2014-15 Jeremy Lin Lakers Exit Interview

It’s quite unusual for Lakers to do an early exit interview for injured players.

It will be interesting to hear what JLin said after an exit interview with Mitch Kupchak and Byron Scott

2:23: “What Are Your Priorities for Free Agency?”

5:51: “Was there a time when you thought during the season that this is not the place to be?”

6:30: Lin “Even now sitting here, I’m not ruling anything out. I don’t know where I’m gonna be next year but never say never,  I definitely keep this open, it’s not like this is the last resort

10:38 “Do You Want To Come Back?” Lin: “Yeah, it’ll be great .. For me, there’s so MUCH that needs to happen…Definitely an option I will consider. Love the city, fan, I’m comfortable ..”

@psalm234 thoughts on Lin’s Exit Interview. I would try to add some other posters’ thoughts later


I’d comment about Lin’s body language during the Exit interview.

He came out looking stiff, shoulders up and stiff, eyes are determined almost with a flash of defiance/disagreement/anger after the exit interview with Mitch/Byron. But as time went on, he smiled more and relaxed more answering questions about his parents, being tough and finally flashed his widest smile talking about his TRUE FANS.

I think he agreed with some points about starting slow in the season but he disagreed a lot about how he’s not being used properly. No Lin/Davis PnR issue was probably raised when talking to Mitch/Byroon. A lot of talk about he desires a good “FIT” with a good team indicated he clearly felt Lakers system didn’t fit him well.

Lin is not a poker player so his feelings are quite easily read after he finished his conversation with Mitch & Byron.
He was angry about something although he conceded his April month was better compared to Jan/Feb so there was a little progress on how he’s being used. He tried to be diplomatic about being open to come back. But when he keeps voluntarily saying “whether I come back or not” without saying “hopefully I’ll be back in La” plus “LA is not the last resort”, I would pretty much say he’s 90% gone. Just my 2cents and personal opinion.

So I’m glad with the outcome of the exit interview. He emphasized finding a good team as the #1 FA goal that he will fit in the FA, not money or length of contract.