2014-15 Lakers Season: What Happened to Jeremy Lin Timeline

This post will capture important events of what happened in Jeremy Lin’s 2014-15 Season so we can look at the big picture of why Lin’s Laker season started somewhat promising with Kobe’s approval but quickly deteriorated when he and a few other players dared to call out Kobe’s selfish plays.

Table of Contents
    1. Revenge on Boozer/Lin’s One-Man Show Critique –  “End of the Bench!”
      11/17/14 PostGame 10 vs GSW. Boozer and Lin bravely called out Kobe’s one-man show. 3 things wrong with the team right now: “Communication, trust and effort.”

Game 20 vs BOS. Lin was inexplicably benched in the 4th quarter after being hot in the 3rd quarter In Progress
Game 21 vs NOP. Lin and Boozer were benched (as planned) In Progress

    1. Kobe’s Wrath on Nick Young’s “Kobe’s Injury Blessing to Others” – “DNP-ed!”

In Progress


1. Revenge on Boozer/Lin’s One-Man Show Critique –  “End of the Bench!”

1A. 17 Nov 2014 PostGame 10 vs GSW. Boozer and Lin bravely called out Kobe’s one-man show

Said Jeremy Lin: “The game of basketball is … we’ve got to do it together. It can’t be … if I go into a game concerned about myself, then in some ways that’s detrimental to the team.

Lin later added, “There’s so many things wrong right now. At the top of the list, I would say communication, trust and effort.”

Said Carlos Boozer: “A lot of times we run a set, but Kobe is extremely aggressive. And then we try to hit the glass, get it off the glass. We’ve got to find a balance. It can’t be lopsided. We’ve got to find a balance.”

Gary Payton: Kobe’s Mentality Hurting the Lakers


1B. Game 21. The benching of Boozer and Lin (partly due to Kobe criticism)

Benching Lin and Boozer in Game 21 after both dared to call out Kobe for one-man show in Game 10 vs GSW

2. Kobe’s Wrath on Nick Young’s “Kobe’s Injury Blessing to Others” – “DNP-ed!”

Benching Nick Young after he dared to speak the truth about Kobe’s injury being a blessing for other players after Game 45 vs HOU. Nick’s ankle sprain was a weak excuse.


  1. First!

  2. Good thread…Psalm…lets recall and add all the chronological events.

    Numbers would be good to support the playing style as well. Will try to look at the numbers for correlation of the events

  3. Thanks, it’s still in progress but I thought I’ll publish it first to get feedback and so I remember to update it =)

  4. I need to replace the featured image. It automatically got Kobe’s pic from Youtube video.

  5. So tired of seeing these superstars doing whatever they want, trade or bench whoever they want for their own selfish gain! I hope during off season Lin finally gets to choose his favorite team-ball oriented franchise!

  6. lol…I thought the picture answered the title question; “What happened to Jeremy Lin”? answer = Kobe 🙂

  7. haha, that works too :] “Kobe happened to Lin as he did to DHoward!”

  8. So tired of Byron Scott running the team to unprecedented losses. Of course, he would never take responsibility but he’s the worst coach in NBA, PERIOD.

  9. Are the players now off for the ASG break?

  10. Here is a good one about Daryl Morey, GM of Rockets of his analytics.
    Charles Barkley rips Rockets GM Daryl Morey, rants about analytics on Inside The NBA


    Information sometimes is just an oversimplification of the real problem. The stats of Jeremy in Lakers doesn’t mean a whole lot when you have the coach Byron running the team.

  11. Bad games happens. Expecially with bad coaches.

    We can only focus on the next one.

    That’s the best moment to relax with family and friends and recharge.

  12. saw this on tumblr:

  13. Guess I have to call it a night as nobody is home in this forum ….. Good nite and tomorrow maybe a better day .

  14. If the Lakers were smart, they would keep Lin and Davis, both free agents. Lin is better than Clarkson is and will ever be.

  15. BS said it…players will always play as hard as they can even if they have an off night because they want to win. That being said, if FO wants to lose because of draft pick clauses, its up to the coach to disrupt the chemistry of the players so they cannot get into the flow of the game. FO is counting on BS to tank. Anyone notice Stu not dissing JLin as much…probably by FO to build up his stock. Also Ellington always misses on JLins feed mmmmm.

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