10/6 JLin Preseason Post-Game 1 Analysis

Let’s get a grade & collective thoughts from 3-5 people to feature in this post.
Brent and I (psalm234) will start and others can give their grade/analysis in the comments.
We’ll add a few good ones to the post so we have good observation of Lin’s performance in his first ever game donning Lakers jersey!

We’ll also ask @supjackjack who attended the game if he could provide his analysis watching the game in person.

LIN: 1 PT, 10 AST, 1 TO, 3 REB, 1 STL and great job with individual and help defense
1. psalm234
Summary = “JLin the Playmaker”
First of all, YEAHHH!!! Jeremy Lin has officially completed his first Lakers game with hopefully many more to come wearing Purple&Gold.
  • Lin led the Lakers with 28 min being the best playmaker dishing 10 assists (4 to Ed Davis, 2 to Sacre, 2 to Clarkson, 1 each for Randle and Ellington)
  • Lin didn’t do well in the shooting department and had rare misses on 2 out of 3 FTs. As Nathan Gottlieb astutely observed, that’s a sign of tired legs from the intense Training Camp. But I also think it is a reflection of Lin’s role in the Training Camp where he hasn’t shot much because he chose to be playmakers to build chemistry with new teammates, which is an important priority as a PG. With more time, he’ll learn to pick his spots to shoot with good rhythm
  • Lin had great chemistry with Ed Davis to run Pick-and-Roll. Ed understood when to roll to the basket with great timing as evident in the beautiful alley-oop leading to Davis’ jam that gave Lin his 10th assist. But there were many moving picks by Davis in setting screen so he can do a better job in setting picks for Lin. Tyson Chandler in NY was the best in setting picks for Lin so Ed Davis has quite a way to go here. But it’s a great chemistry to develop.
  • Jeremy Lin mostly played in the 2nd quarter and 4th quarter with the 2nd team with 2 rookies (Clarkson and Randle), other players (Ed Davis, Sacre, Ellington)
  • Byron Scott acknowledged there were many mistakes when they (the rookies Clarkson and Randle) shot to soon without passing the ball to find the open man. In the 2nd quarter, there were many bone-headed plays where they didn’t pass the ball to Lin first as the PG to set up plays or even bring the ball upcourt. But Byron will take care of this with the rookies.
  • There were a short period of time at the end of 3rd quarter where Lin played with the starters when checkin in for Nash but it wasn’t long enough. It’s good that Byron will try multiple rotations and open to try Nash/Lin/Kobe to play PG/SG/SF at the 1-2-3 position.

Overall, it was a very good preseason game where Byron Scott tested how his 2 teams (slow-veteran 1st team & fast-inexperienced young 2nd team) defended in a real game against an explosive Denver Nuggets team. The offense will come along but it’s good for the whole team to come out with defensive pressure, steals, blocks leading to a win. A Win is a WIN, especially important for young rookies to keep working on defense to continue winning games. This is a great outcome. Jeremy played the biggest part by playing the most minutes at 28. And it’s clear that Byron Scott expected a lot from Jeremy to become the main playmaker who plays the longest in games. Kobe and Nash would need to limit their minutes.

I gave a B grade because Jeremy has managed to perform as the most capable playmaker with 10 assists in 28 min (most minutes) playing with the 2nd team. This had to impress Byron Scott to trust Lin to play with starters to close games. Lin would also need to pick his spots and develop shooting rhythm with his teammates so he can be more a threat. Let’s see if he gets his rhythm and fresh legs in the next preseason game against the Warriors.


2. BrentYen

Finally the 1st game is in the book. Overall Lin did pretty good as a new Laker. Let me give some observations and opinions too, some may or may not the same as those given by Psalm above.

  • First and foremost, I hope Lin fans do not harp on his shootings too much. His shooting was completely without rhythm. To me it is just because his legs were not 100% due the the heavy training camp. Also this was the 1st REAL game, so some adjustments were needed for him clearly. Fans should have been encouraged that he asserted himself as a floor general even when he could not make shots. Coaches does not want him to simply be a scorer, they want a playmaker and Lin excellently provided that.
  • Lin’s defense was fantastic but the team was still not in sync. So was see players wasted energy chasing opponents while ideally the offensive movement should have been stopped from very beginning. Rooks made many mistakes in D end, and I think those are very correctable.
  • Preseason is about testing things that you don’t get to simulate in practices/camps. So the minutes for a particular player usually do not vary because of the his performance. In other words, you don’t get benched because you played badly. Lin logged the longest minutes for the team is very telling. In my opinion, he is basically the constant coaches are holding so that they can tweak the lineups (besides the starters) around him. This tells you how much trust Lin had from the coaching staffs.
  • Rookies on the team were playing exactly like rookies. They simply can not react to a real NBA games yet. Lin was patiently letting them playing so that those new players could started to feel the game and slow down. I think it worked, and this is what coaches and Lin want. Clarkson and Randle simply just carried the way they play in SL to this game, which is far from good. They simply need more time to adjust IMO.
  • Ed Davis, on the other hand, gets the game. He knows how to play the game with a capable PG like Lin. He made himself available to Lin. I think Davis, Willington and Lin can form a very good connection for the 2nd unit. Then you add Clarkson to further space the floor, the game will be more exciting. Sacre did not do a good job IMO, but I did not follow his career so I will stop giving observation on him until I see more.
  • Over the course of the game, you see many NBA sets (what an upgrade over Lin’s last team!!). Triangle, Princeton, Horns, loop play to name a few. It is amazing how they can instill that many x and o’s in 6 days. Although most set was not ran to perfection. Still it is an encouraging sign to see.

All in all, I will give Lin an A-, just because his way of approaching the games. He did not have his shootings but he still made big impact. To a point DEN simply had to deny him the ball. This is what an all around player should approach the game. Always find a way to contribute.





And finally, here is Paul Villareal video with his game analysis:


  1. 1st!
    Now I can sleep in peace 🙂

  2. You rock! 🙂

    Thanks for all the links! Yeah, to get some zzz too

  3. All of u are awesome to get these done. Sure thankful for your dedication.

    Am thrilled to see JLin did well in all departments except making baskets. Not worrying at all. It will come. It’s more important to play what he is expected in Lakers at this point: being a pg and building chemistry with teammates.

  4. Good review from Byron Scoot as well

  5. BScott, acknowledgde how JL pushed the offense and to a question he will figure out how to play ED and JL in startup as well

  6. As Jeremy, I could see that he was a little heavy on legs and not moving as much as he normally does, hence his shot was off as well. Moreover its 1st PRESEASON game…so not gonna minus points for that.

    Overall he showed who he is
    1) running the offense
    2) Killer on fast break
    3) reading his open men well
    4) breaking down defense to free up shooters
    5) Defense keeping to his man, not much over helping today

  7. Nice analysis Psalm! I was disappointed at the lack of scoring, but Jeremy looked like he was trying to build teamwork as well. I also think he lets all the others take the shots because he understands how desperate they are to make the team. He’s been there and he wants to help.

  8. LIN fans need to stop measuring a player’s scoring as the defining merit of his importance. PTSD is still very apparent in this attitude. Yes the league sets the bar as to who is a star by scoring, but LIN never does. We should do the same. When LIN score 34 against Phili, he was disappointed in his own game because he couldn’t stop Stephenson from doing the same. LIN values teamwin more than anything.

    As a coach, I can understand why LIN played the way he played because of what Scott tried to build in the team. Scott has focused on defence and said going into the game, he wanted to see how well the team absorbed those lessons. Scott also wanted to see the rookies play as much as possible and evaluated their ability to play at this level. How else is he going to do that if he doesn’t let them loose? What I came away with is that Scott is WAAAY smarter and deeper than Mchale. He’s thinking long term.

    The fact that LIN played the most is already indicates how much Scott trusts and values Lin’s team play. You can only do so much on the sidelines. Having someone who actually does it for you and execute what you want out of your game plan is why LIN played so much. Building young players up isn’t easy. College players have so much more intensity that they often run around with their heads cut off. Lin’s ability to settle them down a bit at least guides them towards the right direction.

    The best thing about last night was the chemistry between KOBE, Scott and LIN. There was mutual respect and a willingness to share a common goal. This alone bodes well for the season.o

  9. At least I got one thing right in my prediction, 27 minutes. LOL

  10. B to B+ for me, given the context that it was the first pre-season game.

  11. http://wallstcheatsheet.com/sports/5-reasons-the-lakers-will-miss-the-playoffs-again-in-2014-15.html/

    The above article is probably correct. The only way Lakers is making the playoff is if Lin gets to run the team and has the total trust from the coach.

  12. It’s tough uploading stuff to this site now because everyone is so quick off-the-mark in finding articles and videos. Good job!

  13. I have added my opinions in the post for all!

  14. Completely agree.

  15. Scoring comes and go. But the way of playing shouldn’t It is ok

  16. And that’s a great analysis. You’re more generous for sure giving A- vs my solid B :]
    You’re correct that Clarkson and Randle thought this is another Summer League game to showcase their stuff.

    One big thing I want Jeremy to learn is emulate Steve Nash’s mental approach (9pts/5asts) to “score with ease, but choose to pass instead”. Steve knows how to get it done on court. Always be willing to facilitate but still look for opportunities 2 score so defense and own teammates have to respect that. At times, Lin tends to over-facilitate in practice and games that he can’t establish good shooting rhythm.

    I hope Steve talked to Jeremy about the approach to leading 2nd team because there is a lot of variables at play here. The rookies can think they are the Lakers’ future with license to shoot & be PG while Lin has only 1 yr contract. It’s just human nature that Lin has to anticipate to establish what an experienced PG like Nash has to do to be a credible threat to score at any time but choose to pass.

  17. All I can say is, I like Jeremy’s and the whole Lakers team’s defensive intensity. Wish they would keep it up.It will determine how far they can go, to the regular season and beyond.

    Offensively, they’re still feeling each other’s games but it is a given since this is technically their first game against an actual opponent, but I hope it’ll come soon.

  18. wukong found good LakersGround analysis :]

    Gotta love the banana/smileys ratings and the excellent in-depth analysis as well 😀 Bravo!


  19. Good LG assessment for Lin

    Lin 😀 😀 (2 Smileys)

    Jeremy led the team with 10 assist and just 1 turnover. Lin said afterward that he’ll be looking for opportunities to get his scoring game into the system. You can see some of what the Lakers want to do with Lin out of the Princeton. They’ll want him to give up the ball, come off the screens with speed and then attack when the D is occupied and can’t lock in or load up. Unfortunately, the Lakers barely have grasp of the offense right now. Jeremy showed some nice chemistry with Ed Davis, finding him early for a dunk and a couple of layups. That duo easily had the best chemistry on the floor. “Jeremy didn’t shoot the ball particularly well,” Scott said, “but he did a great job of orchestrating the offense and Ed does a great job at setting screens and rolling to the basket.” The Lakers also will need to do a better job with their counters in the chin sets when the D overplays. You saw the Nuggets deny the passing lanes quite a bit especially to Lin, which messed up our initial passing sequences and bogged things down. The Princeton has a ton of backdoor counters and the team will eventually get to those.

    The Stats: He scored 1 points on 0-6 shooting (1-3 from the line) to go with 3 boards, 10 assists, 1 steal, 1 turnover and 4 fouls in 28 minutes. He had a +/- of 0.

    The Action: He ran the clock down at the end of the quarter, attacked the lane off the screen and missed his fade after putting on the brakes (Sacre got it and was fouled for FTs). He missed a tech FT. He worked the two-man game with Sacre and hit him for the elbow jumper. He broke down the D and dumped it to Davis for the dunk. He pushed out the break and hit Clarkson for the open three next time down, forcing a timeout. He was blocked in the lane (or his interior pass was deflected). He hit Davis rolling at the elbow for the layup. Again to Davis rolling for another layup next time down. A little late to take the charge, but good to see him sacrifice the body on D. He airballed a wing jumper.

    Second Half: He found Sacre for the open jumper at the buzzer. He missed the open 18-footer coming off the flare screen for the catch and shoot. He crossed over, attacked a crowd and was blocked out of bounds. He probed and threw it away. He swiped a backdoor pass to get it back on the other end. He turned the corner around the Davis screen, got the defender to ride up his back and drew FTs, he made one. He came off the screen across the top of the lane and threw it for Davis on the oop for the slam, nicely executed.

  20. Kind of agree, but I think a PG is only successful when he can not be categorized as a “pass-1st” or “score 1st” one. If must choose, pass 1st is better.

  21. Hehe this is the first website from where I first read about Jeremy, where I read the first arguments between pro-Jeremy and anti-Jeremy (there were no LOFs or LOHs by that time), where I read some comparisons and exchange of “venom” between Jeremy and Sun Yue or Luke Walton.The
    post I remembered the most was,”sign Lin, Phil will teach him the ins
    and outs of triangle in one week,and we’re good to go”.

  22. i was just coming to post that here… ha ha. you are fast.

  23. So overall the game was about what I expected. Everyone wanted to see Kobe and Nash be smooth and capable on the floor for a decent run of minutes. I also suspect Kobe and Nash wanted to see this for themselves. At one point JLin was up and taking his shirt off about to come in and I swear I saw Nash pointing to Byron saying ‘no’. He wanted to go a little longer. They are both testing their bodies. The big test will be the next few games – recovery, rinse and repeat. Just what level of play and how many minutes are sustainable??

    My next observation is that rookies will be rookies and BScott wanted to see what they could do. Give them some long minutes to shake the nerves off and see if they settle down and do what he has been training them to do… not what their nervous brains have them do. Jury is still out on this point.

    Defense was good to see. Still lots of improvement but you can tell it was a point of emphasis and it will continue to be.

  24. Well said. I missed the part that Nash asked Scott for more time. Nice to see he still has to drive to excel.

  25. Jlin was up off bench headed to table taking shirt off… and Nash looked over to scott with hand up kind of waving and then Jlin went back to sit….

  26. I may have my timing off but i think this was right after nash dribbled off his foot and lost the ball…

  27. I think you’re right. Good observations!
    Someone else mentioned during Game Chat that Lin was at the scorer table but didn’t go in.
    We can replay the Ballstream video and confirm.

  28. that’s good stuff you found over there 🙂

  29. yes, we all love Lin for his willingness to share the ball to create Linsanity but unfortunately the world is full of NBA divas/wannabe 🙂 haha.. so Lin needs to have some insurance to keep them on straight path.

  30. I saw that, just did not see Nash signalled Scott. Good catch!

  31. BTW, what would be the best way to contact jp, Brent and you at the same time?
    I want to ask him some technical questions to start testing.

  32. We need some kind of group chatting function somewhere. THings will be much easier

  33. Question for you guys: Has Lin shown anything more than Kendall Marshall has shown last season for Lakers? Many assists (although different types; I would say more of Lin’s assists led to easy shots), bad shooting, a better D? And why does Lin keep on slipping on some wet spot whenever he’s dribbling fast? Need a better gripping shoes.

  34. Much more, ability to beat his own man, etc.

  35. Not talking about the ability but the result. I wonder in how many games Lin will put together both good shooting and passing?

  36. That is hard to say….I don’t usually care about the results much…

  37. I would wait for at least 10 regular games before making the good assessment about Lin’s role in the Lakers. We need more sample size to make a good assessment.

    Some already speculate too early that rookies don’t respect Lin, which can be valid concern but I’d be careful to over-analyze it from 1 game that we overlook the positive things.

    If you’re concerned about Lin’s shooting, let’s wait to see the next few games. He looked sharp in the TC but didn’t shoot much in scrimmage which I think translated to the lack of rhythm in game setting. Fatigue could be a factor but I’m thinking Lin needs to establish more shooting in practice with the 2nd team. Lin was correct to focus on playmaking with 2nd team but he needs to also learn from Nash to balance it with enough shooting on his part. Can’t totally rely on others to make the shots. There will be games that he needs to take over in shooting and it has to happen in practice first.

    So let’s be patient and wait for at least 3-4 more preseason games for initial assessment of his shooting. But it’s good to tentatively recognize that Lin successfully established himself as the most capable playmakers for the Lakers in the 1st game with the 2nd team. I see many Laker fans are jumping for joy since it’s been a while they have a good playmaker in PG position.

  38. I don’t care that much about how much ability the player has but how much he gets out of his ability each time he steps on the court, even if limited. That is why I like Bev because he has a limited ability but he gets 80% or more out of his ability. Same thing with Parsons; I don’t think he has a big upside but his game shows a big chunk of his ability. Lin, on the other hand, he has the ability to go 17/10 each time he steps on the court, but that doesn’t seem to happen many times. In Houston, I gave him a pass due to an intentional marginalization, but hopefully not with Lakers.

  39. Not concerned. I am raising the potential issue after 10 games, just to talk. We all knew he has a talent for play-making. In fact, I saw him as more of a facilitator PG rather than SG. His ability lies in the direction of 12 points and 10 assists PG, rather than 18 points and 7 assists PG IMO.

  40. Twitter doesn’t allow it right?

    I need to investigate why Buddypress doesn’t allow us to do Private Messaging as a group. It was working 2 weeks ago as wukong pointed out.

  41. Like you said, we can not talk about things he could not control…:P Let’s hope he gets more control in LAL

  42. He doesn’t pound the ball and waste the shot clock like Kendall. Kendall didn’t get to the hoop with ease and couldn’t really create his own shot either.

    It’s going to take awhile for Lin to put together good shooting and passing on a consistent basis. From what I observed, he’s someone who has to feel EXTREMELY comfortable in a system to do both. That’s why he was so inconsistent in hicktown. This could be said of every player though. If he’s still inconsistent at the end of this season, he’s probably going to be a bench PG/6th man the rest of his career.

  43. After watching JLin’s post-interview, it’s very telling that he wasn’t happy with himself for not scoring much but he assured the reporters that it will come.

    He mentioned scoring has always been his strength. And when asked about what he needs to focus in the camp, he said he needs to find ways to incorporate all his strength in his role. He understands well that the team needs all his scoring, playmaking abilities, and leadership. He knows he needs to work on getting all of them to click in all cylinders.

    So I’m confident Lin knows what he needs to work on in practice to incorporate his shooting after he established his shooting. One step at a time 🙂

  44. Some impressions of the Lakers’ game from Nathan Gottlieb:

    It was eminently clear to me from all the missed shots by the rim and the missed floaters that Lin had no elevation, meaning his legs were tired from camp. That will work itself out. Not too often you see Lin get close to the rim and can’t even get the shot up decently. And his floater was not there. He even missed 2 of 3 free throws, another sign of no legs. But on defense he was terrific. Had altered two shots around the rim in the second half and blocked one. A vintage fast break alley oop to Ed Davis, I believe it was.

    See :http://afansnotes.posthaven.com/first-game-impressions

    By the way, nice to see the traffic picking up on this site. With the start to the season and a good posting environment (stable technology, no trolls, respectful conversation, etc.) the trend should continue. Thanks to Psalm and Brent for leading the effort.

  45. I don’t know if Lin can can be a 17/10 guy over an entire season. He seems most comfortable at 14-15ppg/5-7apg. Hope i’m wrong. He’s going to need to be 17/10 for the lakers to have a chance to fight for the 8th seed.

  46. It is really clear that Lin did not have any lift. His shooting will come back…well….hard to be worse than 0-6 anyway 😛 Thanks for the good words.

  47. Lin’s game in Houston showed an elite level of penetration and finishes. I would say Lin’s assists are a by-product of opponents respecting that. You can get open looks in a good offensive system, but you can also get open looks by teams doubling, and Lin gets more of the latter.

    Lin also gives good D, which, as Byron Scott says, wins championships.

  48. The D wasn’t respecting anyone else but Lin. If he was playing with Gasol, I think the D would not collapse on him nearly so much and give him a lot more opportunities for shots. Lin did a good job not forcing it.

  49. IMO JLin probably deserve a B- and if not a B for last night’s performance. I think his game was well dissected by so many experts that I don’t think I need to repeat them. IMHO the 2 things that stood out were 1) Kobe acknowledging JLin’s contributions to the Win and 2) JLin was not trying to out-do the 2 veteran superstars as in Kobe and Nash.
    The night belongs to Kobe and Nash.
    JLin took the top spot in NBA night for numbers of Assist. That speaks for itself.

  50. I have to agree. Lin is a natural PG more than SG (opposite of Kobe)
    Lin is a much more consistent playmaker which would always benefit the team. Shooting can come and go.

  51. And thanks for consistently posting these gems of news articles around the league, @arsenium12:disqus
    You and @lleepar have a knack to find interesting topics to discuss :]
    We all appreciate it.

    Nathan is great to observe Lin’s fatigue affecting his shooting. @brentyen:disqus also mentioned this during game chat about the lack of lift.

  52. Whos’ the 2nd one on assist? Is it close to 10 assists?

    Yeah, NBA is such a scoring league. Lin would always be measured up to his ceiling.
    But it’s refreshing to hear the announcers heaped praises on Lin’s 10 assists than focusing on the lack of scoring.

    Oh yeah, my son and I’m glad Lin made the save after the slip. He knew Lin would get blamed if they lost the game. Phew! Dodge a bullet 🙂 That’s one amazing recovery BTW. Maybe I’d make a GIF later

  53. One thing I noticed is that right after Lin went down a Nugget player also fell in exactly the same area. It seemed to me that the floor might have been slippery. Paul Villarreal mentioned that sometimes the floor (team) logos can get slippery.

  54. If my memory serves me well the 2nd spot was either a 6 or 7 Assist.
    As for the slip at the end of the game and the recovery was to me a “healing” for JLin. What happened in Houston after the TO (almost similar situation) has a negative psychological effect on him. After last night I hope this can erase the bad memory in Houston. I think it is divine intervention.

  55. He was so happy after that slip….:P

  56. I guess he was sharing that moment with Kobe at the end of the game. Maybe I am exaggerating.

  57. No way we know exactly, as a fan I am happy

  58. Because I think it was added just for that game. Otherwise, usually another surface protectant will usually applied on top of everything.

  59. Comparing to Lin’s shooting, Boozer has more to worry about. He is at a very low value to the team if he can not convert those point blank shots. That been said, his interior passing is so good, so is his effort.

  60. 17/7 is more reasonable…I don’t think you need him to be 20/10 for 8th seed.

  61. There was one moment where Lin was directing traffics and Bigs just don’t get it. Almost felt Lin are about to put the ball back to the ball rack and grab two players to their position. LOL

  62. yeah, Boozer used to be automatic on those midrange jumpshots but not anymore.

    I want to see Lin play with starters for extended time in practice and next game so we can see the difference in quality of plays. It’s not easy to babysit the rookies. Hope Byron talk some sense to them during today’s walkthrough.

  63. Scott on Jeremy Lin & Ed Davis: “I’ve liked that combination. Those probably will be two of the first guys off the bench – you never know.”

    Smart Coach Byron recognized the biggest weapon for the 2nd team. And he probably thought, “I shouldn’t have chosen Clarkson as the 1st guy off the bench. It messed with his rookie head” 🙂


  64. Was that when he gave Randle some talking to? 🙂

  65. Could be, haha can not remember. Was a funny moment

  66. In fact, defense aside, if all bigs has mid range game. LAL will almost certainly makes the 8th seed, if not higher.

  67. Not sure when probably in 2nd qtr, Kobe did give Randle a talk in the timeout. Then he settled a little. Didn’t see JLin gave Randle a talk. Didn’t like him as such as he continued to ignore JLin throughout the game they were in.

    Didn’t like Clarkson on 2nd qtr. Was screaming at him to stop shooting–slow down and let JLin make a play. At least Clarkson finally settled in in 4th qtr. He played with JLin more but still didn’t see that happened with Randle.

  68. LOL Like your interpretation on what’s in Scott’s head:o)) “I shouldn’t have chosen Clarkson as the 1st guy off the bench. It messed with his rookie head” 🙂

  69. JC kind of reminds me of CP25.
    I think JC has potential in the team. Maybe it’s just pre-season so he is more daring to take the shots. Doubt the coach would allow that to happen otherwise.

  70. Hmm . . . no legs, but his D was good? I guess Clarkson’s misses were due to no legs also.

  71. I guess you can’t have it all. Hopefully, Lin will be a better version of Rubio.

  72. Lin should get his masseuse who will make him feel extremely comfortable every game.

  73. Then, for you, Lin will never be an All-Star? Well, I guess his fans can vote him in, but to me, that doesn’t count. I would only vote for him IF he averages something close to 17/7. Not voting for him if he averages 14/5; that’s not fair to other players.

  74. Lin knows what he needs to do — that I have no doubt. Whether he can do it on a more consistent basis is what intrigues me and keeps me watching.

  75. Lin has to be either very upset (like Bruce Lee) or very comfortable to bring out his best. Either someone should hit him on the head or slap him before each game; or he should get his own masseuse and relax while listening to Book of Psalm before the game.

  76. Today’s (Tuesday’s) practice:


  77. Not sure if these are the 2 only ways….lol

  78. ha ha. didn’t he already try a masseuse?

  79. Yes, but I couldn’t write those other ways on this family-oriented site, out of respect for Psalm.

  80. Thanks for your posts. Good for lazy guy like me.

  81. What does “you never know” mean? They could even start?

  82. I didn’t say never. Evidence suggests that he’s not a player teams are going to give the reigns to. It’s hard to be an all-star when you’re not a featured player.

  83. Or he should just get a girlfriend :]

    Research says there are more peaks and valleys of happiness and sorrow when people get married. And even steeper ones when they have kids.

  84. he won’t promise? I’d speculate a veiled threat to undisciplined rookies haha..

  85. can’t help noticing that Byron is thinking about it a lot.
    He talked about it after the game and today again.

    He did insert Jeremy 1st in Q3, then Randle and finally Clarkson in Q4. So he knew Clarkson needs to settle down.

  86. Hm, that’s interesting. JC certainly reminds me of CP25 as far as the self-confidence.
    The skillset is still a big gap, and CP25 knows the game well to slash and move without the ball.

    I’ll be curious to watch if JC has a high BB IQ or not.

  87. There goes that Lin, smiling again:


  88. Byron Scott reflecting on last night’s win:


  89. Brief article on Lin and Ed Davis working well together last night:

    “Jeremy found me on a lot of easy looks,” said Davis, with humility. “I just had to lay the ball up. I caught it around the basket. But other than that, I’m happy that we got this win.”

    “(Davis) just did a great job of keeping it simple, reading the defense and making easy plays,” Lin said. “He’d catch it on the elbow and be able to just pace himself, and because people are scared to leave some of the shooters, the lane kind of opened up for him.”

    See : http://www.nba.com/lakers/news/141007_LinDavis

  90. Another interview with him smiling 😀

  91. Good to know that Lin also spent time watching films today with the starters. The young guys had to do walkthrough to correct mistakes yesterday. I thought Lin had to spend time with the 2nd team.

  92. Only 10 attempts of 3PT last night, making 50%.
    Interesting that Byron wants only 10-15 threes/gm.

    There goes the chance Lin will break his record of 9 3PT/gm :]

  93. Hard not to like Ed Davis being so humble. Wow, he scored 12pts (off Lin’s 4 assists) and swatted 4 blocks in ONLY 12 min (the fewest). He also got the BB IQ smarts to roll but gave Lin the credit. No wonder they have great chemistry!

    And Byron’s comment on Lin is music to our ears:

    “Those probably will be two of the first guys off the bench,” Scott said. “With the way Ed played last night, (he) definitely played well. And Jeremy didn’t shoot the ball well – and we know he’s capable of making shots – but he did a good job of orchestrating the offense and making great passes.

  94. I’m soooo glad he’s in LA.
    I just watched HOU vs DAL briefly and it’s the same ISO stuff one-on-one again. I lost interest right away :]

  95. Coach Nick did a breakdown on 3pt consistency. Lin is around 40%tile (among players shoots 80 or more in a season). One place Lin can really working on…

  96. The Lakers won’t live/die by the threes. It will be all about good shot selection… move the ball and find the open man.

  97. Psalm love your “playmaker” grading, keep them coming. Brent I disagree that your analysis is not good..

  98. Nash and Kobe had 5 Ast each

  99. Scott Grading the Team

    Scott also said he’s been impressed with what he’s seen from both Ed
    Davis and Jeremy Lin and hinted that it’s possible those are the two
    first guys off the bench. After last night’s game, Lin said throughout
    training camp he’ll be focusing on how his strengths best fit in Scott’s system. Lin said today he knows one of his biggest strengths lies in turning defense into quick offense.

    I think one thing I can bring as well is pushing the ball
    in transition. I think turning defense into quick offense is definitely
    something I’ve always loved doing and I can bring that here as well.”

    Scott gave his team an A for effort in last night’s game and bordered around a B-/C+ in terms of execution.”

  100. thanks :] I thought it would give a good theme for each game to remember the overall impression.

    And I concur with your disagreement!

  101. I can not disagree with you any less….wut?! LOL

  102. the difference between defence and offence is that defence often leads to winning championships. Defending is all about determination and physicality. There is very little fine twitch muscle or skill muscles to make or break an effort to defend.

    Offence is much more difficult because the fine twitch muscles rely on a rhythmic uncoiling of the body into the final release of fine twitch muscles. The legs are the foundation of that beginning. Sure you can get away with it for awhile but once your legs go, the game eventually goes. This applies equally to bball. The roll of the fingers to release the ball into exact flight must begin in a sequence of kinetic chain that results from the ground force produced by the lower body and legs. When one part, an essential part breaks down so does the kinetic chain.

    If you’ve lost to a pusher in tennis or table tennis in a tournament, you should understand WHY defence can expose an opponent’s weaknesses until the pusher totally undress a player with superior skills. There is nothing more frustrating than losing to someone with less skills but has greater determination to defend and expose your deficiencies.

  103. Thanks very much, Psalm.

  104. So he’s babysitting the rookies… 🙂

    Rookies tried to keep up last night with scoring. The problem is they’re breaking play by play by play.

  105. Good thing I woke up late since I’m working on Eastern time now. All I know is,Dwight fouled out in 3Q.

  106. The psychological advantage of good defence is the extra gain that makes a huge factor in winning championships. It allows players to get their blood moving and overcome the choke factor in high pressure situations. It’s doing more with less that activates muscles that are less likely to breakdown.

    Byron Scott understands the difference between ROX lack of understanding of championship play and regular play. Shooting 3s is okay during regular season when there is no pressure, but once playoff comes around, the 3s will become much much more harder to pull off. The fine twitch muscles required to pull off such a fine skill can’t possibly be counted on under the gun. This is why Scott and Byrd wants midrange as a staple of scoring.

    Last season, the games won by the lakers were when the 3s fell. Scott wants to change the lakers into a brand new “spurs, Pistons and Bulls” type of team. I really hope that LIN fans will understand that Lakers under Scott will not be a run and gun high scoring team. It will be a team of many players willing to do what they do best and build every player’s abilities to become the best they could be…just like the Spurs. It takes time and hopefully the management is on board. Scott has already lost one battle to a diva like Irving because of lack of GM backing. LIN and Scott could transform the Lakers into a playoff team very fast, but to win a championship, they will need a few years of rebuilding.

  107. Two negatives can’t be positive, oh wait, it is math.

  108. No waiting!!! I want them win this yr!!,#tigerfan……lol

  109. The Lakers took a long time to decide that Byron Scott was the best choice for the head coaching position. I hope that that was a matter of due diligence and that both parties are “on the same page” regarding what is required to get the Lakers back on track. Mitch Kupchak has also said that he tried to get Jeremy Lin on a number of occasions so I hope that they see Lin as someone who can fit into their long-term plans.

    Jeremy has described himself as being a “high risk / high reward” type of player. However, he is first-and-foremost a team player. He’ll do whatever he can to help the Lakers; especially if he is encouraged, treated with respect, and not kept on too short a leash.

  110. Byron Scott appeared on the Colin Cowherd (ESPN) show today, October 8.

    It was announced on twitter but the link to the interview doesn’t appear to be available at the moment (1:30 Eastern time).


  111. Thanks for sharing the knowledge, @disqus_zDgJ5zJRLn:disqus. I certainly learn a lot just from 3 paragraphs!

    Now I can will try to feel my fine muscle twitching when I uncoil my golf swing :] From the legs up, right?
    BTW, do you think there’s a defensive concept in golfing?

  112. nothing really changed then..
    SMH with Dwight forcing to be Hakeem in LA and HOU while he can score easily with PnR

  113. Yeah, but it inevitably leads to bad things. Course designers are always trying to get inside your head by presenting you with perceived threats. The last thing before you tee it up, your mind must only think target. If you have the slightest doubt, you will not be able to execute properly. Jack Nicholas would ask his caddy which branch to aim for in the rows of trees along the fairway to hits his famous fade. You’d be surprised how hard it is to do to think about every shot. I’ve had rounds that gave me headaches from so much mental effort.

    Start by knowing what you can do or can’t do. Then choose the right club to plan your strategy. Today I played in wind gusts up to 40 miles. Many holes I couldn’t reach in 2 but I made mostly bogeys and a couple of pars because my short game allowed me to putt for par on most of the holes. Getting too old to pound it out there. I took what the course gave me and planned my round properly to avoid big numbers and relied on my strength in my short game and flagstick.

    Just like any other sport, when the conditions are tough, it’s the right mindset that allows you to play your best. That’s why Jordan and Gretzgy admired Tiger so much. Most people only see the power, athletes however recognize how brutal the game of golf is on the mind.

    This analogy is why Lin’s scoring last night was off too IMO. He was asked by the coach to concentrate on help babysitting the kids and to focus on defence. LIN never thinks about being a primary scorer so it’s a double whammy when the coach asks you to help build the rookie’s games and confidence.

  114. When Magic Johnson was talking to the press, at the time of Byron Scott’s hiring this summer, he said:

    “The team is a lot better than what we had last season because we have more guys now who can do more things other than shoot 3-pointers. If I don’t see another 3-pointer from a Laker team then I’ll be happy.”

    By the way, here’s what he said about Jeremy at the same time:

    “… Jeremy Lin can get that ball and go. We need that. We haven’t seen that in a Laker point guard for a while, and (he’s) a guy who can do something once he gets down there, whether pull up for the jumper or take it all the way to the basket. If (Steve) Nash can only play a certain amount of minutes, we have a great backup, or if Nash can’t go, then we have a great starting point guard to take his place. So we’re excited about Nash and Jeremy Lin as tandem point guards …”

    See : http://www.insidesocal.com/lakers/2014/07/31/magic-johnson-on-byron-scott-we-chose-the-right-coach/

  115. “I don’t always like it” – do you hear that HOU?

  116. Byron Scott after practice today; incl. comments on Jeremy Lin’s playing time and his play in first preseason game.


  117. Thanks for providing the defensive aspect of golf course management, @Acbc 🙂

    I never thought the course or perceived threats as offense to our mental state so we need to formulate defense to block it out :] It’s hard enough to hit normal good shots but it’ll be harder when we apply unnecessary pressure

  118. Interview with Jeremy Lin following practice. There was a broad range of questions: i) playing with Jordan Clarkson, ii) “playing off the ball”, iii) learning from Steve Nash. His take on things is fundamentally realistic, balanced, and practical.


  119. post practice Video

  120. More pictures from Preseason Game 1

  121. just out of curiosity, how does a comment become featured? How many featured comments can you have per article?

  122. Right, I think Lin has already proven that he can score. More important is that he fits with the team. Which was obviously not there in Houston.

  123. Yes, people, please continue to post links to high quality unbiased content from other forums such as this. I really enjoy reading these unbiased reviews (such as that fan “scouting” report from ClubLakers forum).

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