2015 Playoffs Round 2

After a tough loss, Spurs exit this season early. The discussion of the playoff and off-season continues here….
As the playoff goes on, the landsacpe of NBA becomes more clear. Spurs show the need of a capable playmaker due to Tony Parker’s injury. Similarly, other teams will be exposed for their own weaknesses. Once we have reached the final, I believe we will see more discussion on “which FA will fit where” from the national medias. NBA season is basically already over for Lin fans, let’s hope Lin gets to play in a better situation for the coming years.

I also wants to remind everyone that there are many websites like to talk about Lin. Most of the articles are not really based on facts, but just biased opinions (I might be biased against them too). Lin will shine in a good situation, we all know that.


  1. 1st!

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  4. Definitely hoping to see GSW beat the remaining western division, then take it over Lebron.

  5. Will conley ready to play against GSW?

  6. Not sure. Heard he may miss first game. I like to see him play, and GSW still beat them. Big match.

  7. All 8 playoff teams in the west. 3 teams do not have good PGs….HOU, DAL and NOP. MEM and SAS only got one each and SAS paid the price. So….although PG position seem stacked in the west, there are still more opportunities than ppl have expected.

    About teams in the East, seems like even more teams need a capable PG. Lin should be really a valuable FA piece this summer. I am optimistic.

    Note: Although I follow Lin wherever he goes, I really hope he does not end up in one of his old teams.

  8. May I add except for Conley, all those 8 PGs play so so defense.
    just like you, I am opoptimistic :))

  9. I just try to avoid debating the rank of PGs..lol….Conley is regarded as one of the better PGs…so…I just pretend he is.

  10. Oh you think he isn’t? Interesting.

  11. It’s quite obvious that Spurs was in need of a PG who could get to the rim and score 3s. Tony Parker was injured, Manu is too old. I truly hope a great coach like Pop will consider signing Lin as starter.

  12. I thought so too. That would have given better outside looks to, … they got good looks, just the shots weren’t as calm.

  13. Gas station talk with random fan … geesh, the public narrative. I held my tongue.

  14. when will the lottery draft occur?…It’ll be funny if the Lakers dropped out of the top 5 pick.
    I’m now rooting for them to lose that pick…

    Althought if they do, Philly would get 2 picks and that would make it more likely they would be able to pick a point guard which would diminish Jeremy leverage in the free agent market since Philly would probably be interested in acquiring Lin.

  15. Future of Jeremy Lin

    I think Kwok Wai Lai is right in proposing to start a conversation about the future of Jeremy. As a dedicated fan group, JLin.Portal could and should do something to help JLin figure out what he should be looking at in his FA.

    No doubt, JLin is a special person and an inspiring role model. He is smart and has the talent to become a great NBA player. But he is also only 26. I do not believe he has all the answers. He is learning as he gains experience in the NBA both as a person and a player. He is making decisions just as a 20 some years old young man coming out of college and entering into the real world. He is learning the reality and the darker side of NBA business as he goes along, dealing with the League, Owners, FO, HC, Ref, Superstars, Teammates, Sport Writers, Media Reporters, TV Commentators, Fans, Family, Friends, Support Teams and Sponsors.

    It’s definitely much tougher for him than we can imagine. We can just sit on the side line and say whatever we like. He has to deal with it in his own way and he is trying very hard to adjust to each of the situations he got thrown into the best he can. It’s even tougher since a lot of the situations are beyond his control. Fortunately, he has his strong Christian faith to fall back on. He was able to stay mentally tough to weather all and each of the never-ending difficult NBA situations he faced since graduated from Harvard.

    JLin is a first generation Asian American whose parents immigrated to the US. He was born in the US and brought up in a traditional Chinese family environment. I have no doubt that his characters and mentality are heavily influenced by the traditional Chinese culture instilled by his parents.

    Many people criticized JLin for lack of toughness and aggressiveness and that he was inconsistent. JLin said he had always played in the same toughness and aggressiveness. I believe he was telling the truth. I believe he had always played each game the same way with his heart. But because of his Chinese cultural characters, he would show respect to the authority, be an obedient student, listen to the teacher and follow his instructions, in this case HC Scott. Some of you who are of the older generation would understand and appreciate such characters. JLin would follow the team line and not rebel against the coach, but take it upon himself and try to figure out what to do and how to adjust.

    A case in point is that one game where JLin strictly followed Scott’s instruction and did not foul Mike Conley with some 13 seconds left in the game which ended up with Bryant screaming and rushing up to foul and created a big scene. Personalities like Bryant and Rondo would not have respected their coach’s instruction and do what they felt was right. Ronnie Price would have done the same thing and followed the coach’s instructions. But only Lin would be criticized or thrown under the bus as non-aggressive or inconsistent by the coach.

    So the end result was that JLin was not allowed to play the game to his strengths because of the coach’s decisions and instructions. He ended up standing at the corners a lot and did not even have the chance to shoot and score. That’s why his stats were worse than what they could or should be. Also, when you are not in the flow or in rhythm with the game, or the coach’s decisions are restricting your game, or your teammates are not playing on the same page, you just cannot play or shoot well. That’s why his games could not be anything but inconsistent.

    At the end, he fell into this deep hole and was labelled as not a starter level player but a backup PG at best. From the articles of some of the writers who criticized JLin, you can tell they did not follow JLin’s situation that closely. They just looked at the stats superficially and perpetuated each other’s general impressions and not try to understand what’s behind those stats. Of
    course, there were a few articles which more accurately reflected Lin’s actual situation. But many readers or casual fans would just dismiss the writers as Lin supporters and that their views were biased.

    Lin’s dedicated fans who followed the Lakers closely know that is not the case. JLin will become a great starter player once he can join the right contending team which allows him to fit in and the team plays in the right way. So it is essential that he must go to the right team next season. He has no more time to waste. Let’s do our best to help him find the right team to win the championship next season, as a starter, not as a backup PG.

  16. Lin will decide his own fate tho.

  17. GSW playing with “pace and space”. Grizzlies lost w/o Conley. Halftime, GSW up by 9.

  18. May 19th is the day.

    Byron Scott is repping the Lakers LOL

  19. Good points. I think it would be fun to debate where Lin should end up, but realistically our fan forum would have no impact on Lin’s decision in FA.

  20. I think he is ok…..pretty much an average player within the top 30 PGs….

  21. Have the same issue even after 5 hours of being created:-(

  22. OT: the PacMay fight was a disappointment. Pac couldn’t execute his game plan of volume punching due to May’s defensive game plan. Apparently Pac was boxing with a rotator cuff injury, and Pac at less than 100% did not give him a decent chance to win.

    I’ll give May credit for his skills, but at 5 years past their peaks, May has a distinct advantage because of his fighting style (defensive), whereas Pac’s style is more about speed, which you lose more with age than defensive skills. If this fight took place 5 years ago, it would have been much closer. (Of course, May knew this).

    May is similar to Harden, he is a talented player/boxer, but they are boring as heck to watch. May either holds his opponent, runs away, or covers up like a turtle when he is in trouble. Harden just holds the ball, dances around, then runs into the opponent to pick up a foul.

  23. And also, Max Kellerman was a total A.H. for his condescending and insinuating post fight interview with Pac. I already knew he was a DBag from his sports radio show, but this brought him to a new low.

  24. Go Warriors, all the way!

  25. I said the same thing.. Do what it takes to win! Because that’s what matters the most.

  26. In that sense May is a very shrewd businessman. He knew Pacquiao was a threat to his undefeated streak. So he waited. He won based on technicalities and points. In that regard, I can’t be mad at him. He exploited all the rules he could to ensure a victory. It was very boring and definitely not a crowd pleaser, but it ensured him a giant payday and kept his record intact.

  27. Agreed 100% with you.

  28. Yes he is. May is a shrewd businessman and boxer.

    I hope he loses #49 to a no name opponent, that would be hilarious.

  29. Isn’t Max a fan of Lin and he gives Lin props on his radio show?

  30. Is he really? Didn’t know that. What timeframe? Lin as a Laker, Rocket, or Knick?

    I don’t listen to Max’s radio show a lot, but whenever I hear Max, he sounds like a super smug sports radio host that you just want to smack.

  31. FWIW, I found this link from the home page.

  32. I would be okay with Knicks sans Melo or Rockets sans Harden and McHale. =)

  33. I love max. He keeps things real. I don’t know if he’s a lin fan per say, but he definitely believes he is a good player.

  34. GSW will shut BS. Raining 3s on the most idiotic statement of all. “3 pointers are overated”? Come again. Oh, yes, uptempo Bball so much more fun to watch 2.

  35. Popovich doesn’t like relying on 3s and hack-a-fouling too, but he’s smart enough to know that those are necessary it today’s game and rules.

  36. Byron Scott is irrelevant now. Lin will not return to Lakers.

    I hope the Lakers sign some decent free agents/players so that people will see next year that Scott (and his obsolete coaching philosophy) is the biggest reason for the Lakers failures.

  37. Yeah, pace and space. Iso so yesterday too.

  38. Don’t care about Lakers at all after Lin is gone. Kobe and BS can stink another year.

  39. Well, good on you. Just rechecked and it still didn’t show up in my home page as I typed.

  40. Such a boring fight! Should’ve at least attempted to put on a show

  41. for those who were disappointed w/ the money-manny fight last nite…..pls. read this— an eye opener…..https://jiodeslate.wordpress.com/2015/05/03/on-the-mayweather-victory-and-why-it-doesnt-matter/

  42. Linless Rockets may be on path to play GSW. Hope to see them winless against the Dubs.

  43. Poor Harden. He has to settle for just MBP: Most Bearded Player.

  44. Most booed player

  45. So the Clips beat the Spurs, but at what cost? Will CP3 be healthy enough to take down the Rockets?

  46. GSW will beat either of them anyway…lol

  47. Sadly I think so too.

  48. A Championship would make it PERFECT! I want Curry to get a ring but I don’t want Steve Kerr the Lin hater to win a Championship as coach =/

  49. A sweeping defeat would be GREAT!

  50. If they survive the Clippers of course.

  51. Ya! I think so. But I still hope Clips beat Rox anyway. LOL!

  52. They’re not going to survive the Clippers that’s for sure.

  53. Clippers will beat the rockets!

  54. So happy for Curry & also glad to know it’s not Harden. LOL!


  55. I think & hope Clips beat Rox in 2nd round. Don’t like both teams but hate Rox more than Clips. LOL!

  56. Yay you go Steph!!

  57. Thanks, that’s great news.

  58. I want that too, between Harden and CP3, Edward Teach is the less likable.


  59. be like me, let go of the past. Kerr is not a hater anymore unless Lin kicks his butt on the court. He used to be a pundit. Now he has to put his money where his mouth is, so let the past go and live for today. Zen, Buddhist.

  60. most banal player.

  61. No need to jump the gun as they still need to beat Clips first. That team has given Rox trouble in past.

  62. Last night I listened to 3 hrs of post fight talk radio driving home from a wedding. The covered boxing is dead, now onto MMA, etc. Everybody has posted this, defense, age, too much hype, no way for another payday like this, all the betting was on Manny so vegas made money big, etc.

    I wish for all you younger folks to know what it was like to watch Ali fight, over the years. He really knew how to put on a great show and fight. Now, I’m sorry we didn’t know, every punch during rope-a-dope laid waste to Ali’s life later and now. I can barely watch any head-hitting sports now. Even kids heading the ball has been touted as unwise for about 15 yrs now. Anyway, those were innocent days, and you’all should watch “When we were Kings” and also look up the stories around the Ali fights. then see if you can see them on youtube. That was boxing. I wanted to box in college, but my parents forbade me and I’m glad they said no.

  63. Well, Mayweather’s punches are as soft as cotton, so he doesn’t really have much offensive firepower, so the coward settled for defensive. I have no problem against defensive fighting style, but running around the ring and hugging the opponent 90% of the bout is, well, embarrassing boxing as far as boxing goes.

  64. At least they got this right. Curry deserves it more, Harden shouldn’t even be part of the MVP talks.

  65. You must be po’d in the Fils, right IJ? I’m not happy a bit from what I heard … boxing needs to let fighters fight, not hold and run. They used to issue in-fight warnings.

  66. I agree, I know it’s boring now to wait. But talking about what Lin should or shouldn’t do is to me wasted energy because he’s not my friend and I’m not his friend so it’s just talk. And even if we did know him, how many times do we tell our loved ones what they should or shouldn’t do? Western society does not allow that much, unless you want to lose friends.

  67. Please comment on what this means. Thanks!

  68. they both gave each other trouble… but if clippers stay focused, i think they will prevail.

  69. Saw today’s game & I really think GSW have good chance to win the title this year. Maybe bc injury… Mem looked like Mav… they need more shooters. That starting PG is really bad in shooting. smh!

  70. IDK…..It seems to defeat the purpose of a fan forum tho…lol

  71. PPL can keep talking about defense in playoffs, but teams with more firepower usually win. I meant real firepower, not choke power..

  72. Basically, there is a collective bargaining agreement in place and the players through their union appear to be sending out signals that they may opt out and probably renegotiate a new CBA, probably because of the new TV deal that the NBA got.

    What Silver is saying is that if the players do that, the NBA will put back a lot of things for discussion which they had put aside last time – so in veiled speak “don’t threaten me or we’re in for some long heavy discussions.” To be fair, he does say both sides compromised last time.

    For us fans, there is a possibility of a lock out again if they open up a new CBA negotiation.

  73. That’s what everybody said about the Spurs when they were up 2-1. The Clippers have just beaten the most dangerous playoff team since MJ and the Chicago Bulls.

  74. Yeah, too bad Spurs can not function normally…..

  75. Thanks for the explanation. Really appreciate it.

  76. What will be Lin’s 3FG% next yr? I can not wait to find out

  77. Spurs did great as normal, just CP3 was not.

  78. Spurs was not even remotely close to normal IMO. CP3 was not either indeed…lol

  79. I agree bc why Spurs lose the game bc they didn’t shoot well. Mem had the same problem bc they just don’t have enough good shooters like GSW.

  80. They had the lead almost to the end of game 7. Series could have gone either way.

  81. That does not mean they performed normally…

  82. Why? They had sands in their shoes? SMH.

  83. Maybe it’s concrete? lol

  84. the Rox have Morey but Clippers have Steve Balmer, hehehe, Clippers will reach the conference finals..

  85. LOL. good one.

    on a serious note, the spurs didn’t function normally during the regular season either..

  86. Like I said in the last thread, if Parker is not 100%, Spurs are a sitting duck. If you can not scramble the defense, every shots becomes harder, every role player becomes a cone. JMO.

  87. Steph Curry plays at such a high level now that it looks like it’s just a video game.

    I’m so glad that one of the good guys in the NBA won the MVP,
    And he’s one of JLin’s best friends!

  88. The free agent class of the coming season is rather weak in PG position

    It seems to me that Jeremy Lin is the top dog of the really free agent class. He is young and have been a starter with playoff experience and has been underused. Any team other than Miami, Phoenix, Detroit and LA Laker should consider Jeremy Lin as their top choice.

    1. Goran Dragic
    Player Option / 6-3 / Team: Miami 16.3 ppg, 4.5 apg, 3.5 rpg
    2. Brandon Knight
    Restricted / 6-3 / Team: Phoenix 17.0 ppg, 5.2 apg, 3.9 rpg
    3. Reggie Jackson
    Restricted / 6-3 / Team: Detroit 14.5 ppg, 6.0 apg, 4.2 rpg
    4. Rajon Rondo
    Unrestricted / 6-1 / Team: Dallas 8.9 ppg, 7.9 apg, 5.5 rpg
    5. Jeremy Lin
    Unrestricted / 6-3 / Team: LA Lakers 11.2 ppg, 4.6 apg
    The top shot blocker among PGs in NBA per 48 minutes of play time.
    6. Cory Joseph
    Restricted / 6-3 / Team: San Antonio 6.8 ppg, 2.4 apg, 2.4 rpg
    7. Norris Cole
    Restricted / 6-2 / Team: New Orleans 7.6 ppg, 3.4 apg
    8. Maurice Williams (Mo)
    Unrestricted / 6-1 / Team: Charlotte 14.2 ppg, 6.2 apg
    9. Aaron Brooks
    Unrestricted / 6-0 / Team: Chicago 11.6 ppg, 3.2 apg
    10. Jose Juan Barea
    Unrestricted /6-0 / Team: Dallas 7.5 ppg, 3.4 apg
    11. Beno Udrih
    Player Option / 6-3 / Team: Memphis 7.7 ppg, 2.8 apg
    12. Patrick Beverley
    Restricted / 6-1 / Team: Houston 10.1 ppg, 3.4 apg, 4.2 rpg
    13. Sergio Rodriguez
    Unrestricted / 6-3 / Team: Real Madrid (Spain) 10.3 ppg, 5.1 apg
    14. Nate Robinson
    Unrestricted / Point Guard / 5-9 / Team: LA Clippers 5.7 ppg, 2.3 apg
    15. CJ Watson
    Unrestricted / 6-2 / Team: Indiana 10.0 ppg, 3.6 apg
    16. Jameer Nelson
    Player Option / 6-0 / Team: Denver 8.3 ppg, 4.0 apg
    17. Ishmael Smith
    Unrestricted / 6-0 / Team: Philadelphia 6.1 ppg, 3.3 apg
    18. Steve Blake
    Player Option / 6-3 / Team: Portland 4.3 ppg, 3.6 apg
    19. Kirk Hinrich
    Player Option / 6-3 / Team: Chicago 5.7 ppg, 2.2 apg
    20. Raymond Felton
    Player Option / Point Guard / 6-1 / Team: Dallas 3.7 ppg, 1.4 apg
    21. Andre Miller
    Unrestricted / 6-2 / Team: Sacramento 4.4 ppg, 3.5 apg
    22. Will Bynum
    Unrestricted / 6-0 / Team: Washington 3.1 ppg, 2.6 rpg
    23. Matthew Dellavedova
    Restricted / 6-4 / Team: Cleveland 4.8 ppg, 3.0 apg
    24. Shane Larkin
    Unrestricted / 5-11 / Team: New York 6.2 ppg, 3.0 apg, 2.3 rpg
    25. Marcelo Huertas
    Unrestricted / 6-3 / Team: FC Barcelona (Spain) 7.3 ppg, 4.5 apg
    26. John Lucas
    Unrestricted / 5-11 / Team: Detroit 4.7 ppg, 2.9 rpg
    27. Ronnie Price
    Unrestricted / 6-2 / Team: LA Lakers 5.1 ppg, 3.8 rpg
    28. Sebastian Telfair
    Unrestricted / 5-11 / Team: Oklahoma City 19.8 ppg, 4.5 apg
    29. Donald Sloan
    Unrestricted / 6-3 / Team: Indiana 7.4 ppg, 3.6 apg, 2.7 rpg
    30. Toure Murry
    Unrestricted / 6-5 / Team: Washington 1.2 ppg, 0.2 apg
    31. Jorge Gutierrez
    Restricted / 6-3 / Team: Milwaukee 2.7 ppg, 1.3 rpg, 1.1 apg
    Please change the ranking as you please. I did!

  89. 40%

  90. Jeremy was not given the go to shoot like Curry has been. I believe Jeremy can shoot at much better than 36.8%

  91. Houston is not considered a strong contender.

  92. Lin doesn’t really like shooting 3s…He seems to prefer the long mid-range jump shot…sound like it’s something he adopted this year with the Lakers.

    He’s going to have to look for the 3-ball a bit more to add more point to his “point per game”..and his high 3-point percentage may have more to do with the fact he only took them when he was wide open.

    NBA is moving toward an era where guards not only needs to shoot 3s at about a 35% or better clip, but they also need to take enough of them to make a difference.

    If Lin only averaged 0.9 3pt per game and only took 2.4 3point attempt per-game…..that’s a bit low…He’ll need to boost the successful 3point made to 1.5 per game…that may mean an increase of 3point shot attempt.

  93. according to this, it seems like jlin will be sought after the most. #1-4 already pretty much have their places set. I think many teams who need a pg upgrade will want jlin and P Bev. Very optimistic about jeremy’s FA 🙂

  94. Tony Parker’s 3pts attempts are at a measly 1.3+_ and imo, that hurt his team especially on the playoffs. CP3 clutch 3s saved his team but we dididn’t get to see Parker shoot 3s to clinch the deal for his team.

  95. Teams like Dallas would have lots of cap room to sign or not to sign Jeremy. Because Dallas always looks for bargains in the off season rather than paying their players the true value, I really don’t think they would use their cap room on Jeremy after looking at their salary structure.

  96. yeah, i’ve been thinking that they might pursue P. Bev for bargain price. Especially because they needs a “defensive” specialist. Everyone here knows that P Bev is an overrated defender now, but GMs still think he’s a defense guru. So, i get a sense that Mavs will want Bev to fill in the for the defensive holes (parsons, dirk, ellis) that are in their starting lineup.

  97. Well, they might try to make an offer to Cory Joseph who has a much better DRPM than Beverley. Cory is also less injury proned than Beverley.

  98. i think he take more 3’s in his next team. B Scott didn’t like too many 3’s so that could explain why he didn’t take many of them, especially before the all-star break.

  99. oh yeah, maybe!

  100. The DRPM of Cory Joseph is 0.96 ranked 7th among all PGs in DRPM.
    The DRPM of Patrick Beverley is -0.06 ranked 22nd among all PGs in DRPM.
    The DRPM of Jeremy is 0.28 ranked 19th among all PGs in DRPM

    Plus, it would take less time for Cory Joseph to adapt to Dallas’ offense.

    DRPM: Player’s estimated on-court impact on team defensive performance, measured in points allowed per 100 defensive possessions

  101. wow.. didn’t know cory joseph was such a great defender. is he a good playmaker too? i think mavs need a playmaker badly.

  102. Offensively, Cory Joseph passes the eye test.
    His PER for this season is 15.57 but his ORPM is only 0.04.
    Jeremy’s ORPM is 1.37
    Cory Joseph is at the age of 23; a first round 29th pick by SA. He’s a Canadian.
    I definitely rank him above Norris Cole.

  103. oh i see
    well, still think most teams will pursue jlin before p. bev, cory joseph, or any other pg (considering that #1-4 are set in their destinations). jlin’s defense is pretty good, knows how to set up offense, and is much more proven than some other FA PGs.

  104. JLin is older and more experienced and is quicker. Plus the agent of Jeremy will ask for a higher pay. Cory Joseph is also a really balanced player offensively and defensively. They are PGs with both positive ORPM and DRPM; only 15 PGs in NBA have that.

    That’s why I think Pop would not try to sign Jeremy because they have had Cory Joseph for 3 years already. Cory Joseph is ranked 24th in RPM while Jeremy Lin is ranked 18th in RPM. It will take some arm twisting to get Cory Joseph from the Spurs. Mark Cuban can do it if he wants him badly enough. By the way J J Barea is ranked 23rd in RPM but his defense is not good with a DRPM of -1.96.

  105. PO’d is an understatement. While I understand that hugging an opponent is considered by a lot as defensive strategy, running around all the time is questionable. Mayweather should have gotten tons of minuses and get sealed with a loss for that alone.

  106. Byron Scott likes long 2s and doesn’t like 3s. Jeremy just tries not to rub him in the wrong way.

  107. Steph’s shooting from is so fluid that makes other NBA players who are still working on perfecting their shooting techniques/forms look like they’re the d-leaguers..wonder if JLin has to improve his shots this off-season? :((

  108. If CP3 is out I don’t think the Clippers can beat the Rockets.

  109. nout pek

  110. all rite. ill bite.

    its all speculation who will stay and go much less where but that being said…

    first in terms of rankings i would have it: (and this for me is just based strictly on last seasons basic performance numbers)….

    1. dragic
    2. knight
    3. jackson
    4. rondo
    5. williams
    6. lin
    7. beverly
    8. watson
    9. brooks
    10. nelson
    11. sloan
    12. udrih
    13. barea
    14. joseph
    15. cole

    below that i dont consider legit nba material and no one should care about
    note: only considering players in nba last year, i have no way to judge relative value of rodriquez euro only play.

    for comparison here is the hoopshype rankings from which (i assume) this list was “change”-d by original poster:


    dragic: im not convinced is going to stay in mia. he did not mesh well at all with dwade; much like lin with kobe.

    most games it had to be either one or the other (dragic or wade) to be on the floor for either one to be effective. wade would only come to life scoring with chalmers as hod-carrier (and if you know what this term means im shocked) similarrly, dragic only would score when wade out.

    sometimes later in the game they would be able to work together but a lot of the time dragic even tho eventually putting up decent and improved numbers over phnx was left “standing in the corner” which was his reason for leaving phnx.

    his brother being there mite be incentive to stay but they could be packaged out again i imagine if someone else wanted him and it appears someones do.

    knight: knight was a disaster for milw (letting him go) phnx (getting him, he almost never played and when did was ineffectieve and phnx went down the drain after giving up dragic/thomas and getting knight) and knight himself (injured and no numbers when not injured).

    so here is unknown, either player or team could just call it (as rondo) a case of “buyers remorse” and move on.

    jackson: jackson did well in det but if brandon jennings is coming back, jackson is back where he doens’t want to be; at least i think so. so. again…uncertain where those guys will be and

    rondo: well as was said of mayweather here “no one likes” rondo.

    all those guys could be moving; maybe only rondo. i would think at least one of the others, most likely jackson

    williams has a lot of game left (witness 51 pt.er) and his stock went up once he got more clear p.t. in charlotte.

    i like udrih; his game and mentallity seems to me similiar to lin with just less athleticism and skill. but he gets the most out of what he’s got and doesn’t hurt you. but the rest of everyone below pbev i wouldn’t see much interest in.

    if people assume dragic, knight, jackson stay put and no one (except kobe) wants rondo now then, that puts as tina notes below

    jlin and old mate pbev in class as most desired to be sure available.

    so yeah i think lin will be desired and certainly shoulnd’t go back somewhere he’s already been treated poorly before. (any place he’s been!) so its surprising to me so many lin fans on here seem to be not only ok with but positive about him going back to one of them (see any and all previous and current lin locations, dont need to name them).

    there are 26 other teams. lin obviously even to the most lin averse fan has a more diverse game than p.bev. who is one dimension and that one dimension largely fabricated; still there was no reason for houston fans to get down on p.bev this year; he performed exactly the same as the year before, just he didn’t have the narrative on his side anymore.

    all that being said; lin is still on the surface and to nba in general a back up until he isn’t always being replaced by someone. (see long list dont need to be named here).

    based solely on his main numbers both last year and this year he is the best non starting pg in the league (previous year along with jackson who this year got his chance, this past year along with thomas and a couple others depending on who counts as a non-starter– thomas seems to have found a way to get his minutes without being a starter)–

    as usual the future is hidden from us for a reason, it is


    nothing ever happens as expected. we will just have to wait and see.

    suppose someone on here will be counting down the days to the draft and free agency and so on.

  111. I am pleasantly surprised at the outpouring of support for Pacquiao despite the loss. Even people who are not boxing fans have learnt about him and support his lifestyle, message and “fighting the right way”.

    God does work in mysterious ways.

  112. Agree with this post….Not only should Lin stay away from his previous employer who all treated him like shiit, he also should stay away from team who only see him as a 15 minutes bench player at best…That means to PLEASE, stay away from Golden State Warriors.

    I know GSW is a very good team, but reality is Jeremy can only get 15 minute there backing high-minutes guard Curry/Thompson.

    I’m still amusing when I see a Lin fan seriously suggesting Lin should join GSW.

    If Lin offer on the table are only as a back-up, he should pick the team with the weaker starting point guard…Probably a team like Sacramento, Orlando, Milwaukee, Philly, Denver.

    Those team above have decent point guard/Shooting guards but not great…Give yourself a chance to get at least 25 minutes every night and some opportunities to finish games depending on how well you’re playing.

  113. Look at that cobra-like action on his wrist. Anyway, Lin’s 3 point shooting percentage will not go above 39% during his NBA career. His form just not there for consistency. When you look at Curry’s form, his shooting motion is already in place as he jumps. That leads to stability and quick release. 3 point shots has allowed players who can shoot well to dominate. Kyle Korver, Anderson, etc. — if there were no 3 pointers, they would not be all that effective. Curry’s shooting and movements are an art and ingrained from an early age. I know this from playing tennis; there is no way someone can start tennis at over age of 13 and be top 5 in the world, no matter how great an athlete you are. Curry’s shots are still stable even in the most pressure-filled moments. Anyone can make shots under no pressure.

  114. A better boxer under the existing boxing rules won; a better man lost. I picked Clippers and Mayweather to win, and I pick Clippers to prevail over Rockets in 5 or 6, even with CP3 slightly injured. GSW all the way.

  115. Sounds familiar in NBA context, if you include politics rules in it.

  116. I hope you’re right about the Clippers over Rockets. I can see it happening with Jordan neutralizing Howard inside so Rockets 3pt shooting is less effective. The other thing is someone has to be able to make life difficult for Harden but I’m not sure who can do that in Clippers.

    GSW looks unstoppable so let’s go, GSW!

  117. Never say never, wink….:P

  118. HoopHabit’s article is better in showing how BScott misused Lin’s strength although it is still concluding Lin as a solid role player that many playoff teams can use his skills as a combo guard.

    As NBA currently values superstars as someone having individual scoring skills who can take over the game, it will be interesting to see if that affects Lin’s off-season training to improve on this aspect and depend on rolling big man in a PnR system.

    The honest truth backed up by stats is JLin can produce All-Star numbers when he is the main ball-handler in PnR system (i.e. HOU w/o Harden 38 pts vs Spurs plus 34pts vs 76ers) but he’s less effective in a one-on-one situation.

    I wonder if it makes sense for Jeremy to improve on individual scoring skills without relying on his big men to pick-and-roll. IMO anything that he can do would still be beneficial in crunch time if he has to score on ISO situations. Thoughts?


  119. “Dallas always looks for bargains in the off season rather than paying their players the true value”

    Sorry KWL but this statement is both illogical and baseless. First of all, you cannot call Bieber’s 3-yr, $45 mil contract a bargain. Second, given the cap structure and a limited number of roster spaces, no team can accumulate only minimum wage players. Teams are not only restricted from exceeding the cap, they are required to meet a minimum salary level. Third, the Mavs cannot force players to accept less than their true market value. If they try to low-ball a player, the player can simply go elsewhere. That’s how it works in a free market system.

  120. Of course, I have been saying, team ball is one thing. He will be benefited a lot if his can make FGs without being assisted.

  121. I wonder what should be his priority on ISO skills.
    Great footwork like Nash is excellent but Curry-like moves with jab-steps would be nice too

  122. I see tighter handle and pull up shots to be the most beneficial to him. Curry’s game is looking good (Don’t get me wrong, he is really good in shooting) because everyone is overplaying D against him now. Curry pretty much is the story of a overlooked player who found a right situation and shined.

    OTOH, Curry is not the only successful model for a PG that you can follow. You can go with Parker or Nash route…I personally think Lin is more close to Parker in terms of style as of now. So that is why I say better handle might be more beneficial than a particular one on one move.

  123. We all know why Lin was demoted to the bench. But the way medias are justifying it, seems like defense was the problem. To them, for a Guard to be the key player, This player must able to pour points/assists when given the ball and defense is optional for them (main reason for being a bench). That is the reason how teams justify Lin’s benching by his defense, which is total nonsense. By that definition, lot’s of today’s NBA starting PG should be coming off the bench.

    So while this article reflected some truth, I just dislike the general tone of “Lin is a bench at best because he can not defend”. That been said, the perception is being set already. Nothing Lin can do but to just improve and to try his best every single time he is on the floor.

  124. STEPH ?????

  125. Looks like Ty Lawson doesn’t want to be in Denver anymore. Probably he’ll be moved on draft night.

    If D’Antoni goes there it would be foolish to reject an eventual offer from the Nuggets. Denver are after Hezonja on draft night. He’s really really good. With Gallinari and Faried they’re a team with great upside.

  126. Draft night? you can not moving him until July

  127. Oh yes, ty lawson can be moved. It’s all over internet.

    Gimme some time to find a link

  128. I know the situation, just wondering why it will be on draft night

  129. I am actually rooting for cliff paul and the clips in this series…hehe

  130. To get a pick. Maybe Sacramento could be interested with Karl in charge

  131. No. Steph is Jeremy’s buddy. And who is friend of Jeremy is a friend of mine ?

  132. LOL

  133. NBA 2015 rumors: Jeremy Lin – Mike D’ Antoni reunion at Denver?


    With Billy Donovan almost certain of accepting the head coaching duties in Oklahoma City, Denver could be forced to set their eyes on other available coaches in the market.

    They could consider former Thunder coach Scott Brooks or even Mike D’ Antoni to take over though of the two, D’ Antoni is most likely the one immediately available. Brooks, fired after the Thunder failed to make the playoffs, will most likely be another coach that many NBA teams will be pursuing.

    If D’ Antoni does get the nod, could Jeremy Lin be next to join him in Denver?

    Lin is not expected to re-sign with the Lakers after this season, news that came out even during the regular season. It is no secret that Lin has failed to fit in to the system of coach Byron Scott, aggravated ll the more by the fact that he doesn’t see eye-to-eye with resident superstar Kobe Bryant.

    Lin reuniting with D’Antoni in Denver (or any team for that matter) makes a lot of sense. It will be recalled that the two hit it off in New York before which signaled the rise of Lin. So what better way to get your career back on track than with the coach who was responsible for your rise to stardom?

    All that is a possibility but a factor that could come into play is Lin’s hefty contract. Will the Nuggets agree to pay Lin that much of money (roughly averaging $8,374,646 per annum)?

    If there should be obstacles, Lin’s salary could be one of them. He may be forced to take a pay-cut which could be a feasible idea for Lin right now considering his performance lately.

    The immediate need for Lin right now is to re-establish himself and of course stay healthy. Injuries have hampered Linsanity from taking flight but D’ Antoni could help guide the American-Asian back to his fiery form if a reunion in Denver, or anywhere, arises.

    Besides, both have a common goal, to prove the Lakers made a big mistake letting them walk.

  134. Disagree with the last sentence. LAL have ALREADY proven that they made big mistakes.

  135. The clips are playing the hustun rockettes. … so I am rooting for the lesser of the 2 evils… hehe

  136. I’m ok with Clips given it to Houston. But wanted to see MVP Curry getting spicy with Harden.

  137. MVP, MVP, MVP! Lol

  138. Go clippers!!!!

  139. People always find excuses to justify their argument for Lins “weaknesses.” Lilliard is a horrible defender. Let’s see him get benched for that lol

  140. Houston has won only two playoff series in the last 18 seasons, and that includes its series this year against Dallas.

  141. ive always thought gallinari was (with dirk now on the downside) the most talented euro in the nba….but he’s always injured.

  142. true, it’s a double-standard, especially in RPrice case.
    He can’t score, do good-but-not-great D but still a better option than Lin? Clearly the answer is Kobe doesn’t like playing with Lin since it takes the ball away from Kobe. And still Price can’t make his shots off Kobe.

    It’s really bizzare logic that can only be explained by Kobe’s ego or other superstars ego (Harden & Melo). That’s the common thread

  143. opinion and speculation not the same as news or rumors.

  144. I like that stat… now I hope it will be another 180 years before they win another series ..hehe

  145. I think Curry tweaked his shooting form in HS sophomore years so it didn’t take as long as childhood age.

    I’ve been impressed that Lin has shot career-high 3s this year when BScott doesn’t like 3s and his roles kept changing. I think he can still further improve his 3pt shooting.

    I believe for over 2-3 weeks, he was 50-40-90 club

  146. all players continue to improve during off-season,
    JLin shots are good IMO. Doc might work more on consistency, etc.

    Even LeBron added post-move late in Miami after 1st championship IIRC.
    I’ve been impressed with how far JLin improved every year despite the ever-changing role 😀

  147. @psalm234:disqus @brentyen:disqus Don’t understand why this thread doesn’t show up in my front page. Happen for the first time. Any clue???

  148. Just contain Harden, and Clippers should be able to win.

  149. Hm, it looks like your browser’s cache is not automatically refreshed.

    I just manually refreshed the server cache. I thought it’s automated 15 min after Brent created the thread but apparently not

  150. It still doesn’t show up after my sleep, this is the second day. Haven’t done anything different from the past but just won’t show up no matter what I do:-(

  151. try to close & reopen the browser.
    If it doesn’t work, clear your browser cache.
    Do you know how? What’s your browser type (i.e. Chrome)?

  152. Yes I’ve closed and reopened the browser several times. Not working. How do you clear the brower cache?? Firefox. It does show up in Chrome but not Firefox.

  153. Arash MarkaziVerified account‏@ArashMarkazi
    Chris Paul will not play tonight.


  154. sorry, try this Firefox add-on to hit a button to clear cache

  155. Thanks. I’ve done it but this thread still doesn’t show up:-(

  156. Lakers has never failed to show us they are going to make mistakes after mistakes by letting Byron Scott, the historic inept coach to run the team with record injuries for his players.

  157. I wish.

  158. But Lin has always played 5 on 5. He will not do as well in iso or 2 on 2 atchups.

  159. That’s only because Dallas played without Chandler Parsons but with Rajon Rondo. Dallas happened to be in self-destruction mode. No credit would be given to the Rockets.

  160. It’s Morey’s fault to demote Lin. Morley is the Culprit.

  161. What Jeremy has achieved this season is his one-on-one game. His dribbling improves and he could hang on the ball better with his improved dribbling. He doesn’t need a pick to beat his man. His stop and go hesitation move and his bullet hooked pass adds on to his skills in connecting with or without PnR. Linsanity Prime is on its way.

  162. Faried and Lin would be a great combination. Way better than Davis and Lin.

  163. With the reputation of being contender, Dallas indeed has the privilege of obtaining services of players like Ellis, Amar’e Stoudemire, Al-Farouq Aminu, J.J. Barea at bargain price. The only exception is spending on Chandler Parsons to get even with Morey.

  164. Terrible news. Ok, cp3 gets rest and clippers get the next 4 games!

  165. Yep, I don’t know how modern boxing is scored, but you used to get penalized for locking the aggressive boxer up. Still like Manny…

  166. Try Google Chrome just for the heck of it. I used to use Firefox exclusively a few years ago, but it’s not as good as it used to be.

  167. Thanks! I still can use this but via another thread:-)

  168. not related but

    Manny Pacquiao needs surgery to fix ‘significant tear’ in right shoulder http://es.pn/1Iatf9A

    and yet one handed Pacman was the aggressor and the other one is running around and fulling Manny’s right arm and punching it. Yup, May knows about the shoulder, it was leaked to him..

  169. My Firefox shows up fine….hmmmm

  170. LMAO Clippers now leading by 4 and Harden picked up his 3 foul lol. Go Clippers and Blake Griffin! Win this without CP3!!

  171. Rockets ref rigging it with a late call, total BS! Clippers were going to be up 6!

  172. Not mine. Why?????:-(

  173. Just out of my curiousity: Why PB isn’t in Rox roster??

  174. It was a while back but he had an injury.

  175. Harden 8 TO in 3 quarters.

  176. James Harden has turned the ball over on 42% of his possessions tonight. His TO% in the postseason to this point was 14.8%.— Synergy Sports Tech (@SynergySST) May 5, 2015

  177. 101-91 LOL Clippers already won this game!

  178. not yet

  179. wow.. Rockets must be feeling so bad now with 3 min left

  180. its crazy clips have no cp3

  181. Before that 3, Harden didn’t have a field goal with 9 min left in Q3 until 3 min left in Q3.
    Hm, did Barnes shut him down?

  182. yeah, they should really be concerned

  183. exactly for me doc wins the serier with or without cp3. he is way way way better then mchale

  184. Comparing Doc a multi Championship coach with Mchale is insulting!

  185. wow, Harden on a triple-double watch: 20pts, 11asts, 8TOs!

    He taketh and he giveth

  186. Clippers got this!

  187. McHale’s lack of game adjustment will be exposed when Harden is stopped.
    He doesn’t have much backup plan other than letting Harden do his thing

  188. DJordan made both FTs, the hackaJordan doesn’t work! Clippers extending lead! LOL wow now it’s the HackaHoward but he misses. Yea Clippers won this game already! Bye Bye Rockets!

  189. 0-2 on Dwight. welp!
    Dwight needs to step up big time

  190. This. RT @SethPartnow: Houston has played from start to finish one of the dumbest games I can recall.— Haralabos Voulgaris (@haralabob) May 5, 2015

  191. This is for the racist haters at cf….. hhahaha hahaha. … the numbers are clear…. the rockettes are exposed by the cliff paul-less clippers……hahaha choke on it cf….hahaha

  192. LMAO Rockets meltdown, Barnes was wide open. Now Clippers just taking time off clock.

  193. Harden just had his 9 TOs. Wow!

  194. I’m loving this sweet defeat of Suckets with a CP3less Clippers! Difference between a real team vs a selfish toxic team and dumb coach.

  195. Redick guarded harden most of the time.

  196. Harden’s lack of playmaking is exposed with 9 TOs here and only 6 FTAs (although having 12 assists)
    Plus they are missing another playmaker. The next player with highest assists is Prigioni with 3 assists.

    No wonder they’re interested to get Jeremy Lin back. LOL

  197. Wide open bc harden was playing his mvp defense.

  198. The Rockets were not playing at their “normal” level. Must be concrete in their shoes.

  199. yea its obvious

  200. LOL there’s no way JLin is going back to the toxic Rockets, keep dreaming!

  201. that’s even more surprising. maybe Redick didn’t take Harden’s bait

  202. What a wonderful day!! : ) Go Clippers!

  203. 16 point domination win of the Rockets in Game 1 against the Rockets.

    Without CP3.

    Harden 9 TO.

    Looks like the Rockets got lucky in Round 1 with Rondoless Mavs.

  204. well idk he may. who know what he willl do but him

  205. Rockets are a better team than last year base on their record and they also they’ve gone passed to the second round. The Clippers are clearly a better team and they will go to the final.

  206. This is Harden’s true color: an un-clutch choke who gets by during regular season with flopping and FTs.

  207. Blake Griffin with Triple Double (26pts/14rebs/13asts) just stepped up for CP3 in his absence.
    This is why Clippers might win 4-2 if CP3 is back soon

  208. With rondo the mavs would have been swept….hehe

  209. When will anyone here acknowledge the Clippers are underrated?

  210. rockets so harden and bust also howard was dominated by djordan rebounding wise.. first time dwight went up againts a player equally as athletic.

  211. 9TO… if it’s Lin he would get bench of course. smh! But I am so happy for Clippers. Hope Rox loss all 4 games. LOL!

  212. I think not getting the MVP award made Harden a bit cranky. Lol.

  213. he’s not really a playmaker, just trying to draw fouls and pass to open man off double-team.

    when he only gets 6 FTAs, bad things will happen to Rockets

  214. Ya! w/o FT Harden just another SG. LOL!

  215. all we can go by for now is “best fit”

    I hope that doesn’t mean “save Harden’s 9TOs + Rockets scapegoat” =)

  216. They got lucky on Cuban’s blunder trade, and beat a handicapped Mavs team.

  217. Harden getting the MVP would’ve made me a bit more than just cranky. 🙂

  218. Harden thought he had done enough.

  219. The rockettes had just experience their first josh smith affect….hahaha

  220. The klutz at cf excuse will be… but..but we don’t have our all world, GOAT defensive player the wolverine beverly…. hehe

  221. We all need luck for everything. In the end better is still better.

  222. …when in fact the opposite is true, if Bev stayed healthy Rox would NOT have reached 2nd spot or cleared Round 1. Addition by substraction at its finest.

  223. mchale coached a brilliant game…keep it up coach…hehe …. sometimes you help coach the other team…. remember your team is the rockettes not the Clippers

  224. Yeah, Harden just swings his arms wildly at the opponent while holding the ball.

  225. In karma I trust, it’ll bite them in the end. I say Warriors vs Clippers.

  226. me too.

  227. McHale: Hey James, we’re trying to win here. When I see you making all those turnovers I wonder if you’re playing for the other team.

    Harden: STFU!

  228. Griffin was a monster tonight, huge number of rebounds, points and assists, he even impressed me with his ball handling.

  229. McHale doesn’t have the backbone to say that.

  230. I imagine him saying it in a soft, pleading, desperate tone.

  231. “not my fault”

  232. That is giving the rockettes too much credit…. should have been kindergarten. … hehe

  233. I really want to know that did Mc blame Harden for his 9TO?! LOL! I am just so happy tonight.

  234. Good job, Mc. LOL!

  235. Just exactly “WHO” made those turnovers? Call out the name as you did Jeremy’s, you coward.

  236. Jlin 1 tov… cf racist haters wants to lynch him…. horden 9 tov…. cf chirp,chirp….pathetic haters

  237. Resting CP3 today was more like Doc River thinking a longer run to the top even with a risk for giving the Rocket game 1. His team responded differently. Great and out coaching McHale.

  238. Nice seeing redick guarding him so he can’t go left. Also made him shoot an airball with expiring shot clock.

  239. CF didn’t say anything about Harden’s 9TO?! smh!

  240. mchale is probably cursing out Morey for trading away his favorite throw under the bus poster boy Jlin….hehe

  241. I wouldn’t be surprised if the klutzch at cf is blaming Jlin for this loss…hahaha. ..pathetic hater….. if the rockettes lose this serie…I would not be surprise to see the Jim Jones syndrome over at cf…. hehe

  242. Griffen was out with an infection for quite a stretch towards the end of the season and the Clippers started to free fall in the standings. But as soon as he came back the Clippers seemed unbeatable again. CP3 is a great PG but Griffen may be the Clips MVP.

  243. I agree. Griffin is the key. Jordan is also good. In fact, CP3, Griffin & Jordan are the key for their good game.

  244. CP is also happy for the Clippers won?! LOL!


  245. If Bieber still hates the Rox that much you can just imagine how JLin feels.

  246. How come PB not playing anymore?

  247. Haha! I think so too. LOL!

  248. You forgot Jamal Crawford.

  249. McHale is clearly calling out Harden. I’d love to see Harden go Rondo on him.

  250. Crawford is 6th man. He’s important for bench but the main big three to me it’s CP3, Griffin, & Jordan. I don’t get why Lakers never tried to get a good center?!

  251. Swearing he doesn’t have a scapegoat to blame anymore.

  252. LA’s last game was April 15. Since it’s been about 3 weeks (his usual holiday, as I recall), Lin should be getting ready to go back to work.

  253. Diva Harden is the boss, same like prima donna KB is the boss, no one dare to do anything to them!

  254. Beke
    “Harden improved his defense. He leads the league in defensive win shares”

  255. To be fair, harden has been good in most fourth quarters this year.

  256. ESPN Stats & InfoVerified account‏@ESPNStatsInfo
    James Harden’s 8 turnovers are 1 shy of his season high


  257. Haha! Harden only looked at the ball not the guy he needed to guard. LOL!

  258. He maybe also waiting for his leg to get fully recover to start the training.

  259. JH had 9 tovs.

  260. Playing well in fourth when your team has a large lead due to a dozen shady FTs from flopping does not equal clutch.

  261. ESPN in a futile attempt of putting lipstick on a pig.

  262. JLin may have already begun his training. This pic was taken last week.

  263. It’s not for lack of trying, a good center would NEVER come to play with Kobe.

  264. Synergy Sports Tech
    James Harden has turned the ball over on 42% of his possessions tonight. His TO% in the postseason to this point was 14.8%.


  265. Still in LA? Not going back to Palo Alto for the summer?

  266. Korean BBQ and training not mutually exclusive. 🙂

  267. I think so that’s why Harden is just a normal SG/PG for Rox tonight. Great job, Doc!!!

  268. Haralabos Voulgaris ‏@haralabob 2h2 hours ago
    This Rockets team and coaching squad is a disgrace.

  269. Injured his wrist. Needed surgery.

  270. There is one happy Rocket tonight. Can you guess who?

  271. This guy?

  272. Lol

  273. Robert Sha‏@Gadgetomi
    And THAT, folks, is why Harden is not your MVP and never will be. He never shows up when it really matters.


  274. Since the Spurs got cheated by the refs, my main joy out of this year’s playoffs now is to witness the prompt demise of the Rox.

  275. I’d buy a ticket. Second thought, no, don’t spend any money on anything rockets.

  276. Yes demise of Rockets, Clippers taking over as LA’s team, Lakers in the basement with Scott / Kobe / Rondo bringing up the geriatric team.

  277. wrist injury required surgery so he’s out

  278. music to my ears. Go Redick!

  279. yes, his ball-handling was visibly excellent in pressured situation

  280. LOL harden is cute on defense. real cute

  281. That’s “MVP” material right there. LOL

  282. vastly underrated and extremely hated…

  283. If Clippers pass the 2nd round, LAL’s investment on Kobe’s last contract becomes a total loss because his fans will be gone.

  284. Not that I’m a huge fan of either the Clippers or the Nets, but seriously Lakers and Knicks deserve to continue rotting. One must reap what one sows.

  285. Griffin was no.2 in MVP running last season! He’s definitely more important than CP3.

  286. It was the right decision especially against a dysfunctional team like the Rockets.

  287. Nah Clippers are going to win 4-0, it’s a sweep.

  288. That’s cause the Clippers never made it far in the playoffs or finals! I don’t like CP3, the fake nice guy and flopper but he did step it up against the Spurs. And I do like Blake Griffin.

  289. Yes, Clippers got to sweep the series so that they can rest welll to face off GSW.

  290. Lin’s not that dumb he’s not going back to a team and coach who disrespected him that so much! Remember Jersey Gate?!

  291. This is the first morning that I woke up and being pleasingly surprised since JLin’s 7 games stretch after ASG.

    Rox loss.

    1 down, 3 to go, Clippers.

  292. Right

  293. What? One more FA coach for MDA?!

  294. haralabos voulgaris i thought was a character on game of thrones.

  295. not surprising. remember counting the rondo ruined mavs victory the rockets have only won 2 playoff series in the last 18 years.

  296. maybe they were reporting midgame announcing he was approaching his season high?

  297. following that old baseball maxim: “keep your eye on the ball”.

  298. parsons just likes to comment on everything. he wants attention.

  299. clippers are only team to actually have a big 3 that statistically can clearly be put in top 15 players in league.

    and yes clippers and spurs were hottest teams at end of season.

    and clippers spurs series will no doubt prove to be the best series of the playoffs.

    should clippers somehow get past g.s. could be thought of as the finals.

    (no one from east is even worth thinking about for chip)

  300. or leave as soon as possible. (howard, pau)

  301. i know “dot” is blaming lin for this loss.

  302. the what mite be called “harden-fast” rules applying still, if harden gets double digits in fta’s he scores big and the rockets win 80% of the time; less that double digit fta’s not so big and rockets barely a 500. team.

    this game: no double digit ftas, no win.

    the clips were rite in this game at halftime despite shooting uncharacteristically poorly; it was just a matter of them coming back to the mean in the second half great shooting to assure a victory; also:

    have to remember mchale doens’t beleive in game adjustments matter.

    obviously between these 2 factors can account for outcome.

  303. Yeah I am just like you waiting for MDA being offered the job of Denver Nuggets Head Coach.
    Here is looking at the coach search from another angle:

    Which candidates should be eliminated from the Denver Nuggets coaching search?

  304. First Harden snubs Curry while even Lebron congratulates Curry. Then Harden shows the world why he is MVP. Chandler then reminds us why Houston is classless. Rockets fans r also disgusted. I lurk on clutchfans, but do not leave any gloating remarks.

    Looking forward to next GSW game.

  305. Not even a close game.

  306. Looks lIke DJordon tamed JHarden….

  307. Harden’s TOV was one of the killer in this game….the rest of players, other than DH, were let down…none could handle Clippers tough and roughs

  308. Eye on the ball again…not the player!

  309. ESPN only giving Rockets 17.1% chance of making it to the next round.


  310. Overall his game has improved compared to last season….but for playoffs, the leader needs to have “that special” mental toughness….to get the rough out of the way and find your feet……this he as the leader need to instill to rest of his teammates…I guess thats where JH lacks…unlike SC and KT had lived up to playoffs toughness as individual and as a team player

  311. I will give them another game a chance :)…..if they fold again…we know for sure

  312. lol…….loss bcoz Lin was not there?!

  313. lol…KM picking on JH?

  314. That would have played some part as well…but I give credit overall to DJ and BG in keeping the rim safe

  315. Yup…he was the MVP of the game

  316. Watching a brief clip of Steph Curry’s MVP acceptance speech, I can’t help notice how similar Steph and Jeremy are in their speech and demeanor: always humble, giving credits to teammates, and aspire to be role model to inspire people to live in the moment, work hard and count the blessings every day.

    I’m glad a great role model won the MVP this year, on and off-court! I’d take Curry 100x and never on Harden.
    The Top 10 MVP play this season is also fun to watch.


  317. Lowell CohnVerified account‏@LowellCohn
    Steph Curry never mentioned Mark Jackson at his MVP ceremony. He mentioned everyone else, including high school and college coach


  318. after clearing your cache…check using below steps

    1) go to the address url
    2) type “about:cache” (without the quote)

    it should return nothing…if there is some cache info…meaning it has not cleared fully

  319. Why? I thought he likes Mark Jackson?

  320. He supported him publicly but I’ve heard he was hard to deal with, didn’t get along with owners, would want his cronies as assistants rather than more qualified assistant coaches. Which is why he isn’t coach anymore despite going to playoffs last year.

  321. Well deserved MVP!

  322. Amen!….I’m happy for him and NBA as a whole…in choosing a right role model

  323. cache problem with FireFox….I’m reposting my message below…if others encounter similar issues

    after clearing your cache…check using below steps

    1) go to the address url
    2) type “about:cache” (without the quote)

    it should return nothing…if there is some cache info…meaning it has not cleared fully. Then proceed with manual deletion

  324. So happy it’s not Harden. He is not a MVP at all.

  325. Mark Jackson said Harden is his choice for MVP when he’s asked ny ESPN. Curry and Warrior teammates reacted rather negatively, Bogut in particular retaliated..so not surprising Curry didn’t thank MJ.

  326. The other place, you might want to check and clear as well is your network cache

  327. I just can’t shake off the funny feeling that Warriors won’t win the championship…KL won DPOY, Spurs lost, Curry won MVP..hope it’s anti jinx as Jeremy isn’t in the playoffs, Spurs’ 1st round exit killed half of the playoffs, and not able to see GSW play in the Finals means this season is what complete disaster for me !!!

  328. If the above fails…another place that you might want to check…is your Java Cache.

    1) Go to your Control Panel
    2) Click Open “Java’ panel
    3) Click on Setting under your General Tab
    4) And then click on “Delete Files”

  329. What? Mark said so? smh! No wonder Curry would not mention his name at all.

  330. If CP3 plays they will lose Game 2 guaranteed.

  331. They were really showing their age:


  332. So I guess they will start to build around KL

  333. I think so & don’t think they will consider Lin bc Parker still have 2 more years…?

  334. Parker was looking slow in the playoffs and kept having injury problems. They would be wise to start looking for a replacement.

  335. I know but they still respect him no matter what…. backup PG is not their priority target this off season.

  336. Wizards is good now & hard to say what will happen in 2nd round…?

  337. If Parker still starts for 2 more years, they can not play better than this season.

  338. Should be. Parker was shooting poorly in the playoffs. Seemed like they were doing better with Mills.

  339. Parker could not penetrate was the bigger problem…I think

  340. If the Clips can win short-handed on the road, this can be a very short series.

  341. Ya DeAndre Jordan gives lots of penetrators problems. Probably why when James Harden couldn’t draw fouls he became ineffective.

  342. KEVIN DINGVerified account‏@KevinDing
    Popovich and @JMcDonald_SAEN on “what should prove to be the most landscape-altering Spurs offseason in some time”: http://www.expressnews.com/sports/spurs/article/Popovich-says-it-s-time-to-re-tool-6241762.php?t=1e43dca902927fc3fb&cmpid=twitter-premium


    KEVIN DINGVerified account‏@KevinDing
    Pop: “We want to retool a little bit. We want to try to start–not exactly over again–because these last four seasons have been a grind.”

  343. Yes, love curry! Great guy

  344. Mark Jackson is really toxic in building relationships with people around him. I thought he was good in being inspirational speaker but he treated people badly. Good thing he’s gone.

    JLin should never get close to playing for someone like MJackson if he coaches again

  345. With 10 free agents including 3 considering retirement (Duncan, Manu, Matt Bonner) plus the chance to chase LMA & Marc Gasol, everything is up in the air. Even Pop might retire.

    It’ll be interesting to see if RC Buford sees JLin as part of the equation with Parker’s health deteriorating in the past few years. We should know when Lin gets the invite to work out with teams

  346. hope the stars align for jlin!

  347. JLin acts like a Spur. His nice personality, unselfish playing style, up-tempo pace very compatible with the way the Spurs play.

  348. Awesome I didn’t know Bulls won 1st game against the Cavs lol. I hope they get to the finals this time.

  349. yes, if Pop is still coaching, he will find ways to leverage Lin’s strength to win as a team.
    No doubt about it. I just hope Duncan would still play 1 more year.

    I just don’t know if it’s 100% fit with Parker’s presence

  350. Parker playing less and less minutes and getting injury prone. Actually JLin could maybe learn some things from Parker in a mentor role. Something we had hoped for from Nash that never happened.

  351. Thanks for this info. Followed the following one and this thread finally showed up. Thanks!

  352. Or just use Google Chrome. 🙂

  353. Wow, I didn’t realize that. Curry even thanked the equipment manager. That is quite shocking, considering how much Steph backed Jackson before and after he was fired.

    I know that Jackson said he thought Harden was MVP, but I didn’t think that one statement would destroy their relationship.

  354. wow, really? but probabilities can change drastically after each win/loss. If the Rockets win game 2, the win probability for Rockets should jump back to ~50%.

  355. ain’t nothing Tony Allen ain’t never seen before

  356. LOL, I had to watch that 7 times before I could find where Harden was coming from… because he was so far away

  357. I love Harden defensive “highlights”

  358. Go Warriors! Jeremy’s probably cheering for them to win it all as well.

    I feel bad for Conley and the Grizzlies though. They have no chance without Conley. And even if Conley plays in game 2, he won’t be anywhere near 100%

  359. And Mark Jackson is a pastor. That’s ridiculous!

  360. Hoping Jeremy lands with the Spurs (or at least the Mavs). Even if he gets yelled at by Pops, at least the man knows what he’s doing unlike McHale and KoBS, and even Timmy gets yelled at so it’d be the same accountability across the board.

  361. yeah, I don’t know what’s up with that.
    He’s supposed to set good examples

  362. maybe it could work that way, the only thing is Parker’s contract is still more years with $12M-$15M/year so quite a commitment

  363. Klay will never be the MVP as long as Curry is the ball handling PG.

  364. they’re playing well with Conley.

  365. WOW What’s wrong with GSW? It’s 45 v 57 Memphis @8:20 3rd qtr.

  366. A perfect suit on someone else does not mean the same on you.

  367. Up and down is part of a long competition. Still lots of time.

  368. OK. Don’t watch the game. Just checked the score. Surprise to see the “loss.”

  369. It’s Memphis n Conley not lakers n clarkson.

  370. Regardless of whether you consider Spurs to be a good fit for Jeremy, there’s no denying that as far as “coaches” go (and I apply the term loosely here), a player can’t do much worse than playing for BS.

  371. Memphis can give teams a hard time. their defense is on point

  372. Why lower your option and standard by comparing to BS? There are many others choices for Lin.

  373. Asides from D’Antoni going to Denver (which is still up in the air), I don’t see many other choices that are superior to Pops and Carlisle, both of whom have championship experience and know how to use a PG properly.

  374. I know they seem to be not as aggressive as game1?! Maybe NBA wants them to play more games or what? They just don’t play like they did in game1.

  375. Conley is shooting well today.

  376. It’s sad that as talent as Lin and all you could see is 2 teams that might fit him. It’s great if he has great coach but much more important if he has coach who would trusted him.

  377. Of course it is ok for Curry to shoot an airball…:P

  378. Or at the very least, willing to reward his performance when he does well

  379. He’s new MVP so no one cares about his airball … today’s focus all on Conley.

  380. Warriors lost. Bummer.

  381. LOL I know, I know

  382. Warriors vs Grizzlies doesn’t seem as intense compared to Spurs vs Clippers.

  383. yes, and he knows it too

  384. Ya! For today’s game. Somehow I feel GSW wants Mem to win… Curry didn’t seem to be really aggressive to score.. even Kerr’s interview didn’t seem to be upset by the lose?! Well, I am glad Conley played well & Mem at least got one win.

  385. You got it backwards, dude. It’s sad that the NBA only has a handful of coaches that 1) is competent, 2) is professional, 3) merit-based accountability, and 4) is color-blind when it comes to talent. These days I’d say half of the coaches don’t have a good idea of what the h3ll they’re doing, and that is neither Jeremy’s nor my fault.

  386. Lin talked about how Conley can still be effective in a slower pace…Maybe Lin will watch those games later as part of the summer workout? Film sessions!

  387. No I’m not. Your limit of believing is not the same as someone else. Lin has been playing with team with its own franchise player and his poison contract really hurt him in term of getting trade. Now he is in charge of where he wants to play.

  388. This is serious business not kindergarten. Reward?

  389. Hope he reads your input, I don’t think he knows what he’s doing.

  390. I am not inputting…he is not gonna watch this board. I don’t think you know what you are talking about… 😛

  391. Think the whole MVP presentation thing at the game messed them up. Was thinking why r they doing it at the game, just do it after playoffs. Oh well, a coyple of days b4 next game.

  392. Conley was pretty good tonight. Give him that, even with face mask and all.

  393. I think he is very average…but he did have a good game….great!

  394. So the game will be more interesting….lol

  395. All that food on the table….

  396. There is no difference there, just the things used for reward are different….This is a serious world.

  397. Not the interesting I was looking for. Wrong direction. Flip the arrow going the other way.

  398. Not bad for average. Like an Asian F? Lol

  399. LOL…..

  400. Is it just one game or Jeff Teague does not really finish at the rim well?

  401. Ike’s Place in Westwood. He’s probably having the Linsanity sandwich.

  402. Only watched some of 2nd half the game today, he didn’t shoot well.

  403. Meritocracy by any other name, same thing.

  404. You keep patronizing yet so far I haven’t seen you bring up any other choice that’s superior to mine, or otherwise. If you think Pops and Carlisle to be so ill-fitted for Jeremy, please DO enlighten me and the rest of the forum with stellar alternatives that DO make sense to your unparalled wisdom.

  405. Jeremy held him to a zero point game early in his second year with HOU.

  406. he sure loves to eat 😛

  407. Not Lin related.

    I don’t usually check my phone bill . But when i check it, look what i have found. AT&T charged me twice of 1 phone call.

    @ATT charged me twice of 1 call. pic.twitter.com/bpUjTWYKcn— kietchayLA (@kietchayla) May 6, 2015

  408. It interesting to know that players share the playoffs proceeds. Do they get a share from road games too or only home games?

  409. And you shouldn’t be expecting anything less from these people. Just be grateful they didn’t charge you three or more times! LOL

  410. No because I’m not jlin himself and I’m not pretending that I know more than he does in term of what’s best for him. Wherever he goes is where I follow as a basketball fan not anything more.

  411. Coaches would do what’s best for the team not any individual.

  412. You recommended lin to take summer class to study film. He’s not that smart to know that right?

  413. Is the MPV voted by a fan ballot? I’ve lost track. It used to be by writers.

    I personally don’t like any votes by writers. The accredited ones do know their stuff. But sometimes I wonder if some of them are as knowledgeable or as objectives as they are purported to be, though certainly many are. I feel that fan votes, as much as they are biased and subjective by definition, is a more accurate measure of the importance and values of the players to their fans, for whom the sport exits in the first place.

    I would say the same thing about peer votes. When recognition and respect are given by one’s peers, they are far more special and gratifying than those bestowed by the so-called experts. We have all seen how ignorant some of them are.

  414. So…hoping is a crime now? As are educated guess and preference?

    By your standard this forum shouldn’t even exist, as none of us here is Jeremy Lin.

  415. Splash brothers had a hard time getting into rhythm, shows just how great Mem defense is, no.1 defensive team after all!

  416. Allen had some key steals, stops.

  417. Bummer yes

  418. Is it ok for kt?

  419. It wasn’t v fun tovwatch unless you like mem. I’m just ok with them. Conley was great, hurt and all.

  420. I think he’s one of the best

  421. I sincerely don’t know..My worry is Pop would really go crazy on Lin, specially about turn-overs.

    I’d rather Lin play for a coach that could give him a bit of a leeway when he makes some mistake……

    Pop is a no nonsense guy..a perfectionist and Lin will probably get the full brunt of his anger and yelling and that may not be good for Jeremy’s psyche.

    You really need a very thick skin to play for Pop….I would not be surprised if Kwahi Leonard were to leave this summer after the way he yelled at him and quickly hooked him out of the game after 1 mistake.

  422. I answer my question: NBA has a pool of money from the playoff series ticket sales, etc for players to share. So it’s both road and home games, and the more games played the higher the shares, obviously.

  423. I have been on the phone w/ them since 8:05 . It is now 8:30 and still not resolved it as I am typing.

  424. AT&T mo.

  425. so 7-game series will benefit not only TV ratings, ticket sales but also players.
    Refs might also benefit so their calls would be adjusted accordingly in tight games

  426. I think NBA MVP voting is still conducted by sportcasters/broadcasters so it literally is the most-well deserving & well-liked by reporters

    It would be interesting if this also played into aloof Harden vs well-liked Curry

    It certainly is not free of problems but peer voting can also introduce its bias if they want to alienate a player (Europe, overseas, etc.).
    What might help is to have transparency based on available stats of impact to the team.

  427. AT&T has been doing it since 15-20 years ago 🙂
    I’m sure it’s a “bug feature” in their system that was never removed

    I ditched it for cheaper phone cards a long time ago, esp. for International calls

  428. It’s a bit weird that LAL announces Swaggy is on the trading block as if he’s no longer wanted there.
    They could’ve gone the “let’s see the best offer for our Swaggy” so they have more bargaining power in the trade

    This only confirms the theory that Swaggy has criticized BScott and more importantly Kobe too much that he’s in the “persona non grata” list

  429. @K.P.Chan:disqus, this is the wiki info on who can vote for NBA MVPs.
    Since 79-80, sportswriters & broadcasters have the ballots to vote. Since 2010, NBA fans have 1 ballot through online voting.


    Until the 1979–80 season, the MVP was selected by a vote of NBA players. Since the 1980–81 season, the award is decided by a panel of sportswriters and broadcasters throughout the United States and Canada, each of whom casts a vote for first to fifth place selections. Each first-place vote is worth 10 points; each second-place vote is worth seven; each third-place vote is worth five, fourth-place is worth three and fifth-place is worth one. Starting from 2010, one ballot was cast by fans through online voting. The player with the highest point total wins the award.[2] As of May 2015, the current holder of the award is Stephen Curry.

  430. So it’s true that they really want him out? Kobe is still in charge then… smh!

  431. Agree. Or any other sport forums.

  432. yes, it’s as expected.
    Swaggy was so careless to think that he can get away with saying “Kobe’s injury is a blessing in disguise to other players”. He was DNP-ed for a long time after that errant shot. Down goes Swaggy in LA.

    I guess Kobe doesn’t want Swaggy to clown around to ruin his retirement season

  433. Like at least give players some praise, some recognition words as encouragement when he does well, that a coach can do n should do. A good example is Mchale.

  434. The writer proposes a cheaper Bev ($5M/yr) might be the best fit next to Monta for Mavs next season.
    JLin is mentioned but money might be the issue.

    The three most interesting free-agent names for the Mavs after Beverley should be Mo Williams, Aaron Brooks and Jeremy Lin. They aren’t defensive stoppers by a long shot but would fit in offensively.

    Each guy has enough shooting range and off-the-dribble bounce to keep the Mavs’ offense flowing. It’s unclear what kind of money Lin will look for this summer, but Williams and Brooks should be available for under $5 million per year. Brooks constantly slips under the radar of most teams, although his solid play for the Chicago Bulls could drive up his stock.


  435. I know bc I saw one program from Mav reporters before season end… someone did say PB is good fit w Mav bc they want good D w 3P shooter only. Plus now w Mo William also free… PG is not Mav top concern… Only if Ellis is out then maybe Lin will have more chance to Mav.

  436. MM said before season end, he got the infor from Lakers… Swaggy is on the trade list this summer. I believe MM & BS has good connection.

  437. More news about DAL Donnie Nelson (President of BB Operations) announcing they will look for talents to surround Dirk at the late stage of his career with 11 Mavs players going on Free Agency.


  438. Looks like JL’s name sells more than SCurry?!! :0)

    Jeremy Lin and MVP Steph Curry — Faith In The Sports Spotlight

    Then this week the devout Christian Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors won the NBA MVP. It’s the highest profile Jesus Christ has had in the NBA since the devout Jeremy Lin lit up the league with Linsanity four years ago. Lin, whose faith directs his life, is a worldwide star who still makes headlines for everything he does — and where he’ll end up next year is an exciting subject for most basketball fans.

    In fact, Lin would fit in well at Golden State, for personal and personnel reasons (thought it’s unlikely he’ll end up there). The MVP and Warriors leader Curry even had a cross and a Bible verse designed into his signature line of basketball shoes from Under Armour. Curry believes, and has proved this year in basketball at least, that he can “do all things things through Christ.

  439. Plus I didn’t get the feeling that Lin seemed to be interested in Mav that much… when Lakers vs Mav, Lin didn’t even try to showcase for Cuban?!

  440. What Nelson and Carlisle said:
    Note: IMO it remains unknown if Lin will be seen as the right talent to help Dirk and DAL to contend for championships

    “It puts our head coach in a difficult position, because when you’re shuffling in new pieces it’s just more challenging,” Nelson said of the Mavs’ yearly roster shakeups. “We’ve had success with Rick and shuffling those pieces. It’s not the preferred way of doing business, but in this age of free agency you have to have talent to win in this league. There’s no question about that. We’ve had pretty good success with getting some young players towards the end of the summer and getting our flexibility. It’s been a strain on our head coach, but he’s handled it like he has with everything and hasn’t complained. He’s made the best with a difficult situation. But, unfortunately, I think those days are here to stay.”

    “That’s a challenge that I accept,” Carlisle proclaimed while addressing his leadership over an ever-changing roster. “It’s a challenge that I enjoy taking on each year. It’s not always going to be like this. It’s not. With Dirk’s situation in this stage of his career, we’ve had to do some creative things to try to keep the team as competitive as possible around him. Going forward, I know that our desire is not to have a locker room full of free agents every year. That said, the guys that we’ve had have been terrific and have been professional. We’ve made the best of it. But again, this is a big summer. And from here, we’ll devise a plan and we’ll move forward.”

  441. The writer also said: “Most of the above-mentioned guys are solid backups and not starting-caliber point guards on a roster with championship aspirations. But they could still meet the Mavs’ offensive demands for a season or two.”

  442. I think DAL game wasn’t just part of the 6-7 games post-ASB that Lin was allowed to run PnR freely before Byron asked him to clamp it in MEM game since they had 3-game winning streak LOL

    I’m not even sure if Lin would see DAL as a good fit if they retains Monta

  443. No elite point guard in this league is a defensive stopper, they all are offensive master. This guy suggested to sign Bev just for defense and 3-point shooting so Parsons can have the ball for PnR was lack of wisdom.

  444. yup, he didn’t think much of JLin more than solid backups along with Mo Williams, Brooks

    That’s the damage that HOU and Lakers years have done to JLin’s reputation.
    Lin needs to reverse that trend by choosing a role as the main guy with the ball in his hands if it’s available

  445. A writer who puts Patrick Beverley as the most interesting free agent PG deserves to be kicked in the shins. Seriously?

  446. but it was full of wisdom according to Parsons :]
    maybe the guy is Parsons’ buddy

  447. Just read too. You’re quicker.

  448. To be accurate, it’s the “Most Discounted FA PG” at $5M/year LOL

  449. Exactly, he wanted Parsons to run point PnR “a lot”.

  450. probably by a split second… 😉

  451. yup, not a whole lot of wisdom in that

  452. I don’t think Lin can be good fit w or w/o Ellis bc even I like the coach but he seems to be the guy wants the PG to be do it in his way not the player who has his own opinion like Kidd, Rondo & Lin. I also remembered Carlisle said something about Lin like…..Lin is someone has his own idea…? when Lin was still in Rox….Look how Rondo end the connection w Mav….

  453. Remember, Lin credited and thanked the Nelsons for giving him the first chance in the NBA while no one else did.

    They would definitely pursue Lin this off season if the price is right, it should be a done deal.

  454. Plus this could be from PB’s agent to push him on the list… you know it’s FA time….

  455. I didn’t bother reading it upon seeing “Patrick Beverley” and “interesting FA” in one sentence. What the frig?

    It’s gonna be a loooong free agency.

  456. GSW and Curry is good but being a Curry backup w/ 20min PT is probably not what JLin has in mind as a good “fit” of his role IMO

  457. it’ll be interesting to see how DAL proposes to use Lin.
    If it includes feeding ball-dominant Monta, it might not be to Lin’s best interest or best fit.

  458. true….furthermore with KT there, dont think Lin could get any more playing time.

  459. If they can let Lin be real 6th man that will be OK to me but I doubt… GSW is good team & I think if Lin really go to GSW then he probably will have good chance to get the ring. But also will be bye as ASG or Starter again.

  460. yeah, it’s the adverse impact of Lin battling this “backup PG” notion after Harden and Kobe didn’t want him to handle the bal :(l

    Give me MDA all the time. He and Lin need each other at this point in their career. We’ll get double-double regularly next season 🙂

  461. If they sign Lin, I hope they will pursue Jimmy Butler instead, he’s much better and worth the money better than Monta.

  462. That’s what I though last time when he went to LA. Now “IF” he had landed in GSW, and they got the ring, WOW! Yes, a big IF. They could have used him last nite. The splash brother trio!

  463. Rondo is disrespectful to coaches & sulky to his teammates so it’s how he got the “mercurial” name.
    I’m not worried about Lin with Carlisle since they’re both intelligent and want to win, they can figure it out like JKidd and Carlisle did.

    But if MDA is available, it should be #1 priority for Lin since MDA needs Lin to succeed while the same can’t be said for Carlisle.

  464. Your last sentence makes a lot of sense.
    But no no no, no 6th man or back up role for Lin.
    GSW isn’isn’t locked to win Championship more than once and this season isn’tisn’t even 100% locked.

  465. maybe we should be sending JLin highlights to 3 DEN writers LOL

  466. Morey would love to bring back Lowry, question is does he have anything the Raptors want?

  467. 100% agree, Butler’s defense is great and he doesn’t waste possession being a volume shooter like Monta

  468. yup, we need a team and a coach who need JLin to succeeed.

    If MDA is available, All-Star numbers is very feasible. Time is ticking since JLin is 27.

  469. I didnt realize Lin was nominated for this award!

  470. If I were having lunch with JLin, I’d say
    “Bro, you’ll be 27 this year. It could be your last chance in the NBA to be given a chance as an All-Star.
    I beg you to play for Mike D’Antoni if you can!”

    And he’d say, “Tell me something I don’t know already” LOL

  471. Damage control by the Lakers.

  472. Wish…it happens!

  473. Felt bored…nothing much on JLin yet…

  474. just remember, JLin could be Barbosa last night
    14pts but limited in 14 min

    Barbosa was excellent last night but there’s simply not enough PT

  475. Yeah, it would be 14 glorious minutes. Still on the way to a ring. And we wouldn’t be bored outta of minds for Lin news. At least I have Curry with my rice to look forward to, LOL.

  476. Agreed..This is it for Jeremy…If not denver/D’Antoni, he needs to go to the team that will give him the most minutes + the chance to compete for the starting point guard job.

    I still believe he’s a guy that could put up 15-7 numbers at the minimum if he’s given the minutes and the space to run the point guard.

  477. I did not recommend him to do that, I am guess he will do it based on his recent interview….totally different.

  478. Yeah…change the “would” to “should” and tell that to BS and others

  479. Everyone will want a more positive atmosphere to work with..

  480. AT&T is known to do that, and they have the worst customer service. Not that they are rude, just they simply do not know their product well and can not solve problems.

  481. Lin is slightly featured in this…..

  482. Great!

  483. The worse thing about being a backup is you will never get recognized defensively. And I think that is one of the aspects that Lin could beat other guards.

  484. Racist hater klutzch in disguise….hehe….. the number is clear….the wolverine is injury prone….hahaha

  485. Would that increase the chance of MDA landing the coach job as they probably need him to recruit Lin if they believe in Linsanity Resurgence?

  486. he can definitely do more than 15/7 with enough PT
    Even in the constantly-changing role in LA, his PER36 is already 15.7/6.4
    That’s why Kobe doesn’t want him to hold the ball for too long.


  487. T-mobile too. They charged us for Internet service which we never request for. But t-mobile customer service is ok so they immediately resolve for you.

  488. Tq!

  489. Ian Chen ‏@TheIanChen 50m50 minutes ago
    Congrats to my tv mom!! “Holy Melrose Place! @ConstanceWu on your Best Actress nom! #CriticsChoice #FreshOffTheBoat ”

  490. so true. Lin desperately needs to shed this backup PG stamp next season

  491. hehe .. you must be a big GSW fan like @JoeTeam:disqus then 🙂

  492. Great points, Psalm. I agree that voting by accredited writers minimizes subjectivity, as hopefully the decisions are based on stats, facts, and their views of the importance of the player to his team. I was just trying to inject sentimental and judgmental elements into the process. But emotions can cloud one’s judgment.

    Re The Beard vs Curry, I guess we’ll never know if personal likes or dislikes have played into the process. Didn’t we just say the writers were supposed to be objective? Lol!

  493. I hope MDA gets the Nuggets job. And then I hope JLin starts texting MDA nonstop to get to Denver. Denver, San Antonio, or Dallas. Looking to be a good offseason developing.

  494. LOL they’re simply shifting personal bias from players to more “objective” writers. I guess there is no perfect world.

    At least the good thing is writers can vote for the well-mannered MVP towards reporters 🙂

  495. Chicago will be a fool to let ABrooks leave the team. Mo Williams doesn’t fit in with Harden. Jeremy shouldn’t backtrack to Houston. That leaves only PBeverley that Clutchfans love so much. They can have Beverley as long as they want.

  496. Best case for Lin would be D’antoni. But what if he still gets benched?

  497. I guess that just mean Lin’s best case is to be benched..lol

  498. Spurs Nation
    [BREAKING] Spurs will likely offer Kawhi Leonard a max contract on July 1, could be up to $117,233,535 for 5 years.

  499. Man…..that’s a lot of money

  500. Kobe doesn’t need Swaggy to ruin his retirement season, he does a pretty darn good job on his own.

  501. Good to see someone with guts to speak the truth.

  502. But FO still has no guts to say it openly that this is his last season. Smh! Hope more voice out there even I don’t think Kobe cares….

  503. Clippers took the lead again? O_O

  504. All Harden….m…..McHale being McHale

  505. blake has 30 in a haif my god have mercy

  506. No mercy please

  507. lol

  508. harden struggles always verses clipper and okc. mostly because of the centers. also regular season calls have stopped

  509. Griffin on pace for 52 points. Harden on pace for a new season high of 10 turnovers.

  510. LAC have way more ball handlers than HOU have. Harden is taking the consequences of forcing everyone out…

  511. shaq on the floor

  512. I actually expect this pattern goes to the regular season for yrs to come. When Harden drive, just…move, jump straight up, no hands. If he makes it, he makes it.

  513. yea

  514. this series really shows how much rox miss lin and parsons. also the leaps on defense i thought they made looks like a lie

  515. Clippers up by 9 at the half, could steal both home games from Rox…without CP3!

    A sweep doesn’t seem out of the question when CP3 returns.

  516. nonononono, they just miss P. Bev…..everyone knows it….lol

  517. Harden can still get hot….we will see…I hope it will be a sweep

  518. lol do you think mchale will bring it up. we just cant stop austin rivers lol

  519. PB the peanut butter defense specialist?

  520. Hudson’s pretty good today, he needs more minutes.
    TJ got crushed again, still too young and soft.

  521. this is what i said

  522. Pile it on!

  523. someone missed Lin and Parson. lol

  524. The Rox deserve nothing less than a sweep for being such ingrates.

    Last playoffs Jeremy got them the only two wins, and it could’ve been 3 wins (or even pass to 2nd round) if McHale didn’t pull Jeremy out with 0.9 sec left in 4th. Instead, it’s “Jeremy cost us the series”.

    It’s so hard for me to figure out whether I hate the Rox or Lakers more.

  525. Be positive, we just love other teams more…lol

  526. Basically a must win game for the Rox. McHale’s job may be on the line. The choking reflex is becoming too intense for Harden to resist. The tension at halftime is overwhelming. Soon all the Rox players and coaches will be at each other’s throats. A total meltdown. I love to stir this pot 🙂

  527. both

  528. LOL…..in the period of zero Lin news, I guess watching LAC beating their opponent in 2nd rd is a good entertainment…

  529. Poor Harden, I can relate as I find it equally difficult to contain my gag reflex in the presence of ballhogging SGs.

  530. I love Clips for now…lol

  531. I’ll consider it if they SWEEP the Rox. Still upset over DeAndre no-calls on Jeremy.

  532. Eventually RIvers will have a good game….because HOU might opt to double Blake I assume.

  533. Just odd, Klay’s so much better than his dad, while Austin is so much worse than his.

  534. When Harden can’t get the as many FT as regular season… Rox looks bad in O…. LOL!

  535. Maybe refs will help HOU a game or 2?

  536. don’t look like it. its getting worse

  537. brewer is a huge flop. my god if lin was on this team he would annoy me

  538. If anyone likes to troll CF now is the time…

  539. We only troll our own……:P

  540. They are not worthy of our precious time.

  541. wow…strong comeback for the Clippers on Q2…41pts!

  542. Rockets playing better without Harden.

  543. Looks like an all-star compared to Daddyball.

  544. Rox also got help from Austin Rivers.

  545. You mean watching Rox lose. If McHale is replaced, Rox can move up from a “ruled out” team to a top 10 good fit team.

  546. LMAO

  547. Jeremiah, what happened to Harden? I dint watch the first half! Please update me, thank you in advance.

  548. lol

  549. Not worth it. We’re classy fans. Usually that is, just don’t stir the Hornets nest.

  550. McHale just signed a 3-year contract extension in December 2014.

  551. Four fouls and 6 turnovers. McHale must have felt like no other choice but to bench the beard. Harden is probably seething!

  552. NBA refs are so efup.

  553. Ha, last game 7 TO? Serve MH right! He thrown Jeremy under the bus last time and said Lin helping the other team! Now JH helping LAL!

  554. I first noticed it in ’89…when I started watching the NBA.

  555. Kobe couldn’t carry his team the year PJ left.

  556. Not sure it’s the same since then or worse now. This happens when you don’t hold them accountable.

  557. I remember in 1990 during a Lakers game (vs Sonics iirc) Tony Smith got smacked behind the head, lost his dribble and fell to the floor…no foul called. That’s when I smelled serious bs.

  558. It seems that LAC will need Haren to win in the 4th quarter.

  559. Yep. Last game was actually 9 TO. Hope to see double digits tonight!

  560. Sound likes Lin got wack in the head by Jason Kidd 3 years ago in Dallas.

  561. Another fantom call

  562. I thought it was hair-pulling?

  563. Jeremy, the inventor of no-touch phantom fouls, should file for patent infringement.

  564. Haha that’s even worse.

  565. Redick is not a primetime shooter so far.

  566. Nor are Crawford and Daddyball. Crawford chucking the W away with 5/19 FG 1/8 3PT.

  567. Another dumb play by Redick

  568. That should’ve been a flagrant-2, could’ve resulted in neckbone injury.

    This is why I don’t think Jeremy should play for Kidd.

  569. I know. Rox looked great in regular season. But they may get swept by the Clips w/o cp3. Also very dangerous for McHale to call out Harden like that.

  570. Rox got more than twice of the FTs of LAC. No wonder NBA has been losing audience.

  571. 24 vs 56 FTs. That’s ridiculous!

  572. If Clips can just keep it close, Harden is likely to choke.

  573. The ref tried to help Rox to get this win for them in home game. smh!

  574. NO. Jeremy is a starter!! Really hate the “play off the bench” talk

  575. Me too. Feel the same way. smh!

  576. Too bad daddyball hadn’t fouled out already. Ruined everyone’s evening!

  577. “Thank you the HONEST refs for giving us 64 fts” said Morey, Mchale & Harden

  578. “No thanks needed, we had money on the Rockets.” said the refs.

  579. Because the Lakers were tanking, this season was truly horrific. Otherwise the Rox and Lakers are equally sh’ itty. JMO.

  580. Rockets are 1st team in NBA postseason history to win a game despite missing at least 20 free throw attempts and 20 3-point attempts (Elias)— ESPN Stats & Info (@ESPNStatsInfo) May 7, 2015

  581. Clippers had 39 fg made, 5 more than Rockets’, one 3pt fg > Rockets, yet Clippers lost the game bcuz of FTs. Rockets 64FTs compared to Clippers’ 32.

  582. Looks like NBA tried to help Rox to get one won for their home game. smh! No wonder Harden is not a MVP. W/O FT, he is just another SG.

  583. Trudell deleted his tweet. Wonder saying Houston could use JLin could have been construed at tampering so he erased it?

  584. Maybe just because they could win with the help from refs so that Lin is not even needed?

  585. the rules allows it…getting FTs is valuable as well

  586. yeah it doesnt seem to be fair…one team getting more calls then the other…sometimes..its how the players sell it as well

  587. better not…since they won

  588. thats much better

  589. ???

  590. I think Lin may be willing to take a bit less to play for D’Antoni again….That’s the only way I see him going to a team that pays him on the cheap….I also believe his comment about money not being a factor had more to do with sacrificing money to play for a team that would give him starter minutes.

    I seriously doubt he’ll sacrifice money and than be relegated as a bench player.

    At least with D’Antoni, he’ll get the minutes + a coach that would trust him as a starter…..The other team/coaches would probably try to sell him into being a bench guy playing 15 minute per game.

    The Warriors will probably tell Jeremy that he should consider himself lucky that they’re even considering him as a free-agent target…and that he should take their 3-4Mil contract and be grateful that he’ll be playing on the same team as Curry/Thompson.

    Of course, Jeremy Lin should tell them to go pound sand and go to the team that offers him the most money…UNLESS its D’Antoni and Denver who may not to pay jeremy 8-10Mil per year.

    Even with Denver/D’Antoni, Jeremy should take a 1 year contract so that if he does well, he would be able to opt out to sign a new and bigger contract.

  591. Taking a pay cut for a job is an insult to the competence of Jeremy Lin. He is worth every cent that he earns. He is a professional. Take a Rondo and what he did for the Mavericks. Take a look at Jeremy Lin. Compare Rondo and Carlisle with Byron Scott and Jeremy. Tell me who should take a pay cut and didn’t. Rondo earned $12m for his last few years. Jeremy earned an average of $8m and he has been improving every year.

    If taking a pay cut is the condition to land a job, forget it! We can all see basketball players going to have a big raise in their salary for years to come. Suggesting Jeremy to take a pay cut is not a fan of Jeremy.

  592. Talking about inconsistency, why didn’t anyone tell us the truth that so far in the playoff Harden is inconsistent.

  593. Why didn’t people call them out about consistency? Those inconsistent talks really apply to Jeremy unfairly and inconsistently.

  594. I am getting sick and tired of hearing from those illogical and crazy suggestion telling us that Jeremy should take a pay cut to join MDA. We all know that Jeremy would do well under MDA. They should give Jeremy a pay raise rather than a pay cut to acquire Jeremy.

  595. Question:
    Which team is Jlin cheering on to win it all this year?

  596. You mean LAC.

  597. My impression is also that players generally demand a pay raise in their second contract. JLin is entering his prime. He has improved every year. He earned 8 million before his improvement. According to the way things generally work in the NBA, I don’t see how a new team could justify paying less for an improved JLin who is entering his prime.

    Of course this is unless the team offering reasons that JLin wasn’t worth 8 million in the first place. I would be weary of a team which holds this opinion of JLin. Such a team likely won’t be convinced JLin as a starter won’t commit to JLin as a starter. Like in Lakers and to a certain extent in Houston, they will ‘give him a chance to prove himself’, which by the way is rubbish. It is an indirect way of saying “as a starting point, you are a bench player, but by our grace we shall grant you the chance to prove you are a starter.” So offering less money would on the basis that JLin wasn’t worth 8 million or on the basis that JLin is still not ‘proven’ himself are telling warning signs as to how dedicated a franchise is in running JLin as a starting point guard.

  598. 小錢仔細,大錢揮霍;省小錢花大錢

  599. Jimmy Butler of the Bulls wins “Most improved player” award …

  600. Shaqtin a fool Karma?

  601. During his appearance on ESPN Radio Los Angeles, Mychal Thompson, who is also the father of All-Star shooting guard Klay Thompson, thinks Lin would be a nice acquisition for the Warriors. Not only does his up-tempo style fit well into Steve Kerr’s run-and-gun philosophy, but he could also bring a different dynamic to the team.

    Thompson has no doubt Lin can make a big impact with the Warriors despite coming off the bench because of his versatility in playing both guard positions and ability to create shot opportunities for himself and his teammates.

    Lin has been one of the better scoring point guards in the NBA, especially when attacking the rim and the Warriors would thrive having a dynamic sixth-man like Lin to keep their offense afloat. Golden State will have enough room to sign Lin this offseason; however, renewing their ties with the Asian-American star would depend on the player’s asking price.

    According to Thompson, he thinks Lin still values him at $10 million per year – a price tag the Warriors could not afford. Landing a deal with a championship contender and his home team would require Lin to lower the value of his contract just a little bit, making it a short and hopefully sweet deal for everybody.


  602. Mychal Thompson wants a good backup guard so that his son will not be ridden like Secretariat. He’d like to see his son play less MPG so that he can have a healthy and successful career for many seasons to come.

    But for Jeremy, GSW has very little to offer. Besides another hostile coach, Jeremy would have to backup the Splash brothers. One hits 94 out of 100 threes; the other scores 37 points in a quarter. That’s a very tough act to follow! No one would want to be their back-up. Not only would Lin’s minutes be limited, but you can be sure that Jeremy would never be on the court at crunch time. Can you imagine how frustrating that would be? Whenever the game was on the line, especially during playoffs, Jeremy would be on the bench. There are only a few alternatives worse than GSW.

  603. I hear you, but if one looks at how Spurs is willing to pay Leonard max on July 1 and not putting up any excuse to ask him for a discount, one should think that when team really wants a player, they will be willing to pay for his value. On the opposite, Lin should give discount only when he is a recognized all star like Dirk did to DAL. This is the only way he can tell whether the team is genuinely wants him or just mouth service. just my 2 cents.

  604. Money aside, he needs to go to a team that will allow him to showcase his talents. A 1 or 2 year deal is ideal for that. A short commitment to get his name cleared and finally shut up those critics. Then he can go for a big long term contract. It may involve a short term cut. But in the long run it will pay off.

  605. As for getting playing time, there’s no worse team Lin could join than GSW….

    I’d even say that Jeremy would be better serve staying with the Lakers and back-up Clarkson/Kobe instead of going to GSW and back-up Curry/Thompson.

    And on top of that, I’ve heard Kerr had publicly said things not so nice about Jeremy…

    I seriously pray Jeremy is not tempted on signing with GWS…I truly pray that doesn’t happen.

    .There’s really no benefit going there…No money and no playing time…Jeremy Lin will have to give GSW a discount to play for them which means he’ll have to sacrifice money so to play home and a chance to win a ring, which in my opinion is not enough if your butt is stuck on the bench for the most part.

    I would also lose respect for Lin if he were to do that..Playing for GSW at this point of Lin’s career would mean you have given up in proving yourself as a quality NBA player in the league…All those who mocked Lin as nothing but a scrub bench player would be proven right.

  606. 7-10 million. Nothing less. Less than 5 mil is insulting

  607. maybe warriors?

  608. 5-7 it will be.

  609. yes, as usual Kobe doesn’t want to share credit even when ruining his own retirement 🙂

  610. Unfortunately, it’s always ABJ in HOU
    I agree he should never go back there

  611. Agreed, except I do not think going to GSW will proven those haters right. He will still be a quality NBA player, he just will kiss his starting job good bye.

  612. We do not know if they will really offer that much money yet tho.

  613. maybe we can do a poll and see what people think Jlin will sign for . How much $$ per year , which team, how many years.etc

  614. We can have it right b4 FA starts I think….NBA landscape will be more relevant at that time..

  615. Yea still a long time to wait… ><

  616. This summer sucks. No Spurs to watch…

  617. LOL If NBA fan like you has such a problem, imagine me as an only JLin fan, it’s much much worse. Tried to watch other playoff games butd they just couldn’t keep my attention for long. The most I could stand was when it was close game, probably a couple possessions, watched until another timeout or hack… I stopped watching for any of those reasons or no reason. Only reason is there is no JLin:-)

    Reading about JLin to cut his worth and be a beachwarmer in his FA is even worse than watching playoffs itself. Just don’t understand why some fans have such a low opinion on JLin like his doubters and haters.

  618. I know how you feel.

    It’s still fun to watch the Spurs played teamball but it’s not the same when JLin is not playing.
    There’s a lot of diverse fans wanting Jeremy to do well but in different ways.

    I’m confident Jeremy knows what he wants when he wanted to get the best “fit” knowing he’ll at the peak age of 27. I took it to mean that he’ll want the best chance to achieve his original goal to be an All-Star.
    I believe he is smart enough to know which path will help him to realize his dream to be an All-Star.

  619. yeah, tell me about it 🙁
    Too bad the good guys got hurt and injured, otherwise they can still go to the Finals

  620. Every team will offer him a max contract =P

  621. u have the countdown to some things on the side here but isn’t the lottery may 19th also?

    isn’t that important?

    and then when is the actual draft? cause thats later.

    i think the lottery is 19th may which is only as your calendar for conference finals puts it less that 12 days away.

    how many days till the draft itself?

    its really useless the way people put up these mock drafts when really no idea who the first what 6 places will be, ie. why do they say so an so will take so and so when u dont know yet the draft order at the top. (thats what the tanking % ppb’s are for).

    anyway should add to calendar imo:

    a. lottery
    b. draft

    cause as pointed out here previously by others thats when deals really begin, and that more than any playoffs acitivity is what could affect lin f.a. the most.

    (that last for sp).

  622. its more theyre just trying to give a more realistic assesment of the reality of lin’s general perception. (not just doubters/haters).

    trying to provide a “fair and balanced” view of whats what.

    not necesarily “their” opinion.

    (at least in some cases i think trying to give benefit of doubt).

  623. Not sure about how important Lottery is, Lin wise.

  624. http://espn.go.com/los-angeles/nba/story/_/id/12843463/quit-hacking-us

    Kevin McHale has fix for discrepancy in free throws: Stop fouling us

    “James gets fouled and he doesn’t get calls,” McHale said. “He attacks the rim he doesn’t get every call. I heard them saying we shot too many free throws, well quit hacking us. You shoot a lot of free throws when you decide you get in the penalty and start hacking everybody. Yeah, you end up shooting a lot of free throws when you put in your backup, backup center to just grab guys, that just happens.”

  625. all rite lets go at it another way: dont you want to see if their hardly tanked position fails to get them their pick anyway? (lakers). dont enquiring lin fan minds want to know? doesn’t that in itself make the lottery important “lin wise”.

  626. IDK….lol maybe. I see LAL and HOU the past….but maybe it is just me. It does have some relations as you said…lol

  627. Lin made the mistake last time signing with the GSW his rookie year, he’s not going to make the same mistake twice! With both Curry and Thompson being efficient scorers, he will only be a backup PG. That doesn’t fit with his goal of becoming an All-Star, then Championship!

  628. 7-10 Mil is still too little.

  629. Yes. JLin’s goals hasn’t changed. He said it numerous times even in the past season. That’s why I dislike to read pieces about what JLin would want and like that are against JLin’s goals. Maybe I’m the minority but I still believe the better outcome of this FA beyond my imagination. God hasn’t brought JLin thus far for being a benchwarmer in his prime playtime.

  630. FA starts in 54 days. It’s still such a long time to go.

    In the mean time, JLin please provide us the time frame of your Asia trip:-) Looking forward to this more than playoffs, rumors, etc.

  631. I remember I read somewhere that he will go to Taiwan in late June for Tag Heuer endorsement tour……anyone knows the details? coz I’m going there at about time as well 🙂

  632. Yep. Still waiting for the info.

  633. insult

  634. Really? Backing up Ronnie price, and Kobe is better? Got me there. Go to a team where they play both side of the court and play in the run and gun style, while winning, possible ring would be horrible. Guess being a mistreated big fish in a small pond would be better than a respected smaller fish in a big pond is better. Oh wait, Kobe is the big fish. Even JC is bigger fish. Give Lin some credit in his skills. Yes his time would be shared. Like it was so fantastic this year in LA. I’m waiting for someone to share what negativity Kerr has said about Lin lately.

  635. Really? Backing up Ronnie price, and Kobe is better? Got me there. Go to a team where they play both side of the court and play in the run and gun style, while winning, possible ring would be horrible. Guess being a mistreated big fish in a small pond would be better than a respected smaller fish in a big pond is better. Oh wait, Kobe is the big fish. Even JC is bigger fish. Give Lin some credit in his skills. Yes his time would be shared. Like it was so fantastic this year in LA. I’m waiting for someone to share what negativity Kerr has said about Lin lately.

  636. Don’t get me started on coach comparison between BS and Kerr. Really, back to LA? I have faith in Lin.

  637. I’m pretty sure your comment was meant to be in response to ZSS.com whose reply to me is just below. Because to me it’s clear that GSW is a bad option but not in comparison to the tanking, Kobe-glorifying Lakers. Lakers are dead last. Lin is better off playing in Europe than on the Lakers.

    But regarding Kerr, for 3 years following Linsanity he consistently trashed Lin’s game while he was a color commentator for TNT. I heard it with my own ears. Using Google you can confirm the following 3 anti-Lin statements: 1) Kerr argued strongly that Fat Felton was a far better PG than Lin. 2) Kerr argued passionately that starting Bev over Lin was justified. 3) When Lin got his $24mil contract from the Rox following Linsanity, Kerr taunted Lin with, “You’re gonna get $24 mil?!? For what exactly?”

  638. So you were talking to me after all 🙂 In my previous posts I’ve always made it clear that the Lakers were a nightmare and will be until Kobe retires. GSW is a better option than the Lakers but still a very poor option.

  639. Not at first. My comment got flagged the first time. Disqus on this site is way sensitive. Was responding to more of the topic that Warriors as the worst option.
    Main Points of criteria Lin would look for as “fit”:
    1. Team play style has to be fast team oriented play.
    2. Team with good ball movement.
    3. Team without king egos. Yes the splash Bros are focal points, but very humble friends with Lin. Especially Curry.
    4. Decent coach. Kerr can coach 10000x better than BS or Mchale. Guy worked under Pops.
    5. Home coming!
    6. Fans
    7. Least favorite, playtime.
    8. Money. Have not gotten a offer, so let’s see. GSW is wise with money. Certainly nobody occupying cap space like has been Kobe.

    Ok, not all ideal, but not the worst. Worth waiting to see.

  640. LOL Can’t help myself and laugh with JLin’s Chinese greetings for Mother’s Day.

  641. Lol, and I understand Cantonese only. Good to see Lin have fun with mom.

  642. To me the most important criteria are:
    1) Coach
    2) Role (starter, major minutes)
    3) Teammates (no ISO-loving ball hogs or punks)
    4) High paced team play

    Joining the GSW would also be the antithesis of Linsanity where he turned a ragtag losing team into a playoff team. GSW is already a contender. If they win the chip this year it would be especially anticlimactic for Lin to join them. He won’t get any credit for helping them win again the next year. And if they don’t repeat guess who’ll get the blame?
    If the goal is to get a ring it would be much better to join the Spurs. At least they have more need for a great guard and he’d get more PT. Plus I trust pop mor than Kerr.

  643. Hahaha

  644. Basically JLin started to say he heard that his fans don’t believe he can speak Chinese. Why we can’t believe he can speak. So, he speaks Chinese to influence us. He loves his family dearly, his father–林繼明, sis-in-law, Josh and his younger brother and mom–吳信信. He isn’t very healthy for he has gained 5-6 Ibs recently. He is glad that he doesn’t have to drink the soup that his mother has prepared. He can speak Chinese rap with no problem. He can use Chinese from the beginning to the end. I still don’t satisfy with improvement and continue to learn. I speak Chinese for the reason of celebrating Mother’s Day. Ya–We did it (JLin jumps to celebrate).

  645. I can respect that. I am a GSW fan, if not obvious. So I am biased to see him here.

  646. Thanks so much for translation. I understood maybe every other ten words He said. Must be hanging out too much with MC Jin to be rapping.

  647. Watched it again. Makes more sense now. 🙂

  648. Good. I tried to stay as close as I could with what JLin was saying.

  649. Well, at least you can see him play 2x a season. More if you’re willing to travel to LA. Maybe in his twilight years he will return home to GSW. For now he has to fulfill his density (to quote Marty McFly’s dad)

  650. Tom Thibodeau’s Relationship with Bulls Beyond Repair? – ESPN First Take

  651. You are quick.

  652. Wakaka
    Lin’s so excited at the end :)) Guess how many takes he needed?

  653. Guess numerous times. That was why he was so high when it was done:-)

  654. LOL .. must be a lot
    He’s so relieved towards the end!

  655. thank you 🙂 I need to brush up my Chinese badly

  656. I’m on the same boat here 🙂
    I guess we should expect JLin releasing a Chinese rap music video next? lol

  657. We are all wrong. JLin answered to his fans in the thread that there was no NG. He managed to get it done the first time. WOW!

  658. oh wow .. so it’s true he’s been hanging around MC Jin for too long then to master the rap 🙂

  659. LOL So funny that many Taiwanese fans have a hard time to understand his Chinese as well. Don’t feel too bad about it. I have no prob. Mainly it is because I’m used to half glass Chinese and other languages for I’m one of them:-)

  660. Perhaps someone will add sound-effects and make it into a cool Chinese rap video ala MC Jin =)

  661. LOL I’m impressed that he did rap in Mandarin. I can’t even do that:-)

  662. JLin is a man with many talent.
    “JLin The Lintertainer!” hehe

  663. off-topic: This hilarious Pacquiao meme unfortunately has some truth in it.
    It may be Photoshopped?


  664. Yes he has become more comfy with selfies in Chinese FB and LINE. He did more on those Chinese ones in the past season.

  665. Impressive

  666. Antithesis is a great word, but no. Lin has moved on from Linsanity And has matured. Linsanity did not occur with one man, no mattered how great he was. It was just the right scenario where he was a catalyst to ignite a team of abled players, fueled by a willing coach, and teat captain Lin. It was fun and unexpected to watch, but in the end ran out of gas, no ring. Lin is a competitor with team spirit. He is better and more focused than before. We would like to see Linsanity happen again for our own reasons, but Lin has his own.

  667. The obvious path is not always the right one to forfill his density, lol.

  668. LOL LOL LOL

  669. Just curious, where you originally from?

  670. Was born in Malaysia. My Mandarin was taught by Hakka teachers for less than 6 years. When I first went to US to study over 30 years ago, Taiwanese friends couldn’t understand my Hakka Mandarin well. Learned Mandarin from them but was still with accent:-)

  671. With John Wall’s injury, I am reminded to be thankful JLin made it this season without serious injuries.

  672. Yes sir!

  673. thanks, I feel better. But I do need to brush up my conversation skills 🙂

  674. yes, we better get ready for the Linsanity Prime storm after this tough time in the desert. If Lin was a stock, I’d have loaded up now .. hehe

  675. I remember. With that said, I can’t see Lin going there, or be even used right if he somehow ends up there.

  676. on the other hand as we’re waiting for linanews…

    So do you want pacman to have a rematchie with floydy?

    I say no. Because if pacman loses again.. it doesn’t look good on himIf
    pacman wins, it’s like ok.. we’re even but maybe floydy said he was
    hurt too. And other people will say pacman is a sorely losie even if he winsie.

    So it’s one and done with. And I don’t want to see another chasing in boxing.

    That’s why I say, someone beat floyd up in his last fight and then manny go
    beat that someone who beat floyd up and then all can speculate what will
    really happen if manny wasn’t hurt.

    But seriously, even thought I sorta did want manny to win, mw found the loophole in the boxing scoring system.. so props to him. But his defense is part of it…. even if running around.. which you see in rocky 3 against mr. T because 2 punches from mr T will knock rocky out. So that is similar to Rocky running around trying make mr. t tired. and then counter punch mr t. That is no difference, is that mw doesn’t make it lok as good as rocky.
    And he was able to keep manny from getting to him and keeping him at bay. There is a reason why he is 48-0..by using this tactic and also getting money. boxing is not fighting.. else go see ufc?

    Thing is if Manny did what mw did.. runnming around.. will others then say manny is a chicken? when manny was doing defense? haters will say it.. just like how mw haters will say he runs around.

  677. excuse my horrible grammar and misspelling.. slow computer causes this..as I typed faster than it can respond to me.

  678. I see the following dance of “I will give a rematch, then no since he’s a sore loser” by FM. I have to agree this is a perfect set up to build another rematch.

    FM doesn’t like Manny but he’s a smart promoter of himself (I once read an article about it). Money is the #1 priority here.

    He will give a rematch eventually after things get heated up properly. I’m not sure about Manny’s strategy. I think the boxing outcome is only secondary to the serious money being generated here.

    Nothing wrong with that, as far as boxing fans are fully aware of it 🙂

  679. why doesn’t fm like manny? cause he is phillipino?
    well, fm is arrogant so he doesn’t like many people anyways.. no pun intended.

  680. That doesnt mean he is a hater. From analytical point of view, some of his view may not be the truth but it is valid under the circumstances.

  681. These boxing agents are big timers, they tend to create the drama and pay it well with all the hype…to cash as much as possible. Its been the same since Ali’s days as well

  682. Hm, it seems Parsons is quite well-connected since he did predict LeBron would’ve left the Heat and went to the Cavs


    And Parsons knows free agents. Not only did he help lure Howard, he said, WHILE THE 2014 NBA FINALS WERE STILL HAPPENING, LeBron James would leave the Heat – and predicted the Cavaliers as his destination. Nobody saw that coming back then.

  683. This is the clip. Wow, “I can’t see him in the Lakers, I see him going to the Cavs”

    Parsons knew LeBron won’t play next to Kobe LOL

  684. yup, it’s been following the same pattern for a long time!

  685. coz Manny doesn’t look like Justin Bieber? lol
    I wonder how much is personal dislike & how much is a recreated drama to make things exciting to watch

  686. It’s interesting to watch Parsons talk about his relationship with JLin in June 2014.
    I actually never watched this clip before

    “He’s such a genuine person, it’s very rare to see that”
    “I knew him before the fame, I sound like a crazy boyfriend now” LOL
    He didn’t change one bit after the whole Linsanity thing.
    He signed that $25M contract and stayed on my couch that night in HOU


  687. This is really powerful.
    Don’t be dying to finish things that we forget to live


  688. I just realized Mama Lin is OK with JLin wearing earrings in the Chinese rap video. Good for them!
    And it’s great to see them starring in the same rap video LOL

  689. So Lakers fired D LEAGUE coach. hmm

  690. He seems did better than BS did

  691. They keep firing the wrong people

  692. proof that even in the NBA, it’s about who you know
    not about who’s responsible for the worst franchise record

  693. LOL….so true

  694. So .. ” post-playoff-loss Duncan has confined himself to a padded room to meditate and levitate.” =)


  695. Yeah he did. LOL

  696. Yep

  697. It makes for fun reading.

  698. hmm. look at all the pg.’s who didint” westbrook, wall, cp, lowrey, jennings, knight, g.hill, collison, rubio, holiday, rondo, kemba walker, rose, calderon; in fact it would not be a stretch to say that from beginning of season to now there is almost more top level nba points guards with serious injuries at some point than not.

  699. Fyi I just got charged for the quarterly box so it is finally ready!

  700. Every coach that’s been good this season has done better than Byron Scott.

  701. one of the few rare times when we’re happy when we’re finally charged LOL

  702. Yep JLin’s fans are very excited about receiving the gift as there is JLin’s very own signature of his high school’s days pic:-) Too bad I can’t order one:-(

  703. oh, they don’t ship to Australia?

  704. if you physically attack a fan you get fine 25$k but if you verbally attack a fan and she turns out to be james hardens mother u get fine 50$k.

    what is the lesson here? (this is not a trick question, i dont know the answer, just curious what others think)

  705. ONLY US JLin fans can get involved.

  706. why dont u get an extra one (or someone who can order if you can’t) and send her one–(tho anytime i try to send anything overseas it never gets there, usually just an empty box arrives).

  707. “Cats in the cradle”. Harry Chapin

    “my son’s moved away
    Called him up just the other day
    I said, “I’d like to see you if you don’t mind”
    He said, “I’d love to, dad, if I could find the time”

    “You see, my new job’s a hassle and the kid’s got the flu
    But it’s sure nice talking to you, dad
    It’s been sure nice talking to you”

    And as I hung up the phone, it occurred to me
    He’d grown up just like me
    My boy was just like me

    Yeah, and the cat’s in the cradle and the silver spoon
    Little boy blue and the man in the moon
    “When you coming home, son?” “I don’t know when
    But we’ll get together then, dad, we’re gonna have a good time then”

    It’s funny that we know how to mortgage our money to live in our homes, but we can’t learn to mortgage our time to live.

  708. its interesting you pointed this out to me a long time ago. i was not aware of it at all.

  709. Wow Nick is having a bad year

  710. c iggy and kobe have something more in common than low shooting %.

  711. Not worth it. The shipping is too expensive to make this exercise worthwhile. Few JLin fans in Taiwan are able to get involved via contact in US. They will get the “gifts” when someone goes to US or the person returns to Taiwan. The chance of happening is much higher and easier. Unlike here. Very JLin fans here will visit US:-(

  712. This is the second accusation l think, because he had an accusation while he was with the Sixers

  713. LOL

  714. WOW! Is it true?

  715. i never take anything in or out of any coutnry cause im always afraid of dont know how to deal with customs things; tho many countries now have relaxed rules on that and dont even require you to fill out declaration forms.

    still im paranoid.

  716. hard to tell. this woman might just be eyeing his money. i hope its not true

  717. hm, that’s too bad. I can get another order but like you said it will be too expensive to send there :[

  718. Don’t know, but he was accused when he was with the Sixers and the case was dropped. This might be the same case

  719. Just read the article. Sound fishy but never know. We aren’t the persons involve.

  720. So this one happened when NY was still with Sixers?

  721. For those interested in NBA Drafts, here’s the list of those getting invited to NBA Draft Combine in mid-May. More top college players decline so they don’t drop in the picks by giving too much information


  722. I don’t know if it is the same woman

  723. that is true. this sort of thing happens a lot though. there was also an incident in korea, where two girls schemed and accused a celebrity of similar thing to get money from him. he didn’t budge. investigation showed the girls were lying, so they’re in jail now.

    lesson is: be careful who you decide to hook up with! especially those with money/fame…

  724. i think its the same case you told me about before.

  725. They found a suit tall enough for him?!

  726. No. It isn’t bad at all. Learn what you can bring and not to. Always declare when you bring stuffs. Haven’t encountered any problem thus far even with the very strict Australia custom checking here.

  727. i just dont want to do any extra waiting.

  728. No worries. Just take good pics when you receive the shipment and do show and tell here is sufficient for oversea fans:-)

  729. i saw this. and matt barnes got fined $50,000 for yelling profanities at james harden’s mom. crazy. pushing is lesser fine than yelling i guess. either way, both were in the wrong

  730. Not bad for me. 95% of the time custom personnel just asked qs and let me go without checking:-) Maybe extra 5-10 min depending on the line:-) Maybe I have a very clean record. Sometimes I even went strict thru after immigration:-)

  731. i dont know immigratin people hate me. even trying to get back in the u.s. i have a hard time. one guy was really abusive next to last time tried to ask me all these trick questions. and ridiculous questions. like accusing me oif being a terrorist or something. i dont know. maybe is just me.

    i dont resonate well with authority i guess.

  732. Yes, that’s very true but some celebrities aren’t too clean themselves. Who knows!

    Learned in my college days that I needed to be very careful when I counselled with a person alone. Took all precautions to protect myself. Still exercise this now.

  733. I know. Guess they have a certain profile and/or blacklist. Learned long time ago that just being honest about everything and don’t give any reason of doubt. Once you establish that record, it becomes so much easier. I used to travel overseas at least one or twice per year. I had all the clean records in every country I’ve travelled to. That helps heap:-) Maybe I’m female and look very ordinary with a “respectful” job that receive a trust:-)

  734. Thanks! Very interesting. NY isn’t in a good place now no matter what.

  735. Have absolutely no idea what all these are about:-( Can anyone explain a little???

  736. well its a long article and not worth reading all of but:

    1. tanking is to get better chance at top draft picks

    2. lottery determining order of pick is in may

    3. draft is in june

    4. prior to lottery nba “invites” players projected to go high in draft to a “workout” session for teams to evaluate BUT

    5. increasingly players allready projected to go high dont want to risk diminishing their precieved “value” by not performing well or risking undisclosed injuries or weakness show up so they decline invitation.

    about half the top half dozen picks wont show up.

    “the general reasoning was that these players have nothing to gain by coming to Chicago and can only hurt their stock by submitting themselves to measurements, athletic testing, interviews and especially the NBA physical examination, which has uncovered a litany of issues in the past that has caused prospects to slip in the draft.”

  737. So draft in June is when teams make their choice of whom they will choose.

  738. yes. lottery in may determines order of picks (thats what the tanking/ppb’s are for)

    but actual choosing of players in draft is in june, may 19 is lottery not sure when in june may 25th is draft.

    as i have tried to point out to a mod the lottery/draft are significant in terms of where lin might go because actual moving of players altering landscape for free agents begins with the draft as teams shift their priorities and swap picks etc.

    that flurry of activity intiates the off-season movements of players.

  739. i would think yelling would not demand the larger fine if it was personal.

  740. Great SI Article covering the importance of NBA moms.
    No Mama Lin yet but wait until next year!


  741. plenty of tickets available on stubhub for tonites game at staples. la people head on down boo harden.

  742. For the playoff team’s players….Hope next year Lin will be on the playoff team.

  743. Just for fun.

    Chris Paul is playing tonight

    So here is a CF fan joking about Kevin McHale

    I can just hear K Mchale now….”Guys, CP3 is playing tonight….so we’ve got to play harder. Our adjustment this game will be to play harder. And if that doesn’t work by halftime….we’ll have to play harder in the second half.”

  744. Thanks for the explanation. Really appreciate it!

  745. Tied point game between Bulls and Cavs, lets go Bulls lets go! Bulls haven’t been to the finals in so long this is their best chance!

  746. Wow Cav and Bulls making almost every shot, intense game!

  747. lebron 3-13, shumpert 1-6, noah 0-7, butler 1-9, brooks 1-5.

    not everybody making almost every shot.

  748. There were some short sequences where they went back and forth and most of those shots weren’t made by the players you listed above. Dunleavy got to the rim easily for his shots.

  749. actully mostly 2nd unite players making the shots thats prolly when u wathcing, deladenova, smith, mirotic, gibson.

  750. Kyrie Irving shot over 41% this year. He has a good shooting stroke. If he played tougher D, he would be a great player. Lol Rose’s shooting is really bad. LeBron gets so many calls in his favor.

  751. Of course, moms become more important when there are no dads living with them.

  752. Both Dunleavy and Rose carrying the team up by 1 point at half time. Finals should be Clippers x Bulls!

  753. Rose can’t miss! Step back jumper right in front of Lebron’s face! The MVP is back! Bulls taking this!

  754. You mean GSW and Bulls?

  755. Wow! Chicago Rose is soooooo clutch! Wow! Happy for them!

  756. OMG D Rose at the Buzzer to win the game with a 3 pointer! Bulls lead series 2-1!! Finals here we come baby! Been too long since Michael Jordan!

  757. derrick rose to the occasion

  758. I know I thought it’s going to be OT… Rose did good today.

  759. This game was really tight, and was thinking the same thing which was going to OT. But, wow, I guess only the last 3 seconds counted

  760. He showed up BIG time, the MVP is back. Always said D Rose is more athletic and better than Lebron! Now he finally got to prove it! Lebron just got lucky cause D Rose was injured too many times! Lebron relies on overrated stars while D Rose is the only superstar on the team with allstar help from Gasol! Gotta thank Irving for chucking up all those misses and poor defense.

  761. Sure, no doubt, Rose is the MVP of this game.

  762. Now Rockets vs Clippers

  763. Time to switch hats and root for the Clippers! Go Blake Griffin!

  764. I didn’t watch the game until the last one min… just got home. JR also made the big 3P shot but… no more OT for Cav.

  765. JR bailed Lebron out with his 3s but it wasn’t enough =) Like how DRose is so loved by his teammates and they play teamball! Can’t say the same for Cavs and Lebron.

  766. JLin on Bulls vs Cavaliers game:-)

  767. D Rose Buzzer beater! Just need to win 2 more games to seal a series victory. 🙂 Showing Lebron why true superstars don’t switch teams after losing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TnG9rDBbLV8

  768. 1st qtr, Rockets down by 9 (24 : 33)

  769. He finally watched the playoff game… he said in Chinese newspaper here that he will not watch the game…?!

  770. Really??!!! Any link?

  771. Not even worried, Clippers totally got this!

  772. That was when season just end he got the interview w Chinese newspaper here… maybe only means 1st round?! Glad he’s back now. LOL!

  773. Ok. Didn’t see that news:-) Probably what he meant that he hasn’t had the time nor energy to watch any playoffs game at the time:-)

  774. Saw that. He may have overshot, but banked it in. True clutch, not in Houston.

  775. LMAO Clippers up by 11! LOL not worried, going to watch something else. Boring series against the selfish Rockets.

  776. It’s 64 Clippers vs 57 Rox at half time.

  777. I thought the same thing the last game when clips were up big in third. Then found out later they lost?!

  778. Refs cheated. Clips 32 FTAs Rox 64 FTAs.

  779. Yeah that’s what I thought happened. Then I saw McHale say something like they got the free throws because clips were hacking therm.

  780. Haren back to playoff form.

  781. Clips 99, Rockets 76, end 3rd quarter

  782. Wow 18-0 run and it is 99 v 76 Rox! bye-bye Rox:-)

  783. I really hope LAC kicks them out this 2nd round!

  784. LOL, LAC could beat Rox in Houston without CP3, what do you expect them to do in their home court with CP3 ? Yeah a blowout.

  785. Got to give Rivers the credit. He was shooting well tonight. So happy for Clippers.

  786. Another wonderful day!! : ) 2 more games and Clippers win the series!! Go Clippers!!
    Btw who guarded Rivers and let him break out?

  787. Should’ve kept his mouth shut after getting a freebie instead of rubbing it in.

  788. Klutzch is on suicide watch….quick someone check on the poor racist hater…the final score is clear….hahaha

  789. They r cursing Har en big time.

  790. Please refrain from name calling. Thanks!

  791. Sure’s a happy place over there. They deserve it.

  792. Just read from thread – I have grown to HATE JAMES FRAUDEN….Fun… Also more fans to complain about why Mc didn’t do anything in 3Q when Clippers got 20 something points?!

  793. my mandarin tutor just told me he’s clearer than Jay Chou, and once he got “T”, “X” and “SH” right, his mandarin is close to perfect..LOL

  794. whomever har en guarding has a field day. nice

  795. KKKlutch is gonna blame Lin .

  796. Give credit to the correct player: James No-D Harden.

  797. Maybe just from ESPN highlights.

  798. Just came back, found out my prediction of A. Rivers came true…..lol

  799. True, I almost forgot the theorem.

  800. Seems like Lin realizes he has so many fans on internet and he tries to reach them all!

  801. The Rockets are so lucky to have played against a more dysfunctional team in the first round (the Mavs). Otherwise they would have been blown out like what we are seeing now. McHale probably gets another year just because it wasn’t a first round exit this time.

  802. LOL, another role player SG scores a near career high against the Rockets. Didn’t have to watch the highlights to know who was guarding (I use that term loosely) Austin Rivers. Congrats to Austin for his game.

  803. Seem like JLin is very active in FB (Chinese, English, US…), Line, WeChat, Instagram, Twitter… lately. Good for him:-)

  804. Brand-building…nice

  805. There is still whatsapp and telegram 🙂

  806. and he is having fun. Family bonding and he eats a lot too..lol

  807. good for him…at least he has some time to catch up on social activities

  808. lol…because he burns alot as well…else he would have been fat by now…all good 🙂

  809. double lol…kinda expected as well

  810. If clippers play the same intensity that they had with Spurs…they are going to go a long way!

  811. Good to see that…similar scenario was not repeated…..Most likely those Refs been warned about FTs

  812. Sweet!…haven’t watch the game yet…will be downloading later

  813. From what I heard in the last few minutes of 3rd qtr til 4th qtr, the announcers did mention that this game and next game would have the same refs. My assumption from that is that Houston home games refs are different from Clippers home games.

  814. Thanks for mentioning it. That’s right. He was guided by JH. When he was guided by bench player, Rivers didn’t score as easily:-)

  815. https://twitter.com/ABaptist27/status/596900890033938432

    CP3 tells Doc, “This is the one time you can be dad and not just coach.”

    I die. so cute.

  816. McHale got a 3-year extension before the season started.

  817. It’s an established fact that Hardisty is a racist.

  818. the “harden-fast” rules stil apply: forget about hacka whoever or even who harden is not guarding; what matters is:

    how many free throws did harden get?

    when harden gets double digit fta’s the rockets win 80% of the time,
    and harden scores 25 and up

    when harden doesn’t get double digit fta’s the rockets are barely a above 500 team.

    you want to know the outcome of a rockets game, just check harden fta’s #; it will almost always correspond to outcome.

    10 or more rockets win
    less than 10 rockets lose.

  819. Houston is too one-dimensional. Doc is thinking what a break after the Spurs.

  820. Bye Bye. It’ll be over soon.

  821. Goota give him credit. He called it.

  822. Harden was the one who guarded Rivers through most of the game. LOL!

  823. Sign of a good coach, unlike Morey. But then again, not hard. That was a good one.

  824. Also remember all the booing and shaming by fans in spite of the win, may have driven Floyd insane with jealousy and hatred. He may be lashing out because he cannot understand why people hate him so.

    Manny deserves adulation because he fights for God and country. That’s something Mayweather cannot relate to in his lifetime.

  825. This is one of the few times I enjoy reading clutchfans. (Just read. Behaved, no posting).

  826. If a theorem is proven more than once, it should be a fact, right? Or should we say it is a phenomenon?

  827. hahaha

  828. LOL. Feel like an article is due soon.

  829. and pretty sure there is a mention of Jeremy! 🙂

  830. Here are the top-3 most intriguing landing spots for Jeremy Lin:

    Philadelphia 76ers – The Sixers have been trying to acquire the 26-year old Lin since last summer, offering the Houston Rockets a trade proposal for the former Harvard baller before he was eventually shipped to the Los Angeles Lakers.

    Sixers GM Sam Hinkie has always been fan of Lin dating back to his time as an assistant general manager under Rockets honcho Daryl Morey and it won’t be shocking if Hinkie would make another attempt to acquire Lin this time around, as he knows that the Asian-American star would fit perfectly into their up-tempo offensive system.

    Houston Rockets – Despite using Lin and his $8 million expiring contract to clear up cap space for a max player, the Rockets must not have forgotten the tangibles Lin brought to table during his two-year stay with team. Although he lost his starting job to Patrick Beverley in the second year of the three-year, $25 million contract, Lin proved that he was a valuable piece of the team’s second unit, averaging 12.5 points and 4.1 assists in 28.9 minutes per game in his final year with the Rockets.

    Prior to his trade to the Lakers, Lin thought the Rockets’ run-and-gun style is tailor-made for him because it featured a lot of pick-and-roll and fastbreak plays. The Rockets, on the other hand, missed Lin’s ability to create scoring opportunities and orchestrate plays, especially when Beverley went down with a season-ending wrist injury. Having Lin back would bolster their guard rotation, alleviating James Harden from his playmaking duties.

    Denver Nuggets – The Nuggets’ chance of signing Lin would hinge on the presence of Mike D’Antoni on the bench. The Nuggets’ head coaching post has remained vacant since firing Brian Shaw from his duty. D’Antoni, the man credited for Lin’s breakout stint in New York, has been mentioned as one of the top candidates for the job.

    Hiring D’Antoni as their next bench tactician would mean they need to give him the right personnel for his high-octane system. Unsurprisingly, Lin should top the list of free-agency targets for the Nuggets because he just knows how his former coach system’s works.

  831. Basketball star Jeremy Lin raps in Chinese to celebrate upcoming Mother’s Day

    The renowned American basketball player Jeremy Lin has taken the internet by storm after he uploaded a Chinese rap video to his Facebook page yesterday afternoon in celebration of the upcoming Mother’s Day.

    The video was titled “I heard you don’t believe I can speak Mandarin.” In the video, Jeremy can be seen rapping in Chinese to background music. At the end of the video his mother makes a brief appearance as he says Happy Mother’s Day to her.

    The video reportedly gained over 40,000 likes in less than an hour, with most web users commenting that he was very sweet and kind to his mother.

    Here are the Chinese lyrics:

    听说你们不相信我会说中文 ,
    干什么, 你不相信我用中文,
    我爱我家人嫂嫂雅雅, 还有林继明,
    我最近不健康, 变很胖, 加五六磅,
    中文绕舌(或老师), 让我告诉你, 沒问题
    我不满意, 还要进步, 中文继续学,
    可是这周末的目的, 庆祝母亲节!!
    Yeah! We did it!!

    A fan named Popo Chung translated the lyrics into English:

    I heard that you don’t believe I can speak Mandarin,
    Why you don’t believe I can use Chinese.
    Listen to me. Let me gradually persuade you.
    I love my family: sister-in-law, Yaya (Joshua Lin, elder brother) and Lin Gie-ming (dad),
    Don’t forget younger bro and mom, her name is Wu Xin-xin (Shirley Lin).
    Recently I become unhealthier, fatter, and gained five to six pounds.
    The best matter is that I don’t need to eat my mom’s soup.
    Chinese RAP (or teacher), let me tell you, it’s no problem.
    From beginning to end, just say Mandarin 哪里哪里.
    I am unsatisfied and gonna make more progress. I’ll continue to study Mandarin.
    But the objective of this weekend is to celebrate Mother’s Day!!
    Yeah! We did it!!


  832. Their OP is so sad that his hero, Harden, is failing them. Lol

  833. So true. Not sure who to hate more, their coach, gm, egotistical players, their fans… Ok, it’s the whole package. Second to last team Lin should join in FA.

  834. I couldn’t make out Doc’s reply. Can anyone understand what he said?

  835. Alex KennedyVerified account
    At one point last night, L.A. scored 23 unanswered points vs. HOU. That’s the most unanswered points by any team in the last 2 postseasons.


  836. Zach Lowe
    The type of defense HOU played last night — transition, half-court, whatever — is winning you 0 playoff games against elite teams.


  837. Enjoying the results on Houston’s false elite. Let’s move on to a really fun game ahead in gsw v mem. kt and curry will not both have another off night, and Conley may have a letdown after having a pumped night due to sitting out a couple.

    Great bball tonight.

    Oh, and I’m for chi because of roses comeback and mirotic.

  838. Yes. I was watching the game just slightly before the run. It was so much fun to see Rox was taken out:-) No adjustments by KM. I hope to see the same in the next 2 games:-)

  839. Flame on, human torch! Light it up!

  840. WOW 85 (WAS) vs 66 (Hawks) after 3rd qtr. Wall was out for the playoffs; yet Hawks still collapse.

  841. My statement of Spurs/Hawks was not on fleek like last year when I predicted that the Spurs would win against the Heat. This year I am riding with Paul.


  842. Atlanta is not the real deal.

  843. You mean failing them AGAIN…and this time with no scapegoat.

  844. Nope they are not. GSW gotta bring it home.GO GSW

  845. Paul Pierce just like Rose yesterday. He made the great shot & won the game.

  846. Ya! I think GSW very likely will win the ring this season.

  847. I think rose was more of a prayer. Pierce knew he got it since he has a smaller guy on him.

  848. Both took the difficult shot & made it. Great shot but also luck…I thought OT would happen but they both got the win.

  849. Sure. Tough shot in term of end of game. Just saying Pierce can hit that 9 out of 10 times. Rose shot he maybe get 4 out of 10.

  850. Did not hear any news about Fields this FA? Hope he can be w Lin at the same team again.

  851. It’s not Haren’s business though.

  852. LOL, Morey has sold Haren & KM for the next 3 seasons to Houston fans.

  853. If they can’t stand it now, how about the next 3 seasons ?

  854. Can’t compare Pierce has much more experience under his belt with rings to prove it. Wow if Nets beat Hawks that would be a surprise upset! If Hawks tie the next game it will be a long series for them.

  855. GSW are being blown out by Grizzlies as we speak lol no they are not winning a ring! I’m happy cause I don’t like Steve Kerr. https://www.google.com/#q=NBA

  856. So which team are you rooting for? Wow this Playoff has been full of surprises. Grizzlies will beat GSW for sure that is one large blow out right now! Now I’m not sure who will end at the finals but I definitely rooting for DRose and the Bulls!

  857. Wall is just an overrated PG with flashy dunks, can’t compare to Paul Pierce!

  858. Chi-Town for the Champ! D Rose to prove he’s better than Lebum all along and take his rightful place! He was always more athletic with those crazy dunks, just had too many injuries.

  859. One word EXPOSED.

  860. It will be Grizzles vs Clippers in Western Conference Finals.

  861. Yeah, LAL will become the biggest loser in LA having paid KB the highest and then lost all fans to LAC.

  862. Saw few seconds of it, Clippers had a big lead, no defense, already knew Clippers would win, so boring, didn’t even bother watching.

  863. Yes it’s obvious now.

  864. Yes! More teams for Lin to sign to!

  865. Exactly why he wasn’t worried when Chris Paul was out.

  866. Nah Clippers vs Bulls for Finals. Unless Clippers lose to Grizzlies.

  867. GSW

  868. GSW lost?! oh well…

  869. GSW shoots too many 3’s and jump shot

  870. GSW had bad shooting day… even in 4Q got so many chance to FT but they missed some of the FT?! Hope next game they will back to normal level.

  871. Ya! Mem just had better shooting day w good D.

  872. Ya! I watched the game & couldn’t believe how bad they played today?! I don’t like Kerr but I thought he is good adjustment on the game but not today… looked bad for GSW.

  873. Nice!

  874. Basketball God frowned on Steven Kerr tonight, loving it.

  875. Kerr exposed on being rookie coach who got lucky with a good squad.

  876. Kerr – some humility
    Play Lee
    Do not Play Barbosa
    Calm DGreen down
    Have a fatherly talk with Steph and tell him MVP is nothing, they remember rings more
    Do a vulcan mind meld with KT to get hime to smile a bit
    Run plays to mo buckets
    Get Livinston fired up. He made a difference in his 9 mins

    In other words, coach the team man, time to earn it.

  877. To all those who think JLin isn’t needed at GSW, just look at last 2 games. JLin is mentally much tougher than all of them: Steph, KT too moody, Barbosa freelancing and broken ankles by Conley, Bogut getting blasted by Gasol (hehe, Lin handled Pau), Dgreen running around lane violations and why gov in traffic when they almost pulled even? Lin would be such a great add …

  878. Lin once held Conley scoreless, ’nuff said.

  879. The point is not if lin is needed by gsw tho…it is the other way around

  880. Not Lin related .

    Tattoo guy acted tough toward an Asian guy, but got KOed in 20 sec.

  881. Hope everyone is safe in Philippines

    Super Typhoon Noul makes landfall in northeastern Philippines


  882. Thanks for letting us know, Pray for Philippines and its people.

  883. Was out whole day with my sis’ family and later siblings to celebrate Mother’s Day:-) Just got back. Wasn’t able to watch games except following the scores and result. Couldn’t believe GSW was so far behind when I checked during half time. Haven’t seen their games. It doesn’t look good.

  884. 51 days to FA. Seem like things are going to be getting even more interesting each day leading up to FA:-)

  885. I’ll be back in LA during summer break, will be sure to enjoy the news reveal with my family…and fellow Lin fans right here.

  886. Thanks Keith. I’m in Manila and it’s calm here but the north is beginning to feel the typhoon now.

  887. You mean GSW need Lin? Yep. Lin needs GSW? Only so much as being home and having a great run yep.

  888. Once the blow out was done you pretty much knew GSW wasn’t coming back cause Grizzlies’ the no.1 defensive team in the league.

  889. Doesn’t matter GSW is the worst place to be for a PG looking to be a starter and having minutes! With Curry and Thompson taking all most of the minutes there will be non left for other guards! Not to mention another hater coach in Steve Kerr! It’s not just about the team but the coach as well!

  890. Too many 3s and not enough inside plays.

  891. maybe, my name is ___Team, so I hanker for Lin to come in his 29 mins right about now to beat Gasol, Conley, and that big mouth First Team All Defense. It riles me to see that strutting when it’s great play sure. Has nothing to do with excellence as far as life goes, because in real life when you strut, the bear eats you. Or, the village that made you great lets you go out alone next time and you get eaten next time. Kids can’t be learning from that, it just makes life and society harder because we all have to be graceful to one another for this to work.

  892. Pretty much so….

  893. That was funny. Glad the obnoxious guy lost. Would have felt the same way even if races were reversed.

  894. I love MEM players’ attitudes. Glad they are giving GSW all it can handle. Love teams like Clippers and MEM when they take it to so-called “great” teams.

  895. I want GSW to lose because of Kerr. Lol

  896. Like I said, real games begin in playoff games; in NBA you can skip regular season entirely and just watch 4th quarters of playoff games. These regular season records don’t mean a thing, and home court advantage is meaningless. Predicted Clippers would win and that Rockets has no chance against either Spurs and Clippers primarily because Rockets are so Harden-centric that if you can manage to limit Harden to less than 25 points, you have a very good chance to win. Rockets is a very disjointed team. This is why even if CP3 doesn’t play all that well (CP3 plays decently to well most of times), CP3’s presence on the court helps Clippers so much because he’s so good at utilizing his teammates’ strengths and is basically a player-coach on the court.

  897. The difference of regular season and playoff is like the effort differences those police detectives (in any crime drama) put to find a regular killer and a cop killer.

  898. I hope it will happen in playoff, one day…

  899. u r correct that if you manage to limit to harden to less than 25 point you have a very good chance to win; the further and more significant variable there is: limit harden to single digit fta’s, you will limit him to less than 25 points and u have almost 50% chance of winning; but if harden gets double digit fta’s; the rockets win 80% of the time.

    so not only are the rockets “harden-centric”; harden is “ft-centric”. “a foul creating machine” to quote rick carlisle.

  900. how far north? im not hearing yesterday from phil. luzon contacts. i thought was only far north but maybe is disrupting communications further south.

  901. Ha, ha. Good one. Does that mean Austin Rivers is really good? Lol

  902. its nothing new. anyone i know in philippines has had all their stuff blown away at least once. you just (if you survive) clean up and start over.

    the reason that last big storm awhile back had so many deaths and so long to clean up was because was in a very remote area minimally populated and with no infrastructure nor anyone there any one cared about (until international media got involved).

    and hey almost everyone in the catholic philippines prays. all the time.

  903. Maybe time to change his game to make it more suitable for playoff games.

  904. Actually, I am all for Lin joining GSW and play for 15 to 18 minutes per game, mainly because I don’t there are many teams where he can play more. But I don’t trust Kerr guy to treat Lin fairly.

  905. Every other playoff game seems boring now after the intense Spurs vs Clippers.

  906. linspiredinca
    She told me to ignore everyone else & pursue my NBA dream. Actually she was the 1st who ever told me I could make it.

  907. Dear Mom…
    Jeremy’s message to mom starts @ 4:47

  908. They may need him, but the really big question is will they appreciate him. With Kerr at the helm, his slant on things could get ugly like Mchale. Houston need Lin too…but you know that he’ll be the butt of all the negative comments again.

  909. I’m so mad, Refs rigged the game, gave Cavs free time out with that video review!!!

  910. if kerr loses this series, he’s gonna have to take a hard look at this own attitude. He has a great team, and 2 games in a row is on him.

  911. that free time out was ridiculous. Running out of time was a great pressure point. Go Soccer!

  912. Far north. Isabela, Batanes, Ilocos area. It’s a super typhoon so could be disrupting communications. Monday morning here in Manila and not feeling it here at all but there’s definitely disruption in those areas.

  913. That goal by Messi was really amazing!

  914. An axiom.

    Cases in point: Corey Brewer 51 pts on 19/30, Austin Rivers 25 pts on 10/13.

  915. Playoffs have a different level of intensity, so holding Conley scoreless would be kind of difficult. However, a team-defense-minded team led by Jeremy should be capable of containing him to single digit scoring.

  916. That’s bollocks. D12 had 21 FTAs alone, but even when you take ALL THOSE away, Rox still had 43 FTAs (11 more than Clips). Harden alone had 15, clearly a case of league not wanting Rox to be swept for the sake of money and marketing (Harden as MVP runner-up being swept wouldn’t look so good).

  917. It wasn’t so obvious during regular season, but playoff games are what really show what coaches are made of.

  918. Hahaha on McHale’s comment about not hacking, DeAndre Jordan got 14 FTAs in the 1st Q alone. The irony.

  919. they paid all that money to watch DJ miss FTs. They gotta chance the rule a little. All McHale can do, copy Pop.

  920. Jamal Crawford got way too many called than he really deserved..

  921. corey brewer got block by the rim and then fould a 3 pts shooter….hahahah…7-0 clipper run

  922. I don’t mind as long as it is against to rockettes

  923. No arguments there….lol

  924. even harden is out of rhythm. This hack stuff makes the game a game of horse.

  925. I think it will work if you are leading and you are a team like Spurs. Not good for free flowing teams or ISO teams…

  926. yep, Spurs need rest along the way.

  927. They do not need “rhythm” to generate a good shot either. They just miss shots. Typical teams miss shots PLUS they lost the flow…

  928. I’m learning even after lin is partying … I like it!

  929. McHale is lost.

  930. JMO…..lol

  931. I feel Brewer is a good piece if he is playing with Lin

  932. HOU hitting panic mode I guess

  933. hahahahahahahaha

  934. I am getting my popcorn ready to enjoy the coming epic meltdown chernebyl magnitude at cf…… some one should call the paramedic to cf for the upcoming mass suicide…hahahah

  935. Just got the fried chicken for myself…

  936. extra butter popcorn for me…hehe

  937. Just saw the box score. Hou in meltdown. What the heck is going on with them?! Not that I’m complaining…

  938. It is always Matt Barnes…..I hate it, and of course Miller loves it..

  939. HOU is missing Lin, CP25 and D-MO…

  940. it’s call the messing with Jlin effect…hahhaha

  941. the hacka Jordan backfired….hahaha

  942. rockettes killer…. Austin Rivers

  943. cornerstone harden is wishing he got his role players back….hahaha

  944. Rocket still a work in progress


  945. Rox are in foul trouble. Total meltdown. Keep going Clippers. Crush, kill, destroy!

  946. Hey man, opinions are how we learn wisdom. Data goes so far … box score.

  947. nice… I like

  948. Would’ve been a sweep if it wasn’t for those cheating refs.

  949. even the cf serve has crash and burned…. perhaps it is clutch the hater smashed it himself…haha

  950. he has no clue …

  951. McHale is praying…. please Lord stop punish me … I am sorry for hating on Jlin….. hehe

  952. Why do Hack a something again when you clearly does not want to play anymore….should speed up the game instead..lol

  953. the rockettes logo onm that would be perfect…hehe… where are the photoshop experts?

  954. they enjoy pain and suffering…haha

  955. while the rockettes play hack a Jordan….clutch the number is clear guy is playing hack a server…hehe

  956. Someone got too many practice FT shots in the game, he is starting to be good at it…lol

  957. 1) McHale can’t do in game adjustments so the hack is still on.
    2) Each Rox player wants to foul out quickly and relieve his own suffering.

  958. I like the second point! LOL

  959. Some said Nick Johnson is the future, will be much better than Lin. He has a long long way to go for that..

  960. clips up by 24 end of third… I want to see a 70 points blow out

  961. most of those some are haters from cf

  962. Just got back and checked the score. WOW! Rox is really having trouble with Clippers. Great news:-) One more game and they are out of round 2. Go Clippers even though I’ve never liked the team. If I have to choose between Clippers and Rox, Clippers is the team.

  963. howard got ejected…hit the road jack…haha

  964. McHale thought of a way to turn the momentum around. Only it didn’t work.

  965. 36 points to go for a 70 points blowout…yes!!!!

  966. Seems like Blake Griffin is still not the playmaker ppl tried to sell, yet.

  967. Howard got ejected from the game @9:52 4th qtr. “Rox got very frustrated” announcer said:-)

  968. there only a few true playmaker in the nba…. and Jlin is one of them

  969. the wntire 4th quarter is garbage time now.

  970. They’re frustrated? Imagine the Clippers who got the sweep stolen from them!

  971. the rockettes sitting on the bench wishing they have lost to the mavs so they don’t have to endure this humiliation on national tv…haha

  972. They should just forfeit the last game.

  973. It never worked….nothing worked for him anyway. Basically he never worked……

  974. Expect another great post-game interview from McHale.

  975. Thank you. Learn one more word.

  976. LOL even with that, Clippers cook Rox with ease in the next 3 games:-)

  977. We just need to play harder, I know..lol

  978. Jlinportal is the penhouse compared to the outhouse that is cf

  979. D12 opts out. Harden demands a trade. And McHale?…Fired!

  980. The basketball gods are delivering today. Rockets are losing this game and it serves them right. All that Hack A Jordan got them no where. The NBA should do something about that. It makes the game unbearable to watch and hearing the Reggie Miller agreeing with the tactic just further infuriate me.

  981. I want them all stay!!!

  982. Haha, the only thing they are clutching is their “Depends” as they run from their runs.

  983. sample thread titles from cf….

    Morey’s theory is a **** ( 1 2)


    Today 10:18 PM
    by RoxBeliever


    Is this actually worse than a 1st round exit?


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    Fire Kevin McHale


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    “Who are you and what did you do with Joey Dorsey?”
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    Morey Built This Team – It’s On Him ( 1 2 3 4 5 … Last


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    I’m not angry, I’m dissapointed thread.


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    We were lucky


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    Official Fire McHale Thread ( 1 2 3 4 5 … Last

    FTW Rockets FTW

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    Protest this team! ( 1 2)


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    Dwight Howard has a player option next year…
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    Face it, folks, the Clippers are just better at NBA
    than the Rockets are ( 1 2 3 4 5 … Last

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    Sacrifice Game 5 to end Mchales coaching Career


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    What do you consider a
    successful season for the Rockets ( 1 2 3)


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    Time to head on over to the Texans forum…

  984. As far as I am enjoying this, please never bring things on CF here….please, please please..

  985. Wow the Rox are really embarrassing themselves.

  986. No no, I want to hear his famous lumberjack analogy.

  987. the rockettes just got mercily killed by the final buzzer…hehe

  988. LOL, stay tuned then…

  989. now that the rockettes got killed in the game…. their killing in the press begins… starting with TNT…hehe

  990. The Rockets should learn some Japanese Algebra so as to defeat the Clippers LOL

  991. Sorry to dissappoint you Mel, but we will only get to enjoy 1 more game like this one. And that’s assuming the Rox show up to be humiliated in front of their home crowd.

  992. Not McHale. I really look forward to him getting the boot.

  993. Ya! I am so happy to see Harden’s face & Mc…. LOL! Rox is really bad today… haha!

  994. Refs might rig it again like in Game 2 to save Rox some face.

  995. Nonononono, the Rox deserve to continue to burn by keeping Morey, McHale and Harden for eternity.

  996. You lost me at “McHale thought”…

  997. But McHale is so stupid he is going to keep trying to commit fouls on Jordan.

  998. Will JC ref that game….lol

  999. I guess I’m influenced by so many comments insisting that Lin may return to Houston. McHale being fired is a minimum requirement.

  1000. What did TNT say about Rox?

  1001. The Rcokets will get blown up good by TNT. M&M at lost for words without JLin scapegoat. Howard to opt out of final year. Woohoo, things are only going to be getting worst for Morey. Karma is a beach.

  1002. You mean they miss the JLin X-cuse factor. I seem to recall Lin was the reason they lost last year…..not.

  1003. Being blown out once, twice, the 3rd time and likely the 4th time in the 2nd round is 10X more humiliating than losing in the 1st round with a good fight. They need to kill a few scapegoats to feed their fans, LOL.

  1004. Got this from another side… what a shame! smh!

    Postgame interview

    Both K. McHale and J. Harden suggesting that they aren’t getting any calls after the Clippers complained after game 2

  1005. lets’ celebrate AFTER roxieorgies are really done… no jinxing.

  1006. If jordan got 20 of that 28 fga.. game would prolly be over by then..
    so jordan will prolly go back to practice his ft now.. .like how dh12 did.

  1007. tha’ts what I”m afraid of..
    So cp3 and company should be aware and improvise.

  1008. i watch replays.. so surprise hack a jordan was SO early in the game when it was almost like tied. Guess mchale doesn’t want t o lose this game really bad..

  1009. yes, let’s not bring other site threads here.

  1010. yes, I agree with Brent. Let’s not bring other site threads here.

    Morey and McHale would have to live with their chosen system if it fails flat

  1011. yes, Mayweather only cares about himself so deep down he has jealousy of how much more well liked Manny in real life is although he has a better boxing record

  1012. I agree. He must’ve heard something from the players

  1013. Good Rocket fan appreciate JLin and Parsons


  1014. he’s like a lot of ABTs who grew up in a household speaking mandarin–great accent, horrible vocabulary.

  1015. McHale blamed Lin for the loss in his post game interview.

  1016. Haha! Rox really played so bad tonight.


  1017. Glad Lin is not in Rox now otherwise they will blame him for the big lose. I think D12 will not stay w Rox after next season.

  1018. Clippers found a way to guard Harden with hands up or on back, lol

  1019. Like I said w/o FT, Harden is just another SG only. LOL!

  1020. I agree. D12 can see that Harden doesn’t really make him better
    Harden’s playoff inefficiency is getting more exposed

  1021. Oops. The last 3 games:-)

  1022. JLin is celebrating:-)
    @JLin7 (LINE):希望大家都有一個很棒的週末,我知道我媽媽很開心!

  1023. You must’ve missed WALL-E. LOL
    (See bow area)

  1024. Wow, Clippers humiliated the Rockets. McHale trying to emulate Pops with the hack-a-center, but failing miserably.

    Warriors in a tight spot though, gotta get their outside shooting touch back.

  1025. Have a feeling that Clippers and Grizzlies are going to be in Conference Final. Clippers is pretty much seals it after Game 4. Have to wait to see about Grizzlies at Game 4. If Grizzlies win the game, then it’s pretty much seal it as well.

  1026. Well, it really seems that the Rockets were fortunate to have met the aging and dysfunctional (Rondo) Mavericks. Now Harden’s lack of leadership and mental strength are really exposed.

    Morey once called Harden the most underrated player ever during a radio interview. That was meant to underline Morey’s ability to unearth talent.

    But Morey backed the wrong horse. Sure Harden is talented (I even respect his ability to get free throws) but he was never a leader and probably will never be one.

  1027. I wont be surprised…if Clippers keep the same momentum they had with Spurs…they would go into finals

  1028. Well, I did watch the movie. Just missed the name of the ship. LNOL.

  1029. Image if Morey backed the right guy and build around him. Just too bad ego and politics got in the way.

  1030. Honestly Harden and Lin backcourt could have been unstoppable. Sigh… So many what ifs.

  1031. JH doesnt seem to know how to adjust his game when the opponents tough up on him

  1032. He had been spoiled to rely too much on his FTs..and obviously McHale is no help!

  1033. lol…at least that would be a record!

  1034. yeah…thats what I thought, when they first got JH and for couple of games…they were superb. If only they had another coach!…sigh

  1035. Didn’t Morey say that HARDEN is unstoppable? The problem is J Harden stops hims