10/6 JLin Preseason Post-Game 1 Analysis

Let’s get a grade & collective thoughts from 3-5 people to feature in this post.
Brent and I (psalm234) will start and others can give their grade/analysis in the comments.
We’ll add a few good ones to the post so we have good observation of Lin’s performance in his first ever game donning Lakers jersey!

We’ll also ask @supjackjack who attended the game if he could provide his analysis watching the game in person.

LIN: 1 PT, 10 AST, 1 TO, 3 REB, 1 STL and great job with individual and help defense
1. psalm234
Summary = “JLin the Playmaker”
First of all, YEAHHH!!! Jeremy Lin has officially completed his first Lakers game with hopefully many more to come wearing Purple&Gold.
  • Lin led the Lakers with 28 min being the best playmaker dishing 10 assists (4 to Ed Davis, 2 to Sacre, 2 to Clarkson, 1 each for Randle and Ellington)
  • Lin didn’t do well in the shooting department and had rare misses on 2 out of 3 FTs. As Nathan Gottlieb astutely observed, that’s a sign of tired legs from the intense Training Camp. But I also think it is a reflection of Lin’s role in the Training Camp where he hasn’t shot much because he chose to be playmakers to build chemistry with new teammates, which is an important priority as a PG. With more time, he’ll learn to pick his spots to shoot with good rhythm
  • Lin had great chemistry with Ed Davis to run Pick-and-Roll. Ed understood when to roll to the basket with great timing as evident in the beautiful alley-oop leading to Davis’ jam that gave Lin his 10th assist. But there were many moving picks by Davis in setting screen so he can do a better job in setting picks for Lin. Tyson Chandler in NY was the best in setting picks for Lin so Ed Davis has quite a way to go here. But it’s a great chemistry to develop.
  • Jeremy Lin mostly played in the 2nd quarter and 4th quarter with the 2nd team with 2 rookies (Clarkson and Randle), other players (Ed Davis, Sacre, Ellington)
  • Byron Scott acknowledged there were many mistakes when they (the rookies Clarkson and Randle) shot to soon without passing the ball to find the open man. In the 2nd quarter, there were many bone-headed plays where they didn’t pass the ball to Lin first as the PG to set up plays or even bring the ball upcourt. But Byron will take care of this with the rookies.
  • There were a short period of time at the end of 3rd quarter where Lin played with the starters when checkin in for Nash but it wasn’t long enough. It’s good that Byron will try multiple rotations and open to try Nash/Lin/Kobe to play PG/SG/SF at the 1-2-3 position.

Overall, it was a very good preseason game where Byron Scott tested how his 2 teams (slow-veteran 1st team & fast-inexperienced young 2nd team) defended in a real game against an explosive Denver Nuggets team. The offense will come along but it’s good for the whole team to come out with defensive pressure, steals, blocks leading to a win. A Win is a WIN, especially important for young rookies to keep working on defense to continue winning games. This is a great outcome. Jeremy played the biggest part by playing the most minutes at 28. And it’s clear that Byron Scott expected a lot from Jeremy to become the main playmaker who plays the longest in games. Kobe and Nash would need to limit their minutes.

I gave a B grade because Jeremy has managed to perform as the most capable playmaker with 10 assists in 28 min (most minutes) playing with the 2nd team. This had to impress Byron Scott to trust Lin to play with starters to close games. Lin would also need to pick his spots and develop shooting rhythm with his teammates so he can be more a threat. Let’s see if he gets his rhythm and fresh legs in the next preseason game against the Warriors.


2. BrentYen

Finally the 1st game is in the book. Overall Lin did pretty good as a new Laker. Let me give some observations and opinions too, some may or may not the same as those given by Psalm above.

  • First and foremost, I hope Lin fans do not harp on his shootings too much. His shooting was completely without rhythm. To me it is just because his legs were not 100% due the the heavy training camp. Also this was the 1st REAL game, so some adjustments were needed for him clearly. Fans should have been encouraged that he asserted himself as a floor general even when he could not make shots. Coaches does not want him to simply be a scorer, they want a playmaker and Lin excellently provided that.
  • Lin’s defense was fantastic but the team was still not in sync. So was see players wasted energy chasing opponents while ideally the offensive movement should have been stopped from very beginning. Rooks made many mistakes in D end, and I think those are very correctable.
  • Preseason is about testing things that you don’t get to simulate in practices/camps. So the minutes for a particular player usually do not vary because of the his performance. In other words, you don’t get benched because you played badly. Lin logged the longest minutes for the team is very telling. In my opinion, he is basically the constant coaches are holding so that they can tweak the lineups (besides the starters) around him. This tells you how much trust Lin had from the coaching staffs.
  • Rookies on the team were playing exactly like rookies. They simply can not react to a real NBA games yet. Lin was patiently letting them playing so that those new players could started to feel the game and slow down. I think it worked, and this is what coaches and Lin want. Clarkson and Randle simply just carried the way they play in SL to this game, which is far from good. They simply need more time to adjust IMO.
  • Ed Davis, on the other hand, gets the game. He knows how to play the game with a capable PG like Lin. He made himself available to Lin. I think Davis, Willington and Lin can form a very good connection for the 2nd unit. Then you add Clarkson to further space the floor, the game will be more exciting. Sacre did not do a good job IMO, but I did not follow his career so I will stop giving observation on him until I see more.
  • Over the course of the game, you see many NBA sets (what an upgrade over Lin’s last team!!). Triangle, Princeton, Horns, loop play to name a few. It is amazing how they can instill that many x and o’s in 6 days. Although most set was not ran to perfection. Still it is an encouraging sign to see.

All in all, I will give Lin an A-, just because his way of approaching the games. He did not have his shootings but he still made big impact. To a point DEN simply had to deny him the ball. This is what an all around player should approach the game. Always find a way to contribute.





And finally, here is Paul Villareal video with his game analysis: