2015 Playoffs Round 1

2015 NBA Playoff kicked off with some potential implications of clearing ways for Lin to go to certain teams.

Rajon Rondo outlandish behavior led to Rick Carlisle comment of not expecting Rondo to wear the Mavs jersey again. This might clear the way to pursue a Point Guard who prefers fast pace like Jason Kidd and can work well and be respectful to coaches. I expect JLin to at least work out with Dallas in the summer since he played for in Dallas Summer team in 2011 and Parsons is still his best friend/

Tony Parker injury and Manu’s upcoming retirement for the Spurs might open up ways for Jeremy to explore the opportunities but the presence of Corey Joseph/Patty Mills plus a long-term contract for Parker might prevent Lin to join the Spurs. It’s highly unlikely that Lin would want to replace Manu as an SG since he will look forward to playing PG.

Let’s follow how Round 1 of 2015 Playoff might help open up opportunities for JLin.