2015 NBA Playoffs: Conference Finals



Eastern Conference Finals

(1) Atlanta vs. (2) Cleveland

Game 1 — Wed. May 20, Cleveland at Atlanta, 8:30 p.m., TNT
Game 2 — Fri. May 22, Cleveland at Atlanta, 8:30 p.m., TNT
Game 3 — Sun. May 24, Atlanta at Cleveland, 8:30 p.m., TNT
Game 4 — Tue. May 26, Atlanta at Cleveland, 8:30 p.m., TNT
Game 5 * — Thu. May 28, Cleveland at Atlanta, 8:30 p.m., TNT
Game 6 * — Sat. May 30, Atlanta at Cleveland, 8:30 p.m., TNT
Game 7 * — Mon. June 1, Cleveland at Atlanta, 8:30 p.m., TNT


Western Conference Finals

(1) Golden State vs. (2) Houston

Game 1 — Tue. May 19, Houston at Golden State, 9 p.m., ESPN
Game 2 — Thu. May 21, Houston at Golden State, 9 p.m., ESPN
Game 3 — Sat. May 23, Golden State at Houston, 9 p.m., ESPN
Game 4 — Mon. May 25, Golden State at Houston, 9 p.m., ESPN
Game 5 * — Wed. May 27, Houston at Golden State 9 p.m., ESPN
Game 6 * — Fri. May 29, Golden State at Houston, 9 p.m., ESPN
Game 7 * — Sun. May 31 Houston at Golden State, 9 p.m., ESPN


Phil Jackson, the president of the Knicks, asked on Twitter how things were going for 3-point oriented teams. He claimed it was an innocent question, but it could have been taken as snark directed at teams like the Rockets, Warriors, Hawks and Cavaliers, all of which were struggling in the conference semifinals.

That was on May 10. Now the conference finals have arrived, those are the four teams left alive, and there is a definitive answer to Jackson’s question: 3-point oriented teams are doing quite well. – NYTimes



  1. 1st. Go Warriiors!!!!!!

  2. *clap* *clap*

  3. Me third – but my name says first 🙂

  4. but then you are second!

  5. Western Conference

    Golden State Warriors vs Houston Rockets

    The Warriors, a 67-win team in the regular season, have proven their combination of outside shooting and tough defense to be playoff-capable and enter the conference finals as the odds-on favorites to win the N.B.A. title, according to most sports books. After much speculation that they would have to change their style to succeed in the playoffs, Golden State has instead taken even more 3-pointers — 29.9 a game in the playoffs versus 27 a game in the regular season — and while they have been slightly less efficient, they are getting the job done.

    The Rockets came into the playoffs as the No. 2 seed in the Western Conference but despite getting this far, the gap between them and Golden State appears to have widened. James Harden, who was a one-man show in the regular season — Dwight Howard missed much of it because of injury — was mostly a spectator as Houston stormed back against the imploding Los Angeles Clippers in Game 6 of the semifinals, and the team is now quickly trying to catch its breath after a Game 7 win before taking on the N.B.A.’s best team.

    If the regular season is any indication, this series may not be close. The Warriors were 4-0 against Houston and won the games by an average of nearly 13 points. The equation changes with Howard at something close to full-strength, but Golden State has Andrew Bogut and Draymond Green to deal with Houston’s center, and some combination of Klay Thompson, Andre Iguodala and Stephen Curry to try to stop Harden.

    All season, the Warriors succeeded not just because of their outside shooting but also because they had the league’s best, and most efficient, defense. Coach Steve Kerr took what had been a disorganized mess under Mark Jackson and shaped it into something special. Everyone expects the flash of their offense, but it is the grit of their defense that Houston should be most afraid of.

    Pick: Warriors in 5

  6. Eastern Conference

    Atlanta Hawks vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

    When LeBron James agreed to come home to Cleveland, the Cavaliers became a favorite to make it to the conference finals, almost regardless of who was playing with him. When Kevin Love was traded to the team to go with James and Kyrie Irving, it looked like even more of a sure thing. A rough start to the season brought the James detractors out of the woodwork, where they spoke of his diminishing skills and criticized him as a leader and even as an executive, as he took the blame for the team’s imperfect roster.

    Now that James is playing in the conference finals for the fifth consecutive year, despite limited contributions in the playoffs from Love and Irving, it will be curious to see if anyone remembers to take back their criticism.

    Reshaped as the season went along by trades that gave the team a trio of former Knicks — Timofey Mozgov, J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert — the Cavaliers are hardly a defensive powerhouse, but they now do enough to let the team’s offense churn out victories.

    While the Cavaliers were the talk of the preseason, the unexpected Hawks became the team to beat in the East almost as soon as the season started. Playing a team-oriented style that many likened to the San Antonio Spurs — Coach Mike Budenholzer spent 18 years with the Spurs before taking over Atlanta — the Hawks sent four players to the All-Star game and had such a huge lead in the Eastern Conference standings that they coasted for much of the regular season. The team had six players average more than 10 points a game, and four players average more than 3 assists a game. They were a top-10 team on offense and defense, and their key players are all healthy.

    This series will not have the blistering pace of the Western Conference finals, as the Hawks and Cavaliers were 15th and 25th in the N.B.A. in pacing this season, but there should be no shortage of precision passing, long-range shooting, and at least a few moments for an unheralded star like Al Horford to show off his skills against the celebrated James.

    But for all of the talk of the Spurs’ system, its tremendous success has come with Tim Duncan and Tony Parker on the floor. The Hawks have built something special in a short amount of time, and could be a great team for years to come under Budenholzer, but the team’s four All-Stars have yet to shine as bright as we all know James and Irving are capable of.

    Some will try to turn this series into the team versus the superstar, but that is denying James his status as a team-oriented star on the level of Magic Johnson and Oscar Robertson. His critics may be right that his decline has begun, but the gap was so wide between him and everyone else, that there is no reason to doubt him yet.

    Pick: Cavaliers in 6

  7. Great write up. Rockets similar style to GSW, but just don’t think they have enough to upset GSW. They squeaked by the Clips.

  8. Thanks for creating the thread!

  9. So this is what’s in the JLin Quarterly subscription box


  10. Thanks! Is that a bag or something on the bottom? I can’t tell. I’m supposed to get mine on wed.

  11. I spoke too soon. I just got the quarterly box. There is an Adidas backpack along with the other things below. Throughout the book there are his annotations on post-its.

  12. it makes sense since wes would be an upgrade over turk…

  13. So I guess the WCF will be decided on which team rains down more 3s. Funny enough this is the most anti-BS strategy.

  14. Then you have the bottom feeders like Byron Scott that doesn’t:

    ESPN Stats & InfoVerified account
    NBA’s final four teams are believers in analytics http://es.pn/1KgmK7x

  15. So happy that you’ve got it. Do you like the box??

  16. More like sad that BS does not consider 3 ball part of the game.

  17. Phil will fade. That is progress. So will I dino me.

  18. I do. I think I like the book the most bc he made it personal with the annotations. I don’t know that I will necessarily continue the subscription as I probably will be giving most of the actual items away to my nephews and I expect I will do that with the other items I might get from other boxes.

  19. … and believers of 3 balls which Byron Scott is not a fan of. So yeah, good luck to Lakers

  20. Jeremy LinVerified account
    Congrats to the rook @JClark5on on All-Rookie First Team!! Much deserved after all the work you put in!

  21. Marc Stein : The Rockets are operating under the premise that Patrick Beverley, out since March with a torn ligament in his left wrist, is unlikely to play in the forthcoming Western Conference finals, according to league sources.

  22. Los Angeles Lakers Point Guard Jeremy Lin Asks Fans To Help Boost 2K15 Rating; Developers Have No Respect For Linsanity?

    Los Angeles Lakers point guard Jeremy Lin made a guest appearance in the YouTube channel of Fil-Am musician AJ Rafael to play pickup game of NBA 2K15 on Playstation 4. Upon seeing his ratings, however, Linsanity could only shake his head in disbelief.

    The ratings are adjusted throughout the season and might go up and down depending on the player’s performance. For instance, as AJ Rafael pointed out, the Los Angeles Lakers point guard started the season at 77 rating and later he ended with 75, hurt no doubt by Byron Scott benching him for much of the first half.

    AJ Rafael and Jeremy Lin browsed through the NBA 2K15 ratings and commented on the fly. When shown that he got an F for Inside Defense, the Taiwanese-American player blurted out, “I got an F?”

    “IQ B-? I done seen it all,” Jeremy Lin said.

    Of course, he has a right to be disappointed since the Los Angeles Lakers point guard graduated from Harvard.

    “My inside scoring, which is my best asset, is C+,” he said. “I quit. This game is rigged.”

    He then addressed the viewers, “Everybody send an email to 2K and tell them to boost my ratings.”

    Upon knowing that his Standing Dunk is only rated 25, Jeremy Lin commented, “25? Just because I didn’t dunk this season doesn’t mean I can’t!”

    However, it’s not all bad for Linsanity as he agreed with some of the ratings such as his Steal at 80, the highest on the team, Hustle (84), Lateral Quickness (90) Speed (89), fastest on the team, Quickness (90).

    Then the ratings came to Strength, which was at 35, the lowest on the team.

    Jeremy Lin had to flex his muscles, “Yo, they don’t know. I push my weight in the weight room. That’s ridiculous.”

    Later, he said about the Strength rating, “That hurt.”

    Jeremy Lin has bigger things to worry about than his NBA 2K15 rating, however, as he’s about to make a decision whether to bring Linsanity back to the Los Angeles Lakers or ship out for other teams as he becomes free agent this off-season.

  23. How ironic that when Lin was with Rox, v GSW, they rained 23 3s and MJ had to foul to stop the 24th record breaking 3. Now we have to watch Harden say on TV today he’s going to ‘fight’ GSW and local press quoted him as saying he should have gotten MVP. To which, Curry replied something like … I can’t lie and say I shouldn’t be, he should say that because he has confidence in himself, and it’s not like he’s (harden’s) crazy because he had a great year. Curry is just so cool, and he’s gonna be a dad soon too. He’s really got it together.

    This is going to be a great 10 days to 2 weeks. I say GSW, because their comeback against Grizz set them up to play well. Grizz did not rain 3s like Ariza did to LAC, but they had Gasol and I think he’s much more a thread than Howard. Harden has great moves inside, and GSW better watch some LAC defense tapes to avoid giving Harden 10 FTs down the stretch.

  24. Yes Sir…as promised 🙂

  25. SO will we be seeing more dunks from Lin?!!!…i know i know…being selfish here 🙂

  26. Love the JLin quarterly box. Like everyone else, the book is the best one 🙂
    As I begin reading the below post it note, I thought to myself “not exactly a pretty writing” then I get to the part where he writes “Sorry my handwriting sucks lol.” HAHAHAHA.

  27. Blurry post note pic, but vaguely look at it, Seems at least better hand writing than mine.

  28. Not too bad for a guy 🙂

  29. sweet!…thanks for sharing….and indeed his hand writing?!!!!! double lol

  30. Thanks for sharing. Such a nice gesture from JLin. WOW! This is so precious to receive such gifts! No wonder he took such a long time to get this done. Over 1000 gift books he had to leave message with. What a thoughtful person!

  31. Well, the gifts are more of extras for supporting JLin’s foundation to needed children. You give money for a worthwhile cause! I would love to do this if I’m in US anyday:-)

  32. Were there that many boxes? Quarterly wouldn’t tell.

  33. Cool, Manu and TDuncan are going to take another year on with Parker. I hope JLin can get there too, no tax state. Pop will prob retire, so it’s KL and whomever they assemble to talk over should be v interesting.

  34. According to the ad, it said they needed at least 1000 orders for the quarter box program to go ahead. So, I presumed it would be more than 1000 books for JLin to do.

  35. Wow, that is a lot of work! Hope he raised a lot of money for his foundation.

  36. ah, you found out it’s an Adidas bag pack :]

  37. NBA Draft Lottery is tomorrow
    Lakers can get Top 1-2 Pick (11.9% and 12.6% chance) or fall out of Top 5 (17.2% which will go to 76ers)

    Tomorrow is the moment of truth.


    The glass is more than half full. With the Lakers (21-61) finishing with the NBA’s fourth-worst record, they have an 82.8-percent chance of landing a top-five pick. They even have 37.8-percent odds to move up among the top three picks.

    But Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak recently conceded he is “somewhat of a worry wart,” cognizant the Lakers have a 17.2-percent chance of landing out of the top five. That would force the Lakers to deal their pick to Philadelphia as part of Lakers’ trade with Phoenix in 2012 when they acquired Steve Nash.

    Yet, Scott only smiled when asked if he felt worried over late-game victories against NBA bottom dwellers, such as Minnesota and Philadelphia, possibly haunting the Lakers.

    “No,” Scott said, laughing. “None.”

    Either scenario could dramatically affect the Lakers, for better or for worse.

    If the Lakers keep their top-five pick, a few options appear available. They could upgrade either at point guard (China’s Emmaneul Mudiay, Ohio State’s D’Angelo Russell), at the wing positions (Duke’s Justise Winslow, Arizona’s Stanley Johnson) or at center (Kentucky’s Willie Cauley-Stein). The Lakers will likely only have the chance to select Kentucky’s Karl Anthony-Towns or Duke’s Jahil Okafor if they climb to either No. 1 (11.9 percent) or No. 2 (12.6 percent).

  38. Expect that #17 will get some blame if 17.2% chance of falling out of Top 5 happens.

    Lin fans are so used to this sing-and-dance. (i.e. “Why did Lin have 3-game winning streak in 6 Linsanity games post ASB plus 1 win over 76ers? It’s all his fault!) however irrational it may be.

  39. On Tuesday, at approximately 5:30 p.m. Pacific time, the Lakers will learn the fate of their 2015 first-round pick.

    After a disastrous 21-win season, the Lakers have an 11.9% chance at the top overall pick — but more important, the team has an 82.8% chance of holding onto its pick altogether

    If the Lakers survive the lottery, they’ll send their 2016 first-rounder to the 76ers (top-three protected). Naturally, the team
    hopes to be a lot better next season, in part because of the player they hope to land with their pick.

    The top big men in the draft include Kentucky’s Karl-Anthony Towns and Willie Cauley-Stein, along with Duke’s Jahlil Okafor.

    Emmanuel Mudiay, who played in China, and Ohio State’s D’Angelo Russell are the highest-ranked guards. Duke’s Justise Winslow is likely the top small forward.

    The lottery results will determine who the Lakers pair with a healthy Julius Randle, the team’s 2014 seventh overall pick who was injured for the year on opening night with a broken leg, and Jordan Clarkson, who was named to the NBA’s all-rookie first team on Monday.

    Russell and Clarkson would make an intriguing backcourt pairing, likely prompting the Lakers to seek a big-name forward and/or center in free agency this summer.

    Okafor, Towns or Cauley-Stein, with Randle, would give the Lakers size for the future with free-agent money likely spent on a small forward and/or point guard.

    Or perhaps the Lakers fall to six or seven, left with the Houston Rockets’ 27th overall pick (acquired with Jeremy Lin), the Lakers’ own second-round selection (34th) and possibly too many holes to fill over the summer.

    The Lakers have a better chance of climbing to a top-three pick (37.8%) than falling to five (35.1%). Staying where they currently stand at four has relatively scant odds (9.9%).

    The teams will be announced in reverse order. The Lakers will be hoping to see the Denver Nuggets at seventh and the Sacramento Kings at sixth.

    Denver has a 15% chance of jumping into the top three, while the Kings have odds of almost 22%.

    Even if the Lakers fall from four to five, they’ll be celebrating. Five is significantly better than no pick at all.

    Whatever the answer, the results will be revealed on Tuesday via ESPN.


  40. Clips have played series-deciding game for spot in conference finals five times in franchise history. They’ve lost all five by double digits–marc stein espn

    thats why lakers fans mock the clips: “what have you won”?

    no matter how bad the lakers get for how long it will still and always be a laker town until the clips actually do something.

    cause the lakers have even if its in the distant past.

  41. wouldn’t it be more appropriate to blame all rookie jordan clarkson for his dominant performance down the stretch?

    this shows the futility of the whole tanking concept; nobody could have tried harder than the lakers and they still have a very very real very easy to be 1 in 6 chance of
    making the whole thing a waste of time.

    btw no team winning the tankathon regular season race to the bottom has actually got the top pick in the last 10 years.

  42. lol lakers,,,is still living in the past

  43. so easy.. everytime you foul harden.. foul hard to make him sit out.. but then I right after saying this, i realized josh, terry and corey in accord is sometimee better than 1 harden

  44. this is the real definition of pick your poison.

  45. so disgusted at clips losing..
    now imagine rox getting hot now.. or rox outscoring gsw.
    that will sux for lin fans. or rox out scoring gsw.

    This season was already a proven point for many lin-haters or morey that you don’t need lin or parson to win.
    So either way, rox ‘win’ in that aspect. So we lose.

  46. GSW is happy to play them. Need to squash them this first game to set the mood. Oracle Will Be Loud tonight! Go Dubs!

  47. Conspiracy Theory: Showtime Lakers + Kobe plotting to takeover the Lakers. Thought came to me, perhaps Magic Johnson, Worthy, Byron Scott + Kobe plan to trash the Lakers to drive down the market price so that a consortium including Showtime Lakers Johnson, Worthy, Scott can take it over. Explains a lot of stuff that doesn’t seem to make sense. Plot thickens.

    Lakers Rumors: Buss Family Will Sell Lakers in 3 to 5 Years

  48. well, that is what we say about dallas and clippers.

  49. they don’t need him.. he might come in and ‘destroy’ the chemistry.

  50. Well, the Buss family can make some black remarks and they can be forced to sell the team now at premium price before the value goes down as we all know Lakers is going to get top 5 picks for the next 3 of 5 years (well, 82.8% chance for this year).

  51. This is a true test of steve kerr’s coaching.. If gsw loses.. kerr is not a good coach. mchale is more experienced.

  52. Somehow I knew you would keep your promise :]

  53. they really made a bid difference, to move the team culture away from Bev and all the others who had to ‘take it’. The only ppl who didn’t were Lin, DMo, and PPat. Now Rox are different.

  54. I don’t get this, doesn’t Howard hate PnRs? Guess it’s right, but I don’t think Rox will go for PnR … they will try to rain 3s because it worked against LAC. I don’t think Howard is anywhere near the threat that MGasol was.


  55. Funny how Wiggins got all the votes for 1st Team Rookie and I think Mirotic will have a long beautiful career with 2 less votes. AD took 3 years to come to awesomeness.

    Not sure how this can help … the biggest thing LAL can do to save itself is to not give Kobe another contract. More than any pick lol.

  56. @zukovka Agreed. But when I asked Lin this season about how important it is for him to start, he responded like I had rocks in my head. lol— Robert Morales (@RMoralesPT) May 19, 2015


  57. the implication is clear as Lin has stated diplomatically that all NBA players want to start.

  58. I’m in Beijing now and Lin’s images are everywhere for Addidas and Tag.

  59. WOW! Thanks for sharing this with us. Hope you enjoy your stay there!

  60. “wanderful !”

  61. 2 things if anyones here later: 1. where on line can follow lottery want to lmao when lakers get their 1 in 6 chance of losing their pick (not something subcriptions or live vid requring some provider just commentary or posts about as its happening)

    2. i saw a post on line said osmewhere there every single nba champion for the last 31 years had a player on the team that shaq played with!!!!! how is that possible; first shaq only played for 18 years and hasn’t played for several years there would have to have been like at least 8 or 9 years before he played that each year there was some player who eventually he did play with?

    can anyone confirm this it seems remote. anyway the point was only cavs and warriors now have someone who played with shaq.

  62. im excited to watch lakers fall out of top 5 and lose their who so hard tanked for dp to the more experienced philly tankers. i really think its gonna happen 1 in 6 is a good chance.

  63. no no no.. you should be more excited to watch roxieorgies get killed.

  64. rats. all the commentors on stream im watching say : “rigged” once lakers confirmed for top 3, bs smiling sickly.

  65. just for any of you (anyone here?) who dont know and might care; lakers zip up to #2 pick. they i think made the biggest theoretic advance from odds. seems that way.

    rigged say all online commentators. anyway; top picks almost never pan out; as pointed out but gives lakers something to be happy about. which makes me sad.

  66. idc

  67. idc that udc

  68. eh heh heh … now many of you care about GSW beating Harden tonight? I can’t wait to see how it goes. Harden on record as saying he should have been MVP, and Steph said that was ‘strong’ but he should say that because it’s not like it’s ‘crazy talk’ given Harden had a great year. Ok, classy Steph, sink a 63 footer!

  69. #%[email protected]
    BS must be so happy now…..all the tank talk becomes reasonable….

  70. lets move on the the rox vs gs

  71. even so laker won’t be good foe atleast 3-5 years

  72. tanking leads to rewards. well at least lakers got something out of this wasted season. now, only if they’d get rid of the coach..

  73. WOW! Can’t believe NBA rewards Tanker BS for #2 pick!!! Lakers is going to sink for few more years! Definitely no Lakers for JLin from me. KB’s tweet very infuriating!

  74. That mean Lakers will a big.

  75. so far…its still a close game…..

  76. Not gonna help much unless they get someone with Kareem or Duncan talents…which is unlikely. Just look at Randle, kid couldn’t even protect himself from his own stupid coach.

  77. Yeah, the NBA has been and is becoming even more corrupt.

  78. Rox second unit is playing well

  79. GSW trailing…whatever. Not a fan of Kerr, who once disbanded a championship-caliber Suns team, and put Jeremy down. He just got lucky inheriting a good team and got by with mediocre coaching.

  80. does anyone in the nba play defense

  81. Harden been moving well and not forcing his shot as well…GSW need to make adjustments

  82. So who will the Lakers take with #2?

  83. one of the centers. bye bye jordan hill

  84. here comes gsw. i here their foot steps hahahahahaha lol

  85. 25 – 6 run ohh boy.

  86. they came back so quick. warriors are not clippers

  87. wow, warriors are up by 3 now

  88. GSW 58, Rox 55, half time. Go dubs!

  89. its so smooth. its so quick. man do i would fear gsw if i was anyteam. lebron will have his hand full

  90. Playing small. Adjusted.

  91. Mchale did not call time out. Sound familiar?

  92. lol

  93. yeah, a big quick young center is the most wanted by the lakers

  94. He was goner before that.

  95. 2-5 year for lakers if randle and the draft pick become something.

  96. let’s see what McHale can come up with in the 2nd half

  97. give harden the ball

  98. They came back. Yay.

  99. Kerr doing great. Livingston too.

  100. livingston – the factor

  101. play harder, guys, play real hard
    move the ball, move the ball guys
    that’s all i can tell from McHale’s mouth

  102. Play harder! Lol. Used to hate it when he used to just stand there with arms crossed and not calling timeout when the other team has a run. Tough it out Theory.

  103. Lol, we typed same thing!

  104. He’s doing well. I wanna see them smoke rox

  105. hahaha what he said

  106. I know, we know him too well.

  107. hahaha

  108. Totally agree.

  109. “Come on, guys, this is basketball. Play like you u do on the courts”

  110. i erased all memory of him. seeing him now is like remembering an old girlfriend. just why???? bad choices we’ve made lol

  111. big factor!

  112. double yay 😉

  113. KT is playing well but his shooting is off today

  114. what time out?!!! Play it hard…its BB!

  115. im ok with those turnovers they are still winning the possessions

  116. Lol, did you ever like him?

  117. Lol

  118. Gsw just a little too loose. Tighten up and fly right …

  119. Nice 3 there ….good move from both SC and KT

  120. they are finding difficult to break off…rox is doing well hanging in there

  121. Rox playing to thru JH to keep it close…Ariza been playing well

  122. 8 pt game became a 5pt game now…..Q4…GSW got to keep it tight

  123. Pretty exciting game.

  124. Harden had more support now.

  125. KT been shy of shooting since his 2Q was bad

  126. Man, lovin’ that Ariza wrestling with Draymond Green LOL

  127. D-fense!

  128. Curry for 3! BAM!
    106-97 with 3 min left

  129. HOU is not executing well down the stretch.
    TJones got blocked, Harden got deflected, ArizaTO

  130. yup…the last 3 minutes…GSW stepped up big time!

  131. A great game. Curry was fouled on the three.

  132. Now GSW is not executing well, TOs
    Still 108-103 w 47 secs left

  133. too bad they got sloppy now

  134. exciting game…indeed

  135. Ariza!!! big time 3!

  136. 3pt game now!

  137. pretty clutch after Harden’s TO

  138. I’m not loving it, much.

  139. Funny watching the game on CCTV5, Chinese are supporting the Rox, I guess it’s the Yao’s effect.

  140. Etch a sketch time!

  141. Curry Ftsx 4pt game. 11 sec

  142. It’s the lucky red shirts, lol.

  143. Game!

  144. I love it. Justice for Lin.

  145. Harden wide-open for 3 .. Short!
    Yeah, game-ball to GSW!

  146. I’m such a GSW fan now 🙂

  147. great, gsw won the 1st game.

  148. good game from both teams!….worth the time! 🙂

  149. Lol. You’re welcome part time fan.

  150. close game. i thougt gsw was going to throw away the win.

  151. Ya! So happy to see that. I don’t get why Thompson played so so now? If not for Livington played well …GSW would be in trouble w Thompson didn’t show up again. smh!

  152. Never count out both of these teams. Fast paced offensive teams.

  153. lol…they are gonna be labeled as Lin haters

  154. it was certainly an exciting playoff game!

  155. i didnt expect this fast……didnt realize how fast the time rolled!

  156. Dwight’s knee injury is huge.
    He would’ve finished at least 2 possessions rather than TOs

  157. hehe.. Let me put a disclaimer that I love Curry before.
    Now it’s a full-blown love LOL

  158. Yeah, much more fun to watch. Lin would like GSW. Too bad they are guard heavy.

  159. Rox’s bench pretty good. Kept them in. May be good Bev is out for Rox. More offense for them.

  160. Any friend of Lin, is a friend of mine, lol.

  161. v funny …

  162. yep, just shows those 2 seasons with Bev were charades. Still, Harden tried to take tonight on his back to show he’s better than Curry, and boy did that not work out. Curry beat him handily in stats, and he was so low key about it once again.

  163. me too but it was McHale to the rescue with his last drawn play. Also, they aren’t just giving it to Haden in the last 3 minutes nowadays, but GSW were too smart all around to lose it. Too many changes for Warriors to hold it together.

  164. Thompson played v good D on Harden. Harden was very tough in the 3rd, but he faded in the 4th. Curry meanwhile was smooth and clutching it when needed. The real Clutch.

    Livingston was massive. He kept the momentum on GSW side with his play, D and O.

  165. gonna have to start a scurryportal.com

  166. Go ahead and please don’t ever come back. smh

  167. Yes, they were beasting. LAL beasted a bit more.

  168. LOL .. ok maybe not that level yet hehe

  169. well said, yeah! 😀

  170. Ariza played exceptionally well tonight.
    Bev’s offense was hurting the Rockets before, and his D might not be enough to stop Curry anyway as many regular season games showed

  171. Why so bitter and attacking? If you read the conversation thread, I was joking about psalm falling in love with Curry.

  172. Great post.
    Many so called die-hard Lin fans were too lazy to analyse the series ye quick to jump the gun that the Rox won without Parsons and Lin.
    The most accurate assessment is Ariza was huge in the series and Beverley’s absence allowed the team to have better O and X.

  173. Joke? Hmm, bad tatse.

  174. SCurry’s cute daughter makes me wonder when we’ll see Little JLin
    That Free Agency can certainly have double meaning :]
    Isn’t NBA peak age at 27-28?


  175. I thought that exact same thing. Lin. High in playoffs. His child at postgame. … optimistic!

  176. Why ? it’s in good taste.

  177. Letter that was included in JLin’s Quarterly Box of why he chose the gifts and Chinese translation.

  178. For someone who likes to have babbling about how great Steve Kerr is, SL, SC doing great, blah blah, obviously finds his own bad-taste jokes entertaining.

  179. How can you not to love such a humble and nice and benevolent person?

  180. Please…you don’t need to tear others down to build up you’re points. ALL LIN FANS GET WHAT YOU SAY.

    We hate the Rox for the charade Morey created with Beverley to make Lin look bad. That’s was his only role.

    I have said for a long time that if Morey had ANY SENSE AT ALL, HOUSTON COULD HAVE WON THE WEST AND MAYBE THE RING WITH LIN, HARDEN, HOWARD AND ASIK. INSTEAD MOREY CHOSE TO BE SELFISH INSTEAD TO PROMOTE HIMSELF INSTEAD OF THE TEAM. Morey chose to prove that Lin was a fluke. Beverly was his tool to do that. Harden was his hand pick man, so Morey doubled down to wreck a team that could have been a powerhouse for many years to come.

  181. Morey is excellent in picking up talents cheap. He can sort out the talents and brought help to the team. However, he also dumped lots of talents. Tarik Black is an excellent player and given a good team, he would be without a very good player. Wait till he becomes a free agent. Such energy and athleticism. He should have been drafted.

    In fact lots of good players were undrafted last year too.

  182. Lakers got the number 2 draft pick and Knicks picked fourth and it seems like a volcano eruption for NYfans。

  183. Getting the top pick is great, but you still need some good coaches or veterans to be able to get them to the NBA level. Cavs had the top picks for several years, but they didn’t make it back to the playoff until Lebron came back.

    I really don’t see LA and NY coaches have that skill. Melo and Kobe are just not good mentors.

  184. Is that LAL gold? Or maybe it’s GSW.

  185. Now that the lottery is behind us, I’m hoping to hear more serious rumors of the team that may be seriously interesting in acquiring Lin as a starter.

  186. Poisonous anti-team environments for sure. LAL NEEDS to get Rondo, LOL.

  187. Maybe he’s cheering for GSW and Curry! Most likely leftover headband. He’s frugal in good way.

  188. That is a big part of life. Wish him the best with that. Harder for Lin. Steph met his wife a long time ago b4 fame.

  189. Is that an old one? That baby face.

  190. lol

  191. true…and McHale could have taken some timeouts to stop GSW rhythm

  192. yeah 2009-10

  193. Refueling indeed…hope he is revitalized

  194. As a LIN/GSW fan, i can dream, right? One day, Lin may rejoin his true home team. After he brings Linsanity back, gets married, gets a ring…or ring(s), pun intended.

  195. only two #1 picks in however many years actually won a championship with the team that drafted them: guess which team that is?

  196. yeah to increase the poison level. like cures like.

  197. yeah this is the time offcially now when off season moving starts as teams flip dps; kobe went to la that way i guess from reading about and uh i think hayward to wherever he is…actually most of recent knicks picks ended up being flipped.

    of picks that have panned out a large number of them were traded sometimes before actual draft some set up ahead and then done right after picks made.

    busy time for speculation at least now to actual draft day now that picks locked in; lakers actually the ones to win big on advance in #s by odds, knicks losers, but probably doesn’t mean much…

    knicks will probably just more likely to flip their pick (which as i pointed out they often do anyway)

    i guess okafor to lakers is the “mock draft” scenario now?

    so can deal hills contract, wasn’t that theoretically why they have him a big contract so would have balanacing contract to trade (ie. big enuf to not trip some league rule wires).

  198. 2014-15 Season Shot Chart Shows Jeremy Lin Aggressive, Efficient in Attacking the Rim


    Jeremy Lin’s days with the Los Angeles Lakers may be remembered for its up-and-down swings, but last season’s campaign also showed that he remains consistent as ever in relentlessly attacking the rim.

    According to NBA.com Stats, the 26-year old Lin converted 133 of his 252 shot attempts (52.8 percent) in the paint, which was by far his highest conversion percentage compared to any other spots on the floor.

    Lin, who averaged 11.2 points on 42 percent shooting, continued to rely on his slashing ability allowing him to create scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates.

    The former Harvard standout has been one of the most underrated finishers in the game when attacking the shaded lane. Although adapting to Bryon Scott’s old-school philosophy wasn’t an easy transition, Lin proved that the ‘soft’ label was nothing but a misnomer because he’s more than willing to take the ball straight to the rack.

    On the other hand, the midrange game was not so kind to Lin all-season long. Aside from the shaded lane and the left wing (13-for-26, 50 percent), he shot sub-35 percent in almost every spot inside the arc.

    Lin also had some solid results from three-point territory this year (37 percent from three-point line), though the shot chart showed clearly that left wing three-ball wasn’t his favorite.

    Overall, it wasn’t as bad of a season as most NBA pundits described it. Boosted by his post-All-Star break surge, Lin has somehow addressed his plunging stock and put himself in much better position this coming free-agency season.

    While it’s uncertain whether the Lakers are still interested to renew their commitment in Lin, there won’t be a shortage of suitors for the Asian-American star as long as he keeps on aggressively attacking the basket.

  199. https://twitter.com/SteveNash/status/601084239115784192/photo/1

    Could somebody ask him why he is not training with Lin?

  200. Why don’t you go ask. He can train with anyone he wants including clarky.
    He likes soccer more now.. perfect time to switch professional sports.

  201. not clutchy ..but their mascot is clutchy. good figgy.

  202. that’s true. It’ll be even harder to find someone who knew him before fame. It could be taller order than finding the right team

  203. soccer (football to the rest of world outside us “exceptional” americans) players on individual successful teams are the highest paid players in the world of all sports, interestingly this is (largely) possible because many of the high budget sucessfull euro teams are owned by or sponsored by mideastern oil sheiks and or sheikdoms.

    “Paris Saint-Germain of France’s Ligue 1, …finished in the survey’s top spot. PSG is owned by Qatar Sports Investments, an arm of the oil-rich country’s sovereign wealth fund.”

    “Foreign ownership, and oil money in particular, has transformed elite English soccer in the past decade…”

    “Abu Dhabi’s International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC), for example, sponsors Real Madrid. Billionaire Sheikh Mansour owns Manchester City, which held the top spot in the survey the previous two years. Mansour is a member of Abu Dhabi’s royal family, the deputy prime minister of the United Arab Emirates and a man whose wealth is derived from oil.”

    “Barcelona has a sponsorship deal with Middle East telecommunications giant Etisalat and a lucrative shirt deal with Qatar Airways. Etihad Airways and investment firm Aabar, both of which are based in the United Arab Emirates, also sponsor Manchester City.”

    nba players tho still have the league ave. top salary per player of any professional league, (as opposed to highest individual team budget)–with indian cricket players coming in second!

    presumably when the 50% projected increase in the salary cap kicks in next year those nba player averages will jump even more.

    many observers think players assoc will dump cba in 2017 when they can opt out to renegotiate something accounting–no pun intended–for the great leap upward in salary cap assumed by revenues from new tv deal in 2016 and now almost equally jumping projected increase in 2017–how all these things will affect contract negotiations this free agent season remains to be seen.

    (all quotes above from espn)

  204. You assume too much
    Lin is a NBA friend of Steve Nash’s. Lin attended one of SN’s soccer event last year.
    If Lin wants SN to give him a NBA basketball clinic, he will ask SN, and I believe SN would be more than happy to do this for Lin.

    So my question to you is this: do you know they haven’t worked together? Do you that Lin asked and SN refused? If you don’t know the answers to these questions, then you asked the wrong question

  205. https://twitter.com/Jonathan_Feigen/status/601117245180252160


    A first degree sprain is damage to only a few ligament fibres.

    A second degree sprain is damage to a more extensive number of ligament fibres, but the ligament remains intact.

    A third degree sprain is a complete rupture of the ligament. Because of the force involved in this injury other structures in the knee, such as the Meniscus (Cartilage) or the Anterior Cruciate Ligament can also be damaged.

    In the case of a first degree sprain, sporting activities should not be undertaken for about 3 weeks.

    For second degree sprains, the rehabilitation period will be between 6 and 8 weeks. Rehabilitation under the supervision of a chartered physiotherapist is desirable to prevent a recurrence of the injury, which can be common if a return to sport is attempted too early.

    In the case of a third degree sprain, where the ligament is completely ruptured, the treatment of choice is surgery to repair the structure. The type of reconstruction used will depend on the exact site of the damage and the preference of the surgeon. Many people find that using a Knee Brace can be very helpful if they have suffered a Medial Collateral Ligament injury. The brace supports the knee and takes the strain off the ligament during the early stage of injury, particularly when sleeping. The knee brace also provides protection during the later stages of rehabilitation. Running in a swimming pool, using aBuoyancy Aid, is an ideal method of maintaining fitness while the ligament is healing.

  206. The mean mug is so not him.

  207. I agree. Money’s probably blinded to it himself, but his ego runs him. He was working for himself, not for the team.

  208. if dwight is injured then Houston is done for sure…that gives them an excuse though, I would rather they be healthy

  209. Interesting that with Howard out the GSW took Bogut out. I would have thought leaving him in would have given them the advantage of having a rim protector to disrupt Harden.

  210. Thx!

  211. Looks just like his high school one
    With headband

  212. yes, that’s the one

  213. At soccer field with kids. Colder in norcal than a Mark twain summer. All the kids inn the bball court are practicing the steph 62ft shot. What I want for Lin … but sc is not bad.

  214. I figure all kind of request has to be fair on both side.
    Steve Nash is a Candian and he would pick up coaching job for his country but does it personally for Jeremy Lin means that he becomes a trainer of Jeremy personally. The arrangement will have to be professional. It’s up to how they mutually agree upon. It goes beyond friendship. It means commitment and business. That I can say about it.
    I say Jeremy should make this investment as soon as possible because Nash is a genius and Jeremy will do well with his training.

  215. San Antonio with Tim Duncan for one.

  216. Kobe won’t be the player for Thibodeau.

  217. HAHA This is funny but I couldnt see Lakers have any other assets to trade for him besides the 2nd draft pick? But it would be a pleasure if BS is fired this summer. : )

  218. Basketball is about runs. Clippers learned it the hard way. GSW just knew too much about it and they wouldn’t let it out b4 they won the championship.

  219. It is unlikely that BS would be fired. He has just turned himself to be a lucky charm getting the #2 pick for next season. Until he blew up the team again next season, it wouldn’t happen.

  220. Well I believe who seriously want to acquire Jeremy for their team they should offer him about $8m or more per year for his durability and his upsides at his age.

  221. Basketball is about runs. Harden not in the rhythm would not be MVP runner up but just another NBA player.
    Byron Scott had taken Jeremy out of his rhythm many times this past season.

  222. Scott Brooks passing on opportunities to interview with the Nuggets and the Pelicans and opting to sit out next season.
    Doesn’t it make Mike D’Antonio the top Candidate for Nuggets.

  223. He was thinking about his last coach :]

  224. JLin scored 30 in a recreational League?

  225. Guy must be lucky, look at how many coaches in the NBA better than him have been fired. He’s amazingly lucky to still a have a job.

  226. It said JLin balled with his friends but I see him walking around on-court scoring 30pts


  227. The IG video of Mr. Lin having fun at the rec league.
    He looks like a giant BTW


  228. Looks like a bunch of old guys. Hopefully he’s networking with some Silicon Valley executives.

  229. he probably just came with some friends to have fun with guys there.
    But yeah, if there were execs, networking would be a cool move :]

    He’s so tall that he looks a bit out of place LOL

  230. Mark Kiszla: Mike D’Antoni is right guy for the Denver Nuggets
    The stock on Mike D’ Antonio is going up for the Denver Nuggets.
    Jeremy Lin will fit well in the team of Nuggets with their players.

    Moreover Nuggets is going to have the 7th pick of the year.

  231. Doing yoga to enhance flexibility

  232. Still, it’s up to Kobe. I doubt Kobe will allow them to fire BS and Thib will want to come to LA to coach Kobe? lol

  233. whether true or not, what a BURN for byron scott lol…

  234. he looks like a center compared to the rest of the guys on court HAHA

  235. Thanks, 10% now w/ 66 votes
    I just tweeted your post & poll link.
    Hopefully by tomorrow, Lin fans will make him Top 1

  236. Lin fans, let’s vote for MDA to be the next Nuggets Head Coach.
    It was 7% reported by @kwokwailai:disqus but now it’s creeping up slowly to 11%
    Let’s see how quickly Lin fans can make him Top 1 candidate 🙂


  237. Cheer!

  238. Another Lin sighting in China. This time at a sporting goods store in Hangzhou.

  239. Is his personal message in the box one that responds directly to your message to him when you subscribe? In other words, do you get to write to him personally when you subscribe? And is his personal note based on a theme he chooses, or in response to you?

  240. the smug smile on his face when got 2 pick was not a pretty sight (to me)–it was like; hey i did my tank commander job and here are the results.

    it would seem the lakers need to tank equally next year even more to keep philly from getting their pick this time they have to go bottom 3 not 5.

    maybe they wont be lucky enuf to flip with nicks (unless as many suggest) lottery is rigged by nba and (as i have suggested) with the longest engaged couple in history phil/jeannie actually just equal franchise partners in one e/w coast enterprise the knickerlakers.

    (knicks usually flip their dp’s anyway).

    but: who is the forth coach the lakers would be paying (if fired scott and got thibs). dont tell me they’re still paying phil too!!

    wow im probably right then.

  241. form needs a lot of work. (based on this shot)–i wouldnt have a chance at beating lin at hoops but think i could best him in yoga!

    (bend that left knee to the proper angle; turn out the right foot, lean left and into the pose, etc, etc. )

  242. alvin gentry seems to be getting the most buzz right now as “top candidate” with dan tony ooney a distant second and hunt an even more distant 3rd.

  243. i guess thibs and gentry are both rumored to be going to both new orleans and denver.

  244. While it’s amazing to watch JR Smith got in the zone with 28 pts & 8-8 for 3pt-ers, it’s more amazing to see how much he has changed in answering media.

    It used to be all about himself but now he just wanted to make his parents proud and his mom not to be hurt by what he did.
    I credit LeBron as a good leader who promised to take care of him when he got to Cavs



  245. amen

  246. but kobe is gone after this year like bs.

  247. With events now unfolding that the Lakers are looking at new head coaches, it’s becoming more apparent the Lakers were in rebuilding mode without explicitly saying so. They wanted the first round pick from Houston way more than they wanted Lin. They wanted a coach to tank and tank hard to secure a lottery pick. It was a delicate balance between making the fans believe they were still winners and securing picks for the future.

    Which is unfortunate for JLin. More front office decisions at JLin’s expense (see Houston). Take this as a learning experience of the realities of the NBA. But now he’s a FA so he gets to call the shots. Hopefully he’s well prepared now.

  248. A little bit more 🙂

  249. MDA is now 2nd place at 28% w/ 230 votes
    Hunt is still at first at 37% (308 votes)

    Lin fans is at work 😀

  250. I love watching JLin fans at work :]

  251. LOL Once again I urged JLin fans from Taiwan to support this:-) Thanks JLin’s army!!!!

  252. thanks to you 😀
    I’m expecting some comments like, “It looks like JLin fans found this poll. Game over!” LOL

  253. I understand the LAL FO had to strategically make it best for the team, but why promised Lin for a bigger role when Lin was just traded to LAL???? Kup could have kept his mouth shut instead of lying to Lin. I would even understand that he promised Lin before knowing Kobe and Randal was hurt, But FO ALLOWED BS bad mouthed Lin and devalued Lin ALL season long for no legit reason, that is when I find no excuses for Kup.

  254. Alignment is a bit off but yoga is good for his muscles.

  255. For me, the answer has always been Kobe. Kup is powerless as Kobe got owner’s backing.

    These are the strongest evidence for me:
    1 All of Boozer, JLin and Swaggy got relegated to bench or DNP-ed after criticizing Kobe.
    Boozer/Lin got benched in Game 20 after criticizing Kobe in Game 10. After game 10, Kobe stopped talking about “mentoring Lin to be a championship PG”
    Nick Young got the worst as he got DNP-ed after saying “Kobe’s injury is a blessing in disguise for other guys” which was the worst move of his career since he’ll be traded soon
    2 Kupchak said nothing after Kobe embarrassed him by screaming “Give me better than Charmin-soft teammates”

    IMO the timing and behavior pattern is simply too much to be a coincidence.
    Max and Marcellus even called out Kobe on his Lin treatment. They knew how he operated in years.

    It’s the worst-kept secret in LA Media.

    Unfortunately, Lakers has tied the franchise fate to Kobe. All NBA Franchise players just wait until Kobe retires before considering coming to LA. They’ll be like “If Kobe treated Dwight and the nice JLin like that, what chance do I get to star in LA?”

  256. The peanut butter cups look yum!

  257. Probably the same reason why Morey promised JLin would be the face of the Rockets. It’s talk to get fans pumped (because JLin generates a lot of buzz).

  258. In soccer, lots of sponsors have contract signed to get compensated for a specific player not started by the HC. Sponsors fork out Big $$$ for the star player not the team. JLin’s sponsors should wise up after being conned by LAL and ROX. Tanner etc al got to do a better job from now on.

  259. Lakers might’ve thought that JLin is an experiment to be Robin next to Kobe as Batman.
    But it clearly didn’t work since the on-court chemistry wasn’t there due to lack of playing time together during TC
    And Lin showed flashes of Linsanity brilliance as the next Batman, which Kobe wasn’t ready to relinquish.

    It’s the tough biz of NBA being the star-driven league. Let’s just hope some smart coaches & owner will give JLin a chance to be Batman. If the unlikely Linsanity can happen, everything is possible.

    JLin thinks his NBA journey is not a coincidence and I believe him. The desert years will be over.
    IMHO, God has used JLin’s journey to inspire people during the good and bad times. And he’s not done yet.
    I can’t wait to see the next chapter 🙂

  260. Just dropping by to say hi to all the die hard Lin Fans .
    I have little interest in NBA playoffs.
    I like to too see LeBron and Rockets in the final, but have watched less basketball since Lin’s season was over.

  261. hi Dave, thanks for stopping by to say hi. Hope the off-season is making you relaxed 🙂
    Still 2 weeks before Finals started, then we’ll see more FA rumors when things get exciting.

    If you want to see exciting playoff series highlights, watch GSW & Rockets. It’s fast-paced with lots of 3s
    I expect GSW to win 4-2 especially if Dwight can’t play due to injury

  262. “the third time is the charm”…geez Kup. That was a big unnecessary slather of fake frosting. Kinda shameful.

  263. Yup. Hips a little tight. If the sacrum is a little tight and the hip joint doesn’t open up quite enough, then the turnout (for example here on the left foot) gets a little too much assist from the knee joint. Fine for us mere mortals. Little dangerous for pro athletes to have that extra flex burden on the KNEE.

  264. Very interesting. Didn’t read the content. What’s really going on on??? NBA is definitely full of rumors.

  265. LOL Checked it when I first woke up. It’s 290 vs 308. Just need another 19 votes to pass Hunt. Hopefully it will pass soon:-)

  266. Please vote for D’Antoni. D’Antoni is 294 and Hunt is still 308!!! Soon D’Antoni will pass Hunt:-)

  267. Is it really the right thing to do if most of the votes are coming from us Lin fan instead of nuggets supporters which would probably mean much more to the nuggets front-office.

  268. Since it’s an open poll, I think it’s okay for any NBA fans (MDA/Lin/Melvin Hunt fans) to vote.
    Otherwise they would limit it to only current Nuggets fans, which I won’t recommend to participate.

    Besides, if MDA and Lin go to Denver, Nuggets supporters will increase by millions 🙂
    I’m sure Nuggets FO would think that’s good. It’s business after all.

    Melvin Hunt was leading but I don’t think Nuggets FO wanted to retain him so it’s really up for grabs.

    My thought is if any fans are dedicated enough to vote for their favorite player’s favorite coach during the off-season, they would be loyal enough to buy the team merchandise to benefit the team.

  269. Personally I would like to see the reunion between D’Antoni and JLin:-) Lots of JLin fans would like ot see this happens as well. Of course, this isn’t the only option but it’s one of my most favorable options:-)

  270. Same votes now !!

  271. WOW! Thanks for letting us know. Glad to see the result:-)

  272. It turned out Jerry West revived the career of Harrison Barnes during the summer who managed to crack the GSW starting lineup and performed so well in the playoff -> double-digits for seven consecutive games in the postseason (nine of 11 in all) while shooting at a 50.5% clip that was trumped only by big man Andrew Bogut (55.3).

    Barnes showed perseverance to ask the Logo to train him until West welcomed him to his LA house.

    I wonder when Lin would have the next chance to pick the brain from one of the greatest players.
    I hope Lin is actively asking Nash and other great players to give him some insight especially with the upcoming FA


  273. So what secrets did Jerry West teach Harrison Barnes?
    Paging Mr. Jeremy Lin!

    He sees times when Barnes follows through on the things they worked on during those five days of drills –
    1. attacking the basket as if you’re climbing a stepladder rather than gliding to the rim;
    2. finishing with better footwork more frequently in the post;
    3. putting a billiards-style curl on the ball on running floaters so as to ‘deaden’ the shot when it hits the backboard;
    4. getting quicker with the kind of fadeaway jumpshots that were such a pivotal part of West’s repertoire as a player;
    5. seeing the backspin on the ball and knowing where to put it on bank-shots.

    Then, of course, there are times when he sees all the untapped potential that remains.
    Link: http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nba/playoffs/2015/05/21/harrison-barnes-jerry-west-warriors-steve-kerr/27721953/

  274. http://www.denverpost.com/kiszla/ci_28158799/kiszla-it-looks-like-hunt-vs-dantoni-become
    Kiszla: It looks like Hunt vs. D’Antoni to become Nuggets’ new coach
    D’Antoni is the choice if Denver is serious about picking up the pace on the court

  275. It’s pass Hunt now. 314 vs 308! Great JLin fans work:-) Each person only allows 1 vote.

  276. Steph Curry nearing a postseason record …

  277. so alvin gentry is being speculated now as going to new orleans?

    where does that leave thibs?

    probably no point in speculating from sportswriters rumors. just wait and see. it will all be resolved soon.

    kinda have to have a coach b4 the draft i think?

  278. howard now being reported as spoz to play 2nite.

  279. Mike in the lead now! Just voted too.

    Who are you hoping the Nuggets pick for their next head coach?
    34%Melvin Hunt(308 votes)

    35%Mike D’Antoni(322 votes)

    7%Alvin Gentry(61 votes)

    13%Scott Brooks(122 votes)

    7%Wait for Tom “Grind Your Bones to Dust” Thibodeau(65 votes)

    4%Other(39 votes)

    917 votes total

  280. Just checked Warriors 49 vs Rox 34 @7:34 2nd qtr. If this continues, Rox is going to lose big:-)

  281. and warriors have not lost a game this year when get a 15 pt lead at anytime during the game.

  282. Half time, GSW and Rox tied 55 each. We have another exciting game.

  283. The Machivelian self justification is rampant in our world. The end justifies the means and it doesn’t matter who we trample. That’s the reality of the sick world we live in.

    This is why we love Lin, he could have sold out and used others for his own means. But Lin suffers his moral high ground to show us all that life is an experience of the mind and soul. The physical experience of existence is only a portion of our life. Convenience has a price. It’s a slippery slope that leads to a trap.

    We all want Lin to succeed and we are soooo frustrated by the lousy hand he’s dealt. BUT, you’ll never see Lin take the short cut and step on others to get ahead. We shouldn’t want him to either.

  284. Man!…the way SC breakdowns the defense is just superb

  285. Harden failed 🙂

  286. Another tight game
    Good GSW was able to finish

  287. Wow just say the replay of Hogden’s last TO, wow that dude really just “gives up” when things get tough. After losing the ball he just drops to the ground. Now GSW is up 2-0 in this series!

  288. He’s looking for the wrong thing. After no call for last possession, he just broke down

  289. wow these have all been close games, Houston is actually alot better than I thought

  290. Looking for a foul instead of a shot when times running out is the wrong mindset!

  291. 1 pt game win for GSW. WOW, my heart was pounding fast! I have to give Harden some credit as much as I dislike him. Woah, that last trap got Harden when he looked unstoppable tonight.

  292. Harden P-O ed and knocking things down. Love!

  293. The final seconds of game 2; Warriors – Rockets …

  294. I have no joy watching the hustink suckettes lose in the conference final…thanks to the choking cliff paul and the sinking sailboats…. there I said it.

  295. Imagine Harden’s last name is Lin ..

  296. The way Curry and Thompson trap Harden on the last play is classical. They stick with Harden, ignoring Howard on the top.

    That defense made the difference. A very intense game, both team never gave up until the last seconds.

  297. Cheer! The article put Melvin’s picture on it and immediately they have a head start. It’s not even fair! Now as time goes, the true winner is going to the one and only MDA.

  298. hahahaha
    clutchfans will start say it’s all lin’s fault right now.
    But they will not say it’s hardenio’s fault. because of his last name.

  299. it’s weird, rox wasn’t this good 1st and 2nd round.

  300. It’s all the Hunt’s fan got and no more. They have a head start by cheating. Once the contest is open, they have nothing left.

  301. Well Lin fans are also fans of MDA. Denver will sell more season tickets having MDA. Sport writers agree that it would be a fun ridewith MDA taking charge. Melvin Hunt doesn’t have the credential. All he has is that at the end of the season where every Nuggets is playing for their job next season.

    The poll posted only Melvin Hunt’s picture there. I say it’s not even fair to MDA.

  302. They knew the ball will be on Harden’s hands.

  303. A few things came to my mind as I watched those very good trilling seconds of da game:

    If it was a 3 point game in favors of gsw:
    – it might go to OT because harden knows he has nothing to lose to shoot a 3 and that trap will never occur.
    – they might foul and let the other team shoot 2 and then hold onto the ball.

    If this was lin who made that TO
    – Clutch fans will be all over him.
    – Lin Haters will act like how we treat harden (you stinks, choker, scrub, etc)
    – Mchale will have a fit. (but then have to say that only happens if harden is also there..if lin is their best player, he might not. But then again this is the guy who thinks linsanity was a fluke..so I’m leaning to the side that he will have a fit because lin was playing with ‘sticky ball’. lol)

    If this was lin who had reached in..
    – ref might call a reach in foul on lin and then lin will get the blame
    – commentators might say oh lin is lucky he didn’t get called a foul
    – commentators will also say lin was good on defense instead of offense (it can happen)

  304. Every fan knows that too. Who else? Hero ball but the splash brother played good defense and stole the thunder from old James. Just like the MVP race, the beard is dead second.

  305. Wow really love how Splash brothers work together to stop the flopper.

  306. Went to the game tonight. Wow.

    Some observations: Barbosa during last 2 time outs stood apart, very funny. He had a great game for his role but he didn’t stand with the team.

    KT was a workhorse, and local radio said he can’t get going because they are counting on him to handle harden and he’s doing a good job. Lin anyone?

    DGreen was making a lot of mistakes, and so was Bogut. All rushing plays with TOs. Radio said 2nd unit had zero TOVs, it was all first unit.

    Great game. I’ll leave it at that because this is a Lin forum. Miss Lin. Hope he gets on a great contender. No sense I me being a homer wanting Lin on GSW … Livingston is doing great so hope to see Lin starting for a contender next year.

    (BTW, TJones had a great game and there was one sequence where I was thinking, he has handles! He had the ball about 6″ off the floor making moves then elevated.)

  307. Thanks God, it’s 2-0 for GSW. So happy to know Harden made the TO in the end. Didn’t watch the game. Thanks for the video. Great news!!!

  308. 0_0
    Thanks for the write-up. Harden played well tonight I’ll give him that, not too much flopping/crying for fouls. Glad Curry and Warriors grabbed the V. Go Warriors!

  309. There is no Jeremy Lin to pick up the ball for him and pass for a winning 3 pointer.

  310. yeah, it was so close we were just stuck to our seats, and then it was over and the crowd was milling out. What a game … success in a second, scramble scramble. Harden, not this year I hope, need to learn more team ball. He has way more this year than years past. If he could take some people lessons, be more of a magnanimous leader like Lin, he could really win big. That’s the diff between GSW and HOU, that team spirit and even giving it to Barnes for the last effort. It’s too easy for Curry and KT to know Harden won’t pass … they said so in the post games.

  311. Yea, ball to Harden iso is too predictable. But still need to stop him. Whew!

  312. Curry has surpassed Lin as a guard right now today. I use to sincerely believe Lin was clearly better as recently as 2 years ago. But Mr. Glass now wears UA shoes and his braces on his ankles hold him up.

    His shot has become too deadly from 3 point land and he can nail long shots that Lin can only dream of right now in a way that simply is unparalleled with his step back, behind back dribbles, and ultra quick and close release.

    I still believe Lin can be great but the competition has caught up and Lin got caught the last 3 years in a non growth position just trying to hold his head above water to stick in the NBA.

    Big summer for Lin.

  313. I always wondered whether things would had turned out better for Lin if he had tsayed with the Knicks

    Maybe if he had somehow stayed with the Knicks and they had paid him, Lin would have arguably become an All-Star by now simply because I felt he had proven himself there thus he would had gotten more freedom and the chance to run the point…

    At least with the Knicks, he had the green light to shoot…and even with Carmelo on the team, Lin would probably still find 15-17 shot per game to maybe average around 18-20 point per game.

    Melo would had still remained the #1 option but Lin would had still become a strong #2 option scorer….Much better than in Houston and Lakers.

  314. I doubt it, I think whatever happen in HOU would happen in NYK had Lin stay there. None of those are bball related.

  315. I still think Lin plays better as a PG than Curry is.

  316. No question. Lin preferred to stay with the Knicks too, but the Knicks totally bungled his RFA. Sure, Carmelo would still be the #1 option, but at least he’s a SF and not a guard like Harden and Kobe.

  317. done

  318. I’m going to share an unpopular opinion here: I have to admit I am impressed by Harden’s play in this series. I thought he would get shut down by the #1 defense in the league, but actually he has excelled in the first two games.

    That said, Curry is still better than Harden any day. Go Warriors!

  319. I disagree…I strongly believe staying with the Knicks would had been better for Lin as for Basketball and growing under 1 system/team….I get it that Knicks wanted him on the cheap…Their case was that it was too soon for Lin to be given such a large contract after a few month of being a starter.

    As a previous poster stated, while Carmelo shoots a lot, he’s still a small-forward and unlike Kobe/Harden, Melo needs a point guard to bring the ball up and create a bit.

    With Kobe and Harden being able to play the point thus removing the ball completely out of Lin’s hand. That’s something Melo couldn’t do at Small Forward.

  320. Curry can shoot. Nice handles. Lin has more floor control. Lin also tougher to get to rim. Curry is finesse. Lin can grind out the win. Gsw were v lucky tonight.

  321. The Splash Brothers did that cleanly without fouling him. Harden wanted to draw fouls.

  322. Howard really manned up this game.

  323. You might as well have said that Lin should have stayed with Dallas instead of GSW too.

    The ugly truth is no one wants Lin to be a star because of the colour of his skin and nothing to do with the skills he had.

  324. if he only gave the ball to smith

  325. well yer right. it has been an atypical series and post-season in general for harden and therefore the rockets as harden is really the only statistically relevant player here.

    historically it is a myth btw that harden doesn’t get the foul calls in the post season he gets during the regular season, there is little or no difference.

    what is not a myth but the primary significant variable for the beards/rockets/rockettes/hardenettes is: when harden shoots double digit free throws he scores big and the rockets win 80% of the time.

    when harden doesn’t get double digit fta’s the rockets are a 500 team.

    even that primary significant variable has been overturned in this years playoffs.

    but (more to your point) for the first time ever harden has shot well in the playoffs. historically, and especially in his time as a “cornerstone” in houston he has shot much worse % in playoffs, this year not so.

    so that factor alone accnts for his improved performance, he is taking better shots, creating better shots, getting better shots, making a higher % shots.

    that being said: last game all the variables old and new that should translate to a rockets win came thru: harden got his double digit free throws, he shot well, and yet…

    they lost.

    which is not surprising because when all is said and done (despite the comments previously on this site of someone lately absent it seems that “the warriors clearly can’t beat the grizzlies”)–

    the warriors have been and continue to be the best team in the league.

    they can’t win every game; but nobody else comes closer.

    its been obvious from pre-season (to this observer at least and even before that watching splash brothers in fiba).

    whether lebron can will himself via ego to single-handedly take them down or not is i think uncertain, but the rockets aren’t going to do it.

    (im as certain of that as the previous commentor was that the warriors couldn’t beat the grizzlies.)

  326. Harden showed up. Let’s see how he reacts next two games. He can either get motivated or cave after that last play. Sure He did not sleep last night.

  327. True. GSW made sure not to give him too man freebies. He earned his shots.

  328. Some truth in that.

  329. Hard to compare. Curry earned his shooting crown. This team fits him well. Give credit to the team as well. Big fan, but he needs to stay focused, not get too cocky, as the bird is not in hand so to speak. All about the ring. All all none.

    Lin did grow, just not in the supportive environment right for him. Truly believe diversities shape and mold a person. He is hungrier and much more ground for all he’s through. Look back at the period after all stars when he had a brief moment when Kobe was not there, and the team rallied for some very good games. Even beat GSW. Now that is Linpressive. No, he will not out shoot the 3’s with Curry.

  330. Disagree too. Melo is superstar dominant and occupies too much cap. It was good times, but they were not close to competing for ring.

  331. We dislike Harden, but giving him some earned credit. Doubt clutchfans is liking Curry or returning credit.

  332. There is no doubt that Harden has talents. None of us think otherwise. Why we dislike Harden has everything to do with why Rox lost last night. M&M are so myopic with their own personal investment in Harden that winning is secondary to anything else. Lin and Harden would have been unstoppable like the Splash Brothers. Howard and ASIK would have made the team a team so powerful that no one could have beaten them.

    The reason they lost last night was the very same reason they lost to Portland last year. M&M chooses the ones they want to shine to the detriment of the team. Everyone on the planet knew that Harden was going to get the last shot last night. Everyone knew Lilliard was going to get the ball in game 6 for the last second shot, Mchale chose to put Beverley in to give him the glory of stopping Lilliard…FAILLED.

    M&M has agendas to promote themselves and not the team. That’s why no matter how much better they get, in a close contest, they’ll always lose in the end because everyone knows their opened hands.

  333. Why frustrated James Harden, Rockets just don’t have enough against Warriors

    Rockets one potent piece missing on their offense. Can’t help but to think that piece is the currently improved Lin. Curry has Thompson, Harden has_________________?

    OAKLAND — James Harden was spent. Physically. Emotionally. Strategically.

    “As the Houston Rockets star stay slumped down on the Oracle Arena floor on Thursday night, his worst moment having come last on this night that was easily one of his best, there was a reason that the bruising, balling, old-man body of his lay still until Trevor Ariza came by to pick him up as the yellow confetti fell.

    Yet again, he had given the game everything he had, finishing with 38 points, 10 rebounds and nine assists as the Golden State Warriors took a 2-0 lead in the Western Conference Finals with the 99-98 win. Yet again, it just wasn’t enough, as Harden lost his way with a turnover in those final seconds that sent the locals into hysterics and Harden to the floor with his hands draped over his head. And yet again, the Rockets showed how close they might be to making this whole title-contention thing a regular occurrence.

    One more potent piece on this roster, and maybe the Warriors don’t have the audacity to double-team Harden with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson in that final sequence. One more superstar option beyond Harden and the gutsy Dwight Howard, and perhaps these Warriors aren’t heading back to Houston for Game 3 with the kind of edge that typically spells doom for the trailing team.”


  334. Rockets hero-ball too predictable. Curry doubled on Harden because he knew nobody else on the Rockets were going to take that shot:


    “It was kind of me and Klay (Thompson) and Andre (Iguodala) on the run on the other side, retreating,” said Curry, who paired with his Splash Brother, Thompson, to wrap up Harden as the game clock drained to :00. “You saw James kind of put his head down and you know he probably wasn’t going to pass in that situation. … At that point, it’s just, ‘Don’t let him get a shot off and try to be the hero.’ ”

  335. Harden played well, carried the Rockets. But the Rocket’s bench isn’t as good as GSW’s.

  336. HOU had that 3rd star but traded him away to Lakers since Harden didn’t want to share the ball.

    Arguably, Bosh also didn’t want to come since he’ll be #1 guy in Miami than the #3 guy in HOU not getting enough touches.

  337. Great point! HOU chose Harden to be the Offensive Star & Dwight to be the Defensive Anchor.
    OTOH GSW wisely developed the Splash Brothers since noone can do it alone.

    Harden/Lin had the potential to be more than Splash Brothers since they can get to FT line nobody’s business, but yeah .. superstar ego gets in the way.

    HOU and Harden has to face the natural consequence of the 1.5 offensive star route (Dwight is 0.5 offensive star)

  338. It’s okay to bring 12-year old NBA MVP to the presser 🙂

  339. Sounds like Kup, owners struck a deal to make Kobe see the light to retire after next season


  340. ppl saying he’s playing great and that is true. But because he won’t play team ball and inspire people to follow his vision, then in a tough run against another team with great leaders and team play, they will loose the close ones because of that extra sacrifice everyone makes. For example, swinging the ball around to Barnes almost gave GSW the seal for the win. It was D12’s great effort to get back that made Barnes miss. Barnes had to go for the sure 2, so everyone did right. Where it fell apart, due to an overweight to individualism, was when Harden has his choices with 8 sec left. CF, which I can handle reading for bball reasons after a game like last night, were saying Harden missed TJones under the basket. For sure, but then TJones would have had to do a reverse and I’m not sure he’s great on a reverse unless it’s a dunk. He didn’t have time to post up from the other side.

  341. So awesome. Then I’d say JLin for LAL is plausible. Only one year to struggle, or maybe they will go for it this coming year since LAC left the opportunity on the table for the LA heart.

  342. no thanks, HOU fans do not care enough about winning vs being who they are to have a pure heart like Lin, again.

  343. I couldn’t bear another season with incompetent B Scott. Hopefully he will be gone too.

  344. And we didn’t have DLee or Mo Buckets (Speights) out there last night. Festus is playing really well, and Livingston has won big these past 10 days.

  345. “Lin and Harden would have been unstoppable like the Splash Brothers. Howard and ASIK would have made the team a team so powerful that no one could have beaten them.”

    Totally agree. What a wast, from Morey to McHale. Les should have done something …

  346. the past is the past, as far as Morey, Les, and Harden are concerned. Those are embedded personalities not worth marrying again. On the other hand, GSW in today’s form has nothing to do with the Smart days.

  347. latest word is Thibs for LAL dunno. Yep, no more seeing BSc unless he’s on the losing sideline to Lin’s team.

  348. Kupchak denied it FWIW:

    When Kupchak heard the story, he went on Fox Sports Radio with host Bill Reiter to quickly address the rumors:

    “I saw something about that this morning, and my first thought was, ‘Let me call [Lakers coach] Byron [Scott] and let him know that the agents are doing their job, and pay no attention.’ Not that I think Byron reads any of that stuff, but someone may call him and say ‘Hey, guess what I just read?’ Nothing to it. We’re incredibly happy with Byron. That’s what representatives and agents do. They try to create a marketplace for their guy, and I’m not saying that’s exactly what happened here, but we’re very, very happy with Byron, and after I hang up with you I’m going to call him or text him.”

    Read more: http://www.cheatsheet.com/sports/are-the-lakers-being-honest-about-tom-thibodeau.html/?a=viewall#ixzz3atjuImz3

  349. Hope so but really doubt Kobe will give up so easily….?! Have to wait & see ….

  350. Yes, they were blind. Truly believed that Lin would have tipped it in their favor.

  351. if you read some CF now after a tough loss, you will generally get a sense they still don’t get it and they are now ripping others apart. The culture on CF is not really that of true fandom in support of a team, but that of ripping the team for losses and arguing over who is the hero or goat.

  352. Yes, if only Harden could have shared and not let his ego get in the way. Lin shared with his fans, the book, Humility.

  353. Thanks for the update. He would have to deny it until it’s signed ha ha.

  354. Yes, Curry is their target now. Hope Curry can serve fans and Harden, in the next two games, a healthy serving of humble pie. Funny how GSW’s motto is “Strength in Numbers”, while their motto is who is “Clutch”. Team vs Hero ball for sure.

  355. What I found was no change was they were ripping TJones, JTerrry, JSmith and less so Harden and Howard. What a fan base, on that site anyway.

  356. Let’s see if game 3 can be one like this:


  357. They rarely come back from a 1-3 hole either.

  358. I think it’ll be close, and that’s because it’s v hard to drive downhill on a team in playoffs like Kerr said. But, GSW have more options than HOU and have a better coach. So, I am hoping for 2 wins in HOU and the Harden/Morey/McHale system is proven false though they did beat Clips. If it goes to 6 or 7, still ok, but just trying to get to finals asap so I can focus on work lol.

  359. somebody here watches opera …

  360. Not sure about it. Saw another article title said that KB can still play for more years. What a joke!

  361. Clue that JLin going to GSW? Look at shirt.


  362. lakers fans are really excited about next season building around clarkson, randle, kobe and the new draft pick.

    to me its much more likely will be exactly like this past season (and they really need it to be if they’re actually serious about retooling) because they have to be even worse next year to keep from losing their pick to the ace tankers the 6ers next year they have go 1 thru 3 to keep the pick. not just 1 thru 5.

    there is no reason to assume kobe will last any longer next year; but kobe’s actual tweet was something to the effect i have the same answer i had last year (whatever that was).

  363. I think that only means CA not GSW. Before his FA really starts… don’t think Lin will show he is in favor of any team.

  364. I don’t agree with that…I think he had made such a massive impact among New York Knicks fan that people would not accept anything less than allowing him to do his thing….He had won everyone over and actually became bigger than Carmelo himself.

    By moving to Houston, he had to prove himself all over again..and when they got Harden, Lin was relegated to “supporting cast”….At least in NY, he was seen as a budding star that had already proven he could score in the 20’s consistently….Having the ball in his hand as a point guard allowed him top have leverage as for shooting…

    With Houston, Lin was not needed much because Harden was more creative and could run the point guard position….At least with the Knicks, there were really no one that could create as well as Lin…So that right there would had made the situation better for Lin as oppose to being on the Rockets, playing alongside a ball-handling Harden.

  365. Maybe he’s just rooting for golden state for championship? It is his home team so it could be just that. But, hey, you never know I guess

  366. Most likely.

  367. Wow, Hawks not doing so well.

  368. Forget the book and the handwriting 🙂 . The peanut butter cup looks YUM!!!

  369. Either retire as a Laker or continue to play from the bench and considerably less than Paul Pierce.

  370. Sorry, that 80’s headband thing is just not working, lol. He needs to play less video games and go on some dates. Most eligible bachelor. Then again, he may be out at the clubs later tonight.

  371. I’d like to see them put Rox away and focus on Cavs.

  372. Marc Gasol drafted 2nd round 48th by Lakers.
    Now everyone wants to give him a max contract.

  373. yep. or Hawks, both should be easier than the Grindhouse.

  374. Just read the SI article on S Curry. It says most times the GSW are playing 4 on 3 because Curry gets doubled, but he also gets his teammates the ball when they double him. That is something Harden has not learnt to do just yet.

  375. Okay, let’s begin by saying that it’s all water under the bridge that no one could ever recover. My point is that Dallas could have been just as easily have been a good home for Lin had he not chosen to go to GSW. It’s pointless discussion that changes nothing.

    Secondly, It’s human nature to back away and look else where when someone slaps you in the face. Dolan and the Knicks did that and some by not even offering a mid level contract to Lin. What were they thinking?

    Like I keep repeating to anyone that questions Lin’s decision to leave Knucklebockers, Lin was shown the door and told to look for a deal elsewhere. Waaah! Lin just saved your season, made you a ton of cash and you tell him we don’t want you enough to even lock you up for a contract? If your own company did that to you, how would you feel? How can you come back to work with any dignity or self respect knowing that you aren’t that valuable to them.

    The writing was on the wall already that Dolan didn’t want Linsnaity. They wanted to put their thumbs down on Lin in order to promote Melo. Had Lin remained in NYC, he’d have faced the same negative treatment from the FO and coaches.

  376. I agree with you that this is all water under the bridge now, but this is why these forums are for, to debate and discuss stuff like that…and what could had been.

    On financial term, I agree that Lin had to leave if the Knicks really did not offer him a contract…

    But if you look at it strictly on Basketball term and what’s best for Jeremy to grow properly into an All-Star guard, I still believe staying with the Knicks would had been best for him…

    If your argument is Lin would had been in no better position today as oppose to still playing with the Knicks, then I can’t agree with you…

    I doubt the Knicks FO and coaches would be messing around with Jeremy just like Scott and Mchale did…..Jeremy never had the string of games with Hou/LAL that he had with the Knicks….Houston Rockets fan never truly regarded him as a budding star, unlike in New York and that alone would had kept the Knicks FO from messing with him.

    Jeremy averaged 13 point 6 assist his first season with Houston….If he had stayed with New York, those numbers would had at least be around 16ppg 7 assist…I personally believe they could had been even better since Lin would had probably taken the second highest number of shot on the Knicks behind Carmelo Anthony.

    With Houston, Lin was the 4th option at best behind Harden, Howard and Parson.

    With the Knicks, he would had been 2nd option behind only Carmelo…so is it fair to say his numbers would had been much better with more freedom and shots?…Those 2 are what brought Lin down with Houston and Lakers.

    Do you still believed that a jeremy Lin that is averaging about 16 and 7 would had been benched?????? That is really the big question…The answer to that is a fat NO!..even if the FO didn’t like him much.

    Jeremy had also become a huge phenomenal in New York for playing very well…He never really caught the imagination of the real Rockets and Lakers fan…

    In nEw york, Lin had expanded his fan-base beyond those who only supported him because he was either Asian or a devout Christian…..He never did so with the Rockets and Lakers..Matterfact, many of these fan hated Lin because of his die-hard supporters…That’s something that was not present in New York unless you was a “Carmelo-only-fan”

  377. Harden wouldn’t care if he’s one on n. He either wants to take the shot or passes for assist on the book. He wouldn’t settle for anything less.

  378. For the first 2 months of the season.

  379. Getting paid $25m for a season. Of course, he won’t give up easily without a fight.

  380. Now Harden loses the ball and nobody recovers it.

  381. It has a lot to do with race. Everywhere I read, it’s always black African promoting black African. The rare is Caucasian. The rarest is Asian American. Well, God knows if Lin will have a fair chance anymore but he certainly does not give up. Without the Linsanity Prime after ASG, Jeremy wouldn’t be able to look a real time NBA job offer. God knows where Lin would be next season.

  382. Well done! Splash Brothers.

  383. Here’s the thing, asians really need to stand up and speak up. Some do, and represent. Most don’t, especially the older generation. Must be the old country and old communist politics.

  384. Harden plays like Kobe.

  385. Tonight’s Game:

    – Finesse vs Skill+Self
    – Teamwork vs Agendas
    – Adjustments vs Overrated
    – Crazy Fan Base vs Crazy Fan Site

    Redemption through BBall … 3-0 for Lin’s friends. You know who is friends are heh heh.

    Go GSW!

  386. End of 1st. GSW 30, the other team 18. Go Dubs!

  387. Awesome start! ?

  388. and 4 minutes later still holding that 12 point lead.

  389. gsw 11 assists
    houston 4 assists

  390. Hack a Howard became Hacking Howard. 4 FTs for Curry.

  391. howard the hacker

  392. gs 2 of 10 on 3 and still up by 15 (rockets also 2 of 10 on 3’s)

  393. this is getting bad

  394. or good lol

  395. Yes bad as in good. That is Badzazz!

  396. 59-34. Hack a Howard in effect. That’s what u get for hacking Curry!

  397. Ya Just checked the score and learned this. WOW! Rox is doing worse in home court.

  398. harden was playing out of his mind and it was close he came back to earth so its a blow out

  399. GSW vs Rockets
    62 : 37 halftime
    Blowout game

  400. 62-37 at halftime.
    This would be so demoralizing.
    HOU lockerroom would have some ugly scenes

  401. no doubt mchale will inspire his team to come back with a call for more energy and the lack of need for in game adjustments.

  402. 29/15/61

    rockets first half shooting % (fg’s, 3’s, ft’s)

    averaging 101 in playoffs (most of any team) on pace for 74 here.

  403. Halftime Stats shows GSW outplayed HOU in all aspects of shooting, reb, asta, stls
    And GSW didnt play that well!

  404. We can almost hear “Move the sticky ball, guys!” ?

  405. Wow, 10 to 3 run by the Rockets
    That’s quick

  406. curry looking at rocket fan they all look down lmao

  407. Nah some Rocket fans wanted to high five him lol. Embarrassing how Rocket fans are cheering for the other team, exactly why they are so insignificant.

  408. lol true

  409. The Rockets would not have lasted this long in the playoffs if Beverley was still in their lineup.

  410. Warriors 92 vs Rox 61 after 3rd qtr. Go Warriors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  411. Curry to the rim makes it look so easy just like his 3 pointers.

  412. Harden 17pts and 3 for 16.

  413. Ya! I am so happy to see Rox played so bad today. LOL!

  414. mvp: 12/19 +33 40 pts
    runner up: 3/16 -31 17 pts

  415. They need the guy who was able to do this to Curry:


    W/that said, Curry is amazing.

  416. Warriors 105 vs Rox 80! One more game Rox can go to fishing:-)

  417. 115 vs 80

  418. HOU does not have someone at the PG role that can take on Curry. Curry is undersized as a PG and should be a defensive liability. He can shoot very well, but only ~175 lbs. Whoever Curry guarding should be able to go off on him.

  419. Oops! That’s right! Pushed the wrong button!!!:-)

  420. Please don’t get mad ye Harden/Rockettes apologists: The Toyota Center will be one of the most cleanest arenas in basketball as the brooms come out after the next game. I can’t afford to send to the Rockettes any champagne, but a bottle of sparkling soda will have to do.

  421. Thanks God the corrupted NBA has not allowed more than 11 FTs for Haren in the western final series. The refs can manipulate the outcome easily for some reason (gambling, marketing?) by allowing Haren to shoot 17 FTs or just 11.

  422. Ya! Can’t wait to see Rox out of this playoff. LOL! Also surprised to see they showed fans walked out of TC before the game end…… Haha!

  423. GSW home game are always full house so I hope NBA will not favor Harden next game like they did to vs Clippers….

  424. I hope so. It is a pitty that the LAC was not able to avoid giving FTs to Haren even though they raised their hands or put them behind their body when guarding him. The refs was determined to give Haren 16+ FTs in some games to stop LAC’s momentum.

  425. I think NBA tried to give Rox won one for home game but later Clippers just couldn’t stop Rox role players like Smith, Brewer, & Ariza. Too bad.

  426. Yes, that is what was missing!

  427. 1 more game come on GSW a sweep would be sweet ! 🙂

  428. Ya! That’s my hope….LOL!

  429. That’s very nice of you lol

  430. Ya! Hope it will end on Mon. LOL! Harden is the one who should be blamed bc last game they lose by 1 all due to his TO. Today he only made 3 shots?! If not for that 10 FT he would get under 10 points. smh!


  431. Before Rockets find a way to win, Warriors should finish them off; just like the Cavaliers do to the Hawks.

  432. I agree. Tonight GSW made a good adjustment. Hope they will do the same on Monday.

  433. Yes !!!

  434. I figure this is a poll from Sbnation Denverstiffs which seems so unreal. How could
    Melvin Hunt get 735 votes head start to begin with and the rest of candidates
    are so far behind. Moreover fans are not even allowed to vote there. I call this cheating of the public.


    Who do you want to be the new head coach of the Denver
    7% Mike D’Antoni (63 votes)
    3% Mark Jackson (24 votes)
    4% Fred Hoiberg (39 votes)
    2% Alvin Gentry (22 votes)
    0% Avery Johnson (3 votes)
    2% Ettore Messina (21 votes)
    0% Vinny Del Negro (4 votes)
    0% Nate McMillan (4 votes)
    1% Mike Malone (5 votes)
    79% Melvin Hunt (735 votes)
    1% Other (make your voice heard in the comments) (14 votes)
    934 votes total

    On another poll, Mike D’Antonio is clearly ahead with 79.93% of votes (3,831) and Melvin
    Hunt 5.28% (253 votes)

  435. That just tell you he is favor on Melvin Hunt. In fact, this vote will not really make any different if the owner really wants MDA.

  436. Zach Lowe wrote good insight on how GSW stopped Harden’s PnR by forcing him to make tough shots w/ great defense.
    He was hot in Game 1-2 and now cooled down w/ disastrous results.


  437. Well anybody can support anyone for the job and the poll is not really needed as the evidence in hiring. It’s not a publicity campaign but again any poll must be real and fair. The poll displayed there are so lopsided. Melvin Hunts has never had any head coaching job before. Most of the candidates there are more qualified than him. The result is unreal! It’s fishy.

  438. I agree & since he is the one who can control the poll so…. the final result sure will be Melvin Hunt.

  439. The secret of winning a playoff series is to beat your opposition before they find out how to beat you. I’m looking forward to a clean sweep of the Rockets giving them no chance to comeback.

  440. Well GSW has the homecourt advantage even when the series would be tied. The odd would be even higher.

  441. Splash Brothers are unselfish but Harden isn’t.

  442. Hero Ball fails big time!

  443. I just read another article on NBA.com or ESPN.com where they broke down Kerr’s adjustment: Iggy and Barnes on Harden, forcing him to take shots much further out and his assists are also further out too. Very nice adjustment from Kerr. Thompson therefore was freed to shoot more, but he didn’t product more. Barnes’ offense was hurt, though, and Steph more than made up for it.

    Great game, amazing to watch.

  444. Harden is too smart to let any other player shine on the team. He’s either the hero or the team losses.

  445. Or too selfish.

  446. Thumbs up for Kerr!! He is really a great coach beyond imagination. Hope Worriors close the series next game and go on to win the championship!! : )

  447. KARMA for all d dumb moves they did to other players just to make d beard shine

  448. Houston only has one playmaker. The other guys all depend on Harden. It’s a risky way to play with all eggs in one basket.

  449. yeah… absolutely. Who knows, perhaps Lin’s buddy Curry and the team have been endowed with that “karmic” spirit. hehehehe

  450. They will never admit it. Lin made a difference and filled the holes left by Harden. Harden never tried hard enough before with his superstar attitude. Say it again, lowly Lakers beat GSW this year.

  451. Harden got rattled after TO last game. Mentally and confidence shattered. No filler after that.

  452. Also when Lin was with Houston against GSW they almost set a record number of 3’s in a game until Mark Jackson started intentionally fouling them to prevent a record breaking 3.

  453. They matched up well against GSW last year. It’s one of those kryptonite team style, makeup things. Sometimes there’s one team that gives you trouble. Rockets was it for GSW, when Lin was there. Telling u as I watch the GSW. GSW did not like Lin even on LAL. I cheered for Lin and GSW. GSW this year IS the worse matchup for Rox.

  454. No one guy can be hot every night. Other guys need to step in.

  455. https://twitter.com/bolero2010/status/602332104559448064

    Love Curry’s getting the rebound against DH12. lol.

  456. JLin must be in NY now:

    Jeremy LinVerified account‏@JLin7
    Congratulations @Joelinsta on graduating from college!! BabyLin growing up too fast #proudbigbro


  457. Yes, I’m over ppl saying he diss’d Lin on TV. No big deal, he was a commentator. Right now, if he had Lin, he’d be using and teaching him to his 5 rings too. I saw a clip of him telling Livingston that he was really making a huge difference during MEM Game 4. Since then, every time Livingston came out, he’s been making great plays to demoralize the other team and keep GSW going. You can’t even say he’s a ‘spark’ off the bench … it’s like he takes over to keep the team on winning track. Barbosa tries to be that spark, and sometimes he looks like Aaron Brooks used to in terms of freelancing.

  458. I nominate Curry to be in Lin’s place if ever Lin is out of the playoffs. Both are such class guys providing us hours of fun and respect.

  459. Agree! So tired of the cocky NBA players like Lebron and Kobe! Time for the nice and classy guys to shine!

  460. Yep, I can’t be a LeBron fan. The TV thing when he went to Miami, the waving off the last play for his own shot … these things cause a team to depend on 1 guy, and you might as well lose early rather than play a star team system. Stars are needed, but the village is more important for the hunter to succeed in the long run. Our overpaid stars today don’t get that, but I know Curry prob does. Curry will continue to be paid less than others until 2017, I think.

  461. What I said and say today:
    “- Finesse vs Skill+Self”

    Curry 40, Harden 17 ’nuff said
    “- Teamwork vs Agendas”

    Ha ha, Patrick Beverly anyone?
    “- Adjustments vs Overrated”
    Barnes and Iggy on Harden.
    McHale: We just have to play harder, guys.

    “- Crazy Fan Base vs Crazy Fan Site”
    GSW has the whole bball watching world saying this might be the best team ever, including many posters on CF (yep, I’m reading it now just like when Lin had monster games, just to see the good bball posters tell it like it is to the rabid homers there who know nothing about team sports).

    I can’t wait until Curry takes over as the biggest sales person in China, because that will mark the end of Kobe and LeBron’s reign with even the NBA FO. Lin can’t do it all by himself, but the 2 of them can really up China’s adoption of the team game (one has to play better team ball if most of your guys in the streets are smaller, not as long than the avg westerner).

  462. This is McHale’s assessment of the game. Typical clueless McHale. LOL

    Mark Berman‏@MarkBermanFox26
    Kevin McHale: “We were discombobulated last night.”


  463. True, will interpret for him. All parts, no whole. No Lin glue.

  464. It is an interesting stat. Tough for pick and roll if big and guard have no chemistry. And Howard can not shoot FTs. Thought he worked on it.

  465. No great Lin news yet. Just waiting for GSW to sweep rocks off the court.

  466. I can not decide I want LeBron or Steve Kerr to loose….

  467. Steve is ok, and on that basis, LeBron is ok too. Guys making a lot of money can’t please everyone.

  468. Horford’s flagrant 2 foul against Dellavedova. The NBA’s officiating Twitter account released this explanation for the ejection: “Horford threw an unnecessary and excessive forearm / elbow to Dellavedova, making contact above the shoulders, therefore a flagrant 2 foul was called on Horford.”

  469. Looks like Atlanta is going to get back 1 game from Cleveland with 1 4 points lead and 1.5 minutes to go. Go Hawks! Fly
    1 point lead 27 secs left. Hawk possession.
    Foul FT game is tied Hawk possession with 17 sec. Fly Fly Fly Hawks.

  470. Cavs won in OT. Just saw the box score. Looks like an epic game.

  471. Dell’s shoulder hit Horford’s knee that’s why Horford reacted.. Dell’s did similar thing to Korver injuring him. So for Atlanta players it’s a dirty play..

  472. lol hahaha

  473. its funny because its true

  474. Barkley is smart, but just a bit slow. We already knew that.

  475. Hawks lost an opportunity in last seconds of the 4th. Tied game, ran down the clock, and Teague tried for a 3 pointer. Huh? Sheesh dumb play of the night.

  476. Someone has to take the Knicks to the finals after Lin left.

  477. Why did Barkley mention PB suddenly? I almost forgot him…lol

  478. Maybe next year Harden will be able to focus solely on basketball without the clubbing.

  479. Looked super cool I wonder why did I left nyc already? lol

  480. I watched it the result looks like it was a better game than it was. Let’s start the finals already and end this season seems like it’s too long. But I wanna see Rox loosing again first ^^

  481. Nah can’t stop clubbing lol

  482. Was this about Delladova? I didn’t hear him mention Bev’s name yesterday, it sounded like it was all about Delladova.

  483. Maybe someday JLin will travel to Paris to train with Tony Parker 🙂
    A glimmer of hope

  484. Lol yea well Melo was in Paris last year for a streetball event, Lin could come. But I guess he’ll always have more business to do in Asia.

  485. I wonder what Jeremy will focus on this offseason. It must be difficult not knowing which team he would be joining and which coach and system he would play under. Jeremy will find out after 1 July I guess.

  486. update james harden houston rockets stats reg season and playoffs

    reg season shotting % 44 and 37 on 3’s, 10ftas per game
    playoffs shooting % 41 and 34 on 3’s 10ftas per game

    so it is a myth that “harden doesn’t get the calls” in the playoffs.

    what is a fact is that he simply doesn’t shoot nearly as well in the playoffs as in the regular season.

    seeing as how the previous post below was 9 hours ago and that there are only half dozen posts in the last 20 hours; my question would be the same one the bruce springsteen is known to ask:

    is there anyone alive out there?

  487. Last time Dell tried to be rough against Jeremy, Jeremy simply takes it and overpowers him.

  488. Just checked the score. It’s 29 Warriors vs 48 Rox @8:55 2nd qtr. Seem like Rox is all out. Hopefully Warriors can come back and win the game:-)

  489. The other splash bro is back!

  490. Warriors say Curry has a head contusion, return for tonight is questionable. Shoulder is fine.— Legendary Lakers (@goldlakerss) May 26, 2015

    This sucks!

  491. I am praying Curry is okay!

  492. Get the win for Curry!! Rox is just so disgusting.

  493. Thank God Curry is okay and coming back to the court!

  494. Just heard the news! I hope he’s ok! Looks like Rockets lucked out and will live another day! Hope Curry is ok!!

  495. But Warriors are down by alot now.

  496. But this is better than serious injuries! The actress Natasha Richardson hit her head and died later after fell down on a skii resort’s bunny slope! I am so glad Curry is okay!

  497. Hope Warriors players are inspired and seal the victory for Curry in the next game! Let Curry get more rest! Worriors Go!

  498. “@SportsFaceoffs: •Best Point Guard
    •Round of 32
    RT for Kyle Lowry
    FAV for Jeremy Lin http://twitter.com/SportsFaceoffs/status/602207853529575424/photo/1”

  499. “The Rockets shot way over their heads as the stats show. They are a streak team; that’s how they beat the Clippers. They’ll be out Wednesday after having a pretty good season.” –quote on yahoo comment board

    pretty much sums it up.

    (or the tweet on sidebar: rockets odds of winning triple! –from 1% to 3%).

  500. It is funny that you put Smart and Slow together.

  501. Of course. Shows Lin fans are smarter!

  502. Pic of Jeremy Lin deadlifting appears to be 315 lbs or so. We've seen JL single-arm dumbell press like 105+ lbs. That's serious strength.— Paul Villarreal (@CNM_JLin_Vids) May 26, 2015

  503. Not much JLin news

    Here’s the twitter to vote Fav for JLin over Lowry
    So far JLin is leading 611-562


  504. It’s interesting Nuggets Team president Josh Kroenke mentioned “smiles on players’ faces due to more free-flowing offense” which will bode well for Mike D’Antoni’s system.

    The Nuggets finished the season with Melvin Hunt as their interim head coach. He’s in the mix for the job along with others such as Mike D’Antoni and Alvin Gentry. The Nuggets have talked to other candidates as well.
    “We have a list of traits that we have identified that are incredibly important to us going forward,” Kroenke said. “And we’ve had several conversations with people already to kind of identify if those guys have the traits that we’re looking for.”

    “I think that while we were left encouraged by everything that was done after the coaching change, and smiles on guys faces, playing more free flowing style on offense, we can’t ignore the previous 50 games, either,” he said. “It was all part of the same group. You’re going to weigh both options as we go forward, because we don’t want to be a negative environment.”

  505. Make it 615. Those haters, SMH.

  506. Heard of a 3:4:5 ratio in regards to bench, squat, and deadlift.
    Lin can squat 3 repetitions of 231lb before Linsanity, with 210lb bench pressing, 315lb deadlifting, pretty much 3:3.5:4.5, ^_^

  507. I don’t hate the Rox anymore. Afterall, it is them who gave J.Lin the “2nd” chance of a lifetime. The big contract, a chance to play under a different system and to gain more experience and skills. I also don’t hate on the Lakers. It is what it is – the Tanking season for ’em. I used to hate them but now, I have to look for the blessings in disguise.
    Let’s Go, GS WARRIORS! 2015 NBA CHAMPS!

  508. Haven’t read yet but I’m buying one for my Kindle and will read while I’m on holiday in a few weeks. Looks interesting and thought provoking.

  509. I think that’s a ranking system in that forum, the more you post, or the more people reply to your post, the higher your ranking is. So he started as level 1, and he is 19 already. Too many reply there I guess.

  510. ok, thanks. I thought it was a new video game but forum levels can work too :]

  511. Will be nice to see Jeremy dunk vid but not sure if it’s too much to ask for? ^^

  512. Anything from Jeremy would be really welcome right now. Still over a month before free agency!

  513. According to NBA 2K, he only has 35 strength hehe

  514. can a national champion?

  515. Yes any sort of dunk whether over his mum, two-handed dunk, 360 degree spin dunk..^^

  516. well something is needed to keep this forum from being temporarily closed due to lack of posts. anytime i look here theres like nothing been posted for half a day.

    actually tho the rules revolving around such things are more intricate than i imagined or can understand, it does appear that around the time of the draft, the actual draft, a lot of trade situations shake lose in terms of trading draft picks that could provide some significant input as to what the landscape will look like and is sort of the unofficial beginning of the trade period.

    so even tho free agency isnt till july; some actual hints based on realities as opposed to just rumors mite start to emerge with the june what i think 19th or maybe 25th? draft date.

    to provide some fuel for continued posting accelerated beyond the current rare and infrequent.

  517. some Lin fans definitely need some trade rumors soon because we’re antsy to hear teams’ interest in JLin.

    The tough part is to wait until NBA draft implications to PG need for teams and NBA Finals to be completed before teams start recruiting FAs.

    Perhaps we can look for news on how NBA Draft will shape teams’ need for PGs

  518. Thanks, I’m not sure I have some time to read it but please do let us know what you learn from the book

  519. any training videos with dunk bonus will excite his Free Agency.
    Let’s hope it’s in the works! :>

  520. well, any little good news would be welcome!
    JLin to Nets?


  521. jeremy linqvist

  522. but diwill is there…
    he hates lunna.

  523. And also Nets seems like they are fulla ‘thugs’. (like how the knicks was after lin left)

    I don’t see him fitting there.

  524. http://www.thebirdwrites.com/2015/5/27/8261199/pelicans-coach-steve-nash-gentry-kidd-fisher

    Coach Steve Nash: Should Captain Canada be on the New Orleans Pelicans short list?

    The possibility of Nash becoming the new coach of the Pelicans may be very speculative, but compared to D’Antoni, the only other coach I’d rather see Lin play for has got to be Steve Nash.

  525. Deleted, old article.

  526. How many ppl are still watching bball? I mean, what’s the point unless the good guys beat the bad guys tonight lol.

  527. I know I like Jared Dudley for a reason.
    “Most guys don’t want to play with Kobe & Melo is the most overrated NBA superstar”? Truth!

    Jared Dudley Says ‘Most Guys Don’t Want to Play With Kobe’

    Dudley talked about:
    – the Cleveland Cavaliers and the impact Kevin Love‘s shoulder injury is having on their title quest;
    – James Harden‘s reputation around the League;
    – said that Carmelo Anthony is the most overrated NBA superstar (Zach Randolph the most underrated);
    -and talked about why he thinks Kobe Bryant is a pain to play with.

    Here is the video

  528. yeah, I also don’t like the Nets environment for Lin.
    I only hope for more FA rumors to create a lot of interest for Lin to create over-bidding

    I’d prefer DEN (Ty traded), ORL, SAC as starters with lots of PT

  529. good points

  530. GSW Jedi over Darth Vader? LOL
    Let’s hope Curry is back 100% and close them out emphatically!

  531. If DeAndre Jordan and JLin join the Mavs, they’ll be an instant contender next season.
    There’ll be so many alley-oops in ESPN highlights for sure.


  532. Yep, just wanna see the end of this Star Wars movie and onto the next in the series.

    The statement of ‘me me me – should have been MVP’ reminded me of how good Curry and Lin are as examples to all of us. CF linked to many tweets about clubbing in HOU before the blowout by GSW, not sure if it’s true. The Bay Area doesn’t have those kinds of clubs that I know of, but I’m not in that social set. So, I think HOU will be here focused and it will be a hard game tonight.

    Check this link out below, Seth Curry talking about Steph … Lin might want to practice impossible shots, to save himself some contact and get some sizzle into this game so there can be more confirmation bias after his next contract. All minorities need some momentum toward the confirmation bias, given the bias they face anyway. So yea, Steph practices circus shots to get by hard defense, and so should Lin:


  533. 34 days to FA. Getting close to the date.

    How come there is no confirmation date and itinerary on JLin’s Asia tour?

  534. Hope Warriors will win this 5th game and Rox go fishing!!!!!!!!!!!!

  535. Keep crossing our fingers.
    Let’s go, GSW!

  536. wow, I never thought Nash might be interested to coach right away.
    I personally think Nash would take some time off to spend time with his daughters.
    I haven’t heard he is interested in coaching yet but I could be wrong

  537. Looks like jlin is wearing Hou Rockets pants? Maybe he’s supporting his old team Rockets to win.

  538. You mean GSW Jedi over Chewbacca’s evil twin.

  539. Haven’t watched any since way before end of season when BS started to bench Lin and playing his stupid mind games.

    I stop following Bball for 20-30 years and was drawn back in because of Lin. Jordan and Nash were the 2 players that got me to pay more attention, but Lin is the only one that has me following him game after game. I’m a LOF.

  540. Check out curry … he and Duncan are like Lin … they won’t disappoint.

  541. Harden with 8 turnovers in the half. He needs just 6 more to tie the all time record for most TOs in a game. Go Harden! If he breaks the record chances are also good that Rox lose.

  542. New thread’s up and everybody is there.

    Go Warriors!!!

  543. Gosh, talking about Jeremy’s turnovers which is nothing comparing to James Harden.
    13 TOs on 2-11 shooting. You live by the beard, Morey. You die by the beard.

  544. No, you’re right. Apparently, about a year ago, Nash said that he had no interest in coaching. But that was before he realized he really would never play again. He may have changed his mind by since then.

  545. “There is no doubt that Harden has talents. None of us think otherwise.”

    I agree with the rest of your post, but I didn’t say no one here thinks Harden does not have talent. But there are many people here, including myself, who think that Harden is not as good of a player as the general public and media think he is.

    I thought that Harden would once again get exposed in the playoffs like he did last year, because in the playoffs you play against better defenses, and usually refs don’t give such easy calls. But overall, Harden performed much better than I expected. He obviously had terrible games 3 and 5, but in the WC Finals, Harden averaged:
    47% fg, 43% 3pt, 87% ft, 28.4 pts, 7.8 reb, 6.4 ast, 2.4 stl, 4.8 tov.

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