.

  735. He’s actually teaching them stuff, rather than barking orders. Great to hear it! I’m giddy with excitement!

  736. Yes, his problem is just he’s injured and he didn’t play a lot last year. Atkinson saw him as a project already. I think this maybe why they are not too overly concern at PF because if he develops this guy is a legit stretch 4 for Lin.

  737. Not running them into the ground until they have to vomit in trash cans?

  738. That’s fine, there’s got to be that guy who defends and get rebounds. As long as he’s able to jam it down, he’s gonna get his points.

  739. I think Brook may be #1 option with 20 ppg. Lin will feed to him and break the defense up. But it’s going to be like peanut butter and jelly. I think Lin can bring the Nets to playoffs and he will end up with 16-18 ppg.

  740. RHJ seemed faster than CM and more athletic. CM is more of a finess stretch 4 type player.

  741. Is that the official nick name? C-Mac? at 6-11 he’s should be PF.

  742. Year 1 is not playoff contending, it’s let’s get into the playoffs year. AB will do if they can’t get Tyler, just as a short term vet backup.

  743. A lot of Lin fan is still coming to this realization. If he can get that close to be elite in the dire situation he was in, a team build around him, a coach who believe in him, would be all-star easily. I’m starting to see that, as I see how well these pieces fit into Lin’s game.

  744. He’s not Asian “Tiger Coach”, geez.. LOL.. no more Slam Dunk for you!

  745. He knows how loaded Asian Americans are lol…

  746. I was describing Byron “run them until they vomit” Scott.


    Amid the shrieking whistles, swishing nets and perhaps profanity-laced trashtalk, another sound might emerge that provides the soundtrack to capture the beginning of Lakers’ training camp.

    Players puking in trash cans.

    To anticipate that possibility, Lakers coach Byron Scott will place four trash bins on each corner of the court for a simple reason. “I don’t want guys throwing up on my floor,” Scott said. He reported four undisclosed players needed to hunch over during his stints with the New Jersey Nets (2000-2004), New Orleans Hornets (2004-09) and Cleveland Cavaliers (2010-2013), using a series of demanding conditioning and defensive oriented drills to expose immediately any of his players’ weaknesses.

  747. Lin is going to be cooking on this team! 🙂

  748. HAHAHA, I didn’t know that about BS.. well that’s why he sucked and players hated him I guess… LOL

  749. You are crazy man. Rondae is one of the most freakish athlete in the entire NBA. He is 6’7 with a 7’3 wingspan. His vertical heap is leap is 38 inches. He has a defensive rating of 102 and is rated as one the best NBA rookie wings.


    “His defensive box plus-minus of 3.0 would be good for 11th in the entire NBA if he had played enough games.”

  750. So stupid. Players wouldn’t have any legs to shoot anymore during games. Guy was either incompetent, or a master stealth tanker.

  751. “Tiger Scott”, abusing players since Y2K.

  752. I’m a huge Rondae fan. Lin needs other good defenders in the lineup with him. Lopez isn’t Andrew Bogut or DeAndre Jordan. He can be solid near the rim, but he’s not the type of defensive center that erases his teammates mistakes.

  753. Follow the $

  754. Go to Lakers they will give him 4 years deal. LOL!

  755. Give Wade some credits. Even 5 years max, he won’t go there.

  756. Hello folks! We expect so little from JL7 – only 15-18 ppg ?? He can achieve that being as backup if not restrained (as in last 3 seasons). We’re talking about starter minutes, folks, being Leader of the team can’t be just 15-18 ppg because this ain’t the Spurs or Warriors team. If this Nets team want to make some serious noise, have a fighting chance for anything, then our JL7 needs to bring it like Linsane 2.0. There’s No Other Way. Linsanity was No fluke. He could’ve much better seasons in Hou if not for Harden & non-believer McHale. But he’s removed from that – better skill sets and more experience under his belt. This is the season for 23-25ppg & 8ast. The Nets needs it! He needs it! We needs it! And he will deliver.

  757. I’d rather we keep expectation low or realistic and if Lin does better, than great…You just don’t want to raise expectation too high and have him fail to reach these high expectation…just like in Houston..everyone expected Linsanity and when that didn’t happen, he got hit hard, although there were legit excuses why Lin did not do Linsanity in Houston

    For me, my expectation are 15ppg and 6 assist…If he can put up these stats, he’ll be top 15 PG in the league and will likely get the chance to start again in the league.

    If he can get more, than great…Lin still needs to improve his 3point shooting and add a legit floater.

  758. If he is used properly and the Nets playbook taylored to his abilities, I’m expecting a seasonal average of 20/5/8 @ 45/38/85….

  759. Bold prediction – so do I 😉

  760. but just a bit late for the love, but well taken i guess by JLIN…hope when the proper time comes, hornets FO can decide to secure his services again and let go of walker…just in case.

  761. I’m not concern about JL7’s ability to score – making shots two’s, three’s, drives… I’m not worry about him. When he’s unleash and play freely without any restrains his game will always be there. Some nights, maybe 15-18pt, and some nights maybe 25-40pt.

  762. if lin can even average 17 and 7 i will be very happy

  763. When is Walker contract end? After 2 years? LOL!

  764. what do you mean by this?…”will likely get the chance to start again in the league.”..Lin will now start with Nets, and if just get the 15/6, its a starter stats now. but i also believe better than this will be the best!

  765. yes and coincidental that JLIn by that time has a player option with nets and with the best price ever!!!

    well by that time, not only hornets will try but many more team will pitch in for his services.

  766. remember he averaged 15 points during the month of novemeber in 2013-14 season on the rockets. and that was alongside harden so he hardly had the ball in his hands. imagine if he was given full control of the team

  767. moderate expectation can be good but hoping he notch higher and strive for his best potential!

  768. Really? Interesting…..

  769. Eh, I hope he doesn’t go back to the Hornets…unless MJ gives him a sneaker deal =)

  770. 17/7 is tough to do over an 82 game duration. Especially since Lin doesn’t shoot as many shots as other PGs.

  771. Also, remember that he is currently practicing his shooting. We should expect a higher percentage next season.

  772. he will change his shooting stats here at nets just like his stats with nyk i guess. He will not defer to any dominant SG or Frowards and up his scoring as well as his assist being the primary ballhandler.

  773. No, I’m being realistic too.
    Ppl were saying Linsanity was a fluke for years and I’m really sick of it (like all of us here…)
    15-17ppg will prove that Linsanity was a fluke.
    Im not asking for anything that JL7 doesn’t ask for himself – play freely and lead team to victories. But in order to do that – he really needs to bring it every night. And I believe he will. 23-25ppg will help the team climb over the hill and get to the other side.

    MDA was good – but there was also many flaws. JL7 is no joke. Atkinson maybe just the coach to bring it all out.

  774. yeah speaking only due to Tweet that Fans loving him there.

    its just a speculation but no proof that it will happen later..AND If u you ask if its “REALLY “…my thought, the answer is yes . Not a hornets team fans because of Cliff, but maybe with my delusion (LOL), MDA will by then the HC of the hornets and the reunion finally come between JLIN and MDA..LOL

  775. What’s the word on Crabbe and Johnson?
    we gonna lose both?

  776. Was it tough for IThomas Jr., Walker, Lowry, Dragic, and on… ?? Again, JL7 looks “different”. And he’s Asian – not as athletic, I guess…
    I know you mean no harm but that’s doubters talk.

  777. IMO with pick n roll heavy offence Lin could easily get to the paint and line and average 5 to 8points from free throws if offiating is on fair basis. Add the 12points from the field based on 9fga would have achieved the 17-20points game. Not too high an expectation I reckon for a starting point guard of Lin’s caliber. Haha cheers

  778. IMO…ypur statements are the true sentiments of all JLIN followers, but some here without disproving anything against JLIN potential just temper their expectation this season maybe for a stress free watching of his games, but if one can control his rage and not be disappointed when jlin stats does not live up to ones expectation, i think anyone can Expect such performance and preach it!

  779. i guess what SWS says (if he may correct me) , it will be hard to average for the entire season higher stats than 17/7

  780. Reasons why JLin will get TONS of freaking FTs in Brooklyn:
    1) He’s their best non-Center on the team, and the refs tend to give fouls to the team’s best players
    2) The league is on notice about JLin and the ref’s tendency to swallow their whistles around him (see infamous youtube flagrant foul video)…
    3) JLin is now in the Sports Media mecca of the world…if you don’t give him fouls when he deserves them, expect all the major newspapers to cry bias, unfairness, rigging, etc.

  781. what was walkers averaged stats last season? sorry i don’t have it at my disposal tahts why i’am asking just for the reason of comparison with other starting guard.

  782. Has nothing to do with how they look. IT, Lowry, Walker shoot more. It’s a difference in approach. You’re using the doubters label when it doesn’t apply. I think Lin is far less interested in 17/7 than he is in who is hot tonight, who can I get going, do I need to shoot, pass, defend, what do I need to do to give my best chance to win. And some nights that’s someone else is hot or hot for periods of the game, even, if I get the ball to X team-mate, he’ll get it in to the team mate with the best look. That’s a hockey assist for LIn, but it doesn’t show up on the stat sheet.

  783. Lol. I totally agree with you on the doubters talk thingy. No positivity there on a lin fan site. Hope for more positive posting from the learned poster without the constant doubting spoiler some how somewhere subtly hidden in the postings. Haha cheers

  784. Ask Wade when he’s going to make his decision for his future.

  785. THat’s crap. Because someone points out some other aspect of Lin that says he is not interested doesn’t mean they are doubters. Us against them on a Lin site? That’s when the site goes bad.

  786. I know…
    But history has already written. Did he disappointed us in Hornets run in the playoffs ? Did he disappeared in LA ? Did he in Hou ?
    No. No. And NO. No matter what, we’ve stood by him all these years. Did we run away ? I don’t think so. No, there’s no surprises, no disappointments – if JL7 scores 15pt or 50points.

  787. Maybe. No official word. Can’t say we ever really had Crabbe.

  788. preach it Bro!!!!

  789. Go in with the lowest expectations and then he’ll likely beat them.

  790. great
    I actuallly thought they might have had a shot at making the play offs but oh well

  791. I don’t care if he scores only 15 points or more at 17 points, as long as the team wins, wins wins and his contribution is acknowledge. He doesn’t need to be like westbrook, scoring 25 ppg, 12 assists, 10 rebounds but people complaining he is iso ball hog, ie durant. He only has to play his game and find success, then be recognized. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t get mvp or all these stupid awards as long as he WINS!! lol

  792. I agree. Footwork too. But vary the scoring more, change speeds more. Secure the ball handling in tight situations to match the superb open-court ball handling and ability to weave through defenders.

  793. what future? he’s all washed up and old just go back MIami stop being annoying!!! ugh i hate Wade

  794. i think this is the one being pointed out…”17/7 is tough to do over an 82 game duration”. that’s why the response of why it will be hard if most starting PG can do it season long…

    of course JLIN needs to change his shooting stat by having more than 10 shot a game…and i believe his shots will increase now that he will be the primary handler of the ball!

  795. My friend I am basically refering to your kindself based on Steppon post. Hope it stop here without making it ‘goes bad’. Sorry in advance if it annoy you a bit. I don’t mean that. Haha cheers.

  796. Actually, if that contract news was never leaked, there may have been a really good chance to snag him…now, I feel like there’s still a decent chance…I can’t stress enough the importance of having a deadly catch and shoot wing next to JLin

  797. I tend to agree. Get them from 21 wins to 34-35 and he is a huge success. If he just goes off every night and scores 20 and his team loses, he’ll be knocked as the guy who can start on a bad team and get his stats, but doesn’t improve his team. Improve the team. Plus, that’s what Lin has always been about. Not 17/7 18/8 or anything like that. He’s about winning and him doing what it takes to contribute to it. He also doesn’t have to be “the man” every night either.

  798. fair enough he truly believed Lin was a back up
    for that I put McHale over him but its whatever

  799. The doubters aren’t here. They are elsewhere. I deal with them on RealGM. Here we may disagree on how Lin may get it done or how much he can do to affect others on the team, but there is no doubt with any poster that I detect.

  800. I don’t doubt you..
    Yes, there’s many options – to score but it all starts with the leader leading the way. JL7 can pass all he wants but it will eventually come down to him being aggressive to the rim (scoring whatever ways)… 23 points out of 90 point game is not a lot.

  801. AGREED. team mates dont like ball hogs, teams with ball hogs play worse in the long run. The best teams are the one where there is ball movement and not much selfishness. Of course, if the team needs him to step up because the offense is stalled, then lin needs to take over, or step up and contribute to the teams benefit.

  802. Don’t agree. Wade is an all-time great who won game 6 for the Heat. He may not be the Flash of all, but he is still a big, winning, all-time great. Maybe he’s not the nicest guy in the world, I can understand disliking him for that, but he is a winner and he plays many aspects of basketball the right way (not flopping and dirty tactics, but seeing the floor, involving team mates, taking over in the clutch, hustling on defense, and is a superb shot-blocker for his height).

  803. I really hope so. Hope Marks and company made him seriously consider the Nets.

  804. having ball in his hand will offer more opportunity for him to score and he shoots efficiently. His stats in scoring si very efficient and dictated by the need to score but not the need to up his stats. This is where JLIN differs among his co PG/Players.

  805. It’s automatic playoff bound with JL7 leading the way. Other good players will make it “more” interesting, that’s all.

  806. I agree. Don’t want all the teams just target Lin only. Plus I heard Crabbe played really well against Klay during playoff (my friend who’s big Klay fan said so…). Hope We can get Crabbe.

  807. What?!? Really?? Vet min I’m guessing, but that is awesome, JLin was good buds with Delfino, good 12th man if true EDIT: This has got to be BS, he hasn’t played in the NBA since 2013

  808. good addition and cheap, not a showoff and know what team ball means.

  809. Sometimes he’ll score that and much more. He may score over 40, in fact, he probably will one or two games. But how much he scores ultimately depends on how well others in his team score. I think we’ll know more when they actually play, and that won’t be for months.

  810. What I like most about Crabbe is that he keeps on improving at an alarming rate…give him a year under Atkinson and JLin’s mentorship, I think he’ll be a 80% version of Klay

  811. I think one issue in linsanity was jlin taking so much shots and not relying on his team mates as much as he should have. This was one reason for the other players having bad thoughts against him, including melo and J.R, and others.

    One way Lin has grown in the past year especially, and something I think is very important is to play well OFF the ball. He needs to rely on his team mates as much as possible but at the same time BE THE MAN when the team needs him.

    Either way I still prefer lin take at least 15 shots per night as a starter, maybe something closer to 17 or 18 if he can get it.

  812. JLin will do what he has to do to win…if that means score 12pts with 15assists, then that’s what’s gonna happen…each roster is different, as is the offensive strategy, and his role in the team…we’ll know by the first 10-15 games what kind of year he’s gonna have in terms of stats

  813. Yup. That’s his growth. Linsanity was fun numbers. But Lin isn’t that Lin anymore. He can have games that resemble that, but his approach is different now.

  814. But that’s the point!
    The Team needs an elite scorer PG and well as everything else. Other teams PGs will go off big time scoring 18-25ppg and the Nets need to match that – in order to have a chance for many wins possible. It’s not like The Nets is elite or something, here. It will be bottom feeder without JL7 (it is in everyone else’s eyes beside JL7 fans ). This is where Linsanity can unleash again… on a lowly team.

  815. lins game is also high risk, driving to basket and if he keeps on doing this it is only a matter of time before some injury happens(maybe concussion). Better to take more mid range jumpers, work on the 3 pointers and passing. Lin plays TOO much like lebron james some times, they both drive to basket 80% of the time because their jump shot sucks bad LOL.

  816. But it also means 12 points and getting the ball to a player in a position to have 7 assists to his 8. It’s still 15 team assists. As long as the team is assisting and the ball movement creates good baskets, Lin doesn’t have to be the one getting the stats. That is real teamball, a happier team because everyone is involved in aspects of the game other than getting it from Lin to score, and that’s better basketball. Some guys like to assists almost as much as score, not only Lin.

  817. Lol. You got it . My only wish is these posters do not turn to bashing Lin on his off nights. History has shown that these doubters would appear whenever Lin didn’t play a good game and having off night. Haha cheers

  818. I agree. I really want Lin to more have the Wade game. Some drives to the basket, but really great mid-range shots to go with it. Wade did injure himself badly with his maniacal drives to the basket in his flash era, around age 24-27. But I think he’s working on the jump shot and mid-range game.

  819. It’s Never change.
    JL7 will always feed others and score as much as possible – That’s where the real threats lie. He’s not selfish. But he’s not stubborn. Leave him open then he will attack the basket. That’s not selfish plays. He HAVE to be a real threat in order for his teammates success.

  820. Its ok…if posters point out where Lin lacked for the nite…bashing only constitute when the poster says he is a scrub with no upside to be better, or dishes him off for the season or career

  821. I hope it’s true bc he’s in the Argentinian national team now. So sure it’s good and he knows Lin that’s great!

  822. Its too early to say how Lin is gonna come into the season…I’m pretty sure he is working on few new forte as an add-on to his skill

  823. Yeah, until the 4th quarter…then it’s Linsanity TIME!!! 😀

  824. My friend I understand you are one of the mod. Sorry to awaken you to dispell my wearying of the doubters here Haha cheers

  825. this might be one of the big reasons for rondo’s decline. He never takes an open shot anymore, he tends to pass it even with a wide open lane. Some people think this is because he is trying to stat pad, but the real reason may be a combination, maybe he is much more afraid of getting injured than he was when he was younger.

    Also, wades game would be PERFECT! Its similar to the MJ plan that all players follow..when young go hard to basket, dunk or layup all the time. When getting older take more mid range, and 3pointers.

  826. hmmm

  827. hmm, is that manu I see on the right? Wow, Luis Scola is also argentinan, surprise surprised

  828. Good post. IMO if your kindself post as such nobody will doubt you again. The same request goes to the two other posters here who happens to post in reply to each other and your kindself and create subtle doubts and negativity in their posting just like your kind self use to doing before this post. I hope I have reponded enough to all those postings and would appreciate positive posting as your kind self just did. Thanking you in advance. Haha cheers

  829. Lol. Sure fierce looking there. Haha cheers.

  830. How old is the guy? 40? LOL

  831. Honestly, we are probably not gonna hear anything until the 10th.

  832. He’s 33.

  833. 33, humble team player, not bad a shooter eFG% ~0.5, 0.53 when with ROX

  834. If true, this is another great sign. It’s like they’re specifically building the team around Lin.

    I distinctly remember Carlos and Lin playing really well together when Delfino was in Houston. Needless to say, McHale didn’t care and didn’t take advantage (it was all about Harden).

    This would give Brooklyn some valuable shooting and veteran experience at SF. Delfino was also a scrappy, in-your-face defender.

  835. In 2012-13 season when with ROX, his eFG% was 0.532, better than Harden’s 0.504.

  836. isn’t this dude out of the league for a few years?

  837. This turned out to be a fabricated news from a troll account from Baidu Tieba.

  838. Oh okay. What a weird rumor to make up.

    Still think they should get a veteran wing who can shoot. Nets offered Jared Dudley 2y/18M and he would have been great. Someone in that mold would be a perfect fit.

  839. oh that cesspool.. I remember one of the tieba decided to take over FB to protest against Taiwan elections… lol.. made fools out of themselves..

  840. I meant to say that if he can get 15ppg and 6 assist, the likelihood of him being pushed back into the bench is small.

    At this moment, Lin is viewed by many as a “stop-gap” PG..A place-holder for next year when they will be much bigger name PG on the market…This is why Nets didn’t offer Lin too much money…so that they can slide him on the bench and go after a higher name.

    At the very least, let’s say Nets can sign Wesbrook, Lin stats would be good enough to at least have some other team interested in trading for him as a starter.

    I5 and 6 would put him at top 15 PG in the league, and that’s what’s needed..

  841. Hey Rick,

    I look forward to meeting you at Barclays Center next season! We’re very excited to have J.Lin joining our organization. How about we jump on a quick call or start an email conversation? I can go over some different options with you.



    phone 718.942.9053
    [email protected]

  842. Nets didnt offer Crabbe yet, right??

  843. No news. Base on what he did vs GSW in playoff games, I really hope Nets can get him now.

  844. Nuggets offered $50M to Wade for 2 years. That would put the Heat in odd situation because the Heat only offered $40M. Perhaps, the Heat wouldn’t keep Wade and they would have money to sign Johnson.

  845. The only defense against Lin is to foul him hard.

  846. He will be very good backcourt duo with Lin..

  847. NY Knicksroster:

    PG: Derrick Rose, Brandon Jennings
    SG: Courtney Lee
    SF: Carmelo Anthony, Justin Holiday, Mindaugas Kuzminskas
    PF: Kristaps Porzingis, Lance Thomas, Kyle O’Quinn
    C: Joakim Noah, Willy Hernangomez

    This is a team for Lin to play against. Now that’s going to be interesting.

  848. PraY THAT Jeremy will have his teammates ready for him next season.

  849. A bunch of recognizable names versus Brook-Lin and some unknowns. Will they be a worthy test for the Nets?

  850. That’s good, but the question is whether the free agents they want buy into the Nets’ plan. In the case of Crabbe, there’s a further question of Portland’s plan: do they still need Crabbe? If the rumors are correct and the Nets have put concrete offers on the table, it’s out of their hands right now and they should be prepared with contingency plans.

  851. I have full confidence in Nets FO. Their signing in FA so far has shown their intention of building a Spur-like culture. I believe they have plan B and C and D …

  852. east is getting competitve he needs help

  853. I like Wade a lot actually and I dont mind his flopping and dirty plays thats part of the game and hes just one step a head of everybody
    it just doent make sense for him to change teams now and he is washed up compared to what he used to be so being too greedy at this point is just unreasonable and i hate him for that

  854. I’m sure Crabbe is fully inform of the Net’s plan already. The question is what will Blazers actually do.

  855. Wade wants to stay. If he doesn’t he would have left already like KD. He’s just trying to get the Heats to agree to that 3rd year. This bolds well for our chances of landing TJ.

  856. I agree with you. It’s just that contingency plans, by definition, are the less optimal route to their primary goals. For us as fans, it’s also going to be less fun to watch the games.

  857. It’s a good test. IF we can’t beat this old and weak Knicks team, then we need to step up big time.

  858. I think wade wanted another year rather than more total money. He’s 34; he knows his playing time is limited so another year is more important to him.

  859. I trust Marks to know his talent so I would like for now to see them sign him. Even if he’s reluctant at first I’m sure the new Nets will convert him.

  860. You never know what you uncover under the stone. Good perls could shine if uncover.

  861. i don’t think he would leave miami. He is more old school and faithful/loyal to the heat and heat fans. Wade is definitely trying to get paid though…mickey arison should stop being a cheap and pay the man whatever he wants to keep him happy!!

    Side bonus for us, we get TJ!

  862. Top 12 sorted by points per game.

  863. I don’t get the sense that the Nets picked Jeremy as their main free agency target to use him as a place-holder. They understand this is a process and it will take time to build the proper team culture. They won’t achieve that if they marginalize core players after a single season. It’s the same reason I don’t believe the persistent rumors that they want to trade Brook.

    I know you’re just using WB as an example, but I don’t think he’s the kind of leader they want for their team (even if they could even get someone like him to come to Brooklyn). Steph, CP3 & Kyrie? No chance. Lillard, Lowry, IT, Jackson, etc? Who’s available next summer that’s not a longshot? And who would fit into their culture-building plans better?

    I know it’s tough for both players and fans to avoid stat-watching. I just think it’s more important for Jeremy to fully embrace what Atkinson & Marks wants to do with the team. Do what they ask of him and the stats will follow. Jeremy picked the Nets mostly because he trusts Atkinson, so that’s what he needs to do.

  864. 2016 NBA Summer League is taking place right now. Few of the players participating will be invited to the Nets’ training camp, which starts in late September. I wonder when Jeremy will move to Brooklyn to start working out at the Nets’ facilities. The following is an excerpt from a 2007 article:

    “NBA training camps are the first full activity leading into the NBA season. Each team comes together for full practices. NBA training camps involve every single player on a roster, but there are also lots of players that get signed to “training camp contracts,” which in reality are simply nonguaranteed or very short term deals. Just before and possibly during training camps, lots of fringe players often get signed, only to be cut during the camp or just after it, possibly during preseason.

    NBA training camp rosters are often not set until days before training camps open. Each team has their own separate training camp, and they often take place in facilities/locations that the team never uses during other times of the year. Some teams use training camp as an opportunity to be together in a remote place. Others stick to more regular locations, around where the team is actually based.

    NBA teams can have up to 15 players signed for the regular season. But teams often bring more than 15 guys to training camp.”

    Read more at http://insidehoops.com/training-camp.shtml#BiFLfMFLUS4PoYiw.99

  865. Wade was drafted by the Heat. HE’s 34. He will retire a Heat. The Heats knows that and low-balling him. He’s pissed but he still want to stay if he can. Not a show of good faith and loyalty by PatR.

  866. Finally, DWade will meet with the Heat owner today.
    My prediction is he will stay with 3-yr contract so the Heat won’t match Tyler Johnson’s deal with the Nets.

    Regardless the salary controversy to steal Unrestricted Free Agents (UFA), Tyler Johnson would help JLin and the Nets to have any hope of reaching the playoff. I hope Brook-Lin and underrated teamamates in the Nets would shock the NBA when they open the season!

  867. I’d blame Arison instead of Riley. Lakers paid Kobe crazy money to end his career there because that’s what the Buss family wanted.

  868. A Nets SBNation writer is learning more about JLin, he can see that Lin’s approach on team sacrifice for one another will fit Kenny’s PG role

    “We were willing to sacrifice, willing to play for each other.” Jeremy Lin sounds like the PG Kenny Atkinson needs

  869. May your predictions come true. 🙂

  870. Hrmph.

    I don’t agree with Lin as far as the Hornets and Walker and Batum are concerned.

    I saw tons of incredibly selfish awful play out of those two, and that’s why the Hornets did not win more games and were easily bounced out of the first round by the Heat.

    I know Lin’s trying to be gracious and professional, and he genuinely feels that way. But that’s not how it played out on the court.

    Of course, Lin will have much better chemistry on the Hornets.

  871. Then we should blame Jim Buss then, lol

  872. I openly admit to being lukewarm about the very raw and VERY INJURY PRONE Tyler Johnson.

  873. So far Nets media are all very warm & high on Lin. Really good to see this.

  874. I am so tired of this…. Just give him the money.

  875. I read somewhere said he likes west coast & Portland better but I really think as a NBA player that’s no need to concern too much about it. Bc you will have almost 5 months ( off season) you can stay in West Coast. Half season it’s on road games…

  876. The Heat won’t match regardless Wade will stay or not. They will not swallow the poison pill so they can keep their 3rd string backup guard.

    Reiley will easily find another un-draft similar or better than TJ in just under a mil dollars.

  877. I’m surprised you are even warm, lol

  878. It’s more an attitude rather than something that can be measured empirically. No one accuses Steph of selfish play even though he averages 20 FGA, but Harden is universally considered selfish with the same number of shot attempts.

    Kemba and Nic practiced and played on the starting unit and were more in sync with each other and their group for the most part. We here are mostly focused on watching Jeremy, so of course we’re sensitized to noticing when he’s being ignored (“dude, J’s wide open!”). But I don’t sense that they were chronically selfish or malicious. Some of the best highlights involved Kemba or Nic passing to Jeremy.

  879. all I know is, the knicks vs nets game will pretty much be a new kind of rivalry…possibly even a bloodbath (alright Im exaggerating this part). Brooklyn vs Manhattan two boroughs fighting for supremacy of NYC. The rivalry between the two probably wouldn’t have gotten this bad if nets hired ANY point guard other than JLin. Going to be awesome!

  880. I like his work ethic, defensive hustle, and style of play that reminds me of JLin (minus the court vision)

    I trust Kenny Atkinson and Lin will be able to help him develop further

  881. Any idea what kind of shoulder surgery he had a few months ago? I could only find references to a strain, no mention of a torn labrum like MKG.

  882. Highlights often mislead fans just like those using highlights to determine the 3rd string backup, injury prone guard TJ deserve $50 mil contract (average more than his starter Lin). Khuang’s comment based on watching full game after game after game etc…

  883. via Mike Mazzeo (ESPN)

    Nets coach Kenny Atkinson on Rondae Hollis-Jefferson’s shot: “I think he’s coming along. Listen, I think shooting is a lot of confidence and a lot of the system we’ve put in. But we don’t want him be obsessed with his jump shot: we want him driving, we want him cutting, we want him playing to his strengths. But I told him, if he’s got an open jump shot, and it’s open and he’s got space, we want him to shoot it.”

  884. It’s all relative. Compared to JLin’s ex-teammates including Melo, Harden, and Kobe, I guess the Hornets were better in that category.

  885. I will give the Nets GM and coach the benefit of the doubt on the personnel they want to bring on the team. I’m hopeful that whoever that ends up on the team will be a good fit. Maybe JLin will help his teammates unlock their potential.

  886. I wish Nets can start to bring in some Vet Players in specially PG. But looks like as long as Wade is still open to the market we will not move on…. smh!

  887. It reminds me Clifford made Lin play of the bench with Roberts and let Robets play pg. They knew Lin would not be a backup next season.

  888. Wade contributed to Heat a lot. But he is on the way down like late stage Kobe. If Bosh cannot recover, Heat could be a so so team in next two years.

  889. Rivalries are good publicity. A New York rivalry would garner national media attention; add Jeremy and it goes international. Nets need to upset the Knicks (wonder what the Vegas odds will be) in that first game to really get the ball rolling.

  890. Balance is restored

    No more Bench Force One.

  891. Great post.

  892. My wish list for Lin’s Nets:

    1) Bring in Jimmer Fredette on a two year guaranteed vet minimum contract, play him as the backup PG.

    2) Charlotte trades Spencer Hawes and Jeremy Lamb to the Nets. Hawes becomes the backup center along with Justin Hamilton, Lamb becomes the starting SG
    averaging about 15 ppg in barely 30 mpg. I know I’m the only Lin fan that LOVES Jeremy Lamb.

    3) I’d still ask for Tyler Hansbrough, but the Nets already have semi proven power forwards ahead of him.

  893. I have a feeling that all Lin’s past coaches and almost everyone who saw Lin’s play knew in their heart that Lin is a starting caliber pg. Yet, bc of their preconceived biases and politics, they continued to pigeon-hole Lin in bench role to do all the hard work so their chosen players can get the credit. But looking forward to the coming season, HC Atkinson will give us a different story when he gives Lin the freedom to play his game!

  894. Lamb can be a good scorer still not sure on defense though
    Hawes is pure trash trying too hard to handle the ball no toughness

  895. Has any team signed Lanston Galloway the Knicks backup PG who was released?

  896. Even if you believe Jimmer can play (I don’t at all), he has a well-established attitude problem with a strong sense of entitlement, poor work habits and an ego that his game can’t back up. He’s the last guy Marks would bring to the Nets, who are serious about culture and character.

    I’m fine with Hawes as a backup PF/C. I’ve soured significantly on Lamb, but he is legit talented and if Atkinson can get him to focus and play within a Lin-Lopez PnR system, then I prefer him to overpaying Crabbe.

  897. Make a switch on Porzingas and it’s oley to the hoop for Lin 😛
    PS : Beware of uppercuts.

  898. I really like young for his skill and his character. He may seem like a bad boy but I get the feeling he is a good guy on and off the court. And Ellington was not bad. Resign him.

  899. You still can get that if you play SP4.

  900. We would not see the Hornets’ situation again – that everyone (especially Hawes and Lamb) became pg when KW/Batum was out and BF1 was gone long before the playoffs. When everyone mind their own roles and defend their own men, Hawes, Lamb, Hans could bring BF1 to Nets.

  901. “I think shooting is a lot of confidence and a lot of the system we’ve put in”

    Smart guy! Lin keeps talking about improving his jumper, and he certainly can improve (even Curry improved over time). But it’s also true that Lin is 1000x better when he gets REGULAR TOUCHES (46% from 3 as a starter). It’s as much about usage and freedom as it is about form.

  902. no

  903. It’s a wish list so you can include anyone and even yourself too. lol

  904. so much flirting.. just do it already Wade!

  905. DWade, Rondo, and Jimmy Butler?????

  906. sounds like a fun locker room about to happen.

  907. Jimmer Fredette is in Denver Nuggets Summer League roster.
    Landry Fields is in Brooklyn Nets Summer League roster.

  908. Hinrich and Ellington. Guards who could play off ball and still played defense. I did not like how bulls fans kept using hinrich as a scapegoat. He was a hard-working player for them. Hinrich could also play pg.

    Someone mentioned budinger. The guy could shoot. I also would love to see speights if possible. Big, clutch, and has playoff experience. Of course could play off ball too.

  909. Nets are stuck with $120 mil for career bench players.

  910. Johnson and Crabbe are probably gonna be better than career bench players

  911. You don’t spend 120 mil for hopeful probably.

  912. Not our money, plus they’re better than any other perimeter players on the team right now and would give JLin more weapons to work with

  913. You root for team you root for cap availability. They are bench n never proven as starter n long min and games.

  914. The new CBA is coming up, and will probably have an amnesty provision like the old CBA, so whichever overpaid RFA that doesn’t plan out between TJ and Crabbe, you can just get rid of them

  915. Right. Lakers $114M Mozgov/Clarkson. Hornets $120M Batum. Grizzlies with the grand prize $247 Conley/Parsons. All sure things.

  916. Blazers are meeting with Center Festus Ezili today…hopefully they’ll make him a big offer and won’t want to match the deal that the Nets will presumably make to Crabbe 😀


  917. I still can’t fathom all that money to going to players with so many injury concerns…

  918. It’s nuts, but nearly all of the owners/groups will do very well with their NBA investment over the next decade. It’s a crazy game among the rich & famous.

  919. Oh, only 3 hours and 6 minutes away from JLin officially signing his deal and ushering in a new era for the NBA 😀

  920. Ezeli seems unnecessary when they already have Ed Davis. Unless they plan to trade ED…

  921. true.. man, we really are only waiting for DWade to stay in MIA then Blazers not to match Crabbe.

    If we’re waiting impatiently, Sean Marks would have to wait nervously for 3 days after TJ and/or Crabbe sign the offer tomorow on July 7. In the meantime, the salary cap is locked so they can’t make any other offer without any remaining cap.

    That’s why Markel Brown was released to get an additional $1+M in cap. Perhaps they want to pursue another FA

  922. Might not be right away. I know this is wishful thinking, but if the Nets strike out on TJ and Crabbe, they’ll be way short of the cap floor with all the pricey free agents gone.

    Marks might up Lin’s salary a bit like Mavs did for Wes Matthews last year. Same goes for Booker and Hamilton.

  923. hmm, very good point

  924. Id be shocked if he leaves. chicago isn’t that good. And he is getting older. Lol stranger things have happened

  925. You think he’s in Brooklyn to sign or at home with his agent?

  926. hm, perhaps the Nets pretended to want Crabbe from POR but all along they want Ed Davis (per JLin’s tip) LOL

    “You match Crabbe? ok, maybe you want to move Ed Davis in return?” 🙂

  927. What a Diva, just play ball with Arison, and he’ll hook you up for the rest of your life and will build you a nice statue outside the Arena

  928. only if Wade is really angry at Pat Riley.
    Wade just wants to get his sacrifice when signing LeBron and Bosh to be rewarded

  929. In the past couple years, they’ve done “electronic” signatures via iPad. So he doesn’t need the physical papers anymore.

  930. davis is more of a PF while ezeili is a center. I think thats the main reason given the lost lopez to the knicks last year

  931. I thought TJ already signed the offer sheet and the deadline is tomorrow.

  932. Not really. Wade win a lot of ways has been like brady. Taking far lass for years now. Just want an extra year but miami is saying no.

  933. Deadline is 7/10, 3 days after the moratorium ends

  934. “We’ll take Davis off your hands so you can sign Crabbe and Ezeli…”

  935. Cool. Thanks for the info.

  936. To be fair he has always taken less then his value far less. If melo could get what he did imagine what wade could do.

  937. no, we’re still in moratorium until July 7, which is the 1st day FAs can sign sheet

    Then for UFAs, teams like the Heat and Blazers has 3 days until July 10 to decide to match the offer for their players

  938. I think ED is more a center now. He doesn’t have an outside jumper or the ability to face-up and attack the rim. I also think this Hamilton guy will end up playing PF unless the Nets add a PF who can shoot.

  939. Wade deserves it, but it would really mess up the future of the team…the system is broke, there should be no max salary, just a basic hard salary cap

  940. “yes, we’re helping you to sign Crabbe & Ezeli by taking Ed Davis so throw us a 2nd-round pick too :)”

  941. Lol. IMO the NBA scouting system is so inept its effectively a lobby group and the player’s agencies are mostly marketing outfits and lobbyist. Its no surprise that potential starters are everywhere in the league but the FOs and inept coaches are too dependent on these setups to give the opportunity to this talents to play to their full potential. The biased media and ghost bloggers also play a part in pushing false narratives. Haha

  942. Hamilton actually looks pretty quick, I think he may excel as a stretch 4

  943. Got it.

  944. If wade leave would they pay 50 million to tj. I don’t see how that gets them closer to the playoff. I don’t think wade leaving means they will match nets offer. Also wade want an extra 10 million. Wade of all people cant get it but 50 mil for johnson. Thats insulting.

  945. The NBA is seriously the most screwed up run sports entity…it basically only exists to sell shoes and line the pockets of sport talent agencies

  946. Yeah he moves well and he’s very polished offensively (3pt, midrange, cuts, putbacks). And he already had a stint in the NBA and didn’t look overwhelmed at all. Played well for Minny in 2014-15.

    Probably wanted a decent contract and big minutes in Europe instead of being 3rd string for a loser.

  947. During the playoffs wasn’t the rookie starting over Tj. Had great defense. From what i saw in the playoffs josh richer son is much better. May start anyways if wade leaves

  948. If TJ is desired by other teams, they can trade him for assets later. Otherwise they lose him for nothing. With Wade gone, TJ will get more minutes and touches and they can increase his value.

  949. yep TJ off the bench for them is pretty nice too

  950. josh richardson I’m guessing would start.

  951. He would start next to Dragic since he’s a great 3pt shooter. TJ would be the backup PG/6th man. Which is the role the Nets want him for.

  952. year but 50 mill nice for the heat who already have 70 mill locked up in 2 years. Seems a bit much for the heat

  953. [NYPost] Kenny Atkinson this morning: “We’re very happy with how things have gone so far. I like the place we’re in.”

    So they’re following the plan for a slow rebuild w/o spending carelessly.
    Maybe the only upside is JLin has to post 20pts/8asts in the 1st year to carry the load 🙂

    Atkinson understands fans can hope they wave money at Dwyane Wade or bemoan not getting Kevin Durant or Mike Conley or Al Horford. But he’d tell those fans to have faith because the Nets’ rebuild is for the long haul.

    “We’re following our plan so far. It’s a plan we stated from the beginning and we’re sticking with it,” Atkinson said. “It’s not always the big, splashy headlines. I think where we are and our stage right now, I think we’re very happy with how things have gone so far. I like the place we’re in.”

    Where they are is coming off a 21-61 mess, without control of any of their first-round picks until 2019 as they attempt to clean it up. And the stage Atkinson and general manager Sean Marks are at is doing the only thing they can: Preach patience for a slow build.

    After rescinding their $1.08 million qualifying offer to guard Markel Brown and once their four-year, $50 million offer sheet to Tyler Johnson becomes official, they’ll have $21 million in cap space. But they’ve resisted the temptation to waste money on aging Band-Aids who will be gone (or a cap drain) by the time the team has improved.

    Rather than chase high-priced vets and immediate gratification — that’s how the last regime got them in this mess — they hunted for bargains and targeted young restricted free agents. That meant getting Jeremy Lin for three years, $36 million instead of Conley for the NBA-record windfall he received. That meant agreeing to an offer sheet with Johnson, and pursuing Portland’s Allen Crabbe.

    “Yeah, I think we’re following the plan. And the plan is not always perfect. Obviously there’s going to be bumps and twists and turns. A lot of this is scenario-planning: A, B, C, D, E, F. Hopefully we don’t get to G,” said Atkinson, who lost out on targets Jared Dudley and Sergio Rodriguez. “We’re on course.”

    The course will have more bumps. Deals could not become official until 12:01 a.m. Thursday, and Miami still has three days to match the Nets’ offer sheet to Johnson. That means Brooklyn is waiting out Wade’s decision, after he reportedly met with the Bucks, Nuggets and Heat owner Micky Arison on Wednesday in New York.

    “You’ve got to be ready to adjust if things take a turn and you go in a different direction,” said Atkinson, who departs for the Las Vegas Summer League on Thursday but still has one eye firmly on free agency. “[It’s] exciting. Very exciting, very busy, a lot of moving pieces. [I’m] excited to see how this shakes out. You guys know the whole process, how complicated it is. I like our approach. We’re sticking with our values, how we talked about coming in. So I’m excited about that.”


  954. Nice to hear! And it’s clear that “the plan” all started with signing Lin (their first signing, morning of July 1st). At least for the next year or two, the team will be built for a Lin-Lopez PnR attack.

  955. Yeah, but if they only win 25-30 games, then the media/haters/troll will say is “oh, JLin can put up numbers on a horrible team that just gives him the ball and runs Linsanity style offense”…but if he goes 17/8 and makes the playoffs, there will be nothing they can say, they’ll finally have to acknowledge his skills

  956. thats the least they can do to honor Lin’s sacrifice and loyalty
    if they srtrike and still dont increase Lins salary, then I’m not gonna be supporting the Nets

  957. well everyone is now
    so thats just the trend this off season
    cant really blame anyone

  958. When I hear a Lin fan pull the inconsistency card as an example why we should hold back our excitement for Linsanity 2.0 this coming season. They inevitably start by citing all the low scoring games he’s had with no mention of how he impacts the defensive flow of the game. In many of his low scoring games, Lin was an impact player just the same. Perhaps the greatest centre of all time is Bill Russell of the Boston Celtic. He played one of his greatest games in a playoff without scoring many points, but his rebounding and other stats made him say afterwards that it was one of his greatest performances.

    Kyrie Irving and Love has had many of those low scoring games too but no one calls them inconsistent. They get plays set for them and put them into position to score and are given ample opportunities to look good but often don’t help impact play even if they score star stats. Impact is high character stuff that looks at team stats and helping teammates be better.

    The best way to look at Lin’s scoring inconsistency is how NFL receivers rely on QBs to set them up to shine. Even Jerry Rice would look bad if he had the limited touches Lin gets. Every time Lin has a great game, he’s had to pay for it by getting limited touches for next few to protect their “star” players. In LA, they’d allow Lin to play better at home just to please the crowds and then started to yap about how Lin was too inconsistent playing home vs away. They lied about his inconsistency to promote “anyone but Lin”. YOU CANT SCORE IF YOU DONT GET PLAYS OR TOUCHES! NFL receivers routinely complain about not getting passes thrown their way and would ask for trades if they don’t get any.

    Morey and Mchale deliberately took the ball out of Lin’s hands just as BS did in LA. They made sure that Lin was always under their thumbs with limited access to touches. Lin was made inconsistent by design and nothing else.

    WHEN LIN GETS THE BALL IN HAND AND CONTROL THE FLOW OF THE GAME, GOOD THINGS HAPPEN FOR THE TEAM. this fact is in the records, only the weak minded fans believe and listen to the propaganda from team control medias and lying coaches like Byron Scott and Mchale. All indications are that Nets will put Lin in charge of the team. I’m expecting Nets to be fighting for a playoff this year. Lin has done it with Houston and Charlette, two teams that weren’t expected to do anything and brought them to heights unseen. WHY SHOULD WE BE NEGATIVE ABOUT THE PROSPECTS FOR THIS YEAR?

  959. Yep im hoping they dont match
    Heat dont need TJ
    Nets can really use TJ’s help

  960. What’s taking Crabbe so long to sign the damn offer sheet
    if all he cares about is money then, the Nets are better off without him,
    Jesus what an annoying tease
    can’t the nets just walk away with Lin TJ and Crabbe

  961. Can’t sign any offer sheet until 12:01 EST (9:01 PST).

  962. I wish man, but their teams know they don’t have to lose them for nothing, they could always trade them in the future for other assets and picks

  963. If they do they can sign anyone with that money for 3 days. They want to see what portland does first. Its quite smart actually

  964. Posting this here since it affects the Nets…

  965. damn, no TJ 🙁 Time to offer Crabbe 80mil

  966. The heat need to wake up now. For some reason i think its a ploy.

  967. Butler is probably gonna be royally p-ed off and want out

  968. I mean, that would be pretty underhanded to pull that ploy

  969. i thought TJ already did

  970. I think the heat deserve it. They basically paid everyone else but Wade. Including bosh btw

  971. ugh but TJ will be hard to move lol cuz he aint gonna be starting

  972. I want a Mirotic for my boy
    80mil for crabbe and the rest to Lin

  973. Raising Lin salary is nice for Lin but it is bad for the team. That would give Nets less flexibility to add a big free agent the following two years. If they don’t meet their cap floor then just give everyone a bonus. Win for the whole team.

  974. I wonder what the loyal Heat fans think about all these Wade drama…

  975. meh they are not gonna be able to get anyone anyways if they strike out lol

  976. Hopefully no NBA scout have watched Lin’s Laker highlight videos recently…

  977. LOL, whose “team” is it now? Butler just got rid of one chicago native in Rose for a more famous chicago native in Wade. Will be hilarious if Wade really goes to the Bulls.

  978. back up plan if Tj is off the list.

  979. get out at least get Mirotic

  980. He is not bad for backup PG

  981. 40 percent from 3.

  982. Nets seems to like player from Spain??? Why not take AB instead. At least a little bit younger.

  983. colder on only getting 7 million a year. A much cheaper option

  984. that deals help not matching Crabbe??

  985. Nets fans want picks for that deal..

  986. I’m under the impression that if Ezili goes to POR then Crabbe’s most likely going to Nets

  987. free agent i think

  988. that could mean ed davis is available for trade?

  989. http://basketball.realgm.com/wiretap/242732/Dwyane-Wade-Agrees-To-Sign-Two-Year-$47M-With-Bulls

    It’s a done deal with Wade, 2yr/47mil to da Bulls…TJ I’m guessing will be matched by Riley

  990. THIS!! I’m with you Acbc! I get so exasperated when this BS about Lin being inconsistent is being brought up as if it’s something to do with him lacking in BB skills or mental toughness. I keep saying, “Stop this false narrative!” How can he be consistent when he is not even given consistent minutes, not inserted in the game appropriately, and then gets a mix of his role from PG (like only 20% of the time) to SG to PG/SG mix and even a darn Forward (it seems at a times). And yes, the inconsistency seems to be deliberate especially when after he has a Linsanity game, the next few games he is very limited in playing time. We even talked about here several times that “wow, what a great game! Oh darn, in the next game, he probably won’t be allowed to play as much so the FO and the HC can mitigate the Effect of the Linsanity game.”

    So frustrating! Anyway, I believe Lin will finally put to bed this false narrative about him being inconsistent, once he is finally able to actually play CONSISTENT minutes in a CONSISTENT role, and inserted in a CONSISTENT appropriate manner.

  991. they certainly will ask for a pick at least.

  992. Rondo/Wade/Butler??? Haha, that team is gonna implode!

  993. “Timeline for Miami to use cap space in the next 72 hours becomes critical. The Tyler Johnson pending offer sheet looms over the Heat.” –bobby marks

  994. Miami should have paid Wade. Now we might not get TJ

  995. I hope Riley doesn’t go all crazy and offer Crabbe a deal :0

  996. https://twitter.com/HornetsGIFs/status/750867831982592000

    Brings back some recent memories 😀

  997. Hey, at least we know for a fact that Jose knows his place in the NBA, as a backup role player…who knows about TJ with his CAA connections

  998. My guess is the salary floor penalty applies only for the season and doesn’t affect subsequent years. Anyone know if they divvy up the money evenly between players or by some % or seniority metric?

    “To ensure the players get their share of the basketball-related income, teams are required to spend 90 percent of the salary cap each year. Failing to do so means the team would have to spread the amount needed to reach the 90 percent salary floor to the players on the team.”


  999. what do you mean by picks?

  1000. what does it mean when nets wants that pick by getting jose from bulls?

  1001. “Enough room to match the #Nets offer to Tyler Johnson. But Riley is all about that “cap flexibility,” so will he?” –brian lewis (new york post).

  1002. If 7 million makes them lose wade i doubt he matches it. Unless they hit the reset button

  1003. to be willing to take calderon off the bulls hands they want a draft pick thrown in

  1004. jason leiser palm beach post projects heat will match johnson offer and he will be a starter next year. (thats just one mans opinion of course, but a local)

    “Jason Lieser is the Post’s Miami Heat reporter. He has covered sports in Chicago, New Orleans and now South Florida”

  1005. So he will replace Wade in starting lineup?

  1006. The happiest man in this whole Wade saga…Goran Dragic

  1007. Bulls need to dump Calderon’s $7.7M salary to make room for Wade. Nets want a pick to take the salary, since they might not have room for him either depending on what’s happening with Crabbe.

  1008. yuuup
    but he sucks so doesnt matter

  1009. I agree. You know the 2nd unit will be in good hands with him, while TJ might still need seasoning. Also doesn’t hurt to have a older veteran presence among all the youngsters.

  1010. Lakers just traded for Calderon, he’s not coming to the Nets

  1011. Dunleavy going to Cavs…

  1012. Of course. I think TJ just like JC. Bc Wade doesn’t like Dragic so TJ got his chance to play more… Right now Dragic sure will be so happy finally can play free on court.

  1013. Adrian Wojnarowski
    Adrian Wojnarowski – Verified account ‏@WojVerticalNBA

    Chicago has traded guard Jose Calderon to the Los Angeles Lakers, league sources tell @TheVertical.
    7:15 PM – 6 Jul 2016
    1,376 RETWEETS679 LIKES

  1014. What? We can’t even get this? smh!

  1015. 1) Get Aaron Brooks, Kris Humphries and Gerald Green to fill out roster.

    2) Increase Lin’s salary by 2-3M/year and Booker and Hamilton’s by 1M/year to reach the cap floor.

    3) Call it summer and save cap for 2017 once Lin & Atkinson make Brooklyn respectable again.

  1016. So in about 1.5 hrs we should see a bunch of tweets about offer sheets being signed?

  1017. Feel the same way. Better hurry up. I hope we can get Crabbe.

  1018. Meh, sign Crabbe to an 80mil/deal (the SGs next free agency stink), and sign DMo for cheap