2014-15 JLinPortal Fundraising for JLin Foundation

As JLinPortal members, we would like to make a positive contribution as a JLin group so we are doing fundraising for Jeremy Lin Foundation that supports non-profit organizations that are making an impact in the lives of children and youth and their communities.

We can do it 2 ways:

1a. Donate directly to Jeremy Lin Foundation on their website (to get US Tax Deduction if you qualify)

You may add the ‘Collective Fundraising Effort by JLinPortal members‘ note in the Comment section to let them know it’s part of a group effort.




After you do it, just send me a copy of the receipt to [email protected] so I can add the total in the post and your name in the card for Jeremy.

1b. Donate through JLinPortal.

I can also collect Paypal donation from our members until Jan 16 so I can send 1 collective Paypal donation

2. Present card with donation list to Jeremy Lin on Jan 19

Then I plan to present our contribution with member names to Jeremy Lin on Jan 19 when he visits Phoenix for the Lakers vs Suns game. This way, Jeremy will know that we as a group support and make positive contribution to a cause that he believes in.  🙂

You may make the donation using the Paypal Donation on homepage or the Right Sidebar and make a note “For JLin Foundation”. I will list your name or initials (if you prefer the privacy) below and on a card to Jeremy Lin.


– 4%-5% Paypal Fee


Dec 23, 2014

1. JLinPortal    $50 (donated, receipt below) + $16 to even out to $3600

Jan 3, 2015

2. @johnlee     $15

Jan 7, 2015

3. TH, HI          $15

4. Jaydc, NY         $10

5. Bobby from NY   $50

6. anonymous, IL    $20

7. JRMH                 $18

8. webattorney, CA $100

9. anonymous, VA    $200

10. Sans_souci, CA  $100

11. anonymous         $1000 (sent directly)

12. PD, Canada           $20

13. HY C, NJ                $50

14. joyce ward              $100 (sent directly)

15. anonymous, TX     $50

16. Karen Chiu, HK    $100

17. IsabeliJane17, Philippines  $20

18. SL, Canada           $22

Jan 8, 2015

19. PN, Singapore      $20

20. Nhawj44                $100 (sent directly)

21. JeanStephane       $20 (sent directly)

22. Marie Simon, NJ   $50 (sent directly)

23. Helen Shen, TX   $20 (sent directly)

24. Brent Yen, TX      $50

25. Yahmin, Philippines $200 (sent directly)

26. CH, UT                  $20 (sent directly)

27. JJHui, MN           $30 (sent directly)

28. JLin Fan from Australia $100 (sent directly)

29. blubell                   $50 (sent directly)

30. OrLinaryJoe          $100 (sent directly)

31. SJ, HI                     $50 (sent directly)

32. KT, Taiwan          $30 (sent directly)

33. GM, VA                 $20 (sent directly)

34. David Kim            $50 (sent directly)

34. Solo  Canada        $50 (sent directly)

35. JY, Southern CA  $50 (sent directly)

36. JAD2456               $50 (sent directly)

37. rookie75094, TX        $100 (sent directly)

38. Spot, ITALY           $114 (sent directly)

39. real-dsb                  $20 (sent directly)

40. RL , CA                         $50

41. WanderGlobe               $75  (sent directly)

42. C. Lyou                          $50  (sent directly)

43, anonymous                   $100 (sent directly)

44. CC, NJ                            $75 (sent directly)

45. linspiredinca                 $500 (sent directly)

CLOSED for 2014-15  😎

Thank you to all Jeremy Lin Fans who supported him through his Foundation!




12/23 $50



01/19/15 Most donation were sent directly to Jeremy Lin Foundation. The ones who were sent through JLinPortal had been sent today with the total amount of $862.75 after 3-4% Paypal fees.

Receiver email: [email protected]
Amount: $862.75 USD
Transaction date: January 19, 2015
Status: Completed
Transaction ID: 4VN18445XXXXXXX




  1. Let’s support the JLin Foundation.

  2. Thanks, Arsenium :]
    Hm, I can see it shaded using Chrome browser. Maybe it’s browser-specific?

    You’re absolutely correct about Lin’s smiling attitude. I was just thinking the other day about Yao Ming’s quote “Lin is like an ocean”. His great attitude enables him to smile and be flexible like water but there is great strength and fortitude inside the ocean!

    I can absolutely learn from this young man about dealing with adversity.

  3. I just donated $100 to Jeremy Lin Foundation via Paypal. You can write down “webattorney” for the contribution made after you confirm the receipt. I figure it’s worth it for all the enjoyment and aggravation that Lin has provided me, even though I no longer get all that excited in following Lakers/Lin games. As they say, the big thrill is gone for me, but thankfulness remains still. I hope Lin will get 17/7 stats (my guess for his max stats for an entire season) even for one season during his career.

  4. Thanks much for being a loyal Lin fan, @webattorney:disqus 🙂
    Those who stick around after the HOU/Lakers desert experience are definitely loyal.

    And more importantly, our collective donation will do wonder in the real-world to impact the kids that JLin Foundation tries to serve and help. I’m sure Jeremy will be appreciate our support in his worthy cause.

    I still believe we will see Linsanity once Jeremy finds the right system for him to be a star, just like the wise Mark Cuban said. Hopefully, Lin will stay strong and not be tempted to stay in LA playing backup to Kobe. The stigma will stay and his chance to be a starter/All-Star will be gone.

    I’ll be shocked if Jeremy stays in LA as a backup PG (even if it has possibility)

  5. Just donated, too.

  6. Thank you much for your generosity!
    JLin will definitely appreciate it.

    I’m floored by how much JLin fans love and support him 🙂
    I’ll send an email

  7. Shhhh, just try to beat webattorney lol

  8. LOL

  9. Darn, I have to try to beat Dorothy now. 🙂 I gotta say this though. If I could have a group lunch with Lin, I would be more than willing to pay at least $1K for the opportunity, just so that I could tell him what he should be doing better. 🙂 That way, I never have to complain on any BB forum again about Lin’s BB game. Get it out of my system all at once, so to speak.

  10. LOL.. I can guarantee if Lin is willing to receive $1K donation for the lunch counseling, you’ll be hooked to make get a second one or make it a yearly thing.
    Then someday you can publish a book about it, haha..

  11. Long time no see! Weba…

  12. I would be more than willing to pay at least $10K to prevent Lin’s eyes from rolling out of their sockets.

  13. LoL. I would NOT pay that much for that.

  14. I will call the book “The Critic”

  15. or “The Lin Lunch Critic” =)

  16. $50 – HY C from NJ was just sent

  17. I want to donate $100, but how to change the amount? Even i type $100, it still shows the default amount like 5, 15 or 30.

  18. Haven’t given it a try. Will do it when I have time after finishing my assessment. Did u see other amount? Maybe you can do it from there.

  19. No. Only the Linspirational coffee $5, Lincredible $15 & Super Lintendo $30 are available to choose.
    I typed $100 in Other amount column, but remained $5

  20. Did you type $ sign in other amount column, don’t type $ sign, just the amount.

  21. Done. Thank you!

  22. @psalm234 I need a receipt please

  23. if you need a receipt, please donate directly to JLinFoundation with ‘for JLinPortal donation’ note.
    You can email me the receipt so I can include it in the card

  24. Just a receipt of acceptance is fine. Thank you

  25. hm, I didn’t see $100 amount registered.
    Maybe it wasn’t successful yet. Paypal should send you a receipt upon successful transfer.
    I’ll check again tomorrow

  26. sorry, I haven’t received yet.
    It was 3 hrs ago, right? So around 6pm PST
    You should see it in your Paypal account upon successful transfer?

    I will also post the collective receipts in the post above like the 12/23 one after I send the final one on 1/18.
    But I will send a receipt once I see your transfer

  27. I received an email from Paypal. Receipt no. 1566-6812-1127-5178. I can forward you if you can’t locate it.

  28. ok, got it..:] for some reason I didn’t get the email notification
    I’ll email you the receipt.

    Thanks very much!

  29. hmm…having a challenging time donating since it keeps on giving me only 3 options (on my Paypal Review receipt) even though I had typed in the amount and also wrote “For JLin Foundation” on Note. Any suggestions?

  30. hi @nhawj:disqus =)

    If you’re having trouble donating through JLinPortal using the Other Amount box, you may donate directly to JLinFoundation with the note (see Step 1a above) and email the receipt to me so I can add the your name and the total. You may also get US Tax deduction from them at the end of the year

  31. LOL. Hi back to you! Just now saw your comment. New here, what can I say. haha! But yes, already donated via JLin Foundation and commented “Collective Fundraising Effort by JLinPortal members” on memo. What is your email? and please just use Nhawj44 w/ amount. Thank you for all that you do in making a difference in the lives of others! Isaiah 12:4

  32. you can email the receipt to [email protected].
    Thanks! It will help save me time not to do complex math to send collective payment :]

    Hey, together we can make a positive difference in the real world =)
    Thanks for making twitter fun to read! Psalm 37:5
    Let’s stay the course to keep making positive impact together

  33. Yup! this slow mind of mine already emailed the receipt to you about 20mins ago. Didn’t realize you and JLinPortal are the same! Talkiing about Scott being slow in inserting Lin back into games…I think I need a brain transplant! LOL!!! Always a pleasure & fun tweeting w Lin fans… esp after watching tough Lakers games! Misery loves company! :))

  34. oh yeah.. my bad, I never changed username either :]
    yeah, last night was soooo surprising Lin got in w/ 5 min left for garbage time. Good to see JLin still played his team-ball to set up his teammates first before getting his pts

  35. “His [Lin’s] great attitude enables him to smile and be flexible like water but there is great strength and fortitude inside the ocean!” <—Wow, Psalm234, you said it best!!! Quote of the Year (in my book)!!! 😀 Like I have said before… reading Lin's recent blog post makes me feel lugubrious, inspired, and relieved …all at once! IMO, Lin knows there are certain things in life that are beyond his control and he's surrendering them to God. He's making the best of the Lakers situation by giving his all on the court. He's also finding his source of JOY and PEACE in the LORD alone which is the byproducts of his great attitude which enables him to smile! (Which doesn't mean to say that he's comfortable in LA/Lakers as some people seem to think IMHO)

  36. Thanks :] I might have to remind myself throughout the year

    Yes, although he still struggle like a normal human would, it’s encouraging to see the true JOY and PEACE from the Lord empowers him to not dwell on the negativity but keep smiling and marches through forward. Great reminder for us to do the same indeed!

    I think he’ll stay smiling and say “No, thank you” to the backup PG offered by Lakers in July.. then BOLT! =)

  37. Just donated $50 from NJ, email on the way for the receipt. This is great, will continue to support JLin no matter what. Give my love to Jeremy:))

  38. Just donated $200 direct to JLin Foundation but indicated for For Collective donation of JLin Portal. Please just indicate “Yahmin, Philippines.” Just got a receipt. Will send to you via email.

  39. @psalm234 sent the email with the receipt. The email I used is my gmail address, as that is the one connected to my PayPal account (but not the one I use to register here). Hope you can acknowledge. Thanks.

  40. Thanks so much, @yascar:disqus. Can you please also forward the receipt to [email protected]?
    I’ll add the total now.

  41. got it :] Thanks!
    please verify in email how you want your name in the post above and card

  42. got it :]

  43. I just donated $50 and I sent the email with the receipt.

  44. @Psalm234 Just donated $50 to JLin foundation, and email sent with receipt attached.
    Thank you for the opportunity to support Jeremy Lin, such a fine fine young man of God.

  45. Hi there- I just donated $100 on the JLin Foundation site. I put the comment that I did it as part of this group!! Just say I’m a fan in Miami FL

  46. @psalm234:disqus I just donated $50 and sent you an e-mail with my receipt. Let me know if there is any problem. Thanks!

  47. just donated 100 … just put my name as rookie75094 from dallas…Your transaction ID for this payment is: 17C60262F4887335T.

    We’ll send a confirmation email to [email protected]. This transaction will appear on your statement as PayPal *JLINPORTAL

  48. please confirm my email to you

  49. Done and fwded you the email.

    After you present the card to Jeremy, you should tweet a message and a picture of the card, ccing jlin7 and jlinfoundation.

  50. Just donated $75. Just put my name as Wandertheglobe.

    Thank you for your donation to the Making a Difference Project. Amount: $75.00
    Transaction ID: 74A62479KT139325B
    Date: 2015-01-17 03:19:13

  51. 01/19/15 Most donation were sent directly to Jeremy Lin Foundation. The ones who were sent through JLinPortal had been sent today with the total amount of $862.75 after 3-4% Paypal fees.

    Receiver email: [email protected]
    Amount: $862.75 USD
    Transaction date: January 19, 2015
    Status: Completed
    Transaction ID: 4VN18445XXXXXXX

  52. yes, Sir!

  53. got it and replied. Thanks

  54. Another suggestion for psalm: you should rush the court during Lin’s free throw and present the check to him there before security drags you out. That would result in espn and viral coverage of the incident, which would then bring more awareness of JL Foundation as well as JL Portal. LOL

  55. LOL .. “Positively VIRAL LinFan!”
    Yeah, not exactly the exposure we need =>

  56. Jan 19, 2015
    ok, I guess my good friend the photographer blew the Incognito Mode LOL

    BTW, it was a great time of Q&A between JLin and the fans. I’ve got some videos, hopefully I can upload it

    But let me give the brief update of the check presentation. I told him how he had so many fans around the world who love and supported him. And we wanted to support him to show our love and appreciation by donating to his Jeremy Lin Foundation. I told him his fans from around the world like Italy, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Australia love him very much and can’t stop talking about him every single day =) I asked, “Perhaps you would like to talk a little bit about Jeremy Lin Foundation?”

    Then he said, “It’s so INCREDIBLE that people online can work together to support a Foundation!” then he proceeded to talk about how his foundation tried to help mostly kids who are underprivileged and really need help.. (the rest I can’t quite remember but it’s in the video LOL)

    I also asked the event coordinator to pass along our Thank You card (a smaller one which I’ll post the picture) with words of encouragement from all of us and the donor list. She proceeded to give the card to the Suns PR person who managed to give the card to Jeremy when he was going back inside.

    Jeremy said, “Thank you for coming. This was the largest group that ever came on a road game!”

    It was really a huge group of people around 200 that were willing to wait until the Q&A was over around 11:30pm. We all got home late but everyone felt great about the awesome Q&A and how JLin told stories based on the submitted questions and impromptu 4-5 questions from the audience.

    After the group picture, I gave him an encouragement by patting his shoulder and told Jeremy, “All the best! (for the season) upon which he said “Thank You!”. I felt good about being able to convey the message that many of his fans really support him. He’s smiling wide as you can see in the picture and he looked genuinely happy after the great Q&A session!

    I’m really glad I saw Jeremy clutching the Thank You card (pretty-good size of 1.5 basketball tall) as he walked back inside. He was all smiles =) Hopefully he got to read the words of encouragement in the plane and the names of all the donor to fully appreciate so many fans in different countries truly embraced and loved him.

    Note: Jordan Hill was actually standing in the far back of the Q&A with some friends ( he went to U of Arizona so he might have some friends locally). I was going to start the presentation by saying “Your fans understand your tough time in LA” but it might’ve soured the mood that the Thank You card won’t be passed to Jeremy so I thought better and swallowed my words LOL

  57. Jan 20, 2015

    I promised to upload the Thank You card but you’ve probably seen it on the twitter picture (under Lin’s sandwich) LOL

    This was when Q&A was over and Lin was gathering his stuff to go back inside.

    Suns PR person just handed the Thank You card.

    Lin actually brought the sandwich out before the Q&A but he didn’t have a chance to eat it so he brought it back inside after Q&A

    And attached is the snapshot of the Thank You card showing the verse to stay strong and courageous (one of his favorite verse Joshua 1:9), the symbolic 3000 Career Point milestone by Librafree and the awesome DuckLin cartoon by Garycgy.

    I managed to get Ryan Kelly and Tarik Black to sign it for Jeremy, score! (no picture taken)

    Ryan Kelly was a little confused by the request but he was kind to get along with it 😀


    Note: On the back of the Thank You card, there were encouraging words from us getting his back no matter what the results and hoping him to stay strong and courageous, stay smiling. And we wanted to show our love and support to him during this tough time in LA. There were confidential donor names so I can’t post it for privacy. But trust me it’s good stuff hehe..

  58. the Thank You card

  59. Jan 20, 2015 LA vs PHX Game Observation
    Link: Original Post in Game Thread:

    I need to find time to write down thoughts after watching how the game unfolded and how he interacted with coaches.

    But my #1 impression is this…

    Lin can never score 20-25+pts/5asts with Byron Scott’s approval since that’s not his role for him. It’s more like 10pts/10asts or 12pts/8asts as a non-scoring facilitator (but Lakers would still be losing, of course). Basically he wants Lin and Ronnie Price to play a role, not wanting to utilize Lin’s scoring strength but just play his system of favoring big men inside to create. No PnR whatsoever was quite maddening to watch. This is why Byron would never be a good coach since he doesn’t tailor a role to a player’s strength and his system is so outdated.

    Byron wants him to set up his teammates first, repeatedly going into the big men (even Hill was not bringing it last night).

    Often times, Lin would look at the coaches’ direction to see what plays to set up and he’s going to choose which teammates to set up, not to score himself. Plus Byron’s system is pretty bad and outdated w/o PnR and noone cutting to the basket/moving w/o the ball so Lin can’t find them easily for easy points. Throw in the bad defense (who caused the loss after the mini-run) and lack of desire to rebound, this is pretty much why Byron’s system is perfect for tanking.

    It’s like bringing 80s dull knife to the gun-fight with 3-ball and fast-breaks.

    The good thing is I’m growing more confident that Lin would never sign up to play in the FA under Byron’s perfect Tanking system. Oh yeah, the refs were pretty bad with the calls. Laker fans (30%-40%) in the building were quite vocal in booing the home-cooked calls last night. Everyone can see they allowed Suns hard fouls w/o calls.

  60. http://www.jlinportal.com/g42-lal-phx-game-thread/#comment-1804773582

    BTW, Ed Davis is a good humble guy.
    At the tunnel I wished him the best for the game and he responded “Thank you, I appreciate it” and he looked like he meant it.

    Tarik Black was also good in patiently signing many stuff. A bit more intimidating with the huge stature but kind-hearted & quiet
    Sacre only signed one side of the tunnel but I don’t blame him coz he’s not getting much PT with Tarik’s emergence.

  61. I hope so on the “No, thank you” !!! 🙂

  62. awesome, thanks for making it and posting. What is the DuckLin reference?

  63. That was the big 3 followed by Lin making a duck-face?
    It was a liberation moment for him as a Laker
    That’s why GaryCGY commemorated it with a cartoon

  64. 2 Q&A Videos with Jeremy Lin on Jan 19. 2015

    Original Post: http://www.jlinportal.com/g47-chi-lal-pregame-threadpoll/#comment-1822119262

    Finally! I completed 2 JLin Q&A Videos:

    Part A. Jeremy Lin on JLinPortal Fan Forum $4100 Fundraising for his Foundation, Q&A, Jan 19, 2015

    JLinPortal.com started Online Fundraising to raise $4,100 from Fan Forum members & other fans Online for Jeremy Lin Foundation between Dec 26, 2014-Jan19, 2015 to show support and love for him.

    In this video, Jeremy provided his response to the $4100 check for his Foundation and answer to what Jeremy Lin Foundation does (“Incredible! I never expected that people can raise money online for the Foundation”)

    Link: http://www.jlinportal.com/2014-15-jlinportal-donation-jlin-foundation/

    Part B. Jeremy Lin Q&A Intro with His Fans, Jan 19 2015

    In this video, Jeremy provided answers to several pre-selected Q&A questions

    1. What are some tips for young kids out there who dream of being the next Jeremy Lin? “Go After Your Dreams, Go After Your Passions. Be faithful with how you work & interact with people. I think God will honor that”

    2. [1:43] Why is it important for you to relish being a role model?”

    It’s tough because I don’t want to be built bigger than I am, 26-yr year old and human like you guys and I made a lot of mistakes.I’m still human and have to fight a lot of temptations .. I think the reason I take it seriously is because I never thought I’m going to be here, ya know .. The fact that I can come here and playing in front of tens of thousands of people in the arena is a miracle. So I just try to do it the right way. Uhm, I still make mistakes sometimes but it’s definitely fun experience and fun journey

    3. [2:31] Do you still play piano as you did in the documentary?Did you do everything well?

    ..I didn’t say I played piano well, didn’t read music sheet but I have pretty good memory so what I did is I just watch people play and remember it. But if I don’t play for a while, I forget it

    4. [3:14] What are some players in HS that you tried to emulate and even now to base your game of?

    I watched a lot of Steve Nash just because he was able to do pretty much anything he wanted on court without being a freak athlete .. I have my ways to do things like get to spots …

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