2015 NBA All-Star Week & Feb 19 Trade Deadline

We have 1 week break for the NBA All-Star activities in NY. Jeremy can use the time to recuperate from the cold/gastrointestinal issues well. Historically Jeremy has performed well in the 2nd half of the season in HOU after knowing what role he needs to play to contribute to the team. But we never know if it applies with Lakers tanking situation and lineup shuffling all the time to get good excuse to keep losing in the name of “rebuilding”

Trade Deadline is Feb 19 but it is unlikely Jeremy will be traded because his $6M owed salary and $8.3M cap will be prohibitive for contenders who want to use Lin’s service for 3 months. But if Mitch can swing a surprise deal, many Lin fans would welcome the news for the chance of Jeremy to get more Playing Time.

It’s clear that Lakers do not want to test Linsanity after Kobe’s injury because they prioritize tanking and Lin is definitely Anti-Tanking and will win more games if given more PT. And we have good ideas that Kobe wouldn’t want to risk Linsanity to rise in LA in his absence to hurt his image as the only hero player in LA.

It’s a tough situation but as fans, we can only support Lin to keep playing his best and weigh his options in the Free Agency in July 2015.

Will Jeremy have a chance to play for George Karl in Sacramento Kings? Or join Chandler Parsons in Dallas Mavericks? Or find a role with the Spurs who play beautiful team-ball but not offer much Playing Time with a multitude of PGs (Parker, Joseph, Mills)? I believe Lin will evaluate his options carefully and make the best decision in perhaps 1-2 year contract (2nd year player option) to see if his career can rise again after 3 years of playing with ball-dominant guards who took away his chance to be the main playmaker to fit his game.

I have a small hope (5%) for a trade chance but I’m not going to count on it.

Key NBA dates for 2014-15:


Feb. 13-15 — 2015 NBA All-Star (Brooklyn and New York)

Feb. 19 — 2015 NBA Trade Deadline (3 p.m. ET)