Month: October 2014

G03 LAC@LAL Postgame Thread

G03 [email protected] Postgame Thread

Brent’s take This is the 1st “not a blowout” game we saw. A loss that filled with positives. Let’ me put some observations on Lin only here. Lin got 17p 9a 4to in 35mins as a floor general. He waved off Kobe and sank a 3 in front of CP3’s face at one point. He was aware of the help defense would be coming for Kobe if he passed the ball. This shows how good Lin was in ... »

G03 LAC@LAL Game Thread

G03 [email protected] Game Thread

Kobe said Lin should not be afraid to run the offense if Kobe calls for the ball. Will Jeremy drive to the basket more? Will he shoot more than 5 FG attempts? And what is Jeremy’s plan to get comfortable and communicate with his teammates? Will his teammates get better to run Pick-and-Roll offense and Princeton sets? If not, will Jeremy try to take over next to Kobe as Kobe himself suggested... »

G03 LAC@LAL Pregame Thread

G03 [email protected] Pregame Thread

Two bad games for LAL in a row, and the tough stretch is not over yet.  Lin and the LAL will face the LAC at Staple Center on Friday OCT 31 2014 at 7:30p PT. This game will be broadcasted on ESPN.   Lin will most likely still start, Lakers list same 5 probable starters for tomorrow night vs. Clippers – Lin/Kobe/Wes/Boozer/Hill — Eric Pincus (@EricPincus) October 31, 2014 For Membe... »

G02 LAL@PHX Game Thread

G02 [email protected] Game Thread

We will only use disqus today. Let hope LAL get better and better. How to Use Chat and Disqus Comments 1. For game comments, upvotes and record-keeping of Lin’s or Lakers’ stats, use Disqus2. For cheering and saying Hello, use Chat Box for fun interaction (i.e. say hello, cheer, scream “Lin for 3!!!!”) If you use laptop, you should see it side-by-side. If not, please choose... »

G02 LAL@PHX Pregame Thread

G02 [email protected] Pregame Thread

After a beat down loss on the opening night against HOU, Lin and the LAL will face Phoenix Suns on Wed 7:00p PT at US Airway Ctr. This game will be broadcasted by TWCSN. The depth of the team just got thinner due to Randle’s horrible injury. Lin and Kobe will be the only two guys that the team can count on in my opinion. Let’s hope things start to get better game by game from now on. L... »

G01 HOU@LAL Game Thread + Chat

G01 [email protected] Game Thread + Chat

Brent’s POST GAME take Lin did good overall in this game. Looked really bad in the 1st 6 minutes. Finally the team started to click during Lin’s second stint. But he was finding balances on the fly. The 2 drives were very tactical, it just did not work in his favor. Kobe asserted himself too much, he has to let his young teammates grow IMO. Just play like a dummy SG for a few game won&... »

Thoughts on Preseason by Jeremy Lin

Thoughts on Preseason by Jeremy Lin

The following is the newest blog post by Jeremy Lin himself, talking about his 1st preseason with the Lakers. ALso I believe he is forming a pray group online, for more information, please read the end of the that blog post. The link is here. Please click it and read. I included the 1st paragraph as follow: “Whatsup everybody!! I’m going to start blogging periodically to fill you guys ... »

Lakers vs Rockets – “October 28”

Lakers vs Rockets – “October 28”

Well, the time has come. New season is about to begin. No time to build castle in the sky anymore, no time to fantasize this or that. Now it’s the moment to focus on the game. Let the court speaks, it always says the truth.   What a great present for this first game of the season: Los Angeles Lakers – Houston Rockets. Oh, the irony! And what surprises me the most is the date: October 28th. Pr... »

2014-15 Season Predictions

2014-15 Season Predictions

(Photo credit) This is an open discussion thread for people to post their predictions for this season, now that preseason is over. This will be fun to look back on after the season is over. Vegas oddsmakers have predicted 32.5 wins for the Lakers. My conservative prediction for the Lakers is 35 wins. My optimistic prediction is 45 wins, but it won’t be enough to get to make the playoffs. As ... »

G01 HOU@LAL Pregame Thread

G01 [email protected] Pregame Thread

The time we have been waiting for is finally here, Lin and the LAL will face Houston Rockets on Tue 7:30p PT at Staple Center. This game will be broadcasted by TNT. Lakers' Jeremy Lin to start in opener against his former team — L.A. Times Sports (@latimessports) October 26, 2014 Apparently, due to both Nash and Price’s injury, Lin will be the starting PG for... »