7/22 JLin Personal Testimony “Beyond the plight of Jeremy Lin”

Jeremy Lin provided his personal testimony about 3 lessons he learned from God in his 2013-2014 season with Houston Rockets:

  1. Courage
  2. Humility
  3. True Success

Jeremy opened up his personal struggles in dealing with pre-game anxiety for the last 6 years, the disappointment of being the bench player after working so hard in the off-season to become better starting PG, making crucial TOs in one playoff game.

Even with all this setback of trade rumors, his jersey number being given away, he finally found more joy and peace to be in strong relationship with God than the Linsanity success in 2012. That’s how Jeremy defined true success

1. “GOOD TV” 2014-7-22 Lin Chuan strike, come together! 

Beyond the plight of Jeremy Lin



2. Courtesy of JAD2456 at JeremyLin.net

The following is the link of Lin’s special program, “林書豪 傳好球,一起加油!” on Good TV on 7/22. The whole program is one and a half hours long, including Q & As, not just his testimony.