2015 NBA All-Star Week & Feb 19 Trade Deadline

We have 1 week break for the NBA All-Star activities in NY. Jeremy can use the time to recuperate from the cold/gastrointestinal issues well. Historically Jeremy has performed well in the 2nd half of the season in HOU after knowing what role he needs to play to contribute to the team. But we never know if it applies with Lakers tanking situation and lineup shuffling all the time to get good excuse to keep losing in the name of “rebuilding”

Trade Deadline is Feb 19 but it is unlikely Jeremy will be traded because his $6M owed salary and $8.3M cap will be prohibitive for contenders who want to use Lin’s service for 3 months. But if Mitch can swing a surprise deal, many Lin fans would welcome the news for the chance of Jeremy to get more Playing Time.

It’s clear that Lakers do not want to test Linsanity after Kobe’s injury because they prioritize tanking and Lin is definitely Anti-Tanking and will win more games if given more PT. And we have good ideas that Kobe wouldn’t want to risk Linsanity to rise in LA in his absence to hurt his image as the only hero player in LA.

It’s a tough situation but as fans, we can only support Lin to keep playing his best and weigh his options in the Free Agency in July 2015.

Will Jeremy have a chance to play for George Karl in Sacramento Kings? Or join Chandler Parsons in Dallas Mavericks? Or find a role with the Spurs who play beautiful team-ball but not offer much Playing Time with a multitude of PGs (Parker, Joseph, Mills)? I believe Lin will evaluate his options carefully and make the best decision in perhaps 1-2 year contract (2nd year player option) to see if his career can rise again after 3 years of playing with ball-dominant guards who took away his chance to be the main playmaker to fit his game.

I have a small hope (5%) for a trade chance but I’m not going to count on it.

Key NBA dates for 2014-15:


Feb. 13-15 — 2015 NBA All-Star (Brooklyn and New York)

Feb. 19 — 2015 NBA Trade Deadline (3 p.m. ET)


  1. Jeremy has two appearances in All Star week activities. In 2012 it was the Rising Stars game. In 2013 the Skills Challenge.

    Jeremy will be fine. Even if his career ended in April he’s achieved so much more than he ever expected a few years ago. And basketball is not the most important thing in his life.

  2. JLin-related fantasy #3

    The third fantasy, as I said, is a bit corny. But I use it to make a point. You know how when anybody in the British Royal family gets married, the whole world goes crazy? Well I, for one, DGAS about the Royals. But if Lin resumed dating and eventually decided to tie the knot? Now, that would be like royalty getting married. This whole site would go nuts. It seems like Jeremy has decided to wait for his career to be more on track before starting his own family; he’s waiting for the Return of Linsanity.

    On Dec 22, 2014 I predicted that the Return of Linsanity was imminent. By carefully observing Kobe’s play and stats I realized after the Sacramento game that Kobe’s playing career was over. As I posted previously, to understand why Kobe is done, simply remember the acronym AIM: Aging, Injuries, Mileage. Thirty-six years old is not necessarily too old for a basketball player. And there are other athletes who have recovered from ruptured Achilles tendons. But when you combine Kobe’s age and injury history with his extremely high odometer reading, that’s when you realize that his motor is completely burnt out.

    My prediction of the imminent Return of Linsanity was predicated on a series of 5 dominoes falling: 1) Kobe obviously can’t play anymore 2) Lakers management realizes this and plans for a team without Kobe 3) Kobe retires 4) BS is replaced or reprogrammed into maximizing Lin’s strengths 5) Linsanity reappears. Domino # 1 did fall. Unfortunately, the chain reaction stopped before reaching domino #2 or #3. I didn’t realize it, but domino #3 is nailed into the hardwood: getting Kobe to retire voluntarily would require a multi-megaton explosion. And Lakers FO may prefer to give Kobe one more season to make his slow goodbye, rather than admit his latest contract was a mistake. That being the case, the Lakers current situation is nightmarish for Lin, and it will be just as bad next season. Clearly Lin will go to another team when he becomes a UFA this summer.

    But what about the 29 games that remain after the All-Star break of this season? As I wrote previously in a comment titled “People have short memories,” I think that some contending teams are interested in acquiring Lin for a stronger playoff drive. In fact, in order to get some fun and excitement out of this, I would like to bet against some posters who have argued strongly that Lin will remain a Laker to the end of the season. Specifically, I’d like to see if @JoeTeam and @joyce wardhave the courage of their convictions.

  3. Let’s have a Linsanity trade!! shall we?

  4. Yes! We’re ready for Linsanity! And we want tacos! Clap, clap, clap!!!

  5. Will Lin be the new Pizza Guy? Guess we’ll wait and see..

  6. I had to laugh at the last line betting Lin will sign with whichever team offers him the most money. If Lin can spurn the millions of endorsement during Linsanity, he would have no problem signing for a cheaper contract for a team who gives him a chance to be the main playmaker.

    Hm, actually I hope HOU would offer the most money to Lin thinking it will bring back Asian financial revenue but Lin would decline for less money. It would be EPIC!
    Make it happen, Morey! =)

    Lin won’t command as much as he did three years ago, but here’s betting he signs with whichever team offers him the most money. It’s up to the Rockets whether or not that will be them.

  7. And if Lin were getting married, wouldn’t it be especially exciting if the bride were one of our own? In that case we’d all be invited to the wedding. I would bring my basketball and become the only person in the whole world to have his basketball signed by Jeremy Lin…twice. Let’s see if I can remember the list of candidates: @IsabeliJane*17, @Sophie Paris, @Lymania, @Moominfloorin, @kittyhead, and @grace. Did I leave anybody out? I remember Lin saying that his future wife would have to be someone who loves God. I hope he’s got some additional requirements such as: She’s very kind and never rude or insulting, she’s very intelligent, she’s really good looking, and she’s pretty tall! We want to root for the next generation as well…

  8. You have a point, but will a team allow Lin a chance to be the main playmaker even at a cheap price? I wish we could skip to the end of this year and see what happens. Ironically, it could be PBev out the door because Rockets might get Lin at a cheap price. I feel Rockets have as good chance of getting Lin as any other team, if not greater.

  9. That’s also a good point.

    Both HOU and Lakers has diminished Lin’s value to the point that he’s seen as good backup PG in the NBA but not a starter although the playmaker job was taken by Harden and Kobe.

    Will NBA GMs know this and give Lin a chance to be the main playmaker in a PnR system that Linsanity thrived in NY?

    I wish we could be on the wall of these NBA GMs listening to the conversation but I guess we just have to wait until summer 2015. I wonder if there are big markets teams that can take advantage of Lin’s marketing value like HOU did.

    Nate said in twitter that NBA GMs knew Lin’s value but noone really knows until someone makes an offer in July-Aug 2015

  10. Lin cheaper than Beverly? Really? LOL

  11. That’s also funny LOL

  12. Obviously, the chance to be the starting PG PLUS the chance to be a contender will be the two main considerations, not the money. I mean after you made $25 Mill USD, money shouldn’t be the consideration, especially for a Christian guy.

  13. “…here’s betting he signs with whichever team offers him the most money.”

    That’s a statement that could be said about any professional athlete and it would be true in virtually 100% of the cases. Lin happens to be the exception to the rule and that’s what makes him so interesting to write about. So what does this writer do? He shows absolutely no insight or knowledge about Lin and chooses to be boring by ignoring the truth.

  14. yes, Lin lamented the 3 years when he didn’t have a chance to realize his potential in Howard Beck’s article so it’s clear it’s the first priority in his mind regarding free agency.

    And he has proven his priority in his actions by not living a lavish lifestyle or have Lin girlfriends club that are quite expensive to maintain LOL

  15. He’s just one of writers who will be pleasantly surprised by the # of clicks he gets from writing about Lin.

    But yes, the last line clearly showed he’s not familiar with Lin’s story of spurning millions of endorsements in NY so money is not a priority for Lin

  16. Let’s not be so confident until Lin decides.

  17. Not really, even if he did go with the highest offer…we will not know if that is purely because of Money or not anyway..

  18. We will if he chooses Rox or Lakers. Haha.

  19. Oh yeah…LOL

  20. [email protected]
    1h1 hour ago
    Adorable!! #TBT @JLin7 at 8, playing soccer in Palo Alto AYSO Tigers. (credit truqueso IG)

  21. true, Lin could totally surprise us by going to HOU which would be totally shocking.

    The best outcome I hope is for Morey to promote Lin & his #7 jersey on Toyota Center billboard then Lin declines politely =>

  22. how come Jeremy is cheaper than Beverly?

  23. Good article on the rise of Stephen Curry in 2 years from having potential career-ending ankle-injury in 11-12 to being 2nd voted MVP.

    Curry is one of JLin’s best friends. Perhaps Lin can work out with Curry at Accelerate Basketball facility to hone his skills.

    And who knows if a relationship/marriage could also help Lin’s career the way Curry can balance his marriage with NBA career. Curry has similar faith and humble personality to Lin described in the article.


    Like any good magic show, there is a truth behind the tricks. Curry’s work ethic is routinely lauded by his coaches, and he spends much of his offseason in Charlotte perfecting his craft at a facility — Accelerate Basketball — where outside-the-box techniques are used to make all of his special skills seem routine.

    “It’s working to be more comfortable with my handle, so that when there are situations where you’re being more crafty with things you do on the floor, you’re comfortable,” Curry said. “It’s a lot of lights, sensors and things like that where I can be able to handle the ball and take my mind off actually dribbling and work on it like it’s in a game, where you have to see a defender and you have to make a move and not really like think about the ball.

    “You have to be somewhat creative to begin with, but it hones your skills to that point where you’re not afraid to kind of test it a little bit in the games. It’s all sensory stuff, so that the last thing that I’m thinking about is the ball.”

  24. He’s not. Bev has 1.1M salary vs Lin’s $15M for 2015
    It’s just a writer’s speculation for upcoming FA.

  25. pau gasol gave up multiple millions just to get out of la.

  26. now that the narrative in houston has turned against beverly he will be scrambling just as hard for a spot somewhere in f.a. as lin.

  27. Oops, you went there. Good luck with that.

  28. I was thinking the same thing about the similarities of Lin and Parker =)

  29. true, if anything this HOU rumor of pursuing Lin could be unsettling to Bev since it’s somewhat a validation of Bev not doing a good job this year.

  30. What if the Lakers traded their first round pick to the Suns. The same first round pick that would have been lost to the Suns if the Lakers finished outside the top 5 draft picks. So that means the Suns would lose the pick to the Suns if the Lakers finished outside the Top 5 =O

  31. A hop, skip, and a jump from home for JLin

  32. Depends if Karl wants to continue the tank or start playing. If he wants to compete he needs a PG and lin and cousins could be Stockton and Malone.

    Pop will retire once timmy retires, Dallas could be a possibility, depends how high are on rondo… Best spot i still think it’s Boston. But danny Ainge treat players like morey so i don’t want Jeremy to be used like an assett.

    We will see. Our Jeremy Linovelas continue

  33. Pop didn’t believe in Parker at all at first.

    He snubbed him when Parker had the pre draft workout and then tried hard to get kidd later.

    Anyway, i don’t think he’ll be there much longer.

  34. I know we all wish Jeremy could end up with the Spurs who are the best in the league, but I sadly think its a very unrealistic.

    They have Parker, Mills and a developing Joseph.

  35. “Will Jeremy have a chance to play for George Karl in Sacramento Kings?”

    I want this so hard. Jeremy would fit his offense so well.
    I can feel it happening, the stars are aligning again 😀

  36. Yeah there are other examples like D12 and Sessions? (all out of LA LOL) but virtually 100% is valid if there are only say 7 out of 10000 cases.

  37. I’m a monster I’m a maven
    I know this world is changing
    Never gave in never gave up
    I’m the only thing I’m afraid of

    No matter what you’ll never take that from me
    My reign is as far as your eyes can see… it’s amazing
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    I’m a monster I’m a killer
    I know I’m wrong
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    They like, oh god, why he go so hard
    Look what he’s been through he deserve an applause

    I’m exhausted barely breathing
    Holding on to what I believe in

    No matter what you’ll never take that from me
    My reign is as far as your eyes can see… it’s amazing
    So amazing, so amazing
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  38. Lin was born and raised like most of the Asian family culture and that is respect, discipline and honor. He will continue to play the way he plays as BS assigned him to play and if even you don’t think it was BS, all you need to look at is his teammates, all of them go iso and shoot up out of control for their own stats without committing to team defense.

  39. I don’t care where Lin goes as long as he’s out of the Lakers.

  40. as i pointed out 2 someone below pau gasol gave up multiple millions to get out of la. and revitalized his career by doing so. the poster then noted other examples of nba players taking less money (and he said all of them were to leave la!–could it be the kobe influence?) (but commentators keep talking that the lakers will build around the aged muliply injured kobe, randle and the new free agents they will be able to attract next year when all this years expiring contracts drop)

  41. Unlike Gasol, Lin was traded as he had no control of where he wanted be. Everyone was excited even the owner (Jennie) and Lin himself. But oh well how wrong we all were, Kobe’s ego turned to be a cancer and BS is helping it spreading.

    PS: Only Gasol knew and Nash knew about the cancer.

  42. It’s definitely a long shot. It really depends if Pop sees Lin’s potential as a younger Parker (32) and whether Lin is willing to back up Parker for a chance to get a ring.

    This also assumes Pop sees Lin as much better backup than Mills and Joseph that can potentially replace Parker.

    I only wish Pop has interest in Lin and Lin would come for a workout with the Spurs. July seems so far away from now =]

  43. Laker fans and commentators are delusional. Those FUTURELAKER tweets are so irritating as if the Lakers have any attraction anymore. Since the CBA the Lakers can’t outspend, fly over the cap and buy any star throughout the league they want anymore. Kobe’s contract will cripple the organization preventing them from attracting FA and Kobe’s poor play and ball hogging will ruin any team they try to build. Not to mention their incompetent coach.

  44. How many other @livyrlife’s have been driven from the “sanctuary” by unprovoked, rude treatment? I even remember @bluebell getting bullied once and she’s a Mod. It’s high time we expelled the money changers from the Temple.

  45. Right now they only blame on the salary cap because of Kobe contact already took a big trunk of it. But in reality, no star had wanted to sign or to stay with the Lakers because they understand how freak it is to work with Kobe, now added BS.

  46. Almost everybody from that rising star game roster are starters or stars except lin, landry, and marshon brooks. So sad three years later the disparity in support between Lin and those other rising stars

  47. By the way, just to let you know that God blesses devout NBA players, here is a list of devout NBA Christians… Lin is in good company. All NBA All Stars – quite a contrast from the deburchary that is often characterized with sport Athletes. Just goes to show the truly great players need a higher focus to live up to their potential besides money and honeys….

    1.) Dwight Howard
    2.) Stephen Curry
    3.) Chris Paul
    4.) Kevin Durant
    5.) Dwayne Wade
    6.) Nate Robinson
    7.) Richard Jefferson
    8.) Dikembe Mutombo
    9.) Jimmer Fredette
    10.) Hakeem Olajuwon
    13.) AC Green (virgin till 30)
    14.) Amare Stoudemire
    15.) Blake Griffin

    There should be others but can’t think of on top of my head….

  48. I wonder where are the similarities?

  49. What happened to her? Missed it.

  50. Why pick a fight w/ a mod?

  51. @Mods, let me draw you guys a picture. I take back what I said in anger about psalm234. I still think very highly of him (and most of the other Mods as well.) psalm seems perfectly and uniquely suited for the position of administering this great JLin fan site. However, in the interest of expedience, he has made a few bad choices. The situation at JLIn Portal is almost identical to the Lakers organization where:

    Jim Buss = psalm
    Mitch K.= Brent Yen or Mak (whatever)
    BS = JoeTeam
    Joyce = Kobe

    You see psalm made the bad choice of letting Kobe run amok with the help of BS. A lot of great fans have been turned away in the process. A sense of fairness and civility needs to be returned and maintained consistently.


  52. What do you wanna achieve by posting this?

  53. I don’t see too many similarities either but . . .

  54. Because she picked MANY fights with me from behind the scenes using JoeTeam as her muscle. Each time it was unprovoked, each time JoeTeam came back with his nose bloodied, and each time it escalated. I’m sure all the Mods are well aware of this.

  55. Not that I disagree…I would assume some other non Asian families do the same..?..

  56. Being that Jim Buss is not painted in that good light, I don’t know what that means. LoL. I guess being Mitch K is the best. What brought this on? Just curious.

  57. theres a history here, im not entirely privy to it all best not to know i think.

  58. 1) Joyce does not have the proper temperament to be a Mod.
    2) Even as a non-mod her posts should often be flagged for rudeness
    3) She sent JoeTeam after me several time for reasons I can only guess at, but they’re not good.
    4) In summary, I’m trying to improve the site for everyone.

  59. Are you expressing unhappiness with how Joyce moderates or her posting style?

    I haven’t heard a lot of great fans complained about Joyce. If she made mistakes, she has apologized recently and were received warmly by many members.

    I think she’s a good moderator and I haven’t received complaints from many great fans regarding her moderation.
    She can be passionate and opinionated but so do a lot of fans here.

    PS: Being ‘Jim Buss’ is not exactly a compliment considering how incompetent he’s been running Lakers organization LOL

  60. You’re enjoying this too much. It’s an analogy. Not everything will apply across the board. Jim Buss and psalm are both the owners. But psalm does have much more wisdom and integrity than Jim Buss. Even so psalm has made some mistakes regarding a couple of the Mods.

  61. I have to agree LOL

  62. ok, I see you equalize the ownership, perhaps Jeanie would be better example than Jim Buss then :]

  63. I think Joyce is just opinionated…..and I do not think she sent anyone to after you…:P

  64. I just learned today that Lauren Holtkamp was going to go to divinity school. Probably one of the refs that calls JLin fairly.


  65. You know this, how?

  66. What a relief, No game, No pain.

  67. Correction, mods.

  68. And extra time to do other things!

  69. so that would mean ..Jeremiah=Ronnie Price.

    But seriously, I gotta show my support to Joyce. I think she’s great , she’s open and not afraid to speak her honest opinions even if they may sometimes go against the majority. I like that she doesnt hold back just because she’s a mod.
    Its not like her or JoeTeam abuse their mod power, at least that I’ve seen.

  70. “unhappiness with how Joyce moderates or her posting style”: Yes both. And I’m sure you agree without me having to elaborate.

    I imagine a lot of fans may have simply withdrawn or gone to the other site. At least there it’s every man for himself.

    If she made mistakes, she has apologized:” Yes she apologized, made the excuse that she is still in mourning, which we are all sympathetic to, and then proceeded to post improperly again. What especially killed me was right after requesting pardon due to her loss she posted the following regarding BS’s divorce:

    “Who freaking cares. Everybody got issues. Get over it.”

    Look, she can post a virtual fart and immediately get 20 up-votes (yes, I admit it. I’m jealous. LOL) but still many posters feel bullied by her and avoid the site. Maybe you should conduct a poll? Otherwise how can you tell. Look at what @disqus_kq1CzK2p0F:disqus wrote to me below. The site is rank with fear. It shouldn’t be that way. Heck, did you ever just ask @bluebell’s opinion?

    PS. Ok good you saw the post below. Do you really prefer to be compared to the diva with two BBs? LOL

  71. Jeremiah is Jeremy!!! Ha. You must be Price 🙂

  72. LOL I miss the days when we were all so excited for the next game, now we’re relieved there’s none! 🙁

  73. visiting babyLin at NY?

  74. Lin’s tired, we are too. Nap time!

  75. someone else earlier said that.

  76. Flaming Hot Cheetos? I don’t think that is on Tim DiFrancesco the Strength & Conditioning Coach healthy diet plan. LOL


  77. I always respected and supported her too. But she’s so defensive it’s too easy to piss her off. I’ve had like 5 run-ins with JoeTeam and each time it was after I admonished or had some conflict with Joyce.

  78. That’s why he’s trying to hide it haha

  79. OK maybe JoeTeam came for his own reasons.

  80. I highly doubt Houston want Lin back as a starter. Bench player – yes. Truth is, it’s very tough for Lin to get a starting job at this age where there’s an abundance of good pg. Many teams are not sold on Lin’s “Linsanity” abilities. But again, all he need is just ONE team that looks him in the eyes, welcome him with open arms and say “We want Linsanity 2.0. Let’s make it happen!”

    The Piston is another good squad but they have DJ Augustine, who is having his own “Linsanity” run. DJ is surprising good.

  81. I’ve had like 5 run-ins with JoeTeam and each time it was after I admonished or had some conflict with Joyce. Or maybe JoeTeam came for his own reasons.

    Not much denial coming from the horses’s mouths though. I think they’re surprised that I knew. But they shouldn’t have been. They’re way easier to figure out than Kobe and BS.

  82. BuzzerBeater is Swaggy P

    being that I also possess a great amount of swag.

  83. Are we female fans the lakersgirls? Hehe

    Oh NO…. Jeremy never looks at us…….

  84. Home

  85. NY. He said he will be in ASG.

  86. I am amused. I support Joyce’s valuable contributions. Everyone has weak good and bad points.

  87. #CheetosGate LOL

    We have Suspect #1 in the Gastrointestinal sickness: Cheetos+Sushi!

  88. and not so smooth either LOL
    caught red-handed

  89. Well, more money means a bigger contract, which means a bigger role on the team. Generally. Who wants to pay more for “little,” ??? Except the crazies: Houston and L.A.

    Possible: The Grizzlies, Nuggets, Kings, Heat, Pacers, Piston.

  90. hehe….it is time for jeremy to make his own sushi…

  91. I think that’s what the problem was LOL
    Sushi & Cheetos don’t agree with him

  92. Doing what? Is he in some event?

  93. @disqus_9LKVS0SiuC:disqus let’s be very clear. I hardly post here or anywhere anymore because I am very busy at work. I come here and I see your postings, always trying to stir the pot when somebody disagrees with you. You can’t simply agree to disagree and move on realize other people have other views than yours. No you go on and on trying to prove your point that you are right. The last posting that to stir the pot was when you got mad when Joe Team wouldn’t apologize to you. You ran to Psalm24 like a child demanding that he make Joe Team apologize to you. Nobody has gun to your head to stay here if you don’t like what’s being posted here. There are other sites that you can post on and not come back. Insanity is doing things the same way and expecting things to change. Also if I am not mistaken with your cryptic post, you violated one of the rules on here by attacking other posters, by saying that Psalm 24(Jim Buss), Brent (Mitch), Joe Team (BS) and me (Kobe). I consider that an attack. As I stated before, if you don’t like it here leave. You are just mad because the mods over here will not let you run amuck like the other site…BTW, you should spend better use of your time than trying to stir up drama, where there is none…smh

  94. No. I guess just like what Young said to show or talk w GMs for future contract… I think so. Let’s why HB’s article show up yesterday just in time for Lin.

  95. If my memory serves me right, JLin only said he would be in NY to visit his bro; didn’t say anything about ASG.

  96. OK, I was talking to a buddy of mine who is a long time Laker fan, and he is thoroughly disgusted with the Lakers F/O, Kobe Worthy and Magic Johnson. He says that Lakers were once a dynasty with the old school brand of basketball, but the NBA has moved on and the Lakers are stuck in the 80’s. He thinks that Magic’s rant to Buss the other day was bring on any superstar. They don’t care if they help the team, but they need a superstar to sell tickets other than Kobe.My buddy believes that the Buss will feel pressured into signing a max contract to Rondo, if he wants. My friend thought that Love might jump ship, but he thinks now that since LBJ has shown him some love he will stay with the Cavaliers.

  97. this is what i remember.

  98. jeremy doesn’t look at the laker girls either.

  99. What did Young say?

  100. I believe Lin will be out of Lakers this summer from HB article. Now Kobe will be very happy bc he sure will push Lakers to sign Rondo. That’s good. I’m just so happy Lin can out of Lakers.

  101. i have a feeling kobe will keep
    “coming back” from injuries for an infinite time. announcers on tnt on the last lakers game were projecting a future of kobe, randle and another superstar.

    pretty much all the current roster lakers will be gone either next year or the next. no ones on contract for any length of time.

  102. I think so too. Lin seems to be not worried and just coasting.

  103. I totally agree. I think and have always believed Clarkson and that starting lineup now is trade bait. Lakers will not be that storied franchise as in the 80’s. I predict utter failure in the future with the Lakers. Good thing LA has a football team coming back.

  104. Why do I feel that suddenly there are just some articles poping out writing about lin in depth?

  105. Ya! From HB’s article… ” “The Rockets remain high on Lin and are expected to be among his chief suitors this summer.” Among… that means more than 2? No wonder Lin looks so clam.

  106. What do you mean?

  107. who? rams? is that a done deal? (my son is in st. louis). works for the newspaper there.

  108. Beck’s article..than Gardner’s…….

  109. You mean besides HB’s article? What else?

  110. I wish I was a bear and I could just hibernate till May.

  111. I think it is St Louis…

  112. So what do you think it means?

  113. I feel Lin’s PR team at work

  114. OK, good thing:)

  115. But haha…who knows….just a guess

  116. Thx

  117. I remember he said he will go to NY to watch his brother’s games? Last year he also went to NY to visit his two brothers.

  118. I really think HB helps Lin a lot… still support him. Really like HB.

  119. BTW thanks for having my back with that poster @disqus_9LKVS0SiuC:disqus:)

  120. 10 steals for chicago tonite against cleveland; accounting for part of clevelands 16 turnovers. lebron has 8 turnovers. this alone pretty much accounting for chicago’s relatively comfortable lead.

  121. No problem, I believe this is a good site with good and diversed mods/posters..

  122. Since baby Lin is a shooter….if they can play together……oh..that spacing…..and chemistry

  123. I advocated earlier in the season that he/Young do interview with some of the players, because those two together are really funny..LOL

  124. Yep…only kids can get his attention

  125. Ya! I thought about that too. PG/SG… that will be great!

  126. I think so too. I think a lot of posters want to do what they do over at the other site. In the back of my mind, I really do believe that looks at what is posted here especially since we donated $4100 to his foundation. Lin is a very humble athlete and would want to know more about the site that donated so much money to his charities. I feel that our site should be where lin’s positives should be accented more than his negative game. Lin get s that all the time form the NBA, but we try to focus on the positives of his games on this site.If lin was to ever venture onto this site, I want our positive and encouraging posts to resonate with him and know that we have his back no matter what and he can feel safe here.

  127. I’ve been called bs? No big deal, bs has a lot more power and supporters than me lol. Oh well, … going think now. Love y’all…

  128. Well said…

  129. I think the poster got his feelings hurt, and he is trying to stir some drama up, hoping that I will step down as a moderate. He got the wrong woman, I am not that person.

  130. repost this article…I do not know who that author is or why they write about Lin.
    The Strange and Badly Misunderstood Career of Jeremy Lin

  131. Huh? I only disagree or agree genuinely.

  132. Good to click?

  133. It is ok…..very long tho

  134. It is written by Tom [email protected]
    I am a data-obsessed political junkie and baseball fan with a long track record of accurately handicapping races in both fields.

  135. Here is what I meant, most Asian people are still and will always behave the way thousands years old tradition. Asians parents always teach their children about not to be a disgraced or dishonor their family/people/nation .Like the most recent about the Korean air owner’s daughter. How her public apology was and many more.

  136. Yeah…seems like mainly a political issue writer…

  137. He is talking about one of the greatest in Kobe…right? LOL

  138. I’m not sure why you keep making demands as if the administrators of this site owe you something, but it is really reaching trolling level. You demand Psalm to feature your post. You demand JoeTeam to apologize to you. If someone disagrees with you, you get all upset and won’t let it go. Now, you are claiming you are “trying to improve the site for everyone.” But, you really are not. I come here to read some discussions between Lin fans and hear Lin news. Reading posts like yours is not improving that experience. Psalm and other mods are doing a great job of running this site without your help.

  139. He should just reword it as “Why Tim Duncan is a great offensive player”, otherwise others will use it for other good offensive players but aren’t even “fundamentally sound” or take a lot of “my turn” shots.

  140. What the heck? Rockets want Lin back since when?! No thanks!

  141. But he once said Lin could be a rookie’s backup in NYK last year.Since then I dont follow his twitter. It’s a surprise for me he interviewed Lin and wrote this article.

  142. Bull-eye girl.

  143. Another set of brothers in the NBA? Why not..

  144. Agreed, it is easy to criticise and rant on the negatives, but not easy to bring out the goodness and positives genuinely. We need good vibes in our life, not the negativity.

  145. I remember that, and I think he said that given how Lin was treated in NBA in general.

  146. LOL

  147. Just let it go. You will never win this one. All the mods are friends and have been together for a long time with liked mind thinking. In fact, I’m friends with them so you are not going to convince many to be on your side. The harder you push the more people will rally around them and not you. This site is a private site that can choose who they want to be members. You have the same choice to either accept their guidelines or not. The mods do an amazing job of keeping things civil and keeping the haters out. Don’t bite the hands that feed you.

    Joe team has already apologized to you yet you keep bring it up as a badge of honour. Just let it go or you’re going to keep painting yourself into a corner.

  148. I really hope this is his PR team’s work and look forward Lin could sign with a new agent like Dan Fegan.lol

  149. Howard Beck, prob part of PR work.

    Dan Fegan? no way, Lin won’t allow others to take full control of his life.

  150. I know that but I think he just tried to let NYK to trade back Lin first… I believe he is a big supporter for Lin otherwise Lin will not did the interview w him like friend one on one.

  151. Right now should open for everything bc just like looking for a job… you can have the interview before you got the offer.

  152. As of now, Kobe’s people in the media have been spreading the news that it’s Jim Buss who gave Kobe the money but never Kobe/his agent who wanted the big contr

  153. M……that does not make sense at all…so Kobe was FORCED to take those money?

  154. After reading the article, I like how consistent JLin has been when you crunch the numbers. When you look per 36 min, he has been around 15 pts/ 7 assists despite less than ideal circumstances. Imagine if he had a nurturing environment? Easily crack 20/10 and be in All Star consideration. No matter what is thrown at JLin, he remains a solid rock. That is consistency.

  155. Yes, an very fair article about Lin.

  156. 20/10 will be in MVP consideration if on a winning team.

  157. Able to get to the rim?

  158. No but other experts have been complaining that if Kobe wanted another championship he should do something about it. Plus who knew behind close door what his agent was asking the Lakers?

  159. Nice summary of Lin’s career timeline. Tell Psalm somebody else did all the work for him already. LOL

  160. He needs to get himself check for worms. Lol

  161. LOL all the works and then some…

  162. I really think HB helps Lin a lot …

  163. I cannot believe a NBA player just goes to 7-Eleven by himself to pick up Cheetos. That is hilarious and just the kind of thing that makes me like Lin. I don’t think he should be eating that stuff as a pro athlete though. Haha

  164. Maybe Lin can try out this facility as well!

  165. It’s ok. He burns a million calories anyway.

  166. Excellent summary backed up withfacts. Thanks for finding it.

  167. Joyce, what the heck are you even talking about? When did I ever “stir the pot?” You said the same thing to livyrlife and bluebell. Do you even have a clue which poster you are talking to or do you just say the same things to everyone? I never keep arguing with anyone. That’s not me. And I didn’t run to psalm like a child, I forced your boy JoeTeam to apologize and if you noticed he did it right quick. Nobody has a gun to my head, and even if they did, I don’t run like some people do. But your bullying has made some people withdraw in disgust and that needs to stop. So you consider it an attack for me to compare you four to the Lakers organization? Well that was posted to psalm and he just laughed about it. But I’m sure that even you see the truth and irony in it. By the way, now that we’re talking, could you please, for heaven’s sake, finally realize that the word “wonder” is NOT spelled with an “a?”

    I really don’ t want to continue arguing with you. It’s pointless. You’ve attacked me several times now for absolutely no good reason so I just want to solve the problem. Let’s make a bet. You have asserted many, many times that Lin will remain a Laker until the end of this season. In fact you even barked it in my face once. Down below, I’ve pasted several of your comments to refresh you memory. Now my sauce tells me that Lin WILL be traded by the Feb 19th deadline. Are you willing to bet that he won’t be traded? If the deadline passes, and Lin is still a Laker, then I will permanently ban myself from this site. But if Lin is traded by the 19th, then you will do the equivalent. We’ll know the answer within a week. Do we have a deal?

  168. Houston are bunch of Lin haters! I wouldn’t waste time even meeting with them.

  169. Stop playing with my heart by reminding me that JLin is not with the Spurs =P

  170. My take is that the Lakers can’t sell their bs about this team anymore.The season ticket holders are not buying it and are not willing to hang in there anymore. Magic goes to the media with that the Lakers have to sign a superstar in the summer to save the team, trying to put pressure on the F/O to do something. Kobe wants Rondo(no matter that he has been an utter fail with Mavs), just to keep facade that the Lakers’s are the best and that the team is rebuilding and only a season way to be a contending team. Fans, NBA and media outlets are not buying it.

  171. Very well said, Joyce.

    I feel that mods and posters here have worked very hard to guard the positive values in this site so if Jeremy Lin visits, he would admire his fans to echo his values.

    There are already so many negatives in the world or Lin haters in social media. I agree 100% that as Lin fans, we shouldn’t focus on any negative aspects but focus more on Lin’s positives including appreciating the positives of other fellow posters.

  172. wow.. this is like a complete essay of Lin’s journey.
    We definitely need to bookmark articles like this!
    Good find!

    It deserves endless retweet in twitter!

  173. Believe JLin did say that he was only allowed to eat food that he liked once in a little while. Not going to worry about this. He deserved to have one after what he wen thru in the last couple games with illness:-) This is his break. He can indulge himself for a change:-) Give him a pass!!!!

  174. Thanks!

    Hope your procedure went well? Let us know how we can pray or send good wishes for you.

  175. By the way, your boy JoeTeam “has friends that know things.” And they also say no trade. “Lin’s cost is prohibitive.” So if Lin is traded, can you take your boy with you? Much obliged.

  176. Don’t even try it. Yada Yada, Yada, that is all I hear you saying You came and attacked me and many of the posters on this site. I don’t buy your act for one minute. I am in the business in weeding out what is phony and what is real. I get paid on my job handsomely for this. So I don’t buy your act for one minute. As I stated before, why stay somewhere your knowledge and opinion is not valued. So please spare me the false provodous. BTW I am not that woman to quit being a moderator because you are all about the drama. Dude your whole card has been checked and peeped, so stop the madness, we are done talking…smh

  177. yeah, it’ll be good for Lin to work out with his good friend Steph!

  178. possibly quickness is #1

  179. LOL Not yet. It will be on 17 Feb; 16th your time:-) Thanks! For now try not to think too much about it. Pray that my body will take anesthetic better this time: can wake up quickly, no feeling nausea and quick recovery from surgery. Also pray for good outcome that doesn’t need major surgery and further treatment. I know I’m asking too much but well why not? Our God is Rapha; He is a healer!!!

  180. Magic went public to bash the only son of the team owner who grew and treated him like his own son was the lowest of the low especially when the Lakers gone down hill. Magic should on the other hand to keep this private instead of.

    The Lakers are in a civil war between the newly heir owners and the elite 80′ 90′ 00′ championship who believe they own the young Busses.

    If I could talk to Jim Buss I would tell him to fire them as soon as possible. Even the Bulls after Michael to realize how long does it take to rebuild a team? No team can stay dynasty forever.

    Jim Buss latest biggest mistake was to bring in his enemy’s ally, BS.

  181. Agree. Few reporters that I follow begin to mock BS. Lakers can continue to bury their head in the sand; the longer they do, the bigger hole they dig. My prayer is just for JLin to play well and stay healthy for the remaining of the season if he isn’t being traded. Then be free in FA.

  182. The harder they try to cover their donkey, the more it stinks. The big lie began when KOBE refused to make the super team work when they mortgaged their future on Howard and NASH. Since then it’s been one bigger lie after another to cover up for Kobe’s donkey. Everyone else in the world can see through it, but only LA continues to drink the coolaid. Everyone is jumping ship including Lin. Lin is a consummate team player and Kobe can’t even get along with him. Who else but a washed up superstar will take the free money from LA to hide Kobe’s ego.

  183. If I put that into Google translate, which language should I choose? Cause I can’t make heads or tails out of that blurb. Certainly not a yes or no regarding the bet I proposed. I figured as much. I speak logically about the possibility of Lin being traded away from the Laker h-ll hole and you have the audacity to scream in my face that he will remain a Laker till the end of the season for “insurance purposes.”
    Now I ask you to back up your claim so you switch to gibberish?

    I guess you feel threatened or intimidated by me for whatever reason so you attacked me several times and that’s bad enough. But don’t turn around and claim that I attacked you or anyone else. My profile is open so it’s very clear that you’re lying. Ok, I won’t embarrass you any further. Just stop attacking me or sending your boy JT and we’ll get along just fine.

  184. You are truly pathetic..Nobody is buying your act right now…smh…

  185. That’s how highly I think of Lin too. When you read that tweet about Duncan and efficient scorers, all I can think of is Lin. The real problem isn’t Lin, it’s the league that keeps pushing him away.

  186. Are you all looking forward to any event from the All Star Weekend?

    I only care about the 3pt contest and Skills Challenge.
    And is it immature of me to wish Beverley sucks at it and gets stuck forever in the passing section? lol

  187. seems it describes Jeremy Lin’s strength!!!!

  188. KOBE coulda, shoulda and woulda won if he’d let NASH run the team. Howard and Gasol would have feasted and KOBE could have cherry picked. They all could’ve rode into the sunset.

    No, KOBE isn’t interested in winning anything if he isn’t the superhero crimestoper. That’s the bottom line.

  189. Nah. Not really

  190. I don’t really look forward to any AS event.. now that you mentioned it, I want to see how Beverley.. will FAIL

  191. I don’t care about any event, now that Lin is not involved. There also a lot of fans who feel like the All Starr Game is more that than the subterfuge that is going on with the NBA…just sayin…

  192. You’re starting the wear my patience down to the bone. I have so much ammunition that if I open up with guns blazing, it won’t be pretty. You calling me pathetic and shaking your head is really asking for it. I already told you. You do you and I’ll do me and the beat goes on. You’re the one that attacked me repeatedly for nothing but vile, vicious reasons. I’m the one who needs to be angry. So just back it up and get out of my face!

  193. Wow, you really have issues.

  194. OK, I just filled a whole page with attacks and insults. But after about 2 sentences the guilty feeling started to grow until by the end of the rant I just felt terrible. This is definitely not something Jeremy would do. Not something anyone decent person would do. Let’s just stop. I’m sorry this even started. Peace out.

  195. I would rather see a movie…yawn

  196. Do you care to elaborate? And while you’re at, tell us about yours.

  197. Neither am I. Boring to me.

  198. Guess what? He got away with it because people like MJ and LA media are blaming it on Jim Buss for hiring D’Antoni instead of himself Mr. Bryant.

  199. In case you’re frustrated about someone or something from this site, it’ll help a lot if you’ll stay away from the site for a few minutes/hours/days to clear your thoughts and feelings.

  200. Don’t cry Bearness. You can demand that psalm feature your post next time. (not that I ever demanded anything except an apology from JoeTeam for an unprovoked attack.) You don’t know the whole back and forth between JT and I so why do you try to comment?

  201. I also know basketball fans who don’t care for the All Star game. Although I do think the challenges are fun to watch.

  202. Well…my conclusion after this 3 yrs is, NBA simply is not ready for Lin YET

  203. Acbc, has anyone asked you to act as spokesman for your “friends?” No? Maybe there is a reason for that. Don’t tell me what to do. If I’m attacked, I respond. You can go quiver in fear or cover your ears. That’s your choice. I’m doing just fine without your advice.

    And FYI, the Mods don’t all see eye-to-eye. They indulge JW for whatever reasons. Why do you say I keep bringing up JT’s apology? I never even mentioned it. Maybe once today in response to Joyce? It was not a spontaneous or sincere apology anyway. It was coerced and therefore lame. Even by JT’s incoherent standards. People with your attitude never get anything accomplished. Everyone says that Lin is a backup, so we must accept it. PFV says Kobe/BS are making Jeremy a better PG so we must accept it because he’s done so much good. And Joyce treats some perfectly nice posters like crap, and no one even says a word for fear of insulting her. And, Acbc, the brave, stay quiet as a mouse EXCEPT to speak up and tell me to what to do. I really admire you!!!

  204. You are a strong lady who’s served.

  205. will do, Mel. Good to see you in great spirit :]
    Will pray for healing and wisdom for the doctors indeed for a successful surgery.

  206. Joe Lin got injured. not sure what kind.


  207. I can’t stnd the vitriol that comes in waves. We can be consistent in mind.

  208. Sad that JLin’s brother is injured.

  209. I’d rather have a tooth canal

  210. I hope Lin could sign with a more powerful
    agent in this field. He’s a nice person so
    he needs an agent to play the bad guy role.
    Take Fegan for example, he is strong enough to help Parsons force Morey not to pick up the TO and signed a great contract with Mavs because Fegan also has good relationship with Cuban. I think an agent like Fegan wouldnt allow the Lakers or BS to demote Lin as a rookie’s backup in his contract year.

    Besides, a good agent could help clients by using his own relationship and resources. I remember in an interview, Lowry said Chauncy Billups is his long-time
    mentor and help him to be a better player. That’s because Lowry’s agent also reps Chauncey Billups and introduced Chauncey to mentor Lowry on and off court. And I dont think Lin’s present agents could offer him this kind of resources…

  211. Like….Laker kiddos?

  212. Maybe more that people are fed up with KOBE and his antics. Lin is one of the good guys who has never done anything but right to anyone. So maybe the tide of sympathy is also pushing to open a new dialog on his Laker marginalization.

    Let’s hope that Kobe’s darkness will be contrasted by Lin flame of hope in LA.

  213. Nobody here is out to insult somebody, not @awarde:disqus, not @joeteam:disqus, not @psalm234:disqus… differing opinions but not in any way insults.

    The common enemy we have are the Jeremy haters and big doubters.

  214. I think, we should keep this article in our archive. The writer, Tom narrated the story well…starting from NYK to ROX and LAL

  215. Psa 103:3 Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases

  216. totally…fire it on!

  217. Or could, be they are frustrated the way LAL had been behaving, the least they could do is using Lin and keep the game interesting

  218. You have too many anger issues that forces you to take on everyone that don’t agree with you. Too bad. You seem to want to be a good guy but underneath is some unresolved things in your foundation that won’t let the best of you come out. It rages not at us but at some deeper issues. I hope you find some peace soon.

    Looks like I’m going to have to add you to the unread list of people. It pains me to have to deal with such anger because I also had some deep rooted anger issues in my 20s. All I can say is that failure and sadness isn’t what defines who we are. It’s what we hope to be and how we get up each time we fall down that defines who we are. Believe in the good in you at every turn and no matter how hard you fail and other continue to judge you, make yourself get up again and again until you redefine yourself.

  219. The Admiral: David Robinson.

  220. Are you sure?? That’s pretty drastic man…
    Tooth canals are vicious. I would rather put up with 3 hours of nonsense on TV than anything related to my teeth.

  221. Too bad, sounds like serious. When it rains it pours.

  222. When you get older you’ll see that not many people will see eye to eye. You accept what you agree with and discard the rest. That’s how you cooperate and get along. You’re problem is that you don’t see that friends are necessary you’re friend just because you think alike.

    Friends are made by feelings and feelings don’t have rational. They are to be treasured not to be conquered. I made that mistake in midlife and lost a dear friend that shocked my foundation. Being a friend has nothing to do with how much you think alike or what you do are similar. We all have opinions and they get stressed by Lin’s situation. We say things in anger and disgust but we also know that’s all it is. We just let it go because it’s just that. Khuang and I don’t agree on things but I still consider him to be a friend because we’ve been talking for along time and many times on different points of view. He is also very strong minded and I’ll never share his views on Asian hate as the root cause of everything.

    The best example of this is my wife of 30 years. She is a strong willed successful business women who bows to no one. We’ve had our share of arguments but that never took away our love for one another. She never lets me forget that I chose her as my soulmate becuase she was equally strong, or maybe stronger than I am. Our life isn’t defined by who won or loss arguments but by how much we loved one another. Challenging each other each day makes us stronger and more respectful of each other.

    When I lost my friend, I may have won my argument, but lost in my heart. It weakened my foundation to know that he wasn’t ever going to be there again for me. Trust me, winning arguments is pointless if you lose their hearts.

  223. I am looking forward to Valentine’s day 🙂

  224. A bit poignant but nonetheless enjoyable. Thanks for finding this.

  225. The timing for publication of 3 Lin-related articles has coincided with the beginning of All-Star break.
    These are well-researched articles and must have been prepared in many days or weeks. Too much coincidence?

    Has Lin’s journey made people pause and noticed the oddity of his journey in the NBA in the past 3 years after Linsanity?
    Let’s hope it makes a difference, whatever it might be.

  226. I think maybe bc like Young said during ASG it’s the period for Players in contract year to talk w GMs…. that’s why so many articles to support Lin.

  227. uh, sad, no wonder Jeremy is not going to NY, he said he want to see his brother play…..

    And looks like Joe will miss his last year of playing, if he played well, could land him into a professional career

  228. I know, right :] I just need to create a link on that post.
    Thank God for saving hours of work. LOL

  229. Yes, and if this place that has been created to be a good place has all this emotion, it means we’ve all tripped up. So far I think it’s working, especially given the reason for our aggregation in being Lin fans is all messed up to a weird FO agenda. At lease HOU was trying to win, with political agendas. LAL is not trying to win and they have ego agendas waaaay bigger than Harden. So I take it this site is doing ok given that mess in Lin’s org.

    Next year probably will be better, hopefully. For now, we must be as calm as Lin.

  230. Admiration? Is this what it’s all about?

    The purpose of my postings on this site is to add to the collective intelligence of the Lin family. Read a little bit about bee intelligence and how they survive as a specie. The workers go out and gather Intel and come to the nest to do their dance and have absolutely no ego about who’s right or who’s wrong. You keep needing others to agree with you. Your posts have value, but your need for aproval gets in the way of your delivery.

    Read my post to myself that was meant to answer this post as well.

  231. It was not an unprovoked attack. Stop with the victim reframe. What you did was lament to mods to discipline GoodDayLA and I asked you to stop triangulating and address it with GDLA and flag him if it didn’t abate. I also said you are heading to passive aggressiveness if you keep up the habit of triangulating. You blew up at me and I apologized a day later after all the drama. You said it was past, but obviously it has not passed.

    I stand by my post originally:

    1. it is not healthy to triangulate, especially on boards that have no memory

    2. if you do, you end you in a corner and passive aggressiveness or open aggressiveness will happen, because you do not control anyone here and cannot expect to do so.

    That is all. I only comment because you are retelling the story falsely. I have no emotion on this and am just defending myself, not being defensive. I stand by my apology and the grace that was created for a time, by it.

  232. and JW also shares a ton of relevant Lin information and how she interprets them. It really improves the peripheral vision for me as a Lin fan.

  233. I won’t mind getting a pleasant surprise soon :>

  234. I would rather copy the article here…never trust internet sites…they come and go

    I could do that later when I get some time within next 2 days

  235. lol…i was about to say the same thing!

  236. yeah, tough news :[
    I wonder if he’ll ever get a chance internationally or even summer league invite

  237. Happy Valentines mate….. bromance…no homo! ….lol

  238. I did that already….

  239. I did not come after you. I kindly advised you to stop triangulating your anger on GoodDayLA at psalm and address GDLA yourself. I cautioned you if you kept up the triangulation, it would turn into passive aggression. Or, as it turns out, it can be both passive and open aggression. Calling on the Mods to help you in your disagreements – well, we discussed that too. Mods will delete both sides and you will be disappointed if you feel you were in the right. So it was – you were angry at psalm because he deleted your posts and mine, escalating on him.

    Just remember something – psalm is in a no win position with trolls. He’s expressed a culture and a set of rules. Mods are following that, and I resigned from being a Mod so my post don’t inadvertently step on his mod policies. I try to uphold the community, and that’s about it.

    Please stop posting false reframes about me, and please stop with the insults.

  240. wow another great article and backed up with numbers!

    we need to grab this as well 🙂

  241. and this need to be tweeted as well

  242. What are you talking about, Jeremiah?

  243. We are counting on you. Make a few posts and make them pop! pls

  244. i kinda agree with you now…could be

  245. Yeah, my wife is a dentist. I never try to win a fight with her because she may just pull some teeth while I’m asleep. Lol

    The thing about root canals is that the pain will go away soon enough, the ASG is a reminder how cruel the world can be and that pain goes down into the soul, it festers and takes far longer to wipe away.

  246. anything special?
    maybe a hidden 4th article on Lin? lol Easter Egg

  247. no wonder you love root canal! lol

    I will ask my wife, if i could get a dentist

  248. LOL I muted it.

  249. that was 7 hours ago….even I couldnt comprehend why the aggressiveness.

    I would rather have this topic put at rest…cheers

  250. Hope it’s isn’t too serious, would like to see Joe Lin try getting into the NBA as well especially when his parents said he’s a better shooter than JLin. i do wonder why JLin chose the path to be a PG instead a SG since SG can shoot more.

  251. Thanks…and lets give this topic a rest…Happy Valentines

  252. you sleepy bum…will do since its Valentines…Happy Valentines, mate

  253. I clicked on the link, but it said “This content is currently unavailable” . FML.

  254. I think he will still go to visit his bro. You have info he is not going?

  255. I read what you wrote Mak ha ha. Wise …

  256. it went into moderation…lol

  257. well, even NBA playaz have to take that one back. But your point is good, that Valentine’s Day can be one where you appreciate friends too. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve missed my buddies because some married mean wives, some got greedy, some made money and decided they were too good for anyone, and anyway, it’s hard to keep friends for a long time.

    A buddy once told me when his brother died – sad, now there’s one less person who remembers him when he was a child, going back decades, and that part of him is gone forever. So we need our buds … Happy V day to you and your posse.

  258. exactly….linkedin had helped me get back to lost friends…now we have tons of whatsapp going…even though most of us had relocated.

    Humans need kinship to stay healthy and in peace. I have never hated anyone, when though how hard they try…I just ignore them. Hate is on of worse enemy one could have…it kill you from within…

    Its such a joy…whenever we get a chance to get to gather, old memories lives!

  259. Hmm … http://www.hamilton.edu/athletics/mens-basketball/roster-detail?id=2552767&

    So he’s 6’1″ 150 lbs. + stats.

    Wonder what his major is … I mean, can he afford to mess around and play in another country or what career he’s going to do. I have a suggestion … Sports and Financial management he he.

  260. yes, that is why forgiveness is so important.

    One thing though … apathy has been said to be worse than hate. I wonder if it’s true. probably not … lol (that last bit was me being Brent).

  261. ok by me.

  262. close…i guess…suppression of emotion is not good as well…there is no point holding a grudge against oneself, or another or anything for that matter.

    We live to enjoy life….so why we should bring in negativity in our life..thats the question one need to ask

  263. He not sure if you guys saw but Toney D got picked up for 10 day contract back from China. Hope he makes the rotations. NOP.

  264. yeah thats interesting…but they are not giving him much play time either around 20min I presume

  265. And then be JL’s agent?!!! 🙂

  266. to me that’s a good place to learn important skills if he studied business. He’d learn faster than going into a big corp. First start as a gopher for the real management team, and take over in 5 years 🙂

  267. aw, isn’t that what JLin is getting? Yeah, that’s our year.

  268. Reading the recent pro-Lin articles from Howard Beck, Tom Gardner and RadioTru makes me miss wukong, who worked diligently in compiling similar material. I hope she has a great Valentine’s Day, wherever she is.

  269. They probably threaten to kill Kobe’s whole family if he didn’t take the big contract LOL

  270. She really was a true trooper. Hope all is well with her.

  271. Even funnier is Lin to backup Bev again.

  272. I’m here. Just very low profile. Had some very serious disturbing cyber attacks. Be careful out there. People are crazy.

  273. Happy VaLINtines Day everyone! Sorry I’m lazy to make a card right now, so I hope you don’t mind this

  274. Happy VaLINtines Day everyone! Sorry I’m lazy to make a card right now, so I hope you don’t mind THIS for the ladies and THIS for the gents

  275. Lakers Nation ‏@LakersNation 13m13 minutes ago
    RUMOR: Lakers ‘expected’ to offer Goran Dragic a four-year, $80 million contract this summer.

    According to espn Marc Stein: The Los Angeles Lakers, who have also coveted Dragic for some time, are likewise presumed to be intent on testing the Suns’ resolve when it comes to their Slovenian point guard, since sources say L.A. plans to chase Dragic with an expected max four-year contract offer this summer valued at an estimated $80 million.

  276. It’s still Friday the 13th over here. But HVD to you!

  277. I have seen her post in LG from time to time.

  278. I would not be surprised if they are haters from cf.

  279. I am angry to learn what happened to you, but happy to know you have not completely vanished. You have been dearly missed. Continue to do what you need to do to take care of yourself.

  280. Just watched Linsanity the documentary again. I put that together with some of the recent good articles out there. It is clear to me that Jeremy has had the most unfair, inconsistent treatment you could possibly face. Many good players are marginalised. But no one in the NBA with his talent, youth, exposure and record breaking performance has been treated like this in the past 3 years.

    So Jeremy Lin is not inconsistent. (At least not more than any other NBA player). He has just been given such terrible yo yo treatment all the time. In fact, contrary to that narrative, Jeremy has been ultra-consistent and always found a way to produce. He has never completely faded away despite all that mistreatment. Most people would have withered.

  281. And an excellent analyst.

  282. TD is ok in by books, hope he does well.

  283. I’m with you, I rather dig dirt or change my brake pads.

  284. yeah, Morey must have thought Lin will take the money even as a backup.
    I’d like to see Lin come for a visit and politely say.. “No means No, Mr. Morey” hehe..

  285. suns spot open

  286. glad to hear from you. take care out there

  287. Hm, will Dragic be willing to take $20M/yr with the risk of backing up Kobe the PG in his last year or be an SG like he sometimes does in the Suns?
    $20M/yr could be very tough to decline.

  288. Let’s all welcome dragic to the tragic mess that is the la tankers.

  289. Dragic is not worthy the 20M per year… but don’t care… What about Rondo? I thought Kobe wants Rondo?

  290. I hope the tankers pay the max for both… I will sit back and get the popcorn ready. .hahaha

  291. I think this news it’s from Lakers FO to response back to Rox wants Lin back…. Haha! I like either Dragic or Rondo to Lakers now. If Dragic to Lakers then Lin have more chance to get one more offer from NYK. Not too bad.

  292. Let me ask you a question: Do you think Lin himself is partly to blame for his recent struggle or at all, even 1%? Or you think Lin is blameless?

  293. I was just thinking since Jeremy has plenty of time to rest this week plus playing Trivia Facts and LOL (League of Legend), maybe fans can have some fun tweeting their game scores (i.e. Trivia Facts level, Candy Crush, etc.) Or send fun pics of favorite food, pets with his jersey/gear, etc

    Who knows if he might enjoy that and reply to your tweets? =)


  294. Don’t think so.. plus this season pretty much done for Lin now. So it doesn’t matter after all.

  295. Might watch 3 point shooting contest.

  296. No Lakers game really matters at this point, that’s true.

  297. I like to see them both sign with the tankers for the max… so that will wreck the tankers plan for signing any available superstar like kd, love, etc… in honor of valentine. ..it will be like watching the Titanic going down slowly with the lovers (bs&kobe) forever captured in the final embrace going down with the ship…. my heart will fill with joy watching it while enjoying my popcorn. ..hehe

  298. None… After all this FA rumors… I guess maybe BS will DNP Lin after ASG.

  299. You can’t blame Jlin for the situation nor for lack of effort in the beginning…. now Jlin is just protecting himself from injury. ..so in my opinion Jlin is blameless and my opinion will not ever be changed regarding that.

  300. BTW, just a thought… this rumor news also just like last summer Beldoes’ one…. Kept having the news came out all the time… Haha! Right now they even set up the price tag for Lakers FO… I really doubt Dragic is worthy that money… Also don’t believe Lakers FO will pay that money for Dragic? He is not even a super star at all?! From NYK list the price tag for Dragic is 12M?!

  301. I am currently on candy crush level 414…but don’t have twitter. ..oh well

  302. Yes I want to see DNP-CD for Jlin at this point. ..keep him healthy.

  303. I really don’t mind about that now… since his season pretty much done already.

  304. Hmmm… page not found…. poster remorse…hahaha

  305. This was Toronto on Valentines Day, 2012, when the Knicks were playing the Raptors. TSN is a Canadian sports network.

  306. nice! I’m at 696 but got bored and switched to the better CC Soda Saga. Have you tried the new one? Much better than the original one.

  307. Lin’s not going to reply to you unless you are a youtube star. So Step 1: become a youtube star. Step 2: invite Lin to cameo in your youtube channel. Step 3: Lin retweets your tweets. LOL

  308. I think Dragic will take Lakers offer if it’s the highest. He’ll probably figure that at worst he’ll have to play 2nd fiddle to Kobe for one year. But more likely, Kobe won’t last half the season with another season-ending injury.

  309. Happy for Dragic that he will be a highly sought after free agent.

  310. so glad to hear from you! yeah, lots of crazy people on the internet. good idea to stay low profile.

  311. Aw, tough news. Must have been relatively serious (like broken bone or torn ligament) to be season ending.

    Looks like he was having a nice season, leading the team with 14.0 ppg, 6.7 apg. 45% fg, 38% 3pt.

  312. It will be quite damning if Doran Dragic becomes a Laker and succeeds. Lin himself says he is a Dragic clone.

    If Dragic succeeds, it means it’s most mental upstair and it’s more of the off court stuff than on court stuff that prohibited Lin from finding a niche in LA.

    I for one highly doubt Dragic ends up in LA ever. If he did though, I’d love to see him stuck with Kobe and how that turns out.

  313. lol .. since becoming a Youtube star is hard, what about pretending to be a reporter asking him why he left the locker room early? Or will he go back to HOU lockerroom for $7M/year? hehe..

  314. I don’t believe Lakers will give Dragic 20M per year. Kobe wants Rondo & he will get it.

  315. i want to see Dragic join Lakers, so I can see how he does with Kobe, etc. Who knows, Lakers might treat a max contract player differently than the way they treated Lin.

  316. This Toronto game and Los Angeles Lakers games will be what I remember about the Linsanity. This was just as exciting for me as witnessing LIVE IN PERSON the World Cup hysteria that swept across South Korea when Hiddink took the Korean soccer team to Semi-Finals of the World Cup. The only difference was I knew it was once in a life time thing with the Korean soccer team, i.e., a fluke, but I really thought Lin would go on and average at least 15/7 per game.

  317. After 3 years, a beautiful rendition of poetry by Giles Li still rings truer today and touches your soul


  318. HOW CAN YOU BE 6’1″ and only 150 lbs?? That’s what I really want to know! He doesn’t even look anorexic!

  319. Possibly yes. With long-term contract, they’ll cater to Dragic after he goes down.
    The thing is there’s only so much he can do with BScott system.
    But again, not our problem 😀

  320. Give Kobe anything, but it make him younger or whole again.

  321. Yes I have but I still intrigued by candy crush…will play it until I am bore of it like you..hehe

  322. Late to see this message. I was wiped out pretty badly yesterday and slept for over 10 hours for a change:-) Hopefully my stamina is better today.

    Presuming this “Guest” in my thread is you wukong. Glad to see you here. Hope things are okay with you.

  323. Hi! I used to love your posts and your site. Hope you’re ok.

  324. Thanks!

  325. Thanks @psalm234:disqus!

  326. If no other big star comes then Lakers sure will back to old days.. FO will do everything Kobe asks them to do. I hope they give Rondo Max contract.

  327. baby Lin got injured, wonder if JLin is here in east coast with him:

  328. haha .. I just found the Saga version is more Linsane with interesting combo and fish explosions :]

  329. NO free agent would want to play with Kobe Bryant; not even for a year. Kobe is notorious. Ask Shaq and Dwight. Pau Gasol wouldn’t say that but he preferred to play with Chicago at a much less salary despite the change of the head coach. It’s not the head coach and it is Kobe that Gasol wanted to stay away from. Ask any FA and see if they want to play for Byron Scott. The answer is negative! Byron Scott is not the popular and efficient coach in the league!

    It’s too bad that the situation in Lakers is controlled by a degenerated Kobe Bryant and a bunch of ex-Lakers who has tried to take control of the franchise for their personal gains. Let’s try to compare the rebuilding of Boston Celtics and LA Lakers. Can you see the differences there? Boston Celtics are heading in the right direction and they they’re playing tough in almost every game. The Lakers has given up once Kobe got sidelined. It’s because of the coach Byron Scott; he pilots the team to a no win situation.

    MDA is a lot better than Byron Scott.

    Jim Buss has to do something about the team. Either the Buss family gives up and sell the franchise or he should hire a competent coach to put Kobe Bryant under control. Phil Jackson in NY has proved that he’s just human. He won’t be capable to fix the problems in Lakers. MDA should be the one that they rehire because he has had experience in handling the problem.

    After this season, any coach will look competent in comparison to Byron Scott; the shameless worthless coach according to his post interview and his record in the last 5 seasons; this represents what the ex-Lakers have done to the franchise. Lakers need to change. The team hasn’t been efficient and competitive under Byran Scott. Jim Buss should fire Byron Scott before the all-star break or at the end of this season.

    The team will be much better w/o Kobe and Byron Scott.

  330. Agree but don’t think Busses have the gut to do it. They are still burying their head in the sand.

  331. Are you asking Lin to change a franchise, their management, their coaches. People have tired to give Lin a very tall order. Just try to ask if you’re to blame when you work for a rotten company under contract; under contract, dude!

  332. > “Lin himself says he is a Dragic clone.”

    Well, Lin didn’t exactly say he’s a Dragic clone. He just compared himself to Dragic.


    He thinks the best model for the way his game could develop is Phoenix 6th man Goran Dragic, especially the way Dragic attacks the rim in the pick-and-roll.

    “Neither of us is a freak athlete, but we’re both effective and know how to play the game,” Lin said. “I’m a playmaker,” Lin said. “I’m
    always attacking the rim and have somewhat of a reckless style. I try to be everywhere at once.”

  333. It would be in JLin’s best interest to sign a 1 year contract with a team that would use his strengths correctly.


  334. Not lin related…but watch Mo’Ne Davis put a spin move on Kevin Hart..NBA Allstar celebrity game


  335. Sorry for the late reply. Just woke up.

    Your question is actually too theoretical because obviously Lin could have done things differently or played better. So he would be 1% to blame or even more according to your question.

    But Lin is human. Not superhuman. Humans thrive with repetition and support.

    Put another way, if John Wall, Damon Lillard or Kyrie Irving had to deal with all the changes (change in teams, coaches, systems, going to D League repeatedly) and if they were benched the amount of times Lin has, I really think they would not do much better than Lin.

  336. tweeted to Nathan, Lakers, Jeanie

  337. This sounds exactly what Lin is doing

  338. how old’s chris mullin; he looks like he could take 4 people out of the stands and beat the current knicks/laker tankers; (it seems melo is going kobe after the a.s. game, rite)? i.e shutting down for the year. thats what i got out of tweets anyway.

  339. No news……time to post some lovely photos of Lin in Valentine’s Day.

    Will I see Uncle Jeremy this year? – Kiyan

  340. My favourite Lin photo with kids.

  341. So quiet, no news on Lin for past 2 days, is it a calm before a storm?

  342. Like a Linsane trade kind of storm?

  343. I want to see this Happy Lin on court again

  344. One never knows….

  345. Look Who is the real coach

  346. So happy to find you are well.

  347. what is LG?

  348. link doesn’t work.

  349. Asians – fill in later. I was thin until 25. Want that back lol.

  350. Swa the video aleady. I am trying to find out how to join LINE.

  351. lakers ground

  352. download LINE APP
    -> add friends -> offical account recommendations see all
    -> select another country (on the bottom of the list)
    -> Taiwan -> Jeremy Lin

  353. Pretty much what I’ve been saying since NYC. When the haters stated to talk about how LIN went after money, I pointed that out about how LIN had left millions on the table during Linsanity. LIN did everything to protect his brand and integrity and yet the media sharks went at him ignoring the fact that Dolannever made a concrete offer to LIN.

    LIN even now will never need to chase the mighty dollar. It’s not in his DNA. All he needs to do is make a call to his agent and he could make money on his trade mark in Asia, but that will never happen.

    Lin needs just one coach to believe in him like MDA did. It’s a know pedagogical fact that a teacher highly influences a student’s report cards. What they think of the student WILL affect the outcomes of that student. The author of “the Goldmine Affect” adds to this powerful association by revealing how effective positive reenforcement is to Olympic gold medal athletes. Thus when I read articles about how great Curey, Teague, Wall or any of the other point guards from his draft year, it makes my blood boil to know that LIN has been deliberately pushed down into the gutters by the people in power. It’s sickening to me to even think of the “all star game” becasue it’s all manufactured stars that has kept LIN looking in from the outside.

  354. That doesn’t look like a packed house.

  355. Kid: then I dunked on him like this…
    Lin: Wow! really?

  356. TDuncan too.

  357. Well said! Jim Buss’s lack of confidence in BB has been exploited by KB. Let’s see how long the big money can stand it.

  358. No worries, after the so “called superstars” after their basketball careers are over will be working for Lin. Lin/LBJ gets it. Lin knows that he is building his brand in China, where the NBA wants to get a secure foothold in. Lin loves playing bballl, but he is not in it for the money like some of the bball players.

  359. yeah, it’s good sarcasm :]

  360. packed with empty chairs ? LOL.

  361. Don’t even care:-)

  362. As many Dragic’s fans say he is pretty excellent at playing off the ball, I want to know how he will survive when playing with Kobe and in this slow system too.

  363. Him watching a game with Patricia and Josh?

  364. My personal favorite:

  365. think so.

  366. So they were having fun in syracuse, cool.

  367. Cute girl….

  368. Yup my sarcasm-meter is a bit low without BS to direct it to at the moment. 🙂

  369. Lots of empty seats.

  370. Is it just a family gathering in NY or at same time some negotiations on his next nba career move? The plot thickens……..

  371. family holidays is the best:)

  372. But why NY, coincidentally the venue is where nba key event being held…..

  373. Translation please….

  374. they went to NY to support Baby lin.

  375. worth another listen in these tough times for JLin

  376. Pic of JLin.

  377. This article is spot on regarding J.Lin’s basketball career.
    J.Lin IS a more consistent player than people give — even two, three, seasons ago – Just didn’t get a chance to be the “leader” or “main point guard,” with the coach’s full support, e.g. like playing under Mike D’Antoni. If he’s under D’Antoni’s tutelage for the last 2 seasons, his stat would be like 18pt & 8ast. He would’ve been in the same class or consideration as Dragic, Bledsoe, Lowry, and Wall.
    Yes, definitely can see the similarities between Tiger Woods and J.Lin.
    J.Lin just didn’t get his chance for steady development on “one team, one system,” that plays more to his strengths which is the “attacking point guard, co-captain or leader.” And with the comfort of being on one team he can steadily improve on his weaknesses as well.
    I’ve said it from the beginning of the season that he will be averaging 18pt & 8 in LA. And he Did had some 18+ ppg. Jeremy just didn’t get the chance to do it. Because L.A. is worse than Houston.

  378. Top right: I Love you
    2nd left: THank you for your support, I have the best fans in the world, (This is a can message)
    3rd left: The whole family went to visit my little bro, Joseph. I got te much needed rest and LOBSTER!.

  379. Wouldn’t be allowed, would be considered tampering. Unless it’s player to player.

  380. 底迪?! It’s about time to have Chinese leason again 🙂

  381. 底迪 = 弟弟

  382. Lin + Byron Scott <<< Lin + MDA.
    It tells you how horrible a coach Byron is.
    None of Byron Scott's players on this Lakers team ever makes it good; not even Kobe the Bryant.
    With a coach like this, it's a team disaster while Byron Scott has been pretending that it's all the players fault not listening to his instructions. Does it occur to you that it may be the coach who has the problem to bring the best effort out of everyone on the team. This is what a coach is for. A coach should exploit your strength and not your weakness.

  383. It means little bro in Taiwanese? I thought may be he’s chosen the wrong word by typing Di Di……

  384. it just sounds the same….kind of just became norm chars for using when typing informally…

  385. Any substance to this post? http://nba.udn.com/nba/story/6780/708468

  386. For Goran to be successful, he has to get rid of Kobe and his coach Byron Scott.

  387. Just read it and wonder the same thing. Doubt it!

  388. Byron Scott has given Jeremy a role that he couldn’t be successful in either way. If he did what Byron told him, he wouldn’t be a factor of the game. If he didn’t, Byron would diss him publicly. It is the head coach whose problems in coaching got carried over to all of his players. There is only one solution and that is to fire the head coach ASAP.

  389. I only understand the word ‘buyout’ …lol.I dont think so.Iguess Jeremy will stay until summer.

  390. Does not seem necessary for Lakers to do so

  391. I see. Thanks.

    There is such a big difference between Cantonese Chinese, Mainland Chinese & Taiwanese Chinese. It’s funny that a foul word in Cantonese which means superb in Taiwanese…..

  392. Not so far fetched, perhaps. Maybe JLin initiated it? Scott did say Price will play afer ASG. You guys are probably right. Wonder how it got started?

  393. haha yes

  394. 糗爺 has zero credibility!! He just wrote an article saying Lin will stay until the season is over before this. Actually he is a Lin doubter. Never give his articles clicks!

  395. Surpised that gatorade did not cash in on this during linsanity

  396. The kid has good form

  397. Oh, Thank you for letting me know!

  398. Not a chance for Lin to buy out this season!

    This year will give Jeremy the financial security at least for the rest of his basketball career. ($15m)
    After this season, he could choose whatever team to play with for fun or whatever. Note, Jeremy is almost a box draw guarantee for any NBA team.

    Byron Scott is the coach who wanted to bench Jeremy Lin before the season even began. Kobe tried to pretend he liked Jeremy but I knew that he just wanted to drive Lin out of town like what he did to Dwight Howard and Shaq and more.

    But, all Lakers has is one season of Lin’s career. I still has high hope that Dallas will try to recruit Jeremy for their team. For one reason, Jeremy will be very affordable as far as cap management is concerned. The risk is small but the return could be great. Second, there are so many ex-teammates on the Dallas team that team chemistry wouldn’t be a problem for Jeremy and the team. Also Dallas team has one of the better coaches in the league to help Lin make his contribution. Third, Dallas had made investments on 2 point guards which are really replaceable:
    2 Raymond Felton PG 30 6-1 205 North Carolina $3,793,693
    20 Devin Harris PG 31 6-3 192 Wisconsin $3,878,896
    Currently their most productive PG is J J Barea
    5 J.J. Barea PG 30 6-0 185 Northeastern $909,859
    Their white elephant PG is
    9 Rajon Rondo PG 28 6-1 186 Kentucky $12,909,090
    Any GM would pick Jeremy Lin to replace some of their PGs over 30 years old. It makes good sense in cap management.

    Jeremy used to play against Dallas a lot. The Mavericks knew a lot more about Jeremy than any other team. I will be surprised if Jeremy is not a Maverick next season.

  399. Price won’t sell ticket!
    The FO would get tough and warned Byron Scott.
    After the ASG break, it’s high time to fire the head coach.

  400. Word goes around that he had been turned down for an interview with Jeremy, and has been holding grudge since. Not that he was any good at reporting basketball in the first place.

  401. Phoenix is just trying to survive in its playoff race. Any move of this sort is going to affect their chance of having the last berth in the playoff. OKC is catching up and NO is also in reach. That’s really impossible!

  402. Very plausible , however personally I am rooting for spurs.

  403. Thanks ……

  404. Baby Lin does not look injured in the pic above, shall see how long he is in NY, whether it is the whole ASG weekend and beyond. My suspicion is not only visit but some nego by the sideline. Well suspense is trilling, lol.

  405. IThomas did expressed his interests to be with Lakers, why not ?

  406. Reporter a parrot? Article is repeating from others.

  407. So maybe Lakers will trade Hill for IT?

  408. Finally someone wrote an open letter to James Dolan and raised a question about his decision on Jeremy Lin.

    II. Regarding Jeremy Lin’s Free Agency
    E. The Knicks made at least four (4) very bad business decisions during the Jeremy Lin free agency:

    (E1) You only gave Lin a “qualifying offer” of 1-year at $1M. This,
    in essence, gave control of the Knicks’ business dealings to your 29
    NBA competitors. They don’t teach that at Harvard B School.
    (E2) You didn’t give Lin a viable way to show the Knicks the
    “loyalty” you reportedly felt that he owed you. Had you offered
    something along the lines of, for example, 4-years at $4M per season,
    Lin could have given the Knicks a “home town discount” to stay with the
    team. Instead, giving Lin the choice between the Knicks 1-year $1M deal
    and the Rockets’ 3-year $25M deal, the Harvard graduate chose the
    (E3) You publicly notified everyone that the Knicks would match any
    offer for Lin. This alerted rival Houston Rockets’ owner Les Alexander
    that his initial offer to Lin would need to be restructured into a
    “poison pill” version so that the Knicks would self-destruct if they
    matched it.
    (E4) You let an extremely valuable asset (Lin) get away without getting anything in return.

    F. Lin left the Knicks because their bad business decisions
    essentially forced him to. Those bad decisions were exploited by
    outstanding businessman Les Alexander. According to Rockets’ GM Daryl
    Morey (in quotes I later confirmed with the Rockets’ head of PR), Lin
    had nothing to do with the offer being restructured. He did not ask
    them to do it, nor did he have any say in the matter. As Morey told
    reporters, after the Knicks said they’d match any offer for Lin, Les
    Alexander told Morey to restructure the offer so the Knicks wouldn’t
    match it.

    G. Despite all of that, the Knicks then initiated a negative
    publicity campaign against Lin, falsely accusing him of demanding that
    the Rockets’ restructure the offer and questioning his “lack of
    gratitude” to the Knicks.

    H. Although Lin was basically forced into taking the Rockets’ offer because of the Knicks’ mistakes, numerous reports cite
    people close to you as saying, in essence, that you let Lin go because
    you “…felt betrayed after the Harvard kid took him [Dolan] to school
    after the Knicks gave him his big shot.”

    I. If memory serves, despite the very public “Once a Knick, always a
    Knick” campaign, Jeremy Lin has not received any tribute upon returning
    to MSG, although players who made significantly less of a contribution
    to the team have received tributes upon their return to the Garden and
    “Linsanity” was one of the few bright lights in an otherwise dark
    decade-and-a-half of Knicks’ futility.

    Comment: In answering the questions about the Lin
    free agency (below), please do not point to his play subsequent to
    leaving the Knicks to validate the Knicks’ decision to let him go. As I
    already wrote in November 2012, the intense scrutiny of Lin post-free agency impacted his results.

    Question Set #2:
    (QS2a) In what ways were the ill-fated moves made by the Knicks,
    prior to Les Alexander having the Rockets restructure their offer,
    beneficial to either the Knicks or their shareholders?
    (QS2b) In what ways will having publicly declared that you’d match
    any offer for Lin, reneging on that promise, and then waging a negative
    PR campaign against him benefit the Knicks in trying to sign big-name
    free agents this summer and in the years to come?
    (QS2c) Did you really feel betrayed by Lin, despite the fact that
    the Knicks’ mistakes basically boxed him into a corner? If so, how did
    that affect your decisions?
    (QS2d) Since you stated that you make all the decisions, was it your
    decision to initiate the public character assassination campaign
    against Lin?

  409. It so happens that both Dallas, San Antonio and Houston are in Texas.

  410. Not any more when Byron Scott is the coach.

  411. I know some fans who had chatted with him in private and they said he looks down upon Lin and isnt a hardworking reporter at all. I’m not sure if he had been turned down to interveiw Lin but I know another male reporter working for 東森 spoke ill of Lin because Lin’s mom refused to give him an exclusive interview after Lin broke out in NY.

  412. Love this pic coz you can see these 2 kids (1 big 1 small) were having a good time. Love to see Lin was making this Down’s symdrome kid so happy and tried to communicate with him. That’s a beautiful moment.

  413. My guess is that these sports reporters are either hired on low pay, or got the job through backdoors, as they are severely lacking in professionalism and never seem to do any homework at all.

  414. I should get my girls in a picture like this! My older one has seen Jeremy play since she was 18 months old.

  415. Then after Kobe, the Lakers would get stuck with a max contract for years to come.

  416. No way Lakers would buy out Jeremy. Lin’s contract make it very hard to do that, unless Lin takes 50% pay cut, otherwise Lakers will need to pay more tax to buy out Lin.

  417. Jim Buss can silence all his enemies by firing Byron Scott with a good reason and bring in MDA again. Every coach will look like an angel after what Byron Scott did to the Lakers.

  418. Well spoken for us all.

  419. Among the Texas triangle, Rockets is the least likely; how about Dallas Mavericks or even SA Spurs?

  420. That will never happen.

  421. WHAT? So…Shaq wasn’t big enough to demonstrate how the Lakers would treat a big contract player? Nor Gasol? nor Howard? nor Nash? How can anyone imagine that Kobe would treat ANYONE with team spirit or respect, or that the Front Office would protect and value any player more than they did these past names that they were ultimately willing to let be driven out. There is NO ONE Kobe will accept as anything but an accessory handmaiden and he and the FO have demonstrated this over and over and over. How can anyone think Lin isn’t big enough to change that unchangeable dynamic! NO ONE can wrench Kobe out of his neurotic rut, nor the Front Office out of their battered-wife marriage to him. Lin will go. No one great will come. Nothing will change until Kobe is not only out of the game but also eventually no longer an influential meddler from the sidelines.

  422. Please post the linkage for those articles.

  423. Happy Valentine’s Day to BS and Kobe. They were made for each other.

  424. The Strange and Badly Misunderstood Career of Jeremy Lin!

  425. But Lin’s salary is only $6M unpaid, right? If Lakers or Lin wants to buy out his contract, I dont think it’s that difficult since Amare is likely to do this with Knicks and his money is even bigger. However I guess Lakers would rather trade Lin to get something back, rather than buy out.

  426. Thanks a lot!

  427. Steve Nash is a basketball star that I admire.
    Kobe Bryant is the one that I despise.
    I his last years of career, Kobe has created huge negativity for Lakers.
    Steve Nash made others play better but Kobe just tries to tell people how good he is while he plays like a donkey.

  428. Off topic… Anyone played Street Fighters? Love this game when I was young. It’s hilarious to see this in MMA


  429. Here is a documentary about Steve Nash & Nowitzki.
    Note that Nash was booed by the fans; he was traded to Dallas from Phoenix and 2 years later he was signed by Phoenix as a free agent from Dallas. Then Steve Nash got better when he got older.

  430. Do you realize that you just disclosed your age? 🙂

  431. Haha if I said I played it since I was 8, would it make me sounds younger? :))

  432. LOL Yuck!!!!!!!!!!

  433. older the wiser….nothing to be shy off 🙂

  434. Older the wiser…. I hope this applies to me lol

    I don’t treat my age as the best kept secret, just shy to admit that I still play street fighter with my friends nowadays at the age of 36!! :))

  435. i do too and still watch cartoons!; 80% of the time when I switch on the TV

  436. Yes we did, and truly appreciate your article, we had feature that on our previous thread. We are also planning to feature it as a dedicated thread as well.

    Keep up on truthful….we have also tweeted the article on your behalf.

    Welcome Tom…feel free to post here as well…Cheers

  437. Just curious here…did anything happened, that triggered you to write that article…we dont see many writers crediting Lin’s play. Just a handful of writers though

  438. Maknusia, thank you for featuring my article and spreading it on social media, I am truly grateful. I am a lifelong Knick fan – or was – dating back to the 1960s and the hallowed championship teams of 1970 and 1973. The disarray of the franchise in this century had been hard to take, but I was a witness to Jeremy’s emergence and utterly transfixed by Linsanity. After Lin left the Knicks I followed him. My blog is mostly about politics and some baseball, but I had never seen a piece anywhere that captured the long view of his unusual career. Of course there were many stories on his career up through Linsanity, but few since. And, of course, most of those were really very limited pieces that did not capture the complexity of the forces at work. So I took that aspect on in my blog.

  439. LOL You are just too young:-)

  440. Grateful!

  441. Thanks Tom! Yes we did. Many posters here including me (@melodyting3) have tweeted or retweeted your article. I even posted even your article on Chinese JLin fan websites. Not sure whether you know it or not. Your article has already translated into Chinese now. All JLin fans around the globe enjoy the article.

  442. Finally found the Chinese translation info of your article.

  443. Wow! Thank you!

  444. Thank you very much!

  445. Thank you for the article. It was truly enjoyable, well written and I felt it really captured Jeremy’s journey.

  446. You just insulted the donkeys comparing them to kobe

  447. The best article on Jeremy Lin I have ever read. Thank you very much.

  448. Love your writing about lin very much…thanks!

  449. All I can say is thank you..

  450. Tom Gardner, thank you for writing such a complete masterpiece on dissecting common misunderstanding of JLin’s career and solid proof to back it up. It’s so good that I pinned it on @JLinPortal twitter profile page so hopefully many people would learn about it.

    I love how you listed the common misunderstanding in the past 3 years:
    1. Linsanity “only 2-week” period vs playing behind Melo with solid 15p/6.8a
    2. JLin “lost his job to Bev” vs Harden took his PG job and JLin still thrived off-the-bench, with 20p/8a stats in Harden’s absence
    3. JLin “lost his job to Price” vs Lin performing well as starter w/ 14p/6a PER36
    JLin continued off-the-bench for rookie Clarkson due to LA “tanking” strategy

    Finally, the conclusion that JLin is a solid NBA player with 15p/7a in the Top 20 PGs and potentially 18p/9a in an ideal system.

    It’s a long read but it really provided comprehensive history of what happened in the last 3 years (If I may suggest, subheadings would help readers to understand the breakdown of each of this common misconception). But we all love to read this masterpiece anyway.

    I also hope Dallas could be a potential next destination if Cuban and Carlisle like Lin more to replace Rondo. Facing HOU frequently would also be a bonus as Cuban would also relish the chance to best Morey’s HOU math with his DAL emphasis on chemistry =)

    Thank you again for writing such a great work! We will certainly wait for any future article 🙂

  451. Harden was surprisingly talkative to those Qs..to me at least

  452. not a cp3 fan. He’s nut puncher. Talk to Julius Hodges.

  453. Looks like family went there after all, even tho Joe didn’t play. Wonder what injury was.

  454. No games and a few good articles about Lin. Past couple of days were good…lol

  455. Hi Tom, was so impressed with your article that I am posting it daily on Twitter. Daily so more ppl can see it. Thank you for writing a thorough article. You are a league above most sports writers.

  456. Bravo!

  457. Don’t like CP3 & why the reporter needs to ask him? Anyway, this PR type talk means nothing at all…

  458. The concept of eternal love is romanticized but rarely understood by non believers. As Christians on this board would know, it is God who is eternal Love.

    To most agnostics like myself, that idea was totally foreign because love isn’t something you know, it’s something you feel. So what is eternal love to an agnostics?

    Our first experience of love is as a child when our parents gives us love. As we become older and seek love from our soul mates we carry the strength of that love with us but it is an immature love. Often we stumble because we ask for love and not fall in love. One day you actually fall head over heals in love with your soul mate and you lose that immature love to an undying love. It is then that you learn that You love this person so much, that you would do anything for her and would give her everything to her. It is when you ready to give love instead of asking for love that you are mature in love.

    Finally out of this undying love, you create a new life. It is when you look into your babies eyes that you will grow to appreciate eternal love. When you gaze through his or her eyes you’ll see the lineage of time to the distant future generations of love to come; from his eyes back through yours is the linkage to your own parents and grandparents to the eternal love of your families.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to all agnostics and Christians on this board. Wherever you are on your journey of love, I hope you will all grow into eternal Love.

  459. Great article, spells out all that we’ve been seeing these past 3 years. Hopefully he will be in a system that utilizes his strengths and all will see what we’ve been seeing these long tormenting years.

  460. I guessed they know that Lin is having a tough time in LA

  461. Sometimes we underestimate what these players talk about amongst themselves. I guess since Jeremy has good friends around the league, the word gets around.
    Good to know. I felt that each team was enclosed to a bubble to itself, and I’m glad I’m wrong.

  462. In light of Valentine day, this Jubilee Project “Blind Devotion” video shows what an unconditional love is.
    They’ve done some great videos in the past with JLin (i.e. Lost for Words, The Last Pick, Jose)

  463. Did Harden say “Jeremy is a Show-Me-Money guy on [00:48]?”

    It was good PC answers to Taiwan reporters with some good wish, I think

  464. the good thing about this type of questions is to let NBA stars know that Jeremy is still huge in Taiwan and Asia.
    So they might lean more to be more friendly to JLin to also help their popularity in Asia.

  465. Totally agreed. Melo and CP3 were heard mocking Jeremy in a YouTube video right after LInsanity. These guys only say nice things because it makes them look good. CP3 is a punk, he’s part of the jerk trio- Melo, Kobe, and CP3….all good friends from the Olympics.

  466. Happy Valentine, everyone!
    Bon Appetit!

  467. Behold the lonely Eagle


    by a kettle of


    Oh why do I suffer so?

    Oh my, the bitterness that

    I know.

    Where’s the brilliant Golden


    that’s promised by the Dragon’s


    Oh Brave Eagle,

    is tonight

    the Night?

    May the faint-hearted wolves

    lay bare their mocking teeth

    while you dance to the drumming

    of the athlete’s


    Oh, Golden Eagle,

    you know not how to


    Shall we be the fools

    who tie your feet?

    You, Golden Eagle,

    who carries the Cross

    up the mound of sentient Spanish moss

    where the tiger’s sleep?

    Shall we, then, persevere

    in your likeness, Dragon -Eagle-Tiger- Man?

  468. Im not sure if the majority of Lin fans comprehend this.

  469. honestly most of them dont care to develop their brand in Asia. Harden is thinking about which groupie he can take home tonight.

  470. I loved Linsanity because it gave all minority groups and underrepresented groups in America and the world a “F U” moment. It gave me hope to see Lin stick it in racist doubters faces night after night till guys like Jon Barry had to choke on his own words for a month and look like a fool.

    I will always thank Lin for doing that for me. I’m just frustrated because he’s been shoeboxed back into that hole but regardless Lin already let the cat out of the bag.

    We should all be happy big picture.

  471. Thanks, Tom Gardner, for putting our observations and verdict on paper. May the “Force be with you” 🙂

  472. Thank you!

  473. Thank you much!

  474. Very nice, thanks…

  475. Thanks for for tweeting! And the praise, I’m grateful…

  476. Hope springs eternal!

  477. Thank you very much…

  478. Yeah, follow him like so many of us Knicks fans did. A sensible heading: The Politics of the Jeremy Lin ‘Misunderstandings” (hehe)

  479. Haha, I still watch a lot of Japanese anime. Naruto is probably my favorite. Whenever I get down from Lin’s journey, I’ll wacth some Linsnaity vids and Naruto’s two epic battles against NeJi and Pain. I believe LIN is a Naruto fan as well.

  480. Thanks a lot!

  481. Thank you very much, psalm234!

  482. “He plays the right…he plays hard…he plays for Bryant Scott…he’s (BS) gotta let him go and play…” I’M all good with what he said. No hatin on him.

  483. No really it was just amazing
    didnt give nobody a FU chill
    Asians aren’t underrepresented

  484. Was that note to you Joyce?

  485. Here is a musical valentine to Jeremy Lin. It’s a cover of the Kina Grannis song “Valentine.”


  486. For me, it wasn’t just an Asian-American thing but an Asian-American guy who graduated from a nerdy school and who was over-looked. Also to me, the Linsanity just proved Lin belongs in NBA, not that he will go on to have a great career or become an All-Star. For that, you need luck, etc.

  487. Agreed. Just lip service. Nice lip service though.

  488. “All I know is I never thought of Godly things or Jesus Christ in the middle of acts of love. Hard to think when the blood has been drained out of your brain.” — Anonymous Agnostic.

    When I do, I know I will have reached the Nirvana state that Buddha talked about.

  489. No worries. Glad to share a great and unbiased article on JLin anyday.

  490. To an existentialist, the ultimate experience may be a carnal act of self satisfaction. Is it LOVE? It’s more an act of convenience between two people who need to validate their existence by elevating their blood flow.

    Nirvana is an expanded state of consciousness. The one time I’ve felt it was when I fell so deeply in love with my soulmate that my heart felt it had expanded beyond the edges of eternity. It’s depth was so intense that it was as if every atom in my body had expanded into galaxies of light that her gravity had pulled my soul into oneness..

    I can’t speak for what validates as great experience for existentialists who only exists for sensations. Like the photographs, selfies and social media that reasures us of our existence. For me, that experience of spiritual oneness will nourish my soul forever.

  491. CP3 played for Byron Scott.

  492. You talking about Atom, not Adam, right? LoL. Some call it revelation, some call it epiphany. There are many aspects to the senses, not just blood flowing, such as holding your first new born baby. What Buddha attempted is truly a great endeavor.

  493. Corrected already.

  494. A group of JLin Chinese fans always translate good JLin articles/news promptly to share with limited English JLin fans. They have done a very good job. Applaud to them.

  495. My apology to the donkey.

  496. jlin7: #Repost
    from @joe_linstagram: Proud of the lil bro and blessed to witness his
    senior night!! Sad the injury stopped the breakout year but s/o to
    Hamilton basketball! #linstanation #weoutćheä

  497. Happy Valentine’s Day Jeremy – We Will Love & Support You Forever

  498. LOL……this is a weird skill challenge contest

  499. Wow bev just won the skills challenge. He is the most skilled pg.

  500. LOL….

  501. In a weird way I’m happy for the guy. He won’t be as successful as other players but no one could take away the time he win the skill challenge at the all-star game. Kindve cool story for his grandkids.

  502. What did he have to do?

  503. Haha…announcers said he is very talented….

  504. Dribble, pass through a tire, make a lay up, shoot a three. Whoever did it first, won. Bev went through three rounds. I saw him beat Teague and Jennings.

  505. Run & shoot 3P.. he was lucky.. bc he was behind then the other guy just couldn’t make the 3P… Lucky for PB.

  506. Yeah none of them sounded like they believed what they were saying. Lol!

  507. What kind of injury did his little brother have?

  508. Other than education, medicine, high tech and food industries,
    Asian are underrepresented pretty much across the board. Upper management
    (bamboo ceiling), entertainment, sports, politics, you name it, are all underrepresented.

  509. NBA shooters really is at a different level.. I do not think NCAA players or some oversee league’s shooters can shoot that many balls in 1 minutes….with good accuracy

  510. They practice

  511. everyone does..lol

  512. Splash Bros & Kyrie are in the final of 3pt-shooters with 23-24 pts. Impressive!

  513. That is beyond impressive…lol

  514. 🙂 he’s a survivor, very much like Lin too
    Not as skilled as the others but he survived

  515. that’s video-game impressive 😀

  516. So who’s going to win?
    Irving, Curry, Klay Thompson

    I have Irving here but I hope for Curry

  517. but they do more and more talented

  518. I am not sure…I think they just trained more efficiently…

  519. korver out? damn

  520. College trains you pretty good as well

  521. Irving 17
    Curry 27!!!

  522. no rhythm.. out with 18 I think

  523. USA is just really good at building a player when they were still very young. Really good

  524. so sad

  525. klay is deadly
    kyrie wot win shyt

  526. yah well the most developed country
    and its so popular in there they have more opportunity and exposure to things than kids in oother countries

  527. Klay got 16 since he went last. too much pressure

    And please edit and don’t use variation of profanities since it will be deleted.
    It breaks Rule 1

    No cursing/swearing or any substitute/variation. Keep the language to PG to be family-friendly. – See more at: http://www.jlinportal.com/website-rules-must-read/#sthash.HbliTeux.dpuf

  528. Some other countries are catching up I think…USA still dominates….

  529. It is laughable how announcers talking about Irving. If he really is that player, CAVs would have at least made playoffs b4 LBJ comes

  530. We all know that Kobe Bryant is a selfish player. We all know that he’s the cause of the sinking of Lakers. While he called the team charmin, he played with the worst stats as SG in the league. He was taking shots at the worst %. He’s banking on his past.
    Sink, the Lakers sink. You see no future with ex-Lakers around you.
    There is no justice in NBA with Kobe and Byron dictating the team to a pathetic record of team losses. None of these two take responsibility for their disastrous output.

  531. France and Spain are decent
    Argentina is pretty good too
    but China will catch up they have 1 and a half billion people and they are rich
    They will rise up lol

  532. LMAO

  533. It is about the system…if the whole 1.5 B ppl are learning the game the old way…I guess it is still hard…

  534. he was young and hes just a very entertaining player to watch

  535. He is very good too…but still too overly hyped.

  536. what’s the old way

  537. Like the NBA in the 70’s

  538. he is for sure
    hes like AI
    good individuals but wont win anything
    well at least Ai had a big heart

  539. IDK….I will take Kyrie over AI I think..

  540. Kobe also was the cause of 5 rings and the prosperity of the Lakers and the NBA over 15 years

    He was the NBA for a very long time

  541. How so? Kyrie isnt nearly as good as AI

  542. meh they will get there
    they have no concept of teamball for sure

  543. I think AI brought a lot of negatives to the sport. He is a great talent, but that is it.

  544. exactly the reason why LAL can not handle him now…

  545. Not sure what PFV is thinking
    He doesnt want Lin to take over wants him to take a step back or in other words play like a scrub such as Price and Beverley..”steady make few mistakes” and play within his limits
    thats the dumbest thing ive heard from him
    Lin can take over and should play his game and try to take over Lin is capable of that
    PFV is talking as if Lin isnt any good and should play like a scrub thats sad

  546. LOL….why is that dumb? you twisted his words..

  547. he made the NBA a lot of money for sure
    He was the reason a lot of people started fllowing the NBA

  548. Indeed…spreading images of how you can be successful by not practicing and not coachable…..no thank you..lol

  549. good thing hes almost done
    but he will be missed
    LAL is secretly happy for sure

  550. thats just my interpretation
    he said lin should not try to do too much or force anything just pass the ball around and take a step back
    not surre if thats Lins game
    Lin can take over the game as he did so mnay times in Hou why stop now/

  551. I do not think he was doubting Lin’s ability. He is talking about Lin working with a perimeter the team is willing to give him…He is not gonna take over tha game for this LAL team.

  552. he did practice and the interview was just funny
    people loved his personality but everyone knew you cant look up to AI to be successful he was just so talented he cudve succeeded w/o all that

  553. If that was the case, he would have played in NBA longer. Not coachable is #1 killer for him…

  554. He got old and the game had evolved while AI stayed the same and he cudnt have been as effective anymore he didnt develop his game thruout his career like Bron did his arrogrance was the reason why we loved him but was also his undoing
    the league didnt want him back either just too many problems and at the end of his caareer he was just hurting the image of the NBA

  555. Not for LA but Lin on a team should still develop his game instead of goin steady

  556. He just lack experience due to lack of playing time…He will be fine..

  557. He still was better than some other players at that time. Exactly the image was the problem, not his game or his age.

  558. This is the LaVine’s dunk that made Dr. J’ stunned =)


  559. announcers went into hype mode for sure

  560. This is just crazy

  561. aesthetically , Lavine’s dunk looked great compared to the others.
    Not quite sure why

  562. I guess it is like dancing….his dunk seems has better body control

  563. true.. it’s like he’s taking off then finishes with authority..
    It’s what makes MJ’s dunk look so great too..

  564. Zac lavine getting me off my couch. What an awesome surprise.

  565. Yes….exactly…some dunkers are fancy in the air but weak at finish. Some were opposite. He is like can do both really well..

  566. he totally lived up to the hype 😀

  567. The speed. Watch Dominique old dunks, straight forward compared to today but so ferociously hard and fast they are better dunks.

  568. Dunk contest should just end with LaVine’s dunk this yr…

  569. true.. with speed, it also looks so effortless

  570. we want to see what he’ll bring against Oladipo in the Final 😀

  571. LOL

  572. On one hand I agree with you. He can take over, only player that could so he should take over for his team. On the other hand this Princeton offense and the laker bigs cause so much traffic for his game, by forcing things he could make a lot of mistakes because BS and his teammates are stupid.

  573. he got worse over the years to the point where the NBA couldnt controll him anymore
    still he had a decent career

  574. Well…he must have done something good….lol that I am sure

  575. oladipo just stop its so awkward

  576. LOL gotta love Novak’s sense of humor


  577. Exactly the reason y nba had no apeal to many.

  578. He is missed, ppl just holding onto memories. It’s illusive. All comes too pass …

  579. I cannot on wii lol.

  580. I saw steve kerr and luke walton and kerrs family on subway… almost asked him why he always said negative things about jlin… but nyers dont do that… hes a doush

  581. http://www.hamilton.edu/news/story/mens-basketball-ends-season-with-win-vs-conn-college

    “Conn. College (7-16, 0-10) ended its season on a 12-game skid. Zuri Pavlin ’17 paced the Camels with 19 points and 14 boards. Pavlin leads the NESCAC with 11.5 rebounds per game. Conn. College held a 35-31 edge on the glass, thanks to 17 offensive rebounds. Bo McKinley ’16 scored 11 points, Sean McNally ’18 had 10 and Isaiah Robinson ’18 added nine.

    The game had a unique start to it as Joseph Lin ’15 — Hamilton’s other senior — took to the court with crutches and a brace on one of his legs. Lin, who is in the top 10 in Division III in assists per game and leads the Continentals in scoring with 14.0 points per game, was injured in a NESCAC game at Bates College last Saturday.

    Hamilton was allowed to win the opening tip and the ball ended up in Donnelly’s hands. Donnelly passed to Kazickas, who handed it to Lin and Lin was allowed to make an uncontested layup for the first basket of the game. McKinley dribbled to the other end of the court for another layup that evened the score. The Continentals then threw away the inbounds pass to the Camels near midcourt on purpose and the game proceeded as normal.

  582. Good to hear that Baby Lin got those specials..

  583. You don’t get paid by starting a mutiny against your coach.
    I agree with PFV that Lin should do what the coach asks because it’s the coach who’s ultimately responsible for win or loss. A mutiny in NBA will give Lin such a bad reputation that no other team would sign him ever again.

  584. The glory in the past could not outweigh the inept behaviour of Kobe on the court at the present.
    Tom Haberstroh shows you how Kobe Bryant has burned the Lakers.

  585. Does anyone know why they had to have Lin play that ceremonial score? Did he tear a ligament? Sorry I’ve miss the threads.

  586. Tom Haberstroh shows us how Kobe hurt the Lakers chance in winning games. Byron Scott just stood and watched Kobe did the childish selfish things on the court. Kobe is soft in missing all those contested shots and being so selfish; just shoot and get over with playing style.
    Kobe get paid almost 3 times as Monta Ellis but his contribution is much less than a third of Ellis to his team. Like what I have always said Lakers only has a problem to keep them from rebuilding and that is Kobe Bryant.

  587. IDK…news I saw did not say what kind of injuries it was

  588. hmmm, that’s not much higher than Lin gets above the rim am I biased? Maybe 2-3″ which might make a big difference. I’m thinking if Lin wanted to flash a little more, we could see this in a game sometime. But then again, i’ve watched LeVine and he doesn’t go for flash IIRC.

  589. Sometimes, I feel BS is hired to make sure that rebuilding is not happening for some reason…

  590. The sooner the black mamba retires the better for the Lakers.

  591. Lin just has shorter arms….and smaller hands…

  592. Hee, no I dont think Jeremy could ever do that, but neither can 95% of the NBA. He simply doesnt have the length or kangaroo legs like Lavine who is an athletic freak!

    I wonder if Jeremy can do a quick 360 like Victor though!

  593. Fixed

  594. A damn shame Joe Lin’s season ends so soon. Based on his instagram message plus the fact he is on crutches, the injury is serious enough to last a few months.

    I really glad I got to see the family pic. That trumps all of the basketball noise.

  595. JLin is doing a Houdini act with both of his hands tied and a concrete block tied to his legs. The fact that he is still averaging 15/7 per 36 mins is amazing.

  596. Wonder if anyone here watch the Nike Hoop Summit. You could see first round lottery picks on the making there.

  597. ah, yes, the arm length …

  598. my bad 🙂 wishful thinking. So let’s stick with the standing 2 footed takeoff dunk.

  599. I would rather go here than at the AS in Brooklyn..

  600. Can watch AllStar contests here. Can’t believe Patrick Beverley won the skills challenge =/ I thought Lin didn’t take the rising star skills challenge too seriously last time. During Lin’s year it was whoever had the best time, this year it was more like sudden death.

  601. Splash Brothers going head to head on 3 point contest was just awesome! http://youtu.be/e6mgaQ2jig4

  602. i dont know i didn’t see it (and dont care to) but it sounded like the fix was in; that the other guy pity bev cause hes having such a hard time and like the proverbial tortoise and the hare he slowed up to give him a chance to catch up. in any event seem more like a joke.

  603. well ill repeat what ive said before just my opinion: bs was hired to first part a: keep kobe happy. part b: then when kobe couldn’t do anymore, institute coaching and player personnell decisions that would insure the tank to draft pick once it was clear no chance of making playoffs. so there were two separte parts to the season.

    lin was benched the first time to accomodate kobes need for someone to just get the ….out of the way. that would be ronnie head of the snake price.

    then once kobe had taken himself out of the way with his vanity exceeding his body’s capcity; the snake head was no longer needed and once again

    lin was benched to accomdate the “excuse” for tanking of “developing” jordan “favorite” clark-son.

    again just in my opinion and other lin fans may not see it that way: to me there was never any agenda against lin per se he just happened to be in the way of other agendas and was incidental to, as have been price, young, boozer, davis. pretty much everyone except kobe, randle possibly and whoever “free agents” they fantasize about getting to come in the future.

    no one else is on any kind of long term contract. and entire team probably be turned over in two years. the question is: how long will kobe keep trying to drag his tired old body out there. probably once kobe gone scott will be gone two; kind of package deal.

    but thats’ a question for the lakers and i dont really care about the lakers at all and never did except as affects lin.

    its been a bad situation for him but brief. only a few games (in the overall scheme of things left) and he will be a free agent and next year tho his preceived value has probably declined with continually declining numbers (for the most part)–hopefully still he will have the option at least of choosing

    something he feels will work for him. (tho i dont think he’s going to have that many choices but at least they will be his choices).

    thats what it means to be a “free agent”. (something he’s never really been because of the circumstances of his departure from n.y. ).

  604. “We do need to make some changes in the Draft Lottery, which I believe is largely a perception issue,” he said. “We want to ensure that our fans know that our teams do not have an incentive to lose games. … The system isn’t as broken as some may suggest, but it’s going to require a tweak.” adam silver via USA Today Sports –

  605. The feathers of the NBA have been ruffled somehow by the fans, I can only guess. They should look into “tweaking” the officials/referees as well while they’re at it.

  606. The All Star show is just that; a happy go lucky get together of players displaying their skills. It can even be funny at times.

  607. T’hat’s why I like to remark: How can you know what the opposition is thinking? ANS: By what they do.

  608. Yeah, that’s why the saying goes: “Quit while you’re ahead.”

  609. Where have u been brent? Lol

  610. Seriously

  611. yep, better to be a NON star — steve novak 🙂 – u r so lucky u r der than here in NYC—it’s 10 F here…freeeezing …

  612. Curry and Klay elite shooters in every sense. Just so natural shooting.

  613. Observed closely, they shoot the balls with hands well ahead their head. Wondering if it is the same if contested.

  614. A nice display of sportsmanship at men's hoops win on senior night, a game attended by @JLin7 http://t.co/MGEW13EmNh pic.twitter.com/dMU9gGnGn4— Hamilton College (@HamiltonCollege) February 15, 2015

  615. Not watching any of it, isn’t the All Star contests is to show
    off your skills like shadow boxing and speed bag practices which don’t mean all
    that much until you get into the ring?

  616. It is….called..no hitch …

  617. yah they makecontested too
    Curry is a much better shooter than Klay is better form
    Lin can be a very good shooter too hes natural

  618. not dissing Lin but PFV is

  619. if you are really great then coach will listen to you
    and Lin can listen to bS all he wants but in the end his reps and stats will hurt

  620. Kobe Bryant: “I want MVP. (note: of the all star game) There’s no shame in feeling that way. Why should there be? I want the world to see me dominate the players that are debated by millions of fans as being on my level. Competing with this spirit is fun to me and it kills me that I’m not able to participate this year. I am a spectator from home. As a fan, I can only hope one player decides to take the game on the same way I do and raise its level from the opening tip. Being passive aggressive in this competition means you’re fine with simply going with the flow and unwilling to disturb the calm waters of the game to accomplish your goals. I see that as a weakness. It’s our nature to compete. Throw the ball up and let’s see who the alpha is. “—“The Players’ Tribune

  621. M………

  622. “Kobe Bryant’s MUSE premieres on Showtime on Feb. 28 at 9 ET/8 C.”

    (quote originally appears on hoopshype attributed to a longer quote on “the players tribune”, as i have referenced….however if you go to the players tribune site it seems perhaps is a preview of–excerpt from–the “muse”.)

  623. That quote might be fine if he was playing tennis or something. But basketball is a team sport. You can be alpha all you want but you can’t win by yourself. If he doesn’t already know that I’m even more disappointed in Kobe, if that’s even possible.

  624. Lol yea wake me up when jlin is back. 😉

  625. This Kobe comment is full of half truths. In the context of what the game has evolved into, there is not much room for an ISO game that can’t be overcomed by good team play. Kobe is holding on to a past glory made possible by the “illegal defence” rule. Team defence now can load up on a ball hogging superstar to force his teammates to step up. This was the hard lesson Lebron learned last year when Spurs drained the life out of him by waves of good team play from starters then bench. It forced Lebron to over play and tire until he lost his legs.

    While the game will always be played by individuals of superb skills that will force opponents to our compensate, THE SINGLE DOMINANT SCORER KOBE TALKS ABOUT will no longer be what defines a superstar of the future. Lebron has adjusted somewhat by involving more and more of his teammates.

  626. Kobe’s game is not entertaining. I would want to watch the Spurs play; win or loss.

  627. The Lakers and LA fans are so delusional to not see what is happening with the Kobe free fall. First they mortgage their future to buy a team for Kobe to win with only to have Kobe crash it into the rocks by his massive ego. Then they overpay Kobe and screw up their cap. Then, they allow Kobe to overplay until he ends his season 2 years in a row. Then they allow him to use his henchman yes man BS throw players under the bus in order for Kobe to look good.

    The only analogy is like a a football team that only allows a crippled old running back to score by running all plays to set up a one yard run for a touch down in order to make that player the “superhero crime fighter”.

  628. LoL Kobe is the crippled running back insisting on carrying the ball in every down.
    Byron Scott is the coach who keeps on calling the same play over and over.
    It is real hard to believe that there is a place where so many fans pay to watch such degenerated basketball games.

  629. its also possible this comes from “the interview” playing tomorrow on tv. or is entirely independent.

  630. to be fair hes (apparently) referring here specifically to the all star game.

  631. Always love to hear someone having faith in God but difficult for me to reconcile his bible carrying stance and his pro gay stance. Is Jordan gay. I know it’s not PC to say anything negative about gay. I believe what God commanded in that you should love your neighbor but that doesn’t mean God said there is no sin. There is forgiveness of sin. In church I struggled how to reconcile verses about sexual orientation, gay acceptance, and loving one another. The best I was told love the sinner not the sin.

  632. Allstars game… didn’t watch, didn’t care … I hope the nba will open their eyes when they see the low ratings and change the way they treat Jlin to get his fans back to watching the nba with a good feeling about It.. not with the dreaded feeling of worrying what will they do to marginalize him this game. The way it stands right now… I say F the nba… I only watch when Jlin is playing.

  633. Were ratings bad? Not surprised

  634. I don’t know but I hope it is…hehe

  635. Didn’t watch as well. But I’m happy for Nowitzki made that alley oop 10 years after his last attempt!!

  636. Stat bought out. Wonder where he can go.

  637. dallas is the front runner… now we just need Jlin get bought out as well… Linsanity 2.0 in dallas… nice

  638. Allstars? what’s that?

  639. Didn’t watch any of the ASG activities. I actually never any other sports ASGs either. In fact I don’t like the Grammys, Oscars People’s choice, Espys, etc, etc. It’s a total waste of time like sitting down to 3 hours of PR garbage to brainwash us into believing a lie. When I was a kid, I used to watch becasue I was young and impressionable. The veil has been lifted to reveal nothing except more ego boosting.

  640. I did watch the 3pt contest….ans sadly I saw how PB won skill challenge..

  641. the vinsanity pose afterwards was awesome.

  642. Yes !!

  643. Hate this guy.

    Russell Westbrook mean muggin’. pic.twitter.com/pQCUJVsC9T— Steve Noah (@Steve_OS) February 16, 2015

  644. youtube was my friend

  645. Feel bad for Amare.

    The Amar'e Stoudemire era is over in New York. The Knicks and Amar'e reached a buyout agreement tonight, sources tell the NY Daily News.— Frank Isola (@FisolaNYDN) February 16, 2015

  646. well. that would shake up the fan world. We’d have a team to watch!

  647. well. when it was pure it was nice, but nowadays I think you are right. Whenever you get this kind of stuff, the pure folks have to go out into the wild and get hungry again. JLin did it right – he cruised it for fun and also promoted for his charity during off hours.

  648. that’s where I have to go to see it!

  649. wow!

  650. Being gay is not a sin

  651. I look forward to that photo of Jeremy with your girls.

  652. Totally.

  653. Buyout agreement – what does it mean?

  654. Mean Amare agree to leave the team becoming a FA while take less money

  655. There is one thing I real want to tell Kobe Bryant.
    The team is not your problem but you are the problem of the team.
    You want people think that you’re carrying the team. On the contrary, the team is carrying you.

  656. Wow…he is prepared to leave over 20 mil per season with Knicks to sign for much less with another team? It must be very depressing to play for a tanking team. Mentally have to be strong to remain with the team.

  657. Dolan is so naive in team building. He thought building up a team is just about sampling basketball stars. He kept on picking up basketball stars around the league. The team played worse and worse. Finally he got the team stuck with lots of long contracts.

    This is what happens to the Lakers too. They just shop for stars and hope they will win them championship. Does it ever occur to them that they need a team to win games on the court. What they really need is a team that plays well together and win games for them. Too many one on one and ISO but at the end of day. They are all losers. Horrible team management for the Knicks and Lakers.

    What is the right way of playing basketball? This is the main issue.

    Byron Scott and Kobe Bryant’s answer is just “Give me the ball and get out of my way.” That doesn’t make very good entertainment.

  658. Just remembering the season so far. Initially it was Kobe taking all the clutch shots in the 4th quarter because it was his “entitlement”. (Just like Harden).They lost a bunch of games because of that.

    Later, it was let Kobe rest whilst the remainder of the team was winning the game. Bring Kobe in at the very end and let him take clutch shots so it looks like he won the game for the team. Epic fail also.

    Then it was bench Jeremy and Boozer and make Kobe the point guard. This also resulted in more losses.

    After that it was just tanking all the way since “the team cannot win without Kobe anyway”.

    The level of delusion is unbelievable. Couldn’t they see that teamball and less Kobe iso would win games? Or maybe it was deliberate. Win with Kobe as the star or don’t win at all. All quite sickening.

    We will need some kind of miracle for the rest of the season. We never know what to expect with Lin’s career.

  659. We never know what to expect from Kobe and Byron.
    But I know for sure that what Kobe and Byron did is absolutely unforgivable.
    It will go down in the history that the first Asian American basketball player is being exploited by their eccentricity.

  660. I don’t find this ASG entertaining at all.
    I still prefer to watch a game played by the Spurs.

  661. He figures that playing basketball the right way is more pleasing than taking the money and plays the way that Knicks does. This season is almost over anyway.

  662. More fizzle than sizzle at All-Star Game
    Tim Duncan, in his 15th All-Star Game, got himself a dunk. Dirk Nowitzki, in his 13th, got one, too — and delighted the crowd by
    posing like Vince Carter in the 2000 dunk contest.
    That stuff was fun.
    The rest of it was garbage.

  663. Sure he can score, but does that make him a PG? Solid 1 assist.

  664. i liked watching iowa farm boy kyle korver score 20 plus points in an all star game. despite lacking “athleticism” (ie. he’s not black).

  665. 28 shot and unless something changed 0 assists. just a typical game for westbrook.

  666. Watching the walking dead was so much better.

  667. BS will not like his way of playing pg.. if he was on BS’s team.. he might bench him!!! lol. Oh wait..but then.. he is of the same tone. maybe not..remember irving.

  668. Who is really great? Anyway your statement is questionable?
    Coaches coach and players play. I think this is obvious enough for anyone to understand. Byron Scott is the coach and not a coach. He chooses to listen and not to listen whatever he wants to. The more you Think about “If you are really great then coach will listen to you” , the pot thickens.

  669. It is allstats.

  670. From age 10, we lived 3 houses down from a kid that everyone knew was gay. Went to elementary school and high school with the little immigrant Greek kid. I felt so sorry for him because of how he must have felt inside. This kid never chosed to be gay, he was borned that way. His life was made ever more difficult by their mis-matched body, mind and spirit by nothing other than how he was born into existence. How he had to exist was not taught to him. His only “original sin” was having been created.

    If you feel so blessed to have escaped being borned a sinner that can NEVER be forgiven, then you should also ask blindly why and how your God chose to create such a “deviant sinner”.

  671. Sorry you had to subject yourself to that. It’s like trying to watch a prize fight and a hockey game gets in the way, man that’s annoying.

  672. How was it?? How glen doing?

  673. I know it sounds horrible. But being gay is not unforgivable. We all are sinners, which also sounds horrible. Pride, lust, greed, hate etc…all these things we have done. But God loves us all and would die for us, forgive us, in spite of what we have done as long as we also accept Him. Is that still not a great God, is there anyone on earth who could match that forgiveness and love.

  674. He already got pay about $12 million, so there was only $10 million left, the agreement probably gave him $6 million more. He’s risking about$4 million, and if he signed with a contender he gets about $1 or $2 million, so it probably cost him only $2 or $3 million, and after tax that’s only about $1 million. In addition he gains for free agency to showcase himself, more than make up.

  675. I’m here eagerly waiting and hoping for any trade news for LIN.

  676. Lol, just realized that when you fast read Kobe with Byron ( Scott ), you’d get ” KOBE BYRON “. Ha, the universe knew that they were one and the same person.

    The lakers are Kobe Byron.

  677. There are some things that are far more important than money to a real athlete. Stat wants a ring so bad that he will give anything for just a chance at it.

    Steve Nash lost that chance when Kobe scuttled the Lakers super team with Howard and Gasol. Karl Malone also took a chance with Kobe in his last year as a player. History has been repeated over and over again with Kobe being selfish and jealous of anyone taking the limelight from him. Shaq and Kobe could have won more than 3 but Kobe’s ego got in the way.

  678. Glen is still alive and married to Maggie. .. awsome

  679. Can anyone point me to a good chinese language jlin forum? Since I like reading about him so much, I just had the sudden idea that perhaps this would be a good way for me to practice my crappy chinese.

  680. I have been hearing many lin fans saying reunite with dantoni is good, etc. For those who say they want dantoni as a I coach, I beg to differ, if you care about lin.

    1) if lin goes and reunited with dantoni, and if he does well, he will be labeled as datonis boy.. or only know how to play in 1 system. Doesn’t matter if lin fans here think differently.. it’s what nba and the media thinks. and on the surface, if he does well with dantoni, hey he only knows how to play his system…and ppl did say that all pg plays very well under dantoni because he is a modern day offensive coordinating coach.

    2) if lin goes and reunites with dantoni, and if he doesn’t do well or as well as linsanity era (20+ and 9assists), it’s
    basically the kiss of death for lin’s career as potential starter anywhere because they will think that what happen in NY was a very lucky duration in which everyone came into place.

    3) dantoni tends to use the players extensively and therefore not good for lin as it might create injury.. we all seen that before with kobe too.

    What would be best is to have lin go to a MODERN era coach besides dantoni and see what he can really do as a final verdict. Then after that period IF successful, reunite with dantoni .. else no point. Why reunite with danotini after moder era coach, well by then he probably will be a more seaasoned and developed player and also does make a very good hollywood story.. It’s almos tlike how dantoni and nash was reunited in LA but somehow that did not work out.


  681. Also point number 4.. if there is another super-star in the team or just another player who already has better stats (for example monte ellis), would dantoni choose lin or monte? Most people will choose monte. So it’s no guarantee that lin will do that well with dantoni..unless lin is the ONLY option to run the point.

  682. There is a big difference between personal faith between you and God and institutional faith between you and your church. Paul said God is Love, then live your faith as love.

    Your church as an institution is about control or “guidence”. These “guide lines are only for those who look outside of their personal faith with God to tell them how to live.

    What annoys me the most is when people of faith abandoned their intellect at the doors of their church and willingly accept institutional ideology.

    The Christian church turned this control into “holy wars” in the crusades. The Muslim church has used the same “holy war” as jihad to kill. A small degree of blindness is no excuse to ignorance. All written words are transcribed from another human and historical dates is not all truth. Whatever exists in any holy book are words of another human speaking for God. The book did not zap into reality.

    Trust in love instead of human judgement.

  683. player
    u think Lebron listens to coach?

  684. Before the advant and popularization of the 3s, the jump shot was designed primarily to shoot over people’s heads. It was and is basically a jump platform shot in which the arms are above the head to maximize the height of that shot. That shot had much more of a flat arc because it was produced mainly with the arms going from back to forward in a linear fashion above the head. This arc was a result of the biomechanics of that shot.

    Since the game has been changed by the 3 pt shot, speed of release and subsequent arc has changed to be more rainbows because of the higher percentages of a higher arc. Guys are shooting from farther away with their arms infront of their sight lines becasue it’s biomechanically more repeatable and therefore less likely to breakdown. The hop step quick release also balances out the necessity to have a higher reach.

  685. 1) so? whatever works
    2) then thats too bad at that point its on lin for not making it work
    3) Steve Nash was okay

  686. how was it garbage? cuz they didnt play teamball? it was all stars it was for fun and everyone played well it was great

  687. 1) Agreed. If Jeremy averages, 20+ and 9 assists..who cares. There will ALWAYS be critics of him even if he averaged 50 points a game and 20 assists and won 10 championships.
    2) If Jeremy doesn’t do well with Dantoni and provided he is given full reigns to a system that is suited for him and the support of this coach, then we as fans need to accept him for that. I’ll always remain a fan for what he has accomplished already, but perhaps he isn’t ever going to be the player he is capable of becoming
    3) 3 is a concern that I have as well..not 1 and 2.

  688. Dantoni’s a big fan of Jeremy’s. I doubt this would happen.

  689. Never say never.. so if dantoni was still with the lakers and kobe is healthy.. do you think kobe will buy into mda’s system by letting lin run the point? no way. Nash in previous years in LA with kobe playing was the perfect example. Also you have to remember.. mda play lin as the last option during linsanity…until he saw what lin can bring. But dude.. even if MDA allow lin to run, the FO of that organization might not if there is a better star.

  690. See that is the difference between what martinez and you wrote in regards to first reason. If he avg 50 pts a gmae and 20 assist and WON 10 champs.. dude.. NO ONE can dispute that he lin is not at least a very good player. Why? because even Nash or any pg under him cannot do that. That also speaks volume in that if you let lin the freedom to play, which many coaches doesn’t, he can put up linsane numbers. If lin does what you said.. dude, I will want mda as the coach IMMEDIATELY. The point I was making is, he might just put up 18 and 8 which any pg whom played under mda can achieved easily..so that is nothing ‘wow’ about it. But if he does even just 20 and 20.. I will be the first to say get dantoni.

  691. Danton can’t get afford to get into a situation similar to New York or the Lakers where the “superstars” basically ran him out of town after refusing to play in his system. Wherever he ends up, Im confidant that he won’t repeat the same mistakes and will ask for carte blanche control to run his system….he’s got one more shot at this or he’s done. I could be wrong, but we’ll see.

    Danton knew very little to nothing about Jeremy before Linsanity broke, but that’s not his fault…it’s the fault of the draft system. Why would anyone expect a coach to play an undrafted player he knows nothing about? Dantoni is a head coach not a scout.

  692. No way can “any” point guard achieve 18/8 in Dantoni’s system….My whole point was that Jeremy will always have his detractors even if he leads a team to a championship. I was exaggerating.

  693. Simplified Chinese or traditional Chinese or both? I think JLin Fan from Australia knows a couple, but there is time difference. So you may have to wait or post again.

  694. Ok true, I’ll take that back about ‘ANY’ pg with 18 and 8.. but more like ‘ANY’ pg except for for Darius morris and someone else if I recalled, thrived under mda’s offensive system.. aka elevated their game also..noticably felton and blake and few others). 18 and 8 for lin should be doable with any coach similar to mda’s style. (pnr,etc).. in my opinion anyways, so it’s nothing to wow about for me if he played under mda.. because he did better than 18 and 8. Now if he can do 18 and 8 under another coach, that’s different. My point was if lin reunites with mda, he can make a big statement if his stats are like 25 and 10… 18 and 8 is not a big statement if it’s under mda who naturally elevates pg’s game and everyone in the nba knows that.

  695. Jeremy Lin can play under any system when he is allowed to play. He’s done it in the Princeton system in college ( still don’t know what “Princeton system” BS coaches ). LIN had success with Mchale’s “read and react” system whenever Harden was out or had a chance to play.

    What LIN needs is a NBA coach that believes in him and so far only MDA has been the only one willing to do it.

    Like many people have said, LIN will always be judged by haters for any little received fault no matter how unsubstantiated it is in real facts.

    I want LIN to at least have another chance with a known commodity in MDA. D’antoni will at least give LIN a fair shake. None of the other coaches can give us that security. Given the options, many here would agree that MDA is the number one choice as a coach for LIN.

  696. Exactly…stop saying SYSTEM is the problem….The problem is not really bball related at all

  697. 1)After reaching an agreement with the New York Knicks on a contract buyout, power forward Amar’e Stoudmire is leaning toward signing with the Dallas Mavericks, ESPN’s Ian Begley reports.

    2) I listened some espn mike and mike shows. One of the Mike said Mavs plays better without Rondo.

    Pick and Pop with Dirk. Pick and roll with Tyson and stats.
    Lots of ex-teammates

    if Mavs signs with stat and doesn’t sign another contract with Rondo, Mavs is perfect place to sign for Lin.

  698. It’s true that Dantoni’s system is a point guard friendly system, but Nash was the only one who really put up all-star numbers in his system. Felton had a career 1/2 year (16/8 I believe), but it was a confluence of a career year and the point-guard friendly system. Detractors will criticize Jeremy no matter what….As long as Jeremy wins with 18/8 with Dantoni, they will have a lot less to criticize about. None says stuff about Nash being a product of Danton’s system do they?

  699. Yes..I agree..only concerned MDA might get Jeremy injured is all. Jeremy needs the full-fledged support of his coach to be successful…any job is that way. If you have a good manager, you will be able to do a lot.

  700. Actually they did say that too.. there was article on it. But thing is when nash was with dallas.. don nelson was the coach and he also did put up those similar numbers in points.. but his assists went up.. So it’s not like lin’s roller coaster ride. If lin was able to have to those consistently numbers.. they can’t say he is by product. Problem is his linsane stats when he broke out is the basis for many and if it’s not up to par, well you will have ppl saying stuff like that. nash was consistent in a way starting I think his 3rd or 4th year and into when he was with dantoni.

  701. There may have been an article on it, but there is no prevailing narrative saying that Nash “was a product of Dantoni’s system.” If it were so, no way would he have been traded to the Lakers. Nash was a good player before Dantoni, but check out his numbers after he went to Dantoni/the Suns. : http://espn.go.com/nba/player/stats/_/id/592/steve-nash .

  702. MDA is a lot like Lin perception wise. NBA thinks they have something to offer, but does not think they can bring a team to glory. They constantly became scapegoat to their team too. I think Lin will play 38 minutes under MDA…

  703. Eliis and Lin…can they coexist?

  704. I don’t know what you mean by prevailing narrative, but this twitter pretty much said it. https://twitter.com/michaeljrico/status/530372816559144960. I remember there was an article on it..or was it a forum.. and also somewhere it was saying amare was the by product of dantoni system too. The only noticable thing I see on nash’s stats was his assist number jumped to double digits. that’s it.. and also a few others 3point % shot , etc, but those are eexpected to improved. That is the things.. I noticed most pgs under dantoni has their assists improved.

    Now if you asked me is nash a by product of dantoni system.. well he was good already with another coach.. so I can’t say he is.. If he was inconsistent with another coach. there is an argument for it. That is why for lin, there is always this argument and to shut it all up, he needs to play for a coach besides mda who believe in him and runs pnr and have players buy in. Many teams are running pnr so that is not a problem.. it’s the coach and the players (who can subconsciously say I don’t want no asian kid running this team.. (a bit stereotypical but I can see it happening) so they won’t buy in) that are the 2 obstacles.

  705. note that this was in 2014.. so for ppl who are too vocal about lin, don’t just start bashing on this rico guy, it might make matters worst.

  706. If we have to bash everyone who said that….we need to recruit more ppl…lol…

  707. Not sure what ‘good’ would mean from Medina …


  708. that is the thing, I heard about ellis and lin when they were GSW.. but what exactly happen or anything exactly happened that cause ppl to say this here? Was ellis offended by lin or something.

  709. My final prophesy: Jeremy Lin has played his last game as a Los Angeles Laker. He will be traded by the deadline to one of the 20 teams still contending for a playoff spot. Enjoy the impending Return of Linsanity, especially those of you who have kept the faith.

  710. there are a dozen or more different reports all listing different places stoudamire may or may not be going. none of those reports say the same thing. speculation entirely at this point. i personally would no longer see stoudamire as a signifcant asset. tho bleacher report regards him as “the best unaffiliated talent available at the moment.”

    i still dont understand the mechanics and logistics of a buy out: who initiates it?

    do both sides have to be interested in it or does one side push the other?

    in this case who gave up what?

    and why if this is something doable for stoudamire with a huge contract couldn’t something similar be done for/with lin.

    (the primary desireablility listed for stouadmire is with the buy out he is not longer a “contract albatross”. )

    is the difference between lin and stoudamire that stoudamire and the knicks both desire this and so work something out to mutual benefit where as neither lin or the lakers have any particular vested interest in arranging something?

    yes no–i dont understand the mechanics of all these seeming to me convulouted nba contractual clauses: exemptions, “bird somethings”, etc. etc. etc.

    it seems players move more at the say so of lawyers than coaches, gms, owners or players and has often little or nothing to do with putting a winning product on the court.

  711. i think so i dont know anything about lin/ellis in gs but that was long ago and they were different people then; but now ellis is a scorer. just that a scorer. he doesn’t take an inordinate about of shots or require the ball for any inordinate about of time. he seems more a last option than a first option most of the time. and is as much a passer as he is a shooter. 15fga per game 5 assists per game career wise.

    certainly not in the melo/harden/kobe/westbrook class. (those four are in a league of their own)

  712. I bet you Lin will stay.

  713. i dont see it. but always room for prophets. if one keeps prophecying eventually some will stick. i do think its possible he has played his last game for the lakers but that would be because i think it more likely from what has been said about ronnie the head of the snake currently the end of the bench price playing after the as break that he and lin will reverse places for the rest of the season. and that dnp/cd will be lins circumstance for the remainder of his laker time. that the deal once clarkson took over as “development” (to conceal tanking)–that lin would get the games before the as g and price the games after.

    but this is not a prophecy just speculation. that seems to make sense.

  714. Maybe we should start a petition for the tankers to buy out Jlin just like Amare

  715. F the Jlin haters. … whoever they are…hehe

  716. Not sure

  717. Time to wake up. It’s 3:50 PM EST or 12:50 PST. It’s president’s day so I forgive you for sleeping in this late.

  718. ” Yet, Young also offered a dose of irony, the high-volume shooter suggesting Lin could have become more effective had he adjusted to the team’s needs instead of his own. “I know it’s his contract year, but he could’ve focused on passing a little bit more,” Young said of Lin. ”

    ^ really Nick? Of all people, you are complaining about someone being selfish and not passing? lol

    And Byron can go over his system all he wants with Jeremy, It will still be terrible.

  719. ….but no Regret.

  720. ask and it shall be given. seek and ye shall find.

    well heres an article hot off the press seeming to address my question below. it doesnt go into details but as i see it what it is saying would seem to be it would require lin to be the one to initiate this process. that he would be the one with something to gain (according to the article); that to the lakers it doesn’t really matter one way or the other and that to agree to a buy out would be just “the team” (doing) “right by the player”.

    something i dont see the lakers organization these days for the most part inclined towards.

    “Los Angeles Lakers: Buyout A Good Idea For Jeremy Lin?”

    “With the recent news of Amar’e Stoudemire‘s buyout from the New York Knicks, it’s possible that Los Angeles Lakers point guard Jeremy Lin could receive the same treatment.

    The Sporting News’ Sean Deveney acknowledges that while the Los Angeles Lakers would love to trade Lin, the market has been underwhelming. It makes sense given his contract’s cap number (around $8 million), and the fact that most teams that could actually use the point guard for a playoff run would have difficulty swinging a trade that works for both parties because of that number

    It doesn’t help that the former star of “Linsanity” has been a poor fit for the Lakers this season, was relegated to the bench behindRonnie Price earlier in the season and is now backing up starterJordan Clarkson.

    Jeremy Lin certainly expected more out of this season, as did the Los Angeles Lakers, and it’s clear that the teams will be going their separate ways in the offseason. It’s fair to wonder where this situation will end up should the Lakers be unsuccessful in finding a trade partner for Lin before the deadline.

    One solution could be to buyout the point guard’s contract, allowing him to sign with a playoff team, and make his case for a new contract through his performance in the playoffs.

    While no such discussions have been reported, it would be worth consideration for both parties.

    For Jeremy Lin, the benefits are quite clear. He would get the opportunity to choose his next team, and would be playing essentially the same role he does now, except with the luxury of doing so for a playoff contender. Teams like the Cleveland Cavaliers, Los Angeles Clippers, and Miami Heat would certainly be interested given their backup point guard situations.

    The chance to prove that his time with the Lakers was the result of poor fit rather than his ability, and the opportunity to make an impression on teams through becoming an impact player off the bench for a good team once again could have effects on Lin’s financial future.

    For the Lakers, not getting anything for Jeremy Lin could be seen as a setback of sorts, but the reality is that he’s not in the team’s plans going forward. The difference between Lin leaving during this regular season and waiting until free agency to hit is basically nothing for the Lakers; the end result is the same.

    In this case, the team simply does right by the player, allowing him to move on from a situation that isn’t exactly benefiting either party

    It’s true that Jeremy Lin, along with Carlos Boozer and Ed Davis, has helped form one of the more formidable bench units in the NBA. But the minutes that Lin contributes for the Lakers are rather meaningless; the team has been long removed from any type of playoff contention, and any type of momentum he gains with the team likely won’t matter from the Lakers perspective anyways given the writing on the wall.

    If the Lakers do buyout the contract of Jeremy Lin, they could fill his roster spot with a younger player as a tryout for the 2015-16 season. With a few intriguing prospects on their D-League roster, this option could benefit the evaluation of a number of those players (note: guard Jabari Brown, Jordan Clarkson’s college teammate, would be an intriguing option)

    With the trade deadline rapidly approaching, and the Lakers running out of time to find a suitable deal for Jeremy Lin, a buyout could be a scenario to seriously consider for both parties.”

    –jackson sanders (lake show life)

  721. You hit it right on the head. .. fifty shades of kobe. .. hehe

  722. omg this from the guy with the worst assists to fga ratio in the nba!!!!! smh.

  723. no!!! did swaggy really say that??

  724. I guess so… just read the Mark Medina article that Arsenium12 posted. At this point, all you can do is laugh.

  725. “Just play basketball,” Scott said. “If you have a shot, take it. If you have a drive, take it. If you don’t, pass it.

    That is not game strategy, BS.

  726. It is just a subtle way of saying Lin was not making good decisions…LOL

  727. He’s a disgrace for the tittle of a head coach. Never take responsibility for his failure.

  728. Scott was responding to the last three positive articles about jeremy.

  729. “I know it’s his contract year, but he could’ve focused on passing a little bit more,” Young said of Lin.

    The games I’ve seen, all Lin does mostly was passing the ball to Nick. The more he passes the more assists blown, what more could he have done? Has anyone counted all the blown assists blown by Kobe and Young?

    Nick with an assist of 1.0 per game, look who is talking not passing the ball? Lin is passing to Nick and sacrificing his assists stats. At lease make those shots Nick.

    Lin takes 8.2 shots per game 42.6%, Nick 11.5 shots 36.5%, Kobe whopping 20.4 shots 37.3%. If anything Lin should take more shots, but that is not what BS wants. Scott needs to tank.

  730. Even as a devil’s advocate, everything you mentioned I can’t argue against except for this:

    “Nick with an assist of 1.0 per game, look who is talking not passing the ball?”
    well in nick’s defense on this statement.. he is a sg..so he doesn’t have to pass.

  731. but forgot to say.. “if you take too many shots, you should get others involve instead of your own.”

  732. or swaggy, knowing him, might be just joking on this passing irony.

  733. Let me rephrase… let’s petition Jlin to approach the tankers and request a buy out. … please do it J!!!

  734. Bs and the tankers are dead to me…. have no interest in listening to them anymore

  735. So he shoots lights out even zero percentage shots? Good for tanking then.

  736. Nash is widely considered one of the greatest pg to ever play..the fact that you have to quote obscure twitter references and dig up old articles proves my point. Jeremy himself had admitted Dantoni would be the ideal coach to play for. You are too concerned with what the Lin detractors think….once Jeremy averages 18/10 on a winning team, those detractors will still criticize, but the vast majority will change their perception of him.

  737. @Jeremy Only Fan Garden (closed group @Facebook)
    http://tieba.baidu.com/f?ie=utf-8&kw=%E6%9E%97%E4%B9%A6%E8%B1%AA http://tieba.baidu.com/f?kw=%E5%AE%87%E5%AE%99%E6%9E%97
    Another new one just starts not so long ago, can’t remember the group name.

  738. JLin unrelated post:

    Will be off to my medical procedure soon. Thanks for all the prayers. Will post an update when I’m more alert and feel more humane again:-)

  739. Maybe that’s Young’s way of saying pass him the ball EVEN MORE. The Kobe is strong in this one.

  740. Remember LINSANITY!

  741. oh, I get it now – they wanted the family to see him play. Nice team and opposing team.

  742. Just like what Lin has tweeted…..rest, recover, rebuild, refresh & renew. Stay strong & we are waiting the good news from both you and Lin.

  743. http://www.forumblueandgold.com/2015/01/20/assessing-the-lakers-trade-assets/

    this one is fair.

    “2. Jeremy Lin: I don’t necessarily think Lin has gotten the fairest shake in L.A. He’s clearly a better player than Ronnie Price, but lost his starting job for a quarter of the season and is one of the few players who is consistently negatively called out by his head coach. Even when he’s played well, he’s not always closed games and there has been more than one occasion where you have to wonder if the coach simply doesn’t like him (the latest being where Scott intimated he thought Jeremy was soft). When it comes right down to it, Lin should have been starting since day one and likely should have been even more encouraged than he was — and I mean this via actual X’s and O’s and not just talk — to take control of the offense by running more pick and rolls and pushing the pace as much as possible. He is a good player — better than he’s shown, I think — but he has clearly not been given much of the royal jelly that could, potentially, bring out the best in him.

    In saying all that, when evaluating Lin’s potential trade value, two things go against him. The first is his contract. Lin’s cap figure is $8.3 million, but he is actually being paid almost $15 million this season. That salary quirk is how the Rockets were able to pry him loose from the Knicks in free agency and is also a reason why the Rockets had to sweeten their offer to the Lakers with a first round pick in the trade that sent him to Los Angeles this past July. It’s what will also complicate any trade because any team that trades for him will need to be ready to fork over heftier pay checks than his cap hit would imply. For a team like the Lakers (who print money) that’s not a problem. But if you’re a team who doesn’t swim in profits, that might be an issue.

    Second, Lin plays the deepest position in the league and isn’t going to be a better option than the starting point guards a lot of teams already have. This will be especially true when you’re talking about a contending team. So, when you trade for Lin, the odds are you are trading for a backup. In theory, this is fine — he’d be a damn good back up for a lot of teams. But when combining what his salary is with what role he’s likely to play that changes the equation. If you’re a contending team, do you trade a real asset for the right to pay a back up point guard — even a potentially really good one — $7 million over the second half of the season?”

  744. Gl to you…God bless.

  745. Stay strong. Hope it goes well. God bless.

  746. Hope you are right!

  747. I think we really need to come against that narrative that Lin is inconsistent. More recently, it has been the favoured argument by Lin haters like McHale and Scott.

    Previously the criticism was on Lin’s defense but that narrative has died down somewhat now that advanced stats have helped to debunk that theory. Even earlier, the criticism was focused on his turnovers (and still is to some extent).

    However, inconsistency is the rallying cry of the haters now. That is because it is hard to measure consistency. Is Jeremy more inconsistent than the average NBA player? Are boxscore stats the best way to measure consistency?

    At the same time I acknowledge some inconsistency but I have explanations.

    Firstly, Jeremy has always been the coach on the floor. He plays to win, not for personal stats. When teams adjust to stop Jeremy, he tries very hard to figure out how to overcome the adjustments. That should be the coach’s job but in fact the only coach to do that consistently was D’ Antoni. Lin himself called D’ Antoni a genius who made all sorts of fine adjustments to crack the defense and Lin ran it to perfection. However, with McHale who cannot draw plays and Scott who runs a terrible offensive scheme (and does not enforce it properly at any rate), it has fallen on Lin. Yes, Lin is a bit of an overthinker (by his own admission). However, I can live with Jeremy overthinking a bit, as long as he is just trying to figure out how to win.

    Secondly, the number of changes Lin has had to face is mind boggling. In 3 years he has had 4 coaches, 3 teams, countless role changes. I was initially critical of how Lin started this season, but the fact is that he never practiced with the starters during the preseason / training camp. And it seems every time Lin developed some comfort Scott would shake things up.

    I am not saying that Lin can only thrive in a certain system. But Lin needs a system, and not just chaos. He is a structured, intelligent team player, not a stat-padding iso star or ballhog passing the ball at the end of the shot clock PG.

    We should stand up against this false narrative of inconsistency.

  748. BS isn’t bs for nothing.

  749. The moment Young called out Kobe, his stats sank. There’s no accident. The coach played a big part in punishing players thru stats. I will give Byron the discredit for ruining the team and dragging down his players with him.

  750. BS is the only one who defines the conditions of the above.

  751. Jeremy Lin is only a poor fit for Kobe and Byron Scott.

  752. Completely totally agree!

  753. Dallas must be an ideal place for Jeremy and his ex-teammates. I guess Dallas should consider signing Steve Novak and Landry Fields too.

  754. Ellis is a really good player not like Kobe the acting great player. Throughout his careers, you have nothing bad to say about him. His shooting percentage of contested shots is almost twice as good as Kobe this season.

  755. Don’t bother to respond to my posting anymore. Let’s agree to disagree.
    The quotation is from Ken Berger. Click the linkage and read it for yourself.
    I agree with Ken that ASG is not a real basketball game and after watching the game, I agree with Ken 100%.

  756. We have another stat to help us. Average per 36 minutes. Turns out he is very consistent then.


  757. Wishing a speedy recovery

  758. Yeah, got upset when I read the latest Mark Medina article where Scott calls Lin inconsistent. Sure that is a good way to sweep all his stunning performances under the carpet and explain the benching.

  759. Plus Amar’e Stoudemire will get a head start in playing for a playoff team with strong support from Tyson Chandler, Norwitzki, Ellis, and not to mention Parsons Chandler too. Amare, Norwitzki, Chandlers and Ellis will make a really explosive offensive team.
    Dallas does have a problem in the depth of their backcourts though.

  760. Stay strong, like always 🙂

  761. “he never practiced with the starters during the preseason / training camp. And it seems every time Lin developed some comfort Scott would shake things up.”

    this i feel is the key to lin’s “inconsistency” this season. take a look at his performance in simple easily understandable areas like points/assists/shooting% not some complex advanced and arbitrary stuff that probably doesn’t even have any credibility beyond the theoretical.

    lets look at lins bad (ie inconsistent) games.

    well as you say the first four games of the season three of the four were poor. and you give the reason. (he never practiced with the starters….)

    after that until two games before his demotion to backup behind brief head of the snake ronnie price he was a model of consistency (ie. quality performance).

    here are lin’s cumulative numbers for that time: 13.4 pts/4.9 assists/45%
    note: these are not 36 per numbers these are actual per game averages

    then there are the two bad games before his demotion. now i wasn’t watching nba at that time (didn’t have access) and don’t know but the key to these two games is he got reduced minutes; were his minutes reduced because he was bad or was he bad because his minutes were reduced? no matter immediately after that he was demoted and that seems to have been quite a shock because it took him some time to recover and adapt to his new role but eventually he did

    (a similar circumstance occurred with deron williams with the nets)

    anyway after adjusting to his new situation (about ten games) he basically put up quality performance virtually every game until (again) his situation was changed and he suddenly saw his minutes decline dramatically into less than 20 and seeming descending to zero (this after being named player of the week for the lakers!) before he even had time to react to that

    he was suddenly (again as at the start of the season) thrust into a situation of starting two games when price went down with injury and playing with players he was unfamiliar with (as at the start of the season) and (again) he did not play well and (again) two bad games in a row (as before the first demotion) and bam: he’s dnp/cd

    well this time it didn’t take him as long to adjust even tho roughly simultaneously but not entirely so with this shock came the (yet again), demotion behind another player this time jordan clarkson.

    as i said this time lin responded more quickly and prior to the two games final when he was ill and beyond that probably seeing there was really little or no purpose to his time here in la further (i personally expect he will be dnp/cd for the rest of the reasons)–again up until that time in his games as now clarksons backup scored in double figures in 5 of the 7 games and maintained his almost 5 assists pers game (high than anyone other than kobe on the team for the year) despite his continually declining minutes.

    so: with exceptions for which there are clear and understandable reasons almost all related to your second point i have referenced: “every time lin would develop some comfort scott would shake things up”–lin has been consistent. consistently producing solid numbers within the limitations of what he was given.

    by the way his career numbers are still (and am confident will remain so regardless of where he goes further.) superior to anyone who has replaced him be it beverly, price, clarkson or any of the now long forgotten abl’s before. (speaking of consistency).

  762. As I recalled, Eric Bledsoe made 10 TOs in a game. Nobody called him out for being inconsistent.

  763. Thanks! Great details!

  764. I rellydon’t care what BS has to say about anything. He has shown himself to be a poor judge of talent. He is also a poor coach for allowing the system to be dictated by one player at the expense of the majority of the other players. Also as a man he deserves no respect from me for the way he has treated his players, and not just Lin.

  765. Lol yet you still reply to mine
    admit it you dont like it cuz Lin is not involved

  766. Talk about delusional. Lin was passing up shots to get Young untracked. So much for gratitude. Lin should have just held the ball and let te play develop instead of passing out early all the time. Boozer’s comment was sensible.

  767. Really don’t need to care what BS said bc it’s all BS. smh! Only 29 more games to go now…

  768. BS’s coaching record speak volumes. This is the guy brought here to showcase Kobe, manage his time and keep him healthy but ended Kobe’s season instead.

  769. BS’s Princeton is “Princeton” to lose games. Simple as that. BS also pointed fingers to his players for “soft”. Bad BS.

  770. You were thinking about Kobe or Stephen Curry.

    Eric Bledsoe had two 6 turnovers, three 7 turnovers and one 9 turnovers.
    Kobe had 10 turnovers and one 9 turnovers.
    James Harden had two 7 turnovers, two 8 turnovers and one 9 turnovers.
    Stephen Curry had 10 turnovers and three 6 turnovers, two of which were back-to-back.
    Damian Lillard had four 6 turnovers.
    Kyrie Irving had 8 turnovers.
    John Wall had 7, 8 and 9 turnovers.
    Kyle Lowry had 7 and 9 turnovers.
    Russell Westbrook had five 6 turnovers, two 7 turnovers and one 8 turnovers.

    The list goes on and on and on – it does not matter unless its Jeremy Lin.

  771. Oh dear. Tell it like it is James.

  772. Get well …. aussies rule.

  773. the list going on and on…here’s a nice symetrical one: lebron
    1 9
    2 8
    3 7
    4 6

  774. Rest and get well

  775. God bless , JLin Fan from Australia.

  776. very positive despite everything… 🙂

  777. include Shump in the mix… 🙂

  778. hmmm… missing JLin???

  779. Forget not, the narratives against Lin are NEVER about stats, because stats speak in Lin’s favor.

    Haters gonna hate because it’s what they do, it’s their sole purpose in life. No amount of solid evidence is gonna get in the way of good ol’ hating.

    You might as well talk to a rock.

  780. Huh? Lebron’s hair decrease by 9 increments every second?

  781. I would then advise my friend Bev to pass it back to Harden with half a second remaining on the shot clock.

  782. Ellis and Lin didn’t get along that well in GS. Ellis didn’t like Lin that much and would consistently freeze out Lin whenever they were on the court together. Perhaps Ellis was giving Lin the rookie treatment, but then again, Ellis would pass to other guys and never would pass to Lin.

  783. So Harden not so positive in Bev now.Hmmm Bev needs to be careful,he might be gone if harden wants him to be gone..

  784. Get well soon Mel!

  785. We’ll be praying hard for you, Mel!

  786. Did Lin deliberately leave out Return at the end? Does this mean he is not returning to the Lakers after the trade deadline LOL? I guess one can always dream.

  787. Well, Patrick Beverley is NOT an NBA level caliber player either. Doesn’t matter whatever position he may be with the Rockets.

  788. I found the last word ‘Remember’ to be the most interesting.

    Remember ‘Linsanity’? Remember this bad taste in the mouth of being marginalized by jealous star or bad system?
    Remember to play for the Audience of One?

    Whatever it is .. I’m glad Jeremy has a plan after reflecting what he has described as the worst experience he played basketball and will remember and learn from it.

  789. Lin still in NY or back in LA?

  790. Don’t know

  791. Past 2 seasons they kept saying Bev is a better fit with Harden. So why now the change unless there is a trade.

  792. Ok….

  793. You forgot the most important part, minutes! One game JLin gets 29 minutes next game he gets less than 20 how can anyone be consistent if their minutes aren’t?! I still believe JLin needs to take more shot attempts they are just way too low if he want to be an allstar! Somewhere around 13 shot attempts per game would be the best not including FTs.

  794. when the pass is there, he needs to pass the ball to the other player. Princeton is system of passing the ball to the best optional player inside. its not an iso ball where when the ball goes to the SG, he shoots the ball. but as a sg, he seldon pass to other player but to his words himself, if the player is in the RIM, he will pass it there!

  795. The answer has always been Kobe.

    If non-Lin fans disagreed, it’s easy to prove. If Kobe was serious about mentoring Lin to be a championship PG, why did he give up after only 10-15 games that Lin/Boozer got benched in Game 21?

    What’s interesting is if Lin’s prepared to be traded by Thursday, Feb 19.
    And Nick Young seemed to hint that Lin could be dropping a few dimes when Kobe was out there.
    Kobe hardly passed Lin on the perimeter. Lin tried to set up Kobe but there was no practice time as Lin said.

    As Dwight said, what Kobe said in public is different than what happened on the floor.

    Let’s hope for a pleasant (but unlikely) surprise trade by Thursday. If Lin blows up in a different team, it would quiet all the LAL critics that it’s Lin’s fault.

  796. I think that a lot of people underestimate Kobe’s damage. Just imagine…how p*ssed off does a person have to be to walk out on 30M dollars. THIRTY FRE4KING MILLION DOLLARS! It baffles the mind how nasty Kobe is to work with, even for D12 who has superstar halo, and Nash who’s MVP-caliber PG. Kobe is an egomaniac who does not understand neither the concept of team nor basketball being a team sport. His admiration and tribute to MJ begins and ends with making tough shots, never realizing that MJ would never have achieved what he did without the team-play fundamentals laid down by Dean Smith. When it comes down to the basics, Kobe’s not even a good fit for the Globetrotters, who have better team chemistry.

    Kobe Bryant is a pseudo-star AND a disgrace to the sport.

  797. That flip-slop :} … is Adidas?

  798. yeah, that’s how fed up Dwight Howard with Kobe’s treatment to walk away from that much money.

    The sad part is Kobe was talented enough to be an imperfect MJ’s copycat of individual skills but never his teamwork philosophy that Dean Smith imparted. And he would have to live with constant suspicion for the rest of his life since he’s afraid people will backstab him the same way he did to people.

    His days are numbered and he’s getting more paranoid by the day.

  799. Yes, and it’s crystal clear more so now than ever. When Shaq left some people still had doubts, but after D12, Gasol and Nash, Kobe can no longer claim innocence. It’s no coincidence that even Kobe’s buddy Melo didn’t want to come to LA, or LeBron for that matter. NO ONE with any amount of choice would willingly come to LA now, as long as there’s a shred of hint of Kobe’s return to the team.

  800. What is the similarities between Kobe hold on the Lakers vs Sadam Hussein or Gaddafi hold / rule on their respective countries? Answer: the masses suffers./ suffered.

  801. @@ Slippers again……

  802. Slippers are normal gears n Asia. ….very comfortable, we wear almost everywhere including airport.

  803. Good catch! Didn’t even notice it when I first saw the pic. lol

  804. My brother has a pair that I’d say is almost identical. Now I gotta get a pair too!

  805. Get well soon! Be strong and always think positive.

  806. Yes they are comfortable, I wear flip flops very often in summer time :))

    It’s funny that Lin always get caught in socks and slippers ………

  807. @JLin7 large Adidas billboard. pic.twitter.com/s78wIcwCdX— linspiredinla (@linspiredinca) February 17, 2015

  808. Nick unkind talks on Lin and it is being commented at clutch fans. However Harden unkind comments on Bev, there is no postings at clutchfans. Only logical reason – Lin is News.

  809. Maybe he has weird toes, ha ha ha…

  810. Haven’t read the context in which Young made those comments, but if he was serious then he’s really ungrateful. Lin was the only one being supportive of Young (kept feeding despite countless misses) during the shooting slump.

  811. Should post this on Twitter for Young to see.

  812. I didn’t read the article so i could be totally off but that quote unto itself I can see nick young saying it in a sarcastic tone.

  813. Wow! Very Impressive.
    It takes me a long time to find out how many TOs Bledsoe made this season.
    Is there a place where you could get the data easily?

  814. The Cavaliers is going to hold on him though. He’s one of the few defensive players on the team.

  815. I new nick young and scott drama is fake…..nick young is kobe
    minions why did he got those contracts he will not pull stupid sheet on
    scott when he knows he is staying their for a long time…this scrub is thrash

    he pull that thing so that they can say we did not dnp only jeremy lin we did it also too nick young…lakers are thrash

  816. Gary Payton Picks Between Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan
    Gary Payton, knows both players very well, and decides who is the best ever, the Black Mamba or His Airness.

  817. Days in days out, what Byron Scott did is libeling.
    His post game interview really sucks.
    MDA >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Byron Scott as a coach and as a person.

  818. Kobe just doesn’t know when to quit.
    After next season, nobody will like to mention Kobe again.
    He’s a pain in the donkey.

  819. Tyson Chandler, Amare Stoudemire, Parsons Chandler, Greg Smith, and Jeremy Lin make a lot of sense.
    What they need is Landry Fields, Steve Novak, Toney Douglas etc.
    It’s just a dream of the reborn of Linsanity.
    If they can use Raymond Felton, Delvin Harris, Jeremy Lin can only be better.
    By the way, Dallas should hire Steve Nash as their assistant coach too.

  820. Best wishes.

  821. That’s how Nick got out of Byron Scott’s doghouse.

  822. Well folks this 2nd half of the season will be huge for Jeremy getting a nice back-up pg, with starter potential, contract. Whatever minutes provided he has to turn every game into a positive.

    Is it fair no. But it’s never been fair. if his second half resembles his first half I am very concerned about offers. Blaming BS/Kobe means nothing at this point. lead in +/minus every game and net a positive shooting percentage.

  823. for me I want to see his 6 R coming into reality

  824. more like Young. ····say something like…….we need Rondo….the passing PG

  825. What Lakers need is to get their heads out of sand and look beyond ex-Lakers such as Magic Johnson, Byron Scott. They drag the team to calamity.

  826. 4 kwok wai lai who asks below the place imo to go for basketball or any sport player info (stats) is: basketball reference (baseball reference, etc.) thats how i know the lebron expo:

    1 9 turnover game 2 8 turnover games 3 7 turnover games 4 6 turnover games (and that’s just this year and he’s played in only what? ….. 47 games….)

  827. gotta love kobe even more after “the interview”. what a guy.

    “Does my nature make me less enjoyable to play with? Of course,” he says. “Of course it does. Is it possible that some top players in the league are intimidated by that? Yes. But do I want to play with those players? Does the Laker organization want those specific players? No. Magic. Jordan. Bird. We all would have been phenomenal teammates. This organization wants players who will carry this franchise to another five or six championships. The player who does that has to be cut from the same cloth. And if they’re not cut from that cloth, they don’t belong here – ”

    oh wait this isn’t from
    “the interview” with ahmad rashad (still exists?) that was supposed to air after the all star game?

    this is from gq (the last interview he gave it says before his season ending injury–which season ending injury would that be, seems a perpetual thing)

    and then of course there the upcoming kobe movie special documentary whatever.

    seems the bean is more visible and self promoting off the court, hopefully he will just stay there (ie. off the court).

  828. “Does my nature make me less enjoyable to play with? Of course,” he says. “Of course it does. Is it possible that some top players in the league are intimidated by that? Yes. But do I want to play with those players? Does the Laker organization want those specific players? No. Magic. Jordan. Bird. We all would have been phenomenal teammates. This organization wants players who will carry this franchise to another five or six championships. The player who does that has to be cut from the same cloth. And if they’re not cut from that cloth, they don’t belong here – ” –kobe bryant

  829. Nick is just being Nick, prob doesn’t mean all that much so don’t read into it too much. Jeremy and Nick still friends but Lin should shoot more rather than dishing to Nick all the time.

  830. Here’s my little poem again…. changed, fixed, and improved 🙂
    I’m so proud of it. Please forgive the repost.

    Behold the lonely Eagle


    by a kettle of hungry


    Oh how do I suffer so;

    Oh my, the bitterness that

    I know.

    Where’s the brilliant Golden


    that’s promised by the Dragon’s


    Oh Brave Eagle,

    is tonight

    the Night?

    May the faint-hearted wolves

    lay bare their mocking teeth

    while you dance to the drumming

    of the athlete’s


    Oh, Golden Eagle,

    how you chose not to


    Shall we be the fools

    who tie your feet?


    who carries the Cross

    up the mound of Spanish moss

    where the tiger’s sleep;

    Shouldn’t we, then, persevere

    in your likeness, Dragon -Eagle-Tiger- Man

    and yield to the prowess

    which you reap?

  831. Excellent, 1mtoldman! these particulars should reveal cause to our case that Lin’s ‘internal’ may be strong and willing while the ‘external’ circumstances remain detrimental. And yet, one may never know it, as far as our Lin is concerned, since he can, nevertheless, compare with the best of them.

  832. Well said. I always thought Kobe is a clueless drag on his team without PJ ordering him what to do.

  833. Wish you well, good fan from Australia! Lin for the Win!

  834. Medina’s article shows Lin is speaking up that adjustments could’ve been made for everyone.
    Translation: Diplomatically while he wished he could do better but BScott & Kobe don’t really use his strength in the system. Plus Kobe didn’t practice with the team plus Lin didn’t play with him in preseason. How can he be expected to play well next to Kobe?

    All GMs need to know this truth, especially in trade, buyout and FA situation.

    “Lakers’ Byron Scott, Jeremy Lin view his struggles differently”


  835. Nick Young could really point to the inconvenient truth.
    When Lin shoots (as Kobe demanded) and not pass to Kobe, he got benched.
    It was a trap after all.


  836. GP correctly said MJ is better simply because MJ didn’t setttle for jumpshots unlike Kobe.
    And MJ is the better all-around player because he trusted him teammates more.

  837. I dont even care anymore. From my point of view, I think Lin was just naive. Being a seasoned NBA fan and old enough to have learned the hard way myself, he didn’t learn from Houston that the NBA is a protect yourself league.

    Lin came in with the right mindset in LA, but he failed to understand his surroundings. He was in a Darwinian environment of survive or die and he didn’t realize he needed to just go for stats starting with PPG at all costs, even to the teams’ detriment – of course not intentionally but with the “I can score and carry this team myself mentality” which he lacks. On a good team, that teamball mentality is great, but on a lowly Lakers / Kobe team Lin needed that more selfish approach to save himself.

    It’s tough to switch hats. Now months later, complaining or making subtle digs is pointless unless he is trying to get traded by the 19th.

    For me it’s always a little too late. He should have been speaking up during training camp already. Easy for me to say but it’s what I was hoping he’d do all along.

    Speak up for yourself with the team coaches and media and get max PPG. That’s how you survive in the selfish NBA until you’ve made it.

  838. I think Lin is mentally burned out. I prefer he not be traded and just coast on the bench till the summer. He needs to decompress from Linsanity and start fresh this summer with the unrestricted status to finally choose.

  839. He did that in HOU already.

  840. He has never been unrestricted till this summer. I think his forgettable play lately has been due to mental burn out more than anything. I dont think a trade will magically fix him right now no matter where he goes.

  841. Based on his recent tweet, I think he’s in a good mental state after spending time with family to rest, regroup and most importantly be determined to face the 2nd half, whether there’s trade, buyout or going for FA.

    I think that’s the best mental attitude to have at the moment to keep playing his game no matter what.


  842. I hope after the break Lin finally has a mental breakthrough and just plays only for PPG. nobody cares about anything except box scores and fantasy sports.

    Get max PPG and just shoot like crazy.

    Getting PPG is the American way. There is no reverence for teammball or unselfishness in the NBA.

  843. It’s easy to forget what happened in the early season. But the main problem is not Lin being naive or too unselfish.

    I remember we were discussing how Lin was smart as a newcomer to lobby working with Kobe as the star of the team. Remember when Lin trusted Kobe to take the shot and not pass to Kobe if he’s open? Max&Marcellus correctly pointed that Lin did that but Kobe later benched him through BScott.

    Realistically, it’s not possible for Lin to go Linsanity mode from the get-go since Kobe is watching every Laker move to make sure he’s the ONLY hero. I had false hope that Kobe can change but he stayed true to his selfish color.

    It’s easy as Lin fans to be Lin-centric on what he could or couldn’t do. But this situation was not any different than Kobe and Dwight as you know.

    The only thing that might have helped Lin this season was to do what Nick Young said, which is too pass to Kobe in last 2-3 min (i.e. MIN game) and not trust Kobe’s words in the process. But Kobe’s ready to say Lin doesn’t have champion heart to take the shots. That’s why I said Kobe set a trap for Lin.

    Kobe is simply not willing to share any glory of winning with any other players (Lin, Howard, Melo, LeBron, etc.)
    It doesn’t matter what Lin or other players can do.

  844. unfortunately that’s true in the NBA except for the Spurs and perhaps ATL now.

    BScott is always ready to bench Lin for not passing or scoring enough.
    So score first, pass second mode like Lin has done in the 1st Half should continue.

    Clarkson doesn’t get criticized for not passing at all so I don’t see why Lin shouldn’t do so in BScott tanking system.

  845. true, Lin needs to show his true aggressive scorer identity and can’t facilitate too much when teammates not hitting shots.

  846. nah youre over exaggerating
    he’s fine hes at peace
    doesnt mean hes gonna go on and stat pad hes not
    hes gonna play within the system, which is the right way
    hes doing fine
    finally understand what Paul is trying to say

  847. Lin is playing the right way and on the right track
    hes doing just fine

  848. well as someone some people consider a poet/this i will say/its certainly better than the other lin poet/smith a.

  849. Happy Lunar new year to everyone who observes it!

  850. The Lakers’ TV audience is going into the tank (from the LA Times) …


  851. He know he’s leaving LA. Bless him.

  852. Have a very blessed Lunar Chinese New Year to everyone who observes this special occasion.

    Thanks for your prayers and concerns! Procedure went well except my throat was still hurting:-) Funny one thing I didn’t ask for and suffer from it for the first time. Comparatively from other side-effects that suffered from in the past, this one was just a minor issue. Consider it as good news that I won’t see the specialist in 3-4 weeks as compared to 2 weeks to learn the result. Thanks everyone!

  853. I think we are on the same page. I’m not sure what Lin’s future holds but I think he will eventually have a rebound season even if its 5 years from now. For those who can stick it out that long, you deserve more praise than Lin himself for keeping the faith!

  854. the jersey color is bluish. A sign? Haha, I’m getting desperate.

  855. Same here!

  856. 46 hours to go….

  857. Happy Lunar New Year!
    What would you recommend as the best treats/goodies?

  858. Happy Lunar New Year!

    New Year, New Hope. Just believe that the best is yet to come.

  859. Even some Lin fans stopped watching games….I guess 1.95 is still a surprisingly high number..lol

  860. let’s hope for sooner than later after these tough 3 years :]

  861. That looks like the Hornets’ color…

  862. Glad the procedure went well so you can celebrate the Lunar Year!


  864. Don’t believe there is a trade is looming unless it’s a total surprised:-)

  865. Yep. One major cloud has lifted:-)

  866. Me 2. Thank God another major hurdle went out of the way. Really hope that I can move on my life beyond cancer cloud now:-)

  867. Keep smiLin and prayin’ hard =)
    Happy for you

  868. Amen.

  869. One can hope. Although I think that is his personal favorite color.

  870. Good news. I’m happy for you.

    If Lin is getting traded in the next 45 hours, that will be a double happiness for us :-)) We must have a big celebration in Lunar New Year!!

  871. Latest depth chart is now:
    Why bother to watch?

  872. Congratulations! Hopefully this is the last one so that you can start the Year of the Ram in good health.

  873. Where did you get this? True or conjecture?

  874. That’s the result of Changing from MDA to Byron Scott who claimed to play for championship, my donkey!

  875. http://espn.go.com/nba/team/depth/_/name/lal/los-angeles-lakers

    Won’t know for sure till Friday, game day.

  876. Jeremy always cheerful with his teammates; perhaps, all but the eccentric Scott and Charmin listed as the worst starting SG in the league.

  877. ram, goat, sheep…ive heard it three ways.

  878. you can’t tank on the one hand and not expect to tank on the other.

  879. Scott always holds a double standard. Don’t bet on it!

  880. Sure, let’s call it the Year of the Caprids then for the sake of avoiding controversy. 🙂

    By the same token, the Year of the Ox/Bull can now be known as Year of the Bovine.

  881. Serve him right!
    He’s so crazy playing selfish basketball like this.

  882. Kobe wants Rondo because Kobe can take all the shots and Rondo would just pass him the ball and think little about scoring.

  883. Mavs already have a number 7 in Aminu, so Lin will stick with number 17 if landing in Dallas. If going with Spurs during FA, they have both numbers open.

  884. Not exactly traditional, I’m dreaming of a good slice of Chinese
    Mooncake (double yoke), a la mode (Neapolitan ice cream) dredged in Galliano
    (Italian liqueur). How is that for a sugar high sweet tooth?

  885. at first I read as “to everyone who deserves it” LOL

  886. Kobe is insecure and only wants those who won’t outshine him.

  887. Lies.

    Kobe would’ve chased Magic, Jordan and Bird out of the team for outshining him, in the same way he drove Shaq, Dwight, Pau and Nash away.

  888. LOL, bad photo choice. Jason Terry’s not even on the Mavs anymore… he’s with Houston!

  889. What do you think he means by “Remember”? All the others seemed to be about forgetting the 1st half and moving forward (rebuild, refresh, renew).

  890. In my opinion, I think Kobe did briefly want to mentor Lin, Dwight, and others. But he doesn’t have the mentorship skill. So after a week, he just gives up on the mentorship idea and just decided to do it all himself.

  891. Good to know that…you take care…gal…and rest! 🙂

  892. Theoretically it should be Goat, but then since everything is being commercialize nowadays, anything goes, I guess…lol

  893. Donkey do try hard….but BScott…tries hard the other way

  894. Gong Xi Fa Cai, May the year of Goat being Prosperity to ALL, especially to Jeremy Lin!

  895. Wishing All Of You And Your Family A Happy Healthy And Prosperous Year of the Goat. And a joyous hearty reunion day today. Gong Xi FA Cai.

  896. I’m pretty sure he was joking with a smile

  897. Yes, year of the Ram. No goat, no sheep, just good old strong Ram!

  898. Which Lakers players do you think actually respects Scott as a coach? I’m not sure any of them do.

  899. Great timing, wishing you a New Year of Health!

  900. To be fair, based on number (stats) Clarkson does pass. Probably he doesnt try to playmake as much as Lin, but he do pass the ball

  901. Good news.

  902. Happy for you. Get strong for the best from Lin.

  903. “yang”

  904. wow i thiought it was just me! i did the same i was going to write that same comment!
    (now if we could just decide if it should be goat, ram, or sheep. according to my own personal chinese authority it should be settled by using “yang”. that should cover it.

  905. Oh well just forgo that site! 🙂

  906. “To be fair, based on number (stats) Clarkson does pass. Probably he doesnt try to playmake as much as Lin, but he do pass the ball” –maknusia

    what numbers are you referring to? show me the proof.

    for the season (you cant just count his games as starting point guard; thats too small a sample size) for the season all minutes and games played; clarkson has fewer assists per game than any other point guard in the nba who has played at least 15 minutes a game and played in at least 30 games.

    that to me is pretty overwhelming eveidence that he does not pass.

  907. For the season his min is low (18min), hence I was only referring for his starts.

    You need to go thru the game log…

  908. If Dragic signs with the Lakers, I’ll actually look forward to Kobe’s return next season. It’d be the only way to right karma.

  909. Ya, Dragic will end up being Kobe’s ball caddie and play the archaic slow Princeton offense consisting of a bunch of contested 2 pointers.

  910. Hey, it takes a special kind of thick skin to be able to pull off the shameless antics of blame shifting.

    BS’ got BS talent, give credit where it’s due. 🙂

  911. Clarkson does pass but my point was Clarkson never get slammed by BScott for not passing.
    He’s been consistently taking 13-19 FG attempts since starting w/o Byron criticized him for not facilitating for Boozer and big men.

    Lin on the other hand was criticized for his decision-making and not allowed to shoot (only 7-8 FGA average)

    That’s the double-standard that Byron applied for Lin. Rookie is given the green light to shoot as a PG inflating his stats while Lin was not allowed to shoot. And we all know Kobe is more likely controlling BScott’s order so Linsanity has no chance to shine in LA.

  912. Is Suns a good place for Lin if he’s traded for Dragic?

  913. Lakers is one of the preferred teams for Dragic but wonder if the Suns want lin. They may prefer Hill +picks. But then, the Lakers may waive or buy out lin? One can hope.

    Dragic is apparently going for money, Lakers, Knicks, Heat. Don’t blame him though.

  914. Goran trade talk is heating up.
    It’s unknown if Lakers is interested now or wait until the summer.


  915. Lakers is 1 of 3 Dragic’s destination.


  916. Come on tankers. .. the tragic dragon wants to play for you… trade Jlin already! !!

  917. yes, it’s unknown if the Suns likes Lin because Lin might still walk after the summer.
    And that’s the same reason why the Suns want to trade Dragic.

  918. FYI tankers. .. may be the suns will throw in his brother as well zorgan… hehe

  919. Dragic wants a big market team to get him which can pay him the max of 105m for 5 years. Rockets cant and wont pay for that money. Thats why rockets are not included in his list.

  920. Why would Lakers take Dragic if they are tanking? They could try to sign him over FA.

  921. yes, money is clearly #1 priority, contender is the lower priority

  922. If it happens, it could be a way to kick the tires or hope to retain him.

    But their tanking could be at risk so noone knows if the Lakers will pull the trigger now.

  923. Don’t think adding Dragic will suddenly make them winning games. Don’t forget they have the tank commander in charge.

  924. So the Suns want frontcourt depth while Lakers had an interest in Plumlee besides Dragic.
    Hill’s $9M might be too expensive for the Suns so I wonder if Lin/Davis would work?


  925. Here’s Adrian Wojnarowski’s latest article on rumored trades. No mention of JLin…


  926. hm, no mention of Dragic and the Suns either?
    Usually Woj would get the breaking news first

  927. Maybe Woj’s tanking this season… LOL

  928. Woj has a separate article dedicated to Dragic and Lakes/Knicks/Heat rumor.


  929. LOL .. it turns out Woj had a separate article dedicated to Dragic soo… even better news 😀

  930. Let’s see if Dragic makes himself useful by pulling a Bosh. 😉

  931. According to ESPN NBA Trade Machine, Dragic/Plumlee trade for Lin/Davis work out well.
    Lakers might get -6 wins so it might even support the tanking LOL

    But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. This is just for fun :]

  932. If this happens, and Hornacek has enough sense, Suns will be aiming for at least 6th place in the West.

  933. It defies all logic that Lakers would trade for Dragic IMO. They’ve been talking about get Durant and or Westbrook. Their cap would be blown if they went after Dragic next year. It shouldn’t take a genius too see that Kobe will never allow anyone else to share his limelight. Paying big bucks for another PG to stand around and pass to Kobe just is a waste when Price could do it just fine.until Kobe retires. WHO CARES! Let them down down the toilet.


  934. Lakers would have to add 1st pick and maybe even 2nd pick for dragic to sign and trade.

  935. probably not for long-term.
    The 3-headed backcourt doesn’t give much PT for Lin but since the Suns want to go to the playoff, they will use Lin’s strength to win and not tank. Plus no Kobe/BScott to marginalize Linsanity.

    IMO it will help Lin’s values for the Free Agency in the summer if it happens. The Suns also play fast to Lin’s liking.

  936. You don’t want jeremy on Phoenix and you don’t want jeremy on lakers with dragic—-no playing time in either scenario

  937. Don’t wont jeremy going to Suns man….that is not a good destination

  938. Are you nut? When you’re homeless you don’t say no to any shelter. Anywhere is still better than Bryant Scott.

  939. I definitely don’t want Lin in the Suns for the long-term due to the crowded backcourt with Isaiah Thomas & Bledsoe.

    But for the final 3 months to use his strength to score and speed in 3-guard system and a chance to play in the playoff, it’s better to increase his value for the FA this summer.

    It’s the lesser of two evil. I think for most Lin fans, anything to change the status quo in Lakers is much better.

  940. argh, I just realize the worst possibility is to have Dragic+Clarkson+Lin in Lakers :[
    Lin would get DNP for sure

  941. Suns have another rookie PG who’s supposed to be good.
    I don’t think Lakers would trade for Dragic before deadline, picking him up during offseason as a FA would be much better.

  942. Doesn’t matter if Lakers get Dragic or Rondo or IT or whoever, it’d make little difference if BS already plays Price and Clarkson ahead of Lin.

  943. I’m crazy like a fox

  944. Yup that’s the worst scenario….roll the dice with the Suns but no way on the Lakers unless clarkson is included in the deal

  945. Lin to pull an injury ala Asik or Nash, and work on his game or fishing or golf, and still get paid.

  946. That is the Tanking drill. Why would they want to “upgrade” during Tanking drill? To bring Dragic in now would mean sitting him on the bench, just like Lin’s. Lakers cannot afford to win anymore games, otherwise they would have to give a first round draft to the Suns.
    I think Dragic goes somewhere other than LA, if he is to get out of Suns on Feb. 19.
    just saying.

  947. BS doesn’t even need Dragic to DNP Lin, not like he hasn’t already done it.

  948. Never say never~ lol Rondo is one example. But Lakers could do a three-way trade and send Lin to the 3rd team,like Kings or Heats, which will be good too.

  949. By that logic, Dragic can only go to Miami out of his three preferred destinations, since Knicks are tanking just the same.

  950. That was mind thought too.

  951. I doubt if there is any star PG willing to play for Byron Scott and Kobe Bryant.

  952. OK. Dragic/agents met with Suns today, and it sounds like it didn’t go well. Sounds like Suns are choosing Thomas/Bledsoe over him. Let him to come to the Lakers all he wants, it will be the same story with every PG on Laker team with Kobe. Good luck with that…smh

  953. Signing Eric Bledsoe seems to be the cause of his leaving Phoenix.

  954. No PG wants to play for KoBS at this point, star or otherwise. Price just puts up with this BS because he’s got feed the mouths at home, and has no other choice (no team really wants him).

  955. If anything, Bledsoe proved that if you throw a tantrum, team will cave in and give you what you want whether you’re worth it or not. Bad trend.

  956. That calls for shameless creativity, making up excuses out of nothing in almost every post game interview.

  957. 新年快樂,身體健康

  958. Ahh so many news. Well with the sources saying the Lakers willing to re-sign Dragic to the max (which is nuts) I can see why thats one of the teams he’s interested in. The suspense is too much.
    I actually do hope Dragic ends up on the Lakers and re-signs with them and their awful situation so Jeremy can be the one that possibly? ends up on the Heat next season.

    Also [email protected] and their fans have been so desperate for Dragic and he’s all like “eww no thanks”.

  959. I doubt if Kobe really can play another season. If there is a better choice, Dragic will take the money and go to a contender. LA Lakers will never be a contender as long as Byron Scott is the coach.

  960. But I dont think Dragic can decide which team he wants to go. It’s still up to Suns FO.

  961. I don’t think the Lakers will trade for Dragic. Kobe wants Rondo. Lakers will pay Rondo the max to get him, because Rondo doesn’t threaten kobe’s game, because Rondo can’t shoot.

  962. True!
    Its why I dont even care about this season anymore.

    If Jeremy ends up with DNPs, oh well. He can stay healthy, and then run as fast as he can from this org at the end of the season.

  963. At this point, it doesn’t really matter anyways.. The minutes he gets will be so low that frankly it wouldn’t even matter. He’s better off just biding his time and get paid to sit until end of season. No risk of injuries that way.

  964. So far,just trade rumors around. That’s fine. We Jeremy fans have till February 19. I get the feeling though he may not be traded.

    Also, that new article in the “latest article” box, why in the world is Iggy Azalea mentioned in every sentence or two? Oh wait…

  965. Stylistically, Phoenix is actually one of the best places for Jeremy to play. They run a spread offense with similar spacing as the Linsanity MDA ran.

    All things considered, the Lakers are actually one of the most likely teams to trade for Dragic. Being that:
    – Dragic has some sway in this trade, since he can say he won’t re-sign with certain teams, scaring them off
    – Dragic has already listed NY, LAL, MIA as primary options
    – NY has no assets outside of Tim Hardaway Jr. (Value declining) and Langston Galloway to send to PHO. NY DOES have a VERY HIGH lottery pick this year, but there is NO CHANCE they are trading that. The Knicks will not offer the Suns much – so they are effectively ruled out – especially if they can make a run at Dragic next off-season anyway.
    – The only viable MIA trade is Luol Deng for Dragic straight up; which in a vacuum is a semi-fair trade, but I doubt the Heat would want to give up Deng when the Suns have ZERO leverage.
    – LA’s only viable trades have to include Ryan Kelly, Tarik Black and (Jeremy Lin or Jordan Hill). PHO would not want Boozer/Price/Johnson/Ellington who would have no future on their team, or Young, who’s contract is much too long for them. And while they would want Ed Davis, Ed has a player option next year which he is definitely opting out from. A Laker trade would be centered around Kelly/Black/(Maybe Clarkson – but probably not)/(Lin or Hill).
    – Indiana is a darkhouse candidate, which could offer: George Hill + Pick for Dragic
    – Another darkhorse candidate is Houston, who could offer: Jason Terry/Terrence Jones for Dragic.

    All in all, values of trades are:
    – 1. Dragic for Terrence Jones/Jason Terry (HOU – Most likely the best trade for PHO, but Dragic would probably not commit to HOU, so Morey may or may not offer this deal. If Morey offers this deal however, it is the best deal on the table for PHO and they would do it.)
    – 2a. Dragic for Deng (MIA – Unlikely trade)
    – 2b. Dragic + Green or Filler for Kelly/Black/Clarkson/Lin or Hill/2nd Round Pick (And perhaps LAL improves enough, so that PHO keeps LA’s first round pick this year)
    – 4. George Hill + Mid 1st Round Pick for Dragic
    – 5. Dragic + Green or Filler for Kelly/Black/Lin or Hill/2nd Round Pick

    More things to consider:
    – If you trade for Dragic, you acquire his bird rights, which means a team could go over the cap to re-sign him in the offseason.
    – If HOU wants Dragic, they need to trade for him now. They don’t have the capspace to sign him in the summer, so they need his bird-rights now.
    – Dragic wants to be traded to LA/MIA/NY right now over going their in FA, because if he signs with one of those teams in FA, he will get 4-years of a MAX contract instead of 5. He needs to be traded with his bird rights to get that extra 5th year (15+ million dollars for him).

    In conclusion:
    – If Houston is willing to give up Jones for Dragic, they most likely get him for this season
    – Miami, most likely won’t act on a trade because Deng is too valuable in this trade
    – If Houston and Miami don’t act, the Lakers have (by a sizeable margin) the third best deal on the table if they throw in Jordan Clarkson (young player with upside)
    – Indiana’s mid 1st would be the next most valuable asset after the first listed Lakers trde
    – Lakers have a lowball offer out of the initial 5 scenarios that have a medium-shot of being accepted if the trade drags into the last hours near the deadline

  966. USA TODAY: “According to one of the people, the Suns were given a list of seven teams with which Dragic would be