2015 NBA Playoffs: Finals

No doubt Jeremy will be watching the Finals closely, cheering on his childhood favorite NBA team. Some experts are predicting a lopsided series, but I think it will be a very exciting matchup.

Many people are discounting the Cavs chances because they lost 1.5 of their Big 3. Kevin Love is out with the shoulder injury. Kyrie Irving has severe knee tendinitis and may be well below 100% for the series. But actually, the Cavs may be playing better with their replacements. Tristan and Dellavedova are both better defenders, and don’t need to have the ball on offense. They have other 3pt shooters to pick up the slack with JR Smith (40%), Shumpert (37%), Dellavedova (36%), Jones (35%) (playoff 3pt %). One of the biggest surprises is Lebron’s struggles from 3pt in the playoffs, only 17.6%! The most 3s he has made in a playoff game this year is two.

The key for the Warriors is actually their defense. In the regular season, the Warriors were #2 offense, Cavs #4 offense. On defense, Warriors #1, Cavs #20. The Warriors have 4 guys they can assign to guard Lebron (Harrison, Iguodala, Draymond, Klay) to take turns and mix up the looks. Klay’s post-concussion health will be critical. He should be able to force JR Smith into poor percentage shots, and he has been shooting a terrific 42.5% from 3pt in the playoffs, even with the mini-slump in the first 3 games of the Conference Finals.

I predict the Warriors win in 6. Due to their high variance with 3 ptrs, I can see them losing one game where they just go cold, like Game 4 with Houston. And I’ll give another game to the Cavs where Lebron goes on fire, gets favorable foul calls, and becomes unstoppable.

Game 1: Thu June  4, 9pm ET @ GSW
Game 2: Sun June  7, 8pm ET @ GSW
Game 3: Tue June  9, 9pm ET @ CLE
Game 4: Thu June 11, 9pm ET @ CLE
Game 5: Sun June 14, 8pm ET @ GSW
Game 6: Tue June 16, 9pm ET @ CLE
Game 7: Fri June 19, 9pm ET @ GSW